The Plot Against the President

The Democrats and the Presstitutes Will Not Admit a Trump Win

October 31, 2020

UPDATE:  The video, “The Plot Against the President”, was taken down by FaceBook.  The presstitutes are not going to permit us any information except what they control.    If anyone finds the video posted elsewhere, please send me the URL. (PCR)



If Trump wins the election, unless it is an overwhelming victory that cannot be challenged, the Democrats and the American media will not admit that Trump won.  The plan in place is to blame Trump’s win on fraud and to use the tactics of the “Maidan Revolution” in Ukraine, recently employed again in Belarus, to prevent Trump’s inauguration.

The documentary, The Plot Against the President, explains the “Russiagate” plot by the FBI, the Democrats, and the media to remove President Trump from office.

The venality and corruption of FBI Director Comey, the American media, and Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, is scary.  That such an obvious plot against American democracy involving the country’s security agencies and one of the two ruling political parties could go on for three years without a single question by the media proves that the Establishment will not tolerate a non-establishment President or those who support him and that the media dares not cross the Establishment.

The fact that Comey (pictured)  is not in prison testifies to the power of the Deep State.  Had it not been for US Rep. Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee the coup would have succeeded.

The coup attempt is not over.

The documentary, which consists of the testimony of members of the House Intelligence Committee, National Security officials, and outside experts, shows that both Democrats, especially Adam Schiff, and the US media simply denied that Independent Prosecutor Mueller and the House Intelligence Committee failed to find any evidence of the Russiagate charges.  Adam Schiff stood before the American media and lied time and time again.  The media knew he was lying and never called him on his lies.  Not even once. The undeniable fact that Russiagate was a three-year hoax, an orchestrated deception to foreclose the Trump agenda, has not been admitted by Democrats or the presstitutes.

In other words, nothing is true unless the media admits it.  And they don’t admit the truth.  

The Elite use the presstitutes to control the explanations and to keep the population in a false reality.  As our Founding Fathers said, without a free and independent media, there is no liberty.  The United States does not have a free and independent media.  It has a propaganda ministry for the ruling Elite.

Be sure you comprehend the implications, because you are about to see it again.  If Trump wins the election, the media and the Democrat Party are not going to acknowledge the fact that Trump won — unless Trump’s win is so overwhelming that it cannot be challenged.

In 21st century America, facts are in the way of the power and the agendas of the ruling elites.  Therefore, facts are denied or not reported.  Just consider any major issue of the last two decades.  For example, “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.”  The arms inspectors reported that Saddam Hussein had no such weapons, but the George W. Bush regime sent Colin Powell to the UN to deny this fact to the world and to convince the UN of a lie that Washington then used to destroy  several countries and unleash terrorism throughout the Middle East.  The American media turned a blind eye to the lie while ignoring the arms inspectors’ report.

The subsequent 20 years of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa killed millions of innocent Muslims and has sent millions of displaced Muslims to Europe where they have destroyed the quality of European life, even cutting off people’s heads in a French church in Nice and raping Swedish women in public.

All of this happened because facts were denied, and the American media completely failed in their responsibility.

In America today, facts are relegated to the realm of “conspiracy theory.”  Anyone who tells a fact is demonized as a “Russian agent,” a “white supremacist,” an anti-semite, or a nut case.

Whether or not American democracy has a future depends on restoring integrity to the media and our public institutions. especially the CIA, NSA, and FBI.

America’s future also depends on whether Nunes and Trump, who stood up to the liars, are returned to office by overwhelming vote.  If not, it will be clear that the electorate does not understand, and there is no prospect of the United States ever again having an accountable government.

This documentary is certain to be memory-holed by social media and Google, which serve only the Elite’s agendas.  Watch it and save it while you can.

LD: Sorry, folks.
You won’t be able to watch the video.
It’s been banned by YouTub!


“Nothing is true unless the media admits it.  
And they won’t admit the truth.” — Paul Craig Roberts 

76 thoughts to “The Plot Against the President”


    Another pro-Trump article to counterbalance any anti-Trump articles we have published, thereby revealing our attempt to stand aside and maintain neutrality. As far as we can see, it’s touch and go — and Trump needs to win by an overwhelming majority in order for his victory to be accepted by the Democrats.

    If there’s any dispute about who actually won the election, there could be riots, leading to escalating violence and even civil war. Though martial law cannot be ruled out entirely, I doubt if Trump would risk taking such a radical step, because the Army could simply refuse to obey him. He could get his White militias to take action on his behalf, or they might move to violence without consulting him, but this is not “martial law”. This is defined as “revolt” or “armed sedition”.

    “Martial law” is always LEGAL. It’s when a leader requests his generals and top officers in the armed forces if they are willing (in an emergency situation) to rescue the country from civil disorder on his behalf, and only if they agree to his request is an executive order passed legalizing the intervention of the armed forces.

    People really need to understand the difference between the Armed Forces, whose proper role is to fight off foreign enemies and NOT to meddle in the internal affairs of the country — a role that is reserved strictly for the Police and their legalized adjutants.

    The militias in America, whether white or black, do not belong to the Armed Forces. Nor do they belong to the Police. They are, strictly speaking, ordinary citizens with arms grouped into potential fighting units. They are perfectly legal in America, free to own guns, and free to go on protest marches and demonstrations. But as soon as they pull their triggers and shoot someone dead — they have then broken the law and are regarded as common criminals. Exactly as if they were street gangs engaged in looting, arson and murder.

    Contradict me if you think you know better, but I have been told this by two American attorneys and one seasoned militia man, and they have no reason to lie to me. You can also find out these facts for yourself by checking on the internet.


    (1) Martial law is legal, but the Armed Forces first need to approve the President’s request for intervention. He can’t just order them to act and expect to be automatically obeyed. He is the leader of a nominally democratic country, after all, and NOT the dictator of a totalitarian state.

