Shocking Atrocities: We Are All Palestinians Now


Gruesome details have recently emerged of Israel’s torture of Palestinian prisoners, with the US standing by as complicit partners in these shocking atrocities.

By Whitney Webb
February 12, 2020
with commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

One prisoner was hospitalized for kidney failure and 11 broken ribs. Another had his genitals bitten by a security dog while a third man was left wheelchair-bound and unrecognizable.

An actor is seen demonstrating the “banana” method, one of several standard torture techniques reportedly used by the Shin Bet during interrogations of Palestinian prisoners. (AP Photo)

New allegations have surfaced claiming that Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet or Shabak, is engaged in the brutal torture of Palestinian detainees, despite the practice being against both Israeli and international law. The new accusations, deemed “very credible” by both Israeli and Palestinian rights groups, come amid a recorded spike in the use of torture on Palestinian detainees by Israeli authorities.

The latest cases involve three Palestinian men who were detained as part of the extensive manhunt that followed an August 23 bombing that killed an Israeli settler and teenager Rina Shnerb. The three men, living in the occupied West Bank, were detained per Israel’s controversial practice of “administrative detention,” whereby Israel may detain an individual for months or even years without charging them with a crime.

The lawyers and family members of the three main suspects have asserted that all three men suspected of links to the bombing had been tortured to the point of needing hospitalization, with one of them being admitted for kidney failure and 11 broken ribs before subsequently being returned to the custody of Israeli interrogators. Another of the men had his genitals bitten by a security dog while the third man was wheelchair-bound and unrecognizable to his wife when he appeared in a courtroom.

While these three Palestinian men’s experiences are extreme cases, the same Shin Bet investigation also tortured several other detainees in less severe ways but nonetheless left them traumatized. Those detainees were released after weeks in detention and were never charged. Shin Bet also arrested family members of detainees and, in some cases, paraded them in front of detainees in order to create the impression that their wives and children would also undergo the same harsh treatment.

Though the manhunt and resulting torture of Palestinian suspects took place months ago, reporting on the incidents was delayed due to an Israeli court-mandated gag order that was renewed multiple times since it was first issued last September. That gag order, in effect for well over three months, also made court proceedings of the three main suspects in the case closed to the public and prevented family members from attending court, with few exceptions.

A spike in torture

The alleged torturing of prisoners in connection to the August 23 bombing occurred during a period when the use of torture of West Bank Palestinians by Shin Bet spiked dramatically, according to the Palestinian prisoner rights organization Adameer, which issued a report last month that contained hard evidence of “the systematic use of torture and ill-treatment” against Palestinian detainees at the Al-Mascobiyya interrogation center.

The torture of detainees, though often denied by Israeli officials, is technically illegal.

Yet, a loophole provided in the same 1999 Israeli Supreme Court ruling that made the practice illegal has allowed it to continue, as the ruling only prohibited torture of detainees unless there was suspicion of an imminent attack. This loophole has routinely been used by Shin Bet, especially given that Shin Bet officials who engage in the practice have done so for decades with impunity. Indeed, while over one thousand official complaints against the Shin Bet related to its use of torture have been filed since 2001, only one has ever gone to court — a 2017 case which is still open.

In addition, the use of torture has been supported by a cadre of doctors who work with Shin Bet by approving brutal interrogation tactics, falsifying medical reports and engaging in other activities that provide justifications for the use of extreme and internationally-condemned interrogation methods.

A fierce dog bares its fangs at an Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib camp in Iraq

[LD] One of the three Palestinian suspects, illegally detained by Shin Bet, “had his genitals bitten by a security dog”. (See above). Israeli doctors were no doubt close at hand, monitoring the situation and attempting to provide medical assistance to make sure the detainee in question managed to survive in order to face brutal interrogation again. We learn from widely publicised reports that American doctors, as well as Israeli “advisers” in “enhanced interrogation techniques”, were in full use at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib torture camps. We now learn that Israel has developed sophisticated new torture techniques and is utilising them against detainees in Occupied Palestine. [LD]  

The doctors’ support would also likely help to protect Shin Bet officials in the event that more of these torture cases ever went to court.

One likely reason for the culture of the impunity is the tacit approval of a large portion of the Israeli populace regarding the use of torture on those deemed “enemy combatants.”

For instance, one poll of youth between the ages of 20 and 35 conducted in 16 countries last month found that Israeli youths were by far the most supportive of the use of torture, with only 23 percent of Israeli respondents opposing the practice, compared to the international average of 55 percent.

ISRAELI  SETTLERS attacking a Palestinian woman in the West Bank. It is obviously out-of-control Jewish bullies like this who back the torture of Palestinian prisoners.  [LD]

As to why the last few months have seen a spike in reports of the torture of Palestinian prisoners, the answer is not entirely clear.

One possible explanation could be related to the U.S.-Israeli push to enact the so-called “Deal of the Century” as well as the current political upheaval in Israeli that has seen the country awaiting its third election in less than a year, as embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sought to promote his tough-on-crime and security-focused stances during the prolonged election season.

LD: What the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians today, they will arguably be more than capable of doing to the American people tomorrow in Zionist Occupied America.  Just give them time.

Remember the chilling words of  Jewish intellectual Yossi Gurvitz (pictured here) who revealed the grim truth behind the Jewish trick of pretending to be being nice and friendly as long as Jews are in a relatively weak position, but of being mercilessly cruel “when Israel is mighty.” (See here for full details).

Note that Israel has already deemed itself powerful enough to kill and torture American citizens with impunity. If you doubt this, read this recent article by Philip Giraldi giving the gory details. 

We are all Palestinians now. 


Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

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  1. Is torture an aberration of Jewish conduct or is it deeply entrenched in their history?

    Here is what their greatest king David did when he conquered the city of Rabbah :

    “…And David gathered all the people together, and went to Rabbah, and fought against it, and took it.

    “… And he took their king’s crown from off his head, the weight whereof was a talent of gold with the precious stones: and it was set on David’s head. And he brought forth the spoil of the city in great abundance.

    “… And he brought forth the people that were therein, and put them under saws, and under harrows of iron, and under axes of iron, and made them pass through the brickkiln: and thus did he unto all the cities of the children of Ammon. So David and all the people returned unto Jerusalem…”

    2 Samuel 12 : 29-31.

    So not only the people of the city of Rabbah, but the inhabitants of all Ammonite cities were horribly tortured. A nice “Biblical” inspiration for the Shin Bet!

      1. OFF-TOPIC, re Judaic justification of torture

        Yes, that quote given by Franklin Ryckaert is unfortunately found in the Holy Bible. But take note that the damaging quote is found in the Old Testament, the section of the Bible sacred to Jews and much loved and frequently quoted by many Christian Zionists. It is not found in the New Testament.

        Though the NT contains many controversial and even embarrassing quotes for the politically correct person today — for example, St Paul’s frequently quoted comments that “it is better to marry than burn” and that women should be nice and meek and let men boss them around! — there is nothing in the NT that gives a green light to torture.

        In other words, the OT is far more shocking and damaging than anything found in the NT.

        This does not mean that the entire OT is disgusting and obscene and should be rejected IN TOTO as toxic garbage. The OT is essentially an ANTHOLOGY of separate books, and many of the books in the OT are brilliant and praiseworthy. To reject them would be foolish, like throwing the baby out with the bath water. I refer to books like The Book of Job, The Book of Ecclesiastes, The Book of Proverbs, and the Psalms of David.

