The Fate of the Faint of Heart: Permanent Slavery

December 5, 2020
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The schism defining human schizophrenia has never been more obvious than it is today with the world masking up and locking down in paroxysms of preternatural fear of a manufactured disease they can’t prove actually exists that is measured by a test regarded as inappropriate by the Nobel Prize winner who invented it.

It breaks down like this: People who watch TV and its steady barrage of pro-mask propaganda wear masks; people who don’t watch TV have mostly learned from conscientious websites that this much-hyped disease does not really exist — even the CDC admits this! — and the ritualistic masks people are commanded to wear by their imperial governments not only don’t prevent any contagion but actually harm the wearers with increased cancer and heart disease risks being the diabolical reward for unwavering belief in their so-called medical experts.

In any age, this is not an unusual outcome for basic medical advice. And your fate now is completely in the hands of medical manipulators who are saying if you don’t take their untested cure for the disease that doesn’t exist you won’t be allowed on fly on a plane, go to the movies, or — at some dark but not too far off day in the future — be able to access your own bank account. And they expect us to believe them that they are furnishing sound medical advice, even as the volunteer test subjects of their hastily concocted vaccines twitch and writhe with permanent diseases their gamble has given them.

So it is becoming clearer to those who actually can still process information that this COVID disease is nothing more than a clever cover story permitting the implementation of medically assisted Communism throughout the world. They want to put your bankbook inside your arm so you can never cheat the bankers — or think a truly independent thought — again!

No, you didn’t vote for this. But the people you thought you were voting for lost their power a long time ago when the whole class of them sold out to the richest bankers somewhere around the year 1913. And we haven’t been a free country since . . .

Democracy inevitably fails because it can be bought, and the United States of America was bought a long time ago. Those people are still in charge. Perhaps you are one of them. Reading this, most likely not.

The object of your allegiance

If this is the land of the free and the home of the brave (a description long since demolished), exactly to whom were we supposed to pledge our allegiance? The church leaders who filled Minnesota full of Somali outlaws now terrorizing Midwestern cities? The famous national politicians who keep their secrets about slyly creating terrorist incidents or drinking the blood of terrified children to make them feel younger? The epidemic of robot celebrities pretending to be one gender but who are really the other?

This is the America that has been created by Jewish control — demolition of all moral codes, destruction of the family unit, and making all human interactions a matter of predation rather than realistic and genuine human concern. In this behavior humanity has simply lost the impulse to actually be human in all that it entails. Instead, we have settled on being cogs in the machine that chews people up and spits them out without regard to what kind of person they might have actually been.

And this is your fate now.

So with parents, teachers and religious figures endlessly inflicting ‘visible’, ‘invisible’ and ‘utterly invisible’ violence on the child in the name of ‘socialization’ (which includes requiring obedience under threat of violence for non-compliance), the child progressively and rapidly loses several innate capacities, notably including a sense of their own Self-will, the capacities to think and feel for themselves, as well as conscience. [ . . . ] Anything that is too far from the dominant narrative simply becomes ‘unthinkable’ because the child’s innate capacity to perceive the truth is suppressed along with other mental capacities.

But soon it is not just parents, teachers and religious leaders that are the accepted ‘authority figures’ in the child’s life. No longer able to seriously question the imperatives of parents, teachers and religious figures because they have been terrorized out of doing so, the child has also unconsciously ‘learned’ that virtually any information with which they are presented must be true, even when the source is simply a government or corporate media outlet presenting elite propaganda. For the vast bulk of adult humans, the idea of questioning a dominant narrative does not even occur to them and it is certainly not something they can do with any intelligence, persistent research effort or courage.

So who would dare protest the use of masks?

Media ignore freedom issues

The schism defining today’s social schizophrenia is also glaringly evident in the sudden shrinkage of objectivity in mainstream media, now afflicted by the notion that their corporate executives can declare what is appropriate for the rest of the world to hear — and not hear.

Initially we thought the establishment of Google and its eagerness to catalog all the writings of the world in one place to be a real boon to scholars everywhere with the infinite smorgasbord of material always in plain sight. But as the years have passed it has become increasingly apparent that gaping holes leave the Google body of knowledge free of criticism about Jews and all the scholarship that proves their Holocaust fantasies are all lies.

