The Bolshevik Destroyers Have Been Targeting Small Businesses and Supply Chains

By Kyle Hunt
Renegade Tribune
June 3, 2020


First the coronavirus hoax was used as an excuse for the government to mandate the closing of many small businesses in the United States. Our supply chains were also severely disrupted as workers were not able to go do the jobs that keep America running. We were told that this was alright, since big government was handing out trillions of dollars to big banks and big businesses. We just needed to shelter in place and weather the storm, since safety is much more important than doing business.

As all of this was unfolding, the federal coronavirus response team was organizing this all in a “red dawn” email thread. The Communist controllers used the “red dawn” to impose social distancing, contact tracing, and other sorts of draconian measures.

As soon as businesses were “allowed” to start reopening and regulations were somewhat loosened, the Bolshevik destroyers of civilization unleashed another hate hoax on us. We saw an unarmed Black man have a knee on his neck for a ridiculously long time until he was killed. Most people did not notice that the police had actually uncuffed the porn actor named George Floyd after arresting him and just bought the story hook, line, and sinker. The critical thinking skills of blacktivists are sometimes severely lacking, but to be fair, White people get hoaxed all the damn time too.

Protests, looting, and rioting began almost immediately. Businesses had their windows smashed, their merchandise stolen, and sometimes their entire buildings were engulfed in flames. The blacktivists and their antifa allies engaged in even more acts of domestic terrorism by blocking off roads and highways, making it impossible for needed shipments to get through.

Many businesses, even if they were not yet looted, had to shut down yet again and curfews were put in place in major cities. Companies had to halt shipping to areas where it is too dangerous for their deliverymen. Amazon, which had its delivery vehicles looted, had to stop shipments to danger zones, yet they still sided with the Bolshevik beasts as official company policy. Unlike the small businesses, Amazon is still profiting greatly. Now there are people in these urban areas who have no local grocery store anymore and are unable to even get anything shipped to them for the time being.

The only way to restore order, so we are told, is to have the military come in lock things down. No one really mentions how allowing police to do their job and shutting down cable news networks and other media outlets who are inciting the race riots would be a good step toward restoring order. There is free speech and then there is advocating for domestic terrorism; know the difference. However, that is not the “solution” that our cruel overlords are desiring from their problem, reaction, solution game.

It appears that both the coronavirus clampdown and now the race riots are intended to do as much damage as possible to the small businesses of America and our critical infrastructure, especially the supply chains. This is part of a Bolshevik revolution, which is being organized from the top down, in order to bring Americans to our knees.

They do not want people being able to earn an independent living, where they can still speak and act freely. They want everyone forced into slave labor like in China, working with the robots in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where we can be completely controlled. Or they want us standing in food lines, begging the government for food.

While the hard-working white man uses bricks to build, these terrorists only seek destruction.


26 thoughts to “The Bolshevik Destroyers Have Been Targeting Small Businesses and Supply Chains”

  1. “This is part of a Bolshevik revolution, which is being organized from the top down, in order to bring Americans to our knees.”

    Which means all the mechanisms of political order in the US are complicit in the charade: cultural, political and law-making. The riots are a great show to instil fear in some and inaction in others; any real regime change will be one set of elite family members replacing another. Let us hope that those moronic elites in the US cannot be bothered carrying out such a totalitarian piece of theatre and are persuaded to fall back on their usual side-shows to keep their people distracted, divided and fearful.

  2. Mr. Kyle Hunt hits the nail right on the head. Thank you for your excellent short analysis.

    Also thanks to Mrs. Lasha Darkmoon for publishing this article, so that we were able to take notice of it.

    We here in Europa are closely watching the mob rioting in USA, because we’re next.
    May God help us.

    Gott mit uns.

    1. Léonhard der Grelle said:

      “We here in Europa are closely watching the mob rioting in USA, because we’re next.
      May God help us.
      Gott mit uns.”

      I would say people calling the protesters thugs, looters, robbers and criminals, lowlife scum, and even terrorists indicate they could care less about black men and women getting killed by white police officers on the streets with impunity. The main goal of the protests is to address the injustice and police brutality against black and not about stealing and burning businesses. Please stop calling this a riot, call it a protest.

      Once again, thank you Dr. Lasha Darkmoon for another brilliantly written article and for inviting me to this site seven years ago.

      “Got is nicht mit uns (God isn’t on our side), Herr Leonhard!”

      1. and even terrorists indicate they could care less about black men and women getting killed by white police officers on the streets with impunity.

