Trump was planning to attack Iran — and the mainstream media missed it until now

By James North
Mondoweiss via ICH
November 17, 2020

This site has been warning for months that Donald Trump might launch a military attack against Iran — and meantime, the mainstream press mostly ignored the danger. We were right, and they were wrong.

The New York Times just reported that last Thursday, Trump asked senior advisers if he could militarily strike at Iran’s nuclear program, but the officials, including Vice President Mike Pence and General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, talked him out of it.

The article warns the threat has not ended:

Mr. Trump might still be looking at ways to strike Iranian assets and allies. . . 

The Times report is misleading in several respects, starting right with the headline: “Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program.”

It sounds ominous, and you have to read down to the 15th paragraph for details: it was the U.S. that unilaterally ended the nuclear deal in 2018, and “the Iranians have hardly raced to produce new nuclear material.”

The report also included the following astonishing sentence: “The episode underscored how Mr. Trump still faces an array of global threats in his final weeks in office.”

In fact, in recent months the U.S. and Israel have waged a clandestine sabotage campaign inside Iran, including destroying power plants, aluminum and chemical factories, a medical clinic and 7 ships at the port of Bushehr.

The people facing “global threats” are not “Mr. Trump,” but the people of Iran.

The Times also downplayed the Israel angle.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tried for more than a decade to goad the U.S. into conflict with Iran. Donald Trump’s biggest donor, billionaire gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson, is enthusiastically pro-Israel and publicly said the U.S. should drop an “atomic bomb” on Iran.


Worth $36 billion, Adelson is Trump’s biggest political  donor
and would like to see an atomic bomb dropped on Tehran.  

The mainstream press failure to report on the Trump/Netanyahu threat to Iran has been astonishing.

One example: Thomas Friedman, the most influential foreign affairs columnist in the world, is supposed to be a Mideast specialist. He has a twice-weekly column in the Times. And so far, he hasn’t said a word of warning.

James North is a Mondoweiss Editor-at-Large, and has reported from Africa, Latin America, and Asia for four decades. He lives in New York City.

Sourced from Mondoweiss via Information Clearing House

29 thoughts to “Trump was planning to attack Iran — and the mainstream media missed it until now”

  1. “Talked him out of it” Ha! He cannot dare. They have goods on him………..He is rich…..cannot afford to endanger it. They just told him nicely, what will happen-to him.

  2. So far, this is just idyl speculation. Since there are no “nukes”, I doubt anyone of importance is too worried about anyone else having them. 😂 Trump has enough problems on his plate without serving-up any more!

  3. That top photo missed out the caption that should’ve been underneath that hag on the left: Trump Fluffer

    1. Yep Realist,
      A picture speaks a thousand words. The tequila has gone to Donaldos head. Feeling good but a little blurry. Rubbing eyes. But let’s look again at the above picture. To the left, Donaldo sees Princess Leia. Quite older now, but hey, the 70’s Star Wars era is long gone. (Mariam is actually attractive for a woman her age……like the hair). Center sits Jabba the Hut wearing a suit costing more than Donaldo 2020 Toyota Corolla. And, last but not least, on the right sits school- boy Mr. 🥔-head Bibi eagerly looking on ready to please big $$$$$$-boy Jabba. I dunno. But seems to Donaldo that the intricate web of HUGE power-brokers like Adelson, Soros, Gates, Rothschild….. just to name a few, is actually hidden in plain view. Sadly the goyim-sheeple voters believe that disposable toilet-paper quality politicians like Bibi, Trump, Biden, Macron, Merkel, etc. have any REAL power. Come on. Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s folks like Jabba who call the shots via their BILLIONS of shekels. This is where things get blurry. Because even the Jabbas of the World seem to not know exactly what they want nor possess a clear strategy of how to obtain their abstract and elusive goals. Anyway. Donaldo just reflecting from a wind-swept truckstop beside the 🌽-fields of Southern Ohio. 🍷🌮🤔

  4. Sounds like the (((usual suspects))) are carving the last ounce of their “pound of flesh” before throwing the carcass to the crows.

  5. As soon as traitorous Biden and his Kamel whore enter the White House, it will be an opportune time for a strong, foreign force to attack America. The rag heads can’t really do it (though they’ve positioned many of their ilk among us), but China CAN – and probably has it already planned. It looks bad, even for those of us who are somewhat prepared for hardship and lethal opposition. Screw Iran! Screw Israhell! Home should be our first concern.

