The Bill Gates death tattoo

John Kaminski
2 April 2020 

Microchipping civilization will make us less than human
It’s not a double play, not a triple play, but a quadruple play.

One, the government created the disease in a lab, which it later had to close because slipshod practices created leaks of lethal substances. Two, they then sent it to China during war games they were playing. Three, they created the pandemic through media hysteria though the death rate was no greater than a “typical” flu. And four, the coup de grace, they created the mega death toll by administering poison vaccines, without which people would be prevented from accessing their own money.

A quadruple play for the total control of everyone’s mind and the permanent end of individuality — the highest aspiration of the human species.

Soon to be known as the Bill Gates Death Tattoo.

All the while installing 5G in all the schools in America, guaranteeing an astronomical toll of disease and death as well as the desired population reduction numbers sought by the filthy rich against the unwashed masses. If you think this is crazy, I suggest you check out what is happening right now at your local high school, as the cops prevent you from asking about all those white trucks tinkering with the antennas adjacent to the school.

It’s just the flu, stupid. And the flu is not contagious. So why are we cowering in our homes when the death rate is so low, less than for “ordinary” flu.

Society has been ruined by the population’s refusal to confront media lies. Cowardice, a preternatural desire to “fit in” and failure to think critically has brought world society crumbling down like the house of cards it was. The fake money system had to crash one day because it was fake and today was that day.

Ultimately, this is all a variation of George Bush’s “you have to keep repeating the propaganda until it sinks in.” The population believes the Twin Towers fell because of guys in caves in Afghanistan. And now the public, unable to think for itself, is sucking in to the false advice that social distancing makes sense, when in fact it prevents coming to the conclusion that we are being swindled out of our freedom.

Night after night Trump has preempted the evening news with his demonic vaudeville act of so called experts.

In fact social distancing is the way to cultural suicide, soon to be followed by species suicide.

It isn’t the Coronavirus that is going to kill us. It is the government’s Pavlovian response to the Coronavirus that is going to kill us. That is already killing is.

But is it really a death toll? Or is it a fake news death toll?

The formidable amount of footage of placid hospital emergency rooms belies the hysterical accounts of Covid-19 deaths. Candid comments of nurses reveal that the epidemic is not really happening as they say it is, while those simpering wimp reporters on TV constantly remind us to stay in our homes and keep washing our hands while the whole world goes to hell.

Report of deaths from all causes being categorized as pandemic deaths are growing every day.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced on March 18, 2020 during a “Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session” that he is working on a new, invisible “quantum dot tattoo” implant that will track who has been tested for COVID-19 and who has been vaccinated against it, reported Jim Fetzer on a Saved Magazine article that was sourced from BioHackInfo.Com .

According to the last source, “The quantum-dot tattoos involve applying dissolvable sugar-based microneedles that contain a vaccine and fluorescent copper-based ‘quantum dots’ embedded inside biocompatible, micron-scale capsules. After the microneedles dissolve under the skin, they leave the encapsulated quantum dots whose patterns can be read to identify the vaccine that was administered.”

Gates was responding to a question on how businesses will be able to operate while maintaining social distancing, and said that, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records.

The quantum-dot tattoos will likely be supplemented with Bill Gates’ other undertaking called ID2020, which is an ambitious project by Microsoft to solve the problem of over 1 billion people who live without an officially recognized identity.

As for ID2020, to see it through, Microsoft has formed an alliance with four other companies, namely; Accenture, IDEO, Gavi, and the Rockefeller Foundation. The project is supported by the United Nations and has been incorporated into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals initiative.

Many Christians and Muslims are opposed to the idea of microchipping and any form of body-invasive identification technology.

The so-called Coronavirus Epidemic is Gates’ perfect opportunity to microchip the world as the public becomes more indoctrinated to the elite’s plan to contain the epidemic.

Religious people of many creeds fear microchips too closely resemble the Mark of the Beast references in holy books.

In the Book of Revelations in the Bible, anyone who does not have this “mark” is not allowed to buy or sell anything.

Last year in November, a Denmark-based tech company which had contracts to produce microchip implants for the Danish Government and the US Navy, had to cancel the launch of its supposedly “revolutionary” Internet-of-Things powered microchip implant after Christian activists attacked its offices in Copenhagen.

The Covid-19 vaccine is already under research and development and experts say it will likely be available in about 18 months. Will this mean forced vaccinations or perpetually “sheltering in place” for those who refuse the coronavirus vaccine?

In a more recent development, Gates has called for a worldwide shutdown of society. This seems to be already happening.

Any resemblance to the mark of the beast in all this is not coincidental.

This is as good as microchipping in vaccines, even better. People will lose their access to money if they don’t have it.

It all comes back to the concrete manufacture of alienation mentioned by Guy Debord in 1968, which is the result of the destruction of religion and the elimination of the family structure.

The most important thing humans have to protect is the relationship of a mother to her child. That has been largely destroyed by a combination of luring women into preferring careers instead of raising families and convincing men that a permanent state of tumescence, or sexual rapture, is the preferred condition of their existence. This combination of mind control is the one thing most responsible for the death of the family and the imposition of Communism around the world.

Like freedom of the individual, once the family is disparaged and eliminated it can never be recovered. And with each passing day of social distancing it disappears a little bit further into the troubled memory of humankind.


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  1. Kaminski is spot-on in his reference to the “Mark of the Beast” . This corona-virus hype is just such a vehicle to usher it in. Still, we have a choice to make. Now is the time to decide what path you’ll take.

  2. Tribe member Gates prior virus catastrophe was providing virus-chaos computing (Windows) for the masses, something absent from all other computing platforms. Now he’s implementing total virus-catastrophe in the form of the Death Tattoo.

    Overwhelmingly, people have accepted the pharma-vaccine con. A “medical” product full of poisons, that has never NEVER been double-blind tested – the standard for ALL other medical products. Unofficial comparisons with the Amish show the un-vaccinated to have several times less medical issues.

