Trump’s $1 Trillion Big Bazooka: President Wants to Send Every American a Check for $1000 at least!

Trump supporters will undoubtedly be very pleased with this article which shows their president in a most flattering light. He has at last ridden to the rescue of his people like a knight in shining armor, with free handouts all round. Only time will tell whether such extravagant generosity will not have to be paid for at a later date.  

From Daniel Bates in New York
The Daily Mail
March 18, 2020

Donald Trump last night said he would send checks to Americans as part of a $1 trillion package to fight off the economic wreckage caused by Cornavirus. The US president plans to send out the money within weeks as senators called for handouts between $1000 and $6000 per person.

Mr Trump said he wanted to “go big” and promised that the American economy would “pop back up like nobody has seen” once the disease had been beaten.

America yesterday reached more than 5,000 cases of the virus with at least 93 deaths. New York has the most infections at 967 with ten deaths and Washington State has the most deaths, 48, with 904 cases.

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin last night said the measures announced by Trump would pump $1 trillion into the US economy.

Mr Mnuchin said that the first $250 billion would be sent out as checks with more to possibly come if the crisis dragged on for months. Americans would be posted checks “immediately” and there would likely be some kind of means testing to stop the rich getting them.

Mr Trump did not put a figure on the checks but a group of Senate Democrats has asked for $4,500 for every adult and child.

Mr Trump said that “we’re going big” and that he wants a “big infusion” rather than an incremental approach. He said: “We don’t want people losing their jobs or not having money to live when they were doing very well just four weeks ago.” 

Mr Trump has for weeks played down the threat, comparing the virus to a minor flu. He only changed his tune on Monday but yesterday claimed he “always viewed it as very serious”.

After Trump laid out his plans the Dow Jones rallied nearly 6 per cent.

Last night, vice-president Mike Pence said that the Army Corps of Engineers was getting ready to help turn buildings into field hospitals to deal with the surge of patients.

Donald Trump has sparked a diplomatic row with Beijing after calling the Coronavirus a “Chinese virus” on Twitter. The president’s comments were yesterday condemned by China as “despicable” and worsened US-China relations at a time they are already under intense strain over trade.

Sourced from The Daily Mail, March 18, 2020, p. 8

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78 thoughts to “Trump’s $1 Trillion Big Bazooka: President Wants to Send Every American a Check for $1000 at least!”

  1. “Only time will tell whether such extravagant generosity will not have to be paid for at a later date.”

    What a asinine statement!
    Of course it will have to be paid for at a later date, one way or the other, the same as the huge bank bailouts have to be paid for (but not by the banks in their case) .

    This is monopoly money. It’s just that this time a few stinking dollars will pass into infinity via the pockets of the average Joe.

    This has been going on for DECADES. What is different? The virus has been an absolute gift for the corrupt politicians and banks.

    1. When Bernie Sanders proposed this, everyone yelled at him for pushing his socialist agenda and asking him how he’d pay for it! And when Andrew Yang also suggested, America should have Universal Equality Income, Everyone wondered if Andy Yang came from a different planet.

    2. This is all based on experts telling us their worst fears? It is the precautionary principle in action. In Italy the AVERAGE age of those dying is 80, and they all had existing health problems.

      It could all be a huge mistake.

      1. @ John Kirby

        Garbage.You suffer from intellectual myopia. You can’t see the nose in front of your own face. People in their forties and fifties have died, and your comment that the “average” age of those dying from Coonavirus in Italy is 80 is a barefaced LIE. I notice you provide NO LINK for your mendacious whistle-in-the-dark statements.

        Check this out, self-deceiver!

      2. John –

        You are correct about the average ages of even OVER 80 of those who died in Italy, but it was from influenza, not COVID-19!

        The impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy:
        In Italy’s study: “Over 68,000 deaths were attributable to influenza epidemics in the study period. The observed excess of deaths is not completely unexpected, given the high number of fragile VERY OLD subjects living in Italy.”

    3. Right you are Jake the [s]elected thieving lying politicians will be rewarded for this fear epidemic!

  2. I like the $ 6,000. per American proposal better than the $1,000. per American proposal, but hey, that’s just me. 🙂

    I know Mahmoud is deeply opposed to Uncle Sam giving working class Americans any money. It will be interesting to see how many of those who are opposed to Uncle Sam giving Americans money will return the checks to Uncle Sam on principle, to let it be known they can’t be “bought”. The ones opposed to Uncle Sam giving working class Americans money, one never hears any of them complain about Uncle Sam giving JEW Israel lots and lots of money year in and year out. Uncle Sam helping out JEW Israel, that’s not Communist. Uncle Sam helping out working class Americans : “Oh, We can’t have that, that’s Communism. Many G.I.s died on the battle field to protect us from Communism. It’s Un-American for Uncle Sam to give working class Americans money”.

    Americans opposed to Uncle Sam helping out working class Americans, when you get your government check, either :

    A : Send it back to Uncle Sam,


    B: deposit the check in your bank account, then write a check out to your favorite charity. That way you’re helping out your favorite charity. Heck, you can even make the check out to the government of Israel. Or, you can make the check out to The Muslim Brotherhood and help the bruthas out, right Mahmoud? You like that, don’t you.

    Important Note : No one who is opposed to Uncle Sam giving working class Americans money was beat-up while I was typing this post. They’re going to get beat-up after I finish typing this post, *grin*.