      1. Gil
        “complete bollocks” to mean Trump was planning an an attack and had to be talked out of it. I read the title and that was enough for me

    1. Gilb,
      Not necessary for a Chinese standing army to invade USSA. They ALREADY own it economically. Billions of US warbonds. Why send in troops when they can legally purchase US farms, businesses and industry once the US$ collapses? A no-brainer. Anyway, say “Hello” in Mandarin to your new Jackie Chan (2 words of English) landlord. The Chinese…..Jews of Asia….will run the show. They are “people of the dragon 🐉…… just like the Khazars. But more decent people. How will life be under their rule? Definitely better. The Khazars hate WHITES. But the Chinese prefer Caucasians. No animosity there. The Chinese, however, loath dark-skinned people. Can anyone say Kamala children? The Obama’s, Kamala’s, Antifa, BLM’s wouldn’t last I’ma week under Chinese rule. AND…Donaldo welcomes that. 🌮🍷🤔

  6. The article warns the threat has not ended:

    Mr. Trump might still be looking at ways to strike Iranian assets and allies. . .

    If Trump leaves office with Iran still intact and still refusing to take orders from the USraeli empire, then from Adelson’s perspective the last four years have likely accomplished nothing (except to make the Trump look like an unreasonable, frustrated bully); so it’s no wonder that Trump “asked senior advisers if he could militarily strike at Iran’s nuclear program.” Maybe Netanyahu can help out with a false-flag attack blamed on Iran.

    The next few months are going to be very dangerous.

  7. In my opinion, Iran will be attacked by the ZUS irregardless if Trump or Biden is elected, Israel wants this war and what Israel and the zionists want, they get, this attack will be preceded by a false flag blamed on Iran and perpetrated by the zionists.

    This war will bring in Russia on the side of Iran and the war will go nuclear, the zionists believe that they can survive this war in their DUMBs ie deep underground bunkers that they have throughout the ZUS and Israel and Europe, millions will die, but this fits in with their depopulation plan.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

  8. I feel I must address this issue of Trump and his hesitation in attacking Iran. The United States is not attacking Iran for only one reason, it would be suicide. Iran is strong, it has accurate missiles, and if the US of A does attack Russia + China might step in, and then it would be an immediate nuclear standoff. Of course Israel doesn’t care if there a huge losses, nothing would make the Jews more happy than Russia and Amerika took each other out.

    Remember that Pentacon memo, 7 countries in 5 years. Have you read it lately?

    “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” Retired General Wesley Clark revealed to Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman in 2007 the ambitious imperial plans of the Bush-Cheney inner circle.

    Well Trump didn’t complete the mission and finish off Iran, so now Biden is being installed as the latest WHORE PUPPET of ISRAHELL. So if you are wondering who the deep state is, or who the Demonrats work for, it is the Jews and Israel. If the the Republican whores won’t do the bidding of Israel, then they can be pushed aside for the Democrats. It is actually quit simple to understand District of Criminals actions, it is all for Israel. Confused as to why things are the way they are? Just remember, everything is being done for Israel, and the nation can go straight to hell.

    Mark Glenn had it nailed a decade ago when Obongo was being goaded into attacking Iran. Mark Glenn of the former shuttered Ugly Truth website said it best, the whore (USA) will do the dirty work for the pimp (Netanyahu and Israel) but the whore (USA) will not commit suicide. So Trump is the current WHORE asset of Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu and he is being pushed, just like previous presidents into attacking Iran but he does not because the whore is not suicidal.

    Did you remember what happened when our glorious homo Oboma President didn’t attack Iran?

    Jerusalem Post (22 Jan 2012): Atlanta Jewish newspaper calls for Obama assassination
    “Atlanta Jewish Times’ owner apologizes for column suggesting Netanyahu deploy Mossad agents to assassinate US president.”

    Also the bagman of this bad message was General Dempsey, who’s jet almost got shot down after telling Netanyahu the bad news.

    “The whore is refusing to commit suicide, and last time this happened General Dempsey was attacked upon arrival at Bagram Airbase just after telling Netanyahu in Israel that the United States would not have Israel’s back if they attacked Iran. This story was barely covered, except by VT, Israel is not taking NO for an answer.”

