What If the Christ Child Had Been Born in the American Police State?

By John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute
December 21, 2020


LD:  This is an edited abridgement of a much longer article by  John Whitehead. I have taken the liberty of adding a few bits and pieces of my own to the text in order to compensate for the cuts I have made and to reinforce the excellent points made by the author. I will take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. [LD] 

in the Olden Time

The Christmas story of a baby born in a manger is a familiar one.

The Roman Empire, a police state in its own right, had ordered that a census be conducted. Joseph and his pregnant wife Mary traveled to the little town of Bethlehem so that they could be counted. There being no room for the couple at any of the inns, they stayed in a stable, where Mary gave birth to a baby boy, Jesus. Warned that the government planned to kill the baby, Jesus’ family fled with him to Egypt until it was safe to return to their native land.

Yet what if Jesus had been born 2,000 years later?

What if, instead of being born into the Roman police state, Jesus had been born at this moment in time?

What would Jesus, who grew up to become an itinerant preacher and revolutionary activist, do about the injustices of our  modern age?

After all, Jesus—the revered preacher, teacher, radical and prophet—was born into a police state not unlike the growing menace of the American police state today. When Jesus grew up, he had powerful, profound things to say, things that would change the world: “Blessed are the merciful,” —  “Blessed are the peacemakers,” — “Love your enemies”.

These are just a few examples of his most revolutionary teachings.

When confronted by those in authority, Jesus did not shy away from speaking truth to power. Indeed, his teachings undermined the political and religious establishment of his day. It cost him his life. He was eventually crucified as a warning to others not to challenge the powers-that-be.

Can you imagine what Jesus’ life would have been like if, instead of being born into the Roman police state, he had been born and raised in the American police state?

Consider the following if you will.

Instead of being born in a manger, Jesus might have been born at home. Rather than wise men and shepherds bringing gifts, the baby’s parents might have been forced to ward off visits from state social workers intent on prosecuting them for the home birth. One couple in Washington recently had all three of their children removed after social services objected to the two youngest ones being born at home naturally.

Had Jesus been born in a hospital, his blood and DNA would have been taken without his parents’ knowledge or consent. Personal details of his birth would be recorded in a government biobank.  Jesus’ genetic material would be hidden away for research, analysis, and for purposes undisclosed.

From the time he was old enough to attend school, Jesus would have been drilled in lessons of compliance and obedience to government authorities. Had he been daring enough to speak out against injustice while still in school, he might have found himself tasered or beaten up by a school resource officer. At the very least, he would have run the risk of being  suspended under a school zero tolerance policy that punishes minor infractions as harshly as more serious offenses.

Had Jesus disappeared for a few hours—let alone for days at a time as a 12-year-old boy in his native Palestine—his parents would have been handcuffed, arrested and jailed for parental negligence.

Rather than disappearing from the history books from his early teenaged years to adulthood, Jesus’ movements and personal data—including his biometrics—would have been meticulously documented, tracked, monitored and filed away by governmental agencies and corporations such as Google and Microsoft. His student records, without his knowledge or consent, would then be offered freely to outside companies for commercial profit.

From the moment Jesus made contact with an “extremist” such as John the Baptist, he would have been flagged for surveillance because of his association with a potentially dangerous political activist.

Jesus’ anti-government views would certainly have resulted in him being labeled a domestic extremist.

While traveling from community to community, Jesus might have been reported to government officials as a “suspicious” character. Government snitches, provided with phone apps, would soon be taking photos of the potential terrorist engaging in suspicious activity, such as sitting in silence for long periods (praying)  instead of watching TV or checking his emails obsessively (normal behavior).

Rather than being permitted to live as an itinerant preacher, Jesus might find himself threatened with arrest for daring to live off the grid or sleeping outside.  In a country where homelessness is a crime, where camping or sleeping in a vehicle is antisocial, and where loafing on the street corner is seen as “loitering with intent”,  Jesus might well get into trouble as an itinerant preacher.

Viewed by the government as a dissident and a potential threat to its power, Jesus would soon have government spies planted among his followers to monitor his activities, report on his movements, and entrap him into breaking the law. Such Judases today—called informants—often receive hefty paychecks from the government for their treachery.

