47 thoughts to “Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About Coronavirus”

    1. Admin: Comment held up because of typo in user name.

      The videos coming from Bergamo in northern Italy are not hyped, and they show widespread deaths due to CV-19. 30 local Doctors have died. It seems to have spread rapidly because a football match between Bergamo and Milan was held in Milan before anybody realised how it could spread in crowds.

      It may be that some media and politicians are making the most of a crisis, but it really is a crisis.

      1. Northern Italy is where over 100,000 Chinese work which came from Wuhon, the city with the most 5G in the world. I was very surprised to find that Northern Italy also has a huge amount of 5G presence.

        Italian telcos get ready to reach more cities with 5G in 2020!
        Italian operators kicked off comercial 5G offerings in parts of the country’s main cities during the second half of 2019 and have already announced plans to rapidly expand coverage during 2020.
        Vodafone was the first operator to offer commercial 5G services in Italy. The telco, owned by UK telecommunications group Vodafone Group, launched the technology in five cities across the country in June 2019.
        Initially, the 5G service was available in….. Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and Naples.
        The company used equipment from Nokia and Huawei for the deployment of commercial 5G.

        Italy deploys special powers on Fastweb-Samsung 5G project!
        MILAN (Reuters) – The Italian government will exercise its so-called “golden powers” over a project led by Swisscom’s Fastweb and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics to deploy fifth-generation networks, it said late on Wednesday.

        This marks the first time the special powers the government holds over sectors deemed of strategic national importance will be used on telecoms firms working on 5G technology in Italy.

        Fastweb is planning to use Samsung’s equipment to deploy a 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network in the northern cities of Biella and Bolzano.

    2. Ayadurai is a complete fraud, and he did not invent email. But he makes a ton of money on conspiracy theories. So well done!

  1. My first reaction to viewing this video is to go to Massachusetts and volunteer for Dr. Shiva’s campaign…
    Loot at that imp Fauchi beside this guy…
    “Regulations actually help the Big Guys”…
    Yes Dr. Shiva, and Communism is the biggest Regulation Plan of them all… By whatever name it is the ultimate control system…
    A big part of this virus plot is putting small businesses out of business… That’s when the Big Manipulators know they’re getting the most out of their crisis… All the Big Guys always want Ma and Pa put out of business… When the WW2 crisis got started, it didn’t take long… Before 1942 was over there were 300,000 fewer small businesses operating in the USA…
    Of course the last thing Big Pharma wants is for people to have great immune systems, what would they need Big Pharma for?
    btw, Dr. Wallach (Dead Doctors Don’t Lie) says gluten destroys the bone marrow in everyone by the time they’re 60… The bone marrow is the heart of the immune system… Older people are more susceptible to the corona virus… The reason older people are more susceptible to diseases is because their immune systems are shot… What are all the things we do wrong to compromise our immune systems? The whole discussion should be about what to do to strengthen everyone’s immune system, how not to damage it…
    Bill Goetz? Here’s how nutty he is….

  2. Last Chance for Trump
    This is the biggest globalist fake crisis ever and if Trump does not act as President of your nation not only will he lose the election, but he will drag every Western nation down to economic ruin and to the globalist takeover as well. If he acts and orders the restrictions removed from the people except for the very elderly and the fragile, he will not only win the election but he will actually defeat this virus.

    “With every respiratory disease we should protect the elderly and the fragile because when they get pneumonia they have a high risk of dying of the pneumonia. So that is one of the key issues that we should keep in mind. On the other hand children do very well with these diseases. They are evolutionarily designed to be exposed to all sorts of viruses during their lifetime. So, they should keep going to school, and infecting each other. That contributes to herd immunity which means that after about four weeks, at the most, the elderly people could start joining their families, because then the virus would have been extinguished.
    I all respiratory diseases the only thing which stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them won’t even recognize they were infected, or they had very, very mild symptoms, especially if they are children. So, it’s is very important to keep the schools open to spread the virus, to get herd immunity, as fast as possible.”

