Trump’s Last Days in the White House: Will He Leave with a Bang or a Whimper?

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The Saker would like Trump to go quietly,
without starting WWIII on Israel’s behalf.


“Trump’s entire presidency has been one long and never ending prostitution of the United States to the desires and whims of Netanyahu and his gang of thugs.” —  The Saker

There seems to be a quasi consensus that Trump will not prevail and that Biden and Harris will get into the White House no matter what. To my surprise, even the Russian media seems to be considering that the Trump presidency is over.

Yet, I am not so sure at all.


Because at this point in time, I think that it would fair to conclude that anybody actually willing to look at what has been revealed by this election will have to agree that this election was stolen, rigged, falsified – chose your expression – and that going to the courts to challenge this obscene miscarriage of the democratic process is a fundamental civil right and something which any democrat (small “d”) should support.

And yet, because we live in a media-created pseudo-reality in which absolutely crucial things like the rule of law seem to have become secondary to ideological imperatives, no matter how extreme, there are those who simply refuse to see the obvious. Yes, the 9/11 false flag trained the western societies well and many now simply lack the lucidity and courage to face reality.

Courts, however, are bound by the rule of law, at least in theory, and don’t have the luxury to simply pretend like crucial evidence presented to them simply does not exist.

True, the lower, state, courts are unlikely to resist the pressure put upon them to come up with the “right” conclusions, but never say never – all it takes is one single principled judge and Trump or, more accurately, the Giuliani team, might get the break they need. Still, it is pretty obvious that Giuliani’s real hopes are with the Supreme Court. This makes sense, local judges are much easy to influence and sway than Supreme Court Justices who are unassailable and who realize that they will make history, the only question being is: how till they go down in history books, as a “profile in courage” or as impotent cowards who betrayed their oath?

I will say that I am, to put it mildly, not impressed by Trump’s demeanor during these crucial days: he completely ceded the narrative to his opponents (a couple of incoherent and poorly phrased “tweets” do not qualify). True, Trump never displayed the qualities of a real leader, so this is hardly surprising.

Giuliani, however, is a tough SOB and he seems to be determined to take this fight right up to the Supreme Court.

This is why I believe that it is very dangerous to make any assumptions about what the Justices might or might not do. Is it possible that even the Supreme Court justices would betray their oath and cave in to the Dem’s pressure? Yes, I suppose so. Concepts such as truth, honor, integrity, courage and heroism are very much out of fashion in the modern world, especially in the US. This is why the traditionally hallowed term “hero” is applied left and right to every bureaucrat or civil servant simply doing his/her job: real heroes are long gone.

Then consider this: if the Supreme Court sides with Trump and overturns the hundred of thousands of illegal votes, the US will be immediately plunged into an orgy of chaos and violence, all of it encouraged and coordinated by the legacy corporate ziomedia à la CNN. The thugs of Antifa/BLM will immediately engage in Kristallnacht-like rampages in “protest” against the “racist system”. Their main target? White, Christian, males, of course!

Some justices might even feel torn between standing up for what is both legal and moral and the practical considerations of the consequences of an adjudication in Trump’s favor. Their oath ought to be their guiding principles, but considering how often the Supreme Court voted along party/ideological lines in the past, I am not very confident that the Justices will strictly do the only legally and morally right thing: uphold the law and vote their conscience.

Finally, whatever we may think of the election itself, it is obvious that the US elites have created the appearance of a fait accompli, hence the kind of nonsense like, say, Biden and his “Office of the President Elect”. It is therefore reasonable to assume that even if the Supreme Court fully sides with the Trump campaign, the US elites will never accept this. They will try to find a way to impeach, legally or otherwise, those Justices who voted “wrong”.

I think that there is also another consideration which we have to remain aware of: Trump’s entire presidency has been one long and never ending prostitution of the United States to the desires and whims of Netanyahu and his gang of thugs.

True, as Israel Shamir pointed out, the Israelis failed to deliver anything in return to Trump. And yet, as Philip Giraldi recently explained, Trump is still very much Israel’s prostitute, which is why there are an increasing number of Israeli experts (see here and here) who believe that Trump might strike at Iran as a “farewell” present to the Israelis.

Is that really possible? Could Trump really do something so crazy?

You betcha he could!


The truth is that absolutely anything can happen next. There are simply way too many variables to try to make a prediction. Will Trump attack Iran? I want to believe that this ship has sailed, but I will never say never to something as evil and stupid as an attack on Iran.

LD:  The above article was published on November 25, two days before Israel’s criminal assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist  Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27.  This was a flagrant act of war—a casus belli—condemned throughout the world except by the United States and a small handful of obscure US puppet  states.

Whether Trump was complicit with Netanyahu in this “war crime” remains unknown. What is certain is that he made no attempt to express his outrage at the act or show Netanyahu that he loved him any the less for his belligerence. 

This is the man who now faces almost certain eviction from the White House on January 20, 2021. It remains to be seen whether he will go quietly—or do something really reckless before he goes. Like start WWIII.

What makes this all the more galling for Trump’s supporters, many of whom are loyal patriots and men of high principle, is that the Election was almost definitely stolen, as even the Saker admits.  Roughly 50 per cent of Americans will now see Biden as a usurper in the White House and democracy as a sham, and many of these patriots may well resort to revolutionary violence in the days ahead. And who can blame them? 

For my own part, though I am not permitted to praise violence, I will shed no tears if the end result is that those who love America best will put their guns to good use if the need ever arises to defend themselves and their loved ones.  [LD]    


“Could Trump really do something crazy?
You betcha he could.”
The Saker


98 thoughts to “Trump’s Last Days in the White House: Will He Leave with a Bang or a Whimper?”

  1. A whimper…. slinking… just like jew Fox News was bought by jew Disney, slinking under the radar.

    The acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney took place on March 20, 2019. Among other key assets, the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney included the 20th Century Fox film and television studios, U.S. cable/satellite channels such as FX, Fox Networks Group, a 73% stake in National Geographic Partners, Indian television broadcaster Star India, and a 30% stake in Hulu. Immediately preceding the acquisition, 21st Century Fox spun off the Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Television Stations, Fox News Channel, Fox Business, FS1, FS2, Fox Deportes, and the Big Ten Network into the newly formed Fox Corporation.

    1. “For my own part, though I am not permitted to praise violence…” – LD

      For my own part, though I am not permitted to “name names” (lest I offend Admin), I am confident that a “certain individual” would have NO PROBLEM “praising violence” – maybe rendered in a poem in French! – if it was her sorry a$$ on the line!

  2. “Trump’s Last Days in the White House…”

    That’s NEWS to me… did I miss something? 🤔

  3. People have it backwards. They’re fooled by Trump’s loyalty to Israel and leaping to conclusions saying he’d attack Iran as some token of his esteem before “slinking ” out of office. He’s had FOUR YEARS to oblige the Red Shield, and it hasn’t happened. Anyone care to explain, when in all likelihood it WOULD have happened by now under Clinton ?

    1. BHawk –

      “Anyone care to explain….”

      Follow the $$$$!!

      Trump appeased Big Chief ‘Red-Sign’ by “BIGGLY” increasing the national debt to help IMF and FED RES. Stinking Democrats ok with it. Slinking Republicans say little about their slinking stinking leader doing it.

      Trump’s Budget Plan shows the Federal Debt topping $30 Trillion over the next decade!!

      Major budget legislation signed by President Donald J. Trump, along with continued growth in entitlements and higher interest rates, saw the debt on track to nearly double by 2029, coming close to the size of the entire U.S. economy. With the debt added in response to the pandemic, this will likely happen even sooner.

      A ‘Red-Sign’ mouthpiece – CFR:

  4. Most discussions around Trump exposes so glaringly the reason why the West is done with.

    You have those who are so disappointed (like the Saker here) by Trump because he did not solve enough of what they conceived as the most important political problems within a 4 year span. Four pitiful years!
    It is the attitude of children!

    Meanwhile the winners who wants to conquer the West work with decades and centuries. The muslims and the Chinese from the outside and in, and the (((rats))) from the inside.

    Trump did not use a magic wand, so I cry like a baby!
    But very eloquently, of course.

    1. Well said. Bravo Bjorn!

      And, as you’ve no doubt gathered, there are enough cry-babies ‘crying a river’ on this site to make The Ganges green with envy!

    2. @ BjornThorsonn
      @ All other Trump apologists

      A poor argument, these pathetic excuses for Trump! “Not enough time…it takes centuries.” Pshaw! You might as well argue that Jack the Ripper needed “more time” to get his act together and stop killing prostitutes! After all, conversion of character takes a “long time”… So please give the Ripper a break, will ya!

      In all the four years Trump has had at his disposal, he didn’t do ONE thing to CRACK DOWN on Netanyahu! On the contrary, he gave Netanyahu EVERYTHING HE WANTED except war. And why didn’t he give Netanyahu the war he wanted? Because he couldn’t! He didn’t have the power to start WWIII on his own. Not because he was behaving “responsibly”. Not because he has high principles and is “a man of peace”. But because he LACKED THE POWER TO START WWIII! His generals wouldn’t let him. Trump is not Supreme Dictator, as you fatuously imagine.Thankfully, his hands are tied and his power to start war is STRICTLY LIMITED!

      Well done, Saker! Don’t let these Trumpenstein toe lickers pretend they know more than you about politics! You are a man of principle. You have compassion. These Trump worshippers have neither moral principles nor compassion for the oppressed. They are ENEMIES OF PALESTINE! They all DANCE deliriously ON THE CORPSES OF PALESTINIAN BABIES!

      Quite simply, they are little better than CHILD KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        Bravo! You speak for me, Madame. Though you have expressed yourself far more forcefully than I would ever do. You have a way with words I wish I had. Be careful though, you will get yourself hated by the powerful pro-Trump clique that threatens this website with its hysteria and its hissy fits, demanding Trump worship at all times.

