Trump Triumphant: An Unstoppable Force

Sneering broadcasters … a scorned working class … and an elite who just don’t get it: Why Donald Trump is now all set for a second term in the White House as Liberal America grinds its teeth with rage — and gets TRUMPED again!

Daily Mail Star Columnist
February 8, 2020


Picture a prosperous nation where the economy is going great guns; unemployment levels are down, wages are up and the stock market soaring.

Life, on the whole, is good for the many — but there is grumbling among working-class voters who have concerns about the arrogance of the governing elite, about crime in their communities, and about immigration.

The leader of this nation is a love-him-or-loathe him maverick, with unruly blond hair, a propensity to open his mouth before engaging his brain, and an infamous inability to grasp detail.

He does, however, have an uncanny instinct for the gut feeling of voters.

He can cut through political verbiage to the heart of the matter and connect with millions.

Meanwhile, his opponents are in disarray, as a doddery Left-wing fossil from another era, who boasts a wealth of crackpot economic ideas, is trying to seize power at the head of a disillusioned and discredited party.

Does any of this sound familiar?

No, it’s not post-Brexit Britain, of course, but America, where I have spent two rollercoaster weeks watching Donald Trump at close quarters, and speaking to scores who voted for him in 2016 and who intend to do so again.

It’s amusing to draw such comparisons, but the parallels between our nations, the similarities between our two leaders, and the bond that already exists between them, have far greater significance at this moment in our history.

—   §   —

This past week, here in the U.S. to report on the opening salvos in the 2020 presidential election campaign, has been instructive for someone whose working life is spent in the corridors of Westminster where Donald Trump is a standing joke — as he is with expat Americans I come across back home.

And when I arrived at New York’s JFK Airport it seemed to be business as usual. When an immigration official noticed I was planning to stay at one of Trump’s hotels in Manhattan. His reaction was utter disgust — I thought he would deport me on the first plane back to London.

In restaurants, bars and shops, as soon as New Yorkers heard my accent, they launched into apologies for their President — for his very existence. This might be Trump’s home town but the loathing is visceral.

Yet what a contrast just a few days later, in icy Iowa for the Democrat caucus.

Nearly every Uber driver I meet, generally hard-pressed middle-aged men or women with families to support, backs their President.

Time and again they told me: ‘He’s getting it done.’ (Ring a bell? ‘Get Brexit Done!’)

What they love is his aggressive defence of their nation, the ruthless way he’s gone about renegotiating U.S. trade deals abroad. A trade war with China? Bring it on, says The Don!

At a raucous Trump rally in Iowa’s state capital, Des Moines, he bragged to adoring crowds about bullying Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe into opening Japanese car factories in Michigan.

All nonsense, of course, but Trump’s blue-collar supporters lapped up this tall tale of souped-up machismo.

It was made clear to me at that rally the real reach of Trump’s appeal, which leaves his rivals in Washington open-mouthed.

One of my most telling encounters occurred in the snaking queue to get into the rally, where I met Patti Tibbitts, 60, who’d made the two-hour drive from Iowa City to cheer on the President.

She didn’t strike me as the stereotyped, swivel-eyed Trump supporter. A proud Native American, she was a demure, well-spoken, highly educated former Obama supporter. But she’d warmed to Trump over her concerns about immigration. ‘I am descended from Comanche Indians,’ she told me.

‘My forebears knew what it was like to have foreigners come in and take their country away from them. The President is strong on immigration and that’s why I’m here to support him.’

There are literally millions like Patty. Trump’s 90 minutes on stage was below-the- belt stuff.

Statesman-like he ain’t. He slagged off opponents in brutal, often personal terms, pulling faces, goading his enemies over the (at that point) almost certain failure of their attempts to impeach him.

John Heraty, a social worker who’d made the five-hour trip from Chicago, told me middle-class voters such as himself simply didn’t care about all of that.

‘He behaves like he’s in a bar-room brawl, sure, but he’s a confident guy. And that makes us feel confident.’

I had similar conversations throughout my stay in Iowa. Supporters acknowledge the boorish behaviour but shrug and reiterate that he’s addressing the issues that matter to them. ‘He’s our guy,’ is all they say.

And I remembered where I’d last heard similar comments on another campaign trail.

During the 2019 general election, I spent six weeks following Boris Johnson around the West Midlands and beyond, to traditional Labour strongholds in the so-called ‘Red Wall’ in the north of England.

Time and again, men and women of all ages, Leavers and Remainers told me Boris — an Old Etonian let’s not forget — was speaking their language and seemed to understand their concerns, about Brexit, about delivering on the 2016 referendum result, and about taking back control of our borders.

The very issues sneered at by the metropolitan Remain-dominated elite, who dismissed such voters as racist, stupid or old, and had no conception of the disconnect they felt with those governing them.

Among America’s liberal dominated mainstream media, the same attitudes prevail. After Trump’s State Of The Union address on Tuesday, in which he boasted of his (rather than his administration’s) success — ‘Jobs are booming, incomes are soaring, poverty is plummeting . . . our economy is the best it has ever been,’ he bellowed — it was a free-for-all of Trump bashing.

News channels such as CNN and MSNBC were rolling conveyer belts of talking heads, whining, sneering and bemoaning the state of the country.

Newspapers such as The Washington Post and the New York Times upped their usual daily misery fest of preaching editorials about this unconscionable White House administration.

Yes, Trump is boorish but the coverage feels vastly overblown. As the more pragmatic Wall Street Journal pointed out this week, the liberal media revels in perpetuating the idea that the country is caught in an epic, Star Wars-like saga, with Trump as the arch villain Darth Vader and the Democrat Party as the plucky rebels.

Their fulminating grows ever more hysterical because they know they haven’t a chance of getting rid of him. And the collapse of his impeachment trial this week only added to the President’s Mafioso-like sense of invincibility.

But to attribute Trump’s sky-high job approval ratings — at 49 per cent, his highest ever — solely to the hopelessness of his opponents would be narrow-minded, though the Democrat Party is in a bigger shambles than our Labour Party.

On Monday, the Iowa caucus — the first step in choosing who will be the Democrat presidential candidate to face Trump in November — ended in farce when the results were delayed by days due to a technological cock-up in the voting system.

As I write, the result is still in dispute, though Bernie Sanders appears to have ‘almost’ tied with the surprise breakthrough candidate, Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor from nowheresville South Bend, Indiana. Neither has a cat in hell’s chance against the Trump election machine — said to be even better organised and better funded than it was four years ago.

Buttigieg, despite his compelling back story (graduate of Harvard and Oxford, gay, served in Afghanistan) seems woefully inexperienced for the task. As for Sanders, his zany politics have zero hope of taking back those floating states Trump stole during his astonishing march to the White House in 2016.

Watching 78-year-old Sanders out on the stump, stooped, craggy and unkempt, he espouses the same brand of radical Left-wing dogma as Jeremy Corbyn, and it has the same appeal to the young middle classes here who worship him.

He’s seen as the anti-establishment candidate, but they’re also seduced by his unrealistic plans to scrap university tuition fees and cancel all existing student debt.

And just as luvvie bores queued up to associate themselves with Labour at the last election, a steady supply of unctuous celebrities cosy up to back Sanders.

I attended a Sanders rally last week in Iowa’s Cedar Rapids which featured fashionable New York rock band, Bon Iver.

By the look on Bernie’s face, he’d never even heard of them.

Liberals hope deep-pocketed media tycoon Mike Bloomberg —- still to enter the race — might yet breath oxygen into the contest, but the former New York mayor looks suspiciously like shark chum waiting to be gobbled up by the Great White Trump.

One thing is certain, the Democrat establishment would prefer anyone to Sanders, who is viewed as an embarrassment among the party’s top brass.

After Iowa I moved on to New Hampshire, a chilly corner of the north-east U.S. where a thick blanket of snow spread over the leafy state. Some 16 inches are due to fall over the coming days in this Democrat stronghold.

It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for the Party’s presidential candidates out campaigning again ahead of Tuesday’s crucial New Hampshire Primary.

The President, meanwhile, is back in Washington, still joking about his recently collapsed impeachment trial. How he flaunted for the cameras the front page of his bete noire, The Washington Post, with its ‘Trump acquitted’ headline.

He’s behaving like a man dipped in sunshine as his opponents continue to tear one another apart.

