The New Dark Age

15 December 2020

Where truth is
the last thing
that matters


“. . . the totalitarian quicksand we are sinking into . . .”
— John Kaminski

The December sun, never very bright anywhere on the north side of our planet, nevertheless seems dimmer this year. Come to think of it, it seems dimmer every year.

I wonder if that’s simply a sign of ever advancing age as the physical light within us naturally dims with age, or if the collective environmental karma of the human species that we lately breathe in the glyphosate of big city bus exhaust is simply making everything grayer, the way it was in 19th century England at the dawn of the Industrial Age when the factory slums were covered in coal dust, rust and typhoid fever, or the way it is now in every brown-aired megacity in the entire world.

Of course, the dinosaur fever trend has now switched from hot to cold. Ten years ago global warming guru Guy McPherson was prancing around the planet telling everyone to kiss their ass goodbye because we were going to burn up in a few decades as tsunamis of methane erupted from the Arctic Ocean. But because of the long pause in sunspots these past few years, now informed solar system talk is all about global cooling, and a many dire catastrophe scenarios have surely grown up about that. The worst of these is probably this one:

In any case this switch in secret government policy to back off on the chemtrail program seems to have reduced the number of recent pollution that has blighted our skies. Why did they conduct such a radical messing with nature in the first place? Two reasons. Sure, to prevent global warming, they said. Based on the false assumption we could even do such a thing, we clothed the Earth in a sulfurous shield, that now is being joined by 5G beams that will fry the rest of us who weren’t done in by the aluminum, barium, strontium-90 and blood-borne products as known components of the chemtrails.

Bogus preachers, bad doctors, websites disingenuously promising to be on our side — from every angle, darkness encroaches on the brightness that has given us life. Slimy sex perverts with lots of money work tirelessly to make it happen. Independent integrity is berated by the misled majority as they burn down businesses built by their brothers and then spend the cash they got from Jewish billionaires on senseless baubles they never needed which they inevitably pawned later to support whatever addiction they chose to escape their misery.

Interesting how both preachers and teachers practice the enforced silence about who is really running everything, because the profits they receive for not talking about it far exceed the penalties they would accrue for trying to alert the public about the danger that is kept secret by all the authorities in every generation.

As evangelists evangelize to quell the lingering doubts about their beliefs buried deep in their souls, so humans bury themselves in their own trivia which they find very meaningful but which obscures any chance they might see the logic of working for peace and justice rather than sappy self-absorption with slick sports or sex scenarios.

Don’t kid yourself: we all work for war as long as we live in a system that requires the constant spilling of human blood to fund the placid opulence in which most Americans have been privileged to live their lives. Not to admit that merely guarantees its continuation.

It should come as no surprise to a nation that has shed the blood of every nation on Earth would one day reap what it has so unconsciously sowed during the past two centuries. This Jewish predilection to destroy civilization is centuries old, and ordinary people have always been too distracted by the necessities of life to notice their constant sabotage of the higher human values.

The way I see it, the forces of darkness have just about eclipsed the forces of light on this planet.

Think about it. Who can you trust? Is there anybody out there who can safely say you trust with your life?

I wouldn’t count on any doctors, politicians or preachers. They can help you only if you buy their products and services, which are all mostly poisonous.

Humanity is being consumed by its own faulty propaganda. Turned into luckless lemmings, we applaud the very villains who are destroying us, thanks to mass media we absolutely cannot trust.

It’s like a minideath of reality, everything’s gone gray. Every bit of truth seems to be being replaced by disingenuous propaganda all aimed at selling you something.

You can measure the health of a society by the health of its activities, notably its physical athletic activities.

Countries with no athletic activity to speak of are usually countries where people are just trying to survive and have no need of elective physical activity to keep them healthy. The sedentary countries need sports to keep themselves from turning into chocolate chip blobs.

Hence appears the barometer of a country’s athletic activity measuring the larger health of the nation.

