Trump Takes Control of the FED (video)

Introduction by Rixon Stewart, Editor of Truthseeker, 18 May 2020

On the face of it Trump is enacting an old conservative demand but can he be trusted? Even as he does this he’s pushing forward with a mass vaccination program that the U.S. military could help implement.

So what good will a government controlled Federal Reserve Bank be when the military is helping to implement a mandatory vaccination program on U.S. civilians? Especially if the vaccine contains some sort of digital signal/code/motif specified by Bill Gates.

This move may satisfy some of Trump’s die-hard supporters but we remain entirely unconvinced. Even as Trump has purportedly taken control of the Federal Reserve he has just appointed a former executive from pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline as his “vaccine czar”. In other words he gives with one hand and takes with the other and Americans may find that things get a lot worse before they get any better. Ed.


Trump Takes Control of the FED
Michael Tellinger – YouTube May 8, 2020
Leads the way for other countries to follow –

VIDEO  :  24:27 mins

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  1. This is a lie, Trump did not take over the FED, the FED is a zionist privately owned central bank, which by the way , a central bank is one of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto, and the FED has controlled America since 1913, when the zionists fastened this unconstitutional fraud on America.

    Trump is controlled by the zionist owned FED and is a judas goat leading America to destruction.

  2. The Chairman of The Fed has had Cabinet-level status ever since 1977. If anything, the Fed took control of the Presidency.

    1. Agree, the FED has controlled every POTUS with the exception of JFK, who they had shot.

  3. The FED has controlled every president with the exception of JFK,, who they had shot.

    1. Complete and total control in that case. I like Gilbert’s comment that the Fed controls the presidency since the head of it was elevated to a Cabinet Post in 1977.

      Personally, I think the Fed really got into the rocket fuel during the Reagan era with Milton Friedman and the Austrian School. Debt. Even allowed to write off credit card debt for awhile. All of a sudden one was considered stupid if they weren’t taking up huge debt positions. E. Michael Jones always blames Paul Volker, but I completely disagree. I never heard my parents complain from receiving 18% annual rates of return on T-Bills. But that’s the difference between a saver and a debt slave.

      Maybe Jones needs to explain his position better as it is completely possible I am missing something big in my admittedly thumb nail analysis.

      Reagan, and so-called Supply Side economics, is what made it possible to go on the grand adventures of all the war we have seen since Desert Storm. This also made it possible to bankrupt nations and make them take IMF Loans which only serve for the U.S. to steal their resources; both human and material. It’s what makes it possible to promote the gay agenda, abortion, gender whatever, and all the other social ills masquerading as virtues.

  4. I believe the Truthseeker did not seek the right source.

    Michael Tellinger never gave any facts. He is an entertainer and party leader.

    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Michael Tellinger is the charismatic, outspoken leader of perhaps South Africa’s strangest political party.

    “Actually, the Ubuntu Party is more of a liberation movement than a political platform. I’m not a politician!” he emphasized, vehemently adding, “You can call me a crackpot anarchist, you can call me anything – just don’t call me a politician!”


    The Central Banks have been buying corporate stocks.
    The Federal Reserve has been buying stocks through companies like Citadel Capital, Blackrock & Capital Group…. and other Primary Dealers which sell bonds to the Fed Res.

    The Fed Res also announced it will begin buying corporate bonds.
    The world’s major central banks bought $1.4 trillion of assets in March – 5 times the last record set after the financial crisis!!

    1. This Tellinger?

      “Tellinger became a target of the regime: phone tapping, South African Police surveillance, several threats on his life, and other intimidatory tactics.”

      He was interviewed a few days ago on the Loving Life channel:

      Ubuntu party – very fringe. Strangely enough the late Steven Mitfort Goodson (former director of the South African Reserve Bank who suddenly saw the light) was one of their candidates.

  5. The FED should not be “controlled”, it should be abolished. Like other Central Banks in nearly all other countries of the world, the American FED is a Jewish owned organization that counterfeits money and then lends it at interest to the government, which then, in order to be able to repay the principal with interest, must tax its population. If the government would issue its own money, it would not need to tax its subjects. So this tax is in reality a form of “official robbery”. The Jewish owners of the Central Banks of the world become immensely rich by just printing money. It is a simple scam, but few are aware of it.

    As for Trump threatening to force vaccination on the people, I think we should wait and see. He has threatened with so many things before (“completely destroying North Korea” for example), but then he turns around. He threatens with outrageous measures, appoints all kinds of dangerous people, but then fires them again and doesn’t fulfill his threats. Whether this is a reflection of his instability or of some mysterious 4D chess play is difficult to say.

