The Devil’s Virus: Apocalypse Now?

New York Magazine
March 18, 2020

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with introduction,  pictures and captions.

The certitude and sincerity of this doom-laden article cannot be doubted.  Dismiss it at your peril. The fact that it is published here on April Fool’s day is purely coincidental.


“One woe is past; and behold,
there come two woes more hereafter.”
— Revelation 9:12

Introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

I have taken the liberty of editing and abridging this article in the interests of extra readability, leaving out several paragraphs of highly technical detail which simply get in the way of the storyline; for this article is essentially an exciting suspense thriller with a surprise twist at the end, relating what happened to one healthy young man who contracted the coronavirus quite suddenly.

The original American version of the article, published on 18 March, 2020, in New York Magazine under the cumbersome title “How the Coronavirus Could Take Over Your Body (Before You Ever Feel It)“, was republished in ‘The Daily Mail ten days later, on March 28, in a modified version leaving out or paraphrasing the technical jargon. My own version is largely an amalgam or combination of both previous versions, incorporating the best bits of each. I must also take responsibility for the lurid pictures and captions, chosen with deliberate intent to alarm the sleepwalker and shake him awake from his happy slumbers.

The main thrust of the article is this: if you think the draconian laws enforcing self-isolation and total lockdown, amounting to house arrest, are over-the-top measures to combat a piddling little epidemic that is no more harmful than the common flu, think again. Read this chilling account by renowned science writer Jeff Wise how the Coronavirus can spread and potentially kill millions—if drastic steps are not taken to check its galloping lethality.

Readers who think this article is “fear porn” are more than welcome to do so. Let’s hope they’re right. It would indeed be comforting to think that we have nothing to worry about.

The story is set in New York city. We learn from recent reports that the situation in China is no longer as bad it was. In Italy, another disaster zone, it appears things could be getting better. The virus has now decided to pick on America. It’s now America’s turn. A report in the Independent (‘I’) by Richard Hall spells it out:

In every Hollywood disaster movie, New York seems to bear the brunt of the alien invasions, environmental collapse and deadly storms. This time is no different.

Over the past week, this city has become the epicentre of the global coronavirus pandemic. New York now accounts for roughly a third of the 135,000 infections in the whole United States.

As of last night, 965 people have died of the virus here. The city has not yet reached the peak of its crisis, and yet medical facilities are already close to breaking point. The United States has now overtaken China as the country with the most infections in the world. 

New York happens to be the most densely populated city in the US, with 27,000 residents per square mile. This makes social distancing impractical. It’s hard to see how commuters can keep a safe distance from each other in packed subway trains.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo warns: “What happens to New York is going to wind up happening to California and Washington state and Illinois. We’re just getting there first.”

President Trump, surrounded by enemies baying for his blood, has been blamed for his handling of the crisis. This is of course to be expected, given that he dismissed the whole Coronavirus crisis as “fake news” to start with, saying  there was no need to worry, only to change his mind a few days later and inform the nation that this was deadly serious and that he had always thought so. Most Americans have notoriously short memories. They have managed to forget the lies they were told by their president only last week. Their amnesia is awesome.  As one American said to me recently, “Trump lies all the time. But so what? He’s our liar!”

It’s no surprise to learn that, despite all the president’s manifest and multitudinous shortcomings, he has never been so popular. According to the latest Gallup poll, his approval rating has soared to unimaginable heights. It has now reached an all-time high of almost 50 per cent. Half the American population, according to Nunes, believe the opposite of what the media is telling them and have given Trump a staggering 60 per cent approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Meanwhile, we learn that sales of guns and ammunition are soaring across the US as fears of social unrest and civil war are prompting panicky Americans to turn to firearms in the event of Armageddon breaking out.

On the west coast, long lines of customers were queueing up outside gun stores to stock up on deadly materials. At the Martin B Retting gun shop in Culver City, California, the queues stretched round the block throughout the weekend.

What happened to millions of Russians during the reign of terror unleashed on the Soviet Union by the bloodthirsty  tyrants Lenin and Stalin, in the early twentieth century, could well happen again to millions of Americans in the dark days ahead. Whether the moon will turn to blood, and rivers of gore gush through the streets, remains to be seen.

The difference this time is worth noting. We now not only have a Deep State with a zombie army and police force at their disposal but also a plethora of deadly viruses concocted in secret laboratories. There they lie and fester in Pandora’s box, awaiting their Dr Strangelove to set them free.

That’s enough alarmist talk from me. But one final word: could this whole thing be a hoax? The answer is yes, most emphatically YES. This could be the most elaborate hoax in history. That staggering possibility cannot be ruled out. Right now, however, I’m assuming this is real and playing devil’s advocate for Reality.

“We see through a glass darkly,” to quote St Paul. Remember that.

Here is evolutionary biologist Jeff Wise (pictured), Harvard alumnus and prophet of doom. He tells a good story, with many a frissson to shiver your timbers.

You will not be bored.

Lunch  Date

“A single cough, a hand on a door . . .  and, in disquieting detail, here is the truth about how this deadly virus can take hold of anyone, with devastating effects.” — Introduction to the re-edited American version of the same article by The Daily Mail, March 28, 2020, p. 22 

You call a friend and arrange to meet for lunch. It’s unseasonably springlike, so you choose a place with outdoor seating, which seems like it should be safer. As usual, you take all reasonable precautions: You use hand sanitizer and sit a good distance from other customers.

A part of you suspects that this whole thing might be overblown.

What you don’t know is that ten days ago, your friend’s father met a business acquaintance from whom he caught coronavirus.

Three days after that, he coughed into his hand before opening the door of his apartment to welcome his son home. The saliva of COVID-19 patients can harbor half a trillion virus particles per teaspoon, and a cough aerosolizes it into a diffuse mist.

As your friend walked through the door he took a breath and 32,456 virus particles settled onto the lining of his mouth and throat.

Viruses have been multiplying inside his body ever since.

As he talks, the passage of his breath over the moist lining of his upper throat creates tiny droplets of virus-laden mucus that waft invisibly into the air over your table. Some settle on the as-yet-uneaten food on your plate, some drift onto your fingers, others are drawn into your nasal sinus or settle into your throat.

By the time you extend your hand to shake good-bye, your body is carrying 43,654 virus particles. By the time you’re done shaking hands, that number is up to 312,405.

One of the droplets gets drawn into the branching passages of your lungs and settles on the warm, wet surface, depositing virus particles into the mucus coating the tissue there.

Each particle is round and very small; if you magnified a human hair so that it was as wide as a football field, the virus particle would be four inches across on the same scale.

As the virus drifts through the lung’s mucus, it bumps into one of the cells that line the surface. This lung cell is considerably larger than the virus; on the football-field scale, it’s 26 feet across. A billion years of evolution have equipped it to resist attackers. But it also has a vulnerability—a backdoor from which it can be attacked.

Other viral proteins now block the cell from fighting back. Soon the cell’s normal business is completely overwhelmed by the demands of the viral RNA, as its energy and machinery are occupied with building the components of countless replica viruses.

These travel towards the surface of the cell, which then bursts open and releases new virus particles into your body by the hundreds of thousands.

All up and down your lungs, throat, and mouth, the scene is repeated over and over as cell after cell is penetrated and hijacked.

The replicated viruses spill out into the mucus, invade the bloodstream, and pour through the digestive system. You don’t feel any of this. In fact, you still feel totally fine. If you have any complaint at all, it’s boredom.

You’ve been a dutiful citizen, staying at home to practice social distancing, and after two day of bingeing on movie and television thrillers, you decide that your mental health is at risk if you don’t get outside.

You call up an old flame, an ex-girlfriend, and she agrees to meet you for a walk along the river.

You’re hoping that the end-of-the-world atmosphere might rekindle the old passion, but the face mask she’s wearing kills that vibe.  However, she gives you a warm hug as you say good-bye, and you tell her it was great to see her, but you leave feeling deflated.

What she doesn’t know is that an hour before, you went to the bathroom and neglected to wash your hands afterward.

The invisible smear you leave on the arm of her jacket contains 893,405 virus particles.

Forty-seven seconds after she gets home, she’ll hang up her coat and then scratch an itch at the base of her nose just before she washes her hands. In that moment, 9,404 viral particles will transfer to her face. In five days, an ambulance will take her to the hospital.

You’ll never see her again.

Virus  Invasion

Meanwhile, your own infected cells spew out virus particles until they burn themselves out and expire.

As fragments of disintegrated cells spread through your bloodstream, your immune system finally senses that something is wrong.

White blood cells detect the fragments of dead cells and release chemicals called cytokines that serve as an alarm signal, activating other parts of the immune system to swing into action. When responding immune cells identify a cell that has become infected, they attack and destroy it.

Within your body, a microscopic Battle of the Somme is raging with your immune system leveling its Big Berthas on both the enemy trenches and its own troops.

As the carnage mounts, the body’s temperature rises and the infected area becomes inflamed.

Two days later, sitting down to lunch, you realize that the thought of eating makes you feel nauseated. You lie down and sleep for a few hours. When you wake up, you realize that you’ve only gotten worse. Your chest feels tight, and you’ve got a dry cough that just won’t quit. You wonder: Is this what it feels like?

You rummage through your medicine cabinet in vain and ultimately find a thermometer. You hold it under your tongue for a minute and then read the result: 38.9C (102F).

You crawl back into bed. You tell yourself that it might just be the regular flu, and even if worse comes to worst, you’re relatively young and healthy. You’re not in the high-risk group.

You’re right, of course, in a sense. For most people infected with the coronavirus, that’s as far as it goes. With bed rest, they get better. But for reasons scientists don’t understand, about 20 percent of people get severely ill. Despite your relative youth, you’re one of them.

After four days of raging fever and feeling sore all over, you realize that you’re sicker than you’ve ever been in your life.

You’ve got a dry cough that shakes you so hard that your back hurts. Fighting for breath, you order a taxi and head to the nearest accident and emergency unit. 

You leave 376,345,090 virus particles smeared on various surfaces of the cab and another 323,443,865 floating in the air.

Between life and death

At the hospital, you’re examined and sent to an isolation ward. As doctors wait for the results of a test for the coronavirus, they administer a CT scan of your lungs, which reveals tell-tale fuzzy spots caused by fluid accumulating where the immune-system battle is the most intense.

Not only have you got COVID-19, but it’s led to a kind of intense and dangerous pneumonia called acute-respiratory-distress syndrome, or ARDS.

With all the regular beds already occupied by the many COVID-19 sufferers, you’re given a space in a room alongside five other patients.

Doctors put you on an intravenous drip to supply your body with nutrients and fluids as well as antiviral medicine.

Within a day of your arrival, your condition deteriorates. You throw up for several days and start to hallucinate. Your heart rate slows to 50 beats a minute.

When a patient in the next room dies, doctors take the ventilator he was using and put you on it.

By the time the nurse threads the endotracheal tube down your throat, you’re only half-conscious of the sensation of it snaking deeper and deeper toward your lungs.

You just lie there as she places tape over your mouth to keep the tube in place.

You’re crashing. 

Your immune system has flung itself into a “cytokine storm” — an overdrive of such intensity that it is no longer fighting just the viral infection but the body’s own cells as well.

White blood cells storm your lungs, destroying tissue. Fluid fills the tiny sacs in the lungs that normally let the blood absorb oxygen.

Effectively, you’re drowning, even with the ventilator pumping oxygen-enriched air into your lungs.

That’s not the worst of it.

The intensity of the immune response is such that under its onslaught, organs throughout the body are shutting down, a process known as multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome, or MODS.

When your liver fails, it is unable to process toxins out of your blood, so your doctors rush to hook you up to a round-the-clock dialysis machine.

Starved of oxygen, your brain cells begin to expire.

You’re fluttering on the edge between life and death.

Now that your organs have packed in, your odds are 50-50 or worse.

Sweet  euphoria

Owing to the fact that the pandemic has stretched the hospital’s resources past the breaking point, your outlook is even bleaker.

Lying in your bed, you half-hear as the doctors hook you up to an extracorporeal-membrane-oxygenation (ECMO) machine.

This will take over the work of your heart and lungs and hopefully keep you alive until your body can find its way back to equilibrium.

And then, you are flooded with an overwhelming sense of calm. You sense that you have reached the lowest point of your struggle.

The worst of the danger is over.

With the viral attack beaten, your body’s immune system will pull back, and you’ll begin the slow, painstaking journey to full recovery.

Exit  smiling

Some weeks from now, the doctors will remove the tube from your throat and wheel away the ventilator.

Your appetite will come back, and the color will return to your cheeks, and on a summer morning you’ll step out into the fresh air and hail a cab for home.

And later still, you’ll meet the girl who will become your wife, and you’ll have three children, two of whom will have children of their own…

That’s what your mind is telling itself, anyway, as the last cells of your cerebral cortex burst in starburst waves, like the glowing algae in a midnight lagoon.

In the isolation ward, your ECG goes to a steady tone.

The doctors take away the ventilator and give it to a patient who arrived this morning.

In the official records of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll be recorded as victim No. 592.

Based on this original source

Felicien Rops, Satan Sowing Tares, 1882

— Matthew 13:28

168 thoughts to “The Devil’s Virus: Apocalypse Now?”

    1. Stunning article! But is it an April Fool’s joke? LD has suggested that possibility. Like she says in her feisty introduction:

      That’s enough alarmist talk from me. But one final word: could this whole thing be a hoax? The answer is yes, most emphatically YES. This could be the most elaborate hoax in history. That staggering possibility cannot be ruled out. Right now, however, I’m assuming this is real and playing devil’s advocate for Reality.

      “We see through a glass darkly,” to quote St Paul. Remember that.

      Lasha is hedging her bets, it seems to me. She emerges as one who is herself an advocate of conspiracy theories while warning others to beware of them. To remain skeptical at all times. Doubting the mainstream and simultaneously doubting those who question the mainstream. The Ultimate Skeptic, in fact.

      1. Saki
        Being uncertain about the particular nature of conspiracy is the best common sense approach. But be assured that the mainstream media only rolls with the “conspiratorial punches”, like the politicians who act in accordance with the masters they serve, unwittingly or not.

    2. An estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter (2018-2019), according to the US Centers for Disease Control. This means it was the deadliest season in since 1976, In previous seasons, flu-related deaths have ranged from a low of about 12,000 during the 2011-2012 season to a high of about 56,000 during the 2012-2013.

      Total flu fatalities during the 2018-2019 season included the deaths of 180 children,

  1. @ SAKI

    I don’t agree with you. Lasha is an agent for the Deep State, an anti-Semitic operative who has posted many articles denying the Holocaust and sympathizing with the evil Germans who were justifiably punished by the Allies after WWII.

    It’s hard to see how such a raving loonie can be an advocate for the mainstream. She is an extremist firebrand who works for the Devil while pretending to be a good Christian.

    May this minion of Satan burn in hell.

    1. seymour wak you came from hell you demon jew Talmudist scum bag. you follow your devil god in the old testament and you call Lasha a Satanist?

  2. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this article. I am thoroughly perplexed. Is it an April Fool’s joke? I am told it is not. To take it seriously.
    At my peril.

    The certitude and sincerity of this doom-laden article cannot be doubted. Dismiss it at your peril. The fact that it is published here on April Fool’s day is purely coincidental.

