Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us as Trump prepares military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe Covid vaccine before 2021

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website. Feel free to accept this article as gospel truth or to reject its basic premises and fear porn predictions.

By S.D. Wells,
Natural News via Truthseeker
May 14, 2020

“This is biological warfare being waged on domestic soil.
Deadly vaccines are coming to your doorstep with the US army soon.”
— S.D. Wells, Natural News

As Trump names former GSK pharma executive, Moncef Slaoui, as his lead henchman for “Operation Warp Speed,” he also prepares the military to go door-to-door and force-vaccinate Americans at gunpoint with a highly experimental vaccine that contains a tracking chip. That’s just one step away from the US government tattooing the serial number of the vaccine insert onto the inner forearm of the person injected, just like Hitler branded the Jews and other political prisoners of the Holocaust captured and tortured at the horrific death camp called Auschwitz.

Vaccines aren’t tested for safety or efficacy now, and neither are all of the insanely toxic ingredients used to make the batches, including mercury, African Green Monkey kidney cells, monosodium glutamate (MSG), formaldehyde, and deadly pig virus strains called Circovirus, used in childhood vaccines to give them severe diarrhea and tangled intestines.

Death count from COVID-19 virus will PALE in comparison to deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine itself

Yes, the US Army General Gustave Perna will command forces, as directed by the pharma Hitler of 2019, Moncef Slauoi, to start off with injecting the elderly in all nursing homes across America with COVID-19 genetically modified strains of a virus that’s already morphing and spreading out of control, so the elderly can shed that virus for two weeks (after being vaccinated) to ALL the other elderly residents, killing off all of them in one fell swoop. Of course, only the virus will be blamed, and never the vaccine.

Rushing a vaccine to market is like rushing the building of an atomic bomb on your own soil. This ibiological warfare being waged on domestic soil by our own government. Anyone who lets the police, doctors, nurses or a Big Pharma executives’ US army brigade shoot lethal toxins into their body, their child’s body or their elderly parents’ bodies is saying yes to the second Holocaust, except this one could take out a couple hundred million people.

We went from “flattening the curve” and having enough hospital beds in order to reopen society and business … to “mandatory lockdown until force vaccinated” overnight – what happened?

Yes, Operation Warp Speed is underway folks. We have a “choice”: be force vaccinated and possibly tattooed and micro-chipped like at the Nazi concentration camps, or have all of our land, businesses and children confiscated by the insane Leftists and globalists when they install communism in 2021, should they win in November of this year.

Officials from the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Services are about to engage in domestic terrorism and biological warfare on all Americans, and they’re going to do it using submission by fear.

Fear is big business in America, all starting with the inside job of 9/11, the Patriot Act that killed a large portion of the Constitution, and now we have another invisible “terror” enemy at large, a lab-created virus. The Czars of Toxic Medicine, Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci and Bill “Hell’s Gates” Gates, are leading the way into the next Holocaust, and for some freak reason, Donald J. Trump is all in with Big Pharma on this.

No students will be allowed to go to any schools, public or private, without the mark of the beast injected into their muscle tissue. The new stimulus package is nicknamed “HR-6666” just to rub it all in the face of the frustrated, scared, ignorant masses. That’s 100 billion in grants to clinics and medical centers for poisoning Americans. You can’t make this stuff up.

Millions of Americans who have held onto their automatic and semi-automatic weapons over these past few years of staged mass shootings will be waiting, cocked and loaded, in the woods, the hills and their basements for the S.S. vaccine police to hunt down Americans “for their own safety” and “for the greater good.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on deadly vaccines coming to your doorstep with the US Army soon.

Sourced from Natural News via Truthseeker

43 thoughts to “Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us as Trump prepares military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe Covid vaccine before 2021”

  1. I understand the absolute need for Darkmoon’s disclaimer.

    However, the matter is simple. For the confused:

    1. Unofficial articles on “vaccines: have been scrubbed from the internet, but is still up. Inform yourself. “To learn who rules over you simply look to those you cannot criticize.”

    2. Risk analysis for diseases on the vaccine schedule shows they are harmless for almost everybody. Identification of those with weak immune systems, natural strengthening of immune systems should be public policy. Instead we treat every person as identical and inject them with poisons that will lower immunity for life., for profit.

    3. The average doctors knows almost nothing about the contents and effects of vaccines – they receive a short pharma-industry propaganda med school.

