Virus From Hell: Millions Could Die

By Dominic Sandbrook
The Daily Mail
February 29, 2020

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon,
with an extended endnote entitled:
“On Fear Porn and Conspiracy Theories”.

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A leading historian warns against complacency. The coronavirus pandemic, if it escalates any further, could have apocalyptic consequences.  

One day, long after the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, historians may see the last few days as the moment when the world tumbled into the abyss.

On Thursday, the head of the World Health Organisation declared that mankind stood at a ‘decisive point’.

The world faced ‘a crisis, an epidemic that is coming,’ agreed France’s President Emmanuel Macron. ‘We know that we’re only at the beginning.’

He was right. Only a few hours after those words flashed around the world, stock markets began to crumble.

By the end of play on Thursday, Wall Street’s Dow Jones index had suffered its greatest losses in history.

And when Asian and European markets opened yesterday morning, share prices immediately began to plunge. Not since the financial crisis of 2008 has the outlook been bleaker.

But this, I fear, is in a different league altogether. As President Macron said, we are only at the beginning. And when you read about contingency plans for mass burials here in Britain — or about a potential nationwide death toll of at least 400,000 — it is hard not to feel a chill of foreboding.

Free trade, cheaper flights, globalisation and digital technology have brought us closer together than ever.

We live in an age of unparalleled sophistication, freedom and comfort. We pride ourselves on our supremacy over the natural world and our mastery of science.

But as the last week has shown, our very modernity has made us weaker than ever.

Only a few weeks after the first cases were reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the coronavirus has become a genuinely global scourge. Every day has brought a chilling new development, with more than 84,000 people infected across the planet by last night.

One moment you are reading about towns shut down in Northern Italy, or foreign pilgrims being turned away from Saudi Arabia.

The next, you hear that a primary school in Buxton has closed its doors, and that the Cabinet Office has contacted local authorities about ‘Excess Death Contingency Planning’, including possible sites for mass burials.

It feels like the stuff of some terrifying apocalyptic blockbuster. Yet in some corners of the world, such stories are nothing new.

The Sars (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus outbreak killed 774 people in China in 2002 and 2003.

Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) killed 525 people between 2012 and 2015, most of them in Saudi Arabia.

And Ebola killed more than 11,000 people in West Africa between 2013 and 2016.

It was easy for us to ignore these stories. After all, they seemed so far away, so remote from our everyday lives. Yet as anyone familiar with history will know, our sense of security was always an illusion.

You can easily tell the story of the past two thousand years, not as a saga of kings and battles, but as a succession of devastating pandemics.

By far the most infamous is the Black Death. Just like the coronavirus, it spread along global trade routes, the contagion seeping unstoppably across the map.

Although historians still argue about the details, it probably reached our shores in June 1348, when a merchant ship docked in Melcombe Regis, Dorset. Among its crew were a group of Gascon sailors who had fallen ill and had to be carried ashore.

On inspection, their bodies were found to be covered with black blotches, boils and ulcers under the arms and in the groin.

Within a few days the Gascons were dead. They had only just been buried when other sailors began to cough up blood.

And when they began dying, too, Melcombe folk began to worry. But it was too late. On Midsummer Eve, the first Melcombe patients died. The Black Death had claimed its first English victims. Even now, centuries later, it is a genuinely terrifying story. Like the coronavirus, the plague almost certainly originated in the world’s most populous country, China, and travelled across the world’s trading networks into Europe.

There was no cure. In Italy, recorded the poet Boccaccio, people ‘dropped dead in the open streets, both by day and by night’. As the graveyards filled up, the survivors dug deep trenches, in which corpses were piled ‘tier upon tier like ships’ cargo’. Today, when the Black Death has become the stuff of textbooks and exam papers, we have lost sight of what this actually meant.

In Europe as a whole, about a third of the population died. In London, roughly every second person died. In places such as Italy and the south of France, the death rate may have been as high as 80 per cent.

It is tempting, of course, to dismiss this as the kind of thing that happened during the dim and distant Middle Ages.

But we are deluding ourselves if we think modern medicine is an inviolable safeguard against the ravages of nature.

Modern medicine, after all, did nothing to protect our more recent forebears from the horrors of the ‘Spanish flu’ after World War I. (Incidentally, historians now think it began in Kansas, but because some of the first reports came from Spain, the Hispanic label has stuck.)

Again, the figures defy imagination. One in three people worldwide was infected, and the death toll came to somewhere between 50 million and 100 million, more than both world wars combined.

On current figures, the coronavirus is nowhere near as lethal — as long as it does not mutate, that is. Experts believe the mortality rate is between one and two per cent, although the WHO cautions that it is not known yet.

Even so, its repercussions could well be devastating, not merely for affected families, but for our economy, our politics and our entire way of life.

Just consider, for example, the economic impact so far, only a few weeks into what may prove a very long and deadly crisis.

Stock markets have just had their worst week for more than a decade. Oil prices have plunged by more than 10 per cent.

The epidemic in Lombardy seems almost certain to tip Italy’s economy into recession. Above all, China’s growth seems likely to fall by as much as half this year.

According to some experts, this would make life impossible for some of its major banks, which have taken on massive debts in the last few years. Even apparently trivial details tell the story. Coca-Cola has warned that stocks of Diet Coke may run dry, because the virus has disrupted supplies of its raw sweeteners.

And as the Mail reported, not only are dentists running out of surgical masks, but there is a shortage of wedding dresses in the UK and clothes manufacturers are running short of zips, which are largely produced in China.

Some of these may seem like little things. But little things add up; and in any case, some consequences may not be so little.

Even sober economists are now talking of a shock greater than the financial crisis of 2008. That could well send the entire world economy into recession, with unfathomable political repercussions.

The last downturn, after all, gave us austerity, Brexit and Donald Trump.

Throw millions of deaths into the mix — as well as massive social dislocation and authoritarian restrictions — and the consequences could be toxic indeed.

Contrary to what is often thought, pandemics do not bring people together. Human nature being as it is, people tend to lash out. They look for somebody to blame, from the political elite to vulnerable minorities.

During the Black Death, for example, there was a marked spike in attacks on beggars, pilgrims and gypsies.

Jews, in particular, were suspected of causing the plague by poisoning wells — precisely the kind of vicious conspiracy theory that you can imagine spreading on Twitter and Facebook today. From Toulon and Barcelona to Basel and Cologne, Jewish families were attacked and murdered.

In Strasbourg, some 2,000 Jews were burned alive in one of medieval Europe’s first major pogroms.

All this, I know, hardly makes for cheerful weekend reading. So it is worth repeating that, so far, the coronavirus seems to be less deadly than the Spanish flu, and certainly much less deadly than the aptly-named Black Death.

Perhaps, then, the worst will not happen, and society will escape largely unscathed.

Even so, the coronavirus could hardly be a more frightening warning. And the more sophisticated our society becomes, the more we weave our webs of connections, the more we depend on machines and computers, the more vulnerable we become.

All it takes is one infinitesimal virus to tug on a thread, and the whole tapestry could unravel in an instant.



Lasha Darkmoon

Many of our readers will be inclined to dismiss all the above as “fear porn”. There are apparently as many theories about the  coronavirus disease as there are people talking about it. The reality is that we don’t know the truth about what this virus really is or where it came from. We learn:

It’s spreading. It’s mutating. It’s going viral. Am I talking about coronavirus? No! I’m talking about theories about coronavirus.

It’s a natural virus. No, it’s a man made bioweapon!

It’s less deadly than the regular flu.  No, it’s worse than the Spanish Flu!  It’s flying bat AIDS!!

The numbers are being underreported. No,  the numbers are being inflated!

It was patented in 2015!  No, it really wasn’t!

It was unleashed by accident.  No, it was unleashed on purpose!  It doesn’t even exist!

So what are we to believe? Any pet theories of your own?  As usual, you, the omniscient reader, knows best! The trouble is: no two readers agree. There are as many opinions as there are opinion makers.

So what exactly are the facts?

James Corbett, in his Report yesterday (February 29, 2020), has this to say:

There’s something that we do know for sure regardless of where this virus came from or whether it even really exists. The hype and fear and panic and pandemonium surrounding this (supposed) outbreak is going to be far worse than the disease could ever be.  It is the perfect cover for a slew of agenda items on the globalist checklist. And the more the population panics, the more they play into the globalists’ hands.

According to Corbett, there are five things we need to worry about:

(1) Unprecedented surveillance and control of the population.

Meaning? You won’t be able to do a darn thing in future without someone spying on you, bugging your conversations, checking your emails, eavesdropping on your phone calls. Expect a flying drone to be hovering outside your house and taking photos of your wife sunbathing nude in the garden.

(2) A blank check for Big Pharma and the WHO. 

Meaning? Evil Big Pharma creates the virus in its labs, then gets rich medicating the population and forcing everyone to take its deadly vaccines. All vaccines, by definition, are gonna make you sick. Fact or fiction? Well, as usual, our readers must decide for themselves whether vaccines are safe or not. (Personally, I opt for medication only as a last resort, having been damaged by unnecessary prescription drugs in the past).

(3) An excuse to implement medical martial law.

Meaning? You no longer have a choice about vaccines. The government, invoking emergency laws, can quarantine and incarcerate you and your family and inject you forcibly with chemical substances against your will. The man in the white coat and surgical mask, with the hypodermic syringe in his hand, will become your best friend as he pumps you full of toxins from hell, driving you nuts. You  are now in a Hollywood horror movie.

(4) An excuse to crack down on the internet.

Meaning? Death of free speech. Everyone now a zombie parroting the same opinions and singing hymns to Big Brother. Dissidents in Fema Camps. Or shot on sight. Meanwhile, population of proles kept on a diet of designer drugs, pornography, and round-the-clock state TV — with cameras and microphones spying on them as they watch the TV screen in a hypnotic trance.

(5) Precipitating economic crisis.

Meaning? The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Nothing new here. Even in cave men times, the rich got the biggest bones! All this in aid of predatory capitalism … which is really, er, communism in disguise … the evil agenda all being pushed forward and promoted—yes, you guessed it!—by a cabal of lizards or neanderthals with big hooked noses.

“Assuming that the virus does go pandemic,” Corbett concludes magisterially,  “it is quite likely that this will be the largest economic disruption of our lifetime.”

