36 thoughts to “The World as Orwellian Police State: How Covid-19 Turns Us All Into Zombie Slaves”

  1. Google and read UN Agenda 2030 to see what the satanic zionists have planned for the people of America and the world. Also go to these sites, henrymakow.com, davidicke.com, thetruthseeker.co.uk, globalresearch.ca, thedollarvigilante.com, stopthecrime.net, elanafreeland.com.

    Also read The Protocols of Zion and get the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, it can be had on amazon.

    1. questo stato di cose peggiorerà, non si fermeranno. Gesù li chiamava “figli del diavolo” Giovanni 8:44

      ADMIN: English translation:

      this state of affairs will get worse, they will not stop.
      Jesus called them “children of the devil” John 8:44

  2. The politics of the world is controlled by the owners of the financial system…
    That’s primarily the central bankers, and then other corporate entities…
    The acquisition and control of government is the main corporate endeavor, as per the example set by the central bankers……
    Free enterprise is touted but corporate control of the consumer is relentless, the rule…
    Competition is claimed as the methodology but exploitation is the epitome…
    Eventually, the middle class disappears and there develops the hourglass politiconomy, which consists of a small upside-down pyramid on the top representing the super-wealthy, and a much larger right-side-up pyramid on the bottom, representing the poor, with the extremes at the very top and bottom…
    The political power accrues by design at the extremes but for those on the lower level it is held in check by nefarious methods deployed by the super wealthy and powerful…
    The welfare state is a small payoff, an indirect subsidy to corporations, costing the super-rich nothing, keeping the poor class suppressed, jacking the national debt…
    Unless they speak out stringy otherwise, alll corporate politicians are agents of the central bank and will not interfere with any of the succession of plots to increase the national debt…
    Rather than question the validity of the corona virus, calling a major congressional hearing on the entire subject, they will be concerned only with creating an aid package and channeling the grant money to their own supporters, themselves…
    Consumer protection is the path to rebuilding the middle class and correct the distribution of political power…
    Rather than have the banking system owned by the people, the privately owned money system is designed to keep the public enslaved forever as debtors, while the private owners reap the profits of banking and gain greater and greater control over society with the accumulation of national debt…
    The politically powerful always work to increase their power…
    A freely functioning press exercising genuine journalism, as specified int he constitution, would tend to keep the abuses in check, but the press is now owned and operated, censored by the corporate owners, used for their purposes only…
    The corona virus plot is an example of how the politically powerful manipulate events in order to increase their power, which is always excused under exigent conditions…
    Any politician who doesn’t understand, is not known for these views, is not working for freedom and constitutional government…

      1. If you vote or don’t vote the helios will still be in CONTROL of EVERYTHING :

        If you send in posts to ADMIN about the Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH the helios in ADMIN will still be in CONTROL and boy they will let you know who THE BOSS IS AROUND HERE and they will make it very clear to you that you are P-O-W-E-R-L-E-S-S and a N-O-B-O-D-Y and W-O-R-T-H-L-E-S-S and they get a kick out of that, they’re like sadists that way, pushing their weight around all the time pleased-as-punch with themselves, so proud of themselves like they accomplish something important when they CENSOR you — that’s what they consider a “BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT”, CENSORING you if you question heliocentrism and want to debate Cosmological matters.

        Most websites in the so-called “alternative” media suck chicken sh*t just as much as Darkmoon sucks truck loads of chicken sh*t when it comes to debating Cosmology, they don’t debate period, piles of chikensh*ts that they are. Question EVERYTHING except WE don’t include Cosmology when WE say “EVERYTHING”. I appreciate and I like the internet except I don’t include f*cktard Darkmoon and all the other f*cktard helio websites when I say “I appreciate and I like the internet”, sayin’.

      I agree totally with what you have said. I only need to add, that in this kind of scam, the class which is being targeted need to wake up. And in my opinion, the war is targeting the “Middle Class” The Middle Class who still have some connections with the “Useless Eaters” and are still aspiring to join the 1%

      The 1% at the top, know that there is only room, for 1% So, in this war, they are not taking prisoners. The 1% do not need to fight the poor masses. These “Useless Eaters” are “Losers” willing to die in the Bankers wars for a paycheque. (Sorry, that’s the truth) So, If the 1% are not fighting the Useless Eaters, who are they fighting? I submit, they are attacking the Middle Class. And they are not recruiting any of the Middle Class to the 1% Club.
      Hence, the Lockdown, which as been merciless to the small businesses, and mainly the Middle Class. So, the Middle Class have not choice! They must initiate a war, against the 1% and they must seek the support of the Useless Eater, because at the end of the day, we will all be a mass of Useless Eaters, and 1%.

      The Middle Class can hold their noses as they pass the Useless Eaters, but, it’s a matter of time, before they join these Masses.

