Things Will Be Worse Than Ever


By Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer
November 7, 2020  



“Things will be worse than ever.”
— Kevin MacDonald

It was always obvious that each side would rejoice over a victory and gloat over others’ unhappiness, especially given the perceived stakes (absolute good vs absolute evil; cult-like behavior on both sides).

The gloaters should realize that it’s human nature. What’s obvious is that the people who are rejoicing now—whether major celebrities or garden variety Twitterers—are still spewing hatred and longing for revenge as they have for four solid years. They won’t stop. Their hatred defines them. I certainly don’t envy Trump if he has to leave office with prosecutors and others poised to attack.

Biden’s speech on Saturday evening and the celebration, in the context of consensus support of liberal-left media and even foreign leaders despite recounts and court cases looming is an attempt to make it a fait accompli, a done deal that can’t be reversed.

Imagine the intensity of hatred  if things start to go Trump’s way.

“Imagine the intensity of hatred
if things start to go Trump’s way.”

There are still a lot of legal battles before Trump or his supporters give up. But realize that if it is certified and given that the Senate could flip depending on the results in Georgia, all the consequences of a Biden presidency noted in my “Why It’s Important for Trump to Win” might happen.

The Democrat Party has become the party of corporatocracy, billionaires, and their its allies in the media who lavishly funded his campaign and did all they could to promote Biden and suppress negative stories on Biden or focus on issues that favored Trump. It will mean that the power of information monopolies in the information age—multi-billion-dollar monopolies like Google and Twitter—will go unchecked so they will be able to continue slanting searches (e.g., Google searches for Biden don’t turn up anything from Breitbart) and censoring unwelcome information (everything from Twitter to the NYTimes on Biden’s obvious corruption) in our so-called democracy.

Of course, if there’s one thing Trump should have done it’s rein in the media monopolies. It’s been discussed quite a bit but Trump did nothing more than complain about it and say he was monitoring the situation. Too late now.

Democrat victories in Georgia would mean Dem control of the Senate and all that that implies in terms of statehood for Puerto Rico and DC (likely permanent Democrat majority), packing the Supreme Court with justices that would be happy to impose criminal penalties for “hate speech” and restrict gun ownership.

Today’s gloaters are endorsing continued importing of cheap labor on behalf of the billionaire class and Dem strategists, undercutting those on the lowest steps of the economic ladder. 70 million unhappy Trump voters who firmly and reasonably believe that the election was stolen (such allegations are all over mainstream conservative media) are going to be a serious force in the years ahead if not in the very near future.

Despite Biden’s high-flown rhetoric about all coming together and healing the divisions, things will be worse than ever. They should be careful what they wish for.

But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.


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  1. This excellent article by Kevin MacDonald will hopefully elicit a a kinder response from our readers than the previous article. Please be polite. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. But ad hominem attacks, character assassination, and foul language are NOT welcome and should be avoided at all times.

    1. (Comment reposted from ‘The Occidental Observer’)

      Yes, it’s awful. We know they rigged it. In fact they cheated so much that it’s right in our faces. It’s like they are taunting us, goading us. It’s sickening. And it’s not like I had so much love for Trump, but Biden is a criminal and Harris is a witch.

      This is very hard to take. I hope Trump can find a way to fight back and win but it looks like an uphill battle. They had this planned for a long time.

      What a year. The worst year ever.

      1. (Reposted from ‘The Occidental Observer’)

        Depressed? I wonder why.

        Could it be that you fear you won’t get to enjoy Biden’s vigorous presidency for long before Pelosi hits him with the 25th Amendment and we get “the first woman president”? A woman AND a Hindu!— the black part is deja vu. Those endearing giggles of hers … Competence is so overrated after all, and patriotism is highly suspect (it’s nationalism if not downright supremacism).

        Nowadays those proverbial ceilings are broken by skin and sexual organs. Still so much to look forward to: the first transgender president, the first Latino and last, the first Jew—last because, honestly, there is really no need. When you own the theater, do you worry about who the usher is?

        Could it be because critical race theory will not be put back on all curricula soon enough? Or that Trump’s presidential order of 10-years prison for any attack on a national monument will not be rescinded right away?

        Could it be because you doubt that Harris (or even Biden, so to speak) won’t prove their steadfast concern for the security of Israel in the first year by say, at least putting Lebanon in order?

        Have no fear and chin up, all will come to pass.

      2. Pat
        The difference is that we’re that much further along to the kind of “lock-down” that would make this one look like a nice stroll in the park, the way things are going. Over 50 years.

      3. BHawk

        I lost a lotta close friends in Nam. Draft was shitty. I am living with bad results of shipyard years replacing nuke core and Poseidon missile conversion. 😡

    2. Dear AMIN TOBY

      Does your warning about adding hominem attacks, character assassination, name defamation, profane language are not welcome and should be avoided also apply to antiMuslim slurs? Just curious!

      1. @ Mahmoud

        TROJ is the Registered Fool or Clown on the site. His insults are more in the nature of jesting and clowning because of his special status. (Not to be taken too seriously). Also, if we were to delete every comment that used bad language, we would have NO COMMENTERS left. 🙂

        Abusive language has now become the norm in America. Polite speech is a rare exception. Almost a gift from Allah.

        @ TROJ

        Please avoid abusing Mahmoud in future or I will have to delete more of your abusive comments. You can be just as effective by using asterisks, euphemisms, smiley faces and LOLS.

    3. The main problem is not Kevin but what DETERS Kevin et al …………….. FEAR followed by lack of Integrity. I say ” lack of integrity” BECAUSE everyone in the business of fighting for FREEDOM including KEVIN knows that what I am about to write is TRUE…………

      I have witnessed almost no Activist/Writers, mention the WORD, ZIONIST, much less Ashkenazi Jews nor the name of lead Psychopath, murderer and thief Jacob Rothschild,of the HOUSE of ROTHSCHILD which literally OWNS/CONTROLS the complete corrupt World Banking system other than yourselves, FREEDOM ARTICLES ,Former Jew, Brother Nathanael, Canadian Jew, Henry Makow, Radio Host Robert Reyvolt and Dennis Fetcho, who all have relatively fewer followers, compared to GATEKEEPERS like Alex Jones who sells us all out for ISRAEL.

      They FEAR to mention NAMES and resort to abstract words like Elites, Globalists, NWO etc .WE cannot win if we don’t know our ENEMIES by names.Famous WARRIORS stated”Know thy Enemy” and that is so true.

      For those sell-out so called Activist/Writers, MONEY from Ads, Subscribers or Donations is more important than winning for our RIGHTS.Try to watch ,as one example, Alex Jones for even 3 minutes without an ad “jumping-in-your-face”. so-to-speak. He, like Trump seems to believe his money aand submitting to Israel will save him when the FINAL HAMMER comes down on our heads.Think of what happened to 60 million Russians and Ukrainians in the BOLHEVIK war now starting to be perpetrated in America and other countries and we are only yet seeing the mild part.

      Those same JEWS , whom TRUMP did everything for in Israel, are now demonstrating what JEWS do to FOOLS who were stupid enough to to allow themselves to be deceived by “I’m a Victim, here are our kisses and hugs so help us with your Billions and MIlitary”. Those PSYCHOPATHS HATE ALL GENTILES and take what they can from you and then stab you in the back when you have nothing left to give them” Trump is getting that now”

      Why do people not understand THAT is why they have been blocked and/or emoved from 109 lands ?

      Naming those Gangsters serves 2 purposes: 1.) It puts them PERSONALLY on Notice that we are aware of who they are, thus possibly changing their evil BEHAVIOUR, AND 2.) Provides us the actual people with whom we are truly fighting and whom we can find and should, at the very least ARREST,and CONVICT for “Crimes Against Humanity”

      Solitary confinement for the REST of their PATHETIC, PARASITICAL lives, will save us from future evil dealings from them

      Why do I pick on JACOB ROTHSCHILD? He has all the money under his control and can and does create the most Death and Destruction, directly and indirectly and yes their are more names,such as the House of Windsor, more commonly known as the British Royal Family and the Vatican JESUITS, George Soros, Rockefeller ,Adelson etc. but compared to JACOB ROTHSCHILD they are small “fry” and can be left for later.

      The ROTHSCHILD Family has more WEALTH than ALL of those OLIGARCHS added together.

      NAME THEM ALL or we will pay a TERRIBLE PRICE, as did the Russians starting in 1917.

  2. Netanyahu just congratulated Biden and Kamala on winning the election. He didn’t wait until the courts legally decide who won the election. After all that Trump did for Israel and for Netanyahu, Netanyahu can’t even wait until the courts in the various contested states make their decisions about the vote count. Netanyhau considers Biden to be the Presiden Elect and is looking forward to working with President Biden and Vice-President Kamala . This is amazing, Netanyahu can’t even wait until the election is legally settled. Amazing! And after all Trump did for Israel. Amazing!

    Considering Netanyahu already congratulated Biden and Kamala on winning then it looks like Trump is NOT going to win in the courts. Netanyahu knows A LOT about what happens in the United States and he knows already that Trump is not going to win in the courts, he has A LOT of inside information. This is not good sign for those of us who want Trump to serve another term. Considering Netanyahu congratulated Biden and Kamala on winning the election, looks like Trump is toast. Netanyahu would not treat Trump like toast if he thought Trump had a chance at winning in the courts.

    1. “And after all Trump did for Israel. Amazing!”

      Do you expect gratitude from the you know whos? Ever!

      Yes, Trump did everything he could do for Israel and now it’s time for someone else to replace him doing much the same.

  3. The president of Mexico Andrés Obrador said he’s going to wait until The Election is legally settled before congratulating whoever wins The Election legally. The prime minster of Israel doesn’t wait until The Election is settled legally and congratulates Biden-Kamala for winning The Election. Trump must feel like a TOTAL chump right now. What a betrayal, Netanyahu couldn’t even wait another week or two to see what the courts would decide, and after all that Trump has done for Israel. Amazing! I’m gobsmacked. Imagine how Trump must feel right now.

    1. TROJ, I maintained from day one that their bromance was utterly fake, each for his own political ends: Netanyahu in order to survive Knesset rebellion and Trump in order to use ultra-talmudic haredim as “beard” by way of protection from MSM (imagine how bad it would have been without it—even as it was they constantly accused him of antisemitism for his tweets) and to manufacture a rift between US and Israeli Jews, also fake watch how fast it heals over in a day now.

      But it sufficed to fool the fools who still cannot see through it, the difference between Jew-eye always following the ball and goy-eye all squinty and looking the wrong way.
      Which is why America’s head, even decapitated will continue to lick Jew’s arse.

