SHOCK HORROR! — There is something wrong with White Women

This video has been going viral recently and several correspondents have emailed it to me. Apparently White women are causing lots of problems for others, including themselves. If you want to find out why, this 16-minute video will be of interest to you. (LD)

VIDEO   :   16.25 mins

33 thoughts to “SHOCK HORROR! — There is something wrong with White Women”

  1. Featured at the end of this video are the kinds of white people for whom I feel no empathy. They DESERVE whatever humiliation and hardship they receive from other ethnicities – especially from we white men who disdain their existence. There is NO “pussy” of adequate quality which would make me even CONSIDER affecting myself so as to gain some liberal bitch’s approval. There is no country which might withstand accommodating a majority population of such rubbish. Observe the she-boon Stacy Adams who ran for Governor of Georgia. The fat negress was actually humored by the liberal ilk who collaterally blamed her defeat on “racism”. (No self-aware white man gives a shit!)
    While most of us were raised without being intentionally oppressive to negroes, we nonetheless feel the natural order of things to the point of frustration with the dumbed-down whites who maintain a conscious effort of apology for whatever negro circumstance we supposedly have fostered.

  2. The narrator is quite correct in his admonishment for white men to improve themselves as a whole. Whenever I encounter some big-mouthed, tattooed “white power” advocate, I cringe with embarrassment for him. NO ONE is positively influenced by such.

    1. Well said, Gilbert! If only more white men thought like you. You represent the voice of Common Sense. You would definitely be denounced as “racist” by the politically correct establishment today, and yet I do believe if you’d lived before the Civil War and had had slaves of your own, you would have done your best to treat them kindly.

      There are prosperous whites today who employ black cleaning ladies and kitchen assistants and treat them with utmost courtesy and kindness, and yet they would not necessarily want to jump into bed with them or regard them in every way as their “equals”.

      Yes, I know that sounds “racist” and “condescending” … but this is how we are genetically built. This attitude helps to keep the white race intact and prevent assimilation wit darker races — and the mongrelization that comes with it.

      This is what the Jews want though: mongrelization. A mixed race. White genocide. And maybe they will achieve their goal in 50 years time.

      1. Saki –

        One thing I KNOW is that “black power” is mostly just misdirected energy without white guidance. Unfortunately, the negro need to be cared for has not diminished with time, and was probably just as difficult to attend in slavery time as it is now. Becoming familial with “the help” adds further stress and duty, but anyone who ignores their humanity is lacking in character. They can be very fine companions
        if one understands and doesn’t oppose the natural order of things. To deny the truth will be our downfall.
        The jew knows this, and operates by deceit, as in all things. To survive, we must steel ourselves against his wiles, and never concede to the absurd behavior demonstrated in this video. Never back down, or allow yourself to be manipulated into a position wherein that might be a temptation!

      2. actually Jesus declares @ Matthew 13:39-43 to put the {{{TARES}}} – workers
        of iniquity – into the eternal ovens of truth…{{{JEWTOPIA}}}.

        and @ Isaiah 13:14….every man returns to his home country….!

        in this small sliver of time….everyone is self adjudicating, those that insist
        on living in a swirling whirlpool of {{{JEW-POO}}} can double down on
        stupid ….everday, and be “Politically Correct”….in spades.

        The remnant that adheres to the admonitions in scripture avoid the
        swirling whirlpool of toxic sludge {{{JEW-POO}}} because life is more
        abundant and happier when fudge-packergigs and Jesus haters never
        enter the daily life of those that enjoy fresh air and Sunshine…

        no one on Earth has to believe lies….John 8:44.

        for the record, and all can share the truth with white females….too,
        the modern day {{{PROSELYTES}}} to Talmudic Judaism can be “JEWS”
        until {{{JEWTOPIA}}} freezes over…{{{THEY}}} just cannot be “Israel”.

        Free Palestine = FREE THE WORLD
        know the truth about the Synagogue of Satan
        Talmudic Terrorists BAD FAITH ….{{{RELIGION}}}

      3. Gil
        The only guidance required is thoroughly spiritual in nature, making it proper. When this is lacking all notions of guidance are essentially false. “Guidance” often then becomes a cloak of “lording over”..
        Thus has it been, and thus does it continue. Had the Black Man stayed in Africa, and the White Man in Europe, where would you and I be? Or perhaps more importantly, who and HOW would we be that would reflect our spiritual understanding? All would be altered, and one thing seems certain. It would have meant that the Pale of the Settlement would have remained gated. Instead, we live in a world where everyone is spitting in each other’s soup, rather than unwanted guests quietly dribbling the soup back into the bowl of the host.