    4. Lowering of mortality due to disease since 1900 lowered exponentially to almost nothing in the mid 50’s due to better hygiene and nutrition.

    5. Some, diseases on the vaccine schedule have been anecdotally linked (by doctors) with a symbiotic effect, such as a flowering of intellect in children following measles.

    6. Vaccines are big business for the whole medical industry – therefore information from them is invalid. Look for independent sources.

    7. No coronavirus (flu) has ever been effective. If you have received one, a recent US military study shows it lowers your immunity to “covid” by 36%

    8. Vaccines are not tested via industry standard double blind testing. They have very serious warnings on the packets (as does your cell phone by the way). No insurer would insure you against the risk. (Which is why governments have a secret compensation programme).

    9. Hundred of independent sources have called COVID a normal flu – from an epidemiological and statistical viewpoint. From a plain speaking point of view: it is a hoax.

    10. Bill Gates latest business venture with eugenicist overtones , that involves bribes worldwide, will permanently alter the your DNA – the most risky, Godless atheist and stupid idea of all time.

    Conclusion. Eat up your greens, exercise and eat right. Tell the government to politely stuff it.

    By the way, here are the really worrying theories for the vaccine lovers:

    1. In Fall, 5G will start emitting in weapons frequency causing another “wave of covid” and herds of cattle to line up for the shot.
    2. The vaccine will be binary weapon. Perhaps 18 months later, part 2 will be released and you will die as depicted in Hollywood sci-fi.

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      I understand the absolute need for Darkmoon’s disclaimer.


      The reason for the disclaimer is not that we doubt the author’s contention that Covid-19 has been deliberately created as a bioweapon in order to force 300 million Americans to submit to compulsory vaccination, if necessary at gunpoint. Remember that the vaccine has not been made compulsory in ANY country as yet. This is all in the author’s fevered imagination. It is fear porn, pure and simple.

      This doesn’t mean that the grim predictions made here are worthless, however, or ought to be censored as irresponsible conspiracy theories. Because, you see, it could all come to pass. Our rulers are certainly capable of unleashing these horrors on us. We don’t trust them. They have deceived us too often in the past, and they do not command our respect because of the cat-and mouse games they play with us.

      On the other hand, Flan, we must guard against paranoia and horror fiction. So let’s wait and see what happens before making end-of-world prophecies that have yet to take place. Surely a bit of caution is called for?

        1. Thanks for pointing this out. This is obviously an ominous development. I don’t think Denmark is likely to be the only country that does this. This is going to spread like a virus. Nevertheless, I think you’ll agree that too much fear porn is undesirable and that it’s better to err on the side of caution. Donald Trump has yet to unleash a “second Holocaust” on 300 million Americans, as the author of this article tells us he is about to do. The Donald, for all his faults, has yet to pull on Hitler’s jackboots! 🙂

      1. @ Flan O’Brien et al (continued)

        The need for caution is not the main reason for our disclaimer. It’s only one of three reasons. The other two reasons are as follows:

        (1) The author in his opening paragraph suggests that the Holocaust of six millions Jews actually took place and invokes the spectre of Auschwitz. This is the header picture of his original article on the Natural News site, showing the misery of concentration camp victims:

        Do you believe that the Holocaust actually took place as this article suggests? Do you believe that six million Jews really died in gas ovens on the orders of Hitler? If so, you will have no objections to this article which promotes that viewpoint. But if you are a “Holocaust denier”, as most of our readers are, you won’t take kindly to the author’s suggestion that Trump is now about to unleash a SECOND HOLOCAUST on the American people! — a Holocaust that is even greater than the FIRST HOLOCAUST allegedly perpetrated by evil Hitler and his gang of Nazis on six million helpless Jews.

        (2) Yet another reason for our disclaimer is this: the demonization of Donald Trump as a “SECOND HITLER”, a man even more dangerous than Adolf Hitler himself! I doubt if the Trump supporters on this site are going to be pleased with the ridiculous suggestion underpinning this article that Trump is the “new Hitler” but even worse than Adolf!

        Even if you happen to be an avowed Trump hater, like Harold Smith, you will ask yourself: is Trump really the New Hitler? Whatever his faults, I sincerely doubt that Trump is anxious to go down in history as a copycat version of Adolf Hitler — but only far worse.

        The need for our disclaimer is therefore obvious.

        The whole article, though it has its merits in alerting us to the dystopian situation that lies ahead, must nevertheless be taken with a pinch of salt for these three reasons:

        (1) The author’s bizarre Holocaust assumptions.