    2. While I am not a fan of Trump, I was still disgusted to read the following (on yahoo). This is Romney yapping about Trump’s lack of grace in defeat, etc:

      “The former Massachusetts governor received Trump’s endorsement in the 2012 race after coming up short in the 2008 primary. Romney went on to deliver a scathing takedown of the real estate mogul in the lead-up to the 2016 general election, calling him unfit for office. But he also sought a job in Trump’s administration as secretary of state.”

      Romney is a backstabber of the highest order.

  4. “It is a very likely possibility,” that President Trump could win the election in the court.
    There are lots of indicators of what the justices might do — particularly if the challenge is around Pennsylvania, and the challenged ballots that might come in the day after the election and Friday.”Three justices, Justices Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch, have already expressed a willingness to disallow the counting of those ballots.Trump has what he needs for the makings of the Supreme Court deciding the outcome of the election.”

    1. A legal maxim to remember is: “Even the slightest inference of fraud vitiats the most solemn promise to pay.” I HOPE the justices remember this!

      1. Gil
        And if the courts do, then the cheatin dems should be forced to FORFEIT the whole rotten business.

        GAME OVER!

  5. “Things will be worse than ever”, yes, there’s going to be alot of turmoil and upheaval…

  6. Despite Biden’s high-flown rhetoric about all coming together and healing the divisions, things will be worse than ever.

    Kevin MacDonald

    I am afraid the professor is in the right here.

    But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.

    Kevin MacDonald

    -Hey, go for it, man!
    -It’s easy for you to say – you are a Russian.
    -Look, it’ll come around. Just don’t worry about it.

    The feeling is definitely there. It’s a new morning in America – fresh, vital. The old cynicism is gone. We have faith in our leaders. We’re optimistic as what to come of it all. It really boils down to our ability to accept.

  7. We’re ruled from Jerusalem, Premanidhi , so considering that Netanyahu recognizes Biden-Kamala to be the winners of the election that means the Democrats were successful in stealing the election and Biden and Kamala will be the next President and Vice-President of the USA. Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch can express any kind of willingness “to disallow” all they want, it doesn’t matter.

  8. If an election is stolen under cover of darkness and cyber-space, and no news media is there to report it, is it really stolen?

    1. No proof election was “stolen”.
      Lots of proof of ALLEGATIONS of stolen election!
      ALLEGATIONS coming only from the LOSERS! 🙂

  9. hp
    Make no mistake. It was stolen in broad daylight. An audacious and arrogant heist perpetrated by those who all right-minded people are now at total war with. There’s no other way to put it.

  10. When the blind lead the blind we all end up dead in a ditch. It’s time for America to choke on Sloppy Joe and that’s not a sandwich made in New Jersey.

  11. Let’s say for the sake of argument that “the democrats” stole the election. Well that’s too bad, because what goes around comes around, and being that Trump stole the last election (by defrauding antiwar voters with his “foreign policy bait and switch scam), he has no standing whatsoever (IMO) to complain about anyone else stealing the presidency from him this time (if that actually did happen).

    Allow me to elaborate. Last time around, it was Trump’s narrow margin of victory over Clinton in MI, WI and PA that swung the election to him. And there is good reason to believe that the antiwar vote figured prominently in this victory, particularly the vote of the antiwar bloc of Sanders supporters, because Trump’s margin of victory in these states was less than the number of Sanders supporters who voted for him there. And no doubt there were other antiwar voters (such as myself) who also voted for him in these three states.

    So what happened this time? Apparently it’s very simple: Trump betrayed his base and lost the race. Not only does this rhyme, but isn’t it the kind of thing that’s supposed to happen in a so-called “democracy”?

    Regardless, because Trump is so “special” in so many ways, I’m open to Trump’s contestation of the results no matter how unreasonable, as long as the dispute is resolved by way of rules that Trump himself has established in matters involving presidential legitimacy: I am open to the prospect of letting a panel comprised of Nicolás Maduro, Bashar al-Assad and Evo Morales decide who is the legitimate president elect of the U.S.

  12. Does any one think that the use of the spy tools the Hammer and Scorecard will be Biden’s down fall?

  13. After 12 1/2 hours of Biden being declared as the winner, Binji Netanyahu finally congratulated him and Harris without mentioning victory. Looks like the ungrateful Satanyahu wanted to stay on Trump’s good side and suck America for more $$$ during Trump’s last 10 weeks in office. As the Arabic saying goes, ” avoid the evil of those whom you do a favor to.”

    The Saudi King also congratulated Biden 24 hours after his election victory. Donald Trump, who had close personal ties with the royal family, was the one who saved King Salman’s son, MbS’s ass following the murder of a Saudi dissident and columnist who worked for the Washington Post. The King must have thought that it is all over for Trump.

    I hope and pray that the first order of business on Jan. 20th is for Biden it issues an executive order reversing all Trump policies, especially the Muslim Ban, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the International Court of Justice.

    1. Mahmoud my brother, do you really think Biden is taking the oath of office on 1/20/21? No Harris is, with Clinton as her V.P.

      What do you think the priority will be? Reversing what Trump did or implementing Bibi’s Greater Israel Project?

      Remember the Jews believe all land South of the Tigris-Euphrates river and all land East of the Nile River from Egypt to Kenya belongs to them.

      Where are the two Holiest cities of Islam located?

      Why have to Jews openly called out that they WILL replace every single White European on Earth with Arab Muslims?

      You have to look at the long game.

      If the Jews import Arabs into America to establish an Islamic Caliphate here, what will the African population do?

      The Latinos, Asians and Native Americans will leave as they will want no part of this. It will be Arabs vs Africans for control of the county. Grant it, you’ll win that war as you’ll have greater numbers but the Jews will be the ones profiting from it.

      1. Walter,

        Yes, you are right they are the source of rest all over the world. They even put a sign on the entrance of the Israeli Knesset that said: “This is your land Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates.” This sign remained for ten years. Then the Israelis were advised to remove it, then they put it back where it was.

        No one gives a rat about Israel’s evil intention. That is why I say, Israel wants peace, a piece of every Arab land.

        If those land grabbers come close to either Mecca and Madina in Saudi Arabia, inshAllah, Muslim will turn them into mincemeat and Jewish Kabab.

    2. MEY,
      Donaldo observes that you seem to put a lot of thought in your posts. But Donaldo takes issue on 2 points.
      1) Your obvious contempt for Jews. You lump ALL Jews in one category despite the fact that the Jewish community is very diverse.
      2) You endorse Biden… open in-your-face pedophile.
      So tell us Darkmooners MEY. Do you Palis practice pedophilia? If so. Great shame. If not. Why your support for Joe? Do you have “el valor”…..courage to answer Donaldos question directly? Or will your response be some centuries-old Arabic proverb? Tell us MEY. Inquiring minds want to know. 🍷🌮🤔

        You asked, “Do you Palis practice pedophilia?” The short answer is NO!
        Why do you ask me such retarded question that not to relevant to the subject being discussed?

        As far as lumping all Jews with the same brush, you are right about that. I should be more careful. I know of many famous and courageous Jews who defended the Palestinians and some of whom were banned for 10 years from entering Palestine or even the only democracy for 10 years. I talked about this extensively way back in an article titled, ” Kuwait airways vs Jewish bullies” that was published by Darkmoon.

  14. Julián Castro who served as Housing and Urban Development secretary in the Obama-Biden administration is launching ‘Adiós Trump!’ T-shirt campaign.

    Proceeds from t-shirt sales will benefit 700,000 young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. by their parents when underage. These young immigrants are now fighting to renew their permission to live and work here under the auspices of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). program.

    THAT IS WHAT A DEMOCRACY LOOKS Julián Castro who served as Housing and Urban Development secretary in the Obama-Biden administration is launching ‘Adiós Trump!’ T-shirt campaign.

    Proceeds from t-shirt sales will benefit 700,000 young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. by their parents when underage. These young immigrants are now fighting to renew their permission to live and work here under the auspices of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). program.

    THAT IS WHAT A DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! Free speech and the right to redress of grievances is what I like most about living in America.

    By the way Jewy Joe, I am not living illegally in the US of A. After all, the US military does not take in undocumented immigrants.

      1. You asked me this dumb ass question, ” Do you Palis practice pedophilia?” and you expect to waste my precious time on your B.S.? You’re out of your mind!

        At first, I thought you were a decent and bright guy. you proved me other me otherwise. This is a forum for sharing ideas and raising awareness no a place to spread ignorance and bigotry. Where is Ruth when I need her? Bye, Don!

  15. Couple of thoughts here:
    I generally appreciate K-Mac’s intelligence, thoroughness and honesty, all of the high standard.
    Note that in the beginning, he was of the ubiquitous,
    “Trump is no good, same as all the rest, corrupt, in Jew’s bondage and no good for America, not too bright”.
    He simply did not recognize Trump’s military and strategic genius nor his passionate loyalty to America.
    Many still don’t, gauge 12 TDS slug lodged firmly in the brain, whereas tens of millions pussyhats (of all the sexes) are simply too soaked in Satan’s fumes to ever even conceive of a good, kind, altruistic thought—lost to the world.
    But better late than never, welcome K-Mac to the force of life and light.

    Second thought is the following puzzle: once again, referencing all those who for 4 solid years tirelessly repeated the mantra of “they are all the same, playing Jew’s perfidious game, especially Trump in eternal servitude must obey every command“.
    Suddenly bending over backwards to justify Demoncratic victory over Trump, gleeful over his demise and salivating the moment the Jew’s Deep State exacts its revenge and locks him up for life or worse—on the matter of taxes or something equally inane (I don’t consider cheating on taxes a crime since the bulk of it goes into murdering abroad—different if it was spent on socially beneficial causes).
    Explain that, if they all serve the same master.

    If Trump does pull a rabbit out of judicial hat and remains president, as he should because he won fair and square by landslide—except neither fairness and squareness left in Murrica—I will regret the TDS’ers not savoring the true taste of what they bargained for when they conjured up the baleful spirit of Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Soros, Rothschild back into the thick of things—they well and truly deserved the foretaste of Hell from which (hopefully) Russia achieved herd immunity.
    Price must be paid because contrary to popular view Jew 👹 does not believe in debt, he believes in repayment.

    1. @ Lobro

      If Trump does pull a rabbit out of judicial hat and remains president…

      If that happens it implies one of the following two possibilities, IMO: (1) Trump was the pre-agreed upon choice by both “deep state” factions, i.e. the Soros faction and the Adelson faction, and they either miscalculated how the voting would go or they want to make Trump look like a populist hero for standing up and prevailing over the evil democrats (in which case they may also want to use their rental mobs to create a pretext for martial law); or (2) the “deep state” factions actually are at war – i.e. they’ve turned on each other as the USraeli empire circles the drain.

