The Masquerade of Moral Order


Why would Big Pharma ever
want anyone to get well?

By John Kaminski
13 August 2020

The red scare has been replaced by the virus scare. High tech witchcraft has shut down the world. This is the highest artform of civilization — terror which cannot be empirically proven paralyzing the population with fear.

In fact, this is the formula for the total destabilization of human society — a brain rattling paranoia about a terrifying plague that does not exist, just as the enemy who did not exist (except the ones we paid for) caused us to go to war for 17 years and obliterate multiple (too many to count) countries.

Now instead of foreign countries, we are obliterating American citizens, using a test that doesn’t work for a disease no one can positively identify. Of course that minor detail doesn’t keep them from saying they have the perfect jab for you, and then all your troubles will be over, except you might need a booster shot, or two. This is the plan to put Big Pharma in charge of every aspect of your formerly independent life, and relieve you of the need to make decisions based on your own honest observations.

Meanwhile, two old men each in the pay of the Jewish billionaires now vie for the U.S. presidency. Each candidate tells his friends he is fighting for their freedom, but both candidates are really fighting for our slavery.

How much more information do you need to know that you can’t trust your government? The saddest part is that you never could, but the most dangerous part is that you never will as long as financial interests are in charge of the program that controls your life. Besides, there’s something worse to consider. This continuing soap opera clearly shows everyone that now the big item is that you can’t trust your doctor.

Truth remains inaccessible

Because of 9/11 we can’t have a serious talk about what the USA is doing to itself or others. All points made are inauthentic because they fail to acknowledge America’s leaders and their Israeli sponsors were complicit in this stupendous act of treason, mass murder and obstruction of justice. We now know what kind of criminals Clinton, Bush and their ilk actually are. Any would-be honest politician who tries to tell the truth about this matter is automatically excluded from the polite society in which people smile but are justifiably terrified for their lives should they mention certain irrefutable evidence exposing official lies.

The same process is happening today with intelligent individuals challenging the lies that have shut down the whole world on the basis of a contagion that can’t be conclusively proven to exist. And even if it could be, then they’d still have to explain how and why they created it themselves.

Your head starts to spin. It’s all such a fiendishly complex soap opera. We seek for the things we would like to be true but can’t seem to find them. Who can we turn to for a responsible, unbiased report on this matter? At this late date most candid observations have been erased from the worldwide web by the cyberspace censors who seek to prevent our enlightenment.

Now they’re talking about culling the population, likely using the Bill Gates death tattoo, which is not really a vaccine at all. It is meant to turn you into genetically modified individuals, functionally controllable by a central source. Let the phrase roll slowly off your tongue: this is the end of your individuality.

With sickness Big Pharma gets to control the world.
Why would they ever want anyone to get well?

“We want you sick!”

And how could we let them trick us to this degree? To the point that what they say, even though it can’t be proven, has led to the complete paralysis of world society today. This is truly the demonic power of spin, to get people to do what is against their best interests with a smile on their faces, which is the actual deal with both the masks and this alienating trick known as social distancing. Most people with an even rudimentary education know that you never quarantine the healthy.

Doctors as judge and jury

Despite the many catastrophic medical misstatements of the past, we ordinary citizens are powerless against a doctor’s diagnosis, no matter how erroneous it may be. Consider the fact that all vaccine makers by law are immune from liability for their very often poisoned products that are undeniably linked to autism and many other iatrogenic intrusions on your health.

Clearly this preposterous worldwide lockdown hoax camouflages a reshaping of the way the human community is organized. From now on, there will be no alternative to the government’s recommended way of doing things. No shot, no money, honey.

Demonic power of spin? That’s getting people to wear masks when science already knows they are bad for you, restricting your oxygen intake and allowing cancer to form and spread inside your body. Isolating children from their peers vastly increases their chances of mental instability and emotional insecurity in the future, most often leading to some kind of substance abuse for relief, which Big Pharma is always happy to provide.

