SHOCK VIDEO: ‘I Don’t Care WHO You Are . . . This Should Flippin’ BLOW YOU AWAY!!!’

HighImpactTV — October 8, 2020
Sourced from Truthseeker

LD:  This highly entertaining 13-minute video has collected quite a lot of heated  feedback from the commenters on Truthseeker, both for and against Donald Trump.

It begins with this announcement:  “This is NOT a Campaign Ad or a  Hit Piece for the OTHER Side.” And it goes on to add in the second frame:  “BIDEN & All Politicians  (LEFT & RIGHT) Are just as CORRUPT and HYPOCRITICAL As This Video Reveals TRUMP To Be.”

With acknowledgements to our German American correspondent ‘PG’ for sending us a link to this video in an email and challenging us to publish it “as a counterbalance to the pro-Trump articles you have been publishing recently”.

Readers, please feel free to attack or defend the video as you wish. This is well worth watching if only for its entertainment value.  

VIDEO   :   12.59 mins

44 thoughts to “SHOCK VIDEO: ‘I Don’t Care WHO You Are . . . This Should Flippin’ BLOW YOU AWAY!!!’”

  1. I gave it exactly 8 minutes for the shock to appear and figured, yeah, and did you hear about Napoleon? He ‘s dead.

    But I suppose it is a reminder to some of the total uselesseness of taking the trouble getting out to vote. So it could perhaps be useful if TV watchers would see this. Not that it would stop these mentioned ‘some’ making that trip.

    1. Amazing to think that this video will have no impact whatever on the besotted Trump worshipper. Such a Trump addict will conclude at once that the video is a subliminal advertisement for Biden even though the video has told you in the first minute that Biden is a scumbag and not to vote for him. All Trump’s lies and contradictions will be dismissed at once as charming little fibs that can be forgiven quite easily.

      Lies are so charming and entertaining, aren’t they, especially when they fall from the lips of a nice White guy who is going to “make America great again” and deport all them n*ggers to Africa and crack down on them “evil Muslims” and their “evil Koran” and who insist Palestine belongs to the Palestinians when we all know it belongs to dear old Israel!

      So it’s fine and dandy to tell your besotted followers that you LERV Wikipedia and then, in the next breath, saying that you never heard of it! It’s fine and dandy telling your dumb followers that Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should be put behind bars and then, in the next breath, saying how marvellous Hillary is and how great Bill Clinton is too! The typical Trump addict seems to suffer from serious memory loss, believing every lie and contradiction of Trump or simply turning a blind eye to all his crookedness.

      The typical Trump supporter reminds me of a woman whose husband is a serial killer. He comes home regularly with bloodstains on his shirt. “Hey honey, I cut myself shaving again, sorry about all the blood!” And the dumb bitch puts his shirts in the laundry machine and gets the blood washed off with the best bleaches, week after week.

      That’s your typical Trump worshipper for you. He carries a Trump bleach with him wherever he goes and — hey presto! — Trump’s crimes are washed away in a jiffy and he’s all squeaky clean again. 🙂

      We are in the realm of abnormal psychology, if not pure madness. We are dealing here with brain-damaged individuals. No doubt about it.


        OR I’LL KILL YOU.



      2. @Deathwish


        In certain sense I agree with this statement: The fleecing of the world by the US has increased immensely during the last four years under Trump – we feel it firsthand in Russia. And it will increase even more for the next four years if Trump gets reelected which is all but certain. And yet, I believe that – in the final analysis – Trump is a deathwish for America.

        But, I presume, that Deathwish (just like Donald Trump and all other oligarchs, plus many ordinary Americans) couldn’t care less what happens to the people of America in the long run.

        In the long run, we are all dead, aren’t we, Deathwish?

        1. In the long run, we are all dead, aren’t we, Deathwish?

          Cheer up Circassian, you dreadful old Russian pessimist! 🙂

          This is the best of all possible worlds, according to Schopehanuer. Or was it Spinoza? Not sure. I keep getting these guys mixed up.

  2. Be nice to Madame, DEATHWISH,
    cause Madame is Lasha’s favorite pet dog.
    And Lasha has a lot of pet dogs
    on her ancestral manor estate in the U.K.

    1. DEAT WIISH must have gotten his name from Rum and Monkey or Fake Name online name generators. That is the most horrible and disgusting screen name I have seen. Such a name gives me the creep! But again, what do you expect from a low life Trump worshipper? ( No offense to Trump’s supporters.)

