Unnatural Disease


Sick billionaires finance
epidemics and race riots


“This didn’t happen by accident. The same people who deliberately created this disease are the same ones who are now telling us they’re trying to fix it by locking us down and giving us a vaccine from which no one will ever recover.” — John Kaminski

They want to keep us all sick because they are sick themselves.

Descriptions of their depravities are reflections of a species that will do anything but confront its own fear, a fear that dominates every move it makes and every drop of blood that is spilled violently anywhere in the world. It is a dream breaker nobody wants.

They want to take your life and spend it on ruinous trinkets that kill people for fun. Proud of their predations, their horrified children run from them.

The test is useless, producing different results for the same person in different attempts to test them. Multiple tests for the same person are counted as individual tests, inflating the total, heightening the fears and intensifying the restrictions on the new Jewish controlled artificial reality that already has significantly hijacked your mind.

You seem powerless to do anything about this.

That is what you gave them by your stupidity. And this is what the priests have taken from you with their corporatized lies serving no one else but the beast with the flaming eyes eyes telling you that they can kill anyone they want in the blink of an eye anywhere on Earth. You have no doubt seen the mangled corpses.

Biden is a liberal political prostitute who will do or say anything his billionaire Jewish handlers tell him go say. He basically can no longer complete a coherent sentence.

And no matter how appealing Trump is to media-deluded morons, the bloody truth he is linked to the worldwide terror network known as Chabad Lubavitch that has been the engine of catastrophe for the human race throughout not only the 20th century, but throughout the entire known history of the world beginning with criminal activity in Egypt all those millennia ago that has been glorified into three totally stupid religions, all based on lies, in fact, you might call it ‘the vital lie’, the one that seen from the right perspective, can be seen in every move we make.

Constantly creating new aspects of our control mechanisms.

Remember that phrase. Chabad Lubavitch, the engine of catastrophe.

Can you imagine any more convincing evidence that media in America are a demented bunch of psychotic pedophiles than their nearly universal acclamation of the senile dementia stricken Joe Biden as our next president?

Biden said recently he would demand everyone wear a mask in public.

And just when you think they couldn’t top that for cognitive dissonance programming, we get . . .

BLM Protesters Demand Abraham Lincoln Statue Torn Down, Claiming ‘White Supremacy’

Now that Jew media have us by the throat, the drive to make us all insane and unreliable has intensified into this preposterosity. Lincoln freed the slaves, but that’s not good enough. Logically, tearing down the majestic Lincoln Memorial should follow as the perfect symbol of the destruction of the United States by the worldwide Jewish murder machine that totally controls and blames all its crimes on you. And uses gullible blacks to destroy the white mechanisms that saved them from the cannibals of their own kind.

This is Jew mind manipulation at its worst, much the same as you see in the Catholic church or in any dogma based religion.

The tests don’t work and the disease has still not been identified, yet the governments are imposing more lockdowns. And putting old healthy people into infected nursing homes so they can collect those $39,000 bounties on ventilators. Double counting the dead, double crossing the living. The perfect Jewish slogan.

The imposition of Communism under the guise of a medical emergency.

Your government acts as if they’re heroes when in fact these demented lunatics actually created the problem they now pretend to be bravely trying to fix by locking down the entire world and watching it curl up and die?

On its way to its final destruction.

And by foisting a so-called vaccine on the people that will change their characteristics forever.

The lockdown.

This didn’t happen by accident. The same people who deliberately created this disease are the same ones who are now telling us they’re trying to fix it by locking us down and giving us a vaccine from which no one will ever recover.

The trigger for the 2020 race riots across the United States has been Jewish control of media. which from all angles have whipped black people into a frenzy of resentment at their own impotence. Rather than the outcompeting their financial rivals they have taken to threatening to be paid for not outright robbing and killing white people.

Abetted by the crooked Jewish financial system, this seems to be happening in every nook and cranny of society.

In lockstep union, thousands of Jewish owned newspapers and other publications have all trumpeted the same theme constantly that history has been based on whites control of blacks. This is nonsense. The paid riots that followed have antecedents in history, particularly in the French Revolution, where hired urchins rallied the hungry poor to assassinate the king and everything we held dear. This has been the formula of slave-making Communism ever since.

And then there’s the matter of Joe Biden, the man with the rich gopher sons, constantly under indictment for one misdeed or another. Were Joe not a totally demonic entity, he would make the perfect men’s room attendant as international Jewish bankers pulled the cord on flushing America down the sewer of history. Of course, Biden is endorsed by every Jewish publication in the world despite this political hack’s obvious case of senile dementia

They want to keep us all sick
because they are sick themselves

we get sicker but we may live longer lives
that’s the tradeoff they have imposed on us.

They created this disease that is supposedly ravaging the world and now they expect us to believe they’re trying to fix it.

Why would they fix something that they have discovered in the perfect control mechanism. Keep the world sick so they can control us all and work for our ultimate demise.

Great revolutionary voices speak against it:

Chuck Baldwin

What is true is that the pandemic is an epidemic of government repression focusing on tracking individuals in their activities (if they tend toward freedom of conservative speech and religious expression) and confine them to living separate, censored lives. This is the only way the progressive agenda can press ahead. Inexcusably, too many republican officials and administrators accept the propaganda, ignoring their constitutional duty and becoming accessories to creeping tyranny.

Recommendation? Refuse testing for the virus. The vast number of false positive results make it of no use. Refuse vaccination when it is finally offered for being ineffective. Vaccines have proven to infect individuals more often than protect them against viruses. Do not relent from speaking out against ineffective, vain regulations being forced upon individuals under the guise of seeking a cure.