The electronic censorship by all the Jewish Internet platforms — principally Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon — is far worse than it ever was in the mainstream 1950s and ’60s when there were virtually no alternative media. No major media player has ever before censored a president as Twitter has done to Donald Trump.

And the lockstep conformity on the part of mainstream newspapers and networks to suppress obvious evidence of vote fixing in the 2020 election further verifies that all major media are CIA-approved assets of the federal government unable to claim the status of independent journalists who are representatives of a free press.

We’re going to have to fight our way out of the blindness they seek to impose on us. One of the essential ingredients you must possess in the very near future is a secure impression of who you really are. The one thing our oppressors seek to impose on all its servants is that resistance to their grand but poisonous designs is futile.

If we seek to have a future about which we can be proud — or have any kind of future at all — we need to prove to them that they’re wrong, or the human race is finished — neutered to death by Jewish drugs and money.


54 thoughts to “The Fate of the Faint of Heart: Permanent Slavery”

  1. Not only does covid-19 does not exist, but the vaccine contains RNA which will change forever by hyjacking the bodies cells and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood and these proteins cause the body to attack itself.

    This is a genocidal vaccine and as a Wyoming doctor Dr. Igor Sheperd said , covid vaccines are weapons of biological mass destruction.

  2. So true,

    The shadow of Antichrist or Dajjal is clearly visible on th current system, only thing which is left is for the Antichrist to come in person. He will come and that will be the day of great tests and tribulations for the believers…..

  3. My brother in law ten years ago said to me “Fuck the Jews.” It silenced me from the shock of it. So I set to work in research to prove him wrong. I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right. Fast forward to today and he still hates the jews. However you tell him covid is a lie, vaccines are fucking up everyone who’s got a second dose, hydrochloriquin works, 5g is a weapons system, fiat banking is slavery, the fed is not Federal, or communism is a Jewish plan to destroy the rest of us and he’ll burn your business down after putting a hammer and sickle in your head. The fight against cognitive dissonance is bigger than the fight against the NWO.

    1. DIISEGRETI says; “The fight against cognitive dissonance is bigger than the fight against the NWO.”

      I actually do not see any disconnect between fighting New World Order and fighting cognitive dissonance. Both are one, and the same thing NOW used cognitive dissonance to distract the Masses from seeing what they are doing, and what they already have done.

      Kaminski sounds rather disappointed that the Masses are not waking up fast enough. That I think, is placing too much confidence in Human Consciousness of evil, and its capacity and desire to eradicate it.
      It requires one to admit a very painful fact. We all are a very easily programmable species. We are product of some programs either from our parents, peers, employers, spouses, etc. So. Mr. Kaminski is right to some extent about;

      “No longer able to seriously question the imperatives of parents, teachers and religious figures because they have been terrorized out of doing so, the child has also unconsciously ‘learned’ that virtually any information with which they are presented must be true, even when the source is simply a government or corporate media outlet presenting elite propaganda.”

      But this is not, as he puts it, as a result of learning through terror. It’s a process of “Auto-Suggestion” and “Self-Suggestion” Whether we like or not, we are all susceptible to the power of programming. Freedom lies, in our capacity to choose which programs that we allow to be our own. But this freedom also comes at a price of being cut-off from an “Entangled Collective Consciousness” of community which we identify with.

      For you to have a better view of what its going on, you have to cut yourself from the group, and climb the Mountain Top of Research Knowledge and Clear Sight. Those, such as the owner of this website and all the guys that come to this forum, I would wager, that they have found it inevitable to cut themselves from one “Entangled Collective Consciousness” or another. Because, the Entangled Collective Consciousness while it gives you identity and a sense of belonging, it also demands that you do not introduce anything that rattles the entanglement; (read Conspiracy Theories)

      So, while the Deep State may be busy distracting the Masses with all kinds of cognitive dissonance, they do not have must to fear, because the Masses do not really want to thee them! That, may be painfully discouraging to those who want to wake the Masses, because it means that the Masses do not want to wake up. Its true. They do not want to.

      So, what is the point of trying to wake the Masses up? Precisely this; One you have woken up, its difficult to go back to sleep. You just cannot go back to sleep. That is both frightening, and also the source of hope. So, waking the Masses, becomes like some obsession to those who are awake. The Masses may be slugging and drunk with ignorance, but you cannot give up. Though Mr. Kaminski is showing frustrations, the fact is, that a Mountain of lies, require only One Truth to bring it down!

