The Biggest Lie in Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Address

By Jackie Mogensen
Information Clearing House
March 12, 2020

“The president said we’re “more prepared” than any other country. No, we’re not.”

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump announced that he would restrict travel from Europe—excluding the United Kingdom—beginning on Friday, for the next 30 days. “Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing,” he said.

The president also attempted to reassure the country by saying the United States is “more prepared” to fight the pandemic than any other nation. “The virus will not have a chance against us,” he said.

Public health officials beg to differ.

Our hospitals, experts say, are severely underprepared for the expected number of coronavirus cases. According to biologist Liz Specht, writing in STAT, the United States has about 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 people, and if 10 percent of coronaviruses cases require hospitalization, beds will be at capacity by early- to mid-May.

On top of that, as my colleagues Will Peischel and Jessica Washington reported last week, in 2018 Trump cut most of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s funding for fighting pandemics. That same year, the head of the National Security Council’s global pandemic team left his post, followed shortly after by the entire team. The positions remain empty.

Trump has also been criticized for his slow response to the coronavirus outbreak, and for his efforts to downplay the risk associated with it. In one memorable moment last week, Trump appeared to suggest that he didn’t want passengers trapped aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship, some of whom had become infected with the virus, off the coast of San Francisco to come ashore because it would make him look bad: “I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault,” he said.

He has also compared COVID-19 to “the regular flu,” suggesting the flu was more dangerous than the coronavirus. Indeed, the flu kills tens of thousands of people every year, but the coronavirus’ estimated mortality rate is higher than the flu, suggesting that a large-scale coronavirus outbreak in the United States would be very bad.

It’s not even certain Trump’s travel restriction will be effective, now that we’re dealing with a global pandemic. Last month, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNBC, “When it was focused only on China, we had a period of time, temporary, that we could do a travel restriction that prevented cases from coming into the US.” He added, “When you have multiple countries involved, it’s very difficult to do; in fact, it’s almost impossible.”

Watch Trump’s remarks:

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58 thoughts to “The Biggest Lie in Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Address”

  1. Some of you just can’t help but panic, and you hate Trump for trying to calm it. Accept the fact that “shit happens”, and deal with it calmly and deliberately. There are some things against which no guarantees can be honestly issued by anyone except God Himself.

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly
      @ Hp

      Wait until you’re in wheelchairs.

      Then perhaps you’ll start telling others that most people are NOT in wheelchairs just yet — like you — and that life’s just great. “NO NEED TO PANIC! I AM OK, SO EVERYONE IS OK!” Yours is the wisdom of the unimaginative, the selfish, and the totally lacking in empathy. And yet both of you pride yourself on your superior intellects and spurious “wisdom”. Complacent imbeciles who would benefit from some suffering of your own.

      You are like the man you praise, the orange-haired Locker Room Boy who is helping Netanyahu to CRIPPLE CHILDREN IN PALESTINE. You are heartless brutes who only squeal with pain when your own balls are in the nutcracker.

      1. Quasi –

        I DO have empathy for the less fortunate, but I do NOT suffer fools! Neither do I condone the constant chickenshit “sky is falling!” sorts. Imagine yourself a president of the United States… Would you want to condition your people into panic mode, or would you try to keep them calm?? Whatever Trump knows, it is probably a weighty matter, and I admire his energy and effort to soothe the masses. Palestine is not my country. America is. Israhell is not my country, either, and is the only bone of contention I have with Mr. Trump.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly,

          Thank you for your admirably polite response. I spoke too soon. I am glad that you are against Trump’s cruelty toward the Palestinians but cannot understand how you can be happy with such a cruel man as your president. You remind me of those ancient Romans who backed the evil emperors Nero and Caligula by saying, “At least they’re Romans, not barbarians.”

          A bad man is a bad man, Gilbert. You shouldn’t put up with him just because he’s a white American. The serial killer Ted Bundy was a white American too. Would you back a cruel bastard like that as your president just because he’s a white American?