Gary Barnett

. . . fraudulent pandemic created for the purpose of gaining total control over all populations? Has not this practice of eliminating certain segments of the population been firmly in place since the beginning of this fake coronavirus scam? Which parts of the American populace have been targeted for death since the inception of this false crisis? It has been the old and infirmed, the poor, the weak of mind, and minorities, especially in the inner cities like New York.

Jews using blacks to destroy the country and independence.

Blacks don’t build things, they only do the bidding of others and tear them down. They use the gifts they’ve been given to kill the people who gave them, a lesson about Africa and Africans that the world pretends not to have learned.


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  1. DISCLAIMER: We publish this controversial article in the name of free speech and because it represents a point of view shared by millions of other people, but we don’t have to agree with every point it makes. The article reflects the views of the author alone and must not be confused with the views of anyone associated with this website.

      1. Especially the Christ hatred, eh?

        How nice of you to pat the Christ-hating Mr Kaminski on his back!

        I’m sure he’s purring with delight! 🙂

      2. Being hateful towards certain evil acts throughout history perpetrated in the name of “Christianity” is not synonymous with hating Christ. If anything, JK is actually Christ-LIKE when you consider the outrage of Jesus when he set foot in the temple and saw what was going on there. It’s easy to picture Kaminski UPLIFTING* the temple tables in righteous anger, as it would be for many of us. 😡

        *not so much in the heartwarming dept.🤗

      3. This Covid crisis scamdemic is great for the cause as no one watches the MSM bull dust. They are all asking why?. Their is a massive rising of the collective mind as to the enemy of all mankind. As we get closer to their Zion world order the more exposed and desperate they are becoming. We need a global consensus on this issue. They are acting out with a Zionista madness and are seen for their unhinged ideas. We have been tolerant for too long. Remembering the words of Christ as too a racial pedigree by birth. The flesh counts for nothing it is the Spirit that gives life.

    1. “People understand that the rabbinate is less and less relevant, and doesn’t really represent Jews here,” he said. “Things must be fundamentally changed.”
      If this is not a way up call this is Jewish man fed up with rabbis in Israel.
      You may eat fro any tree in the garden. The snake came in having lost his covenant an superior position. “you may eat of only certified rabbinate taxed food.
      Even the Jews in Israel hate the Rabbis pretending to be God. Its a Mafia Kosher Nostra.
      Freed our food.
      Jesus said all foods are clean. They only Kosher clean food stuff. Should we Christians impose a tax on our clean food to other Faiths? No. Only expose the evil wickedness of darkness.
      Its a tax not a fee why because the payer of this fee may call it what he wants.
      God did not give two laws. One to Moses and a secret Law to the Sages. The prophet inspired gave the Law not Rabbinic scamsters. They are just men and have no Legal right to impose a second Law on non Jewish nations. See: Exodus 12:49 The same law shall apply to both to an Israelite and a sojourner the same Law.
      So in non Jewish countries they must have a legal right to implement their man made Talmudic tax on our food. No such right was given and we shall ask for a refund and reparations. We shall ask that all holocaust museums show the root cause and effect of antisemitism for the stitch up that it is. God is with us demand from your MP’s that Kosher scams be exposed or vote for a Christian. The truth sets you free.

  2. “3 totally stupid religions”. Well said John. I find it amusing when Christians claim to be “jew aware” – apparently oblivious to the fact that Christianity itself was indeed a Jewish sect. Without Christianity there would have been no Islam. The Greeks were not wrong when they called the Christians “laughable”. You should all read what Julian the Apostate once said.

    Yes, it was Christians that destroyed the library at Alexandria and all of classical Europe and laid the foundations for the death and insanity we today find ourselves in everywhere. The Abrahamic religions are death cults, the epitome of intolerance.

    The Christian identity movement is an abomination, as is any other supremacist movement or group that believes they are “chosen” to lord and rule over everybody else.

    1. JAY 77 said,

      ” Without Christianity there would have been no Islam.” Jay is 110% correct.

      “During the early stages of Islam, Christians showed true Christian love to Muslims and saved Muslims from being wiped off. When prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him asked the persecuted Muslims to migrate to Ethiopia, then ruled by the Christian King, Negus, he provided them (80 Muslims) a home and respectful welcome.” He then ordered the pagan delegation from Mecca who came to hunt Muslims down to return back to Mecca with their gifts in despair.

      What Christian King did was,” Welcoming Muslims for the love of Christ.

      Najashi: The king who supported Muslim emigrants


      1. Islam is vacuous and has no continuity with the bible. For instance God spoke through the prophets to the israelites as to His covenant. When Jesus came it was called the Last days because God was no longer in communication with the Jews. Jesus warned them they were cut off and only a remnant of Jews were made righteous and clean to be included in the New Universal Church. A simple reading of Koran will reveal large tracts of the Talmud word for word. No Mohamed was not prophet and had not peace upon his person. They conquered all Christian lands from Constantinople through North Africa ad into Andele- Spain. The Sabre and Koran in that order. There was no peace upon Mohamed nor his sabre rattling Mujaheddin Jihadists. This was when Christianity took up the sword of Crusades. Follow the continuation of events Islam Murderous forced conversion and Jizyah Tax followed by a Christian response to this blood thirst theocracy of the Arabic tribes. So please stop engaging with us as a slippery eel before it pounces. N PBUH. Never listen to any religion where the tradition of the elders or desputed Haddith trditions are taken for Law. Koran does not prescribe the hijab but the hadith does. You choose as some frothing mouth bad breath escapee of Islam tries to convert you with terror.

    2. @ Jay77

      I don’t think that sneering at Christianity on a tolerant neo-Christian site like this one is a good idea. You are obviously on the wrong site.
      I think you would be well advised to relocate to Mr Kaminski’s crude and intolerant website which is specifically designed to appeal to low-brow philistines and redneck racists like yourself:


      Here you will find yourself in your element. Apart from vitriolic Jew-hatred — often peddled by Jews, as Mr Kaminski well knows — you will find yourself in a foul sewer of Christ hatred and Islamophobia.