        But here we are, hopefully in peaceful discussions emphasizing our human commonalities, as opposed to emphases being put on the differences. Now if we can only bring all the troops home and ring them along the entire border to turn back the immigration tide….

  3. There is nothing – “WRONG” – with White Women. It is normal behavior for them.

    It is not “WRONG” that White Women are more easily hypnotized. It is not “WRONG” that White Women are very easy to manipulate WHEN…. you know what they want to hear.

    White Women are more likely to fall for guys with the biggest line of glorious bullshit. The ones with the best lines win them over. They hate facts. So, they believe the liars because they want to!! 🙂

    1. White Women are more likely to fall for guys with the biggest line of glorious bullshit. The ones with the best lines win them over. They hate facts. So, they believe the liars because they want to!!

      Thanks to brother Pat for explaining why he is popular with the ladies of this site.

      Fools, liars, Nazis, and pipe smokers shall never be subjected to moderation – they are useful idiots.

  4. The problem is the jews which are not mentioned in this movie, on purpose? There is no consuderation whatsoever with the brainwashing
    through psychological operations, communist ideas invented by the jews through the society. The society is under stress, men and women are under stress. Coupling of partners happens for security/ financial and narcistic reasons not for passion/love for each other. It is difficult for partners in these conditions to stay happy together. There will be hidden resentment between partners. And this causes disruption of the family unit. This is good for the jews. Kill the best gentiles, the white people through their women and by help of minorities who feel mistreated by the white people. Also there you see the hand of the jew as these minorities and especially the blacks should know that it were the jewish slavehandlers who brought them to America. Also many slaveholders were jewish hiding it for their black slaves. When it suits the jew he presents himself as white and vicevera as a jew, a ‘ minority’. Everybody acts for opportunic reasons, jews, blacks and even white women. These women see/feel that the status quo haa changed and want to survive, to be with the winning team.. Every one is practical when there is no moral, life is short and life is difficult..

  5. I think there was a genuine concern back in the sixties, when this modern feminism all got started, for the so-called Ugly Duckling types, who couldn’t make it as wives and therefore mothers.. notice they pointed out how beautiful this woman was…
    It was sentimentally as if there should be more options for females…
    other than some factory jobs the work force was much more closed to the females than it is now, far fewer female tradespeople, university types too…
    that was when the media attack on the american housewife took off…
    they were portrayed as idiots, without much to say about the value of families…
    the fact is the standard of living in the 50s was high enough that married women didn’t have to work…
    but that extra dough was a fat target for the corporate predators with their disaster capitalist strategy…
    everybody who has a job is making somebody he works for wealthy with every hour he puts in, including the irs..
    and the more workers there are available, the easier it is to exploit them…
    suddenly the happy housewife and mother became a fool, an object of scorn…
    that was three generations ago, and these media people aren’t supposed to know the difference now…
    but you could tell the women doing the program, especially the one, were intrigued underneath the hype…
    they have the innate understanding that fulfilling the role of wife and mother, without outside distractions, is really the ultimate in self-realization for the female…

    1. @Barkingdeer
      Very true, and that generation knew what was happening to them. My father was born at the start of the Great Depression. He told me in the early 60’s, that encouraging married women to work would lead to a situation where it was necessary for two incomes to support a family. He was dead right.

      This has been “officialized” if I can use the term. Where I come from, there is a “Productivity Commission” made up mainly of public service bean counters who make recommendations to the government. These recommendations encourage maximum female partition in the workforce, to a degree where they are now the majority sex employed. This boosts gdp and tax, requires huge government investment in child care, and strains inter-sex relationships through affirmative action programmes causing much resentment. Not to mention generations of children with “issues” resulting from lack of maternal contact and affection.

      Another result has been the complete deconstruction of employment Awards allowing females in particular to work the days and hours that suit them, not the employer or his/her customers. IMO, a complete mess.