    Prof Knut Wittkowski – Former head of the Department of Bio-Statistics-Epidemiology & Research Design at the Rockefeller University

    1. Fred –

      London’s bankers run the US, through Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, an offshoot of Britain’s Chatham House aka RIIF. PM Boris should take the lead against Chatham House and Rothschilds. He is closer than Trump.

    2. “it’s is very important to keep the schools open to spread the virus,”

      Indeed, and then those young people can make sure the old are cared for instead of being locked up somewhere and left for dead.

  3. @ Y’all: (so far)

    Glad to have you here FRED B! Good comments all so far! This is a REAL DOCTOR (MD degree) that I RESPECT! He is fighting Big Pharma with all he’s WORTH! Dr. Ken Boyle and him should get together to make a TRUTH Force!
    This video is a BULLSEYE!

  4. Zyklon B, kills all known Jews dead.
    Ha ha ha LIARS.
    Con-a-virus kills more
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

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        1. Max Bilney,

          As a matter of interest, are you under the impression
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          Please let me know if you have other interests.

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      1. Ho hum… I was enjoying getting on this site and reading Max Bilney’s entertaining diatribe. Now, if y’all persist in driving him away, I’ll go on back to the tele watching James Bond, Pussy Galore, and Goldfinger do their thing. (Just like all this coronavirus talk, there are no surprises – just entertainment! 🙂🙂)

    3. @Max B

      Your “taking to the woodshed” some of the silly trollops stalking this site was a masterpiece… truly a ‘tour de force’ , even by your stratospheric literary standards, of richly-deserved invective aimed expertly – like an angry swarm of stinging wasps – at the barely-covered plump rumps of the lascivious strumps… OUCH!!!

      If you do in fact vacate this site then rest assured that I have an anthology of your most recent posts preserved for posterity… and am in the process of printing and then framing your latest diatribe to give me hope – like that ONE sane voice crying in the wilderness -during the coming tribulation. Thank You!

  6. Compulsory vaccination and frenzied 5G rollout are connected. Some of the connection is revealed in the following :

    5G Gigantic health hazard – Dr Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose”


    The “mathematical” demonstration that we are due for a 60% reduction of Earths human population is tough to swallow, but mathematics cannot be argued with. Much of the contents I had seen corroborated elsewhere.

    Prior to this video I believed EMF radiation was a carcinogen (WHO agrees) and that it probably affected bees. The video depicts the impact on the whole Earth’s ecology and it will make you weep.

    The only counter theory on this information that I can think of is ” an old fool grandstanding”, “fooling the conspiracy theorists, snigger, snigger” (both of which I do not find credible). The speakers CV is here:

    Please share your opinion if you watch it.

    Julian Rose is well known as a proponent of non-chemical farming.

  7. PAT
    The Dayton video shows there are people in the world, like the guy who made the video, who won’t believe the BS and who will resist the plot… It’s the new Medical Tyranny… Hospitals empty, nobody at the emergency tents.. Total Hoax…
    There are a few good doctors out there too, decent people, not going to be bought… Most medical personnel are figuring they’ll get a big kick-back on the vaccine… They’ve been pushing vaccines for years…
    “It’s Ridiculous” – Dr. Scott Jensen On Broad COVID-19 Death Count Guidelines & Financial Incentives
    Fox News Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=382&v=IkMSEHmeaNQ&feature=emb_logo

    1. Bark –

      “The Dayton video shows there are people in the world, like the guy who made the video, who won’t believe the BS and who will resist the plot…”

      HOWEVER he was in FEAR of the college ‘campus security’ and RAN AWAY…. Private ‘Campus Security’ pales in comparison to real cops, sheriffs, state police or US Military troops.

      AND It is human nature to relent and get the vaccine rather than having one’s bank account frozen or Social Security revoked, and tossed into prison. Talk IS cheap.

      They are forcing all the tuff-talking guys in New South Wales to obey.

      Special state powers triggered to combat COVID-19
      15 March 2020
      Today, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has made an Order under Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010 to force the immediate cancellation of major events with more than 500 people.

      Mr Hazzard said under the planned changes, individuals who fail to comply could face up to six months in prison or a fine of up to $11,000 or both, plus additional penalities for each day the offence continues. Corporations face even harsher fines.

