Trump Has Won the Election — Here’s Why!

We were challenged to publish this article by one of our pro-Trump correspondents.  We are happy to accept his challenge as we have nothing to lose by granting his request.  Your robust opinions, both for and against the article, are freely invited. 

BY State of the Nation
November 11, 2020

The Biden-Harris Nationwide Election Fraud Scheme
to Steal the Ballot State by State
Prohibits Them from Winning the Race

When wholesale fraud and corruption and criminality are employed to steal the quadrennial POTUS election by one of the two major party candidates, the victor automatically becomes the other presidential nominee with the greatest number of electoral votes. In the case of the 2020 POTUS election, the Democrat ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has been cited for carrying out the greatest election cycle crime wave via fraud and theft in U.S. history.  Hence, the prematurely and illegitimately declared Biden victory is now null and void under the law.

Therefore, President Trump has been elected by default for a second term beginning January 20, 2021.  Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris have yet to even respond to the countless cases of election fraud currently under investigation, which have been reported to the authorities quite suspiciously in primarily the crucial battleground states.  Biden’s complete lack of response to this weighty matter speaks volumes about his obvious complicity in this ongoing election theft.

As soon as the first court decisions are handed down against the Democrats regarding the extraordinary amount of voter fraud and election theft, the preliminary electoral result will be vacated immediately.  President Trump can then be certified as the President-elect and preparations can begin for his inauguration on January 20, 2021.

The 270 Electoral Vote Threshold

There is a profound and pervasive misunderstanding about the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the U.S. presidential election.

Yes, 270 Electoral College are required to win, but if a candidate’s campaign engages in a massive voting fraud and/or election theft operation, they have automatically disqualified themselves from the race.  Especially when such a highly organized operation was conducted with the explicit purpose to steal the election have the perpetrators rendered themselves unfit to serve in high office.

KEY POINT: Joe Biden has already proven himself  permanently ineligible to hold any office in the U.S Federal Government by virtue of his admitted crimes and corruption.

See: UNITED STATES CODE: Joe Biden is permanently disqualified from holding any public office in the U.S. Federal Government

In point of fact, the Biden-Harris campaign has, with absolute certainty, committed fraud on a truly epic scale in order to decisively steal this election.  There is now an overwhelming volume of hard evidence that proves beyond any doubt that this election was outright stolen from President Trump by the Democrat Party.

Much of that rapidly growing body of evidence is scientifically based and data-driven; some of it is anecdotal and circumstantial, still other conclusive proofs are being submitted in the form of videos, photos and audios.  Then there are the missing or destroyed or altered ballots themselves which are showing up near or at the numerous crime scenes across the country.  The Democrat’s mail-in ballot fraud is perhaps the greatest systematic crime spree ever implemented.

The stark reality is that it’s now apparent that the Democrat Party was so desperate and reckless and brazen in the execution of their fraudulent schemes and multifarious plots that they now must prove they did not steal this election.  Biden and Harris are rightly on the defensive in the face of so much unmitigated fraud and election-related crime.  They should not be rewarded with a victory in any case; rather, they should be incarcerated post-haste.

What’s the critical point?

All President Trump has to do is prove that Team Biden (which includes the Democrat Party) carried out intentional fraud to steal the election, which they did to a tremendous degree and IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.  The Democrat perpetrators did not even care if they got caught.  Not only that, they barely tried to cover up their criminal activity leaving their fingerprints all over the myriad crime scenes.

In view of their unrivaled 2020 election-cycle crime spree, the Biden-Harris ticket has irreversibly relinquished their Democrat nomination to stand for the POTUS/VPOTUS election.  The key legal axiom and constitutional requirement which applies in this particular regard is as follows:


In other words, once the intentional fraud was committed, Joe Biden and Kamal Harris effectively lost their right to further stand for the election.  That means President Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2020.

Really, did Team Biden and the myriad Democrat fraudsters expect the American people to permit them to take the White House via so much naked fraud?  Did they expect Trump to roll over if he could only prove fraud in, say, 20 states not all 50.  As if it’s somehow okay for a fundamentally unfit candidate to be installed in the Oval Office who just perpetrated the most complex, convoluted and criminal election fraud of the millennium!


The perps at the top of this criminal Democrat conspiracy have conned the American body politic into believing that Team Trump must peel away each every electoral vote that was explicitly won through fraud and/or theft… … …until Biden’s total drops below 270.

This is not the case and the U.S. Supreme Court has set a loud and clear precedent indicating so.  The SCOTUS ruled in a landmark case UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON (98 US 61 – Supreme Court 1878) that “fraud vitiates every thing”.

KEY POINT: By categorically asserting that “fraud vitiates every thing”, the SCOTUS affirms that perpetrating fraud undermines the entire endeavor, the whole contract, the complete judgment, the final result … or the election outcome, etc.  Once the fraud is proven, the enterprise in its entirety, such as a POTUS candidacy or campaign, has been irreparably tainted and any result is invalidated.  In order words, if it was only the Michigan vote was stolen by Team Biden, their victory would still have been  nullified since “fraud vitiates every thing”. (“Vitiates” in this legal context means negates, quashes, annuls, invalidates, revokes and abrogates) See: Let’s be very clear about the 2020 election outcome: “FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING”.

Therefore, once this quite deliberate Democrat fraud took place, the Biden-Harris candidacy was essentially self-terminated.  From that point forward, there’s no reason for President Trump to even acknowledge their presence in the POTUS race.  For they both surrendered their right and/or freedom and/or privilege to stay in this highly consequential contest.

BOTOM LINE: The Trump-Pence ticket won this election because the Biden-Harris team forfeited their candidacy to stand as a result of committing a staggering amount of voter fraud and election theft.  That this immense fraud was purposefully carried out with an extraordinarily high degree of mens rea (intention and/or knowledge of to commit wrongdoing) guarantees that “fraud vitiates every thing” where it concerns the election outcome, and specifically the bogus Biden win.

C A S E    C L O S E D ! 
State of the Nation
November 11, 2020


Given the strength of this case, it’s quite likely the Democrats will now attempt to fabricate a case or two of voter fraud against President Trump with the distinct goal of ‘canceling’ out their rampant ballot fraud enterprise.  However, this strategy will not work because, if there was an instance of fraud carried out by the GOP, it was probably done by RINOs at the direction of their Democrat co-conspirators.  Nevertheless, the Right must be on guard for being framed by the Left especially in the Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities, counties and states.  The Democrat Party is sure to get even more desperate as so many court cases are filed against them in the swing states and the rulings are all in favor of Trump.


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128 thoughts to “Trump Has Won the Election — Here’s Why!”