      1. HP
        The pictures in the 2nd “them” were from Woodstock. I was there, and that girl in the picture on the right who’s on the left (no pun intended) looks familiar…..😳 Although memories do fade away

  6. Stay in bed moms v. stay at home moms. The whisperer of charms went after the weak one, who pried and influenced and softened Adam, her head in YHVH’s eternal wisdom. Or did He wait for justification before making that law…

  7. The feminist movement is one of the most destructive ever! The ugly Jewess Betty Friedan (Bettye Naomi Goldstein) “sparked the beginning of second wave feminism,” according to Wikipedia. For some perspective see ‘School of Darkness’ by the Italian born Bella V. Dodd (Maria Asunta Isabella Visono), a former communist who converted to Catholicism.

    The goal is the subversion of society in order to promote infighting, poor x rich, men x women, gay x straight, black x white, etc. There is the “victim” and then the “oppressor,” while the Jews profit politically and economically from the chaos seeded.

    Feminism has a lot of holes as all leftist ideologies nowadays. A good woman is a masculine woman, talk about contradiction. In the economic front, women are very proud to be explored by a male boss. The traditional house is a “concentration camp” or “ISIS-style extremism” as described recently in a London Times article. It is clear for every person with two connected brain cells that the Jewish MSM is a nefarious propaganda machine.

    One of my Italian grandmothers had 5 kids, the other had 6. Things were just like that before this garbage “ideology.” The wages were lessened not by accident but by design. Does anyone doubt (((they))) control all the aspects of the economy? They control the “printing” of money for Christ’s sake! And they charge YOU interest (public debt) to borrow worthless Federal Reserve Bank Notes to “YOUR” government; it used to be gold and silver instead.

  8. It pays VERY WELL…. to NOT be a Christian White Woman in the USA!!

    Pennsylvania’s first Muslim female state rep gets just 3 months jail for stealing more than $500K from nonprofit founded to serve mentally ill and poor!

    Reported last year……
    PA state rep accused of stealing $500k from her charity for fur coats, vacation and campaign resigns

    1. Pat,

      “In addition to her time in jail, Johnson-Harrell will spend eight-and-a-half months on house arrest”
      House arrest?! That’s tough! 🙂

      How much do you think she would get if she wasn’t a double “victim,” a black woman?

      1. Really TOUGH!! Shudda been 10 years minimum.

        She is a triple “victim” as a black – female – islamist. Any one of those three is qualification for a ‘get out of jail free’ card in USA.

  9. I can live with those harmless creatures…it is the ‘engine’ I wish to destroy. It is either them or us….time to decide.

  10. Heart breaking post. As a young white man (30) in my part of the world (NZ), this situation is very real. I want nothing more in this life than a good woman at my side, to start a family with. I have been seeking for years now, everywhere I go, the woman i pursue are hell bent on self destruction, and heavily against the idea of family. Many of them even by early 20’s have already had abortions. Speaking for myself, i have my shit together but it robs me of all motivation to continue at anything knowing that there is a very real possibility that there will be no woman there for me, no chance at family. everything else is pointless outside of that, why keep battling?Sincere question to the older members here, is there any hope left? or have things already gone past the point of no return? looking for a reason to fight, a reason to live, it’s getting pretty hard to keep facing up to this world feeling this way. Sorry for the random post, but am rapidly running out of energy here. Thanks

    1. Cheer up, darling. There’s a good woman waiting for you somewhere. You just haven’t met her yet.

      She’s a woman at the end of her tether, looking for the right man to turn up and love her to bits. The ideal man, for whom she will lay down her life, that’s the man she’s looking for. The man to be the mother of her children. But so far she hasn’t met him.

      Who know, dear Falco? . . . This sad and lonely woman, this beautiful woman, could be your soulmate . . . and she’s looking for you.

    2. I wouldn’t worry about it, Falco. Women are like a new car – the “new” wears off and then the chore of maintaining the old clunker begins in earnest. (If it has tits or wheels, it’s bound to give you trouble!)
      When I was young, I seldom encountered a girl my age I couldn’t have. The chase was fun sport. Now, I look back and see the unfruitful folly of it, and wonder how and why I wasted so much time and effort. My daughter is the redemption for me, and the only justification for having indulged. If you’re looking, I suggest always to consider the pedigree and the mother of your bride. A homely or troublesome or ill-bred mother-in-law will bequeath her faults to her daughter, and to your offspring.