      If you look at his comment, it is hard to believe that he had the IQ of an average drop out of High School student. As far as I am concern, MADAME BUTTERFLY is the most respected commenter on this site.

      Madame B., I get your back!

    2. Deathwish, fuck off you dirty Pedo cunt. Would like to see Madame Butterfly put her ice pick through your dirty skull you inbred cunt.

  3. What a crock of endlessly repetitive bullshit, words, words, words, looped into sound bites, acoustically altered for effect.
    It will have immense impact on people whose world consists of words.
    It will have immense impact on people whose world has zero connection with facts.
    In other Words, America.
    The reason America never won a single war outside Hollywood, apart from wars of words, lose it on the ground, win it on Netflix and why it will get its clock cleaned by Russia, China, Iran.
    But Jew cavalry will storm to its rescue and Save Ryan’s Privates as always, staple on on shiny new plastic ones that prove his manhood in the arena of words, 12 minutes of white-knuckle rambling.

    If I were to propose that in one sense Bwana Jew is correct when he states that By Way Of Deception You Shall Wage War, of course plagiarizing hundreds of wise non-Americans, including such giants among geopolitical thinkers as Sun Tsu, Machiavelli and Bismarck, the scrabble junkies whose verbal IQ is 150 at the expense of flatlining abstract logic and spatial intelligence would ramp up the decibels to major airport runway level—”but he said this … and then he said that!!! And then he said a different THIS!!!“.
    Yeah. He did. You win the argument, bye.

    Watch the cheerleaders antics (they will flippin’ blow you away), forget the score, it’s just numbers.

  4. Yes, it’s all just “words”.

    And it’s the exact words taken from the mouth of LIAR who says ONE thing today and the OPPOSITE thing tomorrow! 🙂

    An excellent video, thank you!

    When your wife tells you on Monday, “Honey, I ADORE you!” that’s just WORDS. And when she tells you on Tuesday, “Bastard, I HATE you!”
    that’s just WORDS!

    But when she stabs you to death on Wednesday, that’s not just WORDS —
    THAT’S ACTION!!! 🙂

    1. You got it exactly right, Manfred perhaps more than you realize or wanted to.
      Here is the slightly simplified roadmap to Trump-hater’s brain:
      Clinton E-mails Show George Soros Gave Sec of State Foreign Policy Marching Orders—Trump-hater yawns, another day at office
      • Clinton says (Department of State case number F-2014-20439, document number C05794498) The best way to help Israel … is to … overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad—Trump-hater’s brain sawing logs in utter boredom, not worth taking notice, much less discuss publicly,
      • Obama & Clinton commence destruction of Syria, carpet bombing irreplaceable antiquities into rubble, ISIS mass-murdering, head-chopping with special animosity against Christians, hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced into Europe-bound migration—future Trump-hater yawns in boredom, just another day
      • Trump says he will destroy Syria, take out Assad, the killer of “beautiful babies”—Trump-hater goes, “Trump is a murderer, genocidal maniac!”
      • Trump fails to carry out his threat apart from a clowning around—what does Trump-hater say?
      “I told you Trump is a liar, at least Obama-Clinton made good on their threat, proving that Trump is twice as bad as they, I am totally vindicated in totally hating Trump and by saying he is just as bad as Biden-Obama-Clinton, I am actually being too considerate to Trump
      And the anti-Trump machinery grinds gears deep into Kafka-stan, no time for maligning anyone BUT Trump, just check the threads going back 4 years or more to see that Obama-Clinton never merited 10 percent of anti-Trump venom.

      And by the way: I can argue very cogently that his fiscal policy of printing uncounted trillions is actually the best one under the circumstances, exactly what I would do but I won’t bother unless challenged.
      Certainly the Trump-hater who made the video is a blind retard who would never understand the logic of it—though he did genuflect falsely to the 6 inch plastic statuary of fairness by saying he is not defending Biden.

      Wanna go me bro? I can tell you why printing $ trillions is an excellent policy under the circumstances, a very antisemitic (hint) policy.

      1. I have told this story many times . . .

        In 1991 Trump sold his boat to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia for $18-$20 million. He was broke. And Al-Waleed
        saved him. There are articles everywhere telling the story.