    And yet, a few paragraphs later I am told NOT to take it seriously because
    “it could be the biggest hoax in history”. Make up your mind, honey. Is it a “hoax” or is it “for real”?

    Simple Simon
    (baffled and outraged)

      1. uncle :

        Thank you for featuring one of my posts, Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! Oh, how I respect you for CENSORING ALL the posts I sent in the last few days and you saw fit to feature my “AMAZING!!!” post, though you didn’t put it where it really belongs, as a response to Pat’s post @ 12:25 pm so the readers don’t really know why I’m saying “AMAZING!!!” and that makes me “look” “stupid” to the readers, Oh thank you thank you thank you for making me “look” “stupid”!!! You’re so, *yawn* , clever.

        1. @ TROJ

          I’d like to publish more of your posts, but most of them unfortunately are off-topic, highly offensive, and extremely long. The reason I approved your 1-word post (‘AMAZING!!!’) is that it was short. It couldn’t have been shorter and more to the point. Sincere apologies that it ended up in he wrong place, but this often happens in Comment sections, especially if the comment has to be redirected from Spam.

          Keep posting. I like reading your stuff, but I can’t post it all. If I did, I’d lose my job. 🙂

  3. A compelling article, but one which, I fear, would send the already-paranoids into lunacy. (It even scares ME a little!)
    Well done, Lasha! 🙃

  4. Info on … ‘Seymour’s Soup’.!! 🤢

    When a vaccine activist tries to inform the public of the facts, they are continuously up against the bought and paid for constant drumming of the mainstream media (MSM) that are in bed with Big Pharma. Facts like…. “Center for Disease Control (CDC) is not a government agency and is 70% funded by Pharmaceutical Company’s themselves.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is 50% funded by Big Pharma! Big Pharma spends two times the amount of dollars lobbying our Legislators than oil and gas!

    Vaccines are 20% of a 50-billion-dollar industry. It’s creating a mandatory guaranteed market for the vaccine company’s! That is just on the front end. At the back end, are all the chronic diseases that the FDA say’s “we think are associated with the vaccines!”

    For children who were born prior to 1989, their chance of having a chronic disease, according the HHS, is 12.8%.

    If you were born after 1989, your chance of having a chronic disease is 54%.

    That includes diseases like ADD, ADHD, Ticks, Turrets Syndrome, ASD, Autism, Guillain Barre, MS, Juvenile Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, the Anaphylactic diseases, food allergies, Asthma, and Eczema, to name a few. Our children become dependent on drugs like Adderall, Epi pens, Albuterol, Ritalin, anti-seizure medication, Prozac, and others that they get on the back end of this insane industry. (Robert Kennedy Jr.)

    CDC is Privately owned!!


      This article, dear John, is not meant to be an attack on you personally. So get a grip yourself and stop behaving like an outraged primadonna! 🙂

      You forget that this could be an April Fool’s joke. Lasha has actually mentioned that possibility. If it is, you’ve been suckered into taking it seriously.

      The certitude and sincerity of this doom-laden article cannot be doubted. Dismiss it at your peril. The fact that it is published here on April Fool’s day is purely coincidental.

      Lasha was well aware that she would receive attacks from committed conspiracy theorists like yourself, which is why she deliberately asked us to publish this article today. On April 1. We could have published it two days ago. But she asked us to wait until it was April Fool’s day.

      Why would she do that? Figure it out.

      The truth is, we don’t know what is in Lasha’s mind. She is a sphinx. She is entitled to her ambiguities and ironies, and you are wrong to try and force force her into the strait-jacket of your own dogmatic certainties. She is Lasha Darkmoon. Not an intellectual clone of John Kaminski! 🙂

    2. John Kaminski —

      Lasha, you bought the biscuit. Succumbed to the fear porn.

      Whoa there! Go easy, Mr Know-it-All Certitude! Lasha actually mentioned “fear porn”, so it’s not as if she was unaware that people like you would start screaming “Fear porn!” as soon as your own cherished opinions were contradicted.

      Here is what Lasha said. I’ll say it again for your benefit:

      Readers who think this article is “fear porn” are more than welcome to do so. Let’s hope they’re right. It would indeed be comforting to think that we have nothing to worry about.

      The difference between you and Lasha Darkmoon is striking, Mr Kaminski, and it doesn’t say much for you. She is not only tolerant but encourages you to have your own opinion. You, on the contrary, are intolerant and get angry with her for thinking outside your own narrow little box.

      Shame on you!

      Play the guru on your own website, Mr Kaminski, where your admiring groupies can scatter rose petals at your feet. Don’t try and humiliate Lasha on this site by barging in here and telling her she must think like you. Take instructions from you. And parrot all your own opinions.

      Stop being so narcissistic and paranoid!

      1. You are totally lacking in self-restraint and politeness, apart from judicious common sense, if you can object to these wise reflections of LD:

        One final word: could this whole thing be a hoax? The answer is yes, most emphatically YES. This could be the most elaborate hoax in history. That staggering possibility cannot be ruled out. Right now, however, I’m assuming this is real and playing devil’s advocate for Reality.

        “We see through a glass darkly,” to quote St Paul. Remember that.

        What’s wrong with that, Mr Kaminski? Makes you hopping mad, does it? Are you dancing up and down with rage because someone else writes a brilliant article you would have loved to write yourself?

        1. Sardonicus,

          I am a great admirer of John Kaminski and well as of Lasha. Both write beautifully and appear to have different opinions. This is understandable, since they have entirely different educations and were brought up in different countries: John Kaminski in America, Lasha in England, Canada, and the Far East.

          John Kaminski was just being helpful and friendly and I’m sure Lasha is well aware of that. But he really can’t expect Lasha to think like him, feel like him, and accept him as her guru or professor. He would do well to cut her some slack and let her be wise in her own way.

          1. @ John Kaminski

            Lasha, you bought the biscuit. Succumbed to the fear porn.
            The hospitals are empty. The numbers are fiction.

            The hospitals are empty, are they? Amazing that you should dismiss all the mainstream media as “fake news” but take YouTube as your source of infallible authority. Who owns YouTube, Mr Kaminski? The last I checked, it was a Jew.

            So you are willing to be brainwashed by a Jewish organization that not only churns out millions of videos pushing pornography and false propaganda but also deletes the work of genuine truthseekers? More fool you! Your gullibility amazes me.

            I happen to know from PERSONAL experience that the hospitals in my part of the world, the UK, are full to capacity with patients dying of this virus. Even the doctors and nurses are dying. You only have to go in to “Accident and Emergency” to see it all WITH YOUR OWN EYES!

            Nurses and doctors IN MASKS. Patients lying on mattresses in the corridors. My wife’s best friend is a nurse, another friend of mine is a hospital porter. Both report grim conditions, with the wards so full that there is no room for new arrivals. The staff are literally going crazy.

            Your comment that “the hospitals are empty” simply beggars belief. It is not only irresponsible, it is fatuous. Some part of your brain must be missing for you to believe and promote such lies.

      2. I think yes there are empty hospitals AND yes there are hospitals where people die. Not surprising as the most favourite tool of the usual suspects is CONFUSiON.

        1. There are NEVER any “empty hospitals” where I come from. Even in normal times they are full, with people camping down in corridors either on trolleys or mattresses. I don’t read this in the mainstream papers. I see it with my own eyes whenever I need to visit a specialist in hospital. I don’t get my info on hospitals from YouTube conspiracy theory sites, as Kaminski does. I get my info from the use of my own eyes. I myself had a gall bladder operation a few month ago and there was there no room for me in a ward. I ended up in a corridor and was was forced to leave in 8 hours to make way for a new patient. Kaminski’s talk of “EMPTY HOSPITALS” is pure POPPYCOCK. Don’t believe him. He’s a paranoid fantasist, if not an outright liar.

          1. @ Adam Lord
            @ Sardonicus

            Just to let you know that this site does not approve of your ad hominem attacks on John Kaminski. We publish John Kaminski’s articles regularly, on Lasha’s recommendation, and intend to go on doing so. That is, as long as John is prepared to include Lasha on his List of Contacts. John Kaminski is a consummate wordsmith and his sincerity cannot be doubted.

            BTW, John Kaminski has the right to ask for the deletion of any comment here that he finds inappropriate. He need not do this here but can email us privately. We will delete any comment that he considers offensive or defamatory.

      3. One thing I’m more than pretty sure about is John knows the demons will never give up their lust and coveting and they don’t rest much either. Slow down maybe, a little, to plot and refine ways and means to increase their power and maintain the pressure always.

        It’s understandable how not just being ever aware of this but also feeling it on a visceral personal level, exhausts, wracks the nerves and at times overwhelms a person.
        I’d offer John some advice but he’s already heard it. Everyone has.
        (Jai Rama!)

    3. @ John Kaminski: (Sorry called you James once!)

      Whether real or just an April Fools joke, perhaps those people that survive the initial attack, now carry antibodies and Coronavirus in them simultaneously. They are now ASYMPTOMATIC ( show No Signs of Flu-like illness). They are counted as RECOVERED: thus they have HERD IMMUNITY and ARE CARRIERS at the same time, so you are SUCEPTABLE to the 2ND Wave of Infection from them as well as the people from the 1st wave. Do you dare take the chance with you own life. The numbers may NOT be as high as previous Flu seasons, but the Science of Virus spread and the Bell Curve distribution that Flus/viruses show and measures to “Flatten the Curve” must be done! That is of course if SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19, is a normal natural virus. Evidence suggests that the virus was changed and thus man-made in a bio-engineering lab at Fort Detrick or Wuhan or even in Winnipeg, Canada. A Taiwanese Virologist has shown this, because the Covid-19 Virus contains HIV gene fragments: check


      I say China’s and USA’s Deep State are doing this together and the Blame game is just a distraction! Also, unless you are a trained Microbiologist, even at a Bachelor degree level, write about what you know and speculate on the rest and say so! I have a degree in Microbiology, B.Sc., but have not lost my COMMON SENSE and ability to use Sherlock Holmes Detective techniques or follow Occam’s Razor principle, along with Cui Bono and Layers of the Onion Analysis. I hope in your writing, you do likewise, otherwise like Jon Rappoport, you are just a writer and story-teller. Perhaps your forte is in English as an English major, so forgive my grammar or dangling participles, etc, as my English teachers used to say! I do enjoy your work but like Jon Rappoport’s work, I take it with a Grain of Salt! Excuse me while I throw salt over my left shoulder. Glad to converse with you directly in the meantime! April Fools: Just another day for the Globalists to manipulate the Sheeple!

      1. To add to your comment Norm, what about the book by Dean Koontz, “The Eyes of Darkness”?

        What are the chances that someone in 1981 could predict that the “global virus” would be released in the year 2020?

        What are the chances that he would get the city of Wuhan correct?

        What are the chances he would get the name of the virus so close?

        What are the chances that he would get the name of the Chinese scientist so close?

        Even if we are to accept that he changed the name of the city to Wuhan in 1989, it is none-the-less still telling.

      2. And then there’s Gore Vidal’s “Kalki”
        Yeah, That Kalki..

        “Kalki claims to be God and that he is the final Avatar of Vishnu, who is going to end the human race on April 3”

      3. SEEB –

        The author of this piece says:

        “The virus is believed to have originated late last year in a food market in Wuhan that was illegally selling wildlife. Health experts think it may have originated in bats and then passed to humans, possibly via another species.”

        I find this to be as implausible as the Green Monkey biting an airline pilot who spread HIV to several countries in a week in the 70s.

      4. Pat
        Agreed, the link I put is trying to say the claims in the book were partly false and hence there is no relation. It then postulates the Pangolin virus crossed with bats scenario. The link was put as a counter to what I believe, and the questions I raised are still telling, there are too many coincidences.

        I believe it is a man-made bioweapon and the seeding of our conscientiousness takes place a generation before, much like Huxley’s “Brave New World” or “1984”. Added to books, we have movies like “Contagion”, “Pandemic”, “Outbreak” etc. serving the same purpose, only much more effective.

        I believe the physical world, in part, emanates from the spiritual collective consciousness of the majority and, this is why many religions try to convert, though the preachers don’t realize the underpinnings, in their eyes they are just following commandments. In many ways every ideology tries to convert for this reason.

        For some religious folks who think this may be something from God, they ought to realize this is a world we create, not God, we have been given the knowledge and the will, and for this very reason, we will be held accountable; otherwise Judgement Day will be pointless.

        The Plutocracy is evident, as seen when all countries behave, carbon copy of each other after receiving the memo from their handlers. Make no mistake, the illusion of country against country is just that, a mirage – it is the Plutocrats (Lords) of the world skinning the majority….’Silence of the Lambs’.

      5. Thanks, Seeb –

        I can understand this. It could be very valid.

        “For some religious folks who think this may be something from God, they ought to realize this is a world we create, not God, we have been given the knowledge and the will, and for this very reason, we will be held accountable; otherwise Judgement Day will be pointless.”

        YES! People made the laws in each country. Many reflect human brutality.

      6. Pat
        Thank you for the link. This is my second time listening to it. I agree with the brother wholeheartedly. When I said bioweapon in my above comment, in my mind that includes 5G. I’ve long subscribed to the understanding that we are essentially ‘electric beings’, in fact my understanding is that our universe is electrical.

        When Kristian Birkeland spent that year at the North Pole doing experiments regarding the aurora, one of his big breakthroughs in understanding is that the Sun is an electric entity. Today when there is lightening we call them “Birkeland Currents”, thankfully his name lives on. Galvani tried to harness lightening by using antennae when he noticed animal muscles twitched while on the operating table when there was lightening.

        Volta made the battery but it was Michael Faraday who noticed the compass jumping on the other table whenever he applied a current and thus the birth of electro-magnetism and the concept of aether, today called plasma.

        When it comes to the human body and electricity it was Robert Becker who did major work. Unfortunately they pulled his funding when he declared it dangerous to live near grids etc. For references, one may read his books, “The Body Electric” and “Cross Currents”.

        From a basic common sense position, when one considers that the world for almost all of its existence evolved around the minimal frequency of Schumann’s frequency it is maddening to think that we can bombard ourselves with these massive electromagnetic frequencies without repercussions.

        I am not a biologist but I believe a virus is exactly what the word says, which means a poison. It is not technically alive and is secreted from our cells. Since it is not a living entity, it does not reproduce and so contagion cannot be the way a bacteria would, but it may be possible to ingest the poison in the air thereby contaminating oneself. Obviously, the real aim of Satan Gates is to needle everyone himself.

        Vaccines are one of the first major bioweapons invented and big-daddy Gates, I am sure, is salivating at the upcoming holocaust via his “help”. Even Pasteur himself was not a physician, he was a chemist beholden to the forebears of the same group. The brilliant physician of Europe, Beauchamp simply went about helping people, the devils had nothing to do with him but Pasteur was their man.

        What shakes my heart always is Jefferson’s definition of liberty, especially the second part: “Unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

        It is through the law they point the gun at our heads. It was through the “law” they passed pasteurization regulations depriving small farmers of livelihood, health and more importantly, it made choosing illegal.

        Trudeau in Canada passed an act that if you come from traveling and did not quarantine for the specified time, (14 days I think) you can be fined $750,000 and or 6 months in jail. I was thinking, “How did they come up with that ridiculous number?” Duterte in the Phillipines has given permission for police to kill.

