The Ride Downtown With Imitation Humans

By John Kaminski
5 June 2020

and mask:

Building who they want us to be


Generation after generation, the real criminals perpetrate their frauds mostly unnoticed by the aimless herds of human cattle they swindle, fleece and cannibalize. 

Eventually you’re going to be able to buy one of these bonafide genuine imitation humans at your local Walmart, but for now they’re still in the experimental stage, as designers fine tune the method of turning normally inquisitive humans into utterly predictable minions of greed, envy, fickleness and malice, totally tranced out by what they thought were their own choices.

Maybe that appendage known as your smartphone is really an invisible bar code on your forehead. Don’t think too long about the contact tracers who analyze your data with an electron microscope. They’re thinking of eliminating you as fast as possible so they can collect the insurance policy bounty they have on your life when your statistical line in the book of life magically disappears.

This is some of what they won’t tell you about that camouflaged prison cell you live in, an alluring experiential pastiche designed to your preferred taste. Sometimes called a lockdown, you are learning to love it.

We seek conditions necessary to enrich and protect us, rather than the conditions today which harass and abuse. We are discovering to our dismay that the best government is no government at all. And we watch with despair as our own government deliberately creates conditions destructive to a way of life that would be just fine if they’d stop regulating everything and creating fake terror incidents.

The default conditions of ordinary governing must routinely guarantee peace in the world, without which there is no security for anyone. Unfortunately in our way of life we have chosen to cannibalize each other, with the central kosher authority arranging all of the combat matchups and funding both sides of every conflict, rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of infinite profits and the elimination of large numbers of goyim, their two fondest goals.

A certain percentage of people often snap under changing conditions like this. Likely they’ll all be listed as COVID-19 deaths, and they should be, because of the significant and lasting distress of the lockdown and the mask. Even worse than being pawed by transvestite storytellers, schoolchildren have by now lost all belief in their once hallowed system of government and responsible citizenry, because they now know it can disappear in an instant, according to the well-planned whims of very rich men.

A system that enables us to blossom the peak of our powers in our individual orbits through this cornucopia we have come to know as life, is what we’re demanding.

Rather than living a life of adversity and challenge that is hampered by existing organizational and governmental structures, the AI personality is based on maximum profitability and unlimited powers, two aspects of the human personality that have never been chained, never been overcome as a human addiction by some other aspect or influence. And certainly not by common sense.

Gluttony gulling the gullible always brings cheer to ordinary businessmen, though they whine when their Ponzi schemes collapse. All governments have proved over the 2500 years of use is that people cannot be trusted with large amounts of money.

So the larger question becomes . . .

Given the human propensity of doublecrossing agreements with their most intimate and trusted partners, can humans exercise the right to prevent the machines they created from eliminating humans altogether?

I’m asking if humans can prevent that from happening once humans open the door to AI. If that door, the door to hell, has already opened a crack, and its irrevocable poison has already begun to seep into this fetid swamp of chemicals we call our atmosphere, this would account for our total inability to deal with our own government from deliberately spinning out of control, seemingly for justifying their contrived need to create the conditions necessary for martial law.

Throughout our entire history we invented a palliative for our existential angst over our inevitable doom, and that palliative — the foolproof solution — is to chain your focus to an infinite idea that venerates the consciousness of everything that lives. Most of the world has found a suitable answer to this important question which they show by their reverence, one way or the other, to an omnipotent God.

Now the world is spinning out of control.

Beset by their subconscious distortions, inventive humans could never invent a machine fully grounded in the concept of mercy, primarily because the concept is so ephemeral, so situational in its appearance and its reasoning. Trusting your life to a machine to make your most important decisions — as is happening now — is the short path to universal destruction for the purpose of trying in vain to control what is ultimately a matter of celestial mechanics far beyond our pay grade.

The Bill Gates death tattoo that will turn us into GMO humans will leave no room for formerly desirable attributes such as justice, loyalty or honesty. All decisions henceforth will be governed by the trim rigor of the bottom line with no emotion involved, as emotion always affects profitability negatively.