    1. Distribution of the thousand dollar US gifts should be done by Synagogues. The attending Rabbi should decide who is qualified. Any hint of hatred toward the Rabbi would disqualify any recipient. This would be a two step solution to eliminate poverty and Jew-hatred.

    2. Good assessment, TROJ! 😉
      Pass-on the wealth to someone more needy, if you can (and keep it in THIS country!).
      Every time I go to some nearby large town or “city” I encounter someone in need, and I always buy them a meal, or give them a ride somewhere. I am amazed at how many “homeless” people are wandering our highways and tails (especially the Appalachian Trail, upon which much of my land borders). Because I am always armed, I can afford the opportunities to be kindly and helpful. Once, a man asked me what I’d do if he pulled a knife and wanted to hijack me. He quieted down when I showed him the Colt, locked and cocked beneath my left thigh. (Never another word until we parted!)

      1. Gilbert Huntly,

        I love the story you told about the man who asked you what would you do if he pulled and knife and attempted to hijack you.

        I have a conceal carry permit and I too do not leave home without my fully loaded .357 Magnum. We live in a strange world! My logo is, “Better be safe than sorry.”

    3. @ TROJ, where did come with the idea that I am opposed to the proposal of $1000 check to every American?
      What I said was, the check would be a shot in the arm for this retiree. But I will vote for the Devil instead of Trump.
      Secondly, the 7 million Muslim Americans are law abiding citizens who are of the American fabric. They are an assets to this country and not a liability. As tax-payers, they two entitled for the $1000 government check. What they do with the money is their business and not yours.

      I do give money to charity organization but not PAC , political candidates or organizations such as KKK or ADL.
      The money is coming from the US Department and not from Trump’s personal bank account.

      @AL, you siad, “giving infidel $$$ to a Muslim brother would be a major dilemma.” I hate to burst your bubbles! Let me clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings about the misuse of the term “infidel.”
      Infidel does not mean “Westerner” or a “non Muslim”. The term refers to disbeliever, people who do not believe in God. It is also mentioned in the Bible and it means the same in Arabic.

      People who think using the term is a clever way to insult Muslims are in fact making fools of themselves by declaring themselves to be atheists and enemies of their own God. Christians and Jews are referred to in the Quran as “people of the book” and not “infidels” and they are respected branches of Abrahamic religions

      1. salam alaykum br.MAHMOUD EL-YOUSSEPH
        it was a joke please take it as such

        i enjoy your input in this great site and look for it all the time

    4. TROJ is my favorite commenter on this site (and Occidental Dissent).

      Well said, my friend.

  3. I would be extremely concerned that Mnuchin (Zionist Wall Street banker) is behind this idea. Especially if one would have to be totally reliant on a piece of paper that can potentially be of less value than a roll of toilet paper!

  4. giving infidel money to a muslim brother would be a major dilemma,just like giving a rabi a free ham .

    1. Does anyone here knows if children and or people who are incarcerated will be getting a check too?

      1. Pat
        If you call getting released from jail altogether like I hear is happening for some inmates in California (that figures), they’ll be getting a check…… distancing doncha know….. 😷

        Bu ol’ Merle woulda busted OUT already🎤

  5. Big deal! As I understand it, there is $500 billion on the table to be doled out to the American People. That’s not even the equivalent of one day’s Repo payment to try and keep the markets liquid. Add to that the trillions that will be spent on bailouts and the Fed buying up all the businesses vis a vis stock purchase with credit for which the American People will be paying the interest and this is beyond insulting.

    Everything worth anything will be nationalized for those on the top in this new form of fascism/communism.

  6. So now literally, the government (Trump) is trying to buy our votes. Trump is worried he may lose in November 2020. just sayin’. And as Forest Gump said, that’s all I have to say about that! And of course a Jew, Mnunchin is doling it out as if to say the Jew is the Boss!

  7. On lighter note, the Governor of my home sate, Mike DeWine issued an order yesterday to close hair salons, barbershops & tattoo parlors and tattoo parlors across the state.

    Yesterday, I have to trim my beard all by myself for the first time. Hey, it saved me money and possibly getting infected.

    To whoever said few month ago that he was sick of me posting here, please save yourself the agony and stop reading my comments.

    1. Mahmoud, Same in Queensland. They are closing tattoo shops, hair dressers, etc. But I notice that the brothels have remained open in local towns and none have closed in Brisbane. As the lovely Lola said, call girls perform an essential public service and there would be pandemonium if they were forced to close. The Lola’s would simply congregate in back alley ways.

  8. I think it can only be called a “Chinese Virus” in the sense that it was there that it started, and very well may have been planted during the international Military Games in Wuhan last October:

    1. “What’s in a name? A rose…”
      Brought to by the modern playwright, William Shakespearestein.

      1. Why do you say “Shakespearestein”? Are you trying to disparage Shakespeare by suggesting he was Jewish or thought like a Jew?