  1. yeah, there’s no evidence of voter fraud in these dem states… at least not for people who choose not to see it…
    it’s amazing to me what a capacity people have to bs themselves… i can understand some don’t like trumps personality but if you let that interfere with your logic, you’re kidding yourself about what’s happening…
    but that’s getting too hard to do now… the courts are starting to rule in trumps favor… he won the election… the question is – will the courts rule on it correctly?
    well, if the rinos were able to fake a fraud or two to try to counteract the vitiation against the dems, wouldn’t that cancel the whole election? it should…
    “The Democrat perpetrators did not even care if they got caught. Not only that, they barely tried to cover up their criminal activity leaving their fingerprints all over the myriad crime scenes.”
    if a negation of the supposed biden lead by the courts will causes a major riot, civil war type running house to house gun battles between american patriot militias and soros funded antifa blm commies, this is probably part of the plan too… their idea is to destabilize the usa to an extreme extent… that’s what the covid lockdowns are all about, wrecking the economic base, making people desperate… covid is a big part of the chi-commie plot, that the subversive likes of obama, biden and newsome are in with up their necks… multi-national corporations don’t care one way or the other, they want the vaxx… and the war would probably happen… but once the sleeping giant awakens, it wont take too long to wipe these subversive out… they’ve yet to come up against any real resistance… they’re in for big surprise… you’ll see them melt away pretty fast as soon as deadly force is used against them, no prisoners taken…

    1. Fishy business going on! I was just watching a juicy 10-minute video on YouTube put out by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. (Relayed on Truthseeker). Tucker was offering proof that the Election was a total fraud.

      Title of YouTube video: TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT: Yes, dead people voted!” (11.11.20)


      I read on screen:

      This video contains content from Fox News Network,
      who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

      I’m beginning to suspect FUNNY BUSINESS!
      A real FISHY SMELL emanates from the fish tank! 🙂

      What’s going on…? Anyone?

      1. “BEGINNING” to suspect funny business ???
        Have you been comatose, sleeping under a rock or otherwise incapacitated this past week???
        (Apologies in advance if it’s a medical condition)

      2. “BEGINNING to suspect…”
        “What’s going on?”

        Did you just get back from a 6-month trek through the Gobi Desert… or are you normally this out of touch?

        1. @ The Realist

          STFU, you stupid bastid!

          As usual, you don’t know the point Lucy Skipping is making. She’s asking a perfectly legitimate question: why was the video by Tucker Carlson scrubbed by YouTube? Why should Fox News run this video and then tell YouTube it can’t run the video for “copyright reasons”? Did YouTube threaten to BAN the video and allow Fox News to SAVE FACE by pretending it wanted the video withdrawn for copyright reasons?

          These are perfectly legitimate questions for Lucy Skipping to ask. They are questions that occur to me too. Show some respect and good manners, you moronic delinquent!

      3. @ Lucy Slipping

        Excellent comment. The answer to your queries, I think, is this.

        YouTube (under Jewish ownership) saw that Tucker Carlson’s 10-minute talk on Fox New was casting serious doubts about the legitimacy of the election. Carlson was giving convincing evidence that fraud had occurred. YouTube was backing the (Jewish) New York Times that was insisting Biden had won fairly and that Trump had lost and should accept the reality of defeat.

        This made YouTube decide Tucker Carlson’s Fox New video HAD TO BE BANNED.

        So they gave Fox News the chance to SAVE FACE by requesting the REMOVAL of the video on spurious grounds — i.e. “copyright reasons”.

        This is exactly like when some CEO is told he is about to be SACKED from his job … but he can SAVE FACE by “resigning” first. This is why so many people “resign” before they are “sacked”. Makes it look nicer.

        @ THE REALIST

        Do you have some sort psychiatric problem ? Or do you seek attention for yourself on this site by being constantly rude and aggressive? I agree completely with Madame Butterfly’s comment to you: “STFU!”

        1. @ Chuck Stillman

          Yes, I know. Unfortunately it’s not the same version.

          Version 1 had a more inflammatory title and was over 10 minutes long. Version 2 is an emasculated version with a less inflammatory title and is just over 7 minutes long. So Fox News has been forced by YouTube to delete roughly 3 minutes of their original version. The result is a watered-down new version. This is YouTube censorship.

    2. Barkingdeer, you have covered every point correctly. I for one do hope this election is put to bed as fraudulent by the supreme court to prevent future frauds from occurring, especially though the use of mail in ballots, computer voting machines, and big tech. It is important at this point that the SCOTUS makes a determination to insure that these types of fraud are prevented in the future.

    3. There is only one thing worse than a loser and that is a bad loser. None of the lunatic suggestions made by those complaining of fraud stand up to a second’s scrutiny. Even the most right wing Supreme Court thought it was nonsense not even worth wasting hearing time over. To be fair, a minority of two would have heard it but they would not have granted any relief. Trump is a scoundrel, a snake oil salesman and an immoral sexual deviant. He is a coward who dodged the draft and who called servicemen suckers. He isn’t worth the paper you wipe your ass with, let along the paper you cast your vote on. His behaviour and those of his fascist cronies comes as near sedition as you can find as are your comments. I bet you didnt even bother to vote.


        1. @ DOROTHY HASLOP

          I commend you for your eloquence. But it’s too late to reinstall Donald Trump in the White House. The presidency of Biden, however regrettable, is now a fait accompli.

    4. goes to show who the sheep and fools are. some people will believe anything. It is not how you feel, it is about the facts. Trump and his uneducated following lost.

      1. They may have won, but there is no disputing the fact that it was a unfair election with a criminal levels of propaganda that supported only the Democratic Party. If the media and tech giants only supported republican reforms you’d be singing the same tune as every conservative that you’ve labeled a domestic terrorist.

  2. Fact check.
    Trump won 71 million votes, the greatest number in history.
    But Biden won more, here is his voter base, all two of them whose votes add up to $ billions.
    Biden’s excuse? Covid mandated social distancing, showing what a responsible individual he is unlike Trump’s reckless-rednecks.
    Until he figured he had it in the bag (hey joe, where’s your mask now).

    Definition of fairness in kol-nidreland: whatever advances the day of Antichrist’s shutdown of the remaining vestigial freedom of the goyim—let the healing begin.

    1. He certainly did win more votes: 80 million in total. Good honest citizens who listened to the cases advanced and voted accordingly. Your attempt to pervert Judaism is, frankly pathetic. Your definition of fairness defies all and any logic; as, I must say, do you. To quote an old Jewish proverb: “Nothing tastes more bitter than the truth” a lesson Trump is learning to his cost.

      1. … Jewish proverb: “Nothing tastes more bitter than the truth”

        TO JEW.

        Jew chokes on any and all truths as per definition of Jew as Devil’s spawn, John 8:44:


        No need for Google translation.

        Jesus died on cross, courtesy of Judah but He did not wear a facemask, He spoke clearly for the world to hear for all eternity, the total truth.
        And as you correctly stated, to this day its bitterness was never lost on Jew.
        Truth is a spiritual entity and indestructible, Lie is material, perishable, decays into stinking puddle whence it came and from where it will be reconstituted according to need of the moment.

        Magna est veritas et prevalebit, why Jew must wear diaper at night—seems pretty logical to me.

        Listen Max, escape your bondage if and while you can (run like hell from Hell)—what good is Jew’s special freedom of speech if he can only speak the lie?
        Or has kol nidre been revoked?