    1. Franklin Ryckaert wrote “If the government would issue its own money, it would not need to tax its subjects.”

      The last guy that seriously proposed and even tried to do that was Hitler and like Jesus he did not come to a good end. But I believe he was very much on the right track. Didn’t Winston Churchill call this Hitler’s one ‘unforgivable sin’ which I do believe was the case. All this nonsense about ‘gassing Jews’ is well yes just nonsense. There was never a human gas chamber in Germany not even the design of one. Just a disgusting hoax and lie and we see another one today I mean the Covid hoax. They are at about 4.7 million ‘cases’ now on that one…………..wish they would call if off when the reach 6 million. But I don’t think they will maybe they need 6 million ‘deaths’ for this piece of nonsense to stop maybe that satisfies some ancient piece of mumbo jumbo. I don’t think even that will work these people are ravenous and it seems can never be sated

    1. Yes, I agree that the comment was insolent. This guy is a troublemaker who needs his ass whipped for suggesting that Admin’s only reason for running this article was “in order to give Trump publicity”.

      The comment is particularly stupid since the article was sourced from Truthseeker and the editor of Truthseeker who wrote the excellent introduction can hardly be accused of running the article on his site “in order to give Trump publicity”.

      @ Allen

      I suggest you keep your mouth shut in future if you have nothing intelligent to say. Insulting Admin because you have nothing better to do with your time is a dumb and stupid way to behave.

      1. @ Silent Reader

        Give the guy a break.
        Being dumb and stupid is nor a crime.

        1. In regard to Trump’s strategy, I think there’s method in his madness, and I think Franklin Ryckaert’s astute comment suggests this.

          Trump gives the impression of acting impulsively and arbitrarily, very much his own boss, a law unto himself. His supporters love this apparent feisty independence of his. Thus, as Franklin Ryckaert points out, Trump appoints someone to high office and then sacks him in no time at all. He threatens fire and brimstone (as in the case of North Korea) and then backs off meekly like a lamb. All this is obviously planned by Trump’s Jewish “advisers” or puppet masters. He is like an actor playing his part in a movie. Movies have directors and scriptwriters, and the actor simply follows their instructions.

          This is what Trump is doing now. Following the instructions of his handlers. And his handlers have one object in mind: to get him reelected.

          In order to increase his popularity in the days ahead, Trump will probably do some of the following things:

          (1) He will back away from making vaccines compulsory.

          (2) He will go on talking tough with the FED, threatening to curtail their powers, but the FED will know he doesn’t mean it. His support base will love macho tough talk, unaware it’s little more than hot air. Once Trump’s been reelected, all talk of his curtailing the FED’s powers will be forgotten. And the FED will go on exactly as before.

          (3) There will more agitation by the Democrats to introduce gun laws. Trump will make sure this does not happen, winning him further admiration from his support base.

          (4) There will be more sabre-rattling again China and Iran, increasing tension before the election and enhancing Trump’s image as a Great American Patriot. But it will all fizzle out as soon as he is elected.

          (5) Once Trump is re-elected, he will deliver the goods to the Jews, handing over Palestine to Israel. Greater Israel will be the result, with Israeli influence increasing in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Southern Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey. The final domino to go down will be Iran.

          The Jews are behind all this and Trump is their puppet. I could be wrong, but this is what I think. It’s a working hypothesis and it make sense. Anyone who still believes in 4D chess, and that Trump is secretly working for the destruction of the Jews, is living in cloud cuckoo land.

          1. “He [Trump] will back away from making vaccines compulsory.

            Please understand that there’s a difference between COMPULSORY and MANDATORY vaccination. They are NOT the same.

            “COMPULSORY VACCINATION” = Forcible vaccination, against your will. If you refuse, you will be fined, arrested, quarantined, and thrown in prison.

            “MANDATORY VACCINATION” = Less drastic action against you. You can refuse vaccination for yourself and your children, but will have to face the unpleasant consequences of your “antisocial behavior”. Life will be made harder for you. You may have to continue in lockdown and practice social distancing. If you are lucky to keep your job, you may have to sit in isolation and wear a mask and not be allowed to mix with other workers in the canteen. You may not be allowed to make use of public transport or you may have to wear a face mask at all times. If your children remain unvaccinated, they will not be allowed to mix with the vaccinated children at school. No games for them with the other kids. They will be kept in quarantine to all times.

            The point of “mandatory vaccination” is to make your life so unpleasant that you just give up and agree to vaccination. Many anti-vaxxers will finally agree to vaccination if they notice that most of the people around them who have been vaccinated are NOT suffering any serious ill effects.

