Stalin: Psychopathic Monster and Mass Murderer


This article, consisting entirely of quotes, is a response to an article we recently published by a writer known as ‘Lobro’.  His pro-Stalin article is entitled “Lobro: Why I Admire Stalin”.  Lobro’s article, together with all its mostly negative comments, can be read here in its entirety (JSM).  


Edited for brevity.
With a 1000-word addendum by Lasha Darkmoon
entitled “How Many Died Under Stalin?” 

According to one Stalin cultist, not a single soul was put to death under the direct orders of the greatest mass murderer of modern times. Darkmoon writers discuss this mind-boggling new claim in a heated debate.   

“Death is the solution to all problems. No man—no problem.”
— Josef Stalin

FRANKLIN RYCKAERT (to Lobro) :I suspect you venerate Stalin because you consider him as a great “anti-Semite”. Stalin never was an “anti-Semite”.  He considered Jews just as one of the many ethnic groups of the Soviet Union. He only acted against some of them if he suspected them of treason.

EMMA K:  The article Lobro has written on Stalin is embarrassingly bad. In fact, pathetic. It has “amateur” written all over it. It barely passes muster even as a comment.

BROWNHAWK: Stalin’s “Great Achievement” was in service of Rothschild and his Masonic masters who were behind the takeover of Czarist Russia upon which millions were killed . . . the stink is still there.

SAKI:  As a boy, Stalin was found guilty of cruelty to animals. This included cruelty to a cat in the back streets of Gori, his birthplace.

In 1928 Stalin achieved supreme power in the Soviet Union after leapfrogging over the backs of his two most powerful rivals, the Jews Zinoviev and Kamenev. After that there was no one to touch him. His power as absolute dictator remained unchallenged for the next 25 years until his death in March 1953. It was during this period, in fact, that the major atrocities against the Russian people took place: the Great Terror, the Purges, and the man-made famines resulting in the death of millions.

It was on Stalin’s express orders that the peasants’ grain was confiscated and millions of Russians starved to death unmercifully. The grain was then exported to foreign countries for hard cash so that Stalin could use the cash for the Soviet Union’s modernization programs. Basically, Russian grain in exchange for tractors and farm machinery from the West. The peasants were ruthlessly sacrificed to collectivization and mass starvation. Don’t believe a word Lobro says. He either lies or, more likely, actually believes the garbage he has been fed by the Stalin Propaganda Factory.

Sure, Stalin modernized Russia and plucked it out of the Middle Ages into the 20th century, but he did so by sacrificing roughly 50 million people (according to Sozhenitsyn, 66 million). Many of my Russian ancestors died as a result of this savage brute’s merciless policies.

Robert Conquest and Robert Service, 5-star academic historians, have documented all Stalin’s crimes in voluminous books. Lobro dismisses them with a sneer as lying agents for world Jewry. This comes from a man who boasted on this website that he had himself never read a single Stalin biography and had no intention of doing so! Preferring to get his information from internet conspiracy theory sites and the Stalin Propaganda Factory.

The fact that there is a Stalin cult in Russia right now—see this picture of a Stalin cult member showing his adoration for the saintly serial killer—does not prove that Stalin was a Great Leader, as Lobro illogically concludes. It simply proves that vast numbers of simple Russians have been nicely brainwashed by the Stalin Cultists. Go to the source documents and you will find that Stalin was almost universally loathed and feared by most of his contemporaries. The peasants would spit every time they uttered the word ‘Stalin’.

I guess Lobro doesn’t know that — or wish to know.

BROWNHAWK:  Lobro has this blind spot about Stalin that makes him look ridiculous, which is very sad…..alas😪

COBBER :  Stalin was a bully and thug who began his career as an enforcer in Lenin’s gang of bank robbers. He blew up the Tsar’s stagecoaches, with Russian families in them, and took a sadistic pleasure in seeing the horses’ bodies torn to bloody shreds. He would lick the horses’ blood on his fingertips. This was when he wasn’t torturing cats in the back street of Gori, his hometown in Georgia. (That was when he was still a street urchin).

PETER:  This author (‘Lobro’) commits a monstrous, communist lie by whitewashing what this mass murder Stalin did to the Russian people. My wife’s grandparents are Armenian and they come from Yeravan. Her grandmother had an older brother who was anti-communist. One day, in 1937, there was a knock on the door and the NVKD took him to Siberia, never to be seen again. Your wonderful hero Stalin (an asshole) was the biggest butcher in human history, next to Mao from China. Get your facts straight!

COBBER :  He started young, Stalin did, developing his cruel streak in early childhood. This was because he was an abused child. His drunken cobbler of a father would take the strap to him every night and hit him so hard that one of Stalin’s arms remained shrunken and deformed for life. He also had webbed toes, which made him limp, giving him a huge complex about his hideous appearance. I guess he couldn’t help it, lashing out at others to compensate for all the abuse he’d received in childhood.

THALIN:  You are absolutely right [about Stalin’s evil].  My mother-in-law’s uncle was in gulags and survived. He came back emaciated with most of his teeth gone and scared to death to even talk about what he experienced. I can’t stand these idiots who always need someone to worship. Stalin, Hitler, Trump. I grew up in communist country. You can’t bullshit me. I also know that we have both communism and fascism here in the US of A and dimwitted yoyos like Lobro might get their wish.

EMMA K (edited for brevity, with ad hominem obscenities removed) : Thalin, I don’t know who you are but you have my full respect and sympathy for stating the facts about Stalin as you see them: a psychotic mass murderer who killed his own people, mostly the Christian proletariat.

Given that millions of Russians died in Stalin’s gulags—many of them tortured to death cruelly ON STALIN’S EXPRESS ORDERS! —never mind the exact figure—anyone who fatuously claims, as Lobro does, that Stalin didn’t order the death of a single human being in the Soviet Union and was a paragon of moral integrity, has to be guilty of a moral obscenity so monstrous as to defy belief.

SAKI:  Everyone knows that Stalin was total dictator  in the Soviet Union from 1928 on until his death in 1953, with no checks or balances on his absolute power. So everything bad that happened in the Soviet Union for the next 25 years has his signature on it. He not only signed all the death warrants personally but also attended torture sessions in the dungeons of the Lubyanka and sat in a corner gloating at the screams and suffering.

I’m not going to waste my time giving “evidence” to Lobro who is not interested in evidence if it comes from Stalin detractors. Solzhenitsyn is full of descriptions of the horrors of the Lubyanka where he was himself a prisoner.

By the way, it was Solzhenitsyn who claimed that the Stalin regime killed 66 million people, so it’s hard to see how Lobro can defend Stalin.

Lobro is either an outright liar or he is suffering from some very strange brain disorder.  I don’t know a thing about this guy, so I’ve no reason to hate him or gang up against him like he accuses most people here of doing who dare to point out the many gaps in his education and don’t like his nasty way of talking to people, especially to women.

FRANKLIN RYCKAERT :  The following quotes are often attributed to Stalin :

# “For some people, four walls are three too many.”
(meaning: you only need one wall for an execution).

# “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”

# “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

# “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”

# “We will hang the capitalists with the rope that they sell us.”

# “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why would we let them have ideas?”

# “Quantity has a quality all its own”.

CB (to Admin) :  Why did you publish this trashy article praising Stalin? Are you out of your mind?

“Stalin liberated Auschwitz!” So announced Afshin Rattansi on RT. Do all big-time gangsters in Mumbai sport a Stalin-like moustache?…

Alas, Adolf Hitler’s attempts to liberate the Soviet communist death camps didn’t succeed. Unlike at Dachau and Auschwitz, where the Jewish prisoners were found alive and well, it was a different story when the Germans, in 1941, entered Stalin’s NKVD dungeons in the city of Lviv in west Ukraine — part of eastern Poland in those days.

What did the Germans find in Stalin’s dungeons? Well-fed prisoners enjoying life? No, they found only mountains of emaciated corpses, including women and children, each with a bullet through the back of the neck.

Funny how Comrade Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all times, gets to be a ‘liberator’, no less, while Adolf Hitler is being berated to this day for no other reason than military failure.

So where is the moral in this officially endorsed WW2 fable? In the gutter. Hitler gets the shame, and all the glory goes to the mass-murdering monster Stalin. The same man who laughed when told his Red Army was running riot in Germany and raping and torturing 2 million German women to death, hacking their breasts off and even raping geriatric women in hospitals and old bedridden nuns in their convents.

The author of this article, “LOBRO: WHY I ADMIRE STALIN” is a man beneath contempt. Respecting a man like this is impossible. He has to be a sadistic psychopath himself for suggesting brazenly on this website that this foul beast never even sanctioned the death of a SINGLE  Russian in his gulags and torture dungeons.

I suggest that the Darkmoon site have nothing more to do with this dirty little pervert who has been accurately described here as “Stalin’s c***sucker.” That’s exactly what he is.

Goodbye! Shame on the Darkmoon site for stooping so low as to publish this foul and filthy trash.

“Most Russians like Stalin because he in fact never hurt any of their ancestors.  What if it turns out that Stalin NEVER SANCTIONED KILLING EVEN ONE RUSSIAN?” — Lobro, ‘Why I Admire Stalin’

SAKI: (to Admin) : I’ve no idea why you published this ridiculous article—Why I Admire Stalin”.  Is this meant to be taken as a cruel satire? Anyone who believes Stalin never killed a single person in his gulags and torture chambers has to belong in a loony bin.

—   §   —

How Many Died Under Stalin?

By Lasha Darkmoon

I have been persuaded by my editor to offer this end-note to the above article. It is high relevant to the subject matter under discussion and is basically a transcript of an email sent to a correspondent of mine (on 18 January) who had written to me about Stalin asking how many people in the Soviet Union Stalin had killed.

WRP (full name withheld) : I have only learned of this over the past two years and have been through quite a bit desperately trying to get the word out. In 2018, my own family took legal action against me for ‘wrongthink’.  I’m an American from CA and I recently moved to the south to get away from them.

I’ve had people challenge me on the 66 million number, asking me to ‘break that down’.  I’ve read it in many places.  I think Solzhenitsyn is the original person to note this number. David Duke mentions it in his books and says it’s hard to know exactly but it’s definitely at least 20 million and possibly 100 million or more.  Was wondering if you could help me with  more information to break down the numbers?

Thanks so much for your time.


LD (Jan 18, 2020, 2:04 PM)The question you ask is a valid one: how many native born Russians were killed as a result of the Bolshevik (or Russian) Revolution of 1917? The answer: there is no magic number on which all authorities agree. Sozhenitsyn’s 66 million figure is just one of many guesstimates and is not widely accepted by most conservative scholars. It is thought to be too high.

It is now widely believed by most mainstream authorities that  a minimum of 20 million perished as a result of the bloodthirsty line taken by the part-Jew Lenin and his non-Jewish Georgian successor Stalin who was supreme dictator in the Soviet Union from 1928 to his death in March 1953.  This 20 million figure is now seen by many as the lowest benchmark figure, with the actual figure being more than twice that. An acceptable figure, in my opinion, would be about 50 million from 1917 to 1953. And this is the figure cited in a prestigious British newspaper—I haven’t made it up. “Soviets admit Stalin killed 50 million,” The Sunday Times, London, April 17, 1988. (See below).

Then there is a controversial quote purportedly from Sozhenitsyn which mentions the 66 million figure. Highly committed extreme antisemites like Eustace Mullins like to quote this 66-million figure—see The Secret Holocaust— because it sounds impressively high. Most people who like bandying about the magic 66-million figure seem to have obtained it either from Solzhenitsyn or Mullins. I first saw the 66-million figure in the Mullins article which had a tremendous impact on me when I first read it many years ago.

Here is the controversial quote by Solzhenitsyn:

Is the quote genuine? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s a fake quote. The overblown phrase “the blood maddened Jewish terrorists” doesn’t sound like something that would flow from the subtle pen of Solzhenitsyn, and yet the 66 million figure seems to be closely associated with him.  If the figure is indeed Solzhenitsyn’s,  we are still left with certain tricky questions: Where did Solzhenitsyn get his figure from? Why should we trust his figure? On what documentation is it based?

