The Feather of Truth

17 February 2020

If 9/11 was a lie,
what else is false?

Ancient Egyptians believed that when they died, their souls entered into the hall of of the goddess Ma’at to have their hearts weighed against the Feather of Truth. (Ma’at — pronounced may-et — was the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, harmony and balance.) If they failed the test, their hearts were fed to a large monster, which looked like a cross between a hippopotamus and a crocodile.

It’s doubtful whether any American politician would ever pass this test upon their departure from this realm, because as recent events have proved beyond a reasonable doubt, they have all gone over to the dark side, better known as worship of the Jewish god named Mammon (the god of money). Today’s existing religions have been systematically sabotaged by homosexual predators and financial swindlers who have destroyed religious reputations in the public mind. As a consequence, society is being destroyed by their malignant narcissism and self destructive prurience.

You may call it a certainty that everything that emanates from the mouths of all political candidates, all current federal and state office holders, and all mainstream news media covering said politicians, will be irrelevant gibberish because of the sorry mess of lies they insist are truth surrounding the biggest hoax in American history.

When the leaders of the U.S. government conspired with their Israeli and British handlers to pull off the 9/11/2001 caper that enabled this depraved Deep State power elite to continue their scam of perpetually making war on the whole world, this was the day that the American dream, always a suspect concept because it was all built on the murder of others, officially died.

Whether you believe it or not, your whole life has been draped in lies. Because of our inability to see them, most of us are soon to pay that same ultimate penalty.

The final fate of fickle humans

It’s impossible to live a healthy life without living in a country you can believe in. Unless you’re a witless drip unable to form your own thoughts without the help of a TV commentator, there is no way you can believe the constant lies that continue to be vomited forth by Washington’s power elite, but especially by recent and current presidential administrations.

A country that is always on the side of right, one that doesn’t use concealed motives of rich swindlers to justify obliterating naive peasants who never get to comprehend the real reasons for their obliteration — this is the America we wanted, but never got.

Permitting barbaric behavior overseas and then cloaking it with righteous rhetoric here at home is the kind of teaching that turns our children into deluded vegetables, unable to deal with real life as the editorial writers and education manipulators turn them into pansexual one-issue freaks oblivious to the basic political reality of the world, which is that the banks run everything, but secretly believe the system known as Communism is the most efficient way to control people.

The point of it all is that contemporary political rhetoric is based on a fragile framework of misinformation constructed to deceive the public about the 9/11 false flag catastrophe, which was clearly engineered by the Deep State superstructure that still controls the U.S. government.

When Donald Trump, during his 2016 presidential campaign, referred to individuals on the New Jersey shore watching the demolition of the Twin Towers as Muslims, he lied blatantly. Now he is the U.S. president, and his lawyer is Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City who supervised the command center in Building 7, which fell just like the other towers which were allegedly hit by airliners despite not being hit itself.

Worse than that, Trump’s two major international allies, to whom he kowtows exclusively, are the two major suspects in the 9/11 caper.

Everything discussed today on an official level is authentic nonsense because none of it recognizes the malignant madness behind the deliberate creation and mislabeling of a world shattering event in order to authenticate the fictional threat of mysterious Arab worldwide terror, all done for the purpose of selling more weapons, pumping more oil, and killing more innocent people throughout the Arab world. And this was all done at the behest of Israel, which is populated by Jewish psychopaths whose aim is to rule the whole world.

The fact that the Saudis participated in this deception — as well as their connection with Zionist America — clearly shows that they are not true Muslims, unless that is as true as Muslims get.

That the American people fell for this clumsy ruse shows how stupid they really are by accepting the fabrications of poisonous Jewish media for more than a century.

All this thinking leads to is that there is only one real governmental structure that runs the world, and that the leaders of the U.S., Russia and Israel ultimately answer to them. What the remaining nations of the world fail to realize is that financially, they no longer exist. They’re just subsets of financial regions in which genuine human needs count for exactly nothing.