      2. I don’t consider it intelligent to give Trump all this attention, analyzing his ‘ deeds , rants’ etc knowing he is a jew or at least very jewified, pretending to be on the Goyim side.
        This attention gives Trump Credibility and that’s what the jews want for him. Trump is just a jewish actor/agent a pied piper who must bring in confusion and distraction (jewish strategy) of the not thinking slaves/masses. That’s his task. It’s a shame that many keep believing in jewish fairy tales. That’s why we are in the jewish situation as we are.

        1. @ Allen

          Look, you asshole, if you don’t approve of the articles published on this website because you “don’t consider it intelligent to give Trump all this attention”, why don’t you PISS OFF to some other website? Are you going to tell Admin what articles to publish?

          Have you no idea what an arrogant asshole you are? THIS IS NOT YOUR WEBSITE, creepo! If you disapprove of the articles published here, GET YOUR OWN DAMN WEBSITE and publish whatever crap you want on it!

          1. Allen,

            You certainly know how to annoy a lot of people, don’t you?

            Has it ever occurred to you to keep your mouth shut when you have nothing to say that is of interest?

      3. As I said Allen, you have come into Darkmoon at beginner level and display little or no knowledge. Instead you should write your childish, uninformed crapology to msm outlets who like simple minded rubbish as part of their disinformation program. As an Aussie, I would say to you: “Go get f————— ya moron!” Just another useless troll!

        1. Beautifully put, Maxy! Because you have dismissed this halfwit as a “moron” and a “useless troll”, he will probably now accuse you of being a “Jew” and demand your expulsion from this website. Anyone who attacks him is, by definition, a “Jew”. And Admin is rapped on the knuckles by this creep for giving you the freedom of speech to call him a “moron” and a “useless troll”. Which he most certainly is.

          @ Allen

          Why don’t you piss off, moron? Am I a “Jew” for telling you what I think of you? Go on, call me a “Jew”! I defy you. 🙂

          1. Allen —

            Why don’t you take a nice long walk over a clifftop?
            I’m sure it would do you a lot of good!
            Am I perchance one of the “Jews” you want Admin to ban?

            1. @ Allen bashers

              Give Allen a break, will ya? He’s just a confused and bewildered old timer who thinks that anyone who attacks him has to be a “Jew”. He still doesn’t know the way this website works after being on it for several months. His only crime is that he happens to be a bit of a dimwit.

  6. Well, if we see trump printing up us treasury notes again, like jfk did, that is the Lawful Money, as opposed to what we have now, which is the Legal Tender, then maybe this guy’s story is straight…
    It really is not necessary to close the fed bank as we know it though, and the us constitution does not forbid legal Tender… the constitution does require that all government business has to be done with Lawful Money, which means it must be redeemable in the precious metal…. You can challenge the stoogie courts by claiming the above next time you get a traffic ticket, sales tax or income tax bill…. the judge will throw a fit but he has to let you off…. however, if you end up in tax court, you won’t get a judge…you’ll get an irs employee acting as a judge, and you’ll be jew-commie fked… yes the fed bank is itemized in Das Kapital, Marx and engels bolsheviki bible… but it’s been around before that… Hamilton, Morris, biddle, all on hand for amschel since the revolution… Jefferson killed the first bank… that’s why the rothen bank of England gave us the war of 1812, whereupon Madison did renew, made the second bank, the Biddle bank.. Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, James Monroe, all opposed the private central bank, and all were murdered, by poison, not to mention the shot Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy, among others less famous like McFadden and McDonald and more… Andrew Jackson got rid of the second bank… they attempted to shoot him, but the guys pirate pistols misfired, flintlocks i think… We all know what happened in 1913. Ted Roosevelt (McKinley’s LBJ) laid a lot of the work for the third bank before Wilson, you might call it the Goldman Sachs bank, we still have… or do we? Since it’s a big big Jews thing, I can’t believe the schmutzaputz Trump will dispossess them, not with his routine…. more likely this is just a power shuffle, coming along with new-tech changes for the digi-dough…. YES KILL THE FED BANK NOW DONALD… And re-make for us the us treasury bank of lawful money, like the state bank of north Dakota, which is not a living-dead Zombie Bank, like Bof A and all the rest of the fed’s illegitimate Creatures from Jekyll Island..
    .. that way the usa will get the benefit of all banking and there will be no need for income tax, because there will be no national debt..

    1. “the us constitution does not forbid legal Tender”,

      No it doesn’t “forbid” legal tender, but it defines it as ONLY GOLD AND SILVER. The entire concept of the FED is in direct contradiction to the plain language of the constitution as is their paper money. Banking is just legalized fraud. Today the bankers literally control the money machine and they can make it go “brrrrr” anytime the banks need to…and they have been doing this for a century.

