Weimar America, Here We Come! — Virus Hysteria Adds $10 Trillion to the National Debt

By Mike Whitney
The Unz Review via ICH
April 12, 2020

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus is a serious infection that can lead to severe illness or death. There’s also no doubt that ‘virus hysteria’ has been used for other purposes. Wall Street, for example, has used virus-panic to advance its own agenda and get another round of trillion dollar bailouts. In fact, it took less than a week to get the pushover congress to ram through a massive $2.2 trillion boondoggle without even one lousy congressman offering a peep of protest. That’s got to be some kind of record.

In 2008, at the peak of the financial crisis, Congress voted “No” to the $700 billion TARP bill. Some readers might recall how a number of GOP congressmen bravely banded together and flipped Wall Street “the bird”. That didn’t happen this time around. Even though the bill is three times bigger than the TARP ( $2.2 trillion), no one lifted a finger to stop it. Why?

Fear, that’s why. Everyone in congress was scared to death that if they didn’t rush this debt-turd through the House pronto, the economy would collapse while tens of thousands of corpses would be stacking up in cities across the country.

Of course the reason they believed this nonsense was because the goofy infectious disease experts confidently assured everyone that the body-count would be “in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.”

Remember that fiction? The most recent estimate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 total. I don’t need to tell you that the difference between 60,000 and “millions” is a little more than a rounding-error.

So we’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes, right?

Not as bad as congress, but, all the same, we’ve been hoodwinked and we’ve been fleeced.

And the people who have axes to grind have been very successful in taking advantage of the hysteria and promoting their own agendas.

Maybe you’ve noticed the reemergence of creepy Bill Gates and the Vaccine Gestapo or NWO Henry Kissinger warning us that, “the world will never be the same after the coronavirus”.

What do these people know that we don’t know? Doesn’t it all make you a bit suspicious?

And when you see nonstop commercials on TV telling you to “wash your hands”or “keep your distance” or “stay inside” and, oh yeah, “We’re all in this together”, doesn’t it leave you scratching your head and wondering who the hell is orchestrating this virus-charade and what do they really have in mind for us unwashed masses??

At least in the case of Wall Street, we know what they want. They want money and lots of it.

Have you looked over the $2.2 trillion CARES bill that Trump just signed into law a couple weeks ago? It’s pretty grim reading, so I’ll save you the effort. Here’s a rough breakdown:

$250 billion will go for the $1,200 checks that most of us will receive in a couple weeks. And $250 billion will be provided for extended unemployment insurance benefits.

That’s $500 billion.

Working people will get $500 billion while Wall Street and Corporate America will get 3 times that amount. ($1.7 trillion) And even that’s a mere fraction of the total sum because– hidden in the small print– is a section that allows the Fed to lever-up the base-capital by 10-to-1 ($450 billion to $4.5 trillion) which means the Fed can buy as many “toxic” bonds and garbage assets as it chooses.

The Fed is turning itself into a hedge fund in order to buy the sludge that has accumulated on the balance sheets of corporations and financial institutions for the last decade. It’s another gigantic ripoff that’s being cleverly concealed behind the ridiculous coronavirus hype. It’s infuriating.

So here’s the question: Do you think Congress knew that working people would only get a pittance while the bulk of the dough would go to Wall Street?

It’s hard to say, but they certainly knew that the economy was cratering and that $500 billion wasn’t going to put much of a dent in a $20 trillion economy.

In other words, even if everyone goes out and blows their measly $1,200 checks on Day 1, we’re still going to experience the sharpest economic contraction on record, a second Great Depression.

Maybe they should have talked about that in congress before they voted for this trillion-dollar turkey?

Maybe they should have thought a little more about how the money should be distributed: Should it go to the people who actually buy things, generate activity and produce growth, or to the parasite class that blows up the system every decade and drags the economy down a black hole? That seems like something you might want to know before you pass a multi-trillion dollar bill that’s supposed to fix the economy.

It’s also worth noting that the $5.8 trillion is not nearly the total amount that Wall Street will eventually get. The Fed has already spent $2 trillion via its QE program (to shore up the dysfunctional repo market) and Fed chair Jay Powell announced on Thursday that another $2.3 trillion in loans and purchases would be used to buy municipal bonds, corporate bonds and loans to small businesses.

The allocation for small businesses, which falls under the Main Street Lending Program, has been widely touted as a sign of how much the Fed really cares about struggling Mom and Pop businesses that employ the majority of working Americans. But, once again, it’s a sham and a boondoggle. The program is on-track to get $600 billion funding of which the US Treasury will provide the base-capital of $75 billion. The rest will be levered-up by 9-to-1 by the Fed, which means it’s just more smoke and mirrors.

What readers need to realize is that the Treasury has accepted the credit risk for all of the loans that default. In other words, the American people are now on the hook for 100% of all of the loans that go south, and there’s going to be a lot of them because the banks have no reason to find creditworthy borrowers. They get a 5% cut off-the-top whether the loans blow up or not. And, that, my friend, is how you incentivize fraud which, as Bernie Sanders noted, “is Wall Street’s business model.”

It also helps to explain why Trump has repeatedly rejected congressional oversight of the various bailout programs. He’s smart enough to know a good swindle when he sees one, and this one is a corker.

“He smart enough to know a good swindle when he sees one . . . “

The government is essentially waving trillions of dollars right under the noses of the world’s most ravenous hyenas expecting them not to act in character. But of course they will act in character and hundreds of billions of dollars will be siphoned off by scheming sharpies who figure out how game the system and turn the whole fiasco into another Wall Street looting operation. You can bet on it.

So, what is the final tally?

Well, according to Trump’s chief economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, the first bailout installment is $6.2 trillion (after the Fed ramps up the Treasury’s contribution of $450 billion.). Then there’s the $2.3 trillion in additional programs the Fed announced on Thursday. Finally, the Fed’s QE program adds another $2 trillion in bond purchases since September 17, when the repo market went haywire.

Altogether, the total sum amounts to $10.5 trillion.

You know what they say, “A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.”

Of course, no one on Capitol Hill worries about trivialities like money because, “We’re the United States of America, and our dollar will always be King.” But there’s a fundamental flaw to this type of thinking. Yes, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, but that’s a privilege that the US has greatly abused over the years, and it’s certainly not going to survive this latest wacky helicopter drop.

No, I am not suggesting the US would ever default on its debt, that’s not going to happen.

But, yes, I am suggesting that the US will have to repay its debts in a currency that has lost a significant amount of its value. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that you can’t willy-nilly print-up $10 or $20 trillion dollars without eroding the value of the currency. That’s a no-brainer. Central bankers around the world are now looking at their piles of USDs thinking, “Hmmm, maybe it’s time I traded some of these greenbacks in for a few yen, euros or even Swiss francs?”