      1. You make a good point. It took me until age 35 to re-learn so many things I had learned in high school and college. It took many years before I realized that struggling through my army life and career had both nudged me gently and sometimes shoved me forcefully to a new awakening. So there is still hope for humanity and we shouldn’t give up. Though waking up may be a slow process, once awake, one cannot go back to sleep. So there may be a cumulative advantage over time.

        Still, each step in the awakening process leads to loneliness and separation from the rank and file, and for the awoken it is sad and disgusting to be surrounded by zombie-like people wearing face masks, social distancing, or getting tested for a disease when they aren’t even sick.

    2. So refreshing when I see somebody who has the number of the kosher maggots who are hell-bent on destroying the world. They’ve been thrown out of every country they ever infested, but the US is the longest they’ve been allowed to stay and steal the wealth and cause trouble. I pray God strikes them down soon. Maybe there will be a real holocaust, not the holohoax they whine about daily.

  4. Good one, John!! The UN agrees!

    Covid pandemic could push more than a BILLION people worldwide into extreme poverty, UN warns!!

    Another 207 million people could be driven into extreme poverty by the severe long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic, bringing the total number to more than one billion by 2030, warns the UN.

    According to a new study from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released this week, a “high-damage” scenario would mean a protracted recovery from the pandemic. The report anticipates that 80 percent of the pandemic-induced economic crisis would persist for over a decade, stalling the pre-pandemic growth trajectory.

    A “baseline Covid” scenario, based on current mortality rates and the most recent growth projections by the International Monetary Fund, would result in 44 million more people living in extreme poverty by 2030, compared to the development trajectory the world was on before the pandemic.

    1. “44 million more people living in extreme poverty by 2030” would be extremely uneconomical PAT. The poor only have empty pockets and cant afford anything unless they sell themselves or their children. The “base” being overcrowded (and broke) is uneconomical/unsustainable and so is a slow death of the population once their assets are seized/evaporated.
      “Equity is like a Cold Shower – in and out for a quick high profit” is credited to the Rothschild’s and TIME from now on will move forward much faster than ever before – especially for the useless ones that have stopped playing/thinking or were/are discarded as pawns.

      1. Jo –
        Thanks for the reply!

        “44 million more people living in extreme poverty by 2030” would be extremely uneconomical PAT.”….. except for those wanting more land without waging physical war. Those investors can easily win the financial war from their top floor offices.

    2. PAT, in 2030 “investments” will be a thing of the past. Private Interests will further be taking control of the whole current Wall Street apparatus and selected membership rules eventually will apply – a bit like the “Amway” sales pyramid – Oligarch style. No more room or investments for the masses and the poor here. Let’s also not forget “CROWN LAND” in the Come ON Wealth or other territories. In Western Australia for example “Approximately 92% of all land within Western Australia is categorized as Crown land, with the remaining 8% falling under the freehold title land category,” and “Prospecting activities are limited to Crown land within a granted exploration license. “Crown land” under this designation includes all vacant Crown land, pastoral lease land and reserve land for common, mining and public utility.” Pretty hard to invest in land that is already in ownership since centuries.
      The old Wall Street to Main Street has already become International Elite trading space to Facade old fashioned Wall Street, Communism by stealth one could say. The poor will always do what they do best: Give blood or labor for their lords as usual. The caste system of mankind will become very obvious – once again. If “Investments” survive it will only possible to a small circle of the “chosen upper class”.

      1. Jo –

        You are correct in all you wrote.

        I have been proposing here for years that many lands of the world fall under the Doctrines Of Discovery – validated & suggested – by Pope Innocent IV in 1240 and others later. And deeds to lands are permission to rent for taxes.

        The world….. as designed by a war-minded lawyer pope who gave us the Doctrines of Discovery & UN Discovery Issues TODAY!

        The doctrine has been cited by the US Supreme Court as recently as 2005, in City of Sherrill, NY v. Oneida Nation: “Under the ‘doctrine of discovery…’ fee title [ownership] to the lands occupied by Indians when the colonists arrived became vested in the sovereign—first the discovering European nation and later the original states and the United States.”

        The world is still reaping the results from sins of the ‘innocent’ lawyer pope’s writings in 1240!