      1. Bob –

        “No it doesn’t “forbid” legal tender, but it defines it as ONLY GOLD AND SILVER.”

        That was ordered for the states only. Not for any of the people.

        The US Constitution does not & cannot give orders to the people. But it can order states & officials & office holders.

      2. The colonies issued “scrip”, based upon their representation of gold and silver. When the scrip became irredeemable, it became worthless. Scrip could be accepted, or rejected, at the pleasure of the person to whom it was offered. It was NOT labeled “legal tender”, but was convenient for carrying to conduct commerce. Very much like “checks”, today, their acceptance largely depended on the reputation of the vendor.
        The scrip issued as Notes of The Federal Reserve Bank, i.e., “cash”, is “legal tender” whose acceptance is quickly becoming a matter of inconvenience, as per the NWO push to make our cellphones and plastic our only “scrip”, by which we can be more easily managed. Use “cash” as long as you are able. (At least keep THAT in circulation.)

    2. Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution specifically says that Congress is the only body that can “coin money and regulate the value thereof.” The US Constitution has never been amended to allow anyone other than Congress to coin and regulate currency.

      Ask your representative, in light of that information, how it is possible for the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the Federal Reserve Bank that it created, to be constitutional. Ask them why this private banking cartel is allowed to reap trillions of dollars in profits without paying taxes. Insist on an answer.

      1. K –

        “Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution specifically says that Congress is the only body that can “coin money and regulate the value thereof.”


        BUT there is a loophole….. Federal Reserves notes are not ‘money’ at all. They are bills of debt – NOTES – circulating as fiat currency.

    3. Allen,
      “The non-thinking/slave masses……” Well……who cares what they think or “don’t think?” That’s why Donaldo laughs at the major news networks. They “appear” to try spreading an agenda to a populace which is too dumb and indifferent to care. Oh well. Perhaps the major news networks are profit-motivated. Sensational news such as Covid 19 sells. Imagine all the goy herd with their 👃 glued to the TV nowadays. They are unable to comprehend complicated issues such as politics or commerce, but they will be influenced by the erectile-disfunction or fake fat-burning pills advertised by the commercials……Pat….Hola amigo. Can you provide us Darkmooners any data regarding mass media profits during and before the Covid19 por favor? Gracias. Anyway, Donaldo himself can testify to the stupidity of the goy. “All” of the Goy bought the Corona19. Donaldo, a trucker, walked into truckstops. People wearing face masks totally inadequate to protect themselves. “Social-distancing of (((6))) feet? Oh well. Why not 5 or 7 feet? Donaldo would often go get too close too a truckstop girl who would stare at him menacingly. Many of the truckstops wouldn’t allow a driver to even pour his own ⛲ drink. Had to have a truckstop girl do it. Donaldo, being generous, would offer the girl a tip. She would eagerly accept the filthy germ-infested $$$$$$ . Forced vaccinations? Military personnel dragging people from their homes. Not necessary. Just offer each citizen a “thank you good citizen” $5000.00 stimulus. That’s all it would take folks. Donaldo, though having Jewish blood, is not a Zio. More a realist. Anyway. Who knows what the future will bring. Donaldo will now finish his wine and Cuban cigars from a lonely truckstop east of Dallas, Texas. As usual……Shalom fellow Darkmooners.

      1. Hola, Sr Don –

        “Pat….Hola amigo. Can you provide us Darkmooners any data regarding mass media profits during and before the Covid19 por favor? Gracias.”

        Sorry. No. I would think an up-swing there… with big-time online purchases of wares and subscriptions.

        While traveling, you can listen to Kaminski’s latest interview if you click on ‘Download’ by the picture… then click ‘Play’ in the next window:

  7. You have got to be kidding. If this is true about Trump and the Fed. then he has taken control out of the hands of the Federal Reserve Board and the 12 regional Fed banks and put control under one man by the name of Fink???
    Meanwhile Tres. Sec. is standing by with a shit ass grin. Man oh Man America is really screwed now!!. The Senate created the Private Fed. and only the Senate can put the Fed back under the control of the US Treasury. Fat chance of that ever happening.

  8. “Controlled, Trump and the FED are” said Yoda with a wink and a nod to his ancient name.