Some time ago the answer to these grim existential discussions used to be religion, most versions of which lie twitching in the gutter of public derision and embarrassment that the most venerated spiritual advisers of our generation have lost their luster and fallen prey to the very compulsions they inveighed against. They now serve as a model for no sensible person.

They’re still not sure if these imitation humans are going to be blow up dolls with supercomputer brains, or merely technotrances that you must wear something over your eyes and ears — or perhaps implanted in your brain, as all the high tech billionaires urge us to do, kind of like a mechanical replacement for the psychedelic drug experience — to fully experience the La La Land to which they have decided to take you. College is a lot like that, I hear, with the emphasis on meaningless subjects as usual overshadowing the nuts and bolts it would take to run an honest world.

But whatever they seem to be saying, just remember they are saying the things that the men who created them want them to say.

Try not to be shocked when you look in the mirror and see one of them there.

As we descend, step by step, down to someone who we never wanted to be.

Controlled demolition of world culture, turning the entire planet into one prison camp. The chokepoint is your wallet and the Jews have every bit of that wrapped up.

To pretend otherwise would be naive. Disingenuous. And dishonest.

They drink the blood of children whom they terrify before they kill because it makes the blood more potent when enflamed by the inhuman terror inflicted on the victim.

As the constriction of big brother’s hand around your throat intensifies . . . this ride downtown with imitation humans is nothing you would ordinarily choose to do.


They drink the blood of children 

whom they terrify before they kill
because it makes the blood more potent
when enflamed by the inhuman terror inflicted on the victim.

The lockdown and the masks have been the greatest destroyers of civilization since the Black Plague. A deliberate destruction of the lesser entities by the power elite.

Religious particularism provides nothing but a raucous chorus of jealous rancor for a senseless species caught in the whirlpool of its own fear spinning wildly down the drain of extinction. Good luck with your raft.

My own humble suggestion would be to fight it with all your might.


29 thoughts to “The Ride Downtown With Imitation Humans”

  1. About the only way to “fight it” is to decline participation in its processes. For example, I NEVER order anything through Amazon, intentionally removing myself from contributing to the wealth of the likes of Jeff Bezos, Moreover, I always try to avoid any “cyber” transactions, not wanting to place myself in harm’s way of pirates and government beauracracy. I refuse to wear a fucking stupid-looking mask for “Covid-19” like so many cattle flock to do. Dying is something we all must face, so resolve to die fighting the best way you can – with some self-respect. (God frowns upon hypocrisy.)

    1. I don’t know about you, BUT my and my son’s lives are too important to believe THAT “your way” is the”only way” to fight what is happening.We have,in effect been using PEACEFUL WAYS, such as but not limited to Talk and Protests, for 2000 year or more and where and what has that gotten us – Lets vote for another OPPRESSOR to RULE us, okay? we’ll call him or her, “President”. That should work,eh !

      Sorry but in my 79 years I have learned on TRUE answer – Once you know WHO are responsible for the WORLD TYRANNY, and have been for thousands of years, you TAKE THE BASTARDS out” because you cannot change or deal with, them – THEY are Supremacist PSYCHOPATHS

      How do I know it IS the TRUE ANSWER- No One, (most out of FEAR), talks about it or THEM.

      WHO are THEY: In the main, The House of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican. Any others remaining will SCATTER and HIDE,leaving behind the WEALTH, which they STOLE from us.

      Take care now

  2. It is only when we realise that “The Elite” are actually DUMB, their only advantage BEING that we are even DUMBER, that we can overcome them by ceasing to be so wilfully DUMB ourselves by our believing their Lies & Deceptions.

    To be capable of the ‘Good Fight’ first of all requires a “Staring into The Abyss” of ones own soul to identify & clear-out those ‘Demons of Wilful Deception & Compliance’ – which is a frightening feat that very very few are capable of… so that, ultimately, it will fall to The Remnant to stand strong, resist and, eventually, hold sway.