The best place for you to begin your research into this ticklish question is to read this key 6000-word article by Max Weber: The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime.  Scroll down to footnotes 34-35 (esp. 35). This discusses in detail the exact numbers killed in the Soviet Union in the terror-stricken years when Lenin and Stalin were in control (1917-1953). The fact that Weber makes no mention of Solzhenitsyn’s 66-million figure tells me he doesn’t regard the Solzhenitsyn figure as authentic or reliable.

Here are footnotes 34 and 35 in full:

n34. Review/article by Robert Conquest in The New York Review of Books, Sept. 23, 1993, p. 27.; In the “Great Terror” years of 1937-1938 alone, Conquest has calculated, approximately one million were shot by the Soviet secret police, and another two million perished in Soviet camps. R. Conquest, The Great Terror (New York: Oxford, 1990), pp. 485-486. Conquest has estimated that 13.5 to 14 million people perished in the collectivization (“dekulakization”) campaign and forced famine of 1929-1933. R. Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow (New York: Oxford, 1986), pp. 301-307.

n35.  Russian professor Igor Bestuzhev-Lada, writing in a 1988 issue of the Moscow weekly Nedelya, suggested that during the Stalin era alone (1935-1953), as many as 50 million people were killed, condemned to camps from which they never emerged, or lost their lives as a direct result of the brutal “dekulakization” campaign against the peasantry. “Soviets admit Stalin killed 50 million,” The Sunday Times, London, April 17, 1988.

R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, has recently calculated that 61.9 million people were systematically killed by the Soviet Communist regime from 1917 to 1987. R. J. Rummel, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917 (Transaction, 1990).

See infographic here.

Finally, an invaluable (and highly respected) source of information is “The Black Book of Communism”. This mentions far higher figures—100 million and more—but these figures cover a longer time frame, far beyond the death of Stalin and into the modern era right up to the collapse of Communism in December 1991. It includes Communist atrocities in China, Cambodia and other Asian countries.

For “Crimes of Communism: Estimated number of victims”, click HERE. (Note that this reiterates the conservative benchmark figure of 20 MILLION for the SOVIET UNION).

I hope I have provided you with a starting point for your research. Of one thing we can be certain: tens of millions of innocent (non-Jewish) people died during the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath, a revolution that was essentially Marxist in origin and  driven forward mostly by an elite corps of fanatical Jews. That Stalin had a hand in the mass murder of millions of his own people between 1917 and 1953 is a fact that no sane person can doubt, and anyone who denies this must be out of touch with reality.

Best wishes,

Lasha Darkmoon

140 thoughts to “Stalin: Psychopathic Monster and Mass Murderer”

  1. Devastating. No other word for it. Unlike’s Lobro’s mind-numbingly boring article, this collection of denunciatory comments crackles with life and has the ring of total sincerity. Best article I’ve read in a long time.

    1. For one awful moment, I thought the Darkmoon site had lost its wits — if not its moral compass — by publishing Lobro’s obscene celebration of history’s greatest psychopath. Seems there was a method in Admin’s madness. The site was planning a counterblast as a corrective.

      Well done, Admin!

      Stalin was a bully and thug who began his career as an enforcer in Lenin’s gang of bank robbers. He blew up the Tsar’s stagecoaches, with Russian families in them, and took a sadistic pleasure in seeing the horses’ bodies torn to bloody shreds. He would lick the horses’ blood on his fingertips. This was when he wasn’t torturing cats in the back street of Gori, his hometown in Georgia. (That was when he was still a street urchin).

      1. He started young, Stalin did, developing his cruel streak in early childhood. This was because he was an abused child. His drunken cobbler of a father would take the strap to him every night and hit him so hard that one of Stalin’s arms remained shrunken and deformed for life. He also had webbed toes, which made him limp, giving him a huge complex about his hideous appearance.

        I guess he couldn’t help it, lashing out at others to compensate for all the abuse he’d received in childhood.

        It’s true what the article says. He had Zinoviev and Kamenev grovelling at his feet in the torture chambers, literally begging for mercy. He would sit in a corner of the room, egging on the official torturers and gloating. He’d never join in the torture himself. His pleasure lay just in watching, like a perverted Peeping Tom.

        Read Thomas Goodrich’s ‘Hellstorm’. You’ll see here full documentation of Stalin boasting that his greatest pleasure in life was in getting his revenge on someone for a former slight, however small or trivial. Robert Service says in his acclaimed biography of Stalin that Stain never forgot a face or an insult and would file it away for years in his memory until the time came to strike.

        He was like a yellow-eyed cat — yes, Stalin had yellow-flecked feline eyes — and he would wait patiently for his victim like a cat waits for a mouse. His timing was perfect. He always knew when to pounce.

        It really is an obscenity to read that Churchill and Roosevelt were forced to team up with this human scum against Hitler. BTW, Hitler didn’t hate Churchill or Roosevelt — he kind of respected them — but he really hated Stalin and longed to kill him.

        How is it possible that this idiot Lobro can admire BOTH Hitler and Stalin when they actually LOATHED each other? Since Lobro loves Stalin so much, shouldn’t he logically hate Hitler for wanting to see Stalin dead?

        Of course! — but such logical anomalies do not occur to the asshole who wrote the article praising Stalin.

      2. The article should be read again by all those who read it yesterday in its abbreviated form. It has been updated this morning (30 January) and contains new material by various commenters, including Franklin Ryckaert and Cobber. There is also the more recent addendum by Lasha Darkmoon, “How Many Died Under Stalin?” This was not here yesterday when the article was first published, and was a last-minute addition at the Editor’s special request. (It was originally an email written a couple of weeks ago).

      3. DNA is important folks. Donaldo once did business with a Georgian, former Soviet republic. He tried cheating Donaldo on numerous occasions. Donaldo finally confronted him in southern Florida last year. He had threatened Donaldo with death. We met in the middle of the night in front of a cheap hotel. Donaldo came out with clinched fists and a 38 special in pocket. The Georgian saw Donaldos eyes and quickly crumbled. Yes, folks, sometimes it’s a question of blood. Donaldo would love to have met pussy-boy Stalin in the day. DNA to DNA. Donaldo wagers Jewish DNA is stronger. 🤔🙄🌮🍷

    2. The was no “article”. No real arguments were made, no real facts or cites…just personal attacks against this Lobro person. I don’ know how many people Stalin killed. But for sake of argument, lets just say millions. This puts him in the same class as FDR, Churchill, Eisenhower, or any number of other Western “leaders”.

      Most of what we “know” of history is simply what the victors say the history is. We now know that Hitler was wrongfully vilified for all manner of atrocities for which there is no evidence whatsoever. From what I can surmise from the available sources, Stalin’s coming to power certainly pushed the Jewish Bolsheviks from power and put him at odds with world Jewry. Given Jewish domination of media (print and electronic) and of the educational system, one can hardly put much credence in most of the “establishment” approved information on Stalin (or anything else). Solzhenitsyn being a rare exception. As a first hand witness, his story, if not his 66 million figure, carries much weight.

      The reason why Stalin is so popular today among Russians is that he was a WINNER! He was powerful and he made Russia powerful. It only makes sense that to nationalist Russians that he would be an attractive historical figure. What other historical figure should they rally around? The Last Czar? He was a weak leader who lost the war and was murdered with his family. A victim yes, but not exactly a strong nationalist figure.

      We would do better to give up these attempts to apply “modern” standards of political correctness to historical leaders and focus on what can be learned about our present predicament and our current adversaries from the actual history as opposed to the fabrications of victorious Jewish power.

      1. BOB…
        Your arguments sound reasonable.
        “Most of what we “know” of history is simply what the victors say the history is.”
        Yes (to a certain degree), and this made Friedrich Nietzsche exclaim one day:”It’s time to have done with nonsense which is called “history”. I do not ask you where have you come from. Tell me, where are you going?”
        But philosophers are not immune against mistakes also. So, there is need to know where from mistakes come. And what we have to do – just address one more philosopher, Rene Descarters this time. “…whatever I understand, it is certain that I understand it correctly, for the ability to understand comes from God and it cannot contain the ability to be mistaken. Where do my error originate then? The result from this alone: since the will extends further than the understanding, I do not restrain it within the limits of the understanding but apply it even to things that I do not understand. Given that it is indifferent to those things, it is easily deflected from what is true or good and in that way I make mistaken judgements or bad choices.”
        What precedes understanding? Knowledge. Nowadays knowledge is available and obtainable, “victors” are loosing their “influence” rapidly and sometimes do not know what to do with the results of their “victories”. And we would do better to abandon vainglorious point of view. Victory is just postponed defeat (USSR for example, romans celebrated many victories and so on). Victors change places but imminent defeat is looming for all: sooner or later all we will be dead.

  2. Following quotes are often attributed to Stalin :

    # “For some people, four walls are three too many.”
    (meaning: you only need one wall for an execution.)

    # “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”

    # “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

    # “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”

    # “We will hang the capitalists with the rope that they sell us.”

    # “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why would we let them have ideas?”

    # “Quantity has a quality all its own”.

    These quotes are often attributed to Stalin, but according to the website Joseph Stalin – Wikiquote, 2 Misattributed they are at least dubious. Look it up and decide for yourself.

    1. Damning quotes, Franklin. Unfortunately, we now live in a madhouse where every quote saying bad things about Stalin is described as a “fake quote” or “misattributed”. For example, Lobro himself sneers at anything that comes out of Wikipedia (“Jew-controlled site”) and Wikiquotes is of course a branch of Wikipedia.

      Lobro’s ideas are all pathetically naive and out-of-date.

      As you know, he still believes fervently in the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, constantly quoting from this book as if its authenticity were beyond dispute. He is as wrong about the Protocols as he is about Stalin, but this is something he simply can’t admit. He has too much invested in his own wishful thinking.

      I believe LD herself once believed implicitly in the authenticity of the Protocols, as Lobro does still, but that was several years ago. She now regards the Protocols as “an inspired work of fiction” or a “brilliant literary spoof”. (Her own words). Worthy of immense praise, but still — not genuine.

      Lobro needs to revise his views on both the Protocols and the saintly perfections of the Man of Steel! 🙂

      1. Sardonicus

        That the Protocols aren’t genuine is exactly what (((they))) want you to think, and this is one area where lobro and I are in agreement. The difference between us is illustrated in a post I submitted a few days ago. The gist of it being that as long as you dont engage in the “game of life” they WANT you to play, then you won’t be affected by their comprehensive manipulations in human societies at large. Lobro thinks they can be beaten at their own game by expanding thought and its subsequent actions to a “4th dimension”, which is where we disagree

        And how ironic, by your decision to exit the ways of society at large, you are serving as an inspiration for the rest of us. You and hp I might add….how ’bout that.

      2. Sardonicus –

        Although I am one who does t care for long-winded justifications, I must beg to differ with yours (or anyone’s) dissing of The Protocols. Having explored them MANY TIMES, I am quite certain they were written by a mind extremely well-versed in the psychology of humanity; and we know “psychology” is a Jewish “science”…
        The Devil, himself, was at the helm of guidance. Corollate The Protocols with every significant act of historic proportion, and I have little doubt you will agree. 🙂
        Lobro has, simply, associated them with the most likely suspects, right or wrong.
        (btw, I, myself, believe the Solzhenitzyn perspective about Stalin.)

  3. GREAT article LD!!

    Stalin’s gulags held thousands of Americans over the years. Many were there for employment during the depression.

    American Ghosts in the Gulag : Sightings of U.S. POWs in Siberia were reported during the Cold War. There were U.S. plans to press the Soviets for details of their fates at a 1991 summit.

    In 1953, a Japanese prisoner of war released from Siberia reportedly said he had seen as many as a dozen Americans at a labor camp near Khabarovsk.