    2. Hong Kong flu and Asian flu carried their labels, and there were no silly complaints from the supposed superior ‘WOKE’ folks!! 🙂

  9. I hate to dispel your ignorance, but there is no such thing as a prescriptive TEST for this latest form of the Coronavirus, just as there has been no test for any forms of the Coronavirus, which differentiate only in the slightest fashion, if at all, under the best of microscopes. And as far as the so called vaccine goes, all it can be is the formulation of minor doses of the kind of flu, so diagnosed by doubtful scientists. The planet carries at least 20 billion, to the power of 5 number of viruses. Man has never learnt to eradicate even one of these viruses, all of which are characteristically mutational. We all know that the strongest antibiotics do not work, other than on the symptoms. Man is playing a dangerous game when he starts fiddling with viruses in laboratories. Viruses of the pathogenic, harmful to man kind, make up only .00003 of the total number of known viruses and attack the weakened and infirm of the human species. The latter have often contracted other forms of illness, or their lives, because of age, are nearly expended. This whole virus thing is a total hoax, used on the hapless Goyim to hide oncoming economic collapse and the establishment of the NWO. It is just another flu and is far less dangerous than many other Coronavirus mutational strains. Americans are getting $1,000 gifts from the Jews and Australians a lousy $750. Of course the munchkins will create this money out of the thin air and charge the Goyim taxpayers interest. I will use my $750 to take my new gal friend to Norfolk Island, which is so called virus free and has cheap grog. She will be impressed and eat out of my hand.

  10. The recent Chinese pig virus wiped out nearly half of China’s pigs, which is bad news for a nation that likes pork in their stir fries. So, bats, cats, dogs, cockroaches, squirrels are still on the menu. In Australia’s Northern Territory, you can buy many different types of pies, including crocodile, wild boar, barramundi, prawns, goannas, water buffalo, cats, dogs and kangaroos. I have avidly devoured them all and am a very healthy man; but I refused toasted yaks’ balls in Nepal. We still eat bats in northern Queensland because it is a long held tradition for gaining nutrition. None of us are sick. Our wild pigs, some called razor backs, carry some worms but are good to eat. There is nothing wrong with pork and not one person in NE QLD has contracted the covid19 thing, even though many of us mix with Chinese traders and call girls who also like pork.

    1. Finally, scientists have declared that a virus is not a living entity. They are merely a microscopic substance of unknown chemicals that can act as pathogens in entering the tissue of all living things. They soon multiply in numbers and override the host beast. They are like the disease Cabalist-Judaism that Makow talks about. Bio virologists have been dangerously playing around with the various nucleii of certain viruses, such as the latest Coronavirus. They have tried to introduce other pathogenic viruses such as HIV into the Coronavirus nucleii. Again, so dangerous. Bill Gates has been behind this dangerous research for years. Remember, he would like to see the planet’s population drastically reduced, as do the Cabalists.

      1. Top class posts MAX

        This whole virus thing is a total hoax, used on the hapless Goyim to hide oncoming economic collapse and the establishment of the NWO.


        Did anyone notice that FINALLY after months of psy-op an Italian authority released the crucial information that the average death age was ~ 80 years old and 98% were pre-existing immune system compromised (blood pressure, diabetes, etc). Look it up.

        This is a mainstream media hoax.

        I see the UK political class have just erased all presence of respecting natural rights of citizens with their Corono Virus Bill.

        Let the stampede of the goyim into NWO proceed!!

  11. @Quosimodo
    Certainly not my bell-ringing friend.
    I am referring to the “modern” (((playwrights))) who would be incapable of writing to anywhere near the standard reached by the Bard.

    They design, produce and direct crass plays for profit only, like the current one being played out right now, across the world.

    1. Thank you for clarifying this. I imagine you object very strongly to the way (((Hollywood))) has made a travesty of Shakespeare? This is where you would have a female play the part of King Lear or Hamlet and black actors playing ancient Romans. I myself cannot stand all this role mixing and multiculturalism thrust upon Shakespeare. Also Shakespeare in modern dress, set in the 1920s or 1960s. What do you think of all that?

      1. Quasi, how about a musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Instead of being deformed like yourself, he could be a Chris Hemsworth type who completes amazing gymnastics in the bell tower. He would be, like me, an absolute chick magnet, with an Othellian self-destructive element to his being. The sheeple crowd get sick of him catching the kisses and cuddles of the finest ladies and decide to burn him out of the rafters. He ends up riding away on a white stallion with the beautiful princess on the back of the saddle. But just as he gains his freedom he contacts syphilis and dies. You denigrate a female playing the part of men like Hamlet, but what about all the men at the Globe Theatre who used to play the parts of women? Sadly men seem more prone to covid19, as well as blood type A’s, which is a Western European and Japanese majority blood type..

      2. @Quasimodo
        Just briefly…
        1. If the character is meant to be a jew, then permit a real jew to play it. He may thus become more self-aware of his pathological psyche, and he might improve;
        2. If the character is meant to be black, then permit a real black to play it. He may thus become aware of what a true civilisation looks like, and how it thinks (even the flaws), and perhaps become more civilised himself;
        3. If the characters are meant to be typical adult white men and women then they MUST be white men and women;
        4. Exception to 3 above, is same sex schools of which I approve. In that case, they should not be deprived of Shakespeare, and may blacken their faces, stuff their shirts, or wear hook noses in any necessary fashion. It is also more fun.

        I never expect anything good to come out of Hollywood, or the USA, but the best, smartest posters here are surely American, and that gives me hope for the rest of us.

