The devil’s dance troupe

27 May 2020

Molded into perverted puppets,
America’s manic marionettes
cringe in numb acquiescence
inside our squeaky clean rooms


So you asked how early did I know the great COVID-19 epidemic was a demonic fraud aimed at further robotizing the people of the world, and I bellowed “HOAX!” instantaneously from the very beginning. Because it reminded me of too many things I had seen before for which I had experienced the same reaction. After 15 minutes of good thought and listening to officialdom’s false explanations, I surmised that all these things had to be hoaxes — and they were.

That’s why they want to get rid of old people. They know too much. They’ve seen too many things. You can’t use the same scam more than five or six times and still get away with it.

Why? Because I had the same reaction to this latest fake epidemic merely 15 minutes in as I did after that second plane supposedly hit the south tower on 9/11. The same feeling when Sandy Hook was staged but prepared the night before. When the Tsarnaev brothers were so savagely snared in the modern teleplay known as the Boston Marathon Massacre. I had seen it all before. I had seen it all before in Oklahoma City, at Ruby Ridge and in Waco — all of them mass murder against our fellow American citizens perpetrated by America’s foreign-controlled government.

And I saw it as a freshman in college that day in Dallas, when our last honest president took multiple bullets in the head from many demonic directions — delivered by the same people in charge of everything today!

And who is this omnipotent controller? Who is the master thief and vicious mass murderer of the entire planet?

Why it’s that force we can’t talk about, of course. That dark eminence that erases honest videos from YouTube, bans books from Amazon (especially books telling the truth about World War II). Who closes the churches and keeps the liquor stores open.

Who tells you prescription drugs are good for you when they’re not? That mealy-mouthed shrew who shoves shekels into the pockets of vapid politicians, and together they sing together songs of poisoning wells and slaughtering children to use in various recipes of personal gratification.

It’s where all these mysterious murders come from — the systematic elimination of all those microbiologists back in the ’80s, then more than a hundred New Age oncologists. And political gophers who have a notion to do something good for humanity and are viciously struck down in their attempts. Or allowed to molder in prison like Julian Assange, Schaefer Cox, Leonard Peltier and so many others. If they’re not killed outright like Seth Rich or James Bradstreet.


Because telling the truth threatens the investments of both the criminals committing the crimes and the swishy fashion plates reporting the news.

They are the ones who decide what books the public can read. They work tirelessly to defame, injure and bankrupt all those who pursue the objective truth.

The people making the money and the people stealing the money are the same people. It is a game they play and we are the poker chips.

We should know this

Vaccines don’t work. They kill people. Just ask Bill Gates. How else could he talk about vaccines and population reduction in the same breath? Have you ever seen a more demonic, twitching grin outside of an insane asylum? He has clearly flown out of the cuckoo’s nest.

The demonic Dr. Fauci rivals the great killers of all time for number of murders committed because AIDS was never actually proven to exist and it was Fauci’s AZT that killed all those luckless homos. And now he has been placed in charge of America’s health, supervising a process that lied about the total deaths in a well-known way and actually prescribed the murder of old geezers by misusing ventilators as well as deliberately assassinating by injection seniors who already were stricken by other serious age-related maladies.

In the well-known style of American presidents, supervised and approved by Donald Trump and the entirety of Jewish media, that’s premeditated murder.

To say forced vaccinations are required is a step beyond what any civilized nation (if there ever were any) has ever attempted: commanding citizens to give up control of the insides of our bodies. Vaccines accomplish that, and the latest invention by the consummate weirdo Gates will instantly furnish the entirety of your personal history to the authorities who want to control you.

The four major scams of vaccines: smallpox, polio, Gardasil and COVID-19 — deserve their own story, but their histories are all the same — more people killed, maimed, paralyzed and stricken with time-delayed cancer. All of them are classic examples of the cure being far worse than the disease, deliberately given to you by your own government controlled by an insane Jewish medical apparatus.

And then 5G comes along. They have been installing it at warp speed throughout the lockdown, primarily at all the schools.