      1. @ HAROLD SMITH


        I’ve just read your two comments on Truthseeker right at the end of this thread:

        . . . just after my sister Lucy’s rather embarrassing comment in which she revealed more about my private life than than she should have. I’m writing to thank you for your robust defence of me and the Darkmoon site. I was deeply touched.

      2. Harold
        In the interest of starting to potentially bury the hatchet, I’m leaning towards #2 in your observation. And because of my native understanding, this scenario cannot exclude the Annunaki factor in that they are the ones backing these factions you’re alluding to. I’m sure you’re open to this in terms of how it all may align with the Biblical Nefilim.

        More elaborations to come down the road.

      3. Harold, in your reply to Lobro (, you have offered two interesting possibilities that could explain the likely scenario “Trump does pull a rabbit out of judicial hat and remains president…”

        Now, contrary to my usual cautious “hedge your bets” approach, I’m going to go out on a limb and assert that Trump’s attempts to stay in power (assuming that these attempts are real to begin with!) will not succeed.

        The line of reasoning behind this prediction is as follows:

        (1) Trump was hired to do a specific job in 2016 for which he was a perfect fit, and he, presumably, successfully completed that specific job;

        (2) Now he has to go graciously because the job is allotted to someone else who is a better fit for the work to be done in the next 4 to 8 years (this person is probably better to be a “half-dead half-alive” dodo for unknown to us reasons);

        (3) However, if Trump fails to grasp that he has to fade away into the woods and decides to bite more than he can chew, he must be kicked out of the White House like a mad dog.

    2. @ Lobro

      I generally appreciate K-Mac’s intelligence, thoroughness and honesty, all of the high standard. Note that in the beginning, he was of the ubiquitous: “Trump is no good, same as all the rest, corrupt, in Jew’s bondage and no good for America, not too bright”.

      I know you’re only “paraphrasing” Kevin Mac, not quoting him. But I find it hard to believe that a man who is so enthusiastic about Trump now could ever have called him “no good” and “corrupt” and “in Jew’s bondage”. This is not the kind of language Kevin MacDonald would dream of using, especially the bit about being in Jewish bondage. I suggest you are making this up — in short, lying.

      I challenge you to produce a single authentic quotation from Kevin MacDonald — with LINK — where he says or even implies that Trump is “IN JEWISH BONDAGE”.

      1. I find most of Lobro’s comments verging on hysteria and would like to predict that this cocky little con man will be unable to provide us with a single quotation from Kevin MacDonald either stating or suggesting that Trump is “IN JEW’S BONDAGE”. Kevin MacDonald has always made it a policy of his never to say anything that is not “intellectually defensible” (His own words). He would never make an irresponsible comment such as Lobro has just falsely attributed to him. Lobro has made it up. It’s a barefaced lie.

      2. For the sake of saving space, I somewhat conflated various statements vectoring onto the same idea:
        that Trump was a fake president, bad for America whose allegiance was to Jewish rather than American interests.
        I never quoted MacDonald directly nor even meant to criticize him, in fact, he had the honesty and integrity of character (very much unlike yourself) to absorb facts and adapt his theory accordingly.

        However, it is traitors to gentile cause POS’s like you, who for the overriding sake of preserving your vanity continue to attack Trump, promote Biden as the legitimate president and doggedly serve the Jew’s messianic plan.

        This is why you desperately twist my words in order to give them totally unintended meaning: “See, Lobro is slandering MacDonald just as he is smearing us Trump-haters”.

        No, I make a very clear distinction, repeated right here, between MacDonad and yourself, one is an honest thinker, the other a cheap calumniator.

        1. @ Lobro

          Rubbish! You lied about MacDonald, attributing false quotes to him. When challenged to give evidence that MacDonald had said anything like this, you were unable to provide even a shred of evidence. All you can resort to is hysterical abuse. POS yourself!

          Someone needs to defend MacDonald from irresponsible pipsqueaks like you. Don’t lie about MacDonald again or put false statement into his mouth. If he reads this, he needs to know there are people on this site who will defend him to the death from cheap wankers like you. Falsification of quotes is the lowest possible intellectual crime.

      3. Background Observer—reconstituted Silent Reader?

        Your opinion of me matters to me a great deal, I assure you. In fact, so important is it that I urge you to direct it to each and every member of the forum individually, lest they miss out on its everlasting value.

        And for some “unfathomable” reason, it moves me to the following thoughts.

        What is at the root of ad hominem? The muddled perception of honorable pride versus vanity, inability to distinguish between them.
        A major characteristic of honesty and humility is acknowledgment of one’s error and even more so, sin.
        This is at the unique root of Christianity as practiced in Catholicism (I believe that Eastern Orthodox church shares this, as do all variants historically anchored in the original apostolic disciples), i.e., the sacrament of confession that every believer is urged to honor on a regular basis because of recognition that to err is human and in fact to sin is also human, near impossibility of leading a completely virtuous life.

        This rite of purification is denied to unbelievers because at the urging of Satan they subscribe to the false doctrine of individualism leading downward to hubris, refusal to recognize one’s failings which is what vanity is all about.
        This moral blindness is compensated by seeking and projecting faults on others, thus endlessly engaging in petty ad hominem as if this somehow elevates them above their own weakness—what do they care for the society at large or fellows’ welfare so long as the vulnerable individuality is protected from scrutiny?
        And Jew sees this perfectly, which is why I find The Protocols the greatest fount of wisdom, however evil yet profound as source of learning, I derive a million times more insight from them than I ever could from the disjointed ravings of the so-called Old Testament which only gives vent to savagery of hate.
        For maybe the fiftieth time on this site, I quote the timeless perspicacity of the Protocol 15 (6):

        Just as our people despise success, and are only anxious to see their plans realised, so the Gentiles love success and are prepared to sacrifice all their plans for its sake. This feature in the character of the Gentiles renders it much easier for us to do what we like with them.

        This is the original curse that begat Jew: it is the root of disease and Jew is merely a catalyst that accelerates its spread.
        It is in fact the ORIGINAL SIN.

        And to return, it is the mark of a righteous man who answers to inner self, the man of honesty, integrity and true pride who fearlessly acknowledges past errors and sins and mend his ways and directions accordingly.
        Kevin MacDonald is such a man because when certain facts came to light, he modified his position to fit the facts—rather than “jump the shark” as the phrase goes, which is what an average infidel does in contempt of truth.
        And my previous statement only meant to honor him rather than belittle him.

        Woe to you pedants, hermaphrodites who would elevate your worthlessness upon willful misquotes, for you perpetuate and enhance the Original Sin through non-stop ad hominem.

        1. You praise Kevin MacDonald rightly, but then inform us that the Protocols of Zion is for you one of the “greatest founts of wisdom”. What you don’t seem to know is that your glib assumption that the Protocols is a genuine document is NOT shared by Kevin MacDonald.

          MacDonald, like all clued-up intellectuals writing today, regards the Protocols as a proven fake. A hoax. An elaborate antisemitic hoax of the early 20th century that was later shown to be a fraudulent spoof.

          Significantly, MacDonald has never written a single line in any of his books or articles praising the Protocols. Nor has anyone else ever written an article in praise of the Protocols on the Occidental Observer. There have been thousands of articles there over the years, but not ONE article has ever appeared on TOO discussing the Protocols or quoting passages from it with approval. Kevin wouldn’t allow it. It would only damage his site’s reputation, making it a low-brow site for extreme antisemites.

          Most of the commentariat at TOO share the same viewpoint: that the document, however insightful and brilliant, is nevertheless a hoax.

      4. Manfred
        If I may interject here. instead of using the word “bondage”, perhaps a simple “under their spell” would suffice. After all, there’s no getting away from that. Consider it all a matter of degree.

      5. @Tarquin

        MacDonald, like all clued-up intellectuals writing today, regards the Protocols as a proven fake. A hoax. An elaborate antisemitic hoax of the early 20th century that was later shown to be a fraudulent spoof.

        I wasn’t aware of MacDonald’s take on the Protocols, so I shall take your word for it.

        Now, if the Protocols is “an elaborate anti-Semitic hoax” (which, for the record, is beyond a reasonable doubt IMO too) then it’s only natural to ask:

        (1) Who wrote the text?
        (2) What agency was the client of the job?
        (3) To what ends the “tool” was conceived and “manufactured”?

        The first question is of no importance really – it doesn’t matter much who actually wrote it. But the correct answer to the second question would be, undoubtedly, of great interest, while the correct answer to the third one would be even more so.

        What is your take on this (and – if you happen to know – prof. MacDonald’s)?


        This is clearly an off-topic, so I shall be obliged if it makes past your watchful eyes.

        ADMIN: It may be off-topic, but we are not against intelligent off-topic comments that are of perennial interest to our readers. Let’s hope Tarquin sees your comment and responds to it, though I doubt he will be able to give you a reply that is satisfactory to Lobro.

        1. @ Circassian


          I will offer very brief tentative answers to your questions, admitting in advance that you probably know far more about this subject than I do, especially if you happen to be Russian…

          ADMIN (Sr. Monica) : This 1000-word comment, which answered Circassian’s three questions comprehensively and which we were prepared to publish as a full-length feature article, has been deleted at Tarquin’s request. He declined to comment on the reason for his request except to say that his wife had objected to the comment.

            1. This doesn’t mean I approve of its contents. This is not a subject I pretend to know a lot about. For all I know, it contains many inaccuracies. I am referring simply to the fact that it is superbly written by an obvious wordsmith: its eloquence, its panache, its clarity, its choice of words. There’s no padding here. Not a word wasted.

      6. Tarquin,

        Kevin wouldn’t allow it. It would only damage his site’s reputation, making it a LOW-BROW site for EXTREME ANTISEMITES.
        Most of the commentariat at TOO share the same viewpoint: that the document, however INSIGHTFUL and BRILLIANT, is nevertheless a hoax.

        Is there a whiff of inconsistency here? That a document, unquestionably insightful and brilliant would only appeal to extreme low-brow [i.e., low intelligence cavemen] extreme antisemites [and “antisemite”, in addition to being stupid seems to be tarred with brush of criminality and psychopathy liable to damage the site’s reputation]

        Moreover, you seem to be padding your argument by assembling multitudes of presumably enlightened, academically recognized TOO commenters to anchor your corner thus “ensuring” veracity—because truth is a direct consequence of some distinguished consent!?
        I happen to have a different understanding of the term, maybe this is at the root of our little disagreement, what are the metrics of truth, quantitative or qualitative.