Really I think you reach the nadir of human hope when rumors of those who have reached the heights of human wealth are the very people who push the buttons that cause wars and tighten the financial rules at just the right time force the rest of us to starve.

People who buy things from Amazon are actually assisting the Deep State into imposing Communism around the world. Amazon profits from the lockdown by putting millions of small businesspeople out of business for good. This did not happen by accident, but the general public realizes so little of the forces of fleece that like the kosher tax it is totally overlooked by ordinary people who bother to balance their checkbooks.

Now you simply cannot balance your checkbook because your money has all been taken away. When Trump magically created the $13 trillion to combat the phony epidemic, it meant your money was now worthless and began a process where the banks could buy everything, leading to the end goal of Communism which is when the state owns everything, including all the people in it.

This is a far cry from what was written in the U.S. Constitution, which was once regarded as the most noble effort in world history but now has gone rancid as every four years two Jew shills fight for the right to continue to be president of the increasingly unconscious American electorate.

Those Amazon Prime trucks are starting to scare me; they’re showing up everywhere. I saw them coming down the road, nine of them, a fleet headed for Englewood. These trucks are replacing all those small businesses that have been ordered closed during this phony pandemic. As the years pass and the people get poorer and hungrier, I would not be surprised to see those Amazon Prime trucks be outfitted with automatic weapons when the hungry homeless masses begin to realize the value of what’s in those satanic delivery vehicles.

The world is caught up in a gigantic hoax. There is no pandemic. There is no need for lockdowns, they’re killing our children. And certainly there is no need for a vaccination for a disease that they can’t prove exists. Governments enforcing draconian rules about a fake epidemic should be dismissed at once, and dealt with severely if they resist. They have forfeited their positions of public trust by assisting in this false epidemic that attempts to turn the world into a giant Communist state within which no dissent will ever be tolerated.

If they could convince you Joe Biden was a competent presidential candidate who garnered a record number of votes without really campaigning, then you are a bonafide citizen of the new dark age. You would accept anything as long as they kept feeding your addictions and compulsions, which they have etched in your consciousness.

If they could convince you that taking a vaccination will prevent you from getting sick, you’d take any kind of shot they offer, especially if they want to pay you for it, wouldn’t you? No, most people wouldn’t. Were they to be starving, they might change their minds. I think that is part of the plan.

Close the businesses, give people the shot, watch them die. This process has only just begun. Wait until the people start dying for real.

Unless you see the tentacles already stretching to enslave you, to confine you in the numbers racket totally controlled by the puppetmasters, then there is no hope for your return to consciousness.

I’d like to say it was nice knowing you, but it wasn’t, because most ordinary citizens who paid their taxes and never complained much about what their government did are the ones most directly responsible for the destruction of the free world, because their silence in the face of their government’s constant crimes has resulted in the totalitarian quicksand we are sinking into today, when you can’t trust anybody and where truth is the last thing that matters.


25 thoughts to “The New Dark Age”

  1. John wrote:
    “Those Amazon Prime trucks are starting to scare me; they’re showing up everywhere. I saw them coming down the road, nine of them, a fleet headed for Englewood. These trucks are replacing all those small businesses that have been ordered closed during this phony pandemic. As the years pass and the people get poorer and hungrier, I would not be surprised to see those Amazon Prime trucks be outfitted with automatic weapons when the hungry homeless masses begin to realize the value of what’s in those satanic delivery vehicles.”

    The Amazon logo is a curved penis. To me that means…. “SCREW THE WORLD!!”

  2. Methane. They actually try to scare the sheep with methane when it is measured in parts per billion. The methane hoax was an addon to the global warming by CO2 hoax, which is measured in parts per million. The media pumped these gases into your mind and gave away trillions in subsidizes to con men like Elon Musk, who’s Tesla stock became greater than god. Now everyone believes minute trace gases control the thermodynamics of a planet.