      2. Madame
        I feel as though the jury’s out as to whether or not Trump had to be talked out of war with Iran. We don’t know if it’s just the OPPOSITE. Given that, being a Trump “apologist” can only mean giving him the benefit of the doubt, which isn’t unreasonable. And it seems to me after being here for several years now, that for many darkmooners a close scrutiny of logicalness is a highly prized attribute 😐

      3. Both of our parties kneel down and bow to Israel, they pay billions of dollars to Israel as gift offerings for the privileged.

        Our politicians are traitors and when Netanyahu gave his talk before Congress they all groveled before him showing he was still their master.

        Americans will soon get first hand knowledge of how the Palestinians are brutality treated and killed. Your karma is coming for you — and for all the people you killed for Israel.


      You have those who are so disappointed (like the Saker here) by Trump because he did not solve enough of what they conceived as the most important political problems within a 4 year span.

      Well he sure had enough time to deliberately make things worse. For example he didn’t have to go out of his way to stupidly and recklessly set the world on a course for an eventual nuclear war. He didn’t have to start a stupid and reckless trade war with China (as part of a larger hybrid war against China) which is hurting Americans as much or more than China, and which could become catastrophically damaging to America if it continues. And he didn’t have to implement stupid and reckless anti-Iran policies that would seem to have no outcome other than an eventual shooting war with Iran which could become WW3.

      But somehow he was able to accomplish quite a bit of “good” things for Israel:

  5. Trump ruined his own presidency sucking up to Israel, and in the end, Netanyahu stabbed him in the back by endorsing newly elected President Biden. If Trump survives the Communist coup, will he retaliate against Israel? Probably not because he is a slavish lover and whore of the Jews, and his daughter he adores is a Jew.

    I view Trump as the most pathetic man alive, 5 rungs lower than that lying POS Biden.

    You know why Trump cares about the stolen election? Because it was stolen from him, and his ego is on the line. It is not like Trump has any principles or acts on them. Trump knew full well (based on statements he made) that 911 was an inside job. But did he stand on principle and release data or start prosecuting the doers of the deed? No, he hired some of them, like Nikki Haley and John Bolton, the worst of the worst Neocons.

    Trump did nothing to resurrect American freedom, no, he presided over the most devastating decline and now the nation is in ruins. He managed to give out one lousy check to the rabble when 50 million permanently lost their jobs. A financial hellstorm has yet to ignite as tens of millions missed their mortgage payments and rent, and you know once you get behind is almost impossible to catch up – especially when jobs are scarce with part 2 of the shutdown now in effect.

    The Los Angeles mayor told everyone to stop doing anything. That is madness. Society can never stop, even a hesitation causes huge problems because modern life is a huge tapestry of billions of interactions. Trump should have the military arrest these Governors who are causing permanent damage to their states.

    Trump could go to the American people and declare the Covid as a hoax, and he knows it is so why doesn’t he. If the POTUS were to declare the hoax a hoax, and then open a 911 investigation he could turn the tides on these criminals.

    What about Trump’s pick at the Treasury, Stephen Munchkin who is missing hundreds of billions? More Jew theft on a Biblical scale no doubt. This is akin to the Hebrews stealing all the Pharaoh’s gold and sneaking away in the middle of the night. Amerika is being raped to death by the Jewish Federal Reserve, and this transfer of wealth must end immediately.

    Trump promised to Make America Great Again. He made Israel greater while he incompetently allowed the Deep State to roll him. He may be the worst president ever, possibly the most incompetent politician to sit in the White House. Obama and the Clintons were smooth operators, Trump the clumsy buffoon. It is sad really watching him slide into obscurity.

    The only way for Trump to win is to turn the entire political apparatus upside down and mass arrests – especially the networks. They must all go to Gitmo for their role in the wars. Trump needs to drone the world’s biggest terrorist Netanyahu, and confiscate all US military assets from Israel. It is Israel that runs the deep state in Amerika, and it is this parasitic apparatus that has Trump on the ropes, but DJT for some reason will not call them out and go after them. Apparently he is loyal to Israel first, not his own nation.

    1. Yj –

      I agree with you that jail for these criminals would escalate Trump far in esteem. It would ALSO precede an awakening to the culprits of 9/11. I spoke with one of our state senators, today (Amanda Chase) who agreed with me that some incarcerations would go far to re-establish trust among the electorate. Now, we are quickly becoming a “lawless” society (I.e., without regard to law).

    2. @ Yukon Jack

      An outstanding comment in every way and a real pleasure to read. No ad hominem attacks here, no ranting and raving, no hissy fits. Just plain hard facts and carefully marshaled arguments that are presented cooly and rationally with all the forensic skill of a top barrister for the prosecution.

      In comparison, what does the barrister (or attorney) for the defense of Donald Trump have? Almost nothing. A few arguments, yes, but weak and insipid ones that would leave no jury convinced that Trump is America’s New Messiah. A passionate religious belief in Trump is one thing, but intensity of belief is insufficient to move a skeptic to a similar belief.

      Trump had his chance and he blew it. The legacy he has left behind, as both Yukon Jack and Harold Smith deftly demonstrate, is an evil one that will haunt America for decades to come. Trump will go down in history as one of America’s worst presidents.

      1. To the Zionist heads who are just little puppets to the Rothschild and Rockefeller monsters controlling most of the world’s finances and assets, Trump was just one more useful idiot, to advance Zio interests in the ME. Yet, to many of us in North America, despite his political bedfellows, he remains the last hope of any meaningful resistance to the sociopathic globalist beast dismantling one nation after another, destroying the very institution of democracy, and snatching and killing any semblance of truth and trust, in order to make the world over in their diabolic dishonest images.

        What can he do with everything stacked so against him? The election was blatantly stolen from him and the American people. To the establishment and Marxist thieves who pulled this off, they could care less about the outrage and complaints of the nice conservative people backing Trump. These elites are simply reflections of their true masters, where might is right, and lying, cheating and stealing are totally justified as the means to attain any ends the want. Besides they are at war with us. They have in fact declared war against the people with the Covid fraud and the election fraud, but the nice, law-abiding, rule-keeping, naïve and cowardly conservatives don’t know that as they run off to the rigged courts seeking justice.

        This cartel has devoured, not created, the wealth of nations, and has ripped the very guts out of the US with this massive election fraud. With the US being the last hope for stability and liberty through democracy around the world, now all that is left in the systematic dismantling of that nation is the death of that very system. It does not matter how the US courts try to patch things up as they deem this way and that on the clear evidence which should have resulted immediately in mass arrests and a declaration invalidating the results, the damage has been done. Would our illustrious, elitist legislators, ever trust electronic voting, or anything out of their own eyesight, in the legislatures? Of course not, their puppet masters always want a good show for the people so that they trust the system, thinking that what goes on in their legislatures reflects the various levels of voting right down to their own vote in an election. Now we know for certain that it is all a sham. We now clearly know all things must be manipulated and controlled lest some populist uprising upset the designs of the puppet masters.

        As long as the patriots, the workers, the small business owners, the social conservatives do not wake up are realize that their foes have declared open war on them, and fight back with any means they have to take back and defend what is rightfully theirs, then democracy is totally dead, not only in the alleged land of the free, but everywhere else in the world. Our nations are no longer really nations nor is anything really “ours” anymore. In Canada many have reached the conclusion long ago that it is useless to join an established party or to create a new one. Everything is controlled from above, and the Covid scam is absolute proof of this. If we want truth, freedom. justice, and trust, and a society ruled not by deception and fear, then we simply have to organize and fight for it.

        The Covid scam also made it possible for the same globalist perpetrators to steal from the people the US election plus the very foundations of democracy throughout the world. These are clearly the biggest frauds in human history. Trump and his lily-white, duplicitous, cowardly advisors are simply afraid to do what is necessary in this final hour and cross the Rubicon. That is the problem with the right. They will not fight back and do what is necessary when their opponents adhere to no principles or laws at all, only to what they want. Unfortunately, if you are at war you have to fight fire with fire.

      2. @ Fred B.

        Yet, to many of us in North America, despite his political bedfellows, he remains the last hope of any meaningful resistance to the sociopathic globalist beast dismantling one nation after another, destroying the very institution of democracy, and snatching and killing any semblance of truth and trust, in order to make the world over in their diabolic dishonest images.

        So why did globalist Obama try to make peace with Iran rather than “dismantle” it while populist MAGA hero Trump apparently wants to start a war with Iran? Please explain.

        And why did Trump exit all the nuclear treaties? And why does he want to deploy intermediate range nuclear missiles close to the borders of Russia and China? This seems like pure globalist diabolism to me.

        What can he do with everything stacked so against him?

        Well nothing stopped him from attacking Syria, stealing Syrian oil, walking away from the JCPOA agreement with Iran, starving Venezuela into submission, starting a self-destructive trade war with China, exiting all the nuclear treaties, repudiating the doctrine of mutually assured destruction and replacing it with a nuclear-war-is-winnable concept, endlessly provoking Russia and China, etc. But ignoring all of this, if everything is “stacked so against him” why is he so desperate for another term?

      3. I do not agree with Sardonicus here. It is certainly true that Trump is no Messiah, but his high praise of Yukon Jack is grossly misplaced: Yukon Jack – foolishly at best, and deliberately at worst – is pushing a stinky red herring. That’s all what it is.

        No offence to Yukon Jack or to anyone else is intended here, brothers and sisters, but to assert that Israel controls USA is sheer idiocy.

        Plain and simple.

      4. Circ
        You know I agree with you there. Israel is an OUTPOST of the U.S., and as such it hardly CONTROLS it.

        Yukon Jack should read more Brownhawk

      5. @Brownhawk

        You know I agree with you there. Israel is an OUTPOST of the U.S., and as such it hardly CONTROLS it.