  3. And fighting it with all your might can also be worded to fight it for all your “worth”, because that will determine how worthy you are of the freedom many only pay lip service to.

    In the dying words of the Sean Connery character from the excellent movie, “The Untouchables”, “what are you prepared to do?” When push inevitably comes to shove


    1. Use of the word “your” above (….your “worth”) is fully intended, for all you silly correction freaks out there. Meaning something you possess….your worth.

      Just sayin 😝

  4. Justice for Ellie Williams, take a look at this it will make you ashamed to be white.
    Nobody marching for this poor young lady. No celebrities in her corner.

  5. “…fight it with all your might.”

    The root of this problem is that “civilization” has herded man into toxic, spiritual desert cities and disposed them of what little land they had. In recent years … 300-400 million in China alone, probably by force. This is not a Luddite statement – a dispersed technological society is perfectly possible and actually more efficient.

    UN Agenda 2030/CAGW hoax fools the goyim into thinking that :

    – “smart cities” are hip
    – turning the rest of their heritage/country into “sustainable development” reserves where permits are required to visit is good “for the planet”.

    This, despite cities having no jobs. My own estimate of 50% of Covid hoax lost jobs will not be recovered is confirmed by ZH analysts/articles.

    The reason for the scramble to create a prison planet is that energy abundance is around the corner (10 years IMO) and a great deal of energy is needed to run an ai/robotic prison planet.

    You may confirm the 10 year forecast by looking on and, focusing on pebble reactors and fusion (not the ITER project!.)

    If energy abundance and as a corollary material abundance is achieved before planetary lock-down then all “hell” could break loose, such as anarchy (= no rulers) and peace on Earth. This I believe is the reason for the scramble – War on drugs/terror hoaxes, CAGW hoax, Covid hoax, Martial Law hoax, … each event producing reinforced lock-down.

  6. Thus the answers are:

    – Technological – demand a mini Manhattan project to complete the existing energy projects and deliver a world where want of the essentials and want of a significant number of non-essentials is banished. Skeptical? – just follow the logic. Energy is the primary resource for obtaining materials. Both are inputs to (robotic factories).

    – Political – give people their birth right back (land). Scotland for example is essentially owned by 5 individuals. Ever holiday there with the 2.5 m high fencing off their estates.

    1. Flan
      Short of the money power reflecting the activity of people providing goods and services among themselves, (making banks as we know them virtually obsolete) a solution to retaining one’s birthright is for people to WTFU and stop paying these onerous and immoral property taxes. An exasperating proposition seeing that most see them as justifiable by citing that they go towards things like funding schools and other such venues, without realizing that those venues are totally unrelated to a where a person resides, which has nothing to do the “common wealth”

      This is the last thing those in power would do. For that matter, (((they))) wouldn’t be giving it back, because (((they))) have always claimed fraudulently ownership.

      Several of Pat’s thousands of posts over the years have addressed this in detail.

  7. From GILBERT HUNTLY: “When’s the last time you shot one of “them, hero???”

    Who is talking about “shooting” ?

    You must be American, conditioned to shooting Muslim Women and Children!

    Thanks for you reply, however.

    1. Whatever your method, I’d wager you’re all talk and no action, anyway. Typical. (Btw, shooting is very practical – and can be FUN! )

  8. Freespirit, can you give us your ideas on how we dispose of the satanic Jewish monstrosity that has captured Planet Earth?…… Superman, as a baby, escaped a totally corrupt and disintegrating Planet Krypton, and lived another day,but we do not have a means of escape, other than violent death. .. our Planet is convulsing and Western civilisation is in its death throes. Soon the Jewish Bolsheviks will take over the total rule of Planet Earth. ….. Gilbert and I will take a few satanists out of circulation before we transcend to God’s Heaven.. let us hope millions of armed White citizens join us. … There will be blood in the streets and, like 1917 Russia, the “rivers will flow red with blood.” …. Let us see the Bolsheviks hanging from lamp posts and facing firing squads. All members of the House of Rothschild and associates like Soros must be exterminated asap. Cease the rule of the progeny of the devil – these vermin that live amongst us!