    So expect the masses to line up for Bill’s potion.

    We can expect the formation of families with sacrificial members who agree to receive the Death Tattoo and conduct business on behalf of the rest of the family. It could become extreme via adoption – one could have families of hundreds, thousands … with one “family” member conducting business. legally it could work.

  3. The evidence is now overwhelming IMO that what we have going on here should not be called a “pandemic” but a “plandemic.”

    Back in February, a news article was published in China, within which can be found the following amazing statement:

    “Hydroxychloroquine is a mature immunosuppressive agent for clinical application. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, anti-viral, optical filter, anticoagulant effects, and has fewer adverse reactions. It is also a basic drug for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. The research team conducted a clinical analysis of 178 neocoronavirus patients admitted to the hospital from December 2019 and found that none of them were patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Later, in consultation with 80 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus treated in the dermatology department of the hospital, they were found not to be infected with neocoronavirus pneumonia.”

    So right in the middle of Wuhan China, while people were being infected and killed en masse, a group of 80 SLE patients who were taking hydroxychloroquine seemed to be immune to the virus. That’s interesting.

    In fact it’s so interesting that I wonder: Why didn’t Fauci and the incessantly talking heads never mentioned this amazing fact?

    Then just yesterday as it turns out, a paper was published wherein the authors describe a newly discovered mechanism of action of hydroxychloroquine which appears to explain why the SLE patients never got sick and why hydroxychloroquine seems to be such an effective treatment for COVID-19 disease.

    According to the authors:

    “The identification of this new mechanism of action of CLQ and CLQ-OH supports the use of these repositioned drugs to *CURE* SARS-CoV-2 infected patients and stop the pandemic.”

    We’re being scammed. Somebody doesn’t want the “pandemic” to end. Our masters were forced to acknowledge hydroxychloroquine because they couldn’t stop information coming out of China and elsewhere which was being published in journals, so they had to resort to intellectually dishonest pedantry. And of course they politicized the issue.

    But the bottom line is that our health and our rights are apparently being sacrificed for the sake of a sinister agenda. And it looks to me like Trump is preparing to start more wars in the Mideast and/or against Venezuela, either of which could become WW3, in which case it would apparently be helpful if this society was already locked down.

  4. It’s five AM, April 4, 2020. I have been up since four thinking about events. Dawn arrives cold, wet and gray as I ponder the final days of my existence. Days and hours no longer matter, as time stretches into mind numbing sameness, with almost none of the traditional daily routines working any longer. Temperature is 35 degrees. The cold is relentless, day after day with no let up. One cannot go outside without bundling up, a light jacket is insufficient to resist the biting wind.

    It’s been like this for weeks now. The sun’s appearance provides little warmth these days. I have not seen a chemtrail for over a week. Evidently, either the job is finished, or necessity no longer justifies the prohibitive costs. Perhaps the chemtrail program has reached the point of diminishing returns. I am experiencing unusual sinus problems. I wake up mornings with phlegm in the back of my throat that requires constant clearing for the first few hours of the day. Breathing seems slightly more difficult, more like an awareness of the process than a real problem.

    World War III has begun, but no one notices. Like all wars, this war pits the forces of an elite against opposing humanity. However, this is a war like no other in that it is now being carried out against all humanity. Modern, terminator technology has eliminated need for massive forces to be marshaled with drums and bugles to go marching off to bloody, slaughtered doom.

    WWII was the beginning of true technological warfare. It was the first war where “men with slide rules in the backroom” were more important then men with “boots on the ground.” The cold war accelerated the process to a point where massive armies were no longer necessary to achieve the conquering goals of the elite. Large armies and nuclear bombs had become more liability than asset.

    Surely you remember nuclear weapons; those were the weapons of choice in the last war, the “cold war.” That still-born war was aborted because the costs were simply too high, endangering the elite as well as the armies and weapons they marshaled to opposition.

    Last night I was watching YouTube about the making of the movie Dr. Strangelove. The movie made clear the Jews’ gnawing concern over goyim having control of their nuclear arsenal. A nuclear holocaust of the all-important chosen ones, along with the rest of humanity, had recently been barely avoided with the Cuban missile crisis and Kennedy, enemy #1 of the Judeodemocracy, was eliminated soon after. But problems remained. Problems like General Curtis LeMay, a real life General Jack D. Ripper.

    “LeMay commanded subsequent B-29 Superfortress combat operations against Japan, including massive incendiary attacks on 67 Japanese cities and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

    [ . . . ]

    “At the Dualism Conference in December 1948, the Air Force high command rallied behind LeMay’s position that the service’s highest priority was to deliver the SAC atomic offensive “in one fell swoop telescoping mass and time.” “To LeMay, demolishing everything was how you win a war.” Towards this aim, LeMay delivered the first SAC Emergency War Plan in March 1949 which called for dropping 133 atomic bombs on 70 cities in the USSR within 30 days. LeMay predicted that World War III would last no longer than 30 days. Air power strategists called this type of pre-emptive strike ‘killing a nation.’”

    [ . . . ]

    “In 1954 LeMay remarked to pilot Hal Austin, whose plane had been damaged by a MiG-17 while on a reconnaissance mission over the Soviet Union, ‘Well, maybe if we do this overflight right, we can get World War III started’. Hal Austin assumed that LeMay was joking, but years later, after LeMay retired, Austin saw him again and ‘brought up the subject of the mission we had flown. And he remembered it like it was yesterday. We chatted about it a little bit. His comment again was, ‘Well, we’d have been a hell of a lot better off if we’d got World War III started in those days.”” LeMay headed SAC until 1957, overseeing its transformation into a modern, efficient, all-jet force. LeMay’s tenure was the longest over an American military command in nearly 100 years.