    There have been reports of U.S. prisoners in Soviet hands ever since 1918, when American, British and French expeditionary troops fought a losing campaign in northern Russia against the new Bolshevik regime. More than 100 Americans were held by Lenin’s government until 1921, when they were released in exchange for emergency food aid from the United States.

    At the end of World War II, more than 15,000 Americans fell into the hands of the Red Army, from thousands of POWs in German camps liberated by the Russians to airmen whose planes went down over Soviet-held areas. Most were repatriated, but some remained unaccounted for. During the late 1940s, reports trickled out of the Soviet Union of Americans held in Stalin’s labor camps, including one man described as wearing a tattoo reading “U.S. Navy.”

    After the Korean War, the Allied command compiled a list of 952 Americans who were believed taken prisoner in Korea by Communist forces and never returned. Pentagon officials believed that most died in custody.

    1. @ Pat

      “GREAT article LD!!”

      Just to let you know that LD was not responsible for this article or have a hand in editing it. For reasons of her own, LD refused to get involved in the recent Lobro kerfuffle.

        1. Though LD had no hand in editing the article, she has been persuaded by the site editor (John Scott Montecristo) to add a factual statement at the end of the article discussing the numbers killed in the Soviet Union in the Stalin era. This makes no mention of Lobro and is simply the transcript of an email LD wrote to a correspondent of hers about two weeks ago.

          See the 1000-word endnote, “How Many Of His Own People Did Stalin Kill?”

    2. @PAT
      re At the end of World War II, more than 15,000 Americans fell into the hands of the Red Army,

      And in REALTED NEWS…
      At the end of World War II, more than 12 MILLION GERMANS fell into the hands of AmeriKa’s IKE THe Kike.. who fresh from FIRE BOMBING women & children in Dresden – promptly STARVED THEM TO DEATH.
      When PATTON complained he was assassinated.


  4. Dear Admin and sane people..

    Stalin was f’n nuts. A Communist murderer like Hillary Clinton.

    Seriously, I can understand people want to criticize elite, leftist “Jews”. And even pro-war, Zionist Jews…. Yes, I get it. They are DESERVING of criticism. My husband and I criticize these types ourselves. I’m blacklisted on ALL social media because of it. So is my husband.

    But to get so crazy as to actually write great things about Stalin, it’s totally mind-blowing!

    I tell people all the time that this is what severe Jew-hatred will do to a person. People won’t believe me, but this Lobro character — he should be called “LOBO” for “lobotomy — is 1000% proof that I’m right. Sorry, Lobro, but you need to get your bearings.

    LOBO-TOMY (Lobro) is acting cuckoo. And so is anyone who thinks a bunch of mad dictators are to be admired. Get a damned grip. Lobro, Stalin was a COMMUNIST! Communists don’t like religion. They don’t like Christians. They don’t like religious Jews. They don’t like ANY religious types, including Orthodox Christians and Orthodox Jews. Look at the current left wing for God’s sake!

    1. @ The Mad Jewess,

      As everyone knows you are very Jewish. You love being Jewish. You love your Judaism. You love your Torah. So how come you’re a heliocentric? How come you’re not a Flat Earth Geocentric?

      ADMIN: The rest of our Mad Clown’s 1000-word comment has been deleted. He’s said it all in his first paragraph.

    2. Dear Mad Jewess:

      You stated that communists don’t like religion. That they don’t like neither orthodox christians nor orthodox jews.

      Please help me to understand why then orthodox jews portrayed the christian tsar as kaparot fowl??
      You know that the chicken after being swirled around the head has to be sacrificed, id est killed. Looks like voodoo to me…, but what to think of this identifying the tsar with this blood offering?

      Could it be that communist jews as well as orthodox jews both hate christian? Henry Makow learned me that both atheist jews and religious jews hate Christ and therefore christians. Is he right? Would you clarify this to me?

      1. @ my two cents

        I’m afraid you have misunderstood “Mad Jewess” (MJ) completely. I find nothing wrong with MJ’s excellent comment. She is saying pretty much what YOU are saying! 🙂

        Stalin and his Jewish buddies (Lenin, Lazar Kaganovich, Ilya Ehrenberg etc. etc.) were all against the Christian Tsar and had the whole Romanov family killed. MJ points out that all these Jews were Marxist Communists who HATED CHRISTIANITY, given that hatred of religion and especially of Christianity is the very essence of Communism.

        Whether they were Orthodox Jews or secular atheistical Jews like Trotsky, all these commies (including Stalin) shared a common hatred of Christianity. And most of the Christian peasants and factory workers whom Stalin and his faithful gang of “mafia Jews” managed to kill during Stalin’s years of mass butchery HAPPENED TO BE CHRISTIANS.

        There’s only ONE IDIOT I know (his name I won’t mention) who actually believes that Stalin had a spot spot for Christianity, that he destroyed no Christian churches, and never intentionally harmed a single Christian ever. Nope, it was the all-powerful Jews around Stalin who did all the killing of Christians! Stalin, total dictator from 1928 onwards to his death in 1953, according to this blockhead, just stood by helplessly wringing his hands and whining, “Oy veh, please don’t kill my Christiam brothers! … How I love all Christians!”

        This loonie has had a whole article to himself on this site and is still not content and tries to peddle his pro-Stalin views on this anti-Stalin site ad infinitum and ad nauseam, thinking he’s being short-changed if he can’t go on spitting in Admin’s face forever. What a charmer! 🙂

        Bye for now! … MJ’s comment is merely echoing your own views, so please don’t muddy the waters by misunderstanding her and attacking her. 🙂

      2. MY TWO CENTS
        You submitted good link but do not know what to think of this identifying the tsar with this blood offering. And ask THE MAD JEWESS…to help you. Since she is deaf to your request, maybe my information could be useful.
        Russian tsar was beheaded and his head was dispatched to Moscow with special envoy (rabby) on special train, and further on to Jacob Shiff. (Just good tradition, no?) Russian Orthodox Church refused participation in remnants’ burial and did not submit any articulated explanation in public to this effect. Tsar and his family were canonized and one unpleasant thing forgotten.*** Three years ago church still considered ritual killing, which was painful for jewish community and they were discussing the matter, seeking to coin a term, which “doesn’t have historical antisemitism behind the scene” and would satisfy both sides.
        ***that Russian priests met Nicholas’ the Second abdication with joy and first what they did – solemnly took away from the hall of the Holy Sinod tsar’s chair.
        P.S. what was sad, Lord remained indifferent to what was going on in “Holy Russia”.
        P.P.S. I can recommend good reading if you wish.

  5. The Protocols are allegedly a forgery….of what? Seems they were a blue print for future society like Orwell’s 1984…

    1. You can get a copy of the Cyrillic Russian original from the Internet Archive. There are 2 dates with the 1922 being expanded. It provides much more information than what we are led on to knowing as it was the Haskalah that wrote it after the ideologies of Maimonides, Zohar and Spinoza. There is a network of groups that are part of the Zionist plan of world rule that are identified and with a little research can be found in historical papers, periodicals, news and other sources. “History of Zionism 1600-1918” by Nahum Sokolow with forward by Marrano Arthur Balfour in 2 volumes for Theodore Herzl and Sir Rothschild as their pictures are in the first pages of each volume

    1. @ Allen
      @ Brownhawk
      @ Gilbert Huntly
      @ Others


      Dear friends, I can well understand you believing in the authenticity of the Protocols. And I don’t wish to persuade you to change your minds. I believed in the Protocols myself for years and years and years. Now I don’t. Or rather I do, but not in the say way as you do.

      Let me explain.

      You deeply misunderstand me if you think I’m trying to diss the Protocols or call it a “forgery” or a “plagiarism’. There are not just TWO schools of thought here: (1) those who swear by the Protocols, like you do, and (2) those ho dismiss the Protocols as worthless. I don’t belong in Category 2. You are wrong to think I dismiss the Protocols with a sneer as worthless.

      No, friends, there is a THIRD, intermediate category in which I belong. David Duke belongs in this category and so did Orwell who read the Protocols over 20 times and who made heavy use of it in his great dystopian novel ‘1984’. These are the people who regard the Protocols as AN INSPIRED WORK OF FICTION — exactly like ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World. In short, as the greatest LITERARY SPOOF ever written.

      This is NOT to show disrespect the Protocols. On the contrary, it is to enhance its value. It is place it in the top rank of political writings, along with Plato’s ‘Republic’, Aristotle’s ‘Politics, and Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’.

      This book was NOT, in other words, written by a JEW or a committee of Jews, as most people think. Lord Rothschild and his cronies were not behind the book. The book was written by an extremely clever JEW HATER PRETENDING TO BE A JEW … and his aim in writing the book was achieved …. whipping up Jew hatred. The book was meant for the vast ANTISEMITIC MARKET, the vast numbers of people in Muslim countries who saw Palestine being gradually invaded and taken over by Jews in search of a homeland; and it was also aimed at the vast number of people in the West who hated Jews because they saw Jews taking over their countries.

      Who do you think bought this book and lapped up its message? The antisemites of course! It was a book tailor-made for virulent antisemites like Lobro and Co. And it worked! It has whipped up YOUR hatred, hasn’t it? 🙂

      I’m not saying that you ought to start LOVING the Jews just because the Protocols is a literary spoof. Don’t get me wrong. Everything the writer of the Protocols said about the Jews is 100% ACCURATE and PERCEPTIVE. All the writer’s prophecies turned out to be true. The writeer was uncannily prophetic.

      This is what it means to be in Category 3. I don’t deny the GENIUS of the Protocols. I applaud it!

      I’m not saying you ought to think like me. All I’m saying is: we have much in common, because we are both agreed that the Protocols is a precious treatise about the Jews and their machinations and that it amounts to a work of consummate genius.

      This is LD’s own belief and I think Franklin Ryckaert would be of the same school of thought. David Duke certainly is.

      In short, to summarize: the Protocols is an inspired literary spoof written by an antisemitc genius; a great work of fiction, like 1984, disguised as a political tract.

      1. @Sardonicus

        Yes, Sardonicus we have had this discussion here before, to wit on January 8, 2019 under the title The ‘Protocols of Zion’ as an inspired Work of Fiction, where I said :

        “The Protocols are “true fiction” , i.e. they are fiction but they aptly describe how Jews really think and act and in that sense they are “true”. Because its author (a genius no doubt) understood Jewish behavior in the past and in the present, by extrapolation he also could predict how they would act in the future. That is why readers of the Protocols are struck by its uncanny accuracy and therefore many refuse to believe they are not genuine. People who point out the fictitiousness of the Protocols are then seen by such people as “working for the Jews”. The key to understanding this problem is to understand the meaning of “true fiction”.”

        You then agreed with me. So Lasha Darkmoon, David Duke and you and me belong to what you call “Category 3”, i.e. those who believe the Protocols are fiction but contain a psychological truth about the mentality and behavior of Organized Jewry. We don’t need to do this debate all over again. Interested readers should be referred to the original article on this website.

      2. No matter the origin, The Protocols is an outline for megalomania. If Henry Ford spent about $6 million on researching its origins (a helluva lot of coin back then!), I tend to believe his researchers might have come very close. 🤔

      3. Sardonicus
        The Protocols are not a work of fiction, and the depth in which they’ve molded the minds and actions of human beings over the last 500 plus years beggars belief, as your assessment of them indicates by not understanding that riling up antisemitism mainly serves as a distraction from its primary aim, and as the authorship knew it would.

        Please reread two of my very recent comments pertaining to the Protocols. I’m not exactly sure where they can be located. One of them is directed to Circassian and starts out with a quote of Stalin’s in giving an example of how the “chessbord of life” is manipulated. Here’s something I wrote to Gilbert Huntly last night and was planning to post this A.M. anyway before reading your post:


        As I’ve said many times, my understanding is that the original Protocols were documented in 1492 in anticipation of the nefarious plan for subjugating N.America and its eventual European settlement there, initiated with the Columbus voyage. Things were going swimmingly until the Bill of Rights was included in the main body of the Constitution.