        Note that The Psalms of David are of crucial importance to the Catholic Church and form the basis of its liturgy, being sung in Gregorian chant Latin seven times a day in Catholic monasteries throughout the world — at Matins (very early in the morning), Lauds, Terce, Sext, Nones, Vespers, and Compline (last thing in the late evening before bedtime for the monks).

        The Psalms are inspirational, and yet even the Psalms contain some highly controversial material which can be described as “damaging”. The most shocking bit in the Psalms of David are verses 5-9 in Psalm 137 (especially verse 9). I quote the psalm here in full:

        1. By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

        2. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.

        3. For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion.

        4. How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a strange land?

        5. If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

        6. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.

        7. Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof.

        8. O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

        9. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

        Psalm 137
        King James Bible

      2. @Sister Monica

        Notice verse 5 in psalm 137 :

        “… If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning…”

        How typically Jewish! It is assumed that the right hand naturally possesses “cunning”, and the worst thing that could happen is to forget that cunning!

      3. @ Sr Monica
        With all due respect, St Paul does not say that “women should be nice and meek and let men boss them around,” but that “wives should be submissive to their husbands” and that “husbands should love their wives.” There cannot be a democracy of two, and God created Adam first and then Eve from the side of Adam. A man is the head of the family, the woman is the heart. It is part of God’s plan that, like the rest of His plan, we transgress at our own peril. There will always be abuses in man’s exercising of authority in a marriage and in a family, as there are moral transgressions in everything, since we all live with the effects of Original Sin, but the abuse of something good does not negate its intended legitimate use. “Abusus non tollit usum,” as the moral and legal principle states.

      4. Pat
        This isn’t the proper place to post this, but no matter.

        I agree with you about what you’re saying regarding the Bill of Rights when seen in terms of the illegitimacy of Government telling people what their rights are. After all, there being inherent and inalienable is known by the individual INSTINCTIVELY. That a national document declaring its independence spells this out bonds them to the freedom a proper wording reflecting it represents.

        When it was proclaimed throughout what had then become the FORMER colonies of Great Britain, it marked a breakthrough which raised the Consciousness of Freedom. The spiritual equivalent is Jesus telling the multitudes the very same thing. Substitute the Pharisees for George III.

        But once the drafting of a written Constitution came into the picture, it could only spell trouble for the cause of true freedom. It did, and it still does. The damage was done, and yet perception is reality. Even though the Constitution doesn’t properly reflect true freedom, Americans THINK it does, and because they do this has kept the totalitarian wolf from crashing down the door for 240 years. The only thing that made this possible came from an event where (to paraphrase Jefferson) “the tree of freedom was nourished with the blood of Patriots and tyrants, its natural manure.” And to put it in the stark terms of Paine, “tyranny, like hell is not easily conquered.” Without having won this war on the battlefields, having even a CONCEPT of Freedom would have long since been bred out of us. Just as Orwell foresaw.

      5. B-Hawk –
        This will be my only reply to this subject in this thread.

        With proper examination, I found that the ‘war’ – battle – was staged. The Crown allowed the staged victories…. to get their contracts for trading signed. British troops remained in the US for decades. British navy took Americans at sea and forced them into service.

  2. I just read a commentary this morning about a “Project Zephyr” which is aimed at exterminating millions of dissident Americans for the ZOG cause. It was described by a jewish fellow named Goldberg, and sounds quite credible. Set to become engaged in the winter of 2020, the plan is accelerating because of the huge number of people who are beginning to see and understand this Israhell promotion. He says that even many of the “gatekeeper” sites have their traffic monitored to determine the names of the people “waking up”. In light of this article, we are, indeed, all Palestinians now.
    Complicity will be engaged by many cowards – not only jews. In fact, the libtard whites and their alliances are most dangerous. Have no doubt, they are the enemy, and should be regarded as such.

  3. Thank you, Whitney Webb and Lasha Darkmoon, for such a superb job. I know you both poured your heart out into the article.

    I was captivated by this paragraph more than anything else.

    Once again, thanks for being a voice for the voiceless Palestinians!

  4. Let me paraphrase Lasha’s quote that I cited in my previous comment: “What Israel is doing to the Palestinians today, they will without a doubt do the same to the American people later in the Zionist occupied US of A. Just wait and see!”

  5. We’re all Indians too, have been for quite some time, and yes there is a plan afoot beneath the table to wipe out large numbers of ‘dissidents’, antisemites, whatever… It gets to the point where picking off the leaders is too slow…
    I don’t know who votes for Trump again… He’s fun to watch and he’s far better than any of the opposition, none of whom look like they’d be any less the sycophant anyway…
    Nothing new about torture… It does serve a certain purpose, though it’s much more about terrorizing the opposition, gratifying the sick egos of the torturers and verifying the violent power structure unto itself, than it will ever be about getting information… It’s part of every armed conflict, but more likely to increase with the increased involvement of civilians as ‘combatants’, which has gone from 90% military casualties and 10% civilian in what they call the US Civil War, to the opposite in the modern conflicts…
    Civilians become ‘enemy combatants’ and ‘terrorists’ when someone with a real army is stealing someone else’s property, who does not have a real army..
    The real question is – where’s the other path, how do we find it, who’s got the lantern?

  6. Torture is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Jewish invasion of white homelands. Torture is truly a step beyond the other inverted, Jewish cultural perversions now accepted by the white man. Torture is the most primitive and puerile of all human natures, so low on the humanities scale as to be hardly considered human.

    What is yet to be addressed is the sexual aspect of the Jews’ tortures. Jews literally orgasm while performing these tortures. One can see the smiles and glee in the faces of the useful idiots torturing their victims at “Gitmo’s camp X-ray” as they abuse prisoners held there.

    These “soldiers” were budding psychopaths, chosen specifically for their cruel, psychopathic nature and then trained by Israeli operatives specializing in torture techniques. Those doubting or denying this obviously have no idea of standard military/government screening and training methods.

    One can also look at the sexual torture devices of the Inquisition, lorded over by the Jew Torquemada, to see the sexual proclivities involving various torture methods. “(the prisoner) had his genitals bitten by a security dog.” Can you say “Jew?” Looking around the porn scene, one finds an “industry” dominated by Jews, reveling in debased sadomasochism. “S&M” is perhaps the most prevalent of all Jewish “lite” perversions, especially those S&M perversions involving scatological bondage themes.

    Fat, greasy Jews, lusting for blood, pay to torture and murder white girls and children enslaved in Israel. Then there was Jeffery Epstein, the inhuman ghoul whose vicious torture and murder of young children was glossed over by the Jew media to make it look like it was nothing more than a case of abuse and rape of girls just below the age of consent, as if that somehow softens the case for the inhuman Epstein and the murderous psychopaths using his cruelly debauched, sexual service.

    Anyone believing Jewish ghouls of Epstein’s nature limit themselves in any way to a particular age group, sex, or perversion knows nothing about Jewish ghouls. Here is what Epstein was really up to, but of course since he is a Jew, it was softly, softly, lest the goy awaken.

    Funny how all those impeachment bloodhounds completely overlooked Trump’s involvement with the Epstein ghoul. Considering what happened to Billy boy Clinton during his impeachment, one would have suspected that anyone really desiring to impeach Trump would have looked first at Trump’s involvement with Epstein. But of course no one really wanted to impeach Trump, Jews just wanted to insulate their golden boy from future impeachment proceedings that will have no doubt arisen by the end of his second term.

    Look at the Jewish torture myths created by Jews, but ascribed to Germans, in the effort to enhance the Hallowedhoax myths. These very real tortures were carried out, not by Germans, but by sick, twisted, debased Judeocommunist psychopaths on indigenous, Russian citizens. At the end of the war, by the Jews’ command, yet more tortures were inflicted on the innocent German populace by the allies immediately after the war. The rapes, murders and grisly tortures committed by the Jew led allies after the war plumb the depths of twisted, Jewish, sexual depravity.