        The middle class will be decimated and what will be left will be docile, loving creatures….completely caged but loving; the absolute best subjects.

        Private property will not be seen as viable. Why bother when you’re only here for a short time and then die, better to lease for a while and “enjoy”,,, “life”. They will punish you with large taxes or penalties for having them, making it pointless. And what will be the point of having children? They’re only a burden, the state basically owns them even now..exactly as stated in the Brave New World, families basically are a hatchery.
        The next phase will be further disconnected, men are already sleeping with robotic girls; procreation will be selected.

        Perhaps a good analogy is a chicken farm. After domestication they still had some freedom to forage and breed. The rooster could still be a cock and strut his stuff. The farmer would give some corn but the animals would forage in the fields and still live relatively good lives.
        Next, Factory Farms: total control from birth, lots of quarantine and no meaningful contact with each other until you are harvested.

        So the 5G bioweapon along with bioweapon vaccines is what this is about, to bring the control of the Factory Farm on a people level, I was going to say “human” but that word has enormous spiritual connotations which I have written about many times already. The role of religion is to develop the “human” being, one that reflects the attributes of God in the world, the one who is an agency of Goodness; by becoming the agent of God, the Lordship of God is established. Fundamental for this development is liberty.

        The criminals who run the world truly reflect the meaning of the Arabic word Shaitaan or Satan in Hebrew. The roots “Sha Ta Na” linguistically means to be away from God (Mercy) or to be thrown in a never ending pit of darkness. In essence, the further away we go from God the more we lose liberty and mercy.

        And so, the biggest stumbling block has been and will be people of religion, more specifically Christians and Muslims. China has already begun the process where they’re looking at eliminating certain passages of the Bible and the Quran…then most likely getting rid of them altogether. I’ve been saying for over 15 years now, how they’re developing China as the model, the modern Pharaoh-like state, the Pyramid state….and this also is just the beta-run for the world.

        And, it only made sense to use a country that was such a large percentage of the world’s population, a people who were historically not of religion really, I don’t mean to sound ethnocentric but religion was/is mostly about connecting with ancestors and some rituals, never a threat to authority.

        By imbibing the Jewish, Satanic, Communistic nectar they proved to their Lords that they are the best candidate for the project and is being rewarded accordingly. While the world was going back and forth with America vs. the Soviets it was China who was to be the Golden child.

        At one point America was in the very position and worshiped just as well. At this point in the game what America and the White Nations represent with regard to liberty has to be done with.

        Sorry for another long one. Wishing God’s Grace and Peace to all.
        Thank you Norm for your response…wishing you God’s peace and kindness.

    4. JK –

      I am well-acquainted with a hospital near here, in Roanoke, Virginia, whose morgue is so full they had to clear out unclaimed bodies last week. The nurse-in-charge told me how some of her co-workers she assigned to the detail complained about bodies “coming apart” when lifted off the guerney. (They were rotting!) 😖
      Some people decline claiming bodies for burial because they cannot afford the expense. This will dramatically increase as the body-count rises. Burial sites are, of course, scarcer, too. Aside from incinerators, what’s to be done? The hospitals ARE NOT “empty”.

  5. You glow, Lasha! I wish you could attend one of those daily Coronavirus press briefing at the White House. I know you put 45 in his place because he does not like it when a woman talk back to him and give him some of his own medicine.

    During a White House Coronavirus press briefing, Trump lectured Yamiche Alcidor, PBS White House Correspondent that “38 million people” live in Seoul, South Korea. The actual population of Seoul is 9.8 million.

    Sadly, Trump’s supporters will now either not believe Trump actually said this and that it’s fake news or will believe he’s actually correct and it’s 38 million. I wonder if the President even knows the number of our troops stationed in South Korea.

    At a press conference, a reporter supposedly get to ask whatever question s/he wants. The problem is that the President goes banana every time a reporter ask him a tough question and he rarely takes follow-ups. Trump usually ignores a question he does not want to answer and instead he simply talk about something else or resorts to name-calling, insults, and occasionally he orders the White House to revoke the reporter’s press credential. By deploying illegal and undemocratic methods with the press, Trump set the bar to a new law for future presidents.

    My son used to say that he wanted to become the President of the United States. Not anymore!

    Can someone here explain why does Trump goes ballistic when a reporter ask him a tough question?

      1. The two links you presented in this post are not working but I saw the video in your message addressed to SEEB in the previous post. I don’t know enough personally about the subject at hand to derive a conclusion but the presentation is coherent and the dots are plausibly connected.

        Thank you for the link.

  6. Correcto!!

    Here is another fork into ‘well done’ meat:

    LONDON is STILL in control….
    It is no secret that over the last 4 decades, mainstream media has been consolidated from dozens of competing companies to only six. Hundreds of channels, websites, news outlets, newspapers, and magazines, making up ninety percent of all media is controlled by very few people—giving Americans the illusion of choice.

    While six companies controlling most everything the Western world consumes in regard to media may sound like a sinister arrangement, the Swiss Propaganda Research center (SPR) has just released information that is even worse.

    The research group was able to tie all these media companies to a single organization— the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)….. *an offshoot of the UK’s RIIA….. The Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House, is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization based in London

    WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media

    1. The illusion of choice is well understood by the inventors of economics. Thus when they control the market for a particular good, they also control the market for its substitute. Pepsi vs Coke, rice vs flour, Democrats vs Republicans or liberals vs conservatives and so on. Hence the correlation of prices in various markets. Albeit, they instill the illusion of economic choice and by extrapolation, the illusion of democratic choice to camouflage their undertakings to the gullible, unsuspectingly trusting masses.

  7. Does it matter? Virus or hoax, Jews have us right where they want us – “locked down.” They have us in solitary confinement, but for the moment, have left the cell door ajar. Their puppet Trump, has issued an Executive Order to bring out “up to one million military troops for up to two years” that will slam the cell door shut.

    Already, people are beginning to lose what little is left of their sanity, as their minds try to adjust to insane, smothering confinement. Further suppression will result in rash acts, justifying further draconian measures. Matters are escalating. Today we are being imprisoned to protect us from ourselves. Tomorrow will bring massive bloodshed as government jailers begin murdering us to further protect us from ourselves.

    After that, the murderers themselves will be murdered, as they were in the French and Russian “revolutions.” The world has gone insane, with insane, bloodthirsty, psychopathic murderers running it. The Jews’ sick, twisted, perverse movie Sucker Punch provides an excellent portrayal of the Jews’ idea of the coming “asylum” they have planned for us.

    One thing that cannot be denied, our perception of the world has changed dramatically and permanently. Things will, never be the same again. There can be no return to what was recently thought of as “normal.” This event has proven the Jews’ ultimate power, they have stopped the world and we cannot get off.

    They measure our every move, record every thought. They monitor our fear reactions. They watch the gun and inexplicable toilet paper sales soar every time they push the big, red, shock button. All data is carefully recorded to be entered into their AI computers so the next event can be planned. We’ve had it, Jews have finally checkmated the world. The world we knew just a few short weeks ago will never return.

    Know that, with modern weapons technology, Jews no longer fear an armed citizenry. That is why the final move is now being made, they have the capability to counter such primitive weapons. Few people outside the “gun” community realize that, unlike brass cartridge firearms, black powder firearms have never been restricted. Black powder rifles and pistols, can still be purchased though the mail. Why? Because they are considered primitive, antique weapons, difficult to use effectively and useless against modern body armor.

    Today the brass cartridge firearm has become obsolete as well. While still useful for cops and military forces to use on overwhelmed, out-gunned, out-manned enemies, such weapons on a modern battlefield, with equal weapons technology are a joke.

    Remember how Obama sat safely in the Whitehouse while ordering the targeting of individuals with unmanned drones? That’s just a small sample of modern weapon technology. Just imagine what other weapons technology might be available. One might also consider the recent pinpoint “campfires” in California and Australia.

    Combined with legislation that has pretty much strangled the second amendment, Jews have checkmated what little, if any isolated armed resistance might occur and since we are all now isolated, what other kind of resistance might there be? You may as well buy a water gun to protect yourself. The only thing a firearm can achieve now is what cops call “suicide blue.”

    I’ve been warning people for some time now, “It’z coming and it’z coming fast.” Now it’z here. It’s “game over,” the time has come to clear the board and start over. This time however, the new game will find Jews playing against themselves.

    1. Arch

      It would help in future if you marked your final post with an asterisk (*). I would then know it was your final post and ignore all the other posts preceding it. This would solve the confusion you are yourself causing by sending in multiple posts one after the other that are all different versions of the same post. Most people don’t do this.

      1. I delete the posts well before the timer countdown ends. They should not be there in the first place. Why they remain posted is beyond me. Typically, the problem is getting all the links straightened out so they work properly. However, in the future I will do as you ask.

        I suppose this is another digital mystery, like why all my comments go to moderation and why I cannot receive any response, although I check the “All” box every time.

        YouTube is now deleting all my comments before they are posted. Jeeeezus! You would think I was anti-Semitic or something.

        1. @ Arch Stanton

          We are experiencing all the same technical problems as you are, Arch. So take consolation. We have no problem publishing your comments, so keep sending them in. As for your posts being held up for monitoring, even though we have done nothing to put you in this position, take heart that you aren’t the only one on this site who is experiencing this annoyance. Stormin’ Norman (posting from Canada) is another. This may have something to do with your location or the way your computer is set up. Alternatively, it could be that you are regarded by parties unknown as a “dangerous antisemite” — which is of course, as you say, quite ridiculous. 🙂

    2. arch the big difference if they start killing citizens here is we have access to their families. where will they hide them? in Iraq and afghan US was beaten by guys in bathrobes and flip flops who had no way to get to the families of the soldiers. the way to beat them is to go after their families. they will desert what ever mission they are carrying out to protect their families

  8. If you’ve been the Head Guy for Infectious Diseases–like Dr Fauci–for 35 years, since 1984, and you have served under 6 Presidents…. and you still are NOT prepared for a Pandemic which is still in the beginning stages – which has so far infected LESS THAN 1% of all Americans, and you don’t even have basic things such as Gloves or Face Masks stored up in a Government warehouse….. and don’t even have basic plans or schematics to build a basic piece of equipment like a ventilator…. then you are the biggest failure to ever serve in Government.

    He only had 1 job, to deal with Infectious Diseases, he only had 35 years to prepare, he only had a budget of $Tens of Billions, and he failed severely within a few weeks of the USA being struck by a virus – right out of the gate he failed, wasn’t prepared in the least.

    In the real world, you’d lose your job and maybe get arrested for manslaughter, but not in clown world. So either ‘Doc’ is the biggest fuggup on the planet or this COVID hysteria is part of a plan.

    Trillions of viruses in the world, and Israel just happened to be working on a COVID vaccine?
    Such luck! Almost as lucky as those Mossad assets who were caught in New Jersey filming the WTC attacks and celebrating while doing so.

    Israeli Scientists Claim It’s ‘Pure Luck’ They Were Already Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To The Outbreak

  9. This is not an April 1st.

    The Israeli authorities have also prevented Palestinian volunteers in occupied Jerusalem from performing tests and disinfecting their neighborhoods in light of Israel’s failure to do this work.

    “Jewish settlers caused serious concern of corona pandemic among Palestinians in the village of Beit Iksa, north west of the occupied Jerusalem when they start spitting on car leaving and entering the Palestinian village.”

    Posted by Act4Palestine on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    You can not be anymore evil than that.

  10. @Arch Stanton “Does it matter…”

    A profound & utterly shocking appraisal of our current and – baring a miracle – future situation.

    Welcome to Gaza USSA.

  11. Lasha, akin to Mark Twain, also likes to joke. Do I remember Xanadu giving me a poke in the ribs? Yep. I also think she likes to poke the predictable and maybe even entertain a little bit of skeeered fun. Laughter and skeeered both among the finer things in life.

  12. Much ado about nothing, in all the above, with only Arch’s point standing out: The Jews have us where they want us – in lockdown. The “crisis” in which they “can get things done” has been created. I.e. An international lockdown, during which astronomical forever indebtedness is being created.
    Yeah, a scarey, graphic picture for those with little natural resistance, but no different from the thousands of people that die every year from the various FLU strains. It ain’t pretty in ICU when the flu is around. How many northern Hemisphere citizens died during this year’s seasonal flu? And as I have said, SARS- CO2 -19 will probably remain with us and keep on resurfacing, eventually being seen as just another flu strain.
    In the meantime, enjoy all the restrictions on your liberty, enjoy the chaotic poverty; and get ready to get down on your knees and pledge obeisance and love to the Masters of the Universe. All hail, the magnificent, the omnipotent Zion; otherwise known in biblical terms as “Mystery Babylon.” We did not listen to Jesus and this is the result of our stupidity and ignorance. Les Visible, bring on Mr Apocalypse!

    1. Max
      We listened but didn’t hear. It was always gonna come to this, and Jesus knew it. It’s those who STILL aren’t hearing that are most vulnerable to giving up their will to resist.

      Woe unto them

  13. TODAY – Robert Steele with Sean Morgan (Video 33: 15)
    It looks like 5G + a biodrop exercise by the criminals!!!

    A Traitors Justice Is Coming For CoronaVirus Warfare!!
    Intelligence & information does not work on those with an agenda!
    Looks like 30 to 40 million Americans will be out of work….

  14. @ Arch (Gospel of John):

    What balance and truth! We need more of this! When can you write an article for Darkmoon again?

  15. At the Tower of London the enemies of the state were brought along the Thames and entered the Tower proper through Traitors’ Gate, which was down at water level. They were then taken to the dungeon where they were tortured on the rack, whipped and thumb screwed. .The aristocracy among the villainous, had their heads removed and displayed on stakes on the Tower’s walls; and the less important were hanged and their bodies hung from prominent sites along the river. This was English justice at its best. Get rid of the liars, cheats, hypocrites and evil people, after a good torturing.
    Today, the grossly evil ones are a protected species, immune from prosecution and freely allowed to trade their evil wares; except for such as Master Epstein who had to be put away for the protection of the aristocracy, of which he was a vital part, providing illicit sex on tap.
    I would hope that soon the ordinary man finds himself a brave and courageous leader, who will tell us the truth, repeating most of what Kaminski writes, and thus commence the bloody and vengeful fight back. Hopefully, he will employ the military to commence mass arrests of all the totally corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers, educators etc. Then we need to send the scum over to Traitors’ Gate where after the likes of Ms Pelosi are brutally tortured, a conveyor belt will take their manacled bodies into the execution chamber where they will be slid into the huge mince meat machine, the products of which will be fed to the seagulls along the river and fed to the Tower’s crows. Justice will thus finally be served and the criminals’ money will be distributed to the ordinary people.

