Trump Administration Displays Its Love for Israel

Zionist puppet Donald Trump cooks up big trouble for his successor in the White House by giving Israel the green light to plunder Palestine and steal more Arab land.

By Philip Giraldi
The Unz Review
November 24, 2020


“Netanyahu’s every wish is granted.”
Philip Giraldi

President Donald Trump’s gifts to Israel in the last few weeks of his administration are, quite frankly, incomprehensible based on any consideration that U.S. foreign policy should be reflective of American national and international interests. On the contrary, the nearly worldwide assessment of the United States as a completely rogue nation headed by someone who is quite plausibly insane, and led by the nose by Israel, has done considerable damage to America’s ability to lead on important issues like nuclear proliferation and climate change.

Much of the bad decision making by Trump is derived from his having bought into the Israeli view of Iran, which, in reality, does not threaten Americans or U.S. interests.

On his recent visit to Israel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added new sanctions against Iran while also releasing a State Department statement defending Trump’s “maximum pressure” against the Islamic Republic. He boasted about the damage being done to the Iranian economy: “The Maximum Pressure campaign against the Iranian regime continues to be extraordinarily effective. Today, Iran’s economy faces a currency crisis, mounting public debt, and rising inflation. Prior to the Maximum Pressure campaign, Iran was exporting nearly 2.5 million barrels of oil per day. Now it struggles to export even a quarter of that volume.”

Hostility towards Iran also means continuing a military presence in Syria, an Iranian ally, as well as in Iraq, which has a largely Shi’a government that is friendly to Iran. Whatever troop withdrawals Trump is envisioning between now and the time he leaves office will certainly not include Syria and he will surely be leaving a considerable presence in Iraq, deferring to Israeli interests.

Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have doubled down on pleasing Israel even though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick off the mark in acknowledging that Joe Biden had indeed won the presidential election.

Netanyahu was able to do so because he knows that his influence over the White House is matched by his ability to get favors from both major parties in the U.S. Congress. And if all else were to fail, unlikely as that is, the Israeli leadership is confident that it can make the American media dance to its tune. In other words, no matter what Netanyahu does vis-a-vis the U.S. election, Israel would find itself well positioned to manipulate America’s foreign policy to favor its own interests.

Pompeo’s latest and just concluded trip to the Middle East involved the usual stops in Israel to be given his marching orders but he also was bearing gifts. His visit was clearly intended to deliver the message that as far as the Trump Administration is concerned Israel can do whatever it wants relating to the Palestinian West Bank, which is now home to 700,000 illegal settlers.

TRUMP —  “Israel can do whatever it wants . . .”

Pompeo accomplished that part of his mission in two ways. First, he visited both the annexed Golan Heights as well as an illegal Israeli settlement at Qasr el Yahud on the Jordan River. He also stopped at a winery located on land blatantly stolen from Palestinians, whose Florida based Jewish “owners” had previously named a wine in his honor. It was the first time that an American Secretary of State had visited a settlement, and it was a signal that Washington no longer regards the exclusively Jewish enclaves as an obstacle to peace and no longer considers them illegal.

Second, Pompeo, while in Israel last Thursday, made two significant statements regarding U.S. policies on Israel and the Palestinian territories, revealing stronger support for Israel’s presence in the West Bank. He said that as a result of the State Department taking a “reality-based foreign policy approach,” products exported to the U.S. from the illegally occupied territory shall be marked as Israeli.

He elaborated “In accordance with this announcement, all producers within areas where Israel exercises the relevant authorities – most notably Area C under the Oslo Accords - will be required to mark goods as ‘Israel’, ’Product of Israel’, or ‘Made in Israel’ when exporting to the United States.” In other words, the United States is now endorsing the reality that much of the formerly Palestinian West Bank – Area C comprises 60% of it – is now both de facto and de jure part of Israel.

The move was immediately denounced by former Palestinian Chief Negotiator Hanan Ashrawi as “…an attempt to legitimize the theft of Palestinian land and plunder of Palestinian resources that runs counter fundamental principles of international law and the global consensus.” And so it is, but it was followed by a second statement which no doubt pleased the Israelis but which should concern all Americans who are troubled about the dramatic erosion of free speech in the United States.

Pompeo, standing next to Netahyahu, said the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was “a cancer” and anti-Semitic, adding the U.S. would work to stop its funding. Netanyahu called the move “wonderful.” Formed in 2005, BDS is non-violent. It is active in many countries around the world and calls for a total boycott of Israel, including cultural, economic and academic activities, over the brutal Israeli repression of the Palestinian people.

Pompeo personally pledged the U.S. government decision to “…immediately take steps to identify organizations that engage in hateful BDS conduct and withdraw U.S. government support for such groups. We want to stand with all other nations that recognize the BDS movement for the cancer that it is.”

An accompanying State Department press statement issued by Pompeo elaborated that “It is the policy of the United States to combat anti-Semitism everywhere in the world and in whatever form it appears, including all forms of discrimination and hatred rooted in anti-Semitism. The United States strongly opposes the global discriminatory boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign (Global BDS Campaign) and practices that facilitate it, such as discriminatory labeling and the publication of databases of companies that operate in Israel or Israeli-controlled areas. As we have made clear, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. The United States is, therefore, committed to countering the Global BDS Campaign as a manifestation of anti-Semitism. To advance this policy, I have directed the Office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism to identify organizations that engage in, or otherwise support, the Global BDS Campaign. In identifying such organizations, the Office of the Special Envoy will consider whether an organization is engaged in actions that are politically motivated and are intended to penalize, or otherwise limit, commercial relations specifically with Israel or persons doing business in Israel or in any territory controlled by Israel.”

The Pompeo statement is a declaration of war against a non-violent group that seeks to bring about change through peaceful means.

Many U.S. states have already taken steps to punish BDS and its supporters and there is legislation in Congress that will make it guilty of hate speech as well as anti-Semitism due to its criticism of the Jewish state. The legislation includes substantial fines and prison time. In France, for example, it is already illegal to advocate a boycott of Israel.

While Pompeo was in Israel, lest there be any doubt about the Trump Administration’s love for the Jewish state, the president himself, speaking from Washington, announced that Sudan would be establishing diplomatic relations with Jerusalem. He added that many more countries would be doing likewise in the next two months. That Sudan made its decision under intense American pressure and due to suffocating sanctions imposed by Washington was not mentioned by President Trump.

Trump also responded favorably to another request from Netanyahu.

Last Friday his Justice Department blocked any extension of the travel limitations imposed by the terms of the parole of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. The move came over the objections of many in intelligence and national security communities, but was intended to please Israel.

Pollard, a former Navy intelligence analyst, is now free from any travel restrictions and will move to Israel, where he is regarded as a hero and has been granted citizenship in absentia. He was the most damaging spy in U.S. history, having revealed top secret information on U.S. intelligence sources and communications, some of which was passed on to the Soviet Union by Israel in exchange for allowing the emigration of Russian Jews.

Jonathan Pollard, “the most damaging spy in US history.”
FREE  AT  LAST! — Thanks to Zionist puppet Trump.

It is being argued that both Trump and Pompeo have ulterior motives for expressing their warm feelings towards Israel and all its works. Pompeo would like to be the GOP presidential candidate in 2024 and Trump would like to retain his control over the party. Either would benefit from the powerful support of the Israel Lobby in the United States and through solidifying their positions as being among the greatest friends of the Jewish state. 

Netanyahu phones freed spy Pollard: “We’re waiting for you!”

The tragedy is that what benefits two more politicians on the make has absolutely nothing in it for the American people.

And from Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden we certainly can expect more of the same, both because the outgoing Trumpsters are creating a web of complications around what is taking place both with Iran and Israel that will be difficult to unravel and because the new president would fear taking any steps not approved by Netanyahu.

