Tucker Carlson: The riots are not about George Floyd or racial justice. They’re about Trump and seizing power

Tucker Carlson
Fox News

Their overriding goal
is to remove Donald Trump from office.

For the past week, all of us have seen chaos engulf our beloved country. The violence and the destruction have been so overwhelming, so shocking, and awful and vivid on the screen, that it’s been hard to think clearly about what’s going on.

Most of us haven’t been able to step back far enough to ask even the obvious questions. The most obvious, of course, is what is this really about? What do the mobs want?

Well, thugs looting the Apple Store can’t answer that question. They have no idea. They just want free iPads. But what about Apple itself and the rest of corporate America, which is enthusiastically supporting the rioters? What about members of Congress, the media figures, the celebrities, the tech titans, all of whom are cheering this on. What do they want out of it?

Well, they haven’t said. That’s the central mystery.

Now suddenly, it is obvious. It should have been obvious on the first day. This is about Donald Trump. Of course, it is. We just couldn’t see it.

For normal people, Donald Trump is the president. You may like him, you may not like him, but either way, there will be another president at some point, and we will move on as we always have.

But for Donald Trump’s enemies, there is nothing else. Everything is about Trump. Everything.

Donald Trump defines their friendships, their careers, their marriages. Donald Trump affects how they raise their children. Trump occupies the very center of their lives. As long as Donald Trump remains in the White House. They feel powerless and diminished and panicked. So they cannot be happy.

In everything they do, their overriding goal is to remove Donald Trump from office. And that’s exactly what they’re trying to do now. That’s what these riots are about. The most privileged in our society are using the most desperate in our society to seize power from everyone else.

Got that? That’s the nub of it. The most privileged are using the most desperate to seize power from the rest of us. They are not seeking racial justice. If they were seeking racial justice, they wouldn’t be denouncing their fellow Americans for their race, which they are. It has nothing to do with it.

What they are seeking is total control of the country. And it goes without saying that none of this has anything to do with George Floyd. Shame on those who pretended that it did — those who fell for the lie and those who knew better but played along because they are cowards. There are many of those. You know who they are, and someday we will look back on all of them with contempt.

Meanwhile, the many people promoting this chaos remain clear-eyed. They are not lying to themselves. They never do. They know exactly what’s going on, and they know what they hope to achieve by it. With every night of rioting, they grow bolder. Now, they are openly defending violence on television:

Bakari Sellers, CNN political commentator: People worry about the protesters and the looters. And it is just people who are frustrated.

Don Lemon, CNN anchor: They are frustrated, and they are angry, and they are out there. And they’re upset. You shouldn’t be taking televisions, but I can’t tell people how to react to this.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.: I’m proud of the protests, and I think it is part of the tradition of New York. The violence is bad, reprehensible, and it should be condemned, but it is not the overwhelming picture in New York.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times: Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence.

Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor: Too many see the protests as the problem. Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.

You’re crushed by this. You can’t believe what’s happening to your country. But for the people you just saw, the real problem is that the rioting in some rare places is being stopped by police, and their aim is to fix that. They would like to eliminate all law enforcement for good.

In everything they do, their overriding goal is to remove Donald Trump from office. And that’s exactly what they’re trying to do now. That’s what these riots are about. The most privileged in our society are using the most desperate in our society to seize power from everyone else.

On Thursday, Democrats in Dallas took down the statue of a Texas Ranger from the terminal at Love Field that has stood in the airport for more than 50 years. The Texas Rangers are cops, and cops must be removed, even when they’re made of bronze.

Meanwhile, the Lego toy company has ceased marketing sets that contain plastic police officers. Apparently, they’re too dangerous for our children. And so on — so much of this is going on right now.

If it all seems like yet another episode of the silly and fleeting hysteria that sometimes grips our culture out of nowhere, usually in lulls in the news cycle, you should know that it’s not that. This is entirely real. It is being pushed by serious people, and they are deadly serious about it.

On Wednesday night, for example, Brian Fallon, who was the press secretary of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign in the last election cycle tweeted, “Defund the police.” Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib agrees. Expect more members of Congress to agree soon.

In some places, they’re not talking, they’re acting. Steve Fletcher represents the Third Ward in Minneapolis. He’s on the City Council there. By this week, his city had been completely scorched by riots. At least 66 businesses were utterly destroyed by fire, 300 more had been vandalized or looted.

Fletcher didn’t even mention that. Instead, he attacked the city’s police department for trying to contain the violence: “Several of us on the Council are working on finding out what it would take to disband the Minneapolis Police Department.”.

How would Americans feel if they actually defunded the police? Well, terrified mostly. That’s how we would feel. Things would fall apart instantly.

You’d think people in the city would be shocked by that. But at least on the City Council, everyone else nodded their approval. In the Ninth Ward, Councilwoman Alondra Cano tweeted this on Wednesday: “The Minneapolis Police Department is not reformable. Change is coming.” According to City Councilman Fletcher, all nine members of the City Council are now considered getting rid of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Hard to believe, but it’s not just there. In the city of Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti looks out across the worst rioting in the nation’s second-largest city in a generation, in almost 30 years. His conclusion? We need far fewer police. It could have been better if they hadn’t been there.