          I assure you, Bundy was better-looking than Trump! 🙂

      2. Quasi, would you rather I was right or you? Would you rather half the world suffer and die from the virus or have the virus turn out to be (another) the world is going to end false alarm?

        Projecting your insufficiencies onto me or Gilbert or anyone else is just that. I have my own shortcomings to struggle through without self righteous knee-jerkers trying to force theirs onto me in addition. Giving thanks for your own empathy and virtues instead of finding a lack of same in others might help you with your real and imagined angst and suffering.

        So no thank you, I decline to accept your judgement.

        1. @ Hp

          I have nothing personal against you. I simply accuse you of lack of empathy. You make light of other people’s sufferings just because everything seems OK in your own neck of the woods. The world is on fire while you hum sweet mantras to yourself, oblivious of the screams from the slaughterhouse down the road.

          I’m not lecturing you. I wouldn’t presume. Just trying to plead with you to be more humane and compassionate. You back a president who is a cruel bastard and who is helping to genocide the Palestinians. Don’t you have the moral fiber to disown this bastard and see his election as a travesty of democracy?

          Anyway, go in peace. I have no right to lecture you. In your own eyes, you are doubtless a blameless sage.

      3. Quasi, you know only a small part, a fraction of what I’ve known, know, have felt and feel.
        J’ accuser, accuse thyself!
        And don’t spare the quasi (backhanded) rationalizations. Oh, and go in peace..

      4. Homer –

        Quasi is testing you. You know them.
        They have tested me before. Have fun with them! 🙂

  2. No matter how you slice it, look for two things to come outta this latest “order out of chaos” scenario
    1) The total end of paper money, per the Federal Reserve System’s funny money. Plastic bank and food cards only for the masses
    2) Medical ID cards showing proof of Covid and other mandated vaccinations. Not having those will be prohibitive for those who want to be involved in what is a completely onerous medical establishment and purveyor of this death culture

  3. This is another Jewish revolution, you can say bye bye to “democracy.”
    They weren’t even bothering to pretend very well these days.

    1. “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
      – H.L. Mencken (1926)

      They weren’t even bothering to pretend in those days.

    2. True “Democracy” in the Athenian sense has never existed in the United States. The people get a say on nothing. The American people elect crooks that do as they please, then they go back to watching the baseball. The Athenians voted on all affairs of the state, no matter how trivial.
      American politics is closer to the oligarchy of Sparta if anything – only without the übermensch.

      1. Jay –

        The US and every other established country are oligarchies – ruled by a few – even the Crown has ministers and advisers. There are over 100 ‘republics’ today. They are best described as monopolistic capitalistic oligarchies.

        Here are some of the most recently formed Republics:
        Republic of Kosovo (since 17 February 2008)
        Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (since 28 May 2008)
        United Federated States of Bangsamoro Republik (27 July 2013-28 September 2013)
        Autonomous Republic of Crimea (2014)
        Donetsk People’s Republic.svg Donetsk People’s Republic (since 12 May 2014)
        Lugansk People’s Republic.svg Lugansk People’s Republic (since 12 May 2014)
        Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons.svg Federal Republic of Ambazonia (since 1 October 2017)
        Catalonia Catalan Republic (10 October 2017)

        See ALL:

  4. Trump’s biggest lie was one of omission….. he did not tell this former Marine’s story, and the reason for the travel ban. This 5 minut video would also explain why they put COVID-19 in Iran more than other countries:

    Eliminating migration from Arab nations like Iran… by spreading the COVID-19 fears to implement travel bans here and in Europe, sounds like a much better reason than all of that 5G hype and other guesses from fear porn pundits.

    I want those bans to be PERMANENT!


    See…. the Hegelian method got me!! I would not have been OK with this without the COVID-19 scare. 🙂

      1. Pat always rode on the Strawman Argument train and he always had a good time riding that train so I’m surprised he’s now riding on the Hegelian train. Will wonders never cease, 🙂 .