So how does this end? Can the Fed continue to write trillion dollar checks on an account that is already $23 trillion overdrawn? Will Central banks around the world continue to stockpile dollars when the Fed is printing them up faster than anyone can count? And what about China?

How long before China realizes that US Treasuries are grossly overvalued, that US equities markets are unreformable, that the dollar is backed by nothing but red ink, and that Wall Street is the biggest and most corrupt cesspit on earth?

Not long, I’d wager.

“The biggest and most corrupt cesspit on earth.”

So, how does this end?

It ends in a flash of monetary debasement preceded by a violent and destabilizing currency crisis.

It’s plain as the nose on your face.

The Fed knows that when a nation’s sovereign debt exceeds 100% of GDP, “there’s almost no mathematical way to service that debt in real terms.” Well, the US passed that milestone way-back in 2019 before this latest drunken spending-spree even began. It’s safe to say, we’ve now entered the financial Twilight Zone, the Land of No Return.

If we add the Fed’s bulging balance sheet to the final estimate, the national debt will be somewhere north of $33 trillion by year-end, which means that Uncle Sam will be the greatest credit risk on Planet Earth.

Imagine how jaws will drop on the day that Moodys and Fitch slash the ratings on US Treasuries to Triple B “junk” status. That should turn a few heads.

So what can we expect in the months to come?

First, the economy is going to slip into a deflationary period as people get back to work and slowly resume their spending. But once demand picks up and the Fed’s liquidity starts to kick in, the economy will rebound sharply followed by steadily rising prices. That’s the red flag that will signal a weakening dollar. Similar to 1933, when Roosevelt took the U.S. off the gold standard and printed money like crazy, economic activity picked up but the value of the dollar dropped by 40%. A similar scenario seems likely here as well. Economist Lyn Alden Schwartzer summed it up like this in an article at Seeking Alpha:

“One of the common debates is whether all of this debt, counteracted by a tremendous monetary expansion by the Federal Reserve in response, will cause a deflationary bust or an inflationary problem…..Fundamentally, evidence points to a period of deflation due to this global shutdown and demand destruction shock, likely followed in the coming years by rising inflation….

In the coming years, the United States will be effectively printing money to fund large fiscal deficits, while also having a large current account deficit and negative net international investment position. This is one of the main variables for my view that the dollar will likely decrease in value relative to a basket of foreign currencies in the coming years….” (“Why This Is Unlike The Great Depression”, Seeking Alpha)

So, after decades of lethal low interest rates, relentless meddling and gross regulatory malpractice, the Fed has led us to this final, fatal crossroads: Inflate or default. From the looks of things, the choice has already been made.

Wiemar America, here we come!


In Weimar Germany of the 1920s
wheelbarrows replaced wallets

In the above picture, a German shopper is seen wheeling in hundreds of millions of German marks to buy a loaf of bread from his local bakery. 


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  1. 1913 was when the Western world handed the keys to the money purse over to the “children of the devil”, the Jews. “They neither reap nor spin”, nor work or create. All they do is make money out of the Gentiles’ hard labour and further enrich themselves by creating money out of the thin air. ….. “But your iniquities have separated you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you …..” (Isaiah 59: 2) …..Jesus entered the “temple of God” that had become “the den of thieves” and “cast out all of them that sold and bought in the temple.” (Matthew 21: 12) ….. “Whoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor.” (Matthew 24:16) …. “For you allow heavy burdens and grievous to be born and lay them on men’s shoulders.” (Matthew 23: 4) ……”Jesus would not walk in Jewry because the Jews sought to kill him.” (John 7: 1). …. “Jews of the temple are from beneath. I am from above. You are of this world. I am not of this world. ….. You shall die of your sins. For you do not believe that I am the son of God.” (John 8:24). …. Today’s version: “Jews of the new temple, the American Federal Reserve, are from beneath, working the insidious plans of Mystery Babylon…. Through mass usury and false money lending they are placing life destroying burdens on the Gentiles. …. They are blighting the people of the planet and must be stopped. In Jesus’ description they are dead men walking, nothing but gold accumulating, power hungry, children of the devil, destined for the lake of fire and permanent removal from the annals of mankind.”

    1. Oh dear Max, you take the texts of the New Testament too serious. You are a relic. Most christians read the NT way more ‘ flexible, opportunistic ‘ and regard Jesus as a kind of Santa Claus which gives them a good feeling about themselves. Jesus is not regarded by most of the christians as the real savior much more is considered as a talisman. That’s a shame. There are so many christians in name only including many crypto jew christians.

  2. The meme “Cash is King” will become “Cash is Trash” if this continues. I wonder how-on-earth we’ll be forced to abandon our mattress-stuffing savings without a huge, violent reaction??? Any privacy of commerce will become non-existent if TPTB have their way. Resistance will be futile and fatal. Get ready for it! Make ’em pay a high price in blood for their efforts to enslave you (at least ONE of (((them))) for one of us).

  3. It causes me to have newfound sympathy for the now-famous “slave rebellion” of Nat Turner. Now can be had some inkling of the unease felt by the poor old Africans shackled in the cargo holds of slave vessels crossing the Atlantic – knowing they had been sold by their own kin. Even families and kinsmen will “sell you out” to preserve their own dwindling luxuries and freedom. You will have very few “friends” in the upcoming scenario.

  4. “Weimar America, Here We Come!” — NOT REALLY!

    There is NO accurate financial comparison.

    Mike Whitney failed to acknowledge that the German mark was NOT the MAJOR RESERVE CURRENCY of the world. The USD IS!!

    I will take ALL of the USD that Russia has in reserves in a NY minute. 🙂

    1. @ Pat

      It’s very nice that the USD is the MAJOR RESERVE CURRENCY of the world. But when the U.S. economy crashes — from the JEW looting of the United States currently taking place — the fact that the the US dollar is the major reserve currency of the world is NOT going to help average Americans at all. Not at all. It will be for average Americans just like it was for Weimar Germany. The dollar will be worthless for average Americans.

      1. @ The Real Original Joe

        I agree with your comment. Pat’s statement that the US dollar, as the world’s major reserve currency, cannot be compared to the German mark of the 1920s, is correct. The two currencies are not identical. But Pat is wrong to think that America is invulnerable and can go on printing joke money for ever. You can’t turn the tap on and print trillions of banknotes and expect those banknotes to retain their value. Sooner or later, ordinary Americans will have to pay the price of this fiscal extravagance.

        Pat conveniently forgets that the British pound was once the world’s major reserve currency. Everyone bought gold and pounds sterling and stowed them away under their mattresses. This was before WWII. The Brits borrowed money like crazy to fight WW2. They borrowed the cash from the US. Result? The British pound lost its status as the world’s reserve currency and the US dollar replaced the pound sterling as the reserve currency of the world.