Garcetti has announced he is going to cut funding for law enforcement:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: I want you to know we will not be increasing our police budget. How can we at this moment?

Our city through our city administrative officer identified $250 million in cuts, so we could invest in jobs, in health, in education, and in healing And that those dollars need to be focused on our black community here in Los Angeles, as well as communities of color and women and people who have been left behind for too long.

And will this involve cuts? Yes. Of course. To every department, including the police department.

When Democrats across the country start saying the same thing at the same time, you can be certain there’s a reason for it. And in this case, they clearly mean it.

According to the president of the L.A. Police Commission, city officials may cut $150 million from the LAPD. That would be more than 10 percent of the entire police budget, in the wake of rioting.

In New York, 48 separate Democratic candidates — and they were including in that the Manhattan district attorney — signed a letter demanding a $1 billion cut to the budget of the NYPD. Why are they doing this? There are reasons, not the ones they tell you. They tell you it’s about racism. They tell you that cops are racist and must be reined in.

Most Americans don’t agree with that. That’s not the experience they have. In fact, police departments are one of the most trusted institutions in the country.

According to Gallup polling last year, 53 percent of Americans said they had a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the police. That was far more confidence than they had in almost any other institution — banks, religious leaders, the health care system, television, news, public schools, corporate America, newspapers — name one. All of those were stuck below 40 percent. How many Americans trusted Congress? Eleven percent.

And in fact, most African Americans still support the police. A 2016 Pew poll found that 55 percent of African-Americans had confidence in the police within their own communities. In other words, cops they actually knew and dealt with. They have confidence.

A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics from 2011 found that among those who called the police for help, more than 90 percent of African-Americans felt the police behaved properly.

So, what would happen if we got rid of the police? Of all law enforcement? How would Americans feel if they actually defunded the police?

Well, terrified mostly. That’s how we would feel. Things would fall apart instantly. It would take hours. Don’t believe it? Spend an afternoon in a place with no law enforcement and see what you think. Talk to anyone who was in Baghdad at the height of the Iraq War. Ask anyone who stayed in New Orleans for Katrina. Their memories will be fresh. They’ll never forget what they saw.

Here’s the key. Eliminating the police does not mean eliminating authority. There is always authority. There are no vacuums in nature. The only question is whether or not the authority is legitimate — whether or not the authority is accountable. Whether or not you can do anything if the authority abuses its power.

In the absence of law enforcement, the answer is no. It means thugs are in charge. The most violent people have the most power. They can do whatever they want to you. That’s the reality. Everyone obeys the violent people, or they get hurt. The mob literally rules.

That probably sounds like a nightmare to you, because it is. But the people pushing this idea don’t see it as scary because they don’t fear the mob, because they control the mob. That’s the key. And they see violence as an instrument of their political power.

With mobs in the streets that they control, they will finally get what they want — Donald Trump out of office and a hammerlock on the country. That’s what’s happening.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on June 4, 2020.


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55 thoughts to “Tucker Carlson: The riots are not about George Floyd or racial justice. They’re about Trump and seizing power”

  1. Tucker Carlson is one of the best we have in the corporate media…
    But he’s still obviously bound by the constraints of the owners of fox news…
    Otherwise he would be asking a lot more questions about the corona virus HOAX, for openers…
    I think this Floyd episode is about a lot more than just getting rid of Trump too…
    I think it’s about wrecking the whole country…
    And maybe Trump is believed to be an obstacle to that sabotage but at this point I’m not so sure he’s not just a big diversion on whatever is really the plot… He talks a lot but he’s way behind the curve on what’s really happening…
    The main point is – the US Government is weak on maintaining law and order in the face of these riots…
    Trump should have drafted the military into the fray immediately, with orders to quell the riots using deadly force against firebombers, looters, those committing assault and murder…
    He should have had them standing by…
    Anybody who looks like antifa should be arrested immediately, put in a small cage and grilled…
    Those funding antifa and orchestrating these riots should be prosecuted to the fullest extent…
    And he should have put the military on the Southern border the first day he took office…
    Any so-called MSM commentary on what’s really up with the USA should have to include conjecture into the Zionist angle… If the Jews aren’t being looked at – you’re not having a real discussion…
    It’s no big jump for me to think Trump falls short on this general crisis that is the USA now on account of the ZION, them having too much control of the the USA, it being the ZOG, him doing only as much as they let him…
    As long as we have the ZOG you gotta figure things are happening the way they want them to…
    The police are supposed to be the heroes of society, and if they’re doing their jobs they will be..
    On the other hand, a society without its heroes dies a death…
    The heroes have to be willing to fight…
    The fact of the matter is – there are criminal forces at work in the USA, criminal cartel gangs, just the same as there are in Columbia and Mexico…
    I talked to a real estate agent yesterday, who told me it’s becoming common now in the East Bay industrial parks, around Oakland Ca., that gangs of 100 or 150 armed men are now driving large trucks up to warehouses and cleaning them out in broad daylight… The police will not interfere…
    “Here’s the key. Eliminating the police does not mean eliminating authority. There is always authority. There are no vacuums in nature. The only question is whether or not the authority is legitimate — whether or not the authority is accountable. Whether or not you can do anything if the authority abuses its power.”
    So True…
    Look, all these globalist insurgents and criminal gangs have pushed the envelope of bad behavior to the point where it’s now open robbery and murder… Without a check they will have no respect and their behavior will get worse, and worse… It’s only a matter of time until they start raiding neighborhoods taking whatever they want, people’s houses, like they do in Mexico…
    We either have a force that deals with it in no uncertain terms, or our country and our way of life will be gone…
    Let’s have the Constitutional Crisis then, we’re way overdue for it… Half the US Congress should be arrested, all kinds of Governors and Mayors… We need a million man army patrolling the USA until we’ve wiped out the last of the traitors, foreign agents, political saboteurs, gangsters of every stripe…