        Preamble: Racism against individuals is a terrible stupidity and a horrific evil. Statistical statements about ethic group behavior in education, criminal activity, … are simply facts.

        So let’s start respecting the readership by at least supporting statements such as the one in block quotes above with normalized group data!

        As far as I have read there is no data supporting this black/white antagonistic statement. People of all color are affected by police brutality. The Tribe is intent on enslaving the whole planet. Setting up inter-racial divisions via such statements means you and your children WILL be enslaved.

        The main goal of the protests is to address the injustice and police brutality against black and not about stealing and burning businesses.

        Then why are the “protests” not addressing the politicians who set all in movement by blocking the WHOLE of the US:, ports, trains airports? Exactly as French farmers do to get policy changed.
        What a ridiculous notion that stealing from and burning businesses advances a political cause.

        Please stop calling this a riot, call it a protest.

        You need to consult a dictionary.

      2. Since most of us Europeans (and European based countries like USA) deserted the Triune God, most of us are indeed not with God anymore and so he is not with most of us. But we need to return to the one true God. Until then he is teaching us lessons, so that we may come to our senses again and return to him. So that we can shout again, like I still do: Gott mit uns!

        We creatures need to kneel down before almighty God our creator. My forefathers did so for 1,500 years during Holy Mass. But today most of my brothers-in-faith ripped out the kneelers in our formerly beautiful church buildings. Because modern man aka liberalist man doesn’t kneel down before God anymore. And so, for example, God allows the devil to make many of us to kneel down before a rioting Negro mob and basically worshipping it.

        I’d like to close my comment with the words of a native English speaker, the British Bishop Richard Williamson, in his Eleison-Comment 634 from 7 September 2019. Full text is here:

        … and here’s a much shortened version:

        >>> The race of white men, as they are called, scattered all over the face of the earth but especially concentrated in Europe, is presently suffering contempt and persecution all over the face of the earth. And whose fault is that? It is primarily the fault of the whites, or Europeans, themselves. [..]

        It is God and God alone who creates the soul of every single man that ever lived, and He creates them with a great variety, to make up what He means to be the symphony of mankind. [..]
        Now as with individuals, so with families, towns, provinces, nations and races. Families are different from one another, and unequal. Towns, provinces, nations and races are all different and unequal, with in each case a varying mixture of nature by God and nurture by men.

        Insofar as they are developed by men, God’s intention in allowing for this nurture is that with their varying gifts, they should all exercise charity and look after one another. For example, let this town help its flooded neighbour, let this province provide the artists, let this nation lead the world, let this race serve the Church.

        Now is it not clear from many centuries of history that the white race has had, not exclusive, but special natural and supernatural gifts from God to serve Him, and to extend His Church all over the world? Nor is this unjust, because what use the whites make of these gifts depends upon themselves. They have free-will to use or misuse their gifts, but in any case they do have a mission from God. If they make the right use of these gifts, they will benefit the whole world. If they misuse these gifts, God will specially punish them.

        And what use are the whites making today of their God-given gifts? For many hundreds of years have they not been slowly but steadily turning away from Him? And are they not now proud of their atheism? Is it then surprising if God makes use of all other races, nations, etc., to punish the whites by their being scorned and persecuted by the rest of mankind? [..] <<<

        1. Is it then surprising if God makes use of all other races, nations, etc., to punish the whites by their being scorned and persecuted by the rest of mankind?

          Why do you make the Old Testament assumption that God is a vengeful God who “punishes” people for their sins? Maybe they are punished by their evil deeds, in the same way that they are rewarded by their good deeds. Surely karma is a better explanation than a vengeful Old Testament God hurling fire and brimstone?

          Atheists can roll with karma, at a push, but not with an Angry God having hissy fits in the skies.

      3. I believe Herr Leonhard is quite correct in his assumption. This theme is prevalent throughout the Old Testament, and can be readily discerned at Deuteronomy 28.

      4. Sis –

        Many protestants, especially evangelicals, believe that “God makes use of all other races, nations, etc., to punish the whites by their being scorned and persecuted by the rest of mankind”…. which was one of the reasons I gave up on organized religions. I saw the hypocrisy.

      5. Take another look at the REALITY, Pat. Believe only what you see (and be skeptical of THAT, too, if you’re so determined…)

      6. Sister
        I’d like to think that in a Divine state karmic influences simply don’t exist. No “reaping”, ergo no “sowing”…..just being, in ways open to the imagination – the “many mansions of my Father”. That “karma” can only exist in a devolved state such as this, which implies being removed from Divinity in varying degrees. It isn’t that we don’t know this, only that we’ve forgotten it.