        He then crawled to Israel . . . begging bowl in hand.

        Trump is then seen on video, in Israel, condoning Israel’s war crimes against Gaza. Soon after that he had a brand new private jet.

        Santa was good to Trump.

      2. @ Mira

        He [Trump] then crawled to Israel . . . begging bowl in hand.

        Trump is then seen on video, in Israel, condoning Israel’s war crimes against Gaza. Soon after that he had a brand new private jet. Santa was good to Trump.

        Bravo, Mira! Brilliant first comment! No words wasted.

        Commendably, you deal in FACTS. Not airy-fairy FANTASIES. And it’s hard facts we need here, not fantasies plucked out of thin air.

  5. Scroll down just a bit for a peek at Donald Trump like no peek you’ve ever seen. (From May, 2016)

    “Having appeared at such a unique moment, Trump is certainly a man of destiny. But intelligence demands that we ask, ―What is that destiny?”

    Horoscope of Donald Trump

    1. @ Hp

      I note that the Hindu astrologer who did Trump’s chart before he became President was not very optimistic about Trump’s chances about making America great again. This is what the astrologer says:

      “USA is likely to experience some destruction under his [Trump’s] hands as literally indicated by the nodes Rahu and Ketu in his chart. Rahu is currently transiting his rising sign and moving over his natal Mars who is the lord of the house of luck. The combination of Mars and Rahu always creates great and unstoppable ambitions. Citizens of the USA should know what is coming for them by preparing for the hard times that a President Trump will implement for the betterment of the country. A wall that keeps some people OUT also confines others IN. Donald Trump is not an ordinary person, and neither can his actions ever be ordinary.”

      The astrologer also fails to mention that the wall was to be a mythical one and that it never actually stopped any illegal immigrants from getting IN!

      Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Trump from our esteemed Hindi star gazer! 🙂

  6. Bravo, Manfred! You talk sense.

    Words matter!!! 🙂

    It’s what books are made of. It’s what movies and TV programmes are constructed out of. It’s what forms the basis of diplomacy. It’s what makes propaganda possible. It’s the essence of advertising.

    Without words, we’re back to prehistoric grunts!

    Anyone who dismisses words with mockery, as if words didn’t matter,
    is up the creek without a paddle! 🙂

    1. What would be the most logical pairing of corresponding analogs in commenters’ estimation, given these four terms? The more pitch in, the better.
      words, events, fantasy, reality
      Just curious, to file under “mysteries of human race” rubric.

      1. @ lobro

        WE got ourselves an analog of WORDS about the connective relationship between “WORDS, EVENTS, FANTASY, REALITY.” and Our favorite Word is FANTASY! So we have Our FANTASY which reflects 😉😉 objective REALITY and REALITY is all the EVENTS WE experience in Our lives and WE got a lot of WORDS to explain to everyone… So WE see represented here “WORDS, EVENTS, FANTASY, REALITY” and WE see how those 4 WORDS relate to one another [hopefully in an analogous way].

        I don’t capitalize lobro’s name “lobro” — that’s because I remember when “lobro” wasn’t capiltalized, that’s when lobro was a little 👶. Yes, I’m that old I actually remember when lobro was a cute whiddle baby bundle of joy boy, so for sentimental reasons I still spell his name without capitalizing his name like he’s still a little 🚼, he was so cute when he was a baby, like a little 👼.

        TOO bad they have to grow up, *grin*.

    2. “Democracy is talking itself to death. The people do not know what they want; they do not know what is the best for them. There is too much foolishness, too much lost motion. I have stopped the talk and the nonsense. I am a man of action. Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.” – Benito. Mussolini
      “Up the creek without a paddle” is far better than being completely emerged under water. Only one word matters for life and that can not be repeated with a human tongue or written down by a human hand.

  7. Speaking on the Rush Limbaugh show, President Trump dropped the F-bomb on Iran, by saying, “If you fuck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are gonna do things to you that have never been done before.” The Jewish controlled media did not give a shit about because he will bomb Iran on ISISrael’s behalf and will pay for it in American blood. None of his Jewish advisors or any of their children will have to go to war.

    Donald Trump is the dumbest person ever to be elected President of the United States. He is also dangerous and a national embarrassment who has tarnished the image of the US on the international stage.