        Whether MacDonald (Kevin, as you refer to him, implying personal friendship) thinks this or that about The Protocols is of no issue to me, his opinion neither proves nor disproves their authenticity, hence your objection is a non-sequitur, hacking at a straw man.

        We can debate MacDonald (briefly, since I have no abiding fascination with the man, solid respect notwithstanding), or

        we can debate The Protocols which to me are a source of endless fascination from two vantages,
        (a) authorship—a fairly quite an interesting topic, and/or,
        (b) substance—an absolutely amazing topic.

        Or we can go our separate ways, as long as you understand that as an Extreme Antisemite™, I detest personal attacks in lieu of constructive discussion because it is the favorite tool of Jew whenever impotent in face of the facts—however lowbrow you may think this attitude.

      7. No surefire concrete proof exists to show that the Protocols are a literary hoax. More “fake news” in a world saturated with it. For that matter, in the Protocols THEMSELVES it alludes to how the “sheeple” (my word), or “goyims” if you prefer, will come to the CONCLUSION that it is a fraudulent document. Such is the extent of its genius that people become convinced using the hopelessly “circular” logic akin to spinning around on a hamster wheel in VERIFYING its fraudulence!

        Tut tut tut

      8. As I’ve written many times on these threads, among present-day native elders the authenticity of the Protocols is common knowledge. Passed down from ancestors who knew about those responsible for their sponsorship, there being a Masonic connection in N. America that they were familiar with, similar to that of Paine and Franklin.

        The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) had eyes and ears everywhere, and why wouldn’t they? They’ve been here a very long time and have heard and seen things going back centuries long before the White Man arrived.

        For now I’ll say in anticipating the predictable skeptics, that these sponsors are the Annunaki. Their immediate proxies are Elite Jews and Gentiles alike operating off the Protocolian blueprint, of which all three share in its authorship.

        Potentially I’ll have more to say about this in an appropriate setting.

  16. “Imagine the intensity of hatred
    if things start to go Trump’s way.”
    imagine antifa and blm thugs wreaking unprecedented violence and destruction all over the nation, but especially in all the rotten dem cities…
    maybe it goes a step further and they actually attack and kill everybody they don’t like, invade the suburbs, burn the state houses… at what point will the federal government do its job and quell the riots?
    if what we’ve heard is true, and I sure don’t doubt it, the stuff about non-residents voting, voting machines changing counts, shifting names, 130,000 and more ballots suddenly appearing – all for biden, ballot workers ordered to change post dates, observers ordered off the lots, rampant electioneering by dems inside ballot places, all that with the imbecile himself making a statement like this – Joe Biden brags about having put together “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history, then any honest court will have to negate the outcome and order a whole new election, run by the right rules, which should be uniform in every state…
    it’s blatantly obvious now that the dems intended to steal the election all along, why they never campaigned… and now they fully intend massive rioting and worse if the courts overrule the said results… anybody expect anything different?
    the hard truth of the matter is – wars happen… after enough dishonesty… it gets to the point where might makes right on the side of law and order… either that or we lose it all….
    the justices can’t pull the punch on their decision out of fear, not and have the country survive worth saving…
    “TROJ is the Registered Fool or Clown on the site.”
    Maybe so, but he is logical, not prejudiced…. which is more than we can say for a lot of other posters here, who simply deny the information they don’t want to hear… call him what you want, but his points are pretty solid…
    Not sure abut this one though –
    “Netanyahu would not treat Trump like toast if he thought Trump had a chance at winning in the courts.”
    Would it really make any difference if he did?
    November 8, 2020 at 5:46 pm
    “No proof election was “stolen”.
    Lots of proof of ALLEGATIONS of stolen election!
    ALLEGATIONS coming only from the LOSERS!”
    There’s no proof the election was not stolen… And it’s hardly fair to disparage those who question it and seek remedy as LOSERS…
    Until there is solid proof it was not stolen, kind of a ‘guilty until proven innocent approach’, we need it discounted and done over…
    E.w.j …
    November 8, 2020 at 6:11 pm
    When the blind lead the blind we all end up dead in a ditch.
    Yes and in the land of the blind the one-eyed man (corporate media) is king…
    The cbs logo should wink… That would be about right…
    Trump always railed at the media… The bidens would never have been able to steal the election, the entire election system would have been reformed long ago to obviate this very thing, if the media were doing its journalist job…
    But the commercial media is only about delivering its product to its custom audience, what they want to hear…
    And Trump will have a much harder time of having the election examined, the American people will, when the media, even his supposed fox friends, jump right in calling biden the president elect….
    they didn’t have to do that… ‘president elect in question’ would be appropriate…
    but then, I heard one the booty babes on fox the other day repeating the lie that george floyd was murdered by the police… how hard is it to find the same hospital reports paul roberts posted the links to here on this blog?
    none of these commercial media personalities can admit how rotten things are, they don’t want to talk about it… because if it were revealed, what would that say about them?
    somebody tell them – everybody knows journalism is dead in commercial media…
    And now we’re all seeing the freak show we get on account of it..

    1. If a NON-jew wrote The Protocols he knew the true nature of the jews better than Jesus Christ and Hitler and Henry Ford put together and The Protocols this NON-jew wrote predict history just as good, if NOT better than, The Book of Revelations.

      Does it really matter who wrote The Protocols, what matters is it predicts history with astounding accuracy. Everything in The Protocols has been manifested in real life in the real world.

      One can only forge something that already exists. Like a manuscript an author sends to a publishing house and an editor reads the manuscript and edits it a little bit, maybe just for grammatical and spelling errors ; Still, the manuscript is real — and if the editor remains true to the intent of the author and doesn’t change the message of the author and doesn’t delete any of the information the author included in his manuscript , the edited version is also real and no one calls that “forgery”. Lasha edits feature articles a good deal of the time, it’s editing, no one accuses Lasha of “forgery” , because editing is NOT forgery.

    2. Maybe because I’m an American and I live in the United States, but it’s impossible for me to believe a NON-jew could know the true nature of the jews so profoundly as to actually be able to write something as astoundlingly accurate as the jew plan for world domination and actually get it so right The Protocols reflect the truth of the situation in the world today.

      Henry Ford was very Jew-Wise but he was a long time ago and not even Henry Ford would be able to write The Protocols, he wasn’t that Jew-Wise . Only someone with A LOT of inside information could write The Protocols and the jews do not allow any NON-jews to attain such a level of inside information as to be able to write The Protocols. The Protocols was written by a jew. Most likely written by a committee of jews — sanhedrin pharisee type jews. Even the most savvy NON-jew who is very Jew-Wise is not capable of writing The Protocols.

      One has to have the blood/DNA, the spirit, of the jews to be able to write The Protocols. NON-jews just don’t have that kind of deep profound insight into Jews, even the most Jew-Wise NON-jews. The Protocols shows an intimacy with the subject matter only someone with the blood/DNA of the jews could be that intimate with the subject matter.

      1. double-YEP!👍👍
        I used to have a link to a comprehensive argument that the Protocols are NOT fake.
        When I click on it now, I get “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.”
        But if I do a search for “Protocols are fake“, hundreds (and probably thousand, not gonna count) of sites pop up enthusiastically to confirm that YES, they are fake.

        When Jew chokehold on information flow goes into this kind of overdrive, it does not bode well for the truth and in fact indicates that they are desperate to hide the truth and deny access to factual arguments.

        At the Stormfront forum someone said this

        The Protocols also contain many indications that they could not have been forged by Russians. For instance, in one part, the Protocols say that the conspirators consider the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope to be their greatest enemies through history. But the Russians are Orthodox and hate the Catholic Church. If the Russians forged it, why would they want to make the Catholic Church look good? And this is only one example. There is plenty of evidence in the Protocols that is inconsistent with the theory that they were forged by the Okhrana.

        TROJ has a remarkable aptitude for logic, I only wish it was the norm rather than exception.
        In a way he reminds me of Trump who behind the constant buffoonery and clowning hides a lethally incisive strategist and a tactician.
        Jew knows this and is desperate with fear to get rid of him by any means possible.

        1. @ Lobro

          If I have time, I will respond later to your concerns.

          I wrote a long comment yesterday (1000-words) about the Protocols — in answer to three very good questions from Circassian — but it was hastily written and I was persuaded by my wife to delete it. So I did.

          Until later then! 🙂

      2. @TROJ

        Maybe because I’m an American and I live in the United States, but it’s impossible for me to believe a NON-jew could know the true nature of the jews so profoundly as to actually be able to write something as astoundlingly accurate as the jew plan for world domination and actually get it so right The Protocols reflect the truth of the situation in the world today.

        No, Joe, it’s not because you’re an American and you live in the United States: Lobro is a Canadian and he lives in Thailand and yet he is in complete agreement with you on this.

        I believe that beliefs are formed mostly as the result of two things: (1) the totality of information at hand, and (2) the ability to process that information in the most consistent way possible, i.e., to process it in such a way as to get rid of logical contradictions between the different pieces of information as much as possible.

        If it’s impossible for you to believe a non-Jew could write something like the Protocols, then I urge you to listen to the “sequel” to the Protocols written by Dr. William Pierce, which is just as good (starts @t=5 min into the video):

  17. Who believes that Joe Biden actually got 2 million more votes than Obama did in his 2008 landslide?

  18. Who believes, that Joe Biden breaks record for most votes ever in a presidential election.

  19. Let’s face it, Trump’s behavior is too much for decent Americans. He will be making history on Jan. 20th if he refuses to concede and leave the White House. Which would mean he would be physically removed from the WH by the Secret Service, the very same people who provide him protection for the last four years. That will be a unique show to watch! Anyone knows where can I buy a ticket?

    1. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      He [Trump] will be making history on Jan. 20th if he refuses to concede and leave the White House. Which would mean he would be physically removed from the WH by the Secret Service, the very same people who provide him protection for the last four years.

      I bet that Mahmoud is in the right here. Again, the logic of my “hedge your bets” approach (which rarely lets me down) is very simple. If Mahmoud turns out to be wrong, i.e., if Trump is declared a winner by SCOTUS or by some other federal authorities, I expect that the descent of America to hell will accelerate dramatically; and to me, as a Russian, that would be too good to hope for.

  20. How many noticed the curious pattern whereby Trump steadfastly nominated CATHOLICS for the nation’s most important positions?

    Typical of Jew-controlled shabbo, innit.