The constant wars are merely the bankers’ way of assuring their income stream.

The shadow on our lives

Our future, the future of our children, and the stability and security of our lives are all threatened by this single monstrous lie, by now compounded by a sorry string of subsequent atrocities already too numerous to enumerate. Here we sit teetering on the brink of World War III as well as various schemes to shorten the lives of the population — such as 5G and the Coronavirus — and all the debates about political issues are permanently skewed by the lingering shadow of the 9/11 coverup.

Because we do not demand the truth from our leaders, we are a society that imprisons 90-year-old widows who are simply trying to tell the truth about long standing lies that have murdered many and robbed everyone. The Jews have swindled the savings from hardworking people because of these blatant lies that have given a totally false impression about World War II, which was orchestrated by world Jewry and abetted by bribed U.S. politicians, foremost among them President Franklin Roosevelt.

Because we as a people let our leaders wage unjust wars for the benefit of only their friends, we as a people turn a blind eye to people in power who crave children’s blood.

How much can you stand to see before you turn away is directly proportional to the distance of the life threatening danger from your front door?

In a world in which there is no one to turn to for help, once you have offended the ultimate authorities, what kind of defense can you put up against the creeping totalitarianism that can kill whomever it wants and rob absolutely every American of every right they ever had.

Get far away and wait for the storm to blow over? The 5G satellites will find you wherever you go. Because the instant that money becomes information, it will inform on you.

The Hall of Ma’at

After you die, the ancient Egyptians believed your heart had to be weighed against Ma’at’s Feather of Truth to see if you were eligible for the afterlife.

In the weighing of the heart rite, the heart of the deceased is weighed in the scale against the feather of the goddess Maat, who personifies order, truth, and what is right. Spell 30 was often inscribed on heart scarabs that were placed with the deceased. … In Egyptian religion, the heart was the key to the afterlife

The Egyptian Book of the Dead, also known as The Book of Going Forth by Day, reveals the complex belief systems of the ancient Egyptians where death and the afterlife dominated people’s lives. Although the title may be familiar today, the wealth of magical images and texts is actually much richer than is generally known. Beautifully colored illustrations graphically show the fields and rivers of the Netherworld, the gods and demons whom the deceased would meet, and the critical ‘weighing of the heart’ ritual, the judgment which would determine whether the soul was admitted into the afterlife or condemned to destruction at the hands of the monstrous ‘Devourer’, also known as Thoth’s dog that from the artwork seems to be a cross between a hippopotamus and a crocodile, each of which was common along the Nile River that still fertilizes all of Egypt.

By ugly comparison, nowadays we have been forced to believe the Holocaust lie that has bathed the world in fabricated horror for more than 70 years, directing through corrupt Jewish judges billions of dollars to Jews making false claims about World War II. This is the new religion Jews would have us believe — the worship of violent death.

Think about the tax money Jews have misused, the art they’ve debauched, the science they’ve compromised, the history they’ve falsified, the politics they’ve poisoned, and the education they’ve diverted into irrelevant perversions. Think about the innocent people they have needlessly killed to achieve their warped aims. It continues as we speak in just about every country in the world.

Can you imagine a Jew going before Ma’at, and having had his heart weighed? It’s a sad reality that Jews can’t tell the truth about their own history or they would all be torn apart by the madding crowd.

Do you think the lies Jews have endorsed and practiced and cherished will outweigh the eternal feather, the exact weight of which of which all humans instinctively know in their hearts.

Very few people could ever pass this test. Religion has become totally polluted by mundane concerns since then.

Jews came in and stole everything Egypt had, a pattern they were to repeat throughout history and continue to repeat today. Dumbed down Christians claim this repulsive behavior as their “holy” Old Testament tradition

Fast forward to today: they brought in all those Africans to both Europe and America to destabilize the electorate and cheapen the quality of work done by American companies. It is all part of their larger plan to degrade, destroy and enslave all the nations of the world.