Sourced from The Unz Review

“I give you Palestine to plunder—
steal their land, burn their crops, cripple their children!”

(Not his exact words, but his underlying message to Netanyahu.)

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  1. Devastating.

    The Trump supporters on this site should hang their heads in shame.

    Better still, they should commit suicide and rid the world of vermin.

    1. Better still, they should commit suicide

      I categorially object to this… on purely moral grounds. You should be ashamed of yourself, ma’am!

      I kindly request Admin to remove this highly objectionable comment. The last thing I would want now is Lobro committing suicide among others – hands off Lobro… please.

      1. @ Circassian

        I apologize unreservedly for my unhelpful comment. The last thing I want is to drive half the commenters on this website to suicide. I was speaking figuratively, making use of the rhetorical device of hyperbole.

    2. Don’t worry, Madame. THIS Trump supporter is no supporter of Israhell, but, rather, a supporter of The United States – no matter whom the bedfellows. We’ll be in just as much turmoil as Palestine when the Biden administration takes hold; and that, to me, inspires the (suicidal) Sampson Option.

      1. Gilby,

        Thank you for your kind and courteous response. Truly, you are a gentleman. Unlike some others here. I think you are right about Biden being no better than Trump in his abject subservience to Israel. But I doubt, if left to himself, Biden would have handed over the Golan Heights to Israel. Even Obama and George W. Bush didn’t feel the need to go that far.

        Frankly, I am glad to see the last of Trump. My contempt and loathing for this man has nothing to do with the fact that the Election was stolen from him — if it was. If the Election was indeed stolen from Trump, my attitude is — “Serve you right, you bastard! Collect your karma!”

        I have no wish to hurt your feelings, dear Gilbert. But this is what I feel and it would be dishonest of me to conceal my feelings. Anyone who seriously admires this man or makes excuses for him has to be a bit mentally unhinged.

        1. Madame Butterfly :

          When Obama-Hillary were using JEW ZOG’S ISIS to destroy Syria [ for the benefit of JEW Israel and the JEWS’ Oded Yinon plan ] how come you never told the Obama-Hillary supporters they “should hang their heads in shame” and how come you never told them they “should commit suicide and rid the world of vermin” ?

          It’s true Trump is OVERLY in love with Jews and with Jew israel, but so was Hillary under Obama, she started the war in Syria for the benefit of the JEWS she loves so much. Like Trump, Hillary is OVERLY in love with the Jews, so much so she was willing to destroy Syria for the Jews, she was willing to see alot of Muslims and alot of Christians die horrible deaths for the benefit of the Jews. She has A LOT OF BLOOD on her hands from loving the Jews so much. I never heard anyone negatively criticize Hillary for OVERLY loving the JEWS. She KILLED A LOT MORE Muslims and A LOT MORE Christians on the orders of the Jews and for the benefit of the Jews than Trump has, yet neither Madame not anyone else ever says anything negative about Hillary’s MASS MURDER of NON-jews for the benefit of the Jews and their Jew Israel.

          I don’t mind anyone saying negative things about Trump. I just wonder why Trump bears the brunt of negative criticism from those who don’t care for Israel, yet Hillary who did even more for Israel than Trump has — no one ever has anything negative to say about Hillary’s support of Israel. And her support of Israel caused MUCH DEATH in Syria. Much death of Muslims and much death of Christians. Yet, no one ever has anything negative to say about Hillary when she was Secretary of State under Obama, yet she was a MASS MURDERING Secretary of State in service to the Jews. No one here at Darkmoon ever said anything negative about Hillary’s devoted support of Israel when she was Secretary of State and started the war in Syria for the Jews and no one to this day ever has anything negative to say about Hillary lovingly destroying Syria for the Jews.

          Hillary was more of slave of the jews than Trump is — and she was a very willing slave MASS MURDERER for the Jews. Yet Trump gets all the negative criticism and Hillary Rodham Clinton Mass MURDERER of Muslims and Christians willing and loving slave girl for the Jews walks away scott free from negative criticism here at Darkmoon. Very UNbalanced. What happened to the importance of Balance? Balance ☯️ is important, remember? Anybody remember?

  2. Trump and Biden are both zionists and the rape and plunder of Palestine and America will continue, new potus , same as the old potus.

    1. So this essay brings up all this politicking over Israel in Trump’s last days. Why? Pompeo, who is on his way out, is visiting illegal settlements. Why?

      Why is the Trump administration going all out to appease Israel when he is fighting for his life over the contested vote?

      The answer is simple, Netanyahu controls the levers of power in D.C. and if Trump wants to keep his job he has to appease his boss.

      And just what is Trump going to do? Commentator Harold Smith knows and has been warning us for months.

      1. Also the Rothschilds hold the paper on all the properties Trump supposedly owns and Wilbur Ross is the Rothschilds banker and if Trump got out of line they would pull the plug, Trump has went bankrupt 4 times and was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time, they own him.

        Trump is a indebted puppet for the Rothschilds.

        1. (Re-posted)


          Proof that the United States is a colony of Israel is the release of Jonathan Pollard, and the fact that after he was busted any Jew is allowed to work in intelligence.

          All Jews must take loyalty oaths or the need to be removed, you can not have these mixed race zealots in your white nations or they will do nefarious things like out your spies. I’ve read that Pollard cost the lives of over 100 intelligent agents. He should have been executed.

          I wrote and essay ‘Fry Jonathan Pollard in Netanyahu’s Grease’ at the time, but it has been scrubbed from the web. How do they do that?

          Just look at Pollard, what an arrogant creep.

          1. See the newly added picture to the article above. Here Netanyahu is shown on the telephone to Pollard, gloatingly congratulating him on his release and telling him he can now expect a hero’s welcome when he comes to Israel:

            “We’re waiting for you!”

  3. For the Trumptards that have this insane belief that their ZOG Emperor is some kind of patriot and loves his country. I will dispute those irrational emotions based on evidence., with the fact that Donald John Trump released the most damaging spy Pollard in US history. So keep that in mind while this election farce rolls on. Trump, plain and simple, is a Zionist traitor and is damaging the United States because of his unending loyalty to Jews and Israel.

    If Trump was a patriot Pollard would be immediately executed and Israel destroyed for 911. If Trump was a patriot, all Jews would be removed from State. If Trump was a patriot, all Jews who wish to remain in the United States would be forced to take loyalty oaths or be evicted. Trump is no patriot, he is a slimy swamp snake in service to a foreign state. Make no mistake DJT is playing Amerika, he is an actor assisting in the destruction of his nation because of his love of money and fame. He is a dangerous narcissistic psychopath and he is risking nuclear war with Iran and Russia.