If you can’t talk about everything, how can you legitimately claim to be searching for the truth? If you are not allowed to talk about everything, then it’s clear that you are living a lie. But in the year 2020, throughout the world, the objective truth has been declared illegal, all because of the totalitarian censorship practiced by all electronic media, which enthusiastically block truthful information the public must be prevented from knowing lest Jewish lies and crimes be revealed for all to see.

This has become crystalline clear to anyone who uses the Internet. If you transgress their mind-numbing rules, you are prohibited from further public discourse, a technique more erosive of Freedom of Speech than any other method ever attempted.

These days, the truth is defined by what Google, Facebook and Amazon say it is. Three Jewish companies practice widespread suppression of original thought in favor of a rigid formula to enslave the minds of the masses.

Also including Twitter and the other burgeoning tech methods of communication, all are ruled by this inviolable defense of Israel’s lies and all her criminal activities, foremost of which is the Jewish ability to shut down communications around the world in order to spread their poisoned dogma of artificial history, a perspective which always overlooks the psychotic perfidy Jewish criminals use to define the political character of the world.

Immune to reason

This is why it’s impossible to argue with a Jew about Jewish matters. Their warped teachings have made them immune to reason.

All other ideas opposed to the Jewish singularity with all money controlled electronically are simply not to be contemplated, at the risk of losing your access to money, or your position in polite society, where you may no longer speak about everything that’s on your mind, but only what the government allows. Certainly never anything about Jews, for they are the people who determine what the rest of us are allowed to say.

Some of these politicians like to speak about a new moral order. Always implicit is the shadow of their big club to pound you into submission. There is nothing moral about the moral order and never has been. perhaps never will be.

So who are these people who claim to be our moral betters?

Bill Gates has become a real life Dr. Strangelove, salivating over the lives he plans to flush with his magical concoctions. Dr. Fauci is best known for thousands of needless deaths caused by his invention, the anti-AIDS drug known as AZT.

This is precisely why the world is out of balance. It is because the moral order is a hoax, a ruse for mind control that could not be more injurious to the people who believe these farfetched, physically impossible tales. By believing in the moral order, you give up your right to think clearly. Worse, you will be hard pressed to find any government official who agrees with you.

The coming presidential election is a choice between tyranny and mayhem, all designed to perpetually disappear our freedoms.

Where are the Berrigans? Where are the Father Coughlins? Where are the religious crusaders who remind us that we have souls? Where are the principled people arguing for morality rather than dividends? Hmm, maybe they’re at the bank waiting to withdraw their funds.

Today’s church officials still pretend to counsel us but they continue to do nothing to ease the miseries of the world, because they are so caught up in continuing the financial free ride the government has given them if they just keep their mouths shut about not only the crimes they tolerate but the crimes they commit themselves.

As world society slips deeper in this enforced coma, the authorities keep telling us all these precautions are for our own good, but after they are enacted we see the opposite is true every time.

They have the auspices, provided by corrupt media they own, of saying they speak for humanity, but they are only speaking for themselves and their profit margins. This is probably the greatest mistake Americans have ever made — that is, believing what their Jewish corporate media have been telling them all these years.

Sole source of mayhem and misery

The causes of conflict throughout the 20th century and before have been the Jewish manipulations of public reality, achieved through control of media, made possible by control of money. Roughly, from Nathan Rothschild in 1815 to Dr. Fauci in 2020.

The basis of their complete omnilevel dominance of today’s social structure is their mastery of the greatest swindle in world history, the creation of money out of nothing, as Josiah Stamp, once director of the Bank of England, once reminded us.

Control of media most especially implies control of medicine. Public advertising jingles created a drug culture that has blotted out our natural healthful patterns and ingrained in us addictions that were better left untried, not to mention penises that were better left in their original state, perhaps the best example of the dark practices of medicine that pollute its reputation today.

