Violence erupts in Australia as cop arrests woman for not wearing mask in street

Report from the Guardian:

Victoria police have arrested and charged a young woman in Melbourne who was captured on video allegedly being choked and pinned to the ground by a police officer. In video footage posted initially on social media, the woman – who was subsequently found to have had an exemption for wearing a face mask – can be heard shouting “He’s choking me” as she was arrested on Wellington Street in Collingwood on Monday evening. The woman has been charged with resisting police and assaulting police and the arrest has been referred to an internal police review body, the Professional Standards Command.

VIDEO   :   7.55 mins   


28 thoughts to “Violence erupts in Australia as cop arrests woman for not wearing mask in street”

  1. “Violence erupts in Australia as cop arrests woman for not wearing mask in street.”

    I back the cop. He was only doing his job. The woman was resisting arrest and using foul language. She deserves a good thrashing,

    If she had an exemption certificate for mask wearing — which happens to be the democratically mandated law in Australia right now — she should have produced her exemption certificate.

    All this rumpus caused by one stroppy, out-of-control Australian female. The whip! That’s what these goddamn women need.

    1. Her effeminized boyfriend should have kicked the cop upside the head! (Also, too bad the Aussies let themselves be disarmed. This kind of crap is what happens to defenseless wussies!) 😕

    2. The cop is wrong to be strangling the woman for not wearing a face mask. The cop should be strangling the woman for not . . . [the rest of this comment is unpublishable. Admin].

    3. You are utterly disgusting. In what world is it acceptable for a man to grab a woman by her throat? People like you, the supporters of tyranny, will be the downfall of our civilization.

    4. Every act by police must be limited by proportionality and subsidiarity. The cop was obvious surpassing his competencies. Should be arrested and kicked out the force!!

    5. The cop is wrong af. No violence need happen here. He should be charged with assault.

    6. Oh dear
      You really have lost it and don’t get the dystopia that is engulfing humanity
      Particularly the forcing of the ‘the mask ‘
      The mask that has no health benefit or protects you……FACT
      It’s all about physiological Warfare on the mind and all about control ..
      But I wish you luck when mr gates and his vaccine infects your immune system and kills of half of humanity as their bank balance rises with the trillions done on the pharmaceutical deals .
      Your choice but I sense fear over rational

  2. The other day, when I went into a supermarket to do some grocery shopping, a little chicken-necked attendant met me at the door and asked “Where is your mask??” I told him I wouldn’t wear a goddam diaper on my face, and asked him if he knew how STUPID he looked wearing one, himself. He backed off, quickly.

    1. Gilbert you sound like an idiot. Your penis must be tiny if the thought of wearing a mask scares your masculinity so much. Hilarious. Hope you get corona virus. You deserve it. 😘

      ADMIN: Best to be polite to Gilbert if you intend to join the commentariat. No point making enemies as soon as you arrive. Show some respect, OK?

      1. If you enjoy ridiculing someone for refusing to wear a mask, you must enjoy being a limp-wristed sheep. I wouldn’t wish your contracting the co-phony virus, because it is too harmless. You deserve to be bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat–something I’m sure you’d feel. Have a nice life as a pathetic, laughable sheep.

  3. A small percentage of bad cops discredits the entire police department. The lady should have bitten the cop’s hand then tell him she has COVID 19.

  4. Sheesh, a long drawn out much ado about nothing. This is typical and even a mild example of what happens a thousand times a day in a thousand cities across this world. Wrong as this seems and might even be, (mask law baloney), the cop is legally and simply forcing compliance. Automatic. If she desists with resisting the cop will very likely deescalate as well. Especially with cameras rolling. C’mon man. Either way she’s going to be literally arrested, period, so why not just lie back and enjoy it instead of being forced to lie back and enjoy it? I know why. Because she’s a rookie! Hopefully she’ll learn to be arrested nicely. This I know via experience. Not meaning to brag but yes I’ve been arrested both ways. Nice and not so nice. Nice is waaay better, lol..

    1. Homer (Hp) as usual talks sense, providing a balanced view. This is a tricky one. If you’re going to be arrested, why not be arrested nicely? Homer is asking himself: “How would Gandhi like to be arrested?”

      Be sure of thing: Gandhi would keep his cool, retaining his dignity.
      As soon as that woman started spouting the F-word, frothing and foaming the language of the gutter, she lost the argument.

      Moral: behave like Gandhi — not like a boiling lobster in a pot
      having a hissy fit.

      1. We come back to basics. It’s known as “passive resistance”.
        It was what Gandhi practiced in South Africa and India to gain independence from the British Empire.

        It worked with the Brits, because the Brits are a civilized race and know how to behave when the chips are down.

        But “passive resistance” would not work in Israel with the Jews.

        The Jews are completely lacking in human compassion, and the Palestinians would stand no chance of regaining their lost lands by resorting to passive resistance in Israel — not against an enemy so merciless and implacable as the Jews.

