Trump’s Popularity Now At Its Highest Point Ever

Fact or fiction? Trump Job Approval at Personal Best of 49%.
Half of registered voters say Trump deserves to be re-elected.

By Jeffrey M. Jones
Information Clearing House
February 4, 2020

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017.

TRUMP,  confident in his new-found popularity.
PELOSI, ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech.

The new poll finds 50% of Americans disapproving of Trump, leaving just 1% expressing no opinion. The average percentage not having an opinion on Trump has been 5% throughout his presidency.

Trump’s approval rating has risen because of higher ratings among both Republicans and independents. His 94% approval rating among Republicans is up six percentage points from early January and is three points higher than his previous best among his fellow partisans. The 42% approval rating among independents is up five points, and ties three other polls as his best among that group. Democratic approval is 7%, down slightly from 10%.

The 87-point gap between Republican and Democratic approval in the current poll is the largest Gallup has measured in any Gallup poll to date, surpassing the prior record, held by Trump and Barack Obama, by one point.

The Jan. 16-29 poll was conducted in the midst of the Senate impeachment trial that will likely result in the president’s acquittal. The poll finds 52% of Americans in favor of acquitting Trump and 46% in favor of convicting and removing him from office.

In addition to possibly reflecting sentiment regarding his impeachment, Trump’s increased approval rating may also result from other issues, including:

—  The recent military action in Iran. More Americans in the new poll approve (53%) than disapprove (45%) of the U.S. military action that resulted in the death of a leading Iranian military general. Iran retaliated but, despite fears of escalation, no further military action has been taken by either side.

Foreign trade. During the poll’s field period, Trump also signed the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The economy. Americans’ confidence in the economy is higher than at any point in the past two decades. Similarly, national satisfaction is the highest in nearly 15 years.

Sixty-three percent of Americans now approve of the way Trump is handling the economy, up six points from the prior reading in November. It is the highest economic approval rating not only for Trump, but for any president since George W. Bush enjoyed stratospheric job approval ratings in the first few months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Trump’s ratings for handling foreign affairs (47%) and foreign trade (50%) are also his best to date.

Republican Party Image Also Improving

As Trump’s job approval rating has improved, so has the image of the Republican Party. Now, 51% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably, up from 43% in September. It is the first time GOP favorability has exceeded 50% since 2005.

Meanwhile, 45% of Americans have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party, a slight dip from 48% in September.

Additionally, the poll finds 48% of Americans identifying as Republicans or leaning toward that party, compared with 44% Democratic identification or leaning. Recent Gallup polls had shown a fairly even partisan distribution, after the Democratic Party held advantages for much of 2019.

Gallup observed similar public opinion shifts when Bill Clinton was impeached.

Clinton’s approval rating spiked to a personal high of 73% after the House impeachment vote, and stayed above his pre-impeachment readings through his acquittal by the Senate in early 1999.

A seven-point average Democratic advantage in party identification and leaning in two early December 1998 polls (49% to 42%) swelled to an average 17 points (53% to 36%) in two late December polls after the Dec. 19, 1998, impeachment vote.
The latest impeachment saga has had a different effect on party favorable ratings, however. When Clinton was impeached, favorable ratings of the Democratic Party were unchanged (but high, at 57% and 58% in two December polls), while the GOP’s ratings plummeted, falling from 43% pre-impeachment to an all-time low of 31% after the House vote to impeach.

Election Context

Impeachment and a strong state of the nation may have brightened Trump’s election prospects, but U.S. registered voters are evenly divided at 50% as to whether he deserves re-election. When the question was last asked, just before the 2018 midterm elections, 41% of Americans thought Trump deserved a second term.

With the Democratic nomination campaign fully underway, 39% of registered voters say they will vote for Trump regardless of whom the Democratic Party nominates for president, while nearly the same percentage (36%) say they will vote against Trump regardless of whom the Democrats choose. Twenty-four percent of voters say they are waiting to see whom the Democrats nominate.

For their part, Democrats continue to prefer a nominee who can defeat Trump over a candidate closer to them on the issues. Fifty-six percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents want the party to nominate a candidate who has the best chance of beating Trump, even if the candidate does not agree with them on the issues they care most about, while 42% want a nominee who agrees with them on the issues but does not have the best chance of beating Trump. The current 14-point margin in favor of electability is smaller than the 24-point gap measured in November, suggesting Democrats may have a harder time settling for the eventual nominee if it’s someone they don’t agree with.

Democrats identify Joe Biden (44%) as the candidate they think has the best chance of beating Trump, followed by Bernie Sanders at 19% and Michael Bloomberg at 10%. Meanwhile, Democrats are most likely to name Sanders (28%) as the candidate who is closest to them on the issues, followed by Biden (20%) and Elizabeth Warren (16%).


Whether the rise in Trump’s approval rating and the Republican Party’s image is being driven by a backlash against impeachment, the strong economy or other factors may become clearer in the near future. If it is mostly impeachment-based, his approval rating may revert quickly back to pre-impeachment levels, as it did for Clinton. Within two months of his acquittal in February 1999, Clinton’s approval rating returned to where it was before he was impeached, as did the Democratic Party’s advantage in party identification and leaning.

If Trump’s higher approval rating is being driven by Americans giving him credit for improvements in the economy, his support may increase over the course of the year, as it did for Ronald Reagan in 1984, Clinton in 1996 and Barack Obama in 2012. All of those recent presidents held office during periods of sustained economic improvement and were re-elected with job approval ratings of better than 50%.


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110 thoughts to “Trump’s Popularity Now At Its Highest Point Ever”

  1. How can we trust this pole…..surely most people have seen through this piece of garbage by now….he only cares about Israel he is a traitor that should be executed.