        Although Pat thinks that these Amendments were part and parcel to the general outlay of that document, I think they caught the Protocolians off guard, especially the 2nd Amendment, all of which served to reinforce the spirit of independence and freedom as set forth by Jefferson’s Declaration. In spite of its specific wording, the 2nd Amendment was taken to mean by the populace that even a single individual could constitute a militia, and in my view this alone would have forced a revision of the original Protocols that took its authors back to the drawing board in their inexorable drive towards total World Totalitarianism, and using America to put the “finishing touches” on doing so. The bastards have been at it ever since.


      4. Franklin

        Au contraire, mon frere. An entire new reading on the Protocols is required. I intend to work on providing a link, if I can figure out a way to edit some of it first, not to mention how to send links in general, which I’ve never done but I’m sure it’s easy enough. Anyone with advice on that would be welcome to. 🙂

      5. The book was written by an extremely clever JEW HATER PRETENDING TO BE A JEW

        Is this like a clever Trump secretly being an “anti-Semite” just waiting for the right moment to lower the boom on the unsuspecting Jew?

        By the way “Jew hater” is a favored label used by Jew to invoke the idea of the natural born “anti-Semite” in the goy subconscious. Thus, using terms such as “Jew-hater” brings into question who is speaking as well as their intent for doing so.

      6. We should refuse to play according to our enemy’s self-serving rules by refusing to even use the weaponized, amorphous, and deceptive terms “ant-semite” and “anti-semitic”. I think the best definition for “anti-semite” is anyone whom the ADL hates and wants neutralized.

        “An ‘anti-semite’ used to mean someone who doesn’t like Jews. Now it means someone whom the Jews don’t like.” (Joe Sobran, fired from “National Review” for being “anti-semitic’)

  6. Stalin: Psychopathic Monster and Mass Murderer was one of the greatest heroes of our time.
    he knew how to pay a blood sacrifice that Satan demands to keep the world in tune.
    every blood thirsty ruler from the beginning of time has made a deal with the prince
    of this world. blood is the price that is demanded to keep the machinery moving that
    nourishes the flesh kingdom we entered back in Eden.from the time Cain killed Able
    blood has nourished this “created” world. expect to contribute your share in the near
    future. the call is out for at least 6 billion to bleed so the world can be saved.
    personally, i don’t care any more as i found a way out of here.

    1. Red Pill,

      The Masons and Cabalists believe some kind of “magik” happens when blood is spilled, a Satanist thing actually. Like vampires, they do if for a living.
      I can’t see any of this “magik,” except the profound social and political change achieved with (((their))) bloody revolutions and wars, or political assassinations, but social engineering isn’t magic it’s more like science.

    2. 6 billion to bleed so the world can be saved.

      Either that is the present MacDonald’s hamburger count or the call out found on the “Georgia Guide Stones.” Of course those words written in stone are merely a forgery by a “Jew hater” wanting to unfairly discredit their Jewish “victims.”

      personally, i don’t care any more as i found a way out of here.

      An intriguing comment. Please elaborate further on your statement.

      1. Arch Stanton, i have watched you and read what you have written over the years and in particular your beliefs about the bible and who the jews are. i know you’re an educated man, something i cannot claim to be. what knowledge i have was “given” to me along with the wisdom to understand what it means.

        you on the other hand have pre-formed ideas bought thru reading some one else’s works. your stated belief that the jews are all of Israel (Israelites) tells me you have never understood the bible and that you believe what the jews claim. as far as i am concerned, you are the biggest jew believer on this web site.

        as far as a way out of here, i assure you no flesh survives this prison planet. and where you go from here has already been determined by what you believe and practice.

        thanks for asking my opinion, Mr. Arch Stanton! i will now crawl back under the rock where i live in the Chihuahuan Desert.

      2. Arch Stanton is changing, he quoted Jesus in one of his posts on this thread. 🙂
        Is Pat the next in line? I hope so… 🙂

        God bless you all!

  7. Long live Stalin
    Long live Communism
    Long live Zionism
    Long live Stupidity and Foolishness
    75 years after the end of the Good War we will celebrate the death of Millions of Goyim in the Red Square. Watch Victory Day parade in Moscow this year. Celebrate the death of Europe. Also remember Elya Ehrenburg another Great Commie. Enjoy Communism.

      “Long live…
      Long live…
      …Stupidity and Foolishness,,,Enjoy Communism.”
      Most cheerful comment.
      Long live Darkmoonian Commune!!
      Long live Lobro!!!

  8. When speaking of and ciphering Russian deaths the German sieges must be taken into account as well. I’ve heard and read figures from 10 million to 30 million Russian WW2 deaths inflicted by the Germans on the “Russian Front” and/or Stalingrad.

    That’s a lot of dead Russians.. How many Russians were there to begin with for 50 -100 million murdered by Stalin and another 15-30 million killed by the Germans! As already mentioned, that approaches if not exceeds 100 million deaths!!

    It does require intense belief and perhaps even a bit of conscious if not subconscious suppression of common sense to accommodate these truly genocidal numbers.

    And please, no knee jerking ad hominem, I’m just thinking out loud not making any wild claims or deep denials here. You have to admit 60 – 80 – 100 million deaths in such a relatively short period of time is an awful lot of deaths for any nation to rebound from while sustaining a coherent culture and identity.

  9. If I was running a high school, then all of this stuff would be given to the students. Also, the Masonic cabal and Ashkenazi cabal banksters spawned communism in Russia and they continued to support it until its end, despite the cold war where they made even more money through the MIC. Most of the blood and violence of the 20th century can be laid at their door.

  10. “His own people”?
    I don’t think so…
    Stalin’s own people were the Rotheschild Ashkenazi Banksters and their Hof-Juden Apparatchiks..
    Stalin called a lot of the shots on WW2…
    He ordered D Day…
    He was all over the murder of General Patton, who – “wouldn’t care to drink with you or any other Russian son of a bitch”…
    Stalin might have been slightly more Mason than Jew, but he was a Jew nonetheless…
    Everybody who ran WW2 was Jewish, because it was another jew plot…
    except for DeGaulle..
    They tried to kill him about 20 times…
    Stalin cooperated with Eisenhower on Operation Keelhaul after WW2…
    The Protocols are real alright, whether they were faked or not…. which I doubt… Henry Ford thought they were real… He put copies in the glove compartments of his Model As, for his factory hands’ reading pleasure…
    It’s the Bible of the Talmudics…
    It’s what’s happening…
    “An inspired work of fiction”?
    Maybe… Isn’t that what it’s all about?
    Communist Dictators like Joe Stalin don’t care about religion..
    They won’t mind using that to opiate the masses…
    What they don’t want is philosophy, don’t want to let their people have ideas…
    Belief in God might be the highest idea of all…
    apparatchiks (plural noun) · apparatchiki (plural noun)
    a member of a Communist Party apparat.
    “old apparatchiks have given way to the Russian government’s young reformers”
    an official in a large political organization.
    “Tory apparatchiks”
    official · office-bearer · office-holder · public servant · civil servant · bureaucrat · administrator · jack-in-office
    1940s: Russian, from apparat (see apparat).
    Here’s a Stalin quote that works well today with our electronic voting machines –
    “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes”…
    “I’ve heard and read figures from 10 million to 30 million Russian WW2 deaths inflicted by the Germans on the “Russian Front” and/or Stalingrad.”
    Look at it this way HP – Stalin and Hitler, both Jews, lined up the best men of the white race to slaughter each other off by the millions… It was a continuation of the Jews’ WW1 White Population Reduction Program, for fun and profit… 8% of the population of France died in the trenches….
    “You have to admit 60 – 80 – 100 million deaths in such a relatively short period of time is an awful lot of deaths for any nation to rebound from while sustaining a coherent culture and identity.”
    You make perfect sense….
    Neither country was ever the same after the big slaughter-off… That’s the point…

  11. Q: Who are the three most hated in the West political figures of Russia ever?
    A: Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin, and Vladimir Putin.

    Q: Who are the three most revered in Russia political figures of Russian history?
    A: Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin, and Vladimir Putin.

    Q: Why is that?

    Asking the right questions is the best way to educate people.

    We know quite accurately how many people of his own were killed by Vladimir Vladimirovich, don’t we? So all you need to do is to use your brains – if you have any – to estimate from this how many people of their own were killed by Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin.

    BTW, the customary translation of Иван Грозный from Russian to English as Ivan the Terrible is absolutely incorrect for it has the wrong connotations. The correct translation with the right connotations, as Russian themselves perceived Ivan IV back then and still do today, is Ivan the Awesome or Ivan the Terrific.

    1. “…all you have to do is use your brains – if you have any”

      An arrogant statement like this is why people don’t like you, Circassian 😝

      1. Chief,

        If the likes of you, Sardonicus, Pat, Emmy K, Ruth, Madam Butterfly, Saki, Silent Reader, Cobber (and almost everyone else here, for that matter) did like me, hardly I could like myself.

        You could learn a lot if you had the wits to listen with attention to a wise and decent man.

        I have tried to explain to you several times what your problem is, but you wouldn’t listen. If you have listened to me, you wouldn’t end up chasing everyone here with your “revelations” and getting frustrated by the fact that no one is willing to respond to you… including even Pat.

        The reason is very simple, Chief: They don’t think that you are equal to them, i.e. you are half- to these wonderful people the attention of which you desperately seek , if you know what I mean.

        To understand this, “all you have to do is use the red half of your gray matter – if you have any”.

      2. I love it when I hit a nerve with Circassian. It tells me all I need to know about him. And just because people don’t always respond to me is meaningless. Most commentators just read, and don’t necessarily respond.

      3. And just because people don’t always respond to me is meaningless.

        It seems that you have managed to hit a nerve even with yourself, Chief.

        Well done, brother.

      4. Oh please tell us, Circassian. We await with baited breath. I question whether or not you can even do that. It’s as if you’re waiting yourself for someone to explain it to YOU. Prove me wrong. The floor is yours

      5. B-Hawk –

        Just so ya know… I made the same mistake for decades. Few know….

        It is ‘abated’ breath = stopped or held breath.
        As in law. An abatement.

      6. No Pat, my redskin brother is more literate than you give him credit for (it was just a misprint, I guess):

        We await with bated breath. (bated: in great suspense; very anxiously or excitedly).

      7. Hahaha

        I thought that might be wrong. I even looked 8t up but didn’t think to look to. the letter “a” 😊

    2. Circ –

      “…all you have to do is use your brains – if you have any”

      You have brains. However, that sentence reveals your true Russian sociopathic narcissistic brain. It diminishes your attempts to correct any misguided interpretations used by others. That means…. you cannot be trusted to reveal Russian synonyms & little else! 🤢

      As usual…. you have managed to destroy your own comments!! 🙂 🙂

      1. I NEVER made a mistake using the expression “with bated breath” and I’ve been using the expression for a long time and I, mere whiddlejoew , I NEVER made a mistake with the expression, not in spelling, always spelled the expression correctly ; not in usage, always used the expression properly, always in the right place, NEVER in the wrong place.

        And at the risk of being labeled a “pain in the neck”, one awaits with BATED breath, NOT with “abated” breath. “Abated” is NOT the correct word to use in the expression we are examining. It’s BATED without an “A” as the first letter. The first letter is “B” NOT “A”. Look up both “abated” and “bated” and learn to discern the difference between the two words. Thank you, TROJ.

        Ya’ gotta love it when mere whiddlejoew “the idjit” gets it RIGHT and everyone else gets it W-R-O-N-G. whiddlejoew certainly LERVS IT! 🙂

        1. TROJ is 100 per cent correct, as is Circassian. “BATED breath” is the correct spelling.

          However, “bated” may have come from “abated” originally, but no one says “abated breath” nowadays.

          In regard to “baited breath”, my Dictionary of Idioms says: “The expression BAITED BREATH is often seen nowadays, especially on the internet, but it is generally considered incorrect.”

          Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

      2. Troj –
        GF –

        The expression came from ‘abated breath’, stopped breath, no matter what the oft mistaken google group youngsters write.

        “I’m not holding my breath.”

        It was heard as ‘a bated’ and ‘a baited’ which mistakenly became just baited, which makes no sense at all. But society is intentionally ‘dumbed down’ today.

        Great nit-picking argument, though!! Just letting ya know! 🙂 🙂

        1. @ Pat, our in-house America’s leading expert on American politics ~ especially American presidential elections~ :


          Looks like Bernie Sanders won yesterday in Iowa but the Democratic Party big shots don’t want to admit it. I have no idea why the Democratic Party big shots don’t like Bernie Sanders. It’s certainly not because he’s a Jew.

          The Democrats love Jews as much as the Republicans love the Jews. Bernie is a Communist, but so are the other Democratic Party candidates. So it’s not because he’s a Jew and it’s not because he’s a Communist the Democratic Party big shots don’t like him — I have no idea why the Democratic Party big shots don’t like Bernie and don’t want him to win the nomination.

          What’s going on in Iowa with the Democrats? How come the Democratic Party big shots don’t like Bernie and don’t want him as their presidential nominee to run against Trump?

      3. TROJ –

        In a word – “BAGGAGE”!! 🙂

        Bernie scares even the Democrats! He spent his honeymoon in Russia in 1988. As a communist, he is tied in with Russians. He could never lead the Democrats into the White House.

        The main purpose of the trip was to establish Yaroslavl, a Russian city of about 600,000, as the sister city of Burlington. Sanders also traveled to Moscow and Leningrad, which is now called St. Petersburg.

      4. @TROJ

        Who will be the Democratic nominee is of little importance.

        The final showdown between USA and Russia is inevitable with an outcome for the Hegemon:

        (A) terrible end, if Trump gets reelected;
        (B) horror with no end, if the Democratic nominee gets into the White House in November.

        The choice is yours.

  12. There was some discussion above about the authenticity and so on of the Protocols of Zion. Here is what I feel is a very good discussion/explanation of the issues involved by two very sober Englishmen and they come to the conclusion that yes basically they are not a ‘forgery’ but an extremely smart understanding and prediction of the dilemmas we still face. Features Nick Kollerstrom the great debunker of several myths including here the ‘myth’ that the Protcols are a myth.

    1. Without question, the Protocols showcase the Jewish mind at work. The document provides a perfect description of Jewish plans for western humanity; so much so, that Henry Ford recognized the fact in the 1920s. Thanks to technology, the situation has grown far worse since then, yet the Protocol’s descriptions still apply.

      The goy mind is incapable of planning such horror on such a grand scale like that outlined by the Protocols, as no goy has romped millenniums of savage slaughter with psychopathic, murderous, sacrificial blood lust pounding their psyche to action.

      Here are three clues for the clueless:

      (1) Judeocommunists decreed the death sentence in the Soviet Union for anyone found with a copy of the Protocols in their possession.

      (2) Today western Judeocommunists imprison those questioning their mythical Holocaust claims.

      (3) Jesus said, “By their works ye shall know them.”

      Can we see the works of the Protocols in action today? Can we see the Jews’ very same fear of discovery in the Protocols that is seen in their Hallowedhoax lies?

      Like the Jews’ murderous crowing of the “blood label,” (his blood be upon us and our children) the Protocols have resulted in extreme discomfort for Jews as the document clearly lays bare the work of the Jewish mind.

      “Understand they are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival.” – They Live

      People who keep arguing over the authenticity of the Protocols avoid one very important fact, to wit: the Protocols provide a prefect outline of the present destruction being witnessed today, right now, this very moment.

      Every time the goy works diligently to exonerate the Jew, the Jew makes them pay dearly for their efforts. So the reason for questioning the authenticity of the Protocols is . . . ?

  13. I used to think the Protocols were “fake” because they are substantially modeled on A DIALOGUE IN HELL BETWEEN MONTESQUIEU AND MACHIAVELLI, an attack on Napoleon III by Maurice Joly, who committed suicide in Brussels after being sentenced to prison in France for his ideas.

    I now recognize that they are also substantially original. So the argument cuts both ways.

    My own theory is that they were probably written by Jewish agents in the Czarist secret police. Whoever wrote them was a genius, that goes without saying.

    1. @ Carlos Porter

      My own theory is that they were probably written by Jewish agents in the Czarist secret police. Whoever wrote them was a genius, that goes without saying.

      Franklin Ryckaert, myself, David Duke and Lasha Darkmoon are all in total agreement with you on your second point: ‘Whoever wrote them [the Protocols] was a genius, that goes without saying.” I cannot repeat this too often. The Protocols stand in the front rank of political writings.

      Unfortunately, Carlos, I simply cannot follow your logic that the Protocols was written “by JEWISH AGENTS in the Czarist secret police.” Why would Jews want to produce the most anti-Semitic book in history? Are you suggesting they are “self-hating Jews” who want to expose the Jews as vile? Or are you suggesting it is a secret agenda of the Jews to stir up hatred of themselves everywhere so as to force all Jews to relocate to the safe haven of Palestine?

      I’d like Franklin Ryckaert, if he’s still around, to tackle this tricky question.

      To my mind, it would seem more logical that the Protocols was authored by a brilliant NON-JEW who hated Jews. Could Orwell have written this book if he’d been around in circa 1900 and was a committed Jew hater? I think so. Orwell had the genius to write the Protocols, but of course he was born too late to do so.

      Who knows, Carlos, you might have had the genius to write this book yourself if you’d been at the height of your powers in the year 1900! You would have needed a great satirical bent, hawever, and the talents of a master forger of literary spoofs.

      1. “…Why would Jews want to produce the most anti-Semitic book in history?…”

        Perhaps because they are addicted to provocation.

        Incidentally, the delusion that “Stalin industrialized Russia” is very interesting psychologically, because if the CZARS had industrialized Russia (which they were very rapidly doing) nobody would have thanked them for it. It would have been considered perfectly normal and natural. Industrialization is only considered praiseworthy when carried out by people like Stalin or Mao, probably because people are desperate to praise SOMETHING, and can’t think of anything else.

    2. Before the Protocols a similar document came to the possession of the Bavarian authorities in 1785. A courier was hit by a lightning strike – I would certainly call it an act of God. The French authorities back then didn’t take the necessary actions to avoid the tragic “French” Revolution, detailed in those papers; 400 thousand dead are the estimated Revolution’s body count. Jewish political operatives inside the French Government did a great job discrediting the findings of the Bavarian authorities.

      I know some of you don’t trust Henry Makow but he does gives valuable information. He published an article about a document supposedly written by the Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson.

      I feel the same tone we see in the protocols used here by the bizarre Rabbi. My tendency is to simplify things not the other way around, to complicate it. I believe the Protocols are a genuine internal document for those inside the “Big Club,” they need to communicate between themselves, right? Somehow the document leaked, a genuine leakage, not a CIA/Mossad sponsored fake leak. After the leakage (((they))) did damage control, as usual.

  14. St. Peter: You and your psychopathic, bloodthirsty, Judeocommunist brethren, those like “let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeois – more blood, as much as possible,” Zinoviev (here disguised as a Jewish comedian) were in charge of killing some 66 million indigenous Russians.

    You starved 66 million of your own people to death in death camps or with a bullet to the brain, something Hitler never did. You murdered some 22,000 Poles in the Katin forest, starved five million Ukrainians to death at Holodomor.

    Your view on mass murder was

    “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”

    Then you turned on your own administrator comrades and began murdering them, (not that they didn’t deserve it) so what do you have to say for yourself?

    Stalin: I dindunuffin.

    And when I get to heaven, to St. Peter I’ll tell, “another Marine reporting sir, I’ve served my time in hell.”

  15. Stalin was hardly one of the most hated Russian communists…. Maybe by General Patton but definitely not by all the stienies in FDR’s Cabinet or in the fed bank..
    Stalin was a full partner, if not Capo, in the big deep state Ashkenazi Rothschild bankster contrived atrocity beyond human comprehension called ww2…
    And his Kremlin buddies, their warmongering bomb contractors and filthy fkng financiers have been in total cahoots backstage under the table with their same counterparts out West here in another global hoax known as the Cold War ever since the CIA/KGB was put together by Harry Crypto Truman with all those Paper Clippers on The Ratline after the close of WW2.. If we took our ex-enemies (Germans) into the federal secret police fold, why not our Russian allies? WARBIZ,
    That’s the real collusion with the Russians, the MIC insiders running the same old Disaster Capitalism game on the working class schmucks on both sides of the world, white people who have nothing much to fear from each other basically to begin with…
    It’s all about Class Warfare, where the ruling class owners of everything, the banksters, warmongers, monarchs, political hacks, all kinds of corporarate predators with their intel facilitators, and big religious cheeses all over the world have it in common about business against the proles everywhere, all the while the jew-ish hollywood and NYC media moguls keep the working white paranoid people stimulating the war stock market and eternally paying off their national (globalist) central bank cartel instant-wars-on-credit debt on the cost of killing each other en masse East and West….
    Stalin was partners with FDR and Churchill, and for all any of us might know Der Fuhrer too, whose grossly inept handling of Germany’s military affairs during the war that finished The Fatherland can be judged like the Protocols, to be a little too obvious now to have not been intended….
    Sorry HAWK.. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it…

    1. See Stalin’s british training by Greg Hallett. Hitler and Stalin were both british agents according to Mr. Hallett. And we know what is meant by British.

    2. Bark
      Next week I hope to post that link regarding the Protocols with a short preamble be me. Hopefully it will spark a discourse on the subject. And interestingly enough, there’s content there that I know you’ll be receptive to. Wait for it. 😐

      P.S. The German military operation was severely compromised. Not my opinion. FACT.

  16. I am so sad, shots are being fired to Lobro. I believe that Lobro knows Stalin better than us.

    1. @ Dmitri

      “I believe that Lobro knows Stalin better than us.

      Are you a Flat Earth believer too? Just wondering. 🙂

      1. Here’s one fact that’s indisputable: the Soviet Union under Stalin was the FIRST country in the world to recognise ISRAEL.

        1. This article on the Darkmoon site (“Stalin: Psychopathic Monster and Mass Murderer”) is a timely article on “Uncle” Joe Stalin. He was the HEAD BEAST OF THE SOVIET JEWISH UNION. The JUGGERNAUT Mass Murder Machine. Lobro’s initial commentary/article has triggered many readers here to voice their strong objections to the badly written Lobro article. I speculate this was the intention of Admin.

          1. Only JEWS such as “Lowblow” would be admirers of Stalin, it’s a birds of a feather factor…

  17. I just learned recently, and it makes total sense to me now after studying a good deal about Creation and Evolution, that the “errors of Russia” that Our Lady of Fatima warned about that would spread throughout the world if her requests were not heeded, provoking wars, persecution of Christians, and mass killing, are not principally those of communism, which is indeed a great evil, but primarily the errors associated with and derived from the erroneous theories of evolution, and not only Darwinism or other materialistic evolutionary theories, but even theistic evolution or progressive creation theories. In fact, the theistic evolution that a great majority of Catholics and Protestants, including scholars and clergy, believe in is not only scientifically lacking evidence, but is a serious heresy, although nobody of importance is warning about that. Besides, all the scientific evidence, although it’s widely suppressed or else treated with “dynamic silence,” points to the truth of the literal interpretation of the first 11 chapters of Genesis, as was taught authoritatively by the Catholic Church from the time of the apostles.

    The belief in molecules to man evolution, especially Darwinism, inevitably leads to many evils, including the murder of those who get in the way of evolutionary progress by those who hold the reins of power. Lenin always kept on his desk a statue of a monkey gazing at the skull of a human it is holding in its hand while sitting on a stack of books, one of which is Darwin’s Origin of Species.