Had Jesus used the internet to spread his radical message of peace and love, he might soon find his blog posts infiltrated by government spies attempting to undermine his integrity, discredit him or plant incriminating information online about him. At the very least, he would have his website hacked and his emails monitored.

Had Jesus attempted to feed large crowds of people, he would have been threatened with arrest for violating various ordinances prohibiting the distribution of food without a permit. Florida officials arrested a 90-year-old man recently for feeding the homeless on a public beach. Jesus would not be allowed to distribute loaves and fishes with impunity, let alone multiply them.  Handing out free food to the masses would not please Walmart or Wall Street.

Had Jesus spoken publicly about his 40 days in the desert and his conversations with the devil, he might have been labeled mentally ill and detained in a psychiatric  ward against his will, with no access to family or friends. Had he cast out devils, or cured people suffering from blindness, paralysis, or leprosy, he would have been regarded as a threat to the medical profession and Big Pharma. Had he raised the dead, he would have outraged the funeral industry. Had he exorcised demons by casting them into the Gadarene swine, making them hurtle to their death over the clifftop, he would have been prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

Had Jesus attempted to overturn the tables in a Jewish temple, lashing out at the moneychangers with a knotted cord,  or raging against the materialism of religious institutions, he would have been charged with a hate crime. Currently, 45 states have hate crime laws on their books. Jesus wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Had anyone reported Jesus to the police as being potentially dangerous, he might have found himself confronted and killed by police officers, for whom any perceived act of non-compliance—a mere twitch or frown—can result in them shooting first and asking questions later.

Shoot first, ask questions later.

Instead of being detained by Roman guards, Jesus might have been made to “disappear” into a secret government detention center where he would have been interrogated, tortured and subjected to all manner of abuses.

Charged with treason and labeled a domestic terrorist, Jesus might have been sentenced to a life-term in a private prison where he would have been forced to provide slave labor for corporations or put to death by way of the electric chair or a lethal mixture of drugs.

Indeed, as I show in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it is painfully evident that whether Jesus had been born in our modern age or his own, he still would have died at the hands of a police state.

As we draw near to Christmas with its celebrations and gift-giving, we would do well to remember that what happened on that starry night in Bethlehem is only part of the story. That baby born in a manger two thousand years ago grew up to be a man who did not turn away from evil but spoke out against it fearlessly—and paid the price.

And we, too,  must do no less.



LD: As one who is deeply concerned at the hatred and contempt nowadays directed at Christianity by the Christ Bashers, it is my hope that these troubled souls  will refrain from mocking Christianity during this season of goodwill.  The core teachings of Jesus have stood the test of time. My short poem, ‘The Core Teachings of Christ‘, is offered to these fellow travellers as a companion piece to this article.

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  1. This article is very interesting. I like it.
    My thoughts are:
    If the Christ Child Had Been Born in the American Police State….. he would be just another victim, needing a passport to travel, having to wear a mask with social distancing and required quarantines. He could not be a teacher. His messages, if attempted on Chinese Government owned ZOOM, would be shut down after one minute, as they are now. He would be shot on the spot for whipping jew bankers. There would be no Christian churches until sometime in 2300 or longer.

    Merry Christmas to all at Darkmoon!

  2. Is the current leader of Russia concerned with the well-being of Russia alone or is he thinking in wider terms, like in terms of the well-being and the preservation of the entire European – or White, if you wish, – people and their cultural heritage?

    Find the answer – it may surprise you.

    Putin: US Not A Christian Country Anymore – We Europeans Need To Preserve Our Culture


    If you are looking for a genuine leader of the White people as a whole, you might already have it.

    1. Circassian
      Something I’ve been meaning to say to you is that while I appreciate your citing a commonality between Circassians and Native Americans in being oppressed peoples, I don’t want an acknowledgement of that to perpetuate a sense of victimhood.