What do you do with a mad dog?

How do you reach someone who cannot be reasoned with, persists in narcissistic psychoses and sociopathies, and threatens all life on Earth with his petulant demands if he doesn’t get his way. This is a permanently unevolved perspective, one that may not be corrected or ameliorated. Because it is useless to argue with a preprogrammed Jew about anything, there is no alternative to removing them from all societies — pronto and permanently.

As evidenced by both 1920s Berlin and contemporary America, Jewish culture is always dominated by pornography and drugs, which are the two best ways of getting people not to focus on the existing political reality. This is why today’s emphasis in schools on introducing little children to flagrant homosexuals who act like flamboyant children helps these perverts produce their sexual prey and permanently sabotages future generations.

The Jews have deliberately brought evil into our midst and forced us to eat the defecations produced by their sick minds.

No matter what the politically correct might try to tell you, when it comes to doing God’s work, any excuse will do. So the spirit is willing, but religions — bogged down by their own secret sins — simply can’t deliver.

We are at the mercy of conscienceless predators who have taken control of our money and our media, of our professors and our doctors. What they plan to do to the vast majority of the world’s population far exceeds the recognized definition of evil.

Who are these predators?

A famous book of the late 1990s best describes the predicament that threatens the human future with extinction:

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!

“This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”

[ . . .] Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of belief, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent and egomaniacal.”

[ . . .] “The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when [the predator] made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then, everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man. What I’m saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He’s an average piece of meat.”

“There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic.”

― Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity (1998)

Time is running out

The world is caught in a system that is killing us, and we refuse to confront the reason why.

It’s the belief system, stupid! If you truly believe something, very likely you would kill everyone you know just to maintain your contrived beliefs. Who would be left after that exercise in futility? Only us fratricidal humans, always looking for some game to win as our futile way of overcoming death, only looking for some country to destroy belonging to people who don’t look like us or don’t pray the way that we do. And . . . possess some valuable vegetable or mineral commodity that we would like to steal from them and resell on the black market in the ghettos of the world.

Only looking for someone to outcompete? It is the way of all animal life. The strongest get the best resources. Only long ago that bounty was hijacked by swindlers and priests, who were often rolled into one as they told the public how to live and shaped the sheep into a docile herd. As traditional society disintegrates today, organized religion lies shattered on the floors of its own churches, their parishioners victimized by dogmatic lies and secret sex problems that have blown their credibility straight to hell.

The reason why we can’t give up this opiate of the masses that cheers people up is that we can’t admit that we die; oh sure, offhandedly in a conversation at a party we may glibly shrug off the whole subject by saying ‘I don’t think about these things’ — but everybody does; it comes hardwired into the brain, always entwined with the survival instinct, which is about the most important instinct we have. First you have to stay alive if you want to do anything.

We must resist governments that want to standardize us.

We must resist the trend of national governments who want to merge with many others to form a larger state. That is stepping in the opposite direction from individual human freedom, which should be our most important goal.

A majority of public officials are now on the take — unabashedly pro Jewish — so it becomes futile to bust their peers for corruption, for any investigation would take down judges and prosecutors along with the designated culprits. This is the situation Donald Trump faces with the Congress and the government in that he threatens the status quo that seeks to remain in permanent power, even though his threat is totally phony since he is the creation and embodiment of that same status quo.

The world desperately needs a battle plan to combat the sick parasites who have taken control of the world through their control of money. They have no respect for life and plan to eliminate millions of “useless eaters”.

We need a higher standard of integrity than is now exists in the world. All the religions and governments that ever existed have all been delegitimized and profaned by persons who succumbed to greed and authored excesses which betrayed the mission they had taken sacred oaths to defend.

As long as an organization establishes the need for secret meetings or executive sessions, it cannot be trusted to tell the truth. This practice began with organized religion, which kept the particulars of its operations in total darkness for many centuries.