      2. Yeah, B-Hawk & TROJ –

        This Hegelian train is “BIGGLY” faster with better screening, so it has NO coronavirus subjects as passengers!!

        It makes a stop at Chattahoochee too. 🙂

    1. Pat
      Your “Problem-Reaction-Solution” guess may only be wishful thinking. But it’s virtually certain that some form or forms of the dialectic applies, and whatever it is, you can bet your bottom dollar that instilling fear is the intent behind it

  5. “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a country run by Jews”

    — Ezra Pound

    I’m sure it goes without saying that Ezra would include the United States as well

    1. Certainly! Pound recorded over a hundred broadcasts criticizing the United States, Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s family and the jews!! For that… in 1943 Pound was indicted in absentia for treason.

  6. Gilby, in your patriotic fervour you declare that Israel is “not your country.”
    Yeah, but ya country is run by Israel. I’m in Australia, but I can rattle off the top of my head over 50 dual citizen Israelis that dominate the American administration. And I can match that and more with Hollywood, medicine, the judiciary, education, etc.
    You cannot seem to understand that your collapsing, highly corrupt nation is a Jewocracy.
    in fact, I would go as far to say that 99% of Americans are Jewish infiltrated and think like Jews, including yourself at times. You are all totally immersed in the confusion and chaos of the Hegelian dialectic, which your Jewish masters have imposed upon you. Therefore, most of you have been driven insane, like Biden and Pelosi and even Donald.
    Thousands of years of human evolution and for leaders you choose dumb ass scum like them! The West’s former flagship is diseased and morbidly sick and full of useful idiot patriots with squirrel guns. Opiate addiction is out of control in the USA which explains why the rest of the world sees Americans as utter nut cases. I would advise you to watch Brother Nathanael Kapner’s video, titled “The Explanation.”

    1. You’re not telling me anything I don’t know, Maxy. I just happen to be American, and am thankful for what privileges I’ve had in this life. I’ve seen America lose a lot, and I want it BACK. Can you blame me for wanting to keep it??
      I certainly resent the way our government has behaved internationally, but I have eternal hope that conduct will improve. I’m not privy to many “state secrets”, but am well-connected enough to know they’re difficult to deal with. I can’t blame some mid-easterners for hating us, but I CAN oppose their drifting into my own country with their animosity. I’d just as soon leave Israhell to fend for itself, but I DON’T know what kind of gun they hold on Mr. Trump’s head. Anyhow, please don’t accuse me of liking it! What, exactly, would you suggest I do about it??

      1. Hi Gilby, fair enough. …… But. I do think men like Kaminski and Kapner are correct in their summations. The USA is dripping wet in Zionist-Communist- Jewish money POWER control. The vile Jews need to be exposed and then deported to an Israel that observes the 1948 international boundaries. The Jewish money source, the Fed, must be closed and a new reserve run by Anglos, free of the evil City, must take over. However, sadly and corruptly the 1948 boundaries were highly prejudiced in the Jews’ favour, with the majority Arab-Semites getting the harsher areas and 25% less land. And then there is the biblical injunction that God only bequeathed the Judeans the much smaller land area of the original, land-locked Judah. God did not grant them the right to a Greater Israel. The USA along with Israel is openly stealing Iraq’s, Syria’s and Kuwait’s oil, which is a criminal act, along with attacking the sovereign nation of Syria. Of course, your American Jewocracy is firmly in charge. And, today’s Jewish power mongers are not Semites, but a Caucasian/Eastern European, Turkic people who have no rights to so called ancestral lands in Palestine. Tis all about the black gold, as Alan Greenspan said……

    1. Your logic is at fault. You are assuming that everyone is “healthy”. Why? In fact, most of the people who die are vulnerable older people. And they do experience horrendous symptoms before they die.

      Aren’t you aware, you pathetic cretin, that people are dying IN THEIR THOUSANDS? And they cannot die in their thousands if they had “no symptoms at all.”