    1. Bullshit. His attitude toward Israhell is certainly not foremost in the minds of the American people. The commie/socialist leaning of his opponents is their primary concern. Yes, those of us who have thought much about it deplore the favoritism toward Israhell, but we love our own country too much to fathom the helm manned by the likes of a Sanders, a Biden, or a Bloomberg. The American people, in their sense of justice, have been turned-off by the recent impeachment efforts of scum like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and a plethora of other, lying bureaucrats brought in to testify. Moreover, the effort to conceal or overlook the corruption of the Bidens has been obvious, and will not be forgotten during the relatively short time ’til the elections.
      In my own state, Virginia, many voters are stewing over the socialist Democrats having taken over the General Assembly, and are out for ANYTHING which will throw a wrench in their nefarious plans. On both the state and federal levels, the Democrats have been too bold.
      Trump’s attitude toward Israhell is small potatoes compared to concern for our own.

      1. Are you for real? As you are a frequent commenter on this site you should know that the average american can only choose between the the global jewish left and the ‘ right’ zionist jews, Trump. It’s a jewish script/plot. Are you for real? Jewwise? Let’s play all being jewwise. You are An american?

      2. Gil
        I generally agree. But it’s still that damn 800 lb. Federal Reserve gorilla in the room…

      3. There is no political solution….the whole government must be overthrown.

        “Trump’s attitude toward Israhell is small potatoes compared to concern for our own.”???

        You need to wake up bruh……the whole country has been highjacked and Israel is in control.

        1. @ R

          u need to wake up bruh……the whole country has been highjacked and Israel is in control.

          Absolutely. To see this requires intelligence. Not to see it indicates intellectual myopia.

    2. pole dancing braindeadgoy usually believe more than 98% of Jewish
      poopaganda, especially if the Talmudvision says so…

      furthermore most of the cartoon characters poled also agree that Wiley Coyote
      actually has more than nine lives, and has a side deal with the ACME co.

      curiously, Jesus declares @ Matthew 13:39-43 that the workers of iniquity
      will be rewarded in the extra warm climate of JEWTOPIA, so it all works
      according to the Divine plan….

      the really good news is no one on Earth HAS to be a “JEW”.

    3. He isn’t Polish, and certainly not polished. He is awful, just awful; a silly, vain man,,,,,but he is better than the alternative, and he has got a lot of things done, and done right.

      1. We have all been tricked by duplicitous men…they are all dual Israeli-American citizens…

  2. Not surprising.

    Queer Mayor Pete Buttigieg – married to a man…. and Communist Bernie Sanders are leading in the Democrat Caucuses & polls! They have scared ‘fence-sitters’ over to the ‘other side’ where Trump is the only real choice.

    —Buttigieg and Sanders separated by razor-thin margin with Iowa count nearly done—

    The former South Bend, Indiana mayor is locked in a tight race with Sanders after a technical meltdown created havoc in reporting the results.

    Unlike other states, Iowa doesn’t choose a winner by the popular vote. Instead, candidates amass state delegates, based on caucus site results.

    Pete Buttigieg 42,235

    Bernie Sanders 44,753

    Elizabeth Warren 34,312

    Joe Biden 23,051

    1. Not my typo….
      Democrats & Politico are SO STUPID!!

      They can’t figure out…..
      Bernie Sanders at 44,753 should be in the lead spot!! 🙂

      1. If ol’ Buttplug Pete were straight, he’d be formidable. America is just not ready for a First Faggot in our White House.

        1. @ Gilbert

          If you’re lucky, you’ll live to see a BLACK LESBIAN JEW as president! All white heterosexual men (like you) will be sent off to FEMA camps and castrated, (Ouch!) And all straight white women will be used as sex slaves by the lesbian community. Wait for it, Gilbert! Ten years from now….. 🙂

          As for me, I’ll be living at the South Pole among the happy heterosexual penguins. 🙂

      2. Your imagination is indeed frightening, Madame. However, don’t count on it. My own laundry woman, who is a typical black, HATES the likes of a Michelle Obama. Her name is “Nunny”, and I’ve heard her in the kitchen, ironing and watching the TV news. She, like many others, says “Look at her biggety self! She think she SOMETHING, living up in dat big white house!”
        A lot of negroes suspect wrong-doing out of other negroes who get “uppity”. More blacks are getting “conservative” as their situations improve. 🙂

    2. It is no wonder that Trump stands tall above the jew Democrat Sanders… the actual front-runner.

      Statements like this are typical of jews:

      —Bernie Sanders’ 1972 Essay on Rape—

      Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign tried to distance him from a 1972 essay in which he wrote that a woman “fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously.”

      He wrote these and other sick thoughts:
      “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”
      “A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.”

  3. GH said —
    “Yes, those of us who have thought much about it deplore the favoritism toward Israhell, but we love our own country too much to fathom the helm manned by the likes of a Sanders, a Biden, or a Bloomberg”

    I agree 100%. And to elect ANY Democrat as POTUS will empower the insane progressivism we see now in Democratic Party politics. I hate Trump’s blind favoritism of Israel as well but I will vote for him in November.

    1. Ramm Stein
      Unless and until the Federal Reserve System is ABOLISHED, your vote will count for jackshit. Period. End of story.

    2. Gilb,
      Obama was the last great flamer POTUS but not the 1st of a long line of “In the Closeters” …..wink. Maybe the USSA would fare well with an openly gay or, even better yet, an orthodox Rabbi as presidente. Of importance is honesty. Donaldo would choose either of the 2 former over 🍊🤡 anyway who is a complete liar and fraud. Anyway, just thinking. 🤔🧐🤨🍷🌮

      1. Yes, and did you notice the little smile on Pelosi’s face as she stood behind Trump while he gave his speech and ripped up those papers? She didn’t seem at all angry, as she should have been, but could barely hide her amusement. She knew it was just theater.