        (2) His demonization of Donald Trump as the New Hitler.

        (3) His extravagant use of fear porn prognostications.

        1. Beautifully put, Toby. Quite simply, this article would have been fine if the author had not mentioned Hitler or Auschwitz. He spoilt the article by promoting the conspiracy theory that six million Jews died in gas ovens on the specific orders of Hitler. No such order signed by Hitler to kill Jews has ever been found. Not a single genuine gas chamber has been found. And, finally, the six million figure just doesn’t add up.

          The author of this article needs to catch up on his revisionist history.

          In regard to Trump, I swing both ways: quite happy to give him the benefit of the doubt if he actually keeps his grandiose promises or does something praiseworthy. However, he has been an acute disappointment. All bluster and macho posturing. And meanwhile he has fawned to AIPAC and appointed Zionist Jews to top posts in his government and been criminally guilty of supporting Israel every step of the way in its dispossession and plunder of the Palestinian people. For this he can never be forgiven.

          And yet, having said this, I sincerely doubt if the Orange Clown can be compared to Adolf Hitler. Hitler had charisma and dignity and actually did wonders for the German people in restoring their economy after Germany’s catastrophic defeat in WW1. Trump has no charisma and even less dignity and has done nothing for the American people except make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

          I doubt if he plans to achieve immortal fame in the history books by forcibly injecting 300 million Americans with deadly Covid-19 vaccines. The last time I checked, there wasn’t a picture of Adolf Hitler on Trump’s desk in the White House.

          1. “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
            When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
            — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

      2. ( @Admin Toby Agreed sir. I disregarded the Holocaust analogy. )

        I am fascinated that this Biblical scale issue has received no coverage from religious leaders. The technocratic dystopia is upon us and … silence.

        The Pope seems all for technocracy when it comes to the communistic Global Warming scam and Agenda 2030 (actually 2020), but I wonder about issues a little closer to the domain of God: life.

        Do religious leaders look forward to marrying in church Google produced “conscious machines”, naturally LBQTXYZ in gender? The EU already gave these machines status of citizen by law. Elon Musk types talk blandly as if mathematical logic is the same as life. …. silence

        Do religious leader believe there is any risk of trashing the code of Life (DNA) for profit (Gates) ? … silence

        What do they think of technocrat Musk’s dream to merge with computer to be forever condemned to mechanistic materialist thoughts and Pavlovian behavior? … silence

      3. “we must guard against paranoia and horror fiction.”

        Screw that, to be blunt. If someone says they are coming to my door to mandatorily ‘vaccinate’ me, I will draw and fire, defending my home and family. Beating plowshares into swords? [ Joel 3:10]- you bet.

        The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. End of story.

  2. “Yes, Operation Warp Speed is underway folks. We have a “choice”: be force vaccinated and possibly tattooed and micro-chipped like at the Nazi concentration camps, or have all of our land, businesses and children confiscated by the insane Leftists and globalists when they install communism in 2021, should they win in November of this year”???

    So they are saying it’s a “leftist” thing but they are also saying this……”Trump prepares military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe Covid vaccine before 2021″???

    Excuse me guys but I thought Trump was supposed to be a Republican………..this person is contradicting themselves.

    1. It will – hopefully – be Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine and vaccines for COVID-19…. 🙂

  3. It could be that when you take this vaccine nothing happens to you right away but maybe you become sick and die from it in 1 or 2 years time.
    Why do they want to force you to take it? If there were 10 people in a room and 9 were vaccinated and 1 wasn’t it would only be the one not vaccinated who would be at risk………..the other 9 people would not be in any danger at all so it makes no sense.

  4. Trump is obviously a Trekie, but ‘Spock’ or ‘Bones’ cannot help.

    Nevertheless, the US has “BIGGLY” been taken for a warp speed ride! 🤢

    The White House’s coronavirus task force response coordinator, Dr.(sic) Deborah Birx, said in a recent meeting that “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” 

    The Post reported that Birx AND OTHERS(she has company) feared that the CDC’s data-tracking system was inflating coronavirus statistics like mortality rates and case numbers by up to 25%.

    (not a Dr) Birx…. very likely knows that lawsuits are coming by the thousands and Fauci will be immune(pun), and she will be thrown out as the sacrifice. But she has this DISCLAIMER on record.