    1. Max –

      Myself and many friends have, already, voiced our strong intentions to our local sheriffs here, in Virginia. Our commie governor’s new laws WILL be ignored, and we ARE determined to protest, including lethal opposition. Whenever that chances to happen, blood will flow! Even today, I am going to the supermarket 20 miles away, with a 1911 Colt .45, loaded, cocked n’ locked, strapped on my side. (I doubt I’ll be alone!) 👌

      1. Take care Gilbert. Do not be a sacrificial lamb. Guerilla tactics, lots of sniping and go after the Antifa scum. The Rothschilds, Soros, etc will be hard to get as they are covered by layers of security. In a time of no laws, it is time for the outlaw to arise. Things can only get worse in the USA as corruption is ingrained and IS the system you are trying to eke out an existence within. .The system is loaded against you. ….There are no good Jews, as Jesus said. One way or another they all worship their high priesthood, the Red Shielders or Rothschilds. Every single facet of our lives is now part of Bolshevik Satan worshipping. It is like trying to live in an apple that is rotten to the core. The only way out of that apple’s stench is by destroying the apple. It is time for the revolt of the truth loving, decent people. If the scums’ blood must fill rivers, so be it. I’m not waiting around for God to judge them, as he’s had over 2,000 years to deal with the insidious priesthood.

    2. “millions of armed White citizens ” is one way but unfortunately it usually results in CIVIL WAR, murdering the VERY people, who are already VICTIMS of the Rothschilds and THAT REAL Enemy, along with his cohort Psychopths, escape to hide until a better time……..FOR THEM, not for us!

      I am from a long line of Irish REBELS and in fact my Grand was a leader of one of the IRA cells in Dublin. We had learned from past experience that GUERILLA WARFARE tactics were the only way to win against NUMBERS greater than ours ( The British, of course). Open warfare with those who out-number you and out-gun you, is a virtual death sentence.

      We won in 1949/59 because we used Guerrilla warfare tactics, as did the American Patriots in their REVOLUTIONARY war of 1776.

      After 600 years of OUR fighting in useless and destructive suicidal open warfare. We lost over 5 million of our Brothers and sisters mostly from the STARVATION created by the British, which they called FALSELY a”Potato Famine”. Don’t believe Google revisionist history. It was not Potato Blight.It was deliberate THEFT of our Crops and Livestock to starve us.

      It may come to Guerrilla warfare for us to win, but it would be much easier and less costly, especially in Human lives, to ARREST the complete Rothschild family under COMMON LAW charges of “Crimes Against Humanity”, which should be easy to prove and when found GUILTY, put them way for life and confiscate their stolen WEALTH to be returned to Humanity.

      I’m 79 now and thus it is not easy for me to personally get involved , in ways other than advice, planning, and STRATEGY, if we have the RIGHT military people involved.

      For those who believe that is impossible I have an example: The Indigenous People of a Western Province of Canada (British Columbia), charged the Queen of England many years ago with “Kidnapping” 50 Native children and WON. They tried to charge her with MURDER, but could not produce the “Disappeared” bodies. She no longer comes to Canada for fear of being arrested.

      The children have never been found BUT the Brits still love the Queen 🙁

      1. “…..the Brits still love their Queen.”

        Old, REALLY old habits are hard to break. Especially when you don’t recognize an addiction