      I believe in reverence for Jesus Christ and his teachings. And I see no reason why good Muslims like Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a regular contributor to this website as a commenter as well as a published author, should be spat upon and ridiculed for the crime of being a Palestinian. As a man, he is ten times nobler than Mr Kaminski who is just a fountain of hatred, contempt, and psychological disorders.

      Remember this: the administrators of this tolerant neo-Christian website are actually doing your hero Mr Kaminski a huge favour by publishing his anti-Christian rants on their pro-Christian website.

      Spitting on Christ, as you and Kaminski take such pleasure in doing,
      is simply a substitute for masturbation.

      1. Well said, Sardonicus. These Christ haters don’t mind giving offence. Hurting people feelings is their stock-in-trade. It’s a form of sadistic cruelty that appeals to these compulsive masturbators.

        1. Kaminski writes well, but he is devoid of nobility. You never feel uplifted after reading one of his tedious rants. You always feel diminished and tainted, as if you’d caught some spiritual infection from him.

          1. The essence of all religions is kindness. Most of the good Christians I have met have been kind to me. It is the same with the good Muslims I have met. They radiate kindness. The Five Pillars of Islam include charity or almsgiving.

            When was the last time that John Kaminski had a kind word for anyone? When did he last drop a dime in the proverbial beggar’s bowl?

            Ranters, sneerers, mockers, frothers and foamers . . . they are all doomed to a special circle in Dante’s hell.

      2. @Sardonicus –
        I’ve never sneered or looked down my nose at Mahmoud or anybody else on this site. And I don’t peddle “jew hatred”, although I’m a critic of any group that preaches supremacist ideology or a desire to control, deceive and divide others. I’ve not said anything many Greek and Roman senators and politicians didn’t say themselves.

        But like all Christians, you twist my words and try to typecast and label me for things I’ve never said. I don’t believe I am better than Mahmoud or any other jew or Palestinian I assure you. The Darkmoon admin will find nothing of the sort from me.

        I’ve said on this site that showing care and love for your own people is not a crime and I stand by that, just as other groups should do exactly the same as nature intended.

        The powers that be are trying to make it a crime, and it’s all being fully supported by your crooked preachers. But they’re not traitors. Christianity has always taught white genocide because it was designed for that.

        Yes, the command “Love your enemy” has worked wonders for us all. Jesus made it clear that he didn’t come in peace and came with a sword. I’m not going to bang out quotes, but I believe his words were to “abandon your families, give away your belongings and property and follow thee”.

        Medieval communism in a nutshell. Your book also condones slavery. “A jew/judaen may own slaves, but shall not enslave other jews/judaens. If he must, then the slave must be released in the 7th year”. Oh, and don’t forget you can beat and eat them too… Gods will you see.

        Religion is one of the main reasons so many people have been the victims of slavery in the past. This is a basic fact. Black slavery stems from the “Hamitic myth”. That blacks should eternally punished after Noah was sodomised – comes from Abrahamic mythology.

        And I’m the hater? I should be punished for pointing out what I’m not meant understand, like so many others. It’s a hate crime for reading old books now unless you conform to the “vital lie”.

        1. @ Jay77

          I decline to enter into argument with an intolerant oaf who sneers at my religion. I don’t sneer at your religion, or lack of one. My mother is an exemplary Christian, a saint in her own way, and she has never done you or the egregious Mr Kaminski any harm. Nor has Christ done you any harm. So why do you sneer at Chrisianity which you confuse with Churchianity and evil popes and sanctimonious Christians of which the world is full.

          Who are you, you pathetic White racist, thinking your white pigmentation gives you an edge over someone with a darker skin, who are you to sneer and scoff at people like Pascal and Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn and Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton and Mozart and Beethoven — ALL OF THEM CHRISTIANS!!!

          Or did you think they were all Christ-hating “freethinkers” like you and the cretinous Kaminski?

          The day you and your tinpot god John Kaminski can do the inspiring work done by the great geniuses mentioned above will be the day you can afford to put on superior airs. Until then, take a back seat and pray for humility and kindness.

          It’s White Nationalists like you who give White Nationalism a bad name. Who wants to be like you, deracinated and mentally deranged? No one.

        2. @ Jay77

          You have a distorted view of Christianity. If Christianity were anything like the horrible thing you imagine it to be, it would indeed be the most detestable religion on earth.

          Unfortunately for you, the Christianity you hate is a figment of your own imagination. It is indeed hateful, very hateful, but this version of Christianity exists only in your own mind. This pseudo-religion of your imagination that you hate so much is not the religion of Beethoven when he wrote his Ninth Symphony. Nor is it the religion of Mozart when he wrote his “Requiem”. You are a sad deluded man hating a mythical religion in your own mind. I have the profoundest pity for you.

          Come, feel free to spit spit at me. Take your pleasure in vomiting over me for my love of Jesus Christ. Your spit and vomit cannot harm me. They harm only yourself. I feel sorry for you that you should have this psychological problem, akin to a mental disease.

          So . . . go in peace. I will pray for you. May the milk of human kindness run through your heart one day.

      3. Saki, you’ve made it perfectly clear that you’ve never read the Old Testament or any of the other books. “The essence of all religions is kindness” – this is pure fantasy, what are you talking about?

        When John points out the “vital lie” this is exactly what he’s talking about. We’re told from a very young age to believe these religions are peaceful, but this is simply not true when you read them objectively and without the biased brainwashing from your parents. Whove never read the Bible really, just excerpts from their pastor.

        1. @ Jay77

          Saki, you’ve made it perfectly clear that you’ve never read the Old Testament or any of the other books. “The essence of all religions is kindness” – this is pure fantasy, what are you talking about?