  3. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:
    Those Covid **********s can kiss my a$$!!!
    That is all for now. Thank You.

  4. (ADMIN: Comment held up. Correct typo in usr name.)

    A female Paul Joseph Watson. Lets hear more from her. The fucktards at the WHO now claim that the lock-downs are not working and never did work. About time they pulled their heads out of their rear ends and joined the rest of the human race. By the way, masks and other satanic head coverings don’t work either and are worse then useless. Check out the Solari Report https://home.solari.com/ to find out the real agenda behind the riots in America’s city. Toejam was only in part correct in that the riots are an Urban Renewal project.

  5. @ Muslim Mahmoud :

    Please read the article I’m so considerate to share with you and please let us know what you think about you Muslims getting SPECIAL TREATMENT in “amerikwa”. You’re always crying and complaining and having temper tantrums and always threatening to go on all kinds of Jihads because you Muslims face discrimination in “amerikwa” [ supposedly you Muslims face severe discrimination in the United States ] so I’m wondering what you think when you Muslims get SPECIAL TREATMENT in the United States while Christians and Jews get discriminated against in “amerikwa” :


    1. @ (((TheRealOriginalJoe)))

      I’ve always suspected you were a crypto-Jew pretending to be a mentally deranged Roman Catholic. And here we have the proof at last! — in the form of a link from FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE, the most virulently ZIONIST PROPAGANDA website on the internet.

      Anyone who cites frontpagemag.com in support of his argument that all Muslims are evil HAS to be a Jew! This is the ultimate Jewish hasbara site and you are reading its articles and quoting it to make your point.

      Conclusion? TROJ = JEW TROLL.

      Thanks for outing yourself at last, Jewy Joey! 🙂

      1. You also live in Florida,
        where most American Jews go when they retire.
        Florida is a Jewish colony, right? 🙂

      2. BRAVO Madame B! Excellent comment!
        (Though, I must admit, that I’m slightly bemused… since I assumed you’d be totally fixated on Baudelaire’s “brothel & lesbian” musings from that previous thread!)

    2. Way to go, Madame B! You get that Jewish Troll by the throat. It is a shame how some people go through pain to defame and insult Muslims.

      1. I’m with Melvin poolside in Florida and he’s teaching me to be Jew-Wise, VERY Jew-Wise, so at least I’m learning something useful. We’re enjoying our refreshing Margaritas and having learned discussions and I’m becoming VERY Jew-Wise. That’s better than being with crazy coot Gilbert in Chattahoochee Florida where Gilby is “teaching” Pat how to slur his words and drool all over himself… 😃

      2. Mahmoud,
        unkess you can explain to me why it’s a CAPITAL OFFENCE to be found with a copy of the New Testament in Mecca…
        then you can KISS My A$$!
        Thank You!!!

      3. Mahmoud :

        Make sure you tell your fellow Muslims in America “DON’T VOTE, MUSLIMS, VOTING IS USELESS, MUSLIMS”. We’d hate to see the Muslims in America wasting their time voting — voting is useless, voting is futile, voting is for idiots, voting is for sheeple people. Please spread that meme throughout the Muslim communities in the United States so the Muslims don’t waste their valuable time voting. Don’t be negligent, make sure to spread and inculcate the “Don’t Vote Voting Is Useless” meme amongst your fellow Muslims in amerikwa! Start spreading THE MEME today in amerikwa’s Muslim communities! Shukran habibi!

    3. @ THEREALORIGINALJOE. Since you live in Heimy town, Florida, could you please tell us what is a Jewish woman’s favorite wine? Give up? I want to go to Flooooooooooooorida!

      1. @ THE REALIST

        At first, I was willing to entertain the first part of your comment until I read your last sentence.

        Now I am curious if your parents are cousins! Nevertheless, your family’s gene pool could use a little chlorine, Dickhead.

  6. Let the Covidiots transform into zombies, they can’t be saved.

    Getting yourself into rural setting might defer the evil for say 5 years, but eventually they will come knocking for an offering of a sacrificial virgin.

    Not sure if anyone looked at the video link I posted on 5G – as a dissident cooking device. Perhaps the only answer is living in caves, only coming out early morning for berries .

    That reminds me of Richard Brautigan’s ‘Sombrero Fallout’ that begins with a desperate unemployed man living off berries.

    ‘A sombrero fell out of the sky and landed on the Main Street of town in front of the mayor, his cousin and a person out of work. The day was scrubbed clean by the desert air. The sky was blue. It was the blue of human eyes, waiting for something to happen. There was no reason for a sombrero to fall out of the sky. No airplane or helicopter was passing overhead and it was not a religious holiday.’