        Watch the video again and note the little smile tugging at Pelosi’s lips. These people are all in it together. Pelosi WANTS Trump to be re-elected … and it is rumoured that the Democrat opposition has deliberately made itself look weak and pathetic to make sure voters have no choice but to vote for Trump — the lesser of two evils.

        This happened last time, too, remember, when Hillary made herself deliberately unelectable so as to hand the victory to Trump.

        America is NOT a democratic country. It is a fascist oligarcy of the rich, a plutocracy. Both parties are really ONE party, one party masquerading as two.

      2. Saki –

        I grant you that Pelosi’s shredding was just “theater”, but she was playing to the very real liberal “progressives” in the audience. It amazes me that you and others perhaps have persuaded yourselves that any synchronicity of purpose is going on. Just because she seemed polite at a prayer breakfast does not a conspiracy make! 🙄
        Oh, too, Hillary didn’t intentionally throw the election, either. We had a long time to watch her personality in the White House, and I know several Secret Service agents who experienced, first hand, what a bitch she is. 😠

      3. Saki –

        I watched ‘live’ and told my wife something was very strange about Pelosi shuffling the papers and re-stacking/shuffling them in an annoying way all through his speech. (now we know why) And she kept pointing at the lines on the pages as if she were following along and studying the words…. BUT… she could have read along on the teleprompter!!!

        ALL scripted by jew bankers!!! 🙂 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Yes, I believe your instincts are correct on this. You detected something very strange about Pelosi’s body language. It just didn’t add up. I got that weird feeling myself that Pelosi was acting a part. And I’ll say this: she’s a lousy actress. 🙂

  4. Gilbert Huntly “I grant you that Pelosi’s shredding was just “theater”.?

    The whole thing is theatre bruh.

    1. R –

      Yes, it is; but the actors are not necessarily complicit.
      Bashing our country will not help anything, either. You “bashers” only make the rest of us more determined to side with Uncle Sam, no matter what his faults. Representatives like Thlaib and Omar do NOT attract much sympathy for Palestine, either.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        No one is bashing “your” country, you blockhead. We are bashing Trump. Trump is not “your” country, understand? nor does he represent the American people. Don’t try and intimidate others into your imbecilic belief that support for Trump is equivalent to patriotism.

        Trump is BETRAYING America, and you are betraying America by supporting a president who is IN THE POCKET OF THE JEWS!

        1. Wake up! Soon Trump will be after your guns! Then you will know if he is really the great guy you thinks he is, as your door is smashed down on his orders and the Jew-loving cops come to take possession of your precious guns.

        1. GILBERT HUNTLY —

          You need a good whipping, sir, as all bullies do. Your IQ must be exceptionally low to equate Trump worship with patriotism. I am an American patriot. I reject your pseudo-patriotism entirely. In the patriotic circles I move in, you would be spurned and rejected as a Jew-loving cocksucker.

          Would you like to suck Jared Kushner’s cock too? Would that turn you on, you dirty like American traitor?

          1. @ American Patriot

            I would caution you against the use of such potty-mouthed language on our site. You obviously have strong views on this subject, as Gilbert has, but the difference between you and Gilbert is striking. Gilbert is a gentleman and you are not. And I can vouch for the fact that Gilbert loves his country equally, if not more than you.

            I will think more highly of you if you apologize unreservedly to Gilbert for your foul language.

            Sister Monica

            1. @ Sister Monica

              I accept your rebuke. My abuse of Gilbert was inexcusable. I’m not just saying this to placate you but because I have just been reading some of Gilbert’s poems and I really like them. Anyone who can express himself in these terms has my full respect. Gilbert is obviously a patriotic old gentleman of the old school, an eccentric with a heart of gold, whom I have badly misjudged.

              @ Gilbert H

              My sincerest apologies to you, sir.

      2. American “Patriot” –

        The circles in which YOU move are, undoubtedly, more concerned with the concept of their own status than with the welfare of their country. I understand your frustration and lack of vocabulary, but please don’t equate standing up for a political candidate with defending country and family. Small minds cannot delineate the differences.
        As for my being a “bully”, I had not intended to belittle you. (Incidentally, I seriously doubt your ability to best me in any way, and you are laughably pitiful.)

      3. American Patriot “smells” (linguistically, so to speak) suspiciously like Sardonicus. I would estimate the probability of the hypothesis American Patriot ≡ Sardonicus at 0.99.

        What say you, Grammar Fiend?

        1. I don’t think your hypothesis is correct, Circassian. For two reasons:

          (1) Admin does not allow sock puppets and has repeatedly banned commenters using more than one name.

          See ‘Comment Policy’:

          # 5. Please use ONE user name. The use of several different names or sock puppets is not allowed.

          (2) There is no logical reason for Sardonicus to pretend to be someone else when there’s nothing to stop him posting under his own name. Why should ‘X’ pretend to be ‘Y’ when ‘X’ is perfectly free to speak as ‘X’? As far as I know, Sardonicus has not been banned.

          1. Apart from this, Sardonicus has always got on with Gilbert and praised him for his poetry. So why should Sardonicus suddenly turn nasty and tear Gilbert to shreds? It’s not very likely.

      4. @ Grammar Fiend

        Apart from this, Sardonicus has always got on with Gilbert and praised him for his poetry.

        GF, I guess you have missed this one

        @ Sister Monica

        I accept your rebuke. My abuse of Gilbert was inexcusable. I’m not just saying this to placate you but because I have just been reading some of Gilbert’s poems and I really like them. Anyone who can express himself in these terms has my full respect. Gilbert is obviously a patriotic old gentleman of the old school, an eccentric with a heart of gold, whom I have badly misjudged.

        @ Gilbert H

        My sincerest apologies to you, sir.