Jew Communists have stolen the world’s soul, smashed it to pieces in the ruins of Orthodox churches, and then bought it by buying the souls of Zionist Christians with tales told by Scofield the Swindler. Toss in a little Bernays, get women to smoke in order to be liberated, and you have the archetypal Jewish social scam that by now, nearly a century later, has brought America to its dilapidated knees.

Only a Jew could promise that you could live forever just by uttering a few simple words.

And worse than that, what inner illness makes people glory in the misery of others?

If a religion is not for everybody, it’s not a religion at all.

A religion in which you worship yourself or your clan can be nothing but narcissistic megalomania, which is precisely the psychological disease that is killing all life on the planet. All the religions I know prepare their followers to kill everyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking we know everything. Because in fact, we know nothing, which makes learning the most important thing we could possibly do.

Masquerade of the moral order? They know what they tell you is a lie, but they keep on telling it and the world keeps on bleeding.

Does anyone still consider the Pope a real Catholic, given all the statements he has made insisting homosexuals are more important than Jesus?

Religions are not about forgiveness, or salvation, or grace. Religions are about power, power over your mind and power to commit atrocities and claim they are behaving like heroes trying to save the imaginary soul of humans, which they have created as the fulcrum of their power.

As riots spread across the land, we have seen just a taste of what open borders will bring.

Who is there fix this? He is nowhere to be found.

In any of our religious preferences, there is no moral to be found. They all are about the application of power and are often cloaked in altruistic sentiments. Do not forget this when the times comes you are asked about what it is you actually believe?

If you don’t say what they want you to say, then you need to prepare yourself for an agonizing future.

If anybody asks you this question, you should be terrified unless you are willing to let the state decide what it is you actually want.

The moral order pretends to be moral but by now you should know it is anything but. And it is on this suspicious philosophy parroted by people you wouldn’t trust on a bet that our increasingly dubious future depends.


36 thoughts to “The Masquerade of Moral Order”

  1. Big Pharma is evil all right. I have been more damaged by prescription drugs, dished out to me by zombie doctors on the payroll of Big Pharma, than I have been by any other agency.

  2. Remember the Jewish Sackler family in America who were responsible for getting millions of Americans addicted to dangerous opioids like OxyContin.

    Thank you, Jews! And thank you, you dumb assholes called “doctors” who think you have the right to poison the public with dangerous prescription drugs. You need to be strangled to death with your own stethoscopes.

    I’ve been more harmed by doctors than I have been by deadly cobras and scorpions.

    1. Imagine a magic drug that cured all diseases, that took away all pain, and that conferred a vibrant old age with longevity. Would they market this miracle drug? Not on your life! Big Pharma would at once make itself redundant and no doctors would ever again be needed.

      I know of a Russian scientist working on such a drug in a secret laboratory in Central Asia.

      He’d be a target for instant assassination by Big Pharma if they got wind of his activities and where he lived. That’s why he’s lying low. Not even the Russians know about him.

      So how come I know about him…?

      Because I am his daughter. We have no messages going between us, either by internet or snail mail, let alone by telephone. We just meet up once a year at a prearranged location. This way we cannot be traced and live below the radar.

      The authorities have no reason to suspect us, since we are not engaged in any criminal activities. Illicit drugs, money laundering, slave trafficking, none of those sordid activities concern us. Unless it’s a “criminal activity” to work on a secret drug that could be a panacea for all human suffering.

      My story would make good background material for a bestselling Thomas Harris novel.


        Sparrow –

        If such a drug ever comes into existence, the marketing of it would be suicide.

        1. I know. But my father is on the brink of discovering the elixir vitae, the panacea for old age, sickness and pain. It would be a blessing for mankind.

          When Dad put his idea to the major pharmaceutical company he was working for as a key researcher, asking naively if they would fund his research, they found an excuse to confiscate all his files and dismiss him on the grounds that he was medically unfit. Three women suddenly stepped forward to say he had sexually harassed them and tried to seduce them with bull semen injected into Swiss chocolates. Quite absurd. The firm’s resident psychiatrist then completed a report saying he was suffering from a mild form of paranoid schizophrenia.