  7. Pat
    October 13, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Bark –
    Voting is useless and only validates THEIR CONTROL!
    i agree the election system is rigged… ok fine, what else are you gonna do?
    look, the web is full of people claiming the usa is already toast, no hope, forget about it…
    I don’t trust them, especially if they have no plan to do something otherwise to make up for not voting, which would necessarily be appropriately drastic…
    i don’t preach proactive violence and i do believe the sleeping giant could manifest his weight overwhelmingly at the ballot box for positive change and growth…
    i also get it that there are lots of pentagon types out there thinking we’re already in a military dictatorship, and they probably don’t care much for voting either, not democracy, and, truth be known, not every constitutional right you can think of… i don’t see them doing a damn thing to protect the usa from political corruption… indeed they foster it, and who thinks they don’t do assassinations? not either do the real deepstate big military industrial masonic complex cia/fbi/kgb/mossad types protect us from rioters, illegal immigration/foriegn militia gangs and international drug trafficking, which they’re probably involved in themselves…
    however, we will act when the time comes to save ourselves… it will start out as self-defense but once it is started hopefully the gloves-off effort will continue to the point of cleansing every anti-american anti–constitutionalist subversive marxist blm antifa globalist trans-humanist super-surveillance tag and track covid pushing fake money and crypto-currency block chain democrat and every-day warmongering and generally toxic corporate predator off the whole landscape…
    these hillbillies do know what’s wrong…

    1. You’re confused. “election systems rigged “and “manifest weight overwhelmingly at ballot box for positive growth” are contradictory!

    2. Bark
      Case in point of the rigging of important political positions – look at that old fossil Diane Finklestein. Even CALIFORNIANS aren’t so stupid as to keep putting her back in her Senate seat year after year after year, ad nauseam.

  8. Mahmoud and Madame Butterfly : :

    There’s a long history of Catholics not particularly liking Islam/Muslims very much. One can be a Catholic and not want any Saracens around, one is not necessarily a jew if one doesn’t care for Islam-Muslims. If they didn’t make Pope Urban II a saint, they should have [ He was The Pope who started the First Catholic Crusade against the Saracens, good for him I say, 😊 ] . Saint Francis wasn’t TOO fond of the Mohammedans either. NOT all Catholics are like NEO-“Christian”/NEW-“Catholics” francis and moaning mother in ADMIN. NOT all Catholics like Islamicists. Some Catholics would like to see a return to The Catholic Crusades. One is not necessarily a jew if one links to a Front Page Mag article.

    The Anniversary of the Battle of Tours of 732 Anno Domini was 3 days ago, October 10th. It was a Muslim defeat at the hands of C-A-T-H-O-L-I-C-S. Hello, one is NOT necessairly a jew if one doesn’t care for Moslems and is happy the Catholics WON the Battle of Tours October 10th, 732 Anno Domini. One can be a Catholic and enjoy the Catholic Victory at Tours October 10, 732 Anno Domini. It’s very much within the realm of possibility. Anno Domini is a Catholic way of designating/counting the years. NOT a jew way of designating/counting the years. Google : “What Year Is It In Judaism”. It’s different than the Catholic way of counting the years. One can be a NON-jew and use the search term. You won’t turn into a jew if you use the search term. No need to be afraid.

    It would be nice if “Catholic” ADMIN stood up a little bit for me, a Catholic, but NO, “Catholic” ADMIN always defends the jews, the muslims, the hindoos, the buddhists, the daughters of lilith, the new agers, everybody but Catholics. Catholics are on their own here at “Catholic” Darkmoon, I happen to notice and have noticed for a very long time. Videre Licet. You don’t hear any jews saying “Videre Licet”. I rest my case.

    Keep hassling me and I’ll link to BARENAKEDISLAM everyday that’ll fix your wagon Mahmoud, the wagon your latest girlfriend Madame is riding on.

    1. You certainly have a point there, Joe.

      The (((MSM))) and (((governments))) of all western countries sure love the Muslims. That’s why they keep bringing them in, ever since the 60’s. And they make it forbidden to even say that you don’t want them in your country. Anyone starting a movement to stop this insane development is dragged to (((court))) and outlawed for (((hate speech))).

      So, indeed one could just as easily argue that anyone loving the muslims is very (((PC))), and anyone who thinks the opposite is very NOT (((PC))).

      Gosh, one would almost forget that once things were quite different.

      ( statue of Ferdinand trampling over some turband in Sevilla cathedral. I believe he was a Catholic )


      Wonder why the Catholics reconquered Spain and other parts of Europe if the muslims were such great friends.

      And it is even more strange that nowadays there are Catholics and Christians that love the muslims. and defend them fiercely. Even after all the invading and occupying of parts of Europe. Funny how things can change. The muslims used to use force and armies to achieve that, bankrolled by the jew no doubt. Nowadays their armies are invited in and cheered on by many Christians.