      That aside, I’ll direct your attention to Cayce’s observation that the 5 races of Man we know today, comprising what he called the 4th Root Race, all originated approximately 12,000 years ago simultaneously, more or less. Of them, he observed the origin of the White Race to be near Mt. Ararat, in the Carpathians, and in Iran. He also envisioned a FIFTH Root Race, whose development in reflecting human evolution is occurring as we speak. So it COULD be projected that in some capacity Russia will be among those representing the White Race in this evolutionary scenario.*

      However, to pin any hopes on present-day politicians to be leading the way in this regard seems farfetched and unrealistic. I see future leadership roles being of a different tenor and make-up, and occurring only AFTER what was set in historical motion long ago all plays out in the forthcoming years.

      *In N. America, the Red Man

      1. Chief,

        If I recall correctly you have said that you are only partly Indian. On which side you are Indian – on the father or on the mother side? If on the father side then I would be interested to know what your haplogroup is.

        In addition of finding my genetic roots, I am doing some scientific research on the subject. Go to this site


        Wait until it loads fully (it might take a couple of minutes or even more), then search for my family name Baraov (press Ctrl+F and a small search window shall pop up). If you do it right, you should find 4 of them – all my close relatives:

        Alexander Baraov (my son)
        Hasan Baraov (my father)
        Alibeck Baraov (my nephew)
        Emir Baraov (my nephew)

        And this is just the beginning of a big project which I have launched a few months ago to figure out the correct value of the Y-chromosome STR mutation rate, which is of significant scientific interest.

      2. My father is pretty straight anglo saxon. In England the family name was Blake, before that Black. My closest ancestor to go West changed his name and ran away from home to join the Royal Navy. He settled in Bermuda. Most of his descendants went North to settle in NYC and its environs in Connecticut and upstate NY (where my father met my mother, who is a full blooded Mohawk of the Haudenosaunee Nation [Iroquois]). The others went South to Barbados and Trinidad, where my father’s great, great grandfather was the Governor and owned a sugar plantation, where……you guessed it, he owned slaves.

        What a World….what a life

      3. Blake, ah? Interesting.

        Btw, just yesterday in Russia passed away George Blake at the age of 98:


        He was born Behar and his father was Jewish; it’s not that something wrong with that – Jesus was Jewish after all, was he not?

        Another interesting coincidence – George also joined the Royal Navy. But, unlike your ancestor, George went East and became a famous double agent and served in KGB. I have nothing but respect for this guy – not because he “betrayed” England but because he did so for ideological reasons and not for the money.

        I believe that Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs spied for the USSR and passed some serious secrets related to the development of the atomic bomb to the Soviets for ideological reasons also, and not for the money:


      4. Circ
        Another coincidence is that my father’s name is Blake, and if he lives to his next birthday he’ll turn 98! Also, as I’ve mentioned in the past, during the war he had contacts within the OSS, specifically with those involved with breaking the German military codes. Like I said…..what a world, what a life

  3. If God had waited to produce Jesus in modern times, you can damn well bet He has a plan which does NOT include immediate persecution of His Son. The whole aspect of His Son’s “second coming” is to set right the wrongs. If soon, we “shall behold and see the reward of the wicked.” An omnipotent God makes no mistakes. We need be thankful that He is merciful.

    1. Well said, Gilbert! You brought tears to my eyes by your insightful comment. You know by instinct what many fail to learn after many years of bookish studies.

      “By these words, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” — Ecclesiastes, 12:12

      1. Thank you for that instructive quote, Sister Monica. There spoke the sage Solomon, many centuries before Christ, wisest among the Jewish sages of antiquity. Anyone who thinks the entire Old Testament is a viper’s nest of evil ideology, fit only for destruction, is much to be pitied in my humble opinion. You don’t burn down the entire restaurant just because one dish in the kitchen contains poisonous pathogens.

        There is not a line in the Book of Ecclesiastes that is not pregnant with the deepest wisdom. The same holy wisdom is found in the Book of Job where the age-old Problem of Evil and Pain is set forth in 42 chapters of unparalleled profundity.

        Lasha Darkmoon is one of the few people I know who hold these books of Jewish wisdom in the deepest reverence, even though this has garnered her much abuse among the virulent antisemites.