          Soon after this he began to receive death threats in the small rural community (in Oregon) where he had taken refuge. As a result, he decided to return to Russia, from which he had come originally some years before. I and Mother were left behind. I am half-Russian, half-American (on the maternal side).

          One of these days I hope Dad will discover the elixir, because I am crippled with pain and long for relief. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with a society that can send a man to the moon and can’t even invent a painkiller that works?

      2. Better than bull serum 🙂 for longevity:
        Alpha Lipoic Acid
        Astragulus Root Extract
        Grapeseed Extract
        Olive Leaf Extract
        Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins
        Vitamin D3
        Vitamin E (tocotrienols)
        Vitamin K2

        1. PAT:

          “Better than bull serum 🙂 for longevity: [LONG LIST OF CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES].”

          Maybe you’re right. I’m not questioning your expertise. However, I never claimed my dad was using bull serum. I said he was “falsely accused” of lacing Swiss chocolate with bull serum, maybe because “bull serum” sounds pretty yucky.

          I haven’t got a clue if chemical substances were even involved. I’m thinking along the lines of electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex. Or neurosurgery. There are people right now who experience no pain whatever because they have a unique genetic anomaly in the brain. My dad would go on about the hippocampus. Hormones affect the brain (e.g. serotonin, dopamine etc), but many hormones have yet to be discovered and isolated.

          Anyway, I’m not questioning your expertise, OK? I know nothing about this weird subject. My dad’s the expert, not me! 🙂

        2. @ Pat
          @ Anyone else

          Will someone do Admin a favor and see if you can gain access to the Occidental Observer site from your location:

          We rely heavily on this excellent White Nationalist website and can no longer gain access to it. Yesterday we received a notice that they had put up a “new firewall” which was creating problems. Today we get a simpler message: “FORBIDDEN”.

          The Darkmoon site received a mysterious message two days ago, allegedly from Google, telling us we can expect problems from August 31 if we don’t take certain steps which involve clicking on various links to receive advice and assistance from them. To be on the safe side, we have clicked on no links, since we suspect the email could be a trap of some kind. (Containing a virus).

          If you have computer expertise, your input would be appreciated.

          First, just let me know if you can still read articles on Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer site. We can no longer do so. ALL ACCESS DENIED.

          Many thanks,


      3. TOBY – I had the same results. “403 FORBIDDEN”.

        SPARROW – Limbic Arc tech uses the brain’s limbic system:
        Dr. Cook explains how emotions affect wellness through the Triad of Health, the basics of the Zero-Point Field, how products are added to the Limbic Arc library, and demonstrates the Limbic Arc app.

        1. @ Pat

          TOBY – I had the same results. “403 FORBIDDEN”.

          Many thanks, Pat. Also thanks to you, Homer, for your valuable input on the latest Philip Giraldi thread. I wonder what the Occidental Observer is supposed to have done to deserve a “403 FORBIDDEN” notice slapped upon it? Things are beginning to look a bit grim. TOO is one of the last bastions of free speech. The articles it publishes are unparalleled for their meticulous scholarship. As for Kevin MacDonald, he has never written or published anything that is not intellectually defensible. So this is all the more very strange and fills me with foreboding.

      4. I subscribe to TOO, and have noticed I’ve stopped getting it. Also, Incogman has been banned. “History Reviewed”, published by a South Afrikaner, is also in trouble (but I am still receiving his emails). Yes, Lasha, it seems very gloomy for our kind, and I’m glad I’m a reclusive old country boy and not around a lot of people. When I go anywhere there are lots of zombies wearing diapers on their faces, I hurry and get my business done, and get-the-hell out. Not as strong as I used to be – I can still SHOOT. 😈💪🙂

  3. From the great article:

    “With sickness Big Pharma gets to control the world. Why would they ever want anyone to get well?”
    “And how could we let them trick us to this degree?”