        America is now making the same mistake as the Brits made during WWII: borrowing money like mad from the Federal Reserve, money the Fed even doesn’t have but is creating out of thin air! And America, believe me, will pay the price of this extravagance: a considerably weaker dollar.

        What will your savings be worth if in 10 years time it’s going to cost you $100 for a cup of coffee and $1000 for a cheap meal at McDonalds?

        — TS Long
        (Bank Manager)

      2. TS –

        I shall address you directly and not TROJ.

        As a typical arrogant “Bank Manager”, you are wrong to tell anyone what I “forgot”. Only Carnak can do that!! 🙂

        Please feel at liberty to tell us what YOU “forgot”, and not what anyone other than yourself “forgot”.

        1. @ Pat

          I was polite to you and my comment was sober and fact-based. Your response to my moderate comment was a rude ad hominem attack on me for making a perfectly valid point. So I pay no attention to you.

          I repeat: The US dollar will soon become a worthless currency if the Fed continues to produce banknotes like confetti. In 10 years’ time, this is what you’ll be doing to the dollars stashed under your mattress:


          1. @ TS Long

            You are right.

            The dollar being the world’s major reserve currency hasn’t increased the wages of Americans and it hasn’t stopped any inflation. The wages today are not much higher than the wages in the 1970s and the cost of everything is much higher than in the 1970s. So us Americans have low wages considering how much everything costs, the prices of everything is greatly inflated since the 1970’s and wages are pretty much the same as back in the 1970s, so having the dollar serve as the world’s major reserve currency doesn’t help average Americans.

            Having the USD serve as the world’s major reserve currency certainly didn’t stop American industry from being dismantled and shipped en-masse to China.

      3. TS –

        You wrote to TROJ:
        “Pat conveniently forgets…”

        That is an ad hominem attack behind my back. Slanderous.

        It was not as you claimed when you wrote, “I was polite to you and my comment was sober and fact-based.”

        You were writing to TROJ, not me. Your “facts” were guesses & NOT “facts” at all.

        You got caught…. making things up about me!! 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Back off. You are misbehaving. TS Long’s mildly expressed comment — “Pat conveniently forgets” — can by no stretch of the imagination be described as “slanderous” . It’s just a way of speaking. It is NOT an hominem attack. It occurs constantly in public discourse without any offense being taken.

          If you’re trying to drive good new posters away, you are succeeding.

          1. In any case, the bulk of TS Long’s comment (about the Federal Reserves’s extravagances and hyperinflation in Weimar Germany) is well-informed and interesting, written without any trace of malice or personal animosity toward Pat. In response to this perfectly valid statement, Pat throws a hissy pit. I’ll say this: all Pat’s vaunted remedies for living a happy, well-balanced life are not working for him. Maybe he needs higher doses of Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver and green tea. He’s obviously in the first stages of cracking up! 🙂

      4. Thanks, Mrs Bernstein. You gave it a good shot!

        With that sharp keyboard…. it would seem your hubby may have relished his fate with the lion!!

        “Hissy pit”! I never heard of a “hissy pit” before. That must be a place where snakes eat folks. 🙂

        1. Well said, Pat! You skewered her! With a wife like that,
          most husbands would welcome death in a lion’s jaws! 🙂

          1. My lion days are long since over. 🙂

            Whatever Pat’s faults, he knows I bear him no personal animosity. He has a phenomenal memory and a sharp intelligence to match. He is more than a match for his enemies on this website.

    1. @ Ken

      “There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus is a serious infection that can lead to severe illness or death.”


      Yes, really. My mother has just died in hospital from Coronavirus after being on a ventilator. I am now trying to arrange her funeral. Quite simply, you are a gullible fool for falling for a fake news video on YouTube.

      Fortunately, the video goes on for over two hours. I doubt if anyone here would have the time or patience to waste on a silly video that lasts 2 hours 22 minutes!

      You have more time to waste than most people. So sad.

      1. @Watson,
        I don’t care if anyone watches any of the video, and you are the gullible fool for believing what the doctors told you.

        1. His mother died, you stupid sonofabitch!
          It’s village idiots like you who bring this site into disrepute.

      2. Watson –

        Condolences for your mother’s death, for any reason. May your arrangements be easy.

        I wrote “any reason” because doctors are naming ANY cause of death as a death from COVID-19…. as directed to do so by the CDC , AMA and hospital administrators so they can get PAID MORE from the government. That’s FRAUD!!

        Minnesota: Republican state senator Scott Jensen, who is also a medical doctor, says… the AMA is encouraging doctors to over-count coronavirus deaths. 💥 He revealed that “Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get 13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get 39,000, THREE TIMES as much.”

        Several days ago, he told local media he received a – DIRECTIVE – from the Minnesota Department of Health to list COVID-19 as the cause of death on death certificates even if patients were – NEVER TESTED – for it!!

        When asked why officials would want to inflate the death statistics, Jensen said, “Fear is a great way to control people, and I worry about that.”

        The document mentioned by Dr Jensen is from the CDC and is here:

        From the CDC’s Vital Statistics Reporting Guidance:

        “An accurate count of the number of deaths due to COVID–19 infection, which depends in part on proper death certification, is critical to ongoing public health surveillance and response. When a death is due to COVID–19, it is likely the UCOD and thus, it should be reported on the lowest line used in Part I of the death certificate. Ideally, testing for COVID–19 should be conducted, but it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate – WITHOUT – this confirmation if the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.”


        I too am sorry for your loss, but I will remind people to stay away from these confounded ventilators. They only perpetuate a dependency on mechanical devices that are essentially irrelevant to any chance of the body’s recuperation.

        I say taking our last breath while trapped in the physical constraints of these mortal bodies should be natural as we enter the mystery of the “great beyond”.

      4. @Sardonicus
        What I said was the truth and if “Watson” didn’t attack me for it, I wouldn’t have responded to him the way I did. So you can kiss my ass, you self-righteous prick. And by the way, Pat then confirmed that what I said was true in his comment that followed.

        1. @ Ken

          You lose credibility by your foul language and pathological aggression. Frothing at the mouth like a maniac will win you no arguments. I pay no attention to mentally disturbed people like you.