  2. The riots are not about “Trump and siezing power”, they are about race. They are race riots where the rioting blacks can vent their hatred of whites.
    I never used to think that, but the recent events have changed my mind.
    This anti-white hatred is unjustified. I am 82 and can never remember anybody white saying anything like the the comments of blacks on TV.
    It has been a wake up call. Europeans are at a disadvantage in Europe, and America.
    Government has “Bent the knee” to black rioters.
    Ridiculous, and ominous.

    1. Indeed, John, it’s truly shocking what we hear from these so called “anti-racists” activists. Apparently, they can’t figure out how biased their world vision is. What is missing in them is what you Anglos call “the silver rule.” In a balanced society what works for me necessarily works for the other guy, otherwise we would be living in a system of castes with distinct set of rules for each caste.

      “Anti-racists” black activists don’t have a problem when a special set of rules, based on the color of the skin, benefit them. Racial quotas are the worst kind of racism, rights based on race and formalized into the State. Yeah right, because they are “historical” victims – that’s sounds too Jewish for me.

      I’m trying to understand this leftist political bias, a mixture of brainwashing with ignorance. Fundamentally, at the end of the day, the problem with these “anti-racist” black RACISTS is lack of character, that’s all.

      1. @NBTT – “..otherwise we would be living in a system of castes with distinct set of rules for each caste.”

        The only difference between the East Caste system and the West Class system is in the degree of (Western) denial there even is one. In real life the difference is hardly a dime’s worth.

        You can’t fool mother nature, or usurp her..

      2. That’s an interesting debate, Hp. I don’t think we can say both regimes are equal. In the West there is opportunity to climb socially if one is smart and works hard. We all have the right to change to a better neighborhood if we can afford it, that’s not what happens in India. Of course, work hard is not enough to be part of that big club calling the cards at the top of the pyramid of power. All those who visited India that I could speak about, including my sister, said the miserable condition of the lower caste there is quite depressing. They live in a worse condition than the poor in South America’s favelas.

        I know some of you are sympathetic to the caste system, in the good sense of being governed by the best people, as supposed to be under the Monarchic political system. In fact, the People had better rulers under Monarchy than we have today under demagogues. However, the impossibility by law of vertical social mobility doesn’t have my sympathy, which is in opposition to the principle of meritocracy where the individual is measured by what he is worth, not by birth right.

      3. Police officers were caught on camera slashing 30 tires at City Hall parking lot in Minneapolis. At first the police denied it and said they only deflated the tires, but when they were shown a video evidence, the police confessed and said that was a a police tactics in dealing with the unrest. Police tactic my aunt Jane! That was a clear criminal act committed by those who suppose to serve and protect us.

        On June 1, 13 Chicago police officers broke into Congressman Bobby Rush’s office, made coffee for them selves, popped popcorn in the microwave, and some of them took a nap. This happened at the same time when nearby stores were being looted and burned, and their fellow officers were clashing with demonstrators. Everything was recorded on camera. This dereliction of duty, criminal trespassing, and abuse of power.

        The President did not tweet about both incidents and or blamed “antifa” or the “radical left.” Instead he lashed out against the “Lamestream Media” and trying to pin the blame for the unrest on terrorists, outsiders, “antifa” and the “radical left.” Trump is not in a position to take the moral high ground on police violence or race relations.

        If anyone disagree with my post, please tell me why?

      4. JK –
        NBTT –
        HP –
        ME-Y –

        LEARN ALL THE LAWS!!!! 💥 😎

        A BIG PROBLEM!! The “LAW” is not for police!!!!!

        Originally used against KKK – THE Civil Rights Act of 1871 ALIVE & WELL in 1983!!

        In 1983 SCOTUS ruled:
        Police officers cannot be sued personally for lying!! SO – THEY DO!!

        Briscoe v. LaHue, 460 U.S. 325 (1983), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983 did not authorize a convicted state defendant to assert a claim for damages against a police officer for giving perjured testimony at the defendant’s criminal trial.

        “A defendant in a criminal trial is not entitled to civil damages under the Civil Rights Act of 1871 for perjured testimony against him by police officers.” SO – they lie!!

