Trump Duped by Netanyahu into Hating the Palestinians

Netanyahu used doctored video of Abbas
to influence Trump’s policy, Woodward reveals

By Haaretz
September 13, 2020 “Information Clearing House” 

Snake-in-the-grass Netanyahu dupes Donald Trump
into hating the Palestinians with a fake video

According to excerpts from ‘Rage’ published by U.S. media, at a time when Trump was wondering if Israel was the obstacle to peace with the Palestinians, Netanyahu showed him a fake video to steer him away from pro-Palestinian sentiments.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented U.S. President Donald Trump with a doctored video which showed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas CALLING FOR THE MURDER OF CHILDREN, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Bob Woodward in his new book “Rage”.

The incident occurred on May 22, 2017, at a time when Trump was beginning to have doubts about Netanyahu and wondering aloud if the Israeli prime minister might be the real obstacle to peace with the Palestinians, Woodward wrote, according to excerpts from the book published by U.S. media.

A day after watching the “spliced-together” video intended to “counter any pro-Palestinian sentiments that were surfacing,” Trump confronted Abbas, calling him a “murderer” and “liar,” and shortly after ordered the closure of the Palestinian representative office in Washington and cut nearly all U.S. aid to the West Bank, Gaza and Palestinian refugees.

TRUMP  TO  ABBAS (after being lied to by Netanyahu):
“You are a murderer and a liar!”

On May 27, 2017, Haaretz covered reports of shouting during a meeting between Abbas and Trump, and was told by a top Palestinian figure that “there is a power struggle here for the president’s ear and of course the Paletinians aren’t in the best position.”

As described by the Jewish Insider, which obtained an advance copy of the book, Woodward portrays a strained relationship between Tillerson (pictured) and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who was tasked with resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Tillerson believed Netanyahu’s relationship with Kushner, whose family he had known for many years, was “nauseating to watch.”

KUSHNER and NETANYAHU . . . a close relationship

” . . . nauseating to watch.” — Rex Tillerson

After Kushner had shown Tillerson several versions of the Middle East Peace Plan, Tillerson told Kushner that Palestinians “are not going to care about your money . . . That’s not going to buy you peace.”

Tillerson was sacked in March 2018 and was replaced by then CIA director Mike Pompeo.

Bob Woodward’s latest book, “Rage” is an intimate and damning account of Trump, drawing from hundreds of hours of interviews, including 18 interviews with Trump lasting nine hours, as well as correspondence and confidential documents.

The book, slated to be published on September 15 [today], provides details of the U.S. president and some of his top aides, and concludes with Woodward’s assessment of Trump as “the wrong man for the job.”

Sourced from Haaretz
by Information Clearing House

26 thoughts to “Trump Duped by Netanyahu into Hating the Palestinians”

  1. I swear that Nutty is morphing into one of those “Mr Potato Head” characters I used to put together as a 5-year old. The less said about Jerry “The Jerk” Kushners mug the better

    1. If all it takes is a “fake” video to sway drumpfy the clown, then the US is in much deeper trouble than I imagined.

      With “friends” like these, who needs enemies? They are their own worst enemies, everyone else is not even crap scrapings off their shoes.

      Never trust these lot. They have always, from their inception, been chief deceivers and liars to forward their own agenda. If the way they continue to occupy Palestine – with all their intricate devious double-speak and win support from the “civilized West” through this admitted deception – is any reason to distrust them, then they need to be thrown to the wolves and devoured. Leave no bones intact.


      1. What I can’t understand is the lack of intuitive awareness of character. Well, of course Trump, who is an extremely selfish and shallow person, would easily be taken in by the likes of a scoundrel like Netanyahu.

        The basic problem in the US is that people have lost their moral intuitive compass. They just can’t tell the difference between bullsh!t and truth. Even when it’s placed right in front of them. Witness the acquiescence to get lied into war, or to ‘support the troops’ or “Putin did it’.

        Personally, I seriously doubt I could stand being around any of these people. They give me the creeps. How could one possibly believe any of them? Well, when you’re trained not to think in anything other than self-interest, you can be duped into anything.

        I went to a Zionist summer camp for 11 years and wondered why I didn’t fit in. It was because I saw through the self pitying narrative that justifies screwing other people. I didn’t understand that at the time. Only years later did I connect the dots. So by 911, the picture was clear.

        But for people like Trump and for his Democratic mirror image opponents, none of them will ever get it.

        1. Netanyahu didn’t dupe Trump. Netanyahu did Trump a favor. Trump has a video now to “justify” his policy of supporting Israel 100% and supporting the Palestinians 0%. Siding with the Jews 100% against the Palestinians is what Trump was doing all along. The fake video provides Trump with “justification” for siding with the Jews against the Palestinians.