Corbett’s grim conclusion?

[The] Coronavirus panic is a giant boost for the globalist agenda….  Don’t believe me? Just read the press release that Johns Hopkins and the Event 201 participants put out last month just before “Wuhan” and “coronavirus” became topics of daily conversation: “The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering. Efforts to prevent such consequences or respond to them as they unfold will require unprecedented levels of collaboration between governments, international organizations, and the private sector.”

My own views? I have none. I merely report what I read, as objectively and fairly as I can, acutely conscious that I am now living in a world that increasingly resembles a lunatic asylum.

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  1. “The last downturn, after all, gave us austerity, Brexit, and Donald Trump.”
    Dominic says he is objective and non-political, but what does “downturn” imply??
    From my own perspective, austerity and Brexit and Donald Trump are more like popular reactions against misfeasance of government (albeit not without caveats). It is probably a good common sense move for Trump to “play down” the fear porn of the virus, given the strategic use made of it by our would-be oppressors.
    At least in this country (USA) these things have happened WITHOUT political injuries. In 1918, much of our population perished with the flu virus. I’ve encountered thousands of grave markers in the woods here in Virginia (near Charlottesville) where the region buried the dead collected by “meat wagons” throughout the area. Now, much of those same woods were cleared to accommodate the “National Ground Intelligence Center”, which is nothing more than a domestic spying agency. Their adjacency to the burial site makes me suspicious of their possible involvement in ressurrecting and weaponizing that virus, and I believe it is no mistake that it is located across the highway from the General Electric laboratories.

      1. JK –

        That’s true….

        In 2018 over 80,000 died – DIED!! – from flu in US alone. Over 360,000 have died from flu in US since 2009.
        No panic, no matter how hard they tried! 🙂

    1. THIS IS COVERT 19!
      It is part of Trump’s plan to break with China and turn the world against this Communist, Godless country!

  2. They say it’s a bright day that brings forth the adder. Today, after several days of non-stop rain, the sun shines again. It sneaks its way, golden-slippered, into my funereal rooms. I feel like a character in an Edgar Allen Poe horror story, standing at my window looking out at a sunny world that is sick. In the garden outside, among the shrubbery, the evil adder winds it way.

    This article, especially its endnote by Lasha Darkmoon, fills me with a queasy foreboding. I sense, in my bones, that evil is approaching. Dark clouds lower and mask the merry sun.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    I don’t think the world is going to end. Not just yet. We are like patients who don’t yet know they have cancer.

  3. I suspect that James Corbett’s assessment is close to the truth. This disease, whatever it is, so far is nothing like the Black Death or the ‘Spanish’ flu. However, it certainly gives the powers that be the opportunity to remover ever more of our freedoms. It’s the panic that is the real threat at present. If the turmoil continues in the financial markets it could very soon start to have real effects on everyday life.

    1. Hey Brian – did you know that the “Spanish flu” was actually caused by manmade electricity? Here’s a quote from “The Invisible Rainbow.”

      “The Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 actually began…at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed. What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from them. Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so due to internal hemorrhaging of the lungs or brain… These symptoms are incompatible with the effects of the influenza respiratory viruses, but totally consistent with the devastating effects of electricity.”

      1. Don’t know about the electricity, but the treatment protocol at the time was aspirin…up to 30 grams per day. This is hugely immunosuppressant and will cause hemorrhaging in the lungs…pneumonia. So, if the aspirin induced pneumonia didn’t kill you you were wide open to opportunistic infections that would also kill you…just like the severely immunosuppressed AIDS population. I think the total recommended dose of aspirin today is 650mg. A whole lotta Spanish Flu patients died from the ‘treatment’.

      2. Janice,

        Where did you learn of electricity causing the “Spanish” flu?
        It would great if we could link it to 5 G.

  4. Lasha is very correct about many dismissing this event as ‘fear porn’ and here is a former ‘spook’ who is very knowledgeable about foreign & US government scare tactics…. as sent from a friend today:

    END of FAKE PANDEMIC – Robert David Steel (2-28-2020) – President is Correct — This is the New Hoax aka False Flag

    Let me start by praising the World Health Organization (WHO) for its totally sound decision to NOT declare a world pandemic. They are correct. This was a fake pandemic with the ultimate goal of forcing a universal vaccine with digital ID on everyone, starting with the European Union mandate led by France. As a former spy and top intelligence pioneer of holistic analytics and true cost economics I lay it out as I see it, and end by calling for a joint China-US investigation into the bio war, the 5G, the media war, the insider trading, and Bill Gates (my colleagues at NSA have every email, text, and call he has ever made, the President has not yet asked NSA for a total unmasking of all participants in the fake pandemic conspiracy).

    The criminality of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) cannot be over-stated. The lies they are telling the President, — including lies of omission — and the profiteering (private) and budget-building) public are crimes against We the People. At some point a Special Prosecutor will be required to take the combination of public and private rogues who played a part in this massive biological, electromagnetic, and information warfare attack on China, the global economy, and President Dona;d Trump’s re-election.

    Alert Reader forcefully reminds me that this was in all probability a Bill Gates wargame in collusion with elements from Israel, France, and Germany as well as the US and UK to force the issue of his universal vaccine with digital ID built in. The negative impact on China and Trump as well as the insider trading were added benefits, the main objective was to “justify” a global mandatory vaccine.

    As best I can tell, the New Zealand false flag event taught the Deep State that it had to be aggressive at not just squelching Alternative Media, but at manufacturing Deep Fake yellow journalism at a 21st Century level of digital hype, with Deep Fake multi-media and Chinese crisis actors (most outside of China, Taiwan may well have a studio set up for this).

    The crisis is OVER and China is BACK.

  5. It is unfortunate that the Covid-19 issue has totally concealed the annual statics of the common flu which on average kill upwards of hundreds of thousand of people every year.
    It has also concealed the annual deaths caused by industrial generated pollution where in China alone kills close to half a million people.
    The issue become suspect when the deaths we know are occuring every year are attributed to Covid-19 especially when we hear in the news that most countries, U$A included, do not even have the test kits other than relying on the thermometer.
    The issue become more suspect when we factor in the economical aspect because even without the Covid companies everywhere but more so in China were defaulting and bank runs becoming common everywhere.
    In such a situation it would be prudent to invent such a virus that can serve multiple purposes and be the ultimate blame.
    It would enable the CCP to get rid of its pensioners and those that refuse to go quietly can be shot on the spot or dragged away in a manner no sick person can be taken to remedy. We saw the clips.
    It would also enable governments to rid themselves of opposing voices as no one would want to advocate or defend a person supposedly with THE ultimate virus.

    Had this virus been as lethal as said I find it odd that one of the luxury cruise ship that was finally admited to port in Cambodia would have that country’s president and its health minister welcoming the disembarking passengers with flowers and the entire welcoming party taking nary a precautionary measure against the possibly infected passengers.

    Incidentally the Covid issue came just as the locust infestation is blanketing the
    world. Now this IS a dire issue given that the countries involved are either the world’s breadbaskets or with heavy populations.
    Imagine the swarms blanketing Russia, China, Pakistan, the Persian gulf, Yemen and the horn of Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the Congos and no agency sees the urgency of this issue. Hence the Covid issue could also have been used to conceal the locust issue.

    But what stuns me the most as epic hypocrisy is seeing the international officials and othe busy bodies who are normally indifferent to human suffering suddenly scream at the top of their lungs willing to give a helping hand to humanity.
    Thats when my alarm bells start ringing.

    On whether this virus could have come from a lab as a bioweapon, well it could possibly be. But it would be difficult to determine whose lab it actually came from as almost every county is tinkering with some kind of canker to sicken the children.
    For myself I am determined not to panic and neither be alarmed for the may be hideous deaths in the immediate future but whose cause may not be a virus.

    If the issue of a virus is real then I should not expect any assistance from the health authorities as I DO NOT TRUST THEM.
    Rather I should use electro-therapy which anyone can do.
    This involves having air ionizers at home and working at full capacity.
    Or using colloidal suspensions as those too are rich in electrons. Electrons serve as bullets against virus of every kind.
    A simple ionizer can be made with a 12V DC supples the is used to drive a fan that blows away air between a parralel-plate capacitor. That air is rich in electrons.
    Or else drinking electrons directly from a 9VDC battery, one terminal in your mouth and the other between your fingers preferably damp.

  6. Call me mean-spirited, cruel, or hardhearted but I do believe that the Coronavirus is God’s wrath on China. The coronavirus that hit China is God’s way of seeking justice for Muslims persecuted in China by the godless communist government. Human rights groups estimate that more than one million are being held in camps and the U.S. Commission called the camps, “the largest mass incarceration of minority population in the world today.”

    Here are examples of what China is doing to its Muslim Uyghur minority:

    * No Hijab or Burqa allowed
    * No fasting is allowed during Ramadan
    * No beard is allowed
    * No Friday prayers or holiday celebration is permitted
    * Copies of the Qur’an burnt in public square
    * Force Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol
    * Women and girls are being sterilized and routinely raped

    May be that explains why the German phrase “liebe tot als rot” became very popular during the “Cold War.” In English ” better dead than red.” Meaning, “better dead than Communist.”

    As China and the whole world is in a panic mode, we should reflect on the story of what God did to the Pharaoh of Egypt for persecuting the Jews. This was depicted in the Dreamworks cartoon Prince of Egypt when God told Pharaoh Rameses II, “I send a pestilence and plague into your house, into your streams, into your streets, upon your cattle and sheep in your field until you break, and until you yield.”

    No one deserves to be persecuted for their religious beliefs and there is no excuse for China to subject Muslims to such immoral and inhumane treatment in 2020.

    Had the world paid attention to Muslim Holocaust in China as it did when the Coronavirus spread, perhaps God would have saved us the agony and fear we are in now.

    1. Re: God’s wrath on China

      Only concerned about the Chinese crimes against Muslims? How about the crimes against their own people, i.e., cultural revolution, reign of terror, great leap forward, etc? What of the horrible working conditions of so many today?Why wouldn’t God punish the Chinese for these things as well?

      Does God favor only Muslims? Where would you get the idea that all Chinese persons who “get” the corona virus are anti-Muslim? What about the Chinese people’s crimes against animals? There is such a thing as Divine Justice and it crosses all ethnic/religious/racial lines.