On Monday, the Trump entourage arrives here for another riotous rally. But between all the grandstanding, the swaggering and the puerile jibes there will be a reminder that his administration has fiscal success to boast about (albeit based on debt-fuelled largesse of some £1.9 trillion delivered via one of the largest ‘stimulus’ packages — tax cuts and a spending ‘bung’ — in American history).

Economic expansion is now in its 11th year, a record for the modern era. Unemployment has sunk to 3.5 per cent, down from 4.7 per cent when Trump took office, while workers’ wages are growing. As for Wall Street, the stock market is up about 20 per cent from a year ago.

Ultimately, that’s what will deliver four more years of Trump in the White House, regardless of tales of foreign influence, sexual scandals and the grandiose promises of reinforced border walls that he’s unlikely ever to deliver on.

Pure, interrupted economic growth — it’s the fuel that fires the engines that pump the pistons that drive the wheels of America. This extraordinary President knows that better than anyone.

(Slightly abridged)

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Liberal America has a hissy fit
as Trump’s popularity soars to an all-time high.

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  1. Watching 78-year-old Sanders out on the stump, stooped, craggy and unkempt, he espouses the same brand of radical Left-wing dogma as Jeremy Corbyn, and it has the same appeal to the young middle classes here who worship him.

    I said it before Trump’s first election, the day of the “liberal” is over. Once again Jews are turning America upside down. Jews set up the “liberal” agenda in the 1960s. Now, half a century later, they are knocking “liberalism” down. Bernie Sanders has been chosen as an icon representing that aged, “stooped, craggy, unkempt” end to Jewish ‘liberalism.”

    Ignorant “liberals,” taking that Jew-induced mantra upon themselves, are in for a nasty surprise as the wheel has turned once again. The “liberal’s” day upon the Jews’ sacrificial altar has arrived.

    Sanders, like Hillary Clinton, is merely an icon in this process; the media’s representative image of decadent corruption being put forth to the masses as a visual message of the outdated, rotten, creaky, corrupt “liberalism” that is now to be shunned and avoided.

    Yet the reality behind that image is altogether different. It won’t be long before those stinky, starry-eyed “liberals” of old are replaced by steely-eyed totalitarian despots marching lockstep to a new world order – a Jew world order.

    Why is ” liberalism” dead? So called “liberalism” was the method Jews used to destroy white, American culture. Now that white culture has all but disappeared, Jews no longer have any need for the liberal decadence used to destroy the culture.

    Today what Jews need is a strong, militarized police state; an improved version of the despotic terror state developed in Russia under their totalitarian Judeocommunist regime, one the American Jew media ironically labeled “liberal and left wing.”

    What Jews need today is a strong, overbearing, heavy-handed, Golem terror state to bully the world into global governance. Thus, weak-kneed, wishy-washy “liberals” have outlived their usefulness. As the “liberal” John Lennon said, “the dream is over.” A new dawn of heavy-handed, totalitarian terrorism has begun and Trump leads the way as the first revolving door dictator.

    In earlier times, the favored system of rule was the monarchy. In the twentieth century, it became the dictator. The only difference was the progenitorship of the monarchy. The new dictator could be a poor serf like Stalin, eliminating the complexities and intrigues required when dealing with royal bloodlines. However, the unquestioned, unilateral power wielded by both political systems was identical.

    The American political system is a blending of those two political systems. While the monarchy’s nepotism is clearly in evidence, the temporary status of a dictator offsets the long term deficiencies presented by a monarchical bloodline. American leadership today is simply a modified monarchy by another name.

    There is however one major difference with today’s leadership. Today, white western civilization labors under a system of racial ruler-ship, one of a Jewish racial bloodline, not direct as it once was with royal family bloodlines. While today’s rulers have familial connections that are ever changing, it is always the same racial bloodline that rules. Thus, today’s political system is a modified form of the old monarchy using what appears to be a dictator that is yet not ruler for life. This makes reversal of political agendas like so-called “liberalism” much easier.

    The problem for the goy mind is, since such a system has never been previously encountered, people cannot identify it’s true nature. Therefore, they fall back onto old ideas and labels that no longer apply. This results in mass confusion and a complete lack of understanding of the political reality with which people are dealing; and Jews always make their greatest gains during such times of mass confusion and social upheaval.

    1. Yeah, Arch –

      Sanders is a pinko ‘milking n bilking’ expert. He has raised over $311 Million in his Campaign Committee Fundraising scams from 1989 to 2020!!

      That does not include federal matching funds….. which could give him over $600 Million.

      He has three very big homes….. leaving a “YUGE” carbon footprint for his ‘Green’ followers to sort out…. lie about. 🙂

    2. Amazing how similar the situations are in the US and UK. A metropolitan elite being overuled by the working class, that is by the people who eventually pay for the bloated salaries of the metropolitan elites, who are mainly senior public sector parasites, the Whitehall crowd.

      1. “Amazing” ??? Not to me. It was the plan all along.

        The Crown & London bankers demanded and helped establish the US Constitution!! 🙂

        The Treaty of Paris of 1783 established the control.

        The simple truth is that the US has been under martial law, whether enforced or not, since its founding, through economic commercial control and numerous bankruptcies.

        The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783
        Article 4:
        “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”


        But the simple truth is that the US has been under martial law, whether enforced or not, since the 1930s. This situation traces its roots to the various bankruptcies of the United States.
        The first such event was in 1791; the debt incurred, to the usual suspects, was that arising from prosecuting the so-called Revolutionary War. This war was not about the common man’s struggle for independence from England; but about who would rule the Crown Colony.
        The Founding Fathers, masons almost without exception, accepted that they would be allowed to rule the colony if they honoured these debts. To pay them, they drafted the Constitution later in the same year as the bankruptcy; whose legal implications are that all signatories agree freely to pay the debts of someone else. Thus the people were shanghaied into this position, unbeknownst to themselves. They thought that they were being given rights; they were in fact being given responsibilities, in exchange for those somewhat limited rights.
        The legal ramifications of bankruptcies at this level are that 70 years are determined to re-structure the economy and to introduce mechanisms whereby the original obligations can be met at the expiry of that period.
        The second bankruptcy occurred, on cue, seventy years later, in 1861. This time, the mechanism for restructuring the debt involved the Northern Government in a war of aggression against the personnel and property-rich South. Those allegedly enfranchised would simply exchange one form of serfdom for another; they would, in exchange for “civil rights”, agree to meet their income tax obligations; money which would be fed to the original creditors, residing in their European chateaux.
        On 9.10.1931, the third bankruptcy occurred, seventy years later. This time, the debt would be consolidated by stealing all the gold of the American citizenry, and giving them Social Security numbers, as befits objects which are entirely owned by the government as chattel property. Furthermore, Congress agreed that a State of Emergency might be declared, in response to the financial crisis; this situation involves the suspension of the Constitution, and the imposition of a state of martial law, with all power thenceforth residing in the hands of the Executive. The Chief Executive of course being a blood relation of the Royal Family of England, as has always been the case.
        This situation pertains to the present day. The proof of this contention is that every US courthouse displays the flag not of the US, but of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of that nation, ie a gold-fringed US flag.

      2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, John. The situation in the US and the situation in the UK are almost identical, apart from a few minor differences. Boris Johnson has begun to copy Trump and make out that he has a soft spot for the poor and downtrodden … for the oppressed masses. If only!

        The sticking point is IMMIGRATION.

        Not a day goes by but new Third World refugees manage to cross the English Channel illegally … and they are always and eagerly welcomed. Grandiose promises are made to curb immigration, to take in only the cream, the very best. All the promises are broken. Every day new jihadis and dangerous criminals swarm into the country and nothing is done to send them back to their countries of origin.

        We are being INUNDATED! 🙂

        I have no idea if the same thing is going on in America, but I suspect it is.

      3. Pat
        Granted, there’s plenty of things worthy of cynicism to go around, but the shedding of blood, men dying, families torn apart has to count for SOMETHING.

        I contend that George III, his ministry, generals, hell, the whole of ENGLAND were all victims of an all-encompassing hubris due to the fact that the British Army won a seemingly endless series of victories on the battlefields of Europe. The thought of being defeated by the “American rabble” was LAUGHABLE to them! But defeat them they did, and here’s another simple truth – had the British won there would have BEEN no American Constitution. Not even an INKLING of freedom. We woulda been under a totalitarian regime over 200 YEARS ago!

        And to think, my Mohawk ancestors actually FOUGHT on the side of the Redcoats!