    Step 1 was to get rid of LeMay. “Because of his unrelenting opposition to the Johnson administration’s Vietnam policy and what was widely perceived as his hostility to Robert McNamara, LeMay was essentially forced into retirement in February 1965.” Step 2 was the elimination of LeMay’s Strategic Air Command (SAC) whose primary mission was maintaining “the capability of delivering 80% of the nation’s atomic bombs in one mission.” Step 3 was to turn that critical mission role over to a Jews’ centralized authority in the form of Admiral Hyman Rickover’s “nuclear navy” submarine force. Step 4 was the elimination of the Soviet enemy presenting the nuclear threat. Step 5 was to forget about nuclear weapons.

    That brings us to the present. A time when warfare has change to the point of non-recognition. WWIII is being fought with velvet gloves and tender touch for “public welfare.” Is it any wonder no one recognizes the all-out assault on humanity? What better way to win a war then to deny its existence until it’s over? It has long been said, “Generals always fight the last war.” Not this time. This time there are no generals running the war, at least in the traditional sense.

    Modern technological warfare consists of programming people to believe the enemy is not their opponent, but their protector, a concept so far beyond any previous concept of warfare that it is preposterous to even suggest such a thing. This war is not even being fought by humans. This is a war of technology, a war of machines, a war fought with Artificial Intelligence. Humanity has become “collateral damage.” This time humanity will simply lay down to die from their own fears.

    So I wait. I wait and watch, as the human race is ground into nonexistence using the terrorist’s meat grinder of fear. I watch as quibbling, along with fear, increases daily over non-essential details. Details like who did this with what or when and how that occurred, what really happened and what did not, but arguing over such details merely adds to the overall confusion. Days are cold and time grows short as we all await the final event that will certify our doom. A doom made certain by modern technology. A doom made more certain by a weapon more cunning than any other unleashed against the human race – the irrational fears of our own mind.

    Sayonara. So sorry it had to end like this.

    1. Arch –

      There is no longer a need to worry about a nuclear holocaust involving US capabiliteis. Clinton eliminated that capability witrh PDD60 in 1997. NO nuke warheads on nuclear submarines(if they had any):

      PDD/NSC 60
      Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy Guidance
      November 1997

      It was furthered by Edward Warner, Assistant Secretary of Defense, in 1998:

      April 1, 1998

      (6th par from the last):
      “Because of changes in our posture and technical improvements made since the end of the Cold War, the likelihood of a nuclear accident has decreased significantly. Our strategic bombers are no longer on day-to-day alert; our surface ships and attack submarines no longer carry nuclear weapons. The Army and Marines have eliminated their nuclear weapons. Older weapons with less modern safety features have been removed from the stockpiles; technical safety mechanisms have been improved. And detargeting means that our nuclear-tipped missiles are no longer aimed at targets in any country. The number of nuclear storage sites has decreased by 75 percent and weapons have been consolidated. As a result of all these changes our nuclear weapons are much less exposed to accident environments.”

      1. Pat, you were in a boomer weren’t you?
        What type of ICBM did you think your submarine would be launching?
        Waaay back then when you were on board,
        did you believe they were nuclear?

      2. Yes, Homer I was on two boomers – FBMs.

        One was a Polaris missile submarine launching platform in the Pacific. The other was a Polaris launcher, which was refitted for Poseidon in Newport News Shipyard. It sailed out of Holy Loch Scotland.
        See the subs tied up alongside the tender and floating dry dock in Scotland:

        At that time – 66 thru 73 – I believed they were armed with nuclear warheads – MIRVs, with 10 to 16 targets each. So, one sub with 16 missiles would have 160 to 256 targets total. That fact(sic) neve did sound plausible to me.

        Today, over half of the US FBM subs are docked in Bangor/Bremerton WA and King’s Bay GA.!!

      3. Pat, thanks. Got it.
        Waaay back then, on duty, you did believe there was at least one nuclear warhead but not certain about MIRVs. That’s understandable given basic math alone and your education/intelligence.

        When did you go from at least one nuclear warhead to zero nuclear warheads? After you retired? And who was the major influence(s) for your no nuke ciphering?

      4. Homer, there was never a moment when I immediately claimed there are NO nukes. It was a process over decades of combining what I knew of nuclear fission from the navy, combined with what I pieced together on my own info gathering.

        What really pushed me to keep researching was the “YUGE” scare about ‘suitcase nukes’ in the 80s-90s. Remember those???? What hogwash – for dozens of reasons!! That’s when I started more serious research to prove/disprove the whole nuke scare crap.

        There was no one back then influencing me. I was considered being ‘that guy’ who has really wierd beliefs!! 🙂

        I like this guy today:
        Anders Björkman
        M.Sc. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, runs the Heiwa Co European agency for Safety at Sea since 2000,
        has more than 47 years experience of oil tanker, passenger ship and ferry design, construction, repairs and operations worldwide,
        has been a delegate to the IMO for two national administrations and one NGO,
        has been a speaker at various Safety at Sea and 911 Truth conferences,
        holds several patents of ship safety….
        … a recognized expert of steel structural damage analysis and knows that evidently NY skyscrapers cannot destroy themself by gravity, i.e. the weak tops cannot fall down into a black ground zero hole in the basement crushing the strong, intact parts in between, and
        AND…. offers € 1,000,000:- to anybody proving him wrong, (scoffers should)Try to win it!  💥 😜

      5. Pat, thanks again. I know you’re open minded yet have big discrimination via science, reason and logic. You proved this to me when you accepted the viability of a stationary, plant sized nuclear detonation.

        I don’t consider this off-topic either. Not considering what the big picture is here. Death tattoos, physical-psycho activation of inert bodily substances by outside stimuli and release the drones! And of course A.I. lurking in the ether. I still think A.I. is up to no good, especially when no one is watching.