    See for a full treatment of Evolution vs Creation from the standpoint of theology, philosophy, and natural science. Fascinating stuff there as well on the strong evidence of a global flood, showing, among many other things, that the so-called “Cambrian Explosion” was actually the “Great Destruction.”

    1. Carlos,

      This document is 45 pages long. It would take a long time to read and digest. Can’t you summarize in a brief abstract of bullet points the crucial findings of your translated Katyn Report? Who did what to whom? Where and when? And what exactly is the nature of the crime? Is the crime acknowledged? Or has the guilty party got away with the crime and framed the innocent party?

      I mean, we’re not going to find all this info in Wikipedia, are we?

        1. Thanks, Carlos. I commend your scholarship and appreciate your attempts to bring these facts to the attention of a wider public.

  18. 100% correct. I have visited Stalin’s second wifes cemetery and she was Jewish. He was not anti semitic but fought in a ruthless battle for supremacy of power with Jews.

    1. @ Peter

      I don’t accept that Stalin’s second wife was Jewish. You may have visited her grave, but you neither give her name nor the place where she was buried.

      What city? What graveyard? Why are you so short on details? Does it say on her grave that she is Jewish and does she have a Jewish name? What were you doing visiting a Jewish woman’s grave anyway? Are you Jewish yourself?

      What were you doing in a Jewish cemetery anyway? And why were you visiting a Jewish cemetery unless you are Jewish yourself?

      More details please! 🙂

      1. Madame,
        ALL proper Jewish graves have the 🌟 of David engraved in the marble. Some cemeteries are exclusively Jewish. But Jews are often buried alongside their Christian counterparts all over USA. But for sure, no proper Jewish family would allow a tombstone without the STAR. Luv ya Madame. 😘

        1. I don’t come here to be “luvved”, Donaldo, but I’ll accept your friendliness since I am surrounded here by horrid hate merchants.

          The point is, Donaldo, why doesn’t this guy, Peter, answer my questions? He says Stalin’s 2nd wife was JEWISH (not true) and adds that he visited her grave. So I asked him: what city? what graveyard? what’s the woman’s name? Is it a Jewish name? If she’s buried in a Jewish cemetery, what’s he doing in a Jewish cemetery unless he’s a Jew himself?

          You notice: he hasn’t answered my questions.

          My conclusion: he’s another troll. A teller of tara-diddles and fibby-fobs.

      2. The point is, Donaldo, why doesn’t this guy, Peter, answer my questions? He says Stalin’s 2nd wife was JEWISH (not true) and adds that he visited her grave. So I asked him: what city? what graveyard? what’s the woman’s name? Is it a Jewish name? If she’s buried in a Jewish cemetery, what’s he doing in a Jewish cemetery unless he’s a Jew himself?
        You notice: he hasn’t answered my questions.
        My conclusion: he’s another troll. A teller of tara-diddles and fibby-fobs.

        Madame Butterfly,

        I am impressed with your admirable exercise of logic – and I say this without any sarcasm.

        You are absolutely correct that Stalin’s 2nd wife was NOT Jewish. But to prove this, there is no need for all that information you are asking for. All you need is hear Svetlana (Stalin’s daughter) testifying on her mother’s ethnic background (source:

        Моя мать не была русской. Она дочь немецкой матери и отца наполовину цыгана.

        My mother was not Russian. She is the daughter of a German mother and a father half gypsy.

        If that is not convincing enough, here is another testimony by Alexander Burdonsky – Joseph Stalin’s grandson and Svetlana’s nephew (he died in May 24, 2017):

        At t=2m42s the interviewer is asking point blank:

        Q: Сколько кровей в вас намешано? (How much blood is mixed in you?).
        A: Much – perhaps, even too much. On the father’s side there are Georgians, Gypsies, Ukrainians…

        Q: Gypsies on father’s side?!
        A: Yes, Alliluyev was a Gypsy and his wife Olga Evgenievna – my grandmother – was German on her mother’s side (Eicholz).

        Further details at (section: Parents).

        1. @ Circassian

          You have answered all my questions to my full satisfaction. Deeply grateful to you. I had no idea there was any gypsy blood here, but then I don’t pretend to have your inside knowledge as a Russian. My own sources only made it clear that Stalin’s second wife was definitely NOT Jewish, so why is this guy “Peter” repeating all these lies? And then he scuttles off without answering any of my questions! Lying trolls like this need a good whipping. 🙂

          BTW, my own sources say that Stalin’s second wife was a practicing Christian and a very devout one. This is not, in my view, incompatible with having some gypsy blood in her. One of my friends is a Christian, not a very devout one, and she tells me her mother had gypsy blood in her veins.

          I believe Svetlana is a credible witness. She does not lie, nor does she have reason to lie.

  19. Q: We all know that Stalin has butchered 66 million Russian Christians. Why?
    A: Well, because he was Psychopathic Monster and Mass Murderer isn’t it clear.

    Q: Then why the Russians revered him so much?
    A: Well, because Russians are masochistic bunch of idiots isn’t it clear.

    Q: If the Russians are a bunch of idiots, how come that in 1957, just in short 12 years after their country was almost completely destroyed by the most devastating war in the history of mankind, they have managed to launch Sputnik and shortly after that put Yuri Gagarin into space?
    A: Well, that’s what happens when a Psychopathic Monster dies and the murder spree stops. As of Sputnik, it was, obviously, manufactured in one of the Henry Ford’s plants in America and shipped to the USSR as a gift to Nikita Khrushchev.

    Q: Then why reverence to Stalin is still growing in Russia by the day?
    A: Will you stop asking stupid questions, you bastard?

    All right, no more questions.

    1. @ Circassian

      All you have done in your above comment is to stamp your foot in rage and foam at the mouth exactly as your icon Stalin would have done. And then you would have ordered the deaths, accompanied by torture, for all those who still refuse to lick the feet of your hero, the Man of Steel. Your angry and strident rhetoric fails to impress anyone here. It simply demonstrates your intellectual impoverishment.

      It also proves you are an outright liar. How so? Because in a previous comment you had told us there was NO STALIN CULT IN RUSSIA! 🙂

      Your above comment, however, makes it absolutely clear that Stalin is widely acclaimed in Russia to the point of worship, i.e. that there IS a STALIN CULT in Russia! A very powerful cult indeed which you are anxious to promote. Indeed, you are yourself a STALIN CULTIST. Exactly like the discredited Lobro.

      Why, then, tell us “there is NO STALIN CULT in Russia”?

      You are clearly a liar.

      1. @ Circassian

        STALIN CULTIST: “Most Russians like Stalin because he in fact never hurt any of their ancestors. What if it turns out that Stalin NEVER SANCTIONED KILLING EVEN ONE RUSSIAN?” — Lobro, ‘Why I Admire Stalin’

        ANSWER: Infographic completely refuting above example of wishful thinking idiocy:×576-1-1.jpg

        DR LASHA DARKMOON (in private email to friendly enquirer): Of one thing we can be certain: tens of millions of innocent (non-Jewish) people died during the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath, a revolution that was essentially Marxist in origin and driven forward mostly by an elite corps of fanatical Jews. That Stalin had a hand in the mass murder of millions of his own people between 1917 and 1953 is a fact that no sane person can doubt, and anyone who denies this must be out of touch with reality.”

      2. Sardonicus,

        What is your native tongue, brother? Do you understand English well?

        Grammar Fiend,

        I need your help here. Would you, please, explain brother Sardonicus the difference in meaning of the words revere, respect, honor on the one hand, and bow, adore, worship, cult – on the other.

        Back to Sardonicus,

        Keep breathing, brother – don’t “bait your breath” unless you are a fish… or a brown hawk.

        I would also recommend you to keep in mind a fishermen’s old sapience: Homo sapience can bait a fish, but a fish cannot bait Homo sapience. (Translation for those who are not well versed in English: Never try to bait someone who is on altogether different level of consciousness than yourself.)

        1. Circassian,

          I am amazed that this site continues to give you a free platform here for your crackpot views, given that you hate the site and everything it stands for. You are the only guest in the Darkmoon house who is allowed to gatecrash the dinner party and spit in the soup regularly. Most other guests who misbehave like this in someone else’s house would be kicked out of the house and never allowed entrance again. You are allowed to stay. Why?

          I wish I knew the answer to that.

          Admin moves in mysterious ways … 🙂

      3. No Stalin cult in Russia? Here are some pictures :

        1) Russians have T-shirts too :

        2) Burning candles for an icon is the usual form of religious worship in Orthodox Churches :

        3) Stalin again in a Church service :

        4) In religious art the dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Here Stalin has reached Christ-like status in the admiration of the Russians :

        You can find these and other images if you search in Google Images “Stalin Cult in Russia”.

        But they launched the Sputnik and send Yuri Gagarin into space! Yeah right!

        1. WOW! Many thanks, Franklin. These pictures are invaluable and give the lie to Circassian’s glib statement that “there is NO STALIN CULT in Russia.” I don’t thinks the Stalin cultists are even trying to tall the truth any longer. They are outright propagandists who know one thing for sure: that if you tell a lie often enough, and keep repeating it, it will sooner or later become the truth for most people.

          No wonder Russians have come to adore Stalin en masse. How can they help it if Stalin Worship becomes the new state religion promoted by Putin? Which makes me wonder about Putin … whom I had previously supported to the hilt.

          If Putin is promoting the Stalin cult, there has to be something seriously wrong with Putin. How can anyone burn candles for one of history’s greatest Mass Murderers? The mind boggles …

  20. “…The belief in molecules to man evolution, especially Darwinism, inevitably leads to many evils, including the murder of those who get in the way of evolutionary progress by those who hold the reins of power. Lenin always kept on his desk a statue of a monkey gazing at the skull of a human it is holding in its hand while sitting on a stack of books, one of which is Darwin’s Origin of Species…”
    With all due respect, before criticizing Darwin, one should really read Darwin, don’t you think? It is very easy to tell when a writer has not done this.
    I do not believe your fairy tale about Lenin. Do you have a credible source?
    PS: Do molecules evolve? I didn’t even know they were alive.

  21. “…reverence to Stalin is still growing in Russia by the day…”

    Assuming that this is true, it is because democracy and capitalism are “Gods That Failed”, almost as much as Communism itself — indeed, they made Communism possible. Who gave the Communists 2/3 of the world over a couple of conference tables? Who allowed them to steal and develop the atomic bomb with impunity?
    Who loaned them 80 billion dollars which were never repaid? Who industrialized all the Communist countries?

    It is also because, as somebody has said, “When people are shown a weak horse and a strong horse, by their very nature they prefer the strong one”. It is the yearning for efficacy, for results.
    Of course, it is a delusion.

    1. Assuming that this is true, it is because…

      Our good friend Carlos W. Porter does not know whether the phenomenon in question is real or not, but he already has the reason for it.

      He has just made a breathtaking new contribution to the science of logic… without even realizing it. Bravo, Carlos!

      Welcome to the nut house.

        February 1, 2020 at 5:31 pm

        Borrowing somebody else’s answer to a different question:

        “CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere,,,,, that is 1 part in 2,500

        “Man-made CO2 is about 1/25th of all atmospheric CO2

        “The other 24/25ths is produced by rotting vegetation, wildfires and volcanoes.

        “So man-made CO2 is 1 part in 2,500 X 25 = 62,500

        “1 part in 62,500 is insignificant…”

        Assuming THAT is true, the same is true for admirers of Stalin.

    2. Off Topic (my apologies).
      Carlos W. Porter – Thank you for ‘Requiem For Rhodesia’! I tried to find how to contact you via your website but failed.
      Please note I recently used a large extract from Requiem (with credit and a hyper link back to your site), I hope you approve. How anyone can be even remotely apologetic for Stalin or Communism points to either ignorance or a defective mind.

      1. BUSHWAR KID
        February 9, 2020 at 3:32 pm

        Thanks, you can reproduce any of my files you want. On the internet, that is. Not in book form.
        I deleted my contact info because I had some crazy people pestering me. There are a lot of real nuts running around. The last nut was some Lithuanian woman from Tennessee who accused me of “impersonating” myself.
        Will look at your link.