    The television and internet ads and news(sic) reach the subconscious mind and inject fear, the great motivator, second only to pain. AND it is the relief of pain that instills the huge misplaced faith and trust in the global pharmas.

  4. An observed doctors tale from “the best health system in the world” Australia.
    Commercial medical centers in somewhat racist rural and metropolitan Australia are the new fa$hion in the superior Australian medical world and are staffed these days with a majority of colored 3rd world “doctors” “hand picked and selected from mostly Muslim countries and of other parts of the 3rd world and easily transformed to the regulatory fashion of “official medical Money making” while providing ONLY Pharmaceutical supplements that always treat symptoms, become highly addictive over time but never cure the cause of the disease.
    One visit to the new generation of “LAPTOP DOCTORS” in their tiny cells equipped with empty shelves, sterile blank white walls, a sparkling sink and a small “examining table” with the biggest space taken by “the table of operations” – the desk that holds the most important “modern medical instrument” – the laptop of the practitioner that contains ALL the patients previous records of prescriptions. A regular visit of a 10 minute time frame is charged to Medicare at A$ 79.00 while ALL medical government forms and certificates require a “long appointment” of 15 to 20 minutes which is to be charged double. During both of these appointments the Laptop doctor who hardly looks at or communicates with his patient (rather mumbles into his laptop screen while reading) the “medical specialist” will never “treat” more than one symptom, disease or problem at a time though will order ALL usual obligatory tests to be carried out through amalgamated and AMA approved agencie$ while requesting another return visit to run down another ONE TREATMENT for ONE SYMPTOM to “cure” and to be paid for by Medicare.
    The laptop doctor himself has no or very little knowledge of alternative cures, treatments or natural supplements and will take refusal of pharmaceutical products by a patient as a personal insult on his acquired medical skills. In my case “my Pakistani practitioner” even makes sure looking the other way if his ways crosses mine in the hall way of the medical center.
    In my life of a little over 60 years I have met incredible medical doctors from all over the world. Among them were medical specialists that could diagnose peoples health problems just through their own medical expertise after a few minutes of consultation, observation and communication and without the need for tests, X rays and blood samples. I also always was drawn to (now extinct or very rare) doctors that tried first to point out wrong life styles, habits and diets and hardly ever wrote prescriptions to their recovering patients. Instead advice was given on how to become healthy naturally through a correct diet, specific exercises and while accepting alternate treatments of acupuncture, acupressure, mediation and hypnosis before referring to big Pharma or surgery as the last resort. Time never seemed to matter for those doctors (and their patients who gladly waited their turn) at all!
    My first doctor was a practicing 70+ old German veteran who in WW2 was POW in Siberia while operating under terrible conditions and with a pocket knife as a scalpel. He too knew the human physical body perfectly in his sleep and was capable of diagnosing hidden illnesses in a flash. Those DOCTORS were DOCTORS and cared for fellow man.
    “My” Pakistani or any other Middle eastern or African “medical specialist” that are working in the best big Pharma guided Health system of the world and are cashing in on the crumbs big Pharma leaves are NOT medical doctors IMHO. They are glorified but bribed pharmacists.
    May God help them once the system they are gladly working for today will burn them together with their patients in time to come.

    1. Eat well, sleep well, avoid sugar and alcohol, and get on trt if you are male. For most men that is enough to stay healthy into old age. Personally, i want more research into the effects of hormones like hgh in the elderly. Trt has been talked about endlessly but hgh is good for joints and ligaments that start to fail when you get old.

      1. And then what CANADIAN GOY? Longevity in hell where death rules life and decaying, depending bodies? Everything eventually will fail in an ageing body. For some earlier than others. It is a genetic combination of acquired imperfections from generations of ancestors. Death of the body will be guaranteed either way! It is a condition of birth.
        In regards to Testosterone. Some say that Fenugreek is a great natural booster.