      3. @ Quasi:

        Yes that is shameful treatment of Shakespeare’s works in this modern time. However, in Shakespeare’s time, the men played the women’s roles. I seem to remember that women were not as important as men or women were not considered citizens. That idea even goes back to Jesus’ time where women were not considered people, but property. Jesus changed all that and in the Bible where women testified that the tomb where Jesus was laid was empty, was not believed. It was only when the disciples and Roman soldiers verified this fact and gave their witness reports was it believed that Jesus’ tomb was empty due to vandalism or that Jesus’ did rise from the dead! This comment is not an attitude against women. The comment is just fact! Hope Lasha, Madame and Sister understand!

        1. @ Stormin’ Norman


          Yes that is shameful treatment of Shakespeare’s works in this modern time. However, in Shakespeare’s time, the men played the women’s roles. I seem to remember that women were not as important as men or women were not considered citizens.

          It wasn’t “men” who played woman’s roles. That gives the wrong impression, as if big guys with beards and deep voices were playing the parts of women like 14-year-old Juliet and the beautiful Ophelia. It was BOYS who played all women’s parts in those days. They looked girlish and had contralto voices, which hadn’t broken yet. To all intents and purposes, these girly boys looked exactly like women when dressed up in women’s clothes.

          The reason women were not allowed to pay female roles was not, as you suggest, that women were looked down upon as “non-citizens”, but on the contrary, they were highly respected. No man would have tolerated his wife becoming an actress, and if his daughter should become an actress that would have been enough to make her unmarrigeable.

          The stage had a sleazy reputation, you see, an aura of sinfulness, so you’ve got it wrong. You are assuming women WANTED to be actresses and were discriminated against and “held back” by chauvinist men. A total misconception. If a woman were allowed to play a woman’s role on the stage in Shakespeare’s time, she would have been regarded as little better than a whore. Which is why no respectable women would have wanted to “go on the stage”.

          The girly boys who played women’s roles were often gay and delighted in camping it up, stirring up men in the audience to homosexual lust. Not being able to get fired up after real women — too chaste and respectable to appear in public gatherings — these gay or bisexual men allowed themselves to lust after girly boys instead. All this sleaze simply encouraged homosexuality.

          After Cromwell let the Jews into England and Charles II became king (in 1660), women were allowed to go on the stage for the first time in English history. This did not lead to good conditions, as you might imagine, but to even greater sleaze. There was a decline in moral standards. Theatres because little better than brothels, with “orange girls” circulating among the thestre crowds, hawking oranges to the men, but in actual fact they were young coquettes selling themselves as prostitutes. It was only much later, in Victorian times, that women who went on the stage were regarded with respect and acting became a respectable profession for women. Throughout the 18th century, all actresses were regarded as little better than cheap whores.

          1. Well said, Quasi. Stormin’ Norman has got it wrong. Totally wrong. His knowledge of English history is superficial if he thinks women actually WANTED to be actresses but were stopped by men from doing so because the were regarded by society as “non-citizens”. Total crap and balderdash! How someone can bloviate like this, pretending to have knowledge about a subject he knows nothing about, simply amazes me. 🙂

  12. The courageous Brother Nathanael Kapner (see real Jew has produced, as per usual, two brilliant short and to the point videos on the corona hoax. He says it all in plain English.
    As is obvious everywhere, short, gnarled, ugly, hooked nose Jews are all over it like some evil pathogen from the devil’s bowel. Look at that munchkin scum standing beside that traitorous scum, Trumpenstein. How can you take anything serious in America? Us northern Aussies laugh at your childish simplicity and ignorance and the 65% of your 350 million who are fat and obese. That, along with your opiate epidemic, explains why you are falling rapidly in the sporting-athletics stakes and why Australian REAL, ruggedly handsome men like me are all the go for your nymphomaniac sheilas and why we play all the alpha male roles in your movies. All you have is double chinned, weak looking soy boys. Us Aussies find the most beautiful, raven haired, women in northern Pakistan and the areas bordering Iran. They are not painted up, foul mouthed sluts, like most western women. I imagine Lasha and Sister Monica would be beautiful, worthwhile ladies, but wonder about Madame Butterfly, who has a coarse ring to her being and has obviously been around the traps.

  13. (Following news from Italy. see below)

    My conclusion is as follows:

    The 1% have enriched themselves with free money from the Ponzi scheme banking system for several decades. Near financial collapse, the bio lab engineered virus scares the TV watching masses. The theft of history by the 1% from the 99% will be hidden in a replacement NWO banking system and currency.

    Italy just stated 98% of its deaths are of ~ 80 year old immuno compromised persons (diabetes, blood pressure). With this news the scam is revealed.

    Spread the virus among the non-elderly as quick as possible. Organize virus parties. Break the “quarantine”. Be more outgoing than usual. This will reveal the scam.

  14. Watch out a new virus is on the loose! This one is called The Mad Deer Disease and infects deers, elks and moose. Now they think it might be transferable to man. It is in the mountainous areas of the USA and Canada. So stop eating deer, etc. Man is more susceptible to these diseases as so many Americans are ill in various ways -addicted to opiates, 42% on anti -depressants, 62% obese or overweight. Their bodies are weakened through self indulgence. No wonder American sporting standards are rapidly falling. Then there is the poisoning of the Alaskan salmon waters with Fukushima spread nuclear isotopes. So many environmental disasters on the horizon, not the least of which is nano particles, plastic pollution. With the incoming banking and planetary financial collapse, things are not looking good for mankind. We need a rapid depopulation, down to less than one billion. There are simply too many people. The culling should commence with the diabolical Jews who neither reap nor spin. A Social Credit system will designate those to be eradicated. One theory is that only people with an IQ over 125 will be allowed to survive.