      Romans 2:9-11. God is not a respecter of persons.

    2. All faiths are persecuted under communism. You only care about Muslims?

      I do not deny the points you made, but without evidence, your content is indistinguishable from propaganda.

      To play devils advocate there were two dozen UN countries that recently commended China’s treatment of the Uyghurs.

      No doubt there are individual cases of persecution.

      FYI here is a blog on Islam (and Malaysia):

      The blogger is #3 on the internet in Malaysia – an Islamic fundamentalist that rejects all the ‘add-ons’ to the faith, such as the first 4 you list, accepting only the Quran. According to Muslims the Quran is the perfect word of God and is constructed for the most efficient absorption and understanding. God-given logic would dictate no add-ons.

      1. “…To play devils advocate there were two dozen UN countries that recently commended China’s treatment of the Uyghurs….”
        The article says “condemns”, not “commends”. Where did you learn to read?

      2. Well said, Carlos. Flan O’Brien is obviously in his dotage to misquote the title of the article in that ridiculous way.

        An article will soon appear with the title, “All nations officially condemn Hitler and Holocaust Denial.” Flan O’Brien will recommend the article and give the title as, “All nations commend Hitler and Holocaust Denial.”

        Flan obviously needs new eyeglasses . . . or he is going senile. 🙂

        (Ot maybe he’s a troll).

    3. MEY –

      HUH!!?? You musta got the wrong memo!!

      Iran’s islamic LEADERS are being killed by the same god you mentioned!!!

      **Iran has the MOST cases of the virus behind China…. It must be the second most despicable country!!

      Member of Iran’s supreme leader council to Khamenei DIES of coronavirus!!

      The report Monday said Expediency Council member Mohammad Mirmohammadi had died. He was 71.

      The council advises Khamenei, as well as settles disputes between the supreme leader and parliament. Iran had previously announced Mirmohammadi was ill on Sunday, the day before it announced his death.

      **His death comes as other top officials have contracted the virus in Iran, which has the HIGHEST death toll in the world after China, the epicenter of the outbreak.

  7. No children seen…..

    Coronavirus mannequin challenge; crisis actors exposed!!

    “Coronavirus hoax and white horse symbolism” by russianvids
    3:00 actor Falls from his chair
    3:30 actor imitating convulsions
    Mannequin challenge China edition

    Coronavirus crisis actors exposed part 2
    0:01 “cured patients”
    9:23 ” quivering kids”
    11:57 “quivering Russian”
    15:13 “blood alley”
    Last messages- coronavirus part 2

  8. My advice is, if you contact Coronavirus the last thing you want to do is go to the hospital!

    Personally, I don’t think I can be killed before my time Coronavirus or no, but that’s just silly old me..
    “A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.”

    1. Right there with you. The very LAST place I’d want to end up if I were ill is a hospital. The radiation levels from wireless devices inside (and sometimes directly on top of) hospitals is, quite literally, lethal. It is amazing anyone walks out of these places alive. On top of all the wireless devices, and microwave antennas, transmitters, satellites, cell towers, etc., is their “diagnostic” and “therapeutic” machines — all designed by jewish sorcerers to kill people slowly, causing them to suffer, while stealing all their wealth just before their bodies are completely destroyed. Of course, killing people slowly, through torture (as is occurring in every single western hospital today) is also a way to hijack souls (or so they believe). And then there are the following numbers, generated by Gary Null, who found that:

      “The total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.” ( )

      Those numbers do not include medical errors.

      1. Flan – the space appeal has been hijacked and should not be signed. Arthur Firstenberg and his new associates have betrayed Claire Edwards and all the signers of the appeal. I cannot go into detail about this but will be posting something about it on my website with Claire’s permission very soon.

        PS – it just goes to show you can never trust a jew… even those who present themselves as good jews.



    (OMNS January 30, 2020) Abundant clinical evidence confirms vitamin C’s powerful antiviral effect when used in sufficient quantity. Treating influenza with very large amounts of vitamin C is not a new idea at all. Frederick R. Klenner, MD, and Robert F. Cathcart, MD, successfully used this approach for decades. Frequent oral dosing with vitamin C sufficient to reach a daily bowel tolerance limit will work for most persons. Intravenous vitamin C is indicated for the most serious cases.

    1. @ Wyandotte

      An interesting comment.

      I seek information if you have it: assuming one is getting a cold or flu, can one ward it off by taking large quantities of Vitamin C in pill form? If so, how much does one need?

      Given that 100mg per day is more than the daily recommended dose (RDA), would 1g a day (= 1000mg) be sufficient to stave off a cold or flu?

      1. Hi. I don’t give out medical advice, but I do have a fair bit of respect for Dr. Klenner, Cathcart, Hoffer and Andrew Saul. So, here is a good place to start:


        “I want to emphasize first that the main reason that massive doses of vitamin C work against infectious diseases has little to do with the vitamin C functions as ordinarily understood. They work in massive doses because we are throwing away the vitamin C for the extra electrons carried. These extra electrons neutralize the free radicals (molecules missing electrons) that mediate all inflammations and cause the symptoms and deaths from these infectious diseases. It is not really a matter of medicine; it is a matter of chemistry. Doses of ascorbate which are massive enough to force a reducing redox potential into tissues affected by the disease will always neutralize the free radicals.”

        I will say this: is better to make a solution of sodium ascorbate from baking soda + ascorbic acid rather than pure plain ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). If you don’t wish to do this, you can buy Natural Factors fruit flavored tablets, which I believe are a mix of sodium ascorbate + ascorbic acid.

        Best to you in your search for health.

      2. Saki –

        I take 1 gram vitamin C twice a day in cold season.

        I gargle a mouthful of hydrogen peroxide 3% once a day….. and brush my teeth with it. It will kill bacteria and virus.

        Haven’t had a cold in 25-30 years.

        1. Thanks, Pat. I will question you more on this tomorrow when I have some more time.

      3. Saki –


        Read this first:
        AMA bragged that their miracle wonder hydrogen peroxide cured scarlet fever, cancer and diphtheria on… March 3, 1888!! 🙂

        J.A.M.A. 259 (9): 1279 (4 March 1988)
        “Peroxide of Hydrogen as a Remedial Agent”
        (Reprint, “JAMA 100 Years Ago”) [March 3, 1888]

        Read before the St. Louis Medical Society, February 4, 1888.
        I. N. LOVE, M.D.

      4. There is a medicine called KALOBA from a South African plant, an herbal medicine good against the symptoms of flu. In a breathing crisis ACEBROFILINA will dilate the lungs and help to expectorate. Both of them are syrups, do your own research.

        In this CORONA psychological fear porn operation the last places you want to end up are hospitals or worse, quarantined by the REAL government.

        1. @ James Walton Sr

          @ saki
          *8,ooo units [8 grams] 3 times a day

          WOW! That makes for a lot of orange yellow urine!
          Great strain on the kidneys, I’m told.
          Even the 2 grams recommended by Pat would have this effect.

          BTW, how long did Linus Pauling live?
          Did his own “overdosing” with Vitamin C being him lasting benefits?

      5. JW –

        **8 grams 3 times a day….

        Linus Pauling would agree!!
        He outlived many of his critics. 🙂

    2. Not to undermine the power of Vitamin C to help support the immune system, but did you know that “influenza” did not exist before the introduction of manmade electricity? And did you know that it is well-documented that “influenza” is not a viral illness, but rather an electrically-induced disease? If not, I recommend reading “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg and looking at the data he presents.

      All this hocus pocus and talk about Vitamin C is for one reason only — to keep believing in non-existent viruses and to keep them from looking at the real source of the illnesses we are facing. Please read:

    3. Vitamin C is all it’s cracked up to be. I take a chewable 500 mg a day. Maybe 2 if I’m feeling a cold symptom.

      There’s a good reason why Linus Pauling won a Nobel prize for his research on it years.

  10. The facts concerning this non-existent virus are laid out in the article below. It would behoove all of us to get hip to this information. What I have shared in this article is not “theory.” Everything has been sourced both in the article and also in my book ( which contains close to 1600 citations.

    There is no life-threatening virus. However, people are definitely dying. This will no doubt continue at a very rapid pace if we do not pull our heads out of our asses and address this issue. Please read the article.

    1. Jeanice, I agree.. sent the following to a friend yesterday:
      by all informed accounts, this flu´is no worse than any other flu´.. What people should be worrying about is 5G, which was rolled out all over Wuhan just prior to the flu´epidemic. Those who dropped dead, were probably deprived of oxygen, due to 5G radiation.. I am, at present, e-mailing persons in authority here, and sending links to videos which warn of the dangers of EMF and 5G. I entitled the e-mail ” I do not want my grandchildren rendered sterile”..

    2. Jeanice

      Your post reminded me of a hippie character and acquaintance during university days. He appeared a bit slow and thus his complaint about electricity, especially electrical lamps was dismissed. He used candles in his abode.

      I will study the links you post in an open minded way.

  11. JB –

    5G could not be the cause of illnesses in Iran, the third most affected country. 5G is not there yet:

    Iran’s telecoms minister has said that the country will kick off the fifth generation of internet communications, known as 5G, in the next Persian calendar year starting LATE March – 2020.

    Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said on Thursday that Iran had carried out all preparations needed for launching the 5G network.

    “The regulatory is introducing the rules … we hope we could implement a first version of the 5G network in Iran next year and start offering services,” said Jahromi.

    The minister said super-fast internet services powered by the 5G technology is a need for businesses in Iran. He added that his ministry had issued a call on experts for contributing to the quicker implementation of the new network in Iran.

    Despite facing a harsh regime of American economic sanctions, Iran has made huge strides in expanding the coverage of the fourth-generation of fast internet services, known as 4G, to almost all cities, towns and villages across the country.

    1. Pat – the article is about both 4G and 5G frequencies. ALL technologically produced frequencies are causing very serious health effects, including severe respiratory illnesses. This issue hits close to home because my mother went into respiratory failure twice when there was a smart meter put on this house. The meter has been removed and she recovered for a time, but has now been diagnosed with lung cancer due to the cellular damage to her lungs. These frequencies injure the cells to such extent, that they cannot repair themselves property. And this, we are told, is often the basis of cancer. In addition to what these frequencies are doing the gel-like, watery structure of our cells. It’s extremely serious but most people would rather remain oblivious so they can stay attached to their cell phones and wifi devices.