      7. @MAHMOUD: I don’t know where you live, but it’s apparently not around African “Americans”. Black people make up 25% of all fatal police encounters, even though they commit ten times the amount of gun violence of whites and Hispanics combined. In New York City, blacks make up 23% of the population, they make up 50% of the police stops – yet they commit 75% of all crime, meaning there is actually an under-policing problem. Blacks and latino/hispanics commit 100% of drive-by shootings. Whites in New York City are 34% of the population, yet commit less than 2% of all shootings.There were 80 people shot (21 fatally) in Chicago last weekend and blacks don’t care, they just want to go on and on about George Floyd, a convicted felon.

        In The Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 survey of criminal victimization, the study released there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites in the previous year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent.

        In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.

        Even with these Bureau of Justice stats, it should be pointed out that, in reality, that government statistics deliberately understate the number of crimes committed by minorities by reclassifying nonwhite minorities as white. This was most pronounced with latino criminals being usually labeled white even though booking photos showed some of them as black as the ace of spades. It is highly unlikely that whites account for even 5% of interracial crimes.

        The fact that 9 out of 10 interracial felonies between blacks and whites are black-on-white rather than the other way around receives zero coverage. People are fed a steady diet of disinformation about racial violence.

    1. Mr. Hunt is correct for his scepticism. Killing a man ain’t easy. “I can’t breath! I can’t breath!….shouts the dying man. Wait a minute por favor….. please. Men who can’t breath can’t talk. Oh well. Common sense. Anyway. Donaldo just reflecting. Donaldo believes, of course, that at the end of the day it goes nowhere. Perhaps the Zios are desperate. Only time will tell.

  3. BREAKING: One of Maine’s largest newspapers just called on Trump to resign, a few hours before he travels there.

  4. and here’s the icing on the cake, floyd’s family now multi-millionaires… so that will be the last you’ll probably ever hear from them, they’ll want no part of politics now… all part of the plan? they’ll move to a mansion in a gated community with private security, keep the rioters out…. probably blow the whole 13,000,000 in a few years, definitely gonna buy some bling from those looters in the $350,000,000 bently-jag, whatever it was… all that’s needed now is we find out george has been taking crisis actor lessons between porno shoots, isn’t even dead…

  5. The trigger that is destroying the US depends on examination of a trachea:

    I won’t go so far as to says that George Floyd wasn’t suffocated to death by the cop, but I will say that it is not an absolute given that he died this way. First of all, I noticed that Floyd had his head turned far to the side when the cop had his knee on his neck. From my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, it’s quite a bit harder to totally occlude someone’s trachea when their head is turned to the side. It would have been a lot more believable that Floyd’s death was due to having his trachea totally occluded by the cop putting his knee on it if his head was lying flat against the pavement, which wasn’t the case.

    Furthermore, I don’t know much about forensics, but I’m fairly certain that even if someone’s trachea was just partially occluded, your ability to holler out “I can’t breathe” for everyone there to hear quite clearly is next to impossible. Therefore, it is more likely that he died from cardiac arrest. From my experience as a nurse, if a patient call out saying that he can’t breathe, more than likely he is having a heart attack. Believe me, when patients suddenly die of some kind of sudden respiratory failure, they don’t have enough air in their lungs to say, much less holler out, “ I can’t breathe!”

    And as far as Floyd having Covid-19 is concerned, that might have played a role in his death, especially since the virus can exacerbate an underlying cardiac condition. Keep in mind, his stress hormones were already elevated from being arrested, as well as having illicit drugs in his system, which together played a significant role in his death.

  6. The latest from the newswire service today is Trumpty Dumpty will withdraw US troops from Germany and use them here against his own people. What country does that remind you of from the past?

  7. The most inspiring news I read today since the protests started was when five strangers (all black) linked arms to protect a white police officer Galen Hinshaw from being harmed by angry protesters on the first night of protests (May 28) in Louisville.

    I also attended protest for the first time a protest in the town where I live and was surprise to the see the overwhelming majority of the protesters were white. That gave me hope that America’s better days are ahead.