        SCOTUS Members:
        Chief Justice
        Warren E. Burger
        Associate Justices
        William J. Brennan Jr.(dissented)
        Thurgood Marshall(dissented) · Harry Blackmun(dissented)

        Lewis F. Powell Jr. · William Rehnquist · Byron White
        John P. Stevens · Sandra Day O’Connor


      5. Protocols of Zion n.7:
        “The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces – are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.”

        Your posts, Pat and Mahamoud, are pointing at the same direction – unaccountability of Police in Amerika. Cops can lie in a court of law without consequences! Disaster, how many innocents are behind bars right now, or in a graveyard?

        All peoples of the world united against the JEW! These protests should be against police brutality, the race bias doesn’t help anyone not even blacks. Racial speeches based on double standards are disgusting to hear.

        I was checking the Protocols this morning, a dense document; we have to read it many times. I have bad news for the naive – the Protocols really are a blue print for Jewish world domination.

        Protocols of Zion n.3:
        “This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealing on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe.”

  3. Antifa and the other rioters are in for an awakening. Just this past weekend, two Antifa “scouts” were caught scouting out the small rural community wherein I reside to get the “feel” for coming here to incite unrest. The Klan is on watch, and a friend and cousin have provided new pick-handles for a hundred young, strong white boys to use to greet them. 💪😄 (the “welcoming committee”)

    1. Gilbert,

      Are these Antifa guys mostly Jewish commie agitators? Why are they stirring up trouble? What do they want exactly?

      1. From what I read and am told, their plan is to create nationwide civil unrest. There seem to be more of them than one would have thought, if that is the case. They’re pretty bold; and, no doubt, well-funded. It seems appropriate, therefor, that we meet them with bold and furious rejection. (I will be sitting on my front porch with a couple of loaded Winchesters and automatic shotguns, given notice…)

    2. Yep Gilb,
      May the games begin. There was a time in US history when law enforcement was practically non-existent. Almost EVERY citizen in those days carried a sidearm. Wouldn’t leave home without it. As usual the Zios are poor planners. They want chaos and anarchy. Fine. Let them have it. But these events provoke a response from citizens who need security for life to go on as normal. Ordinary Americans should now wake up and prepare to defend themselves by whatever means…….and they will. Defund law enforcement. Go ahead. The people will then defend themselves. A no-brainer folks. Let’s look at how the medieval Okinawans responded to Japanese aggression. The Okinawans were forbidden by the Japanese occupyers to carry weapons. They responded by incorporating farming instruments into weapons. The nunchuka was converted from a weed-cutting instrument into a lethal weapon. Karate, an Okinawan concept…….not Japanese……was conceived. Dozens of strike, both kicks and punches, are deadly. A man can be killed as fast as taking a bullet. Donaldos point is that people will respond when they face danger. The Zios don’t seem to realize this. Donaldo has ready instructed the ladies of the family to get concealed permit licences in the State of Georgia. They complied. As far as warehouses being cleared out by large groups of armed men in California……Donaldo doesn’t buy it. I go into these places every day. Security is tight. Theft happens, but it’s discreet. In Mexico sh-t happens but citizens also respond. Donaldos homes are in gated communities. We even have online neighborhood-watch as well as online security cameras. Donaldos beautiful wife is constantly monitoring the activities of our businesses and employees from her cell phone. The technology is great and helps a lot. Anyway. Donaldo just having a few beers and reflecting from a lonely truckstop in upstate New York. As usual, Shalom to all fellow Darkmooners. ✌️🌮🍷😎

  4. The M.O. of the blacks is pretty much the same M.O. as the jews have. No wonder the jews love the blacks so much. The two have the same M.O.. I guess the jew slave owners taught their darkies the jew M.O.. Hey, the M.O. works so why not use it. Exaggerate your suffering, cry incessantly about injustice, leave out the part your own people played in bringing about the injustice and the suffering, never talk about that, the blacks cry out in pain as they strike us, just like the jews cry out in pain as they strike us.

  5. So true Bark. Let us look at this from another angle. America is at war with itself. On one side are 80 percent of the White people. They are the object of this combat, although most have not woke to that fact. On the other side are most of the non-whites and 20 percent of the brainless and mind corrupted, made up of Whites under 35?
    Lead by the Zionist-commie world money power, the low IQs and Marxist “educated” youfs represents the atavistic revolt against White created Western Civilization. With the potential downfall of Western Christian Culture and Civilization (which has been and is happening before our eyes) the path will be cleared for, with the help of their Chicoms, to set up the New World Order slave state patterned on the old Soviet Union and now commie Chinese modal.
    A word of caution to America’s Blacks. If, you think you have it so bad now living in a White created Western Christion Culture, just wait till the Chinese lead by the Jewish money power takes control of your miserable lives. My apologies to the good decent Christian Blacks who also have a stake in all this.