  16. Jesus’ principal mission on Earth was to expose “Mystery Babylon”; or, in other words, to expose those who are bringing the great evil among us. This is what Revelations is all about. To this end, you need to clear your mind, full as it is of media brainwashing, and reread the four Gospels, with the question forever in mind: What is Jesus saying about evil and who are its practitioners? ….. The answer is implicit in everything Jesus says and experiences in the Gospels! He says, “I go to Jerusalem where the Jews will kill the Son of God.” He describes the priestly leaders of the Jews as vile seducers, thieves, hypocrites and liars; in other words, the anti-life. As Henry Makow explains, these Jews, who dominate us today, were disciples of the Babylonian Talmud, the Zohar, and all its associated kabbalistic devilry and death. Then there is the associated Chabad Lubavitcher manifestation of Mystery Babylon that Trump’s family are heavily invested in. We are currently being organised into genocidal induced slavery and permanent sickness by those Jesus came to warn us about – the living, breathing progeny of the devil. Only by adopting the true Christianity advocated by such as Dr Martin Luther, which told Jesus’ TRUTH about the Jews, can we defeat this grand evil. The kings of Europe knew the truth and acted accordingly.

    1. Imagine if the planet’s 1.2 billion people, who claim Christian allegiance, accepted Jesus’ TRUTH about the Jews, those vile progeny of the devil, and avoided and marginalised them as the toxic plague that is destroying mankind?
      All I am asking is for Christians to reject the evil rubbish coming out of the mouths of their majority Judaized, Israel- loving clergy and read what the Gospels actually say about the Jews’ grand evil. Okay, Jesus’ words are not pretty or politically correct, but THEY ARE THE TRUTH. It’s called TOUGH LOVE!
      Jesus did not say that we should love them. He said we could forgive them when they have repented of their sin and accepted him as the Messiah, sent by God. In other words, instead of being Jews, they would become Christians, just like Bro Kapner.
      It is plain suicide to have allowed this tiny minority of the planet’s citizens to have achieved such total POWER over most of Western civilization’s institutions, both public and private.

    2. @ Max:

      Finally someone gets IT about the SICK International Jewry and their sick Secret Societies Partners in Crime labelled loosely as the Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.. The Focus is on the Followers of the Mysteries (Black Magick/Satanism and Money magick) that these descendants of Mystery Babylon, the Babylonian Mysticism which led to Zohar/Talmudism of the Hebrew Pharisaical class (todays Rabbis) as well as the Babylonian Mysticism that infiltrated the western Christian Church represented by the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican. And yes, Martin Luther, the Lutheran Reformer of the Reformation also wrote about the Evil of the JEW. More recently Richard Wagner also stated the same types of views on the JEW. Thus Richard Wagner was Hitler’s favorite German composer/musician. Then you had the Turkic Mongels of Khazaria that adopted Zohar/Talmudic Judaism as their Religion of convenience, which led to the Rise of Adam Weishaupt and his types as well as Mayer Amschel Bauer (AKA Rothschild) and the AshkeNAZIM (meaning Germany Eastward) East European Jew. Then you also had Donmeh fakes in Turkey (Ottoman Empire). These Donmeh are Jews that converted to Islam which would be the family of Saud in Saudi Arabia today according to research. Next you have the Sabbatai Zevi, his 1666 AD Messiah movement and his Chabad Lubavitcher bunch and his follower Jacob Frank to form the Sabbatean Frank movement. Again really just false Jews.

      But in all this YOU must REMEMBER that the International Jewry and its different forms, are just ONE Tentacle of the NWO octopus. There are Illuminati/Secret Society arms as well like the Jesuits, the Freemasons or the Royal Black Nobility of the Windsors, the Hapsburgs, the Carolingians, the Merovingians or the Albigensians and Waldensians and the other descendants of Europe’s Holy Roman Empire. All are at play. The NWO Octopus is NOT just an International Jewry monster, there are other tentacles as mentioned, though the Jewry tentacle is probably the biggest. So keep in mind if ONE faction gets all the attention (Jewry as scapegoat), the other factions are free to do their machinations without scrutiny. Oh, those right-hand, left-hand distraction Magicians are at it again as always. The NWO is not just a Jewry thing, but it is a large part of it. This is why Jerusalem plays such a large part in all the world’s events since 1948 with the formation of the state of IsraHell. The Bible and the likes of Max Bilney reaffirm that! Great work Max!


    They got caught lying and you can tell by their reaction they know they did…

    Allegedly, 2 men in hazmat suits turned up to a block of flats putting notices through people’s doors that someone had died from coronavirus, but, that’s not true according to one of the residents who lives in the block of flats, this girl – who has been feeding him – claims that the man was taken away by the police and the man is very much alive.

    But, 10/15 minutes later, they’re putting notices through residents doors – from One Housing(?) – claiming that the man died!

    So, what’s going on here then folks? Could all be not what it seems?

    CoronaVirus: Are These Men In Hazmat Suits Lying To People?
    💥 ….and meanwhile the guy takes his hazmat mask off to talk better..!!

  18. ADMIN TOBY: Donaldo Colina, a Mexican trucker who admits he is Jewish, has remained silent for the last few weeks. Here he is back again, giving details about how the Coronavirus crisis has affected him and his family personally. This is probably one of Donaldo’s best comments.

    Donaldo has remained silent for awhile. Perhaps time to come out, reflect and make a brief comment if I may please.

    As usual, the Zios are in full swing…….but…….as usual are very poor at prediction. For every action there is a reaction among other things. Donaldo can only speak for what he has witnessed personally as so many other factors are beyond his control or humble comprehension.

    There has been an upside to all of the Coronavirus hysteria.

    First. Donaldos daughter and grandchildren all lost their jobs in Georgia, USSA. Donaldo, as a trucker, has found himself as the sole breadwinner of “la familia.” Donaldos 20-year-old granddaughter has always been fiercely independent. But a few days ago approached me with tears in her eyes. “Abuelo..(granddad)..can you help me? I need 💰 to pay for my auto insurance, gas and college tuition.” Donaldo gladly handed her a few thousand $$$ from his wallet. Quite a feeling folks. Donaldo, getting older now, felt wanted and needed. Donaldos family has become tighter and more independent…….

    Soros…..are you listening? Good. Trimmed your 👃 hairs lately? Oh well. Another topic. And on another level, people are reavauluating the difference between luxury and necessity. People aren’t eating out at death-sentence fast-food restaurants. All closed. They are cooking at home. Donaldos family is emphasizing the traditional Mexican diet of tortillas, rice and beans. Much more healthy than McDonald’s. Cinemas are closed. Sporting events cancelled. Oh well. Somehow the curse has become a blessing.

    People close to Donaldo are discussing home remedies to the flu…..”la gripe” in Spanish. Local farmacies are closed. People aren’t commuting. Gas is cheap. Great. Donaldos 2020 Toyota Corolla gets 38 mpg……can’t complain. Anyway. Donaldo is getting plastered again. No surprise there.

    Before calling it a night, Donaldo offers a toast first and foremost to all of his Jewish brothers wrongfully acussed of masterminding all the Coronavirus bs and secondly to the Coronavirus hype itself for improving the human condition. 🍷🌮✌️

  19. JK
    Lack of guile is a good sign of an honest man…
    As one honest simpleton, who has learned a lot the hard way, I will advise you to stay away from lawyers….
    This bad fiasco is a little too perfect for the April Fools joke re-try, which should have been expected… The whole thing is a big caper anyway, with just enough reality to keep it in the air… We saw how the first thing the Swampers did was funnel a few trillion to themselves and their cronies…. What a Boon…
    It’s all a political ploy… And I have noticed that the common people buying into and promoting this BS are typically the usual suspects from the parasite class, the poorer parasites, mostly Trump Haters, who all saw clearly what the Pelosi did for the rich parasites and all know instinctively this is how the parasite game works…. You find a way to attach a suction tube to the government…. It does stand to reason that the number of “afflicted” will go up and up with whatever state assistance the disease will get you…
    But for how much longer will the joke work?
    I believe there are still less than 2000 people hospitalized with it in California, less than 300 dead… Way more than that have been killed in the same length of time by the regular stuff, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, CIA/ADL Dope, Crime and the real Common Flu…. No Wonder people are skeptical…
    The Joke will not work by itself much longer…. Either there’s more to the script, I guess the more dreadful phase, or this thing is over pretty soon…
    And just what the hell was Trump talking about today, when he said we’re In for a HORRIFIC next 2 weeks?
    We know he’s a bit of an exaggerator, and not real well supplied with adjectives… He tends to flog the same ones over and over…. But HORRIFIC, really? WTF does he mean by that?

    1. The horrific 2 weeks will, imo, feature medical statistics that will soar exponentially compared to what we have been given so far, to justify more draconian measures, more chaos, i.e more opportunity for TPTB to further their Machiavellian agenda. Never let a good opportunity go to waste.

    Very well said…. Too bad you don’t get to make that statement on network TV….
    I’m sending your statement to my friends…
    I heard Trump saying today, “nobody could have known this was going to happen”…
    I guess that’s the standard PR Cover-Up Line they use in these deals…
    Condoleezza Rice said the same thing about the 9-11 attacks…
    Who could have thought of it?
    I guess not anybody in our trillion dollar federal government, nobody in any of the dozen or so intelligence agencies. or any of the Alphabet Soup Federal Police Organs…… Not the Joint Chiefs, or anybody who works for them in the whole Pentagon… I guess not the CDC, why would they think of something like a new virus and what to do about it? Nobody in any of the Big Think Tanks… Not any of those brilliant College Professors…. I guess they probably do have more important stuff to worry about, gender issues, reparations, killing off the White Race…

  21. China now is experiencing a second wave of the virus, which is quite typical of all strains of the Coronavirus. In fact, it is quite normal to get third, fourth and fifth waves, over a period of 12 to 18 months. It is worrying, though, that 5 people who were passengers on the Pacific Dawn have died of covid19, which would not ever happen in a period of normal cold and flu cycles. Covid19 is either something different or more virulent in certain places. Perhaps it has already mutated into different strains; even mass killer strains. Now Asian crew members are being taken off the Pacific Dawn, as many of them have fevers and are very sick. The USA is now apparently worse off than Italy. Could this be the lead up to the big one that will reduce the planet’s population by half? The crowded cities of the Great Satan will be the first to go, which will be a blessing. God will enact his vengeance upon the sinful and those engaged in sodomy. I think straight fornicators like me will be okay.

      1. That was a good surprise, Sister M, thanks! 🙂

        P.S. I’m still working on “colloidal silver nebulization,” the cure. I’ll let you know soon enough. Silver seems to be a miraculous substance used for more than 4000 years.

      2. Sis –
        NBTT –

        Have a look in Australia:

        The “Response to Covid-19” is a Plan for One World Government

        Hospitals empty.

        Steve Lovell COMMENTED:
        How about us patriots going into our local hospitals and SEE first hand how many people are sick with the Covid..I personally went to a Urgent Care in the ATLANTA area on March 31 and saw 1 person in the waiting room for a period of two hours.

        None of the staff were wearing a face mask. No alarm, panic, or fear. A dull morning at the Urgent Care hospital. I’m my own witness on this without outside influence or opinions.

        1. Yes, but why believe a commenter on another website (Steve Lovell commenting from Atlanta) who says the hospital there was EMPTY … when you refuse to believe THREE commenters on this website (including Gilbert Huntly) who say the opposite is true: that the hospitals are full to capacity and that staff can’t handle the enormous workload? It’s because you want to believe what you believe.

          Are you saying the three witnesses to overcrowded hospitals on THIS site are all lying? Why would we do that? I myself am witness of overcrowded hospitals and nerve-racked doctors and nurses. Why should I tell you lies? and the other guy be telling you the truth?

          Or do you find YouTube a reliable source of info? You believe this Jew-run site owned by a Jew?

      3. Adam –

        “Yes, but why believe a commenter on another website (Steve Lovell commenting from Atlanta) who says the hospital there was EMPTY … when you refuse to believe THREE commenters on this website (including Gilbert Huntly) who say the opposite is true:”

        I never wrote that any report was “true” or FALSE because I was not there.
        Gil was not reporting about Atlanta….. but Virginia. He was not at the hospital.

        I did not “refuse to believe THREE commenters on this website” either.

        ALL we have is rumors, speculations and anecdotes. You can sort it out & connect the dots any way you wish!! Then GUESS with the rest of us. 🙂

        No need to mention any jews at all, this time.

      4. ADMIN: Those of who think TheRealOriginalJoe (TROJ) is an amusing clown who is being kept in Spamblinka unfairly and should be allowed to speak his mind “without censorship” should think again. Here is his latest comment which he expects us to publish in the name of “free speech”. The reason I publish it is because it is relatively tame, not even ONE-TENTH as toxic as his other sexually perverted comments involving bestiality between horses and human females. This is the type of nutcase we have roaming the internet nowadays. In the old days they were locked up in loonie bins.


        TheRealOriginal Joe

        Sister Monica

        In response to the coronavirus pandemic now they’re saying dildos aren’t an essential item. That gets you real angry to hear that and you just want to scream when you hear that because how can a girl survive without BIG black plastic dildos, of course dildos are an essential item, a girl simply can’t live without ’em, amirite? *grin*

    1. Arch Stanton pretty much summed it up. What matters is that billions of people have succumbed to the fear-mongering in a classic “totalitarian tiptoe” of Problem-Reaction-Solution.

      I’m thinking more about an “undercurrent” throughout it all where the Chabadians are running parallel to this planet “turning a corner” in moving out of the Kali Yuga, which in turn is paralleling a “second coming” where those who ARE hearing Christ are demonstrating that by showing readiness for moving on to what Jesus refers to as “my Father’s many mansions”

      “End times”…..the end of one existential paradigm and the beginning of another

      1. @ Brownhawk:

        Been reading David Icke and watching his videos: GOOD on You! His Problem-Reaction-Solution (Hegelian Dialectic) Totalitarian Tip-toe is classic and his analysis by looking to the ENDGOAL first and then working backwards shows you what TPTB must do to get to the Endgoal! David Icke has come a long way from his Green Lizard Aliens as Rulers of the Planet, including Queen Elizabeth II and her family!

        And yes Christian Biblical prophecy does talk about my Father’s House has many mansions, but that is only after all the Bad things happen first to the point of Near Destruction of Humanity, where only Jesus/God can save us! Just as your Creator (represented by a Raven or Eagle) will also do! Is that right?

    2. NBTT –

      The flu killed over 80,000 people in US in 2018. And over 40,000 already this year.
      If the hosp[ital had wanted to show the bodies every year…. I’m sure they COULD HAVE!!!!
      They have not done SO in the past….. because the victims’ families would have sued them!!
      Notice – there are just a few bodies spread far apart to seem like many. Some may have died of heart attacks or cancer or dozens of other ailments.

      This is NOT what I can call ‘nothing but the truth’ from the hospital! Not proof to me.

      1. Logic…..

        The total deceased by COVID-19 is **5,140** right now in US.
        SEE –

        The flu has taken over 40,000 this year!!! 💥

        How would it have looked in front of the hospital in 2018 when the toll was 81,000???? 🤢
        I say 1,000 bodies would likely have been there!!

    3. @ Pat
      All “good as gold” in Australia. – First the carrot (extra cash give away to subjects of the commonwealth) then the compulsory remedy in 2 stages.It might/most likely has to be vaccinated again after the Aussie winter. One can not stand on one leg anyway right? – Sure says the long gone into receivership Aussie government/management of a carved out penal colony pretending to be a sovereign nation with no pockets or any gold reserves (currently “for safe keeping” in London) – the largest PA in the southern hemisphere – will surely come up with a Corona remedy. A black hole might cure the virus (and the subject man) in no time.