    (2) If martial law has NOT been legally declared, all violence committed by the private militias is deemed illegal. The private militias can then be hunted down and killed by the Army as “enemies of the people” or “revolutionaries”. To quell internal violence, the Army is sufficient. The Police, throwing their weight behind the Army, provide additional muscle. The White militias can only fight legally, and with impunity, if the Armed Forces and Police first agree to their help in mopping up any left-over violence.

    Any attempt by the White militias to turn their guns AGAINST the armed forces and the police would inevitably lead to the complete destruction of the White militias. It would be suicide.

    These are the facts and I have them on the best authority.

    1. “These are the FACTS and I have them on the BEST AUTHORITY”

      Sounds like someone’s been carried away… pillow-talking with one too many Perfumed Princes of The Pentagon

    2. They’re legal and right if they WIN. From my perspective, winning occurs when you make it so uncomfortable for the opposition that they get off the field. 😈💀😊

    3. Lasha –

      Thanks for this VERY INTERESTING comment.
      You wrote: “These are the facts and I have them on the best authority.”

      I shall add some facts from the MOST SUPREME AUTHORITY in US LAW – the Chief Justice of SCOTUS of 1866.

      The Civil Rights Bill of 1865 and the Freedmen’s Bureau Bill reinforced what is known as Martial Law Proper in ALL of the US.

      SCOTUS rulings have noted it. Here is one:

      EX PARTE MILLIGAN, 71 U.S. 2 (1866)
      71 U.S. 2 (Wall.)
      December Term, 1866
      [71 U.S. 2, 4] THIS case came before the court upon a certificate of division from the judges of the Circuit Court for Indiana, on a petition for discharge from unlawful imprisonment.

      (Chief Justice – Samuel Chase – excerpts):
      There are under the Constitution three kinds of military jurisdiction:
      –one to be exercised both in peace and war;
      –another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated [71 U.S. 2, 142] as belligerents;
      –and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the United States, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise.
      The first of these may be called jurisdiction under MILITARY LAW, and is found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war, or otherwise providing for the government of the national forces;
      the second may be distinguished as MILITARY GOVERNMENT, superseding, as far as may be deemed expedient, the local law, and exercised by the military commander under the direction of the President, with the express or implied sanction of Congress;
      while the third may be denominated MARTIAL LAW PROPER , and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily , when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President , in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law [common law] no longer adequately secures public [including corporations] safety and private [including corporations] rights.
      We think that the power of Congress, in such times and in such localities, to authorize trials for crimes against the security and safety of the national forces, may be derived from its constitutional authority to raise and support armies and to declare war, if not from its constitutional authority to provide for governing the national forces.
      We have no apprehension that this power, under our American system of government, in which all official authority is derived from the people, and exercised under direct responsibility to the people, is more likely to be abused than the power to regulate commerce, or the power to borrow money.
      And we are unwilling to give our assent by silence to expressions of opinion which seem to us calculated, though not intended, to cripple the constitutional powers of the government, and to augment the public dangers in times of invasion and rebellion.
      Mr. Justice WAYNE, Mr. Justice SWAYNE, and Mr. Justice MILLER concur with me in these views.

      I saw no reference to the requirement of the President to ‘ask permission’ from the military, or Congress or anyone else.

      1. Please keep in mind that President Lincoln always called the actions of the Confederate Forces the REBELLION…. AND NOT A WAR! The Constitution allowed his actions in that case.

    4. Donaldo was just watching Pyross Dimas. A Greek power-lifter. Perhaps the most decorated power-lifter in history. Imagine if the average person possessed his strength and determination. The World would be a different place. But, unfortunately, the West consists of a bunch of pussys.
      Anyway. Just Google his name and watch the show. Imagine what the World would be like with men like him. 😉🙏

      1. Calm down, Pat. Don’t give yourself an aneurysm please. We need you!

        ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM!!!!! Never forget that!

    5. “Any attempt by the White militias to turn their guns AGAINST the armed forces and the police would inevitably lead to the complete destruction of the White militias. It would be suicide.”

      Funny, they said the same thing in 1775 about militia standing up against the vaunted British army. They said the same thing about the Vietcong militia taking on the “Big Green Machine”. They said the same thing about Afghan goat herders with 100 year old rifles taking on the Soviet Red Army. Each and every time that people have asserted that the deeply held national aspirations of a people once moved to armed revolution had no hope, they have been proven wrong.

      Where is the vaunted US army that is going to defeat several million well armed rednecks? More importantly, where will the families of these soldiers who take up arms against the people and their militia going to hide? Make no mistake snowflakes. Americans, when moved to fight, are the most vicious blood thirsty bastards to ever walk this earth. I’m not sure that beheadings are going to become fashionable, but I’m pretty sure that their will be a lot of scalps and ears taken. The corpses of our enemies will adorn lamp posts across this land. The backlash against our hostile alien tormentors will be epic.

      My prediction, if the dems steal this election, there will be civil war and it will be a bloodletting that will make 1861-65 pale by comparison.

    6. Funny, is it not, how history repeat itself.
      You make white man’s laws. Then you flod the country with people from other ethnic groups.
      Then you expect the laws to carry on with the same authority.
      It never worked before, but you know, this time it will. Of course it will. For the first time. Ever.

      The US is turning into a demographic madhouse. Fractured and mad. And in this chaos you have the tribe running the information channels putting oxygen to the fire.

      As to Trump and his white militia. I have never seen a president who has surrounded himself with so many military men before. Is he doing this to just turn around and push them for actions they will consider anti-patriotic? Very bad positioning indeed. But maybe he is stupid enough?

      Now, Hunter Biden’s father will probably get away with a lot more. He already has. But as long as he gets George out of the office and get a good relationship going with Maggie Thatcher, it should be smooth running. Probably need to buy more popcorn if he wins.