  6. Toejam you are correct. I spent time in China and I can tell you the Chinese loathe black people, even the darker Indians. The Chinese point to the average IQ of the Negroid race, which is 85 points, compared to their 105 points. This 20 points difference means you are talking about 2 different species, like comparing a brilliant border collie to a dumb red setter mongrel. The blacks’ 85 is equivalent to a slightly retarded person, and one with major learning difficulties. Not one black student in the whole of the Baltimore school district could achieve a pass grade in middle school mathematics and 74% of newborn blacks are born to unwed, usually unpartened, mothers. …. So you have tens of thousands of foul-mouthed black gangsta rappers running around inner suburban streets armed with guns and knives. These nice, violent boys refer to girls as bitches and slags and the gang gals do everything to accomodate them. The Israeli Jews also loathe Negroids and try everything possible to get rid of them. …. All Negroids should be repatriated back to Africa where they can be supplied with $1,000, a machete and an automatic rifle. Then they can join the usual inter tribal slaughters and wholesale raping. Of course, the Jews are behind every piece of societal destruction in the USA. Soon Gilbert’s farm will be under attack and become a blacks’ hide out. Jews will take over his title and shoot his dog.

    1. You’re much to kind, Max. The average IQ of the Somali that the US government has moved into Minn. Minn. and else where is between 60 and 70. Those few Somali with a little higher intelligence such as the female in Congress are truly harem scarem dangerous and devious. Further South into the African heart of darkness the average IQ is around 70-75. And like a the female mentioned above with some smarts the African usually becomes a murderous tyrant and/or witch-doctor. Haiti is an example of the African left to his own devises. As a side note, when the first European explorers and missionaries made their way into the vast African land mass, they discovered that the spoken languages of the Negro didn’t have a word for “love”. Now the African may have had feelings of such but no word for love. The missionaries had a hell of a time trying to get the concept of Christianity across, so they had to make up the word love in the native tongue. The African in his native state had not discovered the use of the wheel or the sail.
      Now, the American Black has an average IQ of 85-90 like you mentioned. But that is because the American Black has about 25% white blood (genes) racing through his or hers veins. There are plenty of smart Blacks in the USA, But they are a smaller percentage of the Black population compared to smart whites.
      Dr. Baker in his seminal book “Race” mentions that the Chinese are very sensitive to the musk odor of the Black African. The Chinese have very little musk. White musk is somewhere between the two. (I can tell you from my stint of teaching 60 years ago a good whiff of a close by 20 year old Black would be quite nauseous.) In any case back the in 70’s or 80’s the Chinese commie government brought some Africans to study in China. But as is their habit the Blacks couldn’t keep from molesting the Chinese girls and were shipped back home post haste.

  7. The orchestrated rioting, like the Scamdemic, is one of many weapons in the arsenal of the devil-worshiping Judy O.-Masonic Globalist ruling elite. Their “Ordo ab Chao” and “Solve et Coagula” strategy involves ushering in the reign of the “Man of Sin,” a.k.a. Antichrist following their plan of murderous destruction and enslavement.

    Derek Chauvin and George Floyd may even be CIA:

  8. The main point is – the US Government is weak on maintaining law and order in the face of these riots… Trump should have drafted the military into the fray immediately, with orders to quell the riots using deadly force against firebombers, looters, those committing assault and murder…
    He should have had them standing by… Anybody who looks like antifa should be arrested immediately, put in a small cage and grilled… Those funding antifa and orchestrating these riots should be prosecuted to the fullest extent… And he should have put the military on the Southern border the first day he took office…

    So your solution is to put a band-aid on the cancerous tumor, providing the government a perfect excuse to unleash a Judeocommunist terrorist police state on America? Well what the hell, they’re doing it anyway.

    If Trump was real and not just a Jew-o-rex hologram, he would dispatch one of those highly vaunted seal teams (666?) to “take out”* the those funding the terrorists. After all, that is exactly what Jews do with any such threats – real or otherwise.

    He might begin with George Soros. No Soros, little or no financial backing for the “antifa,” as well as a nice note to those thinking about providing such support. But straying from the Jew’s carefully scripted “revolution” scenario just wouldn’t be Kosher, would it?

    “International” Judeocommunist are funding this new “revolution” the very same way they funded the 1917 Judeocommunist revolution in Russia. To bad the gullible, ignorant goyim always forget and always forgive. Or perhaps they just don’t know or give a damn.

    *After all, the “Covid Virus” panic has made taking out someone’s lunch very popular these days.

    1. Arch writes: “Anybody who looks like antifa should be arrested immediately, put in a small cage and grilled… ”
      Is that with charcoal or with propane?

    2. Arch writes “No Soros, little or no financial backing for the “antifa,” as well as a nice note to those thinking about providing such support.” Arch, did you see the new Antifa debit cards that Soreass and his minions are handing out to their precious cultural mulchers who are in the process of big city urban renewal otherwise known as creative destruction?