    Tesla has never made a profit yet it is worth more than all the Jap and Amerikan and European car companies combined. Market share of Tesla firecrackers is 1/2 of one percent. Tesla reported a profit once or twice by selling $500,000,000 of electric car subsidizes. Imagine that – a half billion in “profit” by selling credits not cars.

    Now Elon Musk, when not smoking dope on Joe Rogan’s radio show, brags his back hurts because his junk is so big:

    Bonfire of the vanities as stocks go to Mars like an Elon Musk spaceships, where we will all be living there in just a decade cause Elon is greater than God. Wow, I just can’t wait to live on Mars and do slave labor for some corporation, I think Arnold Schwartzneggar made a movie about how wonderful it would be.

    I don’t know about you, I have no desire to live in outer space with Borg humans wired into the mainframe. I like the native elder wisdom, walk softly, carry water, chop wood. I think I will go meditate on a rock in a river then go build a treehouse in the redwoods. I am not interested in this runaway high tech Borg insanity. Can you imagine your mind permanently wired to those Talmudic perverted weirdo chosen ones?

    That would make a good movie, have some good gentile boy’s mind get taken over by a raging Jewish supremacist pervert mind. Oh yeah, that is happening in real life with glorifying war with warcraft gaming and internet porn.

    The world is ruled by monsters who lie about everything. For some reason no one thinks of taking away the media’s license to broadcast so many lies and falsehoods that the public has no idea which way is up anymore. Down is up, left is right, and cows are a threat, so we can’t eat meat. All us Goy gotta eat Soy to save the planet.

    Demonizing methane from cows is such a joke, because termites produce far more, and what about all them buffalo we killed? They all farted just like them cows. So when the buffalo roamed methane wasn’t a threat but with cows it is? C’mon people think! Here is a pic of a farmer outfitting a cow with a methane bag:

    If you don’t think that is sick then you ain’t my friend. Leave the frikin’ cows alone you retards!

    1. Great post Yukon Jack, Thank you.

      Knowledge derives from the Creator, as large numbers of genius and higher conscious persons attest to.

      The desire by atheist elite controllers with dysfunctional over-dominant cerebrums to wire-up humanity into a “high tech Borg insanity” (your term) is nothing less than abrupt devolution, a lobotomy that surgically removes connection to God and prevents further progress … which is why I call these elites Neo Neanderthals.

      So called Artificial Intelligence, a collection of switches operating according to mathematical goals is a dead end. Not all knowledge is mathematical. Mathematical knowledge is a limited domain (Godel).

      A race of Schwab-Borg will rest forever on the low rung of evolution due to the limitations above and will ultimately self destruct.

      I am sure these limited creatures such Musk and Scwabb visited the beautiful natural area where you live they would be left unmoved.

      1. FLAN O’BRIEN

        I fail to see the connection between ‘these elites’ and what today are being called ‘Neanderthals’ by academics. Please elaborate.

        From what I can observe it seems to me that if any group should be considered being dis-connected from the Creator and further progress it would be religious types of the Abrahamic type. There were no clouds, burning bushes or pillars of cloud that had mastered the art of speaking in them days yet 🙂

  3. Quoting Yukon Jack

    “The world is ruled by monsters who lie about everything. For some reason no one thinks of taking away the media’s license to broadcast so many lies and falsehoods that the public has no idea which way is up anymore.”

    some of these lies are :

    1.The earth is a globe spinning at 666 miles per hour,faster than some bullets.Yet ocean waters remain on the surface of the earth . Think about the rinse cycle of your household washer.
    2.Fat is very bad for you , yet God punished the Jews by making fat unlawful for them to eat.hey have some”I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER”
    3.Man landed on the moon .They were so sure of their success back in 1969 when they launched the mission of their technology that they decided to broadcaste the event LIVE for the whole world to see .
    4.The sun is 93 million miles away and stationary and being bigger than earth.Mocking God who created us from dust,and glorifying Satan who was greated from fire.
    5.Petrol came from burried dinosaurs.every mammal quickly disintegrates and becomes dust and bones as soon as they die.
    We are constantly brainwashed . If you bought this corona virus hoax , it is because you bought many lies before like the ones mentioned above .This is no conspiracy . We have been living with conspiracies since Adam and Eve when Satan conspired and kicked out heaven and Satan is conspiring against man till the end of life .Remember,THE GREATEST CONSPIRACY OF ALL IS THE CLAIM THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY.