  5. Mike Adams owner of “Natural News” banned me from his site within two comments, 8 or 10 years ago. All it took was me using the “I word”. Not the actual word Israel rather the actual phrase “the I word”. As in “don’t mention the I word”. You’re outta here! said Mike Adams. (nuff said)

    P.S. Another article, right under this article at the Truthseeker site speaks inadvertant volumes as well about the U.S. of Everything is Rigged, Illegal (or pending).

  6. The forced vaccination threat may be more of a distraction than anything else (it may also be a ploy to ultimately boost Trump’s electoral prospects). It may be intended to distract from Trump’s dramatic escalation of the war against China, which could possibly end up destroying what’s left of the U.S. economy, if not start the “kinetic” phase of WW3, IMO.

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Trump’s been relentlessly, furiously, bitch-slapping China, apparently with the full support of the whole U.S. political establishment.

    Even Joe Biden is now dabbling in “Yellow Peril” rhetoric.

    We’re being led to believe that Trump’s increasingly hysterical anti-China rhetoric is merely the cynical campaign strategy of an amoral, xenophobic. political opportunist seeking to deflect blame for his own breathtaking incompetence, while smearing his domestic political opponents by association with the “enemy.”

    The problem with this “explanation” is that Trump has been methodically antagonizing China (without any meaningful political opposition) almost since the day he was inaugurated.

    Does anyone know what will happen if Trump cancels debt obligations to China, seizes Chinese assets in the U.S., etc., ultimately severing all ties to China? The risk of kinetic WW3 aside, where will Americans then buy things like tools, hardware, electronics, clothes, household goods, etc.? Practically everything for sale at places like Harbor Freight, Walmart, etc., comes from China. (Americans are starting to lose it over having to wear masks; what are they going to do when their worthless money can’t buy anything)?

    Maybe forced vaccinations will end up being an election issue? Perhaps when it seems like vaccinations at gunpoint are imminent Trump will be the “hero” who protects us, thus insuring his reelection and WW3? Based on everything that’s happened so far I think there is nothing our rulers won’t do in pursuit of their satanic agenda.

  7. Trump says his goal is 300M coronavirus vaccine doses in stock by January 2021 – NO “GUNPOINT” MENTIONED!! (Mike Adams likes more clicks. More $$$$! 🙂 )

    Trump on Friday declared the vaccine program he calls “Operation Warp Speed” will be “unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.”

    The goal is to have 300 million doses in stock by January, a huge gamble since a vaccine never has been created from scratch so fast – and one that could waste millions if shots chosen for the production line don’t pan out. As the manufacturing side gets into place, the National Institutes of Health is working in parallel to speed the science.

  8. “Feel free to accept this article as gospel truth or to reject its basic premises and fear porn predictions.”
    It’s probably somewhere in the middle… meanwhile, all these talking-head media-shills, and local cops, ought to understand – they will be going down too later on in the cleansing process.. Only by then, just like the story says, there will be nobody else left to save them…
    “That’s just one step away from the US government tattooing the serial number of the vaccine insert onto the inner forearm of the person injected, just like Hitler branded the Jews and other political prisoners of the Holocaust captured and tortured at the horrific death camp called Auschwitz.”
    Actually it was Zionist Jews who branded jews, and put them on the boxcars, because they were moving them out of Europe and into Palestine…
    And there was no such Death Camp at Auschwitz… There were Concentration Camps, which were used to house and sort-out every-day half-assimilated Jews as they were being dispossessed and robbed by the Zionists…
    If you don’t have your story straight on the subject of Hitler and the HoloHoax by now, it doesn’t make it any easier for anyone to pay much attention to the rest of what you say…
    I do think you are right about the rest of it though, and your comparison to the HoloHoax is useful in recognizing the deeper truth – that the Zion are behind this too.. It’s what they do…
    “Vaccines aren’t tested for safety or efficacy now,”
    Correct.. If Big Pharma can’t be sued for vaxx damage, then why should they be… Then it follows – they’re designed for some thing else now… They could be real vaccines but that’s not their main purpose now… Any time corporations have the opportunity to forcefully inject masses of people with something – the unconscionable corporate predators in charge will exploit that situation to their own fullest pecuniary and political advantage, just as they have done so many times before… It’s systemic…
    There’s so much corporate media talk now about the second pandemic – it’s practically in the bag… They’ll be mobilized by then, ready to hit the hot spots around the country, maybe the world, wherever there may be uprisings of one kind or another… The virus is the new terror threat…

  9. It would be nice if Trump would explain his change in thinking about vaccines. Back in 2016 he was opposed to vaccines and he didn’t trust the CDC and he was going to have the CDC investigated — specifically because of all the damage that vaccines are causing in children and the CDC is doing nothing about it . His son Barron is autistic from vaccines. Trump was an Anti-Vaxxer, now he’s no longer an Anti-Vaxxer, now he’s a PRO-Vaxxer. That’s a big change in his thinking. We get no explanation so to how he came about his change in thinking about vaccines.

