US Fires as Metaphor

According to Finian Cunningham, the idea that the fires sweeping the west coast of America are caused by Antifa arsonists is a lie concocted  byTrump and “Trump-supporting conspiracy networks like QAnon”. It’s simply a con trick, he argues, to get Trump re-elected. 

By Finian Cunningham
September 15, 2020
“Information Clearing House”

The wildfires ravaging the entire west coast of America seem an allegory of the nation’s demise. Whole towns are being evacuated in a hurry before an unstoppable wall of fire. The country is going up in smoke.

What’s particularly remarkable is the dearth of consensus about the wildfires. There’s no doubt that the blazes this year have reached new records of devastation compared with previous years. The entire west coast seems engulfed with fire or choking smoke.

Yet the explanations differ wildly for the phenomenal crisis. An ecological cause seems the most convincing. Detrimental climate change and years of cumulative drought have cascaded to create inferno conditions.

President Donald Trump and his supporters are deniers of climate change. So, in order to avoid a glaring contradiction between their views and the physical world, Trump’s political base have come up with an alternative explanation for the wildfires – it’s the work of arsonists belonging to nebulous leftist groups like “Antifa”.

This is denial compounded with delusion.

Firefighters and law enforcement officers have largely dismissed social media claims of arsonists as “malicious rumours” which are only undermining efforts at bringing the crisis under control by peddling confusion and diverting scarce resources.

Nevertheless, Trump-supporting conspiracy networks like QAnon have continued to promote the notion that the US west coast is being burned down by leftwing “domestic terrorists”.

To even conceive of such an enormous disaster – with over 100 massive fires scorching the three states of California, Oregon and Washington – being the result of arsonists is a sign of delusional thinking. At least seven other states, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, are also reportedly fighting wildfires. Are we to believe this national phenomenon is the work of subversives? Therein lies a propensity for paranoia, which is not an uncommon trait in US politics.

However, that kind of “explanation” is a convenient way for Trump supporters to avoid the issue of discussing climate change. For his part, the president hasn’t publicly talked about wanton acts of arson. He has blamed the fires on “poor forest management” which still has the effect of avoiding acknowledgement of climate change as a factor.

The “Antifa arsonists” narrative also plays conveniently into Trump’s campaign to turn the forthcoming election into a law and order referendum. Trump has accused Democrat rival Joe Biden of “appeasing domestic terrorists” while putting himself forward as saving America from “socialist revolution”.

The way Trump and his rightwing supporters tell it, the widespread public protests against allegations of police brutality and racism are all demonstrations by violent mobs. This is in spite of the fact that the vast majority of protests across the US in recent months have been documented as peaceful.

Like the wildfire rumours, it is easier and more politically expedient to blame public protests on violent radicals belonging to “Antifa” and Black Lives Matter. In that way, dealing with underlying systemic causes are avoided: climate change in the case of wildfires, and police force racism in the case of protests.

In any event, where America has a profound problem is the absolute lack of national consensus about its many pressing challenges. The lack of consensus is greatly exacerbated in the age of social media where rumours and delusions can become axiomatic articles of belief. Without consensus, there can be no dialogue for a process of learning and solving through agreed policies.

The Trump camp definitely has a defect of engaging in “alternative facts” and “post-truth politics”. This is not to claim that the Democrats have solutions, far from it. But the latter do seem to retain a cognitive ability to at least acknowledge objective realities. They may not do much about fixing it, but at least some modicum of discussion is possible, which is a start.

Not so with Trump and his followers. They seem to increasingly live in a feverish fantasy world which is taking on fascist features. The wildfires, the protests against policing – and we could add the denials of a public health danger from the coronavirus pandemic – show that America is a place of parallel universes. That makes politics almost impossible to function.



WAEL AHMAD:  To answer Finian Cunningham’s question: “Are we to believe this natural phenomenon is the work of subversives?” my answer is YES, WHY NOT?

Isn’t everything in America the work of subversives? For example:  the military industrial complex. The Jewish Federal reserve & the financial / banking sector. The judiciary & justice sector. The executive/ legislative departments of the government. The media and journals, the drugs companies & health sector etc. etc. etc.