Are we prepared to bleed from the eyes? Are we prepared to have our children sterilized and suffer through a number of debilitating, doctor-produced diseases for the remainder of our lives?

Are we prepared to have our oxygen absorption hindered when 5G comes fully online? Perhaps we should practice lying stricken in the street, gasping for air.

The mistaken lore of freedom

It used to be smokestacks that were the landmarks of our pollution; now it’s cell towers irradiating penetrating death into the tissues of everything that lives.

But beyond all the fake statistics and lamebrained statements made by wealth-conscious doctors is the essential element present in all political arguments of this and any age.

The Curse of Canaan was extended to the land which was named after him, the Land of Canaan. The Canaanites themselves … became the greatest curse upon humanity, and so they remain today. Not only did they originate the practices of demon-worship, occult rites, child sacrifice, and cannibalism, but as they went abroad they brought these obscene practices into every land which they entered.

Not only did they bring their demonic cult to Egypt, but, known by their later name, the Phoenicians, as they were called after 1200 B.C., they became the demonizers of civilization through successive epochs, being known in medieval history as the Venetians, who destroyed the great Byzantine Christian civilization, and later as ‘the black nobility’ which infiltrated the nations of Europe and gradually assumed power through trickery, revolution and financial legerdemain.

Thanks Eustace Mullins. And on and on it goes. The parasites of society continue to feast on those who refuse to pay attention to what is really happening because they believe the lies of their leaders who are chosen for them by extraordinarily evil men.

Identifying those men and the criminal syndicates they control is our No. 1 task at hand if we are ever to regain any semblance of the freedom we once thought we had. Because only mob rule can ever take them down — an overwhelming outpouring of people acting like the decent, honest citizens they are, demanding to root out the rot of corruption that plagues all our lives and creates mayhem and terror where none need exist except to fulfill the promise of their demonic criminal plans.

But defeating them is quite another matter. They have turned us into the devil’s dance troupe. Molded into perverted puppets, America’s manic marionettes cringing in numb acquiescence inside our squeaky clean rooms.

Only now are these squeaks are beginning to more clearly reveal the madness that has trapped us in our own fear.

20 thoughts to “The devil’s dance troupe”

  1. Twitter is hassling Trump — and that makes Trump angry angry angry!

    In the meantime, Trump hassles everyone who wants to talk honestly about Israel and what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians.

    Trump signed a presidential executive order CENSORING criticism of Israel on college campuses — and Trump fully well knows that those who criticise Jews and/or the Israeli government online are monitored and watched 24/7 and he has NO problem with that.

    Trump fully supports online spying in order to protect Jewish interests and maintain Jewish supremacy. He wants everyone online who criticizes Jews or Israel to be censored and banned and spied on and watched 24/7.

    Now he’s complaining because he can’t talk online as freely as he wishes.

    F*CK TRUMP!!

    Normally I would be on Trump’s side — because I don’t like censorship — but Trump likes censorship, since he’s the one doing the censoring now.

  2. One might be justified in retaining hope that wisdom will prevail … Brits did Brexit, French and Dutch rejected the EU Constitution – in each case after having been ‘warned’ the sky would fall on their heads.

    However, we have this: “A Millennial job interview”

    A satire, yes, but as Kaminski points out, the wisdom of past generations that caused defeat of oligarch blackmail is eroding fast.

    I have read that the newest generation(s) have more wisdom, but have not observed this personally.

    Kaminski’s sense of hoax was rapid. My own came back in Feb, with the publishing of official Italian figures showing incontrovertibly the current event was no worse than a normal flu – 0.26% infection fatality rate. In recent days Stanford University demonstrated it could be as low as 0.02%, 2 sick geriatrics in 10,000 persons.

    Yet the world is still locked down, without work, starving, dying from government policy and fools abound wearing health debilitating masks.

    Critical thinking is way to low for a recovery.