    2. Arch –

      I’m not worried. Come on down and live on my land. You’ll survive! You can watch out for bad-intentioned intruders! (And you and I can sit on the front porch and discuss things!). I promise you’ll be OK. 🙂

      1. Gilbert, if things get too chaotic and dangerous in the USA you can come to the vast Daintree Rainforest in Australia. I can assign you a friend who will hide you and show you the ropes. She will show you how to live off the land and how to give penance and prepare for your introduction to the Great One, who happens to be me.

      2. Thanks for the invite, Bilney. However, you, too, may come here and help. I do not doubt you’re quite capable! I’d enjoy your presence! 🙂

      3. I gave up on survival back in 1911A1, no wait, that’s a pistol. Wait, it’ll come to me – 2011, yeah that’s the ticket, 2011, when I sold my 37 foot LOD, custom-built, steel-hulled, cutter-rigged, full-keel, diesel powered, Roberts with genset, watermaker and drogue anchor.

        I’ve decided that the first SOB that comes at me with a needle and badge is going to get hit hard upside the haid with my cane and then run over by my wheelchair until he yells for backup. Then I’m hightailing it out to a homeless camp where I’ll disappear among the throngs of Coronavirus victims, while yelling, “come and git me if ya dare, ya’ yella’ cowards!”

        ‘Course I hope they don’t grab me too hard ’cause my rotting flesh crumbles pretty easy these days.

    1. Pat –

      I have decided to SHOOT any assholes who proffer a needle against me. I’ve been practicing quite a bit with my 1911 Colt – the great American pistol. Of course, I can skipper up into the mountains with a sniper rifle, but it’s a difficult chore, at my age.
      Everyone needs to obtain this resolve. Let no agent of the NWO easily survive!

      1. Gilbert, I like your spirit. Let us hope that there are many others like you. The history of mankind has been all about the final confrontation with the insidious, horrific TOTALITARIANISM that has now captured our planet. Jesus spoke incessantly about the insidious Jews and the evil forces of groupthink. God has given the vile monsters among us lots of rope to sell their wares. Unfortunately it will not be these monsters that attack your farm, but ordinary people driven feral by the monsters who have placed themselves in safe havens. Hopefully, while the little people are fighting their battles of self survival, there will be an avenging warrior class of courageous, heavily armed Goys who will strike death and mayhem at the hearts of the elites’ safe places. In other words, I want to see the monsters, representative of current mega wealth and power hanging from every lamp post. Jesus said that the purveyors of death and destruction would be eliminated. Okay, the New Testament says, “hurled into the burning lake of fire.”

        1. Dystopia ain’t good for sex workers. But then, I don’t think Utopia would be any improvement, because in Utopia there’d be no need for us. We’d be redundant.

    2. I told Lasha she may come here for a “bug out” place. She and Bilney and Arch would have quite a time visiting on my secured place! 🙂
      I understand how depressing it would be to miss your loved ones; but, hey, just think about the horrific experiences others have endured! No one is immune from sorrow.

      1. Hell, yeah!! They can ride a big John Deere for carnival fun. Do some shootin gallery events – plinkin…. And show em a 600 lb momma bear, too…. better than a zoo!! Then, applejack. 🙂

      2. I wish someone would invite ME to go and live in the country. Gosh, I’d jump at the chance. I’m young and I like cooking and I don’t mind doing domestic work. I used to be a nanny for a rich family. Then I had to leave when the man of the house fell in love with me and his wife gave me the sack.

        Sorry, I know this is off-topic. But I’m just saying. This virus thing has got to me. I’m scared. I don’t like coughs and colds snd things and of course I don’t want to die. I’m scared of the afterlife, you see. It could be very unpleasant. I wouldn’t mind if there was Nothing. But I keep thinking there could be Something and it’s not gonna be very nice. Cos things are never nice, are they?

  5. Very well said Arch Stanton, I wonder where you live the way you describe the weather is very similar here in Ireland even if it is not as cold here. It’s beyond weird the sun is so weak this after 6 months of horrific weather and before this covid scam one of the main concerns of people here was/is ‘global warming’. If only…….
    It could be a rule nowadays whatever is pushed in the media and is absorbed by the general public is likely to be 180 degrees from the truth.

    To day on the news there was this big solemn ceremony in China remembering their ‘fallen heroes’ etc etc. and it struck me THIS IS JUST LIKE 9/11. A very similar mood and the feeling they are over it and congratulating themselves just as the US did in ceremonies after 9/11. I think analogies between the two events are very interesting and well worth exploring. Just as America was ‘attacked’ in 9/11 but NOT by the commonly agreed enemy it seems to me China has played that role in the covid-hoax. It’s not clear how many ‘real deaths’ there were in Wuhan but I don’t think it is that important in terms of understanding the event. Real or fake deaths this event was already planned for (see all about Event 201) it only needed the Chinese connection as a catalyst to set it off. Just like the post 9/11 world was already planned for before the event itself. It was important that it SEEMED like ‘real deaths’ took place and it is entirely possible two birds were killed with one stone. Maybe they threw in a 5G test as a bonus sort of like Larry Silverstein’s bonus of several billions or some other agendas.

    What is important about these operations is the lesson that is taken from them. What agenda will it serve?. We could call it a version of Cui Bono. It seems to me the big lesson we are meant to take from covid hoax is the “Chinese” way is the best way and the right way of dealing with it. The European nations by contrast and America also are seen as shambolic, too late, too slow not rigorous enough, Still too concerned about freedoms , civil rights etc. China by contrast is presented as a nation who is ‘over’ it already. The future belongs to them or at least their way of doing things. No need I suppose to enumerate all the agendas but anyway…………….face recognition, phone location data to be followed by cars etc, constant and relentless surveillance, no privacy a full on police state. That is what China represents in this ‘story’ and we are being told we must follow or we will live in failed states
    This I suppose also reflects China’s new found power especially financial and the real powers of the future are likely to be China and Russia and the US is fading. This recalls a typically Jewish syndrome…………..just as they switched form Babylon to Persia only to betray them later on. They it seems to me are switching their ‘loyalty’ (though they are never loyal to anyone only to their own conception of themselves) to China and Russia to a lessor extent. Mind you the China they are ‘loyal’ to is a nation already corralled and controlled by them. The Chinese government is after all still a Communist one which is far from what traditional Chinese culture was about. It was hijacked all over again by Western/Jewish capitalism to now culturally is a nation on it’s knees. A perfect patsy for (((you know who))) and all their future plans

    1. I live a few degrees south of Perfidious Albion’s latitude on the other side of the world. This place kind of reminds me of Merrie Olde England without the hand drawn bitters or the pubs that served it. One drink and I was hooked.