      **Solution – Buy an island & move. TPTB own you when you are on THEIR LAND!!

  8. Yeah my mate Gilby. I too love Pussy Galore and Goldfinger and all the Bond movies. Men are men and women are women. Bond beds beautiful women, because that is how beautiful women relate to real men like me. I am going to ignore the couple of sex satiated women on this site in future. I have enjoyed stirring them, but they are really not worth my attention, being frustrated whores. …. Gilby, I am also tired with all this virus chatter, as most of it is crap. It is not a virus attacking the respiratory system, but the enormous amounts of radiation being expelled from 5G aerials. This is destroying the ability of oxygen to enter haemoglobin, meaning people are dying of oxygen deprivation. …. as for that idiot above saying I am “Jew bashing”, read my long posts about what Jesus had to say about the vile Jews; whom he and his Father have written out of the Book Of Life. Do you know what this means you f——————e? Sister Monica, have you read, or even understood, what I have said about Jesus in previous posts? Sometimes I think you are identical to the sorts of nuns I once used to cavort with in the nunneries’ gardens. I have repented, as I have explained, and now assist them in their positions of missionary care.

  9. If you’re gonna streal TRILLIONS Of DOLLARS in broad daylight, you’d better have a damn good cover. Corona IS that COVER!

    Why is THAT so difficult for people to get into their THICK skulls???

  10. Wow! I was just now able to access the video of this article. Dr. Shiva is extremely praiseworthy, and his message should go out to EVERYONE.
    Dr. Shiva’s life is an inspiration; heroic. It’s hard to believe there’s an opportunity for him to become a big political figure among this country’s twisted politicos.

  11. Tweet by – Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email
    Apr 10
    There is a great God – a force of unbelievable Love – not the “love” of “I love you” – but the Love that connects you, back to YOU, that knows you are eternal, nothing can harm you, & brings forth the Courage to be an uncompromising Warrior for Truth Freedom Health. Be the Light!

    Article & video:

    Dr.SHIVA explains his new concept “BioMediaWarfare” – the next generation of control where biology meets media!

    Tweet by – Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email
    Apr 9
    Mr. President

    I urge you to immediately sign an EXECUTIVE ORDER requiring HIGH DOSE IV Vitamin C for those in CRITICAL CONDITION to inhibit the “Cytokine Storm” damaging the lungs – only to be further destroyed by Ventilators. PLEASE!
    80% of New York City coronavirus patients die on ventilators
    New York City is reporting that 80% or more of coronavirus patients that are put on ventilators die. But some doctors say ventilators can be damaging to a patient’s lungs over time.

    Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Truth Freedom & Health. Vs. Fear Fauci & Fascism.

    1. Who would have ever guessed such a great American came from India????! 💪👌😀

      1. And this lot at Lasha´s [the racist commenters, not Lasha] hate all darkies…………..constantly looking down on them.

    2. Stay the hell away from ventilators! Not only are they BEYOND being a poor substitute for the body’s natural ventilation system, their mechanics are HARMFUL to it by being put in the ROLE of a substitute! 😡

    3. @ Pat

      “80% of New York City coronavirus patients die on ventilators
      New York City is reporting that 80% or more of coronavirus patients that are put on ventilators die. But some doctors say ventilators can be damaging to a patient’s lungs over time.”

      Exactly. And that’s what the data from Wuhan, China was showing early on.

      You would think that should’ve been a clue for “somebody”; “somebody” should’ve realized months ago that “ventilators” were not the answer and that the hope instead lies in testing and early, aggressive pharmacotherapy.

      Yet Cuomo was on TeeVee every day for the last how many weeks (maybe six?) screaming for more “ventilators.” And the federal government is apparently now on a ventilator-manufacturing-and-buying-spree, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to have companies like GM and Ford make ventilators that will either not help the majority of patients using them – or may actually contribute to their deaths.