    And here

    The connection of Jews to present day torture is obvious. Jews are vicious, parasitical, bloodthirsty ghouls thriving both psychologically and financially upon the suffering of others. That is why “Jewish professions,” like law and medicine, are what they are and why the world appears as it does.

    Modifiers like “sick,” “twisted,” “debased,” “perverted” and “inhuman,” do not even begin to describe the truly bizarre aspects of the Jews’ fundamentally murderous, psychopathic nature, especially when considering children.

    ”Suddenly you feel the full emotional horror of the fate awaiting the other animals brought to the ritual. All the while, these men called kohein, howl, chant and dance about, reciting their ritualistic incantations that beg god’s forgiveness; it was an extremely gruesome spectacle. The bloodlust continues well into evening.

    What is never witnessed is the secret ceremony that takes place inside the Tabernacle’s tent where the high priest, in a final act of crazed bloodlust, drinks the sacrificial blood before the mercy seat. This ceremony is later replicated during the last supper when Jesus, the sacrificial paschal lamb, tells his disciples, Whoever, eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life. Take this bread, this is my body, drink this wine this is my blood. Do this in remembrance of my ultimate sacrifice to the Temple.” (Get the message? Blood – it’z all about blood.)

    The Levirate injunction against consuming blood is a public admonishment to restrict the use of blood products. However, the kohanim exempted itself from its own laws and secretly do not observe such restrictions. Again, this covert act, along with the acceptable act of consuming sacrificial meat, will later be replayed by Jesus during the last supper. A few days later the priests fold their Tabernacle tent, their circus of horror, and move on. They will move to the next tribe where the sacrificial cycle will be played out once again.

    Consider the effect of this cruelly, gruesome spectacle on a young child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground, the restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for their god’s mercy and forgiveness.

    Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff. Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and one finds a race founded on a culturally inbred, psychopathic, bloodlust that cannot be altered or escaped.

    Torture – thy name is Jew. The world is very sick with the Jewish infection, terminal, I would say.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      An exceptionally well-written comment full of moral indignation at the depravity and cruelty which you see as part and parcel of the Jewish nature. Needless to say, the average Jew reading what you have to say about the Jew’s intrinsically debased nature will see your comment as bordering on hysteria — on an antisemitism so extreme and virulent that it would put you beyond the pale of political correctness. 🙂

      Please note, I am not criticizing you. I am simply telling you what you already know. That from the average Jew’s viewpoint you would be classified as a Jew hater extraordinaire.

      To counter this perception you need to provide more evidence for your statement above that the Jew, when engaged in torture at Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib, actually experiences sexual orgasm. You need to provide citations for this. A good link would help.

      Making a controversial accusation like this, without proof, simply will not do. 🙂

      1. A second point that needs to be noted.

        The emotionally charged pictures you provide have this disadvantage: they are not photographs, they are paintings by an antisemitic artist who is doing his best to lay it on with a trowel. Very effective pictures, admittedly, but of no documentary value, being works of artistic imagination rather than photographic evidence of sexual depravity by Jews.

        The artist moreover, as you must know, is depicting the soldiers in Stalin’s Red Army who went on a rape rampage at the end of WWII and in its aftermath in Germany when two million German women were raped. These are RUSSIAN soldiers, not necessarily RUSSIAN JEWS. So it’s wrong for you to imply that these rapists are Jewish rapists.

        Were all the rapists in Stalins Red Army JEWS? Of course not! Many of the commissars were Jews, but not the common soldiers, most of whom were of Mongolian or Asiatic origin.

        Thirdly, you need to tell us where your impressive final blockquote comes from. Did you write it yourself? Or is someone else the author? If so, who?



      2. “they are paintings by an antisemitic artist”
        Really? Where is the proof that he is ‘antisemitic’?
        What if he paints the truth according to research you do not even know about?
        I agree that Stanton would do well to come up with some links here, but your comments are disturbingly double edged.

        1. @ Bjørn Thorsønn

          “… your comments are disturbingly double-edged.”

          My slipshod way of expressing myself has misled you into misunderstanding my good intentions. You object, I think rightly, to my use of the words “antisemitic artist”, thinking I m making a plea for philosemitism. This is not so. There is case for antisemitism, but the trouble with people like you is that you bridle with anger when Jews or Zionist non-Jews accuse you openly of “antisemitism” when in your heart you admit that many of your attitudes are highly critical of the Jews and that the world would brand you an “antisemite”.

          Listen, I still haven’t expressed myself properly. I know many antisemites who frankly say: “OK, I admit I am an antisemite according to your definition of antisemitism. Meirsheimer and Walt were branded “antisemites” for criticizing the Zionist Lobby (or the “Jewish lobby”), but they hotly denied that they were antisemitic. David Duke, far more extreme in his views and therefore openly condemned by the mass media as a “virulent antisemite”, then embarrassed Meirsheimer and Walt by praising their work. So they were “tainted” by association with David Duke.

          Kevin MacDonald is widely regarded as an “antisemite” by the mainstream media. Do I condemn Kevin MacDonald? Of course not! I praise him and value his work. Lasha Darkmoon has denied the Holocaust and defended the Palestinians and would therefore be regarded as an antisemite. Do I attack her for her antisemitism? Of course not! If accused of antisemitism, LD’s response to her critics would be: “OK, I am an antisemite if it makes you feel happy. But in my own eyes I am not an antisemite. I don’t hate all Jews or regard all Jews with suspicion.” This is the attitude I praise: retaining the right to criticize Jews while at the same time refusing to accept the stigma of being labeled a “Jew hater”.

          The artist who painted those pictures of Red Army rapists did a good job. I praise him. But in the eyes of the world he would be regarded as an “anti-Semite” for sticking up for the 2 million innocent German women who were raped in the later stages of WWII. Anyone who defends the Germans, after all, is regarded as defending the “Nazis” and being sympathetic to the Hitler regime.

          How would you like to be branded an “antisemite” just because you expressed sympathy for the German civilians who died in the Dresden bombings? Wasn’t David Irving branded an antisemite for his politically incorrect support for Hitler and the victims of WWII?

          I completely reject your knee-jerk condemnation of me — based on your misconception of me as some kind of Zionist agent and crypto-philosemite. My attitude to the Jews, highly critical of them and their criminal activities, is probably no different to your attitude to the Jews. With one difference: I accept the label of “antisemite” with a casual shrug when it is applied to me. You reject the same label, becoming mortally offended when someone calls you an “antisemite”.

      3. @ Saki

        “Needless to say, the average Jew reading what you have to say about the Jew’s intrinsically debased nature will see your comment as bordering on hysteria — on an antisemitism so extreme and virulent that it would put you beyond the pale of political correctness.”

        Seriously? In case you haven’t noticed, the jewish collective has launched a race war against the non-jewish balance of humanity. The “jews” attack us relentlessly in every conceivable way, the apparent goal being to destroy or enslave us on a global basis.

        Being an “average jew” offended by these statements today would be like someone wearing a German uniform wandering around Stalingrad in late 1942 and being offended when someone takes a shot at him. Under the circumstances, he will be shot at by people defending themselves even if he disagrees in principle with the war he’s apparently associated with.

        The reason evil thrives in this world is because too many people go along with it to some degree. We always hear about the poor “good jews” or the “good cops” etc. who would ostensibly never do this or that, but no actual good person would have any association with such organized evil in any way whatsoever.