        This is closer to the truth, of course. But I would say that Israel is not much of an outpost either – it is more like a hand grenade installed in the heart of the Middle East that will go off when the time comes for it.

        Those who rule America – for the most part white Anglo-Saxon protestants with a few Jews in the midst – couldn’t care less about Israelis, Palestinians or anyone else in the Middles East… and beyond for that matter. The goal is – dehumanize and debilize the population of the world to the same degree as they have already dehumanized and debilized the population of North America. Why? Because one cannot control and rob lucid thinking people, who are imbued with dignity and honor, for too long. As simple as that – not complicated!

        The debilization of America is profound and, frankly, frightening! One thinks that the Earth is flat, the other is sure that Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened and money controls everything, the third is scared shitless that the evil orange clown can start – on his own volition! – a WW3, the rest are absolutely convinced that Jews and Israel control the USA.

        Sheer insanity! The stupidity is simply mindboggling!

      6. Circ –

        I SEE: The goal is – dehumanize and debilize the population of the world to the same degree as they have already dehumanized and debilized the population of RUSSIA – those freezing to death in their 500 sq ft apartments without heat. Why? Because one cannot control and rob lucid thinking people, who are imbued with dignity and honor, for too long. As simple as that – not complicated!

        Russian housing block freezes in -14C after heating pipe collapses

        Families Trapped Inside Frozen Block of Flats in Russia – Glacial tragedy

        Housing block in Russia frozen over as pipes burst

      7. Pat,
        I get this weird impression that you do not like Russia and the Russians. The irony of this is that Russia is the only power today that can save your ass and other good Americans from bad Jews.

        Reporting from a hospital – I have a back problem, folks. Those of you who care about your humble servant, send me your wishes of speedy recovery – it will help to lift up my spirits 🙂

      8. Circ –

        I get this weird impression that you do not like the West and the Westerners. The irony of this is that the West is the only power today that is saving your ass and other good Russians despite ‘Put-On’ and his alliance with the Chabad and other bad Jews….. as he pushes the Holocaust(sic)!!

        Putin Chabad Lubavitch puppet Part II

        Over 500 US companies in Russia make Russia’s goods for them!
        See the list:

        Be well soon… 🙂

      9. Godspeed Circ.🙂
        But be careful with any pain meds you might be receiving. My son-in-law has severe back issues (too much incorrect weightlifting), and he was prescribed oxycodone a while back. Big mistake for someone, shall we say, inclined towards substance abuse (it can happen to the best if us)

      10. Circ
        Edgar Cayce said “Through Russia will come the hope of the World”. Maybe so, but it won’t be THROUGH the actions of present-day politicians.

  6. Thank God for this above-average, intelligent contribution by Yukon Jack, one of my favorite commenters on this excellent site which dares to speak its mind.

    1. Anne-Marie Martens :

      Honey, you just made a drastic mistake. WE don’t thank God for anything, WE’RE NEO semi-heretical Christians, honey. NEO semi-heretical Christians are basically what you call “Transhumanists” so WE don’t have to thank some daddy God with a long white beard sitting on a throne on a cloud for anything. WE Ourselves are Our Very Own GODS so WE say “thank you” to Ourselves. Try not to make that mistake again. WE consider your mistake to be a real doozy of a drastic mistake. If you do make that mistake again WE will have to get rid of you. WE wouldn’t want to get rid of you, dear, but you would leave Us with NO other choice.

  7. Trump is a zionist puppet as is Biden and the Rothschilds holed the paper on all his supposed properties via his 4 bankruptcies and Wilbur Ross is a Rothchilds rep in the Trump administration to keep a watch over Trump.

    What Trump does or does not do depends on what his zionist masters want him to do, the same with zionist puppet Biden, who the zionists put in to show America that they could put anyone in office, as they have since they had Kennedy assassinated.

    The covid-19 scam and psyop is another zionist deal to show the world who rules in the name of satan, and their vaccinations will change a persons DNA and destroy the gift that God gave us, hell awaits in 2021, this operation Gladio aka sword is driven by the satanic zionist and their satanic one world government.

  8. Those are some fair observations on the state of the courts, obviously full of political hacks at the lower levels…
    But I believe the Supreme Court now currently favors Trump’s position…
    And they do have the case…
    In the end though, it is the US Congress that has the final authority on what happens with this election…
    My question would be, will they overrule the Supreme Court one way or the other?
    “I will say that I am, to put it mildly, not impressed by Trump’s demeanor during these crucial days: he completely ceded the narrative to his opponents (a couple of incoherent and poorly phrased “tweets” do not qualify). True, Trump never displayed the qualities of a real leader, so this is hardly surprising.”
    Really? How about this?
    You can’t call yourself a journalist unless you present as much information on the subject as you can find…
    The progressive idea is to get at the truth.. We’ve seen enough commercialized sensationalist hit-pieces…
    Some people, who might actually know, say they’re certain Trump isn’t going anywhere…
    In Fact – there’s plainly enough evidence of fraud and lawbreaking in the swing states to cancel the results of the election there… You have testimony of federal crimes witnessed in sworn affidavits by the the hundreds, a long parade of witnesses, all kinds of film, blatant violations of state law by officials in government, many clear discrepancies in totals, as in hundreds of thousands more votes cast that there are registered voters… You even have a truck driver testifying he hauled a trailer of ballots across the New York state line into Pa and had his trailer disappear from the post office yard… The election stinks to high heaven… And the killer for the dems might be by comparison to the example that was set in other states like Florida and Texas, states where it was done honestly and efficiently…
    Watch Newsmax if you wanna know… They’re about the only outlet left on TV telling the real truth…
    Fox News ain’t doin it…
    I heard Limbaugh yesterday trying to back out…. What a schmaltzy mfer he is…
    They’re all giving it to Biden rather than have the whole polling process looked at…
    Now, IF you WERE looking for someone to pour on the ordinance in the Middle East and elsewhere, that is, actually start another Iraq type war with Iran, or just bomb somebody, I’d say the Clintonian Obamanite Biden would be a much better bet that DJT, who has had plenty of time to give the Zion that… But he didn’t…
    Likely, the real truth is the Jews and their warmongering buddies in the swamp don’t war such a war with Iran…
    They much rather find a more hapless victim, like Libya…
    After all, it’s not abut victory for a cause… It’s about the contracts, and who has who’s bank…
    Yes, Trumps hands the Zion a lot of symbolic shit… None of it adds up to anything like the horrific death and destruction the Obamas blasted the area with, not for the said Israelites, as much as it was done for the Rothen bankers…
    Same as Iraq…
    Bottom Line – Trump will not start another big war, or whatever, in the Middle East, not for the Jews or anybody else… He’s not going to get another few thousand American GIs killed, in order to reduce another large country to a hopeless state of discombobulated chaos…
    You’re right about the potential for civil war here now…
    And hopefully, out of the coming conflict he’ll use the force necessary to jail the traitors in office and clean the violent revolutionaries and general subversives out of the whole country…

  9. Pat
    I’m talking about WAR, which you seem to think won’t happen because it’s always only about the money with you. ALL P’sOTUS oblige the Red Shield when it comes to money.

    The “Shrub” George Dubbya Bush spoke of the “Axis of Evil” 20 years ago, and Iran is still in the crosshairs. But it can’t be ruled out that TRUMP has been the one resisting those in his ear who want war with Iran. So Benny Netanyahoo stabbed the Trumpster in the back, eh? Maybe it’s because with the Trojan Horse Biden he’ll finally get his WISH!

    1. BHawk –
      Politics is money $$$… and money $$$ IS POWER! ALL politicians KNOW THAT! You should also, in a political discussion like this. 😜👍

      1. Pat
        The thing you’re not taking into account is that although Trump is fully on board with the Red Shield insofar as the money is concerned, what I’m suggesting is that he’s a renegade when it comes to doing what they WANT him to do, which is make war on Iran, for the simple reason that they can’t control those Mullahs who’ll NEVER accept the existence of Israel. Trump thinks he can deal with anybody, even them, but the Red Shield knows he’s wrong because of the fanatical religious zealots among them. And if there’s anything a Red Shield psychopath can’t stand it’s not being in control. Or ANY psychopath for that matter.

      2. BHawk –

        Mullahs are paid strawmen too. That is my best guess. They are needed to keep the BUZZ going and $$$ flowing!! 🙂

        Iran is on the short list of….
        ….. the best enemies $$$ can buy today!! 💥 😎

        SO – My GUESS is that Israel will be increasing business with Russia – BECAUSE Russia is struggling economically and needs more aid from Trump though the FREE-TRADE partner for both – ISRAEL!!

        This story from RT(RussiaToday) DOES fit MY GUESS….
        9 Feb, 2019 

        FREE-TRADE agreements are expected to be signed between the **RUSSIA-LED** Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and **ISRAEL**, Singapore, India, Egypt (DEFINITELY) …. and **IRAN** in the near future.(!!!)

        That’s according to Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Industry Sergey Tsyb. He said WTO member states currently use over 7,500 non-tariff measures such as quotas, licenses, restrictions and embargos in respect of industrial goods.

        “Therefore, in our opinion, it would be very productive if we actively move towards the conclusion of agreements on the FREE-TRADE ZONE,” said the official.
        —-Russia-led free-trade zone will soon include 5 more countries!!—-

        ARGUE WITH ‘PUT-ON’… NOT ME!! 😜

      3. Pat
        Be that as it may, but if history has shown us anything, it reveals that at some point human nature wills out and all the Red Shield strawmen will throw their cautionary straw to the winds of war.