    Trump, for all his failings, is a lover not a war monger. Just look at his hotels. He’s not a bloodlusting bastard like GW Bush. He doesn’t have that in him, so he does just enough to keep Netanyahu and Israel pacified, like moving the embassy to Jerusalem or giving Isahell the Golan Heights (which he has no legal right to do). So Trump keeps throwing Israel bones to chew on but he has not done the big deed and taken out Israel’s nuclear program.

    Israel, you see, keeps pushing it’s Jew whores in administration after administration into attacking Iran. Why doesn’t Israel attack Iran, are they are bunch of pussies? Yes they are, they want their Goy whores to do it for them. Jews are not good fighters as they do not have the moral high ground, they are lying aggressors and simply can’t get it up to go it alone. So they want the duped White people, those that believe in the God of Israel and the State of Israel, to go to war for them.

    The last time the Jews Army attacked Lebanon the soldiers broke down and cried. The aggressor Jews could not stand up emotionally to their own losses when they were the f-ckers who attacked another nation!

    So because Trump did not attack Iran, he is out of favor with the Jewish supremacists. David Goldberg told us that Netanyahu said Trump will be flushed down the toilet if he doesn’t attack Iran, and lo and behold, Trump is in the process of being flushed and is now fighting for his political career.

    So because Trump is fighting back, what do the Jews say now? He’s Hitler. They know that if Trump retains his Presidency, that Trump may go sour on Israel for being stabbed in the back by Netanyahu – who congratulated the new President Biden. Jews know what they are doing and they are total pussies fearing blowback from Amerika. Well let us see if Trump gets retained if he has the balls to stand up to Israel and tell Netanyahu to go to hell. My bet is he won’t, once a whore, always a whore. A person who whores for another simply has no moral spine.

    1. Gen Clark is an admitted Pharisee….. “from a long line of rabbis..”
      His words are worthless.
      Fairy tales.

      1. Yukon,
        Seems to Donaldo that we are indeed eternal PHYSICALLY. Everyone of our thoughts, actions and experiences is incorporated into our DNA which is encoded into our children and future generations. So, actually, WE never die. Also. Every aspect of the person you are now is a continuation of the DNA of your ancestors whom in essence and therefore still live according to Donaldos logic. Not only do our children resemble us physically, they also carry our personality traits. In essence, they ARE us. So we never really did at all. That’s on the physical side. On the abstract side, all of our thoughts, words and actions are absorbed by people with whom we come into contact with. Donaldo has witnessed this in his personal life. His Mexican grandchildren, though not of his blood but only through marriage, have adopted his manner of speaking and to some degree (better or worse) behavior. So after Donaldos demise a part of Donaldo will live on through the people close to him in the abstract sense. Donaldo never fathered children… least none that he’s aware of. Maybe some in 1990’s Thailand or more recently in truckstop. Never met them but hope they’re well. But anyway, perhaps WE never really did after all. Donaldo just reflecting. Yukon, love your website Amigo. 😉🌮🍷🙏

    2. @ Yukon Jack

      Trump, for all his failings, is a lover not a war monger.

      I have to disagree with this statement. The only reason Trump hasn’t attacked Iran YET, IMO, is because Iran hasn’t given him a sufficient pretext. FDR needed dead Americans at Pearl Harbor; LBJ needed dead Americans on the USS Liberty; Bush needed dead Americans in NY, PA and DC (9/11) before launching attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq; and Trump needs dead Americans before he can attack Iran.

      Moreover, only a deranged warmonger would’ve exited the nuclear treaties and embarked on a hopeless quest for nuclear primacy involving dangerous acts such as deploying intermediate range nuclear missiles near the borders of Russia and China.

