Two Very Short Love Poems *


A Xanadu poem

The evening’s here. I’ll see you soon.
The stars peep out. Church bells
Ring out in joy. The smiling moon
Tells you all is well.

Ah, never again will we see
An evening like this!
Let this moment always be—
The lover and the kiss.


A Xanadu poem

I’ll always remember you for
The radiant smiles you gave me:
Long ago, my love, before
You lost your golden key.

But I will remember you more
For your revenge attack:
For the day of the shattered door
And the stab in the back.

22 thoughts to “Two Very Short Love Poems *”

  1. The salmon lying in the depths of Llyn Llifon
    Secretly as a thought in a dark mind,
    Is not so old as the owl of Cwm Cowlyd
    Who tells her sorrow nightly on the wind.

    The ousel singing in the woods of Cilgwri,
    Tirelessly as a stream over the mossed stones,
    Is not so old as the toad of Cors Fochno
    Who feels the cold skin sagging round his bones.

    The toad and the ousel and the stag of Rhedynfre,
    That has cropped each leaf from the tree of life,
    Are not so old as the owl of Cwm Cowlyd,
    That the proud eagle would have to wife.

    1. @ Mjolnir.

      This is beautiful! I haven’t got round to reading any R.S. Thomas and I’m wondering if this is “typical” R.S. Thomas. I must try him.

      The Welsh place names have a haunting, otherworldly effect reminiscent to me of the work of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s the weird place names and proper nouns such as “Chthulu” and “Necronomicon.” 🙂

      A lot can be done by the use of numerous exotic names. Milton does this constantly in ‘Paradise Lost’.

    2. Agree, Mjolnir’s poem echoes of Druidic outlook, Rome laid fire and iron upon those lands, devastated the sacred isle of Mona but something survived, the spirit lives on.
      In my teens and twenties I had an uncanny connection to Druid world.

      And Xanadu poems are cool too, especially the “backstab” one.
      The Golden Key reference is too close to the picture of Trump+Netanyahu for comfort (not sure if anyone else’s eye got snagged on that) but surely apt … however, I continue to hold “by nobze nd gib Drumf befefid ‘f doubd”.
      He will arise redeemed, excrement sloughed clean off off him.

      1. @ Lobro

        Agree, Mjolnir’s poem echoes of Druidic outlook, Rome laid fire and iron upon those lands, devastated the sacred isle of Mona but something survived, the spirit lives on. In my teens and twenties I had an uncanny connection to Druid world.

        I agree with your sentiments about the Druidic outlook etc … but I just need to point out that Mjolnir didn’t write it. He just copy-pasted someone else’s poem here, forgetting to mention the author’s name. The author of the poem is R.S.Thomas, an extremely well-known Welsh poet and priest (1913-2000). I agree with Saki that it’s a very evocative poem reminiscent of the otherworldly atmosphere found in the work of HP Lovecraft.

        And Xanadu poems are cool too, especially the “backstab” one. The Golden Key reference is too close to the picture of Trump+Netanyahu for comfort (not sure if anyone else’s eye got snagged on that) but surely apt … however, I continue to hold “by nobze nd gib Drumf befefid ‘f doubd”.

        I asked Lasha about the “Golden Key” reference. She tells me the poem was written several months ago and has no bearing on the Trump/Netanyahu gold key to the White House gift, i.e. it was a pure coincidence that poem and article were published on the same day. Maybe, she says, it was her subconscious mind that made her publish this particular poem at the same time as the article. She is amazed at your percipience in spotting the weird similarity because no one else did! 🙂

        “Losing your golden key” is simply a euphemism for losing your mental faculties or “losing your marbles”. The word “key” also happens to rhyme with “me” in the quatrain, whereas “marbles” wouldn’t rhyme with “me”. Thus Lasha informs me. 🙂

  2. @Sister Monica,
    Ever since Grade 1, the teachers marveled at my ability to connect obscure dots but completely overlook the most obvious ones—maybe I have independently gimbaled segmented eyes like chameleons or insects.

    Again reminds me of Cassandra’s awful gift by nasty gods who guaranteed that every one of her prophecies will come true and none will be believed.

      1. Yes Sister, they persist and I see that others, e.g., Kapoore had the same issue, which is why their posts appeared twice,i.e., they probably copied their text into short term memory and when it didn’t show up, re-posted so that it eventually came up twice.