  3. What with all the recent brouhaha about the benefits of marijuana, is anyone again manufacturing good hemp rope?? 🤔😈

      1. I’ve even got a fully-charged industrial-strength battery I can donate to TheCause…
        to get Ol’ Sparky up & runnin’, nice & hummin’… In case of power outages! 👍😎

      2. Five high powered rifle bullets moving at 3100 feet per second and passing through the heart-lung region at the same second never fails to carry out justice.

  4. For the record, I would like to state precisely where I stand at this point.

    Before the election day of Nov 3, I did opine that Trump’s win was all but certain. Today, Nov 13, I still believe that around 60% of all legitimate votes went to Trump, i.e. I strongly believe that Trump, in fact, has won this election.

    And yet, there is little doubt in my mind that Trump will NOT be nominated as POTUS on Jan 20, 2021. Why? Because, as far as I can tell, “the elite” has made up its mind: Trump has to go.

    But “the elite” is not God, and the people can – and should – confront “the elite”. How? Here is how:

    The problem is that this ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign won’t make it to TV screens… unless it becomes truly massive. Can it become massive? It could… easily with a little organizational assistance from the state, but that assistance won’t be forthcoming unless the campaign gains enough momentum – a classical “catch 22” situation.

    In the final analysis the power is ALWAYS with the people. The one-million question is: What the people really want? I don’t believe that the people of the U.S.A. are anywhere near to be able to articulate clearly what they really want and how to achieve it. It will come, but it will take time. How long?

    At this point, I wouldn’t hazard to guess.

    1. Circassian, Before “Operation Desert Storm” commenced I attended two pre Iraq War rallies in Austin, Tx. carrying with my sign (“You Bastards”) along with tens of millions of other anti-war protesters in every big city around the entire world. Some say these were the largest anti-war demonstrations of the modern era! They proved to be about as useful in stopping the Iraq invasion and occupation as did the reconnaissance teams looking out for Pearl harbor back in December, 1941..

      1. HP –

        I am afraid you are confusing two entirely different things.

        Let’s be honest here, shall we? The American people – aside from draft dodgers and few other buttheads with some misguided romantic notions about how things work in the real world – have never really objected to robing other nations. That’s how America got rich after all, so why would they?!

        But now, when the robbed party is the American people itself, you are looking at altogether different ball game.

      2. ADMIN: Comment held up, wrong user name.
        (Had to change it for you!)

        Circassian, perhaps they’re draft dodgers and buttheads with some well guided romantic notions about how things work in the real world and how much it sucks. That would be my guess. Experience must count for something!

        So I’m not confusing anything. The phrase is ‘same difference’. Perhaps you just conflated. Because the point I made was so simple and demonstrably true that even an American could cipher it. The massive WORLD-WIDE demonstrations against the Gulgf War, specifically Desert Storm, were covered by every M$M component on the planet. To no avail. That’s the point. The crux. I was there. My next door neighbor neighbor was twice tased. Not as romantic as it sounds, lol.

        Perhaps a smidgen of grace or a pinch of actual tact might be incorporated into your repertoire for a smoother mix. It’s waaay too salty. I know you have it in you..

      3. Admin, thanks. The dreaded editing web stuck me, but you un-stuck me, sans edits, lol.
        Once again, by no big or small coincidence, the same difference.

      4. @HP

        Perhaps a smidgen of grace or a pinch of actual tact might be incorporated into your repertoire for a smoother mix. It’s waaay too salty. I know you have it in you..

        Fair enough, HP. Let’s see if I can fix it using your lead:

        I could be entirely wrong, but I am afraid you are confusing two entirely different things.

        Let’s be honest here, shall we? The American people – aside from draft dodgers and few other buttheads with some misguided romantic notions about how things work in the real world aside from draft dodgers and buttheads with some well guided romantic notions about how things work in the real world and how much it sucks – have never really objected to robing other nations. That’s how America got rich after all, so why would they object?!

        But now, when the robbed party is the American people itself, you are looking at altogether different ball game.


        Now – if I may return the favor – you are using waaay too much “lol”, incorporate into your repertoire Pat’s smile faces every once in a while… for a smoother mix 🙂

    2. The sudden death of selected elites throughout the country would surely make the news through all the media, even the fake news specialist. The people are getting very angry now.

  5. Gilbert, Hemp and marijuana are different! Try smoking hemp or make ships’ rigging from marijuana it ain’t gonna work too well!

    1. No such thing as “Marijuana” it is a made up name from the two most popular Mexican names at the time, Maria and Juan. Just put the “A” at the end of Maria to the back and push them together. The Cannabis plant was a threat to the monopolies of the Duponts as well as big oil. They chose the fake name because they though Americans at the time were racist enough to be turned off at a Mexican name. Hemp seed oil means black oil is not worth getting by any means. Literally ends big oil.

  6. Trump will be vindicated. I just hope biden and kamala are thrown in prison for trying to steal the election but that would be true Justice and that’s asking for too much in a very corrupt, very effeminate, culture. Actually, true Justice calls for biden and kamala to be either hung, after a trial in a military court, or face a firing squad. But that would be too MANLY for present day American culture.

    1. TROJ –

      Thinkest thou that the sight of Kamala and her pimp hanging from a rope, eyes bugging, blue tongue swollen and protruding, with poop running down their legs is too much for our sensitivity??? I think not!!

      1. If such an execution were televised live across the nation with close up shots of your description, it may cure liberalization, and voter fraud all in one showing. We have become too soft.

  7. re “We were challenged to publish this article by one of our pro-Trump correspondents”.

    “We were challenged to publish this article by one of our >>>> pro-TRUTH <<< correspondents" – FIXED!!!

  8. MI6-MB and her motley crew…
    certainly WILL be heartbroken that her hysterical harangues on behalf of a hi-jacked election have come to exactly….. NAUGHT! 😂😂😂


    Go figger! 😳😳

    1. I agree, Pat. Just today, I met a car on my road in the mountain (out-of-state tags, a faggoty little Nissan) and the driver and his woman companion ridiculed me about my Trump cap. My road crosses several creek fords, and I told them they’d not make it back to the state road with that car. I added that I wouldn’t help their communist asses if they got stuck in the creek, and to just turn around and get-the-hell off my property. They got scared, then, and left. I offer no solace to any so-called “American” Biden supporter, and would just as soon shoot them as be helpful.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        You’re not going to get anywhere by threatening to shoot people, you’re just going to shoot yourself in the foot. As a matter of interest, what are your like-minded buddies going to do if and when Biden is inaugurated as the new President of America on January 20, 2021?

        BTW, I’m not hostile to you. Nor am I a Biden supporter. I’m just wondering how you and your pro-Trump buddies are gong to get through the next four years with Queen Kamala ruling the roost in the White House? Because, let’s face it, Biden’s not going to be around that long.

        You have my full sympathies, even my condolences, but what can you do? The only solution to this problem is armed revolution by the White militias. But who is going to lead the militias and weld them into a united fighting force?

        I can’t see the White militias succeeding in getting the White Nationalist America you want: not with the all powerful Jews against you, backed by the Armed Forces and the Police and BLM and Antifa.