        “In 1240, Pope Innocent IV, a canon lawyer, wrote a legal commentary on the rights of non-Christian peoples. His work influenced both the development of the Discovery Doctrine and the writings of Francisco de Vitoria and Hugo Grotius, famous sixteenth and seventeenth century legal theorists. In his commentary on a papal decree from 1209, Pope Innocent IV asked whether it was “licit to invade a land that infidels possess or which belongs to them?” Innocent ultimately answered “yes,” because such invasions were “just” wars, fought for the “defense” of Christians and for the re-conquest of Christian lands.”
        (page 827 below)

        —The International Law of Discovery & Indigenous Peoples—

        -United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
        -State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

        The UN REVIEW ESSAY “The Doctrine of Discovery as a Doctrine of Domination”

        “The ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ was a thinly disguised theological document that justified the oppression by Christians of all indigenous peoples, who were considered ‘heathens’ and ‘bestias’ (‘beasts’). Moreover, by signing the Doctrine in 1823, the US Supreme Court arguably colluded with the Catholic Church to assert its right to deny all Native Americans1 owner-ship of their lands and allow them the ‘mere right of occupancy’.”

        In 1436 Pope Eugenius IV issued a Papal Bull titled Romanus Pontifex that concerned ‘the concession of the right of domination over the Guanches people’ and the Canary Islands, allowing the kingdom of Castile, a medieval Iberian Peninsula state in what is now Portugal, to claim them (Newcomb in Rotondaro 2015). Sixteen years later, in another Bull, Dum Diversas, Pope Nicholas V ordered the Portuguese crown ‘to invade, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ, to put them into perpetual slavery, and to take away all their possessions and property’, and in 1454, yet another Bull titled Romanus Pontifex extended the rationale of the previous Bulls by approving the appropriation of all African non-Christian lands (Newcomb in Rotondaro2015).

        These documents ultimately articulated Christian entitlement to ‘discovered’ lands by ‘declaring war against all non-Christians through-out the world,…specifically sanctioning and promoting the conquest, colonization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations’—a collective proclamation that would later become known as the ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ (Newcomb 1992: 18).–ReviewEssayDoctrineofDomination.Final.pdf

        The discovery doctrine or doctrine of discovery is a concept of public international law expounded by the United States Supreme Court in a series of decisions, most notably Johnson v. M’Intosh in 1823.

        Chief Justice John Marshall explained and applied the way that colonial powers laid claim to lands belonging to foreign sovereign nations during the Age of Discovery. Under it, title to lands lay with the government whose subjects travelled to and occupied a territory whose inhabitants were not subjects of a European Christian monarch. The doctrine has been primarily used to support decisions invalidating or ignoring aboriginal possession of land in favor of colonial or post-colonial governments.

        The 1823 case was the result of collusive lawsuits where land speculators worked together to make claims to achieve a desired result. John Marshall explained the Court’s reasoning. The decision has been the subject of a number of law review articles and has come under increased scrutiny by modern legal theorists.

    3. Thanks for the links PAT. The maze of LAWS (illusion, directives & ownership claims) always will shine in a new “attractive” light in modern times but still will be untouchable in itself. Quite a good set up of a prison planet where normally everything changes continuously but not the RULES for the cultivation and imprisonment/dependence of humanity itself. In short: Sins are basically impossible originating from “Innocence” and time does matter not. The king is dead! Long live the King!

  5. Thanks to John Kaminski for yet another wonderful writing.

    Regarding the acceptance of government slavery or die decision point, it should be possible for every family or extended family to choose a SACRIFICIAL PERSON who takes the slow kill government jab and then is able to act on behalf of other family members in business and finance. This could lead to perhaps a 1 in 15 “hit /killrate” for the Tribe – not so “good”.

    In addition, Tribe Jab policy would enhance family bonds, something they have worked tirelessly to break down.

    An imperative for all is to get out of cities and obtain some land – a homestead.

    1. Good thinking right off the top. This could apply to many various groups/co-opts, even the homeless and rough sleepers.

  6. The American election fiasco can be compared to the 911 international cover up. An orchestrated malfeasance thanks to the “Don’s” of this earth and the message is very clear: “WE can do it, WE can do anything NOW” and in full view of all the intelligent human like clones that have adapted to main stream programming like there is no tomorrow or even a choice to counter act. It surely has to be clear by now that the “Don’s” organize everything globally, while national politicians ACT (badly) and feed on crumbs while dividing their to be purged nations they are supposed to serve. Only two questions remain:
    What is one going to do about it while being paralyzed and scared to death while sliding into the drain of fake human history without a chance returning to reality?
    Is there intelligent life on EARTH or is it an illusion in an everlasting human dream?
    Permanent slavery is the only answer for the remains of the resigned human tribe.