    Next stop is Neo-neanderthal (NN) trans-humanism. On a positive note do not underestimate nature that might eliminate those who took the nano-machines in vaccines, the genetic engineering in “vaccines”, the implants and the neural lace.

    Even if that does not occur, trans-humanism is non other than a lobotomy, reduction of human life to ant status, slavishly following goal seeking mathematics.

    1. Here in Virginia, our leftist governor decreed that, beginning today, everyone who entered a store in public had to wear a mask. A friend of mine had an idea to mimick the governor for his student days at VMI in Lexington, and donned his Klan hood this morning at the farmer’s CO-OP there. It drew attention! 😄

  3. Kaminski: “That’s why they want to get rid of old people. They know too much. They’ve seen too many things. You can’t use the same scam more than five or six times and still get away with it.”

    DEFINITELY!! Time on earth yields knowledge and wisdom. The jews can’t have that.

    Republicans and Democrats do their bidding!! 💥 🤢

    Graham urges senior judges to step aside before November election so Republicans can fill vacancies!!

    WASHINGTON — Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, on Thursday urged federal judges who are in their mid-to-late 60s to step aside so that Republicans, increasingly nervous about holding the Senate majority in the November election as they eye President Trump’s poll numbers, can fill the vacancies now.
    Graham made the comments in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.
    ‘‘This is an historic opportunity,’’ Graham said. ‘‘We’ve put over 200 federal judges on the bench. . . . If you can get four more years, I mean, it would change the judiciary for several generations. So if you’re a circuit judge in your mid-60s, late 60s, you can take senior status, now would be a good time to do that if you want to make sure the judiciary is right of center.’’

    Gov Cuomo sent over 4,500 coronavirus patients to NY nursing homes!!

    NEW YORK (AP) — More than 4,500 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to New York’s already vulnerable nursing homes under a controversial state directive that was ultimately scrapped amid criticisms it was accelerating the nation’s deadliest outbreaks, according to a count by The Associated Press.
    AP compiled its own tally to find out how many COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospitals to nursing homes under the March 25 directive after New York’s Health Department declined to release its internal survey conducted two weeks ago. It says it is still verifying data that was incomplete.

  4. Just when I thought John Kaminski couldn’t possibly raise the Truth-Integrity-Courage Bar any higher, he picks up that sucker and launches it to the stratosphere!

    Mr Kaminski, I salute you – not only for this latest ‘tour de force’ poking your finger in the eye of ZOG – but for all your time, devotion & service to humanity as that ‘Lonely Voice Crying In The Wilderness’ for its deliverance.

      1. Thank you Sister Monica. I thrive on “enemies”… keeps the faculties sharp when there are no Sabre Tooth Tigers prowling around.

        btw I was recently complimented by one of your own Sisters Of The Cloth – a “Sister Of Nazareth” to be precise – for an “exemplary Act of Christian Charity” (the details of which can wait for another day… if, with the way things are going, there is one) – and was assured that, if not for Covid, I would have been invited inside for a Digestive Biscuit & a cup of tea. Which is just as well, since I wouldn’t have wanted any residue flavours compromising the sublime taste of of Holsten Pils (which I highly recommend)… a six-pack of which I was planning to discretely have for lunch on the nearest park bench.

        Neverless, the Good Sister lifted my spirits with a “What you do for the least of my brethren etc etc” and assured me that I was stacking-up brownie-points where it “counted most”.
        With that I gave a slight bow (from the waist), bade her Adieu with a “If I can be of further assistance don’t hesitate etc etc”… and cracked-open my first Holsten (as soon as I was out of sight)… and whistled on my way.

        1. Excellent comment! . . . proving that you do have some redeeming features, as Sister Monica has belatedly discovered! 🙂

          BTW, I hope you don’t think I am one of your “enemies” if I point out discreetly that you need to brush up your spelling if you wish to pass as an educated man. I leave it to you to identify your own error, a serious spelling mistake no aspiring writer would want to make.

