The Long-Awaited Beginning of The End of America’s Imperial Ambitions

By Philip Giraldi
January 03, 2020
Information Clearing House 

Includes an addendum by Robert Fisk:
“Trump is starting a war with Iran”.

“Donald Trump rode to victory in 2016 on a promise to end the useless wars in the Middle East, but he has now demonstrated very clearly that he is a liar. Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next.” — Philip Giraldi

The United States is now at war with Iran in a conflict that could easily have been avoided, and it will not end well.

There will be no declaration of war coming from either side, but the assassination of Iranian Quds Force Commander General Qassem Soleimani and the head of Kata’ib Hezbollah Abu Mehdi Muhandis by virtue of a Reaper drone strike in Baghdad will shift the long-simmering conflict between the two nations into high gear.

Iran cannot let the killing of a senior military officer go unanswered even though it cannot directly confront the United States militarily. But there will be reprisals.

And Tehran’s suspected use of proxies to stage limited strikes will now be replaced by more damaging actions that can be directly attributed to the Iranian government. As Iran has significant resources locally, one can expect that the entire Persian Gulf region will be destabilized.

And there is also the terrorism card, which will come into play.

Iran has an extensive diaspora throughout much of the Middle East and, as it has been threatened by Washington for many years, it has had a long time to prepare for a war to be fought largely in the shadows. No American diplomat, soldier or even tourists in the region should consider him or herself to be safe, quite the contrary. It will be an “open season” on Americans. The U.S. has already ordered a partial evacuation of the Baghdad Embassy and has advised all American citizens to leave the country immediately.

Donald Trump rode to victory in 2016 on a promise to end the useless wars in the Middle East, but he has now demonstrated very clearly that he is a liar.

Instead of seeking detente, one of his first actions was to end the JCPOA nuclear agreement and re-introduce sanctions against Iran.

In a sense, Iran has from the beginning been the exception to Trump’s no-new-war pledge, a position that might reasonably be directly attributed to his incestuous relationship with the American Jewish community and in particular derived from his pandering to the expressed needs of Israel’s belligerent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next.

The neoconservatives and Israelis are predictably cheering the result, with Mark Dubowitz of the pro-Israel Foundation for Defense of Democracies enthusing that it is “bigger than bin Laden…a massive blow to the [Iranian] regime.” Dubowitz, whose credentials as an “Iran expert” are dubious at best, is at least somewhat right in this case. Qassem Suleimani is, to be sure, charismatic and also very popular in Iran. He is Iran’s most powerful military figure in the entire region, being the principal contact for proxies and allies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. But what Dubowitz does not understand is that no one in a military hierarchy is irreplaceable.  Suleimani’s aides and high officials in the intelligence ministry are certainly more than capable of picking up his mantle and continuing his policies.

In reality, the series of foolish attacks initiated by the United States over the past week will only hasten the departure of much of the U.S. military from the region. The Pentagon and White House have been insisting that Iran was behind an alleged Kata’ib Hezbollah attack on a U.S. installation that then triggered a strike by Washington on claimed militia targets in Syria and also inside Iraq. Even though the U.S. military presence is as a guest of the Iraqi government, Washington went ahead with its attack even after the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said “no.”

To justify its actions, Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense, went so far as to insist that “Iran is at war with the whole world,” a clear demonstration of just how ignorant the White House team actually is.

The U.S. government characteristically has not provided any evidence demonstrating either Iranian or Kata’ib involvement in recent developments, but after the counter-strike killed 26 Iraqi soldiers, the mass demonstrations against the Embassy in Baghdad became inevitable. The demonstrations were also attributed to Iran by Washington even though the people in the street were undoubtedly Iraqis.

Now that the U.S. has also killed Suleimani and Muhandis in a drone strike at Baghdad Airport, clearly accomplished without the approval of the Iraqi government, it is inevitable that the prime minister will ask American forces to leave.

That will in turn make the situation for the remaining U.S. troops in neighboring Syria untenable.

And it will also force other Arab states in the region to rethink their hosting of U.S. soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen due to the law of unanticipated consequences, as it is now clear that Washington has foolishly begun a war that serves no one’s interests.

The blood of the Americans, Iranians and Iraqis who will die in the next few weeks is clearly on Donald Trump’s hands, as this war was never inevitable and served no U.S. national interest.


It will surely turn out to be a debacle, as well as devastating for all parties involved.

And it might well, on top of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, be the long-awaited beginning of the end of America’s imperial ambitions.

Let us hope so!




by Robert Fisk,
The Independent
January 3, 2020

Is this war by accident or war by design? We’ve all said that a major war in the Middle East could start by accident. But no one thought Donald Trump would go for the jugular quite like this. To kill General Qassem Soleimani is a sword at the heart of Iran, without doubt. And on whose behalf?

Trump boasts of his relationship with the Saudi king who has talked of “cutting off the head of the Iranian snake” and whose oil facilities were attacked with drone-fired missiles – which the US blamed on Iran – last year. Or Israel? Or is this just another decision with incalculable results, taken by a crackpot president in the US?

Just imagine what would happen if a leading American general – or two, since Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis was a leading pro-Iranian figure in Iraq – was blown up on a tour of the Middle East. There would be airstrikes, attacks on Iran’s nuclear centres, threats by Washington to close down all traffic between Iran and the outside world. The death of an American in Baghdad on Friday and the riots outside the US embassy, while sad, scarcely justify American attacks on this scale.

Qassem Soleimani was one of the most powerful men in Iran, although the Revolutionary Guards al-Quds forces he commanded is not quite the elite army which Iran likes to pretend. Soleimani, according to his fellow commanders, would take risks at the various al-Quds front lines in Syria and his men admired him for his courage under fire. So he regularly expected to die. But Baghdad International Airport is the last place you would expect to see an American drone put him and al-Muhandis to death.