        Not IF, but WHEN the pin is pulled on that little hand grenade in the desert 🇮🇱🌩

    2. Trump could do this to get rid of the Rothschild counterfeit money empire (we know he won’t):

      Good news at last!! The people don’t have to starve to death in another Jew designed financial crisis. Look like the Uzbekistan Central Bank isn’t a Rothschild “independent” Central Bank.

      Excerpt 1:

      “Since November 2020, the central bank of Uzbekistan (CBU) issues sealed gold bars with a QR-code for real time verification. With these new bars CBU aims to stimulate gold to be used as a store of value, as well as promote the circulation of gold.

      “The gold bars are 999.9 fine, available in weights of 5, 10, 20 and 50 grams, and their packages all have the size of payments cards. The gold bars are sold through twenty-eight commercial bank offices throughout the country. At any point in time the bars can be sold back to the dealing banks, even if the seal is broken.”

      Nor Biden nor Trump can export “freedom” to the Uzbekistanis given its proximity to mother Russia, among other things.

      Excerpt 2:

      “Gold is an excellent hedge against adversity and high inflation. Gold cannot depreciate or be devalued. Gold … is not an asset ‘issued’ by a government or a central bank and so does not depend on the issuer’s solvency.” – Central Bank of Italy

      “The above statement from the central bank of Italy should be interpreted as a warning: money issued by central banks has counterparty risk and can lose its value, while gold retains its value. The development of central banks promoting gold is a slow shift from plan A (fiat) towards plan B (gold)”

      The magic money machine scam is the main Jewish power source, it produces unlimited funny money to buy elections, judges, politicians, media, industry or whatever. The only problem the Jew faces are things money can’t buy. No issue is more urgent than to pull the plug on this phony alchemy. The global monetary system is a gigantic fraud and this present cycle will soon end in a big BANG!

      More on the subject in this next article:

  10. It doesn’t matter if you like Trump or don’t like Trump. The issue is : He won in a landslide but the presidency is being stolen from him and that means the majority Americans are having their votes stolen. That’s the real issue here. It’s not about whether you like Trump or not. The majority of Americans voters are being disenfranchised –> THAT IS THE ISSUE –> By stealing the election from Trump Americans are being disenfranchised. I don’t think that’s anything to be happy about, that Americans are being disenfranchised.

    If you don’t like Trump and you’re happy the election is being stolen from him, you are in effect happy that the majority of American voters are being massively disenfranchised.

    Those who are happy Trump is having the presidency stolen from him never show any signs of unhappiness that the majority of Americans are being disenfranchised. That’s what I don’t trust and I don’t like and that’s what gets me suspicious. I couldn’t care less if anyone doesn’t like Trump, I don’t like him that much either, but acting blissfully unaware of the deeper issue, the disenfranchisement of the majority of Americans, I am suspicious of that, very much so.

    And when I say “act” I do mean “act”, for they act like they don’t know what the deeper issue is but they very much do know what the deeper issue is, what actors they are. How happy they are Trump is real close to have the presidency stolen from him while intentionally ignoring the deeper issue, the disenfranchisement of the majority of Americans. When they discuss the election and Trump losing [ to massive vote fraud ] they very happily ignore the part of the disenfranchisement of Americans –> and that gets me very suspicious.

    When discussing Trump and the election and Trump most likely losing the presidency due to massive vote fraud they always talk about the Palestinians and NEVER talk about Americans getting disenfranchised. Supposedly, the Palestinian issue is a greater matter to them than the disenfranchisement of Americans — and if you buy that I got some oceanfront property for sale here in Arizona. They’re happy Americans are being disenfranchised and the Palestinian issue is a smoke-and-mirrors game they play so you don’t see how happy they are Americans are being disenfranchised. Videre Licet. Videre Licet sees thru the thick hazy smoke of smoke-and-mirror games and sees the root of the issue, the core of the issue, the REAL issue, CLEARLY.

    NOTE : I use the word “disenfranchised” A LOT. I use the word “disenfranchised” repeatedly, repetitively. I repeat myself A LOT on purpose — to drive the point home.

  11. There seems to be a quasi consensus that Trump will not prevail and that Biden and Harris will get into the White House no matter what. To my surprise, even the Russian media seems to be considering that the Trump presidency is over.
    Yet, I am not so sure at all.

    The Saker

    No offence to The Saker, but he sounds more like A Sucker. Why?

    Well, because he does not know what even Pat knows for Christ’s sake: the POTUS does not get elected – it gets selected. That’s all what one needs to know to conclude with great confidence that Trump will not prevail – as simple as that.

    Indeed, if those who really decide who should be the president of the USA wished another four years with Trump, all they needed to do was do nothing, i.e. sit back and let Trump win on his own, because it was absolutely clear that he was going to win.

    But they didn’t sit back, did they? Far from it! The whole system kicked into full gear in earnest to flip the election and assign victory to Biden. If so, then it is utterly foolish to expect that they would suddenly reverse their decision and let Trump prevail. That doesn’t make any f*cking sense!

    This is a shameful charade, folks. What is more, I strongly suspect that Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and even Trump himself are part and parcel of this charade.

    1. I am not a big Trump fan. I’ll admit that I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, as the alternative choice was disgusting in both elections. Perhaps I should have not voted. However, the current election fraud is overwhelming. The Democrats conducted MASSIVE voter fraud in many states. There is clear and compelling evidence of this massive voter fraud. This is NOT about right vs left, or liberal vs conservative, or Dementia Joe Biden against loud mouth Trump, or Republican vs Democrat………….
      this is about the very most basic tenets upon which this representative democracy is founded. One man (or woman), one vote. Must be a US citizen. The Democrats TRASHED all of that. Trump MUST prevail to keep our republic. If Trump leaves the White House to be replaced by criminal cheaters, we must have a civil war. There is no other answer.

      1. No kidding, eh kimosabe? I was born at night but not LAST night. But you still haven’t addressed the potential war factor in the general equation. You’re always saying ” no war”. Why do you think that?

  12. Trump didn’t start any wars and a lot of people call him a warmonger and bloodthirsty as if he started a lot of wars, but he didn’t start any wars, not even one war. He didn’t start any wars for Israel or for any other reason.

    Obama-Hillary started the war in Syria and also destroyed Libya, both wars for the benefit of International Jewry/Israel, and no one accuses them of being Jew-loving Zionist blood thirsty warmongers. Start a war or two for the benefit of International Jewry/Israel like Obama-Hillary did, have no one accuse you of being a Jew-loving Zionist blood thirsty warmonger.

    Don’t start any wars, not even one war, like Trump didn’t start not even one war, not one war for Israel; or any other reason, and have everyone label you a Jew-loving blood thirsty warmonger Zionist. I know Trump loves jews a lot and loves Israel a lot, but the objective truth is : For all of his love for jews and for Israel he did not start one war for the benefit of International Jewry/Israel. He didn’t start any wars, not even one war, for the Jews or for any other reason.

    All those talking about Trump as if he started a lot wars for the benefit of the jews are such jackasses it’s not to be believed what stupid jackasses you all are. He didn’t start any wars, jackasses, not one war did he start for jews or for any other reason, jackasses.

  13. What makes this all the more galling for Trump’s supporters, many of whom are loyal patriots and men of high principle, is that the Election was almost definitely stolen, as even the Saker admits.

    But if they were truly loyal patriots of high principle (rather than a cult of deluded people for example), would they not have some serious reservations about supporting Trump (assuming that they’re paying close attention to what he’s been doing)? And would they not see the whole U.S. political system as hopelessly corrupt in the first place?

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that the election was somehow “stolen” from Trump. What I want to know is this: If the shoe were on the other foot, would Trump and his handlers and enablers have stolen the election from Biden if they could’ve? And would Trump supporters disapprove of a stolen election if Trump were the beneficiary instead of Biden (or would they take the position that the end justifies the means and thus not have a problem with it in that case)? I believe the answer to both questions would be “yes.”

    If the end does justify the means in this case, then what if the “deep state” faction that wants Trump out of the White House – as evil as they are – does so in significant part because they believe in good faith that he’s truly insane and they believe that at some point he will get up on the wrong side of the bed and will directly or indirectly start a nuclear war with Russia and/or China, and they don’t want that (at least not yet)?

    Yes this is all speculation, but as long as I’m speculating: What if the anti-Trump “deep state” faction also believe that Trump stupidly and recklessly signed off on the release of SARS-CoV-2 in a failed attempt to destroy the Chinese economy?

    In the aftermath of 9/11, the U.S. “government” was willing to start costly, unjustified, interminable wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, trash the constitution, waste trillions of dollars, etc., all ostensibly to make sure that “it can never happen again” or something like that. So now we have Covid-19 which has already caused far more damage than 9/11 and yet the U.S, “government” seems to have lost all interest in the question of where the virus actually came from. How can we make sure that “it (Covid-19) can never happen again” if there is no meaningful attempt to find out where it actually came from? Yes in the beginning Covid-19 was all quickly blamed on China, but then a few details emerged that cast doubt on the official narrative, and everything got conspicuously quiet after that.

    I don’t know if Trump had anything to do with the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 or not, but if he is willing to risk war with Iran by assassinating General Soleimani, and if he is willing to take the risk of deploying intermediate range nuclear missiles near Russian and Chinese borders, and if he is willing to escalate the hybrid wars against Russia and China to the point of returning to dangerous cold-war style territorial provocations, why would he not be willing to risk the consequences of a biological attack on China (especially if the handlers who suggested it might have downplayed the risk of blow-back)?

  14. You know that acronym WWJD What Would Jesus Do? Well what would Hitler do is the real question. Let us assume Trump is above average intelligence, a man of high IQ that his followers like to assert. Trump is often compared to both Jesus and Hitler, of which he is obviously neither.

    If you like, do an image search “trump as jesus” and “trump as hitler” and you will see many of both.