        P.S. I think ol’ Tom Paine would disagree with you as well 😁

      4. B-Hawk –

        “The thought of being defeated by the “American rabble” was LAUGHABLE to them! But defeat them they did…”

        Tom Paine would NOT agree with you there.

        The BIG SECRET is there was NO defeat on either side!! The British troops never even completely left the US & territories. 🙂

        SO – They had ANOTHER treaty, 11 years later, to try to remove MORE of the British troops! 🙂

        1794 Treaty of London aka Jay Treaty
        The Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, Between His Britannic Majesty and The United States of America, commonly known as the Jay Treaty, and also as Jay’s Treaty, the British Treaty, and the Treaty of London of 1794, was a treaty between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Great Britain that is credited with averting war, resolving issues remaining since the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the American Revolution, and facilitating ten years of peaceful trade between the United States and Britain in the midst of the French Revolutionary Wars, which began in 1792.

        The American government had several outstanding issues:
        • The British were occupying forts on U.S. territory in the Great Lakes region, at Detroit and Mackinac in modern-day Michigan, Niagara and Oswego in New York, and Maumee (also Miamis) in modern-day Ohio.
        • The British were continuing to impress American sailors into British service.
        • American merchants wanted compensation for 250 merchant ships which the British had confiscated in 1793 and 1794.
        • Southern politicians wanted monetary compensation for slaves who were evacuated by the British Army following the Revolutionary War.
        • Merchants in both America and in the Caribbean wanted the British West Indies to be reopened to American trade.
        • The boundary with Canada was vague in many places, and needed to be more clearly delineated.
        • The British were believed to be aggravating Native American attacks on settlers in the Northwest (modern-day Kentucky and Ohio).

      5. Ok, brutha, I get it. The bottom line is the inability to equate independence with being independent of the money control. I don’t think it’s a matter of them not embracing the IDEA of independence, though. They simply didn’t connect the dots.

        I’ve often wondered about Jefferson’s famous feud with Hamilton. I think Jefferson smelled a rat, but even HE couldn’t put two and two together regarding the money reality in understanding that cutting the umbilical cord to London was necessary to thoroughly define freedom. They left out the word “from” in their thinking – freedom FROM what should have been seen as Britain having become a foreign sovereignty in the true meaning of the term. The spirit of 1776 didn’t extend to seeing that.

        P.S. But we still have a disagreement over the Bill of Rights. (((They))) didn’t think it would be a problem they couldn’t overcome. They were wrong, and I’d like to think that some of these Amendments (especially the 2nd) meant that suffering the brutality on the battlefields weren’t meaningless. They didn’t die in vain for their country.

    3. Weird Politics: Is Killary Meant To Be President?
      There is no – if Killary this or that.
      Killary Never Meant To Be!!

    4. @Arch Stanton

      I find your comment quite reasonable and I agree with much of it, but it would be better if you have abstained from passing judgement on things you have no credible knowledge about.

      Have you ever heard of one Grover Carr Furr III, brother? Of course, you haven’t.

      In fact, I would be very surprised if anyone here ever heard of this guy; promoting and spreading true and truly important knowledge is not something to be expected in the Western world which is built on lies, all lies, and nothing but the lies.

      1. Circassian
        Believe what you will, but all your reference to Furr tells me is that like the vast majority, you simply don’t understand the extensive hoodwinking power of the Protocols. It doesn’t suit what you so desperately WANT to be the truth. And this is exactly the kind of mindset they play on 😎

      2. Believe what you will, but all your reference to Furr tells me is that like the vast majority, you simply don’t understand the extensive hoodwinking power of the Protocols.

        You know now why I did not refer you to Furr, if you’ll pardon the pun; there are things which are not meant to everyone:

        Keep chewing on the Protocols.

    5. Donaldo comments on the following post, “There is something wrong with white women.” Donaldo was both shocked and bewildered by the disturbing video of a young white couple kissing the filthy sneakers of dead-beat wanna-be rapper black men with barely enough intelligence to tie their own shoes. This young couple is so deranged as to defy human logic. Oh well, the success story of liberal universities instilling a false guilt complex into their young, impressionable minds. Oh my G_d! But anyway. There are 4 🐕 s in Donaldos family. Two in Mexico. They are Mateo and Fritus. Two in USSA. They are Kenny and Marylin. These pets, “mascotas” in Spainish are proud and loyal. But, unfortunately, also very demanding. Much to Donaldos wife’s displeasure, they often consume more of the steak and lobster of Donaldos plate than he does. Anyway, another subject. The pets of Donaldos family never wow outsiders to touch them. Much less would they lick their sneakers (American slang for tennis shoes). Had the black men in the video put their shoes in the faces of Donaldos family dogs, they would all be bleeding. Anyway. Donaldos point is this. If such people as this young white couple are so easily manipulated and exploited, do they DESERVE to survive? Probably not. The blond-haired woman 😘 the shoes of a black man, husband at side, is an absolute disgrace. What is worse is this white man allowing it. In Mexico, a man never “arodilla” ….goes on his knees for anyone. Donaldo, himself, would rather face a tiring squad, Stalin style, than do so. 😉🌮🍷

    6. Arch Stanton`s revealations are right up there with stormin norman and lasha darkmoon. I will continue to read and learn from these gifted people!

  2. All this talking about this man makes him just more popular. It’s all advertising, propaganda. Ignore him is the best if you don’t agree with him. He is enough protected by the hidden state. That must be obvious.

    He will be reelected as the common people have a short memory, living in a daily ratrace ( no time to think), low intelligence. Leaving aside the possible ballotfraud.

    1. Yes, it’s losers like you who wish Trump were ignored. Your biggest problem is the ilk you support AGAINST him have only that motive: They hate Trump, and are envious of him.
      I have seen it time and again that when someone’s motives are purely to best the competition, they fail. Much better it would be if they actually had a constructive target, and a productive ambition other than simply to destroy the competition.
      In every MSM interview of Democrat candies, their stated goal is “to beat Trump”. Losers.

    2. One of many things that has made Trump popular, which your TDS myopia won’t allow you to see Mr. Magoo, is that before he took office he said he’d put pedos in prison. His first EO forced rapid resignations of sexual deviants like Eric Schmidt, a key front man, who is like Bill Gates, also a front, and also really, really dumb having stolen the crappy DOS from his partner as Gates doesn’t even know how to code, operative of #GoogleGestapo, Jeff Flake with his pedo hair who stepped down at the height of his power in Congress, Luis Gutierrez who was stealing money from Puerto Rico disaster relief and would have been prosecuted had he not resigned and continued to push for allowing illegals to over run our borders, and numerous other corporate CEO’s all resigned and then low and behold pedo and child trafficking arrests and prosecutions increase 800% and Mosad asshole asset Epstein, a Zionist thug, gets rearrested to show the country how compromised by pedophelia the elites like the Clintons and Bushes etc are, and then Zionist terrorist Bronfman filth who are all criminals get one of their own in handcuffs for Nxvium. Oh and a few Disney execs get busted for being pedos too since that’s always been a pedo company as Walt was a pedo. Oh, and Harvey Weinstein, Zionist filth, will die soon from the stress of his trial and fairly soon there will be some major arrests of various elites in politics and in Hollywood. Enjoy the show Mr. Magoo.

  3. Americans are not bright, informed voters.

    Occasionally, when I pass a shopper wearing a TRUMP cap, out of curiosity, I politely ask them why they support Trump. They never had any clear or definite answer. I then mention legislation Trump has passed (screwing the middle class or harming the environment or creating instability in the world), and they are never aware of it.

    It’s my opinion that simple-minded Americans, who have no idea what he’s actually doing in office, very sadly, are simply attracted to his arrogance. It’s as simple as that. (And part hatred for the Democrats.)

    I have such revulsion for the creature I refer to him as the ‘orange puke.’ He’s nothing more than an arrogant errand boy slave to the jews who in reality, cares nothing for the average American.

    1. MB –

      “Americans are not bright, informed voters.”

      That IS 100% correct…. and IS the case in every country.

      No voters anywhere are TOTALLY aware of what their governments do in public or in secret.

      Even members of the same governments are unaware of the actions of their peers!

      Then…. there are the ‘alphabet soup’ boys in MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA….. etc!! 🙂

  4. “Pure, interrupted economic growth — it’s the fuel that fires the engines that pump the pistons that drive the wheels of America. This extraordinary President knows that better than anyone.”

    Yeah, fuelled by trillions in debt and war.