        No decent person would work on the assembly line at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.; no decent person would join the U.S. military; no decent person would support Israel; no decent person would knowingly work for any unscrupulous company that makes unsafe and/or substandard products and pushes them on the public; no decent person would work for the tax claim bureau in an era of unconstitutional and immoral property taxation; no decent person would want to be a government employee whose pay comes from money stolen from property “owners” (at gunpoint if necessary); etc.

        If the “average jew” is offended by statements like Arch Stanton’s, the remedy is to renounce judaism and completely dissociate from the collective and its calculated evil; like Benjamin Freedman or Bro. Nat Kapner have done for example.

    2. Let me begin by saying this is nothing personal being directed at Saki or anyone else; unless of course the shoe happens to fit. Instead this is a long festering rant about the problems involved in dealing with information.

      I do not “hate” Jews as I do not hate – period. People have been conditioned to think in such terms, just as they have been programmed to think of Jews as innocent victims of “anti-Semitic” hatred. As I have written many times, just as it is absurd to hate the cancer eating away one’s body, just as there is no reason to hate the termites gnawing away at the framing of your house, there is no reason to hate Jews.

      These are all parasitical organisms doing what their condition dictates. Hate is a dangerously strong, destructive emotion. Martial arts masters condition themselves to be emotionally neutral in battle, as emotions like hate cloud one’s judgement, as well as affecting their reflexive actions. Hating the Jewish parasite will change nothing in their nature and only serve to gnaw away at one’s psyche.

      The quote is mine, it comes from a piece I wrote about the Tabernacle’s blood sacrifice. That quote elucidates what I say to those those claiming I hate Jews. What is noted in this quote is the Jews’ culturally, racially inbred predisposition towards murder, torture and bloodshed as a result of centuries of blood sacrifice and exposure to the heavy handed Biblical law combined with the Old Testament horror stories still seen today in Hollywood horror movies.

      Jews cannot control their collective actions anymore than termites or Sacullina can control their actions. Jews are hardwired for horror, terror and destruction in the same manner as everyone is hardwired for orgasmic sex. Therefore is it so hard to understand how Jews frequently combine the two, doubling their pleasure far more than a stick of Wrigley’s chewing gum?

      Speaking of sex, why must one show proof of the Jews’ proclivities involving sex and torture? Do not Jews themselves provide the necessary evidence for such sexual proclivities? Are not the Weinsteins and Epsteins proof enough of the Jewish predilection for sexual orgasm while raping, torturing and murdering their child victims? Of course the murder aspect is never mentioned by official sources. The question remains, why else would Jews do such things if it did not provide Jews orgasmic pleasure? How can the sexual component of Jewish torture and murder of victims be denied in the face of evidence like this?

      However, I think most will agree that lack of control over their lust does not excuse the Jews’ actions in these matters. The only solution is the eradication of the parasite. If one observes closely, they find Jews making the very same claim I make, albeit in inverted form i.e., “the white race is a cancer on the planet that needs to be eliminated.” The fact is, Jews prey on white nations and cultures, white people do not prey on Jewish culture; or must that fact be proven?

      Jews do in fact harbor a vitriolic hatred towards, not only the white race, but all goyim in general. One can almost see the blood dripping from the Jews’ teeth as they trip over their hatred for the goy.

      As for the art of Herbert Smagon, one needs no photographs to suffer the full impact of his depictions of actual events. When I saw these paintings, I was stunned; what German could possibly invent such horror on his canvas? Again I find Jew programming in the statement:

      The emotionally charged pictures you provide have this disadvantage: they are not photographs, they are paintings by an antisemitic artist who is doing his best to lay it on with a trowel. Very effective pictures, admittedly, but of no documentary value, being works of artistic imagination rather than photographic evidence of sexual depravity by Jews.

      Do these images really require “documentary value?” Must we have grisly photographic evidence to recognize the horror Jews are more than capable of carrying out on innocent children? My mind had significant difficultly comprehending what I saw in his art work.The little boy, coming home from a shopping trip, being ripped to shreds by the machine gunning of American P-51s is fact. Pilots were ordered to shoot anything that moved and they did indeed fire upon any person or thing that represented a moving target.

      As a boy, for me the P-51 it was love at first flight in the backseat of a TF-51. Today, WWII American aircraft only remain as a sickening visual reminder of Jewish induced, war horror. Today, I look at these war machines that once spit out terror and destruction, from a completely different perspective than the one I held for so many years during my affair with aviation.

      It’s like finding out one’s most beautiful and cherished lover was in fact a horrible, murderous psychopath bent on the mass destruction of humanity. These aircraft, some of which I have flown and others in which I have ridden, have never looked the same since awakening to the Jews’ wartime perfidy. Thanks Jews.

      One of the worst things about Jewish horror is how it slowly creeps into one’s mind, body and soul. Oh how I wish I had never seen such images or read such descriptions of Judeocommunist atrocities like disemboweling a victim and then tacking the end of their intestines to a tree or pole and then goading them to run around it while unraveling the intestines from their abdomen until they dropped. Then there is the rat torture, so horrific, Eric Blair included it in his dark book 1984.

      Only psychopathic Jews could invent such mind bending, horrific deaths. Proof? As Jesus said, “by their works ye shall know them.” Burying people alive as a form of torture is another mind bending act of which I truly wish I had never heard. I was unaware of this horror until I wrote about Jesus raising the dead. Temple Jews were condemned to being buried alive to avoid a penalty stipulated by sacrificial law. Yea, verily, there is far darker horror lurking in the Jew’s mind yet to be made evident.

      ALL Soviet soldiers were Judeocommunists, and while there were a few that had no heart for their bloody work, most reveled in their bloody “wet work.” The facts of Jewish led Judeocommunist mass murder stand from examples too numerous to count. Holodomor, Katyn Forest, the gulag death camps. Lubyanka prison, on and on. So why would one exempt the vicious, Judeocommunist murderers that overwhelmed Germany after the war?

      One can find evidence for even worse mind-numbing atrocities in the books of Thomas Goodrich, books with historic descriptions so sickening that I quit reading one after a couple of chapters, as it was too much proof to stomach.

      One of the major problems I have with commenting and talking to people in general is the white man’s demand for proof of every single, last, stinking detail. One cannot make a simple statement and move on with the discussion without being stopped with by the exclamation, “prove it!”

      Apparently, the white race has been heavily influenced by the Christian story of the doubting Thomas.

      “Look, Thomas, here are the holes made by the nails used to crucify me.”

      “Bullshit! I don’t believe it. Anyone with holes in their body can claim they were crucified.”

      “But Thomas, I rose again on the third day.”

      “Sure, sure, that’s what you say, but what evidence do you have for your statement? Frankly, I just think you’re an imposter that wants to be a Jew.”

      “But, but, I have come to deliver salivation Thomas”

      “Yeah right, tell it to the Marines. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

      Yet when Jews make the most absurd claims that millions of Jews were thrown into the ovens alive at Auschwitz with geysers of blood spurting from the ground for months afterwards accompanied by the colors of smoking hot Jews, one hears no outcry for proof. (Now I wait patiently for an eagle-eyed history buff to correct me. Then I will hear how Jews never claimed they were thrown alive into the ovens at Auschwitz; probably because they had already been gazzzed. Go, ahead, tell me I’m wrong. In fact why not waste all our time by writing a book about the factual evidence that Jews were never thrown into the ovens alive at Auschwitz?)

      Now where was I? I seem to have forgotten the point I was trying to make in the first place. How did that happen?