    Trump’s IQ is generally said to be 156, which is very high, see this chart of POTUS IQ’s:

    So let us ask this question, what would an intelligent patriotic and nationalist president do in the current dire situation? What would you do? Well, I know what I would do. I would tell the nation we are in a severe constitutional crisis and declare martial law and have all the usurpers arrested ASAP before they do any more damage. It is the specific job of the elected sitting President to do something drastic at this stage. His recently pardoned General Flynn said exactly that.

    Right now the nation is being gutted in the last stage of a Communist coup plot, and freedom (our way of life) hangs in the balance. Any honest person knows this, especially any president with a high IQ. What to do about is also obvious, a national emergency must be declared and the Communist hijinks stopped. And if the CIA is pulling a color revolution, the CIA must be immediately defunded and dissolved. I’m pretty sure that is what JFK had in mind.

    Now just think how tragic a communist takeover would be, tens of millions would most certainly be executed – and this is exactly what antifa and the radicals are saying. We have a number of examples of exactly how communism is railroaded into the hearts and minds of the people, Mao and Stalin come to mind as they are both from large countries converted to bloody Judaic Commune “ism” or more accurately called Totalitarian Jewish Statism, where the state is everything and the individual nothing.

    In Seattle antifa is going around demanding free occupied homes by people who slaved away to buy them. Sounds very Jewish to me, give me your house because I am the oppressed Jew. Sounds also like what these loafers are doing to the Palestinians, and you know it is logical because if you are taught that you are chosen by god, then why should you work and pay down a mortgage. A Jew really feels that they deserve free housing which is why tens of billions goes to Israel for free homes for Jews while millions of Americans are homeless.

    All animals are equal but some are more equal than others say George Orwell in Animal Farm. Can you believe Amerika build huge solid concrete walls in Israel and funds all of their housing needs while millions of American homeless sleep in filth in the freezing cold? What kind of nation does that to its own people? A ZOG nation.

    Yes, tis true, Karl Marx was a Jew, raised by Rabbis, and his revolutionary idea of Communist Manifesto is Jewish all the way. Another way to view Communism is that it is really Jewish insanity at its finest, the total disregard of the individual to the group. All must conform just like a giant Kibbutz. You are told what to say, what to wear, what foods you can eat, what God (or none) you can pray to.

    When you live under the thumb of Jews, the only correct thought is the Jewish one, and facts and reason make no difference. I can only imagine the kangaroo courts if Amerika goes full commie jew.

    If you wonder what Jewish totalitarism is like, it is just like we experience right now with the Holocaust debate. According to Jews, you are only allowed the Jewish version of the Holocaust, and anyone who disagrees gets persecuted. If Jews take full control then Holocaust deniers will NO DOUBT get imprisoned or executed. That is how Jews roll. Facts don’t matter at all. If Jews take over you will not be allowed to question the Global Warming fable or the Jesus/Yahweh fable, or the election counting hoax. You must believe and mouth the lies of Mr. Jew.

    If the Jew Communists take over then Jesus might get flushed down the toilet for the one true god Yahweh, the ego maniac psycho killer of the Old Testament. Or they might keep Jesus because it makes the Goyim willing slaves of the Jews. If you believe the Jews are the holy chosen ones then that is good enough for them. I have often made the point that Christianity is a religion for Gentiles to live in peace with Jews. Turn the other cheek is acceptable behavior for a Goy in front of superior Jew.

    A great irony about America collapsing into Communism is that it negates all the wars the Veterans fought to stop Communism, like the Korean and Vietnam wars, and the cold war against Communist Soviet Russia. What an irony it would be if the nation that spent a hundred years and trillions fighting Commies collapses within from that mindset that clown free loader AOC represents.

    So what should Trump do? Totally renounce his allegiance to Israel and Jews for starters, arrest the traitors, put any who tampered with even one vote in prison, stop allowing Wall Street Jews from robbing the national till, get the hell out of the middle east, stop fighting wars for Israel and antagonizing nations like Iran and Venezuela, stop the covid hoax by arresting Bill Gates and his henchman Fauci, etc.

    Trump needs to crack the whip on the media, yank their broadcast license, no nation can survive if the media is against the central government. BBC comes to mind. TV is a government operation by its very nature. Jeff Zucker is a Mossad Agent, so is Wolf Blitzer, so why are Israeli agents allowed to undermine a sitting president? That is just crazy.

    A real nationalist knows what to do, but will Trump do a single damn thing for Amerika? You tell me, I see him getting flushed down the Jew toilet because he is loyal to Israel and Jews first. Trump could of been the greatest but he chose to lick the boot of the Jew. What a tragedy for all involved.

  15. a blatant, flagrant, in-your-face, obscene, by hook by crook
    attempt has been made to steal the presidential election.

    and other offices. some successfully. not the presidency.

    trump won by massive margin and will soon be declared the winner.

    beaten biden, zero harris disappear.

    camelot of grace, intelligence, beauty from jackie to melania continues in full.

    the cheap ugliness, stupidity, pretense of kamalot ends soon.

  16. “Trump’s last days in the white house?” How will or could the world survive? One imagine “AN ELECTION” like the current American process of demockcracy, fake counter terrorism, deceit, B$, treason and more B$ mixed with accusations against anyone and everything American (or not) that moves or acts had happened in ANY country anywhere in this crooked and deceived world. OH, how the righteous self declared American sheriffs of nations, freedom and world peace, specialists for ALL the few FREE PEOPLE and their $elections of rightful statesmen – connected to the world of Mammon would have reacted to such a devastating dilemma – elsewhere on foreign shores? US might have rushed in AGAIN and come to the “rescue” instantly – to save “the world”.
    Who will save the disunited States of America NOW from its hidden enemy called kosher democratic tyranny dressed in sheep’s clothing? Chairman XI is such a candidate. Already skillful and experienced in capitalistic communism, a strict leader of billions and always on the look out for busine$$ opportunities and new colonies to conquer seems the most skilled new world sheriff that can for sure save the “world as we know it”.
    During the 1st American civil war the French Rothschild’s backed the South and the Londoners the North while 150 years later Relations between China and Mexico, as well as China and Canada, has become just a rerun of the Rothschild plan for the second American Civil War to divide the USA into North and South, combined with Canada and Mexico. A prosperous future awaits (the same few) as “Standard of Living” gets shifted around from and to countries, as well as individuals and are just Chess Pieces or Pawns In The Game for the same old smelly “red shielded” throne of coin. No Bang or Whimpers anymore in democracy, just a smooth transition into the same what always has been.

  17. To look on the positive side. The fact that Trump did not start any big wars for the Zion could mean he’s not their slave, and just maybe the SOS with the Zionist Jews is no longer the drill… It could mean we’ve turned a corner… maybe all the small stuff he did give them was tokens, good-bye presents…
    One thing for sure, the bidens will suck the ZOG as bad as ever… Though on the Palestine issue the DNC may be in for a tussle with the Omar faction….
    Note – JFK recommended and intended smashing the CIA… it’s taken decades but now many real leaders at his level are saying the same about the FBI….
    Not to mention the generals’ recommendation to martialize the whole country and slam the traitors into jail…
    The Skins could have told America all about the what’s up with the FBI, but their stories never got to the jew media…. funny how the jew media favors the blacks…. maybe that’s because the Skins have something they want, valuable real estate and mineral deposits….

  18. Question to the Admin

    In your introduction to this website it is mentioned that Dr.Lasha Darkmoons chief influence is indian mysticism. How come there are no articles from her on vedic knowledge, philosophy and indian spirituality.? Why only articles on world affairs.? I would appreciate if she can come up with some writings and realisation about indian mysticism,.

  19. Breaking News: Russian ships move to resume Baltic pipeline construction

    The maneuvers followed Russia pledging to complete the pipeline despite the threat of U.S. sanctions.

    You can bet your ass on it: president Putin has not started a single project yet which he didn’t complete one way or another. He will complete this one too.

  20. To all the Trump supporters may I remind them of “Operation Warpspeed”? A Trump construct between the US Military and big Pharma to damage the entire population in 24 hours? Thereafter you will carry your vaccination card issued by the pentagon.I’m afraid Trump is just an actor playing out the role he was selected to play.

    1. I’m afraid Trump is just an actor playing out the role he was selected to play.

      You betcha! And what role would that be? My guess is: to saddle the people’s movement for the sovereignty of the people of the United States, which was bound to arise one way or another, and lead it to a blind alley.

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see Donald running for office in 2024 again.

      1. “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see Donald running for office in 2024 again.”

        You are behind the curve, again. 🙂 I saw Trump publicly relate just that likelihood on a phone captured video a few days back.

  21. It doesn’t matter if one is a right wing conservative Republican, a left wing liberal Democrat, or even a radical, Bolshevik whore like Kamala Harris, nobody gets near the Oval Orifice in the Jewnited States of Scumerica unless they suck the kosher steamer. No exceptions. The Jews are dumping Trumpowitz because he did not implement the Covid hoax game plan fast enough for their liking. Brain dead Joe and his communist slut VP (the actual de facto president) will. It is astonishing that as the American ship sallies forth full speed to the iceberg, the majority of sheeple actually think it matters who captains the rotting vessel.

    1. HD –

      Correct in ALL you wrote.

      Alabama’s Governor, George Wallace, said in 1966, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties!” He said it many times in 1968 when campaigning for prezzy. His party WAS different, too different, so he was shot, but lived. He learned it was not good to be TOO different. The jew bankers pay folks to shoot to kill.

      1. Thank you, Pat, and salutations. A morning at the White House:

        Presidential Aide: “Mr. President. You have two visitors this morning. The Pope and the prime minister of Israel. Who do you want to see first?”

        The President: “Send in the Pope. I only have to kiss his ring.”

  22. quote “Yukon Jack is grossly misplaced: Yukon Jack – foolishly at best, and deliberately at worst – is pushing a stinky red herring. That’s all what it is.