        Don’t crucify the Jew when he offers you the Bread of Life, because in doing so you recrucify Christ.

  4. Frohe Weihnacht. After Weihnacht ist destroyed so will be the German VOlk.
    Christmas is the hope.. The enemy knows this . WIthout it there is only Judaism, just as prevails. How do you like it? Merry Christmas ,

  5. A man goes into heaven and there he meets jesus. He asks Jesus what that broken clock is there for. Jesus says “that is mother teresa’s clock it has never moved because she has never lied”. “There is Abraham Lincolns clock. He has .lied twice so it has moved twice.” “Where is Donald Trump’s?” Ask’s the man. Jesus answers “it is in my office, I am using it as a ceiling fan.

  6. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.

    Paul to the Galatians

  7. It’s an interesting exercise the imagine that the power of God can be reduced by a police state, although I hate to say that there will be no Christmas Eve service for me this year living in the gulag California. But we have to listen more closely to Jesus’s words on the vineyard parable where the trimming of the outward branches does not mean the end of the grapevine that grows underground and will grow more vigorously with trimming. Police states always overestimate their power. Evil is parasitic. It does not give birth, create, or intuit. That is why the art it produces is always really bad. So, have some hope along with your despair. This world is bigger, brighter, and already growing toward something these thuggish minds cannot anticipate–even amidst the gloom and doom.

    1. “Police states always overestimate their power. ”

      Yes, they are utterly drunk on power, to the point of telling us in advance what they plan for us (Klaus Schwab’s WEF great reset ideas.). They are not even scared of any pushback – and perhaps rightly so inasmuch as most people just don’t care.

  8. Lasha, and others,

    You will probably, or at least perhaps interpret this as bashing but it is not. It is sincere crticism. Is that allowed? I’m also trying to ‘get it’ ( for the 37th time I think ). Of course there are those who immediately shout “why don’t you go bash Christ somewhere else” or something along those lines. Well, first of all, what would be the point in that, since that ‘somewhere else’ is undoubtedly meant as somewhere where Christ bashers typically hang out. And smirkily agreeing all about something is rather a waste of time I think, apart from the fact that I don’t hang out on any ( other ) forum anyway. And secondly, I don’t bash Jesus.

    I was ‘born’ Catholic, went through all the rituals. Heard all about the sorded history in school(s), been to a few church services as a child and later during funerals and so on. Although my parents weren’t church goers. ( thank God, I suppose ) But never EVER did I, COULD I, understand what the hell is it all about. The whole notion doesn’t evoke any genuine feeling in me whatsoever, except loathing and contempt for the obviously ridiculous pathos, perhaps.

    What kind of religion is it that prescribes to love your enemy or turn the other cheek or regard everybody ( literally ) as equally worthy or valuable. Especially that last bit, which is a guaranteed kernel for the current racial equality insanity as well as the deliberately created imbalance in God’s creation by the explosive growth of certain populations of primitive hominids which can only exist on perpetual life support given to them by us. I am sorry, but that’s nothing short of suicidal.

    Furthermore, VERY little proof of ‘authenticated’ history exists, and that includes Jesus. I am sorry to remind everybody but none of you really KNOWS what Jesus said, did and meant. You believe a certain narrative which is programmed in you by the powerful institution ‘church’. The current falsification of present and historical reality by TPTB is nothing new. That has never been any different from today save for the used media and reach.

    Now, it is evident that Jews hate Christ, so that is an strong indication that Jesus did actually exist and was doing something very right. Although I don’t believe the Jews-hate-Christianity narrative. What Jews hate is traditional values and the church used to promote those values. But that doesn’t mean those traditional values have originated in Christianity. The Christian religion is forced upon Europeans through state terrorism to serve the Vatican’s globalist goals. The holy days and celebrations are just re-Christianed pre-Christian holy days and celebrations. Even Christmas itself. The new mandatory alien religion usurped all the already existing celebrations and special days after thoroughly cleansing out the real, and from then on, de facto FORBIDDEN meaning of them including the destruction of physical evidence like holy oakes and designated places of celebration. And of course pretending that we have to thank Christianity for all those healthy traditional values. Think this is a ridiculous thought? What about the Vatican and its current anal sex promoting pope, huh? Think about it, London, DC and the Vatican. All of a sudden, the anal pope and the Vatican are being included as an asset in globalist circles and MSM outlets along with ‘Lady GaGa’, now that it has abandoned traditional values. The Vatican, probably the world’s greatest enslaver, looter of the world’s wealth AND keeper of true knowledge about antiquity. And it has always been that way, long before what you regard as ‘Vatican II’.