      Anyway, the point is, these devices are what is killing people. There is no virus.

      1. I think a good example of what you are saying is the cruise ship, which had wifi beamed down to the passengers 24/7, and many got ill..
        Question: if 5G is so wonderful, why is israel, which developed the technology, the only country which does not employ it???

      2. Have you heard of a lady called Rebecca Carnes, guest on Jim Fetzer`s Raw Deal? She went to her local electricity supplier, to ask them to remove her smart meter. She was kept waiting for three hours, sat peacefully reading the whole time, after which cops showed up, and arrested her for “breach of the peace”. The electric company, eventually, dropped all charges, but Rebecca had to appear in court anyway, where the judge decided she should have “mental health assessment”.. This lady is, in my, and many other`s opinions, saner than most.. “Justice” Huh!, what is that?

      3. @INGRID B
        The cruise ship also had to contrnd with the central air-conditioning system.
        Everyone confined to their rooms is actually exposed to their neighbors’ aerosl transmission.

  12. I suspected the jews created this virus and told my friends whoever comes out with a cure created the virus. don’t you know pissrael says they have a vaccine to be ready shortly. more billions to be looted off gentiles

  13. Well I’ve been doing some literature research on pubmed and I think the threat of 2019-nCoV should be taken very seriously.

    The virus is known to attach to ACE2 receptors – expressed predominantly in vascular endothelial cells in the heart, lungs and kidneys if I understand correctly – and apparently once it does that, these receptors stop converting angiotensin II to angiotensin 1-7, and this is bad news.

    My understanding is that this is why the virus affects older people and people with certain pre-existing health conditions e.g. hypertension, more than it does younger and healthier people. So if the overall mortality rate is 1 to 2% it might actually be significantly higher for people over 50 or people with certain pre-existing diseases and conditions, or something like that.

    Moreover, as per a few recently published papers, the virus seems to be mutating to a more infectious form which, if I understand correctly, may increase the risk for younger, healthier people.

    As I see it, there may be a few ways to treat someone infected with 2019-nCoV: (1) limiting the damage by using ARB blood pressure drugs such as Losartan, Irbesartan, etc.; (2) limiting the damage with mast cell inhibitors such as fisetin (a naturally occurring flavone available as a nutritional supplement); and (3) attacking the virus directly with certain drugs that look promising (in vitro at least), one of which may be readily available (as a treatment for other things) and non-toxic (I have to research it a little bit more).

    Of course all of this is just my personal opinion and may be nonsense.

    1. (important enough that I am moved to respond)

      As I see it, there may be a few ways to treat someone infected with 2019-nCoV: (1) limiting the damage by using ARB blood pressure drugs such as Losartan, Irbesartan, etc.; (2) limiting the damage with mast cell inhibitors such as fisetin (a naturally occurring flavone available as a nutritional supplement)

      excellent comment, HS and very timely.
      I have been advising friends and family precisely the same with the following amendment:
      because nCoV invades the cell by way of ACE2 receptors, i.e., shut the barn door before the horse gets any ideas.

      Another, never-mentioned point: if it is true that this is an engineered virus to incorporate selected elements of HIV (q: selected for what purpose), would those recovered from the initial flu test HIV+?
      In which case, the secondary tsunami of AIDS unknowingly spread to the wider community will be much worse than anything the world has seen yet, globalist dream come true (plus, the Big Pharma ascends to the world throne).

      of course SPQR’s observation is correct, I also anticipated that.
      In fact, that is the main disease, the super-virus that has infected humanity since “time immemorial”, having overcome the social immunity systems (monarchies, governments, judiciary, police) and now ready for the eschatological final act.

      1. To the ‘Nephew of Lawrence’ –

        I blame Bill Gates!!

        You know what I mean, so no long sermon here. 🙂

      2. One study found that when infected with SARS-CoV, complement C3 deficient mice had less respiratory dysfunction and less lung damage than controls. And another study found that high levels of C3 are correlated to sub-optimal vitamin D status. Taken together, these studies (linked below) support the idea that vitamin D supplementation might reduce the odds of a bad outcome. (All of this in my personal opinion – which could be completely wrong).

  14. It looks like there may be a connection between the virus, or else so-called “virus”, and 5G technology.

  15. Israel has a vaccine.

    Is it laced with 5G activated nano bots (smaller than a virus)?

    Oligarchs will be provided with TV remotes and take turns in repelling current and future ‘Yellow Vest’ protests. At the press of a button they will howl with laughter as the sheeple writhe in pain.

  16. Don’t panic? The advice coming from the US government is so obviously wrong that one has to wonder how stupid do they think people are. Take the governments repeated assertions that the public do not need masks (N95 type) and that using them would actually make people more vulnerable to the virus…and then in the next breath stated that the USA needs a minimum of 300 million of these masks to protect people from the virus!

    EVERYONE should be wearing an N95 type mask when in public. That this is so is obvious. We are told that people who are asymptomatic are spreading the virus through the air… Everyone wearing these masks in public would dramatically reduce the transmission rates from person to person. The only reason that people are being told NOT to use these masks is because there simply are not enough of them to go around right now. Given this shortage, if people were told the truth, mot of us would simply stop going to work, school, etc. Retail commerce would grind to a near halt…and that is bad for capital, even if it would be greatly beneficial to the population.

    The roll out of the test kits by the CDC, which has been completely botched, is another obvious case where the government is outright lying to the public. Sec. Azar gives the game away when he talked about how the government “did not want to interfere with market pricing for these kits (or any antiviral drugs) because they would “need investors”! He went on to say today that they are working to make the test kits “commercially available”…Which means PROFITS! Compare this to China and S. Korea where testing and the cost of treatment are FREE!

    Those talking about how this virus is not real, or not really that lethal, are making assumptions about this virus based upon what? I don’t believe that the Chinese government is participating in some kind of hoax. I do not believe for a moment that they would lock down their population and shut down large sections of their economy unless they were both FRIGHTENED and desperate. Seeing the actions of the Chinese and then listening to the US government announcements to the US population, one is faced with a complete disconnect between what you are being told and what you see happening.

    Nope, I’ll not be making any assumptions that the virus is not real, or not deadly or… THIS IS THE TIME TO PANIC! By panic I don’t mean throw you hands up and go screaming into the night. I mean that this is the time to make what preparations you can to protect yourself and your family. Clearly those relying on the government isn’t going to work out any better this time than it did for those waiting at for government help at the superdome in New Orleans during Katrina.

    As for me? My wife is an RN and I am an ex-fire fighter. We pulled our children out of public school Friday. We already had stockpiled supplies (food, water, etc) including a few cases of N95 masks. We live on a rural farm with no close neighbors. We are doing what we can to limit our exposure to others, although to be honest, my wife continues to go to work (she works in radiation oncology) but we are discussing her quitting her job. Fortunately for us, our property is paid for and we have savings to rely on. I know that others are not so fortunate, but I cannot recommend strongly enough that others should be doing what they can to protect themselves. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO TELL YOU IT IS TIME TO PROTECT YOURSELVES…Those warnings will come only when it is too late, if at all.

    1. Relatively speaking, the Western Civilization is living in a bonanza for 70 years. Not a great famine (except in Africa where is by design), not a major war, not a major calamity for millions of people.

      If we are at a Historical juncture the chaos of information is actually expected. Do I have to mention the usual eternal innocent suspects? I guess not.

      The D day was an important juncture, even if the Germans were getting their asses kicked in Russia, the two fronts would be the end of Germany. The chaos of information before the D day was huge. There really were only two choices for the invasion: Normandy or Pas-de-Calais. Today it’s pretty obvious that Normandy would be the choice to secure a beach head, it would have been crazy to attack the German fortified harbor at Pas-de-Calais as the Dieppe Canadian raid showed beyond reasonable doubt, the Canadian force was completely destroyed in the 1942 failure attack.

      The All-lies did every trick they have to convince the Germans the attack would be at the Pas-de-Calais, even a dead floating soldier with fake papers was used. Finally, a mind trick, a “magik,” they took a spy with zero credibility to tell the truth to the Germans – Normandy is the place of the invasion. When a known liar tells the truth, the truth loses credibility, and vice-versa; when a trustable source tells a lie…

      The media is pumping fear porn, that’s true, but we must assume for safety reasons the virus is dangerous. The big and powerful China is badly wounded. The financial markets are responding, and we know who controls the financial markets, don’t we? The virus DNA is a mess, actually there are multiple virus circulating, some new versions can be launched, a mutation they say (we were talking about “random” mutations the other day).

      Call me paranoid but I’m preparing just like you are, Bob!

      1. I bet most of the jews, like over 90% of the jews, want Biden to be the president. He has dementia and he would real easy for the jews to control and get everything they want with a dementia/alzheimer’s victim as president. Similar to how the jews got everything out of Ronnie, another alzheimer’s victim. Though Ronnie got alzheimer’s after he took office. If Biden wins the Democratic party nomination and Americans vote him into office, he obviously has dementia/alzheimers, then there’s very little hope left for the USA. If the Democrats steal the election and put Biden into the oval office thru voting fraud which the Democrats are infamous for, and they get away with it, then there’s very little hope for the USA.

        The jews would prefer a NON-jew president — a NON-jew president who is easily malleable, this way the jews get everything they want and any negative criticism is directed at NON-jews, NOT jews. The jews get what they want and they remain hidden behind-the-scenes and they don’t get criticized. What better president for the jews than a president with dementia/alzheimers. With his dementia Biden would be the epitome of a puppet president. In a speech he gave recently he said he was running against Reagan, lol. In a speech he gave last week, he said he was running for Senator, lol. A few months ago, he was giving a speech — with his back turned to the audience! – he thought he was facing the audience but he actually had his back turned to the audience. Pathetic.

        It’s sad, in America someone with dementia/alzheimers who has back turned to the audience while giving a speech but his mind is so far gone he thinks he’s facing the audience is actually seriously considered as a possible president for the country.

        If us Americans lived in a REAL country, a dementia/alzheimer’s victim would not be allowed to run for the presidency. If us Americans lived in a REAL country, there would be no such thing as “presidential executive orders” and there would no such thing as presidential “pardons”. Better to get rid of presidential executive orders and presidential pardons than the Electoral College. The Democrat Party big-shots don’t like the Electoral College, but they sure do love their Super Delegates — and their Super Delegate system they have is truly corrupt.