        It’s a hopeless situation, Gilbert. Seems the America you want is a thing of the past. Its pale shadow exists only in remote rural areas where white folk still outnumber the ethnics.

      2. Tarquin –

        I know you’re right, but that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people goad others of us to defend our concerns and situations. Depending on one’s resolve and sense of duty to family and country, things can get very bloody, indeed. I want others to realize it, and decide to tread lightly. Read our Declaration of Independence, and you will discern what I believe to be a mandate upon patriot Americans. I long ago understood that a man must sometimes do things many may find distasteful, but, if he’s worth a damn, he’ll do his duty, and make himself known to be that way. Bold and audacious.

    1. Circ –

      I shall help you stay on point with the topic here.

      You should know that voting in Russia is akin to a “Circ-us” 😜 act you always display. “CAROUSEL VOTING” tactics are used to keep the phony puny ‘Put-On’ in office there.

      Carousel voting is a method of vote rigging in elections, USED PARTICULARLY IN RUSSIA, and alluding to fairground carousels. Usually it involves “busloads of voters being driven around to cast ballots multiple times”. The term “carousel” refers to the circular movement made by the voters, from one polling station to the next.

      I hope that helps to show how puny phony ‘Put-On’ will be ELECTED by fraudulent tactics like here in the motherland…… THE USA!! 💥 👍

      1. Um, they do that in the US in blue states. A project Veritas video exposes both Scott Foval and Bob Creamer explaining dem vote fraud. Scott says, “We have been busing people around for 50 years and we’re not gonna stop now!” Creamer says they fight voter id because they just create a sham company in the area, give them a weeks paycheck and a company id and voila, a vote cast in several polling locations. In another state even.

      2. I met a man this week who was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. He received a degree in Business from Ohio State University and a Masters in Computer Science from University of Tennessee. He works in Texas. I asked him what he thought of Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ and he emphatically replied with just one word, “TERRIBLE!!”

        He went on to explain that the elections are rigged in favor of the Criminal “Put-On’…. and people know it and do not even vote. He said, “The totals showing how many voted are LIES!! No one there believes the results!”

        Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ may even use Dominion like Biden did this time around the fake election here!! 🙂

    2. With such an uncertain political wind coming out of America, Putin is just saying…(fill in the blanks)

    1. Hmmm… I thought the topic was about the election…
      Are you sure you’re commenting on the right website? 🤔

  10. A well argued article. Thanks for publishing.

    It makes me think that those observers were correct in claiming that this election cycle is the chosen ground for the execution of an highly organized sting operation by the President and his associates. This to demonstrate the true depth of deep state corruption.

    Perhaps President Trump’s actual vote count is 95-100 million.

  11. According to 2020 election polls I’ve seen, Trump lost a significant amount of support among Sanders supporters and among senior citizens, and the loss of support among these two constituencies seems more than enough to explain the reversion of MI, WI and PA from red back to blue. (Trump won these three states in 2016 but with a very small winning margin).

    Furthermore, although I haven’t seen any numbers, it seems reasonable to assume that Trump has also lost support among antiwar voters and among people negatively affected by his reckless and costly trade war with China.

    So while I don’t know if Trump was cheated or not, based on the 2016 election results and some observation and reasoning, it seems that Trump wouldn’t have needed much help from anyone else to lose the 2020 election.

    1. Perhaps the seven precincts in Milwaukee with more than 100% turnout (two over 200% with Biden getting more votes than registered voters) would help explain it as well.

      1. lol, they see no evil, they hear no evil, they….wait they totally speak evil like non stop! Philly pulls that trick every election as well.

  12. Ok in a nutshell… This is going to the Supreme Court.

    Where they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a countrywide scale.

    It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail-in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point, it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote.

    This is where it gets good. The house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party has power.

    Every state gets one vote and 30 States are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution, and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar event will take place. This is The law.

    This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen.President Trump will remain President I have researched all of this and it is Fact!

    Another fun fact, the media called Gore the President-Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of that decision were none other than new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

    Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed.”

  13. Harold, no one is disputing that Trump got 71 million votes, including the sleaziest of media, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, ABC, NBC, you name it.
    Show me any candidate in history of American elections who got anywhere near that number.
    Only Biden, whose campaign speeches couldn’t fill a phone booth got ***𝓜𝓞𝓡𝓔*** (miracles will never cease).
    Enough discussion—pointless to continue.

    And now, even at this site, it seems like the majority of commentators are acknowledging the INESCAPABLE conclusion that Biden-Talmud campaign cheated on astronomical scale, yet the shabbo world is perfectly willing or eager to accept it as LEGITIMATE CHEAT, because they hate Trump that much, sort of like Madeline Albright acknowledging that Iraq sanctions on importation of medical supplies killed 500,000 Iraqi children but

    ******IT WAS WORTH IT******* as was then, so now.

    Unfortunately“, many of the same who objected to murder of 500,000 Iraqi children object to murder of American electoral process, do not think it was worth it, no matter how much they may have disliked Saddam, Trump or Gaddafi—they like the sound of Hillary’s eerie cackling even less.
    Matter of personal taste, Harold, since morals are such an outdated notion—downright embarrassing these days of Woke (rhymes with Yoke, no joke).

    And Circ, I guess you know about Benford’s law of leading digits in innumerable and crazily varied population domains (biological, astrophysical, accounting, geographical, political), right?
    See if you can explain to them what it means that Biden’s ballots violated this law to such a degree that the odds of them being true are less than 1 in 52 million—I am at the end of my patience tether after so many years of trying, why bother, in hope of thunderous acclaim? LOL.
    Bah humbug.

    1. Well said, Lobro! I don’t necessarily agree with all you say but I applaud your sincerity.

      Harold Smith has marshaled a lot of facts and makes a formidable opponent, and there are many things about Trump that are deeply reprehensible. Harold Smith has listed many of these things. Not once, but repeatedly. You, on the other hand, appear to turn a blind eye to Trump’s countless shortcomings and have a remarkable knack of turning vices into virtues! 🙂

      This is a skill much to be admired. I don’t know how you do it. 🙂

      1. It is easy to know how he does it…. he has claimed to be “right when wrong, and wrong when right.” Not a problem for the magician. 😎

        1. WOW! I didn’t know Lobro claimed to be “right when wrong, and wrong when right.” 🙂

          If that’s the case, then I can see that arguing with such a man is a pointless exercise. An exercise in sheer futility. No point playing chess with an opponent who claims victory every time, even when he’s been thoroughly beaten.

          Reminds me of a case I read about in the local paper a few years ago. Autistic boy with behavioral problems plays chess with mother who lets him win every time. One day father takes mother’s place at chessboard because mother has migraine, resting in bed upstairs. Game ends quickly, with resounding victory for Dad, leaving autistic son hopping mad and frothing at mouth like epileptic having a fit. Boy start throwing chess pieces at Dad, bashing him on head with chessboard and kicking him in shins. Dad tries to control raging brat who runs into kitchen, grabs carving knife, and stabs Dad to death. I don’t recollect what happened after that … the precise details. I think Mom called police and the boy was taken away and put in a mental home.