    4. Very simple.
      If engineered, a slow burn pathogen, that frightens the sheeple and kills off the old is much preferable to a Grim Reaper full on virus that might get out of control.

  22. Here are my thoughts on the issue:

    (1) SARS-CoV-2 is real and it’s dangerous.

    (2) Whether this virus came from a lab (and if so if it was released accidentally or deliberately) or had a natural origin, is presently unknown, and may never be known, but it seems that sinister forces are using the occasion to advance an agenda.

    (3) After doing more literature research, it seems to me that the severity of COVID-19 disease in any particular person may be largely dependent on nitric oxide bioavailability in that person.

    The endogenous signaling molecule nitric oxide inhibits replication of coronaviruses, and because nitric oxide levels decrease with age, this may explain why older people are generally more susceptible than younger people to severe COVID-19 disease.

    Moreover, because pre-existing disease states such diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, obesity, liver disease, etc., are associated with increased levels of asymmetric dimethylargine (ADMA) – an endogenous nitric oxide synthase inhibitor – this may explain why people with such pre-existing diseases and conditions are more susceptible to severe disease that age-matched healthy people.

    While ADMA levels are generally lower in the healthy young and generally higher in the sickly old, in all cases they are apparently inversely related to dietary intake of essential micronutrients, antioxidants and vitamin D. So this would explain why taking vitamin D, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C, selenium, zinc and citrus bioflavonoids, for example, can lower a person’s risk of severe COVID-19 disease; i.e., by lowering ADMA and oxidative stress and increasing nitric oxide.

    Finally, there is reason to believe that certain micronutrient deficiencies, such as with selenium, can result in increased COVID-19 disease severity that goes beyond what you might associate with sub-optimal nitric oxide bioavailability.

    (4) All this incessant talk about the need for more “ventilators” by NY governor Andrew Cuomo et al. is basically nonsense because most of the people who require invasive mechanical ventilation are going to die anyway, so the emphasis should be on quick testing and early, aggressive pharmacotherapy with hydroxychloroquine and/or other drugs, not on more “ventilators.”

    (5) The evidence that the old drug hydroxychloroquine can effectively treat COVID-19 disease (and obviate the need for invasive mechanical ventilation), is rapidly accumulating, and there seems to be a well-organized propaganda effort underway to downplay this fact and to disparage anyone who tries to get the message out e.g., outspoken recovered patients and French doctor Didier Raoult.

    I don’t know the motive behind this sinister effort but a few possibilities come to mind: (1) It’s an effort to make Trump look good (and boost his electoral prospects) when his original statement that hydroxychloroquine is a “game changer” ultimately proves to be true; and/or (2) “they” want to delay the widespread knowledge and use of a cheap and effective drug treatment, because “they” “need” more death, more panic and more of a lock-down on society, as “they” plan to start more wars soon (e.g. against, Iraq, Iran, Syria or Venezuela) and it would be very helpful to have the instruments of martial law already deployed when they do it.

    1. @ Harold Smith:
      Good post with lots of good science. Plus Nitrous Oxide and its mechanism is also the Secret behind Sildenofil (Aka Viagra). And this Nitrous Oxide mechanism decreases with age – thus limpness. Oh, ED don’t stop! Sorry!

      And yes Dr. Didier Raoult, renowned French Microbiologist, has shown that the Chloraquine and Azithromycin AZT HIV cocktail drugs combo does work to eliminate the Coronavirus. This is because Covid-19 Coronavirus and AIDS viruses are both mRNA viruses (messenger coding material for Amino Acids, proteins). Of course Big Pharma and Government and its agencies (CDC/FDA) are now blocking this news because these drugs have EXPIRED Patents, which means everyone can make them and there is less money in it (chump-change, nickels and dimes). Big Pharma wants a PATENT-able Coronavirus vaccine so they can maximize profits in the Patent period of 7 to 17 years, depending on the country. This is so because each country has different Patent protection periods based on its laws.

  23. With the virus in mind, we should look again at the question of this site’s purpose… It WAS by SOMEONE founded with some PURPOSE in mind…
    I don’t see where it has any commercial value…
    Look, this site may or may not have been designed as an info-gathering station, by those in intel, big media, politics, big business, who would want to know how much people think they know, what their attitudes might be, how far the wokeness has progressed throughout the alternative media, who among them woken might be suggesting radical steps or even violence… Steering clear of that might not save you… Even if it wasn’t designed specifically for that purpose by the (Pay No Attention To Her) ‘Lady Behind the Shower Curtin’, it can be serving that purpose just as well anyway as long as there are people commenting here on these cutting edge subjects…
    To me this site doesn’t fit the typical ‘Gatekeeper’ description, which is where whatever media outlet holds a line on what subjects will be allowed to be discussed and intends to preserve a certain perimeter on the intercourse, in order that certain political factions be preserved… This is what you have with Fox News, CNN, RT, all Big Media really, and perhaps your local Community Radio Station… They’re are all easily enough identifiable as Zion Info Control Outlets, packed with Zionists or their Stupid Stooges.. And if anybody thinks they’re going to have long talks about the Freemasons, about how they have their signage and symbology all over the official stuff, or that Masonry itself is a Jew-ish Zion thing, Forget About It… Listen to All of This…
    Now, according to the apparently recently rubbed out Jewish insider whistleblower luminary David Goldberg’s tale of woe and warning about that sort of thing, the Darkmoon site will be working well enough as a Pogo…. A Pogo is a site like this that is intended to gather the info on – Track Tag and ID – people, see what they know, find out who heard the alarm clock, how far the Vatican Banksters PC-PR Fairy Tale has gotten away from them…
    So they did that… And the decision has already been made that that it’s gone way too far out of control, whereas the original plan was that they might have to rub out a few thousand wise guys, now they realize there are too many millions of anti-semites… And they’re kicked into the Project Zyphr phase, which is the upcoming Gray State, as portrayed by the murdered filmmaker David Crawley… In another year or so it’s going to be Deagel Doomsday… The gloves will come all the way off, everybody who knows too much and talks too much will be kidnapped off to some camp and exterminated… They already bought the boxcars full of guillotines… But for that to all work better they need an already existing state of social breakdown and chaos, which is what the virus is for.. And I’m afraid MAX BLINEY’S evaluation of it might be right, where we’re nowhere near done with this virus thing, it has the potential to mutate (Built-In At DARPA) and become more and more deadly, and while that’s happening the social control clampdown will continue to get worse and worse, until when we’re into the final phases the shock and the surprise and shock the public would get from it now will no longer manifest…
    I sure hope that’s all wrong…
    Only Time Will Tell…

    1. @ Barkingdeer:

      You have the wisdom of the sacred OWL, sacred animal of the Creator and also an Illuminati symbol of Molech and his Satanic desire for child-sacrifice. Boy Bark, you sure brought out a double whammy with your EXCELLENT Post!

  24. You sure know more medicine than me, Harold Smith. Anyway, this is what I’ve got about colloidal silver, for those interested.

    Silver kills bacteria and viruses, astonishingly enough, it doesn’t interfere with our tissues and organs. Some safety issues have to be properly addressed for human consumption, not a big deal to our modern technology.

    This guy, Jonathan Glauser, knows everything about colloidal silver, he has a small company in North Carolina. His production process is the state-of-the-art on the matter, exceptional quality. Anyone can buy good quality colloidal silver from bigger companies, what he gives for free is wisdom.

    To avoid argyria (silver poisoning) silver particles have to be as small as possible, about 1 micrometer. That is achieved when the silver electrodes are submitted to low DC voltage, about 15 volts. The process takes about 12 to 24 hours to complete. Pharmaceutical grade distilled water has to be used. As silver ions (electrically charged atoms) are produced the water’s electrical conductivity increases, the DC voltage has to be reduced in order to keep the same electrical current between the electrodes. The smaller the electrical current applied the smaller the silver particles produced in the colloid. Also a hydrodynamic flow is required in the bath to flush coalesced particles in the electrode. The saturation of ions occur at 24 ppm (parts per million).

    It’s not recommended to nebulize (or to drink) any colloidal silver with a concentration bigger than 24 ppm. Ions and very small particles are desired but bigger particles can accumulate in the body. A yellow color in the colloidal silver means it has particles as big as 40 nanometers, an inferior product indeed. Jonathan’s product is crystal clear 15 ppm colloidal silver, one way to check the silver content is to point a laser to the colloidal silver. The only recommended bigger ppm applications are for topical use and as cleaning disinfectant products.

    The Devil’s virus accumulates in the lungs, therefore the nebulization absorption is a good target assessment; silver ions will reach the blood stream anyway. Never mix salt water to the solution because silver doesn’t like chlorine. There is no need to dilute the colloidal silver but if one insists pharmaceutical grade distilled water is the only option. Too much nebulization can produce condensate in the lungs, that’s not good; this is what limits daily dosage not the silver ingestion. Nebulization of silver is new stuff; comments are circulating in the net since 2016. As a safety concern don’t use it daily more than one month, for prolonged periods further research is required. The so called Herxheimer reaction can occur when antibiotics kill bacteria; as the bacteria’s cell wall collapses toxic products are released to the body. No idea if that reaction can occur with the Devil’s virus.

    I’m not a physician. It’s up to doctors who care for their patients more than corrupted medical protocols to give the shot.

    1. NBTT –

      The Herxheimer reaction can occur with any curative process. I have been familiar with it since the 50s. It is also known as the ‘healing crisis’ which happens under many conditions when the bodty sloughs off toxins and they enter the bloodstream in abundance. It is akin to ‘withdrawals’ by drug addicts.
      Some folks get really sick and have headaches just like when getting off heavy drugs, when their bodies start healing.

      I use 10ppm colloidal silver, at times, made by a friend. I mostly use hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid solution. INCREASED OXYGEN kills bacteria and removes mucous which is what blocks breathinng passages with flu and other ailments.

      1. J.A.M.A.”Peroxide of Hydrogen as a Remedial Agent”
        J.A.M.A. 259 (9): 1279 (4 March 1988)
        (Reprint, “JAMA 100 Years Ago”)

        The AMA has known for over 130 yers that H2O2 diluted to 3% – in the brown bottle on the shelf – dissolves purulent mucous membranes such as produced in diptheria and other disease conditions. It is ignored today because it CANNOT BE PATENTED(!!), because it occurs in nature and in the body.

        I learned in the 70s that…. the human body produces H2O2 in the IMMUNE SYSTEM responses!!

        Hydrogen peroxide, the same mild acid that many people use to disinfectant their kitchens or treat cuts and abrasions, is also produced by the body to keep cells healthy. Now, researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine have solved how part of this complex process works.

        Reporting in the January 3 issue of Nature, a team led by W. Todd Lowther, Ph.D., developed a three-dimensional snapshot of how two proteins produced by cells interact to regulate the levels of hydrogen peroxide.

        For example, when the immune system is activated in response to bacteria, large amounts of hydrogen peroxide are produced by certain cells to fight the infection.

    2. @ NBTT:

      Yes, very old technology! This is why Roman Soldiers carried water in Silver vessels/urns/vases!

  25. I’ll summarise what’s going on by saying that like so many other types of viruses, this one lies dormant in virtually every human being on the planet. At certain “points in time”, some cosmological array of forces having to do with the Sun* triggers it in a similar fashion to a dormant volcano being activated. Once this happens, the antibodies within any given individual go into extreme battle mode to fight the potential “eruption”. Those whose immunity systems are the strongest will feel no symptoms at all and not suspect a thing. Those with the weakest systems will feel the severest symptoms and die. The vast majority of us are somewhere in the middle.

    It could very well be that this “cosmic dynamic” is well-known to those in certain positions of power who are using this latest “outbreak” to effect the classic “Problem-Reaction-Solution” totalitarian plan

    *countering the virus with vitamin D supplements AND getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine (which is kind of ironic, like using snake venom as an antidote for a snakebite?) is the best medicine for fighting the virus

  26. I’ll only explain this ONCE to all you dopes – so listen up.

    1. The corona “virus” is partial DNA/RNA excretion by a POISONED CELL
    2. There is NO communicable disease/pathogen
    3. Cell malfunction/poisoning is the PRIME effect of 5G
    4. There is a DIRECT CORRELATION between the corona “virus” explosion and the roll out of 5G
    5. Wuhan is the most 5G’d metropolis on planet earth – hence Corona Ground Zero
    6. As the global economy was about to collapse anyway, THE USUAL SUSPECTS gave themselves a final MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR bonus – re-packaged as “Saving the planet from the impact of corona” -even as they locked-down half the planet in preparation for
    a) Martial Law
    b) Total 5G Surveillance Police State
    c) WORLD WAR

    Yore welcome. Have a nice day

    1. @ The realist

      “Yore (sic) welcome. Have a nice day.”

      From a person who cannot even spell the word ‘YOUR’, your comment does not inspire confidence.

    2. @ The Realist

      4. There is a DIRECT CORRELATION between the corona “virus” explosion and the roll out of 5G
      5. Wuhan is the most 5G’d metropolis on planet earth – hence Corona Ground Zero

      So tell me: if China got coronavirus big time because it was “the most 5G’d metropolis on planet earth”, how do you ecplain how coronavirus suddlnly hit Italy big time? Did Italy suddenly get a lot of 5G? No, I don’t think so. Coronavirus then hopped to France and Spain. Did France and Spain introduce 5G at that particular time? No, I don’t think so. America is now the epicenter of coronavirus. Why? Has there been a sudden increase in 5G in America during the last few weeks? No, I don’t think so.

      Your logic is worthless. You are guessing. Or rather you’ve been brainwashed by the Conspiracy Theory Idiot Brigade.

      In any case, doesn’t China STILL have more 5G than any other nation? Yes, it does. So how come the coronavirus problem has suddenly got so much better in China? Can you explain that? No you cannot.

      You come on this site only to sneer at everything you read here, you inferior little man with the superiority complex. I suggest you go away and re-educate yourself. Start with simple spelling and learn how to spell the word “YOUR”.

      It’s YOUR problem — nor “YORE” problem!

      1. Italy – Big 5G roll-out in Milan
        Spain – Big 5G roll-out in Madrid
        USSA – Big 5G roll-out in NYC

        Hope that helps clear the mental fog. YOU’RE (note: Not “YOUR”) Welcome!

        1. @ The realist

          Italy – Big 5G roll-out in Milan
          Spain – Big 5G roll-out in Madrid
          USSA – Big 5G roll-out in NYC

          Since you provide no evidence for the above statement in the form of a reliable link, why should anyone believe you? There has been NO significant increase in 5G in Italy or Spain or in dozens of other Europeans countries suddenly hit by Coronavirus. The UK has been hit with coronavirus cases even in remote locations where there is NO 5G installed at all. So how do you account for that?

          I suggest you stop the lying and the cussing and the foul ad hominem attacks on excellent posters like Pat. He knows far more than you are ever likely to learn in a million years. Unlike you, Pat provides links to back up all his statements. You don’t. I bet you don’t even know what a link is! And Pat moreover, unlike you, knows the difference between YOU’RE and YORE!

          Back to school, dunce!