  15. A sad and maybe even tragic aspect of this corona thing is the more than likely the fundamental underlying principle of theory is not even valid. I refer to Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow” which is about the history of electricity in the broadest sense and it’s effect on health…………..he shows very credibly I think that the ‘flu’ is NOT spread from person to person but ‘comes and goes’ and is the result of things like changing of the seasons, different effects from the sun like magnetic pole switching, sun spots etc etc…………he also shows how the flu ‘spreads’ faster than any person to person exchange could explain. This was more clear in the ‘old days’ when travel was much slower but nonetheless the ‘flu’ spread sometimes all over the globe very quickly. Anyway the point being the whole paradigm behind this ‘social isolation’ is mostly not even correct and we are using a kind of ‘medical model’ that is basically not sound.

    It’s a sad situation………………yesterday the man who reads the electricity meter approached the house with a piece of paper in his hand. He handed it to me and immediately stepped back he explained he was not ‘allowed’ to go in the house to read the meter. I told him it was fine with me if he was to come in….no no no he cannot he was even instructed to deliver this piece of paper but not to even knock. Like I said it struck me as sad and I am sure we had millions of these ‘interactions’ or really non interactions all over the place.

    I would like to reference another book “Fear of the Invisible” by Janine Roberts which undermines and even destroys the whole ‘viral theory’ of disease. Viruses are produced within out own body and also within all other life forms for all kinds of PROTECTIVE reasons, gene transfer etc etc. They are NOT some kind of boogey man out there waiting to ‘get us’. In that way both books sort come together from different points of view. It would take way too long to try to explain really you should read both books and then talk but it just struck me we are maybe all dealing with ‘fear of the invisible’ the medical centric people with the fear of viruses and the 5G activist type people with the fear of electro-magnetic radiation including wi-fi, cell phones etc etc. I don’t think it is a competition as to who is ‘right’ so much as seeing a big picture. Biology and electricity interact but the ‘powers that be’ are heavily from the medical model. And I don’t think it is serving us well at all the fear of viruses and the hunt for them has led us down a very dark path including now the prospect it seems of compulsory vaccination which has been a long time goal it seems . In effect it is largely that already certainly the day old infant has no choice in the matter. The poisoning starts early and set’s up the infant for a life time of medical interventions, a patient (customer) for life you might say.

    For myself the ‘invisible’ I fear is the ramping up of so called 5G where a ‘small cell’ tower can be put in front of your window and nothing you can do about it ……..except maybe move……… another place where the same is likely to be done. Or a ‘smart meter’ will be put in your house that will radiate you 24/7 whether you like it or not. I am sure the meter reader yesterday is thinking this problem he had would be ‘solved’ if a smart meter was put in. Which I am sure is another part of this agenda and will be another unfortunate outcome of the present ‘crisis’ Viruses I have no fear of they as far as they exist at all as independent entities are part of Nature and have been with us for billions of years Yet we are meant to distrust and fear THEM but trust and welcome some alien frequencies as used in these wireless devices and to have no fear for our health. I know which side I would be on but the sad reality is the powers that be are on the other side the dark side………… I see it

    I see no good coming out of this ‘psychological operation’ (psy op) it is ramping up tendencies that were already growing in society. Fear of the other, reliance of virtual forms of communication, a war on real food which is being demonized more and more as being ‘dirty’ and replacing it with lab grown meat etc etc. A future of cyborgs where we are barely human, just nodes on the network. I don’t think society will easily go back to where we were before. The fear has been planted and even if it eased up now it can be brought out at any time in the future. Some people like Joe Imbriano PREDICTED all this, he said as the electro magnetic poisoning got worse they would roll out a ‘virus’ to explain it all. In science the ability to predict is considered the gold standard well he did that and we are now living through it. I hope it can somehow be recalled but in many ways the die is cast the economy is trashed, they switched off the engine and now they will borrow trillions to try to get the car moving again. It is all un-necessary and self defeating sort of like what most of modern humans do anyway.

    I hope people do not mind the ‘dispatches from the front’ what I am doing is after all an ‘approved’ form of communication, I am doing it from home on my computer no human interaction is required. In that way all of this was happening already but it seems our controllers want to speed it up.

    1. My “thoughts”: The economy was already tanked. Food supply low. After a while of this crisis when people are worn down, a solution will be found in having a global year of Jubilee, wherein all debts are forgiven and we go to a complete digital money system coupled with social credit. Peace, Peace…people will love it, accept it and concede to the new system. Throw in some Noahide Laws type obedience and waaala. Lower magic becomes Higher magic. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….”