          I have read the Old Testament, sir. I read it constantly. Every day. I have just finished reading the Book of Job and I find no harm in it. The Book of Ecclesiastes is a work of genius. I challenge you to find any evil in it. It is YOU, sir, who has read a few snippets here and there in the OT, from the Book of Deuteronomy, which give you cause for concern. Not everything in the OT is like that.

          You as not as clued up on the OT as I am. All your knowledge probably comes from internet sites which like to quote snippets from the Old Testament out of context. All the bad bits. Every religion has bad bits in its scriptures, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. But the good bits outweigh the bad bits.

          Anyway, enough of this. I wish you no ill. I only wish you aggressive atheists and lost souls wandering in darkness would let us simple Christians live in peace. I am not attacking your belief system. I am not trying to humiliate you or make you miserable. So why can’t you and the never-ending ranter John Kaminski just leave us Christians alone and stop trying to humiliate us, disrespect us, and bully us?

          I am root and branch behind Sardonicus. He speaks the truth. You and the Kaminski cheerleaders are incorrigible bullies, never happy unless you are indulging in calculated cruelty toward Christians.


        Thank you for your vote of confidence. I said it here before and I say it again, Islam teaches it followers to respect all prophets (Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and David) of Allah almighty and the degradation of any prophet is tantamount to the defamation of the rest.

        This is the truth and it is not meant to score a brownie point on this site.
        Finally, welcome back MADAME BUTTERFLY

      5. Revealing your true self here Sardonicus huh? Oh please. Nowhere did I insult you, Mahmoud or your mother. Why would I want to spit on anything or anybody? You sound like the retardified Fox news and BBC, incessantly harping on about the threat of “white nationalism” and “racism” – albeit, the factual statistics don’t match the fraudulent news stories. Touché.

        I’ve repeated my stance here more than once, emphatically stating I’m against all forms of supremacist ideology and deceptive teachings. The gibberish writings of the Bible obviously fall under that umbrella.

        And when somebody like Mr Kaminski notices this and highlights it, you take offence and go on an all out offensive rant, pulling out all the stops looking for sympathy and painting me as the evil “white nationalist” boogeyman for stating Biblical truths.

        So hilariously reflects exactly what’s going on elsewhere all over the media, shame you couldn’t conjure up some fresh rhetoric in your incoherent ramblings Mr “Sardonic”.

        – The Greeks used sardonic for laughter by the way.

        The sheer absurdity and cowardice of pulling out your own mother and various philosophers in an attempt to validate your immature, false and downright ludicrous claims against me, just shows how low you’re willing to stoop.

        I could sit here all day going through dozens of… what you spit, call and sneer “pagan” Greek philosophers that were proud polytheists, so what?

        The old religions that you so hatefully applaud being literally wiped off the face of the Earth, were peacefully intertwined with the natural environment and astrology and did absolutely no harm to you, Mahmoud or your mother.

        The Gods were symbolic and served a far wider educational purpose to children than your book of hate. I don’t believe you would know this so I’m wasting my breath.

        For the record Darkmoon;
        I’m not a “white nationalist”, nor have I ever been racially abusive in my entire life. Anybody reading this can see clearly who’s the tantrum throwing douchebag who had his feelings hurt.

        1. @ Jay77

          Sardonicus has my full backing. He has been on this website from its earliest days, its staunchest backer. He is not like you, a newcomer to the site, an anti-Christian gatecrasher who thinks he can attack Christianity here with impunity. Do you think you have a licence to attack Christianity here and not get a counter-attack?

          The spit and vomit of which Sardonicus speaks is metaphorical. Your spit and vomit is very real because I feel it all over me whenever you open your ugly mouth. No matter! Your anti-Christian spit and vomit rcoils upon you and blows back in your own face. You emanate mental sickness. I feel profoundly sorry for you. There’s no point even arguing with you. The Christianity you hate so much exists only as a distorted image in your own mind. All your ideas are derivative and out of date and come from internet conspiracy theorist sites.

          Dr William Pierce is your prophet and the “God is dead!” loony Friedrich Nietzsche who spent his last 10 years in a nuthouse.

          1. Christianity is a force for good in the world. Not a force for evil, as you foolishly believe.

            The truth is that no faith is more hated by the Jews.

            Christ, the Talmud tells us, is burning forever in his own excrement in hell.

            In hating Christianity, you are a Useful Idiot for the Jews. You are doing the Jews’ demolition work for them. As is John Kaminski. Who has often, incidentally, been accused of being a Jew.

            How ironical.

            The Talmudic Jews must be snickering up their sleeves to think that the likes of John Kaminski and you are doing their dirty work for them.

      6. @Madame Butterfly –
        Why do you keep chipping your bit in like you own this comments section? I don’t care how long you or anybody else has been here. How is this relevant to anything? You expect some sort of special treatment like Mr Sardonic? I commented first and he replied if I remember rightly.

        I realised you both have sad, little delusions of grandeur here, when earlier he asked “WHO ARE YOU?” That’s my real name. I don’t hide behind stupid names like “Sardonicus” and “Madame Butterfly”. Who the hell do you people think you are?

        You’re nothing but a resident menace here, as I’m not the first person who’s hurt your feelings right? You don’t like it when somebody gives as good as they get. 3 of you teaming up on me with nothing to show for it. Aww.

        Sad lady.

      7. Hardly anyone knows what true authentic Christianity is like, since the one true church founded by Christ, the Catholic Church, was gradually eclipsed beginning with infiltration by jews, freemasons, communists, homosexuals (these often overlap) especially from the 1920s, and ultimately the papacy was taken over with a nuclear threat beginning at the 1958 papal conclave. But the true church still exists as a proverbial “remnant” where all the abominations and pernicious novelties of the Vatican II counter-church are rejected and traditional doctrine and sacramental rites are maintained.