  5. Brownhawk says “as we enter the mystery of the great beyond.” …… For Red Indians that is “the happy hunting grounds.” …. For jihadist warriors that is owning “73 virgins” in Allah’s nirvana. Female jihadists get nothing, but are pushed into constant slavery. .. For the reigning Pope that is meeting Jesus and his Father with his body untouched by organ gatherers (encyclical issued by Papal decree, forbidding the pope’s body to be utilised for organ transplants, etc) …. For Satanists that is meeting the anti-Christ and joining his ongoing sexual orgy and the eating of babies….. and so on. …. Our atoms are forever part of our Universe of total matter. Even when burnt to smithereens in the fires of cremation, or rotting in a coffin, our bodily atoms eventually are dispersed into the Universe. These atoms slowly inhabit a new home. You may be in the leaf of a tree; you may be in a starlet’s lIpstick; you may be in a lump of shit; or you may be found in a corona virus. ….. But if you are one of the rare true Christians like me, who hates the Jews as the devil’s sperm, your soul will proceed unto the Kingdom of God – the ultimate happy hunting ground, where love and peace will abound. You will be restored with all those you love and drift around in beautiful clouds of kaleidoscopic colour and design, in a Jew free Heaven of perpetual delight….. So let us hope the Jews go ahead with their promise to destroy the worldly sphere and people like me proceed on to God’s Kingdom where we will be granted perpetual reward. I can hardly wait.

    1. My question to all posters is: Do you consider your name will be written in Jesus and his Father’s “Book of Life”? …. Write down a good reason why, remembering that the word HATE is used by God in his Bible and that all of that which Jesus said about the devil’s children amounts to “extreme dislike for”, or HATE. “ Beware the spawn of the devil; these vipers that exist amongst us.” ….. Yes, hate the Jews with a vengeance. Enter their banks and cast all asunder. Leave no stone unturned in rooting out these serpents. …. The End Times, the final battle against the all encompassing evil of the Pharisee Jews, is at hand. We must be steadfast and decisive and do Jesus’ work for him. ….. The fires await them and DEATH eternal. As my great ancestor, Thomas Bilney said, as they lit the fire that would engulf his earthly body: “I believe” (in Jesus) (Source: The Book of Martyrs.) …… Onward Christian soldiers! Retake Jerusalem, free it of the Jewish devil worshippers and share it with our Islamic brothers. Explain to them that virgins in great numbers are not waiting for them in the firmament. Besides, what would you do with so many, burqa clad virgins?

  6. I am not too proud to ask for wisdom.

    To those that speak with confidence about what is happening with our indebtedness in America:

    How does one hold on to what they have ? Speaking as a retiree around 70 yo.

    thanks, Ramm

    1. Ramm, unfortunately what “you have” is no longer really yours and can be taken from you in a second by the current insidious, life-destroying powers that be. ….For eg, one helicopter gunship can take Gilby’s farm from him and his body can be zapped into oblivion. At present we are those “who are about to die”, as our destinies are no longer in our own hands. Our lethargy, slatternly ignorance and anti-Jesus stupidity has allowed the Jewish monsters to take over our planet. At 70 all you can do is prepare to meet your Creator by being a decent person who is willing to fight against the Jewish children of Satan. Get a gun and keep it beside you. Do as Gilby said he will do – as they come to claim you, take them out and you will die quickly. Do not let them capture you. All you have is yourself. Use it! God will understand that you fought to protect what you acquired in your short life and understand why you took out some of the Devil’s disciples. Arm yourselves you Children of Christ! Destroy the modern Pharisees! Send them to hell.

      1. Yes, Max! Die fighting – like a great Indian warrior, or a Jap Samurei. Honorable death is preferable to dishonorable life. The trouble with many is that they never learned how to “do without”. Useless eaters, they are – always worried about having one-too-many (rolls of toilet paper?).
        I know old men who’re counting on how they’ll frivolously spend their bail-out checks, even though they no more need them than do I. They don’t really know enough to understand the implications thrust upon our country. While I look forward to their rude awakening, I know enough to dread the hardship thrust upon the rest of us for the resultant lapses in manufacturing and production of true necessities (like toilet paper). You have technology to thank for drying-up the toilet paper makers, anyway.
        When I was in the “secondary fiber” business, I regularly sent trucks into Boston and New York to load bales of “mixed office paper stock” to go to Marcal Paper Company in Piscataway, New Jersey, to manufacture into toilet paper for various labels. Now, the “mixed paper” market has greatly diminished because of electronic memos and messages. Those “backhauls” for the trucks have disappeared, also – which helped reduce the cost of wiping your arse.
        What really made me aware of the mutual dependencies of business in a vibrant economy is that I was involved in trucking and railroading from an early age. Now that the libtards, et.al., are so determined to eliminate “fossil fuel” (ain’t no such thing)
        It goes hand-in-hand with the many-faceted elements of destruction of our economy.
        Times will, indeed, get difficult. If Ramm hasn’t learned some basic skills, he will perish sooner than later. He’d best learn how to die. (May come in handy!) 😉

    1. No matter what kind of pistol you have, remember you’re far outmatched by a platoon of young, combat-trained, heavily-armed soldiers. Stay low and inconspicuous. If not, please, at least, be proficient enough to make at least ONE shot count! 👌

    2. TS Long deserves our thanks for pointing out the consequences of creating too much money… Inflation.

      If we look at the quantity equation of money, MV=PQ, there is one other possibility, restricting “V”, the velocity of money, i. e. Spending. Easy to do now, with electronic banking. This could be done in two ways, firstly by restricting incomes, and secondly by placing artificial caps on spending.

  7. From what I’ve read, quite a few more American revolutionaries died in British Prisoner Of War camps than what were killed fighting…
    I heard American ex-POWs from Japanese WW2 camps say they “could never forgive them” for what they did to their fellows…
    I’ve heard the stories of how the Cong would have fun with GIs they captured, shooting off various parts of their faces, ears, noses, teeth, before they killed them… Don’t let it happen to you… And Remember, the Constitution can’t be negated…
    The sad truth is, the PTB at the apex of Soulless Corporations, repressive Abrahamic Superstition Religions and the general Deep State will not allow you to live your life in Peace, while society otherwise gradually reduces the competitive methodology, shines the Sunlight into government and makes Progress toward a better world… The State draws its Power from Conflict (picture Bush and Cheney here), and the idea of the External Threat is constantly pushed by the Corporate Media and built into the Power Structure… The Russians did it, the Chinese… There never were any Russians… But also, the Deep Secretive State sees the Public as its Enemy, and as long as it operates in secret it will be conspiratorial and therefore nefarious… It will create the exigency It needs to maintain and increase Its Power…
    If/when it comes to it, take the Tony Herbert approach to fighting for your freedom and survival…
    As General Patton said “audacity, audacity and audacity”…

    1. Bark –

      “And Remember, the Constitution can’t be negated…”

      It does not have to be “NEGATED” at all. The US Constitution has always had the means written within it to provide for Emergency Rule….. established by the Executive branch and the institution of Martial Law Proper. The use of the US Constitution is up to the President in those times of emergency.

      That gives the President:
      “Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may:
      seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute MARTIAL LAW; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, **in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of ALL American citizens.”

      The US is operating TODAY under 34 DECLARED National Emergencies. The longest running is the one declared by Jimmy Carter in November 14, 1979!
      “Sanctions Blocking Iranian Government Property” (Executive Order 12170), which ordered the freezing of Iranian assets as part of the U.S. response during the Iran hostage crisis.