      One immediately knows Britain is different when they find the corner 7-eleven shop was built in 1620. ‘Course, last I looked, it was damn hard to find anything hand drawn in a British pub and probably the only food wrapped in Jewsprint these days is kebob.

      What has happened to Ireland is unbelievable and unpardonable. Whatever happened to the fightn’ Irish? Why is Ireland now home to ,the moochin’ Negro? Never mind, I know why; three letter word, begins with “J” and ends with “W.”

  6. I think also if we put covid hoax in contest of the other false flag/hoaxes of the last few years……….they were mostly about the supposed evils of ‘white nationalism’. We had the Christchurch one (name not an accident!) and many others in America. The constant theme which has replaced ‘Arab terrorism’ was how scary and dangerous and hateful these white people were/are. Well I see this continuing the assault on White/Christian/Western culture and it’s people. Notre Dame was another one of those. So we are being attacked viciously and deceptively now with the corona scam. It is meant to do nothing less than bring down our countries and economies. And with the seeming suicide wish of the West and their gullible and brain washed people it seems to be going right to plan

    1. See Rappoport link above, episode 3. Hhe describes the plan well. “Turning the planet into a giant monitored hospital”

  7. God almighty is both a participant and a spectator .As far as the Muslims are concerned,we don’t believe any human can end our existance without God’s leave. I believe with love and optimism we can fortify and strengthen our immunity against the evil we breathe .God will not change our situation unless we change ourselves . We cannot wish to go to Heaven without good enduring works . One thing is for sure tattooing is prohibited in Islam under any name .God is our only hope.If we lose God , we’ve lost everything,but if we find God,what have we lost?

    1. One thing is for sure tattooing is prohibited in Islam under any name.

      That’s it! No Holocaust survivors for you. (I’ve had to lighten up since this morning.)

    2. Al, please expand on ” for sure tattooing is prohibited in Islam under any name”

  8. JK
    “The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records.”
    Note the tattoo craze among the young, everybody trying to look like Quequeg from Moby Dick, and the piercing thing… That’s no coincidence either…
    I thought you were from Texas…
    “World War III has begun, but no one notices. Like all wars, this war pits the forces of an elite against opposing humanity.”
    That’s the sentiment among the real woked, of whom there are probably many more than they tell you about on FOX JEWS NEWS, not any more that they’ll show you the film of the honest Jewish people protesting the Zion, while on the other hand they flog the twisted version of what the Iranian Leader said about it, roughly that he “wished Zionism could be erased from the pages of history”, in other words ‘like it never happened’…
    What decent person doesn’t?
    But let’s not stop there, and maybe the Savior will be a time traveling Social Surgeon, who will go back and erase Catholicism and Islam too…
    “Surely you remember nuclear weapons; those were the weapons of choice in the last war, the “cold war.” That still-born war was aborted because the costs were simply too high, endangering the elite as well as the armies and weapons they marshaled to opposition.”
    Do you really believe that bro?
    I think what really happened there was that the International Warmongering Alliance simply wore that horse out and moved on into other avenues of exploitation…
    “The shutdown is intentional. Planned. Small businesses are being intentionally destroyed. Only the big businesses will be nationalized, saved, in whole or in part.”
    From what I’ve read, it is the policy that IRS agents are paid a bounty on small businesses, they get a reward for any they destroy…
    “The Chinese government is after all still a Communist one which is far from what traditional Chinese culture was about.”
    They’re totally authoritarian when it comes to any ideological difficulties with the proles, you wouldn’t want to get thrown in prison in China on some political charge… Yet what’s happening to Julian Assange shows where that’s at out West too…

    1. Well Pilgrim, once upon a time, many year ago, I was from Texas, but then I watched the Alamo sequel at Waco. This time Texans rooted for the Federale troops, so that was it for me – I Ieft. Santa Ana was more merciful than the troops at Waco and he massacred just about everybody after the battle.

      It’s foolish to wish Zionism could be erased from the pages of history – start with the Jews on the planet instead. Now where did I leave that damn eraser?

      I don’t believe nuttin’, but I’ll tell you this, it sure ain’t lookin’ good for the Pre-Tribulation rapture crowd. Jesus called last week to say that, due to the virus, he was heaven sheltering for the duration, so don’t expect him anytime soon. But he promised to return sometime when he could visit his dentist.

  9. bill has a nice face
    his windows 10 was the best ever
    so what if his wifey won’t let the gates kids have the 40 plus mandated vitamin shots
    everyone is aware the ashkanazim are sensitive and have to be careful about monkey sv40 monkey virus in the genetically pure blood that is from the chosen ones the kazahrians

    bill gates is an honest broker you can take that to the b i s bank

    africa needs vaccine not clean food and water
    bill did a great job in india now working hard on the world
    yes sir windows 10 was great but the patented gates foundation pilbright institute vaccine and nwo coming soon will be better

    1. 5ds?

      could be, if so, salutations.
      if so, see you in damascus (not jerusalem).
      if so, let me quote the Bottom Line in today’s missive from msgr williamson:

      But has not Our Lord Himself warned us that His Church too will win by losing? At world’s end (Lk. XVIII, 8), will it not almost have disappeared?