    From being opposed to vaccines to wanting to VACCINATE EVERYONE in the United States. That’s a big change in thinking. And we get this huge change in thinking without any explanation whatsoever. That’s what I resent the most. No explanation. I guess we’re supposed to forget that Trump was very skeptical about vaccines. He was very skeptical about vaccines but now he’s not, but we get NO explanation as to why he’s no longer skeptical about vaccines.

    lol, One reason I voted for Trump is because he was an Anti-Vaxxer. Yes, I’m a chump, I voted for Trump.🙁

    lol, and THE Son-In-Law, THE TOP ADVISOR TO THE G-D-EMPEROR KING OF ISRAEL, is a registered voter [ not just on one state but, lol, in two states ] and he’s registered as being a FEMALE in both states. THE princess daughter married a FEMALE to be her Prince Charming Husband. This is what I voted for, LMFAO!!!!!

    1. TROJ –

      You were not a chump…. it was a logical mistake.

      -The confusion over Trump and vaccines-
      Since Trump started speaking on the subject around the time his youngest son, Barron, was born, many journalists who cover him have presumed that his interest was sparked by Barron’s vaccination schedule.

      Trump’s older children — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Tiffany Trump — were all born before a notorious 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield that first alleged a connection between vaccines and autism.

  10. TROJ
    You’re asking for logic, and that’s good….
    But if logic mattered there would be no reason for any forced vaccinations…. because if Vaccines make people immune, then why would someone who has been vaccinated have to worry about someone who has not?
    Logic doesn’t matter to the rulers….
    They’re only calculating their profits….
    And this lousy little episode is making many otherwise worthless corporocrats millions….

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Too convoluted. TROJ’s prose is clearer than yours.
      I prefer his clarity to your contorted nitpicking.

  11. And where are the lawyers?

    If your experience matches mine, you’ll find this group to be greedy ($200 to $400 an hour) bastards, very self-centered and cheap! These selfish cheap bastards are hiding under their beds when we need them the most.
    Hear the crickets?


      Why does one need lawyers for – to defend the LAW? Here on this imprisoned planet and its colonies only one law is necessary – THE LAW OF THE COIN. Even those who religiously or otherwise oppose it are managed by it – since millenniums. The donkey might follow the “carrot”. Man surely is very much attracted to coin – it is a “natural” thing and he has followed it into hell.

      1. Coins are not the problem. It’s the the way you use money for good or bad. The problem is the interpretation of the law. Laws are only interpreted and executed in the interest of the jewish status quo we are living in as the lawyers, judges etc. are almost all jews.

      2. The interpretation of the law is managed smoothly by those who manage the coin.
        Greed, and the urge for power to control ALL comes along with humanity – kosher or not. It will not matter if the monetary system is immunized from “evil” when the usual “elected politicians/leaders of nations” and the people themselves are not and salivating for the ownership of as much coin as possible. Equality does neither exist among the Jewish tribes nor among the gentiles. In the end it just will be another face change that changes nothing at all but calms the human nerves at least for another generation or maybe two.

  12. According to one Adolf Hitler about 90 years ago – they should be hanging from every lightpost in the land…

    1. Did Hitler actually say that or are you making it up?
      If he said it, let’s have some proof.
      A link would do.

  13. “…just like Hitler branded the Jews and other political prisoners of the Holocaust captured and tortured at the horrific death camp called Auschwitz…”

    Please note that the tattooing — please do not say “branding” if “tattooing” is what you mean — of concentration inmates under the National Socialists is a lie, just like everything else.
    There is not the slightest shred of proof of it. Would you like to see the only alleged “German document” that even MENTIONS (so-called) tattooing?
    Here it is:
    For some background, see:
    For updates, see:

    1. They probably have something like Aids in the vaccine that will cause people to get sick and die.

      1. WORSE!!

        Bill Gates Explains that the Covid Vaccine will Use Experimental Technology and Permanently Alter Your DNA

        Rather than instruct people on how to improve their overall health or boost their immunity with healthy foods, quality supplements, and physical activity, the powers-that-be are telling the world that the only way to survive the Coronavirus crisis is to rush the development of a vaccine and then inject every human being on the planet.