  5. I remembered the other day, Henry Fonda did a TV ad for someone a few decades ago, maybe somebody was running for office… He said that one day the truth would come about the Vietnam war, what a wrong number it was, that eventually the people of the USA would look back on it and see it for what it really was…
    It occurred to me then that the Vietnam war was a hoax too, that word could be applied to it…
    In fact, hoaxes, as perpetrated upon those at the lower levels of the info-pyramid are what it’s all about…
    The security state, as long a it is a security state, cannot allow the general public to have the correct information, and nobody there is going to mind if big-pharma puts together a multi-trillion dollar national and global virus boondoggle, that reduces constitutional freedoms and takes greater control over the masses…
    It’s a state of class warfare, we just haven’t been told about it…
    I guess there probably are no real doctors left now, not since Managed Healthcare…

  6. John Kaminski is a Hero Of Our Times as this, his latest Tour De Force, testifies.

    Too bad he’s been preaching to a congregation of craven cowards all these years.

    “You don’t have permission to access this resource.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    Seems to me to be a technical error. Look up code 403 below:

    This could be caused by mistake by their site admin or a malicious hack.

  8. @ Flan O’Brien

    Thanks for your input, Flan. I am deeply worried about all this. Because whether it’s a technical error or not, no one can access the Occidental Observer right now. Of course I’m hoping it’s just a technical glitch and that Kevin MacDonald may be able to resolve the difficulty soon.

    1. The Darkmoon site has received a seemingly threatening email 2-3 days go, allegedly from Google, telling us to expect big problems on or after 31 August unless we take certain steps which involve clicking on various links in the same email. We suspect this could be a bogus email, NOT actually from Google but just pretending to be from Google. So we have not clicked on any potentially damaging link within the suspect email.

      We are basically waiting to see what happens on August 31. If nothing happens, we’ll know the email is a malicious attempt to infect our site with a bug. We’ve had this happen before, so we are always on our guard.

      Many dissident sites are experiencing mysterious problems right now, including Truthseeker, Incogman, the Occidental Observer, and the Darkmoon site. We are told this is an attempt to disable a number of dissident sites because a big surprise is due in the next few months leading up to the election, particularly a big surprise in October.

      If you and anyone else here with technical expertise have any ideas on what could be going on, by all means let us have the benefit of your thoughts.

      1. Jo is right (below) and I have also pointed out that serving the enemies of humanity (California tech giants) may not be a good idea. This was based on looking how the DM site was built (see

        The ip address of is

        If DM goes offline you may try typing into your browser

        The “offline” could be cause by:

        1. Search Engines, especially Google, that simply remove sites from their index so that they cannot be found by a search.

        2. Removal of sites from Domain Name servers. This can be done at ISP or country level. Best to use or read up how to use this free service:
        Do not use your ISP’s Domain Name Server that you are probably using right now.

        3. Blocking of sites by IP address at ISP or country level. In this case using will not work and you will have to resort to using This is a modified Firefox browser. Best to install it preemptively. Using it will certainly cause your ip address to be logged by spooks.

        I suggest the best policy for any free speech site is to use free-speech friendly Iceland – internet is fast and prices cheap enough. This is what has done, a site you may all know of.

        WordPress that this site is based on is probably secure enough but best remove and 3rd party addons.
        This addon is popular for site security.
        Then no need for Google Captcha.

        OO is offline for technical reasons – an accident or a hack.

  9. Last comment to admin Toby was blocked. this is a test.
    Test was not blocked.
    I suppose last post was blocked cos I mentioned and/or its ip address.
    In which case this edited post will also be blocked

    1. Flan,

      Your last post wasn’t “blocked”. You are using the wrong word. It was held up for moderation. DELAYED, not blocked. Comments are always held up for moderation if you use too many links in the same post. Three links is the maximum. You used four links.