    1. I second that. Our hero Donald Trump is helping to turn Israel into a great nation which will soon dominate the Middle East after Iran is turned into a parking lot. And then the world at large will be dominated by us Israeli Jews and American neocon Jews working in seamless solidarity.

      From secure bases in Jerusalem, Washington and London we shall establish our empire over the globe. We will then grind the goyim into the dust with our heels and make them our slavering slaves.

      Long live our beloved Donald whose grandchildren are all Orthodox Jews. The Talmud is now the President’s bedside book which he reads every night before turning in after his last tweet.

      1. SZ & TC:

        The Achilles’ heel of the jews is their chutzpah!
        They always claim victory too soon and doing so wake up the goyim.

        How many times in history did this happen? And you never learned…, o dear o dear.

      2. A strategy Jews have used throughout history is their incomparable racism (aka ethnocentrism) which is a central part of their religion and binds them as a people, ironically exactly what they always accuse Europeans and other whites of. But they do make exceptions to their tradition of encouraging Jews to marry other Jews when it pays and like when they occasionally encouraged one of theirs to marry into a powerful European’s family throughout history, they did the same with Trump. The Trump family was wealthy and successful and having Jewish Jared marry Ivanka has paid back with huge returns. Now they have one (Jared) playing a huge role in foreign policy, foreign policy directly dealing with Israel. Trump provides an example of why intermarriage with Jews is not good. A prototypical white born to a Scottish mother and with both his grandparents on his father’s side coming from Germany, the Trump’s now work for the Jews and some have become Jews.

        I wonder if Trump is conscious of this. Even though saying it out loud will ruin you, I believe more people are becoming aware of the Jewish colossus that has such a stranglehold on power and when enough people become aware of it, then people will begin to openly talk about it, and not just on the internet under a fictitious name

      3. TC,
        Israel ALREADY is a stable and prosperous country. Israelis don’t need a schmuck like Trump to make them “great again.” Tamara, do you work? Hold a job? Donaldo, and most Jews across the globe, don’t agree with your extremist views. We don’t need goyim to survive or thrive. We are intelligent and capable. Donaldo doesn’t need a goy to help him at all. Where ever you live or what you do, you got there through your own diligence. No goy needed. 🙄😏🌮😉🍷

    1. Exactly (if it’s not too late to get rid of him already that is).

      As I see it, there are ominous Biblical implications as to what’s happening here. For example, Daniel 7:8 may be referring to the senate’s acquittal of Trump. And the impeachment scam itself may be a Satanic inverse parallel to Jesus “trial,” first by the Sanhedrin and then by Pontius Pilate.

      1. @ Harold Smith:

        I applaud your use of Biblical references, but please do NOT project Biblical scriptures onto modern events so easily. It is true there may be some connection from Bible verses to modern events, in the sense that history repeats itself and also ryhmns, for as you should KNOW the Bible also says , There is nothing new under the Sun, which means all methods and machinations of the EVIL one (Satan / Devil / Lucifer) have been around since the fall / expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven and been done by mankind (men and women) on other human beings since the time of Adam and Eve. Lastly, eventhough the Bible has global implications, its events / stories and history and prophecies has to do with the region of the world around the great Sea, the Mediterrranean Sea which like Jerusalem is the centre of the World as stated by God himself in the Bible. This then means that Amerika is only an after thought and not important. This also means that modern countries of today are only important if they were say 1500 kms or miles away from Jerusalem or were somehow descended from the collapsed Roman Empire and continue Roman culture, tradition, military, religious and legal ideas. From this standpoint, the Vatican and many European nations are important as are countries in Northeast Africa like Libya, Eqypt and Ethiopia as well as countries like Syria, Russia and Iran (Persia) and countries that could show a 200 million man army like India and China.

        This is also to say that God designed the world’s continents the way he did because the world’s future and end would be centred on the Eurasian Continental Landmass and Africa (NE part), all centred around Jerusalem, Israel as its hub and the Mediterrranean Sea is the western focal point.

        Next, please do NOT tell us that the Bison (American plains Buffalo) is the animal referenced as the 2 horned beast. Biblically, historically and zoologically, the Bible’s 2 horned beast is a male sheep (ram) or male goat and nothing else. The sheep are the good and innocent whereas the goat is evil and Satanic. Though Seventh Day Adventists get most Bible prophecy correct, their use of a Bison shows their delusion and American-centric view of the Bible. Get it in your brain, America is not important for Bible prophecy.

      2. @ Stormin’ Norman

        “…please do NOT project Biblical scriptures onto modern events so easily.”

        Until I’m asked otherwise by the administrators of this site, I’ll state my opinion here whether you happen to like it or not.

        “Next, please do NOT tell us that the Bison (American plains Buffalo) is the animal referenced as the 2 horned beast. Biblically, historically and zoologically, the Bible’s 2 horned beast is a male sheep (ram) or male goat and nothing else.”

        I said nothing about “Bison.” And you obviously know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the subject matter of which you speak. Nothing in your comment merits a substantive reply from me as it’s all facially self-refuting. You’re just wasting bandwidth.

      3. Stormin Normin

        “….as stated by God himself in the Bible

        The “God” you refer to does not represent a true identity of Divinity. Use of a gender-related word (himself)
        indicates that. What you are referring to is a “master of the universe”, a Demiurge per Gnostic understanding

        1. @ BH, re ‘Stormin’ Norman’

          I don’t think you are entitled to “correct” him, dear Brownhawk, given that your own views are are simply alternative “opinions” and have no factual basis whatsoever.

          Do you have any proof of the existence of a “Demiurge” a la Gnosticism? No, you don’t! Gnosticism is simply another offbeat conspiracy theory cult which is NOT widely accepted today except by a few spaced-out people like you! Please try and remember that before you start lecturing Stormin’ Norman as if you had a hot seat to Ultimate Wisdom. 🙂

          IOW, dear Red Injun, try to be more modest and tolerant towards the views of other people. Your airs of omniscience do not do credit to your great tribe. 🙂

      4. B-Hawk –

        Correct…. except for writing “gender-related” in this case.

        Actually it is “sex-related” – male v female…
        ……. a human quality!! 🙂

      5. Dear Madame

        Believe what you will, your snide remarks regarding my “spaced out conspiracy theories” aside.

        As for Stormin Norman’s take on things, how about a little fair play by delivering to him the same kind of comment you made to me, hmmm? Meaning, prove to me that the “God” he references represents Divinity. This is one area which has hoodwinked mankind more than any other hoodwink…..per my UNproven “conspiracy theory”, of course. 😆

        P.S. Do I have to qualify everything I say by using a prelude of, e.g. ” in my view….”? If it will help you then I’ll do just that🙂

        1. You ooze with testosterone, Brownhawk. Always ready to pick a fight, tomahawk swirling. Calm down! Of course Stormin’ Norman is entitled to speak of God, far more so than you are entitled to keep prattling on about your hypothetical “Demiurge”.

          Because even if your airy-fairy “Demiurge” exists, the Gnostics themselves believe that GOD CREATED THE DEMIURGE! The Demiurge couldn’t have come into existence by himself but is himself a CREATED BEING.

          Please don’t argue with me, dear. I am your intellectual superior. But this of course you would rather die than admit, being so full of yourself! 🙂

          A little more modesty would become you, dear Brownhawk. You have great talents and insights, but you are simply not in the same class as me. Accept from me the self-evident truth that Stormin’ Norman is a man who is entitled to respect. As such, he does not need your haranguing lectures all the time.

          1. I am not suggesting you are WRONG in your opinions, Brownhawk. You could be right. I am simply suggesting that you are wrong to keep suggesting that OTHER PEOPLE need to swing round and think like you to win your approval. What makes you so conceited? Your attitude is almost juvenile. Grow up! Be more tolerant to other people’s opinions! After all, Stormin’ Norman could be RIGHT! 🙂

      6. Madame
        How arrogant of you to say that you are my intellectual superior, that I am below your class as such. And you call ME CONCEITED?!

        I present my opinions, and they can’t help but BE opinions which just happen to be presented in a strong manner, of which you obviously misconstrue.

        But hey, if you’re so insistent on expressing such a high opinion of yourself, whatever floats yer boat, sister!