      It resonates in a more general, supra-Catholic as it were, way—bet not the farm on who you perceive as winner.
      And i feel it in my bones beyond the mere “pricking of the thumbs”.

  10. The END is here unless the sheeple wake up tp the fact that we are in the beginning stages of the final NWO psy-op of total civilisation destruction. BAD NEWS: The wake up simply ain’t going to happen! …. soon you will all wear the MARK of the beast which will enslave you forever to the grand Masters of The Universe and their 5G AI mastermind. Apostle John, working on behalf of the Father and the Son, organised the compilation of a book, called “the New Testament to Mankind”, which explained what was going to happen, and the final stages of the Book of Revelation is happening now. The progeny of the devil are at the peak of their worldly powers and ushering in the final revolution. I agree with Les Visible, that the situation is rapidly moving beyond the control of human beings and that very soon the grand creator will intervene. Call it God or Mother Nature, but the highly destructive human species has failed the creator and like lemmings we are hurling ourselves off the cliff. The last to die will be the criminal elites sheltering in their luxury appointed subterranean hide outs, but the creator will make sure their deaths are slow and painful. We are at the point of no return. Western civilisation is finished. We are now entering the era of controlled barbarianism, wherein we will commence killing each other for the sake of toilet paper and bat soup. Best to die fighting than accept Bill Gates’ imprisonment.

    1. Right on, Max Bilney! To die fighting is, at least, an honorable death. (I intend to NOT go “alone”, either.)

  11. Pat: I did not know you were a ‘nuke doubter’. I have mentioned this here before there is a marvelous book by a Japanese guy Nakatani called “Death Object” which really undermines the whole ‘nuclear weapons’ story. A lot of it involves showing nukes were NOT at all ready in 1945 and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nakasaki was just more firebombing. A really great and eye opening book I never if I can miss a chance to ‘promote’ it. It leaves a bit open what has happened since then but the foundation of the story is totally flawed and it seems the deception has just continued. A bit like NASA and the Moon Landings story, since that was false when exactly did they go straight………………….more likely they didn’t ever

    1. Yes, Patrick, I was aware of the nuke ruse when it looks like just fire bombing. The Japanese built many of their structures with bamboo and rice paper…. burned easily….. just like Tokyo did.

      I have often been chastized quite harshly here for my claims of ‘NO NUKES’…. but, I kept on writing it over the years until they mostly calmed down. I still have that reputaion tossed at me when someone disagrees on other points. Quite funny, actually! 🙂

      I was a nuclear engineer & reactor operator in the submarine navy, which really makes people mad. They know that I know enough to know what it takes to accomplish the impossible task of MOBILE nuke warheads….. which they want to be true SO BADLY, to fit their narratives of fear. Some would want nuke pistols to be used as more fear porn. WHEW!! 🙂

      1. Considering the recklessness of mankind, if “nukes” existed on ICBMs, they would have ALREADY been launched!

      2. Correct, Gil.

        I have written before: “NO NUKES needed these days” – and NOW… especially when TPTB have a new virus every year!!!! Then… toss in 5G!! 💥 🤢

      3. Pat: I think the ‘nuke hoax’ is right up there with ‘we went to the Moon’ JFK was shot by a lone gunman, 9/11 was done by Arab terrorists, global warming is ‘accepted science’ vaccines are good for you, viruses are dangerous and are easily transmitted or that covid-19 is a real issue. I could go on but I know what you mean I have found quite few people followed me in the ‘no nukes’ direction but there are a few. If you have the time check out Nakatani’s book it is a classic……………….

  12. Lola, dystopia or utopia, do not worry about losing your vocation. It is the oldest profession and your services will always be wanted. Do not sell yourself short. If Jesus forgave the prostitute who washed his feet, I do not think your appearances in spa baths is too much of a sin.

    1. PAT,

      Oh, I won’t violate any isolation or quarantine orders, no need to worry about that, Pat. By now I’m so used to being isolated and quarantined from the world, having spent about , Oh, about 20 years in solitary confinement in Spamblinka. My solitary confinement cell is like Home to me now. I’m used to it. I would be totally lost if I had to go out into the world.

      It’s thanks to uncle I guess I’m all prepared for the Covid-19 lock down. Heck, I’ve been under lock down for so long I forgot what the outside world’s like. I no longer care about the outside world outside of my jail cell anyway, so I don’t feel the need to get obstreperous and rebellious against any lock down, so don’t worry, I will not violate any isolation or quarantine orders.

      After so long in prison, thanks to uncle, isolation and quarantine seems totally naturally to me. I can handle being under lock down with aplomb. In the light of Videre Licet I remember Saint Benedict and the monastic life, and I’m at peace in my Spamblinka cell isolated and quarantined and shut off from the world. Before uncle, I was an ordinary Catholic out and about in the world ; After uncle, I’m like a Catholic monk in a monastery , 🙂

    2. The Jew Yorkers and others are being turned-away at the state line. My cousin just came back from delivering a load of hay to Ocala, and he said he observed only tractor-trailers being allowed thru. He said it’s “kind of nice” being alone on the road with just other big trucks. (I hope I get a chance to take a load down, soon, too!)
      On the other hand, I talked to a friend in Westmoreland County, today, who told me his wetback workers are being held-up at the Mexican border. He needs at least 80 of them every year for his produce/pecan farm. He said even with the restaurants and places closed which normally hire high school and college kids, he doubted he could find enough of the spoiled brats to work in the summer heat.