    The first Christian violent fanatics were resentful non-Whites, who were, just as non-Whites BLM and antifa morons today are, attracted to the religion because of the equality doctrine. That means anything that they can never be is evil and must be destroyed so that everyone is of equally low quality. I can understand THEIR motives for being attracted to Christianity, for it teaches them they are equal to even the brightest Humans (race) and, probably even to their own astonishment, are being worshipped by some members of that same brightest race. But from our POV a consistent Christianity is a very bad idea, definitely not sustainable. It is however quite amusing as well as being absolutely ridiculous and absurd to see clothed savages in some remote corner of the earth attending a church service listening to notions and concepts that they cannot even really grasp.

    Now, you can say, oh yeah, what about the Christians who don’t turn the other cheek, who do not love their enemies, who don’t consider everybody equal. Well, I suppose they are not really Christians, then, are they?

    Why didn’t Jesus take care of business when He was around? What precisely is the purpose of letting himself being tortured to death only to return a couple of milennia later to fix things properly? Why allowing all the suffering for the last 2000 years? The point I’m trying to make is, nothing has changed since His first appearance. The same suffering and injustice that was already going on before Him has been going on after His death. But now he is really angry and will make it right? Sounds like the perfect strategy for some, but it aint us. In other words, is this narrative about Christ really true? Is that what happened? I doubt it.

    Bottom line is, because of the level of hatred Jews have for Jesus, even after 2 millennia I am convinced he was a great man. The greatest perhaps. And imo a man of that caliber just doesn’t preach the suicidal things Christianity does. And that’s why I will never be a Christian.

    1. 1138,
      Great points. Donaldo never bought the official Christian narrative either. Never made sense at all. Not saying that Christ never existed. But it just seems that TOO many cooks with different agendas were in the kitchen tampering with the scripture so we can never know with absolute certainty who Christ actually was, said or did. And YES. What we have been witnessing in recent years are attacks on TRADITIONAL values not CHRISTIAN values. Also, why did the Christ leave all that business unfinished for over 2000 years just to promise to return later? Oh well. May each person believe as he wishes. But Donaldo would choose an honest, kind-hearted athiest over a religious biggot like the faggot Pope any day. Just Donaldo reflecting. 🤔🤨🤠

    2. @1138
      The Catholic Church that you and I and a billion others have experienced since the 1960s is unfortunately a Judeo-Masonic-created counter-church established after years of infiltration, especially after 1920, culminating in the takeover of the papacy by forcing the rightfully elected pope off the Chair of Peter by means of a nuclear threat against the Vatican at the 1958 papal conclave. A lot of info is at novusordowatch.org and a good video intro is “Papal Imposters”: youtube.com/watch?v=2-VqjJW_lOM
      See also youtube.com/channel/UCmJLcKSyO3CBtxJwddm0Ymg — This is several long interviews but the short 3 min. 41 sec. segment there is itself enough to astound and disturb anyone, Catholic or not. How many people know, e.g., that Pius XII read the Third Secret of Fatima on May 13, 1957, and then secluded himself for close to two weeks, weeping bitter tears?

      On the nuclear threat against the Vatican, see padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Grave_Reasons_of_State.html

      As for Jesus Christ, most of us have only been given a caricature of Him. Here is something you and others may find enlightening:

      Archbishop Fulton J Sheen, The Life of Christ (1954)

      History is full of men who have claimed that they came from God, or that they were gods, or that they bore messages from God—Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Christ, Lao-tze, and thousands of others, right down to the person who founded a new religion this very day. Each of them has a right to be heard and considered. But as a yardstick external to and outside of whatever is to be measured is needed, so there must be some permanent tests available to all men, all civilizations, and all ages, by which they can decide whether any one of these claimants, or all of them, are justified in their claims. These tests are of two kinds: reason and history. Reason, because everyone has it, even those without faith; history, because everyone lives in it and should know something about it.

