The Gospel of Thomas: 48-minute video recording

In The Gospel of Thomas, wherein the secret sayings of Jesus are recorded, Jesus says: “If the kingdom of heaven is in the sky, then the birds will get there first.”
This esoteric Gospel was not included in the Bible for three reasons: (a) it was only discovered in the 1940s, so it was unknown to the original compilers of the Bible; (b) it is thought by many scholars to be a work of fiction, though proof for this contention is lacking; (c) it is also thought to be a “gnostic” text and therefore judged to be “heretical”, e.g. it preaches reincarnation.
The Gospel of Thomas is one of the Gnostic Gospels, consisting of 52 texts discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945.

VIDEO  PRESENTATION   :   47.54 mins

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  1. The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of 114 sayings of Jesus (pbuh) that was discovered in 1945 at the village of Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Before its discovery, very little was known about the Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas is not to be confused with the The Book of Thomas the Contender.

    1. Homer,

      Thank you for this highly interesting and pertinent link.
      Both Plato and Christ would have been perfectly at ease
      in the transcendental mind world of the Himalayan sages.

      1. LD, thank you and Admin for offering up such delicious soul food for thought.
        I’m as convinced as Doubting Thomas that Jesus was and is at home there.

      2. Lasha mentions Plato in the same breath as Christ. Some here will wonder why. As a student of philosophy, let me explain why.

        (1) Plato is the most important Western philosopher. It has been famously said of Plato that “all Western philosophy is a footnote to Plato.” In the convent I attended during my novitiate many years ago, Plato’s Republic had pride of place.

        (2) It has also been famously — and paradoxically — said of Plato that he was “the first Christian”. Paradoxical, because Plato was born at least three centuries before Christ. The truth is that Christian mysticism is founded on NEOPLATONISM, the philosophy of Plotinus, and that Plotinus was a follower and distant disciple of Plato. So Plotinus is the intermediary or stepping stone between Plato and core Christianity.

        It was in Plato’s Republic that I first came across Plato’s intriguing Doctrine of Forms and his metaphor of the flickering shadows on the cave wall which are mistaken for reality. Imagine someone looking at a shadow on a wall and mistaking it for “the real thing”, unaware that the thing that casts the shadow — BEYOND the cave wall — is the REAL THING.

        The “shadows on Plato’s cave wall” metaphor is highly suggestive of the Vedic doctrine of MAYA, the world as dream and illusion. Schopenhauer got all his ideas from this primary source. You will find them all outlined, with his own spin, in his 19th century masterpiece “The World as Will and Idea” — the first Western philosopher to be profoundly influenced by Indian philosophy.

      3. A philosophical peek at Plato from another angle. A quite wonderful second opinion, as it were.
        Syamasundara dasa: For Plato, the longing for immortality is inborn. Man is yearning to realize this perfection.

        Srila Prabhupada: Yes, we desire to live eternally because we are in fact eternal.

        Dialectic Spiritualism – Plato

        1. @ Hp

          Many thanks for this invaluable material, Homer. I can well understand the close affinity between Platonism and the Vedic Hinduism of the Swami, given that both traditions are rooted in the idealistic world view. I imagine that the Swami has a higher appreciation of Plato than he would have of Aristotle with his more materialistic world view…?

          I’m wondering, at the same time, what the Swami would think of Plato’s politics? Plato believed that the best form of government was aristocracy, the rule of the masses by philosopher kings or “Guardians”. A caste system was essential. Democracy had no place among the Brahmins, as you know. The masses had to work and obey their superiors, knowing their place and submitting to their lower status voluntarily, believing it was their “karma” to serve. Modern India, it seems to me, has totally rejected this worldview which is rooted in traditional Hinduism. From the corruptions of the caste system we go to the corruptions of democracy.

          Plato would of course have a ready answer to this and I guess the Swami would have the same answer: that all religions are subject to the corruptions of time, as are all forms of government. They only work in an “ideal world”, not in the messy real world where things keep going wrong because of man’s intrinsic imperfections.