        English is not my native tongue; but, as far as I can tell, the above quote is Sardonicus speaking – 99.99% . The only reason I do not say 100% is because I do not wish to sound too dogmatic.

        So why should Sardonicus suddenly turn nasty and tear Gilbert to shreds?

        Sardonicus has done this kind of somersaults with Pat and others… invariably followed by “sincerest apologies”, so there is no surprise there.

        1. @ Circassian

          Your logic shows a very sharp brain, but you could be wrong. In which case you would be doing both ‘Sardonicus’ and ‘American Patriot’ a grave injustice. It’s wrong to accuse someone of murder unless you have foolproof DNA evidence. Strong “hunches” will not do. Many a scientific theory has collapsed for lack of empirical evidence.

          1. @ Circassian
            @ Grammar Fiend

            Sardonicus would ordinarily respond to these accusations, but he has informed us in a private email that he has decided to go on a religious retreat involving complete avoidance of computers for the next 6 weeks. His email address and IP number have always been the same — and I can reveal that the email address and IP number used by ‘American Patriot’ are completely different. These two posters appear to be posting from different countries at the opposite end of the world.

            1. As my name indicates, I live in America. I’m an American patriot and I’m posting from California. Not from China or Australia or some country “at the opposite end of the world”. I’ve never even heard of anyone called ‘Sardonicus’ until today. Hope I’m nothing like him …. coz he sounds a bit creepy! 🙂

      5. @Grammar Fiend

        Your logic shows a very sharp brain, but you could be wrong.

        GF definitely knows what he is talking about – he is right on both counts 🙂

        Speaking seriously though, I have tried to apply my “sharp brain” to solving two of the most puzzling and most pressing problems of contemporary physics – (1) the nature of ball lightning; and (2) controlled nuclear fusion – in one shot, so to speak:

        But my solution could be wrong on both counts.

        1. @ Circassian

          But my solution could be wrong on both counts.

          Only as long a your “solution” remains pure hypothesis, or theory without sufficient empirical evidence to transform opinion into fact. A theory has to be falsifiable (Karl Popper) and subject to the verification process. In other words, predictions made on the basis of the theory must come to pass and be fulfilled. If you can predict an eclipse for an exact day, for example, and the eclipse occurs as predicted, that proves your theory is correct.

          Many of the theories of quantum physics are extremely dodgy. How can it ever be proved that there are an infinite number of parallel worlds where “everything that can happen does happen?”



          Can such a weird theory ever be proved? I doubt it.

      6. @LD

        Many of the theories of quantum physics are extremely dodgy. How can it ever be proved that there are an infinite number of parallel worlds where “everything that can happen does happen?” … Can such a weird theory ever be proved? I doubt it.

        You are absolutely correct – it cannot be proved. But not because it is so weird. To prove that there is an infinite number of parallel worlds, one needs – at the very least – to define what parallel world is (not just in words, but in terms of operation). As far as I know, no one has ever offered such a definition. How can one prove something if he does not even know what he wants to prove?!

        Regarding Karl Popper. He was a philosopher – not a scientist (and not a very good one, I must add). As someone once quipped: Philosophers are free to do whatever they please, because they don’t have to do anything right.

        If you can predict an eclipse for an exact day, for example, and the eclipse occurs as predicted, that proves your theory is correct.

        Not quite. What if your second prediction turns out to be wrong? Then it can be said with 100% certainty that your theory is wrong.

        What’s more, your assertion is the direct opposite of what Karl Popper has preached. He is famous mostly through making a career out of the doctrine that theories may never be proved true, only false. In other words, Karl Popper would say: No amount of experiments can ever prove your theory right; while a single experiment may at any time prove your theory wrong.

        Karl Popper has gone so far as to flatly deny the possibility of induction. He asked the rhetorical question:
        ‘Are we rationally justified in reasoning from repeated instances of which we have experience to instances of which we have no experience?’, and wanting us to answer ‘No!’

        Strangely enough, the fact that all scientific knowledge has been obtained by induction did not seem to bother at all this Jewish philosopher who was parading as a scientist.

        1. Thanks for your input, Circassian. You obviously know far more about this subject than I do. I am passionately interested in quantum physics, but only as a non-scientist would be whose training is in the arts and philosophy.

          In my opinion, any belief in parallel universes where “everything that can happen does happen” is a scary concept that cuts the ground away from Free Will and makes life pretty meaningless. To me, at any rate. Which is not to say Life is necessarily “meaningful”, which must always be an article of faith. I believe, personally, that life has meaning and purpose, but I cannot prove this to others who lack my faith.

          In any case, there are other ideas far scarier and crazier than the Parallel Universe hypothesis, ideas about “virtual worlds” and so on — ideas partly stemming from Indian philosophy and its offshoots — but I won’t go into those Alice-in-Wonderland ideas here. Too depressing.

      7. @LD

        You seem genuinely interested in philosophical implications of quantum physics. I do not wish to hijack this post with off-topic comments, so I’ll restrict my response to directing your attention to section 10.7 But what about quantum theory? on p. 327 of a book which I consider the most important ever written (it is my Bible, if you wish):

        In my opinion, quantum mechanics is a blind alley of real physics; I suspect this unhealthy state of affairs in fundamental science is maintained on purpose (for reasons not entirely clear to me).

    2. R
      Here’s a part of the actors’ script for the night, which they all followed perfectly:
      Nancy: When Donald arrives at the podium to hand you and Mike your copies of the speech, reach out to shake his hand, but he won’t respond. Don’t act surprised.
      Donald: When Nancy reaches out to shake your hand, ignore it.
      Nancy: as soon as Donald finishes his speech, immediately stand up and begin tearing the pages in half. Give us that kinda crazy look that you’re so good at.
      Main stream media: Do what you always do to keep the masses mind controlled and fighting with each other and clueless
      And the saga continues…

      1. @ Ken

        Very well put. It’s all been scripted. The saga, as you say, continues. But where will it end?