  7. So, run for public office and campaign to put Fauci et. al. on the witless stand and put an end to it. Multiple Democrat governors facing recall over this. 800k recall petition signatures reported by Newsom recall effort website. They now have ’til March ’21 to get 700k more. People are not happy about this and are not sitting still for it. Stop whining, and put on your campaign hat and help send these plutocratic Democrats down the road. Or, suffer quietly and savor the flavor of that rock soup you’ll be eating…

  8. Yep DF,
    And why are politicians like arch-pedo Biden still wearing “face-diaphers” when they should already have been vaccinated? They certainly have been the first to have been vaccinated. They got the best medical care and shekels to go with it. This shows any casual observer that Covid-19 was a sham from the start. Anyway. Donaldo has known through his own experience as a trucker that Covid was a lie from the very beginning. The future is getting interesting indeed. 😶🙄

  9. Slavery is nothing new. The USSA was founded apon it. From the early 1600’s until the late 1800’s Scottish, Irish and English endentured servents toiled the land free-of-charge for the plantation-owners. And this form of slavery was nothing new to America. In 1800’s Britian 4-year-old chimney sweeps died by the thousands. The negros fared much better. Donaldo isn’t surprised one bit by the attitude of the (((Elites))) nowadays. Nothing has changed. Ya see folks. It’s not about Krustie against Goy. It’s a battle of classes. Class warfare so-to-speak.

    1. Yes Donaldo, Krustie against Goyim is just another very successful project of distraction and towards the end (of time) it will become absolutely clear (when Jews and goyim alike are burnt at the stake in the arenas while the noble class cheers and frolics) that it always has been Class warfare.

  10. “…this much-hyped disease does not really exist — even the CDC admits this!…” I see this claim in many of the articles I come across and while I am not disagreeing with the statement, I can not locate the CDC document that makes it. A little help, please. A URL for the document from the CDC that makes the admission.

  11. COVID Vaccine is the real Bioweapon. It is a Genocide agenda that may be race specific which Israelis have been working on for 30 years.

  12. As maddening and frustrating as it is that the majority of humans are proving P.T. Barnum right, it is all prophesied that there’d be too many suckers born for a mass, collective awakening to occur. They all LISTENED to Christ but not enough HEARD him. This doesn’t make Christians suckers in believing that Good will always triumph over Evil, it just means the landing won’t be a soft one before Good PREVAILS. And FAITH supercedes the whole damned LOT of it!

    Do I still sound like a Jew for saying THAT Kaminski?

  13. We should all take after Señor, we would all be alot happier! 🍾🍸🍹

    ” Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry ; for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun” 😊

    [ Eccelesiastes 8 :15 ]

    The drinking song of the 𝓐ngels in 𝓗eaven ! 🍷😇,

    1. TROJ,…
      Mongoose Donaldo devours his nemesis Troj😃😄🤩😘

    2. TROJ,
      How much does mommy charge you to live in the family basement? You sit there all day on your computer engaging in mischief. Remember…there are actually REAL men in the World, Krustie and Goy, who brave danger on a daily-basis. As mommy brings breakfast to your basement dwelling in the morning…think about that.😘

  14. Biden-Kamala want to flood all the nice areas in the United States with Section 8 blacks plus newly arrived Haitians, LOTS of Haitians, and LOTS of foreigners from all over the third world, including LOTS of sub-saharan black Africans, which will very effectively totally ruin the nice areas in the United States — so Circissian better sell his house in the United States before Biden-Kamala get sworn in on Jaunuary 20, 2021 — because very soon after Biden-Kamala are in office the value of his house in the United States is going to CRASH and it will be TOO late to sell it and make any money from it. His vacation home in the USA will be in a slum area. The whole country is going to be a slum.

  15. Bottom Line is – DON’T TAKE THE VAXX…
    A lot of people won’t…
    And while you’re at it – GET IN THE FIGHT…
    Put together a proposition in your state that says, Bottom Line –
    Popular Support for that would be overwhelming…

    1. Agree, please go to and read what the Wyoming doctor has to say about the covid scam and the vaccinations, which he says is a biological weapon of mass destruction.