    I wondered what you might think of the tale I related about the robberies in the East Bay…
    I didn’t think it sounded too far-fetched, not after hearing about how an apparently large gang stole about 80 cars from the Dodge dealership in San Leandro, all in one heist…
    I guess you’ll find it out if it is happening, since you’re out there in that space and getting a lot of info from fellow truckers on the CB…
    I know a guy who goes to Mexico a lot, him and his wife… One of her friends had to move to California with them because cartel thugs took her house… They showed up one day and told her she could stay alive if she got out right now, about like what the Zion do to the Palestinians…
    Check out the exchange between the Chicago Alderman and the commie freak Mayor…
    He asked her some serious questions, she had no answers, only insults…
    “Once they’re done looting and rioting and whatever’s going to happen tonight, God help us, what happens when they start going after residents, Going into the neighborhoods? Once they start trying to break down people’s doors, if they think they’ve got something,” Lopez continued.
    His question is right on… It’s only a matter of time until the rioters start going big with home invasions, those will be in rich white neighborhoods… If I lived there I’d be arming up and organizing with my neighbors…

  10. The heat from the burning infernos and then the vertical collapse of the twin towers was enough to ignite the office furniture, computers and filing cabinets on floors 17 to 47 of the WTC7 building. Yes, steel cabinets, plastic and steel office furniture and rows of computers burn really well! .oh c’mon! …. In fact they burn so well that the heat generated caused the solid steel frame and the concrete lift wells to spontaneously collapse just like the twin towers. And this was hours after the bigger towers fell. And then the BBC announced WTC7 had collapsed 26 minutes before it actually collapsed. … come in spinners… come in the totally ignorant and gullible. And then, Larry the a Jew collected over 6 billions in insurance reparations for buildings that he had on lease, and which were full of asbestos, but not filled with the 3,000 Jews who were absent from work on 9/11. …. Are we just simpletons and fools? Are we really so in thrall to the majesty and power of the Jews? Are we only suitable to being beasts of burden?

    1. What about Frank? Good old “Aussie Frank Lowry” who’s think tanks run the Australian kosher political correct scene. There was far more than 6 Billion “compensation” paid out which “our” Australian model citizen and his mate Larry pocketed so quickly that it destroyed their intimate mate ship. Hardly anybody talks about Frank – especially in the colony where he pulls his magic tricks and the political puppets on a string all on behalf of the God of Mammon that has franchised the globe.

  11. Don’t be fooled. You need to know more about Tucker…… He works for jew Murdock for a reason….. HE DESERVES NO PRAISE FROM ANY OF US!!!

    Why Tucker Carlson ‘pretends’ to hate elites BUT is one, himself!!

    Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, part of Swanson frozen food empire, Trump’s shill, said:
    “I’m an ‘out of the closet’ elitist. I’m absolutely not a man of the people at all!”
    “I have never needed to work!”
    “I’m extraordinarily loaded!”

    See this great short video demonstrating the concept of “false consciousness” whereby these talking heads, in this case Tucker Carlson, tell it like it is and then DIVERT our attention away from any meaningful response. That diversion actually supported predatory lenders, who Mnuchin recently helped make $Billions each.

    And Trump is the epitome of that method of distraction. He’s a safety valve who ‘Tweets’ all the right stuff but doesn’t do anything productive about the problem.

    More importantly, he’s there to give everyone the impression that there is hope of the world becoming a better place if only we trust in and react according to system rules and regulations!! OBEY!!

    1. Whatever it is, Pat, it’s a damn sight better than having to watch the deification of that black bastard buried in a gold-plated casket. The way these fools act, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Poop Francis canonized that negro.

      1. Yes, Gil, it is pathetically so. They are there to DIVERT our attention away from any meaningful response.

        The USA has been reduced to settling for less than the best at every turn nowadays. CNN has a Vanderbilt. FOX has a Swanson. They are token parasites.

        I shall continue to point out that message from the ELITIST gatekeepers….who never had a ‘moon-pie’ with an RC Cola, or ‘Vienna sausages’ right outta the can. I doubt you would have any of them running your businesses.

  12. An African-American apologizes for misattributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews .

    Hello and welcome to my website We Thought They Were White. My name is Dontell Jackson, and like many African-Americans, I was brought up in a culture deeply infused with propaganda designed to lay the blame for all of the black race’s ills on the white man. It was not until I began looking into the actual history of blacks, whites, and other races in America, that I came to realize that many if not most of the resentment that African-Americans harbor regarding our long history of abuse and exploitation has been intentionally misdirected by those who are most responsible for it, to shift the blame away from themselves as a people onto the white race who they regard as their enemies.

    The reality is that the white race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the New World. That crime was committed not by White Europeans, but by Jews who were engaged in transatlantic commerce between the Old World and the Americas where they hoped to establish a New Jerusalem from which to rule the world by way of exploiting all races who were not members of their tribe of “chosen people.” In their efforts to accomplish that goal, the white race has been hoodwinked and manipulated as unsuspecting pawns almost as much as the black race has been.


    1. Guilt trip,
      When the Jews and a small minority of other slavers first dumped their Black cargo onto the shores of the South, the Southerners weren’t real keen on the idea but rationalized the purchase of their new Black property, telling themselves well, we can convert them to Christianity and put them to work. Big mistake!

    2. Whiteguilt, brilliantly said – the TRUTH. …… And you must hate the Jew-imposed “gangsta-rapper” crap that our youth are expounding, full, as it is, of violence and the denigration of females. American schools, controlled by Jewish professors from the top of the tree, are structured to fail Black children and they are doing the same job on our Antifa oriented White youth….. Your racial type can be educated to understand the insidious role of Winston Churchill’s “International Jew” (Time magazine, 1921) in destroying civilisation and denigrating and enslaving those out of Africa. ….. The Jew, George Soros, is utilising Rothschild money to fund the chaos, as the Jews are hoping they will establish their totalitarian Bolshevik/Communist Empire out of the carnage and ruins.