      How is it that the U.S. “government” – which claims to know everything that the governments of Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela are doing in secret, for example – somehow doesn’t know what’s happening right out in the open in China and Italy? How is it that public domain information about the lack of efficacy of “ventilators” for treating COVID-19 patients somehow escaped our omniscient overlords?

      And now that doctors in the U.S. have gone public about the apparent lack of efficacy of “ventilators,” why are the establishment talking heads strangely silent about the subject? Why do they instead continue to scream about the dangerous potential side-effects of drugs that are apparently saving the lives of thousands of people?

      Apparently because the COVID-19 plandemic is a murderous scam and Satanic blood sacrifice on a bigger scale than 9/11.

      1. Harold
        This would appear to have Revelation 13:16-17 written all over it in terms of the “mark of the beast” being in the form of showing proof of poisoning, er I mean vaccination in order to function in “accepted society”

        I’ll be interested in reading your pertinent Biblical interpretations, as I’m sure many accessing this site are thinking along these lines

  12. With all things of high importance all that one now needs is a peer review. HIV does not cause AIDS? It goes against all the grain that I heard before.

    This would be of interest for South Africa, the country with the highest AIDS rate in the world. Thus a good testing ground for anti-HIV believers, and there it is not only the homosexual community, blacks kill homosexual, it is against their belief. Blacks are promiscious and spread HIV. It was their culture just to take a women and that was the acceptable practice beforecoming into contact with the whites. They lived much closer to nature.

    I worked in the insurance industry for a while. There it was standard practice to give new applicant for policies the ELISA test to identify HIV. The blacks of South Africa did not have a healthy diet ( they eat porridge, called “pap” and sausage) and the white bread (in some countries called American toast) which they eat was enhanced with vitamins at a stage by law because of the poor diet. AIDS came to South Africa when it came to the rest of the world, poor diet/immune system or not. So I don’t understand certain of Dr. Shivas arguments. But it is just a short film in which he cannot explain everything. Still, with a critical thing like this Corona I prefer to hear a range of opinions amongst scientist and a peer review, otherwise it just lands in my “perhaps” file.


    Sometimes i think it would be an interesting exercise to collect all the different alternative views on Corona, conspiracies included, and when everything is over, see which one came closest to the truth. But I can agree on the general trend and that is that Covid-2 has a strong political contents in it. It is a virus with public relations.

  13. PAT
    The Dayton Hero used the powerful weapon, media… He completed his mission…
    “**Solution – Buy an island & move. TPTB own you when you are on THEIR LAND!!”
    There are ways of dealing with this kind of repression, it’s just a question of whether or not people can be organized… If as many people who are believing in this thing now, or at least conforming, can be made to change their minds, and the longer it goes on, the closer that gets to voluntary non-cooperation, then TPTP will be in a different ball game… They’ll either have to call out the troops or back off… The key is Local Law Enforcement… Whose side are they gonna be on? Will they pick off the leaders, or will they get the right message? I think that depends on how many of them are Jew Mason slaves to the globalist plot…
    “You would think that should’ve been a clue for “somebody”; “somebody” should’ve realized months ago that “ventilators” were not the answer and that the hope instead lies in testing and early, aggressive pharmacotherapy.”
    I’m betting every nurse and doctor in the country knows what BS this whole thing is… An RN at the VA told me a month ago – “it’s not a big deal, it won’t hurt you unless you already have something really bad”….
    But they won’t speak up now because they don’t want to lose their jobs and their benefits, they’re soldiers, plus the mandatory vaccine program will make them all richer, kinda the same way Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton’s CIA cocaine upped the standard of living in Florida back in the 80s… And they wouldn’t be put on TV if they did, not unless they had mass demonstrations and blocked he streets… then maybe…
    The ventilators were for the purpose of getting the death count up, the same way the abuse at Abu Grhaib was for purpose of aggravating the opposition…
    Look closely at that sinister realpolitik Zio-Creep Fauci, would you trust him with your life? He’s where the REX 84 Deep State Globalist War and Super Surveillance Machinery Makes its Move on the Public’s Constitutional Rights through a Fake National Medical Emergency… Always the State of Exigency trumps your rights…
    PAT is RIGHT – The BRITH-ISH (ZION-COVENANT) CROWN/BANKSTERS control the USA COMMONWEAL through the CFR, Chatham House / Royal Institute for International Affairs, with all their Hoff Juden Bilderberger Underlings holding the Flows of Dough into the Same Patterns, so that things stay the same politically… One thing they, all Monarchs, really hate is Constitutional Republican Government, but we have had leaders, and they’ve killed a many of them… Their SIS is behind the Hard Dope Traffic and murderous Sackler Family Pharmacological Assault on America, and they’re hand in glove with the Fauci and Brix plot to reduce the USA to a tyrannical Big Pharmacological Work Camp, where you get the VAX MICRO TRACKING TAG to go to work, or you become a Fugitive…