          I’m not comparing Lobro to this out-of-control boy, But I can’t help wondering: Is Lobro autistic?

      2. Thanks Pat for lending hand to couple of posters stalking like shortchanged hookers.
        Add the remarkable insight into Trump’s plan was to bomb Middle East flat to score big bucks by rebuilding it and setting up scores of grand casinos in partnership with Adelson—I admit not having seen that one coming, my magic fell short that time.

        Tarquin, Manfred—I sincerely hope that the day comes when you can fully enjoy the fruits of your loyalty to Joe and Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Bill Kristol and all the Obama leftovers heading back to White House to clean up the mess Trump left behind with his countless, deeply reprehensible shortcomings including giving away the precious Walmart key to Netanyahu while failing to match Obama’s body counts in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and Libya (or maybe you can produce evidence to the contrary—not that body counts matter to you, not taking a knee for those.
        Jew obviously cannot forgive Trump his deeply reprehensible shortcomings obstructing the Tikkun Olam, unlike me refuses to turn a blind eye to them, when Jew sees a vice he calls it out loud and clear—I don’t know how he does it, can you explain this admirable Jew skill?
        And of course, the small matter of stolen votes—so what, why focus on insignificant trivia, maybe they didn’t happen at all, it is just in my head yet I keep harping on it—Walmart keys matter, empty bombast matters, elections don’t matter.

        1. @ Lobro

          Tarquin, Manfred — I sincerely hope that the day comes when you can fully enjoy the fruits of your loyalty to Joe and Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Bill Kristol and all the Obama leftovers ….. BLAH ….. BLAH …..BLAH …..”

          Given that Tarquin and I have never put in a good word for Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Kamala Harris at ANY time, it’s hard to see how we can be accused of “loyalty” toward them. That doesn’t concern you at all though, does it, you filthy liar?

          @ Admin

          Can you ask this obnoxious creep who hides behind the name of “Lobro” to provide EVIDENCE (in the form of a direst quote) that Tarquin and I have ever expressed “LOYALTY” toward Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Kamala Harris?

          If he cannot do this, be kind delete his mendacious comment.

          THANK YOU!

          1. As far as I can see, Tarquin and Manfred have never at any time, in my recollection, expressed “loyalty” to any of the nasty characters Lobro mentions. They have never even once put in a good word for Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Bill Kristol, or Obama and “all the Obama leftovers”. So I can well understand Manfred’s anger at being lied about in this disgraceful way by Lobro.

            I think it’s time, Admin, for you to clip Lobro’s wings. He’s getting too big for his boots. He’s up to his old tricks again: doing his best to drive good commenters from your site. As he did with me and Sardonicus, both casualties of his vicious bullying.

            I’m only popping in here briefly so that I can have the pleasure of spitting in this evil man’s ugly face.

            1. @ Lobro

              Tarquin, Manfred — I sincerely hope that the day comes when you can fully enjoy the fruits of your loyalty to Joe and Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Bill Kristol and all the Obama leftovers…”

              In the interests of restoring order and amity, I must ask you to provide evidence that Tarquin and Manfred are loyal fans of all the unpleasant characters you mention above. Thank you for your cooperation.

              Sr. Monica

      3. Monica, et al.
        These people, unknown to me have lately made a sport following me around and attacking me in pack-like fashion, repeating each other’s charges and when I respond, they will link up defensively.
        Emma Kirby speaks with the identical voice of Silent Reader, both of whom arrive out of nowhere with the sole intent seemingly to annoy me with their ad hominem.
        Whereas neither Tarquin nor Harold nor Manfred ever expressed direct admiration for any of the listed neocons, the fact that just about ALL of their comments are negatively addressed at Trump and by extension Trump’s supporters, e.g., urging smooth transition from Trump to Biden, leads one to think that relative to Trump they do in fact approve of Bidens, Harris, Clinton and the neocon machine in tow.

        I ask them to leave me alone and stop §misrepresenting§ every statement I make, zeroing in on pitiful morsels out of context and I likewise have no interest in engaging them in any direct discussion, I have nothing to say to them and even less to hear what they say.
        § (example, refer to my answer to Harold and subsequent unasked for input by Tarquin and Manfred)

        Harold, no one is disputing that TRUMP GOT 71 MILLION VOTES, including the sleaziest of media, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, ABC, NBC, you name it.
        Show me any candidate in history of American elections who got anywhere near that number.
        Only Biden, whose campaign speeches couldn’t fill a phone booth

        Tarquin’s interruption follows, without either having read or understood this sentence, praising Harold (which is perfectly okay by me) but then continuing to rubbish ME—ignoring rather than addressing arguments, even escalating it to the point of comparing me to an autistic patricide
        Hello, Sister? Bother with reading much?
        Want me to apologize to Tarquin for not gratefully acknowledging his comparison, do you think it apt?
        Tell me, tell the commentariat, so we know the rules.

        So go on, restore order and AMITY.

        Ban me again, so that future ad hominems can be redirected to other starved pastures given that I hogged more than my rightful share, all I tried was to partially “return to sender“.

        It seems that the ultimate crime hereabouts is to discuss topics, bilaterally and factually and I got caught.
        I should never have mentioned the figure of Trump’s 71 million voters, it pulled a mighty big trigger, the blast rendered my homicidally autistic.
        Bye-bye, count yourselves lucky with such a capable, infinitely more qualified replacement.
        To Silent Emma from failing hands I throw
        The torch; be yours to hold it low.

        1. Lobro:

          I asked you a simple question:

          You could have answered in one word: YES or NO.
          Your failure to answer that polite question is saddening.

          My job is keep order here, not to take sides.

      4. simple answer

        (and that you would even dare ask me that question tells me what I need to know—you are welcome to this bunch of newly arrived ogres out of nowhere soon to be gone back to nowhere, their true home—talk about demonic streak, MB is quite right—you sister as formerly dedicated to God’s service should be able to recognize it—once again, enjoy this lovely company whose feathers shall not be ruffled as they go about ravaging the site with 100% unalloyed ad hominem)

        And take your moderation, wash and wipe it lovingly for the next recipient.
        You and your site are on my moderation too.

        1. @ LOBRO

          I am surprised at the blatant mendacity, arrogance and hatred oozing from every pore of your body. Which is revealed in your above comment. Of course you lied! There can be NO DOUBT about that. You are not only a liar, but a proven liar.

          Sister Monica asked you a polite question in response to complaints from two new posters stating that you had deliberately LIED about them. Here is her original comment which explains the situation clearly:

          ADMIN (SR MONICA)
          November 15, 2020 at 3.17

          (QUOTING YOU, Lobro: “Tarquin, Manfred — I sincerely hope that the day comes when you can fully enjoy the fruits of your loyalty to Joe and Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Bill Kristol and all the Obama leftovers…”)

          Sister Monica then asks you POLITELY:

          “In the interests of restoring order and amity, I must ask you to provide evidence that Tarquin and Manfred are loyal fans of all the unpleasant characters you mention above. Thank you for your cooperation. — Sr. Monica

          You gave NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER that Tarquin or Manfred had admitted to being ardent supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — let alone of Hillary Clinton and the other names you mention. In fact, they said they HATED BIDEN as much as they hated Trump! So all this you made up. You fabricated it all. In short, Lobro, you LIED.