    3. Arabs mastered the African slave trade long before the first European (a Florentine banker) bought negro slaves for his indigo plantation on the island Madeira. The sub-Saharan kings became extremely wealthy by selling conquered peoples to the Arabs, who domesticated the camel for the journeys across the desert. The favorite currency of the conquering kings were Arabian horses, and, to this day, some of the world’s finest horsemen are black cowboys in Africa. When the Portugese and Spaniards entered the trade, the price of slaves went up, and markets moved to the eastern ports of Africa. Enter Great Britain and the cross-breeding of Saddlebreds and Arabians – producing the Thoroughbred. Of COURSE the discovery of the New World involved the commerce, and seagoing transport meshed all of it into “international” commerce… Enter the Jew. 😈

  13. The Jews and The British Empire .
    L Fry.

    Trade and commerce as understood by the British were based on
    principles of trust, fair play and honest dealings. An Englishman’s
    word was his bond. It is this inherent straightforwardness which
    caused the English merchants of-the middle ages and later centuries to
    become the victims of JeNs and wily foreign traders of the Hanseatic
    League. It also stands at the base of the further exploitations
    practised upon them by Jews for the realisation of their Messianic ideal
    of World Domination.

    London under William III (of Orange) and the chief financiers there
    were the Sephardim Jews, the Mendez da Costas, Abudientes, Salvadors,
    Lopezes, Fonsecas and Seixas-all Marranos. . On no account was France to be allowed to develop an Empire and
    become an independent rival, so England was used to wrest from her
    her Colonies in India, America, West Indies, Canada.
    The more Britain expanded, the greater grew the Jewish power and
    control in the economic and financial realm.
    A Kaleidoscopic look at the main events of British history from the
    early part of the 17th century will show the rapid expansion of Britain
    and her changing political control passing from her own hands into
    those of men alien to her faith, race and nation.
    At home, civil strife leads to the overthrow of monarchy true to the
    traditions of Edward I and is replaced by the Protectorate of Cromwell,
    tool of the Jews.
    Cost of Zionism.
    Abroad con9uest and emigration go side by side to extend British
    influence alongside with the growth of a Colonial Empire. Conquest is
    effected by ceaseless warfare on sea and land, against Spain from 1656
    on, against the Dutch until 1757, against the French. . India is gained by a succession of wars : Three Burmese Wars, 1823,
    1882, 1885; War against the Mohammedan rulers of Sind; two Sikh
    Wars, 1845, 1848; two Afghan Wars, 1838, 1878 j Chinese War in 1856.
    The British go through the horrors of the Black Hole of Calcutta.
    and of the Indian Mutiny of 1857 to defend the rights of the East India
    In the New World, they colonise America and behind them follows
    Jewish trade and slave traffic.

    Streams of British blood have flowed, countless
    British lives have been Racrificed but meanwhile Jewish coffers get fllller and
    j”ller,f”ll to overjio’Zling ; the Bank of Englantl is their Counting-hollse and the
    British carry to andfro the preciolls bl/llirm aCfJllired and stored by Jews . . . After the Napole01lic Wars England has lald all her possessions at the
    feet of Nathan Rothschild.
    Henceforth, Britain will do the hidding of her real masters; she has
    become the tool of the schemers against all she holds dear, namely, her
    faith, her patriotism, traditions, civilisation. She grants the” returned’ I
    aliens equality of civil rights; they may and do become mayors over
    Christian population, and within a short time ,Britain is ruled by a
    Jewish Prime Minister, DisraeH, first and foremost a Jew and the
    flunkey of the powerful Rothschild financiers.
    One of the consequences of this disastrous political mistake is the
    transformation of the national attitude of Great Britain and her
    colonies into that of the British Empire. Disradi who inspired it
    knew what he was scheming for, the British people did not. But with
    him, Zionism is carried up to the very heights of the British Throne, a
    Zionist World Empire is on the high road to realisation.
    Role or Disraeli.
    Under DisraeH, and inspired by him as revealed in his works, there
    begins loud agitation for the return of Palestine to the Jews. That
    gateway between the East and West must be secured and the
    Mediterranean become a British possession to ensure the security of
    of Jewish trade. Gradually, Zionism becomes the pivot of British

    1. Toejam has wondered if President Lyndon Johnson and Ladybird were Marranos, even if they were not aware of it.

      1. Yes, and it’s also “fairly obvious” to many others that the earth is flat.
        Ask TROJ! (TheReal0riginalJoe) 🙂

        Guessing games are for lazy people who can’t be bothered giving fact-based reasons for their idle speculations. Can’t say I’ve even heard of “Amy Klobuchar”. You move in unfamiliar circles.

  14. Bravo Mr. Jackson! What a refreshing discovery to find your work. We need to spread this info far and wide amongst the African/American community.
    What next? We might find that Saint Nelson Mandela wasn’t all he was cracked up to be………….