      The most recent is the COVID-19 Outbreak Emergency.
      Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak
      Issued on: March 13, 2020


      You can see all of them here:

      April 16, 2020 at 4:56 pm
      “…audacity, audacity [always] audacity”…

      It wasn’t General Patton, it was Danton, during the French Revolution, 28 August and 2 September 1792, in the Legislative Assembly. Before he got his head cut off.

  8. One way or another the bats of Wuhan picked up a new strain of the corona virus. …. This manifested as COVID19. …. It has been proven that covid19 belongs to the beta-corona virus group which shares ancestry with the known BAT coronavirus, HKUD-19-2. This is similar to the SARS virus, hence the descriptor SARS is often placed in front of the terminology covid19. The cysteine proteose enzyme, 3CLpro, controls coronavirus replication and is now found in bats and human beings and was recently found in a tiger. Hence, 3CLpro is conserved in SARS-covid19-2, just as it is conserved in in the bat SARS-like coronavirus, SARS-cov-3CLpro. This suggests that covid19 most likely commenced in Wuhan, where videos of late 2019 show bats being cut up by wet market butchers, along with the blood of many other wild animals, many from exotic places. No vaccine was found for any forms of the coronavirus, just as no vaccine has been produced to prevent the spread of the common cold. Monsters like Bill Gates make countless $trillions from what are essentially fake vaccines – vaccines, that, for eg, crippled half a million children in India. In fact, both Indian and Australian researchers have analysed covid19 and discovered it contains dangerous foreign bodies, such as HIV components. Jewish owned Big Pharma is thus literally producing toxic poisons to cull the herd. The progeny of the devil are wielding their DEATH theory upon us poor, cattle-like unfortunates. And don’t you worry- Big Pharma and the devil’s children is/are alive and well in China. They are all Communists who love money and power.

    1. @ ALL POSTERS

      Big technical problems here. All of us in ADMIN have been denied internet access for most of the day. Apologies to posters whose comments have languished for several hours in “Monitoring” without being approved. Not our fault. Things are back to normal now, thank God.

      Posters are to be commended for the high quality of their comments. Keep up the good work!


  9. A Fox commentator once said that the way things stand, the English speaking, Jew friendly nations will never run out of money, no matter how big the debt gets. Pat’s point, the Jewish Fed controls the planet’s finances and can draw as much as it likes out of the thin air. $10 trillions can be added to the American debt with a couple of key strokes on a Fed computer, no questions asked. This is the consummate artistry of traditional Mystery Babylon. … Of course the Jewish politburo, or REAL government, creams it’s huge takings from the top and feeds the chicken-like Gentiles the crumbs. … China’s and Russia’s initial moves to set up their own interchangeable money reserves are naturally opposed by the Fed and The City, in London. …. Their power nexus is at risk. As I have said the biggest threat to the Jewish POWER network is the New Silk Road, that will make China the greatest power. Russia will also be all powerful, as will Iran, etc. …. So, in the first respect, it does not matter if the American debt climbs to 200 $quadzillions, as it is just computer blips that facilitate making money and Goyim industry. But, in the second respect, the Silk Road might create an alternative power nexus. How much the children of the devil have infiltrated the Silk Road project is debatable, but you can guarantee these liars, cheats and devilish subversives will be hanging around like a bad smell.

    1. Correct Max! YOU get it!!

      Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa – formed BRICS & BRICS Bank – the New Development Bank – and tried to squeeze out the Fed & City of London, by pooling $50Million…. and failed badly. It was a real JOKE!!!!

      BRICS Bank in 2017 after BRICS gone as of 2016….
      BRICS bank is offering more of the same rather than breaking the mould
      May 3, 2017

      The New Development Bank was set up as an alternative to the World Bank and IMF which are viewed to be pushing western agendas. It was to provide a development model that would be sensitive and beneficial to emerging economies. But it’s quickly abandoning this mandate and falling into the trap of operating like the institutions it was created to replace.

      In September 2016 the New Development Bank signed partnership deals with the World Bank to co-finance projects. The agreement also aims to facilitate knowledge and staff exchanges. This puts the bank in bed with the institutions it was established to counter.

      The bank has also signed memorandums of understanding with the European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Eurasian Development Bank and the International Investment Bank (IIB). The agreements cover co-financing of infrastructure projects, the bulk of which are in Asia.

      Perhaps the foundations of the bank were faulty from the start. Its original designers were two former World Bank chief economists, Joe Stiglitz and Nick Stern. Given this history, it’s possibly never going to challenge the world financial order.

      Today, the New Development Bank is pushing the corporate-led development model just like the World Bank, the IMF and other Bretton Woods institutions. Their investments are profit-oriented which tends to undermine social justice. Thus similar to the World Bank and IMF, the New Development Bank seems more focused on protecting its investments at the expense of saving the interests of the BRICS citizens.


      Dissolution of The BRICS.


      With the BRICS falling apart, the lesson investors should take away is one of humility and appreciation of the significant risks that accompany high rewards. Challengers to the BRICS are waiting patiently for their turn in the limelight with raffle tickets in hand and a desire to be recognized as ‘developed’.

      After all, BRICS is only an abbreviation and can quickly become irrelevant and replaced by another.

      Jim O’Neill of Goldman – first authored the abbreviation, BRIC(S), which clustered the high growth countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China (South Africa was later added).

      Fifteen years on, BRICS seems outdated and more adventurous abbreviations are being popularized (take MINT as an example, denoting Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey – unsurprisingly coined by Mr O’Neill).

      1. The way you and Max talk, I reckon Uncle Sam will be smart to take care of his Jews. At least, they still have the upper hand! 😬


          @ Pat
          @ And others with technical knowledge

          My computer is giving me trouble if I log off, restart, or shut down completely. Because I can’t regain internet access without wasting a lot of time by clicking on various options that produces a “FORCE QUIT”. I then have to log on again.

          All this can be avoided if I DON’T LOG OFF AT ALL (and don’t restart or shut down) … but just keep the computer on 24/7. The computer then “goes to sleep” after a few minutes and the screen goes blank. If I try getting on next morning, no problem. Instant access.

          So the secret is: never log off. Keep computer on 24/7.

          MY QUESTION: Is it OK to keep your computer on all day and all night without logging off? Someone advised me to do this and said he kept his computer running all day while he was busy doing other things in the house or garden. Or even went shopping. He said it didn’t cost any extra or wear out your computer if you just kept it on. This is because it “goes to sleep”, he said. Is this right?