          Just my two cents…

      4. hp
        I imagine an experience that would have to involve a mastery of “matter”; its “illusion”, as it were. It’s one thing to have devolved into a state of being subject to its laws and enforced by “time” in a debilitating mode of “passing”* (passages of time), and quite another to”get the lay of the land” and become independent of its hold

        *All things MUST pass vs. All things don’t necessarily HAVE to pass

      5. LD, yes the Swami (Veda) sees the best leadership as rule by saintly King.
        The original caste system (Varnashram Dharma) before it’s Kali yuga slide downhill. The degradation continues apace.

        Shrila Prabhupada: Formerly the kings (rajas) were great saintly persons. They were not ordinary people engaged in drinking and dancing. They were all rishis (sages), up to the time of Maharaja Parikshit. They were trained in such a way that they were not ordinary men but were called naradeva. Naradeva refers to Bhagavan in the form of a human being. The king was worshiped because he was a rajarishi, both a king and a sage. Shri Krishna says that if the king knows the purpose of life, he can rule well.

        Srila Prabhupada on politics.
        “Simply seeing the faces of these politicians is sinful activity.” (lol)

      6. BH, I’m too busy ducking and making deals with matter than to even dream of conquering it!
        Gosh am I tired..

      7. hp
        Ditto the ducking and dealing. I’ll just leave it as something whose “time” will come

  2. “Doubting” Thomas. A disciple that may (or not) have been doubting (Jesus was risen) according to a bible that was edited and rearranged for Christian scholars by a group of selected old and wise men nearly four centuries after Jesus Christ and regulating the reign and holiness of Christianity ever since while avoiding the heart of Jesus’ teachings about spirituality and an unworthy world that should be “bypassed” at all costs during a “life in the flesh”. Thomas’ spiritual understandings of the teachings Jesus’ might have (or not) surpassed that of all other disciples. Unfortunately Thomas never had a place in the bible or in Christian teachings or bible story telling. What a shame – but all with a purpose – in the end!
    Though a time might come in the very close future where “protesters” will start to tear down crosses and christian symbols and Thomas might become an important new symbol of a Christianity that has shed its heavy chains, blood stained crosses and golden cages beyond altars that imprisoned God and his son like wounded animals for many centuries bringing heavy superiority over all other religions, life and lands of the world in a very blood stained past. May the “new world” that is to come embrace the “kingdom for man” in its pureness and innocence and a worth while Spirituality that nourishes the soul instead of heavily imprisoning and suppressing it.
    Some examples of “Translations of the gospel of Thomas”. True, fake or from wrong sources some might say. Below examples still touch the heart and soul of some (Christians or not) but many if not all will offend Christian teachings, the materialistic world itself and some (if not many) students of the “bible” and Christianity itself.

    1. 28. – Jesus said: “I took my stand in the midst of the world and in flesh I appeared to them. I found them all drunk and I did not find any of them thirsty. My soul ached for the children of humanity because they are blind in their hearts and do not see, for they came into the world empty and they also seek to depart the world empty. But meanwhile they are drunk. When they shake of their wine, then they will change their ways.”

      39. – Jesus said: “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered (the kingdom) nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

      46. – Jesus said: “From Adam to John the Baptist, among those born of women, no one is so much greater than John the Baptist that his eyes should not be diverted. But I have said that whoever
      among you becomes a child will recognize the kingdom and will become greater than John.”

      53. – His disciples said to him: “Is circumcision useful or not?”
      Jesus said to them:” If it were useful, their father would produce children already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become profitable in every respect.”

      67. – Jesus said: “Those who know all, but are lacking in themselves, are utterly lacking.”

      79. – A woman in the crowd said to him, “Lucky are the womb that bore you and the breasts that fed you.”
      He said to her: “Lucky are those who have heard the word of the Father and have truly kept it. For there will be days when you will say ‘Lucky are the womb that has not conceived and the breasts that have not given milk.”

      86. – Jesus said: “Foxes have their dens and birds have their nests, but human beings have no place to lay down and rest.”

      80. – Jesus said: “Whoever has come to know the world has discovered the body and whoever has discovered the body, of that one the world is not worthy.”

      87. – Jesus said: “How miserable is the body that depends on a body and how miserable is the soul that depends on these two?”

      99. – The disciples said to him: “Your mother and brothers are standing outside.”
      He said to them: “Those here who do what my father wants are my brothers and my mother. They are the ones who will enter my Fathers kingdom.

