The Donkey’s Secret

“Quidquid erit, superanda omnis fortuna ferendo est.”
Virgil, Aeneid


When in the darkest depths of night,
When trapped within the deepest pit,
When longing for heaven’s sweet light—
And not the faintest hope of it;

When standing on the cliff edge of
Despair, when facing an abyss
Of suffering beyond belief—
And nothing’s left but nothingness;

Although this salve may come too late,
Yet grasp the truth in one last word:
The donkey triumphs over fate
If it can bear its crushing load.

8 thoughts to “The Donkey’s Secret”

  1. in catholic beatification process a candidate’s history is examined in minute detail, a recorded loss of faith is not held against them but is on the contrary considered a plus.

    as explained by one bishop to me, Lord would never overload the donkey beyond his capacity, therefore whatever comes at you, grin and bear it gratefully because the greater the burden, the greater God’s trust in you—that burden is the size of His wager on the donkey to win the sweepstakes.

    the unfortunate ones therefore are the ones comfortable and well-adjusted without any incentive to move anywhere, born—lived—died in the same spot, a useless life, a car never driven, rusting in the parking lot.

    1. born—lived—died in the same spot, a useless life, a car never driven, rusting in the parking lot.

      Fantastic metaphor.

    2. Strength is in your own property, independent of natural and man-made cycles, a locked gate and common law! An Englishmans home is his castle , as true today as in all history.The tramp who forsakes his home through the lies of others is weak and unprotected.

      Their is a certain group who worship the State. We are forced to keep the group nameless. They pretend to be religious, but they are not. Their God is the State!

      We are forced to talk about them truthfully, because common law gives the people the right to protect themselves from harm and loss. The group represents the greatest threat to people, yet the people are unaware!

      The Christian is defined by truth, and the group is defined by lies. Religion and lies are used by the group to weaken the people and strengthen their State. This is the human condition, and it has always been this way!

      Power can be taken back, by each person, by withdrawing consent from the groups legal system. Safety is in common law,(peoples law) and protects you when you stand up for your own rights. Consent is withdrawn by returning State mail, ‘Addressee not recognized, No contract’!

  2. Srila Prabhupada…
    “In our Bengal there is a word, jadi jau bange kapala jabe sange. People are going from this country to that to improve economic condition. But it is a common saying that, “Wherever you go, your fate will go with you.” Either you go to England or India or here and there… Because people are struggling for economic development. But he does not know that I cannot make an inch of development beyond the destiny which is already fixed up.”
    “These activities can be changed when the living being is in the mode of goodness, in sanity, and understands what sort of activities he should adopt. If he does so, then all the actions and reactions of his past activities can be changed. Consequently, karma is not eternal. Therefore we stated that of the five items (isvara, jiva, prakrti, time and karma) four are eternal, whereas karma is not eternal.”

  3. Esel or donkey may have virtues one should emulate : endurance, patience and the rectitude when the burden is too great , will refuse and say ,”no more.”

  4. attempted translation through inference : argument is futile , the destiny for all is ultimate with the superman .

  5. Time

    A minute until midnight, the ticking clock so read.
    A minute to forever, a moment ‘til we’re dead.

    I think of all the world events, whirling ‘round in grief,
    A moment later all is gone, life itself, so brief.

    Tis’ only but a minute and all will pass us by,
    Tis’ only but a minute, until the moment we die.

    We run and dart and hurry about,
    Never realizing nothing’s left for working out.

    Our moment now draws ever near,
    And now our fate dawns all too clear.

    Moments never meant to be a plus,
    For fate was never left to us.

    The hour now draws to a closin’
    Leaving us with lives now frozen.

    Frozen moments of our time.
    Frozen moments so sublime.

    And now it ends.

    But what now ends is never seen,
    For those moments dear, were merely dreams.

    – Arch

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