          1. @ JW

            I have found this advice on the internet. I’m not sure how it applies to you. If you have an Apple Mac and it’s relatively new, I think it’s OK to keep it on all the time because it goes to sleep (into hibernate) after a few minutes:

            “If you use your computer more than once a day, leave it on at least all day,” said Leslie [an expert]. “If you use it in the morning and at night, you can leave it on overnight as well. If you use your computer for only a few hours once a day, or less often, turn it off when you are done.”

            There you have it. The answer depends on how you use your computer, and what you need it to do.

            I think it’s best, however, to RESTART or SHUT DOWN completely maybe once a week or more often. I can’t be sure about this though.

    2. Pat is correct. Such as BRICS is merely a abbreviation and the Jewish Money Power can dispense with it in seconds and come up with another abbreviation. Gilbert suggests that Uncle Sam will ensure the Jews have the upper hand. Of course this is true as the USA is a money making colony of the head honchos in Tel Aviv and The City. The Jewish Money Power has utilised the Fabian Society-Marxist credo of “gradual inevitability” to get into its current position of total control, such that it has the vermin-like Goyim cowering within their 4 walled, self imposed prisons, ready to be taken out at the Master’s will. They are probably close to setting in motion mass starvation and culling. …. I can agree with their credo that most of the Goyim are lazy, brain dead, useless eaters who no-one with any deep intelligence would care about if they were directed to fertiliser factories. Look at the white and black trash who walk our streets. Obese, tattooed, pierced, foul mouthed, sexually gyrating, full of std’s, unwanted babies and just plain stupid – I won’t miss them. The trouble is that the elite Jews and their Masonic-Gentile henchmen want it all! They want a beautiful green planet, echoing Bette Midler’s song, From a Distance, with about 500 human inhabitants; all of whom are sexually fluid and willing to eat babies’ blood. Just like Mel Gibson reveals about baby-eating Hollywood. This will probably mean that all who write here will be culled, along with their families. I have references referring to influential Jews talking about ridding our planet of negroes and other, useless eater ethnic groups. There goes the Semitic Arabs, the Eskimos, the Slavs, the Polynesians, etc. ….. This is a moral question. I favour placing the planet’s 15 million Jews on the Easter Island archipelago where the huge sculptures of big nosed people will give them a sense of identity and tribal unity. I would then have mass sterilisation of the useless eater people’s who have a tested intelligence under 90 IQ points. I.e. Blacks and other super breeding races. The truth is that our planet has reached its planet of Krypton moment. As things stand we are about to enter a state of chaotic implosion and the big decision needs to be made. The Jewish Money Power, the power of Mystery Babylon, MUST be eliminated and the Soros types tortured and then beheaded.

      1. Max –

        The problem with “eliminating” the current monetary system happens when we try to find a replacement. “Money” is the great civilizer, without which we’d be killing each other over a sack of potatoes. Even though the value is corrupted, it is “set” by SOMEONE and is universally-acceptable throughout. Its value is determined by how much you demand for your potatoes. Likewise, gold and silver is no different EXCEPT a person can be pretty well-assured that the supply will not fluctuate so dramatically. Even so, if your sack of potatoes means the difference between your survival and starvation, even a twenty-dollar gold piece won’t buy it.
        I remember a friend describing Federal Reserve Notes as “worthless notes of debt and credit drawn against a foreign, bankrupt corporation.” Well, that may be true, BUT I’d be tickled to have a wheelbarrow load of ’em! They still buy ‘taters! 🙂

  10. PAT
    Here’s Bill Cooper, before he was shot to death in his own driveway…
    I couldn’t past it so I copied it… Maybe I can memorize it….
    “Everything that they’re doing is unconstitutional folks. Even in a National Emergency, even during a War, the Constitution only allows ONE THING to be stripped from the Constitution… You cannot suspend the Constitution… You cannot take away anyone’s rights… The only thing it allows is the suspension of Habeus Corpus for the duration of the Emergency or the War… If you don’t believe me, read the Document… It doesn’t give unprecedented War Powers to anybody… It does not suspend anything in the Constitution, any protections, any Freedoms, any Rights… It does not suspend the Law… It does not allow for Itself to be suspended by anyone under any circumstances whatsoever… Some towns have military on their street corners… Every major airport in the country has military patrolling is as police… We’re a hair’s breadth away from what we’ve all feared for all these years”… Bill Cooper, October 8, 2001…
    Cooper’s point is – Nobody can change the Constitution, not other than the suspension of Habeus Corpus he mentioned… According to him, none of these Special Powers for the President came with the Original Document, not Declarations of Martial Law, not National Security Directives, not War without a Congressional Declaration of War… The Fiat Money is unconstitutional too…
    “It does not have to be “NEGATED” at all. The US Constitution has always had the means written within it to provide for Emergency Rule….. established by the Executive branch and the institution of Martial Law Proper. The use of the US Constitution is up to the President in those times of emergency.”
    Are you saying this is written into the original document, if so, what article, what section?

    1. Bark –

      ALWAYS keep in mind when reading the US Constitution… THE RIGHT TO CONTRACT IS ALWAYS THERE.

      I spoke to Bill Cooper on the phone numerous times before he was murdered. He was NO expert on the constitution. NOT by any stretch. Great conversations. He was drunk sometimes.

      I told him about Art I, sec 8, cl 17 being the ‘hole in the constitution’ and how it had been used to fool the people, while expanding government controls. He said that if I had told him 2 weeks earlier he would have included it in “Behold A Pale Horse”. He had already sent the final draft to the printers.

      Bark – you must remember – Patrick Henry and many others, RAILED & FOUGHT AGAINST…. and did not sign the constitution…. because they saw the Crown’s hand in it, and they saw the numerous egregious freedom stifling points it contained.

      You also wrote:
      “Cooper’s point is – Nobody can change the Constitution, not other than the suspension of Habeus(sic) Corpus he mentioned…”

      I already told you there is NO CHANGE NEEDED. Many of the things you believe are not contained there … ARE NOT correct. They ARE THERE! NO changes are needed!

      Then you asked:
      “Are you saying this is written into the original document, if so, what article, what section?”

      There is NO easy answer there. It took Judge Robert Bork over 40 years to become a constitutional scholar…. and he said he was still deficient in many areas…. because he did not write it. 🙂

      Word are important. ALL words in the constitution are interpreted differently by scholars, office-holders, lawyers, trial judges and SCOTUS. The opponents of the document WERE well aware of that.

      For instance, WELFARE, is too broad, but it IS THERE.
      In the alternative the word, AUTOMOBILE, is not found there.

      Not long after the constitution was adopted came…… The Insurrection Act of 1807.

      The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255) that governs the ability of the President of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States to put down lawlessness, insurrection, and REBELLION. The general purpose is to limit presidential power, relying on state and local governments for initial response in the event of insurrection. Coupled with the Posse Comitatus Act, presidential powers for federal military law enforcement on U.S. soil and unincorporated territories are available.