  9. Trump appoints Larry Fink to help manage The Federal Reserve [ not the first time BlackRock was called in to help manage the Federal Reserve ] and Larry Fink said in 2018 ” Contribute to society or risk losing our support”. This is what Tellinger uses as proof that Trump defeated the Federal Reserve. In Tellinger’s mind, this is proof. I like Fink’s quote but his quote is not any kind of proof Trump defeated the Federal Reserve. And Trump calling in Larry Fink from BlackRock to help manage the Federal Reserve is not proof Trump defeated the Federal Reserve.

    On one hand we’re told how powerful the Federal Reserve Central Banking System is — or was, on the other hand we’re told that Trump defeated the very powerful Federal Reserve simply by calling Larry Fink of BlackRock in to help manage the Federal Reserve.

    If that’s all that it took to defeat the Federal Reserve than the Federal Reserve couldn’t have been very powerful. If that’s all it took the Federal Reserve Central Banking Sysem than the Federal Reserve Central Banking System was a paper tiger.

    The Federal Reserve, A mighty Institution! Practically Invincible! Trump defeated the practically invincible mighty institution simply by appointing Larry Fink of BlackRock to help manage the Federal Reserve and two years ago Larry Fink said, “Contribute to society or risk losing our support”! This is what Tellinger wants us to think is
    “proof” that Trump defeated the Federal Reserve. How lame.

    I guess we’re all expected to be so stupid we actually consider Tellinger’s examples of “Trump’s victory over the Federal Reserve” to be solid proof. Trump appoints Larry Fink from BlackRock an investment firm deeply connected to the Federal Reserve to help manage the Federal Reserve and Fink’s 2018 quote. This is the “proof” Tellinger gives us that Trump defeated the Federal Reserve. Tellinger is either a controlled opposition agent or is so desperate for some kind of victory over the TPTB he’s clutching at straws while chasing a chimera.

  10. When the truth is told about Trump the jews get nasty. Truth hurts the jews. The jews don’t like the truth. Today the truth is this, tomorrow that for them etc. Let’s play with the truth, always scheming these jews. It’s a shame Darkmoon lets this jews have its way on this site. Strange.

    1. @ Allen

      “It’s a shame Darkmoon lets this jews have its way on this site. Strange.”

      No, it’s not “strange” at all. We allow Jews to post on this site. That is our long-established policy. It’s known as “free speech”. Our regular commenters are quite aware of this policy and have never told us to ban Jews. You are the first one to lecture us on our policies and demand the suppression of free speech.

      1. I have no problem with ADMIN allowing Jews to post at Darkmoon, I’m just wondering why Flat Earth Geocentrics aren’t allowed to post at Darkmoon. It would be nice if ADMIN allowed Flat Earth Geocentrics to post here at Darkmoon, but ADMIN is TOO chickensh*t to debate fairly and honestly and objectively in a straight-forward manner with Flat Earth Geocentrics. ADMIN is comprised of piles of 🐔💩s. LMFAO!!!!!

        ADMIN SAYS:

        “WE allow Jews to post here at Darkmoon so obviously WE fully support Free Speech for everybody and WE obviously don’t discriminate against any minority groups , you can see that’s true because we don’t discriminate against Jews …. WE allow Jews to post here at Darkmoon so obviously WE’RE open-minded, tolerant, and willing to listen to every point of view, even if someone is from a minority group, WE even listen to what the Jews have to say, so obviously WE are ALL about Free Speech for everybody blah blah blah blah…..

        WE LERV debate, WE LERV debating about everything, every topic, blah blah blah blah WE LERV to hear various viewpoints blah blah blah blah WE LERV hearing all the various kinds of worldviews blah blah blah even those from minority groups WE LERV to hear from and learn from and have dialogue with them blah blah blah blah ain’t Free Speech !Grand! blah blah blah blah….

        WE’RE fully committed to Free Speech for everyone, even for minority groups like the Jews for example, blah blah blah blah blah Our commitment to Free Speech for everyone is firm and solid and unwavering blah blah blah blah….

        ….. but ADMIN is TOO chickensh*t to debate fairly and honestly and objectively in a straight-forward manner with us FLAT EARTH GEOCENTRICS.


        1. @ TROJ


          Sure there is! We’ve published TWO articles on Flat Earth Theory on this site! Flat Earth fans were given TOTAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH to argue that the earth is flat and they took the opportunity with uncensored delight. Article 1 had 133 comments. Article 2 had 166 comments.