The Americans have long grown used to staging attacks on pro-Iranian militia bases in Iraq and Syria. Over recent months, these strikes have become normal, regular – like Israel’s frequent raids into Syria and Lebanon. But it was a US military operation which also killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria, a Sunni Muslim who was an enemy of Tehran and whom the Iranians would have been happy to liquidate

The Americans have been used to this sort of assassination – or “targeted killings” as the Israelis call them – wiping out their enemies when they choose. Osama bin Laden was the first, Baghdadi the second, Suleimani the third. Such rocket-based killings are regularly undertaken by Israel in Gaza, where Hamas leaders are often assassinated.

Yet it’s easy to take these men as important – as they think they are. Iran’s forces in Syria, for example, are often grossly exaggerated by the US. Claims of the presence of 10,000 Revolutionary Guards Quds members in Syria were wildly inaccurate. Two thousand may be more accurate at any one time. True, Iranian intelligence men are scattered around the Middle East. But so are American agents.

One of Tehran’s most senior intelligence men was Ghadanfar Rokon Abadi who was Iran’s man in Beirut, and later its ambassador there. He probably knew more about Hezbollah and Syria than anyone else and returned to Tehran in 2014. This was not long after Sunni Islamists, reportedly with Saudi support, staged a suicide attack against his embassy, killing 23 embassy employees, Hezbollah guards and civilians. Rokon Abadi was spared. His top security man was killed. But in 2016, he made the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca where 2,300 people – 464 of them Iranians – were crushed to death in panic and riots for which Iran blamed the Saudi monarchy. Rokon Abadi was among them. It was months before his remains were returned to Iran.

But in the Middle East, intelligence agents are always in danger. It was a Hezbollah satellite group called Islamic Jihad which killed CIA Beirut station chief William Buckley, and Imad Mougnieh, his reported murderer – or the man who gave the order – was killed by a car bomb in Damascus in 2008. In 1983, a suicide bomber blew up his truck bomb at the front of the US embassy in Beirut, killing 32 people and wiping out most of the CIA agents who were holding a meeting inside.

Oh yes, and one more thing. Isn’t there a US election coming up this year? And doesn’t Trump want to win – and Soleimani as a target in Baghdad will play pretty well with Republicans. Iran has always responded to insults or attacks by waiting and delaying its own retaliation. Remember two oil tankers called the Adrian Darya and the Stena Impero? But now it’s getting personal.


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  1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph:

    President Trump ordered the illegal assassination by drone strike on multiple people — including Qasem Soleimani — arguably Iran’s top military official. Many analysts from around the world are interpreting Trump’s actions as an effective declaration of war on Iran.

    For whose sake has Trump, in all probability, started WWIII?

    For the sake of ISISrael, Trump is willing to drag America INto an absolutely illegal, unnecessary, catastrophic, and costly war with Iran — A war that neither Benjamin Netanyahu Nor any of the Jews IN ISRAEL will be fighting.

    Who was it who said: “Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

    (ADDED BY ADMIN on behalf of Mahmoud El-Yousseph who posted a similar comment on one of the previous threads.)

  2. Trump is “defeating the joos” and he’s good at defeating the joos, Trump is so good at defeating the joos the joos don’t even realize they’re being defeated. The joos think Trump is being bellicose towards Iran but he’s really defeating the joos — Trump defeated the joos when he knocked Qassim Suleimani out of the game. Emperor God is a Great Poker Player, yes sirree bob. Right, knowbro, Trump is defeating the joos. That the joos don’t realize Trump is defeating them is proof Trump is The Best Poker Player in town! 🙂 I’m sure you agree with me, Oh knowbro! 🙂

  3. In the alternative – Iran’s killing its own citizens over gasoline prices marks the ‘long-awaited beginning of the end’….. for that “YUGE” source for terrorism around the globe.

    —Amnesty International says at least 208 people in Iran have been killed amid protests over sharply rising gasoline prices and a subsequent crackdown by security forces. —

    Iran admits killing ‘rioters’ during gas-price protests!!
    Dec 3, 2019

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran acknowledged for the first time that its security forces shot and killed protesters across the country to put down demonstrations last month over the sharply increasing price of gasoline — the deadliest unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

    Russia reports:
    Secretary Pompeo tweeted an appeal to the protesters, saying “to the people of Iran” that “The United States is with you,” accompanying his post by a year-old message about “the proud Iranian people…not staying silent about their government’s abuses.”

    1. Yeah sure, “The United States is with” the Iranian people, like the Iranian people believe what fat slob in service to the jews pompeo has to say about anything. If Americans were protesting the federal government in Washington for all the abuses Uncle Sam inflicts on us Americans and especially if Americans were protesting in the streets against all the wars Uncle Sam starts in the Middle East, fat slob in service to the jews would be livid.

      Of course fat slob in service to the jews doesn’t think starting wars based on nothing but lies and then American service men get killed and wounded in the wars based on nothing but lies isn’t government abuse of the citizens.

      “The United States is with” the Iranian people, we know that’s true because fat slob in service to the jews is drooling to NUKE Iran off the face of the earth. pompeo is disgusting.

    2. “the proud Iranian people…not staying silent about their government’s abuses.”
      JUSA message from Trump’s PR department.

      “the proud American people…not staying silent about their government’s abuses.”

    3. You live on lies. That is your problem. The US does not give a rap about the people in Iran. The country is a shithole mainly because of US sanctions. Despite the theocratic Muslim rule, that is what the people want by an huge overwhelming majority at the polls. What they clearly do not want is American decadence, media, anti-family values rammed down their throats, not do they want your nation filching their oil and gas. The people have been there for millennia and the resources belong to them and not to us. If Israel and the US had any respect for international law and were not such plunderers, there would be peace in the Middle East. Let Iran have their damn oil and gas. In the West we are supposed to have initiative, smarts and decency and we will always find a way. However, if you destroy another nation other nations will rise up and destroy you, because the rest of the world is fed up, and has had enough of your crap.