      Oh right, the lack of demand for incontrovertible, ironclad, evidence proving the Jews’ claims. Oh no, never are such demands made of god’s chosen pests (that might be “pets”) by the gullible. Instead the goy immediately go into a knee jerk reflex action, lamenting the passing of so many of god’s chosen – despite the fact Jews are still collecting regular government checks for their horrendous deaths suffered at the hand of evil Nhadzees. When it comes to Jews, boldfaced lies are invariably taken at face value – period, end of discussion. I find far, far too many whites exhibiting this peculiar one-sided demand for proof.

      Another inconsistency is how Jews take a single example and use it as blanket proof of their claims for what might otherwise be considered unrelated actions. Any altercation between a white and a minority is obviously due to the very presence of a white person. Hell, according to Jews, the only reason rape occurs is because white women are always asking for it. Then there is white privilege that of course all white people have always enjoyed. Yet, making blanket statements like this about minorities, especially Jewish minorities, is haram. How many times do we have to hear, “You can’t say that about all the (insert minority here), why I know good . . .”

      Say something less than worshipful about Jews and it will be attributed to the white man’s innate, “anti-Semitic” nature. Find virtually any execrable act and Jews will tell you its because of whites and whites will believe it. Yet, when one points an accusing finger at Jews based on innumerable examples from their past, immediately the hue and cry gurgles up from the dark depths of white bile – PROVE IT! So you do, but the minute you make another accusation again the cry rises like an unchecked tidal wave of indignation, the standard cry belches forth from the throats of suddenly skeptical whites – PROVE IT!”

      The result? Instead of being able to address the Jewish problem in a forthright manner, one spends all their time hashing over innumerable points of minutiae of no real importance in the overall scheme of Jewish things. Instead of focusing on the number one problem facing our race, nations and cultures, we spend all our time simply trying to prove Jews are indeed a problem.

      The minute I heard about the September 11th attack, before I watched any videos, I knew it was a lie. I knew it was a lie, because I knew Jews were behind it. How did I know that? Because of the scale of the event and more importantly because I know the Jew. Yet people are still running in circles nineteen years after the fact trying to prove it wasn’t Arabs with box cutters that performed a precision, pinpoint attack that would exceed the capabilities of most military organizations. So here we are wasting our time still trying to convince all those white doubting Thomas-es unable to see the obvious evidence in front of their brown noses.

      Mark my words, the white man’s insistence that every jot and tittle of the smallest claim be accompanied by a Library of Congress of proof, verified seven ways from Sunday, with ironclad smoking gun evidence, will be the downfall of western civilization.

      Now see what you made me do?

      1. Arch –

        I applaud what you did here!

        As kids, we were all enamored with the vehicles, tanks, boats and planes of WWII. We never thought of the actual atrocities. My favorite model airplane I built was the P-51 ‘Mustang’ and the Navy’s T-6 ‘Texan’ was second.

      2. An excellent comment all round. I agree that great art works can transcend photography.

        The point I was trying to make, however, is this: if a great painting by a Jewish artist featured the interior of a gas chamber at Auschwitz and showed a lot of Jews dying in agony, gasping for breath, skeletal, eyes popping out of heir heads, retching green vomit, would you accept it as having documentary value? Wouldn’t you say: “But I don’t accept this melodramatic representation of an event that never took place!. This is mendacious propaganda!”

        You would insist on a photograph, no? That would have more credibility for you. And yet, if you were a really diehard Holocaust denier, you would question even the authenticity of the photograph. You’d say: “How do I know this photo hasn’t been doctored?”

        So it is with the horrific paintings of German artist Herbert Smagon. You are impressed with these paintings only because you believe Smagon is painting something that actually happened, not the contents of his imagination. And yet, ironically, you would not be impressed with equally horrific paintings showing the death of Anne Frank by being stabbed in the eye at Auschwitz by a brutal Nazi prison guard with a ballpoint pen!

        You see the point I’m making?

  7. If you thought that the incriminating photographs out of Abu Ghraib, the sadistic behavior of US troops, and the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by our soldiers brought shame and dishonor to our armed forces and our country, you are not alone.

  8. Tell me a law that ISISreal did not ignore or break?

    The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) abuse and mistreatment of Palestinians is well documented. It even prompted Israeli TV Host Oshrat Kotler last year of calling the IOF soldiers, “human animals”. That was after a video (still available online) surfaced showing the IOF soldiers of badly beating two bound and blindfolded Palestinians detainees. Miss Kotler, whose own son is are serving in the IOF, received thousands of calls for her death threats following her criticism of the Israeli soldiers. Such criticism even by an Israeli citizen seems too much for the only democracy in the Middle East to handle.

    Tell me a law that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) did not ignore or break.

  9. Pat
    Your “proper” examination? Was Washington aware of this? So he was just an actor all those years leading men to their bloody deaths, and often putting himself in harm’s way, the whole time working for the Crown so that trading contracts could be signed moving forward? Or are those accounts all lies, too? So he and his aide-de-camp Rothschild agent Hamilton were in on the scheme the whole time? They had the whole thing scripted and completed without a hitch, everything going according to plan? What say you, Gilbert Huntly, about your fellow Virginian Washington, or maybe Patrick Henry too, he of “give me liberty, or give me death fame” Are you buying that he was nothing more than a disingenuous actor playing the role of his life at the Virginia Revolutionary Convention in 1775? Or Jefferson, with his inspiring and perfectly crafted Declaration?

    Sorry brothers, this doesn’t end it for me. There’s more to the story than this degree of cynicism would suggest. ☹

    1. Brownhawk –

      Both you and I recognize the same old construct of bullshit derived from speculating on hindsight. Furthermore, the contention that The Old Testament was written somewhat as a propaganda organ for jewry is a modern speculative theory, too – constructed to fit the episodes thought to have indicated “jew” (which word appears in The Bible far fewer times than “Israelite”). The assertion that King David was a rampaging jew only fits for those looking for excuses to disparage The Old Testament. Likewise, so does the slander against some of the Founding Fathers fit some persons’ hate and disparagement of these united States.
      There are things that God hates, and things which He loves. The tales of David were written about a man who strived to please God. Like Paul once wrote “Who am I to question God’s Word??” (or something like that…)

      1. Gil and Pat
        A speculation of intriguing import shows that the American Revolution was not an effort in futility. If it was, then whither an explanation for what made it possible for Jefferson, a vehement opponent of Hamilton, under whose evil spell Washington and Adam’s fell, to have his own Presidency in which he sacked all the Internal Revenue agents, abolished Internal taxes, and set the nation on a debt-free path? Then along came Madison to further what Washington and Adam had fallen victim to. Shortly thereafter Jackson narrowly escaped an assassin’s bullet, the intention for killing him centering around his temporarily successful war against the banks (and was Jefferson under the protection of Divine Providence to accomplish that?)

        And so it has gone with these back and forth dynamics until JFK’s assassination looked to have put an end to the “forth” insofar as the POTUS is concerned. But this fight isn’t over, and Good will always prevail.

        “…tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the conflict. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article of Freedom should not be highly esteemed. ”

        Whoever thinks we’re all alone down here to fend for ourselves, think again!


    2. B-Hawk –
      Gil –

      The title of this article would be just as true if it were “In The US – We Are All Whiskey Making Farmers Now!” All PRIVATE endeavors suffered defeat in 1794!!

      Study everything you can about the Whiskey Rebellion and you will have the facts without the need to display any cynicism!! The BATFE had its implied origins there.

      You will learn that once in control…. Washington and his aide-de-camp Rothschild agent Hamilton were in on the scheme the whole time. They were devoted to paying the Crown.