Secrecy in government today totally revolves around the distribution and operation of money. And this is how human society turned toward destruction of things it had already built as a profitable process, as we see today in the number of countries the U.S. military gratuitously destroys only to watch its approved contractors fatten up by rebuilding countries we’ve obliterated.

There can be no confidentiality in matters of life and death. If it were your family, you would want a straight answer to what happened to them.

Land of the free and home of the brave? Once, long ago, we were, but now, no more.

This is the higher level of authenticity that the United States promised but never fully achieved, corrupted and driven off course by a series of alterations to basic laws of the republic, which have led us today to the very predicament predicted by the Founding Fathers, who warned us what would happen if the bankers ever took complete control of everything.

It has happened, and ordinary people everywhere are in imminent danger of losing their lives to Deep State maniacs totally controlled by the Jewish money changers whose well known plans for killing five-sixths of the world’s population are already well under way.


34 thoughts to “The Feather of Truth”

    1. Don –

      Correct. And…. there is no such person as a ‘self-made man’ because others are needed.

    2. LOL…..without “SHOES” there will be no money…..Oy vey…get it right. What is your purpose in this life other than to skim coins…..Sweet Fanny Adams.

    3. Wrong. Money as it is defined, regardless of if it has backing or not, did not exist until the Sumerians and then it did not exist in most of the world. There was nothing to be hoarded or used as a lever against their fellow man or creatures. Regarding the genetic age of man, for 170,000 years there was no money and for the next 10,000 only in a few places of which is called “civilization”. The facilitation of the exchange of goods and services was not hoarded or sold at interest. Only the most pathetic parasites could come up with the idea and this is what has led man to destroy it’s fellow creation. The blood sacrifice is an abomination that only a sick diseased mind could come up with. This is our world today. Never has man been so stupid or ignorant with so much information available. When the earth becomes as nothing, man should never be allowed to ever exist again except for those with wisdom that understood the reverence for life, and those are who Americans, and especially Jews (responsible for slave trade to the “Americas” as it also states in their talmud regardless of race 2800), who owned the boats and crew.

  1. “It’s impossible to live a healthy life without living in a country you can believe in.”

    Not so sure about this. Life is not perfect even in an ideal country and necessity is the mother of invention. One carries ones fate with stoic patience and tries ones best under the circumstances. Life is just to short to do otherwise.

    I won’t deny it sometimes helps to be a witless drip unable to form an own thoughts, but this sort of life necessarily better?

    Difficult times certainly tests ones mettle. Are you up to the challenge? This is the time for personal growth. Progress does not happen in a stale pond.

    1. We deceive ourselves by equating hard times with so called ‘ tests’. Tests for what???
      And we men consider ourselves rational. Ha, ha, ha. Many times it’s just bad luck. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong people, wrong circumstances etc.

  2. “As long as an organization establishes the need for secret meetings or executive sessions, it cannot be trusted to tell the truth. ”
    A fortiori, such organization cannot be trusted to found a government of the people.
    The US is, however, a creation of Freemasonry: George Washington was a Mason and there were 6 Masons among the founding Fathers. The American republic was created in 1777, the same year Adam Weishaupt created his own enlightened Lodge in Bavaria. The Great Seal is a deliberate signature of ownership, making also clear what was the intention behind that creation. Altogether, 14 US presidents were Masons. In 1913, another Masonic actor, namely Senator Aldrich, reasserted that ownership, in the way of Deuteronomy 15:6.
    Since Freemasonry is a tool of the Synagogue, the simple truth is that the U.S. has been a Jewish colony since 1777.
    Therefore, the history of the “Land of the free” is the biggest hoax in American history.