        I’m not sure the scriptwriters will get their way.

        Or maybe the movie will flop…?

  5. “Trump’s Popularity Now At Its Highest Point Ever”

    Gosh, who could have ever predicted such a thing, and even more, sans hindsight of an epiphanic degree.
    (the J is for Juggernaut)

  6. i never voted for Trump, in fact i just never voted for any one.
    so many here are smarter than Trump, or so they think.
    but there are not Trump.
    the end result of the Trump presidency defies your
    ability to see the results that will happen.
    God will take care of the jews.
    looks like every one is ready to leave the game before half time.
    you cheered for Trump three years ago, now you want to stone him.
    because he is smarter than you, sounds like a bunch of back stabbers.
    the game is not over yet, and the cowards berate Trump.
    either you lead, or get of of the way or shut the fuck up you crybabies.
    BTW, every one on this site is smarter than me. I thank God for that.

    1. @ Red Pill

      “i never voted for Trump, in fact i just never voted for any one.”

      Good for you.

      “so many here are smarter than Trump, or so they think.”

      A pile of rocks is smarter than Trump.

      “but there are not Trump.”

      Whatever that means.

      “the end result of the Trump presidency defies your
      ability to see the results that will happen.”

      Your “sentences” defy logic.

      “God will take care of the jews.”

      The lake of fire awaits them (Rev 19:20).

      “looks like every one is ready to leave the game before half time.”

      Whatever that means.

      “you cheered for Trump three years ago, now you want to stone him.”

      Some of us gave him the benefit of the doubt and voted for him, and he immediately betrayed us; so naturally we despise the evil anti-American traitor. What else would you expect?

      “because he is smarter than you, sounds like a bunch of back stabbers.”

      Whatever that means.

      “the game is not over yet, and the cowards berate Trump.”

      Whatever that means.

      “either you lead, or get of of the way or shut the fuck up you crybabies.”

      Does your Mommy know you’re at the computer again, Junior?

      “BTW, every one on this site is smarter than me.”

      Finally a true and meaningful statement from you.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        Splendid! You skewered him right and proper! Actually, I feel a bit sorry for Red Pill.

        He’s a bit like another ex-commenter on this site — whose name it’s best not to mention! — who feels the strong need for a Messiah, however inappropriately abominable, and who thinks his “gut instincts” on any question have given him the gift of infallible omniscience.

        I feel so sorry for these self-deluding dunces masquerading as world-class geniuses.

      2. Saki –

        “He’s a bit like another ex-commenter on this site….”

        ‘Ty-Ranter Preacher’ was like that. He hated me for sure!! 🙂

        I did not use his exact name to keep my comment from landing in prison with TROJ…. I hope.

        1. @ Pat

          Not sure who you’re referring to as “Ty-Ranter Preacher”, but never mind. Best not to mention names or we tread on sensitive corns! BTW, I’m referring to a more recent ex-commenter, not some Bible thumper who was always quoting the Bible in his posts to prove his point!

          Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you have had more than ONE hater on this site. You’re still here, so you’ve survived them all. So I guess you’re smarter than them! 🙂

      3. Harold Smith
        of course you don’t understand, that’s because your the type of person
        i was describing. (back stabber)
        your are smarter than i in the ways of this world
        my mommy died in 1984, and the last day of this month i celebrate
        my 18 th birthday of which i will be 76 years of age.

      4. @ Red Pill

        “of course you don’t understand, that’s because your (sic) the type of person
        i was describing. (back stabber)”

        On the contrary, I didn’t understand many of your statements because of your embarrassingly bad grammar. You obviously have great difficulty composing correct and meaningful sentences. (BTW that would be “you’re” not “your”).

        And who am I stabbing in the back?

        “your (sic) are smarter than i in the ways of this world”

        If you held that belief in good faith, and the belief that “every one on this site is smarter than [you]” (as per your earlier statement), you wouldn’t have also said, for example: “either you lead, or get of of the way or shut the fuck up you crybabies.” That’s not the way a person addresses his betters.

        So you’re apparently a liar, just like your evil messiah, orange clown. (BTW, unlike you, I at least know the difference between “you’re and “your”; and unlike you, apparently, I have some ability to do basic moral reasoning to discern right from wrong.)

  7. It seems obvious that the elders brought their loyal agent orange clown to power for one reason: to light the whole Mideast on fire. IOW the evil clown’s mission as “president” is to start a war in the Mideast which will leave Israel’s “enemies” in ruins. This is the only context in which Trump’s ever-more-brazen serial provocations make any “sense.”

    Trump’s abandonment of nuclear arms control treaties is probably intended to send a message to Russia: Don’t interfere with the jewish plan for creative destruction in the Mideast or it’ll be nuclear war.

    I wonder if any of the democratic candidates will mention the fact that thanks to orange clown’s efforts, the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” has moved the “Doomsday Clock” closer to “midnight” than at any time in the past:

    “Faced with this daunting threat landscape and a new willingness of political leaders (i.e. orange clown) to reject the negotiations and institutions that can protect civilization over the long term, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board today moves the Doomsday Clock 20 seconds closer to midnight—closer to apocalypse than ever. In so doing, board members are explicitly warning leaders and citizens around the world that the international security situation is now more dangerous than it has ever been, even at the height of the Cold War.”

  8. President Trump scored high among voters when he has called on South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia to pay more for American defense. He even told the G-7 in Quebec, Canada two years ago that America will no longer be the “piggy bank that everyone is robbing.” I can’t agree more with the President!