      SCOTUS rendered this DECISION in 1866:

      Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 2 (1866)

      Three types of military jurisdiction
      This case was important in clarifying the scope of military jurisdiction under the US Constitution. The Supreme Court justices held:
      There are under the Constitution THREE kinds of military jurisdiction:
      -one to be exercised both in peace and war;
      -another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated [71 U.S. 2, 142] as belligerents;
      -and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the US, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise.

      The first of these may be called jurisdiction under MILITARY LAW , and is found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war, or otherwise providing for the government of the national forces;
      the second may be distinguished as MILITARY GOVERNMENT , superseding, as far as may be deemed expedient, the local law, and exercised by the military commander under the direction of the President, with the express or implied sanction of Congress;
      while the third may be denominated MARTIAL LAW PROPER , and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President, in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.

      This distinction between martial law and military government was not commonly made before 1866. However, after the Supreme Court’s clarification in this landmark case, it has continued to be referenced.

      US Judge Advocate General, General Birkhimer LLD, describes the difference on page 1 of his opus Military Government and Martial Law (3rd edition, 1914): “Military jurisdiction is treated in the following pages in its two branches of Military Government and Martial Law. The former is exercised over enemy territory; the latter over loyal territory of the State enforcing it.”

      According to the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, paragraph 362: “Military government is the form of administration by which an occupying power exercises governmental authority over occupied territory.

      The necessity for such government arises from the failure or inability of the legitimate government to exercise its functions on account of the military occupation, or the undesirability of allowing it to do so.”

      President Lincoln ALWAYS referred to the military action as putting down the “REBELLION” and never used the term, “WAR” to remain consistent with the Insurrection Act.

  11. Here’s what Bill Cooper was talking about, what we were on the edge of…
    First you get rid of the Constitution, then you get rid of the President, then you get rid of the Country… Listen carefully to this video… TRUMP’S OUT FEMA’s IN…
    Ever notice how Trump says he’s gonna do this and he’s gonna do that and then the next day he says the opposite? It’s because he’s given the word that night about what’s really going to happen… Who told him to declare this National Emergency? Remember when he was running for office he said he was going to end the practice of governing by Executive Order?
    Guess Not… Maybe he knew all along he was never going to be a real President… I think he found it out…

    1. Bark –

      People make stuff up on bitchute. 🙂
      Trump is NOT “OUT” at all. You need to do more homework – more due diligence.
      **Executive Order 11921 has been amended by EO 12046.

      Executive Order 11921
      “Adjusting emergency preparedness assignments to organizational and functional changes in Federal departments and agencies”

      Signed: June 11, 1976
      Federal Register page and date: 41 FR 24294; June 15, 1976
      Amends: EO 11490, October 28, 1969
      AMENDED BY: EO 12046, March 27, 1978

      Executive Order 12046 was Amended by: EO 12148 & EO 12472.

      Executive Order 12046
      “Relating to the transfer of telecommunications functions”

      Signed: March 27, 1978
      Federal Register page and date: 43 FR 13349; March 29, 1978
      Amends: EO 11051, September 27, 1962; EO 11490, October 28, 1969; EO 11725, June 27, 1973
      Revokes: EO 10705, April 17, 1957; EO 11191, January 4, 1965; EO 11556, September 4, 1970
      Amended by: EO 12148, July 20, 1979; EO 12472, April 3, 1984


      EO 12148 in 1979 was revoked in part by EO 12919 in 1994.

      Director of FEMA is an advisor, coordinator and reporter to President. 
      **The President is not replaced by anyone.

      EO 12148 – IS superseded or revoked in part by:
      National defense industrial resources preparedness
      EO 12919, June 3, 1994:


      Executive Order 12919 of June 3, 1994
      National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness

      By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (64 Stat. 798; 50 U.S.C. App. 2061, et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:

      Sec. 104. Implementation.

      (a) The National Security Council is the principal forum for consideration and resolution of national security resource preparedness policy.
      (b) The Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency (‘‘Director, FEMA’’) shall:

      (1) Serve as an advisor to the National Security Council on issues of national security resource preparedness and on the use of the authorities and functions delegated by this order;
      (2) Provide for the central coordination of the plans and programs incident to authorities and functions delegated under this order, and provide guidance and procedures approved by the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs to the Federal departments and agencies under this order;
      (3) Establish procedures, in consultation with Federal departments and agencies assigned functions under this order, to resolve in a timely and effective manner conflicts and issues that may arise in implementing the authorities and functions delegated under this order; and
      (4) Report to the President periodically concerning all program activities conducted pursuant to this order.
      (c) The head of every Federal department and agency assigned functions under this order shall ensure that the performance of these functions is consistent with National Security Council policy and guidelines.

      Sec. 904. Effect on other Orders. 
      (a) The following are superseded or revoked:

      (8) Section 3, Executive Order No. 12148 of July 20, 1979, (44 FR 43239, 43241).

  12. The ISS (International Space Station) has just videoed 100’s of UFO’s passing by, that appear to be heading for Earth. ..(Rense.com).. The pictures have been sent to NASA and recorded at Australian space control centres. …. With our pants down with the covid19 virus and pending economic collapse, now is the perfect time for ET’s to arrive in full splendour. …. it is believed that these ET’s were responsible for the messages received several weeks ago, which, apparently could be understood in English. …. Apparently they come in peace and are interested in human beings being volunteers to fly back to their home planet. They describe themselves as very tiny by our standards, about as tall as the average thumb. …. I see this as a great opportunity to send a Jew and a Muslim and a Christian and a Communist to their planet as representatives of the human race. I do not think sending a Lola type female would be a good idea.