      1. whiddlejoew in Spamblinka has a social credit score of Z-E-R-O, what’s going to happen to me The BIG ZERO? Spam prisoner # 000-00-0000. Does anybody care for those of us who have a real lousy social credit score the social credit score is actually Z-E-R-O. Not even on The Feast of San Giuseppe ~ which was yesterday by the way ~ does anyone have anything nice to say to whiddlejoew. If you know a Joe and it’s The Feast of San Giuseppe you’re supposed to be nice to the Joe you know! That’s a Catholic tradition, and one of the more fun Catholic traditions ; You can forget — it’s allowed 🙂 – you can forget all about Lenten fasting and being sorrowful for your Sins and indulge in Saint Giuseppe pastries on Saint Joseph day, right Oh Catholic Saint Mother Superior Sister Monica?

      2. Pat

        A funny coincidence you should mention chickweed. A Sicilian friend of mine from Brooklyn back in the day turned me on to it. Her grandparents from the old country would gather it every day like you. I steam it, and put butter and tamari soy sauce on it. I’m always on the look out for it when Spring rolls around. Delicious. 😋

  16. Good stuff from you as usual, Patrick.

    I suspect that my wife and I, who are in our late 60’s, are just getting over what very well may have been this Corona virus thingy. We live a healthy life up here in the N. New England mountains, where “social distancing” is a way of life, but like hp, who I’m sure lives his life in a similar fashion, we got sick. (I’m pretty sure it was this year😁) I figure it simply goes with the “territory” of life experienced on this material plane of Existence. One where without our biological immune systems would make material existence impossible. But I have to wonder about an experience of life even BEING one where there is a need for immunity.

    Existential thoughts abound 😃

  17. Thanks Brownhawk: I find the whole thing strange, already before all this in Ireland where I live now every year there was such a fuss made about the ‘flu’. Get your shots etc, the Hospitals will be full up of ‘flu’ patients etc. The system was already in trouble and …………….now THIS! Also it is interesting to see all of these efforts at ‘social distancing’ etc are being done to save the ‘medical system’ much more than the patient. The system cannot handle a bunch of people coming down with this so it needs to slow everything down, flatten the curve etc blah blah blah. It seems the same logic is being used world wide so these problems are not unique to Ireland
    The thing is if the ‘flu’ is mostly a reaction to seasonal changes, solar phenomena etc etc the wise thing I would think is just accept it and let it happen. This may mean shedding viruses but that would be the way the body fixes itself and in no way a CAUSE of any disease. The virus is a ‘passenger’ and an indication of what the body needs and also cannot ‘infect’ or harm other people. So in short I feel this whole thing is if anything an indication of how screwed up our medical system is. Viruses are like the clean up crew at the site of an accident and should never be blamed for causing the accident

    1. Them want make many clones
      Like Steven King Outsider 👹 *
      Them hungry
      Need human food
      Get DNA
      Doppelganger Names Anonymous

      *A King story made into a recent series on HBO

  18. I must admit I am in shock especially by what is happening in America. The governors of both California and New York today put both states on ‘lockdown’. This is unprecedented and very hard to understand. I joked with a friend that this demands a ‘conspiracy theory’ nothing in the real world can explain it. It seems it can only be a calculated move to destroy the economy. That is just words on paper but try to think what that might mean. The mind boggles all these trillions they say they will throw at will not help. It’s like they have killed the engine of the car so pushing and pulling and getting to roll downhill for a while will get us anywhere. In the UK they are doing something very similar the same 2 step move. Shut down the economy and try to soften the blow with all kinds of crazy promises that will debase and destroy the currency and still will not work anyway. So the plan as crazy and demonic as it is is also world wide. The other governments in Europe are all following or soon will be the same script.

    So as the English say I am ‘gobsmaked’ beyond that even. Is the ‘plan’ then to destroy all the Western economies to pauperize and bring them so low they will accept rule from someone/somewhere else? Is China going to be the new hegemon? I have noticed in the main stream media more and more praise for how China handled the problem and calls for us to do the same. Is China going to be the face of the New World Order of slavery, total surveillance, lack of any privacy and a new Dark Age that will put all others to shame in terms of it’s cruelty and top down control?

    1. Patrick –

      Good observation.

      You wrote:
      “This is unprecedented and very hard to understand.”
      “…..still will not work anyway.”

      You could be correct. However, if you don’t understand, how did you come to the conclusion that “it will not work anyway”…. since this has no model to reference in the history of debt laden fiat currency – IOUs – in the US?

      This is a real question, not an argument. 🙂

      1. Pat: How could it possibly ‘work’. I mean the principle such as it is is for the Governments to pay people to stay away from work. Honestly I feel to upset right now to go into rational arguments about the whole thing. Here is what I wrote yesterday to a few friends

        “I must admit I am in shock especially by what is happening in America. The governors of both California and New York today put both states on ‘lockdown’. This is unprecedented and very hard to understand. I joked with a friend that this demands a ‘conspiracy theory’ nothing in the real world can explain it. It seems it can only be a calculated move to destroy the economy. That is just words on paper but try to think what that might mean. The mind boggles all these trillions they say they will throw at will not help. It’s like they have killed the engine of the car so pushing and pulling and getting to roll downhill for a while will get us anywhere. In the UK they are doing something very similar the same 2 step move. Shut down the economy and try to soften the blow with all kinds of crazy promises that will debase and destroy the currency and still will not work anyway. So the plan as crazy and demonic as it is is also world wide. The other governments in Europe are all following or soon will be the same script.