      1. You are probably right, and BTW you were right all along about an Iran attack around election time.

        So you are saying Trump needs a big pretext, and I can see that as true because Trump just set a tripwire according to this article:

        President Trump Sets Tripwire For Attack on Iran

        Dave DeCamp Posted on November 18, 2020

        “A source told The Washington Post if an American is killed and it can be ‘tied back to instructions from Iran’ it would spark immediate US response”

  9. Not sure this is all so simple.
    Especially considering these recent events, it would seem Netanyahu could have had Trump do such bidding while in the middle of his term….
    Maybe, probably biden is another fool too, yes, but still, why not make the hit while you can?
    If that’s what you can’t wait to do….
    Like the old mafioso said, “why take a chance”?
    And it isn’t as if thrrecwere anywhere near an opposite majority in the congress… nobody would have stopped it… plenty of hacks would have msde big dough…
    I’d be real suspicious that’s the reason he’s hated so bad… when it comes to mass killing and destruction. Trump’s no Bush Cheney Clinton Obamanite…
    Not Even…
    Of course, if all this deguerre is mostly hype for maintaining the usual suspects in profitable power positions, keeping the proles under the wrong impression, then, yes we get it….
    Trump’s record on global military aggression doesn’t even approach his 2 preceedents…
    In certain circles that’s odious…

  10. Here is a post from Philip Giraldi which he wrote on 11 Nov. He is a former CIA operation officer in Europe and Middle east ,Veteran,and PhD in European Hiistory.

    A Splendid Little War???

    I have a crazy idea that I can’t get out of my head – I think Trump is going to attack Iran. The two top level Pentagon changes coming at this time make no sense for a lame duck administration or even for an administration that thinks it will reverse the electoral results. They signal to me that Trump is preparing something really vindictive and also stupid and Pompeo has already served notice on the centrality of Iran in White House planning. Pompeo has warned that the US is going to increase sanctions on Iran dramatically so no one in the future can mend fences by re-doing anything like the JCPOA. Elliot Abrams, who is in charge of Iran policy, has just been in Israel and Pompeo is on his way there at a time when you would think they would be needed in Washington.

    In addition to doing yet another favor for Israel, a little war could possibly generate something like a state of emergency declaration prolonging what we are going through right now and the inauguration of Biden will just have to wait… is all of that just too outlandish to consider? And what can be done to stop it?

  11. Here is another post from Philip Giraldi, 16 ours ago.

    November 19, 2020

    President Donald Trump clearly has a visceral hatred for Iran. It has been reported that as recently as last week he asked senior advisers whether he ought to attack Iran’s main nuclear site at Natanz. The meeting reportedly came shortly after international inspectors observed what appeared to be a significant increase in the Iranian stockpile of nuclear material. The advisers convinced the president that a military strike might quickly escalate and would not be in U.S. interests, however.

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also already served notice on the centrality of Iran in White House thinking. A recent New York Times report regarding the assassination of an alleged al-Qaeda leader in Tehran that is sourced to unnamed “intelligence officials” is intended to suggest that the Iranian government is working with the terrorist group, which is not the case. Pompeo’s State Department also has announced that the U.S. is going to continue to increase sanctions on Iran as well as on Syria. Analysts believe the intention is to create such an all-encompassing network of sanctions that they will not easily be undone, so no one in the future can mend fences with Iran by seeking to restore anything like the nuclear program inspections established by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The move is clearly intended to prevent Joe Biden, if he should become president, from trying to reverse Trump administration policies towards the Islamic Republic.

    There are other indications that the Trump White House is moving ahead with measures to put even more pressure on Iran. Elliot Abrams, who is in charge of Iran policy as Special Envoy, has just been in Israel on a visit to discuss how the Trump administration, in coordination with Israel and several Gulf states, will impose the new sanctions on Iran in the remaining weeks left before inauguration day, just in case Biden’s election is confirmed. And Mike Pompeo has also stopped in Israel for a visit and talk with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Those trips come oddly at a time when you would think the two administration loyalists would be needed in Washington. Israel is, of course, lurking in the shadows on anything having to do with U.S. policy towards Iran. Israel manages the current White House through multi-billionaire donor Sheldon Adelson and the Israelis, though confident of their ability to direct Joe Biden just as they controlled Barack Obama, are also warning the incoming president that if he seeks to restore the nuclear inspection agreement Israel will have to “take steps” and there will be war with Iran.

    In an admittedly more alarming report suggesting that Israel will be able to take control of whoever is in charge in Washington, “Shimrit Meir, an Israeli analyst and commentator, told JI [Jewish Insider] that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would likely ‘save the option’ of having the Republicans in control ‘for a desperate time — a looming agreement with Iran that doesn’t address [Israeli] concerns, for example.’ A Republican Senate will have an ability to ‘apply unique pressure on a Biden administration’s foreign policy,’ suggested Richard Goldberg, senior advisor at the [neocon] Foundation for Defense of Democracies.”