    1. The intention for the formation of an American Republic was sparked by its spirit of freedom enunciated in the document which represented the HOPE that true principles of freedom would be realized with the creation of a government populated by individuals who would come to know what those principles ARE. The fact that Weishaupt’s lodge exactly coincided with the proclamation of declaring independence from Britain was no MERE coincidence. It shows that that which would UNDERMINE freedom was already ready with the “tools of subterfuge” that would accomplish that. A successful effort to DATE.

      1. B-Hawk –

        Simply put….
        If you wish me to accept your positions about the American Revolution – it would be very helpful if you could show me when & where the Crown unconditionally surrendered to the US. Show me the document signed by the Crown.

        Until then – I also believe the history of the “Land of the free” is the biggest hoax in American history. 🙂

      2. Pat
        You’re missing the greater point by being caught up in unconditional surrenders and the signing of documents. I don’t think there was a deliberate hoax on the part of the founders. I just think they didn’t fully grasp what the concepts of freedom constitute. You and I do. They didn’t.

      3. I don’t think there was a deliberate hoax on the part of the founders. I just think they didn’t fully grasp what the concepts of freedom constitute. You and I do. They didn’t.

        This would be freaking funny if it was tongue in cheek. But, if you’ll pardon the pun, the birdie can have chicks but it does not have cheeks.

        Beavis and Butt-Head – no less. All is left is to establish who is who.

        The Feather of Brownhawk… no, make it The Fever of Brownchick 🙂

      4. B-Hawk

        “I just think they didn’t fully grasp what the concepts of freedom constitute. You and I do. They didn’t.”


        Many ‘founders’ – being slave owners and indentured, themselves – knew about freedom even more than we do by infinite measure.

        Ben Franklin was sold to his brother by his dad, Josiah Franklin, when the candle business was failing!!

        Josiah Franklin fathered 17 children. Since Benjamin loved to read he had him apprenticed to his brother James….. a printer. There he worked in slavery.

        You and I know next to nothing about NOT having freedom. The ‘founders’ were experts THERE!!

        WHEW!!! You are funny today!! 🙂 🙂

      5. Pat
        For many of them their IDEA of freedom was twisted, CONCEPTUALLY twisted. ‘ll stand by what I said about the D.O.I.

        Your level of cynicism…now THAT’S funny WHAAAAAT! 😁

      6. B-Hawk –

        “For many of them their IDEA of freedom was twisted, CONCEPTUALLY twisted.”

        Explain the ‘twisted’ concepts you have seen…. in very FEW plain words, please.


        Wig –

        Yeah. Too many writers with stuff to sell. Some were selling the stories as communism 150 years ago…. and they have taken hold globally. ‘Feathers of Truth’ fer sure….. by the tons! 🙂

      7. You guys are so cock-sure of yourselves it just shows me how much you don’t know. Stuck in your comfortable paradigms like the insufferable Circassian. So Pat, in effect you’re calling my perspective communistic?! Stick around ,soon I’ll have something more to say in detail.

      8. B-Hawk –

        I never called your words ‘communistic’ at all. My reply to Wiggins had nothing to do with you. You are inventing things again just to argue. You are waaay too defensive here.

        I did ask this of YOU… “Explain the ‘twisted’ concepts you have seen…. in very FEW plain words, please.” AND you did not respond for some reason!!!! 🙂

      9. Pat
        Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m not seeing straight. I’ve been sharpening my tomahawk lately and well, you know me!

        You want me to respond with only a few words, when this won’t be adequate to explain what I mean by “twisted concepts”, or more precisely, “twisted conceptualizing” . Please bear with me.

        First of all, to understand where I’m coming from requires the kind of nuanced thinking you’re not showing as it would reflect my views that you are rejecting.

        You see “hoax” characterized as the founders being all in on a deliberate attempt to perpetrate an “anti-freedom” conspiracy reflecting their masonic instruction, whereas I see the founders instruction ITSELF being the true characterization – and I suspect Paine saw it this way as well.