      1. Fred –

        You wrote:
        “You live on lies. That is your problem.”

        If YOU are addressing ME, please quote my lies exactly & verbatim.

      2. Fred,
        When you say Iran is a “shithole”, do you know that first hand after spending some time there, or are you just repeating the media propaganda trying make us all think that?

  4. Americans will not be safe in any Moslem country for the forseeable future.

    Nobody wins a war, and this assassination was an act of war, where many will die.

    1. Nobody wins a war ? Someone does. Verily, no poor people win a war. Were it not that the few , who benefit , there would be no war. There are more of god’s children in Teheran than Milwaukee so the Perser won’t win . And Americans … post mortem ; these have to be those times without precedent.

      WHo can one think is exciting these in Iran oil protests? American oil is appropriated by a few chosen and exported for great profit . Gas prices should cause revolt in USA also. Know why not?

  5. I will not cry when the bodybags with American soldiers return to jewmarica. As an american soldier you know you fight for the jew.

  6. “Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next.”

    What does that even mean and since when has it ever really meant anything tangible?

    Then again, both you and I know what it means and has always meant. Basically, nothing (aka) it’s nonsense.

      1. That’s amateur sophistry, Alexis. You really should check those knees and your attitude at taking out your own angst and feelings on others because in your estimation they don’t respond properly. Not helpful to anyone.

        I did not say anything about who’s to blame or not to blame. I said he will suffer no consequences and he won’t, in my opinion, because that’s the way of this world, the way it is like it or not. NO Responsibility will be applied, in reality. That’s what I said.

        BTW, I didn’t vote for Trump, I didn’t vote for anyone. I don’t vote at all. Neither will I spill my guts across these pages or insult others for their opinions or choices. That’s all there is to it.

        1. @ Hp

          Apologies for ruffling your feathers. Is one allowed to criticize an unscrupulous warmonger (Trump) on this site? Or is one under obligation to makes constant excuses for the same warmonger as you do?

          I have not seen a single post from you expressing concern or moral indignation for the murderous actions of Donald Trump.

          Why is that?

    1. @ HP

      Seriously? You’re going to pretend that you don’t know what Phil Giraldi meant by the statement that “Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next”?

      He was pointing out that Trump has traitorously, maliciously, relentlessly, pointlessly, illegally, unconstitutionally, immorally and SINGLE-HANDEDLY brought us to the brink of a catastrophic war with Iran – which is looking more and more inevitable by the day – which may directly or indirectly kill millions of people and displace millions more; if not start WW3.

      1. More amateur sophistry, this time from Harold.
        And a mind reader to boot.
        I thought you were smarter than that, Harold.

        I know what you and Alexis want (insist on) from me and it’s nothing more than ideological browbeating baloney.

        Now what? Let me guess … I’m a Jew, a demon and a (fill in the blank) all rolled into one because I won’t accommodate the opinions of You and and the foul mouthed Alexis.

        Go kick rocks.

      2. @HP

        “More amateur sophistry, this time from Harold.”

        Well look who’s talkin’!

        “And a mind reader to boot.

        What “mind” would that be? (BTW I asked you a question).

        “I thought you were smarter than that, Harold.”

        Sorry but the statements you’ve made here aren’t those of a thoughtful person.

        “I know what you and Alexis want (insist on) from me…”

        LOL! You “know” do you? So you’re actually the “mind reader”?

        “Now what? Let me guess … I’m a Jew, a demon and a (fill in the blank) all rolled into one because I won’t accommodate the opinions of You and and the foul mouthed Alexis.”

        What you are is now plain to see.

        “Go kick rocks.”

        Isn’t that what I’m presently doing? Run along now and get back to painting swastikas on your front door.

        1. @ Hp

          You have not emerged very well from this exchange. You need a cooling off period. What’s your problem exactly? Are people not allowed to critique Donald Trump on this website without you bursting into tears? Silly man. You certainly don’t behave like a Vedic sage. More dignity please!

      3. Silent Reader, here’s what I said which started the knees to jerking and the innuendos to flow. Not to mention the deleted (?) by Alexis which were undoubtedly waaay more than innuendos or else her comment wouldn’t have been deleted, now would it.

        Here’s what I said. Fasten your seat belt!
        “Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next. What does that even mean and since when has it ever really meant anything tangible? Then again, both you and I know what it means and has always meant.
        Basically, nothing (aka) it’s nonsense.”

        Did I say no one could not or should not criticize Trump? No.
        Did I say rah rah rah, go U.S.A., bomb Iran? No.
        I said Trump Will Not be held accountable because that’s the way it is in this world.
        That’s it. Finis.

        If both of them weren’t so quick pulling the accusatory trigger and had actually read with both eyes what I said then maybe they might have seen it as an indictment of TPTB, which is what it is.

        My obvious sin was not beating my chest, gnashing my teeth and calling Trump demon, devil, murderer, etc., etc. My sin, as it were.
        Doggone my soul, eh..

        Heeey, did Harold just backhandedly call me a ?
        “Run along now and get back to painting swastikas on your front door.”

        Yes, very impressive indeed.
        As is your own diagnosis.

        1. @Hp

          Ok, I apologize if I upset you. I think the language in which you expressed yourself wasn’t wasn’t very clear. I know what you originally said, but I had difficulty understanding it. Not because I’m a stupid person, but because you have an elliptical way of expressing yourself that leaves most people puzzled. I sometimes think you need an interpreter! This is not meant as an insult, Hp. It’s meant as constructive criticism.

          Take the passage you wrote:

          “Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next.” What does that even mean and since when has it ver really meant anything tangible? Then again, both you and I know what it means and has always meant. Basically, nothing (aka) it’s nonsense.”

          That is dreadful prose, my friend. It reads like gibberish. I still don’t have a clue what you are trying to say.

          Anyway, peace! I can see you are basically a nice person and very sincere. And most of your comments are easy to understand and fun to read. Also uplifting.So keep up the good work.