    No offence to Yukon Jack or to anyone else is intended here, brothers and sisters, but to assert that Israel controls USA is sheer idiocy. ”

    I find that comment highly disingenuous, as a long time reader of this site you couldn’t possibly hold that viewpoint. What you are doing is trying to dismiss my argument based on the original premise, which is very well established here and on the internet, but dismissed by the Jewish controlled media which attempts to hide the real power that controls the USA and the rest of the western world. Your comment is that of a troll trying to put our discussion here into disrepute by taking an MSM talking point and dismissing the conspiracy fact that Jews control Amerika, and I doubt if a single reader here agrees with you.

    A few years ago, here’s what Sharon told Shimon Peres, former president and prime minister of Israel: “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that … I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.“

    It is well known that Israel controls Amerika, and it is a fact that Israel was the prime player in 9-11-2001 terrorist attack. So if Jews and Israel did not control the nation, then why was 911 covered up in favor of Israel, and why did the USA bomb the enemies of Israel and not Israel, the real perp? That point is also well known here on this site.

    It has been discussed here at great lengths the USS Liberty attack and the treasonous response by LBJ, and the lack of a real investigation of 911 because of Israeli influence. We also have discussed how all Presidential candidates first go to the Wailing Wall to kiss Jew ass before making a run for office, and how all candidates make supporting Israel the primary objective of their administration, and how they love Israel more than any other.

    And let us not forget that when Bibi Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress he gets more standing ovations than any other sitting President – and this man is a genocidal mass murdering maniac! So how can you dismiss the premise that Israel controls the USA unless you are trolling this site and disrupting the conversation intentionally, not from lack of knowledge about the truth of our situation, but from malice as you protect your fellow tribal parasites?

    Then there is Trump, the slavish whore of Israel who gives Bibi Netanyahu everything he wants, like moving the embassy to Jerusalem or the Golan Heights, or whatever aircraft they want, like F-35s or B-52s. What nation gives it strategic bombers to a foreign nation? Only a nation that wants to commit suicide or is controlled by that nation. Amerika’s foreign policies and the executive actions of Trump only make sense in context that the Israelis exercise overarching control of the nation.

    It is obvious to any truthseeker that Israel controls Amerika and I find your comment dismissing that premise out of hand highly disingenuous and intentionally deceitful.

      1. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings as they say. I am still giving Trump a 20 % chance of taking this thing. If this thing makes it to the Supreme Court, Trump has a better than a 60% chance.

        The remote possibility of a military option under Trump would definitely put a kink in at least the short term visions of the Central banking Families who control this whole thing from the top. That is one element I think they cannot easily overturn. In fact they may have some fear for once.

        The Sheeple must wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yukon Jack,

      I am sorry, brother, but you are delusional. I would suggest you more thinking and less babbling.

      1. Yukon,

        Pay no attention to Circassian. He’s an avowed enemy of this website, his aim being to annoy the best commenters. Note his abusive ad hominem technique. Without the slightest evidence he calls you a “delusional” babbler.

        Actually, he ought to agree with you: since he, too, is anti-Trump, and thinks Amerika is in deep trouble.

    2. Yes I’m increasingly viewing Israel as the HQ of the Jewish Western Empire with US/EU as its colonies. I’m still undecided whether it is yet fully a global empire, which they’re of course working towards. And they could presumably shift their HQ from Israel to some other centre if the need arises, although they’d prefer to stay there and strengthen it even more with Jerusalem as the capital. Also, I think that an in depth study of history since the Age of Exploration will reveal that the correct term to use would be Jewish colonialism and not European colonialism to describe the great empires of Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Britain and France.

      1. CM –
        With the untold FREE TRADE ZONES shared with numerous countries… ALL invoices can pass through Israel and a percentage can be added for them to receive UNSEEN $$$$ above and beyond official aid!
        The invoices can pass without the actual materials being held there. $$$ Billions there!
        I have found many of examples of those tricks. I posted some here a few years back.

      2. CM –
        Here is an example of Israel’s Free Trade Zone tricks set up to ‘colonize thru trade’ under international authority:



        5.1 MSC (Israel)Ltd Booking Confirmation formalizes the transport contract concluded between the Merchant and MSC, as a consequence of which both Booking Party and Shipper become jointly and severally contractual partners of MSC MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY S.A.

        5.2 The Booking Party and Shipper are responsible for and have to recheck all information provided concerning description of goods, hazardous cargoes, reefer and out of gauge details as well as for the correctness of weights indicated. They must inform MSC or MSC (Israel)Ltd immediately in writing in case of any discrepancies or missing details. Any discrepancies or wrong information at the time of receipt of the goods, especially in respect of the cargo’s weight and dimensions, may lead to substantial risk and costs for account of the Merchant and might result in short-shipments. In particular, discrepancies may lead to Status Change costs as per quay / terminal tariff.


        Since the Reagan Administration, Israeli goods enter the commerce of the United States duty free.

        Israel Free Trade Agreement (ILFTA):
        [-U.S. Customs and Border Protection-]

        The Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (ILFTA) went into effect on September 1, 1985 and has included Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs) since 1996. The QIZs, although originally limited to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, were subsequently expanded to include parts of Egypt and Jordan.


        Israel FTA

        Tariffs and regulations

        Tariffs and duty rates are constantly revised and are subject to change without notice. Austrade strongly recommends you reconfirm these prior to selling to Israel. For further information, visit the Israeli Department of Customs and VAT.

        Tariffs and non-tariff barriers

        Israel uses the customs valuation principles of the World Trade Organization code. In most cases, the basis for valuation is the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) price. Import tariffs are based on the Harmonised System, with separate listings for countries with Free Trade Agreements with Israel and for the general rate of other countries. The general rate is applied to imports from Australia which does not have an FTA with Israel.

        In addition to its general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) multilateral trade commitments, Israel has free trade agreements with many countries and trade blocks including:
        • European Union
        • European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries
        • United States
        • Canada
        • Mexico
        • MERCOSUR block
        • Colombia
        • Turkey
        • Panama (under negotiations).
        There are also special economic zone agreements with Jordan and Egypt.
        Import tariff information is available online at Israeli Department of Customs and VAT.

        Non-tariff barriers
        Import licenses are required for some goods and the authority to grant them belongs to different Governmental Ministries (depending on the product) such as the Ministry of Economy or the Ministry of Health. An import license may be required for the following reasons:
        • restrictions on imports from certain countries which ban or restrict imports from Israel
        • protection of local production
        • consumer protection and safeguard of public safety and health
        • distribution of import quotas with preferred customs rates.
        An importer applying for an import license must be an citizen or a company registered in Israel.
        Due to ever changing regulations, it is recommended that Australian exporters obtain this type of information on a case by case basis through their preferred customs broker or freight forwarder.
        Product certification, labelling and packaging

        Special certificates
        Some products, such as animals and plants, require additional certification which is issued to the importer by the relevant authority (e.g. Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Transportation, Economy, and Communications) who approve the import of goods as indicated in the certificate and under the terms specified.

        Due to ever changing regulations, it is recommended that Australian exporters obtain this type of information on a case by case basis through their preferred customs broker or freight forwarder.

        Kosher certificates (kosher refers to strict dietary laws derived from Judaism which are applied in food cultivation and processing for both live animals as well as processed foods)  are required in order to import food to Israel when the importer wishes to market products marked as ‘kosher’. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel is responsible for issuing kosher certificates and recognises the work of some Rabbinical authorities outside of Israel.

        Israel has a strict regime of labeling requirements and any exporter should consult with their Israeli importer regarding the specific requirements for each product.
        In general, all imported products into Israel must include the following information in Hebrew:
        • country of origin
        • name and address of the producer
        • name and address of the Israeli importer
        • contents
        • weight or volume in metric units.
        Some products also require a certificate that is given to the importer by the Standards Institution of Israel and attests that the imported products conform with the requirements of the applicable standards.

        Methods of quoting and payment
        Quoting and payment terms should be negotiated between the importer and exporter directly. However, quotes are usually specificed using Free on Board (FOB Incoterms) in US or Australian dollars. Payment is usually on Cash Against Documents (CAD) basis, but can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

        Documentary requirements
        Documentary requirements from Israeli customs authorities – *can change* – from product to product and expert advice should be sought from qualified freight forwarders or customs brokers on a case by case basis. Potential requirements including a pro-forma invoice, a commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list and certificate of insurance to name a few.

  23. ŚB 12.3.1
    Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Seeing the kings of this earth busy trying to conquer her, the earth herself laughed. She said: “Just see how these kings, who are actually playthings in the hands of death, are desiring to conquer me.

  24. Much like black south africa, Isreal is A CRIME STATE, where jews inside are not interfered with too much for running scams on people outside the SLC…. international investment scams, the binary option type, are completely fraudulent… thousands of phone mills set up to fleece unsuspecting ‘investors’…

  25. There’s no doubt abut it, massive vaccination injections would be one great way to whack the whole us military in like one week… anybody who takes this vaccine is out of his freaking mind…

    “But Trump is mounting an epic strategic move to defeat the communist regime. He’s installing patriots all across the DoD, and he is preparing to invoke military authority to nullify this rigged election and initiate mass arrests of all the treasonous actors who colluded with communist China to commit acts of war against the United States.”

    1. So in other words, Team Trump is going to suspend the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights, in order to steal the election from the original stealer?

      I’m sorry, but I refuse to enter the Twi-Light Zone over a cad who couldn’t even install the necessary measures to insure a fairly honest election. By fairly honest, I mean a usual election with cheating on both sides. By means of suppression because you don’t give a work force a dignified wage, or you steal and make photo copies of mail in ballots.

      I guess the liberals are right. Trump really did mismanage Covid.