          So please don’t complain about discrimination against persecuted minority groups like Flat Earth physicists. 🙂

  11. BOB
    “No it doesn’t “forbid” legal tender, but it defines it as ONLY GOLD AND SILVER. ”
    It is about the fine points BOB…
    The way I get it – there’s no constitutional restriction on Fiat Money… Fiat Money is Legal Tender…
    The constitution doesn’t mention either Fiat Money or Legal Tender.. It does say all state business has to be done with Lawful Money…
    It isn’t the Lawful Money of the USA unless it is backed by the precious metal…
    that was a no-brainer for the founders, should be for anybody else…
    Whatever is Constitutional is Lawful.. All else is Legal, or Illegal, depending on what can be gotten away with, in what is called ‘Litigation’…
    “The US Constitution does not & cannot give orders to the people. But it can order states & officials & office holders.”
    I don’t know about this Big Guy.. The way I remember it the 11th Amendment from 1795 expressly forbids the federal government from interfering or acting as an arbiter in any disputes between states or between individuals and states…
    But after watching this I’m not so sure… I am sure I’m no expert, and i doubt anybody on this blog is… How complicated can it be?
    I think we are correct though, that the fiat bank is a scam…
    However, all kinds of scholars, researchers, authors and filmmakers have looked into whether or not the public can be required by law to pay the Income Tax… And the answer is definitely NO… The Income Tax is Voluntary,
    Here’s Aaron Russo.. Another media guy who got sick and died suddenly…
    Here’s Joe Bannister.. Last I heard he got a Judge in Sacramento to rule there was no Law requiring Income Tax to be paid by citizens, Income is not designated Liable… As far as I know he’s still alive…
    Of Course the 16th Amendment was never properly Ratified anyway… So on that basis it is not Lawful…
    One of the main purposes of the Militia Movement is to rid the country of the IRS and all the rest of the Bolsheviks’ scams…

    1. Bark –

      Your constitutional law interpretation ability is not the best. 🙂

      The 11th Amendment has nothing to do with what I mentioned… or what YOU mentioned. It concerns judicial power in ‘diversity jurisdiction’ suits. Here it is:

      “The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.”

      -Diversity Jurisdiction-

      Diversity jurisdiction is one of two methods for a federal court to have federal subject-matter jurisdiction over a case (the other being federal question jurisdiction).

      To have diversity jurisdiction, there are two requirements:
      1-Jurisdictional Amount Requirement
      the jurisdictional amount exceeds $75,000
      2-Complete Diversity Requirement
      no plaintiff shares a state of citizenship with any defendant

      Diversity jurisdiction is codified in Title 28, Section 1332 of the United States Code (28 U.S.C. § 1332(a)).

      Corporate Citizenship:
      In determining whether there is diversity jurisdiction, a corporation that is a party is considered to be a citizen of both its state of incorporation and its principal place of business.

  12. This is wishful thinking.It is the other way round. FRB has taken over the US. The US is under FEMA jurisdiction. Trump is just a puppet. FRB now owns all of the US and when the time comes will collapse the dollar as a reset. I agree with most of what this guy is saying but his conclusion is flawed.

  13. Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus
    byEllen Brown

    Insolvent Wall Street banks have been quietly bailed out again. Banks made risk-free by the government should be public utilities.

    When the Dodd Frank Act was passed in 2010, President Obama triumphantly declared, “No more bailouts!” But what the Act actually said was that the next time the banks failed, they would be subject to “bail ins”—the funds of their creditors, including their large depositors, would be tapped to cover their bad loans.

    When bail-ins were tried in Europe, however, the results were disastrous.

    Many economists in the US and Europe argued that the next time the banks failed, they should be nationalized—taken over by the government as public utilities. But that opportunity was lost when, in September 2019 and again in March 2020, Wall Street banks were quietly bailed out from a liquidity crisis in the repo market that could otherwise have bankrupted them. There was no bail-in of private funds, no heated congressional debate, and no public vote. It was all done unilaterally by unelected bureaucrats at the Federal Reserve.

    “The justification of private profit,” said President Franklin Roosevelt in a 1938 address, “is private risk.” Banking has now been made virtually risk-free, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States and its people. The American people are therefore entitled to share in the benefits and the profits. Banking needs to be made a public utility.