Aren’t they ALL corrupt criminals, each working to destroy the American people?  So why does one need to deny that the fires are cased by some lunatic arsonists who are no different from  the previously mentioned mentioned criminals of the Empire?

REAL DEMOCRACY:  Reason and logic please! Finian Cunningham uses both to construct the ideas he offers. Mr Trump and those pro- and con-artists who serve his purpose with self-deceiving fictions do not help the promotion of truth.

The truths which Finian discusses are matter of fact, not matters of opinion. There are not enough Antifa operatives to start all these fires in all these distant places. If there were, the Second American Revolution would already be at an advanced stage of its transformational development! So stop the nonsense, you MAGA touts!

Perhaps, even worse than these are the delusionalists who ludicrously profer the Democrats as some kind of alternative to Trumpian fascism. Look at what they’ve actually done over the last 50 odd years! They are just a different faction of the same reactionary ruling-class conspiracy against the people. This is not democracy of any kind. It is a manipulative political Punch and Judy Show to distract the adult children who have yet to learn to think for themselves.

DREW HUNKINS:  What’s disconcerting and a bit soul crushing is that some goodhearted but deeply confused folks have latched onto the QAnon movement.

PARTICPANT 2943:  As with any religion, Q-Anon is a cult, where fabrications replace reality.

DRACUS 42:  There was a claim that Trump & QAnon are one and the same.

40 thoughts to “US Fires as Metaphor”

  1. The idea that these fires are the result of arson is not some kind of fantasy. Numerous arrests have already been made of libtards starting fires. In one case, the arsonist was arrested, then somebody bailed him out and he started several more fires immediately upon release from jail.

    Some of what is being said about “climate” being a cause has some truth to it in the sense that there are forest fires every year and hot/dry periods can increase the intensity and number of forest fires. But most of these fires we see driving people from their homes are not occurring naturally, they are in most cases caused by arson. Yes, there are some naturally occurring fires this year just as there are every year, but it is not climate that is driving the massive number of fires along the I-5 corridor. It is arson and the arsonists are clearly not MAGA hat wearing rednecks…they are left wing morons at best, paid antifa at worst.

    1. @ BOBM

      Unfortunately, you provide no evidence of arson except ONE lone arsonist.

      It is logistically impossible for ONE man to do so much damage in three different states in widely separated locations. He’d have to be working round the clock.

      Even more implausible that he should be caught and let free to cause further fires.

      Part of a gang? Well, you need to prove that. To date there is little or no evidence of arson. We need facts, mister, not fantasy and science fiction!

      I stand with the article. It deals with facts. Not with half-baked opinions concocted by conspiracy theorists.

      1. “murder is easy too, incredibly easy”
        LOL, such baloney.. Not true either physically or *mentally.
        *psychopaths, miscreants, cretins and goblins excluded

        That said, I’ll go ahead and admit to simply assuming you’ve never actually proven your theory to yourself beyond maybe is a dream..

        1. I don’t have a theory. You do. Your theory is that these fires are the result of arson and you have no evidence to back up your theory. Your counter-argument that I need to prove it was NOT arson is plain stupid and you know it, since no one can prove a negative.

          You White Nationalist fanatics are all alike. 99% emotion and 1% rational thinking.

      2. OK, whatever you say. But I would sure feel better believing it was a theory, so I’m going to go ahead and do that anyhow, lol. Thanks for the suggestion, though..

        1. @ Hp
          @ Lobro

          Apologies for appearing to upset you both. I was just playing devil’s advocate for non-arson. Because, as far as I can see, the author of the article makes a reasonable case for his thesis. If he was a deluded fool, as you both suggest, I doubt if his articles would be published by the Unz Review and Information Clearing House. And why would this site republish the article if the author was an imbecile?

          I’m a bit baffled by my hostile reception here. Am I on a site where I need to agree with everyone in order to be made welcome? What’s happened to the fine tradition of civilized debate?

          Just wondering… 🙂

          1. I will admit that it could be arson.
            I’m not saying arson is unlikely or impossible.
            Arson is certainly a reasonable hypothesis.

            Are either of you scientists?
            If so, you will realize that hypotheses need to be proved.
            If they can’t be proved, they remain hypotheses. Right?