          And now you DARE to scream at Sister Monica for “daring” to ask you to justify your LIES! 🙂

          I an only conclude that you are mentally unbalanced, since you also accuse the above posters of not really existing but of being “demonic entities” who would soon vanish into thin air and disappear like smoke from this site — as soon as they’d accomplished their diabolical task of attacking you unfairly and getting your panties in a twist! 🙂

          Are you for real?

          Am I, too, “demonically possessed” for attacking you and pointing out your numerous errors? I have yet to “vanish” into think air. I’m still here.

          I honestly suggest you return to Europe, as Madame Butterfly has kindly suggested, and find yourself a good woman to look after you and give you the healing love and reassurance you obviously need. A good shrink would also be a great help.

          As a last resort, you could even try an exorcist.

      5. Lobro, HP, MB and Gilbert Huntly are fighters with true sense of dignity… Are there any others?

        Saki, will you stop skullduggery please.

  14. Me think that finding proof that Democrats and Team Joe Bidden committed election fraud may not be enough to hand Trump the presidency. Even a case in Supreme Court may not. It may not boil down to Trump “having a case” It may be about America “saving face” and the problem of setting a precedent” It is very likely that the whole thing might be solves “in house” After all, the whole thing is a charade, whoever wins.

    1. You know for sure we live in a fallen world when we’re still waiting for someone to run over bigfoot with a 50 MEGA ton bulldozer which is what he deserves but it’s a fallen world and TRUE JUSTICE is but a pipe dream in this very fallen world.

  15. Correct: Fraud vitiates. However, to stick to the topic:
    1. It is doubtful that the diminished and ever diminishing Biden had anything to do with the the 2020 vote fraud. Only a blind deaf and dumb George Steponallofus could not see or be aware of the massive DNC 2020 Presidential vote fraud. Creepy Joe may be dimly aware of what is really going on.
    2. The Camel Harris also had very little if anything to do with setting up this vote fraud. Harris never received any more then 2-3% primary support when running for President. By the time the big boys and girls selected her for Democrat VP the ground work for the fraud was long before already in motion.
    3. Jabba the Hutt Soreass along with some other Marxist billionaires most likely fronted the big bucks and lots of them to finance this operation. Hillary Klingon and Barack Frank Marshall Davis Obama and their handlers were most likely involved up to the eye balls helping set up this whole f-cktard vote fraud operation. With these two icons of corruption on board it would be a piece of Kosher cake to get the Democratic workers in the vote counting trenches to gladly do their dirty work and their numbers are legend.
    4. The Global tribe needs a Sniffer Joe Biden as a President because he can be controlled because of all his dirty linen. And he and his family has a closet full. Harris is not very bright. She can’t decide if she is an Indian, a black with a little white mixed in the paint pot. A perfect specimen for the UN women.
    5. This massive fraud just didn’t just happen to spring out of the brow of Zeus yesterday. It had been in the making for decades being setup for the Marxist final coup ta grace take down of Jefferson’s Republic.
    6. The Covid scam and fake testing/vaccine along with the BLM/Antifa street rent-a-mobs are part and parcel with the vote fraud in this Bolshevik revolution 2.0.
    7. Trump was not supposed to win in 2016. The Marxist cabal has pulled hell and high water to deprive him of another 4 years. Make no mistake. Trump has lots of skeletons rattling around in his closet. However, Trump is an Alpha male and not the type to be controlled. He will not give up on the ship of state. And the ship has not given up on him.


    As reported by the Associated Press, “Dominion made a one-time philanthropic commitment at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in 2014, BUT the Clinton Foundation has no stake or involvement in Dominion’s operations, the nonprofit confirmed.” The meeting included bipartisan attendees focused on international democracy-building.

    1. Foreign policy under Trump and what is coming under Biden … also watch the facial expressions and the body language.

      Euronews freely acknowledges the shocking, yet typical disparity between trump’s blustering threats for the benefit and confusion of enemy media and the reality of constructivist realpolitik—i will tell anyone within earshot that it also applies to Iran and despite all the yelping, to China—again, watch the expressions.

  17. Cut it out, Pat, you’re scaring Madame Butterfly … as she works herself up into a drunken red-faced rage screaming real loud like a banshee and throwing things around the apartment making alot of noise as pots and pans and plates and vases and knickknacks crash against the walls and then her neighbors have to call the police then the police call for an ambulance and then they’re taking Madame drool dripping out of the side of her mouth, very frothy, to the mental hospital to detox again in a strait jacket in a padded room, for own her safety of course, 😀.

  18. how strange that after 4 years in power during which he was subject of hostile tirades, avalanche of ridicule, contempt and loathing yet as soon as almost universally recognized as the election loser, sudden outpouring of hope in resurrection, “chin up, old bud it ain’t over ’til it’s over”.
    Why is that—2 things i suspect:
    • traditional sympathy for the underdog,
    • sudden realization that yes, jew truly hated him, harbored absolutely epic, previously unheard of hate and the natural question why, especially when he so pathetically bent over backward to seemingly please them with ridiculously empty gestures (embassy move, raining angry missiles on deserted badlands and landfills, publicly admitting that what jews grabbed in violent robbery 47 years ago is in their de-facto if not de jure possession), like peddling cheap beads to naïve injuns but jews ARE NOT naïve injuns, hence hate so pristine, unalloyed with human sense,
    • (make it three points) that the incoming assembly of ghouls, demons and ogres are the TRUE Jew’s army and what drags behind in their train is WORLDWIDE collapse of recognizable humanity, about to be shackled in numerous ways (permanent covid-and-worse waves of weaponized diseases, ever more severe “social distancing” [previously termed “existential alienation”], hyper-strict lockdowns [saves on having to build and maintain jails], all future generations completely deprived of natural socializing, a form of blindness but worse, food-induced obedience training, sit on hindquarters, paws up in begging pose, education parody, minds atrophied to chunks of useless meat like foot callouses due to misuse and sloth—those still somnolently awake will realize that the endless whining about “Palestine, Palestine” was Jew’s cunning cats paw, artificially slow cooked to distract from the real horror worldwide,
    • (make it four) that what we are bearing witness to is an actual cosmic psychodrama involving supernatural entities and humanity is the football kicked back and forth across the mythical playing field.

    1. @Lobro

      In this time of universal unease over the future prospects of humanity, I would like to remind my fellow Americans that America is not the whole world… not even the best part of it – far from it. I do not see any compelling reason to despair.

      It may sound childish, but I firmly believe that the cradle of human civilization is not where it is assumed to be – between the Tigris and the Euphrates: it must have originated somewhere in the Caucasus.