    Instead of pursuing a life of intellect which his wealth would have afforded him, Trump chose a lazy and highlife. In other words, Trump never took advantage of the opportunities afforded him. Not only did Trump gave the key to the White House to a foreign leader (PM Satanyahu,) this man is also notorious for screwing anything that has a hole.

  8. It’s unfortunate that the video didn’t mention anything about Trump’s aggressive “foreign policy,” because a comparison of his pre-inaugural rhetoric about “diplomacy” and “peace” with his post-inaugural hybrid wars and nuclear brinkmanship is conspicuously absent from the political discourse.

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Yes, I noticed that. Not a darn word about foreign policy.
      The word “Palestine” was not mentioned once. Or the word “Israel”.

      1. No time for “foreign” policy when the enemy is at the gates. Lo, in the streets and the forests setting them ablaze. And spreading plagues of info, disinfo, and viruses. What the Jew hath wrought… The End

        This is the end
        Beautiful friend
        This is the end
        My only friend, the end
        Of our elaborate plans, the end
        Of everything that stands, the end
        No safety or surprise, the end
        I’ll never look into your eyes… Again
        Can you picture what will be
        So limitless and free
        Desperately in need… Of some… Stranger’s hand
        In a… Desperate land
        Lost in a Roman… Wilderness of pain
        And all the children are insane
        All the children are insane
        Waiting for the summer rain, yeah
        There’s danger on the edge of town
        Ride the King’s highway, baby
        Weird scenes inside the gold mine
        Ride the highway west, baby
        Ride the snake, ride the snake
        To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
        The snake is long, seven miles
        Ride the snake… He’s old, and his skin is cold
        The west is the best
        The west is the best…
        And all the children are insane…
        the killer awoke before dawn…

      2. @ Saki

        I don’t understand why Trump’s trade war with China isn’t even up for discussion, especially being that there are apparently a lot of farmers in important states that are disgusted with Trump:

        But beyond that, what does the U.S. “government” plan to do if China cuts off the supply of pharmaceutical and nutritional ingredients in response to Trump’s provocations? If I understand correctly, not a single generic drug is presently being manufactured in the U.S., including antibiotics, most or all of which are manufactured in China.

        It seems to me that an interruption in the supply of antibiotics would be devastating; not to mention drugs to treat hypertension and diabetes, pain relievers, vitamins, etc. And AFAIK these aren’t the kinds of things that could be quickly manufactured in the U.S. if need be; so Trump is basically gambling with the lives and health of everyone in the U.S.

        Trump and his handlers and enablers (including the democrats) are apparently willing to risk the lives of millions of people in the U.S. in pursuit of the agenda to stop the rise of China.

      3. @ Ramm Stein

        No time for “foreign” policy when the enemy is at the gates.

        Or so our satanic masters would have us believe, but I’m far more worried about WW3 and the potentially devastating economic and health consequences of Trump’s escalating hybrid war against China than I am of rental mobs.

        Even if there was a real threat from BLM/Antifa, we can take steps to protect ourselves from the threat. But unfortunately we can’t do much to protect ourselves from things like incoming nukes, bare shelves and worthless money.

  9. You guys are talking about “Party Politics” About “Trump Republicans” vs, “Biden Democrats” The fact is, to treat any candidate from any party, or any party as better than the other is myopic. Let us consider something more private, which shows the insidious and sinister way the Bankers manipulate society. Here, we will talk about a family. Consider this, that during World War I, although Great Britain, Germany and Russian were involved in this bitter war where thousands of their Sons and daughters , majority who were Christians were brutally killing and miming each other’s, King George V of England, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and Tsar Nicholas II Of Russia, all who are involved in this war, were First Cousins! They were all grandsons of Queen Victoria of Britain! They were known in the family as “Georgie, Willy and Nicky,” And here they were, forcing their people to kill each other. Talk about madness!

    This war, was portrayed as a family feud, but the reality was that these leaders were puppets of the Illuminati Jewish Bankers.! King George V and the Tsar were bundies. Not only bundies, but that they looked so alike that it was difficult to tell them apart! They were like twins! “They were cousins who looked more like twins.” They had always been friends since childhood How then, that they let their people kill each other? Because the Illuminati Bankers had them by the “soft ones”!

    King George V could not even save his cousin from the Jewish Bolsheviks! So, if the Jewish Bankers are able to manipulate a family, where does this leave parties which they actually created? The Video guy is right. Time to wake up.