        They say the Electoral College is unfair and corrupt, but that’s not true. It’s their Super Delegate system which is unfair and corrupt.

  17. A virus is about a billionth the size of a typical cell. I know that “size is not everything” but does it make sense that the cell is that vulnerable to something so small? I don’t think so. The ‘germ theory’ of disease in light of all we have found out about the microbiome and how we live quite happily with billions or it it trillions of bacteria is already very flawed and pretty much fatally weakened as an explanation of ‘disease’
    The ‘virus’ theory was an add on to the ‘germ theory’ and is even more suspect as it goes even more deeply into the micro level. A virus cannot even be SEEN with a regular light microscope we need and electron microscope………… what are we actually looking at then? What do these tests tell us? Good question.
    I think think this whole corona virus thing is fear porn and has no basis in terms us of being ‘infected’ by something at all.
    We possibly are being ‘infected’ but I think Jeanice Barcelo is more on the right path in terms at looking as electricity and wireless radiation specifically. Joe Imbriano predicted this two years ago………….that the unveiling of 5G would induce so much illness but it would be blamed on a ‘virus’ and I think that is what we are looking at now
    HIV/AIDS was a ‘hoax’ and most of the people died from the treatments (AZT etc) we might learn from that. Viruses are not a life form out there that can ‘get’ us they are produced by our own bodies esp in response to stress of any kind and just because they are found at the scene of the accident does not make them the guilty party. We are looking in the wrong direction.

    1. Patrick –

      “….looking as electricity and wireless radiation specifically.”

      That would NOT explain the huge number of cases and deaths in Iran…. where 5G has not been implemented yet.

      Every sailor on ALL Naval ships globally should have been killed years ago!! They are floating EMF generators!! 🙂

      And wireless radiation is certainly greater in US than most countries, especially Iran.

      Iran finishes preparations to launch 5G internet in 2020—
      (from Feb 13, 2020)—

      Iran’s telecoms minister has said that the country will kick off the fifth generation of internet communications, known as 5G, in the next Persian calendar year STARTING late March.

      Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said on Thursday that Iran had carried out all preparations needed for launching the 5G network.

      “The regulatory is introducing the rules … we hope we could implement a first version of the 5G network in Iran next year and start offering services,” said Jahromi.

      1. Pat: I am not saying all this ‘illness’ is caused by 5G. In wuhan you have very polluted air also but I believe it is possible that 5G there put things over the edge. Once the ‘story’ is out all bets are off and it then becomes a ‘hoax’ like all the others HIV/AIDS, MERS, SARS, Swine Flu etc etc. Who knows what is going on in Iran and I am not saying 5G is responsible. They might be being hit by who knows what exotic weapons we and the Israeli have cooked up for them. So now it’s a cover story that can cover many crimes. But I do believe it is almost totally steering us in a deceptive direction. Viruses by themselves cannot cause any disease they in fact are mostly the body’s attempt at healing itself. In that way it is a super deceptive story and though this might sound incredible 9/11 was pretty ‘incredible’ also not to mention JFK assassination. Also holohoaxes of various types

      2. Patrick –

        I realized what you wrote, and was not pointing a finger…. and used Iran as an example of where the logic did not apply – even though deadly – when blaming 4G, 5G or any EMF in general – specifically for this latest version of a coronavirus. There are at least 10 manufactured coronavirus types today.


        My guess is that the hysteria is being driven by Bill Gates & cronies in governments to have mandatory vaccination globally to control populations, as his dad wanted with Margret Sanger….. and their Planned Parenthood. It was formed to get rid of black babies. Those goals apply to all people today.

        Gates Sr has served as president of both the Seattle/King County Bar Association and the Washington State Bar Association. He has also served on the boards of numerous Northwest organizations, including the King County United Way and Planned Parenthood.

        Gates sat on the board of Planned Parenthood

        Population Control
        Bill Gates’ Father, ‘Head’ of Planned Parenthood, Inspired His Abortion, Population Control Views

        Eugenics in America: The Legacy of Sanger and Gates

  18. Headline……………..”Israeli Scientists Say They Will Have Coronavirus Vaccine “In A Few Weeks”


    9/11………………..Fear………….War on Terror which might be called the (((Israeli Vaccine)))

    Corona Virus…….Fear…………….Israeli Vaccine

    It was ‘pure luck’ the Israeli scientists say just like lucky Larry Siverstein had a doctor’s appointment on the morning of 9/11. One might wonder what will be in the vaccine…………….maybe something that genetically targets certain selective undesirable groups like maybe the Palestinians or perhaps all white people😎 (Some kind of DNA based vaccine)

    Corana has a very 9/11 feel to it at least to me. The news is full of an impending catastrophe and the world is crying out for a solution and here we have it in the form of an Israel ‘vaccine’ just like the GWOT (global war of terror) was the solution to all those ‘bad guys’ out there trying to do us in. Bad guys can be Arab terrorists or viruses……………same difference and the theory is just as wrong. That this ‘virus’ is causing all this mayhem makes about as much sense as that a guy in a cave in Afghanistan had the technology and means to ‘dustify’ the World Trade Center before it even hit the ground

  19. PAT,

    Tomorrow is SuperTuesday, so I’m wondering what the pharisees have planned for SuperTuesday. I’m sure you know what the pharisees have up their sleeve for SuperTuesday. Do you mind telling us what’s going to happen tomorrow? We’re all ears. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. TROJ –

      Best to check-in with Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, or “Diamonds and Silk” to find credible opinions. 😆😆😂

    2. TROJ –

      All I KNOW is….

      Poetic justice – – ‘BUTT-JUG’ fell out of the race. Over 40% of Calif already voted early. All the LGBTQ homos n trannies who voted for him early cannot vote again!! 💥 😜

      That helps Biden!!

  20. My two cents (or, shall I say two pixels) to this shameful plot of the usual suspect

    What do you call it? déjà vu?

    This is nothing but a brutal economic hit on Jina by the Robber in Chief Trumpy-Dumpy. The first target on the hit list was Iran. The next one is undoubtedly Russia, which is not likely to happen though before the [absolutely guaranteed] reelection of Trump later this year.

    Now you might guess why Putin is busy making changes to the Russian constitution in a bid to make it a bit less colonial… before the US presidential election takes place in November.

    When the overt hit on Russia gets under way, the killing of Qasem Soleimani and CoronaVirus will look like a walk in the park. Putin has to be prepared for this and, most importantly, do everything possible and impossible to prepare his people for it.

    And I certainly hope that our Pres still has time for it.

    1. Circ –

      ‘Put-On’ was even busier just over a month ago – Jan 23, 2020 – cozying up to Israel, whining & bobbing at the wall with them about the holo-hoax!!

      Your Pres has as much time as his jew buddies want him to have. 🙂

      ‘Put-On’ arrived in Israel for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem. At the meeting’s opening, Netanyahu thanked ‘Put-On’ for “the strong connection between Russia and Israel that serves our nations, our countries and peace and stability in the region. Welcome to Jerusalem!!”

      ‘Put-On’ said that he has long wanted to visit Israel again.

      “I am certain that this will help promote our bilateral relations, and of course today we will remember the victims of the Holocaust,” Putin said.

      Netanyahu planned to discuss ways to reinforce the deconfliction system between Israel and Russia in Syria.

      Even Bibi is taller than puny ‘Put-On’!!,fl_lossy/t_JD_ArticleMainImageFaceDetect/452353

      1. Pat,

        Thanks for keeping me updated on your mental health. Allah protects you too, my boy.

        I shall whisper a few good words for you to the Almighty tonight in my evening namaz.

  21. It is the Y2K scam resurrected and rebranded to promote vaccines. You know we are dealing with the lugen presse here?

  22. The flu was called the plague in centuries past….. way before electricity was made by machines – generators!

    The 1889–1890 FLU pandemic, also known as RUSSIAN FLU, was one of the first plagues reported as a flu.

    The influenza epidemic of 1889–90 in selected European cities – a picture based on the reports of two Poznań daily newspapers from the second half of the nineteenth century….

    The largest – NINETEENTH-CENTURY – epidemic of INFLUENZA, called ‘the Russian epidemic,’ arrived in Europe from the east in November and December of 1889. It was one of the first epidemics of influenza that occurred during the period of the rapid development of bacteriology. It was the first epidemic to be so widely commented on in the intensively developing daily press. Daily Polish newspapers published in Poznań, a Polish city that was then under Prussian rule, also had a share in providing information on the epidemic.

    Press reports not only referred to the local spread of the disease, but also discussed the situation in numerous, often distant, European cities, such as Paris, London, Vienna, and Berlin.

    Apart from data about where and when the illness occurred, the reports provided: descriptions of symptoms, treatment methods, data on morbidity and mortality, effect on individual people of high rank in the country, information on the activities of public authorities, and impact of the epidemic on daily life.

    The 1889–1890 influenza epidemic had 2 faces: the real one, discovered while being afflicted with the disease….. and the media one, discovered through the information available in the press. (fear-porn back then too 🙂 )

    1. Pat – 1895 is when the first x-rays were introduced. The “flu” is an electrically induced disease.

      “In December of 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen revealed the bones of his wife’s hand in the first X-ray photograph. When Anna…saw the bones of her hand exposed beneath her skin, her wedding ring hovering above the skeletal knuckles, she exclaimed, ‘I have seen my death.’ Anna was haunted by the exposure.”

      Soon thereafter, Röntgen wrote a letter in which he exclaimed, “the Devil was let loose” with his discovery of x-rays,. Unfortunately, his interactions with the devil caused both he and his wife to die of “gruesome” radiation-induced illnesses

      1. I am familiar with Röntgen…. the namesake of radiation measurement.

        1895 was 5 years after the Russian flu in 1889–1890.

        I never knew Röntgen or wife passed any flu to anyone in Russia in 1889 or 1890.