      It is people like you, with our “omniscient” ignorance, who bring this site into disrepute. You need a good thrashing for spreading these dangerous lies. I agree with Quasimodo that you are a smug little c**t.

  7. “You are assuming that everyone is healthy” Huh?
    I didn’t say any such thing, did I? You’re assuming for me, again.

    Twas the author of the article who said “The healthy” Even he didn’t say ‘everyone is healthy’. So you’re wrong twice right on the get-go with your amateur sophistry/slander. What’s wrong with you, among a couple of others who not only live to find fault but who also feel a need to make it up as you go. Even going so far as to pull is out of your ass!

    Are you really that lame and insecure you need to lie and slander anyone with a dissenting position! And one with facts and statistics not merely knee jerking emotional boohoohoo.
    Sheesh, and you have the gall to talk about (lol) logic..

    1. @ Hp

      Maybe you need to write clearer English. You tend to write in coded language. I hate obscurantist prose. You are the very opposite of Mencken whom you quote so often. His prose has clarity. Why don’t you copy his crisp and clear style? Most of your comments need decoding. This is because one is never quite sure what you are saying. Try harder to be comprehensible, OK? 🙂

      1. I have a better idea, not so Silent Reader. How bout YOU try harder at COMPREHENDING, and stop being so annoying😝

        1. Brownhawk,

          Silent Reader forgot to mention you. Hp’s prose, which Silent Reader described as “obscurantist” and which needed “decoding”, is crystal clear compared to your prose. With strenuous effort, one can unravel the mysteries of Hp’s prose and then one is surprised by its underlying wit and wisdom. But it takes much digging for.

          In your case, alas, one does not have this pleasure. Your prose is totally opaque, surrounded by layers of pretentious verbiage that make it incomprehensible. Even the self-proclaimed genius Pat must have difficulties understanding a fraction of your “oeuvre”. Your entire output is water vapor surrounded by mist surrounded by fog! This is just as well. You are very clever to cultivate such classy obscurantism, putting you into the front rank of pseudo-philosophers like Derrida and Lacan.

          Well done! I look forward to your next incomprehensible comment. 🙂

      2. Quasi –

        “Even the self-proclaimed genius Pat must have difficulties…”

        Nice try, but you missed the whole barn side.

        Please copy & paste the comment where I proclaimed to be genius!!

        Until then, I consider you QUASI-literate, my dear character impersonator!! 🙂 🙂

        1. Pat,

          Good try! No point trying to convince me you are non-omniscient. I know that you know that you have pretty much mastered vast amounts of abstruse knowledge … knowledge little known to others. You should accept this as a compliment. Anyway, you a know a damn sight more than most other people on this site, including me. And that’s a fact.

      3. Quasi
        The fact that you call me out at ALL shows an insecurity of yours by feeling the need for putting me down because of what you can’t understand. There’s no way around how abstract thought can be expressed in words. It just goes with the territory. Besides, it’s not like EVERYTHING I write is perceived as “gibberish” to those who don’t happen to have my “bent” of thought when I go on my abstract binges.

        My advice is to leave it alone and don’t show your arrogance, which is only a disguise for fear, anyway. Didn’t your mother tell you to hold yer tongue if you’ve got nothing good to say about anyone? It’s a lesson that I’m still learning, and one that I highly recommend for all but (((those))) who’ve shown themselves to not be deserving of it.

        1. Relax, dear Brownhawk. I actually enjoy reading your posts. They are hard to understand, but as you rightly point out: the fault is mine for not having greater comprehension skills. I will try harder to understand the workings of your very complex mind. Your comments have the merit of being stimulating, like comments made by the Sphinx. 🙂

      4. “Beep beep beep beep”. Is that the sound of backing up, Quasi? But no matter, I’ll accept your compliments nonetheless. But remember, I’m not pretentious. Coming across like that to some is unavoidable, I suppose. As I’ve said numerous times, all I’m interested in is being a thought-provoker, for whatever that’s worth to whomever that may hold value 🙂

    1. Brownhawk rides on the Smoke-and-Mirror train as he’s a Red Skin so his mother tongue is smoke signals, :).

      1. TROJ –

        “…mother tongue is smoke signals.”