  2. “However, that kind of “explanation” is a convenient way for Trump supporters to avoid the issue of discussing climate change.”
    Which again is a convenient way to avoid discussing pollution and for instance it’s feminizing of men.
    Which is a convenient way to avoid discussing the validity of feminism, as nobody oppose it.
    Which again is a convenient way to avoid discussing why we do not have children any more, as that’s patriarchy.
    Which is a convenient way to just die out.

    I could have many other paths to the final conclusion.

    I am sorry – this article reeks of ‘orange man bad’.
    He may be, but spare me all this over-emotional use of the word ‘fascist’.

  3. Cunningham is too transparent as a biased assassin, the previous comment recognizes this.

    This French aggregator blog seems to indicate that the thinking French see the world differently.
    Too many interesting links (” TOP 26 SITES NATIONALISTES PRO-BLANC LES + CENSURES au MONDE “) to even start enumerating, let alone commenting on any in particular.

    This is not directly relevant to the current topic but I thought it funny and an eye-opener, kind of lines up with why I have no intention to ever leave SE Asia again—it is the only home now.

    ” In 2007 a French laundry detergent company decided to market their product through an advertisement that makes White men look disgusting & weak, while portraying Black men as the epitome of sexuality ! The woman in the commercial puts the White man into the washing machine and he comes out as a muscle-clad black man !!
    No one even batted an eyelash since this type of race-mixing ‘ propaganda ‘ is commonplace these days. Also, remember when Sarkozy said that france would have to step in & use coercive measures if people did not willingly go along with the goal of racial interbreeding ?

    But this detergent doesn’t wash in the honestly rational East

    ‘ Qiaobi ‘ a Chinese detergent company decided to make a commercial based off of the French original, but instead they turned the black man into a Chinese man. The Chinese woman and man end up together as the happy ending. No mulatto babies for these two !
    [contributor’s comment follows]
    Apparently it is evil for the Chinese to want to remain Chinese, just as it is evil for Whites to want to remain White !!! The advertisers want us all to “ mix it up ” together !
    I wonder who could possibly be (((behind))) this push to make us all into one ‘ blended humanity ‘ … ”

    Anyway, Orange-Man-bad doesn’t gather much support in France, I guess local tastes run differently.

  4. It was on Drudge the other day that a woman actually CAUGHT a chicken-necked Antifa attempting to start a forest/brush fire on her property. A picture of her holding his sniveling little ass at gunpoint (looks like she has a Glock) was shown. He was on the ground, covering his head, while awaiting police.

    1. This anecdotal evidence of one guy playing with matches in a lady’s backyard won’t do. You need proof of a massive conspiracy to bring the country to a halt by a sinister organization of arsonists. Such evidence doesn’t exist. It’s all hot air.

      Finian Cunningham is dealing with facts. Hate him as much as you want, but you and your Trump supporters haven’t a shred of evidence that these fires are systematically caused by an organized cadre of arsonists.

      If you had the evidence, you would produce it. Show me a photo of the ring leader of the Arson Squad! 🙂

      1. We just had an article about the negative effects of ignoring evil, what horrible things happens when we ignore evil — and now we got this Finian Cunningham article that does just that — ignores evil and encourages everyone to ignore evil and we should just sit around and let the evil happen and continue.

        For some reason climate change causing massive forest fires STOPS at the Canadian border. And never mind the many arsonists caught starting forest fires in Oregon. Never mind the arsonists caught starting forest fires are members of ANTIFA and proudly admit it.

        Are we sure Finian Cunningham is an Irishman and not a JEW from the Ukraine now living in the United States, probably in Portland Oregon. Cunningham is a JEW COMMUNIST. ANTIFA is a JEW organization top-to-bottom and lots of the JEWS in ANTIFA are from foreign countries, the Ukraine being one of the foreign countries.