      There’s a good reason for limiting the number of links in each post, but if you don’t already know what they are … it would take too long to explain! 🙂

      Check # 7. Monitored comments here:

      1. @ Flan

        As “Old Timer” says, your post wasn’t “blocked” — it was just held up temporarily for monitoring because it contained FOUR LINKS, one too many. Too many links are undesirable in one post because an excessive number of links is a common feature of spam comments. Hence THREE links is the recommended maximum per post.

      2. Understood. The links were about 3 in number.
        Anyway the post was for Admin Toby. As long as it reaches him in Spam.

  10. GLOBAL ‘MASK-A-RAID’!!?? Sick people cannot fight back or resist.

    Man, 26, suffers collapsed lung after jogging 2.5 miles while wearing face mask!!

    Schools in China have banned pupils wearing face masks during PE lessons, after three boys died while using the coverings and taking part in running sessions…

    Doctors say his condition was caused by the high pressure on the man’s organ, due to his intense breathing while wearing the face covering.

  11. If anyone really doubts that BigPharma is evil, ask yourself this question:
    Why hasn’t the cure for cancer been found? Considering the American Cancer Society, et al, receive billions of dollars ever year. Yet, all they’ve come up with for the last 40 years is a ‘treatment’ which actually accelerates cancer long term.

    The AMA doesn’t cure anything. They ‘TREAT’! (here’s some candy, now go home and stay sick)
    It was also the AMA who actively and successfully suppressed the homeopathic and natural medicine industry by threatening any doctor caught practicing these alternatives with loss of license. This was back in the late 18’s and early 1900’s. But the effect has been far reaching. The WHO is/was pushing CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (revised and re-branded now) – a plan to reduce (BY LAW) the active ingredient content of natural supplements to a level so low it would be nothing more than a placebo. We can well imagine the AMA involvement in such planning.

    ASIDE: I remember many (30+) years ago hearing on the radio (WBBM am), while i was driving to work, the following little blurb: “This just in…… the British Cancer Society, the British Heart Foundation and the British lung Foundation give their money to……….the British Tobacco Industry.”
    There was a pregnant pause as thought the announcer just realized what SHE had read, then she quickly moved on to another story. I almost had an accident. I had to pull over to digest what I had just heard.
    I contacted the station, identified the announcer, the time it was aired and the contents. They had no record of the story. I contacted the leading investigative journalist of the station (CBS affiliate) and left information on what I had heard, hoping for some sort of response. I never got anything.

    But let’s just say this story somehow slipped under the radar and got read. For what reason? Who knows. But let’s just say it’s true. Its implications are enormous. Can you imagine the amount of monetary exchange going on between these industries?
    Well, as I could certainly never prove it without deep investigation, I let it slide. But I always remember it as an indicator of what the Medical INDUSTRY might be capable of – and when there’s LOTS of munny involved I air on the side of caution.

  12. Australian “opposition” health spokesman Chris Bowen welcomed the announcement that the (Aussie) government was in negotiations for advanced supply agreements but argued Australia was behind the rest of the world. He also added: “We need at least 60 per cent of the population to be vaccinated as soon as possible and of course in due course, every Australian to be vaccinated for COVID-19 when that vaccine is available.”
    Australia’s “political opposition of the official government” at its best again while talking with an identical tongue as the “elected” official regime of bribed and hollow political career confusionists of the royal order of Zion down under.
    while elsewhere in a very, very different world of reality:
    “Health officials should require a two-week quarantine of all children and adults who receive vaccinations,” says Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. “This is the minimum amount of time required to prevent transmission of infectious diseases to the rest of the population, including individuals who have been previously vaccinated.”

  13. “Why would Big Pharma ever want anyone to get well?”

    Hhhmmmm. And who, pray, ensures that Big Pharma’s river of Patients is overflowing, and ever flowing deep and strong?

    Big Tobacco, Fast Food Industry, and Alcohol Industry.


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