        What a HOOT!!! 💥 😜
        That’s the most hilarious comment I EVER read here!! 😜 😜

        No electricity or antennae needed to speak long distances either!!
        Toss the ham radios too!!

      2. Pat…….
        Him hilarious to Indian sometimes
        Him see smoke
        But don’t see signals
        Him come to powwow
        Him hear many drums
        Him know many things ⏳⌛

  8. Australia’s Foreign Minister, Peter Dutton, has made a speedy recovery from covid19, which he likened to the common cold. Of course, that is really all it is, with less than 3,000 worldwide fatalities during the same time the flu has taken over 85,000 lives worldwide. Yet the panic continues with more and more brawls in Oz supermarkets and panic buying of other products. My commune produced, ecological toilet paper, manufactured from paper bark trees and eucalyptus scents is selling well in northern Queensland. My eucalyptus distillery plant is working full bore and I’m selling huge amounts in tiny bottles. Eucalyptus is sure to kill the virus if sniffed regularly and is better than hydrogen peroxide. Like the Jews, in my small Anglo ways, I make money during crises.

  9. Mr Hunchback, so you reckon Brownhawk’s prose is “totally opaque” and “incomprehensible”? I have no trouble diciphering the Redmans’ language and find it makes great common sense. You simply need cultural sensitivity training and you will realise the Redman uses language in a different way. Behind their verbiage is the hidden power of the great tomahawk which will reassert itself when the Jews have totally collapsed Western civilisation. I am a rainforest man and warrior myself and harken back to my Celtic ancestry by regularly using axe and long bow. Us warriors of the planet are primed to go and await the incoming collapse with a certain amount of eagerness. Give me anything but the current evil farce where weak monsters like Pelosi and Biden run the show. Can you imagine how long they would last in a final survival situation?

    1. LOOK!! The old ‘Maximum Baloney’ has returned.. 🙂

      “I am a rainforest man and warrior myself and harken back to my Celtic ancestry by regularly using axe and long bow. Us warriors of the planet are primed to go and await the incoming collapse with a certain amount of eagerness.”

      Soon you will be reverting back to bragging about your 10″ peninsula south of your belt-line and how you “LERV” to have voluptuous young jewesses, on your $10 million yacht!! 💥 😜

      1. I think our Max has turned over a new leaf, and I don’t mean FIG leaf….then again, he IS in a rain forest, so make it a loin cloth 😁

  10. Regardless, of what Trump knows or does not know, in this kind of probable national health crisis, Trump is damned if he does something and damned if he does not enough or even damned if he does too much (damned if you do, damned if you don’t – like between a Rock and a Hard place). So in that way the leaderless feuding Demonrats are the winners. But can they win: only if Trump royally fumbles the Health crisis and the Economy tanks! Blame Trump or Coronavirus, but not the Crooked Rothschild Central Banksters.

    As for the Demonrats – whether a senile demented child creepy geriatric crook that passes (under the table) money around to family members Biden OR self-hating Jew socialist that dislikes Israel, but wants an eventual Bolshevik revolution geezer (old fart) Sanders, who the DNC powerbrokers are trying to remove in favour of Biden, so that a centrist war-mongering (MIIC), deep state type Israel friendly person becomes President. The President is (s)elected. Then even if Biden is nominated or wins in November 2020, an alternate candidate/VP like Michelle Obama or Hillary ( God forbid) becomes President because Biden suddenly is too sick/has diagnosed dementia or even dies, the VP becomes President. Dreadful thought! Trump is still the better choice of a BAD lot (crooked lying frontmen Politicians).