  8. ME-Y,
    You are dreaming my good man. Why yes, there may be better days ahead. Our betters want to cut the police off with no funding.. We don’t need no damn police messing up the streets of America, All the low IQs, all the psychopaths, all the criminals will all become little angels. Indeed, we will have entered into paradise, The peace-able-kingdom of peace and light with the Gates peace chip embedded in our frontal lobes along with a permanent vaccine needle stuck in our butts all ready for the monthly booster chemicals.
    As we enter into Bolshevik revolution point 2, lets hope that God does a better job in the year of our Lord 2020 then he did at Bolshevik revolution point 1. God didn’t seem to do any favors for the deeply religious ethnic Russians or their deeply religious Czar and family. Yes indeed, let the good times roll.

  9. Palestinian Walid Shoebat is deeply concerned : Anti-White racism may lead to *GASP* Whites turning into NAZIS!!!

    Whites turning into NAZIS wouldn’t be good for the Jews [ who are Genociding his Palestinian people ].

    ~ whatsoever you do… to the jews or any one jew ….. that you do unto Shoebat the Palestinian~ LMFAO!!!!!

  10. Some thoughts:
    Seems like a well orchestrated American Spring, kindda like the Arab Spring,..I wonder who pulled that off?

    The global Plandemic, of course created the need for global coordination and concern and too, requiring a global response…..govts started implementing draconian rules. All so they could deploy the most powerful stealth equipment the world has yet seen, all the while you were pointed in the other direction. And that too creating doubt and suspicion, each person suddenly becoming the potential killer of the other.

    In an environment like that how can solidarity take place, solidarity that desperately needed to take place and directed to the rightful perpetrators of one of the greatest of crimes against natural human beings.

    To help the poor, beleaguered, house arrested citizens our kind governments started doling out large amounts of cash, cash that some nervously accepted instinctively looking for the hook while others were all too happy to do nothing and eat the fat, all the while the invisible cage kept closing in.

    This payoff will never be paid back because the second round is coming around the corner, only this time the deaths would be more real since they now possess an on/off switch.

    And now we come to this perfect facebook incident that somehow amazingly seems to have affected every country in the world! Someone told me even the Japanese were protesting!

    All this pent up sublimated hostility, channelled, once again against each other, victim vs victim.
    It never ceases to amaze me how utterly misguided and short-sighted these ‘smart’ people are, creating a ’cause’ in their minds, the oppressed liberating himself from the oppressor.

    Really? We, the people are the oppressed and we very well know who the real oppressors are. There are some who say they are happy to see white folks protesting ….as if there aren’t black folks who oppress!

    The message is clear: We need a new type of government for the world, with a new way of doing business and maybe we don’t need police the traditional way since, surreptitiously, we now have instant 5G, technology that would make Foucault’s Panopticon look like child’s play.

    Their all seeing ‘smart’ eyes will be on every street corner, sending all that information to the all knowing computers..for our protection of course; so things like what reportedly just happen never happen again.
    How nice, the all seeing ones, the all knowing ones would naturally become our protectors; such benevolent benefactors. And they are the same ones who give us food; oh! how they’ve indeed made themselves gods over the people.

    For all those ‘smart’ folks who can’t wait to take down America and the white nations because white people have perpetrated such unbelievable atrocities to the rest of the inhabitants of the world, well I have news for you. The day that happens then goodbye to any semblance of traditional life and goodbye liberty forever. It will only be a matter of time before those of opposing views would somehow not be able to uptake oxygen in their sleep….all natural-like, now that the Trojan horse is in the barn.

  11. who do some of the obvious hasbarats on here think they are fooling ..
    incogman is gone probably for good ..
    if communism has its way all truth sites will go dark ..