        1. Where is Brownhawk when we most need him?
          He would have much to say on this fascinating subject.

      2. Sardonicus, forget Gandhi. if I ask myself how I would like to be arrested, the answer is certainly not a theory! And shucks, it only took one lesson.
        Well, two.. (ouch)

      3. Gandhi could only afford to behave like Gandhi because others were doing the real work, violently resisting and fighting the occupiers. That is something people conveniently forget these days.

  5. Coronavirus is a hoax, a scam, a psyop by the zionist controlled governments of the world to bring in a zionist satanic one world governmen, using the imaginary covid-19 psyop to do the job.

    See these sites for the truth,,,,, etc..

      1. Totally OFF-TOPIC . . . but !00% RELEVANT!


        If Biden wins, about a week or two after his inauguration, SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die. If Trump wins, SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not die during Trump’s 2nd term but will manage to survive another four years — and if the Democrats win the presidency in 2024 SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die in 2024 after the Democratic president gets sworn in to office. If the Republicans win the presidency in 2024, SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg will keep on surviving yet another 4 years. If the Democrats never win another presidential race ever again SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be the first human being ever to never die!

        What a goddamned sick joke it is on the country, that RGB died last year and everyone in BOTH political parties pretend she’s still alive. Also, quite a few Hollywood celebrities also know RBG died last year and they too, like the Washington politicans, don’t come out and tell the truth about her death and pretend she’s still alive. Filthy liars.

        SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in either October or November of 2019. The jews found an old jew to be the doppelganger for the dead jew RBG. If Biden wins in November, a week or two after Biden’s AND Kamala’s Inauguration the jews will pretend RGB “just died” and it will be a big media event. Yet another jew vaudeville show in America.

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        Hitler was RIGHT and CORRECT about EVERYTHING he said about the jews. Whether he was controlled opposition or not he was ON TARGET about what he said about the jews. Any NON jew who is horrified about what Hitler said about the jews is totally out-of-touch with reality and is a jackass. Whites especially are out-of-touch with reality and are jackasses when it comes to the jews and the true nature of the jew. Hitler knew the true nature of the jew, the eternal jew, der ewige jude.

  6. the cop was not using excessive force.. i would have…
    but, there is no good medical reason to wear the mask in the first place…
    the virus is a gigantic hoax, corporate media and state boondoggle…
    australian cops wear the masonic code on their hats…
    police in general are the tools of masonry – the jews, the banksters, the monarchs, and yes, the vatican..
    they’re generally not your good ole boys anymore, and they generally function as order takers of the big ptb you never really see, the people calling all the shots in congress, telling chuckie and nancy and the donald what to do, how far they can go on whatever subjects..
    but this big discrepancy between what should be in a free society constitutional republic and what we rally have under the 3 cities empire, is not discussed in any detail as we see the ‘defund the police’ movement manifesting in the streets… and it may very well be that the real ptb that should never really be intend that the police be neutered as any kind of safekeepers over society in the usa, part of the big deagel-said plot to reduce the population… and there’s no doubt about it where i live – things are becoming more and more unstable everywhere… more and more violent crime, while more and more criminals are released from prisons… wtf?
    and really, since the police do not any longer protect the public from looters and rioters, arsonists and murderers – what good are they? if none, then it will be up to you and your neighbors to protect yourselves…
    masonry is mostly jewish – the zion… the police do what the zion want…
    the brit-ish monarch, ruler of great britain/uk (brith – covenant – contract) and all its possessions, australia, canada, commonwealth usa states, etc, is the acting messiah over god’s united (jew-ish) kingdom, so designated at coronation by the archbishop of canterbury… man-made religions like the jehovah witnesses, the seventh day adventists, christadelphians, world wide church of god (unitarians) and of course the mormons are brith-ish israelite masonic cults… ‘ish’ means ‘man’ in hebrew… ‘ishmael’ means man of god…
    so the cops are now enforcing stupid laws, that are not even laws, while ignoring massive rioting..
    when something doesn’t make much sense, look for the ulterior motive…

  7. What a dumb faggot – screeching like a schoolgirl in background instead of giving that cop a swift kick in the head and ending it

  8. Let’s remind ourselves what Australia stands for in reality and in “CRIME PREVENTION” to protect ALL Aussies from harm or injustice.
    As not all man are equal and (black) women are even less equal than unequal men, Life is harder for some than others in Royal demockracees. When 10 year old “black fellas” are thrown into “jail” by police legally and asylum seeker get locked away legally for years as a result of seeking freedom in another country from suppression at home one might get a TINY idea how global colonialism is anchored deeply in a constitutionless colony that claims pseudo sovereignty under the usual British crown of deceit.
    Talking about women being “manhandled” by police practice in British colonies one will hardly touch an untouchable issue in a “multicultural society of royal castes” in the so called “best country of the world”. – Aboriginal women in Australia represent the largest cohort of prisoners in the country, comprising approximately 34 percent of the total number of female prisoners, despite making up only 2 percent of Australia’s total population. One might wonder how many of those were treated worse by police than the woman without mask in the streets of medical detention and lock down.
    And now to something completely different……..

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