        When the article “Are we Meant to be Here” Part 2 is posted, I’ll have a ready reply that will include addressing the Demiurge as being created by the true God. But here’s a hint, in reflecting my aforementioned strong opinion – what God created didn’t start OUT as a “Demiurge”. Ponder and that if you so choose 😳

        1. @ Brownhawk

          The world must be waiting with bated breath for Part 2 of LD’s article to appear — not, I hasten to add, to read the article by LD but solely to read Brownhawk’s long-awaited comment on the Demiurge. 🙂

          So you are now itching to “correct” LD for her misguided opinions even before reading her article, is that so? 🙂

          Has anyone told you that you are an insufferable bore?

          1. You are certainly taking advantage of Admin’s kindness in letting you post here. You have nothing to say that is of the slightest interest to anyone, so all you can do is pick quarrels with your intellectual superiors.

            Learn from Pat. Model yourself on Pat. He is ten times your intellectual superior — even when he is wrong! 🙂

            1. Give Brownhawk a break. He has a good heart and good intentions. And he is definitely of higher than average intelligence. I mean, most people of average intelligence haven’t even heard of the “Demiurge” and wouldn’t even know how to spell “Gnosticism”. Maybe Brownhawk’s tendency to pick quarrels with people is a personality disorder of some kind. I think he may be going through a bad patch. Maybe he’s on medication.

      7. Madame
        Riddle me this: What does it say that something is “widely accepted” to be a conspiracy theory? First, that many people accept it to be theoretical, as logic would dictate. Second, that said theory is conspiratorial in nature, which is a given, as the adjective “conspiracy” indicates. Beyond that the only thing the term infers would be dismissive. It’d be like saying, ” This is just an airy-fairy conspiracy theory of spaced out kooks like Brownhawk, who can’t PROVE it”

        And you call YOURSELF INTELLECTUALY SUPERIOR TO ME? Logic, Madame:

        “Brownhawk presents a conspiracy theory”…..PERIOD.

        If I had you as a teacher I would swallow poison! 😆

        1. @ Brownhawk

          I can see at a glance that Madame Butterfly is your intellectual superior. She has a doctorate in psychology, so I believe from previous comments here, which makes her effortlessly your intellectual superior in every way. Pipe down! and you may actually learn something from your betters! You are too argumentative and always picking quarrels with people in a desperate attempt to underline your own importance. Almost every comment you make is disagreeable and unpleasant, you hateful little man.

      8. It appears that, with a little help from my gentile sisters Madame Butterfly, Saki, Ruth and Silent Reader, the Supreme authority on the Protocols is about to learn that he is not (as my gentile brother Donald the Tramp would put it) that Supreme lately.

        Namely, if Chief has a moderately developed brain, it might dawn on him that the enforcers of the Protocols – just like its real authors – have little to do with the Jews per se. Jews have their role in the scheme – that’s for sure – but they are not nearly smart enough to hatch up such diabolically ingenious enterprise, not to mention to implement it.

        To make it easier for my redskin brother to grasp what I am talking about, I shall put it in the context closer to his wigwam: The role of the Jews in the Protocols is roughly of the same scale as their role in the Holocaust of the Indians of the North America.

        It’s high time to stop smoking pipe, Chief, sober up a bit, and start thinking… real thinking.

      9. A doctorate in psychology makes her my intellectual superior, eh? It is to laugh, to claim such a distinction based on what is essentially a pseudo science. 😂🤣😂

        Be true to your name Junior and crawl back in your hole.

      10. Ruth
        Please don’t presume that my post will be one to be seen as correcting Lasha. That you DO make such a presumption does not speak well of yourself. And it must be a wonderful gift knowing when someone is right or wrong, and speaking for everyone when saying no one wants to hear anything I have to say

        1. You have spoken well, Brownhawk, and I stand corrected.
          I think I may have misjudged you.
          Anyway, I like you — so stick around! 🙂

      11. Saki
        Just so you know, the only bad patch I’ve been in lately occurred when last summer I discovered that my raspberries all grew out withered and brown, much to my chagrin. I suspect coyote urine contaminated the soil

        Dern critters! 🐺

        1. @ Brownhawk

          I like your comment. It show you are well above average intelligence. Sincere apologies if anything I said hurt your feelings. No offence intended! 🙂

      12. Go blow it out yer arse, Circassian. I’ve made perfectly clear what extent the Jew’s role in the Protocolian authorship was, AND their role regarding its enforcement. In posts past I’ve elaborated on their various roles farther down the hierarchical ladder. Can I help it if you completely disregard this fact, or simply weren’t here at the time of their posting? Methinks not.

      13. Thanks Saki
        Although I await Grammar Fiend with bated breath to admonish me for my bad grammar.

        That passage should have read, “….occurred last summer when I discovered that….” 🙂

      14. I am a little worried about losing my detractors. Although I suppose I’ll always have Silent Reader and Circassian to kick around!😆

      15. B-Hawk –

        Ruth & Saki were just testing your temperament. I believe you passed.

        Circ displayed his usual irritating qualities of needling you. You shrugged those off also.

        BRAVO!! Grab your pipe & relax!! Detractors still abound… 🙂

      16. Pat
        You serve as a good mentor for “detractor dealing”, as I’m sure ol’ Ol Tom Paine served for you! 😉


  5. “Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man.”
    — Harold Wallace Rosenthal

  6. (See note by Admin below)

    13. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favour of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some “Panama” or other—then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honour connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Naturally, the authority of the presidents will then become a target for every possible form of attack, but we shall provide him with a means of self-defence in the right of an appeal to the people, for the decision of the people over the heads of their representatives, that is to say, an appeal to that same blind slave of ours—the majority of the mob. Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal, in case of need for the defence of the new republican constitution, the right to defend which will belong to him as the responsible representative of this constitution. (Iran? Grenada? Kuwait? Iraq? Panama? Somalia? Bosnia? Kosovo? Indonesia?)

    Oh I can hear admin now its cut and paste ,its cut and paste! How else to get through to you? The Protocols are already written, take note, what else do you need to know, ruminate all you will.

    ADMIN: Don’t refer to Admin again in a derogatory way, or your future posts will be deleted. In fact, don’t refer to Admin AT ALL. Most people don’t.

  7. Yes Donald Trump has done great things for Amerika as the article boasts, but it comes at a great cost! Trump maybe a chess player while his opponents play checkers or is he also a great poker player gambler compared to his enemies that play GO FISH! Trump is the man for this time in Amerika where most sheeple have a 30 second attention span, which suits Trump due to his REALITY TV background, which the sheeple eat up.

    I have watched some of Trump’s Rallies on Jutube and he comes across as a sincere, paced speaker with a rythmnic speech and tone. When Trump speaks at the rallies, he makes his points like bullets in a Powerpoint presentation, all in bit-sized sound bites of 30 seconds at a time. This would be the modern way of making speeches, but still bares a resemblance to the way Hitler spoke at his Nazional Socialist rallies. I DO NOT make this comparison lightly, but it is accurate. Hitler and Trump are now the same in the sense of establishing their POWER and now maintaining it. This similarity does NOT bode well for Amerika and the World. This time in history is the calm before the STORM. This time in history is like the time of prosperity under Hebrew king Jeroboam, king of the northern tribe of Israel, that caused the worship of the Golden Calf and Baal before the Assyrian captivity occurred. Trump is also leading Amerika to temporary prosperity before its destruction. Trump may even help to destroy some or all of the Deep State and Drain the Swamp, but other Global powers will rise up above Amerika as Amerika drifts into oblivion for its great Hegemonic Corruption of “Crony Capitalism” and “phony Democracy”. Trump’s policies concerning the Middle East, ie, “Deal of the Century”, will cause Israel, a phony entity, made by the Rothschild Banksters and their Khazarian Mafia, phony fake Jews of Eastern European stock, where Israel will be destroyed by the surrounding tribes / nations. Thus Trump will bring about Armageddon / the Apocalypse, where the phony Jews (Khazarian Mafia bunch) will be destroyed and the real Jews (Semites that stayed in the Middle East) will be saved by none other than the Messiah and Christian Saviour, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, Amerikan Christian Evangelicals along with the likes of John Haggee and Kenneth Copeland are frauds and believers in false Last Days/Endtimes theology that was started by Charles Nelson Darby, repackaged by Cyrus I. Scofield with his Scofield Reference Bible, that was bought and paid for and promoted by the Rothschild Banking Family, so as to delude Western Christians into a false belief that Jews were the Chosen people and that the land of Israel must come to pass. These statements may be true Biblically, but these Jews are NOT the ones that came from Khazaria (modern day Ukraine and Georgia) in the 8th century AD. These Khazarians were a nomadic Turkic Mongel (or Scythian) peoples that were attacked by Christians from the West and Muslims from the South. To prevent wars and facilitate trade (Silk Road), these Khazarians converted to Judaism, which by this time was nothing more than the Babylonian Mysticism and Pharisaical Talmudism that religious Jews celebrate today. This Satanic religion can be called Kabbalah or Chabad Lubavitch and from Sabatei Zevi and Jacob Frank as Sabatean Frankist was inherited by the likes of the Rothschild clan, Adam Weishaupt ( Illuminati fame) and Marxs and Engels, and all the isms that the Khazarian Mafia bunch brought on the world in the Industrial age after 1700 onward.