      4. BTW, I did glance over at a swastika on my wall, as I typed my reply.
        Make of that what you will.

        P.S. who said I was a Vedic sage? I sure never did.
        Au contraire. But I do know a few..

      5. @ HP

        “Here’s what I said. Fasten your seat belt!
        ‘Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next. What does that even mean and since when has it ever really meant anything tangible? Then again, both you and I know what it means and has always meant.
        Basically, nothing (aka) it’s nonsense.'”

        Nonsense? In that case what was the point of your statement? Since when has such a vapid statement made by the clownish anonymous troll “HP” “ever really meant anything”?

        In contrast to your statement, it was clear from the article what Giraldi was getting at and why, when he said “Trump bears full responsibility for what comes next.” He implied that Trump is an Israeli agent whose presidential campaign was a fraud…with the main agenda of the Trump presidency apparently being to set the Mideast on fire.

        So when Trump’s jews do a false flag or when the Iranians or any other justifiably aggrieved party takes any action whatsoever against the aggressors, it is important for people to understand that this is what Trump wants to happen, and this is what Trump has done everything possible to make happen…because the trolls will be out in force blaming the victims, not Trump.

        Alexis and I saw your comment for what it was: impertinent Trump apologia.

      6. @ HP

        “My obvious sin was not beating my chest, gnashing my teeth and calling Trump demon, devil, murderer, etc., etc. My sin, as it were.
        Doggone my soul, eh..”

        More of your pathetic sophistry. Israeli agent Trump has us in a situation where the world as we know it could literally come to an end before morning, Giraldi points out that Trump bears FULL RESPONSIBILITY for what happens next (no matter who does it) and you feel the need to pipe in with your opinion that Giraldi’s comment is “nonsense”. Then you bitch when people take your statement the only way it makes sense to take it?

    2. Yup, Homer!
      And here I thought that nearly everyone had written that Trump is a sionist puppet! 🙂

  7. As a gambler Trump changed the existing rules. No false flags required anymore! Except for the Embassy suspicious little incident, it’s presented as just another chapter in the phony “War on Terror.”
    Who knows where Trump is going to stop? A bombing blitzkrieg seems to be on the table; infrastructure, supply chains, etc. But don’t worry, Iranians, hang on, it’s for your own good! 🙁

    1. @ NBTT

      Have you noticed rather creepy? — that the more Trump misbehaves, the more his cheerleaders rally to his defense? Their hero worship increases in direct proportion to the man’s disgusting behavior.

      I wish I could understand the psychopathology of these devil worshippers.

      1. Trump’s staring a war and his supporters chant, “No, he’s not!
        That’s what it looks like, but he’s not starting a war. He’s doing the opposite. He’s starting peace!”

        These brain-damaged losers are same people who chant the Orwellian mantra, “WAR IS PEACE!” and actually believe it.

      2. @ Duke

        I believe we’re well into the realm where the horrific events unfolding before us can only be properly “understood” from a Biblical perspective.

        Trump, the prolific, shameless liar and utterly lawless mass-murderer that he is, is apparently the embodiment of the spirit of Satan. As such he may be the most evil and therefore final office holder of the political “office of president” described in the Bible as the second beast of Rev 13 (i.e. Rev 13:11), IMO. In which case he may be the man variously described in the Bible as the “son of perdition,” the “man of sin” and the “false prophet.”

        And the people who continue to support Trump as he gambles with the lives of millions of people in pursuit of the Satanic agenda (the agenda of the first beast of Rev 13) – may be those whom the Bible would describe as “demon-possessed” or who’ve accepted the “mark of the beast.”

  8. I see only one positive thing in the unfolding chain of US actions: the ever growing disgust for America among friends and foes alike, including many of its own people. If there is such thing as karma – and I believe there is – this bastard country must pay in full for the crimes it committed against humanity, just like the bastard fascist Germany paid in full not so long ago.

    I believe that Russia is destined to make sure that the Nuremberg will be held for this regime, just like she did make sure it was held for the fascist regime in Germany 75 years ago.

  9. Looks to me like the stage my have been set for an Israeli false flag operation to move things along. Just musing

  10. MSM said nothing in the past about PM Nazinyahuu pushing the US to invade Iraq, falsely claiming Iraq had WMDs. Now he’s trying to pull the same exact trick with Iran. Don’t get fooled again by this far-right warmonger.

    Netanyahu said Iran hates ISISrael and hate Jews and it wants to take over the world, but he forgot to produce any piece of evidence to his false claims. No more dirty wars for ISISrael!

    1. Mahmoud:

      The largest population of Jews living in the Middle East (ME), outside of IsraHell, live in Iran. Those Iranian Jews are the most contended and happiest Jews in the Middle East. Bibi NutJobYahu asks them to return to IsraHell and they flatly refuse: I wonder why? Jews happy in an Islamic Persian theocracy! That says it all about who the problem is in the ME: IsraHell not Iran. That unfortunately is the power of the MSM and propaganda, both owned and controlled by the ZioBankster Khazarian Mafia, aka International Jewry.

  11. Iran always said if they are attacked by USA , they will attack Israel because Israel wants this war.not only that , but the Israeli-occupied GULF STATES would be destroyed as well,and those rag-heads know it .I wrote here before that the end of Israel according to the prophecy of the Quran will be in the year 2022.It looks like the beginning of the end for Israel.Firing rockets from Syria,Lebanon,and Gaza at Israel and hitting the targets would be like catching fish in a barel with a spear .

  12. “Imad Mougnieh, his reported murderer – or the man who gave the order – was killed by a car bomb in Damascus in 2008”

    Imad Mughniyah was murdered by US-Israel with a car bomb.. SOMEONE in the Palestinian community informed on him.

    Imad was very modest man, a good family man and a man who could stand against his enemies with bravery and yet weep when viewing the blown off limbs of children in Qana Massacre.