    Easy to recall that quite a few forum members who for years harped on about “Trump-owned-by-Jew just role playing as told” stated prior to election that Biden was selected as the weakest opponent in order to “guarantee Trump’s 2nd term so he can finish all the dirty work required”.
    And now that the Judenpresse jumped on the “Biden-president-elect” bandwagon, foreign congratulations rolling in, what are these same posters saying, are they allowing that they may have been mistaken—downright wrong?
    Not on your life, smoothly shifting into reverse:
    “Trump lost on purpose as told by the cabal, after a bit of bitching, just window-dressing, will quietly retire.”
    Talk about Popper’s falsifiability

    “[…] assertion that for any hypothesis to have credence, it must be inherently disprovable before it can become accepted as a scientific hypothesis or theory.”

    Clearly these posters adopted the Nuremberg tribunal charter which states that it is not bound by rules of judicial evidence and therefore logic-free, i.e., “heads I win, tails you lose” to simplify.

    If only the goyim would become gentiles, think and act like gentiles should, put honor and duty ahead of mere vanity, the war against this unclean cluster of Jews, lies, depravity and demonic forces would be won without doubt—as it is, doubt rules, perfectly ready to sacrifice common good for personal grandstanding (Protocol 15(6)? … from memory, can’t be bothered to look it up).

    1. @ Lobro

      How many noticed the curious pattern whereby Trump steadfastly nominated CATHOLICS for the nation’s most important positions?
      NOT JEWS.

      Typical of Jew-controlled shabbo, innit.

      It’s typical of a cynical, calculating con man who has to run for reelection, and who obviously has nothing but contempt for the intellect of the people he thinks he’s fooling.

      Some people can apparently see right through Trump, e.g. Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and some people apparently can’t or simply won’t.

      1. fancy pants francis of the Catholic World Headquarters in Rome can also see right through Trump and fancy pants his very self doesn’t like orange man bad either so orange man bad must be very evil, 😉.

        ADMIN: I’d like to post more of your comments, TROJ, but most of them are IMPOSSIBLY LONG. And most of them — if they happen to be “on topic” — consist of personal abuse of particular posters you happen to dislike, including Mahmoud and Harold Smith. (And of course Lobro, whom you refer to as “Knowbro” and have accused of “trying to take over this site”).

        ADVICE: (1) The shorter the comment the better. (2) Avoid ad hominem attacks on particular posters, especially racist abuse. (3) Try to stay ON-TOPIC and avoid all references to “heliocentrics” and Flat Earth theory. Thank you.

        1. ADMIN: To TROJ, re your attack on HAROLD SMITH.

          Here’s an example of the type of comment you need to avoid. The reason I allow it is that I don’t think Harold Smith will mind too much. He’s not going to lose any sleep over it.

          @ HAROLD SMITH

          To Harold Smith Card Carrying Communist :

          Let’s say someone punches you in your Communist face and doesn’t stop punching you in your Communist face until your Communist face is a bloody pulp and you’re in alot of pain you’re screaming in pain because your Communist face has just been punched so much you no longer have any kind of face, let alone a Communist face.

          Let’s say someone punches that Communist smirk off of your Communist face and doesn’t stop punching your Communist face until nobody can recognize your face as a Communist face or any kind of face because your erstwhile Communist smirky face is now just a painful bloody pulp and you’re screaming in pain because you just ran into someone who doesn’t like Communists and he got fed-up with your Harold Smith Communist crap and punched your face so much you can’t smirk anymore and your formerly Communist face is a bloody mess and you’re in a lot of pain.

          Well, that’s too bad.

          1. I’ll say this.

            If Harold Smith takes offense at this comment, I’d be most surprised. 🙂

            I’ll also say this. TROJ shows definite signs of literary skill. He’s a dark horse and should not be underestimated. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this character is actually a CIA or Mossad plant on this site — who could also be pretending to be A Village Idiot who has lost his marbles. A most effective disguise, innit?

            1. Does anyone else here at Darkmoon have the feeling that maybe Kamala is not a real female and is really a male? Or, just me?

              If the Democrats succeed in stealing the election and Kamala wins due to very deep corruption and she serves 2 terms, during the last year of her second term the Noosphere webmasters will feature a billion articles about how President Kamala is not really a female but is male, even though the Noosphere webmasters knew Kamala isn’t really a female and is really a male before hindu he-she even announced hindu he-she wanted to run for the presidency. The Noosphere webmasters will pat themselves on the back for being such “Truth Loving Truth Seeking Truth Tellers”. We just have to wait 8 years for them to do their ” Truth Loving Truth Seeking Truth Telling” thing — when it’s way TOO late to do anything useful with the truthful info, ala the way the Noosphere webmasters handled the truth about Michelle-Michael.

              Biden comes from a JEW family, Iraqi Jews on his father side. The Noosphere webmasters will have articles about that the day Biden inaugurated. The crocodile tears will be flooding the Noosphere including a flood of croc tears here under the Darkmoon.

              1. @ TROJ

                Does anyone else here at Darkmoon have the feeling that maybe Kamala is not a real female and is really a male? Or, just me?

                Anything is possible, Troj. I’ve had this feeling for a long time
                that maybe the earth is flat, and not really round. Is it just me?

      2. Thanks TROJ, I appreciate the feedback; considering the source, that’s a great endorsement.

        (And thanks, Admin, for a fascinating glimpse inside the “mind” of the real original whatever it is).

      3. point taken, Harold.
        I will give this to you: right or wrong, whether we agree or not, you argue like a man, marshal your arguments in a coherent fashion.
        That said, Bishop Maryann sounds like a typical woke feminist churchperson, no shortage of such, including or starting with pseudo-Catholic anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio.
        I certainly wouldn’t pray in her church nor during his homilies, would save it for a more respectful occasion.
        And finally, even if some sort of half-ass gnostic who doesn’t follow the bible earnestly, so what, it does not preclude Trump from either personal honesty or respect for religion generally, e.g., Gilad Atzmon or Henry Makow may be such a man and I certainly acknowledge many (not all) traits in Islam or Hinduism (greatly object to wanton slaughter of scapegoated animals during (after) Ramadan (venerating cannibal sacrifice of Isaac) or in temples of Goddess Kali (such as the main one above Guwahati, Assam, where I smelled the stink of fresh blood and terror even before entering to witness the ecstasy of mindless gore)).

        So, at the bottom line, even if Trump did not pray, it is a non-sequitur of sorts because the point is he defended the right of the places of worship to continue at their own recognizance.

        Understand too, that I have nothing against either you or MEY because I perceive both of you as honest men, albeit across the fence of political ideology.

  21. I am sure that on January during inauguration of Biden presidency, Ivanka Trump will appear with a Cheshire Cat Smile, on her face.

    And for you Kill-Joys, do not ask her why she is about to bust with laughter.

    1. TROJ gives this site a black eye when he calls respectable commenter like Harold Smith Card Carrying Communist, That is reminiscent of the dirty trick once used by Bush one and Sen. Joe McCarty. TROJ, you have shame!

      During the 1988 presidential election campaign, Republican Party candidate George H. W. Bush attacked his Democratic Party opponent Michael Dukakis as a “card-carrying” member of the ACLU. Bush equated the ACLU with flag burning and being more concerned with the rights of criminals than law-abiding citizens. Bush’s uses of the phrase that resonant with the one used by the notorious Senator Joseph McCarthy, who accused his opponents during the cold war era of having ties to communist organizations.

    2. @ Bigfoot

      A fascinating comment, if what you are hinting at is correct: that Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner were secretly plotting Papa Donald’s ruin from the beginning. Enemies within the gates, so to speak. Or Trojan horses. We are in the realm of “conspiracy theory” here, but look, I’m not using that as a pejorative term in his context. After all, quite a few “conspiracy theories” can turn out to be correct.

      According to rumors in the mainstream, Trump is apparently livid with Jared for giving him the wrong advice that led to his defeat in the election. (Jared was his Campaign Manager and is being blamed for screwing up). The mainstream see this as Trump “scapegoating” Jared, the Innocent Jew now being blamed by Angry Donald for his defeat.

      Rumor No #2 is that Melania Trump is just waiting to divorce Trump. As soon as he is forced to vacate the White House on January 20, Melania will start divorce proceedings. Grounds for divorce: adultery, and can no longer bear living with a psychopathic bully. For months now Trump and Melania have slept in separate bedrooms and she won’t let him touch her. She wants Trump to leave her son (from former husband) HALF his wealth.

      Don’t know if any of this is true or not, but suspect that Melania is just waiting to dump Donald ASAP.

    3. What happens now, now that we know Madame has a feeling the earth is flat, BAN her forever because she’s a heretical reprobate blaspheming sinful subversive who doesn’t belong in polite society because she’s an atavistic cave dwelling throw back to the days of the dark ages — in other words treat her the way we treat everyone who has some doubts about heliocentrism, treat her like a dangerous amalek who needs to be destroyed by any means possible?

  22. Things will be worse because….



    Zuckerberg teamed up with Google and Silicon Valley to pay $$$MILLIONS for the ruse.

    See the $$$$$ allocations…..
    SEE Interview with Michigan poll watcher:

    1. It should now be plenty obvious that Jew’s hatred and fear of Trump is real and unequaled in historical-hysterical intensity, save maybe for Christ and Hitler.
      And for anyone with at least double digit neurons, clear that Trump’s legitimate second term must be reinstated if America is to survive in any shape.
      I don’t want to rub it in, to gloat with “I told you so” to people who tirelessly derided me over so long but to turn their efforts on lending a hand to rebuild the ruined country, morally and spiritually.
      The scope and depth of this electoral fraud is simply breathtaking, worse than 9/11 and rivaling Holohoax.

      Whoever believes that Biden won is equally obliged to accept that 19 flying Palestinians destroyed the Twin Towers as well as that 6 million Jews were gassed within one month inside a phone booth (these same 6 million dead Jews obviously voted for Biden, then went back to Yellowstone to spurt blood geysers).

      Because all 3 narratives employ the same rape of logic and facts.

      1. Mahmoud, I urge you to work on your comprehension of language generally, not only English.
        I DID NOT CLAIM THAT 19 PALESTINIAN JIHADIS brought down the Twin Towers, I merely listed that as one asinine accusation pulled out of Jew anus.
        Ever heard of 5 dancing Israelis? Guess not—well, look it up, what did they say when FBI arrested them for celebrating the fall of the Towers dancing hora on top of the moving van?
        And who gets automatic credibility for anything said, to the point of criminalizing any dissent from whatever they say???
        READ, Mahmoud, please READ and RE-READ until 100% clear.

        Damn, on what do I spend precious time … whatever your personal qualities, TROJ has hundreds of times better radar in operation, you seem only to myopically concentrate on a single letter or digit at time.
        Surely you can improve on that, I wish you’d stop embarrassing yourself just as with that incredible vote for darkest, shittiest, most inhuman Talmud that you will live to regret to the end of your days.