  12. they tried to mess with the north american grid ..59 cycles on left coast and 61 on the east grid …
    i guess they decided they needed the juice to fry the rest of us with 5g …
    we must really appereciate lasha darkmoon for the ability to express the truth here ..
    many truth sites are a nitemare to post on …so we dont ..
    hoflandia was a squared up site and it lost its helmsman but the site keeps going for another while …
    been goin to incogman for 10 years and have seen his servers go down several times well actually suspended for terms of service rubbish …
    this time there is nothing on the other end ..servers are dark ,,,domain isnt suspended or for sale etc ..
    we thot 10 years ago things were crazy …now its crazy on crazy …
    next stop ? …. will they euthanize all in america to make usa pristine again ..a knee jerk jew commie slogan they use often to cull or curtail farms and food producing regions …
    little late for pristine ….
    we see how jewish bolsheviks have treated populations for the last 200 years and before all thruout history ..
    the 4-5 million armenians extrermnionated by communis jew and islamic matrix in turkey in 1915+ under the triumverant rulership …3 guys faking arab creds were really jews and fled to germany after the turks discovered they wernt arabic ….
    what has happened to 6 million palstinians in palestine should be a wake up call …operation cast lead operation jenin and much more …the ringworm scandal …
    israelis strafed un watchers platforms trying to spy on what the murderous jews were up to ..
    rachel corrie got run over ..hundreds of indigenous benevolent ancestral palestinian villages were bulldozed by bolshevik israeli jews into dust ..vanished and the villagers were lined up and shot …
    why does anyone wonder why 700,000 palestinians would voluntarily leave their land of 2500 years …
    they wre in fear of their lives as 70+ major pally cities were denied water and food do the non collatyeral damage report …same as holodomor in russia #1#2#3 ,,,
    who could blame a palestinian for loathing the site of jews taking over theirt homes and farms and building the huge walls cutting through ancestral farms ..
    thats when i decided to hate jewish communists is when i saw a pally family ejectged from their ancestral home and no where to go whil,e a bunch of jews moved in …the family was wailing against a wall near the home …when the new inhabittants came out soemone asked them if they cared about the poor miserable family and they shrugged and kept going …the united nations land declaration of 1953 forbids the jews from crossing the unit nat lines …lot o good that did ..
    there isnt one reason why most of the white rioters shouldnt have been shot for treason and brigandage ..
    they represent the communist american movement and the black muslims of america are no better …
    their foundation manifesto is all and only about killing off whites …black panthers are an umbrella sub franchise of nation of moslem hate ….aka enforcement arm …black supremecy is alive and killing whites al over america …im preaching to the choir here but imho and 2 cents
    thanks darkmoon for the precious lite of truth ……..

  13. This entire year (for that matter most of the 20th century ‘history’ ) has been orchestrated and staged.
    The only people surprised by the attack on Pearl Harbor were the base commanders on the ground. Rosenfeld (Roosevelt) knew it along with his entire bolshevik and genetic communist cabinet and appointees.

    The Lusitania was now proved to be carrying war munitions (look up the recent salvage work done) thus confirming the 105 year old lie the “Huns” attacked a non legitimate “Passenger Ship” (thus implying a war crime, though history proved it was a lie used to get the US into WW1 and the resulting deaths and maiming of numerous young American men.

    Vietnam? The “Gulf of Tonkin incident/attack was completely made up. The goal of the US involvement in Vietnam had absolutely NOTHING to do with communist containment and everything to do with controlling the Golden Triangle opium poppies productiong and refinement being carefully controlled by the CIA.
    The cia of course also controlled the cocaine trade into the USA via many routes, one made into t a movie “BLOW” which is based on true story. That is right, the cocaine avalanche of the 1980s and 90s was curated and controlled by the US government.

    Try reading about the “Radium Girls” who all died painting watch dials for servicemen in WW1.

    OR if you can. please locate ONE AUTOPSY of a so called ‘death camp gas chamber” from the NSDAP. (Pro-tip? you will not find one, because none were ever done, even though millions of corpses allegedly are available, to this day, not a single proof. As for eyewitnesses? They all got the body colors of ‘gassed’ victims wrong. They claimed blue, green, yellow, but any person who dies via asphyxiation has bright cherry red skin/blotches, which are also not appearing on a single photo of the alleged murdered corpses-compare to the Red Cross which had complete access to the labor camps until 1945 who had carefully tabulated over 278,000 deaths mostly from Typhus)

    Or look up the British genocides and death camps in the Boar wars where they deliberately took women and children and killed them through starvation and neglect.
    Or the British under the madman Churchill who deliberately starved to death tens of millions of
    Indians/Bangladeshis in WW2 via their ridiculous WW2 war activities.
    Or go the the Spanish American War, where the entire war was predicated on the false flag attack of a US ship in Havana Harbor, Cuba. Then after defeating the Spaniards, took the Philippines and committed mass genocides against ethnic Filipinos who thought they were being set free by the US, but started to fight for their freedom when they realized it was a “Don’t get fooled again” situation.
    Or the engineered stock market crashes, or the engineered epidemics (like the fake one currently being used).

    The news lies.
    The politicians lie.
    The corporate leaders (robber barons) lie.
    2020 is a watershed year for massive changes to the working class via fearmongering, and deliberate violence against people based solely on their skin color.

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