        So as the English say I am ‘gobsmaked’ beyond that even. Is the ‘plan’ then to destroy all the Western economies to pauperize and bring them so low they will accept rule from someone/somewhere else? Is China going to be the new hegemon? I have noticed in the main stream media more and more praise for how China handled the problem and calls for us to do the same. Is China going to be the face of the New World Order of slavery, total surveillance, lack of any privacy and a new Dark Age that will put all others to shame in terms of it’s cruelty and top down control?

        That’s all I can say tonight, will sleep on it if I can

        I slept on it a bit at least and see it no differently. This is very very serious something needs to be done. Maybe I will to the local supermarket and stand outside and try to explain this is a fear based psychological operation (a psy op) the ‘science’ contradicts the whole story if people would pull their heads out and THINK and READ! But good luck with that one😍 The only thing that kind of makes sense is they are doing something really unpleasant and with very nasty long term consequences and to ‘make the medicine go down’ a little easier they ply us with all these ‘promises’ of basically dole money for everyone for a while……………….but that will not work the only thing that could work is to recall the psy op. declare the whole thing ‘over’ but how can that be done. Plus they don’t want to all of this has been installed with great thought and they are unlikely to back off now

      2. Patrick –

        Thanks! I asked the question because I thought you might have some info which I did not have.

        You wrote:
        “How could it possibly ‘work’.”

        I do not know. You have to ask the Fed Res planners.
        Please KNOW…. There has never been anything like this system… where DEBT has been used as currency for the WHOLE WORLD. Every minute is a performance in unchartered territory – a veritable expedition!! 🙂

  19. $1000 Bucks – or even $100,000 Bucks – ain’t gonna do it!

    Get THIS into yout THICK SKULLS:

    It’s O-V-E-R for The USSA – The Usurious Satanic State of Amerika!!

  20. In Queensland, Australia, the Jewish run government has brought in extremely draconian measures, including extreme social distancing; meaning all people, including your squeeze, have to remain two metres apart. So, I put my gal friend in the rear seat and drive to the large Port Douglas pub. The music was loud as usual, the grog free flowing and the barely dressed sheilas on heat. I was constantly interrupted by tarty looking sheilas who wanted to cuddle me and stick in the tongue. There are severe penalties for this, but the few cops did not seem to care. I left the joint coughing and spluttering with a whore and wonder what I have caught now.

  21. Pat, I agree, a whole pantry of nutritional food awaits on the side of the road – dandelion, chickweed, horny goat weed, etc. But I am blessed, living in a sub tropical rainforest, with hundreds of healthy foods and medicinal plants. We never get sick and I have quickly fought off the sniffles from last night and used lots of hydrogen peroxide and cape weed. But Ifeel genuinely sorry for the majority sheeple who are about to be starved to death, as they rely on supermarkets, the chains of which are owned by Jewish corporations. But most of them simply will not listen and think their televisions offer the only reality. They see violence on the screen and they take that to the supermarket. My extended family is going totally self sufficient this week, with our only contact with the outside world being my weekly trip to the pub.

  22. Yankee dollar, play their game that’s all they want. When I was a child in the 70’s in the Rhondda Valley we didn’t have a lot but what we had was pride. Now we have nothing, I am I my fifties with no hope and no pride. Worked all my life, had a dose of cancer and been to jail inbetween. But this is the worst it’s ever been. Will take a job as chief executioner though.

  23. So the Jews and their henchman, Rabbi Trumpetstein, reckon chloroquine is the cure for covid19. Chlorine is a poison that destroys human tissue, attacks the brain and makes you dead tired. What they are saying really is that chlorine kills the virus germ. Hence, the price of chlorine (base) has blown out of all proportion. Instead, buy a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide whilst you still can. As I said, it works wonders and kills the virus in your mouth, throat, ears and hands, even the old fella. Get an eye dropper and a plastic measuring cup. I use 50/50 hp and warm water and gargle with it and put it up my nose and ears. It acts as a barrier to the admittance of germs. I have used pool chlorine to wash down my car seats and outside paths. The so called vaccines being produced will be extremely harmful, as they are finding in Lombardy, Italy, where those vaccinated are dying like flies, whereas people in non vaccinated areas are quickly recovering.

    1. Yep! H2O2 has been my #1 healer & antiseptic for decades.
      My nickname in the 90s was ‘Peroxide Pat’ on talk radio in Florida. 🙂

      I invited Wally Groz from Minnesota to speak at my lectures. He & Dr Kurt Donsbach offered this & much more:

      Hydrogen Peroxide

      *You could spray the body after a shower with 3% hydrogen peroxide, avoiding the eyes and hair.

      *Spray vegetables and fruits with a 3% solution of H2O2 and then rinse, to remove pesticides.

      *In the dishwasher, add 2 oz. of 3% to the regular washing formula.

      *In the wash machine, add 8 oz. of 3% to the wash in place of bleach.

      *As a mouthwash, gargle with 3% H2O2, and then rinse.

      *Use baking soda and 3% H2O2 to make a paste for brushing teeth.
      Hydrogen peroxide, the partner to ozone, is more properly called oxygen water, since it is water with an extra oxygen molecule. It is found in rain and snow; the water at Lourdes; in fresh fruit and vegetables; and in clostrum, the first milk that a mother produces, where it provides a defense against infection until the baby’s own immune system develops and is able to produce its own hydrogen peroxide. In the body’s immune defense, hydrogen peroxide is released by T-cells to destroy invading bacteria, viruses and fungi. Blood platelets release hydrogen peroxide on encountering particulates in blood. Hydrogen peroxide is formed in the body by microbodies called peroxisomes, which combine water with oxygen, if sufficient oxygen is available. The importance of a high level of oxygenation is obvious. In the large intestine, acidophilus lactobacillus produces hydrogen peroxide which keeps the ever-present candida yeast from multiplying out of control.