    In like manner someone informed CIA and Mossad of the whereabouts of Qassem.

    Obama’s JCPOA was a DIA operation to collect intelligence on Iran’s infrastructure and equipment. It was warfare against Iran.
    In January 2018 Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida published a report based on an Israeli government source who was cited as saying, “there is an American-Israeli agreement” that Soleimani is a “threat to the two countries’ interests in the region”—which reportedly led to a Washington green-light for the Israelis to assassinate him. Al-Jarida is generally considered to be a platform through which Israel circulates news and its perspective to neighboring countries in the region.

    On Monday, January 01, 2018 Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that an “American-Israeli agreement” had been forged that determined that Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Force active in fighting the Wahhabist insurgency in Syria, is a “threat to the two countries’ interests in the region.” This understanding subsequently resulted in the U.S. government giving Israel the “green light” to assassinate Soleimani, a plan Israel had unsuccessfully attempted to carry out three years earlier.
    Soleimani was fearless he never wore a flak jacket on the front lines.

    He was a very good person. He fought for 8 years in the war with Saddam. Saddam was armed with poison gas and other banned weapons by the US and Israel.

    An Iraqi field officer said of him: “Suleimani has taught us that death is the beginning of life, not the end of life.”

    “the US will be conducting a nuclear first strike on Iran in the near future using these. An Air Force B-2 stealth bomber just completed the first test drop of an advanced nuclear gravity bomb, reported on June 30. The B-61-12 gravity bomb, a GPS-guided behemoth that’s been in development since 2008, can penetrate three meters of earth before detonating and dial up a nuclear yield of between 0.3 kilotons and 50 kilotons of devastating power.”
    Karen Kwiatkowski, retired USAF lieutenant colonel 11-29-2019

    Inna allaha ma’a as-sabireen. [Surely ALLAH is with the patient]

    1. “In like manner someone informed CIA and Mossad of the whereabouts of Qassem.”

      Your TV and “toaster” are informing on you right now. Any electronic device with a cpu, children’s toys for example, may be turned against you. Electronic surveillance is global, active 24/7/365

      Old style spook intelligence has been replaced to 99%.

  13. Iran won’t do much. Just kill each other. ALL bluster!!

    They are broke and can’t sell even 10% of the oil they produce.

    NO $$MON – NO FUN – They’re DONE!! 🙂

    1. PAT!, shameless jettison of your usual Darkmoon rational persona for some US of A rah-rah!

      Wars are not fought with dollars. Since WW III the US has failed everywhere against tribesmen and peasants armed with sticks.

      Cowardly methods such as carpet bombing from 5-miles up and taking pot shots at weddings using drones have not been effective in repressing targets. It is unlikely US stealth planes will be able to take out all Iranian counter measures against air force.

      Thus, if thinking beyond impulse, the Anglo-Zionists (ANZ) must already have decided to go nuclear on Iran. Even if, as you say, nuclear missiles are a technological impossibility, I assume B2’s have sufficient carrying capacity for a working nuclear device.

      If the ANZ do go nuclear, perhaps other nuclear powers would return the compliment?

      However it seems the cowardly murder of great men attending a US caused funeral was an infantile impulse because apparently Washington mental and physical slobs are shxting their pants:

      All killing without direct and imminent self-defense justification is wrong. Targeting civilians for example. However, Muslims in the US driven to emotional heights by US attacks in the ME would only need to cause, in US military parlance, tiny “collateral damage” for US TV networks to call off Trump’s war. Few dollars are needed, but I hope it does not come to pass.

      1. Flan –

        I am tired of hearing about Iran for 4 decades…. that’s all… since the whole country is a false flag operation to me, to help keep Fed Res afloat. Boosting US MIC $$$. Hell, even when the ‘O-Man’ gave $150 billion in cash it helped the Fed Res.

        AND…. You know that “a working nuclear device” does not work for me! 🙂

      1. He surely behaves like one. Or some kind of supremacist with a humongous shawnz for an ego.

  14. So when Trump criticized Obama during the presidential campaign of 2016 because of Obama’s JCPOA , Trump knew Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal was a Defense Intelligence Agency operation put into place in order to collect information on Iran’s infrastructure and equipment and Trump knew Obama’s JCPOA was a type of warfare against Iran ; So Trump knew Obama really didn’t do anything harmful to Israel and Trump knew Obama’s JCPOA was all about what the Jews wanted, all about what Israel wanted, all about the Jews waging war against Iran, so Trump was full of sh*t when he criticized Obama for wanting to harm Israel, as per Trump on the campaign trail that’s why Obama wanted a Nuclear deal with Iran, in order to harm Israel. But Trump had to know Obama’s JCPOA was something the Jews wanted, was something Jew Israel wanted. Trump is surrounded by die-hard Chabad Lubavitch Jews and he was surrounded by die-hard Chabad Lubavitch Jews throughout the whole presidential campaign. He knew during the presidential campaign that Obama’s JCPOA was all about helping the Jews wage war against Iran. But he acted as if Obama’s JCPOA was something very harmful to Jew Israel.

    I often wondered about how Obama was friendly with Iran yet he [ and Hillary as Secretary of State ] started ISIS and started the war in Syria, something the Jews wanted, a war in Syria, but something the Iranians didn’t want. I often wondered how it could be that Obama did what the Jews wanted in Syria and defied the Jews when it came to Iran and was friendly with Iran — something we were told the Jews didn’t like, Obama being friendly with Iran. Turns out, Obama wasn’t being friendly with Iran, he was doing what the Jews wanted, he made the Nuclear Deal with Iran so the Jews could more easily collect intelligence about Iran’s capabilities.

    I often thought : “Obama is friendly with Iran and they say Obama doesn’t like Israel very much, yet Obama started a war against Syria, something Jew Israel wants and something Iran is deeply opposed to, yet he and the Iranians are on friendly terms even though Iran is sending men and arms to Syria in order to help Assad fight off USrael’s ISIS terrorists Obama sicced on Syria. Yet Iran and Obama are on friendly terms. it doesn’t make sense.”