      I saw a cut recently form the first TV debate ever during a presidential election. The one with Kennedy and Nixon. It was a different world. And the winner after these 60 years? Entertainment, of course. Or circus, as they said 2000 years ago. But history does not repeat itself. At least not this time.

    7. We can argue forever over what’s legal and what’s illegal, but what’s important is what’s moral and what’s immoral. Our lives are shallow and worthless if we do not fight against immoral laws and practices cast against us–even if it means losing. We should go into battle like soldiers. Our lives are not worth more.

      1. How right you are Joe F.
        Lives unfortunately have already become very shallow and worthless – unless one argues about with everybody and about everything just to make “an unworthy life” more liveable. Arguing is also a great remedy that helps to forget what one is arguing about.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of your White Nationalist haters on this site, big in the militia movement, disagree with you just for the pleasure of dissing you and being thoroughly nasty. A seasoned misogynist, I’d say. A guy who hates you for the crime of being a woman. 🙂

      1. Joe Biden is now mocking Trump’s hair. Sure, that’s a solid campaign platform to campaign on, lol. So I guess if Joe Biden wins he’s going to make sure to fumigate Hair Force One, lol. That’s Biden’s campaign platform, ad hominem attacks on Trump. Biden mocking Trump’s hair, that’ll get Cher and Kathy Griffin and Ellen deGeneres to vote for Joe!

  3. The venality and corruption of FBI Director Comey, the American media, and Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, is scary. That such an obvious plot against American democracy involving the country’s security agencies and one of the two ruling political parties could go on for three years without a single question by the media proves that the Establishment will not tolerate a non-establishment President or those who support him and that the media dares not cross the Establishment.

    Either that or I strongly suspect, Trump is a con man, the “plot” is actually against the goyim and author Roberts is a sucker for reverse psychology. Alas poor Roberts, a credulous egotist who can never admit to having been fooled, and therefore has no choice but to ignore any and all inconvenient facts, waxing ever more unreasonable in defense of his new owners, just like all the other “presstitutes.”

    1. So what do you predict, Harold?

      (1) A sweeping victory for Trump which will get him another four years in the White House.

      (2) A marginal or disputed victory which will lead to the Democrats refusing to accept the results? Resulting in riots and street violence.

      (3) A victory for Biden which Trump will refuse to accept, leading to organized violence by the White militias.

      I’ll say this, whoever wins inherits a poisoned chalice. Covid-19 has created horrendous economic and social problems that will not be easily solved by adding to the trillion dollar deficit and threatening almost every country with fire and brimstone — every country, that is, except Israel and a few other American lapdog vassal states like Britain.

      1. @ Saki

        My present belief is that Trump will be reelected with a comfortable winning margin, and I believe that’s the outcome desired by the “deep state.”

        Will there be some violence by people unhappy with these results? That’s very possible IMO because the increasingly desperate “deep state” machinations seem to have brought to a boil a long-simmering frustration in many people. With people now shooting each other over the issue of wearing masks for example, I can easily imagine some post-election violence by overzealous partisans on the losing side.

        In the less likely event (IMO) that Biden wins, I believe that Trump will contest the results (regardless of the winning margin) and I believe that Trump supporters are more likely to resort to violence than Biden supporters. Of course this is all pure speculation.

        As I see it we’re in uncharted territory here and the desperate “deep state” may have something planned that we can’t easily imagine. For example, if Biden wins (and he wasn’t supposed to) they might do some kind of scam to make it look like Trump was cheated. Or they may do some kind of false-flag terrorism to give Trump an excuse to attack Iran before the end of his term. I hope to be proven wrong but I think the situation we’re in right now is very dangerous.

      2. I see a cool-headed comment by Harold Smith in response to Saki’s inquiry which, in addition, is well balanced and well-reasoned IMO.

      3. I expect a Biden victory followed by a Trump concession. This will be his ticket to a false sense of grace bestowed on his legacy by his arch enemy the media. All will be well, the vaccine will be made available and things will return to normal with a 70% reduction in GDP to chase after.

  4. There is no democrat party…
    They are the globalists ccp…
    Antifa thugs blm are their destructive agents…
    The fbi is totally off the hook, traitors…
    Trump free Leonard P… they framed him…
    They cooked up the virus long range to use against the election process… they can’t win a real election…
    The obamas in cahoots with the ccp made the virus in china, remember…
    Trump should be calling it the obama China virus…
    It gives them the excuse to jack the mail-in ballots…
    That will provide the controversy on the results…
    They’ve been wanting issues… Not solutions…
    They can be deputized by the sheriff in each county…
    County sheriff can deputize anybody…. no other higher law officer in the land….
    As they should be deputized, in case the color revolutionaries hit hard…
    The dems plan to cheat with the mail-in ballots, to make it close at least….
    Trump should not concede….
    He keeps saying now it’s the end of the sanctuaries…
    Good… exactly how will that happen? Somebody ask him…
    Arrest the traitors…. stop the riots cold…
    White Nationalists?
    We don’t care what color you are…
    Were Nationalist Whites…
    And You playing the fem card…. Really?
    You think nationalists hate the female?
    That’s just cheap pandering…

      1. OK… just said it that way to describe myself, happen to be white…… mixed actually…

  5. Martial Law?
    If the US Military (self-described as “The Bestest The Whirld Has Ever See’d!”) hasn’t won a “boots on the ground” conflict – even against Afghan goat-herders toting Royal Enfield rifles – in over 50 years… by what possible stretch of the imagination is it now supposed to miraculously transform into being able to “put down” 10, 20.. maybe 30 million.. of the most heavily-armed citizens the world has ever seen?
    Dont kid yourself!

    1. The “boots on the ground” are there to manage the CIA’s poppy fields…. not to wage war at all.
      “Marines grow opium for their masters.” (4 min)

      Afghanistan has a 90% illiteracy rate in their own language. The CIA needs the literate US Troops to understand specific orders to efficiently fill the worldwide demand.