        Just now, in the right hand rubric, the top entry is yours but earlier than the one just preceding (1:00 pm), so there is a mismatch between the sidebar and what is actually available and it goes either way … also sometimes I will see someone’s comment and when I reload the page, it disappears.
        Getting used to it since things eventually settle into long term compliance but you can see how someone, including me earlier, ends up wondering if they are on moderation.

        So TROJ, don’t worry when your highly pungent dumps don’t show up for a few minutes or days or years.
        I am sure eventually they will, just a momentary aberration, fixed in the next couple of decades.
        Just like you are a momentary aberration that will be fixed in the next couple of decades.

        (this one went through instantly, so I used the 5 min edit frame to stick in this parenthetical advisory)

        1. Sorry to hear this Lobro. It means many people are being deterred from posting on our website because they just can’t be bothered jumping through all these hoops. We are at a loss to understand if we are to blame for this or if we are being targeted by outsiders. It seems to me that people with exceptional computer skills (like Pat) are having no problems. Pat has never complained.

  3. ADMIN: See my comment at the end of this latest repetitious rant by the Darkmoon’s site resident Clown.

    I also noticed “the golden key” in the poem, lobro is not the only one who noticed “the golden key”, I also noticed “the golden key”, and I wondered if “the golden key” in the poem had anything to do with Trump and Netanyahu and the key to the White House but I didn’t dwell on that because the part about “the backstabbing” was a lot more intriguing to me. “the golden key” thing is so contrived and so boring, a mediocre and uninteresting device :

    “My lover had the golden key to my heart, I was so much in LUHV with my lover I gave my lover the golden key to my heart just like trump gave netanyahu the golden key to his trump heart, but then my lover lost the golden key to my heart the day my lover said and/or did blah blah blah blah blah such a horrible thing to me blah blah blah blah blah and then it was then I realized that The Magic was lost and I knew, I just knew, call it female intuition, I knew I would be brokenhearted and in despair and suicidal for the rest of my life Oh I just want to die blah blah blah blah blah ” , the usual played-out Lasha meme for her poems. But “the backstabbing”, now we’re talking!

    The poem leaves us asking some questions [ about a much more interesting aspect of the poem than the golden key aspect of the poem — which is so contrived one falls asleep 💤 ] :

    1 : What did Lasha do to her lover to make her lover so angry the lover was driven to such anger the lover stabbed Lasha in the back to get revenge?

    2 : Who is this mysterious lover?

    SISTER MONICA: The rest of this interminably long speculative rant has been deleted as unsuitable for family reading. I publish this excerpt only because it’s one of several such defamatory rants, all alleging that Lasha is a sex-crazed weirdo who has had intimate sado-masochistic relationships with various commenters on this site. Naturally I wish to spare these commenters the embarrassment of seeing their names associated with deviant sexual activity. FYI, Lasha is sexually normal and living a chaste and celibate life. This in itself is regarded by our Jewish masters as highly abnormal, if not perverted.

    Suffice to say that TROJ claims that he, too, spotted “Golden Key” comparison and that if any prizes are to be handed out for intuitive genius, the prize should go to him and not to Lobro. In previous unpublished (deleted) posts, TROJ has shown little respect for Lobro and regards Lobro with contempt as a dangerous con artist and crackpot who is “trying to take over this website”.

    1. Could TROJ be working for an Israeli outfit, simply PRETENDING to be mad but actually quite sane? Could TROJ be Lobro’s “secret enemy”? And could all the people who have ganged up against Lobro in the past be Israeli trolls working in the same troll team under their head troll TROJ? Maybe all these “lurkers in the shadows” are sock puppets of the Mastermind TROJ! Come on, TROJ, fess up! You’re working for Mossad, right?

      1. Whew, I think you’re letting your imagination run away with you! 🙂

        Joe is far too crazy to be a Mossad agent out to get Lobro!

        I doubt if Mossad has even heard of our site!