        I bet Cunningham is real happy that nobody is allowed to mention the name “George Soros” in the JEW COMMUNIST mainstream media. It’s forbidden to mention the name of “George Soros” the JEW COMMUNIST who funds ANTIFA in the MSM -> Finian approves, I’m sure. Kaminski’s “The End Result of Ignoring Evil” is so much more truthful than this Cunningham article meant to cover-up the evil which is JEW ANTIFA. Cunningham wants everyone to ignore the evil JEW ANTIFA is committing. ARSON IS EVIL, Mr. Cunningham. JEW ANTIFA LOVES COMMITTING ARSON and Cunningham knows it. He just wants us to not know it, or if we do know it, Cunningham wants us to pretend not to know it, to just ignore it. I don’t like this Cunningham character at all.

        1. @ ADMIN :

          I was THE FIRST ONE to send in a post about this article, yet my post isn’t even featured yet. When will my post get featured?

          ADMIN: Your post has just been featured.
          We have no objections to contrary opinions
          and welcome your occasional lucid interventions.
          Thank you!

      2. Mandingo –

        If I catch one on MY property, I’ll be sure to post a picture of his/her corpse when I’m done with it. 🙂🙂🙃
        Arson like this should be a capital crime.

      3. Prescient observation, TROJ. This looks to me like an “arsonists-for-hire” operation funded by the notorious deep-pocketed George Soros. Yet another classic “problem-reaction-solution” all ramped up in an election year.

        Sometimes the truth is smacking us right in the face 😵

  5. It is indeed suspicious that there are not a rash of similar fires just across the northern and southern borders of the U.S. from areas that are afflicted by these “global warming fires”.

      1. Maringo

        Proof? Arrests? Photographic evidence? News reports? (That last one’s a laugh, especially😆)

        All of what you stated is exactly why it probably WAS arson!

        Think about it 🤔

  6. I hope Pat returns back to us before The Election. I have a lot of questions about The Election for him. He’s such an expert on U.S. presidential elections, it would be a shame to go without his U.S. Presidential Election expertise, 😉. I wonder who The High Rollers in Vegas are betting on to win The Election? Anybody know? Probably only Pat knows.

  7. lots of fires in Syria, none in Israel.
    Yahweh the Arsonist, likes burnt offerings.

    (direct quote, “directly from Late Latin holocaustum, from Greek holokauston “a thing wholly burnt,” neuter of holokaustos “burned whole,””)

    1. Totally irrelevant. We’re not talking about terrorist attacks in Syria and Israel. We’re talking about fires on the West coast of America. And there’s no evidence of organized arson that would stand up in any court of law. How would you convince a jury without even a shred of concrete evidence?

      1. thanks for asking, I guess the same way Nuremberg jury was convinced by showing them soap made from trees.
        Would you agree that the same set of standards should be applied to both—holocaust of trees, holocaust of jews—quoting you

        No proof of arson.
        No one arrested or charged.
        No photos of suspects, no news reports, ZILCH.

        Oops, let’s arrest a bunch of Germans starting with Trump, he is of German ancestry, Finian Cunningham would applaud.

      1. irony/sarcasm, Carlos, replying to this:

        no evidence of organized arson that would stand up in any court of law. How would you convince a jury without even a shred of concrete evidence?

        If RIF soap was good for Nuremberg, the West jurisprudence’s “finest” hour, along with slew of other macabre-fake artifacts and outlandish, absurd statements, pedal actuated brain bashers, captured Soviet diesel submarine engines belching carbon monoxide (physical impossibility beside ludicrous) … well, you should know all of that and more … then soap made from trees should be in that category, enough to convince and convict—good enough for Ehrenburg, gotta be good enough for goyim.
        I am simply using the true and tried legacy arguments on Maringo, basically saying that Western justice is a laughing stock, will convict or acquit regardless of guilt, totally based on political dictates and therefore a non-sequitur within the framework of our debate.

        (though I greatly prefer humor to weighty palaver but it seems I am trapped in the latter)

  8. Maringo “the Antifa denier” speaks in red herrings. Since as Maringo correctly asserts, insufficient evidence exits to fault Antifa (or any group) in a conspiracy to ignite the wild fires, we should focus on what we do know:

    A company called Property Claim Services (PCS) tracks insurance claims related to civil disorder and reports that the civil unrest from May 26 to June 8 (13 days) will cost the insurance industry far more than any prior one: That number could be as much as $2 billion and possibly more, according to the Insurance Information Institute (or Triple-I). “And this is still happening, so the losses could be significantly more.”