  6. @ Barkingdeer

    And You playing the fem card…. Really?
    You think nationalists hate the female?
    That’s just cheap pandering…

    An excellent comment on the whole, BD, showing a wide background knowledge. But if you are referring to my post above in which I made mention of misogynistic White Nationalists, I think you are in the wrong. I have lived among White Nationalists for years and they expect absolute obedience and near servitude from their womenfolk. They love their wives and daughters only as long as their wives and daughters cook and clean for them and are happy to accept their inferior status. They hate working for female bosses and taking orders from females.

    As for misogyny, I have never known a more misogynistic lot than White Nationalists. How bitterly they blame their White womenfolk as “race traitors” if thy sleep with “n*ggers” and other dark ethnic groups. I am not defending these women. No way. These women, I believe, should think twice about interbreeding with other races and creating problems for their menfolk.

    I’m just saying that White Nationalists don’t like “race traitor” White women, and they don’t like feminists, and they don’t like taking orders from better-educated and better-qualified women. And all this tends to make them woman haters in general.

    1. Ermm… if, as you saY MB, you’ve “lived among White Nationalists for years”…

      then presumably THAT was of your OWN volition…. always assuming, of course, that you weren’t kidnapped and sold into a lifetime of sex-slavery & cookie-baking from which you’ve now miraculously emerged – pristine – to preach your anti-White Patriarchy polemic lest any other Wilting Wallflowers Of Wokeness should be similarly sold, snookered or sentenced to such a horrifying ordeal – ‘Siberian Gulag’ in spades! – that you purport to have endured.

      Or – to.cut to the chase using Occam’s Razor- is your screed merely a product of reaching your sell-by-date and no longer being pillion-passenger to Leader of the Pack?

      1. I don’t mind the ad hominem quality of your comment, honey. That’s what to you do. Ad hominem. That’s OK with me.

        If I don’t wish to enter into discussion with you, it’s because your comment (as usual) is OFF-TOPIC. It has nothing to do with the subject matter of this article. We are not here to discuss my personal life and my numerous deficiencies. We are here to discuss “THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT”!!!

        Keep your eye on the wall, mister. I know your concentration span is low, but do try a bit harder to discuss politics and not my sensational love life. Politics, I assure you, is far more interesting! 🙂

    2. “God protect us from the efficient, go-getter business/political woman whose feminine instincts have been completely sterilized. Wherever women are functioning, whether in the home or in a job, they must remember that their chief function as women is a capacity for warm, understanding and charitable human relationships.”

  7. Trump did get caught red-handed in the Ukrain Gate and he cleverly managed to get out of it Scott-free. Had that happened in any other country, the offending President will be behind bars. ISISrael is the exception to the rules.

    In fact, you could serve in the IDF and you don’t have to worry about losing your American citizenship. Add to that, no one can sue the only democracy in a US court.

  8. I would submit , and even wager, that there is no “Plot Against the President” Rather, there is, and has always been, “A Plot Against The Presidency” Not just in the U.S , but world wide. The big picture is that for United Nations Organization to continue gravitating towards total Global Control of governments, there has to be a “legitimate reason” for National governments to cede power to this Global Behemoth, which is slowly being groomed to take over National Governments. So, the National Governments will continue to be undermined, as United Nations surreptitiously assumes National and hence global authority. The reason for the current hype about “Covid 19” and the apparent unilateral authority the WHO has assumed in “fighting” it through its decrees to governments. So too, the reason for “The Plot Against The President” Its not personal. Just business. The take over of The World.

    Open you eyes, guys, Its like a Three Card Game. The Masses are the losers who are more concerned with “Covid” without bothering what other Rabbit is to be pulled out.

  9. well connected insiders will make billions on the shift to the global set-up…
    the sundering of nations in the process is just another disaster capitalist plot to fk things up, shift the field and make huge fortunes in the process… not just that either…
    the commies set themselves up as the ruling power, they live the elite lifestyle and you can’t touch em with the law…
    100 years ago they were just the fiat bankers… but now there’s this complex of net media…
    but it’s not really media… it’s now more like the ministry of truth… google will say what the truth is…
    they already know all about you…
    and the high-tech form of control and supervision they have in mind for the underclass coming up will be repressive beyond what we can imagine…
    globalism is the new communism, and the ccp is all over it, but it’s go nothing to do with the workers controlling the means of production…
    insiders like the bidens have already made big money throwing their political weight around, lining themselves up on the deals, the lucre…
    it’s all about the avarice… they all want in on the big payoff and they want themselves set up forever in foolproof positions of power and control, where the collective money flows …
    they do not give a rat’s ass about bringing peace to the world or saving the planet…
    there is no leadership in that respect… just a lot of chiselers…
    they’re not even trying to conduct a real campaign…
    elections aren’t part of where they’re trying to take the world…

  10. US President’s are selected, not elected.
    “Before you can begin to think and write about politics at all, you have to abandon the notion that there is a war between good men and bad men.”

  11. As of yesterday… Sunday… 8% more Republicans have ALREADY voted in Florida than Democrats! 😎

      1. GOOD! Cervini was going to break election laws by gathering at polling stations! Trumpies stopped him.

        I like Allen West. 💪👍

    1. It looks like both Trump and Biden are sucking up to the Jewish vote in Florida.
      The First Lady is braging in Florida that president Trump stands with our friend, Israel, more than any other president” The president stands with our friend, Israel, more than any other president.” Meanwhile, Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch says, “Joe Biden will be a great president for the US Israel relationship…He… will make Israel a stronger country.”

      Hey, how about Americans? What about stopping the spread of coronavirus, unemployment, or the long-awaited Covid stimulus checks, to name a few?

      1. @ Mahmoud

        Anyone who votes for Trump is voting for the Jews, but they are too darn stupid to realize this: that in voting for Trump they are voting for the systematic destruction of their own country by he Jews who are robbing and holding it to ransom.