        1. @ Carlos Porter

          The last nut was some Lithuanian woman from Tennessee who accused me of “impersonating” myself.

          Ha ha! now you are making sense at last! I have long suspected that you are either (a) your own doppelgänger impersonating Carlos W. Porter, or (b) a Lithuanian woman masquerading on the internet as the REAL Mr Porter.

          The game is up, I’m afraid. You’ve been exposed as a charlatan! 🙂

  22. The best test for Truth is Time, but it is not perfect.
    Jews twist history, and language, to manipulate it.
    Testament to their skill is the certitude on this page.
    First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

    1. @Bob in DC

      First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

      Thank you for the tip, Bob. Would you be kind enough to tell us also, how?

      Vladimir Putin has offered a solution to this pressing problem a couple of weeks, but I am afraid you won’t like it.

      The gist of his solution is quite simple and boils down to changing Russia’s military doctrine that will be made possible via some tiny little amendments to the Russian constitution (pay attention, Chief!): Instead of hitting back the neighboring country from where the missile was launched – like Poland, for example – hurl the retaliating missiles to the nerve centers in the country where that decision was made (like DC, for example, where you seem to reside).

      1. Circassian

        Is it technologically possible for a country being attacked by a nuclear missile to turn the missile round and hurl it back, like a bommerang, to the place it was launched from?

        If so, how many nuclear missiles are launched from Washington D.C.? None…. Say they are launched from submarines close to the Russian coast? The Russian coast would then get pounded.

        Just asking out of interest.

    2. BOB IN DC
      BOB, definition for ‘progress’ is ‘elimination of contradictions’.
      “The best test for Truth is Time”
      Yes, this is quite obvious. At first sight. But what does it mean – ‘Truth’? Here is quote by russian poet Alexandr Pushkin “Had people known right meaning of the words, that would have saved them from many delusions”. Let me ask you point-blank question: did you happen to meet any time, anywhere anyone who would say “Listen to me, people, now I will speak lie…”? Fantastic, no? All are truthseekers or truthtellers, but the world is and has been in disarray. How is that possible? Contradiction, no?

      1. BOB IN DC
        Thank you, Bob.
        But you did not give answer to my question. You have given only your interpretation of the word ‘progress’.

      2. BOB IN DC
        “Putin offers no solution to the Jew problem!”
        Bob, have you dropped from the moon? Seems that you do not know the essence of the problem – territory. There were many attempts: the British government one day offered a territiry in Africa, Uganda! And Mr.Herzl, a Jew No.1, agreed…Within the year he was dead, at the age of 44 (his portrait decorates official’s cabinets now)…Comrade Hitler one day suggested solution – Madagascar. Are you not aware? Comrade Stalin took part in solution of this problem. Mountain gave birth to a mouse this time. I mean jewish republic on the Far East. I can submit 3 versions about solution of this problem, which are known and in Harmony, provided you have replied to my question (February 2, 2020 at 1:38 pm).
        P.S.On condition that ADMIN doesn’t find my reply off-topic. (The word ‘Stalin’ mentioned, but ‘tyrant, ‘monster’ or ‘murderer’ – not)

        1. (OFF-TOPIC)

          The one who would know 100% for sure if Stalin was a Jew or not is MEL. If ADMIN had any brains ADMIN would release Mel from Spamblinka. ADMIN wants all the readers to be as Jew-Wise as possible, so what does ADMIN do? ADMIN gets rid of MEL –> The Very One who taught us readers the most about being Jew-Wise. Get rid of the commentator who taught everyone the most about being Jew-Wise while simultaneously saying you want the readers to be as Jew-Wise as possible.

          Get rid of MEL [ a Jew ] and keep Colina [ a Jew ]. Colina the Jew, us readers learn NOTHING about being Jew-Wise from Donaldo. Personally, I like Donaldo. He’s a lot of fun, he’s very entertaining, 🙂 . But he does NOT teach anyone how to be Jew-Wise. Keep Donaldo … Just bring MEL back, that’s all I’m saying.


          Quite a few commentators break Darkmoon’s rules on a regular basis and ADMIN doesn’t ban them. Mel NEVER broke any of Darkmoon’s rules, not even once, and he gets Banned. That does NOT make any sense. What the f*ck is ADMIN’s problem?

          ADMIN: FYI, “Mel” (((Melvin Potatnik))) is not in Spamblinka. He left this site voluntarily when his posts were regularly trashed. This was because Mel was in constant breach of our rules by posting anecdotal material of a sleazy sexual nature. Mel seemed to think, poor fellow, that this was a porn site.

      3. BOB IN DC
        Thank you, Bob. You once again submitted proofs that you dropped from the moon. But I suspect you are not as illiterate as you pretend to be and did that on purpose. So, there is need to check you with the help of the ‘detector of the truth’ selected at your discretion (like romans did).
        “Very shortly after Stalin foolishly let it be known that Jews were to be relocated to the Autonomous Jewish Oblast (Birobidzhan) he was assassinated.”
        Decision to relocate jews to Birobidzhan was passed by Soviet government in May,1928, but first migrants arrived a month in advance, in April. By the beginning of 1936 Birobidzhan’s population grown up to 12 000, including immigrants from US, Argentina, Palestina and so on. Previously jews were offered Crimea and south of Ukraine, but granted with so much privileges comparative with landless local population that riots and pogroms followed. Presently, we have been vitnesses of the second attempt to decide this problem for 5+ years.
        Thank you for the link, I read, reread and pondered over such things many times.
        Well, let them celebrate. Does it disturb you? Aha, this reminded me anecdote about chukchas, which I hadn’t told to the end (February 4, 2020 at 8:26 pm)…young chukcha put aside newspaper and said with alarm in voice:”Honduras disturbes me…” Old one looked puzzled, thought for a while puffing his pipe and uttered at last:”Maybe you should scratch it less?”

    1. i wish there was an english translation
      this is what i’ve been saying on this web site for a while that israel ,according to holy Quran prophesy, will cease to exist after 2022.

  23. Sardonicus

    Think “Dr. Strangelove”, or, “How I Learned to Lerv the Bomb”

    The bomb launched on Russia would be ordered by some nutjob General in the U.S. Upon learning this, the POTUS would then call Putin and be profusely sorry. He would then make up for it by making an offer to Putin to bomb a U.S. city…..even steven….and say hello to doomsday!
    Eeeeeeeehahhhhh! 🤯🤯🤯

    1. Stalin was not a Jew. He was a Georgian.

      Believe what you want.

      Personally, I believe in the tooth fairy, Father Christmas, and that the moon is made of green cheese. 🙂

      1. MB –

        There are Georgian jews! 🙂

        The Jews of Georgia are divided into two groups. Georgian Jews have a 2,600-year history in the region, while the Ashkenazim came to the country during the Russian annexation in the early 19th century. Today, there are approximately 3,000 Jews living in Georgia.
        Georgian-speaking Jewry is one of the oldest surviving Diaspora Jewish communities. The origin of Georgian Jews, also known as Gurjim or Ebraeli, is debated, but some claim they are descendants of the ten tribes exiled by Shalmaneser. Others say the first Jews made their way to southern Georgia after Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E. after first fleeing to Babylonia.

        The first Jews in Western Georgia arrived in the 6th century when the region was ruled by the Byzantine Empire. Approximately 3,000 of these Jews then fled to Eastern Georgia, controlled by the Persians, to escape severe persecution by the Byzantines. The existence of the Jews in these regions during this period is supported by archaeological evidence showing that Jews lived in Mtzheta, the ancient capital of the East Georgian state of Kartli.

        1. I am well aware there are Georgian Jews, but how does this make Stalin a Jew? There are far more non-Jewish Georgians than there are Jewish Georgians.

          Anyway, Circassian, who appears to be an expert on this subject, tells us that Stalin was neither a Jew nor a Georgian but an Ossetian. It doesn’t really matter whether he was a Georgian or an Ossetian — a mere technical detail. What matters above all is to avoid the mistake of calling him a JEW, since this muddies the waters and is part of an overarching antisemitic conspiracy theory, if not an anti-Stalin conspiracy theory.

      2. MB –

        Everywhere are the jews!!!
        There are Ossetian jews, toooo!! 🙂

        The history of the Jews in South Ossetia is connected to the history of the Jews in Georgia. Much of the early Jewish history in South Ossetia is similar to that of other Jewish communities in the Georgian region. At the same time, the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali was known for its sizable Georgian Jewish population, where the community had its own quarter.

        —Modern history—
        In 1891, an Ashkenazi rabbi Avraham Khvolis moved to Tskhinvali from Lithuania. In Tskhinvali, Khvolis founded a school and synagogue, and he taught European rabbinical thought to Georgian Jews. Today, the synagogue Khvolis founded sits abandoned on a desolate street with what appears to be a hole from an artillery shell in its facade. On Sundays, Baptist services are held there.

        According to the Soviet censuses of 1926 and 1939 there were about 2000 Jews in South Ossetia, all but a few in Tskhinvali. As late as 1926 almost a third of the town’s inhabitants were Jews. Their number declined later as… **they moved to bigger cities of Soviet Union… (with Stalin 🙂 )…. or emigrated to Israel or other countries.

        Most of the Jewish population fled South Ossetia for Israel and Georgia proper during the First Ossetian War in 1991. The remainder fled in advance of the 2008 war.

        Today, only one Jew remains in South Ossetia, a single elderly woman living in Tskhinvali.

    2. @R

      You believe that Stalin was a Jew. Sardonicus – among many others – believe that Stalin was a Georgian.

      Neither is true. Stalin was an Ossetian and this is a medical fact.

      Let me explain. Joseph Stalin had two sons and one daughter – Yakov Dzhugashvili (1907-1943) from the first marriage, Vasily Stalin(1921-1962) and Svetlana Alliluyeva (1926-2011) from the second marriage.

      Vasily Stalin and his first wife Galina Burdonskaya (he was married four times by the way) had a son Alexander Burdonsky (1941 – 2017) and a daughter Nadezhda Stalina (1943-1999).

      At some point Alexander Burdonsky got sick to the stomach of the unending flow of sons of bitches each claiming that he is an illegitimate son of his grandfather Joseph Stalin, and he agreed to submit a DNA test to put an end to the defamation of Stalin’s name once and for all.

      The results of Burdonsky’s DNA test has been analyzed by one Anatole Klyosov:

      I’ll give you Klyosov’s final conclusion with all the details (and the reference to the source in Russian) as soon as I translate it.

      1. A dna test is all very good providing the dna was taken from the right person and providing the results that come back are from the same person…..since we don’t know this then it can hardly be claimed it is proof that stalin was not a jew.

      2. @ Circassian

        I don’t know why we are quibbling about whether Stalin was Georgian or Ossetian when it appears that he was Georgian on his mothers’s side and Ossetian on his father’s side. This is what a Russian authority says about his ethnicity and I’m wondering whether you agree with it:

        JOSEPH STALIN was born on December 21, 1879 in Gori, Georgia, a province of the Russian Empire located in the Caucus Mountains. Although his father, Vissarion Dzugashvili was said to be of Ossetian descent, a cobbler by trade, and his mother, Yekaterina, a house servant, was a Georgian, Stalin always claimed to be a Georgian and carried the Georgian accent all his life.

        Note: there is no doubt her that he was a Georgian and some doubt expressed that he was an Ossetian. It says here that he was definitely Georgian on his mother’s side, but of his father we are told that he “was SAID to be of Ossetian descent.” Note the difference. It doesn’t say his father WAS Ossetian; it says that he was SAID to be Ossetian, i.e. rumoured to be Ossetian. Anyway, Stalin himself claimed to be Georgian and spoke with a Georgian accent, so why do you have a problem calling him a Georgian? Why not call him what he called himself? After all, his mother was Georgian.

      3. Answering a question by a commenter to the article What does DNA Genealogy Say About Caucasians? by Prof. Klyosov (

        And to which branch of the subclade G2a does Stalin belong? And why is he Ossetian, not Georgian?