    These are the curses that Trump will eventually unleash on Humanity, so enjoy the calm before the Storm. Amerika will fall. Russia, China, India and Iran will rise, along with a British-less reformed EU led by Germany that looks East to join the New Silk Road (Belt and Brick Initiative, BRI) for a new world of different and new prosperity. However, do NOT be fooled, this new multi-polar world with the Eurasian Landmass LAND power will be the alternate NWO without Amerika and a divided Great Britain of separate Ireland, Scotland and England/Wales. And yes, fake nation Israel, will be the hub of the spoke-wheel that connects the Eurasian landmass Land power with Africa, to form the final system of Global power through Berlin, Moscow, Beijing and Jerusalem as the hub, but not ruled by Jews.

    Seig Heil our glorious leader DJ Trump, who ushers in a NWO but secretly destroys Amerika and phony Israel with its fake Jews, all in one fell swoop. So Jesus, the One True Messiah, we await your Second coming Soon!
    Everyone else can wait for the AntiChrist, Mahdi and Maitreya. And the nutty Environmental Earthers like Greta Thunberg can wait for Mother Earth aka Gaia! And that includes the False Prophet Pope Francis, the ecumenical nutcase! Thank you Donald J Trump, as I pray for you and that all Amerikans wake up! That Hegelian dialectic and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion directives really work and most of the planet is too stupid to see it! Darkmooners exempt, of course, for we are a bright bunch (mostly)! Danke and Spasiba!

    1. I have researched, to the best of my ability, the coming NEW WORLD ORDER, and think that I have a very good idea of what is going on. Everything that I have learned has been condensed in this one comment by Stormin`Norman. He has a very good grasp of the big picture. Congratulations, Norman. You seem to know already, that Almighty God is in control, and the NWO leaders will do whatever is planned by God. They will do whatever the Old Testament and New Testament Prophets say they will do!…….. Lenny Linwah

      1. @ Lenny:

        You may be more right than you know, but I have qualms about your username here at Darkmoon, because you could be like Seymour Zak and Tamara Cohen and be a Zionist shill. The reason I say that is because your name puts a bad taste in my mouth due to a black Jew musician named Lenny Kravitz and his daughter Zoe. Lenny’s music is perverse Jewish filth and his daughter appeared in predictive programming movies like the X-men (mutants = LGBTQ etc., accept as normal or better) where she played a stripper Tinkerbell character. Not to mention Lenny Kravitz as a movie star in the Hunger Games trilogy as Cinna, a promoter of perversion from the Capital Elites, again predictive programming of America’s and the World’s future. Other than that, your comment is appreciated, but your name could use a name change.

        PS: My username is derived from my CB radio call-sign during a Driver job I had as well as respect and appreciation of a famous American General of the same nickname, known as General Norman Schwarzkopf of Gulf war I fame. This General was also a Realist and told the Bush Sr. administration what HE thought about the Gulf war!

      2. SN –

        Norman Sr was a US Army Major General and the lead investigator in the Lindbergh kidnapping.

        He lied continuously and framed Bruno Hauptmann to become a hero to the nation!!

        Hauptmann was wrongly tried and convicted for murder and was executed on April 3, 1936.

        [ Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf (August 28, 1895 – November 25, 1958) was the first superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. He is best known for his involvement in the Lindbergh kidnapping case. He was the father of General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., the commander of all Coalition forces for Operation Desert Shield/Storm. ]

        Anna Hauptmann said she had not set foot in Flemington since Feb. 13, 1935, the day Mr. Hauptmann was sentenced to death in the electric chair, an order which was carried out in Trenton a year later. Though she said in an interview that she hated to return — “I was afraid I might faint,” she said — she also said she felt she had to do so.

        “It is my duty to fight for my husband as long as I live,” she said. “I can tell you my husband was innocent, and God knows it, as innocent as any of you.” ‘Always Framed,’ Widow Says.

        She spoke at a news conference at the Union Hotel on Main Street, where she stayed for 33 days in the winter of 1935 while the trial unfolded amid enormous worldwide media attention.

  8. “As I write, the result is still in dispute, though Bernie Sanders appears to have ‘almost’ tied with the surprise breakthrough candidate, Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor from nowheresville South Bend, Indiana. Neither has a cat in hell’s chance against the Trump election machine — said to be even better organised and better funded than it was four years ago.”
    Maybe so, but I think Trump sweats Bernie Sanders more than any of the others… A few years ago the Trump people acted like they preferred Bernie to run against, him being such a crackpot and Hillary a serious threat, at least according to all the polls (she wasn’t)… At the end of the election I got the feeling they were actually relieved they didn’t have to run against Bernie, and I’d bet now they much rather be up against Alfred E. Enueman… He looks pretty squashable… The dems are supposed to be the workers’ party, labor… But they’ve failed so long at that… now they’re just the Permanent Underclass Handout Maintenance Machine… And underneath, as the planet gets sicker, you have more and more eco-dread, now Bernie’s ‘Socialism’ comes up as necessary… Not just some fad… The fact is – society needs something other than cutthroat disaster capitalism, a major re-engineering of the methodology, which Trump is totally clueless on.. So does the Planet… No doubt though, Sanders’ Socialism will be closer to the red menace than anybody’s enlightened idea of ecotopia… I mean, what’s Bernie have to say about reducing the human population or eliminating secrecy in government, because until you do that, it doesn’t matter what form you’re using.. As long as the sate continues to operate in secret and the human population continues to grow – you might as well have another beer and a cigarette while you still can…
    “One thing is certain, the Democrat establishment would prefer anyone to Sanders, who is viewed as an embarrassment among the party’s top brass.”
    Understandable, except that the Democrat Party is just Republicans Light.. Sanders isn’t even a Democrat… But they have to be worried he’ll run as an Independent, which would screw the Dems more than the Republicans… He’s kinda got them over a barrel… But really, I think Joe Biden is the perfect poster boy for the party… He doesn’t even want to be President, and he knows he’s not gonna be…

  9. I think Tamara is a jew who does NOT like Trump. She knows a lot of Darkmooners don’t care for jews so she goes overboard praising Trump — because he’s such an ardent supporter of Israel and loves the Jews to no end of the loving — she knows that turns the Anti-Jews off to Trump [ his ardent support of Israel/Jews certainly turns me off to him. I’m very Jew-Wise so naturally I’m ANTI-Jew ] ; Tamara uses what’s called Reverse Psychology on the readers to try to steer the Trump supporters away from Trump and not vote for him in November. There’s not many Trump supporters here at Darkmoon so I don’t know why Tamara is so desperate to chip away at Trump’s base, his grass roots supporters. Well, the Democrats are very desperate these days, so I guess it makes sense Tamara is also desperate. Use Reverse Psychology a lot do WE? Or, just every once in awhile, once in the blue moon?

    Reverse Psychology : A classic time-proven tactic. Not a very imaginative tactic, but it’s been around a long time so I guess it’s an effective tactic. Though Tamara is not intelligent enough to know how to use Reverse Psychology without being totally obvious about it. Being obvious about using Reverse Psychology strategy undermines the usefulness of the stratagem/tactic. A burning desire to be a cunning Machiavellian without the intelligence and without any subtlety to know how to pull-it-off — Tamara is like a bull in a china shop but she wants everyone to think she’s got “finesse”, lol. Yeah sure, Reverse Psychology always fools everybody, it always works!

    Tamara is almost as good as Mel when it comes to guiding Us to being Jew-Wise and leading us to ANTI-Jewism. If we can’t have Mel than Tamara is the next best thing!

    Tamara used Reverse Psychology on us so I’ll make sure to vote for whatever ANTI-American COMMUNIST the COMMUNIST JEWS in the COMMUNIST Democratic Party choose to be their presidential candidate! The Communist Jews in the Democratic Party supposedly don’t like Jew Israel — so if you don’t like it that Trump is such an ardent supporter of Jew Israel vote Democratic, the Democrats supposedly don’t like Jew Israel and are supposedly Anti-Jew, the Jews who own-and-control the Democratic Party supposedly are “ANTI-Jew and ANTI-Jew-Israel” — what a joke.