    Pollard’s espionage nearly came to light in 1984 when a department head noted a report on Soviet military equipment and questioned why it was germane to the office. Pollard, to whom the report was traced, was asked about it, and he replied that he had been working on terrorist networks, which was accepted as valid. In 1985, a co-worker anonymously reported Pollard’s removal of classified material from the NIC. The coworker noted that Pollard did not seem to be taking the material to any known appropriate destination, such as other intelligence agencies in the area. Although Pollard was authorized to transport documents and the coworker said the documents were properly wrapped, it appeared out of place that Pollard would be transporting documents on a Friday afternoon when there was little going on and people seemed to be focused on an upcoming long weekend. Ultimately, that report was not acted upon as it was felt it occurred within business hours and Pollard had business being in other offices. In another instance Pollard’s direct superior, having to complete extra work at the office on a Saturday, had walked by Pollard’s desk and noticed unsecured classified material. Taking the initiative to secure it, the supervisor glanced over it and saw it was unrelated to antiterrorism matters in the Caribbean, on which the section was focused. Looking at more unrelated documents, the supervisor believed foreign intelligence might be involved, but was unable to determine which nation might be interested.[45]

    Pollard was stopped and questioned by FBI agents about a week later while removing classified material from his work premises. He explained that he was taking it to another analyst at a different agency for a consultation. His story was checked and found to be false. Pollard requested a phone call to his wife to tell her where he was. As the interview was voluntary, the investigators had no choice but to grant the request. During the call to Anne, Pollard used the code word “cactus”, signaling that he was in trouble, and that she should remove all classified material from their home. She attempted to do this,[46] enlisting the help of a neighbor.[47]

    Pollard later agreed to a search of his home, which found the few documents which Anne had missed. At this point, the FBI decided to cede the case to Pollard’s supervisors, since they had uncovered only mishandling of documents, with no proof that Pollard was passing classified information. The case broke wide open a few days later, when Pollard was asked by his superiors to take a polygraph test. Instead, he admitted to illegally passing on documents, without mentioning Israel. The FBI again became involved. A short time later, Pollard’s neighbor, a naval officer, became concerned about safeguarding the 70-pound (32 kg) suitcase full of highly classified material that Anne had given him, and began calling around the military intelligence community asking for advice.[47] He cooperated fully with the investigation and was never charged with any crime.[48]

    After his partial confession, Pollard was put under surveillance, but not taken into custody. On November 21, 1985, he and his wife tried to gain asylum at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D. C., but were ordered to leave by Israeli guards. FBI agents arrested Pollard as soon as he left embassy property.[49] His handler, Rafi Eitan, stated in a 2014 interview that he had arranged an escape plan for Pollard. Eitan claimed that he gave Pollard a prearranged signal to leave the United States, but instead, Pollard “wandered around for three days with them following him. He had many opportunities to do what I told him and he didn’t do it.” Eitan claimed that he had given the order to evict Pollard from the embassy.[50]

    After Pollard’s arrest, Anne evaded an FBI agent who was following her, met Sella at a restaurant, and told him of her husband’s arrest. As a result, three Israeli diplomatic personnel involved in the operation were also informed: science attachés Yosef Yagur and Ilan Ravid, and embassy secretary Irit Erb. LAKAM had not foreseen this turn of events nor crafted escape plans, and they were told to flee immediately. The apartment where the documents stolen by Pollard were kept and copied was cleared out, and all four immediately fled Washington. Sella and his wife took a train to New York and caught a flight to London, Yagur fled to Canada, Erb to Mexico, and Ravid to Miami, from where they caught connecting flights to Israel. All were out of United States in 24 hours.[51] Anne was arrested the next day, November 22, 1985.[52][53]

    In an autobiographical interview in 2014,[54] Rafi Eitan the high level Israel agent responsible for Pollard, said the following about Pollard arrest: That the Israelis messaged him that he was uncovered and he was originally told to escape the US immediately in such a situation. Instead, Pollard stayed put, and after a few days decided on his own accord to try coming to the Israeli embassy with two suitcases of documents.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      For the Trumptards that have this insane belief that their ZOG Emperor is some kind of patriot and loves his country. I will dispute those irrational emotions based on evidence., with the fact that Donald John Trump released the most damaging spy Pollard in US history. So keep that in mind while this election farce rolls on. Trump, plain and simple, is a Zionist traitor and is damaging the United States because of his unending loyalty to Jews and Israel.

      An outstanding comment in every way, especially the above opening paragraph.

      If we need any proof that Trump is TOXIC IN THE EXTREME, it is his release of Pollard, the most damaging spy in US history. This demonstrates that Trump, far for being a “patriot”, is the very opposite. He betrays America in order to suck up to Israel. I have no doubt that Adelson got him to release Pollard in exchange for more $$$$$ for his campaign fund and for his secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere.

      Note these two facts:

      (1) All other presidents have had huge pressure put on them to release Pollard. They stood firm. Not one of them weakened and caved in to Israel’s demands. Trump was the FIRST president to give Israel what it wanted, betraying America in the process. This sets a precedent, allowing other Jewish spies in the future to betray America’s military secrets to Israel in the knowledge that they will be pardoned sooner or later.

      (2) No other president, apart from Trump, gave the Golan Heights away to Israel. This is not only against international law but opposed by every single nation in the UN, including America’s big lapdog ally Great Britain.

      1. Exactly, and well said. Thanks to Darkmoon for linking in the Pollard case into her essay. The release of the worst spy in history is hard evidence that Trump is damaging his nation for a foreign state. That is treason. I said over at that when the crash finally comes that Trump and his Jew family might want to flee to Israel before real patriots string him up.

        I have said numerous times that the Trumps may be a wave repeat of the Russian Czar Nicholas ( and Ivanka plays Anastasia), who get executed by an angry mob. Amerika is ripe for a revolution, an anti-Bolshevik purge. Of course in the first case the Bolsheviks topple the throne, in the case of the west and especially Amerika the purge could be from real patriots. All the antifa fag boys will be the first to be eliminated. Just wait and see, as Amerikans are buying guns like crazy and have been doing so for over a decade. There must be 10 guns per redneck now. I myself have owned up to 50 at one time. We love guns in US of A and as the shit hits the fan the contagion of Jew awareness can not be stopped.

        My advice to the card carrying members of the ADL and SPLC that infest Amerika is to get the hell out while you still can because we are coming for you first.

        Trump’s false patriotism may land him on a meathook like Mussolini. I know that sounds extreme, and it is extreme, but just wait till the crash comes and completely guts the nation until everyone is starving. Real hunger can drive men insane, and few westerners have every been without a meal.

        There is this report that forecasts Amerika only having a population of 100 million in 2025. Right now it is 330 million and the GDP 74 trillion which reduced to 16 trillion. That is a major shock on a Biblical scale, the final ruination by the Jew traitors within.
        (Note: look at the USA population – only 69 million!)

        “The Great Reset; like the climate change, extinction rebellion, planetary crisis, green revolution, shale oil (…) hoaxes promoted by the system; is another attempt to slow down dramatically the consumption of natural resources and therefore extend the lifetime of the current system. It can be effective for awhile but finally won’t address the bottom-line problem and will only delay the inevitable. The core ruling elites hope to stay in power which is in effect the only thing that really worries them.

        The collapse of the Western financial system – and ultimately the Western civilization – has been the major driver in the forecast along with a confluence of crisis with a devastating outcome. As COVID has proven Western societies embracing multiculturalism and extreme liberalism are unable to deal with any real hardship. ”

        Trump’s fate all depends on him, if he can muster the courage to take on the Jews he could go down as the greatest man, but will he? I think not because he is a rich playboy without the moral certitude and righteous spine to clear out the deep state. My bet is Trump goes down as the worst president ever, maybe the last POTUS before the balkanization of Jewmerica.

        BTW all these New Age bullshitters like David Wilcocks and Charlie Freak are doing a great disservice by sewing hope. So many people want hope in these times and they don’t understand that looking for hope is a waste of time, you need to prep as fast as you can like food stored up and expanding the garden, getting assets out of the banking system, etc. It is anybody’s guess how this goes down but it will not be pretty or some cake walk.

  4. I don’t know why this behavior should surprise anyone. I have one question for believers of the bible. Have you actually read the bible, thoroughly, in an objective manner? Because the god of the Torah, or Old Testament is a complete psychopath, and plundering the Goyim is the chief objective. And Yahweh Jr. stated many evil dictates himself and fully supported the dictates of Yahweh Sr. Hey! all you bible dupes out there, even the so-called “Jew-wise” Christians, you have done your part to support the Jews in their efforts to control the entire world by supporting their play-book, the bible. It is an evil book, which so many mindless sheep revere, so no wonder we are in our current state. Do you really see the church standing up to the onslaught on the white race? Why no, no you don’t. Now how could that be?