  14. For Western civilisation to survive any longer, the Zionist Jews, Communist, Fed must be closed asap and its 45,000 Jewish money makers and working affiliates immediately arrested, water boarded, and thrown into a paupers’ prison. This will free up countless, unaudited $trillions that can be distributed to the Goyim taxpayers via Goyim, people’s banks. Remember, Bernie “Ponzi” Madoff robbed wealthy New York widows, etc, of close to $60 billion dollars and none of these ugly, painted up bitches had worked a day in their lives. The Red Shield-Rothschild family possesses an estimated 70% of our planet’s wealth-come-money. They have ploughed countless, unaudited $trillions into Israel and have been major players in funding the Messianic Settlers’ Movement. Murder, incapacitation, torture and flagrant dispossession has been their standard modes of operation. Their Christian-Zionist cheer squad supports them all the way. That means that the estimated 85,000,000 American Christian-Zionists are in bed with these evil bastards. They are all criminals who should be punished ASAP after suitable re-education and torture. Their churches of satanic worship should be burnt to the ground and the “dens of thieves” synagogues erased from our planet. I would willingly be an executioner, as I engage in wild boar-razor back hunting in the Australian Outback and delight in hearing the screams of these diseased parasites as my elephant gun barks out its repertoire. The “progeny of the devil” must be made to suffer for their sins against mankind.

    1. A friend of mine recently holidayed in Israel. She had a lovely time at the beaches, night clubs, beautiful shopping centres, etc, but was shocked by the Israeli military’s presence at the temple site and was not allowed to get anywhere near the heavily guarded Messianic Settlement areas or Gaza. But she heard stories of Israeli cruelty that made her vomit. Imagine soldiers being ordered to maimPalestinians by shooting out their eyes and permanently disabling their legs, via ordered leg shots with exploding bullets? ….. ask a Christian Zionist what they think of this. The international Criminal Court is a toothless tiger. Over 350 UN resolutions against the Israeli’s criminal behaviour have been ignored by the Western world.

      1. I’m moved to tears by this comment. And to think that this swaggering psychopath, Donald Trump, is in bed with these cruel Jewish killers. I’ve now come to the firm conclusion that anyone who backs this psychotic Orange Clown has to be either a psychopath himself or have a serious personality disorder.

  15. Now that “They” have squeezed the last drop of blood out of The Boobs – via their artifice The Fed – they’re handing the keys over to ‘The Chump In Chief’ to take the blame for its “failure”.
    How sweet is THAT?.

  16. Very few have knowledge of THIS:

    THE Central Bank in US – Federal Reserve – is forbidden by law to buy government debt directly from the government, the US Treasury, and must instead buy it from the secondary market. That is done through ‘Primary Dealers’.
    Central banks in most developed nations (UK, US, Japan, and EU) are forbidden by law to buy government debt directly from the government and must instead buy it from the secondary market. This two-step process, where the government sells bonds to private entities which the central bank then buys.


    -Primary Open Market Dealers-
    The Federal Reserve CANNOT buy Treasury securities directly from the U.S. Treasury!
    The Federal Reserve Act specifies that the Federal Reserve may buy and sell Treasury securities only in the “open market.” The Federal Reserve meets this statutory requirement by conducting its purchases and sales of securities chiefly through transactions with a group of major financial firms–so-called primary dealers–that have an established trading relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY). These transactions are commonly referred to as open market operations and are the main tool through which the Federal Reserve adjusts its holdings of securities. Conducting transactions in the open market, rather than directly with the Treasury, supports the independence of the central bank(not part of the US Gov’t) in the conduct of monetary policy.

    2020 Primary Dealers List – many are foreign banks:
    Amherst Pierpont Securities LLC
    Bank of Nova Scotia, New York Agency
    BMO Capital Markets Corp.
    BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
    Barclays Capital Inc.
    BofA Securities, Inc.
    Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
    Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
    Credit Suisse AG, New York Branch
    Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc.
    Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
    Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
    HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
    Jefferies LLC
    J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
    Mizuho Securities USA LLC
    Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC
    NatWest Markets Securities Inc.
    Nomura Securities International, Inc.
    RBC Capital Markets, LLC
    Societe Generale, New York Branch
    TD Securities (USA) LLC
    UBS Securities LLC.
    Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

  17. Here in Wales we have a Kalergi kid in charge of health and a Muppet in charge of the government. Both jew lackeys and the day of the rope can’t come quick enough
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto
    No surrender

  18. The mandatory/compulsory distinction given by Sardonicusc is semantic only.

    For people without land and means of sustenance, mandatory means removal of all natural rights and subsequent death.

    Compulsory means deadly violence against you if you refuse – hence Trumps Demonic Order Followers will act as “nurses”.

    Both lead to death unless you submit to the ridiculous notion that a common germ means imposing a Chinese Communist Party dystopia on the whole world.

    Probably the most authoritative video you will ever see on this subject is the following:

    “Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

    The video went viral (450 000 within a few days) and obviously was deleted by the silicon valley communist tech (Youtube, Twitter, et al)

    Professor Dolores Cahill is a highest order medical authority (experience, qualifications) having led the immunology programme at the Max Planck Institute for 8 years, founded antibody specificity testing technology companies, advised German, Irish and other governments on the subject. She is not against antibody based therapies, obviously.