        Insofar as the Revolutionary War period is concerned, I’d say it took the blood of patriots spilled during the early years of the war in 1775-6 to spark the inspired wording in the D.O.I. that best exemplifies Freedom expressed in written format, and those New England farmers whose blood WAS spilled knew INSTINCTIVELY, or INHERENTLY, what it is. It was in those lucid moments of “souls being tried” that saw what Freedom IS in the struggle to be liberated from what it ISN’T. George III would have them believe that they had to be taught a lesson, and upon learning it by being slaughtered and subdued they could then return to the British fold and be “free” under HIM! That psycho king DEFINED tyranny. Talk about yer true colors coming out! And you’re gonna tell me that the founders were all OK with that!? This is LAUGHABLE!

        When Jefferson put pen to paper and then Franklin and John Adams looked over the rough draft of the D.O.I. to recommend changes, Franklin was the one who changed “we hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable” to “we hold these truths to be self-evident”. This tells me that he was well past his regrettable personal experience with slavery, and wised up at least on that score. Every one of the delegates charged with declaring independence knew the hypocrisy involved when it came to institutionalized slavery. Remember, the abolitionists had no pull in the South, where what they had to say fell mostly on deaf ears. The founders from the Southern States had to keep their constituencies in mind, knowing that seeing the way towards abolishing slavery couldn’t help but be a work in progress, given how much damage was left to be undone. After Yorktown and the exhilaration of freedom-fighting was over, it was time to form a government. This is when most of the founders reverted back in being too twisted up in intellective knots to see Freedom’s forest for misapprehension of “licensing” trees.

        I’m as cynical as the next guy, unless the “next guy” is YOU! (insert smiley face here)

      10. Pat
        Our paths aren’t as different as you think. My main contention is merely to point out how events are steered in the direction Rothschild wants them to go. That cursed family have been the overlords in increasing capacities ever since they took over the Bank of England in the 17th Century.

        Concerning the Revolutionary period it looks to me that this “steering” dynamic ran parallel to the American fighters, their military and political leaders who weren’t traitors that is, believing in the cause throughout the war SIMULTANEOUS to the actions of those who would undermine it. Rothschild family members and their braintrust use the same basic m.o. over the years, as I’ve outlined numerous times regarding Hitler’s Germany. I think that once British forces learned at Lexington, Concord, Boston, and with the D.O.I. proclamation that the Americans would fight, the plans for undermining the effort centered in NYC, where Rothschild and Co. set up shop with the creation of Wall St. in making the connection to the City of London, starting in 1777 as the poster Mazetto alluded to. This is why after Beitish forces were chased out of Boston, NYC was made a virtually impenetrable stronghold. Upon seeing this, Washington decided that a full-out attack there would end in disaster, and instead he went around it to continue the fight elsewhere.

        P.S. A much better line is, “…too twisted up in dialectic knots to see Freedom’s forest for the Masonic trees.”

        One other thing that occurred to me just before writing this, and that readers may want to be mindful of, is that a prayer ending in “amen” is not one directed at Divinity. “Amen Ra” is known as the Egyptian “king of the gods” (plural, lower case “g”). This pertains to the Sun worshippers that Paine spoke of stemming from his Masonic research.

      11. Correction: 1777 would have marked putting the finishing touches in setting up Wall St. The plan for maintaining a financial umbilical cord to the Crown probably started well before that

      12. That guy is everywhere, hp, with numerous versions of itself, meaning we can’t call it a doppelganger. Maybe a “multitudinousganger?” 😆

    2. @Mazetto

      Since Freemasonry is a tool of the Synagogue, the simple truth is that the U.S. has been a Jewish colony since 1777.

      I am sorry, but the simple truth is that you are an [bleeeep]. People who do not even have a state of their own cannot have a colony, [bleeeep]. As simple as that.

      Perhaps, it is still too complicated for you to grasp, so let me explain it in even more simpler terms. If you do not take bath for a long time, lice may breed on your scalp. But, even in this unfortunate case, one does not take orders from the lice – he just combs them out of his shaggy hair and squashes them one by one with his nail.