      2. Goud to here frum yu Grahmor feend. Yore dewing a splnded jab 😆

        P.S. cunsprcy idjits? On dis cite? Say it ain’t so!😳

        1. @ Brownhawk

          Brilliant! Loved your post. You’ve made vast progress
          in your spelling during the last few months! 🙂

    3. Realist –
      Your report…. means that Italy(14,000 deaths) and Spain(11,000 deaths) have a high concentration of 5G…. and I doubt that.

      US = 6,000 deaths from COVID-19.
      China = 3,300 deaths from COVID-19.

      Does not pass the smell test.

      1. PAT —

        Brilliant! But I just beat you to it! That’s just what I wrote in my previous comment! 🙂

      2. @Pat Re China (only) 3,300 deaths

        Do you believe EVERYTHING that comes out of Communist China?

        Are you REALLY that DUMB. Ditto Grammar Fiend

        1. @ The realist

          Your posts are pathetic. They leave a sour taste in the mouth. Have you get sex problems? I think you must have. You sound like an angry old man in a dirty mackintosh.

      3. Realist –
        Your report…. means that Italy(14,000 deaths) and Spain(11,000 deaths) have a high concentration of 5G…. and I doubt that.

        US = 6,000 deaths from COVID-19.

        China = 33,000,000, deaths from COVID-19!!!! 🙂 🙂

        STILL – Does not pass the smell test.
        And I never even had to ask if you – as a ‘REALIST’ – are “REALLY that DUMB”!! 💥 😜

    4. @ The REAList:

      You’re on the right track! As Jon Rappoport has said, the Coronavirus crisis is COVER for 5G technology rollout and acts as a distraction as governments allow 5G rollout to continue while Coronavirus dominates the NEWS cycle! Only Switzerland still outright strictly BANS 5G. All other nations are in flux based on paranoia and control of discention / protests!

    5. You say that 5G is responsible. If so, how does contagion occur, how is the virus or RNA transmitted from one person to another? Wouldn’t those affected comprise only of those who have been exposed to 5G?

      1. ED –

        Good one! I have the same question.

        There could be an ingredient(s) in the soup of vaccines given to untold millions over the years, which helps the deadly electrical circuit to be completed when exposed to 5G.!!! 💥 🤢

        This man alludes to that vaccine method:

  27. If Humpty Dumpty was the American economy, he just fell off the f**king wall. And all the King’s money won’t put Humpty together again.
    In the New American Dark Age – the dystopian Fourth Turning – civilization has just turned into a giant sh**show,
    compliments of the World Power controllers -> assortment of deep state Zionists, international banksters, Committee of 300 etc., various other mattoids and psychopaths. It’s gone Biblical.
    Remember the War on Drugs? There never was a war on drugs – it was (is) a War on the population by other means. Drugs were (are) used as a ruse to pursue many methods of hammering down on the population. To wit, the CIA(Cocaine Import Agency) busy trafficking in illicit drugs into the USA.

    This current ostensible Plandemic is a total assault on the population – also a ruse. There is NO WAR on a virus. It is a WAR on the population – maybe the final battle for the takedown of America and rest of the world.

    1. @ Bear Claw:

      Yes, the War on Drugs is a ruse! It is a war on humanity, but so much more. The CIA uses the War on Drugs as a Money-making operation, to fund its own malicious/Evil activities world-wide. That is what the Iran-Contra Oliver North boondoggle was all about. That is what Afghanistan and the poppy fields are all about. The CIA raises money for its own Evil plots globally. They get this money and hide it in the crooked Banksters Banks. The CIA thus has money on its own without having to go to the US Government and Congress for Authorization of funds. The CIA also does operations and stings like the NSA/DHS/FBI/DEA/ATF etc. (False Flags – Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, Orlando Nightclub shooting, etc.) to justify their existence and ask for money that way for legal and PR purposes only so the sheeple think the FBI/CIA, etc. are doing their job. Have we NOT learned that lesson from Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Eric Snowden and Julian Assange! REMEMBER, REAL Whistle-blowers are Criminalized, Demonized and Vilified. FAKE Whistle-blowers like Eric Ciaramella and Lt. Col. Vindman are protected because if they were exposed the whole Fake operation (Trump Impeachment) would be exposed and seen for what it is – Phony! Good stuff, Bear Claw!

  28. Madame Butterfly, just because you do not agree with The Realist, and just like you do with me, say his posts are “pathetic” and in your own words and spelling, you once again bring up the sexual angle. i.e. “Have you get sex problems?” ….. and then you suggest he is a dirty old man in a mackintosh. … I have been accused of too much ribaldry in some of my posts, but I am trying to stop being funny, but you Butterfly, need to clean up your act. If anyone has a “sex” problem it is you. As I explained, this is demonstrative of deprivation induced hysteria. By the way, the brilliant John Kaminski and significant others, have explained the links between 5G and increasing illness on our planet,inc SARS-cov2-19.

    1. Max –

      You are coreect when you wrote:
      “….the brilliant John Kaminski and significant others, have explained the links between 5G and increasing illness on our planet,inc SARS-cov2-19.”

      And none have been able to explain the outrageously high numbers in Italy and Spain.
      So, I am not 100% on board with ALL of the 5G guesses….. YET!!

      Coincidental facts are not always proof positive when guessing. Galileo got his ass kicked when he noted that! 🙂

      1. Probably because there is no single cause. The brilliant Rappoport’s main point.

      2. True, Galileo got his ass kicked, but unfortunately he didn’t get his ass kicked as hard as he deserved to get his ass kicked. The Church was TOO lenient on him. Pat knows I’m right but he will never admit I’m right. But that’s okay, I know I’m right, Pat knows I’m right, and I know Pat knows I’m right, *grin*

      3. TROJ –

        There are time zones and season changes that come only with a sphere.
        You will never admit THAT!! 🙂

      4. In the bitchute video, the Vodafone executive says that 5G kills people through interaction of charged DNA and high frequency EM waves. He claims that the covid virus is a coverup for that.
        From what I have read, there is evidence from various scientific publications that the virus is real as SARS bioengineered with HIV to achieve a gain of function, with cells obtained from Fort Detrick and experiments conducted in the BSL4 lab at UNC Chapel Hill.
        The Vodafone executive goes on to say that the test used to detect covid infection is itself the source of the virus.
        That would imply that everyone who undergoes the test will become infected with the virus. Some would die from the virus, others recover but are still carriers of the virus. So the presence of the virus in the body serves the vaccine and microchipping agenda. Upon administering the Vaccine the putative agent is delivered that will become deadly upon exposure to 5G.
        There is some sense in what he says but I want to ask if anyone can identify weak or missing links?

    2. @ Max Bilney

      I’m glad that John Kaminski has “explained” the links between 5G and Coronavirus to your satisfaction, but since I do not accept Mr Kaminski as my intellectual guru and spiritual mentor, given his anti-Christian rants and his Islamophobic bigotry, I have no reason to trust him on a subject he knows nothing about except by hearsay. He is not a research scientist and he knows no more than the average person about Coronavirus. He gets all his information from lurid conspiracy theory sites and regurgitates the same twaddle as if he was an authority on the subject.

      This is the man who told us recently in an insolent comment addressed to Lasha Darkmoon that she needed “to get a grip” for believing that the coronavirus crisis was to be taken seriously. It was a “hoax”, he declared confidently, adding that “ALL THE HOSPITALS WERE EMPTY.”

      I had to laugh when I read that. Your hero’s gullibility is as laughable as his impertinence in addressing Lasha Darkmoon as if she needed to take lessons from him on how to think. The man’s arrogance sucks. I happen to know from personal experience, having visited several hospitals recently and having had contact with key medical staff, that Mr Kaminski lies. Lies through his back teeth. The hospital are full. They are overflowing with stricken patients. They are empty only in the fevered imagination of Mr Kaminski!

      1. Madame Butterfly, I expected a sexually charged, insulting rant against me after I picked you up re The Realist, but, instead you have attacked John Kaminski. I believe you have now self diagnosed your deprivation induced hysteria and decided to give me a rest. No more visions of my supposedly large genitalia, etc. But you have merely chosen another suitable victim upon which to vent your spleen. Once again, you resort to words like “sucks” to explain your sick world view. You have been displaying this suppressed frustration for many years now and it is damning your character to that of a sexual deviant on steroids. I would hope that our moderator gives you a stern warning re your insulting of one of the most truthful and courageous writers on our planet. Your obvious frustration is such that you need to get psychological assistance. There are sex clinics that could help you out and put you on an even keel.

      2. @ Max B and Madame:

        I think you 2 should stop the verbal jousting and consider the great article by Jonas E. Alexis in his review of E. Michael Jones and his new book: Logos Rising. The review will keep both of you quiet for it is both supportive of Logos/God and a knock on Un-(Non)-Believers: Check link out below.

        PS: The Secret in the review is that GOD/Jesus wins in THE END over Satan/Evil! Yeah! Knew that already!

        1. @ Stormin’ Norman

          @ Max Bilney
          @ Gilbert Huntly
          @ Other Conspiracy Theorists

          I agree with you (Stormin’ Norman) on the excellence of E.Michael Jones’ article on the Coronavirus as well as his book “Logos Rising” which I have yet to read in full, since it’s only just been published and consists of over 700 pages.

          In fact, I have written privately to LD recommending that she publish an article drawing attention to Dr Jones’ work. You people here probably don’t know this, but Lasha has had three articles published on major sites, one on Dr Jones’ site Culture Wars on sexual politics, and two on The Occidental Observer in an interview discussion with Dr Jones and Kevin MacDonald. (I could supply the links for these if asked but I can’t be bothered right now.”) Oh yes, and there’s also several article by E.Michael Jones on this site if you want to read them:

          Basically, what I want to say is that Dr Jones is to be trusted and is a responsible writer who has done his research thoroughly. He would not agree one little bit with John Kaminski, irresponsible and arrogant in his assumed omniscience that Coronavirus is one big “hoax” and that “all the hospitals are empty”. Nor would he agree with John Rappaport’s views that 5G is the basic cause of this contagion. Rappoport is just another conspiracy theorist like Miles Mathis and Jim Stone, all of them sensationalists without scientific training. I refuse to accept the unsubstantiated ravings of these self-crowned Emperors of Kookiness.

  29. In this world of Big Brother control, the last thing we need is a dictatorial Grammar Fiend hanging on our every word and picking up typos and small grammatical errors. I laughed how the stupid grammar fiend character was actually caught in his own oppressive web by saying “yore” should be “your”, when as The Realist pointed out, when you state “yore velcome” it is not “your” as the fiend suggests, but you’re! I.e. You are welcome.

    1. Grammar Fiend was 100% correct about the Realist’s pathetic spelling, so stop trying to defend this nasty, ignorant slob. These were The Realist’s exact words: “Yore (sic) welcome. Have a nice day.” Does that meet with your approval?

      1. Ribaldry, by the way, is out of fashion. You are not being trendy by being ribald. Not any longer. We live in the end days, not in the rakish days of Rabelais. Get a grip, and assume a virtue if you have it not. Too much clowning is unmanly.

      2. Madame –

        Bilney is trying to make light of his proximity with his jungle kinfolk and their unwashed, crab-infested vaginas he craves. He tries to sound cultured in his depravity. 😖

        1. Max IS cultured. That’s what makes him so dangerous. He is Jack the Ripper with the literary talents of the Marquis e Sade. 🙂

          I quite like the cad in my own way. He wields a witty pen. And that’s the tragedy — he’s never boring.

      3. Madame B:

        You might think about spending your time more productively by sticking to your crayons & coloring book.

        BTW Being an EXPERT in the Female “Psyche”, I don’t get taken-in by such obvious “reverse psychology” ploys as you lamely attempt to pull – your hysterical rantings notwithstanding. Been there, done that, got the t-shirts.
        So, I’m afraid, it’s to the “back of the line” for you… where at least you’ll be able to tittle-tattle with the rest of the trollops trying to brew-up some new poisoned concoction that would make them – if only temporarily – less than repulsive to my discriminating senses.
        YORE Welcome.

        1. @ The Realist

          Not a bad post. You are improving. For the first time you are revealing the complexity of your nature. You must try harder not to be so negative, not to sneer and growl so much like an old curmudgeon. Why read this site and continue posting on it if you keep disrespecting all the articles and poems published here almost non-stop? It makes no sense. If you hate the site so much, why not go elsewhere?

          I really am surprised Admin hasn’t banned you for spitting in Admin’s face so often. You should be grateful to Admin for Admin’s uncanny tolerance. You would have been banned by now on most other sites. Surely you know that?

          Anyway, go in peace this morning.The sun shines outside my window, the birds sing in the trees, and I am feeling well-disposed to you this beautiful spring day.

          1. Madame Butterfly:

            I’ve just been reading your last few posts. I am impressed by your cultured style, your sphinx-like wisdom, and your irrepressible ebullience. To me you soud adorable. Just the type of female I have been seeking all my life.

            I know this site is not a chatroom, but may I enquire politely how old you are, how tall you are, and what you weigh. Also, how would you rate your looks: (a) More attractive than average. (b) Average. (c) Less attractive than average.

            This would enable me to get a better mental picture of you.

            We could then, if things work out okay, exchange email addresses and photos, with Admin acting as the conduit between us. Let me know if you are interested.

            I am myself an elderly man in his late fifties, good-looking in a dapper way, charming, cultured, and with a substantial income from investments and rented property.

            Yours cordially,


      4. MB, I’ve noticed the animals having a little extra spring in their step lately.

        A little more butter in their fluttering, a little more trill in their trilling, a little more click in their clacking, a little more buzz in their businezz.

        Most likely due to the current extra human social distancing being awarded them.

        1. I love this site and wish people could be nicer to each other. There are too many people here dissing Admin and saying nasty things to Lasha. If they don’t like this site and hate Lasha, why don’t they just go away and find another website?

      5. HP
        I too have been observing what you’re saying about the animals. It makes me wonder about what the seers are saying about an “overlapping” occurring on the planet, heralding the emergence of a new paradigm with the “old” world becoming an “empty shell”, or husk. The “wheat separating from the chaff”, as it were. How this would all play out?… always, stay tuned

        🦊🐯🐶🐆🐺🐏🦓🐎🦄🐂🐫🐥🐻🐭🦃🐘🐦🐠🦖🐍🦈, etc………modern day Noah’s Ark 😃

  30. At least I admit the truth, Mme Butterfly! I have enjoyed the pleasures of ribaldry and rakish behaviour for most of my 53 years and even when I was at pre-school I had a shining for the girls. But, as I said, I am trying hard to become a different person and no longer see women as mere sex objects, even though most dress like call girls in this day and age. It has not helped that I have many physical advantages over other men. As I also said, I am now celibate and giving volunteer support to hospitals and clinics. I will never again use women and will be a perfect gentleman. Just read the hapless Gilby’s offensive comments about my female, jungle friends. Disgusting and un called for. None of them have crabs.