    What about ISISrael “fleecing America”, Mr. President? Is israHell funding going to be cut? Last time I heard, under Trump Peace Scam, ISISrael is asking for $1.5 dollars in compensation for lost Jewish properties in the Arab countries. I hope this will not come from the US Treasury Department.

    The $3.8 billion or so that the shit hole in the Middle East receives each year from the U.S. amounts to about $450 per Israeli, including its non-Jewish citizens. This breaks down to 10 million U.S. dollars every day the Sun rises.

    Since it was founded in 1948, ISISrael has become the largest single recipient of U.S foreign assistance — a total of $121 billion, almost all of which has been in the form of military assistance. Let’s stop aid to israHell too and see what happens to President Trump’s rating!

  9. President Trump declined to shake hands with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the start of his State of the Union address Tuesday
    Minutes after the speech had concluded, and Pelosi had made a display of ripping it up, the House Speaker returned to the handshake.

    This political theatrics is childish and very embarrassing. Americans vacationing overseas find themselves on a Trump & Pelosi apology tour.

  10. @ gilbert what a ‘nice’ and ‘ moderate’ words you use to voice your opinion.
    But you can’t charm me I find your view suspicious and indeed you could be a crypto jew.
    A site like Darkmoon attracts many commenters and also jews who try to dominate the narrative and the outcome of it in a ‘ nice’ and ‘ moderate’ way.

    1. Poor fellow. You are obviously of the class who believes the Jew omnipotent. In that regard, you will always be the loser you so much fear being. This being a “nice” and “moderate” site, I have learned to use milder language than may suite your own tastes; but, believe me, the rancor and vileness lurks not far away.
      I have met Jews who have been the epitome of politeness and good manners, and to outwardly approach those type with a chip on my shoulder would be the height of impropriety – and stupidity. Even though it may be a difficult challenge, I suggest you try it. Your tortured life will be better. 🙂

      1. Your comment doesn’t change my mind. I knew you have your very warm contacts with the jews. Your words say it all, and not your mask of pretending to be a gentleman as you fooled commenters on this site.
        Jews always with a mask on.

      2. Here’s a lesson, dumbass: You can learn as much, or more, from your enemies as you can learn from friends. When SHTF, you’d better be prepared to be as inconspicuous as possible. Your bellowing and bluster will only make you a likely target for someone tougher and meaner than you – and much stealthier. 😡

  11. Doomsday Clock?
    What nukey-Russian-fear-porn class-warfare warmongering Horseshit THAT is…
    I suppose the long dead crippled physicist prop Steven Hawking winds the thing…
    Here’s some of Mike King…
    On the Scene – Trump is still the best man for the job….
    But can you hold your nose and vote for him again?
    I guess you can, if the alternative is any of the others…
    that’s the hell of it…

    1. The alternative is the other jew party. Conclusion there is no alternative and that is the aim of the jews. All ways lead to the jews.

    2. Bark
      Better to hold yer feet back from walking to the voting booth than holding yer nose upon getting there. For one reason only, the only one needed:

      “Give me control of a nation’s wealth, and I care not who makes its laws”

      Satan’s little helper

  12. The Democrats poster boy Biden finished what, 4th in Iowa? This should put Bernie in the driver’s seat after he wins the N.H. primary as a virtual Favorite Son from the State next door.

    Sheesh, would this make the Dems so desperate that there’ll be cries for Hil the Shill to be drafted to the candidacy? The last time the same two candidates ran against each other in successive POTUS elections was 1956 when Adlai Stevenson got trounced by Ike….again

    As always, stay tuned to the featured act in the 2020 Dog and Pony Show 🐕🐎

  13. HAWK
    You’re right… The time comes when voting is no longer appropriate, which I guess is what the CIA kinda figures when they’re rigging elections in South America and elsewhere…
    OF COURSE they’ve got them rigged here too…
    Does the CIA have the anti-nationalist, globalist view too?
    Bush and Cheney fixed that up with the ex-felon crooks from Diebold and Chuck Hagel’s big-Nebraska-upset software concern, all deemed proprietary and off-limits to local election officials… YOU can forget about it…
    No longer should we be casting our token for the sake of complacency..
    We gotta do something else too…
    Trump sounded good, he looked OK… We couldn’t be blamed for biting on the guy…
    But at the end of his first term the improvements he made on the border issue are too slow and puny now compared to the moves the globalists are making with this here legislation…
    Clearly subversive, warlike, they’re foreign militias..
    I saw Carlson last night and a friend sent me the url…
    Here’s my reply to her…
    i saw this on his show last night… they sure don’t tell you about it on channel 3.. they flood the country with immigrants… citizenship has no meaning… next thing they elect a immigrant reps and domestic shills like aoc, who pushes a bill like this… if there’s enough of them they get it passed.. but is this any more outrageous than them letting non-citizens vote in the first place? i guess you feel it is, because of the effect you see… will this be enough to make trump put the army on the border with orders to use deadly force? maybe, if he wasn’t such a stooooge for the joooos.. the zion are behind all this shit, them and the vatican, corporates too, banksters, all those with the global view occluding the national ideal… which puts tucker carlson in a precarious position, since fox news is controlled by the jews too, and I doubt those are some non-zion faction… rush limbaugh goes down now, i’d say tucker is in the crosshairs next…
    No Problem Pappy…

    1. Bark
      Make no mistake. When we’re talking about the CIA, elements of it that go as deep as it gets is the real identity of the misleading term “deep state”. I would say that its roots go back to antiquity, and more “recently” when the Original Protocols were written. Hard core Annunaki stuff where eventually Rothschild got his filthy mitts on the currency whose control SHOULD have been safeguarded by the Congress in representing it’s real owners – “We the People”*, starting with Hamilton bending Washington’s ear acting as an agent of the “Red Shield”.
      The finishing touches on the money control started with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, and after they killed JFK, he looks to have been the last POTUS to show any stones as a whistleblower that could have set the wheels in motion to abolish it.