    If 13 days of rioting by Antifa and BLM caused 1-2 billion in insured property claims, the more than 3 months of rioting caused 10-20 billion in property damage! Worse, many properties owned by the poor (especially Black owners) failed to carry property insurance! See

    (By the way, Finian Cunningham is a radical leftist and simultaneously an anti-Zionist activist, i.e., an Israel Shamir type. Although I agree with Cunningham on Palestine, I otherwise disagree with Cunningham; particularly climate change, an agenda that seeks to transfer wealth from the White countries to the non-White countries.)

    1. @ MARK

      You make the mistake of accusing me of backing Antifa. I hate Antifa as much as you do! I agree with you on the huge financial losses caused by the Antifa riots. But these riots, which I deplore, have nothing to do with the fires on the West coast which I see as acts of nature.

      Get your facts right please! I am an Antifa hater! Not an Antifa lover. And if I found out Antifa were behind the fires, I’d hate them even more. Understand?

  9. “Firefighters and law enforcement officers have largely dismissed social media claims of arsonists as “malicious rumours” which are only undermining efforts at bringing the crisis under control by peddling confusion and diverting scarce resources.”
    That sounds about right..
    You can bet fire and police officials have their mouths ‘largely’ sewed shut by the state…
    Otherwise, they’re not the officials…
    Remember, if it’s the official story, it’s probably a lie, or has enough left out to be the same thing…
    And there will be some underlings in those organizations, ‘smally’ not only not dismissing media claims about arsonists but in this case actually telling you antifa arsonists are doing it…
    One thing you can bet your life on – if arsonists are setting these fires, antifa or whoever, the state will NEVER tell that to the public…
    America is at war with the Marxists, or somebody, and forest fires are a common tactic…
    From what I’ve read, during ww2 the Japanese sent incendiary balloons across the pacific, for the specific purpose of starting whatever fires they could.. and some of them worked too…
    As they said in the 60s, where for a while there it was impossible to turn on the tv without seeing another train derailment, “the revolution will not be televised”…
    And Look – if antifa and blm set fire to 100 cop cars and 900 buildings, while they’re bashing people over the head with heavy objects, why wouldn’t they set fire to the forests too?
    “In any event, where America has a profound problem is the absolute lack of national consensus about its many pressing challenges.”
    I could make a couple of suggestions –
    Let it be law that arson gets the death penalty…
    Of course that won’t do for the likes of Biden and the rest of the dems, since ‘peaceful protesters’ have to have the right to express themselves by burning things…
    “However, that kind of “explanation” is a convenient way for Trump supporters to avoid the issue of discussing climate change.”
    Discussing climate change or bowing down to it?
    It’s the idiots on the other side who won’t discuss it… they don’t discuss anything anyway, but after all, ‘the science is settled’ on climate change, right? All questions asked and answered.. right?
    if climate change/global warming is a man-made phenomenon, what was it that melted the ice off the northern half of the planet at the end of the last ice age, when it was a mile deep on top of chicago?
    Climate change is just another Big Media Lie, like Covid, and like Joe Biden as candidate for president of the United States…
    Now, if you want to talk about geoengineering, which you are remiss and not to be taken seriously as a journalist if not, as you spout off about climate change, i’m willing to listen…
    i’ll listen to assertions that metal in the atmosphere from chemtrails is causing way too much lightening too… or laser rays from satellites projected to earth to set fires…
    But those are not subjects you’re likely to hear of on any of the corporate controlled deepstate msm outlets…
    speaking of how many antifa there and where this revolution all comes from, they don’t like the soros subject either…
    I will give you this – poor forest management isn’t the cause of the fires, but it is a good corporate pr approach to resume clear-cutting the watersheds… i mean, what are you going to do – remove all the ladder fuels from the whole western half of the country?
    when the wind is blowing at 60 mph, no manicure job is going to matter…

  10. It is logistically impossible for ONE man to do so much damage in three different states in widely separated locations.

    I stand with the article. It deals with facts. Not with half-baked opinions concocted by conspiracy theorists.