    Just exactly who would be doing the fighting and dying in any event is not exactly clear, but as Israel’s government and its U.S. lobby own the Democratic Party, Biden is not likely to be so bold as to bite the hand that feeds him and he will forego taking the risk of initiating any rapprochement with the Iranians.

    In addition to doing yet another favor for Israel, a little, hopefully containable, war could also be beneficial in other ways. If it is hyped enough by an acquiescent media, it could possibly generate something like a state of emergency declaration prolonging what we are going through right now and the inauguration of Biden will just have to wait. Are Trump and Pompeo capable of that? Maybe.

    Is all of that just too outlandish to consider? And what can be done to stop it? I would observe that I am not the only one whose danger antennae went up when the top Pentagon officials were ousted so soon after the election. Even the Israeli press is speculating that an attack might be coming and Mondoweiss has a compelling piece entitled “An unhinged Trump could still unleash violence against Iran but the U.S. media downplay the danger.” The article cites a New York Times piece discussing the Pentagon firings which includes buried in the text “. . . Defense Department officials have privately expressed worries that the president might initiate operations, whether overt or secret, against Iran or other adversaries in his waning days in office.”

    The Times followed up with another article on the Pentagon changes on November 11th, which began with “A purge of the senior civilians at the Pentagon and the ascension of a similar hard-line policy official to a top job at the National Security Agency have prompted concerns that the Trump administration may be planning new punishments for Iran…” Given that the generally tone-deaf newspaper of record just might have a reliable source could suggest that the rest of us should also take note. One would like to know who those unnamed Defense Department officials were and one might ask “What do they know that we the public should know?”

    Some might argue that even for the Trump administration an unprovoked attack on a foreign country just days before a transition in government here at home would be a bridge too far. But that assessment is somewhat naïve. United States governments, both Democratic and Republican, have been doing the unspeakable and unjustifiable for some time now. Let’s hope that instead of a new armed conflict Donald Trump has the vision and fortitude to deliver on what he promised to do four years ago. Let’s end the wars and bring the troops home.

  12. I spent a lot of frustrating time wondering about the peculiar deformity of American mind whereas when confronted with a jigsaw piece that doesn’t fit the preordained slot, it forcefully shoehorns it in, bending the edges or simply clipping off the offending outline with shears to make it fit—the American mind then stands back, admires its handiwork and crows about 100% success rate (“1” in front optional, same, same).
    So here and now, this article.
    As first reported by Eric Schmitt, Maggie Haberman, David E Sanger, Helene Cooper and Lara Jakes of the New York Times, of equally impeccable track record when it comes to tailoring jigsaw pieces to the Tikkun Olam puzzle.
    Rather than me explaining for the umpteenth time the mechanism of wartime deception, without which any self-respecting war is unwinnable unless one were to take a machine gun to a neonatal ward and call it the Battle Royale of equals, why not listen to the Duran Greeks, Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris. Though born in English-speaking world, their mentality is much more attuned to Byzantine intrigues that mesh politics-diplomacy and war into coherent clockworks.

    As for the reasons for the aforementioned American debility, I will address the status of my ongoing inquiry in a separate post.

  13. My diagnosis of American none-seeing eye squinting painfully due to shards of Judaic glass splinters skewing vision, perception and understanding.
    What I keep hammering on, quite in vain, that NEVER, EVER must one align one’s sympathy (or more precisely, ANTIPATHY) with Jew’s.

    ✡️✡️✡️tob shebbe goyyim harog🕎🕎🕎
    All Goyim Must Be Killed.
    We’ll come back to this essential orison, spoken first thing daily, I am told. Then Jew takes a piss and brushes teeth, cleansed body and soul.

    Americans, believing themselves to be an actual empire, just like a tractor believes itself to own the farm, figure the whole world is an enemy to be made and unmade according to daily needs, excepting Jews/Israel, the only TRUE friends according to sub-Messiah Hagee.
    There are no true allies, only vassals, nor true enemies only claimants to some resource that the empire needs as of right now, so let’s label them with a bullseye within a target, manufacture an excuse and attack with overwhelming shekinah (shock-and-awe, original hebrew spelling).
    And this method transfers seamlessly to real world analysis, political and metaphysical, every American suffering from the same astigmatism which explains what to an outsider is absurdity of their geopolitical thinking, What-You-Think-You-See-Is-What-You-Forcibly-Take (and hand over to Jew when requested—rapture is the consolation prize).