        These are TRUMP’s JEWS:

        Besides Singer, Addelson and Marcus – his 3 biggest dollar backers- we have at least: Lew Eisenberg, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Mel Sembler, Ron Weiser, Steve Wynn, Elliott Brody, Laurie Perlmutter, and Carl Icahn, not to mention Bernie Marcus.

        Then we have Trump’s many Jewish personal and professional associate. These include Avi Berkowitz, Michael Cohen, Gary Cohn, Reed Cordish, Boris Epshteyn, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Larry Kudlow, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Jay Sekulow, David Shulkin, and Allen Weisselberg.

        If you vote for Trump, you are voting for an America run by these Jews.

        How can you be so irresponsible?

        You are stabbing America in the back by voting for Trump and his Jews!

        1. Well said, Martha! But they ain’t gonna listen to you!
          Cos they’re just a lot of lemmings!

  12. MB
    I’d like to know more about your experience with these White Nationalists…
    Where did you live with them at? Who were they?
    I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never met one…
    I’m thinking the KKK is a lot of hype anymore…
    The people I’m talking about are just middle class workers and businessmen, solid and solvent…
    They’re not miscegenistic but that doesn’t make them racist bigots…
    There’s a big difference between racial pride and common sense and on the other hand the worst of prejudice… And it should be said – the racism plaguing society now is of the colored variety, pushed by the dems… How far have things slid when every colored person votes only along racial lines?
    As well, the so-called leftist wing of the commercial media, while they stress racism as a systemic factor in the said white suppression of colored people, constantly exhibit the very unreasonable traits that characterize it…
    What we need is journalism… What we’re getting is media warfare… Those who perpetrate it do so for interests other than those considered in the constitution…
    The nationalists I know will play football with anybody who can make the team, and have a better contest because of it……
    The people I’ve spent my life with value the usa as an independent nation, and why shouldn’t they?
    I don’t know who you’ve been hanging out with but these guys are not misogynistic either…
    Those you describe on that sound like Islamists…
    We all love and respect the female… And I’d say so far that still sticks, in spite of all the devious interference against the traditional roles perpetrated by every nefarious saboteur against the family and the country…
    I wouldn’t slur the resistance to the globalist NWO “Big Idea” plot with the worst characteristics imaginable…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      MB: I’d like to know more about your experience with these White Nationalists… Where did you live with them at? Who were they? I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never met one… I’m thinking the KKK is a lot of hype anymore…

      Thanks for the kind words and the interest you show, BD. I promise to get back to you when I have some more time … but I’m snowed down with work right now and the “Election fever” is adding to my workload because I am indirectly involved in campaigning and so on.

      Meanwhile, you have an authority on White Nationalism on this very site: Gilbert Huntly. He will answer any questions you have and I’m sure he will confirm that the men he consorts with move in a heavy macho culture with misogyny running rife in their ranks, especially if their wives or girlfriends have dumped them!

      These are all gun-toting, hairy-chested He-men who think nothing of sleeping around with other white women, barmaids and such. but if their wives or girlfriends take a lover, good heavens! they hit the roof and blow a gasket! What sluts! What whores! And yet, what are these White paragons themselves but cheating Whoremongers?!

      Ooops, gotta go! Someone’s banging on the door. Hope it’s not the local serial killer!

      Betcha he’s a neo-Nazi White Supremacist…!

      1. Madame Butterfly ,

        Who are you [ indirectly ] campaigning for, if you don’t mind me asking? And what does “indirect” campaigning involve? Do you feel like you’re getting the results you want? I’m a Trump supporter, I hope you’re campaigning for Biden — because everybody thinks you’re a retard and so it’s better for Trump you campaign for Biden. It’s appropriate a retard like you would campaign for the retard Biden. I’m sure his retarded speeches resonate with you, retard that you are. So thank you — thank you for helping Trump, in spite of your campaigning for Biden. 😀

        1. I’m campaigning for the Democratic Committee for Conscientious Non-Voters [ DCCNV ] .We are trying to make people stay at home and NOT VOTE on the interests of true democracy. It’s a very small local group that has not yet achieved national recognition.

          1. You are welcome to join us if you wish, but you first need to produce a medical certificate confirming that you are in full possession of your mental capacities. Would that be a problem for you? If so, don’t apply! 🙂

  13. With two left until the election, there is bad news for President Trump.

    Trump is losing by 2,700 votes to Biden in New Hampshire.
    Trump lost New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton by less than 3,000 votes in 2016.
    The President accuses Biden of waving ‘white flag, but waving the Old Glory at rallies is not going to help 45 either.

    However, as with the last election, Trump may surprise everyone bc miracles do happen.

    1. The small town of Millville, NH have finished counting ALL VOTES and it was Biden 5 and Trump 16. More than 3 to 1 for Trump. Danger for Trump is FAKE NEWS! 😜😜

      1. (aka) M$M fifth column of presstitutes and their corporate pimps(cia)

        And then there’s Sundar, Lord Jack, Mark and Google A.I.(cia)

  14. Part of the plot against Trump involves making sure to keep the public in the dark about “Hunter’s laptop” , make sure the public doesn’t find out the information on “The Hunter Laptop”, to never inform the public about anything about “The Hunter Laptop”, to play-pretend there’s no such story as “The Hunter’s Laptop” story. To play-pretend Hunter never even had a laptop. To ignore “Hunter’s laptop” — ignoring ” The Hunter’s Laptop” story helps Biden and God knows he needs all the help he can get.

    The funny things is, and I’m getting a kick out of it, Trump is going to WIN IN A LANDSLIDE even though “The Hunter Laptop” story has been and continues to be TOTALLY IGNORED by the JEW MSM and by TPTB at Darkmoon. It doesn’t matter, keep ignoring “The Hunter Laptop” story, Trump doesn’t need “The Hunter Laptop” story to be revealed to the American public in order to WIN. I’m getting a kick out of that, I think it’s very amusing. Probably Mahmoud doesn’t think so, 😀.