      If you wish to understand the phenomenon of Josef Stalin, you have to visit this place, take a look at the faces of the people who live there, hear their songs, taste their food and wine, breathe the air they breathe:

      1. Gruzia, huh? I agree that the Aryan spread may have originated in those parts, i.e., they may be the “whitest of the white”, genetically speaking.
        Moreover, it is hard to picture these folk taking a knee to BLM and related SJW voodoo that brought America down to blubbering moral incontinence.

      2. Circ –

        If we Americans didn’t regard our country “as the [our] whole world”, it would be less effective – just as would your own regard for your Russia. To allow each other this foible helps us sympathize with each other. 🙃 There are many things I admire about Putin and your Russia, and am glad to have the context of your point-of-view. I won’t meddle in YOUR world if you won’t meddle in mine. Deal?

  19. Biden has such severe dementia if he gets thrown in prison he won’t even know where he is. The prison guards could tell him he’s at an exclusive country club somewhere where the Washington elite hang out and he would believe them. The jews will have a FIELD DAY OF ALL JEW FIELD DAYS if the Democrats successfuly STEAL THE ELECTION and dementia joe is installed in the white house, at least for a few weeks before ((( they))) get rid of him and install who ((( they))) really want to be the president, ((( their))) hindu kamala.

    I believe sleepy joe will be quietly poisoned very soon after he gets Inaugurated, if the JEW and Chinese COMMUNIST global NWO Democratic Party + Never Trumper RINOs succeed in their attempted THEFT of THE ELECTION. It won’t be a dramatic assassination like THE ONE back in Nov. 1963. It will be a quiet death, like the kind of death Pope John Paul I was given. He lasted 33 days, how symbolic, 33. Jill will be paid-off handsomely for going along with the whole jew charade ” my joe is mentally capable of being the president and he will be an excellent president for the united states and he will heal the country and unite us Americans again!”

    We truly do live in a world of lies.

  20. It is a case of zionist puppet Trump against zionist puppet Biden and both are hell bent to give the people their vaccinations for a non existant covid-19 virus aka certificate of vaccination ID-19, a scam and psyop of world class porportions that is being used as the cover for the zionist satanic one world government that will make Orwells 1984 look like a walk in the park.

    Covid-19 is one of the biggest scams and psyops in the history of the world.


    Covid-19 is one of the biggest scams and psyops in the history of the world.

    It’s a debatable proposition. To a large degree, it’s a matter of opinion; personally, I was more impressed with “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” scam perpetrated by our partner America… who is never to be underestimated in the art of scheming and scamming.

    1. YESS!!

      I wanted to see Trump keep his promise when he said men were going back in 3 years….. And I was hoping this time they would take one of these for MUCH clearer TV pictures, not so grainy and snowy:

      That one will fit better on the Lunar Lander than the tractor trailer units available in 1960s & 70s…. used at football games back then.

    2. I said it was one of the biggest, the faked moon landing was another, by the way if you are interested in some sites that tell the truth about the covid-19 scam here they are,,,, and

    1. TJ –
      Orlov did not convince me that the US is following the fall of Russia.

      The main reason is Russian ruble was never 60% Reserve Currency of the world. The USD holds that status right now. All countries need it.

      The world never needed rubles to purchase goods & services.

  22. Here we go, the moment everyone was waiting for, was only a matter of time before it got down to short strokes:
    Colorado Professor Compares Questioning Voting Results To Holocaust Denial
    Jew professor attacks Jew professor for daring to question Kamala scores.

    Campos however called for my termination for stating such views:

    Should a history department continue to employ a Holocaust denier? Let me sharpen that up a bit: Should a history department continue to employ a Holocaust denier whose academic speciality [sic] is the Holocaust?…

    To pursue this analogy further, Turley is the kind of mendacious troll who would just ask questions about whether the gas chambers and the death camps really existed, while of course acknowledging that many Jews — maybe even hundreds of thousands! — died because of “harsh conditions” in the concentration camps etc. etc. so you’re actually libeling him by calling him a Holocaust denier etc. etc. (BTW before anybody gets to that I don’t know or care whether Turley himself is Jewish, or whether he lost family in the Holcaust [sic] etc. etc. because the analogy is valid in any case m’kay snowflakes?).

    I love Jews, what is there not to love about Jews.
    I love them just the way they love Trump, deeply, sincerely, with enduring passion.

    1. Lobro, for what it’s worth your ciphering is not at all hard to grasp and consider rather than just be scorned off-hand. Not only does it and you deserve better than ridicule and ad hominem punk stuff, you could very well be correct or at the least partially correct and according to my ciphering you already are. So there..

      1. @ Hp

        I’m deeply disappointed with you. You have blotted your copybook with your above post.

        I’m shocked to see that you take Lobro’s part against Lasha Darkmoon, whom Lobro has dissed personally on this website more than once and to whom he has yet to apologize for insulting most viciously. He did this by attacking her for “intellectual dishonesty” about something she’d said about Stalin. A false and malignant claim. No proof needed for his calomnies. All insults from Angry Hornet Lobro meekly accepted by Doormat Lasha Darkmoon.

        Sad, isn’t it?

        I note you also take the part of this creepy thug against Sister Monica. Sr Monica is just doing her job, trying to keep order here. And Lobro has a hissy fit because Monica asks him a simple polite question: can he give any evidence for his claim that Tarquin and Manfred are admiring supporters of Joe Biden and Evil Hillary? Which he cannot do. Because he’s made it all up! A barefaced liar. So Loonie Lobro flies into a filthy rage because he knows they never even mentioned the name of Hillary and actually said they were AGAINST Biden — not FOR him! Lobro was caught out redhanded telling a sneaky little lie in an attempt at character assassination of these two new posters. And this is the “man” (if you can call him that) who is constantly whining about “ad hominem attacks”. What a joke.

        Lobro has no right to LIE like this. His behavior is dirty and vile and underhand. You should not back him when he behaves like this. By doing so, you bring disrepute on the Hari Krishna movement and betray Krishna.

        Shame on you!


        This comment, I know, is being monitored. Please allow it, since you allow Lobro to question your own authority and even spit in Lasha’s face.

        1. thanks Emma, you speak for 90% of the commenters on this site
          who are sick and tired of the bad vibes caused by this dog turd.

      2. So inattentive and lax you don’t even know I’m not a Hare Krishna .
        Sheesh, at least spell it correctly. So much for bruised indignities.

        1. No wish to insult the spiritual movement you belong to by misspelling a word. My point is valid all the same. Your childish response to Emma Kirby’s sincere and accurate comment — #BLAHBLAHBLAH — does not reflect well upon you or the Hinduism you purport to represent, whatever it is. If the Hinduism that inspires you is noble and good, which I believe it is, try at least to behave in a more grown-up way.

      3. HP doesn’t belong to any “movements”. He’s too intelligent for that, meaning he understands the crucial importance of utilizing discernment. And even THAT is often a tough nut to crack, what with all the cognitive dissonance goin around these days, let alone belonging to a group setting and all that pretty much goes out the window. 😦

  23. Hillary’s leaked emails exposed the DNC’s blatant manipulation for Hillary against Sanders. They are old hands at rigging elections. This makes every account of Democratic cheating more credible. I hope we beat this but it ain’t gonna be pretty. The delusional already lost their minds. This would put them over the edge.