    1. Bark
      I know I’m nitpicking, but the word “fugitive” sounds weak used in that context. Like you’re running away from the law, a “fugitive from justice” but not necessarily recognizing the monumental INjustice of it all. I prefer the word “renegade”, implying that I reject their stinkin’ laws and will resist to the death any attempt to rein me in. All true warriors will do no less

      Talk about times to try men’s souls


  14. HAWK
    Not Nitpicking… You’re elaborating on the theme… I appreciate it…
    The State can be given some reasonable leeway in its response relative to the temporary suspension of the Rights of Man. on account of some dilemma.. But along with that should come some serious discussion on the entire subject, rather than what we’re getting, which is – ‘this is what we’re doing, you must obey’…
    There has to be a limit… trouble is, if they put it to a vote, most people are so stupid on the subject of vaccines they would probably agree to the mandatory requirement… If you think vaccines are nothing but good, risk free, then why wouldn’t you?

  15. As in millenia long past, some of the greatest minds on our planet are Indians from the sub-continent. Similarly, our American Red Indians on this site are full of common sense and native intelligence. Such as the great Brownhawk know what TRUTH means, in the true spirit of Jesus Christ. These Red Indians also display the great intelligence of the East Asian Mongol race, and points to them having crossed the Bering Strait and colonised America. …. People tend to forget that Indians from India are a Caucasian people, just like most Whites are Caucasian. Doctor Shiva is a brilliant Caucasian with an appealing, sub tropical pigmentation tan. In Australia, considerable of the best doctors and scientists are Indian by descent. A similar story is emerging of our Caucasian immigrants from Iran and Afghanistan. During the dark, Dark Ages of Europe, when science and reason was spurned and punished, it was our Indian and Persian friends who, as author Thomas Cahill explains, “kept the lights of civilisation, inspired as it was by Classical knowledge, burning.” ….. Dr Shiva is doing his duty in trying to counter the New Dark Ages that is rapidly defiling all of us. The Jews want to restore their supremacist Temple culture that Jesus warned us to avoid at all cost. Gates, Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, etc are the monsters spinning the Jews’ web of lies, deceit, genocide and hell on Earth. These people are demons and must be made pay for their evil crimes against humanity. Trump’s allegiances towards the vile Chabad Lubavitcher cult of Jewish supremacy makes him part of the anti-life force, All this human scum have been written out of Jesus’ Book of Life.

    1. Just so you know, Max, legend has it that that the Red people populated areas all over N.America after the sinking of Atlantis. Crossing the Bering Strait may have been just one avenue.

  16. Found this on Henry Makow’s site.

    Can someone confirm this? Are the trees already green in New York? Is this picture been taken weeks/months ago?

    (Pat, thanks for early alert!)

  17. What Dr. Shiva says is hugely important . However ,
    1) He was married to Fran Drescher for 2 years which I find rather surprising and interesting … ( links with Hollywood?)
    2) Why does he want to smear Robert F Kennedy Jr who has long been dedicated and done so much towards exposing the lies of vaccine industry?
    3) I find it difficult to believe that with his understanding of health he has never looked into 5G the way he says.

    Personally I would not be surprised if much later down the track he turns out to serve the anti-white Agenda. Notice how he only mentions Africa & blacks as victims – as if the West has not already been under longterm assault by Big Pharma genocidal poisons and other Talmudic means to kill our reproduction rates.