    It didn’t make sense to me. I asked certain International Geo-Political experts in the “alt” media about it, I never got an answer from any of ’em. Now I know why, Obama’s JCPOA served the Jews war against Iran. It looks like the International Geo-Political experts in the “alt” media are as full of sh*t as Trump is totally full of sh*t. Know what I mean?

  15. Pat :

    If Iran is so pathetic and such a basket case and so weak and so divided that the Iranians will just “kill each other” then why exactly is USrael ZOG so obsessed with Iran that USrael ZOG feels USrael ZOG won’t be safe until Iran is destroyed?

  16. @ TROJ:
    @ Y’all:

    TROJ is right that TRUMP may be the best non-politician Poker-face Poker player in history at this time. Trump in his statement of ” No War and No Regime change”, ( not exact quote, but summary) on attack on Soleimani, has thrown the MSM, the Demonrats and some Republicans for a loop. They all do NOT know how to respond, without indirectly criticizing the actions of previous administrations like Bush 1 and 2, and Obama especially, for the useless wars that cost American lives and were done without Congressional approval (required by US law) and without consulting UN Security Council. Thus Trump is pidgeon-holing them all in a box and putting their feet in their mouths. Therefore all these wars, especially since 9/11, have been illegal! I am also sure, that IsraHell, though Bibi Nutjobyahu, seems to express happiness at the turn of events, is also very suspicious as to what is going to happen next. Are Middle Eastern (ME) countries going to exert pressure on Amerika to leave the ME? Especially Iraq, Syria and even Turkey. The ME and even the world, is already seeing that Amerika is an unreliable partner, in every aspect of global interactions, ie. Business, Economic/Trade, Politics and Military. Partners like China/Russia, Iran and Europe are more stable and reliable/dependable than Amerika. Overall, the world will de-Dollarize, ask Amerika to leave the ME, Europe and NATO members will abandon Amerika (Turkey, then Germany).

    Thus Trump, will bring in a NWO, but it will be a different one from what most people expect. And it will NOT include Amerika or Britain and IsraHell may be left on the fringes. That is because the whole world will one day point its weapons at IsraHell. So perhaps Trump is the current false Messiah that turns out to be the Antichrist, though not the final one! So TROJ, TLOA and NBTT, keep at it!

    Finally, as my wife has said, ” We have to wait till November election day, 2020, to know for sure”. To which I reply, ” By then it may very well be too late!”.

    1. @Stormin’ Norman

      Are Middle Eastern (ME) countries going to exert pressure on Amerika to leave the ME? Especially Iraq, Syria and even Turkey.

      You bet! And who will fill the void? Ask the Turks, the Syrians, the Iranians, and even the Saudi Arabians

      The ME and even the world, is already seeing that Amerika is an unreliable partner, in every aspect of global interactions, ie. Business, Economic/Trade, Politics and Military. Partners like China/Russia, Iran and Europe are more stable and reliable/dependable than Amerika.

      Good observation.

      Overall, the world will de-Dollarize, ask Amerika to leave the ME, Europe and NATO members will abandon Amerika (Turkey, then Germany).

      Highly likely, as our British “partners” would say.

      Thus Trump, will bring in a NWO, but it will be a different one from what most people expect. And it will NOT include Amerika or Britain and IsraHell may be left on the fringes.

      Very perceptive, indeed.

      1. Circ –

        From the link you provided: (thanks, mucho)
        “Needless to say, the decision by the leadership in Moscow to intervene militarily was a reflection of Russia’s desire to maintain its power and influence in the region in general, and Syria in particular.

        “One prominent Russian analyst said: “All in all, the reasons for Russian support of the Syrian regime are complex and cannot be explained using an Occam’s razor approach.” In other words, the explanation is not as simple as it might appear.”

        I have been writing this very same “support” scenario for years. AND, the “not as simple” explanation is that Russia is being helped in the movement by the US!! The US profits by helping its favorite satellite – RUSSIA – and ‘Put-On’ the puny punk flunky jew-helping gofer! 🙂


        The best and the shortest way to get good information on Russia today is to listen to a man who is not only inside the system, but has some informal relations to Putin. His name is Eugene Fedorov – a Deputy of the State Duma.

        Unfortunately, this guy does not speak English, so in order to tap into the wealth of unique information at his disposal one has to have some knowledge of the Russian language.

        He does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:

        Here is a random sample of his assertions:

        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

        The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names:
        1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.
        2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

        **The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

  17. Once again, it seems like TROJ asks the pertinent questions that should be asked before discussion overheats and busts the limits of reason and civility.

    Let me try to outline my approach to this.
    First, to realize that the politicians at the highest floors must contend with three levels of warfare and can sustain a mortal injury at any one in descending order:
    • The Hidden Hand that has shaped this world for the past bunch of centuries (“bunch”, because I don’t know how many in reality, at the very least the last 250 years but very likely much longer—possibly as far back as 3,760 BC, before Christ came to issue a grave warning, largely unheeded as the present situation attests),
    • The unaligned powers striving for national, ethnic, cultural and religious independence, the ones targeted by the Hidden Hand for elimination because they stand in the way of absolute rule and annihilation of free will and ability to influence any future outcomes—the real goal of the HH,
    • Public opinion—which is the level from which we, all (or most, unless there are Watchers assigned to gauge the level of awareness among the “deplorables”, “the great unwashed”, “drawers of water” and other synonyms for the goyim cattle) of us here, the least influential and threatening and the most ignorant of the true score—yet in a way the most important of all the levels, because the true power resides in this heaving mass of ignorance and whoever is best able to access its control panel can harvest and direct this enormous power to his ultimate ends—THE NAME OF THE GAME.

    Imagine if you will, a pile of iron shavings on a tabletop manipulated underneath by three magnets of varying strength as depicted above and you get a notion of complexity facing our analysis.