        Spoken as true friend, not false flatterer.

        1. @ Lobro

          Mahmoud, I urge you to work on your comprehension of language generally, not only English.

          You’re losing it, Lobro. Mahmoud doesn’t have any “comprehension difficulties”. You appear to have serious difficulties getting your facts right.

          No “PALESTINIANS” were ever accused of being behind 9/11. That’s what YOU said! Mahmoud was right to question your accuracy. Instead of admitting you were wrong, you bluster and throw another hissy fit, lashing out at any commenter who dares to criticize you. You are not only the worst commenter on this site. You are also the nastiest and most dishonest.

          @ Mahmoud

          Don’t fall for the nauseating flattery of this cheap betrayer of Palestine. He’d willingly slit the throat of a Palestinian child if Zionist Puppet Trump said to him, “Go ahead, do it!” He’d sell his own mother for 30 shekels.

  23. Where America is headed? Straight to hell! And no one and nothing can change that.

    America is like an aircraft carrier which is too heavy and moving too fast to change its course safely in the timespan available to it. In the face of this tragic fact, this shallow-minded bickering over ‘is Trump good or bad?’ seems so utterly out of place!

    You may not trust my words, but trust the genius of Roger Waters:

    What God Wants, Part III

    Don’t be afraid, it’s only business
    The alien prophet sighed
    The vulture and the magpie took
    The cash box from its hook
    The monkey in the corner wrote
    The figures in his book
    Crazed the checkout lady’s fingers
    Flash across the till
    And the captain posts
    The menu of the day
    And in banks across the world
    Christians Moslems Hindus Jews
    And people of every
    Race creed color tint or hue
    Get down on their knees and pray
    The raccoon and the groundhog
    Neatly make up bags of change
    But the monkey in the corner
    Well he’s slowly drifting out of range

    Christ is freezing inside
    The veterans cries
    The hyenas break cover
    And stream through the meadow
    And the fog rolls in
    Through his bottle of gin
    So he picks up a stone
    That looks like a bone
    And the bullets fly
    And the rivers run dry
    And the fat girls sigh
    And the network anchor persons lie
    And the soldier’s alone
    In the video zone
    But the monkey’s not watching
    He’s slipped out to the kitchen
    To pile the dishes
    And answer the phone

    1. Circassian –

      There is no doubt America is headed for a downfall. Some of us most patriotic Americans realize it, but don’t want to let anyone else win her, either. I’d rather salt the whole farm than to let any lefties or other commies (or ragheads) enjoy her fruits. Thievery of this election will NOT be tolerated, no matter what unrest it breeds. We will not let it pass peacefully – and no doubt that pleases you. 😊. (Can’t blame you, either.)

      1. @Gilbert Huntly

        Thievery of this election will NOT be tolerated, no matter what unrest it breeds. We will not let it pass peacefully – and no doubt that pleases you.

        I certainly hope so… and not only because that pleases me – which is true – but mostly because it is honorable thing to do for honorable men. I’ll tell you more: even if you swallow it this time, the eruption of human volcano is all but inevitable down the road.

        Something holds me up all night, and I cannot go to sleep… I was wondering what it is? Human being is a delicate construct of nature the complexity of which is mind boggling.

  24. Why-o-why, asks The Saker:

    • Why is it that US news channels censored a press conference by a President of the United States?
    • Why is it that tech giants feel the need to censor Trump’s tweets?
    • Why is it that in key Dem states the GOP observers were not allowed to actually observe anything?
    • Why did the Dems counter-sue just to try to prevent GOP observers from observing the ballot count?
    • Why do the media conglomerates all declare Biden the victor even though they all know for a fact that this is false (only the courts can declare a victor)?
    • Why is it that FoxNews was spearheading the anti-Trump cheering during this entire week?
    • Why is it that the US deep state needs EU leaders to suddenly all congratulate Biden on a victory?

    Hm, I dunno, maybe cos Orange Man Bad, that’s why, cos if Orange Man Bad, Orange Man kiss Jew ass, then it answers every question perfectly and down to fine detail, good enough for an average doctoral dissertation in the TDS department, faculty of Truth and Justice.
    Let’s move on, one down, more to go.
    We had an article drooling incoherently with distilled anti-Trump venom by xxxx C Johnson
    Here comes another by another xxxx C Johnson, though of somewhat different tenor, the first one was a PULITZER-shmoolitzer, the highest accolade one could aspire, I cry myself to sleep knowing I will never win a Pulitzer.
    The second is a retired CIA analyst writing for the Turcopoiler where it seems every writer comes from that angle, intel/diplomatic corps.
    The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun by Larry C Johnson
    Mighty impressed, I must say with his advice on how is an individual to survive and preserve what sanity remains in the tank.

    “We are not in a battle with mere mortals. This is at root a war against evil. The constant drumbeat of propaganda proclaiming Donald Trump as a racist, as homophobic and a liar is but one manifestation of this demonic plot.”

    Flagged for anti-demonic hate speech, demons suing, demanding apologies, reparations and your grandma’s gold tooth filings.

    1. Biden won the election by at least 4,909,587 popular votes and 76 electoral votes and not by election rigging and encouraging dead people to vote Democrat.

      1. MEY –
        The election is NOT OFFICIALLY DECIDED yet.
        AND the Electors can chose anyone they wish…. Dec 14th. That has happened sparsely in the past. Look it up.

  25. Inside information on elections has always been – they’re decided by whomever has the power to cheat, who has the last crooked word… That’s why these elections are so close…
    Everybody on the inside knows this is how it’s done, definitely including the high-paid stieny shills at Fox News…
    When enough of them have made their money moves in accordance with one guy or the other, they declare him the winner and prepare to cash in on his policies…
    If you remember from one of Michael Moore’s movies, where GWB was running for president and somebody asked him how he was gonna do in Florida… He said, in his own chillingly inimitable style, he would win, he guarantees it…
    That was because his brother was the governor of Florida at the time…
    The same way his other brother was in charge of the security at the WTC on 9-11…
    BioWeapons & Coronavirus NWO: 16 Glaring Parallels Between the 9/11 & COVID Ops

  26. Can’t read the local papers on the US elections anymore. The level of discussion has descended to Kindergarden level, about like “Yippy, the criminal is finally gone, will loose his immunity, will be prosecuted criminally, America and the world rejoices, normality returns.” Terrible. I can just shake my head.

    A younger Biden goes mad against the whites in South Africa (“Joe Biden makes impassioned speech on apartheid in resurfaced 1986 footage”).

    Very exiting. So he will speed up the process for the ANC to chase the whites into the sea?

    Bad times lie ahead for my poor compatriots back in South Africa.

    1. Relax! He’s 78 years old now. And he needs to concentrate on calming the storm in America right now, not whipping up a new storm in South Africa.

    2. Relax!?
      Protocol X

      […] the recognition of our rule will start from the very moment when the people, torn by dissensions and smarting under the insolvency [Covid-19 (?)] of rulers (which will have been pre-arranged by us), will yell out: “Depose them, and give us one world-ruler, could unify us and destroy all causes of dissension, namely, frontiers, nationalities, religions, state debts, etc. . . . A RULER WHO COULD GIVE US PEACE AND REST, which we cannot find under the government of our sovereigns and representatives.”

      Yea, trust Biden to heal the dissensions of the Orange Man Bad who caused so much pussyhat suffering.
      The Jew justice will prevail, “Yippy, the criminal is finally gone, will loose [sic] his immunity, will be prosecuted criminally, America and the world rejoices, normality returns.” just as The Protocols promised.
      One Nation World Under G-d.

      So happy to see this vision of universal peace and healing—reward is on the way, also promised by the Jew-The-Just as promulgated in his media organs along with punishments for those deviating from Noahide Laws.
      Except that in the end, they all get the same treatment, the “best” and the “worst”, Tob Shebe Goyim Harog.

      The phrase, “a ruler who could give us peace and rest” sounds like the mockery of “dona nobis pacem” in Agnus Dei, intended for unbelievers.

    3. ESA –
      Biden plans Executive Orders to reinstate DACA, rejoin WHO and Paris Climate Crap…. and lift travel bans when taking office on Jan 20. 👎👎😳

  27. LOBRO

    Where did you get your info about the 19 alleged hijackers that destroyed the two towers and hit the Pentagon were Palestinians???

    The US government said they from Saudi Arabia (fifteen hijackers), United Arab Emirates (two hijackers), Lebanon (one hijacker), and Egypt (one hijacker).

    Trump said, during his 2016 campaign that “They [the 9/11 hijackers] put their families on airplanes a couple of days before, sent them back to Saudi Arabia, for the most part. Those wives knew exactly what was going to happen. And those wives went home to watch their husbands knock down the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and wherever the third plane was going.

    See even 45 never accused the Palestinians. Even though his statement about the hijackers, wives proved d to be a lie, according to the 9/11 Commission. Most of the 9/11 hijackers weren’t married, none of them had families inside the United States, and there’s no evidence that any family members moved before, during, or after. Only one of the 19 so-called hijackers was listed married. With the 3rd Tower (building 7) flattened and the convenient discovery of a passport found intact at Ground Zero that supposedly belongs to one of the hijackers, leaves no doubt that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Mossad agents. Which of course was done with the full knowledge and support from certain elements of the US government.

    After all, most Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Oh, I forget, you’re not even an American!

    Peer-Reviewed Study: Most American’s Believe 9/11 Was Inside Job

    The article below was also published by Darkmoon, but for some reason, I could not access the link

  28. The GOP was the winner of the election, not Trump.

    The GOP has lost the WH bust they still control the Senate and gained more seats in the House.

    Given the fact that the names of Senate and House candidates are on the same ballet, would someone from Trump’s supporters, please explain how could that happened if the Democrats have cheated?

    The Federal Courts in the three disputed states have asked the Trump camp to produce evidence of cheating or voting fraud.

    As of this writing, no evidence has been provided. It is over for Trump!

  29. The vote count is still ongoing in key states!!


    Biden took a narrow lead in Georgia on Friday after Clayton County in Atlanta’s suburbs reported, prompting Republican officials to set the stage for a potential recount. Trump’s lead dropped steadily as more ballots were counted Thursday, and Biden took the lead on Friday morning.
    “Of approximately 5 million votes cast, we’ll have a margin of a few thousand,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Friday morning. “With a margin that small, there will be a recount in Georgia.”
    State official Gabriel Sterling said the state was trying to finish counting on Friday, but warned that counting could slide to the weekend.
    The state still has at least 13,000 provisional ballots to clear, which includes ballots that have errors that are allowed to be fixed by voters. Of those, there are more than 4,800 provisional ballots in Fulton County, Georgia’s largest which includes Atlanta, including 3,600 that were accepted and 1,200 rejected.