          This article is about appealing to the Israelis and letting them know how smart their leader Netanyahu is, so the Israelis keep supporting him. Netanyahu doesn’t have as much support among the Israelis as he would like. This article is about making sure the supporters he does have remain his supporters. “Netanyahu duped Trump for the benefit of Eretz Israel, see how smart our leader is!” is what this article is all about. It’s meant for the Israelis.

          Again, Trump was NOT duped. Netanyahu and Trump are on the same page and always have been. The fake video helps Trump justify his policy against the Palestinians. That’s why Netanyahu made the fake video. Trump knows, and he always knew, that the video is a fake. Trump was NOT duped.

  2. C’mon man, can you say DeepState DEMO-saurs. Dragging old fakers like Woodward and Bernstein out of the tar pits, hosing them down and trotting them out as authorities, pundits, etc., is the stuff of lol. Bob, you old DEMO-saur
    the 70s went >>>>>>>>> thattaway. Go get em’, lol..

  3. Trump was not duped, Trump is 100% zionist and a satanist , just like the rest of the zionists and the zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and Trump and Biden and all the demon-rats and republicons are all puppets of zionism.

  4. Kushner’s eyes have that telling soulless and vacant look. I wonder, when he confronts a mirror does anything reflect back? 👽

    1. Darkened windows behind whose glass
      lies planted seeds of what must pass
      Spread out fulfill false prophecy
      sprawls devils weed called history
      Use the Jew to do his bidding
      Find the ones who are most willing
      Never reason when or why
      Make Israel a fool’s fall guy
      to bring Messiah stay on course and infiltrate its Trojan Horse
      Rejecting true Divinity
      Replace with arch duplicity
      Lucifer a fallen witch
      spawning Chabad Lubavitch

  5. Then there’s this…
    the deep state take trump for another jfk…
    now what are we supposed to think…
    looks like they’re going to throw the country into a constitutional crisis, maybe civil war over this next election… so they can get rid of him without an assassination……
    i think they have bigger plans…
    they’re going to wreck the whole society, get completely rid of the constitution…

    1. Bark, Society is already shattered and the constitution has always been just a theory of an historic piece of paper that never worked in Reality. Where ever the red jackets set their feet in history their footprints have been chiseled in stone and with the independence from “the crown” came the hidden chains.

  6. Bibi, Trump and pussy-boy Kushner.Simply a nest of 🐍 s. When will Israelis and Americans wake up , smell the coffee ☕ and realize that these leaders……cough….cough….. simply don’t give a fu.k about them? Not all Israelis live well. If Donaldos sources are correct, there are homeless people living in Tel Aviv. Mostly immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Donaldo doubts that Bibi is walking up to the park benches and handing out cookies. He’s not that kinda guy. Neither is Trump or Kushner. They are simply self-serving psychopaths who feel no bond or compassion for ANYONE including their own. What goes on behind closed doors between these leaders is subject to the imagination. Do Trump and Bibi 😘 passionately on the lips? Who knows? But NOTHING would surprise Donaldo. But one things for sure, and it’s Donaldos sense (it’s a Jew thing) none of the above 3 stooges kiss their wives so passionately. That’s for sure. Anyway, Donaldos point is that the “leadership” in Israel, USSA, Europe……and Worldwide is pathetic. It’s not leadership at all. It’s just a group of people leeching off of the people of the World. Always been that way. Donaldo would love to hear a response from anyone who agrees or digresses. Pat, where are you? 🤔🍷🌮

    1. Yepp, Donaldo there is no “political” leadership in the world at all. A bunch of corrupt and leeching criminals from all different tribes and colors with their hands deep in the worldly cake and who do not even need acting/pretending skills anymore. Democracy, independence, freedom and the power of the people have become empty, sucked out phrases or are reversed completely and the few who speak up against it are silenced or threatened instantly by the “authorities” that are supposed to serve their own nation and populace.
      While fines and arrests occur for social distancing breaches in Australia it is still compulsory to vote in state and federal elections. (March 2020) and another QLD election coming up in October 2020
      If fines for not voting are not paid in time AUTHORITIES will take one or more of the following enforcement actions against the offender:
      – suspend your drivers license
      – direct your employer or bank to deduct funds from wage or bank account
      – register an interest over your property
      – immobilize your vehicle
      – seize and sell your property
      – issue a warrant for your arrest and imprisonment

      Demockcrassie COME ON WEALTH style. Don’t forget your shackles while voting or YOU PAY!
      What was it again one is voting for? LEADERSHIP!