  13. PAT
    “People make stuff up on bitchute.”
    Were all those executive orders recently signed by Obama made up by the bitchute jokers or were they real?
    When Trump first got into office, didn’t he start in erasing a bunch of Executive Orders? I had the impression he was erasing all the post 9-11 BS…
    “There is NO easy answer there. It took Judge Robert Bork over 40 years to become a constitutional scholar…. and he said he was still deficient in many areas…. because he did not write it. ”
    That sounds like a BINGO for my side… It’s like the IRS Code, right? So complicated nobody can figure it out…
    Therefore, Constitutionalist Americans hold fast to the Bill of Rights.. The other 17 Amendments are Constitutionally Lawful… Though we can see that #16 stinks pretty bad and we all want rid of it… If it’s not an Amendment, it’s not Lawful… And any Jury has the Right to let you off the hook, according to the 7th Amendment, which says basically THE JURY RULES… Amendments can not be contracted out of the Constitution… Whatever else they add in later about presidential powers and FEMA and the Joint Chiefs, UN, whoever, is not Lawful if it contradicts any of the Amendments… It might be Legal but it’s not Lawful… Legal is whatever people in authority can get away with… You notice there is no Jury at the Supreme Court… That’s because the Supreme Court does not decide Guilt or Innocence… It only decides matters of Legality under the Law, is a Legality Lawfully Constitutional and enforceable? If Legalities are not Constitutional, they’re not enforceable, not that it doesn’t happen… The president does not have the Constitutional authority to issue Executive Orders, only the Congress can make Law… That can’t be changed, I don’t care Who says What… In a Trial Judges hand the Jury their ideas on Legality as Legalities pertain to the situation… Judges are Jurists, the people in the Jury are the Judges… Juries decide Guilt or Innocence… Sheriffs are Constitutional Reps elected by the people, in states where you still have Sheriffs… They’re only bound by the Constitution and the Voters… They do not have to take orders from the Governor, the President or anybody else… They can arrest people who are not breaking any law, like circumcisors or frackers, for example, if the see the logic, and the Jury can convict people who are not breaking any Law and send them to jail… Because after all, there may not be a Law in existence t cover some new harmful BS, like fracking… That’s why these Sheriffs can tell Governors to go to hell on these rules about the virus plot, Michigan…
    Just my Opinion, but i do mean it… Because if you’re right, it means we’re living in a Military Dictatorship forever, which means we’re all taken for slaves, whether we have guns or not… I’m not buying it…

    1. Bark –

      “Because if you’re right, it means we’re living in a Military Dictatorship….”

      I have been writing exactly that, above, without the “forever” that you jumped of the cliff with. Nothing on this planet is “forever”.

      Just look at the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 for the proof. ONLY 5 years after adopting the US Constitution, Washington and Hamilton took 13,000 troops commanded by General Henry Lee, father to Robert E Lee, to enforce the payment of liquor taxes from the poor farmers around Pittsburgh, PA. That forced them out of the liquor business…… which was the point of the taxes.

      Yes!! Presidents have dictatorial powers….. especially under National Emergency Rules….. as we have 34 of them in effect today.

      ***Get over it. You lived all this time believing a lie. So have the rest of us. YOU will be just fine!! 🙂

      Sheriffs are corporations dealing in commerce today!!

    2. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “The president does not have the Constitutional authority to issue Executive Orders, only the Congress can make Law…”

      You are making stuff up…. as you are guessing. 🙂

      George Washington issued 8 Executive Orders.
      Adams – 1,
      Jefferson – 4,
      Madison – 1,
      Monroe – 1
      …. and others also.

      See the Executive Orders…..Washington – Trump:

  14. I’m Guessing…
    But it’s a Good Guess…
    As Mr. Spock would say, “It’s not Logical”…
    You can’t put it in the Constitution that people have Unalienable Rights, from God, like Freedom to Assemble, that the government can’t take away, and then in the next breath say “unless the president wants to take them away”… The Constitution says our Rights come from God, not the State… And the State guarantees them….
    Or that, only the Congress can make Law, and then say the president can write Executive Orders that have the Force of Law, or worse, turn the country over to FEMA… Can You?
    I mean, does that make sense to you?

    1. Bark –
      You wrote:
      “You can’t put it in the Constitution that people have Unalienable Rights, from God…”
      That is not written in the US Constitution!!! It was written in the Declaration of Independence.

      “The Constitution says our Rights come from God, not the State..”
      That is NOT in the US Constiturion!! There is NO WRITING of “GOD” anywhere in the US CONSTITUTION!!

      **YOU ARE MIXING DOCUMENTS! You do not know what you are writing about.

      You might want to actually read the US Constitution – all of it – at some point…. before arguing what is written and NOT written there. 🙂

      You also wrote:
      “Or that, only the Congress can make Law, and then say the president can write Executive Orders that have the Force of Law, or worse, turn the country over to FEMA… Can You?”
      “I mean, does that make sense to you?

      Yes. And it was KNOWN by the opponents who saw it in 1789.

      And further – I also KNOW that the US is a conquered nation, conquered by the US Military…. and has been since 1863. You, obviously, do not.

      This may help:
      “Military Government and Martial Law”
      by William E. Birkhimer, L.L.B., Major, General Staff, U.S. Army
      Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1892, by William E. Birkhimer, In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

      Military Jurisdiction – under the US Constitution
      “…martial law is in effect, even if it is NOT called “martial law.”

      (II) The Right to Institute Military Governments

      See Birkhimer, p. 21

      The US Constitution has placed no limit upon the war powers of the government, but they are regulated and limited by the laws of war. One of these powers is the right to institute military governments.

      Military Government includes civil administration of military government for interim cessions, which is commonly composed of both civil and military components.

      Technically speaking, military government is used as an interim and provisional government of undetermined cessions, and especially for “foreign territory” under control by conquest; and while it is not martial law but it can be indefinite; hence the some persons regard military government as the international law equivalent of “martial law.”

      The administration of occupied territory is conducted under military government. There does not have to be a formal announcement of the beginning of “military government,” nor is there any requirement of a specific number of people to be in place, or “on site” before military government can be said to have commenced.

      See Birkhimer, p. 25 – 26
      **No proclamation** of the part of the victorious commander is necessary to the lawful inauguration and enforcement of military government. That government results from the fact that the former sovereignty is ousted, and the opposing army now has control.

      Yet the issuing such proclamation is useful as publishing to all living in the district occupied those rules of conduct which will govern the conqueror in the exercise of his authority. Wellington, indeed, as previously mentioned, said that the commander is bound to lay down distinctly the rules according to which his will is to be carried out. But the laws of war do not imperatively require this, and in very many instances it is not done. When it is not, the mere fact that the country is militarily occupied by the enemy is deemed sufficient notification to all concerned that the regular has been supplanted by a military government.

      This is further clarified later in the volume, see Birkhimer, p. 307
      **Martial law is that rule which is established when civil authority in the community is made subordinate to military, either in repelling invasion – or when the ordinary administration of the laws fails to secure the proper objects of government. (such as in DECLARED National Emergencies which 34 exist TODAY.)

  15. PAT
    Thanks for the info…
    OK then, the Declaration of Independence….
    What difference does that make to me?
    The First Amendment says i have the right to freedom of assembly… where’s the amendment that says I don’t?
    Are you saying the Bill of rights doesn’t count somehow..
    Can i have a straight answer please…

    1. Bark –

      “OK then, the Declaration of Independence….
      What difference does that make to me?”

      PLENTY!! WHEW!!
      NOW I understand what YOU don’t understand!! 🙂

      The US Constitution is law!!
      The Declaration of Independence IS NOT LAW!!

      “Are you saying the Bill of rights doesn’t count somehow..
      Can i have a straight answer please…”

      I have old you dozens of times. The Bill of Rights is negated by the National Emergency rules which stand today!!!!

  16. A $ Trillion, here ?? A $ Trillion there ?? Soon you’re talking serious money ?


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