      1. We were all “whiskey-making farmers, then, too. Until Prohibition, “apple houses” abounded throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and apples were traded for vinegar and spirits. After the War of Northern Aggression the south was devastated of supplies and currency, and things like sorghum were treated as “money”. Don’t confuse the onset with the outcome.

      2. Gil –

        Don’t confuse what happened with Rockefeller’s prohibition with the outcome in 1794. That 1794 travesty was the first war where 13,000 militiamen, led by Washington and Hamilton and Lee, were used against 350 poor American farmers who could not afford the taxes with the huge transportation costs. Wealthy east coast distillers Like Hancock benefited from their government enforced monopoly.

        This never changed:
        Washington and his aide-de-camp Rothschild agent Hamilton were devoted to paying the Crown with alcohol taxes from all across the country.

      3. Pat
        Yes, they were paying the Crown as you say. But when Jefferson gained the White House by the skin of his teeth thanks to some mysterious back-room maneuvering, his policies put a temporary stop to that sort of thing until along came Madison to renew them. This back and forth game in the name of fighting tyranny has been going on ever since. Why do you suppose we’re still able to even COMMUNICATE exposing certain truths on great sites like Darkmoon, where all caution is thrown to the wind by brave souls like ourselves?

        Right all you (((fools))) listening in as we speak? You know who you are 😎😎😎😎😎😎

      4. B-Hawk –

        “Yes, they were paying the Crown as you say.”

        Thanks for the clue!! 🙂

        Rothschild’s agents in DC & NYC still are!!!

        STILL…. The title of this article would be just as true if it were “In The US – We Are All Whiskey Making Farmers Now!” All PRIVATE endeavors suffered defeat in 1794!!

      5. Hamilton was NOT unanimously applauded in his efforts. In fact, my own daughter’s maternal great-great grandfather, who was the first “Whig” to become a member of Congress, disagreed with Hamilton to the extent that he was Aaron Burr’s “second” at the duel where he shot Hamilton. Before that, George Washington and Patrick Henry were his house guests before they all saddled-up and went to Philadelphia to have signed and sent the first protest against the Stamp Act to King George – written by his brother, Edmund Pendleton. (As I write this, I am visiting on land belonging to his original farm, previously owned by Gov. Spotswood.)
        The history of this country was NOT contrived by men who sought to subjugate the people for tax benefits! However you perceive it turned-out is more likely due to the habit of seeing conspiracies in EVERYTHING.

      6. Gil –

        You wrote:
        “However you perceive it turned-out is more likely due to the habit of seeing conspiracies in EVERYTHING.”

        That shot did not even graze the target!! 🙂

        I see conspiracies when I find lies by criminals.

        When I criticize the liars you criticize me. Great researching done there!! 🙂

        You should be as critical of the liars and criminals who keep the facts hidden from you as you are of me and those who disagree with you here.

        No matter how many relatives of the ‘FOUNDING LIARS’ you have parties with today…. you STILL gave no facts to show this claim of mine is wrong…..
        All PRIVATE endeavors in the US suffered defeat in 1794!!

      7. Pat
        In your reply you seem to purposely avoid my references to Jefferson which is central to making my recent points. Is this because it disrupts your comfortable paradigm?

      8. Pat

        I concur, but it’s not like this defeat was necessarily permanent. It’s not like 6 years later Jefferson didn’t try to triumph over this reality of the removal of private endeavors.

        That aside, in replying to you I’ll segue the following to your reply to Barkingdeer regarding the Bill of Rights.

        A politicized Supreme Court interpreting Rights, eh? Where’s the harm in that? Talk about your anathema to Freedom! So yeah, philosophically I couldn’t agree with you more. But whaddya gonna do when the reality is based on unsound principles? Undoing the reality and creating one based on a SOUNDNESS of principles solves the problem, Talk about too much water over the DAM, though!

        Yet the Bill of Rights is a “Constitution” unto itself, in that it constitutes a check against an arbitrariness of power which Government would inevitably devolve to WITHOUT it. Without these Amendments the interpretations of a Supreme Court would be nothing more than the dictates of bouncing kangaroos! We wouldn’t be debating ANY of this right now. Where we WOULD be, the thought of private ownership, or a Bill of Rights would be barely CONCEIVABLE. NONE of it. We’d be Communist freaking CHINA, or Communist freaking WHEREVER it would have, and DID rear its ugly head!

      9. Not an ounce of honesty in any if ’em, eh? Now that’s what I call over the TOP cynicism! 😝

      10. B-Hawk –

        You wrote:
        “Not an ounce of honesty in any if ’em, eh? Now that’s what I call over the TOP cynicism! 😝 ”

        That would be over the top if someone had written that! I did not see you or Gil write that. And I certainly did not.

        It must be another of your infamous inventions.

      11. No “infamous inventions” here, kimosabe. My “over the top cynicism” comment was corresponding to my considered opinion that for some reason none of your replies to me address ANYTHING I’ve said, contained in two posts, and then a third one where I’m left to guess as to WHY.

        Apparently no one else is interested either….sigh

      12. However it turned out, and for whatever reasons, I’d say we all have a lot to be thankful for. We’re NOT like the poor Palestinians, yet, worrying about a bomb being dropped on us, or how we’re going to carry on our lives (yet). So far, so good. Be thankful!

      13. B-Hawk –

        **Study everything you can about the Whiskey Rebellion and you will have many of the facts you want without my interpretations or the need to display any cynicism!! The horrendous BATFE had its implied & explicit origins there….. enforcing alcohol laws with government troops… to increase government revenues in every state. Absolute power corrupted those political assholes – ABSOLUTELY!!

        I cannot write it any more clearly than that.



        Gil –
        I am as watchful of political assholes as I am thankful! 🙂

      14. Gil –

        Conspiracy – a group meeting in secret to conduct fraudulent acts. Criminal acts.

        I see conspiracies in EVERYTHING when politicians meet in secret to keep their sinister FRAUDULENT deeds unknown. And that was definitely the case in Philadelphia in 1787…. and Patrick Henry stated so himself and did not attend, along with many others:

        “On May 25th, 1787, what came to be known as the Constitutional Convention convened at the State House in Philly. Originally called merely to tweak the Articles of Confederation that had governed the United States since 1781, the convention instead wound up creating a new *(unauthorized & fraudulent) framework for the young nation.”

        “One of the first actions of the convention was to vote to keep its deliberations secret. In order to do so, the windows of the State House (now known as Independence Hall) were closed to thwart eavesdroppers. For the entire summer, from May through September, as delegates hammered out the new constitution. In Philadelphia. In periwigs. Christ. New Jersey delegate William Paterson declared the city “the warmest place I have ever been in,” and he wasn’t talking about the hospitality.”

        The American people have been treated like Palestinians of today for hundreds of years!! Millions in jails!!

      15. Pat
        I get it. Your info regarding the Constitution has been invaluable, for which I’m grateful. I simply wanted to point out that although the damage was done in that hot Summer in Philadelphia, at least men like George Mason and Eldridge Gerry had the wisdom to push for a Bill of Rights at the very end of the proceedings. Without it there is no doubt in my mind that this whole “New World Order” crap would have been a done deal long ago. The Protocols required a revision that sent (((😎them😎))) back to the drawing board……and here we stand

  10. @Saki

    Responding to “an exceptionally well-written comment” by Arch Stanton, Saki notes:

    Making a controversial accusation like this, without proof, simply will not do. A good link would help.

    I couldn’t agree more with Saki.

    Then Saki goes on to say:

    A second point that needs to be noted.