    1. @ Frog:

      You ask good questions and bring up interesting points. This video is an edited and shortened version of the original video that is 1 hour 34 minutes long and found on youtube under the Next News Network, where the interview is a lot more in depth than this 34 minute version. To find the longer version use multiple search engines besides Google! ( Startpage, DuckDuckgo, Qwant, Bing and Yandex).

      Perhaps the answer to your questions is in the Conspiracy Theory history of the development of Email. As an example, and true, Dr. Shiva states that Bill Gates (Goetz) did not invent MS-DOS and thus Windows, because Bill Gates can NOT program or Code. MS-DOS was a command tool program written in Basic Computer language. A version called DOS already existed and Bill Gates just rearranged it to make MS-DOS.

      Next, you have the story of Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook. The Conspiracy theory is that the DoD /Pentagon by DARPA were making a tracking tool software/program. The USA Congress stopped the funding for this program. Then DARPA was forced to talk to Mark Zuckerberg about his FaceBook, which Mark stole from some Harvard Computer friends. Darpa funded Mark Zuckerberg for FaceBook and required that FaceBook have backdoors for use by the USA Intelligence Apparatus of the NSA, CIA, DNI, etc. to monitor people.

      In Dr. Shiva’s case, perhaps by the DoD/Pentagon through DARPA, they invented Email and let Dr. Shiva take the credit for it and maintain a Break Silence Kill Switch on Dr. Shiva. Again the Email systems would have backdoors built in so the USA Intelligence Services can monitor people. If the other cases above of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are plausible, why not Dr. Shiva for Email. Besides, Eric Snowden and Julian Assange and Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, have already said as much about the Intelligence Services spying on the whole planet. This spying includes hardware as well as software. Computers have backdoors built into them as well for spying and monitoring people. Even this Huawei or NOT to Huawei for 5G is a farce, both sides can spy/monitor humanity no matter what the technology (space satellites). Just thinking and considering the possibilities! Nothing is far-fetched anymore!

      Ultimately, if Dr. Shiva possesses too much TRUTH, the Deep State can find a way to get rid of him (Clinton Arkancide or ballot machine tampering/rigging or Ballot computer Vote tally readjustment/ Rigging Vote numbers, etc.). It’s been done before, it will happen again! The current Bernie Sanders fiasco comes to mind!
      Food for thought!

  18. A Chinese girlfriend returned from her home town, Wuhan, with headaches and a breathing problem. I’d read about the malaria concoction’s ability to clear the respiratory system and allow oxygen to enter the lungs. She lived in a unit within 20 metres of a 5G relay mast. …. So I gave her 3% hydrogen peroxide to wash down her body, got her to burn every clothing item and her suitcases and made her gargle peroxide 3 times a day. I fed her on fresh mangoes, Chinese gooseberries and spring water, straight out of our ground spring. …. I then went to my lab and made a medicine which included anti-malarial components, including C20, N2, H24, O2 and C1. I added a tincture of garlic and some lemon juice. A tablespoon of this mix, twice a day, relieved her breathing problems and aches and pains in 3 days. She is now back to her cheery self. I then dosed myself up and several of my female jungle friends who make up my commune. I still believe that this so called virus that is proving less deadly than the normal year’s flu, is caused by the magnetic induced, millimetre, microwave radiation being emitted for 5G nodes that are being installed in areas known as covid19 hotspots. Keep away from anything connected with 5G. It is the Devil’s band. 60GHz is enough to destroy your DNA and render you sterile.

  19. @ Max: Thank you for that information from a scientific perspective, but I did not need the references to your commune/harem settlement! To add to this Covid-19 / 5G technology overlap and mystery, I found some interesting articles.

    The first is The New York Times and referencing the term “Red Dawn” in The Red Dawn Emails: the link is:

    The next article is in Bloomberg : Coronavirus Drug Prices at Bloomberg.com (owned by Michael Bloomberg). The link is:

    I urge Americans that frequent Darkmoon to contact your Governmental Representatives and yell, scream and kick up as storm/stink! Americans Rise Up!

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