    In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative
    The dispatch was produced in responses to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976.

    b. To employ propaganda assets to and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.

    Seems like “Conspiracy Theorist” is a generalization of “Antisemite” more specialized within the same toolkit, wielded to the same desired effect by the same assets, an essentially kabbalist trick to turn neutral into pejorative, another example being “hate speech” or “racist”.
    In the former instance, an emotion natural to humans and in fact shared with all vertebrates is criminalized even though emotions are involuntary reflexes to some threatening or painful circumstance, but since Jew took whole possession of English language, he decreed that disliking injurious, sinful or otherwise evil actions by Jew is “hate crime”, even though hating brussel sprouts is legitimate and in fact Jews hating gentiles across the board is desirable and mandated by Yahweh (“tob shebbe goyyim harog“)—hate is crime/virtue depending on who hates who or what—memorizing the Noahide matrix is essential.
    And “racist”? Same thing, being aware of phenomenon of racial distinctions, again a crime/virtue vector with scale and direction, we could go on in the matter of sexual, hmm, gender orientation, illegal concept when applied to humans but perfectly safe for animals—if the rainbow provides a tight little space, ever shrinking like Palestine, for heterosexual males (esp. white ones), it surely means that by statistical laws of biology, the same portions apply to animals in general, e.g., lotsa transgendered beasts out there that Darwin never spotted.
    Maybe he did spot the fact that only 10% animals are heterosexual breeders but was afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist instead of evolutionary theorist (almost totally discredited today by any logical thinker with smattering of statistics).

  11. This is another shot of the Jews’ latest destructive technology, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). The destruction is the same as it was in Paradise California last year.

    Once again, houses are leveled to the ground as if bulldozed, with porcelain fixtures and granite counter tops vaporized. Cars are melted while nearby trees are barely singed. The arsonist angle is a cover for the weapons assault on America. We have had rain over the last 24 hours, so smoke from the fires is now abating. (14 minute silent video of the horrific destruction)

    Make no mistake; this is an outright military attack on America by the Zionist American Government. Jews take great delight in their holocausting activities, just look at the fiery terror they brought upon mankind with their push for developing nuclear weapons.

    We are being attacked on all fronts, out of control fires, chemtrails, unchecked BLM/antfa terrorism, 5G radiation, Covid terrorism, “natural” disasters e.g. hurricanes, crops and animals are being destroyed so there will be no domestic food supply, the supply chain now irretrievably broken – on and on it goes without letup.

    Jews are slapping America silly. There is no time to recover from one disaster before another arrives. The enemy is weakening us to the point we will no longer be able to mount even light opposition to their coming genocidal program. These events are preparation for the culling of America’s human population few will survive.

    There is no place to run no place to hide from what is approaching. I expect a cataclysm of epic proportions arriving sometime around or shortly after the sham election. Six months before the last election I said Trump was being appointed to office to begin WWIII. I was right, one can now see the war against humanity happening in every nation. America is under an all out attack. Trump’s second term will deliver the coup de grâce.

    I have long said, “one will either die on their feet fighting to the death or they will die on their knees begging for mercy from a merciless, psychopathic enemy.” Yet it may well turn out we will all be dead before we ever knew what hit us, like all those people already DEWed out of existence.

    In any event one can bet survivors will end up wishing for the what Jews take the greatest delight in fostering – the wish that one had never been born.

    I wish I had something clever to say in closing, but there really isn’t anything left to say.

    1. “….the wish that one had never been born.”
      That’s what we get for coming into this density of Existence in our free will sojourns and becoming subject to the cycle of life and death……probably yet again

      It’s almost time to come into the True Light….if one is so WILLing that is

      1. Arch
        Try to look at it as a blessing in disguise, of sorts. It’s happening. No way around that. But that it IS happening is forcing the hand of all human being to choose. In reflecting the Essene perspective, will you return to the blessed land of Truth and Light, or opt to continue running with the devil?

        Like hp says, “whatever you want will become your reality”.