      1. I musta missed the sentence stating “this energy COMPLETELY caused the flu”!!

        On February 22, 1890, Dr Arthur Goodspeed and William Jennings made the first x-ray photograph, in the physical lecture room of the University of Pennsylvania. On that evening, Goodspeed and Jennings had been making brush electrographs of coins and brass weights. After they finished their experiments, Jennings stacked all of the photographic plates; two coins–either left from the experiments or Jennings’ trolley fare–were placed on top of the plates. Goodspeed then demonstrated to Jennings the university’s collection of Crookes tubes, with the idea of photographing the glow from the tube. While the two men were talking, however, the Crookes tube was emitting x radiation that affected the nearby plates. After the plates were developed, Jennings noted that one had the shawdow(s) of a disk(s) on it; neither man could explain the image. On hearing of Roentgen’s work in 1896, Goodspeed and Jennigns retrieved the original plate and reproduced their “accident.” The glass plate was subsequently lost among library archives.

        BTW – I spent many years operating nuclear reactors and huge electrical generators…. didn’t get the flu. Nobody did. We worked every day. I did get the Cutty Sark and Carling Flu a few times at the pubs in Scotland in early 70s!! 🙂

  23. “Fear Porn” is the theme of the day in the 21st century.
    If you’re not afraid, how can the government save you??? 💥 😜

    1. Pat,

      Thanks, I feel no fear.

      Did really the guy say this: “it is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable and to propagandize and teach the american people to hate and fear”. – John Stockwell

      1. Dmitry –

        Could be. He resigned from CIA:

        In December 1976, he resigned from the CIA, citing deep concerns for the methods and results of CIA paramilitary operations in Third World countries and testified before Congressional committees. Two years later, he wrote the exposé In Search of Enemies, about that experience and its broader implications. He claimed that the CIA was counterproductive to national security, and that its “secret wars” provided no benefit for the United States. The CIA, he stated, had singled out the MPLA to be an enemy in Angola despite the fact that the MPLA wanted relations with the United States and had not committed a single act of aggression against the United States.

        **In 1978 he appeared on the popular American television program 60 Minutes, claiming that CIA Director William Colby and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger had systematically lied to Congress about the CIA’s operations.

        CIA paramilitary operations through proxy forces – the funding of mercenaries, terrorists, saboteurs – were, reported Stockwell, “all illegal,” their goal to “disrupt the normal functioning, often the democratic functioning, of OTHER societies”.

  24. Well, we know the media loves to sensationalize, typical agents of the disaster capitalist way of doing things… obviously there was a lot of shifting going on on Wall Street in the last week, and it would be interesting to see if there’s anything much really repositioned , or if the virus is just all that was needed to correct lot of overbought PE Ratios…
    The usual Fear Porn, yes, but I keep getting the picture of Bill Gates stating how he’s going to reduce the human population, by doing a “Really Good Job” with Vaccines…
    And we know there are kinds of other things going on the Corporate Media will rather not talk about, this looking good for a Big Diversion… Like Fukushima Radiation, disappearing birds and insects, plastic pollution everywhere (morgellons), including inside people’s Kidneys, who is the Deep Zog State really and which way to World Peace…
    However, the amount of hype we’re seeing now indicates something more significant than just another new virus… We’ve seen them come and go repeatedly in the last decades… Were they all just Big Pharma/DARPA Scams? Or was it a warm-up for the Real Death Deal…
    Having heard of the Deagel Report, if I spelled Ed’s name right, I don’t know why we might not at least consider this virus as the possible Kick-Off to that aforementioned Big Bio-Armageddon. And it’s time PAT gave us his report on that webpage too, what’s the Dope on Deagle? Or did I miss it?
    Also, this business of isolating major cities, locking people down in their dwellings, nobody coming and going, every body surrounded – I think that’s how they go about it when they’ve got some type of Holomodor in mind… (not sure I spelled that right either)…
    I think it’s too soon to be complacent..
    But that was one thing Fukushima did teach the world…
    Guys I talked to about it said – Hey, what can I do about it anyway?

    1. Bark –

      It is, but not associated with Ed Deagle – different spelling.
      Few people know of this website and even more claim the organization doesn’t legitimately exist at all.

      Despite the overwhelming suppression of its significance, WikiLeaks documents have revealed it was legitimately used as reference material in a Stratfor report on the technological capabilities of The People’s Republic of North Korea:

      According to their own website,, Deagel provides news and intelligence on international military aviation and advanced technologies. Their website has articles dating back to 2003, but little is known about the real owners. Many online researchers have erroneously confused this site with “” which is owned by Edwin Deagle.

      More research on Deagel and their associates can be found at the Pizzagate Wiki.

      Deagel’s reports, in particular the aforementioned research on North Korea, were also provided to the President during Presidential Dialy Briefings. Deagel thus provides information which is subsequently used by global intelligence communities and governments.

      Here is a partial list of known Deagel partners and clients, according to their own website:

      National Security Agency
      North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN)
      Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
      Russian Defense Procurement Agency
      The World Bank
      United Nations (UN)
      This highly regarded intelligence organization has a grim outlook for the United States in the coming years including a 78% decrease in population. In fact, it predicts a similar, cataclysmic fate for the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, and Denmark, and more U.S. allied nations

  25. DMITRY
    I guess the CIA is a totally rogue organization, unless you can think somehow that it’s better if the public is misinformed…
    Here’s Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director, Bill Casey…
    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”,
    I’d say they’re halfway there anyway…

  26. PAT
    So we have a cap-level research and info organization that reports to the NSA and the President and advises the CIA, making no effort to hide a very shocking prediction…
    Deagel… And Deagel says the population of all the white countries is going down by about 3/4…
    Thanks for the information, rather an appalling augury..
    And every time I see another beltway/media insider bowing offstage – I wonder…
    We know the CIA/? introduces diversionary information and entities to confuse the issue and throw people off the track, like they did with Buck Nelson, which might be where we got Edwin Deagle…
    But they must have the reasoning written down somewhere, memos, minutes, statements..
    Let’s find out now what Deagel is basing that assumption on…
    Is it the coming of a weird virus, the Andromeda Strain?

  27. I just want to mention that we had ‘electrical phenomena’ long before the invention/discovery of ‘electricity’. If we go along with the Electric Universe people the electro-magnetic force is the primary force that moves the universe. So throughout time we have had all kinds of electric events, solar storms, magnetic pole switching, ordinary lightning etc etc…………………so the ‘flu’ in ancient time could well have been caused by things of that nature. That is what Arthur Firstenberg claims in his book “The Invisible Rainbow” he makes a very strong case that the ‘flu’ (and by extension we might say the corona virus event) are NOT caused by person to person ‘infection’ at all. And if we look at the patterns we get even from the main stream media that makes more sense. They have said one of the people in California that came down with it had no contacts at all that would explain it. It is hard to watch the news and realize the paradigm is totally off…………..but I guess at a deep level that is by design

    1. Patrick –

      I enjoy your logic, even though the underlying assumptions are actually unknown.

      “….so the ‘flu’ in ancient time could (COULD) well have been caused by things of that nature.”…. AND I guess also “COULD have been caused by things” we have absolutely no knowledge of.

      I really like good guesses! I use them a lot. 🙂

    2. Hi Patrick – I don’t remember Arthur making reference to natural electric phenomenon as being part of what is driving all this illness. For those who have not read his book yet, it is a must read and he makes a highly compelling argument that diabetes, heart disease, “the flu” and other illnesses are the result of exposure to manmade electricity and radiation. Alternating current is more harmful than direct current. In my book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound, I explain the difference between technologically-produced radiation and frequencies as compared with natural radiation and frequencies. These are diametrically opposed forces. And because of the way technologically produced frequencies and radiation are created, they will always be a destructive force, since they are based on the destruction of matter. So that is the bottom line. When these radiation-emitting frequencies were let loose in our world, the devil was, indeed, let loose, as Wilhelm Röntgen stated. These frequencies/radiation are 100% luciferian.

      1. Jeanice, I may have ‘jumped the gun’ on that a bit. I was responding to Pat who said the ‘flu’ was around long before electricity so assuming that to be true I was trying to explain how that might be the case in terms of disturbances in the ‘natural’ electrical cycles. I will read Firstenberg’s account of the ‘flu’ again but you are correct. The main thrust of what he is saying is that the man made ‘artificial’ electricity accounts for pretty much all the modern examples of flu.

        Of course when we lived under natural conditions we were much better off. At the same time I don’t know if you are familiar with magnetic pole switching (where North becomes South and vica versa) that can be pretty horrendous and is a ‘natural’ phenomenon. Supposedly it occurs about once a million years. I don’t think I would like to be around for that. But you are correct I was taking liberties a bit with Firstenberg’s work

      2. I wonder, Patrick, about those magnetic pole shifts and whether it is manmade activity that is causing this type of phenomenon. I don’t think it’s natural. I think it’s a result of this warped electromagnetic energy (((they))) have brought to this Earth. And yes, it was JEWS who brought this energy here and this fact is very well documented in my ultrasound book and elsewhere (also on this site).

    3. Jeanice and Patrick,

      I never heard about this author Arthur Firstenberg. With all due respect for both of you, I’m not buying his stories.

      The ultrasound is a clever technology, completely noninvasive; the actuator emits high frequency sound and measure the time for the echo to come back. The surface of the fetus reflects the sound. A distant surface reflex the sound later than a closer surface, than an image can be formed. As far as I know the sound is inaudible, we only hear from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, below 20Hz we feel the air pressure in our body but we don’t hear the sound, like a very low bass. Ultrasound is like a whistle for dogs, we can’t hear it.

      Right now I have no comments on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

      My best argument for the existence of the virus is the electronic microscope. The electronic microscope is amazing! It can show all the components of our cells. Before it, some clever guys did amazing things with the optical microscope; when light passes through a tiny slice of tissue, they use chemicals to react with, for example, some specific protein, to enhance the components they want to see. I saw lots of pictures of cells and I believe in the science of molecular biology, at least the images they make.

      Nevertheless, this gal says all technology is evil by definition, go figure…

      1. I can assure you, Nothing but Truth, that both people and animals (and fish and birds and insects) CAN hear ultrasound and that this is what is causing millions around the world to develop “tinnitus.” This fact is extensively well-documented in my book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound.” Ultrasonic frequencies are being emitted by our various wireless devices and hence we are often hit with a combination of both acoustic radiation and electromagnetic radiation — a surefire way to injure and eventually kill people.

        There is no deadly virus. This man (Karma Singh) sums it up quite nicely, especially in the first 10 minutes. I don’t agree with what he says about measles. But in terms of viruses, he is absolutely spot-on.