      1. @circassian
        I will readily concede to you the futility of this elusive semantic defense, which does not really seem to have done much to protect the sovereignty of the country. Yet even that does not meet the standards of this exceptional people. Heinrich Heine did say that the Torah is “the portable homeland of the Jew”.
        Looking at today’s situation in D.C. and the particular smell in the air, one gets the impression that Uncle Shmu’el hasn’t taken many baths since 1777.

  3. John Kaminski speaks the ugly truth. The only way our world could change is if a majority of people understood and fought against the system independently of their shallow misleading religious beliefs. They would have to find a higher morality. I remember going to church the Sunday immediately after America’s invasion of Iraq. So many of the cars in the parking lot had “yellow ribbon,” “Support our troops” and “USA” bumper stickers. And, of course. not a word was ever mentioned about that horrible slaughter from the pulpit. And all these “good Christians” all look forward to their reward in the after life. After all, they go to church every Sunday. It’s just so difficult to understand how such a low level of morality could think so highly of itself.

    Several years after the war a common slogan appeared that George Bush lied to the people and took us into war. I said to myself “No.” The people lied to themselves. George Bush just told them what they wanted to hear. This is the sick reality. We are a civilization in decline, as Savitri Devi explains in her cyclic analysis of history. There is no turning back. We are in the final stage of a downward cycle that must complete itself before a new cycle can begin.

    C’est La Vie!

    1. Joe
      I would say that the “higher morality” is reflected by living in accordance with the principles of true freedom, and that only through a new Revolution, American and otherwise, will that be realized. At this point this will consist, and is PRESENTLY consisting of small pockets of resistance at grassroot levels.

      All who honestly CHERISH freedom have immense and sobering decisions to make.

      1. Yes, immense and sobering decisions. Those of us who still matter will fight against the downward trend to the limit of our mental capacity and influence, our physical strength and stamina, and our military capabilities to the last round of ammunition from our gun barrels. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. We will fight because it is our duty. Duty has called us to this time and place in history, and it will be our honor and privilege to fight and die for it.

    2. Joe F. –

      How right you are! Yet, ours is more of a society led by the perception of “immediate” need – because a sincere contemplation of acts would preclude the time for an “anti-act” to gain momentum. Strong leaders perceive this, and realize a potential morphing into inertia through the habit of over-contemplation. Like a child often needs to be constantly pushed to brush his teeth, the realization of the discomfort of cavities is a reaction delayed by the necessity of the act. Likewise, it took a relatively long time for the average man to perceive and articulate the visions of The Founders (which, of course, may not have been so altruistic). (btw, The Occidental Observer just sent out an article addressing human nature in which it is quite evident that abilities have evolved as conditions of circumstance have dictated.) “C’est la vie!”

      1. btw, the educational stature of the “Founding Fathers” was, in today’s terms, the equivalent of FIVE PhDs.

      2. Gil –

        Those guys were very brilliant and inventive. Most were fluent in many languages. They knew how to fool the populace with their talents in political word-smithing & business stealthiness.

        There are numerous areas where Franklin used his tricky wording in the documents he helped render. He said as much in his autobiography. ‘Other needful buildings’ of Art-I, sec-8, cl-17 is a fine example. He also used ‘other needful grains’ to purchase gunpowder when the Puritans would have denied it otherwise. And he purchased a large cannon, calling it a ‘fire engine’, which it certainly was!! 🙂

  4. it is a trap is it not
    admiral achbar said it

    you see the jews do not exist only cookoo and magpie

    khazar pirates the ashkanazim
    the donmeh
    synagogue of satan

    anti semitism yet non semite turkic eastern european scum kill gaza semites every day

    let us call them fake jewisher non semite converts
    red beard pirates whatever

    certainly not jews they long gone

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