    3. In Revelation, it talks about ‘wearing the saints out’. I think we may be in that time. My husband and I married young. We were in love. Knew CHRIST blesses the bed..esp if you wait. 30 yrs later, we have 5 children, 2 grands. We are ‘old fashioned’. And it works! He is the head of the house. I felt and still feel guilt not ‘wage working’. But he insists…we still have one child still at home..
      too young to be left alone. I trust him. But moreso I trust CHRIST and HIS words above all else. Family is The cornerstone of society. It faces a daily tsunami. My youngest son, 21, is single and so far has chosen the single life as finding a goodly woman is very hard. There is ALWAYS hope in CHRIST. The question is, are you willing to accept HIS no as much as HIS yes? I pray you find a god fearing goodly woman. You must be vigilant and very wise in your choosing. Vet her. Test her. LISTEN to your family and friends take on her. Weed out the tares: Ask for small things…not sexual. Help with a chore. Help with watching a relatives child. Watch for charactor. Do not get involved romantically at all. Read 1 Corinthians 13 about what love really is.

  11. My advice FALCO – wait to see what kind of relationship your potential spouse had with her own father…
    The best ones i’ve known are willing to give men the basic respect based on that…
    If she’s always telling you about her father, what a great guy he was, it’s an invitation…
    If they don’t hate their fathers, it bodes well for their husbands…
    Otherwise their probably complete airheads, media fools and suckers…
    And it doesn’t hurt if they love their mothers as well…
    Any woman who loves her mother and her father is a better bet as a wife…
    in the video it was made plain – a woman serving her family is being exploited…
    they missed the point, or covered it up, that she’s doing it out of love and because she finds it rewarding, well worth it, a natural role, very satisfying emotionally, emotionally fulfilling… but that entire aspect of human interaction is xed out of the program, because the time of the female has to be classed as a commodity… jews yeah sure, but the capitalist system itself relentlessly and inexorably commodifies and commoditizes everything… no safe plateau for a loving family woman… she has to be bought and sold you see…
    and of course it goes totally over their heads that it”s about the teamwork, the father is spending his entire day working to support his family, not exactly a totally selfish thing….

    1. Isn’t it clear by now that we are already living in a unified jew world order. The wars which are waged are just fake contrived wars, good for the weaponindustry and for fear and guilt mongering of the common people. Good for confusion excellent to keep them slaved.
      The irony iis that muslims who are admjtted to the miltary deceive themselves by thinking that they are advancing for the benefit of ultimately islam.
      Not knowing that islam is ruled by the fraternity/ masons and so by the jews. And so people deceive themselves. There is no real opposition in this world!

  12. Franco :

    Madame Butterfly has The Correct View : There is a soulmate for you and your soulmate is Frantic for Franco! Your soulmate* is in a romantic mood, Franco, but she’s frantic — because she knows you’re out there but she doesn’t know where you are, Franco :

    * the best thing about The Soulmate, she was once a play-pretend nun! And we know how entertaining and fun play-pretend nuns can be! Another wonderful thing about play-pretend nuns : play-pretend nuns LOVE MELVIN, right “Sister” Monica? 🙂

  13. ALLEN
    So True Brother…
    The so-called ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacist’ or ‘white nationalist’ understands everything you just said…
    And he is inclined to believe to begin with that there is no argument between the white people of the world, at least… like between the Russians and Americans, and that there never was any argument between the white people of europe and asia; that these wars are all contrived…
    we all understand now that as long as paxamericana is the best we can hope for we will be forever embroiled in one conflict or another, several at once around the world… jfk saw that decades ago…
    we get the need for security, but wheres the plan for real peace?
    If the white people of the world could unite with each other, first by refusing to fight with each other, it would be a start toward the new paradigm…
    it’s fine with us if the orientals and muslims all do the same thing… and i’m willing to bet it would not mean war between the races if we all did unite with each other locally in the understanding that we are otherwise being manipulated into conflict…
    the average russian doesn’t want to get himself killed or participate in the atrocities of war so that he can take the place of the average american…
    and it is not inherent that individual nations are the problem either…
    and it’s no cure for war that all real diversity , national, racial, ethnic and religious be lost forever to the masonic jew bolshevik banksters new world order…
    no matter what, humanity does not progress without law and order, which i can tell you is rapidly breaking down in california, where i’m seeing people are constantly getting shot and stabbed now with no effort by the police to make arrests, and you can no longer expect a fair trial, because nobody is held to any standard on perjury… law and order should start at the border…
    if each nation or specific geographical area were given a full vote at a properly functioning UN, and if the powerful nations of the world would somehow respect its resolutions, if you believe in humanity, the democratic process would manifest progress. and society would evolve..

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