      Reason dictates that if any one of these men actually came from God, the least thing that God could do to support His claim would be to pre-announce His coming. Automobile manufacturers tell their customers when to expect a new model. If God sent anyone from Himself, or if He came Himself with a vitally important message for all men, it would seem reasonable that He would first let men know when His messenger was coming, where He would be born, where He would live, the doctrine He would teach, the enemies He would make, the program He would adopt for the future, and the manner of His death. By the extent to which the messenger conformed with these announcements, one could judge the validity of his claims.

      Reason further assures us that if God did not do this, then there would be nothing to prevent any impostor from appearing in history and saying, “I come from God,” or “Anangel appeared to me in the desert and gave me this message.” In such cases there would be no objective, historical way of testing the messenger. We would have only his word for it, and of course he could be wrong.

      If a visitor came from a foreign country to Washington and said he was a diplomat, the government would ask him for his passport and other documents testifying that he represented a certain government. His papers would have to antedate his coming. If such proofs of identity are asked from delegates of other countries, reason certainly ought to do so with messengers who claim to have come from God. To each claimant reason says, “What record was there before you were born that you were coming?” With this test one can evaluate the claimants. (And at this preliminary stage, Christ is no greater than the others.) Socrates had no one to foretell his birth. Buddha had no one to pre-announce him and his message or tell the day when he would sit under the tree. Confucius did not have the name of his mother and his birthplace recorded, nor were they given to men centuries before he arrived so that when he did come, men would know he was a messenger from God. But, with Christ it was different. Because of the Old Testament prophecies, His coming was not unexpected. There were no predictions about Buddha, Confucius, Lao-tze, Mohammed, or anyone else; but there were predictions about Christ. Others just came and said, “Here I am, believe me.” They were, therefore, only men among men and not the Divine in the human. Christ alone stepped out of that line saying, “Search the writings of the Jewish people and the related history of the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans.” (For the moment, pagan writings and even the Old Testament may be regarded only as historical documents, not as inspired works.)

      It is true that the prophecies of the Old Testament can be best understood in the light of their fulfillment. The language of prophecy does not have the exactness of mathematics. Yet if one searches out the various Messianic currents in the Old Testament, and compares the resulting picture with the life and work of Christ, can one doubt that the ancient predictions point to Jesus and the kingdom which he established?
      God’s promise to the patriarchs that through them all the nations of the earth would be blessed; the prediction that the tribe of Juda would be supreme among the other Hebrew tribes until the coming of Him Whom all nations would obey; the strange yet undeniable fact that in the Bible of the Alexandrian Jews, the Septuagint, one finds clearly predicted the virgin birth of the Messias; the prophecy of Isaias 53 about the patient sufferer, the Servant of the Lord, who will lay down his life as a guilt-offering for his people’s offenses; the perspectives of the glorious, everlasting kingdom of the House of David—in whom but Christ have these prophecies found their fulfillment? From an historical point of view alone, here is uniqueness which sets Christ apart from all other founders of world religions. And once the fulfillment of these prophecies did historically take place in the person of Christ, not only did all prophecies cease in Israel, but there was discontinuance of sacrifices when the true Paschal Lamb was sacrificed.

      Turn to pagan testimony. Tacitus, speaking for the ancient Romans, says, “People were generally persuaded in the faith of the ancient prophecies, that the East was to prevail, and that from Judea was to come the Master and Ruler of the world.” Suetonius, in his account of the life of Vespasian, recounts the Roman tradition thus, “It was an old and constant belief throughout the East, that by indubitably certain prophecies, the Jews were to attain the highest power.”