    1. Here’s another one for you, why does the surface of the earth have all the light minerals while deep down the heavier elements? If you are spinning a ball then the heavier materials would go to the outside, right?

      Another question, how fast would earth have to spin at the equator to fling humans off into space? A lot faster. At current rotation rates the gold stays deep, water stays in place, and humans are not flying off the ball. The reason? Gravitational force is greater than the centrifugal force and you can’t feel the spin because you can only feel accelerations.

      1. This is what the Quran said . God created the heavens and the earth , placed a dome over the earth to protect it and challenged man to go through it, man will never be able to do that. God says i did not make man a witness to the creation of the heavens and the earth . Science should catch up with what God had said , i,e, flat earth under a dome ,not the other way around .No such thing as gravity , it’s all about density . how can you explain the moon’s gravity pulling up the waters of the oceans but not the waters of the lakes? The great flood of Noah,peace be upon him,can only happen on a flat earth , not on a globe .As a muslim , either i believe the Quran or NASA ,so i believe the word of God with no hesitation .Finally, no one could reach the ends of the earth,nor could man dig the earth deeper than 8 miles .What makes you think man can reach high enough to touch the dome?

    1. “An inclusive capitalism that leaves no one behind, that discards none of our brothers or sisters, is a noble aspiration, worthy of our best efforts.”

      It should rather mean: “An inclusive capitalism that leaves no Entrepreneur behind and that discards all useless brothers or sisters and that is a noble spiritual aspiration, worthy of our best efforts in religious bloodletting and sacrifice of life that has ever happened in history on Earth”.
      “The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican is a global nonprofit organization established under the auspices of the Vatican with the moral guidance of Pope Francis. Our mission is to harness the potential of the private sector to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted form of capitalism.”

  4. I am a big fan of the New Dark Age. With Jews in control of information then surely we are going into another dark age. And what might set us into one is another little ice age. The dark age coincides with the fall in temperatures.

    I love to talk to everyone, and it is my observation that what most people think is media spin, not reality or science. The reason has to be the television pumping nonsense into their heads 24/7 but also that most people are herd animals, they agree with the dominant group to get along.

    It takes alot of energy to go against the flow so most people just agree and surrender their minds to the propaganda, and oh boy do they get mad when you tell them their viewpoint is wrong even though they know it is wrong – they get emotional because you are calling out their mental laziness and moral cowardice.

    Having correct information in today’s world takes superhuman energy and discipline. Almost no one has it, nor can they get it. So count yourself lucky if you know the truth about some topic because most people don’t and are never going to get there.

    For instance most people are ardent believers in Global Warming, and almost none of them to the man has every studied it, and if they did they would certainly get lost in the massive volumes of propaganda. If you (actually) want to get de-brainwashed then I suggest Tony Heller as the source of climate reality information.

    Tony Heller is the go to guy to get out of the Jew caused information dark age. If you just want to be lazy you can read my essays on climate change. I wrote like a hundred of them and I have no idea if I ever changed a single persons mind – try searching “yukon jack global warming essays” or go here:

    Since science is boring and tedious I have few words and many pictures. You ought to get a new viewpoint that things are not the way they say they are on the boob tube. I love that meme “boob tube” because it describes so well the TV, it has lots of cleavage and big boobs, or clown like actors playing president. At the end of the day I like to waste my mind by turning on the boob tube, sometimes when I write some volatile comments about how Jews are ruining everything I call it the Jewtube, which is also very accurate.