  9. it’s real clear what’s needed in the cities where the riots happen… business owners need to get with each other with a plan to protect themselves, take assertive action together as soon as the violence starts… california’s laws are what fosters this kind of chaos, destruction, violence, murder… some states have ‘stand your ground’ laws, that allow people to use deadly force when threatened… that’s how it should be… in california you’re supposed to ‘get away’… look, if you’re in your house and a gang of thugs starts smashing your windows with clubs and breaking in your door, you have every right to open fire on them… that applies to your place of business too, no different than a home invasion… that’s what it’s going to take, the use of deadly force on defense once they begin destroying property, setting fires, looting… as soon as shop owners start shooting these pricks on sight that will be the end of it…. there were a few cops on the scene at that big dodge dealer rip-off in san leandro… so i heard, they said they ‘were outnumbered’, so they didn’t do anything… i say that’s why they have those automatic rifles in their trunks… they should have used them… society is deteriorating rapidly now.. it will get worse as gangs take over completely, robbing and killing because they can… each locale needs to have its own security force, doing what cops no longer do…. i don’t really mind if the federal government sends in the national guard, maybe that’s the plan all along – a un force… somebody should be on patrol in every city, keeping watch, with reinforcements waiting to deploy where needed, with orders to shoot to kill anybody attacking people, businesses, looting, firebombing cars, buildings, etc….. once it gets started people are going to be killed – let it be the instigators at the outset…
    we understand that because of judicial mismanagement, i would say deliberate societal sabotage, there are far too many dangerous criminals, repeat offenders lose on the streets, who should be in prison or the graveyard, but they’re not… and that, unfairly, it is left to street cops to deal with them as best they can… a messy business.
    having said that – way too many people are killed unlawfully in police custody, because too many cops have a callous attitude and because cops are not real likely to be snitched off by fellow cops and prosecuted….
    2 way street – when police are guilty of murder, they should get the death penalty, as in these cases –
    meanwhile, it’s all about the ‘production’….

    1. “and – where’s my other post?

      @ Barkingdeer

      Your post was held up for monitoring AUTOMATICALLY because it contained FOUR links. Acquaint yourself with the rules of our website. Others here have managed to do so. You stand out as the only exception.

      # 7. “Monitored comments. If you are a regular commenter and your comment suddenly goes for monitoring, don’t worry about this. This doesn’t mean you have done something wrong. Mostly this happens for purely technical reasons, e.g., you may have used three or more links in your post, or mistyped your email address…..”

      Your next few comments will be monitored for politeness.

  10. Imitation humans are sad and angry, angry angry angry, morally outraged, because of what happened to NON-White George Lloyd. Violence against NON-Whites infuriates them as violence against NON-Whites is deeply immoral, while they simultaneously fully support the jewish Genocide of the Palestinian people, a NON-White people. Almost every day jews kill Palestinians in cold blood, including killing Palestinian children in cold blood, and the overwhelming number of politicians around the USA fully support the jewish Genocide of the Palestinian people, a NON-White people.

    Imitation humans also don’t care when blacks kill white Americans in cold blood [ and the blacks kill white Americans all the time ], imitation humans don’t care when blacks kill other blacks in cold blood [ blacks kill their fellow blacks all the time and in large numbers ]. Imitation humans also don’t care the jews are killing the Palestinians in large numbers.

    The politicians in Washington and around the country are horrified about what happened to George Lloyd, as they continue to fully support the Genocide of the Palestinians, a NON-White people. Same with all the jews. The jews are morally outraged about what happened to NON-White George Lloyd, as the jews inflict massive violence and death on the Palestinian people, a NON-White people.

    Blacks– and Whites — and Browns, who are morally outraged about what happened to George Lloyd while simultaneously supporting the jewish Genocide of the Palestinians, they’re imitation humans. They imitate the jews and the jews are as phony as can be.

    If you’re morally opposed to what happened to NON-White George Lloyd you’re an upstanding person, a pillar of the community. If you’re morally opposed to the jews genociding the NON-White Palestinians, you’re a “terrorist”. That’s how imitation humans think.