        For the evidence of a nuclear threat against the Vatican, see padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Grave_Reasons_of_State.html

        For the takeover of the papacy and its historical context (including new info on the double agent Malachi Martin) see whitesmoke1958.com and/or see this fascinatingly informative 4 part interview with the premier researcher into the subject: search.bitchute.com/renderer?query=Gary+Giuffre
        (Part 4 was censored by youtube for “hate speech” but 1-3 are still there also… for now)

  3. It is the common-flu. Coronavirus was the medical term for the common-flu; it can be found in standard medical text books. In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations, and 22,000 deaths this season alone. I assume that is what the “covid19” death statistics are really showing. Furthermore the CDC recently admitted that the “covid19 test” might just be showing that you had the common-flu. It is the common-flu.

    But if you really think that our elites can engineer viruses that only target non-elite people; that Bill Gates is a prophet who predicted this pandemic; that the Rockefeller Foundation was a committee of altruistic prophets when it predicted the lockdown ten years ago — then I suppose you must get off on fear porn in general. Good luck taking the test; good luck wearing the mask; good luck getting the vaccine. You cannot say no-one tried to war you.

    1. *warn you

      Pompous self-righteousness now turned off; but I am still right on this one 😉 If we don’t start pushing back then we’re guaranteeing that our children will have to live through this fake pandemic scare on a yearly basis. They did it to us with the Cold War; they’re doing it to us with the War on Carbon — with this latest wheeze they’re ramping up the totalitarianism ten fold.

  4. I for one, although generally have been in agreement with John over the last 15 years or so, I certainly do not hold his ‘religious’ position regarding religion. To continuously imply that all of this is because of religion is bordering Pyschosis. Does it not remind you of some intolerant religious-type folks.

    The Lords of the Manor had been doing it for a long time. In fact, one could argue the opposite. This is perhaps the most anti religious the world has ever been, resulting in the most satanic expressions of existence that we see everyday before our very eyes. One could argue that what we are seeing is in reality a confirmation of the truth of religion, and especially the Abrahamic ones.

    Is Batty Gates a representation of Islam, or Christianity? How about the Rockerfellers or pick any of the ‘Lords of the Manor’? That would be a ludicrous assertion! If we are truthful, we know who they represent and that is the absence of God! That is the very definition of Shaitaan or Saitaan (Satan).

    I have read John before saying Paul invented Heaven for example, or Jews don’t believe in Hell. These are simply incorrect statements. Even this idea that Abraham invented monotheism is simply not true. Persians of long ago believed in monotheism, they believed in Heaven and Hell.

    The idea that many secular anthropologist like to peddle, that if we look at Archeology we see representation of deities appearing at some period indicating that man came up with religion at some point, then as he evolved his ideas refined to eliminate many deities and finally come upon the idea of ‘one’ unique god.

    I guess this is possible, but Islam offers an entirely different model and there is evidence to support it.
    That is religion was with man from the beginning and that religion is Islam, as a philosophy not necessarily the Arabic word; it is not related to a people, time or place, it is generic and innate. Hence all peoples and creation are viewed as essentially Muslim until they cognitively choose something else.

    There is a good reason why if you go further back you find no representation of God and that is because they had true religion, knowing God is not a man or a material thing! The aborigines have a name for God, ‘Atnatu’, he that is without an anus, i.e. he that is un-created. I could give examples from native peoples all over the globe.

    Idolatry crept in after people lost the connection, since most of this was transmitted orally. Some people later called to themselves etc. Some thought they have to get to God through holy men and that is a safe way.

    Perhaps the most glaring example would be the history of the Arabs. It is well known that they are descendants of Abraham, no one disputes this, and it is well known that Abraham was a staunchly devout Unitarian. Yet by the time that Muhammad came upon the scene the Arabs were worshipping more that 360 gods represented by idols, including Hindu ones!

    He revived original religion, that is what prophets do.

    Organized religions have been corrupted no different than all governments. The argument that Jews created Christianity is not sound. In fact, one could argue the exact opposite and that is precisely what Joseph Atwill did in his book Caesar’s Messiah. His argument is that the Romans created the Roman Church; some have found his work quite convincing. After all the idea that man is helpless, and he needs a demi-god personality to save him is quite Roman. Zeus procreates with a mortal creating this half god/half man that leads mortal men to salvation. Everything is there except the names have changed to Jewish ones. And this was then foisted on Jewish tradition as the biggest mockery and victory over them, rubbing salt in the wound if you will, at least this is Atwill’s position.

    I am not saying that I subscribe to Atwill’s thesis, I am simply showing that just as equally as Kaminski is saying Jews created Christianity some have argued that Christianity was created as the anti-thesis to Jewish political religion.

    I will say this, Protestantism was certainly created by the false Jews and they are one of the biggest reasons why the world is in this mess. That being said, all of us here on DM knows it is not as simple as to blame religion, we have schooling, media, the corruption of the legal system, the corruption of the financial system. All the sacred systems that religion was supposed to guard had been secularized so it was just a matter of time before the usual suspects grew horns: greed, power, vice….no belief in Judgement Day… it was only natural; and to just blame religion mostly! Just have a look at what is cultivating the minds and you have the answer – and it is not religion.

    My heart says that Batty Gates and the rest of the Lords will keep it up in earnest, now that their 5G weapon systems are in place, to create a real pandemic, forcefully encouraging their saviour vaccine on the people.

    Once the vaccine program is in place it will then unleash the mega pandemic. They will create real zombies, just like the movies (seeding consciousness) by pulsing gate voltage of cells allowing their devilish mixture to destroy the beautiful creation of God, making monsters.

    They will then accuse the world of not paying attention and not following through with their program and so the people will be blamed, yet again.