    1. Probably ((( Seymour Zak ))) is a (((slum landlord))) — just like ((( THE Son-In-Law ))) is a ((( slum landlord))).

      Hey Zak! Tell her you have BIG CONNECTIONS in joo Hollywood because Hollywood is jooish and so are you, she’ll trip over herself to date you! She so does want to be a sTaR! Give her a break, help her out! Make her dreams come true! 🙂

  31. I mentioned the term “dictatorial fiend” in the above. ….. Trump’s ultra-Zionist son in law, Jared Kushner, is now the czar in charge of the American Coronavirus situation, being given powers far beyond his dumb-arse father in law. Seeing Kushner is a seniorChabad Lubavitcher, who believes in Jewish supremacy, the USA is in an end times’ predicament. Would you trust a Jewish supremacist whose cult seeks to enslave the White Goys and severely cull their numbers? You Yankees are currently dying at 1,000 per day and this number will exponentially increase, until by the end of June, 240,000 have died. And then the experts are predicting a new wave in the American Fall. At present only 7% of Americans have been exposed to the virus, but this figure will probably rise to over 70%. The whole senior administrative apparatus behind Kushner is Jewish as can be proven by just looking at the Jews on any Presidential dais. Jews are making all the big decisions and soon you will have a fully Jewish President and a Jewish politburo. Naive idiots like our little bushwhacked patriot, Gilby, cannot see any of this, preferring to join the frustrated Butterfly in attacking me and the best posters. John Kaminski should demand an apology from this dangerous shrew who delights in degrading real men.

    1. Bilney –

      I tried call a “truce” between us, but I suppose the effects of your rancid harem have gotten the better of you. Still, I find your comments entertaining (and somewhat enlightened), so forget I tried. Carry on! 🙂
      (I am not on this thing all day, and am just momentarily on here, now, because I came into the kitchen for a break from my kulak chores; but I look forward to the past time later, this evening – so give it your best!)

      1. Gilbert,

        You sound nice.
        I find you easygoing and amusing.
        I like you!
        Please post more often…

      2. Well, thank you, Doris! 🙂
        Just got back and settled for the evening, and it’s nice to read some pleasantly for a change. My daughter made me laugh awhile ago, as she told me one of her mares foaled last night (a little filly) and she has named the foal “Corona”. 😊 She has a fine pedigree, and will be trained for high-jumping, like her sire.

    2. Madame Butterfly, in Seymour Zak you have an admirer. I hope you answer his questions re your weight, height, looks, etc. This is your opportunity to secure a well to do, respectful Jewish man. As I have said, you obviously suffer from deprivation induced hysteria and other psychological problems. Seymour would solve your sexual needs and set you straight. This is a fine offer from him. …. However, I will place a caveat on this promise of hope: The Realist could be correct when he describes you getting “In line to tittle tattle with the other trollops.” You were correct in hinting at Jack the Ripper in regards to my person. Jack slaughtered low life prostitutes with surgical precision, whereas I intensely dislike wanton harlots, of which there are too many on our streets these days. But I must say that Lola impressed me. I suspect you are one of them, or an ugly, fat Madam in charge of a second rate bordello. ….. However, I do not think the latter will dampen the ardour of our besotted Seymour, who probably spends a lot of time in brothels.

      1. @ Seymour Zak

        I’m not interested in your proposition for three reasons:

        (1) I am an antisemite and you are a Jew. We just wouldn’t get on.

        (2) You already have a wife, remember? She has already posted on this site 3-4 times under the handle “Seymour’s Wife”.

        (3) I’m already “taken”, i.e. in a happy relationship with a successful novelist and screen writer who adores me for my good nature, my good looks, my intelligence, and my sophisticated charms. So I’m not in need of an extramarital affair with an online stranger of dubious reputation.

        Anyway, thank you for your interest.

        Yours truly,

        Madame Butterfly

  32. The realist…
    April 2, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    I’ll only explain this ONCE to all you dopes – so listen up.
    You make interesting points of conjecture.. What the insult though?
    1. The corona “virus” is partial DNA/RNA excretion by a POISONED CELL
    New Info on viruses… So a cell gets sick, it’s DNA breaks up, some of it is excreted into the surrounding tissue – and then what happens? are we saying the broken piece of DNA reproduces itself and poisons other cells, or that it is discovered laying around by all these dead cells and pegged as the ‘virus’?
    2. There is NO communicable disease/pathogen
    What about bacterial infections? I have heard that bacteria shows up at cancer sites, but nobody can say where it came from…. And that if you put sterile water in a sealed, sterile container, it will eventually get bacteria growing in it… Nobody knows how bacteria originates, it’s like it’s extradimensional…
    3. Cell malfunction/poisoning is the PRIME effect of 5G
    So we know that radiation is electrons knocking each other out of orbit in the air in a chain reaction, like electricity going through a wire, and that deformities caused by radiation occur when an electron or two is knocked out of its place in the DNA chain… Are we saying 5G is powerful enough to shatter the whole structure of DNA, which causes cells to die?
    4. There is a DIRECT CORRELATION between the corona “virus” explosion and the roll out of 5G
    That’s what I heard too… It was all over the wires…
    5. Wuhan is the most 5G’d metropolis on planet earth – hence Corona Ground Zero
    I’m sure NYC is full of it now too… Other big cities too…
    6. As the global economy was about to collapse anyway, THE USUAL SUSPECTS gave themselves a final MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR bonus – re-packaged as “Saving the planet from the impact of corona”
    yes, which is the main reason to think the thing was way over-hyped… still less that 250 dead in all of California… Way Over-hyped… That and the fact that the Communist Party, aka Democrats’, logic is that their strength in numbers grows with the increase in the permanent underclass on the dole as in all the sick cities in the USA controlled by them for decades, ever since the crypto LBJ’s Great Society and War On Poverty… All kinds of new freebie handouts are coming on line now, continuing to strengthen the Moocher Horde and irreperably systematizing the Freebie Effect… a few more months of this and the USA will be gone as we know it economically and politically…
    -even as they locked-down half the planet in preparation for
    a) Martial Law
    b) Total 5G Surveillance Police State
    surveillance and control…
    c) WORLD WAR
    I think it’s going to be pretty one sided, not countries against countries… the higher levels of the pyramid disconnect the lower levels and ‘withdraw their support’…

    Yore welcome. Have a nice day

    1. @ Barkingdeer:

      That’s a Bullseye comment! 5G technology because of its lower wavelength radio-wave radiation causes a phenomena/process in Cells called ELECTROPORATION. This process is like sending a low voltage electric current through a gel or skin or CELL Membrane, where the barrier (Skin, Cell Membrane) becomes More Porous / Leaky/ Holes open up, thus allowing toxins /poisons into and out of the CELL / Skin. This causes cells to change/mutate and/ or eventually DIE. Think of it like putting meat like chicken with skin on it in a microwave and turning on the microwave to cook your chicken. From the excitation of the water molecules in the chicken and skin, the chicken gets hot and cooks, rather bland tasting though! No imagine humans in a larger microwave as represented by numerous 5G cell towers every 300-500 meters (compared to older, slower technology 4G, LTE), you will experience the same type of symptoms as the Flu or a Cold, hence the Coronavirus, Covid-19 disease. The Coronavirus covers up for the 5G technology side effects. In addition, your skin may get hot or irritated like a sunburn, you may experience head-aches as well. You experience head-aches from 5G because the microwaves are entering your brain and causing Cellular disruption (remember dangers of WiFi to children scare, the same thing). Now also consider that this microwave radiation penetration (wrong analogy, but works) into your brain and causing your thoughts to be disrupted or changed kind of like hypnosis. Thus they can control your mind with 5G technology, so who needs drugs/pills or SOMA (BNW). Thus they can control minds to prevent or promote riots, cause people to kill themselves (Hillary Arkancided). The possibilities are endless! 5G technology is more than just AI (human-robot hybrids, the Borg) and Internet of Things (IoT) to have Self-driving cars, etc. The self-driving car idea is just to get you hooked on the CONVENIENCE aspect ( a Bait and Switch deception) to fool you to approve the 5G. Stop 5G ASAP! Now does it make sense? Thus it is of the DEVIL and an APOCALYPSE NEAR YOU! SOON!

    2. Bark

      The true nature of Alliances being muddled anyway, your observation of higher levels of the pyramid disconnecting with the lower sounds essentially correct. In my neck of the woods the scuttlebutt is that there are two primary factions of Annunaki that have been backing various nations for centuries, embodying what we more recently refer to as “East” and “West”. Word is that one of them held the upper hand and were close to effecting a world totalitarianism at the time of the American Revolution. The monkey wrench that got thrown into the works to derail that, and the area where Pat and I have had a long-standing disagreement, came in the form of the Bill of Rights. The main body of the Constitution was to serve as a Blueprint for a “NWO”, but those early amendments stymied the plan. This forced them to move their base to China, whose population is more subservient.

      Without going into all the well-chronicled particulars of history between then and now, with all the myriad shifting of Alliances, fast forward to today, and this (((faction))) is again gaining the upper hand through this Corona manipulation. Regarding the true nature of Alliances, they are what’s behind the American Left AND China. The other faction had “trumped” their rival after the 2016 election manipulation, and in this neverending game of high stakes chess, that “trumping” has now in TURN been trumped.

      This leads me to believe that there is indeed a game of “4D” chess being played, but that the players are actually these two Annunaki factions. Both want World Supremacy, and needless to say, neither wants to serve the best interests of mankind.

      P.S. As I’ve indicated many times in past threads, elite Jews are among those who SERVE the Annunaki in various important sectors of society (especially in the banking industry and among the Protocolian authorship).

    3. @ BD

      I was very impressed with your post. All except the final paragraph. 🙂

      1. @ Madam Butterfly:

        Thank you for your support of E. Michael Jones and putting people like Jon Rappoport and James Kaminski in their place. They have some good things to say but overall are just writers and story-tellers. That is my view and probably the general consensus of most readers/commenters here! So for Jon and James, stick to your story-telling since your Science knowledge is lacking, ie. No Scientific degree or such letters behind your names, unlike myself as SNorman, B.Sc. in Cellular and Microbial Biology! Thanks dear lady and keep up with the additional tidbits for us interested readers! YeaH! Danke! Spasiba! Danke Ver! Gracios!

  33. “Little Green Men, Meowing Nuns, and Head-Hunting Panics : A Study of Mass Psychogenic Illness and Social Delusion” by Robert E. Bartholomew ;

    I figure ex-nun would like this book because of the Meowing Nuns [ because she’s such a sweet kitten, lol ] and uncle would like the book because of the Little Green Men [ uncle is My Favorite Martian, 🙂 ] , and Madame Butterfly would like this book because she likes to go on Head-Hunting expeditions when she’s in one of her panic moods and she panics a lot [ pill poppers have a tendency to be panicky, uppers and downers causes jittery nerves, I guess. pill popping, especially combined with lots of gin and all kinds of other booze, causes paranoia a lot of times, plus being qua jooish that she is , she’s naturally paranoid so she feels the need to hunt down and destroy her persecutors before they hunt her down and persecute her she’s gonna hunt them down and persecute them, something like that. I’m not jooish myself so I don’t fully understand the mentality ] that’s why I’m recommending this book, *grin*.

  34. COVID 19 is a “Mind Virus” : and Based on REASON and EMPIRICAL Evidence, REAL STATISTICAL/ PROOF that you are being DECEIVED with FEAR PORN : and from Dr.Mercola: Is there really a COVID 19? David ICKE:
    Personally I believe the Host,ANDREW BOLT, in the first video, is ONLY beginning to see the WHOLE truth OR, may know, but is AFRAID to TELL that WHOLE TRUTH!

  35. Nature (aka God in the Earthly plane) does not create monstrosities in the eco-system. There are no James Cameron “Aliens”, since ecological collapse this would be self defeating to said Aliens.

    If bio-engineered, the current flu (let’s not use hyperbolic ‘COVID19’) appears to be more dangerous than some flu strains from the past. The selective kill of the old and associated hyper-fear and panic are excellent conditions for Tribe handlers. A monstrous Grim Reaper virus would only be created by suicidal psychos.

    Unfortunately, those who disrespected God’s gift of the human body may see a mandatory NATURAL consequence. The statistics show this : in general, for all flu, average age of death ~80 of persons with underlying health problems such as avoidable cardiovascular disease, diabetes, .

    An sport’s teacher inculcated respect for God’s gift when I was 11, to the extent that even well into the ‘at-risk’ age band I am confident eating in empty restaurants whilst the fearful huddle in their homes. The unmasked restaurant staff ask if I want a FEARFUL takeaway, I reassure them by going to a table. As almost the last customer, I buy bread from a muscular but obese baker – no fear in his eyes either.

    No fear is the best policy at all times.

    1. Flan
      Say what you will, but there are certain understandings which relate that monstrosities in the eco-system go with the territory. This understanding conveys that the makeup of this natural world is not the doing of Divine Creation because its reality is one of de-composition, whereas Divinity only composes. It creates only, it doesn’t destroy, which is what occurs when a material thing de-composes. This is obviously difficult to comprehend because of how familiar this reality IS to us. Accordingly, what we say about our existence is only reflecting that familiarity without realizing that this is merely offering rationalizations that are in keeping with a limited capacity of understanding.

      1. Excellent comment BH! The frog in the well lecturing about the ocean is translated in what you wrote in your last sentence. The make up of this world rather comes from the opposition of divinity and even with fear of death and loosing that what one has treasured most in “life” it does not change anything in life itself or will ever touch or harm creation. There could be so much to do, so much to CREATE for man in divine creation itself but unfortunately argumentation, friction, fear and suppressing others in a quarantined and regulated mental asylum seems rather more interesting since 1000’s of years then trying anything else or even simple tasks as searching to look at ones own true image beyond that face in the bathroom mirror is just too much to ask for. Not to mention LOVE itself which is much craved by all living things but treated with regulations and disrespect in the human family.
        Social distancing brings man closer. Closer to “technology/weapon” that is an important ingredient for the virus becoming established in a weak and deteriorated man himself and the degrading of same back to animal level for further exploitation. But, lets keep arguing and quarrelling until the lights go out. We are mankind after all.

  36. Full form of Corona
    CO (Koran)
    RO (Roza)
    NA (Namaz)
    It means Korona. Koran Roza and Namaz. In India, this what we have discovered. Indians Muslims say that the Virus was sent by Allah to punish Communist China and other Non believers including Christian, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Shia Muslims who also non believers.
    God is really Great.

  37. I have found some very convincing evidence to help connect the dots of 5G and the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 aka COVID-19, caused by the ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome’ coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

    This is one reason why Spain has such a “YUGE” 5G foot-print…..
    SPAIN hosts the world’s largest telecom event every year!

    This year, the world’s largest telecoms EVENT has been CANCELED due to the coronavirus crisis!

    Mobile World Congress, considered the world’s top mobile technology event held annually in Barcelona, was canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

    The 2020 edition was due to take place 24-27 February.

    Event organizers confirmed the cancellation after an emergency meeting on Wednesday as some the world’s largest telecom operators and suppliers pulled out of the GSMA-organized congress.

    **Even more importantly – Some very convincing evidence came from my memory of the telecom supplier – called ‘EE’ from Spain – at the Glastonbury Festival in June 2019, where many people got sick from 5G exposure. Some were rushed to the hospital!

    5G: EE set to test network at Glastonbury 2019
    The mobile network provider is going to run a 5G trial at this year’s festival at Worthy Farm.

    EE is going to trial its 5G network at this year’s Glastonbury Festival for the first time, ahead of the technology’s wider roll-out later this year.
    The mobile network will install five temporary masts across the 900-acre site in Somerset, giving attendees the chance to test 5G-powered Wi-Fi.

    EE, which is part of the BT group, confirmed its intentions to bring 5G to Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester, throughout 2019 in November last year.