  5. Corporate Predation works well in hospitals, medicine…
    Look at Big Pharma….
    Now look at the Cuomo boys too… What do you make of them?
    Old people are in danger in hospitals, on account of the basic operating method, which is a lot about getting people’s wealth and assets, at a time and in a place where vulnerability increases… Lawyers are standing by…
    Old people are easier prey… The Predator always looks for the easy victim….
    But many are not actually wealthy, therefore they can cost hospitals, a lot…
    Their organs aren’t worth much, so no big payoff there… Right?
    Then along came the corona virus, and suddenly, at 100,000 or more dollars a pop for every covid ventilator death, these nursing homes are full of golden windfalls…
    It’s all quarantined, don’t you know… No Visitors, not even next of kin…
    All they have to do is get them on the ventilator and that’s generally it…
    Yeah, covid 19 hit the nursing homes hard…
    And yes, JK is probably right, the PTB in the Satanic world of corporo-politics do want the old folks dead anyway, just because they’ve seen too much….
    Safe to say as well they have no place in the age of devices now…
    But the old are not Wanted Dead And Not Alive as much as the combat vets though… Those people are dangerous… 15 or 20 war theater veterans’ suicides a day?
    No, that’s murder… And I wonder what the money angle might be on dead veterans?

    1. Yes, Barkingdeer, “those people are dangerous.” America has done so many wars that there is a considerable population of “inconvenient” war veterans out there, and they can bite hard. America is in a unique position in the Western world where people can bear powerful rifles such as the M14.

      I have read a book by an ex-SAS guy who teaches combat skills, ‘Ultimate Guide to Combat – How to Fight and Survive in Modern Warfare’ by Robert Stirling. A battle-hardened soldier doesn’t panic inside a trench when bullets pass above his head; we can’t see bullets but we certainly can hear them. Cops are tough when they do humiliate and eventually kill the defenseless, but against armed guys the majority of them are sissies, excluding especial troops like the SWAT. An important infantry concept is called “localized superiority of firepower” – it doesn’t matter if an army has more soldiers, the side who wins battles is dictated by this concept. If 30 guys are ambushed by 200 the previous are toast, because a bigger far away army won’t help them in time.

      Yes, armed and pissed battle-hardened vets really represent a threat to the powers that shouldn’t be!


      “I’ve written this book to help you – the soldier – kill the enemy when you have the chance and, most importantly, come back home in one peace.
      “Some people have accused me of helping the enemy by providing them with soldiering skills to use against our guys. I tell them not to believe everything they see on TV. Terrorists and insurgents are, for the most part, neither stupid nor badly trained. And anyone who says they are is either ignorant or trying not to frighten the children.” – Robert Stirling

  6. @Grammar Fiend
    Of course I don’t bear you any animosity… for it is only under the “Lash Of Correction”, which you wield with such stinging precision and aplomb, that we can ever atone for our failings – both literary and otherwise – mend our ways and at least aspire to a higher rung on that ladder to perfection.

    So, in only making a trifle – instead of a full-blown buffet – of my long list of discrete errors, I commend you for only ever applying the minimum corrective force necessary to “get the job done” and for being so discreet, with helpful hints instead of a public verbal flogging, along the way.

    Thank You Grammar FRiend.

    1. Brilliant! You are obviously highly intelligent,
      though you can sometimes be a tad indiscrete! 🙂

  7. And once again we have an example of what they say in Latin ~ asinus asinum fricat ~

  8. Pat :

    Perhaps the devil’s dance troupe isn’t telling us everything the troupe knows about the real and true nature of Earth and the Universe :

    Go to :

    go to : “Teachings”

    Scroll down page to video entitled :

    “Encyclopedia Americana 1958”

    Go to : @ 1:00

    Listen to what the lady is saying — then address the issue the lady is pointing out to us. Explain to us — scientifically — explain to us scientifically what Antarctica is all about and explain why the Encyclopedia Americana says that there’s a Firmament above Antarctica. You’re a scientist — so give us a scientific explanation.