      1. Great advice from the high IQ’d, highly informative Pat!
        Aren’t we lucky the gracious and beautiful Lasha allows us to share our experiences?
        If only the lowly TROJ would reflect your purpose and optimism.
        I like TROJ, but he is stuck in a rut and will suffer much more into the future. The society of the Jews has already designated him a loser, a nobody and useless eater.
        This is sad. You can tell he feels sorry for himself.

  24. Unfortunately TROJ, it is too late to cry over spilt ilk. You obviously earned your Social Credit rating #0000-0000. Yes, you will be denied assistance, you will be pilloried and alienated. How about becoming a born again Christian, or, better still, a keen Christian-Zionist. Otherwise, take Pat’s suggestion and live off the food on the side of the road. I would invite you to the Raintree commune, but you sound a bit weird for us. Why not volunteer to suck up the latest virus, or go to equatorial Africa where it is too hot for the virus to survive? We all dictate our own destiny.

  25. I received this disturbing info from Citizens for Legitimate Government (

    “Advanced knowledge? CDC started hiring quarantine program managers in November for quarantine centers in Dallas, LA, NYC, Chicago and more.
    Dear CLG Readers,
    For some reason, this morning’s CLG newsletter did not reach over 3,100 people. I received ‘bounce-backs’ from all of the non-deliveries. Despite previous obstacles w. Google, this has never happened in CLG’s history. Perhaps it was the link and summary to the above story that triggered EarthLink, Yahoo, etc., to block it. This particular edition contained numerous interesting tidbits.”

    1. i couldn’t find any peroxide last time i was looking for it… then i saw some big bottles if it… i bought a couple, didn’t realize until i put it in my mouth it was too weak… looked at the label – it was a 1% solution… you gotta watch everything like a hawk…

      1. 3% with the “Equate” label is sold in Walmarts. I bought many bottles of it @ $.85 a pop the last time I took my long sojourn to the nearest store

  26. TROJ, never refer to yourself as “whiddlejoew”. It is a sign of self denigration. Stand up tall and be a man. You get no sympathy from me.

  27. Covid19, like most variations of the crown virus is very vulnerable to heat.
    John Kaminski and friends suggest breathing through your nose whilst spraying a then film of water into your face/nose and simultaneously, blowing a warm hair dryer onto the face. Keep doing for min 5 mins. The wind so created, drives warm air up your nose to help kill/deter/drive away the virus. The water spray keeps you comfortable. Try also diluted hydrogen peroxide as a deterrent as previously recommended by Pat. A warm towel placed over your face is excellent. Honey and garlic fixes symptoms. Every expert says that we will keep getting corona viruses or the flu, in slightly different varieties. Avoid drugs, do not smoke, avoid alcohol and sex. Use a full welding mask for best protection.

  28. I know this is off topic somewhat.. please allow…
    you know, i still have most of my teeth, still have my eyeteeth.. but all my teeth are filled or crowned or root canaled… my mother was a serial sugar poisoner, but what a great pie baker…… the ones i did lose were extracted because of the gum disease… i’ve probably spent 50,000 my teeth in my life.. the VA doesn’t work on teeth, not unless you can show you were POW or totally disabled… i was taught how to brush in boot camp, for the first time in my life, the correct procedure, but flossing wasn’t on the program back then, whereas it would have been good to issue it and have a class on it… i do remember my CC once mentioning the subject briefly, out of a book, though he didn’t know how to pronounce he word ‘GUMS’… He said – “What Color Are Healthy GOOMS”? i did try to floss nevertheless, when i was a young man, but in a lot of cases the navy dentists had put the repair work so close together there was no way to get the floss between the teeth.. i sorta gave up, and never really learned to do it, not until after I had my last major overhaul about 10 years ago, a big expensive job, done by a female Columbian dentist…. She would always greet me “How are JOOOO”… I would tell her I was not JOOOish… It had gotten so bad I was in a lot of pain from the gums after i would eat… I hadn’t learned about Oil Pulls at that point either, where you take a mouthful of some good oil, like coconut or flax, and slosh it around in your mouth for 20 minutes or so… it will pull the soreness out of the gums… anyway, after my last overhaul i did learn to floss, which i do every night… at first i would get a lot of blood and in some places by the eyeteeth the floss would go all the way to my jawbone, which showed some rot on my x-rays… funny thing is – VA doctors totally ignore gum infections…. i brush twice a day and i use peroxide every day and if i eat any sugar, i brush my teeth immediately… the point of this long tale is – even though I’m a total dental cripple, I haven’t had any cavities or much more gum trouble since i learned to do all of that… last time i saw my dentist she was amazed… so that’s good… however, if anybody knows of a cure for gingivitis, i’d sure like to hear about it… i heard oregeno oil cured it, but that didn’t work for me…
    thanks for the advice…
    Don’t Underestimate the American People… the Pendulum will Swing Back at Some Point…

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