  15. At Ninety Miles From Tyranny Blogsopt :

    “This Biden Supporter Garphically Illustrates The Consequences of Not Voting ”

    Check it out, it’s what I’ve been saying all along about the consequences of not voting, including in 2016 I said voting is important.

    ~ and ~

    At 19th Ward Chicago Blogspot, a Dr. Steve Turley video:

    “Far Left Freaks Out As GOP Surges And Trump Approval SKYROCKETS!!!

    I LERV IT when I’m right and my predictions are ON TARGET! 😊

  16. To reiterate, I will never be caught in the same camp as the Jews, the ones flying the true flag, not the false flag.
    How to distinguish them?
    As so often, the best source are The Protocols (#15 in this instance) because they were written for the sake of the Jew, not for the eyes of the goyim and thus truthful:

    As is well known to you, these specialists of ours have been drawing to fit them for rule the INFORMATION THEY NEED FROM OUR POLITICAL PLANS FROM THE LESSONS OF HISTORY, FROM OBSERVATIONS MADE OF THE EVENTS of every moment as it passes.


    Without belaboring the above, who gets it, gets it, who doesn’t … that’s fine too, can’t fight the forces of nature, here is something of interest to “who gets it“: Neoconservatives are flocking to Biden

    The DC braintrust that believes in using US military power to aid Israel in the Middle East has JUMPED PARTIES before [facile betrayal is and always will be Jewish expertise since before Crucifixion]– to Clinton in ’92, and back to Bush in 2000– and now they’re hopping aisles to support Biden, with Bill Kristol leading the way.

    […] both neocons emphasized that Biden would be more willing to use force in the Middle East and reassured Jewish viewers that Biden will seek to DEPOLITICIZE Israel support [anyone remember my answer to Circassian’s question about Trump’s methodology? read on]

    Eric Edelman, a former diplomat and adviser to Dick Cheney [another aisle jumper,who in spirit of Protocol15 reads the game correctly], said TRUMP’S PEACE PLAN HAS FOSTERED AN OPEN POLITICAL DIVIDE IN THE U.S. OVER ISRAEL

    Eliot Cohen, a Bush aide and academic, echoed the fear that Israel is being politicized. “A LOT OF JEWS MADE A BIG MISTAKE by taking something I was in favor of, MOVING THE EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM AND OBSESSING ABOUT THAT,” he said.[Bingo! Let goyim obsess about that, as it suits their mentality]

    Edelman also said that TRUMP HAS CREATED MANY “DANGERS” IN THE REGION BY NOT BEING AGGRESSIVE [And yet I read in the thread how Trump is certain to cause nuclear war, the greatest threat to peace since Creation … but not enough for Jews, Biden better!?]

    Cohen said that the deal Trump brags he will get with Iran will hurt Israel.
    “[…] One thing I guarantee is if there’s a Trumpian Iran deal it’s going to be a terrible deal for the united States and an even worse deal for Israel.”

    Yeah well, … whatever … Orange Man Bad.

  17. I don’t like to be off-topi. I do hope Darkmoon does not mind me posting this article. My intent is not to self-promotion but to help raise awareness.

    Terror struck in Quebec again!
    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    November 2, 2020
    Inline image
    Terror struck in Quebec again! Last Sunday, Quebec City residents woke up after a night of terror. Local police had arrested a disguised 24-year-old man from Montreal who went on a stabbing rampage the night before that left at least two people dead and five others wounded.
    Hold your horses, there was no Islamic connection!
    The man lunged at his victims with a Japanese-style sword while they were out celebrating Halloween. Police stated that the shooter is mentally unstable and is not associated with any terrorist organization. As expected, the mayor, as well as the press did not care about his faith, as long as he was not a Muslim.
    The Quebec City’s mayor said, “The assault brought back bad memories of 2017 when a gunman opened fire shortly after the end of the evening prayer, killing six worshippers and injuring 19 more at one of the city mosques.”
    Meanwhile, after a two-hour-long hunt with dozens of armed officers, the Halloween attacker was arrested. No name or photo released by the police. I wonder why?
    Canadian Prime Minister, Trudeau, and the premier of Quebec offered their condolences to the families of the victims. The mayor of the city stated on Twitter hours later that mental illness was the cause of the attack.
    Last September, a 58-year-old Muslim man was stabbed to death outside a Toronto mosque. Even though CBC News knew the name of the hate group but it chose not to publish it to avoid giving “additional exposure.” Once again. there was no was empathy, outrage, or talk of terrorism expressed by Canadian officials after Toronto’s attack, as they usually do when the attacker is a Muslim.
    When I read about the latest tragic news in Quebec, I hoped and prayed that the culprits were not Muslims or have connections to the Middle East. There is no doubt in my mind that islamophobes were crossing their fingers that the terrorist/s who committed this crime were Muslim.
    It is ironic how quickly public officials and news organizations blame Islam when a Muslim commits a crime; however, when non-muslims commit a crime, their religion is never mentioned. How do you spell hypocrisy?
    Mahmoud El-Yousseph is a Palestinian freelance writer and a USAF retired veteran. He could be reached at
    el-yousseph [email protected]

    Correction: This article was written on Nov. 2nd and not on Aug. 29.
    The article was edited by my 17-year-old son, Chafique El-Yousseph

    1. uncle :

      My reply to Mahmoud “Muslim Criminals Shouldn’t Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ When Committing Crimes Because It Makes Everyone Associate Their Criminality With Islam If Muslim Criminals Equate Islam With Their Criminality Why Shouldn’t Us NON-Muslims Equate Their Islamic Religion With Criminality” is not being featured because? Because it makes sense so WE can’t feature it?