    The emotionally charged pictures you provide have this disadvantage: they are not photographs, they are paintings by an antisemitic artist who is doing his best to lay it on with a trowel. Very effective pictures, admittedly, but of no documentary value, being works of artistic imagination rather than photographic evidence of sexual depravity by Jews.

    Good for you, Saki.

    But Saki is not to stop there. She is charging ahead with the logic and grace of a female rhino:

    The artist moreover, as you must know, is depicting the soldiers in Stalin’s Red Army who went on a rape rampage at the end of WWII and in its aftermath in Germany when two million German women were raped. These are RUSSIAN soldiers, not necessarily RUSSIAN JEWS. So it’s wrong for you to imply that these rapists are Jewish rapists.

    Were all the rapists in Stalin’s Red Army JEWS? Of course not! Many of the commissars were Jews, but not the common soldiers, most of whom were of Mongolian or Asiatic origin.

    Now, Arch Stanton is not likely to provide the proofs Saki is asking for (anyhow, don’t hold your breath). But I will. And the evidence, which I’ll provide, will address exactly the point Saki was making: Namely, just how bad were the soldiers in Stalin’s Red Army “of Mongolian or Asiatic origin” when they got to Berlin.

    I will guarantee you that this evidence will shock you to the core. The shock will be way more powerful than even the one you might have experienced looking at the pornographic pictures provided by Arch Stanton.

    The evidence is by one Dora Nass – a German frau who saw all that by her own eyes.

    The Soviet soldier Dora Nass was reflecting upon in her interview turned out to be one Bakhtiyar Abdulguzhin – a typical oriental name, with a typical oriental look:

    Stay tuned.

    1. The interview with Frau Dora Nass was published in the Russian Journal The New Times № 8 (277) Mar 11, 2013:

      All the pictures, which you see there, are from Dora’s personal archive. Unfortunately, the text is available in Russian only, so I will take the trouble of translating it for you (not that I would expect any appreciation from any of you for doing this).

      As you can see the interview is rather long, so bear with me while I translate it in installments.

      Installment 1:

      The Country Got Sick with Mania of Greatness

      80 years ago, the Nazis staged a provocation with the burning of the Reichstag. Dora Nass (nee Pettin) was seven years old at that time, and she remembers how Hitler’s dictatorship was enacted.

      I was born in 1926 near Potsdamerplatz, and I lived on Koenigetzerstraßße. This street is located next to Wilhelmstraßße, where there were all the ministries of the Third Reich and the residence of Hitler himself. I often go there and remember how it all began and how it all ended. And it seems to me that this was not yesterday or even five minutes ago, but is happening right now. I have very poor eyesight and hearing, but everything that happened to me, to us, when Hitler came to power, both during the war and in its last months, I see and hear perfectly. But your face I can’t see clearly, only individual fragments … But my mind is still working. I hope (laughs).

      Q: Do you remember how you and your loved ones reacted when Hitler came to power?

      Do you know what was going on in Germany until 1933? Chaos, crisis, unemployment. The streets were full of homeless. Many were starving. Inflation was such that my mother took a bag of money to buy bread. Not figuratively, but literally – a real little bag with bills. It seemed to us that this horror would never end.

      And suddenly a man appears who stops the fall of Germany into the abyss. I remember very well how delighted we were in the early years of his reign. People got jobs, roads were built, and poverty was going away…

      And now, recalling our admiration, the way we all – myself and my friends included – praised our Führer, how we were ready to wait hours for his speech, I would like to say this: you need to learn to recognize evil before it becomes invincible. We failed at that, and we paid such a terrible price! And we forced others to pay.

      To be continued.

    2. Installment 2:

      They didn’t think…

      In our school there were not only Nazis, some teachers did not join the party. Until November 9, 1938 we did not feel how serious everything was. But that morning, we saw that the shops that belonged to the Jews had broken glass. And everywhere there are inscriptions – “Jewish shop”, “don’t buy from Jews”… That morning we realized that something bad was afoot. But none of us suspected the magnitude of the crime.

      You see, now there are so many means to find out what is really happening. Then almost no one had a phone, rarely anyone had a radio, not to mention a TV set. Hitler and his ministers spoke on the radio. And in the newspapers – they are the same. I read the newspapers every morning – we had them in our restaurant for our customers. They did not write anything about deportation and the Holocaust. And my friends didn’t even read newspapers…

      Of course, when our neighbors disappeared, we couldn’t help but notice this, but they explained to us that they were in a labor camp. Nobody talked about the death camps. And even if they did, we wouldn’t believe it anyway… A camp where people are being killed? Impossible – all kinds of bloody and strange rumors happen in a war…
      Foreign politicians were visiting us, and no one criticized Hitler’s policy. Everyone shook his hand. Agreements were signed for cooperation. What were we to think?

      Did you and your friends talk about the war?

      In 1939, we had no understanding of what kind of war we were about to launch. And even then, when the first refugees appeared, we were not particularly thoughtful – what all this means and where it will lead. We had to feed, clothe and shelter them. And of course, we absolutely could not imagine that the war would come to Berlin… What can I say? Most people do not use the mind, that’s just the way it is.

      Do you think that you, too, did not use your mind at the time?

      (After a pause) Yes, I did not think much, did not understand. I didn’t want to understand. And now, when I listen to recordings of Hitler’s speeches – in some museum, for example – I always think: Oh my God, how strange and scary what he says, but I, young then, was among those who stood under the balcony of his residence and screamed with delight…

      It is very difficult for a young man to resist the general flow, to think what all this means, to try to predict what it can lead to? At ten, I, like thousands of my other peers, joined the German Girls Union, which was created by the National Socialists. We had parties, looked after old people, and traveled. We had outdoor picnics together and we had holidays – summer Solstice, for example. Bonfires, songs, joint work for the benefit of a great Germany… In a word, we were organized on the same principle as the pioneers in the Soviet Union.

      In my class, we had girls and boys whose parents were communists or social democrats. They forbade their children to participate in Nazi holidays. And my brother was a little boss in the Hitler Youth. And he said: if someone wants to join our organization, please do, if not, we won’t force it. But there were other little Führers who said: whoever is not with us is against us. And they were very aggressive towards those who refused to take part in the common cause.

      To be continued.

    3. Installment 3:

      Pastors in Uniform

      My friend Helga lived right on Wilhelmstraßße. Hitler’s car was often driven along this street, accompanied by five cars. And once, her toy fell under the wheels of the Führer’s car. He ordered to stop, let her come up and get a toy from under the wheels, and he got out of the car and caressed her head. Helga still tells this story, I would say, not without trepidation (laughs).

      Or, for example, in the building of the Ministry of Air Transport, which was led by Goering, a gym was built for him. And my friend, who was familiar with someone from the ministry, could easily go to Goering’s personal gym. And they let her in, and no one searched her, no one checked her bag.

      It seemed to us that we are all a big family. You cannot pretend that all this did not happen.

      And then insanity began – a whole country fell ill with megalomania. And this was the beginning of our disaster. And when German–friendly politicians came to the Anhalter Bahnhof train station, we ran to meet them. I remember how Mussolini was hailed when he arrived… Is there any surprise? How could we miss the arrival of the Duce? It’s hard for you to understand, but each time has its heroes, its own errors and its own myths. Now I’m wiser, I can admit that I was wrong, and that I had to think deeper then, but it was different back then. In such an atmosphere of universal excitement and conviction, the mind ceases to be a factor. By the way, when the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was signed, we were sure that the USSR was not our enemy.

      In 1941, did you expect that there will be a war?