    If the Democrats win in November Uncle Sam will still support Israel to the max and in the United States for domestic policy, the domestic policy will be TOTALLY JEW COMMUNIST policy. Tamara knows this, that’s why she wants everyone to vote for the Democratic Party. She wants JEW COMMUNISM for the United States ; she knows her Israel will still get supported 100% under a Democratic Party COMMUNIST president . That’s why she uses Reverse Psychology on us.

  10. The upper classes absolutely deplore being laughed at and scorned by the hoi polloi. This causes their lives, despite all their material luxuries and grand pretensions, to become openly unsettled as inwardly their best made plans become increasingly unpredictable and even terrifying as they realize their relevance is fading fast.

    This is the stuff of neurosis and psychosis, which are already prevalent among the upper castes to a high degree, celebrated as (lol) culture, uniqueness and of course, specialness. No one it seems is better than Trump at picking at this scab and making it bleed on a national and even a world scale. A Punch and Judy show of the grandest proportions. Staring Mr. T (pity the fools) as *Punch.

    When the peons see their leaders, their paragons being mocked and verbally manhandled by a man constantly described as stupid, moronic, inept and uncouth, they deeply question their lying eyes, ears and noses, causing the top dogs to chew their nails and chase their tails even harder, exacerbating the very thing Trump tells the hoi polloi they are. Now their sick psyches are out in the open, on display for God and everyone to hear and see, broadcast coast to coast in living color.

    The battlefield of the mind is a terrible thing (and the subconscious is even worse), is now manifested as neo-Vaudeville complete with all the Princes and Princesses stripped to their naked and pale essence, as the crowd goes wild with schadenfreude, their thirst for bigly entertainment wholly satisfied. Hearts and minds are now flipped 180 degrees and a new false status quo takes center stage with Trump as the emcee.

    *Punch outwits a ghost, a crocodile and a doctor, convinces the hangman to be hanged in his place and, at the play’s end, even defeats the devil himself.
    (and they said it couldn’t be done)

  11. “Trump Triumphant: An Unstoppable Force”

    I would have to agree with this characterization.

    In the aftermath of 9/11 our masters passed legislation and took actions e.g. attacking Iraq (without any justification whatsoever), setting precedents which undermined the rule of law and effectively consolidated power into the executive branch. And unfortunate recent events appear to have sealed the deal.

    Since he’s been “president,” Trump has made public statements to the effect that Art. 2 of the constitution gives him unlimited power to generally do whatever he wants to do, and he has publicly expressly asserted and/or implied that his war-making powers are absolute, especially in the context of attacking Iran. According to Trump, congress has no power to interfere in his plans. And he has backed up his defiant words with actions, e.g., murderous and risky attacks against Syria and Iran.

    Then the democrat-controlled house of representatives impeached him on two charges: (1) abuse of power and (2) obstruction of congress. That he is guilty as charged would seem to be obvious to any reasonable person paying attention.

    Then the senate, which had the power to stop him (and to in effect restore some constitutional limits on presidential power), instead acquitted him.

    In light of this, we’ve now been set up for WW3 and the end of America as we knew it, IMO. The senate has sent a loud and clear message to America and the rest of the world that the constitution and the rule of law in the U.S. are now formally dead. All doubt is now removed that we are ruled by a king. In a sense, on Feb 05, 2020, we had a coup d’etat, and since the “president” is now BOTH the supreme law of the land AND the commander in chief of U.S. military forces, technically we are presently in a state of martial law, albeit an undeclared one.

    That our jewish-supremacists understand the significance of what’s happened is clear from their triumphalism on display here and elsewhere.

    1. @ Harold Smith:

      I understand your objections, but I do not want you to be like charlatan Jonathan Cahn or Trump’s Faith advisor witch! These people are like John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn: all False prophet prosperity gospel wolfs in sheeps clothing or nothing more than snakes in the grass! From your comments on previous articles and here, you are a much better person than them.

      I only mentioned the Bison example as a distortion of Bible interpretation with an American-centric view as espoused by Seventh Day Adventists, since Bison did not/ do not exist in the Middle East region in Scripture.

      1. @ Stormin’ Normin

        “I understand your objections, but I do not want you to be like charlatan Jonathan Cahn or Trump’s Faith advisor witch!”

        First, what I may or may not “be like” is none of your business.

        Second, being that you broached the subject, what exactly is a “charlatan”?
        According to dictionary(dot)com:

        “charlatan[ shahr-luh-tn ]
        a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack.”

        In light of this, please point out where you see me pretending to have more knowledge than I possess.

        In my earlier comment (that you first replied to), I said:

        “For example, Daniel 7:8 may be referring to the senate’s acquittal of Trump. And the impeachment scam itself may be a Satanic inverse parallel to Jesus “trial,” first by the Sanhedrin and then by Pontius Pilate.”

        Is it not clear that I’m merely stating my personal opinion? Is it not clear by my use of the word “may” as a qualifier here that I’m leaving open the possibility that I’m wrong?

        I don’t claim to have all the answers; I merely have an opinion which I hold and promulgate in good faith (as per my moral and patriotic duty). Where I differ from many others with an opinion e.g. you, is that I can generally support my opinion with what I believe is a reasonable argument.

        In your earlier reply to me you said, for example:

        “Lastly, eventhough the Bible has global implications, its events / stories and history and prophecies has to do with the region of the world around the great Sea, the Mediterrranean Sea which like Jerusalem is the centre of the World as stated by God himself in the Bible. This then means that Amerika is only an after thought and not important.”

        This statement of yours is just a bare assertion; an unfounded, very charlatanic bare assertion, IMO.

  12. jews did 9/11 (research the 5 dancing Israelis arrested on 9/11 jews run the media)
    jews run the banks
    jews ran the slave trade
    jews attacked the uss liberty
    jews are pushing racial mixing/miscegenation (destruction of gentile races, mainly whites)
    jews are pushing feminism/social leftism
    jews are behind the LGBT agenda
    jews made the first transgender clinic in Germany
    jews run hollywood
    jews sacrifice children
    jews are behind and push immigration
    jews are behind white genocide (pushes anything to end whites including birthrates)
    jews are behind gun control/take your guns
    jews are behind/fund ALL wars since the 18th century (creating infighting for power)
    jews and AIPAC controls U.S politicians
    jews would make ancient empires and civilizations collapse (creating infighting for power)
    jews destroyed the nuclear family and traditional values with degeneracy
    jew- run establishment bans solution to cancer
    jews ran the transatlantic slave trade from Africa to the americas
    jews are behind destruction of gentile/non-jewish religions
    jews made communism and marxism
    jews have been kicked out of 350+ places (officially 109 countries as of c.a 1970)
    jews push NWO and destroy gentile countries, by firstly controlling their central bank
    jews made the Jesuit Order/Society of “Jesus” (Ignatius of Loyola the crypto jew creator)
    jews control the music industry and rap (hence the degeneracy and anti traditionalism)
    jews are behind the china epidemic (Mao Zedong had jews all around him)

    Suomen tuhoava juutalainen pankkiyhtälö on:

    Velka – (velka + korko) = Suomen kohtalo. Kun tätä yhtälöä sievennetään, saadaan

    Velka – velka – korko = Suomen kohtalo, eli

    – korko = Suomen kohtalo.

    Yksinkertaista ja selvää. Tällä yhtälöllä juutalaiset ovat tarkoituksella tuhonneet ei-juutalaisen Suomen ja myös tulevat viemään tuhon äärimmäiseen loppuun saakka.

      1. Jews were 90% of the Russian Bolsheviks, who murdered 25 million Russians, and also murdered (Bayoneted) the Tsar and his beautiful young family. But you will never read this in our wonderful, glamorpuss media.

        Most races have atrocities in their pasts, but they admit it. The Jews only allow propaganda that descrribes tham as innocent victims.

    1. @ Juden Waffen and Mahmoud (MEY):

      Your statements of FACT would be declared Darkmoon’s Doctrine / Manifesto of Jewish Crimes Against Humanity! Oh, wait, that’s what the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are! Therefore the Manifesto is NOT Anti-Semitic, unless we say those same things about Arabs. However, as governments and Jewish lobby groups throughout the world show, any comment by non-Jews about Jews (Khazarian Mafia variety specifically) whether good or bad, as well as factual or not, is Anti-Semitic! I really do hope that Trump is duping the Jews to aid in their own destruction. And as usual, the useful idiots that the Jews use like progressive libtards, or LGBTQ+ people, will be destroyed as well once their usefulness is not required. The parasite killing the Host analogy.