    2. “Love” has become so obnoxious to me that I, myself, can no longer write that type poetry which Lasha has posted here for me. Nor do I really enjoy reading it. The ramifications of it make me nauseous, and celibacy has become the norm. I look back at all the wasted time and energy and $$ spent pursuing different pieces-of-ass that I am embarrassed and disgusted with myself (not to mention the regret I feel for girls I have inadvertently hurt). Having had a daughter born for me has gradually and steadily transformed my empathies for girls, and I am delighted in her growing up. I help young mothers whenever I can, even going so far as buying them cars and giving them a$$istance. (I feel it somewhat absolves me of my past sins.)

      1. Gilbert,

        Please observe the norms of good manners.
        I note that your comments are becoming increasingly offensive.
        Don’t take advantage of the free of speech we give you.
        We don’t give you the green light to insult us.

        1. His whole tone is obnoxious. One long whine.
          And he takes it out on Lasha. A classic bully.

          1. Poem by TROJ:

            THE SCAPEGOAT

            The days for me are dreary
            I’m very weary
            I’m old and grey
            the little energy I have it ebbs away
            more and more every day
            energy greatly dissipates
            with each passing week
            the Brevity of Life
            the Reality of Death
            it hits me in the face.

            Does it really matter?
            We are all like grains of sand
            and we all eventually wash away
            Soon I’ll be gone
            from this world so fallen, tearful and sad
            You’ll all miss me someday
            when I’m dead and buried.

            Your scapegoat, whiddlejoew,
            you won’t have him forever
            If you need a scapegoat so badly
            better start looking for another
            for your scapegoat.

            Whiddlejoew, he’s old now and he’s fading away
            and old and tired is never an acceptable Offering
            to Yahweh. (*grin*) 🙂
            Personally, I’m not into the Old Testament religion
            but if you all feel the need to wash away your Sins
            the old time habiru way
            don’t look to twirl me around and sacrifice me.

            I’m tellin’ ya’: I ain’t no spring chicken anymore
            if you know what I mean
            and judging by all the pedophiles
            in the churches and synagogues,
            Your “G-d” likes ’em young, doesn’t He, *grin* 🙂

            The Hound of Heaven
            he’s after me
            I hear the sound louder and louder
            with each passing week
            I won’t be here very much longer,
            this vale of tears
            so many fears
            Safe Haven do I seek!

            The Hound of Heaven, I hear The Sound!
            The Hound of Heaven is hunting me down!
            And when I’m gone, think about it,
            who are ya’ going to have to push around?

            — TheOldOriginalJoe
            © Sept. 2020

              1. @ Gilbert Huntly

                Sorry for my harsh words, Gilbert.
                I criticized you only because I like you.
                I happen to know Sister Monica likes you too.

      2. Monica, Madame Butterfly –

        How do you figure I “take it out on Lasha”?? I certainly have no gripe with her, but comment only because she puts her poetry out here for comment. I try to accommodate her. However, I believe she seeks candor, and all I could come up with for her is my changing attitudes toward amourous verse. I have been very captivated by Lasha’s studious and insightful articles, but do not feel comfortable fawning over some of her poetry as much as you. She doesn’t expect it, either; nor do I believe she would hold it against me. She and I would likely be close friends if we should ever meet, so buzz off!

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Sister Monica objected to your offensive tone and wanted you to understand that this site will no longer tolerate any insolence from you. Your comments about Lasha are grossly offensive. Period. This has been noted by several others, not just by Sister Monica. Telling Sister Monica to “buzz off” after she has ticked you off for your rudeness is not a good idea. If you decide to continue posting here, you will have to learn good manners.
          I have put you on temporary monitoring to prevent any further disruption of this website.

          1. Poor Gilbert. He finds it so hard to be polite! Ever since his heart attack, he’s been like a bear with a sore ass! 🙂

            Gilbert is basically a good guy, a “rough diamond” as they say. So I hope he manages to pull himself together and apologize for being unnecessarily rude to Admin.

            “Candor” is not candor, dear Gilbert, when you tell someone: “Your breath smells!” It’s an insult, pure and simple. If someone’s breath smells, you back away and beat a hasty retreat! You don’t insult them by discussing the finer points of halitosis. 🙂

            This is something our our rough diamond fails to understand.

  4. Well, you know what they say, ” can’t spell ‘TRUTH’ without ‘RUTH’!” * 😉

    * quote from a Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirt. 😄

    1. Joe:

      You sure got a talent! Your poem is better than good.
      When you’re gone I am going to miss you
      like a pig misses his mudbath.

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