    2. uncle :

      My reply to Mahmoud “Muslim Criminals Shouldn’t Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ When Committing Crimes Because It Makes Everyone Associate Their Criminality With Islam If Muslim Criminals Equate Islam With Their Criminality Why Shouldn’t Us NON-Muslims Equate Their Islamic Religion With Criminality” is not being featured because? Because it makes sense so WE can’t feature it?

      1. Your comment to Mahmoud is not being featured because you are picking on Mahmoud in order to hurt his feelings with Islamophobic abuse and racist mockery. Try picking on someone else who doesn’t mind being mocked and abused. Like Madame Butterfly … the only person on this site who can handle attacks on her with good humor and aplomb.

      2. TROJ,

        I agree with you 100% that a Muslim should never use the word, “Allahu Akbar ” when he commits a crime. Whoever does it, he abuses the beautiful meaning of this phrase and harms the image of Islam. After all, is pure to murder innocent people, let alone the one you have never met. I made this very clear bc it is unIslamic and it offends all Muslims. That said, when a California man did the same as he rammed his car into pedestrians (thinking they were Muslims) while shouting ‘thank you, Jesus,” no one cares, So, why the selective morality? Two wrongs do not make it right. Perhaps the article I wrote 3 days ago on the very subject might shed some more light. I was not going to post it here, so I would not be accused of posting off-topic comments. However, you left me no choice

        Je Suis Mohammad”

        By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
        October 31, 2020

        “Je Suis Mohammad” is a French slogan that means “I am Mohammad.” Therefore when you say, “Je Suis Mohammad,” you are in essence a supporter of the Prophet, peace be upon him (pbuh). There’s nothing more inflaming to the souls of Muslims worldwide than insulting the Prophet Mohammad or desecrating the Holy Quran.

        I should also emphasize that Islamic tradition bars any depiction of the Prophet, even a respectable one, for fear it could lead to idolatry. Therefore, the cartoons that were shown in France recently ridiculed the Prophet and insulted 1.8 billion Muslims. France argued it was free speech.

        How come no one in France screamed for free speech in 2008 when Charlie Hebdo fired one of its cartoonists (Maurice Sinet0 for mocking former French President Sarkozy’s son for his plan to convert to Judaism before he could marry a rich Jewish woman? That was the same magazine that published the 12 insulting cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in 2015. The cartoonist mocked the President’s son for marrying her for her money. He sued his employer and was given hush money following a campaign of anti-Semitism.

        Nevertheless, when Christians in Pakistan were outraged and held demonstrations against the movie “The Da Vinci Code” as they felt it was offensive to them and their faith, the government of Pakistan became the first of 57 Islamic nations to ban the movie. (AP June 3, 2006) This was done out of respect for the feelings of the country’s Christian minority because Muslims believe in all prophets of Allah almighty and the degradation of any prophet is tantamount to the defamation of the rest.

        Believe it or not, Mohammad is the most popular name in the world. The Quran says about him in (The Prophets 21: 107), “And We have not sent you except as a Mercy to mankind.” He commanded his followers to do good and to avoid evil acts. He was a good teacher and an effective leader who set examples for others to follow, illustrated by the following, which shed the light on who he really was.

        * “Reach out for those who ignored you, give to the one who deprived, and forgive those who oppressed you.”

        * “The best among you is the one who doesn’t harm others with his tongue and hands.”

        * “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.”

        * “When asked to curse the infidels, he said, ‘I have not been sent to curse people but as a mercy to all mankind.'”

        When he was asked, “Which act in Islam is the best?” He (PBUH) replied, “To give food and to greet everyone, whether you know or you do not.”

        “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.”

        Initiating a greeting to whomever he met, young or old, rich or poor, helping the weak and aiding orphanages, and to act with kindness to the poor.

        Visiting family members, neighbors, friends, and inquiring about their welfare.

        Visiting the sick, attending funerals, to be kind to the prisoners and to feed them the same food you eat, and to avoid gossiping, backbiting, or backstabbing.

        He who among you oppresses the People of the Book (Christians and Jews), I will be his persecuting witness on The Day of Judgement.

        “He who defends the honor of his (Muslim) brother, Allah will secure his face against the Fire.”

        “He who gives something (to someone) as a gift and then gets it back (from him or her) is like a dog which eats its own vomit.”

        *Allah will cover up on the Day of Resurrection the defects (faults) of the one who covers up the faults of the others in this world.

        * The greatest Jihad is to battle your own soul and fight the evil within yourself.

        Finally, here is a glimpse of some Islamic rules of war given by Prophet Mohammad (pbuh):

        No killing of children and women, the elderly, sick people, and injured soldiers or prisoners and to leave monks and those in places of worship alone.

        No destruction of property, cultivated land, crops, no uprooting or burning of green and fruit-bearing trees.

        No theft or robbery in the guise of war and to avoid destruction to an inhabited place!

        For all those reasons and more, I love and defend the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Je Suis Mohammad:

        * Allah will cover up on the Day of Resurrection the defects (faults) of the one who covers up the faults of the other in this world.

        * The greatest Jihad is to battle your own soul and to fight the evil within yourself.

        For all those reasons and more, I love and will defend the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and I proudly say, “Je Suis Mohammad.”

      3. TROJ:

        With your reversed logic and twisted mentality, you can win hearts and minds among Muslims.
        By acting so, you are not different from a Muslim who commits a crime and uses his faith to justify it.

        I bet you make good recruiting tools for ISIS.

      4. ADMIN TOBY

        I appreciate the fact that you enforce the rules for posting comments on this site.

        I know it is an uphill battle to be a moderator/admin. At least you put TROJ in his place and showed him, some tough love.