      China had the same expectation; but because it was on the other side of the world, it believed that the great Wise Man would be born in the West. The Annals of the Celestial Empire contain the statement:

      In the 24th year of Tchao-Wang of the dynasty of the Tcheou, on the 8th day of the 4th moon, a light appeared in the Southwest which illumined the king’s palace. The monarch, struck by its splendor, interrogated the sages. They showed him books in which this prodigy signified the appearance of the great Saint of the West whose religion was to be introduced into their country.

      The Greeks expected Him, for Aeschylus in his Prometheus six centuries before His coming, wrote, “Look not for any end, moreover, to this curse until God appears, to accept upon His Head the pangs of thy own sins vicarious.”

      How did the Magi of the East know of His coming? Probably from the many prophecies circulated through the world by the Jews as well as through the prophecy made to the Gentiles by Daniel centuries before His birth.

      Cicero, after recounting the sayings of the ancient oracles and the Sibyls about a “King whom we must recognize to be saved,” asked in expectation, “To what man and to what period of time do these predictions point?” The Fourth Eclogue of Virgil recounted the same ancient tradition and spoke of “a chaste woman, smiling on her infant boy, with whom the iron age would pass away.”

      Suetonius quoted a contemporary author to the effect that the Romans were so fearful about a king who would rule the world that they ordered all children born that year to be killed—an order that was not fulfilled, except by Herod.

      Not only were the Jews expecting the birth of a Great King, a Wise Man and a Savior, but Plato and Socrates also spoke of the Logos and of the Universal Wise Man “yet to come.” Confucius spoke of “the Saint” the Sibyls, of a “Universal King” the Greek dramatist, of a savior and redeemer to unloose man from the “primal eldest curse.” All these were on the Gentile side of the expectation. What separates Christ from all men is that first He was expected; even the Gentiles had a longing for a deliverer, or redeemer.
      This fact alone distinguishes Him from all other religious leaders.

      A second distinguishing fact is that once He appeared, He struck history with such impact that He split it in two, dividing it into two periods: one before His coming, the other after it. Buddha did not do this, nor any of the great Indian philosophers. Even those who deny God must date their attacks upon Him, A.D . so and so, or so many years after His coming.

      A third fact separating Him from all the others is this: every other person who ever came into this world came into it to live. He came into it to die. Death was a stumbling block to Socrates—it interrupted his teaching. But to Christ, death was the goal and fulfillment of His life, the gold that He was seeking. Few of His words or actions are intelligible without reference to His Cross. He presented Himself as a Savior rather than merely as a Teacher. It meant nothing to teach men to be good unless He also gave them the power to be good, after rescuing them from the frustration of guilt.

      The story of every human life begins with birth and ends with death. In the Person of Christ, however, it was His death that was first and His life that was last. The scripture describes Him as “the Lamb slain as it were, from the beginning of the world.” He was slain in intention by the first sin and rebellion against God. It was not so much that His birth cast a shadow on His life and thus led to His death; it was rather that the Cross was first, and cast its shadow back to His birth. His has been the only life in the world that was ever lived backward. As the flower in the crannied wall tells the poet of nature, and as the atom is the miniature of the solar system, so too, His birth tells the mystery of the Cross. He went from the known to the known, from the reason of His coming manifested by His name “Jesus” or “Savior” to the fulfillment of His coming, namely, His death on the Cross.

      John gives us His eternal prehistory; Matthew, His temporal prehistory, by way of His genealogy. It is significant how much His temporal ancestry was connected with sinners and foreigners! These blots on the escutcheon of His human lineage suggest a pity for the sinful and for the strangers to the Covenant. Both these aspects of His compassion would later on be hurled against Him as accusations: “He is a friend of sinners” “He is a Samaritan.” But the shadow of a stained past foretells His future love for the stained. Born of a woman, He was a man and could be one with all humanity; born of a Virgin, who was overshadowed by the Spirit and “full of grace,” He would also be outside that current of sin which infected all men.

      Christianity, unlike any other religion in the world, begins with catastrophe and defeat. Sunshine religions and psychological inspirations collapse in calamity and wither in adversity. But the Life of the Founder of Christianity, having begun with the Cross, ends with the empty tomb and victory.