    However, she demonstrates the global policy on this germ is abominably ridiculous and dangerous. She will participate in court hearings against the Irish government brought by business associations.

    She confirms the correct policy should be:

    – No masks, social distancing or lock down for 99%

    – Boosting immune system with vitamin D, C and zinc for the old and sick during 2 weeks of home quarantine, followed by re-entry into society – a health requirement!

    – Those old-sick that do start a cough should take 10 cent pill of Hydroxychloroquine – good for 2 weeks.

    1. Best way to boost your Vitamin D levels is by soaking yourself in more sunlight. If you are a denizen of duller climes, such as the unholy Isles of Britain and Ireland, then leave some mushrooms out on your windowsill to absorb the sunlight. You can also generate Vitamin D by using a UVB/UVA lamp for a few minutes each day.

      Vitamin D supplementation is a fad. There is no evidence that artificially raising Vitamin D levels actually helps, or at minimum, isn’t potentially quite harmful:

      Lowest rates of heart disease happen with a Vitamin D level between 20-40 ng/mL.

      Pushing Vitamin D levels artificially above 21 ng/mL may cause more problems.

      NO consistent research-proven benefits to Vitamin D supplementation.

      1. I do RunUltra as one of my hobbies. I never take vitamin supplements and rely on my body (“the most effective machine” for a healty adult) to extract the necessary vitamins and prohormones from my food where it needs it. Sports drinks (watch out – teeth decay) and energy bars have some in it, but that is for performance sports in unusual circumstances.

        Of course you have to eat a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients for the body to extract.

        Sunlight and vitamin D – a fine balance between skin cancer and vitamin benefits. Westerners should normally not have a mineral and vitamin deficit like in third world countries. The body flushes out excess supplements by urination,so in my opinion supplements are a waste of time (even if I sold them in a sideline multilevel marketing venture ages ago), except if there is a real deficit because of an underlying condition.

      2. “a fine balance between skin cancer and vitamin benefits”

        Yes, it is called having a bit of common-sense and knowing when to put on some clothes 😉

        That being said, there are not many reports of the Ancient Greeks all dying of sun cancer. So there are contemporary “environmental” factors at work that must explain the existence of the Western diseases, cancer being one of these. It is not as simple as exposure to sunlight. Our systems are being weakened by a cocktail of toxins prevalent in the Be-knighted West.

        Sorry about that link and giving you a headache. I’ll double-check next time.

        1. No problem, Flopot.
          This link problem crops up all the time.
          We’re used to it.

          One way is to try and embed the link,
          but sometimes even this doesn’t work.

    2. @ Flan O’Brien

      The mandatory/compulsory distinction given by Sardonicus is semantic only.

      For people without land and means of sustenance, mandatory means removal of all natural rights and subsequent death.

      Compulsory means deadly violence against you if you refuse – hence Trumps Demonic Order Followers will act as “nurses”.

      Well said, Flan! The distinction between a “mandatory vaccination” and a “compulsory vaccination” is, as you say, “semantic”. By which you mean that they amount to pretty much the same thing in practice, though in theory they appear to be slightly different.

      With a “compulsory vaccination” you have no choice; with a “mandatory vaccination” you have the illusion of choice — i.e., you can refuse, but if you refuse your life is then made impossible.

      To take an analogy, this is a bit like the difference between being SACKED from your job and being INVITED TO RESIGN. Either way, you’re out of a job.

      BTW, what do you think of the latest news headline:

      Alan Dershowitz says, “You have NO RIGHT to NOT be vaccinated!”

  19. PAT
    ““The justification of private profit,” said President Franklin Roosevelt in a 1938 address, “is private risk.” Banking has now been made virtually risk-free, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States and its people. The American people are therefore entitled to share in the benefits and the profits. Banking needs to be made a public utility.”
    Yes, a Public Utility, like the State Bank of North Dakota…
    Here’s an explanation of how the fed bank works – the sanitary version…
    There were some good fed bank cartoons around ten years or so ago… This one sounds like a remake, very informative, the real story….
    Say Hello to the Mid Continent Gulf for me… I slept there in a chair one day, back in the seventies, when I was doing your job…….

    1. Bark –

      You have to take into account that President Franklin Roosevelt in 1938 was referring to things which do not exist today, such as real money in the form of ‘gold and silver certificates’…. which were certificates of deposit… the original CDs, redeemable in the metals on demand.

      The cartoon, which I saw years ago, kept referring to ‘money’ when there is no money in circultion today, just fiat currency – notes redeemable only in other notes just like them. 🙂

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