      It’s a funny ol’world innit? 🙂

  9. After pondering the lovely patterns of cognitive dissonance, virtuosos of shark jumping, intellectual jazz enriched with syncopated rhythms plop, plop-plop, (moment of arrhythmia), plop-a-di-plop horse turds dropping into the punch bowl of horse sense, i finally see the light, yes, i was blind but now i see.
    And what do I see?

    This: Jesus Christ said He came to Drain the Swamp™, MIJFA (make israel judenfrei again), kick moneychangers out of the temple, woe to the Pharisees, hypocrites … and the foolish me voted for him, thinking He Da Man!

    And look at where we are at today, has Goldman, Goldsacks, Goldberg, Goldstein been kicked out of the temples of usury? not to mention the endless pharisee-mongered wars of search-and-shekinah, planet-wide carpetbagging, church taking a knee to Swamp Lies Matter … clearly, i mean clearly following the above logic, Christ and Antichrist work for the same 👹BOSS✡️, both are full-blooded Jews (as stressed for the umpteenth time by connoisseurs of genealogy-divinealogy).
    Not only was nothing accomplished but things got way worse since the First Coming, as Col kurtz would say in the 💖 of Darkness, “the hora, the hora, the hora“.
    So I ain’t wasting time voting for either one, can’t tell the difference, same cross, whether right side up or upside down, same-same as we say here in thai.
    Dumb as he is, even lobro learns eventually, learns to relax, enjoy stockholm syndrome (goes well with cohiba siglo vi and flor de caña centenario), row, row, row your boat gently down the swamp … when biden HELLary wins, be sure to understand that i, “I”, will celebrate on your behalf, because you so richly deserve the rewards coming to you, the fruits of non-voting, les fleurs du mal.

  10. so you won’t vote – what will you do then LOBRO…
    i keep asking these dropouts that question but i never get an answer…
    wait for your boxcar?

    1. Bark-
      You get no answer from me because due to registration requirements it’s a privilege not a right. I don’t play their fraudulent game.
      Smart people use their systems for gain without registration. 😎

    2. bark,
      ever heard of tongue-in-cheek maneuver?
      or irony …

      when sharing a foxhole, the last thing you want to do is shoot your teammate.
      at least i hope you will re-read the whole of my post, meanwhile i got couple of replies to others, pretty urgent i’d say.

      1. @ barkingdeer

        so you won’t vote – what will you do then LOBRO…?

        Lobro is originally from the Balkans. When he was young his family moved to Canada. Then lobro moved to Indonesia. Then he moved back to the Balkans for awhile. Then he moved back to Canada. He never mentioned anything about having lived in the United States and he never mentioned anything about being a citizen of the United States.

        He’s either a citizen of [an unnamed] country in the Balkans, Indonesia, or Canada.

        I hope he doesn’t vote in the American election. It would ILLEGAL for him to do so. ONLY American citizens have the LEGAL RIGHT to vote in American elections. Lobro is NOT an American citizen.

  11. Society has become a breeding ground for hatred and as hating one another seems mandatory in today’s world – just as “voting to elect” ones own corrupt government in Australia – the government itself maintains and favors a huge gap between the “lawmakers” and their “unworthy and unstable” voting citizens. A similar gap that also can not be conquered exists between the rich ruling elite of the world and all other casted subjects of the human realm. Foreign corporations, pretending to be governments of Nations are also not immune to being systematically undermined from within for similar reasons – DIVISION & TOTAL CONTROL. As the final worldly stage show slowly reaches its willful destination/climax only one questions should remain for a critical thinking mind:
    “Will the emerging global oligarchy tolerate the existence of various ‘deep states’ worldwide? Initially, both groupings may cooperate to their mutual benefit but their respective justification for existence are too contradictory to be reconciled. One thrives on an “open society” run by obedient hirelings who will administer a global Ministry of Truth while the other depends on secrecy and a degree of national sovereignty to justify its existence.” https://www.rt.com/op-ed/503516-covid19-lockdowns-great-reset/
    or does “Janus” the master of deception himself finally reveals his true ugly face from behind the two faced mask of deceit the world is so accustomed to?

    1. “Will the emerging global oligarchy tolerate the existence of various ‘deep states’ worldwide?”

      Of course! Of course. It is always strategically advantageous for those who believe in “Divide And Conquer” to allow the criminal elements to have a free but clearly marks “Areas Of Influence” When you have the Power to manufacture Credit, everyone, criminal or law abiding, all of them bow down to the Lord of Marmon. The secret is to always ensure that you are “THE BIG DOG” traversing the Law, and the underworld. That, is one of the strategies of Communism. The reason criminalism of the Underwood is taking hold of the Glob.

    1. Amazingly, the bankers will have their cakes and eat them and still have them with a reset to be announced at Davos in 2021.
      The virus is the excuse they invented for it!

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