      1. Pat, not to beat the beaten, but “Everybody Knows” (they rigged it)
        Even the small town hoi polloi and the lesser polloi with whom I rub elbows with, knows..

      2. Pat
        Get this. Word is that a Software company named “Dominion Voting System” was used in Michigan, and perhaps elsewhere. It’s owned by David Bloom, husband of, wait for it….Diane Feinstein. A 60% shareholder is the former chief of staff for Nancy Pelosi

        You can’t make it up! 😜

      3. Homer –
        BHawk –

        VNS – Voter News Service – media networks group – rigged it every time until Dan Rather got caught telling the final results before the polls closed years ago. Had to close up the exit poll scam!! Secret ballots always allow fraud! Ergo 17th amendment in 1913…. 👎👅

        1. Pat :

          Let’s say the Democrats do manage to succeed in stealing the election, when Kamala gets installed as the president who do you think she’s going to pick to be her vice-president? Thank you, TROJ.

      4. TROJ –
        The same one Trump picked when he ran as a Reform Party candidate in 2000…… Orpha(real name) Winfrey!!! 😂😂😂😂

      5. Yep, and Fox News is on every true Conservative’s shitlist for calling Arizona waaaaay too prematurely..

        Here in the new Iron Curtain America where 2+2=5. And if this country falls, then Putin and Russia only benefit IF they “take the baton” and produce what America was originally SUPPOSED to be all about.

      6. @Brownhawk

        And if this country falls, then Putin and Russia only benefit IF they “take the baton” and produce what America was originally SUPPOSED to be all about.

        I would certainly agree with chief here… with one caveat: I hope he had in mind this baton

        or, better yet, this

        but not this one

    1. It’s not over… unless the hope is lost. Glory to them who’s willing to fight to the bitter end… whoever they are.

      1. Don –
        I recommend this….
        Public display of everyone’s ballots in every election. If military service people put their lives on the line to preserve the privilege of voting…. the least the whole of the electorate can do is display their choices which bind all people….. like the courts and legislatures and councils do.

        That would remove most fraud.

      2. Pat,

        Do you think Netanyahu and the AIPAC jews are involved with the Demcoratic Party’s current attempt to steal the election? I ask because Netanyhau and AIPAC recognize Biden-Kamala as the winners of the election — and the election hasn’t even been legally settled. Or maybe they’re not actively involved in trying to steal the election but they’re certainly happy about what the Democrats are doing to congratulate Biden-Kamala so quickly.

        The only thing I can think of is : Netanyahu and AIPAC want Trump out because he didn’t start the war they want with Iran. So they’re anxious to get Trump out and Biden-Kamala in and they don’t care how the Democrats get rid of Trump as long as they get rid of him.

        It’s pretty amazing how quickly Netanyahu and AIPAC stopped supporting Trump. I think it’s because Trump didn’t start a war with Iran — and also he was never that gung-ho about ISIS destroying Syria like Obama-Hillary were, so maybe that’s another reason Netanyahu and AIPAC turned on Trump. I don’t know, I’m just speculating.

        Pat, what’s the reason Netanyhau and AIPAC stopped supporting Trump so quickly? Like 10 minutes after the fraudulent voting results were in Netanyahu and AIPAC were congratulaing Biden-Kamala, and Netanyahu and AIPAC certainly know that Biden-Kamala really didn’t win the election, yet they act as if Biden-Kamala really did win the election. What’s going on, Pat? Thank you, TROJ.

        P.S. — And please don’t tell me the reason is Netanyahu and AIPAC don’t like Pence and want Orpha to be the vice president so that’s why they turned on Trump so quickly. Thanks again. Gee, thanks!

      3. TROJ –

        Trump and all presidents are (S)elected years in advance by Big Chief ‘Red-Sign’ & consortium based in London, and AIPAC & Yahu know it all too well..!! DJT served their purposes, and will continue if they wish.

  30. Panem et Circenses!

    What does this tell you? To me, it is a clear sign that America has passed the point of no return.

    iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli
    uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim
    imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se
    continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat,
    panem et circenses. …

    Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis

  31. Breaking News: Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia sign peace deal over Nagorno-Karabakh

    As part of the deal Russia gets a military base in Azerbaijan!

    This is one of those beautiful chess moves I call Putinescue that invariably catch Ameriqua off-guard. As TROJ would put it – you’ve got to LURV this 🙂

    This is a gift from Putin to America on the occasion of dermocratic elections in Ameriqua!

    I am almost certain that we are in for more “ace out of Putin’s sleeves” surprises in the coming weeks and months.

    Exciting times indeed!

  32. It appears that President Trump had a backdoor into the spy tool THE HAMMER from which Biden used the SCORECARD app to steal the election. The president watched the voter fraud crimes being done in real time. Also the ballot watermarks claim seems to be real. True voting tallies: Trump 80%; Biden 20%. I believe all the other voting fraud issues will lead up to this.

    1. Waaaaay easier to believe than Creepy Joe, who couldn’t even poll 20% at a family reunion could beat the Trump.

  33. Everyone involved in trying to steal this election should be severely punished, from the big shots involved to the very lowest level citizens both legal citizens and illegals who are not citizens, jews, blacks, hispanics, mexicans, SJW whites, chinese and other orientals, dot heads, muslims, radical feminists radical gays and lesbians, BLM and ANTIFA types, EVERYONE involved in this attempt to steal the election really ought to be HANGED FOR TREASON FOR BEING ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES.

    American Christians involved in trying to steal the election should be put at the back of the line so they can watch everyone else being hanged and they can suffer as they wait online knowing they’re next to be hanged for treason after the NON-Christians are hanging, they will be hanged.

  34. MANFRED,

    I was pleasantly surprised that you came to my defense and put that Canadian goose in his place. To tell you the truth, I thought you would be the last one to speak in my defense. For that I am grateful. Given your name, I take it you are German. That is where I spent my golden age. Anyway, I was also surprised that LOBRO’s comment evaded the radar of Darkmoon’s Moral Police.

    @ LOBRO,

    Dude, I asked you politely, where did you get your info that the 19 Palestinian hijackers were the ones who carried out the attack? Then suddenly you went postal at me. I used to think you were one of the most civilized and articulate commenters on this site. You acted like a woman when she is on her period.

    By the way, I did provide you a link in my previous comment about the 5 Shlomos. I can’t even believe it that you questioned me if I knew of them. That’s like asking a Canadian if Toronto is located in Canada or Mexico.

    You catch my drift. Toronto locad

  35. the dems’ strategy was to steal the election… it could hardly be more obvious…
    others have done it too, cheating has always been a factor, but it’s never been this blatant…
    but then we’ve never really had rioters like this before, funded, supplied and organized by offshore billionaire globalists, who intend to turn the usa into a big chicom work camp full of tagged and tracked half-retarded vaxxed-out transhumanist welfare slaves, living in chinese style stack-and-pack honeycomb hive-house condos, without cars, whose benefit checks will amount to the basic not for all the big corporate plantationists….
    they all wanna be walmart, whose owners have billions to ‘give away’ every year in ‘philanthropy’, which I’m sure they’re real careful exactly who they give it to and for what purpose…
    anyway, yes the bidens are total pedophiles, pedophilia is rampant throughout the filthy rich levels of the pyramid, especially where political office makes the bidens even more untouchable, they’re all totally compromised slaves to the great big globalist fiat bankers deepstate warmongering money machine…
    DONALDO makes a good point… Do biden’s supporters give a rat’s ass about the pedo network?
    Because Trump busted pedos like never before… He didn’t spout off about it too much, he should have…
    He should have made the pedo networks operating systemically as part of the swamp cesspool a big issue…
    But then, he should have prosecuted hillary too, like he said he was gonna do…
    Look MEY, we can all appreciate the problem with the yahudi, the zion…. we don’t like that either…
    But Americans understand there are many threats here to the great country they have made and want to keep..
    It is a land of opportunity, for industrious and creative people, who want to make something real of themselves.
    One of the most obvious threats is the invasion by hordes of religiously fanatical immigrants, who have no respect for our constitutional documentation, especially where it talks about the separation of church and state…. That’s You… We can’t have too many Religious fanatics with a political purpose, who in fact think the USA does not deserve to exist on account of the sins of its past, as though it’s completely reasonable to apply modern mores retroactively and as if every other group was perfectly innocent….
    The USA is not a fat cow to be milked and beaten to death by every every worthless parasite and religious lunatic on the planet, who are not coming here to assimilate into our world, but intend to replace it with theirs, like as if it makes any sense to turn the place into Mexico or Somalia, to fracture it into no-go zone enclaves…
    we can see where it is not possible to have a constitutional republic and the kind of sharia rules the muslims intend and have forced on the people of the dozens of countries they have taken over since that whole man-made scam came about… We can all dig whatever words of wisdom but be careful with religion…
    We can all see clearly this kind of social disease destroying the white countries of europe, and it really makes no sense to allow so much immigration that it badly destabilizes the existing society, no matter who or where…
    the bidens are not real americans, not if they intend to decriminalize illegal immigration…

  36. Mahmoud, just out of curiosity: Is posting here on DM your full-time occupation?

    Since, judging by the sheer volume of your comments alone – we won’t go into the “quality” aspect at this stage – you must be logging at least 5 or 6 hours a day, seven days a week, which accounts for approximately FORTY HOURS A WEEK!
    And that’s not counting your undoubted parsing & analysing of every single jot & tittle that issues forth from the DM Commentariat for which you, mercifully, spare us your exegesis… which must account for at least ANOTHER two or three hours a day…. for a grand total of 50+ HOURS a WEEK!!!

    How do you do it? Are you independently wealthy… or are the Welfare checks that substantial these days that you can afford to spend such an inordinate amount of time hammering away at your keyboard all day without recompense (always assuming, of course, MB isn’t “slipping you something” under the table) ? tia

    1. Realist,
      MANY of the DM posters are actually Israelis who DO receive salaries for their EFFORTS to the CAUSE. All cortesia of American tax-payers. No huge secret. Nothing new. And each poster has a pen-name. Some multiple and interchangeable. TROJ could be “Madame Butterfly 🦋” or vice- versa. Lobro, himself, could be Israeli. MEY also. Probably are. Donaldo has followed it for years and senses a pattern. Donaldo, having Jewish blood, posesses the SENSE. It’s a survival mechanism developed over thousands of years. Anyway, Donaldo doesn’t wish to judge Darkmoon unfairly. It’s a great forum for the exchange of ideas. Us Jews need that during these difficult times. But Donaldo, a humble trucker, likes to see things as they are. Donaldo loves his fellow Jewish brothers and sisters, but has no allegiance to the state of Israel. It’s just another country with ANOTHER corrupt ass-hole in power. Anyway. We are in interesting times indeed. 🍷🌮😎🤔🙏

      1. Have no fear Donaldo… you are a Righteous Rabbi!

        I’ll bless a buttered bagel in your honour next time I use one as a a doorstop.