  13. Pat, if you are correct that there are no nukes, then the stories about Israel’s supposed stock pile are false. Maybe that is why they have not hit Hezbollah or Iran with nukes, apart from the matter of fall-out which might drift over them. … That being the case, it needs be remembered that every nation that utilises nuclear power for electricity generation has huge piles, covering 1.000’s of acres, of rusting and potentially leaking drums of toxic nuclear waste. I recently read that the USA has a huge number of these drums near river locations. … Iran shocked the world with its high precision missile shots at an American base and the Saudi oil refinery. …. It would, therefore, be possible for the targeting of these acres of drums, sending toxic waste into rivers and poisoning ground water. Russia, China and possibly Iran have the precision missile capabilities to complete the job. I would think they will explore this option. The USA, Britain, Israel, Australia and co might be preparing for war, but I believe there is now enough evidence to prove that China, Russia, Iran and North Korea combined would completely flatten them. The whole problem would be solved if the Rothschild Empire was dismantled immediately and all current bankster criminals and politicians were executed. Israel would have to be dismantled and all members of the Knesset executed. I estimate that this would involve eliminating approx 495,000 American dual citizens and other scum, inc all leading politicians of both major parties; and some 654,000 elite Jews and their lapdogs in a number of nations. This relatively small number of eliminations, pales into insignificance when compared to the Jewish elites’ mass genocide of the Gentiles which, I can assure you, is coming.

    1. Yes, Max. I have great concern about the radioactive nuclear fission waste and the irradiation of corrosion and wear products from uranium based power plants. I would advocate the VERY SAFE thorium based reactors.

      See this amazing video:
      – Thorium: An energy solution –

      1. Pat –

        Take notice that “Max Bilney’s” comments are not in time sequence.
        (Makes me wonder exactly to WHOM you are responding…)

  14. the 6 feet away social distancing thing doesn’t mean much… that’s probably a ruse… i’m guessing the virus is totally contagious and most people have already had it, but in 99% of the cases you don’t even know you have it…
    look, i know a guy who has symptoms, possibly a life threatening condition… he needs a procedure, but the clinics that do the procedure are all closed and the hospitals will not schedule it, because of the virus, not for at least another 2 months… by that time it could be too late… when the guy asked the hospital people how many covid patients they had, he was told such comments were not allowed.. how does a hospital tell a person who really is sick to go eat shit and die because of the dangerous virus, when the hospital doesn’t even have any virus patients in it… there are less that 3,000 virus patients in california, out of the 40,000,000 people who live here….. there are probably a million truck drivers, large and small, moving throughout all the cities and town and back and forth across the whole country… they talk to each other, they get fuel, they have to stop and eat, they contact the people they make their pick-ups and deliveries with… there’s no way they’re not spreading whatever it really is all over the country.. if this thing was as really as deadly and dangerous as they act, some danger level to equate to these restrictions, half the country would have died from it already… what about all the cash register people, handling and bagging groceries, interacting with customers all day long? i know another guy who cooks at a golf course.. the food is all take-out now, but the golf course is open and it’s packed every day, busier than ever… so, people are allowed to go to the golf course and interact, but a person with a life-threatening condition can’t go to a hospital and be examined… why don’t they just test the guy who needs the procedure? of course they don’t have but a relatively few test kits, a totally inadequate number of them… if everybody could be tested right now, or even if they could test all the truck drivers, what would we find out… we’d find out – either everybody has it and it’s not harmful, or nobody, not nearly enough people have it to call it contagion….

    1. Bark –

      MSM communist dictatorial power-hungry assholes are angry with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson for NOT issuing a mandatory ‘stay at home order’ for his entire state. He has ordered social businesses such as bars and walk-in restaurants to be closed… but factory workers and many others can still go to work and keep their jobs. He believes jobs are more important than imprisoning the residents. Hotels & motels are still open to limited travelers in Arkansas.

      More COMMON SENSE than others!!

      Governor Hutchinson Provides COVID-19 Update to Media (04.04.20)

      1. Pat
        Oaklawn Park is one of the few racetracks still running. Good for the Arkansas governor not to bend to this nonsense!

      2. B-Hawk –

        It would not surprise me if TPTB salted the state with Covid, cholera and TB all at once….. as payback.

    2. Bark, get it through your thick skull that viruses are not contagious. They are excretions of the body that fight cell poisoning. The virus scam is the greatest misnomer since the Salem witch trials, which this whole psycho opera resembles. The entire world has been tricked into total panic by a malicious misnomer. And there’s no talking them out of it. The answer is, as most of you know, to turn off your TV and leave it off. This dinosaur fever will eventually fade out and away, even as it leaves the devastation of human society as its legacy.

  15. Barkingdeer: The tests are more or less useless. No ‘virus’ has been isolated they are testing for scraps of DNA and RNA (not any specific virus) then it is ‘multiplied’ by having the DNA/RNA copy itself. But here is the kicker at 35 times of multiplication NOBODY will test ‘positive’ and at 60 times EVERYONE will be ‘positive’ and that is not positive for any specific or isolated virus. The virus story is pure dis-information imo they picked something that they knew would show up ‘positive’ for a good part of the population. That is one of the devious and clever aspects of this psy op they are piggy backing their bogus virus onto something they know is quite common in the population.
    This operation is so deceptive that it is hard to know where to turn a lot of the time. That is also part of the operation people even quite clever and thoughtful people will get confused. I feel myself becoming one of them… the same time it can seem like just another transparent deceptive psy op. But I gotta say the ones pushing this are pretty clever. Surely clever enough to know there is NO virus that can do what it is supposed to do and the ‘transmission’ story is also very false. They know this and some of us know this also. What follows though is ‘up in the air’ as the mindless goyim now start to do it all to themselves

  16. I agree with John Kaminski and others that the cause of the so called “virus” is 5G. All the major hotspots have 5G concentrations, inc New York and Wuhan. The toxins being secreted from intense 5G exposure are causing people to get sick, with immediate death for the weaker ones and a slow, diseased death for the rest of us. Jewish money is behind it all and death theory is the game. The Jews think the End Time will bring about the arrival of their true Messiah. This will be a rich, earthly kojab who will be an Ashkenazi,non-Semitic Jew, employed by the House of Rothschild. It might yet be Bibi Netanyahu, but most likely Jared Kushner. 5G deployment has gone ahead at a rapid rate during the covid19 hoax and is the final technical matter that had to be completed before the arrival of the Jewish Communist NWO. All the most senior of the Jewish elite are chronologically on death’s doorstep. The total extinction of life on Earth has never been a concern for the Zionist elite whose only concern is achieving the FINAL POWER – a power achieved, as Jesus warned, by DEATH as the final arbiter. Once the evil one has extinguished “the way, the truth and life”, all we are left with is death.