    My method, the seemingly ubiquitous and oft-derided and ridiculed cui bono, has always been to view geopolitical events and developments from the standpoint of the second level resisting the top one in order to benefit segments of the third, bottom one because without that assumption, i.e., elimination of the second level, the political resistance forever fighting a rearguard action, on the back foot, the whole picture doesn’t make sense, like those Jew-driven graphic art forms of Cubism, Dadaism and so forth with grotesquely malformed and jumbled facial features promoting ugliness as high art.

    (***)—the paradox
    Because if the 2nd level was indeed completely micromanaged by the HH, there would be no game necessary at all, not even Globetrotters against Generals (funny correspondence—Globetrotters indeed 😊 ) anymore than the Haitian slaves have need of high level entertainment provided by the slaveowners, especially given the HH predilection for inflicting maximum misery, pain and humiliation, as evident historically when they had the nearly full control, e.g., Bolshevik terror, Mamilla Pool (for those ignorant or in need of refresher) and so on—it is at the fundamental stratum of their so-called religion—proof of the pudding.

    So, given the above, what do I make of this assassination?
    If what we see is what we get, taking the most direct route, Trump truly planned and ordered this cowardly and ignoble act, then I retract my previously unflinching support for him and admit my erroneous interpretation and it moreover calls into question the relationship with Putin an Xi, either they were likewise duped by Trump or are in fact in the thrall of the same slavemasters, which loops back to (***).

    We know however two things: the ability of many so-called Deep State actors, practically generationally embedded in its bowels by HH, to independently order rogue military commanders into action detrimental to the U.S. national interests at the behest of HH’s, and that Trump collapsed the misnamed National Security Council from 450, previously built up by Obama, to just 45, ostensibly in order to “save money” but in reality to stem the tightly coordinated (by the HH) daily leakage to MSM by the embedded traitors like Vindman, Chiaramella, Sondheim, Yovanovich and literally hundreds of others that were crippling the presidency from day one, so that the assassination of Iranian general who masterminded the destruction of ISIS was a farewell present to Trump.
    If so, what could be Trump’s range of reactive choices? Either admit that he is not in control of the government, especially the military, publicly admitting his impotence—which is the Marie Antoinette move, putting his head into guillotine because managing those public perceptions is everything, basically rolling over and saying, “I am tapping out, you win” and then what? Then he is dead anyway, just like the Russian Tsar back in the day, or do you think the Sanhedrin will be merciful for a change? Or he can play along, claiming that he did in fact order the assassination while scrambling to shore up his position among the loyal commanders and try to limit the damage overseas, pleading with the Iranian leadership to take it easy, let’s all come up with the kabuki script that preserves our internal security against massive discontent and riots being organized right now in Soros HQ.
    Or—lobro’s preferred option—pull the big trigger on HH, call the Marines and National Guard as per some pre-arranged set of plans to slam the choke points, media, airports, banking channels, intelligence agencies, start massive detention of at least 10,000 Jews and their accomplices, declare outright war on the Rothschilds and Israel.
    I suspect he doesn’t have this option available—yet. Hopefully—Please God—someday soon, maybe shore up strength while Barr-Durham team undermines their position and they jockey for reelection, even using this unholy murder of Gen Suleimani, a true hero and martyr as a promotional prop.

    And this is my view, make of it what you wish.

    1. Lobro:

      You are more accurate than you think. First off, the Hidden Hand (HH) goes back to the time of Babylon/Nimrod and its Babylonian Mysticism, which captured Hebrews (Babylonian Captivity) adopted. The prophet Daniel was the exception of course. The Babylonian Mysticism (the Great Harlot on Beast, forehead “Mystery Babylon”) became the Pharisaical Talmudism and also the Moneychanger debacle ( shekel for Pharisee Temple junk money). Then due to the Judeo/JEW influence on Christianity (Catholicism – Universal Roman Church), Babylonian Mysticism crept into the Roman Catholic Church. I also suspect that Hebrew, Simon the Sorcerer, who tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit from the Apostles, got to Rome to actually start the now False Church ( Great Harlot, Mystery Babylon) Roman Catholic Church/Vatican built on a cemetery. Simon the Sorcerer used the similarity in name to Simon Peter, to achieve the deception. Historically, Simon Peter (fisherman) never made it to Rome. Simon Peter got to Anatolia (Turkey /Asia Minor) where he was put on Trial under Roman law and was crucified upside-down out of respect for Jesus.

      Then you had Khazarians (Turkish Mongels) who converted to Judaism out of convenience to prevent wars with Muslims from the south and Christians from the west. This happened in the 8th century AD in the region of Ukraine/Georgia between the Black and Caspian Seas. This Khazarian Mafia are Jesus’ quote to John the Revelator about the “Jews that say they are Jews and are not”. This Khazarian Mafia group are what would be considered Germany Eastward East European Jews or “AshkeNAZIm”. This group makes up over 90 % of present day Jews. And due to history this group hate REAL JEWS (from Palestine) and Russians because of how the Czars/Monarchy treated those fake (crypto-Jews) in the past