    Also : Why is there an international agreement concerning Antarctica not allowing any exploration of Antarctica? Very rarely do countries agree about anything, yet when it comes to Antarctica all-of-a-sudden the governments of all the countries agree NO EXPLORATION OF ANTARCTICA SHOULD BE ALLOWED. Why is that, Pat? What is that Agreement all about, Pat? Thank you, TROJ.

    @ uncle : NO, this post is NOT OFF-TOPIC, as I’m talking about the devil’s dance troupe — what the article is all about. THE AGREEMENT we have is not a devil troupe type agreement, though many times it seems like it’s a devilish agreement as you many times break THE AGREEMENT we have [ or supposed to have ] and i always get the short end of the stick , u little, lol, devil u. Mother 😇 brings forth a cute little devil , 😊.

    1. TROJ –

      I have been asking the questions all along and you have no answers for me. When you answer mine…. I’ll answer yours. That’s how it works, even in Spamblinka. 🙂
      How thick is the flat earth(sic)???
      Is the Moon flat?
      Is the Sun flat?
      Is Mars flat?

      I did not ask about Antarctica. You brought it up…..
      So…. you TELL ME…. since you have traveled to every part of Antarctica!!! 💥 😜

  9. What the f*ck the Jews doing to this world they are coward they had never fought wars with face to face rather they use other powerful country on behalf
    Suck all Jews and Zionist
    Human should aware all this
    Great work from Darkmoon I appreciate and I love your article
    Always love to read from Ummah of prophet Muhammad SWAS.

  10. There are certain people in this world who are born psychopaths, all psychopaths go to Hell when they die. They rely on their children also, genetic psychopaths, to continue to destroy the world God created and the plan God has for all his children. They do it for their false God Lucifer, their father, satan because once you lose your soul and become /devolve into a psychopath, you have no free will-you are a robot completely controlled by demons, controlled by Lucifer who hates God and is the enemy of our souls and all that is Holy. To carry on their plan to extinguish all Jesus came to earth to rescue us from. They lie and murder and take pleasure sadistically in other people’s pain and suffering and especially their stupidity for trusting these demons, posing as human beings but who have no souls. They are a pack of consolidated psychopaths-a unit intent our our destruction. The antithesis of all that God Evolution into higher consciousness, more loving souls, more angelic beings, Love and Truth and Peace are. You on earth have Black and white in equal force, because you alone, by free will must choose. Both are calling for you in total equal measure. No one can force you to evolve or devolve. It will be so until the end which is coming soon. You can’t read unless there is contrast between the while paper and the black letters. That is why you have evil and Good to choose between. You must choose. Most beings only evolve higher in oneness with God. Accept the fact that you are not normal or natural, you can devolve or evolve. You must decide and do either yourselves, no one can do it for you. You had Jesus Christ but in equal measure you have the antichrist the children of satan to tempt you to become psychopaths too. They use their power-the money system. On the other side is the Catholic Church-which has been taken down with MONEY. Freemasonry-is satanism. Your money system is satanism. In the final test before you you will choose either money or God, to evolve in heaven or devolve forever in Hell. You will soon be forced to choose. Know this the final test is to choose God and his Love, or the mark of the beast=money. Just know this, when you have taken the mark the identity chip or the vaccines, Lucifer will be LAUGHING sadistically at you. Because Covid is a lie to get you to take the next lie, a vaccine which will be an injection of a real horrible and deadly pandemic. The chip for digital currency will be a worse joke, it will also make you sick until you die, destroy your soul and will bring in a no money system of total and complete slavery as a robot. They do not have to pay robot slaves money-in reality it is their way of ending the money system and controlling you totally, body and mind. The sores and the horrid smell from them are hideous-that is all you will get from the Chip. TRUST GOD. Do not trust psychopaths. They do not LOVE, they never say the truth. They lie and pretend they are helping you when they are secretly destroying you, as in the Serpent in the Garden= Eat the apple it is good, it will make you like God’s, when it truth, they were cast out of God’s ONENESS-to devolve,

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