  7. Impressed by Erica’s fortitude, hope you follow thru in the steps of Roger Dommergue.

    Agree that Trump was not fooled but played the fake part to the hilt in order to ensure maximum profit derived, if you recall his shenanigans with Kim Jong-un, who’s got more red buttons arrayed on his desk, (((self)))-destructive sanctions on China and Russia that hastened implosion of Jew fiat petrodollar, intentionally inept goading of Venezuela pushing it into Sino-Rus spehere and look now! Trump Confesses He Wanted To Assassinate Syria’s Assad But Mattis Stopped Him … sure, sure, playing the leash aggression while maneuvering for higher ground in anticipation of showdown with neocon world.
    Couple more quick headlines:
    • Saker: Trump vs. The Military Industrial Complex: Military Coup Danger Escalates (Saker came a long ways since when he would habitually trash Trump at every turn),
    • Pat Buchanan: Are the Forever Wars Really Ending?

    One more thing, maybe you doubt it, maybe you scorn or ridicule it but briefly consider a swinging pendulum held by the illusionist suggesting ever so insistently that it is all that matters, you are getting sleepy, very sleepy while absorbing the subliminal message he tells you—forget everything else, irrelevant.
    And I suggest that the problem of Palestine, raw and anguished as it is is that pendulum, that those few million Palestinians represent a sort of lightning rod diverting concern for thousandfold more victims, equally deserving of pity and help.
    Palestine serves as a trailer for the real story to follow and the one everyone should pay close attention to.
    The big story is taking place right here in America, everything else is a sideshow.
    Just compare 2020 so far with 2019, with 2009, with 1999, spot any difference or the memory fails even going back 10 months, too far, too unreal—what did I mention just a while ago, spot the vexilla regis prodeunt, oh say, can you see?
    Send not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls not for Palestine … Francis the last Pope, Trump the last POTUS.

  8. wow JO,
    that was
    i didn’t even know oz was that far gone…
    i guess once the firearms are out it’s all downhill from there…
    the thing is though, people in the USA think they have a a constitution, state authority is constituted, and limited…
    They have their rights accordingly, and they’ve all got it through their heads that they’re not giving them up,
    no matter the circumstances of some obscure deal they’ve never heard of…
    they believe what they’ve been taught all their lives, what everybody believes…
    certain rights are from the creator and can not be taken away by the state…
    that’s the whole point of having them…
    i hope PAT didn’t get washed out to sea without his submarine…

    1. It is not only OZ that is that far gone. It is the true epidemic of failed man that is suffocating the world. The pattern of Solutions to Extremism and Polarisation is a global requirement NOW, very political correct and guess who runs the show of force. We (all citizens of the world) are close to the point of no return and one can only hope that the penny finally will drop especially by those who woke but are professionally distracted with quarrels that “occupy” their life away with all that is fed to their intellects on a daily basis.
      SCN: STRONG CITIES NETWORK is an initiative of “London-based think tank ISD”. Their mission statement is to “Power Solutions to Extremism and Polarisation” in all major countries of the world.
      The solution will be very simple: Gulags/detention camps for all that think, are or act different. Opposition eventually will become Extremism! It is political correct after all.

      1. “On behalf of all at ISD, our hearts go out to Beirut and Lebanon. We are heartbroken by the devastation we have seen in Beirut, a city that we love and whose people we have worked closely with for the cause of peace. We stand with our friends, staff and partners in the region during this difficult time.”

  9. Trump “claim” that he wanted to kill Assad but mad dog held him back sounds like some sort of Blazing Saddles skit, flash/bang, noise and footsteps stampeding across floorboards as clowns dive for cover under giant kerchiefs.
    But if you believe it, try squaring it with this bit of reality: Trump Pulls a Fast One on Imperialist Oil Oligarchs – Allows Syria to Regain Oil Fields Through Russia.

    “Grrr, I’m gonna kill Assad that sonovabitch, yes and then give him back the oil, that’ll teach the bastard”

    NB: the shoutin’n hollerin’n stuff goes on unimpeded, now “threatening” Iran, they must be wondering what gift does Trump have in mind while everybody passes out in fright, oh look, another war that Trump has no intention of causing, only using it to keep CNN, NYT, WAPO dizzy with fast footwork.

  10. yes, they may have already relieved themselves of the constitution, the bill of rights, all that individual freedom stuff that can’t apply in their deepstate chicom super-surveillance block-chain zionista bankster transhumanist hive world…
    but the problem is the usa is full of people who don’t think so and are not going to lay down for it in case the state tries to confiscate their weapons, for whatever the gd reason…
    they know this and they understand the need to get rid of whole generation or two of real americans…

  11. I would say, from all that I know about TRUMP, he is a TROJAN HORSE for Oligarchic Israeli Zionist ASHKENAZI and thus willingly “duped” !

