Sinking Ship




Time, time!—Passing time makes no sense to me.
Here you were yesterday and now are gone
Like a puff of smoke up yesterday’s chimney.
Your bed lies empty and your work is done.

Where are the dinner plates of yesterday?
Where is that honoured guest we call the Past?
Come, catch the moment as it flies away—
Let’s live each day as if it were our last.

Put on your winter coat. This is the time
To take your last walk by the sunless sea.
You are the main actor in this pantomime.
The rest are gone. There’s only you and me.

Ah, passing ship!—doomed ship before the wreck!—
That’s you, my dearest, standing on the deck.

4 thoughts to “Sinking Ship”

  1. Many great poems make mention of the sea – sunless, boundless, fathomless – or some other adjective. It is the only tangible eternity by which we can measure the impact of each passing circumstance. Xanadu calls this to my mind in this poem. I appreciate it. 🙂


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