  24. Too bad the author of this argument does not understand case law.

    The case cited US v. Throckmorton 98 US 61 is not about an election. The area of law dealt with by the case deals specifically with “fraud upon the Court” in relief of a judgment and is currently a codified civil rule of procedure throughout the land, i.e. federal and states. It also opines upon fraud in real property.

    This case cannot be applied in an election scenario. There are no other cases presented that support the point of Biden being disqualified.

    If you live in one of the contested states, concentrate on your state representative to hold emergency hearings on the fraud for the purposes of not certifying the vote in that state.

    If you don’t live in one of the contested states, support the effort in multiple ways. If you know by first hand who threatened lead counsel for Trump of Porter Wright, come forward and provide affidavits to counselors who can press the issue in the venues. The left is trying to intimidate to the point of taking the election. Threatening an officer of the court, a lawyer is a crime which leads to a whole bunch of more crimes and misdemeanors.

  25. @ Admin

    Re. Lobro and Homer

    My instinct is to side with Lobro and Homer.

    Against Homer I have no complaints. I have the deepest respect and affection for Homer going back a long time, though I may have attacked him in the past once or twice after drinking one glass of wine too many. The fact that he sticks up for his old buddy Lobro, far from being a black mark against him, is all to his credit.

    As for Lobro, I am persona non grata with him right now and he suspects me of skulduggery and being up to good, traducing his name behind his back. This is not true. It is is simply a symptom of the paranoia which has descended upon him increasingly in the last 3-4 years, gradually getting worse.

    He used to be Prince Charming himself 7-8 years ago on The Ugly Truth (Mark Glenn’s old website) and other similar sites. But a big change came upon him after he left Canada for good and started traveling round the world and living as an expatriate loner in foreign countries. His problem, I believe, is a crippling loneliness. This could be solved if he returned to Canada and settled down in a more secure and familiar environment.The love of a good woman would heal him entirely. He longs for a soulmate. Not having one has made him into an an increasingly embittered curmudgeon and misanthrope.

    If he reads this, I know he will not reject this well-meant diagnosis of his condition. He is basically a nice guy, but he needs a lot of reassurance and tons of love. And God only knows he’s not getting it on this website. This site appears to be the wrong habitat for him. Lasha believes a demonic streak runs through this website and keeps aloof from it in order, I am told, to avoid “infection”. I believe she writes poetry as therapy in an effort to remain sane in an increasingly insane world.

    Is the heat in the kitchen here too much for Lobro?

    It would appear so. He has made several attempts to settle down here and failed every time. He blames this on the concerted attacks made upon him. He simply cannot understand why he should be the object of such universal hatred. Me, I find this equally baffling. Because I don’t find Lobro’s comments in any way controversial or worth getting too excited over. My theory: he is a magnet for evil forces. I don’t think it’s a cabal of “Jews” who are out to get him. This is demonic infestation.

    I think Lasha already understands this, but Admin doesn’t. So I ask Admin to try harder to understand what is going on below the surface. Dark things slip through these subterranean sewers.

    I won’t say any more, but I ask for more love and understanding for these tortured souls moving among us.

    1. MB –
      Your assessment of Lobro is based on your familiarity with him over several years more than mine. Over the last 5 years I have tussled with him… I have noticed that his demeanor has contained more paranoia and his skin is much thinner.
      I have noticed that men with a few years of active military duty under their belts have more ability to fend off those two conditions. I am proof of that. 😎
      Lobro should enlist! 👍

    2. Madame, thank you for your kind words. I’m certain Lobro too appreciates your honest concern and rational thinking.

      “He simply cannot understand why he should be the object of such universal hatred. Me, I find this equally baffling. Because I don’t find Lobro’s comments in any way controversial or worth getting too excited over.”

      Wholeheartedly seconded!

      1. If I may chime in….
        When lobro reacted to my regrettable misunderstanding of Circ’s post a while back in my reply, he concluded by saying, words to the effect, that I was siding with the Antifah thugs. Like I was being lumped in with them like some dumb injun feeling his “victimhood”, which couldn’t BE more untrue. Sure, we have our differences, but big whoop. If we DIDN’T, than who would be the s-y-c-o-p-h-a-n-t THEN? That would be yours truly!
        I like to think he knows me better than that, and at this point I chalk it up to his old dyslexia kickin’ up again….at least I hope that’s all it is

  26. Pat,
    Very true concerning the dollar. But like grifter and ever diminishing lover of young girls, the creep Biden,(Hunter Biden had a perfect roll model) the US dollar is on it’s way out. American’s would be quite surprised at the amount of world trade sans the dollar. The only reason the world needs the dollar is the oil trade. That is most likely the reason the US imperial troops have been smashing and bashing around the Middle East and to keep Israel in a save place.
    The US is already falling apart. A low level civil war is in progress. In a short time it could become hot, really hot. All empires generally follow the same course. Created by a homogeneous racial stock with common customs, beliefs and tongue, their creation turns to empire with a polyglot population of uncommon customs, beliefs and tongues. The descendants of the original founders of the American Republic are fast becoming a minority in the now American imperial polyglot.
    Europe has passed it’s imperialism stage and is now in it’s polyglot racial stage of self-destruction. Whether the European Whites can save themselves is an open question. If Europe falls into the heart of darkness America will soon follow. Most of the Eastern Europeans seems to have the heads screwed on. Under the heal of the Soviet Union for 40 some years East Europe knows very well what the heart of darkness is all about, A lesson Americans under the heal of the Zionist matrix have yet to learn.

  27. I found the arguments presented in “Trump Won the Election – Here’s Why!” to be wholly unconvincing and lacking any evidence.

    You repeatedly complained of fraud in the election but provided no evidence to support your claims. Furthermore, your argument that fraud could change the outcome of the electoral college has been publicly rejected by Republican state legislators, who have said that they will honor the popular vote in their respective states. The DHS reported that this election was secure, leaving little doubt that President Trump’s complaints of fraud remain baseless. Thus, when the election results are certified, Biden will be declared the winner with his 306 electoral votes.

    Also, you cited a case, the United States v. Throckmorton, which hurts Presidents Trump’s case, since the Court provides a keystone definition of fraud, which excludes negligence, or in other words, the regular human error found in every election is not enough of a reason to claim President Trump’s loss was the result of a malicious conspiracy to take the election from him.

    1. LMFAO!!!!!! No Paul, NO illegals voted in the elections, Paul. In fact, Paul, there was NO illegal activity whatsoever in the elections, Paul. EVERYTHING was ABOVE BOARD about the elections, Paul. No need to worry about the elections, Paul, there’s NOTHING to worry about, Paul. Everything is LEGIT about the elections, Paul. Biden and Kamala are GREATLY LOVED by the American people, Paul. Biden and Kamala won by a YUGE margin, a LANDSLIDE of historical proportions, Paul. You can go back to sleep now, Paul, and now you can sleep soundly without having to worry about the legality of election results, Paul. Good night, Paul. LMFAO!!!!!

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