    HERE, a Glastonbury Festival attendee shows his radiation meter:

    The same attendee shows the VERY HIGH readings:


    EE launches commercial 5G services in UK

  38. Old, sick guys really don’t need a faster computer! 🙂

    VA Palo Alto first 5G hospital – VAntage Point
    Mar 17, 2020 … VA’s Palo Alto is the first 5G-enabled VA hospital, unlocking the potential to dramatically advance healthcare for America’s Veterans.

    VA Reveals Industry Partners for First 5G-Enabled Hospital – Nextgov
    Feb 18, 2020 … VA worked with Verizon to install the technology in the Palo Alto facility’s education building in early February, and it’s already delivering 5G……

    VA facility claimed as ‘world’s 1st’ 5G-enabled hospital | Healthcare
    Feb 6, 2020 … VA facility claimed as ‘world’s 1st’ 5G-enabled hospital … The status of its small cell installation to enable the network is unclear……

  39. well, it’s possible that the state realizes now that 5G is deadly… and I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be just as deadly for gavin newsome, nancy pelosi and donald trump as it would be for you and me… no way though it would be something they’d be able to admit to the public… so now they’re in panic mode trying to find a way to back down from 5G without the public finding out it was a dangerous mistake… it’s possible…
    No matter what else is happening with the state, we’re going to be OK as long as we have certain unalienable rights… The Bill of Rights was designed and included to hold the state in check…
    There was a faction that insisted that the Bill of Rights be included in the Constitution, and there were those who really didn’t want it included… Guess Who?
    If I understand PAT correctly, he says the whole Constitution is defunct, was effectively erased by some new laws they wrote, but at the same time it was intended by a lot of Robber Barons in the new government as a repressive measure from the gitgo…….
    none of that however was ever explained to the public…
    Everybody believes the Bill of Rights still exists for them.. That’s the point…
    As far as I’m concerned the Bill of Rights Never Dies…
    But we know it gets way in the way of all kinds of social predators….

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “If I understand PAT correctly, he says the whole Constitution is defunct, was effectively erased by some new laws they wrote, but at the same time it was intended by a lot of Robber Barons in the new government as a repressive measure from the gitgo…….
      none of that however was ever explained to the public…”

      There were NO “new laws” needed….. the “Robber Barons” had already placed the measures in the original document. That’s why Patrick Henry and others would have NO part in it. THEY KNEW!!!

      Chief Justice Chase wrote that much in his opinion in 1866!

      The Civil Rights Bill of 1865 and the Freedmens Bureau Bill reinforced Martial Law Proper.
      Numerous SCOTUS rulings have noted it. Here is one:
      EX PARTE MILLIGAN, 71 U.S. 2 (1866)
      71 U.S. 2 (Wall.)
      December Term, 1866

      THIS case came before the court upon a certificate of division from the judges of the Circuit Court for Indiana, on a petition for discharge from unlawful imprisonment.

      (Chief Justice – Samuel Chase – excerpts):

      There are under the Constitution three kinds of military jurisdiction:

      -one to be exercised both in peace and war;
      -another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated [71 U.S. 2, 142] as belligerents;
      -and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the United States, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise.

      1-The first of these may be called jurisdiction under MILITARY LAW, and is found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war, or otherwise providing for the government of the national forces;
      2-the second may be distinguished as MILITARY GOVERNMENT, superseding, as far as may be deemed expedient, the local law, and exercised by the military commander under the direction of the President, with the express or implied sanction of Congress;
      3-while the third may be denominated MARTIAL LAW PROPER , and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President, in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law [common law] no longer adequately secures public [including corporations] safety and private [including corporations] rights.

      We think that the power of Congress, in such times and in such localities, to authorize trials for crimes against the security and safety of the national forces, may be derived from its constitutional authority to raise and support armies and to declare war, if not from its constitutional authority to provide for governing the national forces.

      We have no apprehension that this power, under our American system of government, in which all official authority is derived from the people, and exercised under direct responsibility to the people, is more likely to be abused than the power to regulate commerce, or the power to borrow money. And we are unwilling to give our assent by silence to expressions of opinion which seem to us calculated, though not intended, to cripple the constitutional powers of the government, and to augment the public dangers in times of invasion and rebellion.

      Mr. Justice WAYNE, Mr. Justice SWAYNE, and Mr. Justice MILLER concur with me in these views.


      Martial law is actually ‘de-jure’ in US. The constitution allows for it in emergency…. and the US has been operating under declared National Emergency Rules since 1863.

      FDR declared a ‘state of energency’ with the Emergency banking Act of 1933, which was still in effect in 1976.
      The National Emergency Act was passed in 1976.

      In 1973 – Senators Church & Mathias found that the US had been operating in a continued ‘state of emergency’ since 1863 & possibly before that.

      The SENATORS issued Senate Report No. 93-549 in 1973 and drafted legislation to discontinue the permanent emergencies, and the law was placed in effect by Congress and the President in 1976.

      PLEASE READ THIS Senate Report – It explains MUCH – very simply:


      Thr people have not been aware!!

      CONCLUSION – The Constitution for the united States of America and the Bill of Rights are no longer in effect in their original form or where they conflict with the United Nations Treaty and other international agreements.
      Citizens of the several States of the Union who were formerly sovereigns protected by the common law are now United States citizens and are thus subjects to International Admiralty jurisdiction.

      1. “…..or where they conflict with the United Nations Treaty and other International agreements.”

        Right, and it took (((’em))) that long to make up for the Bill of Rights being instituted in the first place. Otherwise, like I’ve been saying, this whole “NWO” business woulda been a long since done deal…..and here we stand at perhaps what is the biggest crossroads in history…..but they’ll STILL gonna have to “pry my cold, dead hands” off my firearms!😡


  40. @Madame Buttercup re Seymour Zak

    Unlike Seymour Zak’s circuitous supine grovelling in asking you for a date, I’ll cut right to the chase:
    a) Are you – or have you ever been – a pole-dancer?
    b) If not, are you willing to learn?
    c) If so, I MIGHT – should your mug-shot (emailed to Admin for my inspection) pass muster – be able to supply you with a freshly polished pole to practice on

    And – who knows? – maybe Mr Zak might even supply – in a fit of magnaminity all too lacking in his race – a bottle of Manichevitz to the Victor as we raise a glass to your good fortune.

    YORS Devotedly etc etc

  41. At a time when Coronavirus has turned our life upside down from wedding, graduation, and funeral, another Palestinian life snuffed out. Tragic! Eslam Dweikat, 22, was a Palestinian who was shot by the Israeli Occupation Forces on March 11 while taking part in a protest to defend Orma Mount in Nablus and has died today.

    Eslam and his friends were protesting against the settlers’ takeover. The West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip have been under Israeli military occupation since June 1967. Together, they are internationally recognized as the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and they constitute 22% of what once was called Palestine.

    Eslam was a hero who bravely stood up against the most vile and tyrannical regime history ever witnessed. My heart goes to his family. Allah forbid his killer/s should have any children.

    RIP, Eslam Dweikat!

  42. @ SEEB:

    Such a belated reply since the comments are so long and are plentiful, I want to thank you for your input because you are right – I did forget about Dean Koontz and his book! So Bill Gates is not the only supposed predictive genius. They must all be like George Orwell or J.R.R. Tolkien or H.G. Wells and actually had BEEN or ARE INSIDERS. Not to be confused with INSIDER Trading scumbags! Though I wish I could profit in that way to have the money to survive this CRISIS and its REAL, HYPED and HOAX FALSE FLAG PSYOP!

    Good comments all round except for the innuendo of Seymour Zak and Company! Please I DO NOT want to join a Gutter club! Most of us here are too SMART for that. If you want a diversion see a free movie online at Tubi and watch – Hitler Kaput! The likes of Seymour Zak and Melvin Polatnick would be happy!

  43. There is talk about how this virus “lockdown” is being orchestrated to facilitate the installation of 5G. There is something to consider about this claim. There is quite a bit of resistance to 5G being installed in communities. However, the elite are in a hurry to install this technology and obviously, dissent will slow the process. What better way to prevent public outcry than to occupy the mind with the terror of a virulent virus? As one individual said, “is it worth it so we can have faster internet?” But is that really the reason for 5G? Do (((they))) really want us to have faster internet?

    The fact is military troops are on the way to supplement police that will force compliance with the total sequestering of the population. I expect that is when 5G installation trucks will begin rolling into local neighborhoods. “Gun” stores are remaining open against police orders and firearms are selling like hot cakes. All it will take is a few isolated incidents of gunplay to justify the troops opening fire on anyone showing their face without express permission. Those not already owning a firearm probably shouldn’t be buying one during a panicked siege situation.

    After two weeks people are beginning to disobey police orders to stay inside and this will only worsen after weeks of being imprisoned – ahem – “home sheltered.” This situation will undoubtedly accelerate with the arrival of warm weather. Interestingly, local temperatures here have remained unseasonably cold, with nighttime temperatures in the mid thirties to forties and daytime temperatures averaging in the high forties to mid fifties, rarely exceeding 60 degrees and then only briefly.

    So why 5G? Because that is what’s required to deliver the necessary bandwidth for A.I. to function. A.I. is the real focus and 5G is the technology that will make it possible. This is why 5G cannot, and will not, be stopped. The plan is to link millions of sensors, cell phones among them, around the world to a central database that will be able to sort through the incoming data instantly and come up with solutions it will then implement autonomously without human oversight. The question is who will ask the A.I. systems for solutions to solve what problems? Who will be in charge of the programming? Bill Gates?

    Humans will be implanted with chips that 5G will link directly to the A.I. database and control networks. All actions and movements will be tracked in real time. Think Terminator’s “Skynet” combined with Star Trek’s “Borg.” A.I.’s quantum computers are computational Ferraris. Present Wi-Fi bandwidth is a digital dirt road. 5G, combined with hard linked, fiber optics, will provide the A.I. Ferrari with a smoothly paved, eight-lane, data highway. The owners can’t wait to open up their new technology engine on 5G’s digital superhighway.

    Here are two leading experts in the A.I. field, I urge you to watch these and the other videos from these individuals, Eric Ladizinsky and Geordie Rose. Listen to their concerns.

    More here: Here

    The following came today, several days after writing the above.

    AI and ID2020
    The European Commission is involved in a crucial but virtually unknown project, CREMA (Cloud Based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) which aims to facilitate the widest possible implementation of AI in conjunction to the advent of a cashless One-World system.

    The end of cash necessarily implies a One-World government capable of dispensing – and controlling – UBI; a de facto full accomplishment of Foucault’s studies on biopolitics. Anyone is liable to be erased from the system if an algorithm equals this individual with dissent.

    It gets even sexier when absolute social control is promoted as an innocent vaccine.

    ID2020 is self-described as a benign alliance of “public-private partners”. Essentially, it is an electronic ID platform based on generalized vaccination. And its starts at birth; newborns will be provided with a “portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.”

    GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, pledges to “protect people’s health “ and provide “immunization for all”. Top partners and sponsors, apart from the WHO, include, predictably, Big Pharma.

    At the ID2020 Alliance summit last September in New York, it was decided that the “Rising to the Good ID Challenge” program would be launched in 2020. That was confirmed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) this past January in Davos. The digital identity will be tested with the government of Bangladesh.

    That poses a serious question: was ID2020 timed to coincide with what a crucial sponsor, the WHO, qualified as a pandemic? Or was a pandemic absolutely crucial to justify the launch of ID2020?

    As game-changing trial runs go, nothing of course beats Event 201, which took place less than a month after ID2020.

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with, once again, the WEF, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, described Event 201 as “a high-level pandemic exercise”. The exercise “illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

    1. @ Arch:

      I wish some of your articles would appear here regularly like say a monthly feature. I would look forward to such writing and knowledge from you! You basically added onto what I had said earlier in the comments in my ELECTROPORATION explanation. Thank you for explaining 5G so well and including the BORG from Star Trek!
      I prefer the Original TV Series version of Star Trek best! You are an awesome dude!

  44. During my International Fellowhip studies, I spent a year in China, mainly in the southern areas of the mainland. I keep in touch with an old girlfriend, a professor in linguistics. She tells me that the Shenzen province has banned the eating of cats and dogs, but has allowed the local “wet market” to continue in full production. You can purchase all varieties of meat, with the fare being offered resembling a Noah’s Arc of international animal types. You can get the meat of wild animals imported from all over the world. Bats, as they have been since time immemorial, offer the most popular meat, with the choice abdomen and buttocks of the bat being very tasty meat, that goes well in soups and stir fries. The bats are boiled and then sliced into juicy fillets, whilst the legs and heads are bagged for eating purposes. The locals like to place a bat’s head and shoulders in the side of their soup bowls, so that you get to look at the bats almost human like face as you eat it’s entrails with vegetables. I used to have my own little conversation with the bat in my bowl. The problem is that the meats still carry viruses and worms that are spread on the abattoir benches and floors, on workers hands and on wrapping papers. Hence the over 300 different viruses that occupy bats’ bodies are disseminated. With the Chinese middle class being our planet’s leading travellers the chances of the transmission of wet market diseases are high. But, the problem is that if we got the Chinese polibuto to ban the eating of not only cats and dogs, but bats, squirrels etc, what meat protein would the majority of Chinese have left to eat? Cockroaches are also eaten along with rats, mouse spiders and ferrets. Maybe, like the Japanese, they could utilise the huge waters around their new islands in the South China Sea and convert to a sea food diet.

    1. Max

      Now that’s an interesting comment. You can really write splendidly
      when you put your mind to it! Keep up the good work. 🙂

    2. If they’re feeling real adventurous, and a bit naughty, perhaps they’d like a delicacy from the back room.
      (he was good with mustard)

  45. TROJ, this spamblinka place must offer you isolation on top of isolation. ….. A while back you said you were being starved and you were hoping the church might offer you food.
    But Pat has suggested I might be able to assist you as I am well acquainted with Cantonese culinary procedures. You need to investigate two locations in order to acquire bats. The common fruit bat is quite large and very tasty, because of its vegetarian diet. Wait till they are hanging from tree branches in the daytime and knock them down with a slingshot. Or use a fine net. The smaller cave bats offer a tasty morsel, and can be knocked down with a wooden club and bagged. I would boil them twice, but only in and straight out of the bubbling water. I give them a slight rub over with a fish scaler in order to remove hairs and certain prickly bits. I carefully open up their rather rotund tummies and take the contents out and. Remove the genital areas. Then, in a large wok, I lightly fry the bats in a plant oil, until slightly browned; which, even though they are still basically black in colour, show the serrations of frying. Then place a bat on a cutting board and separate the body and legs. Use puff pastry to cover your bat meat and vegetable creation, after adding spices. You now have a delicious bat pie. Use the legs and arms, plus the heads to brew up a tasty broth, adding vegetables, spices, etc. Invite your friends over to enjoy your culinary delights.

  46. @Max Bilney

    Had a good laugh over your Zak/Butterfly post – biting satire at its finest!

    Btw Your moral support comes at just the right time – gracias – since my pet goldfish ‘Bubbles’ recently departed this Veil of Tears with a one-way ticket to that great glass bowl in the sky… that is before Tiddles – the neighbors cat – greedily gobbled him up.

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