    1. “What is good for the Jew is good for the gentile.”
      I like my Psalms – especially the Psalms of David, which suggests killing a lot of those who need killing. “Only with thine eyes wilt thou behold an see the reward of the wicked” says God to his servant (Psalms 91).

  5. Amazing reading, this thread.

    It tells me that the sole sanctuary of sanity is inside TROJ’s cell, outside is a shitstorm of blethering madness of the world abandoned by logic and common sense, Marc Chagall canvass of Walmart keys and occult symbols obscuring reality … OMG, Pollard released, definitely one of the 3-4 worst things that happened since Permian age, volcanoes erupting, lava of nonsense spreading all over (because Pollard is now going into Pentagon and NSA to steal more secrets to stuff into suitcase along with laundry cleaned in White House to take as a present to Netanyahu—who by the way, was the first national leader to congratulate Biden on “fictory”, wonder why if Trump-Kushner are his next of kin—not that it would give TDSers a split sec pause). Why didn’t Putin and Xi congratulate Biden—hmm, let Circassian answer that one.
    OMG2: Pompeo (yes, a true zionist) visits an illegal settlement (afaiac, every jew settlement is illegal anywhere in middle east). What does it mean? I guess another million murdered Palestinians or something, surely it has realistic meaning, just like Walmart key and Pollard and Trump “GIVING” Golan Heights to Jews who previously were NOT allowed to go anywhere near Golan Heights, suddenly they can—WOW!
    Because without Trump there would be no illegal settlements, Golan Heights would be off limits to Jews, everything would be hearts and flowers in Palestine for Palestinians.
    And btw, who could have stopped Pompeo while in Israel from heading over to some settlement—Trump?
    What could Trump have done to prevent it, given that Pompeo is out the door anyway regardless of who occupies WH in 2021, could Trump have said “No, I forbid you to go“, what would have been the practical effect? Remember what Pompeo and Bolton did to Trump while he was having a state dinner with Xi—arrested the daughter of CEO of Huaiwei behind his back.
    Remember what Pompeo and Netanyahu did in utmost secret behind Trump’s back? Assassinated Gen Soleimani, Netanyahu denying any knowledge for about 2-3 days then admitting it.
    And so on, so forth, how the war is fought.

    Oops, sorry for asking tough questions, forgot who I was addressing.
    Well, okay girls, you just have your fun on the shrink’s couch shrieking about suicide of vermin.
    This is why the battlegrounds of war were traditionally off-limits …

    But note that you have powerful friends on your side—Jews, i.e., the mass media who joyously announced Biden victory and return to normal, out with Trump, out of the White House and into Epstein’s jail cell where we can get a feel for his hyoid bone—because the Jews want to remove this nemesis of Palestinians who made their lives and lives of girlie-men miserable worldwide—happy days are here again.

    Lock your cell from inside TROJ, stay safe from the real pandemic sweeping the world of the damned.

    1. @ LOBRO

      “…the sole sanctuary of sanity is inside TROJ’s cell, outside is a shitstorm of blethering madness […] Lock your cell from inside TROJ, stay safe from the real pandemic sweeping the world of the damned”

      Maybe it’s time someone told you that you need to be put in a little cell of your own, preferably a padded one. 🙂

      Compared to you, Troj is marginally sane and even occasionally posts a lucid comment. Which you, unfortunately, find it well nigh impossible to do. Your long and turgid rants, stuffed with irrelevant blockquotes and oozing with paranoid self-importance, impress no one but yourself. They are almost unreadable.

      It tells us something about you that you should align yourself so closely to TROJ, the only universally acknowledged lunatic on this site who regularly sends Lasha Darkmoon foul, sexually perverted comments featuring bestiality with horses. So much for your own tastes, Lobro! Birds of a feather, as they say. 🙂

      What Trump, the politically impotent perv — fresh from Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’ — and Stalin, Supreme Dictator of the Soviet Union, have in common is known only to cognitively impaired losers like yourself. No wonder you also admire Trump whom you have foolishly called “the New Stalin.” Circassian, who sees through you as a total fraud, knows damn well that comparing Trump to Stalin is a bit like comparing dog shit to raw beef steak.

      The more Circassian loves Stalin, the more he regards Trump as beneath his contempt. And rightly so. It remains to be seen whether you will honour your monetary debt to Circassian. You owe him $500. (Or $1000).

      PAY UP, loser! 🙂

      1. Sard –
        You wrote:
        “Your long and turgid rants, stuffed with irrelevant blockquotes and oozing with paranoid self-importance, impress no one but yourself. They are almost unreadable.”


        I don’t read them the way I did 5 or 6 years ago. Back then lobro tagged me as a ‘gadfly’ because I was so succinct and had to be mistaken because of it. 🙂

        1. Is this about giving Israel the green light so that the legal mechanics in the USA will deliver the presidency to him? So I wonder whether we will very shortly see some big event in the Middle East needing the support of Trump for him to stay in charge?

      2. @Sardonicus

        Please keep in mind that whether you like it or not there are dozens and dozens of millions of Americans who strongly believe that Trump is the best president they ever had. If you don’t like the way Lobro presents his views or himself, you can always ignore his comments – I am sure he can easily survive your contempt.

        It might be a good idea for Lobro as well to simply ignore from now on each and every ad hominem attack, leaving each attacker longing for his attention. This way he will drive the attackers nuts.

        Brothers and sisters, let’s concentrate on issues of interest to all of us.

        1. @ Circassian

          Good advice. I’d advise you to take it yourself. You who referred to Lasha Darkmoon as “Masha Darkloon” and called her a filthy “lavatory attendant”. You have attacked EVERYONE on this site systematically — Pat, Harold Smith, Brownhawk, Madame Butterfly, myself, and, last but not least, Lobro himself, in a series of angry and bitter comments to which the raging Rottweiler Lobro responded with equal savagery. It seems to me that both you and Lobro, who are now indulging in the undignified spectacle of mutual masturbation, have very short memories! 🙂


      3. Spoken like a true liberated spirit meditating and levitating his ascent to Nirvana.

        Do not succumb to pitfall of decency lest the levitation mechanism fails and you land on your head to shake loose both remaining neurons.

        How does your favorite mantra go …
        “Ad homine mani oum, ad homine mani oum, as Jew I’ll be reborn” (no one doubts your qualifications)

        Do I also have to send you $500 because I forced you to read my long, turgid and unintelligible posts?
        So sorry, I know that you had a hard time even getting down to this line—totally unintelligible,ask someone to help.

  6. Another thing, kind of crystallized just now as consequence of theatrical swooning.

    The phrase “bite the bullet” harks back to days of wartime surgery before anesthesia when the patient would be told to chomp down on a bullet to distract the mind from the real thing. But note that no amount of biting the bullet resolves the issue, leg doesn’t amputate itself nor shrapnel falls out of the eye on its own.
    Except it seems, it the minds of Paltards (returning the favor for the use of “Trumptard”).

    And Jew, the genius of shell games knows this perfectly to maximize its effectiveness.
    Because they are “Good Jews“, LOL, I mean LOL—real loud.
    Jew ventriloquism, that’s what, like some movie psycho tormenting a cat to a screaming pitch then quickly switching mask to a kind, concerned visage “Ooh, poor dear, such pain“, to distract viewer’s attention from the real crime occurring nearby but out of sight, out of mind.
    Case in point: BDS skit for the easily amused. So, some crap is made in settlements, twine bracelets, toe warmers, dildos … and BDS boycotts it, the rootless global cosmopolitan diaspora goes absolutely bananas, oy vey, the second or third Holocaust on the way, drama queens galore on “both SIDES” (more LOL), “antisemites want to destroy Jewish livelihood, we are starving like Auschwitz” while trillions pour silently into their banks and everyone Paltards sit around bugeyed and spellbound by the lampshades+soap opera.