    As for the USA/Canada Coronavirus Health crisis, the country that is handling this situation (whether you think Hoax/False Flag or real pandemic/bio-engineered weapon (as I do, an under-employed Microbiologist)) the best and most effectively is Taiwan. Luckily Taiwan is a small country and can go to a Medical Martial Law situation easily. Canada and America – not so much! Taiwan is following a JAMA-CDC type guideline and protocol/procedure that is working very well. JAMA-CDC is Journal of American Medical Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Strangely enough America is not following its own expertise!!! Plausible deniability for ineptitude and mistakes. Purposeful or by Design, either way works! The JAMA-CDC guidelines are as follows:


    This comes from a Business Insider Magazine article/website:

    Sorry, did NOT know links were so long (text-wise)!! On the lighter side: checkout British comedy, Yes Minister/Prime Minister about political talk about Democracy and Israel (1980s style – Margaret Thatcher / Ronald Reagan era: 2 clips: AND

    Hope you enjoy it! In the mean time practice good hygiene, social-distance, find a face shield, latex or nitrile gloves and a N95 mask, self-isolate for 15 – 28 days, if you fell cold/flu symptoms and depending on its severity. But most of all remain calm, cool, collected and rational. Just common sense , medically speaking! And if you feel the need, buy food, water and yes toilet paper in larger quantities good enough for not just a 72 hour emergency/ disaster plan scenario but for up to 30 days.
    PS: Do this gradually, NOT all at once!

  11. ok well how about this then – insight is the 5G causes physical symptoms, kinda like the flu, right? might even be intended as a bio-weapon… From Deagel and DARPA…
    the new virus jumped up right at the same time and in the same area where they kicked on the 5G in China…
    major runs on toilet paper everywhere (no pun intended).. it’s all gone from my supermarket…
    is it possible the 5G screws with the GI Tract, digestion, process of peristalsis?
    are we seeing an increase as well in the many possible kinds of GI Tract problems?
    because if we are, that’s going to be harder to explain or write off as some new contagion…
    i don’t think ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ is contagious…
    how much is there to this idea that intense radiation eventually screws with the metabolism, perhaps in many more ways than we imagine so far?

  12. Hey Max,
    Do not forget that poor old Australia has a jew as treasurer, a position that often leads to Prime Ministership. Also there is a jew on the High Court.

    I would say that Australia is behind USA in the jewed-over stakes, but we will catch up soon.

  13. Using 9/11 as a kind of template……………….is it possible that China was ‘attacked’ by the ramping up or maybe ‘hacking’ of the Huawei infrastructure in Huban? I find this idea more convincing than some ‘bio-weapon release’. I have said before I am skeptical about the ability of a virus on it’s own to cause any disease, I see no reason to think an altered virus could suddenly turn into such a dangerous weapon. Also being ‘biological’ it would inherently be uncontrollable and it’s effects impossible to predict. I don’t believe the powers that shouldn’t be operate like that at all
    Electronic weapons by contrast are very controllable and can be turned on or off by those who control the switches. The PTSB (powers that shouldn’t be) must know that wireless radiation is dangerous and we have been bathed in it for a long time now. But many experts see 5G as a very big leap forward in terms of danger. However that does not stop them pushing it and in China it is about to or going ‘live’ in late 2019. However there is great power competition still operating and Huawei are ahead in the race. There is major push back against Huawei coming from the US including having their executive arrested and major threats by the Trump admin to stop ‘allies’ from using Huawei’s technology
    So then we come to China’s 9/11 the Military Games held in Wuhan in late 2019 is where I SPECULATE ‘something happened’. My guess is there were ‘real deaths’ in Wuhan, like there were real deaths in 9/11 but after that the ‘psy op’ takes over. Real deaths are needed to give the psy op power but after that it is self generated. Massive fear is caused, propaganda is the order of the day. It causes great fear of viruses much as there was fear of ‘terrorists’ after 9/11. Those brown men in a cave in Afghanistan are replaced by even harder to come to terms with invisible viruses
    To keep the 9/11 parallels going ………….just as there were many many ‘drills’ associated with that event and several even going on the SAME DAY we do have a ‘drill’ to match it in Wuhan. Event 201 by the World Economic Forum drilled pretty much the ‘pandemic’ we are dealing with now.
    So where does that leave us in the West? I believe the pandemic is mostly hype and it is obvious fear is being used as a weapon against us. However there is an aspect to this that is ‘real’ in the sense that the health of people in the West is quite poor generally speaking, We ARE being inundated by wireless radiation for example and it IS damaging our health. Dr Jack Kruse for one has been raising this alarm for years. We are also starting to get some 5G effects though I do not believe it is nearly as ready as is planned. In that sense the Wuhan event could also be a kind of test…………ramp up 5G to the power and density we might see say 10 years from you and observe the effects. My guess is the effects are serious and that was shown in Wuhan. Meanwhile the PTSB have other fish to fry. Wreck the economies of the West enslave people with fear and government controls, they will now know 5G is a weapon and something that can be used again if needed. Any country that steps out of line can be brought to heel and in a PREDICTABLE way not like with some putative ‘bio weapon’. The bio weapon is a distraction and it will take up the energy of many smart and sincere people. I see Kevin Barrett going along these lines as well as Phillip Giraldi and several others. The bio weapon is the the ‘thermite’ of 9/11 whereas the real story there (as here) was the use of an electro-magnetic weapon. See Judy Wood’s “Where did the Towers Go?”
    This is just my attempt to understand some of this and may be quite wrong. I would welcome any and all critiques of it here.