  13. All Trump needs to do is flatten his hand instead of pointing his finger and then his popularity could be compared with the most popular leader of the 20th century, with support Trump and all other leaders could only dream of. Both these leaders got huge support, in part, for a similar reason. Their people despised the lying Jewish media in their countries. I wonder if Trump is actually left handed or does he deliberately use the left arm to avoid the comparison.

    Hitler Returns To Germany From France (1940) | British Pathé

    Tucker: Media attacks have helped Bernie Sanders

      1. @ Peter

        I get the impression that you are of German origin and have some affection for Hitler. There is an interesting book titled Hitlers amerikanische Lehrer: Die Eliten der USA als Geburtshelfer der Nazi-Bewegung by one Hermann Ploppa. Too bad that you don’t speak German for you could have learned something new from the following interview with the author of the book:

        Unfortunately it is not available in English, but its title alone speaks volumes: Hitler’s American Teachers: The Elites of the USA as Obstetricians of the Nazi Movement

        Here is a rough Google translation of the above short introduction to the book.

        Is the National Socialism with all its terrible excesses a pure product of Germany? Of the common people of Germany? Of German culture?

        The author substantiates his thesis that this is not the case by presenting documents which were unknown so far: that many components of National Socialism have been derived out of endeavors from the US in the beginning of the twentieth century, and which have been middle of the road there: the ideology of the Nordic master race or the “elimination of the inferior” for instance. Already before the Great War in many states of the US laws have been enacted for the sterilization and castration of the “inferior”.

        And that’s not all: in the year 1914 the federal government of the US, distinguished foundations like Carnegie or Rockefeller and the elite of the scientists of American ivy league universities worked hard for a detailed race betterment program not only for the USA but also for whole mankind. By this plan there should have been “eliminated” 45 million “inferiors” in the US alone until the year 1985.

        Adolf Hitler propagated this program in “Mein Kampf” with fervor. Hitler never made a secret out of the fact that he owes many essential ideas to Americans like Henry Ford, Madison Grant or Lothrop Stoddard.

        “Hitler’s American Teachers” was published in the fall of 2008. The author had to sell the book by self-publishing because no publisher had the balls to challenge the middle-of-the-road narrative of the exclusive responsibility of the German people for the rise of fascism in that country. Also book reviews are very rare until today.

        But the subject is also of great potential for the English speaking community on the globe. So maybe there will be a courageous publisher for an edition of this book in English language. We shall see …

  14. Anybody above Navy Captain or otherwise Colonel has to be approved for his eank by the President…
    That means he has to pass the deepstate snifftest…
    Now you’re talking politics, not just military…
    All kinds of bloodline considerations must apply, as in any feudalisttic poeer structure.

    1. Yes, Bark –

      AND….. ‘Ring-Knockers’ know that they get promoted higher more quickly as ‘Fellow-Travelers’ there!!

      It pays very well to be a mason as an officer in the US Military.

  15. Yes it does…
    Police forces too….
    The vertically juxtaposed squares are code for the brotherhood…
    I’ve seen em on helmets, hats, tailfins and rockets..

  16. Wow, all these comments about Trump and Trump-related issues: Jews, Protocols, foreign / domestic policies, military intervention globally, etc.. This proves that Trump is being used to do what he does: divide for sure and cause conquest for the Globalist Cabal of Illuminati Satanist Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and Elites. Trump and everything around him may Drain the Swamp and Make Israel Great Again while the Amerikan host dies slowly due to the parasitic fake International Jewry. Then if Amerika falls due to Civil War, Global Economic collapse due to Coronavirus 19 (Lab Bio-Engineered), and loss of status as a Globally respected concilliator (honest negotiator/ broker) thus forcing Amerika out of the Middle East with its tail between its legs (humiliated). At the same time Putin’s star is rising in the Middle East and elsewhere to show a different way to peace and prosperity that threatens Amerikan Hegemony. Amerika is the spoiled brat that wildly swings its limbs in a temper tantrum to gain attention and get its way. That does NOT work anymore!

    Putin (Russia) with Jinping (China) and their Eurasian Landmass initiative, Brick and Road Initiative (BRI), is the answer to Amerikan Hegemony for a multi-polar world. Amerika and its lackeys like NATO, Atlantic Council, etc., are doing everything to prevent the Multi-polar world. However, slowly, the Multi-polar world is emerging and Amerika can NOT stop it. Trump’s behaviour only strengthens the Multi-polar world as the next NWO. If you understand that, you understand Trump’s purpose, even though Trump presents himself as a Nationalist (Amerika first)! The NWO will come, but it will be a type most people never thought of (reformed European Union in a Eurasian Landmass power)! And Jerusalem, Israel (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters entity) will be the hub of that Eurasian Landmass wheel! Surprise!

    Next, all this talk and verbal jabbing about Conspiracy Theories! Interesting to say the least! However, as many Alt-media pundits have stated, whether you believe in Conspiracy Theories or not, what has come to light is that Conspiracy Theories go through stages like most things. At first Conspiracy Theories are laughed at and ridiculed and those espousing them are considered Nutjobs! Next the Conspiracy Theories grow in strength and acceptance, while the MSM still refutes them. Then finally, after 10 – 20 years, the Conspiracy Theory is accepted by people and the MSM, where the MSM finally also reports the Conspiracy Theory almost as if it were fact. The assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X come to mind. The attack on the USS Liberty in the 67 war, or Gulf War I (Desert Storm) are others. Of course, all these examples also show that the facts have been obfuscated and confused so much with so many red-herrings, that the REAL truth becomes hard to determine. In the end, however, the TRUTH wins out, even if it is a needle in a haystack!. But the Truth will set you free! So all of us, consider that in light of Barkingdeer, Circassian, Madame Butterfly, Ruth, Harold Smith and myself, Stormin’ Norman! Seymour Zak and Tamara Cohen exempted of course, for their Zionist leanings.
    And Lasha Darkmoon with a Christian Worldview is entitled to state and support her Antisemitic (Anti-Jewry (fake or real peoples) views as are we all! Thank God we can still do that, but there probably will come a time soon when we will be censored for those views! And when that dreaded time comes, perhaps if those views are still allowed here, maybe there is Controlled Opposition going on, as they are part of it (Jewry Controlled factions). People like Gilad Atzmon, Adam Green, Israel Shamir, Henry Makow and Ron Unz come to mind. Norman Finkelstein being the exception! Do NOT get me wrong, I appreciate Lasha’s work and this website!

    PS: Do Not forget that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters fake JEWS Satanists hate real Jews, but use them to achieve their NWO ambitions. This is the point that commoners, regular folk, that are not into research and logic, DO NOT understand! Darkmooner’s DO! Thank goodness for you all!

    1. Stormin Norman
      I find the vast majority of your comments to be spot on. And contrary to the words of some posters here, my intention was never to disrespect or harangue you. And like you said, no matter your take, the truth WILL set you free! 😃

      1. That’s OK. Foget-about-it! ( in Italian accent) Replies to my comments are taken with a grain of salt and under consideration but never as insulting thanks to a thick skin letting them slide off my back. With few exceptions, most Darkmooner comments are useful for increased understanding and knowledge like the hidden history of the Schwartkopf military family that was brought forth in this discussion. Thanks Harold Smith for your insight and I do appreciate your input. As for Zionist trolls, that is another story, but it does take guts to be a Contrarian! Unfortunately, Zionist trolls are delusional Contrarians!

        I see that Lasha’s next story about White Women is another International Jewry Satanic perversion promoting the elimination of White Christian Ladies / Damen to destroy the family (married heterosexuals with children) and European civilization in particular which includes America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So Lasha, bring it on and lets refute those Protocols! Thanks everyone!

  17. Trump, whether you love him or hate him, after November 2020, Amerika’s decline and internal Civil War, the Globalists will achieve their goal for Amerika. For another perspective see link below to Veteran’s Today and a comment by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, an Anti-Zionist, Anti-fake Israel, Christian leader from Kalispel, Montana. Hint: Emperor Nero fiddles while Rome burns! Veteran’s Today, Kevin Barrett:

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