    But non-empires saw things differently through the ages, the fundamental principle the one of
    The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend,
    all the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent (Roman Empire excepting, because they cynically adhered to the same gameplan as the pseudo-American one) knew this motto and employed it all the time, the Greek city-states, Persians, Parthians, the Saracens, Crusaders, Byzantium (especially, why they lived for over 1,000 years amidst general turmoil and strife).
    And why in today’s rapidly morphing multipolar world, America is a dinosaur in death throes, they don’t see it even as the Judaic hyenas are tearing chunks of meat off from it.
    They don’t understand that even when obvious to them that Jew is THE ENEMY, THE ANCIENT ENEMY, that anyone identified as enemy by Jew should and must be the friend of America and whites more generally, a friendship to be cultivated and protected with honor rather than easy betrayal (Hitler, Saddam, Gaddafi, Osama bin Laden to name a few backstabbed martyrs).

    This is why the whole world is laughing at them, anticipating their prolapse accelerating into collapse with glee.
    And why I keep insisting, keep warning, keep prophesying that unless they fall in step with MAGA, they are handing what’s left of their shriveled testicles to be sacrificed in the Third Temple (Jan 21, 2021).

    And why should I care, ultimately the rest of my trip is strictly spiritual, need to face temptations and provocations with equanimity, not rancor (this is the purpose of temptations to temper the steel, not break it in rage).

    tob shebbe yehudi harog—is it hate crime to say this?🤔

  14. A Hitler-Trump parallelism can be seen starting with both men leading their countries in the first several years to make them “great again”. If this were to continue into a 2nd term for Trump, then it follows that he would be goaded into war as I think was the case with Hitler.

    When the German-Soviet Pact was crafted in 1939 only fools whistlin past graveyards thought it was a pact made in friendship. Two fighters agreeing to abide by the Queensbury rules, and both taking an equal number of early rounds parallels the divvying up of Poland. In the middle rounds the German fighter was rackin up the points by swarming over the Balkans while the Russian fighter was gaining a few with his invasion of Finland. Then came the later rounds when the Russian delivered a blow below the belt in paralleling false Intel indicating that a German attack was imminent. The gloves came off, and soon thereafter a no-holds barred, bare knuckle brawl ensued that began at the exact time of the Summer Solstice that draws a parallel to Napoleon’s Offensive 129 years earlier. The German fighter seemed on the verge of success until the reality of the vast and interminable Russian frontier with its fierce winters revealed a resolute opponent that turned the tide and slowly wore him down. Fast forward to the 21st Century. The players and the particulars change, but do the dynamics remain the same? Hmmm. Let’s take a look at the old crystal ball…..

    Brownhawk see Poland then…Syria now. U.S. Eagle get west half. Russian Bear get east. All roads lead Damascus. This not say new prizefight Eagle and Bear. It just look that way. Me no see U.S.- Israel Empire. Back then start British Empire. Later fnagle Wilson Europe war. Balfour send smoke signal Red Shield and take down Bear. It now Anglo-American Empire. Jew make big trouble. No Jew make too. Them both write Protocol. After Red Shield take out Hitler thorn in side it then Big Paleface America with Jew-under-pile Empire. Along way Eagle friend Lion beat Fox in desert. Hold Palestine. Red Shield curse spread. To China too. U.S. mother and father make baby Eaglet. Born 1948. Name Israel. Make geopol strawman. Make Outpost. Make war Semites. Them all roll over cep one. Iran Hawk no join Eaglet. Them say never do that. Red Shield no want Trump like no want Hitler. Say Him new thorn. Try fnagle Trump like fnagle Wilson. Trump no take bait. Red Shield mother say son no want war if Him no have to. But Him will if Him do. Him no love Eaglet. Him throw to wolves. Blame Hawk. Try trick Trump like trick Hitler with Bear. Send Eagle save Eaglet. Bigly trouble if so. Red Shield want Big Boss man come to dinner. Guess who. Placemat still there. Him always welcome. Red Shield wait…..

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