    Even the science shows are full of misinformation, climate pandering, or just utter bullshit. Every science show either mentions climate change a dozen times, or Einstein was the smartest human ever, or walruses are jumping off cliffs because all the ice is melting . They didn’t jump off the cliff, the film crew sent one of their team members up over the cliff and pushed the walruses over the edge. I wrote an essay on this, because Walt Disney did the exact same thing with those lemmings.

    The Dark Age is also the time of religious persecution and witch burnings. And it is happening again, ISIS (Israel proxy army) was burning witches and beheading Christians in Syria. ISIS also would circumcize all the females in a town, from infants to grannies. Yep, that happened and no one talks about it, and certainly not the voters in the USA who support the Zionist whore presidents who coddle Israel so it can happen with no reprise.

    Also the crazed masked wearers are getting aggressive. Those that folded their moral position demand you also do the same. We can’t have any sheep without masks.

    So if we look at current trends, what can we conclude? Mega death is coming. A dark age is upon us.

  5. Darkmooners,
    Just some thoughts from Donaldo.
    1. Donald officially and sincerely apologizes for insulting Lasha on a former post. He was plastered, tired and angry after driving his rig 700 miles that day. Sorry Lasha.
    2. Quicksand. When someone is stuck in quicksand, the worst thing to do is struggle. It’s best to be still and very slowly work back to the point of entry. Special forces training taught Donaldo this.
    3. Donaldo laments that his tax-$$$$ sponser terrorism around the World. But what can he do? The IRS main headquarters is situated in Puerto Rico for areason. Untouchable.
    4. Trust noone. Nothing could be more true. There’s an old Arab saying. “A man can’t even trust his own clothes.”
    5. Yes. Amazon trucks are everywhere. Donaldo sees them everywhere.
    6. The new Dark-ages. Well. Was there ever really a “light-age?” If so, tell Donaldo when. Donaldo is an avid reader. And the more he reads, he discovers that most of human history is a bitch. Just groups of people living like hungry hyenas feeding on the more vulnerable.
    7. So. May Donald suggest that the nefarious plans of the present Zios won’t offer a damn change as to what’s been going on since humanity was invented.
    Anyway. Time to drink tequila and fantasize about a World that never was.

    1. quote: “6. The new Dark-ages. Well. Was there ever really a “light-age?” If so, tell Donaldo when.”

      Well, my friend, that is a very, very, very, very, very good question and if you like to read I got an answer for you! Hint, the Kali Yuga is a deception so we feel hope, the truth is we were created as slaves, we still are slaves, and when our specie goes extinct we will do so as slaves.

      The Kali Yuga Deception
      On December 5, 2017 By YUKON JACK

      1. Yukon,
        Thanks. Donaldo can relate. Let’s talk language. กะรี, in the Thai language is slang. It means “whore.” ยุค, means “epoch or age.” Together…..”The age of whores (cheap, immoral servants). Kaliyuk.
        Yes. We humans appear to have entered this phase of existence. We common Krusties and Goy (including Iraelis) are on a fast-track to becoming whores to the global Khazar mafia satanists. Will their plans implode or be foiled? Only time will tell. Us more knowledgeable ones just have to wait and see. Yes, Yukon. Our small, fringe group is lonely, depressed and waiting for justice. Donaldo doesn’t have too much faith in the old, white-bearded man in Heaven coming to the rescue. IF he does, it sure has taken a long time. Longer than washing Donaldos rig with a bottle of Dasani drinking water, a container of Palmolive dishwasher and a toothbrush. However. Donaldo, though not religious, does believe in kharma. Perhaps the house of kharmanic cards will indeed come crashing down on the Zios and their evil plans. Anyway. Yukon. Take care amigo. Love your posts. 🤠

      2. “Take care amigo. Love your posts”

        Really? Do you love when Yukon blames Jews for parasitical behaviour? I do. Do you love when Yukon supports bombing Israel to finish the pariah Jewish political State once and for all? I do. Do you love when Yukon says co-existence with Jews is impossible? I do. Do you love when Yukon says Jews hijacked the Nation? I do.