    2. @ Barkingdeer

      Bottom Line is – DON’T TAKE THE VAXX…
      A lot of people won’t…

      Easier said than done.They’re making the vaccine mandatory in all but name. Try refusing the vaccine in Canada and see what happens to you.

      The same is happening in Britain by stealth and in other countries.

      If you don’t accept the vaccine, you aren’t allowed to use public transport, eat in restaurants, drink in pubs, and you are banned from many stores unless you can show a certificate saying: “The holder of this certificate has been vaccinated against Covid-19.”

      This will soon come to America — if it hasn’t trickled in already in various parts of the country.

      1. This is the book of Revelation come to fruition , without the mark of the beast you will not be able to buy or sell.

        I will not take the vaccination better to lose my life than lose my soul.

    3. Bark,
      How should we unite? Donaldo was driving his rig on I85 north of Atlanta yesterday. There were banners on top of a bridge. “Vaccination pharmaceuticals aren’t legally responsible!” The people are waking up. The forced vaccination will include ALL classes of people. Including lawers, judges and doctors. They will never give their consent to forced vaccinations. As far as Donaldo is concerned, Gates and Soros can both go play with each other. Their wet-dream of mass genocide simply won’t happen. 🤔🤨

  16. So it is becoming clearer to those who actually can still process information that this COVID disease is nothing more than a clever cover story permitting the implementation of medically assisted Communism throughout the world.

    So basically every government in the world is in on the scam, even Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela? And thousands of researchers in different labs all over the world are also in on it (not to mention all the fake patients themselves, doctors, nurses, etc.)? And who is managing this massive scam? A pubmed search for SARS-CoV-2 results in over 48,000 papers on the subject published in peer-reviewed journals. Who is coordinating all this published research material coming from all over the world, making sure everyone is on the the same page? And what about the earlier (2002-2004) SARS outbreak, was that also a scam?

    I’m sorry but the claim that the whole thing is a scam doesn’t make sense. Obviously the virus exists (and is most likely a bioweapon, most likely the product of USraeli empire treachery, IMO). Whether the MSM is exaggerating the threat; whether useful information is being deliberately withheld and/or downplayed (e.g. the fact that some common foods and nutritional supplement products can prevent and/or treat the disease); whether there is an overarching political agenda etc., are valid questions, IMO.

    1. 100% correct, Harold! A conspiracy with too many people involved cannot work. How many medical professionals across the world have to be on the payroll to pretend they are dealing with peculiar new symptoms? It makes no sense.

      This is a GMO disease, a fundamental item in the PLAN. Evil’s wet dream is a “miracle” weapon to kill its enemies, but we are hard to kill, there is no “miracle” weapon. We don’t have it even to kill bugs in a crop, good results in the first season but after some years the bugs develop natural resistance and they survive. Humans are way more complex than insects.

      If we are not dealing with a devastating upgraded Ebola or something, and we aren’t, the lockdowns are NONSENSE so is compulsory vaccine, any compulsory medical treatment by the way.

      Ceteris paribus (other things held constant) – the second wave will be a FIASCO.

    2. Aren’t we living in a world yet that has already been censored on what and what not to believe Harold? Hasn’t $cience already proven that “Conspiracy theories” are a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE?
      Haven’t enough people that resist any governmental theories been declared enemies of the state and were charged or arrested yet all over the world? Is it a question of terrorism against the STATE or insanity?
      To be in on it, is really quite a simple matter. It’s $$$$$$$$$$ calling.
      One side there are the oligarchs and their LOYAL political correct federal $$$Politicians, their well earning dependent public servants acting as supervisors for their subjected and now rightless citizens opposing EVERYTHING and ANYBODY that thinks freely or criticizes “authority” in ANY matter while slowly loosing all income, contracts or a chance to make a decent living independently from the all sooo caring Government. Lawyers who (for a change) speak the truth are branded publicly or banned from the BAR, Scientists and laboratories which have spoken out of doubt of a pandemic (proven or not) or criticized authorities have lost bu$ine$$, future work opportunities and/or contracting work and are being barred from public appearance under threat of prosecution and so on and on. “A conspiracy with too many people involved cannot work.” Sure it can. It works like a charm in the world of $$$ dependent man. Especially when $$$ flow into the right direction to counteract truth while causing a down drift in economical status offering ground for “conspiracies”. Conspiracy has become an automated mechanism of the human mind – for control (of chaos).
      BUT, what is a conspiracy in the first place? Isn’t GOD the biggest conspiracy of all times? (for some)

      1. Good comment, Jo!
        You wrote:
        “Isn’t GOD the biggest conspiracy of all times? (for some)”

        Yes! Many prophets make great $$$$PROFITS!!