    2. The ‘Health Ranger’ is way out of his ‘claimed’ area of expertise. He should tell about some good home remedies for flu.

      Trump knew Barr was ‘deep state swamp rat’ when he got him. Hell, Barr allowed the Weavers’ murderers to get away with it at Ruby Ridge…. under GHW Bush’s regime. No secret there for the sitting prezzy!!

  26. @Fred B.

    Excellent comment as usual, you said “Now we know for certain that it is all a sham.”

    Yes, this is the great unveiling of our apocalypse, we become aware that voting is a sham, and so is government, and so is the notion of divine right of kings, AND the notion that God appoints our rulers. How can anyone believe God is in charge of our world when it is run by the worst of the worst criminals?  In my mind at least, no God is in charge of this messed up world, our society is not the handiwork of some divine being.  To me, the claim of authority is a sham.

    What I assert again and again is that no human has any authority over another. This I hold as a metaphysical truth as I know I have no authority over any other human, and thus none have any authority over me. But there is power, the lion can claw down a zebra and consume it. Thus in Nature, some animals have the power to eat others and that principle is at work with the elite who have power over us – to consume the fruits of our labor with taxation because of the power of the state, the courts, the cops, and the law.

    You lament “The election was blatantly stolen from him and the American people. ” True statement, and I do not like Trump. It is obvious the election was a sham and Trump was immensely popular candidate and got a huge vote, and Biden was a dud except for the die hard liberals and democrats who voted against Trump. I, of course, will not vote a lesser of two evils because to do so is to sanction evil. I stand on principles, and I do notice that all my Christian friends DO NOT and engage in the vote.

    Now the next thing I need to say is the common joke that if voting mattered they would not let us do it. That understanding has much truth, as those in power are not going to allow us to determine our own fate. Why? Because government is a racket of the wealthy elite, and we are sheep being sheared.  The sheep are not going to tell the farmer how it is going to be.

    (Also, every year around voting time everyone should watch Larkin Rose’s epic rant called ‘A Message to the Voting Cattle’ on why voting is the most evil thing you can do.)

    We the sheeple were never in charge as voting was a ruse that we engaged in to make us think we had some say in what is going on.  The sheep are kept in a fenced pasture, fattened up, then sheared or slaughtered.  Sheep do not dictate the terms to the farmer, and the farmer does not tell the sheep what he has in store for them.

    Along come Joseph Atwill and his landmark book ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ in which he tells us Rome wrote the Christian myth. He demonstrates as clear as a bell that the STATE wrote the MYTH to CONTROL us so that we are PACIFIED to accept being ruled over. So in the Gospels, Romans 13 to be exact, we also see clear as a bell that the state is telling us to obey the government. Obviously GOD DID NOT WRITE ROMANS 13.


    From Bible Hub NIV

    ◄ Romans 13 ►
    New International Version

    Submission to Governing Authorities

    1Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

    6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”


    Thus this Gospel passage is not true because we should not obey corrupt governing authorities AND these passages are not true because it is obvious the God did not appoint evil to the throne, that is, if God is good. If God is evil appointing evil people to positions of power over us we should not be worshipping said God.  Thus if we wish to believe in a good God (0f love) we should not follow the Jew god of the Bible.

    The current wake up call that the vote was a sham is a real challenge to those that believe, so what should they do but to grow up and lose our faith?  But there is also another conclusion that should be drawn, and that is the God of the Bible is not the real God (that to which you believe) who is love.  The real God would never tell us to obey evil, nor would a God of Love judge us or threaten us with hell.  Thus, the Bible is false spirituality written by Jews and needs to be outed as such.

    My argument about the current vote situation and Trump is try not being set up for the Great Disappointment.  Trump is hardly the character for us to have great hope in because he is a greatly flawed character and he is beholden to Jews who control everything.  Some people on the internet and some preachers think God is working through Trump, although flawed, in bringing us to our senses and criminals to justice, but I can not verify such claims.  How can any of us know God’s mind, or if even such a mind exists?

    You conclude “Trump and his lily-white, duplicitous, cowardly advisors are simply afraid to do what is necessary in this final hour and cross the Rubicon. That is the problem with the right. They will not fight back and do what is necessary when their opponents adhere to no principles or laws at all, only to what they want. Unfortunately, if you are at war you have to fight fire with fire.”

    That is very well said, the only hope is with us fighting back.  But will we ever get organized or get the guts to march on the state houses and take back what is ours?  If things get bad enough we might, and to prevent that, the elites want to head us off at the pass by sticking us with needles so we never get the will to ever resist again.


    A plausible ending to this fiasco can be found on GLP or godlikeproductions,


    Get your pen and paper folks and write this down. I lived with the elite for 2 years and I still have a elite friend who tells me what’s going to happen and what they are going to do.

    Trump will leave on the 20th of January without verbally conceding, tweeting it’s a sad day for America and he was robbed by the Democrats etc.. Biden will be sworn in. Within the first 7 days Biden will resign from health issues immediately making Harris the Commander and Chief. They are not going to waste any time. Oil will go to $300 a barrel overnight. Listen for buzz words such as “re-education” and “Turn them in” Harris is going to aggressively move to purge the Trump Supporters sending them to camps for “re-education” they anticipate most will go voluntary as they will be in fear seeing Trump abandon and she is in power. The resistors will be made examples of.


    Trump as our last hope seems to me a setup for a great disappointment.  If Trump throws in the towel, will anyone take up arms and set things right?

    1. @Yukon Jack

      I said that you are delusional and I gave you a good advice to think more and babble less. And Madame Butterfly reprimanded me asserting that: “without the slightest evidence he calls you a “delusional” babbler”. Ok, let’s get to the “evidence” then.

      Along come Joseph Atwill and his landmark book ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ in which he tells us Rome wrote the Christian myth. He demonstrates as clear as a bell that the STATE wrote the MYTH to CONTROL us so that we are PACIFIED to accept being ruled over. So in the Gospels, Romans 13 to be exact, we also see clear as a bell that the state is telling us to obey the government. Obviously GOD DID NOT WRITE ROMANS 13.

      Please pay close attention: “Rome wrote the Christian myth… the STATE wrote the MYTH”, informs us Yukon Jack. Then, after much babbling, he declares:

      Thus if we wish to believe in a good God (of love) we should not follow the Jew god of the Bible. … Thus, the Bible is false spirituality written by Jews and needs to be outed as such.

      This is precisely what I meant when I said that Yukon Jack is engaged in incoherent babbling. First he says that “Rome wrote the Christian myth… the STATE wrote the MYTH”. Why? Well, to subjugate Yukon Jacks, of course. Then, almost in the same breath, he says that Bible is a Jewish thing written by the Jews!!!

      Now, can you or Madame Butterfly accuse me that I called you an idle babbler who is pushing a stinky red herring – foolishly at best, and deliberately at worst? So who wrote the Christian myth: Rome… the STATE or the Jews? Or maybe you think that “Rome… the STATE” = “the Jews”? This is sheer idiocy, plain and simple!

      Do you know what the nature of the disposition between the Rome and the Jews was at the time of Jesus, brother, and for what offence exactly was Jesus crucified and by whom? You have no idea, do you? And I strongly suspect that you are not alone in this regard.

      I am suggesting to you, brother, again: educate yourself first about the subject you are babbling so much about, stop babbling, and start thinking:

      1. quote: “So who wrote the Christian myth: Rome… the STATE or the Jews?”

        If you read Caesar’s Messiah you will learn the primary writer of the Gospels was Josephus, a top Jew captured by the Roman army, who was taken back to Rome and wrote the Christian religion for the Roman State. Christianity was written up by a Jew for Rome.

        So who wrote the myth? The Roman State and a Jew. I did not make that clear, so my apology. It is plain as day in the above cited book, which no one reads apparently when it is a landmark book of our age. Josephus was even made an honorary Flavian and had all the priviledges of a Roman citizen, married, and wrote his autobiography and books detailing Jewish wars. When you compare a young Josephus in the temple amazing the scribes it matches exactly Jesus in the temple. It is the same information because Josephus is using his own experience as part of the tale he weaves of the Jewish man who did good.

        Indeed, JESUS is an anagram of JoSEphUS, the two are one in the same. When Jesus is born a virgin, that means in literary circles, that Jesus is a fictional sun god being born a virgin on paper. No one in real life is ever born a virgin, that is impossible.

        Jesus was not crucified, nor did he ever live, nor can Jesus save anyone as he is fiction invented by Josephus, who used himself as a template. Any defense of Jesus is ridiculous as he is not real then nor is he now. I prove that in many essays I write on this topic, as it is a favorite of mine.

        If Jesus was real the Christians would not be the last group to find out Jews and Israel did 911. If Jesus was real, no Christian would be supporting these phony televangelists or fake Christian presidents like GW Bush. Christian behavior supporting the criminal state is proof that Jesus is only a mythological concept being manipulated for nefarious purposes, like Crusades or for CUFI.

      2. @ Yukon Jack

        Have you had a checkup recently for incipient dementia?

        I know village idiots who can write smarter comments than you can, even without trying to be stupid.

        How stupid can you get when you post your anti-Christian wankery on a pro-Christian site which has asked you politely not to do so? You think spitting in Admin’s face makes you a real he-man, am I right?

        Tell me, Yukon Jack, what is the size of your penis? Two inches or two centimeters?

        Go get some syphilitic whore to suck you off someplace else — preferably on your own pathetic website! 🙂

        1. Pay no attention to (((Yukon Jack))). Still less to the glammy cowboy pic that heads all his Christ-hating comments. He’s a really ugly Jewish settler who lives in Hebron in the West Bank. I found this picture of YJ on Incogman under the heading “YukonJack-cryptoJew”. This is an authentic picture of this crypto (((Yukon Jack))) masquerading as a Christ-hating ex-Catholic living in America. Actually, He’s a dual citizen who had to flee to Israel after caught embezzling $259,000 of government funds.