        “Donaldo” is just a big fat LIAR using emojis for decoration. A non-existent entity.

    2. re “Time to drink tequila and fantasize about a World that never was”.

      Or for moi: “Time to drink bourbon and fantaSIZE about BIG boobs”… especially with the coming Ice Age! 😂

      1. NBTT,
        Donaldo DOES exist. Gracias. Donaldo likes Yukons posts but doesn’t have to agree with every opinion. I find that MOST PEOPLE in general are parasitic, treacherous and difficult to live with. Krusties don’t have a monopoly on these traits. Donaldo, himself, is good-natured but quite frankly finds 90% of the people he meets undesirable and uninteresting. Krusties are like everyone else. Some good, some bad and some a little of both. A rational person can’t blame ALL Krusties for the World’s problems. To sum it up. Life ain’t pretty. Never has been and never will be. QUALITY people are hard to find. NBTT…….and THATS the TRUTH. 🤔🤠

  6. Yep realist.
    ALL men fantasize about BOOBS from cradle to grave. It’s symbolic of life. We love too suckle. (Madam’s are HUGE and Donaldo would love a taste….no luck so far). But in an ironic twist the sucklers become the suckled. Humanity is constantly being suckled by foreign entities such as Rothchild…so accurately described by Yukon. At the end of the day, we’re all BOOBS. What to do about it? Donald has no answer. But just wear the BRA of intelligence and education. Is Lord Rothchild wearing face-mask? Doubt it. If he were, he couldn’t suckle. 😏

  7. The next Pill we have to swallow, instead of the Red Pill, is the Bitter Pill.
    With some much media influence over the masses, how will one ever solve these challenges?
    It is a problem befitted to the level of the high IQ community.
    But even they do not have the means.
    Chris Langan sgould have been a millionaire. Not only a rancher begging for patreon support.
    And some have climbed on the bandwaggon.
    Rick Rosner is one of them, it seems. The way he went off against Trump during the first elections. Logically he keeps to his tribe. We not to ours.
    Stupid rules the roost.
    But there are many who are not stupid.
    They work too hard and do not have the time to study politics.
    Where will a psychiatrist with an IQ of 140+ with a full patient list get the time to keep abreast?
    Only when they are retired, they have the time for these things.
    But then age has caught up with them.

    1. I beg you pardon – I had to attend to something urgently, so my posting slipped through. And I am tired:

      some much=so much.

  8. Here is the question, are we in a permanent dark age or a temporary one? Hindus view things as cyclical, and human culture changes over long periods of time, 4 different ages. The Hindus say we are in the last age, the Kali Yuga, here is a visual representation of what they mean:

    The timescales on that graphic seem to be wrong because in Hindu literature:

    Kali yuga |

    The personification of Kali about to be punished by King Pariksit Kali-yuga, the Age of Quarrel, is a period of time lasting 432,000 years and characterized by hypocrisy, degradation, and an overall rise in vice. It is the last and worst of the four great ages (Satya-, Treta-, Dwapara-, and Kali- yugas) mentioned in ancient Vedic literature.


    Kali Yuga – Wikipedia

    In Hinduism, Kali Yuga (Sanskrit: कलियुग, romanized: kaliyuga, lit. ‘age of Kali’) is the last of the four stages (or ages or yugas) the world goes through as part of a ‘cycle of yugas’ (i.e. mahayuga) described in the Sanskrit scriptures. The other ages are called Satya/Krita Yuga, Treta Yuga, and Dvapara Yuga.


    By Subhamoy Das
    Updated November 04, 2018

    According to Hindu scriptures and mythology, the current universe is destined to pass through four great epochs, each of which is a complete cycle of cosmic creation and destruction. Hindu mythology deals with numbers large enough to be nearly impossible to imagine.