        Although… they, too, will die.

      2. @ Jo

        Aren’t we living in a world yet that has already been censored on what and what not to believe Harold?

        We’re living in a world where people can decide for themselves what to believe. The internet puts the whole world at your fingertips and the object is to do observation and reasoning and come to your own conclusions as to what’s real and what isn’t.

  17. The FETCH of ”Inside the Eye Live” telling Americans that they MUST STAND UP AGAINST Governments, which are controlled mainly by Zionists/Freemasons and HOW they should do it: and also explaining WHO the REAL ENEMIES of Trump and the American REPUBLIC are : and from PHIL GIRALDI:

    ALL the KNOWLEDGE in the WORLD is USELESS and only POTENTIAL ENERGY unless and UNTIL you put it to use. It then becomes KINETIC ENERGY

    Only that Kinetic Energy can DESTROY the Supremacist PSYCHOPATHS ruling us against our Fully INFORMED CONSENT

      1. You’re welcome and I agree about FETCHO. He doesn’t “pull his punches”

        I only disagree with his bias against African people, but, then I have had many more years than he, to learn and experience. Africa used to be referred to as “The Cradle of Civilization” before Jewish Google came about

  18. Yes the virus exists…
    But it’s not anywhere near as deadly as the corporate media/government complex pretends ..
    Mos governments wouldn’t know one way or the other, especially if the people running them are corporate reps, who’s current position and future usefulness to their corporate connections depends on them not finding out…
    Yes, the medical people all know this is way overblown…
    But so is the big financial boost hospitals getting from it…
    Lot and lots of doctors and nurses HAVE opened their mouths about it..
    But they don’t get put on the MSM…
    Because vaccines are a corporate scam…
    As they said on Fox Jews News Sunday – “Who’s going to get the contract? That’s the trillion dollar question”….

  19. I lost hope in any recovery of the human race over a long process of self realizations and events.

    I remember very clearly seeing on TV JFK was assassinated, I was a young Catholic boy who’s parents adored him, and when I saw that I walked outside and stood on a hill overlooking the woods feeling the dread that something was terribly wrong, but not old enough to know what was going on.

    I lost some hope seeing Henry Kissinger justifying every night why the troops had to stay in Vietnam, then I lost more hope when Nixon got caught at watergate.

    When 911 happened I lost a big chunk of hope. I started researching conspiracies at the that point, in the next 10 years I learned Jews were behind them all and the country I lived in, which I now call police state Amerika, was infested with these Jew liars, and they owned and ran everything.

    I lost hope in humanity when I read Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’. It made sense to me, humans were obsessed with God because of the hopeless situation they were in.

    Then I started my writing career and figured out a whole lot of things, like Jews were the ones who had mislead the world with their holy books, and seeing how the Bible had such a hold on people’s minds, I felt it was surely a hopeless battle that anything was going to change anytime soon.

    The my hope dwindled even more listening to Charlie Giulani of Truth Hertz and Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting telling me White People lost their identity when they were forcefully converted to Christianity – the religion I was raised – and I realized through meditation that I indeed had no identity from my blood (German and Irish 50/50) . Wow, my race was doomed all the way back when the tribes were converted to Judeo-Christianity, I was a closet Jew in spirit and didn’t even know it. What did I know of my anscestry …next to nothing … and what did I know of the Bible fictional characters .. everything. How pathetic was that?

    Then the Jews pulled the Covid Hoax, and with their control of the media, the Goyim bought it hook, line, and sinker. That puts me near the zero hope level, as I now believe that humans haven’t a chance in hell of recovery now. I see the mask wearers as Zombies and fully deserving as being treated as such if any revolution begins.

    I guess when everyone gets the jab of the beast vax I will surely be in a hopeless state, possibly catatonic, lifeless shell of a human on a planet with insane hominens , especially these Jews who are everywhere but only 2%. Uh huh, there seems to be a whole lot more than that and they are sure good at taking our hope away.