    1. RAMM STEIN’s poem sounds like something from the rock band King Crimson circa 1970. RAMM STEIN is a very good poet. The poem just struck me as being very King Crimson-ish that’s all. RAMM STEIN, were you a King Crimson fan way back a long long long time ago? In other words, are you yet another old geezer here at Darkmoon? This place is starting to look like a nursing home, lol.

  10. trump may not be a politician but he’s sure talks like one…
    well, now we all understand our own status, where we are in relation to the power pyramid…
    it’s rather un-gratifying, how little affect we have..
    we’re given a choice between two undesirables… no contest though in my book…
    i think somebody said it before, biden is a joke, a shill, I guess…
    trump’s doing quite well for the people who him put him in power… i doubt he goes anywhere…
    he gave the jews jerusalem and the hieghts and the white house…
    you don’t want to vote – i get it…
    i’m still asking though – what will you do? anything besides turn your nose up and walk away?
    i just wonder how bad it’s really gonna get in the next 4 years…

    1. Barkingdeer

      That article you linked to is predicated on fresh water becoming a rare resource.

      Web search “nextbigfuture water purification” and you will see many water purification technologies about to come on stream (pun).

      With nuclear power (pebble reactor or thorium) that will come online after the world is sufficiently locked down and dystopian, ample fresh water can be produced with existing technology.

      The Chicoms may be active in Canada but is has nothing to do with water. Some speculate it is to act under UN orders to “peace keep” in the US if/when mayhem gets out of hand in the US.

  11. You know, after all the comments, i’m still wondering what point the maker of this video is trying to make. I mean as if lying and doing the opposite of what is promised is not the standard M.O. of every POTUS, or every by-jew-authorised politician for that matter.


      Voting is useless to beat them….. and supports the fraud.

      1. My dream for the United States is for the country ~ land of the pilgrim’s pride ~ to turn into a splendorous synthesis of JEW ZIONISM + JEW COMMUNISM + ISLAMIC DHIMMITUDE + CHINESE ORIENTAL STYLE DESPOTISM + BLACK PANTHER SUPREMACISM + MEXICAN DRUG LORD GOVERNANCE + ANTIFA AUTONOMOUS ZONES + UBER RADICAL FEMINISM WITH ABORTION CLINICS ON EVERY STREET CORNER + White SJW liberal-leftist WOKENESS so naturally I so much wanted to vote for HELLARY in 2016 so my dreams for the country would come true but then I realized “Voting Is Useless” so I didn’t vote for HELLARY.

        And that’s why I won’t be voting for KAMALA-biden either, voting is useless!

      2. PAT,

        I cannot understand how anyone can believe that power is handed over to the opponent without violence. And that this system, democracy, implemented precisely to get, and KEEP perpetual power/control, could also serve the very prisoners/slaves/goyim, whatever of its inventors, to achieve that. That is the whole point of democracy, to precisely PREVENT that from happening. I think democracy is the largest conspiracy ever.

        I am not saying they are absolutely invincible. But understand that the only way to break their power, the ONLY WAY, is violence.

        To summarise, the side which uses the most violence/has the most violence at his disposal will have its way. ALWAYS, without exception. This is true for all life forms on earth. And so also for humans. All the rest is useless banter. Proof of this is numerous. All sincere leaders that liberated their people HAD to use violence, in one form or another to break free from the kosher shackles. ( Or to establish themselves as rulers of their people, as natural aristocracy, before the emergence of the jews ) And they were only succesful temporarily. Until the international jew could combine enough gentile armies, lead by the lowest life forms on this planet, to destroy those sincere leaders and their countries and bring it back to the stable, or to add it to it.

        My view.

  12. For a look at the mysterious oriental mind, Japan Times reviews Obama legacy (note to American mind: Obama was your previous president, I know that history is not your favorite topic), a few points they find of interest, inexplicable to American mind (date of publication: Oct 2017, 3 years ago, too early to comment on Trump’s war making abstinence)

    To set himself apart from Bush’s aggressive “hard power” approach, Obama campaigned to become president on a foreign policy platform of “smart power.” Yet in office,

    if one disregards his softer tone in comparison with Bush’s strident rhetoric, Obama’s record shows him to be even more interventionist than Bush.

    he speciously justified his bombing campaign in Syria by relying on the unrelated congressional authority that Bush secured to go after those who “planned, authorized, committed or aided” the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    The 2011 U.S.-led operation against Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi began as a supposed humanitarian mission, only to quickly turn into a regime-change exercise, whose success quickly bred chaos and mayhem in Libya. Although goaded into the Libyan operation by his hawkish secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, Obama will be remembered in history for demolishing Libya in the same way that Bush unraveled Iraq. The collapse of the Libyan state has created a jihadist citadel at Europe’s southern doorstep.