  12. Here the latest from the local news rag. Read carefully. Several have been arrested for arson all up and down the West Coast USA, Many small time operations. When the fires broke out and the valley was filled with ash and smoke the Antifa/BLM urban renewal project in down town Portland, Oregon shut down when the East wind that blew up the fires. Who knows what these savage primitives were doing in the meantime. (Portland had the worse air of any major city in the world at that time). As the smoke cleared out and the rain helped the fire fighters, Portland Mayor’s precious urban renewal experts started in again. There is no doubt in the mind of this observer that at least 1 or 2 of the major fires in Oregon may have been set. Arch may be right about the DEW that may have been used in Calf. last year and the year before.
    1. All the fires broke out almost at the same time. All the fires from Southern Calf. to the Canadian boarder were almost in a straight line
    2. All the major fires in Oregon were burning along major river systems and highways that have small towns, many homes and other structures that were destroyed. The damage was/is so bad that three or four major highways across the Cascades Mts. will be closed for months.
    3. 10-20 thousand trees will have to be removed from the hill sides along the highways to preclude land slides and huge trees washing out onto the roads that themselves will need to be rebuilt where the heat was so intense. The river systems will be a mess for a long time. This is from the Oregon DMV.

    The News article:
    (Updated 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 20)
    There are four large wildfires burning in and around the mid-valley. Here’s the latest information on their status:

    Beachie Creek Fire

    The Beachie Creek Fire started Aug. 16 in the Opal Creek Wilderness Area from unknown causes. As of Sunday, the fire had grown to 192,714 acres and was declared 25% contained. The communities of Gates, Mill City, Lyons and Mehama have been significantly impacted. Some 470 homes, 35 commercial buildings and 818 minor nonresidential structures have been destroyed by the blaze. In addition, 46 homes and 88 other structures were damaged. At least four people have died in the fire. On the scene fighting the fire are 18 hand crews, six helicopters, 44 engines and a total of 592 personnel. Residents may see smoldering fire, potential torching and smoke form the interior of the fire’s footprint on Monday thanks to dryer air, warmer temperatures and lower humidity.

    Lionshead Fire

    The Lionshead Fire was started by lightning on Aug. 16 about 20 miles west of Warm Springs and spread to meet the edge of the Beachie Creek Fire at Detroit. It has grown to 198,763 acres and is 10% contained. The fire has destroyed 264 homes, damaged 60 others and is threatening an additional 397 residences. Ten other structures have been damaged, 16 destroyed and another three are still being threatened. On the scene fighting the fire on Sunday were 28 hand crews, 10 helicopters, 29 engines and a total of 1,077 personnel were combating the blaze. Fire behavior will likely increase with the warmer and drier weather in the coming days, but troops and resources from the National Guard also should be arriving, along with additional crews, allowing for more work on the fire.

    Holiday Farm Fire

    The Holiday Farm Fire started on Sept. 7 about 3 miles west of McKenzie Bridge. The cause is under investigation. It has grown to 173,025 acres and is 14% contained. The blaze spread into southern Linn County on Sept. 9, prompting evacuations in the Holley-Crawfordsville area. The fire devastated the Lane County community of Blue River and burned a number of structures in Vida, where one person has been found dead. As of Sunday, 431 residences had been destroyed and 25 were damaged. Another 3,667 residences remained threatened. On the scene fighting the fire on Sunday were 30 hand crews, 46 engines, 30 dozers, 29 water tenders, seven helicopters and 1,032 total personnel. The fire’s perimeter measures more than 260 miles, and firefighters were taking advantage of the cooler weather to tighten up fire lines and keep the main fire from spreading much further.

    Riverside Fire

    This wildfire ignited Sept. 8 about 8 miles east of Estacada. The fire’s origin is under investigation but it is believed to have been human-caused. It has grown to 137,880 acres with 20% containment. The fire has prompted mass evacuations in Clackamas County. More than 24,705 residential structures were being threatened by flames, 57 have been destroyed and 10 damaged. On the scene fighting the fire on Sunday were 16 hand crews, 30 engines, four helicopters and 710 total personnel. Officials said firefighters continued to make progress in strengthening and expanding containment lines near communities.

    (Not mentioned in this article is the fire East of Roseberg, Oregon also along a river/highway system in very rugged Mts. taking out homes and other structures. The highway will be closed also for the prior listed reasons). Happy trails to you all.

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