      We rather did not expect the war to begin so soon. After all, the whole rhetoric of the Führer and his ministers was reduced to the fact that the Germans needed land in the east. And every day on the radio, from newspapers, from speeches – everything spoke of our greatness… Great Germany, great Germany, great Germany… And all the things this great Germany needed [to be great]! An ordinary person has the same logic: my neighbor has a Mercedes, but I only have a Volkswagen. I want it too, I’m better than a neighbor. Then I want more, more, and more… And somehow all this did not contradict the fact that most of us were believers [in God]…

      There was a church near my house, but our priest never talked about the party and Hitler. He was not even a party member. However, I heard that in some other parishes, pastors perform right in uniform! And they say from the pulpit almost the same things that the Führer himself says! These were very fanatical Nazi pastors.

      There were pastors who fought Nazism; these were sent to camps.

      To be continued.

    4. Installment 4:

      Did they write in the textbooks that the German race was superior?

      Now I will show you my school textbook (takes a 1936 school textbook from the bookshelf). I keep everything: my textbooks, my daughter’s textbooks, the things of my deceased husband – I love not only the history of the country, but also my small private history. Look, here is the textbook of 1936 edition. I was ten years old back then. Read one of the texts. Please, out loud.

      Der Führer kommt (advent of the Führer).

      Today, Adolf Hitler will fly to us by plane. Little Reinhold really wants to see him. He asks dad and mom to go meet him with the Führer. They walk together. And at the airport already gathered a lot of people. And everyone gives way to the baby Reinhold: “You are little – go ahead, you must see the Führer!”

      A plane with Hitler appeared far away in the sky. Music plays, everyone freezes in admiration, and now the plane landed, and everyone welcomes the Führer! Little Reinhold screams in delight: “He flew in! Arrived! Hail Hitler!” Unable to hold back his delight, Reinhold runs to the Führer. He notices the baby, smiles, takes his hand and says: “It’s so good that you came to see me!”

      Reinhold is happy. He will never forget it.

      Now it’s both funny and bitter to read it, but then these texts seemed completely normal to me.

      We, the whole class, went to the theater to watch anti–Semitic films – “Süß the Jew”, for example. In this movie, they were proving that the Jews are greedy, dangerous, that nothing but evil comes from them, that our cities must be freed from them as soon as possible. Propaganda is a formidable force. The most dangerous one, by far. To give an example, I have recently met a woman approximately of my age. She has been living all her [adult] life in GDR [East Germany]. She holds so many stereotypes about West Germans! She says and thinks such [nonsensical] things about us (laughs). And only after she met me, she began to realize that the West Germans are the same people, not the most greedy and arrogant, but simply people. And how many years have passed since the reunification [of Germany]? And we belong to the same people, but even in this case the prejudices inspired by propaganda are so tenacious.

      Now I can’t comprehend how people can be divided according to ethnicity. I am an old woman, and now it seems to me that everything is so simple: if someone has a lot of things, he should share it with others; that you cannot despise or even dislike a person for being a different ethnicity… But I won’t lecture you on morality (laughs). In my youth I heard so many times that the Slavic race is the inferior race… How could one believe in this?

      Did you believe?

      When every day the country’s leaders say the same thing to you, and you are a teenager… Yes, I believed. I did not know a single Slav, Pole or Russian. And in 1942, I – voluntarily! – have left Berlin and went to a small Polish village to work. We all worked without a salary and worked a lot.

      Did you live in the occupied territory?

      Yes. Poles were evicted from there, and the Germans arrived, who had previously lived in Ukraine. The names [in the family where I stayed] were Emma and Emil, very nice people. Kind family. They spoke German as fluently as Russian. I lived there for three years. Although in 1944 it had already become apparent that we were losing the war, in that village I felt very good anyway because I was working for the benefit of my country and lived among good people.

      Didn’t it bother you that people who used to live there were kicked out of this village?

      I did not think about it then. Perhaps it is difficult or even impossible to understand that now…

      To be continued.

      1. @ Circassian

        You have now posted FOUR LENGTHY OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS WHICH BEAR NO RELATION TO THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THE ARTICLE UNDER DISCUSSION, i.e. Israel atrocities in Occupied Palestine. Let me know if you intend to go on misusing our website in this way. You end your FOURTH instalment of off-topic propaganda material with the words “To be continued…” Please let me know if you intend to continue this abuse of our website ad infinitum. If so, I will have no alternative but to put a stop to your activities. You are welcome to make your views known here, provided you stick to the relevant subject matter and desist from your ceaseless ad hominem attacks against almost every single poster.

      2. @Admin

        If you and your readers do not wish to learn the truth from first hands – and not just a truth, but the truth which may turn out to be of paramount importance and relevance to the life of each of you in the not so distant future – there is no way I can force it upon you, can I?

        Forget about Israel atrocities in Occupied Palestine; believe you me, you have a biger and much scarier fish to fry coming right up your ass.

        You will recall then what Circassian has tried – in vain – to tell you.

        1. Circassian,

          Your logic does not work on me.

          How would you feel if you had published a brilliant article about STALIN on your website and a commenter insisted he should be allowed to post endless comments on GLOBAL WARMING! — to warn readers of the ecological doom awaiting the world?

          Would you approve of that?

      3. @Admin

        Your logic does not work on me.

        I bet it doesn’t. And I wouldn’t expect that it would.

        There is logic and there is logic. There is logic in service of sense, and there is logic to hide the sense. My logic is of the first kind while your logic is of the second type. But that’s a mere tip of the proverbial iceberg: You and I are of different human nature altogether – not just of different logic.

        My logic tells me: There isn’t a single soul of American or British decent on this site who would give a shit about the plight of Palestinians in the occupied territories. And yet you publish this article with absolutely hypocritical title “Shocking Atrocities: We Are All Palestinians Now”. Are you “a Palestinian Now”? Is anyone here “a Palestinian Now”?

        Aren’t you disgusted with your hypocrisy and your logic? That was a rhetorical question – of course, you are not.

        You seem to be preoccupied with keeping discussion close to the topic at hand. Well, then, pray, tell me: What does this endless blabbering between Pat and Brownhawk about the American Constitution has to do with the topic of this thread? Which type of logic – yours or mine – sits well with the practice of double standards?

        Truth is simple and shining, brother, while lie is cumbersome and ugly.

        Take a pause and think about it – it won’t hurt you.

        1. Good try but unconvincing. If your logic is of a different type to my logic, it is only logical that I should apply MY logic to the site for which I am responsible. As for YOUR logic, apply it to YOUR site! What stops you getting your own site to promote your own views?

  11. David made the citizens prepare and sharpen the implements of destruction to destroy their sacrificial altar to Molech, where they sacrificed, and then ate, their babies. The pivotal word there is “under”. The Hebrew Chaldee lexicon informs me that it means to sharpen. No where did YHVH command David to do any such thing as what these Talmud writing canaanites suggest. His reign as king would have ended right there. Fitting and just punishment for indoctrinated assholes.

  12. BTW, I am enjoying from my balcony beautiful fireworks fired all over The City of Moscow right this minute. The occasion? Feb 23 is the Soviet Army’s day – the army where I have served in my day.

    Will someone congratulate me, please?

  13. One can’t help but love this motley woodpecker 🙂

    He seems dead serious when he sees in his imagination, stimulated by heavy pipesmoking, how (((they))) visit regularly “great sites like Darkmoon” to check up what exposing-certain-truths-birds are up to.

    What is your real name, pet, and what is your cage address, brave soul, who has “thrown all caution to the wind”?

    This reminded me of Lobro who seriously imagined a while ago that Mossad was possibly tracking him down, scaring himself out of his wits. Yea, right, Mossad and MI6 have nothing better to do than tracking down some buttheads.

    What a freaking fools!

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