      2. Jeanice, I think magnetic pole shifts are well documented and were around long before any ‘artificial’ electricity. By definition we are talking about the distant past long before humans even. Robert Felix has written a lot about this and claims it is one of the main drivers of evolution and even ties things like the extinction of the dinosaurs to it. Some of this might not be that ‘nice’ but there is an element in the Universe and Life of catastrophe and even horror that our modern sensibilities have a hard time with.

      3. Patrick – you may be right and I don’t know. But I don’t think we can believe anything we are told about the history of this Earth as there is even a question about whether dinosaurs ever actually existed. But in any event, I am sure you are right about the fact that magnetic pole shifts are not fun and it’s probably best not to have to live through such a time. However, my knowing of who our Creator is and how kind he/it is indicates to me that pole shifts are not natural. They are coming from some dark force. Of course, I have zero documentation to back up what I just said. But it’s going to be hard to change my mind about this as I truly know how good and kind our Creator is. And also how intelligent this magnificent creation we call Earth is. So there seems to me zero “evolutionary” benefit to the existence of pole shifts that are alleged to kill off massive numbers of innocent life forms. This is not how our Creator works. This is not how Creation was designed. Everything in our world is designed for regeneration and renewal. Everything is about the birth of new life. THAT is the nature of Creation. So in terms of destructive events like pole shifts, something else is going on. And of course there is also the issue of whether pole shifts actually even exist. It could all be made up. We simply don’t know.

  28. Thanks Pat. I agree that we have it seems to make guesses more and more. At times I feel pretty blaze about this whole thing and see it as pretty much a ‘hoax’
    On the other hand it seems possible something quite bad has happened in China maybe a combination of air pollution and 5G. If 5G is a big factor there it makes sense it will become a big factor here also. Then there are the scary economic consequences if China really starts to go in the tank the supply chain problems could be very serious indeed. There are many moving parts to this but really what I was trying to convey is that this ‘infection’ model of a so called virus is very questionable. That in itself seems like progress but the trouble is all the Governments go with the infection model and this has to potential to cause huge economic problems. Of course maybe some very powerful people want to crash the world economy and then buy up everything on the cheap. Another guess I suppose.

    1. Interesting thought – I came across a meme yesterday that reads:

      “Corona is the field around high voltage electricity… Corona (radiation) kills most high voltage electricians by the time they are 55 years old… Corona is an EMF field that is generated close to high voltage power transmission. Now they have labeled those symptoms to be caused by a ‘viral’ attack… Coincidence that 5G will cause all those symptoms of Corona Field Exposure?”

      Yup – it’s all just a coincidence and we are just “guessing” about what is going on.

      1. Now THAT is an interesting video Pat! Right down to the cruise ship near the end! And their refusal to return to wireless world. I’m thinking there is great significance in that commercial!

      2. I thought you might like that, Jeanice.

        This scientific evaluation of EMF effects is much more interesting:

        Oxalic Acid & Patented Hart Dietary Procedures Testimonies – Hart Dietary Procedure Plan

        There is an answer to defeating cancer, bacterial and viral infections, cardio and vascular problems, and a host of other problems including emphysema, COPD, etc. How about the common cold? This can be stopped in its tracks.

        Colonel Francis J Hart has been issued three (3) patents. All the information can be found by going to:  Once you’re there enter the following patent numbers to view each patent in its entirety: 6,133,318, 6,133,317, and 6,407,141 

        Colonel Hart went to the expense and hard work to patent his discovery with the express intent of protecting the discovery from those that would do whatever they could to profit from the information. By having the patents, Colonel Hart has complete control in keeping the cost of any pharmaceutical pills, lotions, mouthwashes, etc., they may eventually be created at a bare minimum. He cannot tolerate the idea of ill persons being taken advantage of and harmed.


        Colonel Hart:
        In today’s lifestyle that has to be considered in any diet and I believe it is the primary cause of breast and lung cancer in women, smokers or not. It is ELECTRIC MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMFs).
        Women must absolutely avoid use of the microwave and in most cases be 20+ feet from most large units.
        Men should follow the same rule if they are fighting cancer. To cite an analogy, microwave ovens are usually placed on a counter top, under a cabinet or in a stack on top of an oven; for most women this is breast high and women happen to be the prime user, especially working women, who rush home pop a can of veggies in the oven, set the timer for 2 min. stand right there and wait for the bell. Besides decomposing the oxalic acid in the veggies, oxalic acid in the blood vessels is also being decomposed.
        Now, the reader also knows the answer to the question about cell phones. The majority of cell phones can be a cause of brain tumors as the magnetic field from the antennae is very strong.
        Electric blankets unless they are shielded do decompose acid in the blood contributing to cancers.
        And do not use a juicer to make carrot juice or any other juice; at the point of juicing the magnetic field is almost as strong as the microwave.
        Also electric razors at the point they touch the skin are also very strong. What is strong? Any magnetic force greater then that which will influence a magnetic compass will begin to decompose oxalic acid. The Department of Energy suggests when there is any force greater then 2.0 milliGauss you should take precautionary measures.

        Patent for virus protection: – Oxalic acid or oxalate compositions and methods for bacterial, viral, and other diseases or conditions

        A single medicine oxalic acid or oxalate composition or “magic bullet” and method of treatment or prevention of warm-blooded animals including humans and pets for infectious or pathogenic microbial, bacterial, or viral disease, chemopreventiong of bacterial or viral infections, and the like, is provided which includes at least one therapeutically effective form of oxalic acid or oxalate selected from oxalic acid in a free acid, ester, lactone or salt form and oxalate including sodium oxalate, oxalic acid dihydrate, anhydrous oxalic acid, oxamide, and oxalate salts, natural or processed foods including molds, plants or vegetables containing oxalic acid or oxalate, beverages, liquids or juices containing oxalic acid or oxalate, additives containing oxalic acid or oxalate, and combinations thereof. The composition may also contain a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or diluent for the therapeutically effective form of oxalic acid or oxalate. Methods are provided including the steps of periodically administering, by topical, oral, or parenteral application, a therapeutically effective dosage of a composition including at least one therapeutically effective form of oxalic acid or oxalate and improving chemotherapy reducing the intake of oxalic acid or oxalate blockers such as citric acid, ascorbic acid, (vitamin C), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), calcium, alcohol, resins, clays, foods containing calcium, beverages containing alcohol, citric acid, red meat or white meat of fowl containing pyridoxine hydrochloride, or other foods nutritional supplements or beverages containing oxalic acid or oxalate blockers.

      3. Pat – that is very interesting information that I think I will share with my mother who has consistently refused to stop using a microwave oven and who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It all makes perfect sense. In addition to the magnetic fields spoken about by Colonel Hart there is also the microwave radiation and electric fields. What a field day the bastards have had unleashing these wicked technologies in our world. And how stupid is our race that we have accepted these devices with open arms?

        Not very intelligent!

      4. Jeanice –

        The Colonel died at age 94. He was a personal friend. He told me that he considered citric acid to be the most damning culprit, and EMFs second.

        Out of the dozens of references he used in developing the patent he considered Hodgkinson’s to be at the top of the list. You should get the book.
        The correct amount of oxalic acid is the key.
        The proper concentration of oxalic acid in the blood is 268 micrograms/deciliter:
        Hodgkinson, A. Oxalic Acid in Biology and Medicine, Academic Press, 1977
        See–pp. 1-3, 16-17, 18-21, 23, 37-38, 49-51, 69-80, 84-88, 100-103, 110-111, 122-124, 130, 133-135, 153-156, 159-164, 168-174, 180-182, 196-207, 216-228, 238.

        If someone has to have a microwave they might be able to stand 10 ft away while it is on….. & follow the easy diet.

        Colonel Joe Hart’s PATENTED Diet – works wonders
        (Can help with Cancer-Heart Disease-Arthritis-Diabetes-Virus-Bacteria — any blood borne condition)

        Do NOT ingest any of the following items: (very bad)
        Pork (too high B-6)
        White meat of any fowl (too high B-6)
        Dairy products, including all cheeses (too high calcium)
        Citric acid in any form, including as an ingredient on the label (produced in body and causes Krebs Cycle to flush all acid)
        Vitamin B-6 in excess
        Alcohol *except cheap red wine

        *Stay away from all EMFs(Electromagntic fields)

        Do eat these foods to increase oxalic acid in the body:

        Drink one 12 oz can of carrot juice a day
        Eat one handful of walnuts a day
        Eat dark chocolate
        Eat foods high in oxalic acid
        Regular black tea or green tea(sweetened is ok)


        In regular daily diet:
        Use olive oil to cook
        Drink grape juice regularly
        Beef in moderation
        Any seafood especially tuna
        Eat plenty of parsley, spinach, all greens, berries….see chart:

      5. Thanks Pat – it’s good to see that many of the veggies are already on my list of regular dietary items! So that’s good news.
        So what causes high levels of citric acid? What type of foods?

      6. Jeanice –

        ALL citrus fruits except lemons. Lemons are the only known anionic natural product.
        Pineapple is bad also. Now you see why cancer is rampant. Hawaiians have lots of pineapple but their poi staple has high level of oxalic acid to offset it.

        Yes – when folks drink orange juice and pineapple juice etc, for a cold, it cause a longer lasting condition. Going backwards.
        Grape juice containing no citric acid as preservative is best. Cranberry juice also.

        (Col Joe’s anecdote from the list):

        Notice the above vegetables that are highest in oxalic acid are those all the experts recommend you should have in your diet. They can’t tell you why, they just know they work. God being pretty smart assured that these plants would be available all over the world. Almost 100% are in the weed family.
        Ever try to kill weeds. Weeds will always be available for all warm blooded animals.

        To make a point, MAD COW diseases is a *virus and the reason it is striking in Europe is the diet the cattle are fed. They are not receiving enough of the forage and grains which contain oxalic acid **due to the large volume of animal by-products** being used as feed. It is cheaper than natural feeds but not cheaper than losing a herd.

        I wrote my Representative Asa Hutchinson and suggested he have the U.S. Center for Disease Control do invitro testing using anhydrous oxalic acid to treat the virus. The scientist may discover that oxalic acid is viricidal. I have data, that the acid kills *rhinovirus and *influenza virus. Apparently Mr. Hutchinson would rather watch vote counters in Florida…. (in 2000 election)

      7. Good to know! Thanks Pat. Lemons are a daily part of my diet in my morning tea. I do sometimes squeeze some oranges to make some juice, but not that often. I appreciate the info! Tx.