        1. Catholic ADMIN CENSORS A LOT OF MY POSTS, at least 70-80% of my posts, sometimes up to 95% of my posts. Catholic ADMIN even CENSORS a lot of my Catholic religious posts. Catholic ADMIN NEVER CENSORS Muslim Mahmoud, NEVER. [ not that I want to see Mahmoud get censored, that is NOT what I’m saying. ]

  18. sigh…
    the jew media promoted the idea of white patriots as dangerous skinhead nazis…
    they made tv shows, movies… been working on it for decades…
    black power fine, white pride has to be bad…
    according to them, only white people can be racist…
    anybody who’s not pc on the jews’ social scheems and politics will be found to be an anti-semite somehow too…
    the jews, you see, are on the side of the blacks…
    after all, wasn’t it the jews who formed the naacp?
    it’s not like the jews will use the blacks for anything… couldn’t be… could it?
    anybody who will use force to resist the jew world order, who will not take the vaxx, who wants rid of the fiat bank, who wants the borders intact and the nation preserved, who will fight at some point, has to be thought of as a racist white nationalist skinhead misogynist neo nazi…

    1. TROJ,

      Quit being a crybaby!

      You argue that the Catholic Admin censor up to 95% of your post. Have you ever wonder why?
      Then you bitch and complain that “Catholic” Admin never sensor me.

      Jewy Jo, it is silly and inappropriate that you add religious labels to my and the Admin’ names. Everyone on this site knows our religious affiliation. What is your point?

      We all complain at times. However, you complain about ANYTHING, and it’s so pathetic

      If you feel you like you are complaining all the time but getting nowhere, it might be time to talk to a therapist.

      Oh, before I forget, quit miss using the name Jihad.” The name does not mean to fight against the enemies of Islam.
      Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means striving or struggling, especially with a praiseworthy aim. And struggling against one’s evil inclinations.

      If anyone on this site needs Jihad, your name would be on the top of the list.

  19. From preface to the article:

    UPDATE: The video, “The Plot Against the President”, was taken down by FaceBook.

    Can this (defense of Trump by Roberts) be interpreted as pro-Trump?
    Has FaceBook in its entire history ever deleted an entry in favor of Biden?

    Yet, the majority here hold that either Trump is much worse, presumably much more Jew’s chattel than Biden (thus vote Biden as Mahmoud had the honesty, however misplaced to do), or
    that they are exactly equal Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum both run out of the same puppeteer’s strings (thus no point voting).
    Well, FaceBook’s vote preference is beyond obvious, same as Mahmoud’s.
    Those in opposition to FaceBook can be counted on fingers of one hand.

    **Balance causes vertigo** (vertigo—loss of balance, makes logical sense since in order to lose something one must have possessed it in the first place)

    (I notice that the venerable sucking-cock™ society makes its gracious encore, expect sudden, violent escalation post initial stalking period … can we be FB friends?)

    1. Your pulling our leg, Barkingdeer, cut it out, granma would never commit voter fraud! 😊

  20. I’m guessing we’re both mixed, Bark. Tis to our advantage in putting forth a proper understanding of Nationalism

  21. Illegal Jewish settlers in the Occupied West Bank are holding a prayer rally in front of the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron, according to a report in Mondoweiss’ today.

    Settler leaders are urging for “divine intervention” to ensure a Trump victory tomorrow. What the settlers actually saying, ” you scratch my back, I scratch yours! ” ‘
    After all, it does pay off to support the Israeli occupation and those maggots with 3.8 billion/year of US-tax-payers money.


    Yes, the Democrats are very far from perfect on many, many issues. But unlike Republicans under Trump, Democrats are far more likely to preserve our democratic system of checks and balances that ensure fairness toward all Americans – and a voice for each of us through our vote and engagement.

    Most Republicans have become today’s unabashed racists and bigots. While not every Republican is one, there has been enough silence and minimal censure within the party of Republican candidates starting from President Trump all the way to candidate Marjorie Greene in Kentucky for their bigotry generally, and Islamophobia specifically.

    Yes, every vote counts this election. And that means every vote in favor of the Democrats is one less vote for Trump and his Republicans.

    1. “Racists and bigots”. blah-blah-blah …. Anti-semitism is the grandaddy of all the isms that have been used to deconstruct the West. Racism, feminism, sexism, homophobism, xenophobism, and islamophobism all derive from the same mindset: pathologization of the familiar and normal, glorification of the alien and abnormal. The most sacred principle of the nutters is non-discrimination. The highest goal: diversity. None of it is honest. It all serves as cover for attacking anything European, anything Christian, and anything White.

  23. Brief synopsis of the 2020 election:

    Rothschild: The “deeper state”. Where both sides play by the rules of the money-control game.

    Trump: Nationalist State
    Biden: Supranational state; deep state; communist totalitarianism

    Trump’s America First agenda is infinitely preferable to Americans who haven’t completely lost their senses to the Globalist agenda. It’s not a true nationalism, or “American National Socialism”, essentially meaning that that would mean being in defiance of Rothschild and his ilk, as Trump attempts to create a new form of Isolationism. And without that aforementioned defiance it makes any degree of Isolationism limited. It means that Trump is compromised by his Achilles Heel – Israel. The longer he stays in power, a big ramification could be a greater likelihood that Iran will be made the fall guy for a false-flag attack on Israel to draw the U.S. into war. And in my view this is the only scenario by which Trump WILL go to war against Iran – in a perceived defensive mode upon having been duped. Drawn in by those* for whom anything less than a totalitarianized America won’t do. That’s why Trump staying in power is the quintessential “lesser of two evils”.

    *in a word – China. The true identity of the deep state all along.

  24. Whether Trump concedes or not, it makes no difference. Trump is a sore loser who does not play by rules. In both the 2016 and 2020 elections, he said he would not accept the result of the election unless he is the winner. Trump should have the decency to call Presidential nominee Biden to consent and to address his supporters. Everyone knows the president is not legally obligated to concede defeat, but it is rather unusual and immoral to do so.

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