        Prof. Klyosov says (

        I.V. Stalin belongs to subclade G2a1a1-P18, which is typical of Georgians and Ossetians, see article above. Its 67-marker haplotype is as follows:

        14 23 15 9 15 16 11 12 11 11 10 28 – 17 9 9 11 11 25 16 21 28 13 13 14 14 – 11 11 19 21 15 15 16 18 37 38 13 9 – 11 8 15 16 8 11 10 8 12 10 12 21 22 14 10 12 12 15 8 13 21 22 15 13 11 13 10 11 11 13

        Compare this to the basic (ancestral) haplotype of the young Ossetian branch, which is given in the article above:

        14 23 15 9 15 17 11 12 11 11 10 28 – 17 9 9 12 11 25 16 21 28 13 13 14 14 – 11 11 19 21 15 15 16 18 37 38 12 9 – 11 8 15 16 8 11 10 8 12 10 12 21 22 14 10 12 12 15 8 13 21 22 15 13 11 13 10 11 11 13

        The difference is only three mutations, despite the fact that the average deviation of all haplotypes of this branch from the ancestral haplotype is 5.6 mutations. The haplotype of I. Stalin sits on a tree of 67-marker haplotypes in its branch, surrounded by the haplotypes of North Ossetia, not a single Georgian haplotype is there. The average deviation in the branch by 5.6 mutations corresponds to 5.6 / 0.12 = 47 → 50 conditional generations (25 years each), i.e. 1250 ± 175 years to the common ancestor of the branch (0.12 is the mutation rate constant for 67-marker haplotypes, expressed as the number of mutations haplotype for 25 years, arrow stands for tabular adjustment for recurrent mutations).

        Pay attention to the calculation of the lifetime of the common ancestor of the Ossetian branch in the article above, which gave 1375 ± 210 years to the common ancestor (calculation by 111-marker haplotypes).

        Since these two time intervals [i.e. 1250 ± 175 and 1375 ± 210] intersect, the conclusion above is well established.

        BTW, I have a Certificate of my DNA testing carried out through fragmentary analysis Y chromosomes on 18 STR markers and SNP studies (haplogroup and 18-marker haplotype) at the Moscow DNA Genealogy Laboratory (Association “DNA Genealogy Academy”), which determined my Y-haplogroup to be G2a-P15.

        This was no surprise to me for the haplogroup G2a is even more common among all 12 tribes of Circassians than among the two major tribes of Ossetians.

  24. Intelligence service reported one day:
    -Comrade Lobro, in city N we found a man looking like You: the same height and face, especially moustache.
    -Comrade Lobro, maybe to shave him?
    -(Lobro puffed his pipe) mozhno i tak/that’s one way.

    1. Nikolay, the metzkal seyaret death squad water carrier.

      it does look like Mossad has me under physical observation, because the details are correct.
      Which can mean only one thing:
      you are scared of me.
      Is it because everything that i said is 100% the truth, and what is more frightening to the Devil-spawn than the truth?

      And let me tell you this: i am not afraid of you and your reptilian race, you can eliminate me physically, from behind my back, too yiddish to face me head-on.
      but you will never eliminate my defiance, my faith and the truth.
      the truth condemns you just as it sets me free.

      this should be noted by all those who had done me so wrong, who in their hateful, sycophantic cowardice took so much pleasure in calumniating an innocent man, a messenger who merely delivered the message.

      (I will capture this screen and send to the sites that are not shy to report the honest facts and if it reinforces the truth that I speak, my passage from this world will have been worth it)

    2. Nikolay, I want you to understand something, actually 3-4 things.
      First, it seems that I have misunderstood you, and for this, sincere apology. You do have a sense of humor and I do have a sense of honor, and fairness which won’t let me rest until the wrong is remedied, balance restored.
      Otherwise I never would have responded to your comment(s), these kinds of exchanges are incredibly wearying to me and a sinful waste of time, I have so many more worthwhile, fulfilling and satisfying pursuits awaiting.

      Now, as to this thing called Sardonicus, you can either accept that over the years, this wad of inchoate hatefulness has traduced me literally hundreds of times, and not just me but many others, fancying himself the site’s enforcer whether so appointed or not.
      He breathes ad-hominem, inhales regular air, exhales ad-hominem in environmentally destructive quantities, and occasionally when sensing that the site managers opinion may veer from his, will instantaneously and shamelessly assume a sickeningly ingratiating air of false bonhomie, only long enough to ensure that the coast is clear to resume the comfort zone of ad-hominem. Just look at this thread, I need to say no more.
      As important as truth is to me, the notion fills him with dread and this is why he has isolated me as a particular target and will recruit as many like-minded creatures to dogpile on me every time he gets a chance.

      So put yourself in my position momentarily, Nikolay to gain my perspective.
      I used to enjoy life at Darkmoon but no longer do, without further comment.
      I delivered a certain truth, much to discomfort of numerous commentators as well as site’s management, and I am always ready to supply arguments and evidence in defense of my position, to which the ONLY replies I ever received were obscenities of the most revolting kind, easy to go back to the thread and verify, I suppose this is the best they can do, so be it, these profanities speak volumes about them and none about me.

      Now, start at the top of the article and count the contributors until you come to Number 11: FRANKLIN RYCKAERT, EMMA K, BROWNHAWK, SAKI, BROWNHAWK, COBBER, PETER, COBBER, THALIN, EMMA K (edited for brevity, with ad hominem obscenities removed), and then you come to this one SAKI—please pay close attention, the centerpiece of my post–where he literally says this:
      By the way, it was Solzhenitsyn who claimed that the Stalin regime killed 66 million people, so it’s hard to see how Lobro can defend Stalin.
      Do you see it? Saki asserts with absolute, unwavering certainty, 100% supported by Sardonicus, Emma K, BROWNHAWK, COBBER, PETER, THALIN and I would presume the bulk of the site’s owners and administrators, that Solzhenitsyn established beyond the slightest shadow of doubt that STALIN WAS BEHIND THE MURDER OF 66 MILLION PEOPLE and that I am fully deserving of gallons upon gallons of venom poured out over me for daring to question this.
      Now Nikolay and maybe 2 more readers with sufficient presence of mind, please look at the graphic image directly beneath this line of Saki’s (Solzhenitsyn’s photo with text on the right), where it says, I would think rather clearly that blood-maddened JEWISH TERRORISTS had murdered 66 million victims in Russia.
      Is that clear? To you, I don’t mean the 99% of the rest, who are completely unable to see it and understand its meaning, namely that according to their own divine icon, it wasn’t Stalin that killed 66 million Russian Christians, it was JEWISH TERRORISTS who killed 66 million Russian Christians, and I am C-sucker (screamed at the top of their lungs dozens of times) for daring to point that out.
      So what would be my mindset when you (jokingly, as I accept now) refer to my liquidation, given that
      a) I dared speak the truth even more devastating to Jew than mere Holocaust denial, and that
      b) You brought out some uncanny biographical detail about me (city “N” and that I have mustache and beard), given that
      c) I am easily identified in a racially different environment, being the sole specimen of my kind, a stranger in a strange land as it were, and that
      d) I live a solitary life of a recluse in an isolated cabin in the woods.
      And all of a sudden, I get this rather sinister sounding warning that Jew knows where I am, what I look like and is gloating about my coming liquidation—were it to happen, I can think of a few here would be buying drinks to all the assembled.
      I understand that it was not your intention but it certainly looked that way to me at the time (my reply was instantly dumped down the hole, since I am and have been for some years persona non grata).

      Incidentally, my “article” (just an ordinary casual post) trying to set the record straight on Stalin was picked up by another website and ignited massive interest among people who suspected that something seriously stinks (Foetor Judaicus, the Romans called it) in the Steven Spielberg version of Stalin’s impact.
      So, the reprint of my comment elicited over 6,000 reads and almost 700 comments.
      I may not know much about poetry but do recognize poetic justice when I see it.
      Peace, Nikolay (or is it “MIR”)

  25. Good evening, Lobro!
    Es freut mich sehr Ihre ‘Fulkmeldung’ zu empfangen. Laughed heartily reading your ‘wireless message’, thank you very much.
    Verily, looking at the same different people see different. My appreciation of your article (originally submitted as comment) see later in my probable response to someone else. I suspect you are not quite sincere and wrote your ‘message’ being under ‘influence’ to put it mildly. Much fantasy needed to turn friendly joke into mortal offence. This can make hens laughing. But this way or that as a reward for your anxiety let me tell you Soviet (bygone) era anecdote. I hope you will not see it as encroachment on your life.
    Two chukchas sit on the Arctic Ocean’s shore. One of them young and educated, recently returned from Moscow, reading newspaper. Second, old and stupid, puffing his pipe. More later. If you wish.

    1. @ Nikolay

      No point trying to appease “Lobro” with kind words. The man is too dimwitted to realize that you were indulging in friendly banter with him and that a previous comment of yours had actually contained the complimentary words “LONG LIVE LOBRO!” 🙂

      1. SAKI
        Thank you for reply, Saki. I read all your comments and discovered that you have russian ansestors. But dwell elsewhere. I also live not on the land of my ansestors, and my mother, while visited with my family some 40 years ago sighed one day:”It is not our land…” So, we have somethng in common. Apart from this I have much in common with the fate of Russia. And I often listen to this music – longing for homeland music starts at 1:20. Maybe you will find it good also. There was more impressive accordeon performance by latvian russian, brilliant, never seen/never heard before, but it suddenly disappeared and I picked up next, played on simple and old russian garmoshka. Your reply coincided with ‘turning point’. Time has come to leave and I would like to ask you several questions;1) Why in your opinion Solzhenitsyn got 8 years of GULAG for his letter from front line and he, who received that letter – 10 years? 2) Are you sure that all you know about Russia and Stalin is reliable and sufficient? Much talking about millions. Doesn’t it embarrass you? Each million starts with unit of measure – 1(one). Million dead people result from indifference to one human life – to shave or to kill – doesn’t matter. 3) Why don’t you agree with Plato and Karl Marx that people do not rule – rule ideas which took posession of masses. Proofs are not sufficient? One man, whatever monster and murderer, cannot create catastrophe of such scale. Only masses, big masses. Lead by insane idea. More later. If permitted.
        Sign my true name, which correponds with my personal story (like Nicholas the Second, but still alive and kicking).
        Stay well. (To be on the safe side.)

    2. @ Nikolay

      More later. If you wish.

      No. No more off-topic chatroom trivia will be tolerated. We are here to discuss Stalin, not to enable you to make Lobro the center of attention. All further efforts by you and Lobro to make Lobro the focus of attention will fail. Your comments are now being monitored to prevent you from creating these irritating distractions. If you object to this, you can leave.

      I repeat: we are not a chatroom.

  26. A wave of nausea usually sweeps over me when I come across Communist worship or the denial of its insidious and psychopathic viciousness.
    Before Stalin died he helped start the “liberation” of Africa by Communist nations and well funded and trained terrorist gangs. The terrorists were cowards, they struck isolated villagers and farmers, tortured and murdered them, then ran away. This is Stalin’s legacy and it came to Rhodesia.
    Communism was created out of Loxism, its goal is clearly the destruction of ethnic-Europeans and Western civilization. Its weapons are the subjugated, the brainwashed and the unhinged; including the Chinese and ethnic-European sympathizers.

    February 9, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    “…Communism was created out of Loxism…”
    What is Loxism? Is that Lox as with bagels?

    That was a beautiful page you did about Rhodesia.
    Thanks for the plug.

    About that Lithuanian woman, I expected her to get back to me and say, “I’m sorry, when I miss my meds I get like that”, in which case I would have said, “OK, no harm done”. But she didn’t. Just more accusations.

    She said she was going to send hard copies of all my messages to the person I was impersonating. Of course, I never received anything. Some of these nut cases are dangerous.

    I take my hat off to you if you fought in the bush wars.

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