  12. I find it as fascinating as it is mystifying that someone (in fact, millions of someones) are able to laboriously construct some socio-political theory, step by step and when confronted with some irreconcilable contradiction will blithely step over it and continue as if it did not exist—so much easier than reworking the damn theory, sweat of the furrowed brow wasted (why not collect it in a little saucer and chug it back for recycling).

    Maybe God, fates, the universe will forget that little omission when outcomes are tallied and everything will be fine, what’s one little but diamond hard contradiction, a tiny brain tumor surely of no consequence.

    Look at that Netanyahu-Trump French kissing mural.
    Soul brothers, visual reminder that Trump is a devoted vassal of Judenrat, never a step out of Talmudic line.
    Look at Putin-Trump French kissing mural (the MSM had field day with such images at the peak of Russiagate, check it out, such images were generated daily and gleefully reproduced in EVERY Jew mindf–k source), it was (not mentioned too often anymore, other fish to fry now) visual reminder that Trump was a devoted vassal of Communist tyranny, never a step out of Stalinist line.

    Which (irredeemable) contradiction do we prefer?
    • Trump is Israeli agent and mortal enemy of resurgent Christianity and old-school moral values of Russia and their break for freedom away from Jew,

    • Trump is a big time Christian and American patriot employing insights gained from careful study of Sun Tsu’s Art of War, a work of surpassing genius that has stood the test of over 1500 years, assiduously studied by military strategists ever since, and as such a natural ally of both Putin and Xi with whom he is coordinating tactics to befuddle the World Elite and keep them off balance while chipping away at the base of their power until at least equality of forces if not outright supremacy is attained,

    • EVERYONE is in on the Antichrist deal: Netanyahu, Trump, Xi, Khamenei, NATO, any thought of resistance is futile, they are all wet-kissing and more in a homo-judaic orgy—so why this mindbogglingly elaborate charade, intricately choreographed worldwide, hundreds of high flying Jew organizers and coordinators, judges, prosecutors, politicians, generals, thousands of bankers, journalists, talking heads, pundits, academics, tens of millions Antifa, pussyhats, looters, gangstas—to do what, accomplish what goal that cannot be easily done with a simple peremptory command and overwhelming show of force, not just boots on the ground, tanks, gunships, killer drones and robots but absolute molecular-level control of speech, behavior and thoughts using latest technologies, many of which the average joe is unaware of (e.g., accurate mind reading is the obvious candidate, directed EM pulses and frequencies to zap uncooperative goyim into blind agony and subsequent obedience, a cattle prod par-excellence).
    Why delay Antichrist his long awaited triumph, is Jew really so self-effacing?

    They love the place of honor at banquets and the chief seats in the synagogues, and respectful greetings in the market places, and being called Rabbi by men.

    (Matthew 23:1-36 – Seven Woes Pronounced On The Scribes And Pharisees)
    I guess Jesus was wrong, Jews are not like that at all, they are timid, shy and humble, their genetic modesty does not permit excesses of such kind, so they proceed mincing along when they have all the bases covered.

  13. From History of Good Jews (and their general philanthropy—Love of Mankind, and love of children specifically)
    This War is for Us (an idea is to do a screengrab and safe to HD for altered posterity, you know the one about “who controls the past”—don’t be controlled)

    Stop and think for a moment: the last Gulf War in 1991 ended erev – just before – Purim. This Gulf War began motzei – just after – Shushan Purim. Get the picture? In between, “The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honor.” (Book of Esther 8:16)

    Here is one such heart-warming sample of light, and gladness, and joy, and honor, not to mention rabbi’s excited loins.

    The mills of gods, do they exist, do they function?
    Jews say no, it is (choose):
    • figment of goy fevered imagination frustrated and impotent in face of Choseness (tough shit, we Jews win!),
    • yes, but Holocaust (Über Alles), that baby is a legitimate target under “din rodef” Law of Pursuer.
    • (urgent message to parents) hurry over to our office to set up a civil lawsuit against Syrian and Iranian governments and freeze their assets worldwide worth billions (throw in German, they LERV to pay whenever Jew extends his cupped hand)

    (Note: while everyone assumes that I am Trump’s lickspittle or worse, I would like to show him this baby-picture and watch his reaction—I would know the truth in one tenth of a second)

  14. “Remember, Lord, the reproach of thy servants, how I do bear in my bosom the reproach of all the mighty people”

    [ Psalm 89 : 50 ]

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