    Riddle me this Paltards: is there any way to help Palestinians, to actually improve their lot in the shantytowns while Jew sits at controls of the USA? Yes? Tell me how and I will agree to whatever other bullshit y’all are spewing, will cheer Biden all the way to Doomsday come.
    Because it can’t be done, roof is not constructed before the foundations.

    There will NEVER be any improvement of Palestinian tragedy (yes, fully agree, just as I fully understand that anything Jew touches turns into tragedy without fail) unless MAGA happens first, control of America wrested from Jew’s claws, freedom of speech, freedom of truth reborn.
    So until that time, leave Trump to his business of MAGA—Jew knows this perfectly, while Paltards are clueless just as perfectly, what a tragicomic🎭 team they make, listen to the rabbi kletzmering Kumbaya out of his anus.

    1. Real vs Meme.

      You nailed it, brother.

      The world needs contrarians.

      The world needs Lobros and Real Original Joes, and Pats and Brownhawks and Arch Stantons.

      All of you, really. Yes I have drunk the fruit of the vine. Sorry for the sentimentality.

      That’s the way a beggar gets his reward, I suppose.

      1. @ Rich

        “The world needs [its] Lobros and Real Original Joes.”

        Ah, how gracious of you!

        So who do you admire more, do tell us: The LOBRO who viciously disses Lasha Darkmoon by telling her she is “intellectually dishonest” for saying something about Stalin that Stalin fanatic Lobro disapproves of? Or The REAL ORIGINAL JOE who has regular sex fantasies on this site about Lasha Darkmoon having perverted sex with horses?

        Which of these two misogynists and sexual deviants, in your esteemed opinion, do you think “the world needs more”? 🙂

        If and when you have got round to answering this tricky question, displaying what a fine paragon of Christian virtue you are, maybe you will spare a kind thought for Lasha Darkmoon.

        I’m sure she could do with it.

  7. Trump Administration Displays Its Love for Israel Jewish Supremacism and the Jewish Supremacist Agenda For Complete World Domination and Control

    If it was just love of Israel (per se) it would be bad enough, but Trump’s gone way beyond that. Trump is using America as a blunt instrument to try to beat Russia, China and Iran into submission. Trump is apparently willing to risk everything up to and including nuclear war in pursuit of the jewish supremacist agenda.

    And from Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden we certainly can expect more of the same…

    Yes, Biden claims to be a “zionist,” but so far those are only words; words which almost any U.S. politician would say. I don’t like Biden, I don’t trust him and I didn’t vote for him but IMO it’s too early to speculate how far he’ll go in support of “Israel” (if he becomes president that is).

  8. It is my opinion that we may be missing the actual problem, as in, the U.S.A. is the embodiment of red sails in the sunset. Good bye, Ms. American PIe. It’s now a blackbird pie.

    Iran has nothing to fear here as the U.S.A.’s economy faces a currency crisis, mounting public debt, and rising inflation.

    No more free lunch from Petro Dollars in the form of cheap goods or the school lunch programs for those who do not know how to pay their own way.

    1. I would add, this has all been planned for decades, the zionists via their FED and IRS are now moving in for the kill shot using the covid-19 scam and psyop to install a zionist communist satanic one world government on all nations of the world, and if they pull it off, it will be hell on earth.

      Their vaccines will contain material which will change a persons DNA via RNA which intervene directly into the genetic material of the patient, the zionist pushing this are satanists.

      1. Great points here. The only answer at this point is zero, or as near to it, bureaucracy. If we can break linkages they cannot operate. Birth certificates that used to be the province of the Church need to be burned. That’s step one. If need be, burn down the building where the original is housed, if on paper.

        Otherwise, a serious fucking cyberattack must take place to clean out all that data they’ve been mining.

    1. Because Wilson sold America to the zionist banking kabal when he signed the federal reserve act which is a privately owned zionist central bank which creates money out of thin air and creates debt for every zionist dollar created and lays this debt on the American people and Wilson also signed the infernal revenue act aka the IRS which is also owned by the zionists and gives them the means to collect the debt that their FED lays on us.

    2. Henry –
      That was the plan developed by Walter Rothschild who forced Lord Balfour to grab Palestine in 1917, with the Balfour Declaration. Then the London banking elites brought their European kinsmen together to form the UN, with the purpose of establishing their political stalking horse…. Israel…. both in done in 1945. They had secured the US as their power tool with the two major wars in Europe and globally by then. The phariseeeees had already established the God’s Chosen People message to the people in the US, who would support Israel in any political and economic fashion they wanted. The sickening plan is working well today! 🤮

      1. I can agree with your post and your comments? I am knocking on the door Of being 90? And i have yet to see or even hear of ONE, just one POTUS ,yes, just one POTUS, that had the back-bone, guts or a set big enough to stand up to Netanyahu (or ANY PM of Israel) and the Israel government and tell them that the U.S Tax payer are done supporting the country of Israel? And that the US is going to start keeping the (welfare payments that is used to line Netanyahu’s pockets and support the Israel government) billions paid monthly to Netanyahu and the Israel government and use it here in the US where it is needed to help our own citizens FIRST? In my opinion, ever since the U.S. jumped in bed with Israel (during the 60’s) America had ALWAYS been on the bottom of a 2 man team (if you get my drift) and i DO NOT see things changing any time soon? I still can not understand how the U.S. can be in bed and so lovey-dubby with a country that tried to sink (U.S.S.Liberty) and did kill a lot of our sailors in the process? Some of whom were my friends and shipmates? I think a lot of people already knows, what would have happened if that had been any other country or nation? So what makes Netanyahu and Israel so special, that the U.S. seem to want to kiss Netanyahu and Israel’s shoes???????????????? Wishing everyone (especially ALL military families) a very HAPPY Holiday season where ever you maybe?

    1. Henry –
      I answered that above… when I saw it first. Israel is the straw-country for the Red-Sign bankers based in London. 👎

    2. They own the FED and IRS and the fed creates money out of thin air and creates debt for every dollar created and the IRS is the zionist debt collection company so the zionists via these two unconstitutional vehicles control America and have since 1913.

  9. Sardonicus, you seem to represent yourself as Lasha Darkmoon’s approved mouthpiece.
    Is this true or are you self-appointed?

    Because if she is offended by something that I have said, I would appreciate a direct statement to the effect, to employ you for the purpose seems to me scraping the bottom of the barrel—not sure if you understand what it means, probably too toorgid for you.

    Anyway, couple of links for the day:
    Add this to the list of Trump’s unspeakable crimes: Trump 1st President Since Carter Not to Send Troops Into New Conflict
    but never fear, things are looking up (if I lose my bet)
    Media Celebrates Retired General Telling Biden To *NOT* Put America First
    PS: don’t tell Sardinicus what this means lest he breaks his prayer beads in fit of rage and staggers off into Gobbing desert in existential despair.