    Hindus believe the process of creation moves in cycles and that each cycle has four great yugas, or epochs, of time. And because the process of creation is cyclical and never-ending, it “begins to end and ends to begin.”​

    A Kalpa, or eon, is said to be comprised of a thousand cycles of four yugas—each of a different quality. By one estimate, a single yuga cycle is said to be 4.32 million years, and a Kalpa is said to consist of 4.32 billion years
    About the Four Yugas

    The four great epochs in Hinduism are Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, and Kali Yuga. Satya Yug or the Age of Truth is said to last for 4,000 divine years, Treta Yuga for 3,000, Dwapara Yug for 2,000 and Kali Yuga will last for 1,000 divine years—a divine year equalling 432,000 earthly years.

    Hindu tradition holds that three of these great ages of this current universe have already passed away, and we are now living in the fourth one—the Kali Yuga. It is quite hard to contemplate the meaning of the vast quantities of time expressed by the Hindu time scheme, so vast are the numbers. There are different theories about the symbolic meaning of these measurements of time.


    So why does any of this matter? Well, in the west, we are told that if we are good we get to go to heaven that gives us hope. In the east, they are told that the Dark Age, the Age of Kali is temporary, as it is only part of a much bigger cycle. I call bullshit on both. What is really going on is that humans are a slave specie, we were created as slaves, we still are slaves, and when we go extinct as a specie it will be as slaves.

    The reason for these myths is to give us false hope. The human slave specie has a big brain that must be pacified or it might revolt. Humans were created in the image and likeness of the gods (so says the Bible) and what this really means (and it is horrifying) is that humans were created by a superior race with their own genes. Humans are a dumbed down version of the Anunnaki say so many modern Sumerian researchers.

    So the slave specie (like sheep) must be pacified by psychology to stay in the fenced area, and that is done by having outside superior minds telepathically dictat human holy books. Humans are told that God made man, and gave us an instruction manual, the Holy Bible. This magical God made man in one day, and if we pray to it, obey it, and love it, then it will confer favor on us.

    But that is not what happened at all. We were tricked into worshipping the lesser gods who are divine posers. These so-called gods packed up and left, leaving their domesticated specie to fend for themselves, we went feral, but being domesticated we can never integrate back into Nature because we lack furs, fangs, and claws. Evidence of their presence on earth is massive and explored on many television shows like Ancient Aliens or in books.

    So while we were struggling with existence, those who were in the know, the high priests of the temple, decided to make their existence easier by mimicking the gods, by writing myths putting them high on the throne while we toiled. This priestly class of con men continue to this day, it is called the Catholic Church and government. They built a hierarchical pyramid of power on earth that in recent years were upped by the plutocrats and high tech corporations. The Jewish Torah priest was usurped by Sergie and Brin at Google, and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, etc. New Jews taking the throne from the old Jews.

    These new high tech Jews want to enslave us with technology. Since the old Creation myths no longer bind us, they will have to use trickery to get us back into the fold, thus the nanobots in the vaccine. Bill Gates is a 100 billion billionaire and he tells Donald Trump what the agenda is, and Trump then says “warp speed” to the vaccine, and the patriotic remnant sheep cheer their ZOG King as their savior.


    I wrote some essays recently as a marker in time this false hope put on Trump by the conservative Christian fold, the first “All Hope is About to be Lost” and “Wishful Thinking at Before It’s News”. One outstanding comment bears repeating here:


    My favorite orange man bullshit is that he is part of the so called “white hats” and is playing some 4d chess game with the deep state and the world powers, waiting for the right moment to destroy them all and restore the american republican. It cant get anymore pathetic than falling for that one.

    Sites like the ones you mention, and other idiots like Jim Willie push this kind of bullshit. My guess is they are simply deluded and cannot accept the harsh reality that the man they placed so much faith in was just another puppet. The trump psyop was brilliant as it gave all the frustrated masses a false hope. In the end it was political theater meant to keep the public distracted. Having the media attack trump at every turn was a good touch to fool everyone. The elitist fucks knew that many people dont trust the media anymore and having them appear to be against the orange clown allowed him to gain undeserved credibility. But from the beginning, it was clear he was part of the establishment and was toeing the line just as all presidents before him. He knew his place. “His” tweets and tidbits of patriotism was only meant to keep the massess confused and fighting among themselves. Worked perfectly.