    They will then embark vigorously, sincere-like and all to find a cure, finally concluding that this is too virulent, and hence the need for another new saviour, the new nano-tech mixture of machines and organic matter, …. goodbye and good night.

    And we continuously fool ourselves thinking we are the smartest people the planet has ever seen! Devolution continues – the more we live outside of the natural world, the more we devolve. Let us hope and pray my heart is wrong.

    1. SEEB, Your heart is pure – how can it be wrong? Mankind will overcome all this fake reality and temptation! Fairly bruised and battered but “reborn” with hearts just like yours. Something surely to look forwards to!
      Thank you for your comment!

      1. Dear Jo,
        I know this is a late reply to your kind and generous comment, circumstances have not afforded me much time to visit.

        I want you to know and I am not saying this as merely reciprocating but I too have often found your comments to be thoughtful, deep and insightful. May our Kind and Gracious God keep you safe and continue His blessings on you and all His creation.

  5. Jay77 comes across as a perfectly reasonable, levelheaded, articulate, and decent man.

    1. @ Circassian

      Since you are an avowed enemy of this website since Day 1, abusing Admin constantly and threatening to destroy this website, your support for “Jay77” will not help him in the least.

      On the contrary, it will discredit him.

      Who wants to be praised by a Christ-hating enemy of this website?

        1. @ Pat

          You have a fantastic memory. I respect that. Maybe Circassian is, as you say, a Muslim. If he’s telling the truth of course. But you need to remember he’s not a Muslim who actually believes in Islam. He’s doesn’t own a Qur’an. And above all, as a passionate supporter of Stalin, he has to be an atheist. Atheism is the bedrock of Communism, the legacy of Marx and Lenin who were fanatical God Haters, and Stalin as as a Communist ideologue was an atheist also.

          It follows that Circassian, even IF he is a Muslim, is an atheist who doesn’t give a damn for the Qur’an. Apart from which, Pat, he is an avowed enemy of this website and has called Uncle Toby a “butthead” and Lasha a “lavatory attendant”.

          The only reason they post Circassian’s comments here is the same reason they post Troj’s comments: because they are interested in abnormal psychology and extreme nutcases.

      1. Sard –

        I did NOT say Circ is a muslim. He wrote it.

        “Circ wrote he is a muslim.”

        1. OK, Pat. Thanks for clarifying this point.
          I don’t personally believe Circ is telling the truth.
          You can’t trust him. He’a a troll. And hostile as hell.


        First, thank for speaking in my defense. Secondly, in fairness to Circassian, I do not recall where and when he did attack me. More important, let share with what defines a Muslim.

        What is the definition of a Muslim?

        A Muslim should believe and do 5 important things.

        1- Take “shahadi” an oath, to saying and believing that”لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله” meaning “there is only one god and he is Allah and Mohammad is his final prophet”

        2- Pray 5 times a day

        3- Fasting the month of Ramadan ( unless you’re sick or traveling)

        4- Give (zaka) alms-giving from your money 2.5%)

        5- Perform a pilgrimage ” haj ” if you can physically and financially afford it.

        Muslim should believe in 7 things

        1- believe in Allah (Almighty God)

        2- Believe in God’s Angels

        3- Believe in All His prophets and messengers. (all of them and Mohammad is the last one of them)

        4- Believe in all the books that Allah sent
        5- believe that in Judgment day

        6- Believe in ” kadar” destiny

        A Muslims should also do good and avoid what is evil.
        Muslim should avoid adultery, gambling, alcohol, consuming pork products or giving a false witness.

      3. The difference is i’ve not been personal and attacked any readers here, unlike many of you. Where does it say in the rules I have to conform to Catholicism?

        I feel I’ve been respectfully critical and kept my cool. Sardonicus should be ashamed for pulling out his mother to make a point.

        One question? How many of you have given away your belongings to charity (or BLM) as Christ instructed you to do so? If not why?

      4. @ Jay77

        I see you have no defenders here. And I can understand why. Your angry comments show very little intelligence or knowledge. Besides which, you are a tedious bore.

        The reason Madame Butterfly chipped in is because she knows Sardonicus would be unlikely to respond to your boring ad hominem comments any more. Sardonicus doesn’t waste his time on fools. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

        I think Madame Butterfly made a polite and reasonable point to which you were unable to respond with either politeness or rationality. Please do us all a favour and make your way to some other website where disrespect for Jesus Christ is the norm. It is not the norm on this site, and you are not going to make it the norm here either. So don’t waste your time trying.

      5. Pardon my mistake. In my last comment, I mistakenly referred to Jay77 as Circassian.

      6. @ Ruth –
        Yes, because ad hominem attacks on me are the height of any intellectual conversation. Sard conducted himself in an exemplary fashion indeed. Please. He made himself look like an absolute fool. The reality is john has hurt your feelings by pointing out the “vital lie”. Go cry to him. I’m intelligent enough to make him look like the idiot he clearly is.

        1. @ Admin, re Jay77

          Please STOP this poster Jay77
          from DAMAGING your website any further.
          He has nothing to contribute except
          bad vibes, Christ hatred, and constant abuse.


          — SARDONICUS
          — SAKI
          — RUTH
          — SILENT READER


          JAY77’s SUPPORTERS:

          (except himself)

          Draw your own conclusions, Admin.

          1. I am weary of anyone who sensors opinions on their website which Kyle Hunt does. It is his right and prerogative to do so, but a lose in his credibility. My guess it is because i post under sojounerholmes, but who knows.

            He is anti-christian (his prerogative again), when the truth is Jesus Christ was never jewish. Yes He was of the tribe of Judah, but the tribe of judah no longer exists as in antiquity.

            The church needs to be purged of “jewishness” for that is what has caused this mess.