  10. LOBRO
    “No one here at Darkmoon ever said anything negative about Hillary’s devoted support of Israel when she was Secretary of State and started the war in Syria for the Jews and no one to this day ever has anything negative to say about Hillary lovingly destroying Syria for the Jews.”
    No One?
    Have you been skipping my posts BRO?
    I’ve been saying the very thing for years…
    Been trying to point it out to MAY, that all the obama bidens are much more guilty of killing israel’s perceived ‘enemies’ that trump ever was or would be…
    That’s probably right, but they’ve probably got more than that on him… or he’s somewhat one of them… we know all that, but the fact is his policies are the best glimmer americans have seen in decades… the usa was being totally sold out to the globalists when he came on the scene… otherwise you’d have 100,000,000 illegals here now instead of 30,000,000…. not one other candidate raised that issue, that’s why he blew the rest of the field away… he doesn’t go far enough on a lot of stuff, but he’s infinitely better than the others on hand… he killed the tpp… it would have been a tota disaster in american sovereignty… he says defund nato… he blocks chinese shit, nobody else would… he’s nationalistic… he doesn’t say militias are illegal, like gwb did many times… he tells them to stand by… hes over the tired old russian enemy hoax… he did not put more jewish lesbians on the supreme court, and that was a big, big deal… the bidens will expand the SC to 30 or 40 judges, like fdr suggested… all additional globalist stooges… if biden gets the term, there will never be another meaningful election in the usa again, the muds will not be prosecuted for rioting and attacking police every time they have to shoot another dangerous black lunatic … you’ll see absolutely insane legislation passed based on the excuse of ‘systemic racism.. pushing ‘reparations’, soon they’ll start confiscating property in white neighborhoods… if you don’t fight to keep you gun rights, it will be just like palestine… you go to work one day and come home and find blm and antifa living in your house… but if sidney and trump can get this one set straight, it will be the greatest corrective accomplishment we’ve seen for the usa in decades…
    It is very difficult to reconcile Netayahu’s statement about his disregard for the USA with Trump’s supposed patriotism MAGA… the usa will never be Made Great Again until the Zion are kicked out of the government…
    but it will go to hell a lot farther and faster with the bidens in power.. trump knows he has to work with the zion… netanyahu gets constant standing ovations in congress, because the jews have been working together since the revolution to take control… and that really got going when they put hollywood together… but trump attempts to retain some grit for this nation… no doubt the zion helped with the biden election theft…
    biden will be their total deepstate globalist slave, couldn’t care less about the usa…
    here’s benji —
    ““If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”
    Trump could make untold millions on the speech circuit anyway, like the Clintons and Obamas do now…

    1. NO ONE” can be taken as figure of speech due to hundred decibel silence and 1000-decibel ignorance or intellectual dishonesty of so many—apart from honorable exceptions such as yourself—to EVER acknowledge facts at odds with their customary dogmatizing of issues.

      So when I ask pointedly how come that if Trump and Netanyahu are constantly treated as Siamese twins, forever stapled together that Netanyahu rushed to be the first national leader to congratulate Biden’s election larceny, how many replies showed up, even idiotic ones that defecate upon all principles of logic?
      All those who can count to zero (Sardonicus obviously disqualified, wouldn’t want to set his head on fire) can appreciate the multitude—NO ONE, whether figurative or literal.
      And go one grinding out inanities about Trump “greatest war criminal who started (or is about to) full scale nuclear Armageddon with China-Russia-Iran, who singlehandedly destroyed Palestine and handed over the entire shoot+caboodle to Jews who prior to that had nothing” … I said it before and repeat: do the site search for the term “Zion”, on dozens occasions you will see “Zionist slave Trump” and related going back 4-5 years and NOT ONE linking Zionism with either Clinton, Obama, Biden, Bush … NO ONE (that word again) ever except Trump.

      So it stands that all these fine characters are miles better people than Trump—something wrong with this reasoning? (Or maybe that a Zionist can be a better person than non-Zionist—go on surprise me)

      Again: because numbers never matter with them, deluded mouth-flappers, Sardonkey the exhibit “A”.
      He craves ad hominem, he will get it every time like daily multivitamin.

      Sardonkey delenda est.

      1. Lobro

        I will respond to this turgid ad hominem counter-attack upon me when I can spare a moment to giving you the attention your extreme narcissism craves so badly. Meanwhile, enjoy making a fool of yourself! Pat is right about you being a low-quality trash commenter, a bully and a thug. You are the ultimate compulsive wanker on this website, beginning by being an implacable enemy of Circassian’s and ending up by jerking him off in public now, in mutual masturbation sessions that are sickening to behold. I feel sorry for Circassian that he has allowed himself to be drawn into your circle jerk. He is now the new “Ellie K”, applying the balm of gross flattery to lead you on by the nose! 🙂

  11. The above Article shows the uselessness of Americans getting involved in these charades of the so-called ” Elections”. Its a Game, and it is rigged against everybody, except the Jewish Elite, and their coterie of hang-ons, who are the Lieutenants and Overseers of Illuminati New World Order Central Bankers.

    You cannot be a person who uses commonsense and not be outraged by Trumps genuflecting to the Zionist World Powers. And this, unavoidably, can drive every Patriot into raging Anger. Whose President is this? And yet again, it forces one to examine the role of “Ordinary Jews” in the shenanigans of the “Big Jews”

    You know, the Stupidest of all human being may not be the fool, but the Wicked. A fool may be excused for his foolishness, when he does evil, since there is hope that once he learns that evil is as History has proved again, and again, totally counterproductive, he will stop it and be saved.

    Following this line of argument, one would wish to “excuse” the so-called “good Jews” because they might be suffering from lapse of Judgment, and their ignorance about the power of their benefactor Big Jew. But, then, according to the Bible, they have no excuse. After all, it is claimed that the Jews have the highest IQ. “But even so, they have no excuse: if they are capable of acquiring enough knowledge to be able to investigate the world, how have they been so slow to find its Master?” Wisdom 13: 1-9

    Are the Jews ignorant of what Israel is doing to the United State? To Russian, Britain, France, Germany, Africa, in fact, all over the World? Are they totally ignorant of what their benefactors are doing to the Catholic Church and other Christians Churches? How then, can they claim to be Highly intelligent, and fail to notice this? Why are they so touchy about “Anti-Semitism” but yet Mum about Jewish Anti-Gentilism? Are these quotes from persons suffering from some hereditary Anti-Semitic Virus?

    “Some of the biggest men in the U.S. in the field of commerce and manufacture are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. (Human Ecology The Science of Social Adjustment Thomas Robertson )

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. …………….. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.” (President John F. Kennedy Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City April 27, 1961)

    “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.” (Paul Findley: They Dared To Speak Out, People and Institutions confront Israel’s Lobby, pp 161)

    “Judaism is a kind of cosmic red line, even for the wealthiest, the most famous and the most powerful mover and shaker on the planet. Astonishing is it not? There are men and women of steel and kings of business deals who will face down any foe or competitor, but flee in dread from the least signs of rabbinic opposition. They won’t cross that red line. They know it means the termination of their reputation, career, and business no matter who they are or how much they command in resources and material. Presidents, Popes, Prime Ministers, and moguls all fall down like dominos before Talmudic Supremacy. In our colleges, and universities, Talmudic and Zionist thought cops patrol, vigilantly detecting the least whiff of critical investigation and skepticism towards Judaism claims about itself, quick to expose this “slander” and document the façade which orthodox Judaism project to the world” ( See Michael Hoff: “Judaism Discovered”)

    “When Temple University professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill (a black man) dared to criticize Israeli violence against the indigenous people of Palestine, he was quickly fired by the giant cable news network. When Republican Senator Rand Paul (a white man) held up $38 billion of U.S. foreign aid to Zionist Israel’s war machine, the Israeli lobby jumped on him like a chicken on a June bug. Rand quickly capitulated. When Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (an Arab woman) dared to criticize the powerful Israeli lobby group, AIPAC, she was immediately denounced by congressmen and senators from both parties as well as by the President of the United States, who demanded that she resign. She quickly apologized. It doesn’t matter who you are, what race you are, what your politics are, what your religious beliefs are, what school you graduated from or where you work; you cannot criticize Zionist Israel or any of its surrogates: not in any shape, manner or form.” (Pastor Chuck Baldwin Sat, Feb 16, 2019

    Some stinker is on the way. You do not need to be a prophet to predict it. Stupidity may not be a crime, but it calls for punishment as if it were!