    The sad thing is even after 4 years of the same old same old, people will still have the audacity to claim the orange bafoon was our only hope and without him america is lost.

    I have news for you, america has already been lost since at least the moment the fed was created and allowed to continue. It was lost the moment the “chosen” people and their collaboraters took control of education, media, and entertainment.

    As long the majority of people continue to believe fairytales like the white hats and the oh so “holy” bible, there is no hope.

    And I see this as a good thing, perhaps finally when their delusions are fully crushed and all hope is lost, then maybe, just MAYBE people will wake up to the truth that if they want freedom, it will NOT come from the very system that enslaves them. The only rights and freedoms one truly has are those that can be defended by force, anything else are only priviledges and will ever be only priviledges. No piece of paper will ever garantee you any of these things. So all those consitution worshippers need a wake-up on that one too.

    Glad to see that not everyone fell for operation “Orange Clown”.



    Thus there was never an age of light with humans, we are in a permanent Dark Age as slaves on a prison planet. For instance, man tries to escape this condition with the Roman Empire but it fell into the clutches of the Roman Church and superstition. During this awful period there were witch burnings that lasted 300 years! Or institutionalize slavery, were whole continents were exploited for cheap labor. Still happening today in Asia and soon in Amerika when they reset the system shoving us into poverty

    Hitler tried to save his people from these religious-financial tyrants. He failed and now is vilified as the most evil man. Obviously, what is made evil by the Jewish press is worth looking into, what did Hitler do and say that riled up such hate by the Jews. He called them out and made them the enemy of the state, and he created a new economic order that brought prosperity to the German volk.

    So where are we now in this Age of Darkness? About to be shoved into a much harsher crueler world. I expect the next culling to be in the billions, and I do think the Deagel report on Amerika’s 227 million population reduction by 2025 to be spot on. He is telling you their plans, he has insider information that he is putting out as his analysis.

    Look at how cruel the world wars are, what they did to Germany after the war, look at the modern world wide prison system cruelty, look at what the Jewdeo culture did to Iraq, Libya, Syria. Can you imagine the horror of nuclear war? Both Amerika and Russia are rapidly upgrading to hypersonic nuke missiles.

    We only live in light for short spaces of time, the reality is we are in an age of darkness since our inception in a test tube. The truth is harsh, so of course we will pile into our congregations and sing songs to our Lord and Savior, as he brings comfort to our souls.

    1. YJ –

      “Both Amerika and Russia are rapidly upgrading to hypersonic nuke missiles.”

      The US and its colony, Russia, will need to take ‘them-thar nukes’ to the moon when they go there again, and locate them strategically for defense.

      Both will definitely need them to to kill off Martians before they can walk on Mars in a couple of years. Martians won’t want a COVID-19 pandemic started there. 🙂

  9. Sister Monica :

    You’re a NEO “Catholic” and Joe Biden is also a NEO “Catholic” , so let me ask you some questions about NEO “Catholics” : Do NEO “Catholics” always try to steal elections? And do you NEOs think it’s your “God Given” “Right” to steal elections and disenfranchise everybody so you NEOs can rule over everyone and be tyrants and totalitarians and overbearing, bossy, and overall be total scumbags in service to the hebes and chinks? You NEOs will probably be successful in THE STEAL. Your NEO francis blessed THE STEAL so it will be a successful STEAL, right? And you’re very happy and very smug about that, aren’t you, because you’re a typical NEO. If you’re getting the impression I’m calling you a total scumbag, you’re right I am, that’s what you NEOs are, total scumbags. I call ’em like I see ’em ⚾️, deal with it, NEO b*tch. 😀

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