          — Troll Watcher
          (Former FBI agent).

          1. @ Troll Watcher

            Any proof of this?

            I take everything Yukon Jack says with a pinch of salt, given that almost everything he says smacks of outright charlatanry and conspiracy theory balloon juice. But I had no idea he was a crypto-Jew dual citizen hiding out in the West Bank town of Hebron.

            1. I don’t think proof is needed.

              After all, Yukon Jack gives NO PROOF WHATEVER for his ridiculous assertion, filched from JEWISH conspiracy theorist sites, that Josephus wrote the entire New Testament and that JESUS never existed except as an ANAGRAM in the name of JoSEphUS!

              Anyone who can believe such unutterable garbage has to have the mind of a mentally deranged village idiot! 🙂

              So I’m not too concerned if Yukon Jack is a “crypto-Jew” or not. He’s certainly a Useful Idiot for the Jews.

              @ Madame Butterfly

              You are bringing shame on this site by asking Yukon Jack the size of his penis. I’m sure it’s far more likely to be two inches than two centimeters! 🙂

    2. YJ –

      “….we become aware that voting is a sham…” …. DUE TO SECRET BALLOTS!! No validation. No recourse.

      Voice votes are used as secret ballot voting in congress, when they want hide who voted. No validation. No recourse.

    3. @Yukon Jack

      A plausible ending to this fiasco can be found on GLP or godlikeproductions…
      Get your pen and paper folks and write this down. I lived with the elite for 2 years and I still have a elite friend who tells me what’s going to happen and what they are going to do.
      Trump will leave on the 20th of January without verbally conceding, tweeting it’s a sad day for America and he was robbed by the Democrats etc.. Biden will be sworn in. Within the first 7 days Biden will resign from health issues immediately making Harris the Commander and Chief. They are not going to waste any time. Oil will go to $300 a barrel overnight.

      Now I am going to really and factually prove that you are an idle freaking babbler and nothing else. Here is my prediction against some “bogus elite friend’s” prophecy. I assert: (1) Within the first 7 days after the inauguration Biden will NOT resign, and (2) Oil will NOT go to $300 a barrel within the first 30 days after the inauguration – no matter what happens to Biden. Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is and challenge my prediction? If my prediction fails then I owe you $1000, if not – you owe me $1000.

      Are you ready to stand by your babbling? If not, stop the empty babbling and start thinking with your own head!

      If Trump throws in the towel, will anyone take up arms and set things right?

      Trump will lose, but no one will take up arms in such a way as to set things right. I am ready to stand by this prediction of mine as well. Are you ready to challenge me on this with your hard-earned cash? If not, stop the empty babbling and start thinking with your own head!

  27. Pat,

    Giuliani now has Covid-19. So what happens to all the court cases he had planned? He’s going to have to be quarantined so what happens to all the court cases?

    1. Rudy has over 500 proxies, partners & surrogates he can use from his former law firm from around the globe. 🙂
      He just left(2016) his partners at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP with HQ in Houston, offices in….
      Austin – Connecticut – Dallas – Dubai – Houston – London – New York – San Antonio – Seattle – Washington, DC

      Rudolph Giuliani Will Leave Firm By Amicable Agreement; Moving on to Other Challenges
      January 19, 2016
      News Releases

      HOUSTON – The Houston-based international law firm Bracewell & Giuliani LLP today announced that by amicable agreement, Rudolph W. Giuliani will be leaving the firm effective January 19, 2016.

      “Our New York office and our white collar practice will continue to have tremendous leadership through our long-time New York Managing Partner, Daniel S. Connolly, who joined the firm with Rudy in 2005, and has substantial prosecutorial experience.”

      He has Russian lawyers also!! 🙂

      I refer you to…..
      The US, NATO and Russia are all big partners in business!

      US firms like Rudy Giuliani’s have Energized the Caspian and CIS for decades. They help Russia and CIS set up banking and stock markets and write their BUSINESS LAW for them.
      Bracewell & Giuliani LLP of Houston, set up offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1997.

      Bracewell & Giuliani chose to open its CIS office in Kazakhstan, mainly because projects there in which they had been involved provided “a wonderful base, context, knowledge and contacts” says Vojack.
      “It was natural for us to continue on and practice law in Kazakhstan rather than going to Moscow,” he says.
      As a new lawyer seeking opportunities for Bracewell, Vojack, who speaks conversational Russian, went to Moscow with business expertise gained through negotiating deals for Minneapolis-based Honeywell Corp. from 1979 on. (Honeywell has been in Russia for many decades.)
      Practicing with Bracewell, he found himself in Kazakhstan by July 1994, spearheading a project to create Kazakhstan’s equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a team of Kazakh lawyers and advisers from the United States. Bracewell then entered into a joint venture with Arthur Andersen to create the security laws for the stock exchange and Kazakhstan’s market institutions.
      At the same time, Bracewell banking partner Robert L. Clarke worked with a team to help create Kazakhstan’s banking system and banking regulations.

      1. Rudy is/was being paid from everywhere!! 🙂

        Giuliani firm on payroll ($$$$) of Prez Chavez oil company
        News Wire Services
        Wednesday, March 14th 2007, 4:00 AM

        Rudy Giuliani’s law firm lobbies for Citgo Petroleum Corp., a unit of the state-owned oil company controlled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who calls President Bush a “madman” and a “devil.”

        Bracewell & Giuliani registered to lobby for Citgo in Texas on April 26, 2005, less than a month after Giuliani joined the firm and became a name partner, state records show.

        Citgo renewed the contract in 2006 and 2007 and pays the firm $5,000 a month to track legislation.


        Giuliani $$$100 million!!

        But by January 2002, Giuliani had already reinvented himself as a businessman. The experiment has been extremely lucrative. Giuliani Parnters, the consulting and investment firm that he started by transplanting key members of his administration into a dark wood paneled office on Times Square, is bringing in just over a $100 million a year in revenue, according to a source close to the company. That would mean the firm is collecting over $2 million per employee, which is phenomenal. (By comparison, Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street banking giant, takes in roughly $1.2 million per employee.).

        Companies like Nextel, Purdue Pharma and the nuclear-power plant operator Entergy hire the firm to advise them on logistics and security. And, of course, for the name Giuliani.

  28. Trump cannot afford to “Go with a Bang”. That is the price of having interests that can easily be targeted. Besides, me think we are putting too much importance on Trumps legacy (if there were any). If we acknowledge that Democracy is a charades, (Which it is) and that there is no difference between “Democrats and Republicans” (which there isn’t,) and if we agree that Trump is as much Deep State lieutenant as Biden, Obama, Clinton Bush and all the way from Lyndon Baines Johnson, (Which he is) then, why should we be deluded that Trump’s exit or extension means ANYTHING? He can go with a Bang or a whisper for all it matters. But I will wager, he will disappear like a rebuked Border Collie head down, ears down, and whining.

  29. For Trump’s four years it was RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!

    For a repeat performance of getting little done, the next four years will be CHINA! CHINA! CHINA!

    Joe Biden paid by…. CHINA for years!
    Hunter Biden paid by…. CHINA for years!
    NOW – Congressman Swalwell paid by…. CHINA for years!

    1. I’m no expert on that, Dmitry. Good question.

      There are very few limitations on Prezzy’s powers ever since 1861. Maybe even NO limits!!

      Then came Martial Law Proper in place today from Reconstruction in 1865 thru the rest of the 19th century here in USA. People are blinded to facts by rhetoric, rumors and lies….. including me. Commercial law rules today.

      In Ex parte Milligan (1866), Chief Justice Chase spells out Martial Law Proper and Presidential Power very well in his opinion.

      MARTIAL LAW PROPER, and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and, in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President in times of insurrection or invasion or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.
      ORDINARY law is common law.
      PRIVATE rights includes corporations.
      In strict dictionary terms, martial law is the suspension of civil authority and the imposition of military authority.
      When we say a region or country is “under martial law,” we mean to say that the military is in control of the area, that it acts as the police, as the courts, as the legislature.
      The degree of control might vary – a nation may have a civilian legislature but have the courts administered by the military.
      Or the legislature and courts may operate under civilian control with a military ruler. In each case, martial law is in effect, even if it is not called “martial law.”

      US JAG, General Birkhimer, wrote in 1892 that NO declaration of Martial Law is necessary to be in effect.

      Military Government And Martial Law – Birkhimer

      Military Government and Martial Law
      William E. Birkhimer, L.L.B.,
      Major, General Staff, U.S. Army
      Third Edition
      Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.
      Franklin Hudson Publishing Company
      Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd.
      Entered according to Act of Congress, in
      the year 1892, by William E. Birkhimer,
      In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.
      Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1894, by
      Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Company,
      In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

    1. Never fear for your $500, Circassian, when the time comes send me your transfer info for direct deposit.
      I am not about to run and hide for mere lucre—it would be different if I came from the scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites background, you’d be now hearing about trauma of Holocaust survivors and how you are a Nazi for even dreaming of payment and in fact you owe me plus the stolen artwork—lucky you that I am just a dumb Canadian-Croatian.
      If Biden squats in WH on 21st Jan (or 21st anything), you have won 500 fair and square even though your horse cheated by about 15 million—these are the terms of the bet.
      But … I didn’t hear the fat lady sing … maybe in Russian (Putin losing his touch as I suspected earlier).

      1. Lobro, I feel somewhat strongly that the way I usually introduce you to bad news could have been and, perhaps, should have been done in more gentle way. So, in an attempt to fix this fault on my part I would suggest you to watch the following movie (if happens that you have watched it in the past, still watch it again – it’s time well spent even on the second watch when it is done with great attention to every single detail):

        Then I will tell you why I have made this seemingly strange suggestion to you.

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