  14. The problem with this new very different variant of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, is that all of humanity, except those infected so far and that have survived, has NO Immunity (NADA) to this virus at this time. In comparison, the Influenza virus that causes colds and /or Flues, most of humanity has some/partial immunity to it that helps fight it. This is called Herd Immunity. Covid-19 has NOT given that to us yet. Remember, the annual Flu shot/vaccine is just a guess as to which parts of the virus exterior mutates, that will help you fight it. Thus the annual Flu shot is like a booster and has various degrees ( 20 – 80%) of success. The annual Flu shot/vaccine is mostly a profit generator for Big Pharma and helps mostly the young and elderly, since they are the most susceptible to illness and death. The Covid-19 presents much the same profit potential, but on a global scale since no one (except infected people) has immunity. Oh, that Big Pharma wet-dream of of profits on a global scale! The cash register is chiming like mad! We have to wait to see what happens now as the weather warms up! If a normal Flu-like Cold/Flu season the numbers of infected people will go down and drop-off to almost zero. If Covid-19 is unique and different ( even a bio-engineered, ie, lab, bioweapon) the numbers will plateau or even increase exponentially. This means trouble for humanity. Right now with how things are unfolding in Australia, I fear we are in trouble! The next few, 2 -3 weeks and till June 1 are most important and will show us where things are heading!

    Lastly, besides developing a vaccine to give global immunity and huge progfits, are there other motives for this Covid-19 event? Darkmooners will think of 5G rollout coverup, vaccination for micro-chipping (Gates’ ID2020), vaccination to make people sicker to produce another vaccine for vaccination at a latter date still, or even just plain de-population. Then there is a coverup of the coming FINANCIAL and Economic COLLAPSE that will be blamed on the Virus and NOT on the Rothschild Central Banksters, where it rightfully belongs. Then there is the advancement of a Global digital cryptcurrency that the Central Banksters will control. Thus through micro-chipping and global cryptocurrency, the few Globalist Elites control us even more like a Mark of the Beast system idea in the Bible and the Book of Revelation. ” No Man (mankind) can buy or sell lest he have the mark of the Beast, the 666 or name, on his forehead or right-hand”. Thus without this ID or authorization, you will basically die ( have no life) unless you are protected by Jesus Christ/GOD. There are other motives which Makia Freeman and Lasha can come up with as well! Maybe those are in the Conspiracy article! Thanks!

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