    1. BF –
      Correct on all you wrote above. Even JFK succumbed and was the first US President to sell/give military equipment and arms to Israel. Sooo… he proved his full support for phariseeeee-Jews! He treated them as the CHOSENS amongst us. 😩

  12. francis boy compares Trump rallies in present day United States with, lol, get this, with Hitler rallies in Nationalist Socialist Germany during the 1930s. Trump who issued a presidential executive order banning any criticism of jews and of jew israel on America’s college campuses is another HITLER!!!!! “HITLER-ISH” Trump who started a new State Department tradition : The State Department now has a special envoy to monitor and combat Anti-Semitism around the world. OMG!!!!! OMG NO!!!! TRUMP IS ANOTHER HITLER THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  13. It’s ironic : francis supports Biden-Kamala and all the politicians in America who want to close ALL the churches and make it illegal to go to church. francis detests Trump and the Trump supporting politicians who do NOT want to close the churches and do NOT want to make it illegal to go to church.

    A pope of the Catholic Church supports politicians who want to close ALL the churches and make it illegal to go to church and hates the polticians who want to keep the churches open and want it to continue to be legal to go to church.

    Monica likes francis a lot, that’s why we call Monica “moronica”.

    (ADMIN: See Sister Monica’s response to this comment.)

    1. @ TROJ

      Monica likes francis a lot, that’s why we call Monica “moronica”.

      Peddling disinformation again I see! I pass your comment (though I could easily delete it) because I think you make a valid point about Pope Francis. But I need to point out — however “moronic” I may seem to you! — that I have NEVER supported Pope Francis and disagree with almost all his policies. Ditto for Lasha Darkmoon.

      We are neo-Christians — not palaeo-Christians — and can therefore be described as “dissident”, or even “heretical” Christians, in that we have many Christian beliefs that clash with the diktats of Orthodox Christianity. These include opposition to Vatican II, a deep respect for the holy scriptures of other great religions, and full support for voluntary euthanasia.

      There are many fringe Catholics in the world, including Bishop Williamson and those who disagree with Vatican II like him, who are against the present pope and regard him as a BAD pope — a cuckoo in the nest who deserves expulsion. I belong to this group. Moronic I may be, but there’s a method on my madness.

      1. ADMIN to TROJ: For pity’s sake, be BRIEF! If only you Flat Earth loonies could cultivate the rare gift of brevity! But then, I guess you need to be sane to know when to be brief.

        Sister Monica :

        You don’t like the “diktats of Orthodox Christianity” but you sure do LOVE IT when Orthodox Christianity DIKTATS the Cosmology at the foundation of Western culture, your sacred heliocentrism [ from the jews’ babylonian qabalah and hasn’t been proven using empirical scientific methods and you know it hasn’t been scientifically proven and you know it’s from the jews’ babylonian qabalah, but u will never admit it, u daughter of lilith u] . You LOVE IT that Orthodox Christianity via the Jesuits DIKTATS what Cosmology we all MUST believe.

        And since when are you opposed to Vatican II? You never had any feature articles about Vat II. You’re very reluctant to feature my ANTI-Vat II posts. You yourself never say anything negative about Vat II [ until just now, November 27, 2020 at 2:16 pm ] . You CENSOR MANY of my Anti-Vat II posts. You certainly LOVE the Jesuits’ Academic-Science helio DIKTATING MAFIA. Your very own offspring toby is a Gate Keeper for Catholic Jesuit THE DIKTATORS. Who are u kidding.

        You say you have “many” beliefs which clash with Orthodox Christianity. You list 3, opposition to Vat II, deep respect for the holy scriptures of other great religions, full support of euthanasia. 3 is not many. 3 is a few, NOT many. What are the other beliefs you have that clash with Orthodox Christianity? List ’em all.

        As we just found out you’re opposed to Vatican II are you going to apologize to me for CENSORING so many of my ANTI-Vatican II posts over the years? Do I get an apology or no? It’s funny you would CENSOR my ANTI-Vatican II posts all these years when we now find out you have been opposed to Vat II for all these years. You’re a real chameleon aren’t you, u daughter of lilith u.

        JeSuisJesuitRobertBellarmine NOT Jesuit Teilhard.

        I’m not just some kid who showed up here at DM 2 or 3 days ago. I wasn’t born yesterday and I’ve been around the block, the Darkmoon block, like a 100 trillion times already, I’ve been here so long it feels like a million years. I was youngish when I first found Darkmoon, now fuggedaboudit, I am OLD. I’m old and I’m tired and I don’t have any patience left — I never had much patience to begin with — and now I have NO PATIENCE. Although I am old now I still however have a good memory and I still remember ALL THE CLUES throughout all the years. Including the clues about Lasha being a hermaphrodite and the clues about Lasha being a devoted daughter of lilith and an ardent supporter of lilith’s cultural agenda whish is vehemently ANTI-Christian –> which means ADMIN including u, Oh Sister Monica, LERVS VAT II. You all LERV Montini and you all LERV francis. I don’t know who you think you’re kidding, Oh sister moronica.

        I DO have a good memory and I DO remember ALL THE CLUES throughtout the years. You may want to keep that in mind when you respond to me so you don’t look like a total two-faced hydra chameleon snake slithering in the grass. Unless you want to reveal you’re reptilian hydra-headed-snake-like nature to me in which case you’re quite successful at that.

        Videre Licet. Do the Jesuits have that expression? They probably don’t , the expression probably scares them. I bet you’re not very fond of the expression either. You don’t like Orthodox Christian diktats and diktators, but you sure do LOVE daughter of lilith hermaphrodite DIKTATS and DIKTATORS. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo WE don’t like Catholic DIKTATORS what the f*ck are WE going tu du oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo … LMFAO!!!!

      2. ADMIN to TROJ: For pity’s sake, be BRIEF! If only you Flat Earth loonies could cultivate the rare gift of brevity! But then, I guess you need to be sane to know when to be brief.

        I just imagined Toby actually saying this out loud in despair and I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 20 seconds.

        One can’t help but feel admiration for these brief outbursts of humor from Admin 🙂

    1. PREMANIDHI, no offence, but , do not fall for the lies. Hitler was not one of the “Good Guys” You need to familiarize yourself with the ideology of “Marranic Messianicism of Sabbatai Tzvi and Jacob Frank” Jews don the garment of the gentiles (Marrano) in order to lead the gentiles towards the Utopian Messianicism. Most of those goons who people called “leaders” during World War 1 & 2 were “Marrano Sabbatean Frankist Jews masquerading as “Gentile Leaders.”

      This included Churchill Stalin, Hitler, and Roosevelt, Ask yourself this: Why Did Hitler Seek To Continues To Arm Germany? Why Did Hitler Disband The French Troops instead of incorporating it to his own? Why Did The Allied Betray German High Command Plans To Replace Hitler? Did you know, that Hitler describes himself as “The Executor of Marxism”? Do you know that Top Military Officers in Hitler’s Military Command were Jews? Was There Really A “Miracle” At Dunkirk, Or did Hitler allow the British and French Army to escape? Why Did Hitler Sleep Until Noon, On the D-day? Did you know that Hitler was a Sabbatean Jew by birth?