      *Pat and I have our disagreements about events in the early years of the country. Maybe one day we can debate it further. Although that would have probably have occur in an appropriate setting

      1. So, you are a Christian gentleman on the outside but actually mean (evil) on the inside. You don’t make much sense often, Gilbert.
        Maybe you are a Christian Zionist or better, a neoCON. You do sound like a neoCON, “Mr. Patriot.”

      2. Gilbert,
        You are the one incapable to see beyond the right vs. left paradigm, two sides of the same coin. It’s not about IQ it’s about perception; too emotional, can’t think straight.

        America’s ZOG is not the issue people, nothing to see here…

        I won’t waste my time with your abusive name calling, your style by now, “gentleman.” 🙂

        P.S. My name is ambiguous, apparently pretentious but could be NOTHING.

      3. Actually, I’ll dedicate few minutes to your ad hominem.
        NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH is what I want, don’t expect me to have a monopoly on the truth, IDIOT.

      4. So, do you pretend these United States were built and have been maintained by whatever might be your idea of “Christian gentlemen”?? HaHa
        Wimps needn’t apply. Just because some have distinguished pedigrees and can use the King’s English properly doesn’t mean they aren’t tough and can’t be vicious when necessary. THAT’s the truth, shithead. Blood will out, and whiners like you will be a pleasure to bleed when SHTF. To this I look forward. 😈

      5. What are you talking about? I suppose to be afraid of your empty threats? 🙂

        I’ll take this opportunity and try to make something useful of this dialogue. I’m trying to figure out your way of thinking. Last year in some Iran thread, before Sulaimani’s, you said something that impressed me. Forgive my memory if these are not, precisely, your words.
        “Kill them all, let God sort them out!”

        You was referring to the Iranian people. Is this rhetorical or what? If you don’t mind me asking, what do you have against the Iranian people to say something like that?

      6. Glad I made an impression! 🙂
        I have absolutely NOTHING against the Iranian people – just don’t like their threats against my country (but can’t blame them, at all!). And don’t think I am confused about Trump. I deplore his affinity with Israhell as much as you seem to, but I admire his stamina and defense posture toward The United States. Assassinating Solemeni was a mercy-killing, IMO.
        Of course, any “threat” you perceive from me is purely rhetorical (but never doubt I’d cane you with a hickory stick if I could reach you).
        Sometime I reproach myself for wasting time with this silly dialogue, but, hey – I don’t sleep a lot and it helps with taking a break from writing a novel I’ve been working on for some time. You’ll enjoy it. I already have a successful agent interested in my finishing it for publication. (I hope I live so long! Ha! 😉)

      7. Thank you for your sincere answer, poet! 🙂

        No hard feelings I assume, you must have a thick skin by now. I’m learning to have a thick skin in order to survive in this forum, I mind thing you know…

  14. Bark
    I should have said that a more recent CIA equivalent concerning its roots would have been when the Protocols were revised after the Constitution was ratified with its Amendments…per my understanding. Insofar as a name for that equivalent?….I’d have to give it some thought. Maybe you can come up with that, not that it’s a big deal. Before acquiring that appellation it was known as the O.S.S.
    Some cover name that 😎

  15. Well Yes HAWK…Getting rid of the privately owned central bank is proof enough the righr people are back in charge…
    It is interesting though – conservative view is privatization is the goal of a free society… government run everything is something else..
    too often owners run squash on constitutional rights though, like censorship of media content all over TV.
    Present fed bank totally unconstitutional, article 1 section 10… all state biz has to be done in LAWFUL money redeemable in the PM… NOT Legal Tender…
    Would society really be any better off if the state controlled the money system though?

    1. Bark
      Would society be better off? At this point probably not, given what has become of the “state” of things. I always return to the Iroquois side of my ancestry when pondering matters like this. So I guess I can’t help but be nostalgic about what a free state of government is supposed to like as it would reflect an UNWRITTEN Constitution…….pesky words 🤨

      I like the Ojibwa point of view. The one that says a man’s prestige is heightened the more stuff he gave away. Sounds like going beyond even bartering. 🙂

  16. Rush Limbaugh does not deserve Presidential Medal of Honor

    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    February 6, 2020

    Presidential Medal of Honor should be reserved for those whose who risk their lives and whose work and contributions help positively impact the quality of life for others and enhance the image of their country. Not Rush Limbaugh!
    Giving the Award to Rush Limbaugh during the State of the Union Address without a proper ceremony cheapens the award.

    Limbaugh did preach to his listeners during President Obama’s time in office that he is a Muslim and he was not born on US soil. Therefore, according to him, President Obama was not trustworthy and not qualified to be a president. Rush never apologized for his two naked lies. Last May, Limbaugh urged President Trump to nuke Iran: “Nuke ’em or restore the draft.”

    Rush falsely claimed that an Arab and a Muslim are the same. I wonder if he knows that the the current president of Lebanon Michel Aoun is an Arab but he is a Christian and not a Muslim. Limbaugh stooped to a new low when he claimed that “Western cultures are far more humane than the bloodthirsty Muslims.” This is nonsense!

    First, under Islamic law, Muslim warriors must abide not to kill women, children, innocent religious leaders, livestock or other animals nor destroy wells.

    Secondly, to claim Muslims are inhumane is a malicious lie. Rush conveniently ignored the fact that even when Muslim slaughter animals for human consumption, they have to follow these rules.

    * The animal must be slaughtered by the use of a sharp knife and in one stroke to avoid unnecessary pain.

    * To offer water for the animal before slaughter and it should not be slaughtered when hungry. That is called compassion.