    Yes I do believe earth is hell and Jews are the devils put in charge of it.

  20. “So basically every government in the world is in on the scam, even Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela?”
    Now you’re getting the idea HAROLD…
    And it’s not that hard to believe…
    Are there really any ‘governments’?
    I don’t think so…
    I think there are corporate public relations personnel occupying the offices of government…
    And multi-national corporations have their common fixes in all the states they deal with all over the world…
    And they all want the same thing – more control over the consumers…
    Look at Trump – he’s the closest thing to a real president we’ve had in decades…
    You know that because he confronts the corporate media, in no uncertain terms he defies and reviles them…
    No, he doesn’t go far enough… But how many allies does he really have?
    There are way, way too many RINOs, corporate agents working for the enslavement of the consumer…
    They won’t help him, and in fact they sabotage him…
    In reality, the State is 95% corporate agents and their media…
    Now, with the dems we can see how blatant the collusion…
    Look at the FBI and CIA, completely politicized, like any dictatorship, and not for the Orange Man… Totally politicized police power organs is a dead giveaway too…
    The media is 95% now the democrat party public relations organ…
    State Media is the indicative fact of corporate fascism, whether it’s official or not…
    Call it communism if you want… It’s the same thing – a method of greater control over the public, by the owners.. And look how unaccountable the bosses are… Biden comes right out and says it – they’re running the greatest voter fraud organization ever… They organized the theft of the election and he told you about it…
    Bill Gates told the world he was going to use vaccines to reduce the population of Africa…
    Now look at this – CNN says ‘expect large numbers of people to die from the vaccine’…
    And that’s where we’ve slid to in the last 40 years or so of increased corporate control of government…
    Whatever the ‘reset’ turns out to be, it will be great for the elite corporate hierarchy…

  21. Bark,
    At the end of the day, hospitals are profiting enormously from the Covid scam. Last week, Donald’s wife’s Co-Madre (God-mother) called from Mexico to inform us that her 50+husband had died. He was admitted to hospital complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. He died 2 hours later. OFFICIAL cause of death…..Covid19. Well. To Donaldo….sounds like a heart attack. What is apparent is that hospitals seem to be in a mad rush to attribute deaths from other causes to Covid. Huummmm. Wonder why? Donaldo drove his rig 500 miles today and is exhausted. May Donaldo once again rely on intellectual sleuth Pat to give us light as to the money trail being afforded to hospitals regarding Covid19? If not. No problem. Pat’s a busy guy. But an answer sure would be helpful. Thanks Pat.🤗

    1. Don –

      This by no means complete, but shows big pharma & hospitals make big $$$…!!

      COVID-19 Hospitalizations Projected to Cost up to $17B in US in 2020

      The average cost of hospital care for COVID-19 patients without insurance or who receive out-of-network care varies greatly by age – from $51,389 for patients between 21- and 40-years-old to $78,569 for patients between 41 and 60 years old, according to updated cost analysis data from FAIR Health.
      Hospitalization charges for patients under 20-years-old without insurance averaged about $68,261. For people over 60-years-old, that figure was about $77,323.

      The average cost of a COVID-19 test in the commercial market is $130. In contrast, out-of-network cost more than $185 for nearly half of diagnostic tests and a third of antibody and antigen tests.

      Then come… VACCINES!!! They will bring $$$Trillions world-wide!! ‘Red-Sign’ wringing hands & drooling…. 💥 🤢


    Trying again:

    “…this much-hyped disease does not really exist — even the CDC admits this!…” I see this claim in many of the articles I come across and while I am not disagreeing with the statement, I can not locate the CDC document that makes it. A little help, please. A URL for the document from the CDC that makes the admission.


    1. John –

      I did not make that claim, but this is tacit admission(never would be expressed) in a Directive from April 3, 2020, for health professionals….allowing ANY death at all to be labeled as being from COVID-19!

      U.S. Department of Health and Human Services • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention • National Center for Health Statistics • National Vital Statistics SystemVital Statistics Reporting GuidanceReport No. 3 ▪ April 2020Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19)

      See ‘CONCLUSION’…. (pp 2 – 3)***

      “….. Ideally, testing for COVID–19 should be conducted, but it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate *WITHOUT* this confirmation if the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.”

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