      8. My understanding is that all diseases suffered in the human body is caused by the inefficient absorption of nutrients. With this in mind, the First order of business needs to be to eliminate gluten, fried foods, ALL oils, processed meats (and processed foods in general), and sugar. Second is to adopt a vitamin/mineral supplementation plan to make up for their general state of depletion from the soil.

        The best example of people whose soil is not depleted, and who get their water from glaciers are the Hunza people of Central Asia, who routinely live well into their 100s

    1. Oh dear. Lots of confusion. But I guess the way I think about it is– if our Creator made a plant or a piece of fruit, it’s not bad for us, no matter what other “Earthlings” say. If it’s mutant plants or fruit, that is a different story. But food that is in its natural and organic form cannot be bad for us. This does not compute.

    2. “Oxalate is an organic acid found in plants, but can also be synthesized by the body. It binds minerals, and has been linked to kidney stones and other health problems.”

      Kidney stones are calcium oxylate.

      It is the excess calcium which causes the biggest risk for kidney stones. Heavy dairy intake is a problem there.

      Pure oxalic acid is a very deadly poison.
      Foods containing oxalic acid should not be eaten to excess.

      Colonel Hart’s book will help:

  29. Jeanice – here are a few quotes from Firstenberg’s book about ‘flu’ or its more correct name ‘influenza’

    “Since ancient times influenza had been known as a capricious, unpredictable disease, a wild animal that came from nowhere, terrorized whole populations at once without warning and without a schedule and dissapeared as suddenly and mysteriously as it had arrived, not to be seen again for years or decades. It behaved unlike any other illness, was thought NOT (my emphasis) to be contagious and received it’s name because it’s comings and goings were thought to be ‘influenced’ by the stars”

    “for the last three centuries influenza pandemics have been most likely to occur during peaks of solar magnetic activity – that is at the height of each 11 years sun cycle”

    Firstenberg then goes on to say NOW it is a ‘yearly event’ and that is how he distinguishes it from the time before man made electricity. Hope that clears things up a bit

    1. Jeanice –

      That sounds logical.

      South America & Africa rarely have an influenza attack.

      Have you ever seen anyone explain the fact that the influenzas occur predominantly in the northern hemisphere?

      1. Pat – I did not know that and could only explain it by saying they are being less exposed that we are. Do you have any links talking about this idea that influenza predominantly occurs in the northern hemisphere? Sure is interesting since they promote the flu shot annually in places Australia.

    2. Interesting Patrick! Thanks for that little tidbit of information about Firstenberg’s research on this topic. Now I am confused because so many of the examples he put in his book regarding influenza outbreaks — they all took place when new manmade electrical energies were being introduced into our society. I don’t remember seeing any evidence about solar magnetic activity being connected to influenza pandemics. Do you have the book in front of you? Does he offer citations for the above?

  30. Jeanice, yes I have the book in front of me and re-read most of the stuff on ‘flu’. Basically he says since we are electrical beings living in an electrical ‘envelope’ yes even long before artificial electricity we were subject to electrical ‘shocks’ of different kinds. Magnetic pole switching on the sun, sun spots, etc etc and these changes could and did cause ‘flu’…………….but this flu is really just a way of us adapting ourselves to changing electrical/magnetic conditions. I don’t think he would even see it as ‘disease’ it just our way of adjusting. So this is the kind of background he paints before the arrival of ARTIFICIAL electricity. Result he says that now influenza is a yearly reality whereas in the past it might occur once a decade or two. Our new reality is almost constant ‘flu’ to fit our constant exposure to artificial frequencies. I am simplifying a bit but hopefully convey the thrust of what he is saying

    1. Patrick –

      “Our new reality is almost constant ‘flu’ to fit our constant exposure to artificial frequencies.”

      Sounds about right to me. The ‘soup of Electrical & Magnetic Frequencies we are in today is unavoidable. We live in an electrical wiring cage in our homes.

      The man-made radio and TV signals pass through us 24 hrs every day here….. That includes even those who are living outside in open air. Even the Hunzas!!

      1. Jeanice –
        The Hunza people live in the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan.

        I learned about Hunzas in the 1950s from this book, by Rodale in 1949…. which I still have here at my desk:

        The Hunza Valley as the Original Shangri La – An Isolated Region With High Life Expectancy.

        Their Diet (almost no meat – maybe twice a year)
        Hunzas consume a mostly plant-based diet, eaten raw. Because they are so isolated, the Hunza do not have access to a large amount of fuel for cooking food, nor are there many animals available for eating, so they plant what they can and gather the rest. Apricots, cherries, grapes, plums, and peaches are all cultivated by the Hunza. They also eat a lot of grains — wheat, barley, and millet — and chapati, their daily bread.

        How They Keep Free From Illness
        In short, exercise. The environment in which the Hunza live is mountainous and has extremely rough terrain. The villages are incredibly isolated and built into the cliffside; some villages are more than 1,000 years old. Hunza people have no choice but to navigate the rough passages and steep ridges.

        But Are They Happy?
        Absolutely. In fact, some researchers have called the Hunza the happiest people on Earth. The Hunza have a certain passion and zest for life, perhaps brought on to some extent by their daily rigorous exercise and simple lifestyle.

      2. Pat – that is very interesting about he Hunzas as it sounds like they are living as pristine Earthlings would, and therefore, are happy and healthy. However, if the intrusion of the technological world has now entered their area and they are being affected by these noxious, technologically produced frequencies and radiation, their lives are going to deteriorate just as surely as ours has. There is no getting around this. Of course, the more exposure, the quicker the decline. Perhaps they are only peripherally affected. It would be nice to imagine that they are not affected by these energies at all and that the energies do not reach their area This is the ideal-case scenario.

      3. Consider that this planet and all its inhabitants are coming out of the residual after effects of the Kali Yuga, in keeping with Michael Cremo’s research on Devolution and the idea of where humanity is at collectively on the Great Yugic Cycle in moving back around to an “evolutionary curve” – the e-volution aspect of the Dwapara Yuga, as opposed to the d-evolution aspect of it, of which all Yugas have. (Darwin’s “evolution” being nothing more than species adapting to changing physical environments. One long series of reacting to circumstances subject to the ways (“laws”) of matter- a wholly different thing than the “evolution” of Consciousness.)

        Also consider than these artificially-induced 4G/5G electrical frequencies are intended to BLOCK this evolution marked by coming out of the Kali Yuga. As if the forces of Darkness want to take as many souls with it as it “shoots its way outta “Dodge”.

    2. That is very interesting Patrick and I like the way you have explained it. I read the book while I was visiting a friend in West Virginia. It was her copy. I don’t have a copy of it myself but need to get one so I can go back and re-read it too. I appreciate your input here. Thanks.

  31. Great comments on this Coronavirus (Covid-19) article. Yes this is an Opportunity by the Globalists to bring about their NWO. From the comments, there is a 5G technology – Covid-19 link in terms of they are coverups for each other and allows both to be spread globally. As a Microbiologist, educated in 1989, Covid-19 is a Bioweapon developed in BSL level 4 labs. It is a bioweapon because it contains gene fragments (eventually proteins) found in the HIV virus. This kind of gene transfer does not happen naturally. No homosexual with HIV encountered a bat or snake that would have produced this virus. Laughable storyline. Besides are Bats or Snakes dying like flies from this Virus at present. Think about it! Think about BSE – Mad Cow disease for example.

    Next, those that are infected with Covid-19, some of those individuals show symptoms that are not just flu / pneumonia like, which is what to expect with colds, flus affecting the lungs. Some of these individuals are now showing signs of diarrhea or bowel problems (stomach flu?). This means the virus is mutating, but also that this virus was bio-engineered because the mutations do not show up or change so quickly. So far Covid-19 is following a flu-season type history, November to April (winter time) spread and prevalence in North hemisphere or May to October (winter time) in the Southern hemisphere. If Covid-19 still spreads through the population during the non-winter season, it is a new and bio-engineered weapon for sure. This means there will be a pandemic ahead for sure.

    Next, the fact that Israel says they are weeks or a few months at most away from a vaccine, suggests all this was pre-planned. All part of a Globalist agenda. I mean here is the time line. Military/Police World war games held in Wuhan province in China in October 2019 (athletes as spies/agents of CIA etc.), Wuhan rolls out 5G technology at same time. Bill Gates and his foundation, with other interested parties from Media, Health organizations like CDC, NIH, WHO and pharmaceutical companies hold Event 201 at end of October 2019. Late December 2019, first cases of Coronavirus (later named Covid-19 by WHO) are found. Virus spreads and disrupts Chinese New Year (Year of Rat – spreader of Bubonic Black plaque). Illuminati symbolism abounds. WHO director is Ethiopian, with ties to Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopian regime, as well as the fact the director is NOT a MEDICAL Doctor but a Health Services Bureaucrat expert (PhD), like a Hospital Administrator or Hospital CEO.
    In all this officials for Cruiselines, government leaders and other top people behave at levels of incompetence allow Covid-19 to spread. All this malfeasance so as to have global economic collapse blamed on a Virus rather than on the Banksters, since global debt due to market speculation is in the quadrillion dollars whereas Global GDP is only in the 200 trillion dollar range. What could go wrong! The Globalists really want this havoc on humanity.

    Sadly, despite the MSM coverage of Covid-19, China as an authoritarian Communist dictatorship can handle the virus better than the west. For the west to achieve the same levels of quarantine and isolation to defeat the virus, MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW would have to be declared. Thus Covid-19 is probably a backdoor means to a Global government, NWO. Trump’s hidden agenda after November 2020, American dictator perhaps, by fooling Americans and especially American Christian Zionists and Evangelicals.

    Lastly, there is irony that Iran is now an affected country as well. The irony is even more bizarre as it is a large number of Iranian Theocrats and government officials that are also infected. Perhaps it is Israel and America fighting Iran in a new way. Who would have thought this up and how sick these perpetrators are that want their NWO.

    So Darkmooners, continue your quest for truth and stay calm and rational. Think before you emote to survive this next machination of the Globalists.

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