      Do some serious research buddy! Remember Marx masqueraded as a “Gentile Social Political Philosopher” while he was in fact a Sabbatean Frankist Messianic freak

      1. We can call each other names all we like; but the truth is, of course, evident. I can detect no one really “stupid” on this website, but I do encounter much which riles me.
        If the Trump rallies remind the Poop of Hitlerian rallies, it’s just another obfuscation of reality which favours the communist agenda. Why SHOULDN’T Americans be furious?? Why does anyone think it odd we like our current President so much??? Why should we NOT engage in violent opposition? The time for amicable discourse is OVER. 😡

  14. Advisory: Unsuitable material for minors and TDS’ers.

    Hey Phil, add this to your “Trump Administration Displays Its Love for Israel” litany:
    The Trump administration removed globalists and warhawks from the Defense Policy Board on Wednesday including Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, Jane Harman and Eric Cantor.
    What would Art Topham call them, is there a common DEMONinator😜?
    Yes there is: The aforementioned objects of Trump’s Love.
    And they fully reciprocate the LERV (Israel Displays Its Love for Trump): DISGUSTING. Madeleine Albright Compares Trump Admin to Nazis and Soviet Communists (VIDEO)
    Not sure if Phil approves but Mad Eleine is perfectly correct (why DISGUSTING if true?)—Trump IS a crypto-Nazi and A LOT like Stalin—and Jews know this, which is why they LERV Trump—only Jews know, goyim lost track of the bouncing ball ages ago (surprise, surprise).

  15. Topham case is just a petri dish for things to come, a pilot proof of concept trial.
    If Trump indeed loses this gigantic tussle and the armies of Soros win, it will be a final defeat for West from which they will never recover.
    The word JEW will be proscribed thereafter and ever after, why not even make its usage a capital offense, anyone think that Jew will restrain himself once the near-global gulag is setup?
    Eventually 50 years hence, “JEW” will be in the same class of fictive entities as cyclops, Minotaur, fire-breathing dragons and Disney’s characters (and yes, lobro’s demons)—devil’s finest trick is to have convinced you he doesn’t exist (Baudelaire).
    What remains is is to bring Russia to heel, once accomplished, China is no big deal being a merchant nation, not a nation of warriors.
    But with Trump gone they can take their time, “future elections” the epic joke, white world in the bag.

    Death by thousand cuts, delivered by what Putin refers to as “our partners“, the only way to deal (possibly) with them is a sudden devastating series of strikes, nuclear, EMP, biochemical and cyber ones hitting Jews in a very personal and efficient manner—will Russia have the guts to do that or will it succumb to being boiled alive-froglike by degrees.
    Trump’s loss will open many gates of underworld, figuratively but also literally (to reuse the phrase).

    1. Lobro –

      You wrote:
      “….. –will Russia have the guts to do that or will it succumb to being boiled alive-froglike by degrees.”

      I took that as a question(without the punctuation ‘?’)


      Puny punk ‘Put-On’ is dancing to the tune of THE BIS(as a member) and HE & HIS COLONY OF THE US(Russia) is 100% controlled by the Pharisee-Jew Bankers from London and US!! 💥 😜

    2. @Lobro

      What remains is is to bring Russia to heel, once accomplished, China is no big deal being a merchant nation, not a nation of warriors.

      This is a valid and very good point IMO. China is no threat to the USA, never was, and hardly ever will. In fact, the “rise” of China was agreed upon and engineered by the same USA. America “raised” China and it can, just as easily, bring it down without waging any wars, i.e. by economic means alone. The existential threat to the West today is Russia and Russia alone. It has been so for the last 450 years… since the days of Ivan the Terrible who consolidated Russia and explosively expanded its frontiers.

      Death by thousand cuts, delivered by what Putin refers to as “our partners“, the only way to deal (possibly) with them is a sudden devastating series of strikes, nuclear, EMP, biochemical and cyber ones hitting Jews in a very personal and efficient manner—will Russia have the guts to do that or will it succumb to being boiled alive-froglike by degrees.

      I am sorry, Lobro, but this is so out of touch that I don’t even know where to start responding to it.

      Just try to imagine Russia delivering devastating series of nuclear strikes and “hitting Jews in a very personal and efficient manner” while sparing the sorry ass of Pat, TROJ, Harold Smith, Gilbert Huntly, Brownhawk and few other good folks out there!

      And even if that was technically feasible, why in hell Putin would go for it if he – unlike Hitler – doesn’t even think that killing the Jews would accomplish anything or solve the problem whatever that problem is? Because Lobro knows better?

      It’s like advising Stalin in 1940 what he has to do in order to save Russia – not preparing for the upcoming war with Germany, which Stalin knew was inevitable, but “hitting Jews in a very personal and efficient manner” everywhere around the world. Instead of following that “only way to deal (possibly) with them”, Stalin – after he won the war! – went on to facilitate the creation of the state of Israel! What a stupid bastard must have been this Stalin!

      Amazing! Truly amazing!

    3. Lobro –

      Toss out “nuclear” as weapons.

      Yesterday Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, ‘Iran’s Oppenheimer’…. was killed near Tehran. He was VERY LIKELY going to announce that nuclear missiles do not exist and cannot be made…. AND only nuclear reactors are possible, so no worries for the world about Iran’s nuclear programs there!!

      Israel had to bump him off to keep NUKE FEAR PORN intact for the US media clowns to keep the jews safe in ME!!

  16. We shall see, Pat, your opinion counts but you have secured neither the “college of electors” nor the “fat lady singing” in this matter. Like I said, we shall see.

    Meanwhile I encourage you and maybe 1-2 other Trump-o-skeptics able to think through simple logical puzzles to read this: Infographic: The 4-Year-Long Campaign Against Trump
    Efforts to undermine the president haven’t stopped since 2016
    and come up with ***RATIONAL*** counterargument that continues to support the fantasy that Trump is a Zionist pawn beloved of Jew.
    Reminder: I said ***RATIONAL*** counterargument, no jumping shark please, we got many world-class shark jumpers here, no need for extra exhibitionism.
    The graphics are sure an eyeopener, not much new but when all in one place it should be somewhat convincing.

    1. You said, Lobro, “we shall see.”

      I say: “We CAN see right NOW” that….
      ALL national leaders are LIARS!!! 🤢

    2. @ Lobro

      I find it amusing that you should patronize Pat in this lofty manner.
      Personally, I find Pat 10 times more intelligent than you.
      Your pompous, long-winded rants are beginning to grate on my nerves.

    3. @EMMA K,
      for some unfathomable reason you think that I give a shit about your nerves, if anyone else does, let them stand up and be counted: “Hey everybody, do you give a damn about Emma K’s nerves?”

      And by the way, how many names do you appear under, Emma Kirby, Emma K, Emma Darcy, Silent Reader?
      Shapeshifters make a sport of taking new names more often than they shower.
      And in the time-honored tradition you interpose between me and Pat trying to stir up conflict—as Jewish a ploy as they get.
      Not to mention that you presume to judge anyone’s IQ, because in order to say A is more intelligent than B, your own intelligence must be higher than both, otherwise how would you be able to assess it?
      How many more Jew check boxes do you tick off?

      Let me tell you something Emma Whatever TF you are: I, Lobro am the demonstrable reason you exist. There is no other, do you understand? In whichever Devil’s sweatshop you were crudely hammered into being, you were programmed with a single instruction: “Go, be a minuscule bloodsucking gnat in Lobro’s life”.
      Am I wrong? Show me one single occasion in your pathetic lifespan when you produced something of slightest originality, an actual idea that stands on its own without being some attack out of nowhere.
      Because you crawled out of Devil’s toe fungus about 4 years ago solely in order to attack me, directly made a beeline and every time returned, bypassed administrative prohibition against changing names like a snake sloughs off skin, to attack me with your putrid opinions.

      If the foregoing is too long and boring for you to read, that’s okay, others will and it is for them that I wrote it.

      I certainly have no time nor desire to engage you in any discussion, I have already violated myself by having spent these 5 minutes putting this together, must exercise more self-respect in future.

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