      Then you have the more recent history of 300 – 400 years ago with the Sabbetai Zevi (Zvy) as a Jewish Maschiach (1666) and the Jacob Frank movement (Sabbatean Frankists. Then you also have Jews in Turkey under Ottoman rule, that were forced by the Sultan to convert to Islam or die, which led to the Don Meh Jewish Islamists, which probably infiltrated the Saud Royal family of Saudi Arabia. So you would have Jews being Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Thus IsraHell/Saudi alliance for ISIS/Daesh.. Next you have Adam Weishaupt, Jew converted to Catholicism, to become a Jesuit and form a modern form of Secret Society called Illuminati. Though, Rosicrucians and Knights Templar could also be included. Also remember, the Jesuits were founded by Ignatius Loyola, a Jew converted to Catholicism, for the Spanish Inquisition. Now keep in mind that Pope Francis is a Jesuit and he supports reading the Quran and saying Muslim prayers in the Vatican and has now said Christians (Catholics) should not evangelize about Jesus to non-Christian faiths – Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. Back to Adam Weishaupt, as a Jesuit at a Catholic university in Ingolstadt, German territory, gets support from a Jewish Banker in Frankfurt. This Banker is Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changes his name to Mayer Amschel Rothschild ( Rotes Schild = Red Shield) , because of the Logo above the business’ door ( a red Hexagram = Star of David or Red Shield of a Knight , take your pick). From what Rothschild learns about lending out papernotes/ gold and his clients call on them and his Jewish Usury principle and that Rothschild can make more money lending out to Royalty/ Monarchies and nations than just individuals. Then with 5 sons he develops Banking houses in Frankfurt, Vienna, Naples, Paris and London and will thus be able to control nations. Rothschild would use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to gain access and control of Vatican Finances as well. Thus the modern schemes of banking are born. Thus in addition, the Rothschilds fund people like Charles Nelson Darby (modern versions/changes of Christianity) and Cyrus I. Scofield and his reference Bible. These 2 men with Rothschild money changed Christianities’ interpretation of Jews, the Chosen people and Endtimes Bible prophecies all in favour of JEWS /Zionism and the Rothschilds as controllers of IsraHell and the World (NWO). And this then brings us to TRUMP and the problems in the Middle East. Clear as MUD, right!

      1. right, Stormin’.
        only to add that at all times, at every step, there was stiff resistance to Lucifer Project, and people generally are unaware of or pay scarce attention to this fact, otherwise the sheep would have long ago been devoured by wolves—and this is my overriding focus, to try and gauge the status of this unseen, undeclared but by far the most important war—and to call people’s attention to it, and reap response of general indifference or ridicule, but like a wandering ragtag street corner preacher, to soldier on regardless.
        because as Rebbe Schneerson said, Hitler was a “Stupid Boy” for barging forward directly-openly (and honorably, honor being the most useless of all weapons in fight against Jew), so likewise, the straightforward interpretation of reported events is the one practically guaranteed to be wrong, a poisoned bacon fed to the dogs.
        Take this Suleimani debacle—what really happened, apart from the direct (“Stupid Boy”?) story.
        Several possibilities cannot be ruled out:
        Was he really killed? Was Osama bin Laden when they made that claim, what about al-Baghdadi, what about Epstein? I won’t go into various scenarios, only one could be right and ALL could be wrong—just saying.
        Consider that Israeli snakes have been trying for years to murder Suleimani (and Nasrallah), that they freely operate on all the US bases, including the Syrian and Iraqi ones and that they are tight with many US shabbo officers planted there by successive administrations, Clinton, Bush, Obama (who left an enormous number of traitors, hundreds in White House alone) and were ready and capable of any rogue, unauthorized provocation, providing Jews with easy human shield of American troops.
        Look at this Moon of Alabama article just one day prior to the Baghdad airport strike (emphasis mine):

        These were either caused by extreme summer heat or by ISRAELI air attacks launched from U.S. bases in Iraq or Syria. Most PMF leaders believe that the second is the case.
        There were also drone attacks on positions held by PMF at the Syrian Iraqi border at Abu Kamal/Al-Qa’im. These were likewise attributed to ISRAEL which allegedly flew the drones from U.S. bases in northeast Syria.

        and one can go on spinning theories of ever changing plausibility as the situation unfolds, only to say that it is very fluid, worth one’s while to remain skeptical, for example that photographed hand in the carnage wearing the same type heavy ring like Gen Suleimani was often seen with—kind of perfect, like Mohammad Atta’s passport in pristine condition lying on the sidewalk on 9/11.

        now if you’ll excuse me, gotta rejoin my procession in the fog (click on my icon 🙂 ) to keep an eye on the ball, many bouncing balls in fact.

  18. Maybe at long last this will unite the Shiites and the Sunnis against their common enemy/ies, and also unite their terrorist diaspora, oooops, I meant terrorists in the diaspora. Brace yourselves for more to come of all that we’ve seen before: mass casualties, propaganda lies in the MSM, and tsunamis of immigrants. And you’ll be asked to mourn some drowned immigrant kid washed up on a beach more than hundreds of thousands of dead Iranian babies. God help everyone … and a Happy New Year!

    1. Circ –

      “A little sign of things to come:” – VERY LITTLE!! 🙂
      …. as Al-Shabab resorts to lies…..

      It was SO successful that ONLY militants were killed!!

      Have the ‘rest of the story’ here:
      Kenya Defense Forces said an attempt was made at approximately 5:30 a.m. local time this morning to breach security at Manda Air Strip and that it had successfully been stopped and the air strip was safe.

      The U.S. military has confirmed that there has been a terror attack on a military base in Kenya that houses some U.S. military personnel. The Somali terror group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack that Kenyan authorities said had been repelled with four militants killed in the fighting.

      “U.S. Africa Command acknowledges there was an attack at Manda Bay Airfield, Kenya and is monitoring the situation,” said U.S Army Maj. Gen. William Gayler in a statement. “Al-Shabab resorts to lies, coercion, and the exertion of force to bolster their reputation to create false headlines …It is important to counter al-Shabab where they stand to prevent the spread of this cancer.”

      AND…. NO B-52s WITH NUKES NEEDED!! 🙂

      1. @ Pat:

        And yes Al-Shabab, is an Al-CIAda, Alqaeda/ISIS/Daesh offshoot and thus is Sunni Muslim based not Shia-Muslim. Thus there goes the lie and there goes the terror propaganda! Only dupes/ Sheeple believe that a terrorist is terrorist, without finding out about it backers, supporters and believes. I can see it now, some dupe is going to say that Nigerian Boko Haram is a Shia-Muslin faction. Now that Iran is the enemy and target, every terrorist is a Shia-Muslim

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