        The U.S. government along with major cities like Chicago are already moving forward with plans to use government resources and the military to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines to Americans by the end of the year.

        At the forefront of this conversation is Bill Gates, who has emerged somehow as the world’s leading expert on pandemics and vaccines. Through his foundation he supports the WHO and the development of new vaccines, and is currently backing a number of pharmaceutical companies as they race to invent the product that will save the world from Covid-19.

        Typically, the process of developing, testing and mass producing vaccines takes years, but thanks to newly emerging, experimental technology, Gates hopes to be able to vaccine “7 billion healthy people” in record time.

        A new generation of vaccines is emerging as we speak. At present there are no DNA and RNA vaccines approved for human use, but as Gates says in the following post from his personal blog, the time for trying these out on everyone has come. In the following comment he explains the difference between traditional vaccines and DNA/RNA vaccines…..

  14. “…I will not be vaccinated , no matter what…”

    There are 200 different viruses that produce flu-like symptoms, plus vaccines don’t usually work against viruses. I don’t even know if they ever work. They don’t seem to want to answer this question on the Internet. Who the hell are they kidding?

    1. Agree, the Bill Gates vaccines contain nanochips that change a persons DNA, this is a control plan of the zionist controlled deep state and the coronavirus scam-demic is a total zionist deep state fraud!
      In regards to the vaccines containing nano chips , read the book Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown by Elana Freeland, it can be had on amazon, and her site is

    I think i read that in – The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich a long time ago…..
    I think Lawyers in Germany were pretty much all mazaltavy at the time, screwing things up like they’re doing here now…

    I’m not taking any Vaccines either no way, no chance….
    But if it does come to violent revolt, the virus and vaccine thing won’t be what’s driving me… I’ll be doing it because they took away the 100 watt lightbulb.. That really did piss me off…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Bd writes: “According to one Adolf Hitler about 90 years ago – they [the Jews] should be hanging from every lightpost in the land…”

      Your response to my request that you provide proof that Hitler said this: “I think i read that in – The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich a long time ago…..”

      If Hitler had actually said this, the quote would be found on the internet. I can’t find it anywhere, even in Wikiquotes. I don’t like accusing you of fabricating quotes, but this is what most people will think if you keep on doing this.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        Let’s give Barkingdeer the benefit of the doubt. If he’s quoting from memory from a book he read long ago, obviously this is not an exact quote but probably a paraphrase. Which is why you can’t find the quote on the internet.

        1. OK, fair enough. This is something Hitler might well have said in some beer hall in 1930, three years before he got into power. maybe not these exact words, but similar ones.

  16. The Hitler “hanging quote” rings a bell with me, but I think it is probably a mis-attribuation.

    I seem to remember it myself, and thought it was in MEIN KAMPF and searched for it, using the search word “[space]hang”. It’s not there. I must have listened to 40-60 hours of Hitler speeches in my time, and I’m sure I never heard it there either.

    Could not find it in William L. Shirer either; of course William L. Bull-Shirer cannot be believed at any time, anyway. I think I have given sufficient evidence of this.

    I think it is probably from William L. Pierce, in a paragraph in which he mentions Hitler, of course, but I think the “hanging” quote is Pierce’s, not Hitler; in other words, it’s a conflation, a confusion of memory. Pierce wrote this way all the time; “hanging” is a very American sort of idea; I think a German would have thought of “guillotining” or “shooting”.

    Hitler did say that the worst disasters of the First World War could have been avoided if 15,000 German Jews had been “held under poison gas”; i.e., if the traitors that led the armament strikes and demobilized the army in 1918-1919 had been forced to fight, the way Hitler was.

    As I say, “hanging” is a very American sort of idea.

    1. @ Carlos Porter

      I agree with you that the Hitler quote is bogus. If Hitler had actually said this, you can be sure the quote would have appeared in Wikiquotes (Hitler).

      If Wikipedia is controlled by the Jews, as is often alleged, this all the more reason to include the quote since its inclusion helps to demonize Hitler — which is exactly what the Jews would want.

      Its absence from Wikiquotes is therefore absolute proof that Hitler never said it.


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