            1. In reply to sojournerholmes….

              This is also for JAY77 re his anti-Christian comments

              I don’t think it would be fair to say that Kyle Hunt “sensors” (sic) your opinions on his website. Since Renegade Tribune is an avowedly anti-Christian website devoted to neo-paganism, you do wrong to post your pro-Christian views there and expect Kyle Hunt to sit back and say: “Welcome brother! How nice of you to say bad things about me and my beloved pagan beliefs!”

              The Darkmoon site, on the contrary, is a pro-Christian website. Actually, neo-Christian, i.e, opposed to many of the doctrines of Orthodox Christianity but sympathetic to the Christan ethos as a whole. We are therefore NOT under obligation to publish and promote anti-Christian views that seek to disrespect Jesus Christ. And yet the Christ haters keep coming here and expect us to welcome them with open arms as they vilify Christianity and mock Jesus Christ.

              Tell me, sir, would you expect Kevin MacDonald, a great White Nationalist, to publish articles and comments telling him what a load of rubbish White Nationalism was? No, you wouldn’t.

              Would you write to a poetry site and tell the Editor that all poetry was rubbish? Or to a feminist site and tell them how much you hate women? No, you wouldn’t.

              Would you write to a Jewish site and expect them to publish your views if you told them all Jews were “nasty vermin” and that the Holocaust “never happened”? No, you wouldn’t. Not if you had an ounce of intelligence or sensitivity.

              Stop complaining about “censorship” and realize there are RED LINES that must not be crossed.

              When in Rome, don’t spit on the Romans. Understand? Tailor your language to the people you find yourself among.

              1. @ Jay77

                I hope you understand what I am saying in the comment posted above.

                If you have no respect for Christianity, NO PROBLEM! You will find many other sites that will welcome your views, including Renegade Tribune (run by Kyle Hunt) and John Kaminski’s website, where negative comment about Christianity would be more than welcome.

                The Darkmoon site, however, is not for you. Because we reverence Jesus Christ here and don’t find his core teachings disgusting and abominable in any way, as you appear to do.

                If you wish to preach Christ hatred, you must go elsewhere and do it.

                1. This is the most tolerant website I’ve ever come across.
                  That’s why so many mentally deranged trolls take advantage of it. They spit at ADMIN and LD and scream “Censorship!” when blocked. These puerile scumbags really do belong in padded cells.

      7. @Darkmoon admin, Silent Reader –
        Mahmoud El Yousseph wrote –

        “In fairness to jay77, I don’t not recall him ever attacking me”.

        Because it’s a blatant lie, as is being discredited as a “white nationalist” – which is nonsense. I apologise for anything I said afterwards If it offended anybody ‘other’ than the man who spoke these patent untruths.

        I’m well aware there are good Christians and Muslims. It wasn’t my intention to upset anybody or direct any vitriolic comments in the direction of any other readers.

        I feel like he attempted to use the situation to create racial tension and animosity between me and Mahmoud, where there never was any. Not one person has pointed this out apart from Mahmoud himself.

      8. @Sister Monica –

        Just to add, I’m a little puzzled as to where exactly i said anything “hateful” about Jesus Christ? I didn’t. I referred to literal passages in the Bible.

        Anyway, hopefully this is the end of it, if you took offence then fair enough, I apologise. I didn’t realise you were all Christians, not that it should stop so-called ‘pagans’ like myself from commenting, providing they’re respectful of others.

        Why have a website where the only readers all agree on the exact same things? This is why Kyle Hunt is a hypocrite – not because he censors, but because he incessantly complains about censorship.

        Nobody has a right not to be offended under the first amendment / Magna Carta / Nuremberg laws. This assault on freedom of speech in Western countries should be fought, not defended.

        I did wonder why some Darkmoon commenters appeared to exhibit cultish, masonic like behaviour, where one is willing to have the others back, regardless of whether they’re in the wrong or not.

        Of course, in normal times this kind of race baiting would just be shrugged off and we’d move on, but we’re not living normal times.

        The British police (and elsewhere) are literally hunting down anybody who is suspected of being affiliated with “white nationalist” groups and/or accused of “racism” online, so it’s no exaggeration when I say this could result in one losing their job, home and quite possibly their children.

        People should think twice before making up these types of lies, and not be surprised when their intended subject defends themselves or overreacts.

        The perpetrator knew full well what he was doing and is aware of everything going on in the media. White children are being beaten all over the USA and in some cases fatally injured.

        You cover these topics yourselves, so he knows what he was doing. Luckily, Mahmoud El Yousseph is nobody’s fool to use as their attack dog.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply and I sincerely hope this is the end of the matter.

        1. @ Jay77

          I have two simple questions for you:

          (1) Do you accept the authority of the monitors of this website only on the condition that they exonerate you of all blame and assure you that you have done no wrong?

          (2) Or will you accept the authority of the monitors of this website if they rule that your numerous critics cannot all be in the wrong and have no motive to gang up against you en masse unless you had wound them in the first place by your extremely hostile comments on Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ?

          In other words, Jay77, will you reject the authority of the monitors of this website if they decide that YOU, and you alone, are guilty of causing maximum offence by being in open breach of the rules of this website in regard to Christianity?

          Are you aware of the Rules of our Website, Jay77? If so, have you decided you have a right to trample on these rules and regard them with open contempt? YES or NO?


          # 13. “We are a pro-Christian website. All derogatory comments questioning the historical existence of Jesus Christ and sneering at the contents of the New Testament will be regarded as an attack on the cherished values of our ancestors. All such comments will be deleted at once. Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in rubbishing Jesus Christ and ridiculing Christianity on some appropriate anti-Christian website — NOT on the Darkmoon site!”


          Let me know if you think you have a right to make a mockery of our rules.