  17. Confucius say:
    Want to know who sealed your fate?
    Look no further than Bwill Gate!

  18. MAX
    Not saying you’re wrong about the 5G being toxic, but I don’t understand how it would not affect Kushner and all the rest of the Tribalists… wouldn’t they be getting all the deadly effects from it too?
    I can understand how the chemtrails were necessary to block the UV, if the ozone layer has been eaten by freon and other chloro-fluoro-carbons, or to just block the heat, if the Sun is hotter now.. If Corporate Predators from Big Pharma put diseases into the chemtrails, so avaricious and caught-up in the Corporate Game that they’re somehow not allowed to consider their own safety, I can almost believe that… But, if the 5G thing is as bad as all this suggests, the so-called virus effect being real, then surely they must know by now they have to back down with it…
    Otherwise, I see clearly the type of people who want this crisis to be real, or, what they really want is a commie-style takeover, where the government, who they see as the Big Milk Cow, and the Bigger the Better, will finally solve all their problems… Because they just don’t have what it takes to go out into the world and make it as successful capitalists on their own, and their tactic is to build an army of all their fellows, find a huge cause-event that will wreck the standing order for good and deliver what they think is going to be their socialistic paradise, free money every month, and finally relieve themselves of the burden of their own responsibility to themselves and their offspring as individuals… One of them, who quit paying his rent and is already scheming on one of these Small Business Loans they’re talking about,, told me the other day People I know were going to die from the virus… You notice all the states with the neo-commie governors, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington and California act like they have the virus crisis really bad, and others, with real Americans for governors, like Arkansas are not buying into it… Don’t be too surprised if something real bad doesn’t happen to Governor Hutchinson…

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “….I don’t understand how it would not affect Kushner and all the rest of the Tribalists… wouldn’t they be getting all the deadly effects from it too?”

      Not if they never took the vaccines or Rx treatments over the years which contain the requisite element(s) sparking the initiation of the disease of choice.

      No one has mentioned that aspect.

      Hutchinson IS definitely in the arena – Little Rock – where numerous ‘Arkancides’ have happened. 🤢

  19. @ Y’all:

    Good comments all! As for John Kaminski’s article here: this is his best one yet! And it is very good even if it is done in a story format! This article is indeed a BULLSEYE! Spot On!

    To add to the article and the NWO globalist agenda, yes this is the time of the coming Mark of the Beast. And yes. Amerika, via Anglo-Amerikan-Israeli Alliance must fall and the multi-polar world of Russia/China/Iran/India and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), New Silk Road, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), AIIB, ANSEAN and the INSTEX (payment system for Iran outside $US), and the global Central Bankster Digital Crytocurrency with Blockchain technology, will all come to fruitition. Ultimately, once the Anglo-Amerikan-Israeli Alliance falls, NATO is on life-support. Then Turkey, second largest NATO member, declares to leave NATO: NATO Collapses. Then Germany, under a reformed EU (as happening now), will turn the new EU toward Russia/China. This Moscow/Beijing/Berlin alliance will form the new Superpower triangle as a EURASIAN
    Landmass LAND power to replace the old Sea Power of the Atlantic Anglo-Amerikan Alliance Bookend. This is why the USA has so many bases in the Eurasian continent in all the Stans / Georgia (former USSR state) / Iraq and Eastern European countries like the 3 Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia) and requires a presence in Ukraine/Romania/Bulgaria/Moldova. These Baltic States and the countries along the Black Sea form a choke-point against Germany (German-led new EU) from aligning with Russia. Doubt this, then consider all the fuss about the German-Russian NORDSTREAM 2 project.

    The Anglo-Amerikan alliances’ greatest fears besides China, with Russian help, is also a German-Russian Alliance, where German Science/Technology (Wissenschaft) is combined with Russian Natural Resources. Please remember that America stole German technology (knowledge from 1880 to 1945) when they took German Scientists/Nazis under Operation Paperclip. Amerika would have been NOTHING without it! The only country to compete with Russia in terms of Natural Resources, is Canada. Canada is a mess now because the US Billionaire interests’ and their Environmental Lobbies of Rockefeller Tides Foundation and all other such NGOs are maintaining Canada as a cheap Natural Resource supplier for the Amerikan Billionaire Oil/Gas and Fossil-fuel processing companies. As a Canadian, the Amerikan Billionaires are NOT my friend, they are the Enemy.

    So now back to a German Tech (Wissenschaft)- Russian Natural Resource combination with Chinese backing
    is a threat to the Anglo-Amerikan (Sea Power) Alliance. Remember, this Eurasian Landmass LAND power already represents 60 – 70 % of the global population and thus a minor group in Amerikan North America is just chickenfeed. Thus Amerika will go down and North Americans will suffer as John Kaminski writes in the article.

    The KICKER, as commented already above, is that Israel (Jewry (Rothschild) Controlled State) will switch to support Russia/China and Germany, because in this Eurasian Landmass LAND POWER, Israel is the hub in the Eurasian wheel. And also Israel connects to Africa, which would mean up to 75% of the World’s population is in this Eurasian LAND Power. Amrika is just a land area for the Dustbin and contributes nothing in this NEW future Economic Power. And of Course the International Jewry of the Rothschilds and Company are already on it and do not need to jump ship because they were on both sides already! SURPRISE! The NWO is still here, just with a Eurasian flavour!

    Boy that SUN TZU and his ART of WAR, was genius! Also Peter Baggins writes comments at THE OBSERVER!

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