    Obama’s CIA-led regime-change operation in Syria, although unsuccessful, contributed to plunging another secular Muslim autocracy into jihadist upheaval.

    As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted, the Obama team viewed the rise of IS as a possibly useful development to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad, only to see it grow into a monster.

    Flush with his success in overthrowing Gadhafi — an operation that involved orchestrating an Islamist insurgency in Benghazi city and then launching a NATO aerial-bombardment campaign in the name of “responsibility to protect” — Obama turned his attention to toppling Assad. The main IS force was born in Syria out of the CIA-trained, petrodollar-funded “moderate” rebels who crossed over with their weapons to the hydra-headed group.

    Obama’s legacy will clearly be defined as more war than peace. Obama embraced drone attacks with such alacrity — authorizing 506 known strikes, compared with the 50 strikes under Bush — that he was dubbed “the drone president.” By dramatically boosting U.S. weapon exports, Obama also distinguished himself as the greatest arms exporter since World War II.

    And the paragraph which I know will infuriate all and sundry because, you know … truth hurts, especially from mouth of some oriental dago, how dare he, stick to running your laundry shop, less starch on my shirt:

    Ominously, Obama has handed down to Trump more theaters of war than he inherited from Bush. Add to the picture the deep political polarization in America over Trump’s election and the threat the establishment perceives from Trump’s out-of-the-box thinking on several sensitive subjects — from Russia and NATO to trade and the “one-China” policy.

    Rarely before has a president assumed office in a major democracy with the deep state and mainstream media so unwelcoming to him. If critics succeed in crimping Trump’s presidency, Obama’s legacy will look better than the actual record.

    How is it that 4 years later—1,500 days, minimum 100 articles/day not counting your comments, the American MSM failed to put out even one write-up remotely as truthful and respectful of facts on ground as this one by Japanese MSM???
    Isn’t it strange—will you ever ask yourself—or just go on droning, droning about “Trump was broke, cadged shekels from Jews, sold yacht to Saudis, blah, blah”, which MSM (made in JUSA not East) is quick to repeat 150,000 times while NOT ONCE mentioning that not only did Trump not start any wars (in fact they count it as a major failure), but as good as stopped several.
    My theory as to this mental aberration, the Mariana Trench separating the Far East mind from American considers two possibilities, likely related:
    • Jew doesn’t run Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Singaporean MSM,
    • difference in national IQ averages (again, the IQ trench has been dug by Jew).

    Enjoy words, don’t vote, reap the benefits that Nancy Pelosi is bringing to you, in time for Thanksgiving, Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Panel moves U.S. one step closer to Politburo Communism.
    Because words matter, just like black lives matter, to say that history, facts, events, results and outcomes matter is racist, just like saying that white lives matter too—because obviously they don’t, just like lives of abject foreigners spared under Trump don’t matter, not even the super-ultra-uber precious Palestinian lives that everyone is eager to call upon in relation to Trump pronouncements words and just as easily disposable when asked to consider the actual numbers of victims compared to Obama, Bush, etc.

    @TROJ: you are right, how perceptive … but what can “i” do?🙃

      1. President (un)elect Pelosi escorted by a bunch of dykes, Victoria Nuland spits, where are they all piling into, Comet Ping Pong Pizza?—at least the chefs wear masks for your protection.
        Next time ask for delivery.
        The future is bright under New Normal but too late for us, eh, Homer? Ah, to be normal again, steamrolled by speeding normality definition …

  13. No matter how one cuts it, America is going down the tubes. The choice of Biden or Trump is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  14. The only true, accurate, verifiable polls are the RALLY TURNOUTS.
    Yesterday in Orlando Trump had 20,000+!!
    In Toledo Biden had 30 socially distancing CARS while claiming AGAIN TO BE A CANDIDATE FOR SENATE!! 😁
    Beats Zogby by miles….😎

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