      1. JO –

        “53. – His disciples said to him: “Is circumcision useful or not?”
        Jesus said to them:” If it were useful, their father would produce children already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become profitable in every respect.”

        I fail to see why “the father” did not or does not produce “children” already circumcised “in spirit” so as to stop religious wars which should have been foreseen.

    2. PAT, I fail to understand your logic in regards of circumcision and religious wars and what “the father” should have to do with it? The “circumcision of the spirit” is a profitable matter of a world that denies the presence/existence of its creator and the gateway/spirituality to get there. These days people are still drunk/intoxicated though it is rather that they are to full of themselves and have left no room for anything else in their overflowing self centred minds and stone cold hearts. They pretend to have become “Gods” themselves and decide what is good or bad and profitable for their own tribe without ever having seen the complete picture of a reality that a self inflicted spiritual circumcision will fend off all and everything that does not agree to ones own opinion about oneself. As you of all people here at DM already knows who is raking in profits of “religious wars” for their overflowing vaults since centuries I just wonder why anyone would blame a loving father for it while his existence has been denied utterly by the one who blames him. Strange, very strange!
      Here is another one of Thomas for you that will make your stomach cringe but might help you to understand why wars and greed are a human virtue:

      95 [Jesus said], “If you have money, don’t lend it at interest. 2 Rather, give [it] to someone from whom you won’t get it back.”

      1. JO –

        Thanks for the reply and an attempt to answer my question. All I saw was a dismissal of me and my lack of having beliefs akin to yours.

        I have never denied the existence of a creator, whatever form that entity might have. I’m not sure why some say or write about a ‘father’ as if the creator were of one sex or another.

        I do not believe in any bible or books of religious intentions written by imperfect misogynistic men with supposed special connections to a creator or a son of a creator. (For some reason no women wrote bibles, yet carried a savior.) So, using NT quotes mean nothing special to me, as they are not proof for me.

        Thanks for the try.

      2. PAT,
        how can I dismiss YOUR beliefs when I admire your research of truth and wisdom in any matter? There is no lack in believes. Just different varieties that somehow are all interconnected somewhere. I was aware that you never denied the existence of a creator and also of your disbelief in books of religious intentions – which I share also.
        The logic I was referring to was “profitable religious wars and “God’s apparent apathy to step in to save his children”. Being full of oneself applies to all in the flesh, myself included.
        In my own life experience God is neither male nor female and in regards to Jesus or “the son of God” I rather share the belief that beyond the physical appearance of what Jesus could have been (to be excepted by imperfect misogynistic men) he rather was an “extension of God in the flesh/matter” who was projected as a “son”.
        I am certain that Mary Magdalene should have had a well deserved “right” to play a major role in the “making” of the scriptures and Christianity but being disregarded and disrespected as a (forgiven) prostitute and sinner instead of a true follower and understanding disciple of Jesus is again a matter of great influence of those “little” imperfect men, their hunger for control and the times they lived in.
        For myself it was always fascinating to see that many important facts had been deliberately “hidden” from “religious history and the scriptures” and were never added to the most important foundation of “Christianity” itself. For a good (profitable) reason it seems – while looking at the Vatican and the rule of many (unholy) popes that continuously fleeced their flock.
        It will become perfectly clear in another example of the “discredited/disregarded” Thomas as “the rock the church was built on centuries later”, Peter, is demanding the exclusion of the only and barely visible female disciple – for “females don’t deserve life”.
        114 Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.”
        Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

        Another very confronting/offending answer/idea that 2000 years later still might get one killed – if it is not understood by “ears” that can and want to hear. Though these days the killing might be done by angry purple/blue haired feminists and transgender that politically correct fight for their “rights” to establish a life in peace in hell itself.

      3. JO –

        Thanks for the clarification. Please excuse my mistakes. I cannot express myself in writing as well as I do in person. You and I would agree on much if we ever spoke to each other. The same is true for my dialogues with many others here.

      4. Thanks PAT! I also do dislike words and see them more as a tool of confusion and conflict. Normally I ”communicate” more with the local birds than I do in human interaction. It makes more sense. No apologies needed at all as it is generally me who is the amateur in word smiting.

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