    * Slaughtering should be done out of sight of other animals waiting to be slaughtered. Where is “PETA?”

    * Skinning or cutting any part of the animal is not allowed before the animal is completely dead. If that is not humane, I don’t know what is!

    * The animal can not be pregnant, disabled, or sick. That is the definition of merciful.

    I am sorry that Rush Limbaugh has been diagnosed with “advanced lung cancer” but he does not deserve the Presidential Medal of Honor.

  17. It should come as NO SURPRISE that BLOTUS – The Biggest Bombastic Bloviating Buffoon on Planet Earth – is more popular that ever in the World’s Biggest INSANE ASYLUM

  18. Well where did it all go wrong HAWK?
    I think it must have been when the Fair Fight was Forgotten and men started fighting in gangs, call them armies…
    It’s the loss of individuality…
    And I’m not sure exactly how true it might have been, but us young white guys were brought up to revere the Red Man for his Personal Strength and Independence, which we believed he maintained through his sound connection with the Great Spirit through Nature…
    In the real aboriginal world the forest provided the standard of living, so that there was no need for men to compete among themselves, no need to be disingenuous…
    Therefore the Natives were able to exercise higher values and become gradually more intelligent…
    Because that’s how that happens…
    The Universe will perfect you, if it takes forever…
    And as well they exercised much more advanced forms of government, where in some tribes elections were all about the various ‘candidates’ pointing out every good thing they could think of about the others…
    In this way they accentuated the positives and built better bonds among themselves…
    It’s not far off from real Christianity..
    But of course Jesus was hardly the first sage to express those benevolent precepts…

    1. Bark –

      You are inventing history! There was no native utopia. 🙂

      Especially during droughts and famines and plagues… Native American groups started murderous wars and often enslaved the war captives! Those captives were also sometimes tortured as part of religious rites, and these often involved ritual cannibalism, as well as using them for food if they were starving. During times of famine some Native Americans would also sell their children into slavery to obtain food. The Mohawks and Crees were particularly viscous and traitorous.

      In many cases, new tribes adopted captives to replace warriors killed during a raid.

      Warrior captives were sometimes made to undergo ritual mutilation or torture that could end in death as part of a spiritual grief ritual for relatives slain in battle.

      Many times the adoptees, were expected to fill the economic, military, and family roles of the dead…… to fit into the shoes of the dead relatives and maintain the spirit power of the tribe.

    2. No native utopia, to be sure. No such thing in this temporal existence. The best thing that happened to the Iroquois was the appearance of the Huron holy man, Deganawidah. He and Hiawatha brought relative peace among the tribes with their Great League, which I’ve talked about many times. I say relative because human nature being what it is, or what its BECOME in this material setting…..

  19. Of course the Donald is perfect for the job, he almost looks “divinely elected”.
    Is he going to light the ME up to show his undying love for his people?
    What role is he playing in their long journey to establish their “illuminated-godly kingdom”?

    After all aren’t they themselves gods? At least that is what they’ve told the world. But who are the people that really believes this? The evidence would suggest it is the Europeans, headed by the Anglos. They are still spending their whole lives dedicated to this cause, they are busy converting the Chinese and all the Sino tribes…. oh the wealth that follows the believer, success at last!

    Herzl made no bones about it when he stated to his privileged team that we shall become our own Messiah. Not too long after, the convenient Crimean war and statements from men, like the Scotsman, John Cunning likening the Tsar of Russia to Gog, chief Prince of Meshech. How “Ezekiel” of him, and that was before Israel was even a country.

    Then comes the Irishman, John Henry Darby and his ‘illuminated’ dispensationalist ideology… of course it is the “torch bearing” country headed by the famous statue of Ishtar that would catapult this idea to the whole protestant world. Cyrus Schofield would even have a version all to himself – great man he was!

    And all the while the Vampires of the night stay hidden as the “protestant children of the light” perpetrate never-ending streams of blood so that their god would prove his jealous love for Israel.
    How nice, a god who has an earthly kingdom for Jews and a heavenly kingdom for Christians only!

    Conveniently they skipped this:
    Son of man (Bani Adam), they that inhabit those waste land of Israel speak, saying, Abraham was one, and he inherited the land, but we are many; the land is given us for inheritance.

    Wherefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God, Ye eat with the blood, and lift up your eyes to your idols and shed blood..and ye shall possess the land?

    Ye stand upon your sword, ye work abomination and ye defile everyone his neighbour’s wife: and ye shall possess the land?

    Say thou thus unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; As I LIVE, surely they that are in the waste shall fall by the sword, and him that is in the open field will I give to the beasts to be devoured, and they that be in the forts and in the caves shall die of the pestilence.

    For I will lay the land most desolate, and the pomp of her strength shall cease; and the mountains of Israel shall be desolate, that none shall pass through.

    THEN shall they know that I am the Lord, that I have laid the land most desolate because of the abominations that they have committed.
    Ezekiel 33: 24-29

  20. PAT
    Yes I know it had its bad side too, really bad sometimes…
    But it wasn’t all bad by a long shot..
    And from what I’ve heard there were methods used in acquiring the leadership that would come across today as astounding innovations…
    Is it true – the Iroquois females picked the chiefs?
    Not sure I’d want to try that today…
    Just saying, we should keep trying to improve, not think we’re IT…

    1. Bark
      More specifically, the Iroquois grandmothers picked the chiefs. They were held in high esteem by all. There are many examples of that today. Take my wife….PLEASE! 😆

  21. HAWK
    It would make a lot of sense..
    Females understand security….
    But then in that tribal life there was no TV and radio, no movies to screw with the females’ minds…
    Different now..
    All they had were some drumbeats and a few smoke signals, runners from village to village, swap meets for trading.. there were no teams of phd psychologists plotting and scheming ways to trigger them with media..

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