      1. I hope y’all can appreciate the kick-back Mr. Jackson will receive from his own people, and from the white liberal establishment, for his candor! (I seriously doubt he’ll ever be mentioned on msm.)

  15. These posts by Mr. Jackson remind me of darkmoon’s halcyon days of several years ago when like-minded info was presented. And remember also, many African chiefs sold their own people to the slave traders…..talk about sellin’ yer soul to da devil!👿

    1. Brownhawk –

      The importation of African slaves was outlawed after 1820. Hence, the ongoing trade was the “black market”, and the most prolific facilitator of that trade was a negro gentleman who resided on his yacht, mostly anchored in the Port of New Orleans. (I believe his name was “Johnson”, as I recall.) There are many aspects of the slave trade which would surprise the unlearned. In fact, the New York Yacht Club members were the most numerous suppliers of clippers re-outfitted to accommodate the slave traffic. Famous mariners like Raphael Semmes were often contracted to pilot both slave ships AND ships transporting “coolies” for the building of railroads. (Semmes had been expelled from West Point, and later served The Confederacy as a blockade-runner and as Captain of the CSS Alabama. He was the fellow Margaret Mitchell featured as “Rhett Butler” in Gone With The Wind – although loosely.)

  16. “Halcyon” is an inappropriate word, CTTOI. Let’s just say those days seemed to be more thought-provoking…
    or maybe it’s just me 😁

  17. In 𝓙oyful 𝓡emembrance of DM’s 𝓗alycon days when I always included solid source references to back-up my always fact-based opinions, today I sent sent in a post to DM with a solid source reference to back-up my fact-based opinion — I guess you can say I’m feeling 𝓝ostalgic today for 🌚’s Good Ole Days ! 😊

    1. Can’t wait to read the latest solid source referenced fact-based opinion on your flat-earth theory, Joe. Wow, that’s certainly a mouthful.

      But joking aside, what would be the basis of this theory is in keeping with the idea of the illusory nature of this world, specifically the particulars of the illusion. Perhaps in its manufacture, its creators, or say, those who tampered with what was once an ethereal realm, had to “flatten” its original ethereal nature before creating what is only the illusion of a spheroid. After all, just because we don’t SEE any flatness doesn’t eliminate the theory as a possibility. And I can just hear it now, Pat thinking you and I must be roommates! 😁

      1. Bhagavatam: Who you gonna believe, me or yer lyin’ eyes?

        Questioner: Er, can I neither believe nor disbelieve, until MY eyes tell me what’s what?

        Bhagavatam: Fair is fair. Seeing is believing

  18. Have a read of ‘White Gold” by Giles Milton about the white children kidnapped into slavery. White lives matter.
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto
    No surrender

  19. At the risk of you vomiting, you should watch Brother Nathanael Kapner’s new video (Realjewnews.com) which features that Jewish liar and cheat Chuck Schumer. The sad part is that apparently over 45% of Americans are on Schumer’s side. Schumer is just another of the Jewish fiends – these progeny of the devil – who RULE America.

  20. Media people being fired for innocent comments like “all lives matter”, professors losing their jobs for not curving up black test scores or not changing the testing schedule to accommodate black rioters, coaches fired for making sensible neutral statements… we’re now living in instant liability land, where everybody who is somebody is either meekly obsequious to blm and antifa or out of a job…
    here’s drew’s wife brittany – she didn’t know how wrong she was until she got the death threats…
    antifa now blocking off a section of the city of seattle and extorting money from people who live there…
    we’re rapidly devolving into a terrorized gangster-state… if you can riot and rob with impunity, on account of your cause or whatever, burn police stations with the approval of the mayor and the governor, not to be interfered with, then what will you do next?
    “So your solution is to put a band-aid on the cancerous tumor, providing the government a perfect excuse to unleash a Judeocommunist terrorist police state on America? Well what the hell, they’re doing it anyway.”
    I hope you know that’s not what I had in mind…
    Yes, you are right that Trump, or somebody, should go after the kingpins financing this latest color revolution happening now right here in the USA, those who fostered antifa and plot the downfall of our civilization…
    But that won’t stop the blacks and their white trash comrades from rioting and looting….
    Them that do that don’t really give a rat’s ass about the politics of any of it… They just want the shoes, the jewelry, the big screen tvs, the cars and the guns… And they won’t be stopped by taking out jabba george soros…
    bottom line is – the people running america either provide all the security necessary, in the form of a special street force, a million or more men, with weapons and orders to fire upon rioters, or the lawlessness grows…
    and it will only be a matter of time until the looters you saw last week are doing massive home invasions…
    Here he is, Mr. ZOG….
    Right… Nobody anywhere on the msm is anything but a gatekeeper for the real ruling class, cry as they might about all this other crap…

    1. Bark
      What if the people running the show have no INTENTION of providing the kind of special street force you’re suggesting? What if the plan all along is to let the savages run amok to the point of declaring a real, in your face martial law, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Civil War? That scenario would be exactly the kind of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” (((they’ve))) been angling for

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