  11. ADMIN
    just asking, put the axe down, it’s ok…
    i hope those links were deemed worth waiting for…
    there are hundreds more incidents like those taking place all over the country…
    and yes it is a ‘racial’ problem…
    but it’s not about white supremacist cops taking it out on blacks…
    there are plenty of cases where white cops have beaten white suspects to death too… plenty of cases…
    and they will beat you to death if they feel like it, no matter what color you are…
    it’s not like they’re afraid to use violence, but for some reason they won’t go to combat with the looters…
    but, that the point about equal opportunity abuse doesn’t serve the dems political schedule of keeping the races separated, constantly holding blacks into the lower economic pattern… i don’t hear any dem politicans, none of these mayors and governors, siding with trump on reforming trade policies, much less do they advocate banning all imported products until we have our manufacturing base back in the usa and full employment, the end of homelessness…
    they’re all so full of shit their eyes are brown…
    i say police violence is a racial problem because of the way police tend to relate to the civilian public, which is as though they themselves were the master race… when they don the uniform, they ascend to that distinction…
    i guess that’s ok, in that they should then no longer identify prejudicially with or without or race or the other…
    but not where they consider the whole public inferior to the blue race…
    at any rate, it’s now perfectly clear how antifa works…
    you saw the video of how they burned the police car, tactically…
    so now we’ll see if the mighty us government actually captures these creeps and puts them in prison, not just for a few years, but for a few decades…
    in cases where the riots led to murder, any premeditated, deliberate antifa instigators should be held on that charge…

  12. Imitation humans have a tendency to gravitate to Gate Keeping for the Academic-Science-Noosphere”Alt”Media MAFIA as their “career”. They find Gate Keeping “rewarding”. It pays well, you get full medical and dental coverage, they have an excellent pension plan, bonuses every Christmas, salary raises every year. uncle’s living the Life of Riley on Easy Street by now, I’m sure. The only downside is : They get no days off, no vacations. helio MAFIA Gate Keepers have to work 24/7/365, that’s why uncle is always T-I-R-E-D, so very tired, *grin*.

  13. So the Antifa ranks in their violence parades have been proven to be filled with White, masked undergraduates, or those brainwashed by their Jewish professors. Some looting, criminal African Americans tagged along for the smashing of shops, etc. ….. Trouble is the White Antifa scum held most of their violence sprees in struggling, blacks’ populated areas and now the blacks have lost most of their supermarkets and convenience stores and health facilities. So they are worse off and all the spoilt White brats go back to their middle class lives with mommy and daddy. Then off to college in order to plan more Communist forays. Sad but true. The Jews are laughing.

    1. I have a big problem with the word “brainwashed” for whites. Although it is true, what happened to their innate sense of right and wrong by acting like a hooligans and destroying other peoples hard earned property and rights? Since when has criminal conduct become acceptable conduct? There are other avenues for expressing your dissatisfaction than by attacking innocents. These Antifa have to be confronted, if needed, by the strongest measure of force, so that they can learn a very harsh lesson.

      I just can’t buy the excuse of being “brainwashed” beyond a certain point. One must not allow a Lord of the Flies type of situation. A few harsh punishment measures will bring them very fast back down to earth. They need a strong reality check. Whether being a member of the gutter class or a elite professor is irrelevant. Especially these people act as a role model for younger people. They should be removed and deported out of the USA. If they love Africa so much, send them there – this will act as very fast reality check. The old South Africa deported lots of these liberals, while the world bellowed in protest. Whatever happens, mankinds memory is very short and these louts will soon be forgotten when peace and order settles in again.

  14. Kaminsky”s prose sometimes flows and reads like poetry.
    If anyone who reads this site or comments therein, wants to know what it’s like to reclaim lost freedoms and liberties should read the 5 MW Novels of Harold Covington. In the 5 novels you will learn what urban and/or guerilla warfare is like. It’s dirty, nasty, boring with months of training to even begin to survive. 99 percent of the White American male wouldn’t last 30 seconds under just conditions and why should they? It’s not even close to taking a few days off camping and hunting.
    Free PDF Copies of Harold Covington’s Northwest Independence Novels

    Someday the late Harold Covington will become known as the founding father, with a little help from his friends, of the NW Republic. That is if all the white people are not exterminated by the 22 century. (Yes white boy and girl, take a knee and bow your head in the presence of your betters as we apply the machete to your perfect pink skin.”

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