  6. The problem they have always had with genetic engineering (interference) is that what they make is usually not able to procreate. For example, some people seem to think that MONSANTO ROUNDUP ready corn was engineered to produce sterile seeds. But the problem they have with all cloning, and genetic tampering, is the inability for their end product to remain in the condition they tried to engineer.
    So even if you wasted trillions of dollars trying to create a deadly cold or flu pathogen, the fact is, that by their nature (cold and flu virus are RNA type) cold and flu virus will mutate wildly in the first person infected-blend with the host DNA and leave as a changed virus. It can literally change several times in one host, thus, any mutation that was engineered to be deadly, will quickly be cross bred out of existence by the first host DNA blending.
    The biggest danger with the plandemic, is compliance with their un-scientific ‘guidelines’ and the fear, anxiety stress of not knowing you really have nothing to fear. The death rates have been inflated by at least a factor of 10 (So their claim of death rate at 0.24% is really 0.024% or lower).
    Wearing a mask, socialist distancing, and over sanitizing WILL LEAD to a mass increase in average annual deaths coming this fall by the damage to each person’s immune system and reduction of overall biodiversity of their personal biome via these insane and unprecedented in all of human history, over a massive collusion false news story, kept alive each and every day buy the ROBBER BARON controlled mass media.

  7. When one comes right down to it, there is only one eternal truth. No one gets off the the mortal plane alive. What happens after that is simply a matter of faith.
    Kaminski should to a little reading about Lincoln’s attitude about Negros and slavery.
    Lincoln didn’t like Negros.
    Lincoln was a member in good standing. before becoming President, in an organization that wanted to send the Negros out of the country.
    Lincoln said the South could keep their slaves if it would save the union.
    Lincoln said if freeing half the slaves would save the union that would be fine.
    Lincoln said if freeing all the slaves would save the union he would do that.
    Bottom line: the so-called civil war was NOT fought over slavery. That’s a line that has Jew written all over it.
    None other then Karl Marx wrote Lincoln a letter of congratulations when Abe became president.
    Lincoln placed many Germans from the aborted 1848 German commie revolution into this administration and the Union Army.
    Lincoln’s war and administration started America down the road from a Jeffersonian Constitutional Republic to a Democratic-socialist-Marxist Empire. The fix has been in for a long time. The miners and sappers have been busy for over 150 years and maybe even longer.

    1. Thanks, TJ!
      I never saw or heard that “Karl Marx wrote Lincoln a letter of congratulations when Abe became president.”

      Because of your info, I found this on winning his second term, from the International Socialist:

      “The workingmen of Europe feel sure that, as the American War of Independence initiated a new era of ascendancy for the middle class, so the American Antislavery War will do for the working classes. They consider it an earnest of the epoch to come that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class, to lead his country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world.”
      —Karl Marx and the First International Workingmen’s Association to Lincoln, 1864


      “These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.”
      —Abraham Lincoln, from his first speech as an Illinois state legislator, 1837


      “Everyone now is more or less a Socialist.”
      —Charles Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune, and Lincoln’s assistant secretary of war, 1848


      1. Pat and all,
        For those who wish to learn the truth about “honest” Abe, the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” is a real eye opener.
        Jr., Al, Kennedy, Walter …
        [Search domain http://www.amazon.com/Lincolns-Marxists-Al-Benson-Jr/dp/158980905X%5D https://www.amazon.com/Lincolns-Marxists-Al-Benson-Jr/dp/158980905X
        “In their fascinating recent book Lincoln’s Marxists . . . Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr., examine the role of the “Forty-Eighters”-veterans of the eighteen interconnected revolutions that convulsed Europe in 1848-1849-in creating the Republican Party, bringing Lincoln to power, and conducting the war against the South.”
        Abraham Lincoln the Socialist – LewRockwell
        [Search domain http://www.lewrockwell.com/2019/08/brion-mcclanahan/abraham-lincoln-the-socialist/%5D https://www.lewrockwell.com/2019/08/brion-mcclanahan/abraham-lincoln-the-socialist/
        Abraham Lincoln the Marxist? If you said those words in polite neoconservative company, you would be called anti-American or a “neo-Confederate.” Don’t believe me? A few years ago, Al Benson and Donnie Kennedy published a book titled Lincoln’s Marxists. A few “reviewers” took offense to such a characterization of St. Abraham the Wise.
        “Reconstruction” Was (and is) Marxism | My Dixie
        [Search domain mydixie.org/albenson/reconstruction-was-and-is-marxism/] https://mydixie.org/albenson/reconstruction-was-and-is-marxism/
        In it McPherson bragged about how Abraham Lincoln championed the cause of the Forty-Eighters in Europe. He gave us one of Karl Marx’s quotes in regard to the sainted Mr. Lincoln. In 1865 Marx praised the great rail-splitter as ” the single-minded son of the working class” who led his “country through the matchless struggle for the …

    2. You’re correct about Lincoln’s plan for freed negroes, but that doesn’t make him “Marxist”, had he been able to carry it out. The war, itself, was the Jew plan. The negro situation was used to further the burden. (It is STILL being used to further the burden!)
      Strange how our society condones faggotry and trans-sexualism while being horrified at the Lolita situation. While it is a terrible way for grown men to behave, it seems we’ve become too numb to do what’s necessary to discourage the continuance of ANY of these perversions. Young girls are paraded in sexually-alluring attire; tattooed, pierced, dyed purple hair… Young boys encouraged to be effeminized, and unschooled in anything but electronic gadgets and apparel labels and expensive cars they can’t even maintain for themselves.
      The United States is about ready to be invaded by someone else’s army of hardened men, because the number of men truly able to offer great resistance is quickly dwindling. Our “diversity” is our WEAKNESS, and our “leaders” are too weak to lead, anyway.

      1. Gil –
        “….the number of men truly able to offer great resistance is quickly dwindling.”

        YEP! The lack of resistance to the CV19 ruse and forced isolation is proof.

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