  37. @ Madame butterfly….
    a “belief” in a globular earth is simply that, an act of faith, a belief.
    easily provable as such.
    go to the ocean, any ocean, and what you will observe will be a completely flat expanse of water,
    take a spirit level for accuracy. always a perfectly flat surface right in front of you.
    what we are expected to believe is that the flat sea in front of our eyes, somehow begins to “curve” to the left or the right beyond our field of vision,
    believing in this “curving” is an act of faith nothing more nothing less,
    unless its frozen, water does not curve, it will fill the shape of whatever container its poured into
    the surface will always be flat.

    1. Re “the (earth’s) surface will always be flat.”

      Just like MBs head then… which could always come in useful of resting a bottle of beer on! 😅

  38. as someone who has crossed the pacific ocean several times in a surface craft, i can tell you the earth’s curve is clearly discernable to the eye….
    I would also ask, if the earth is a flat disc with a top and a bottom, then what is holding it up…
    Besides the Hand of God I mean?
    Consider this – the earth is compressed and held in place by the force of gravity, which is the expansive quality on the universe…. a physical force, it pushes…
    The belief n the flat earth is about an innate need in some people for a personal god….
    On topic – any serious investigation into this election will reveal enough cheating to declare the democrats forfeit…. no reasonable person doubts that… especially in view of the gross lawlessness overlooked by trump’s TDS enemies in the dem locations, states and cities… they’re supposed to be public officials, who have the duty to arrest and prosecute, protect the public…. they haven’t been doing that. So what else might we expect?
    That would be the first corrective step….
    Appropriately Next – call a national symposium on reforming the process, setting up the method so there can be absolutey no opportunity for cheating …. bills forthcoming, not too hard…
    And definitely include as well a mandate for serious criminal repercussions on anybody cheating or conspiring to…
    Of course this would be assuming a majority of incumbents actually want to do the right thing by the voters….
    That would leave out 99% of the dems now, except for a few possible DINOs and Honorable Joe Mansion West by-god Virginia types…
    Then you have the whole big Pentagon intel war contractor complex, who don’t mind a little democracy, as long as it doesn’t interfere on their turf and who can be every bit as grufulus with biden as they are with trump…
    Then there ard the tons of every-day corporate predators, who’d much rather get along with the aforementioned, if they had to choose between their apex spots and the real will of the people….
    Correcting this travesty and reforming the process is a tall order… Trump would be the equal though….

  39. @Pat “MB likely has sharp teeth…”

    No doubt… besides running the risk of having ones pecker impaled on an ice-pick! 😄

  40. State Legislators will choose the ELECTORS to cast their votes in the Electoral College on Dec 14th this year.

    The individual electors are NOT required to cast the vote for the candidate with the most popular votes as they PLEDGED to do.

    That is known as a “FAITHLESS ELECTOR”:

    The Fat Lady is still gargling salt water…!!! 💥 😜

  41. @ barking deer
    I have no idea what shape whatever we are living on is,
    but I am convinced it’s not a round ball spinning at a thousand miles an hour!
    I’m convinced by logic applied to the behaviour of liquids,
    liquid always requires a container in which to “gather”
    liquid poured into any size container always has a flat surface.
    a beer, a cup of tea, a swimming pool, a puddle,
    but contrarywise not when it’s in the form of trillions and trillions of tons of seawater??
    the difference between your “seeing” and my evidence is just that,
    provable evidence, as opposed to unprovable hearsay.
    anyone can do this simple experiment,
    a spirit level is ideal, but a simple piece of card with a straight edge will do.
    go to any ocean anywhere in the world and hold the card up to the horizon,
    then scan slowly from left to right as far as the eye can see,
    the horizon will prove to be a flat line, not a “nearly” flat line with a slight bend,but an absolutely flat.
    spirit level flat line,
    “innate needs” jibe? you are the one arguing from a faith based perspective not me!!
    instead of sly little digs, try showing me concrete proof of your elusive curve!

      1. I was making comment not sitting a “logic test”
        and you know exactly what I meant, you have bothered to comment please be so good as to
        address the particular issue I raised…….. if you can.
        no confusion, just the same simple question…….
        the horizon and thus the surface of any ocean observed from a beach,
        will always prove flat when tested using any straight edge held up to the “line” of that horizon.
        true or false?

      2. TJ –
        A straight edge at the beach is no measure of flatness or curves using the naked eye. I choose UNKNOWN in that instance, not true or false.

      3. my earlier reply disappeared,
        here it is again.
        I was not sitting a “logic test” I posted a comment,
        and as for “representing confusion”……. you have completely lost me there I’m afraid,
        what does that mean?
        anyway if you can be bothered to respond to my comment how about you address the issue I raised?
        if you can.
        simple question … the horizon observed from the shore is always flat,
        true or false?

        whilst I’m at it……what’s the thing you put at the end ?
        looks like a small pair of underpants, my eyesight aint what it used to be!.

  42. TEEJAY
    Just saying bro, I’ve seen the curve with mine own eyes, it’s obvious from the 05 level of an aircraft carrier…
    The water is held in place like everything else, though you will notice it bucks against the pressure pressing down on the planet, where you get the form of waves…
    Water recoils… sometimes you get a rogue wave, the energy overloads out of the normal pattern…
    And, it makes sense to me that the cumulus clouds you see are lower from your line of sight as the get farther away, no matter where you are seeing them from, because they’re at the same altitude from the surface of the earth, which is shaped like a ball…
    Wouldn’t they be behind each other, if they were all at the same altitude from a flat surface?
    I ask you respectfully, can you tell me why all the orbs we see in the sky are always round?
    Are you saying the sun is not a sphere?
    Do we get an endless supply of suns going by every day?
    Where does the sun go at night?
    I’m just going with what’s reasonable….
    Not what feels good…

    1. no disrespect but I rather think you’re going with what you have been told all your life
      I haven’t mentioned the sun nor orbs,nor feelings nor clouds……
      I merely ask a simple question
      why is the horizon, observed from any shore anywhere on earth always seen to be flat?
      and if you say it isn’t, then my simple experiment will prove that it is.
      if you post experiment happen to agree that the horizon is indeed always flat,
      then surely that points to the oceans being contained, and on a flat surface
      not sloshing around magically “stuck” to a giant ball spinning at 1.000 MPH whizzing round the sun at an even faster speed which is itself moving off to f knows where at the grand old speed of nearly 2.000.000 MPH…..
      .and Pat says I fail a logic test!!

  43. I’m feeling a bit envious to be honest about it. Madame has a feeling maybe the earth is flat — and that starts a conversation going about Flat Earth Geocentrism, now there’s a debate about Cosmology.

    I mention anything that maybe the earth is flat and let’s have a conversation and debate about it and NOTHING. My post is either totally censored by uncle or he features my post but everybody totally ignores it like it’s not on the commentary board. NOTHING. NO discussion about it, NO debate about it. NOTHING [ except alot of ad hominem attacks on me ] Madame one time has a feeling the earth might be flat and that starts a discussion and debate. Something I’ve been trying to do for many years, get a debate about Cosmology started. Madame must have the magic touch because I certaintly don’t.

    I confess : Yes, I”m a little bit envious . And yes, yes I know, envy is a sin.

    I’m happy for Madame she managed to get a discussion and a debate about Cosmology started. I just wonder why I was never able to. I’m not peeved with Madame or anything like that. I’m happy for Madame. I don’t begrudge Madame her due recognition she deserves for breaking the ice so to speak about Flat Earth Geocentrism. It’s uncle I’m peeved with, he CENSORS my Flat Earth Geocentric posts so much, which I personally think is also a sin and a BIG SIN, not a little sin like my little bit of envy. whiddlejoew is NOT the only sinner around here.

  44. @ Pat
    very wise, we don’t want to be trusting our eyes!
    especially naked ones….
    a curved line can easily be mistaken for a perfectly straight one, and vice versa…..
    probably happens all the time.
    best not to commit one way or the other, what with only having our eyes to rely on as we wonder if what we are looking at is straight or curved!

    1. TJ –

      I detect the obvious sarcasm, which also “happens all the time” here. 💥 😎

      A straight edge at the beach is no measure of flatness or curves using the naked eye…… especially when the radius of the curve is r = C/2(pi) = 25,000 miles/6.28 = 3,978 miles. The extremely gradual declination is too minute to detect. AND…. the minimum visual angle of resolution varies with each person. Hopelessly vain myopes, who will never admit they need eye-glasses, are very defective witnesses there. The blind are just plain SOL!! 😜

      BTW – Eye witness testimonies are the least dependable in court.

      1. apologies for the sarc, it was late at night,I mean no disrespect at all…
        I come here as much for the commentary following the articles as the articles
        and I always enjoy reading your often enlightening comments……..

        so then, a “flatness” observed employing a spirit level is also unreliable ?
        it may register as perfectly flat but in reality isn’t?
        as for the figuring,
        I’m surprised you haven’t yet mentioned the old “boat disappearing over the horizon” thing,
        easily debunked using a decent binocular or telescope camera etc,
        watch a vessel with your lyin eyes “disappear”over the sloping sea,
        on it’s downward journey over the curve and and when you can no longer see it with those naked eyes
        put a binocular or whatever to your them, focus…, and bingo!
        there it is back again in full view
        I understand that the suez canal is over a hundred miles long and without locks
        one example of many that casts reasonable doubt on the 25.000 miles radius calculation
        things in view that should be below the curve yet aren’t , as I understand it the statue of liberty can be seen from 60 miles out, is this true?
        when it should be well below the elusive curve, how is this and all the other similar anomalies possible on the round earth?
        BTW? yes they are the least dependable, I used to imagine I could “see a curve,
        but that was before I discovered the spirit level!
        and that Pat, is an “over and out” from me,
        dont want to come across as an obsessive!!
        forwards and onwards…

      2. No hay problemo, my friend. I still have no clue why I don’t fall off being upside down to someone or something in space. 😎

      3. Pat, my guess would be it’s the ‘triumph of imagination over intelligence’ (aka)
        very superstitious, lol..

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