      1. DARRELL

        Thank you for your elaborate reply. Much appreciated.

        I will study the sources you are referring to.

        The shortcut for me has always been; if the jew hates Jesus so much, He must have been very real and He must have been very right.

        To compare; I have never sensed any hatred from the jew against Mohamed. That should tell everyone enough.

  9. Oh dammit, I just entered a comment in this, the wrong, thread.

    Oh well, at least it is related.

    Doubt if it will get through anyway.

    1. 1138 –

      Refreshing rant! Perhaps we would be more accurate by calling ourselves “traditionalists”(?).
      Your point brings-to-mind a young woman friend of my daughter’s who just came back from a sojourn with the “Peace Corps” in some jig country in Africa. Those African ‘boons wipe their asses with their left hand, because they haven’t any toilet paper. They reside in mud huts, and walk ten kilometers to a communal well. (I reckon they slosh-off their grimy hands in a mud hole before grit-picking their neighbor.)
      I asked the girl what-the-hell she thought she’d learn from that Episcopal-sponsored trip to that shithole country. She was puzzled at my inquiry – especially my “UN-Christian” reference to the filthy (N-words).
      No, we sure as hell are NOT equal!

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “No, we sure as hell are NOT equal!”

        Not equal as such, Gilbert, but surely poor Africans have an equal right to exist as better-off Americans? Or otherwise you are saying in effect that the less well-off have have less right to exist than the better-off. Which translates into: the poor have less right to exist on this earth than the rich.

        Which in turn translates into: “Gilbert Huntly and Madame Butterfly have less right to exist than George Soros and Jeff Bezos who are thousands of times richer than we are!”

        Surely you don’t believe that the wolf has more right to exist than the lamb? 🙂

        I guess even sewer rats have a right to exist. And even gnats, dung flies, and cockroaches.

        The Covid-19 virus is making damn sure that it has as much right to exist on this hell planet as you and I, dear Gilbert. It’s a toss-up as to who will eventually survive.

        According to Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, “the meek will inherit the earth.”

        Hmmm . . . I guess that’s why I’m trying to be meek nowadays! 🙂

      2. Episcopal-sponsored trip to that shithole country. She was puzzled at my inquiry – especially my “UN-Christian” reference to the filthy (N-words).

        No, we sure as hell are NOT equal!

        I love to hear this kind of sentiment expressed by white Americans – it reassures me that I am correct in my assumption that the racial divide in America is unbridgeable. Perhaps, we, the Russians, could and should have stretched our helping hands to our Black brothers in America to speed up a little bit the inevitable – turning of USA to South Africa.

        That would be the best solution of the American problem the humankind is facing today. I honestly think that if 1138 thousand of Gilbert Huntlys of America have been slaughtered to educate the rest of them, no big harm would be done in terms of humanity at large – there are still plenty of other, more reasonable whites in the other parts of the world.

      3. Madame –

        No one implied they didn’t have the right to exist. The point is that OURS don’t need to try to lower ourselves to their standards. What reason do we have?? And Circassian: None of us gives a damn what you puke-gutted Russkies think about us. We’ll fight it out, anytime; anywhere. If we’d just have let Hitler slaughter your asses back when, the whole world would be better off.

      4. None of us gives a damn what you puke-gutted Russkies think about us. We’ll fight it out, anytime; anywhere

        Yes, I know… like you did in South Africa, right? Or more recently, like you did fight the BLM: the “brave warriors” like yourself were kissing the nigger asses just a few months ago for God’s sake! All the Blacks need right now is a few hundred good military instructors from us… like the ones we sent to Venezuela recently, you know.

        If we’d just have let Hitler slaughter your asses back when, the whole world would be better off.

        The idiocy of this statement speaks volumes: America “entered” the war in 1944, idiot, when the “puke-gutted Russkies” were all over Europe kicking the German ass everywhere and the war was basically over.

        The problem with you, the pindoses, is that you do not even know what the real war is… for you have never been in one. But, God willing, you’ll get one when our patience with your arrogant behavior all over the world runs out dry… and that time seems approaching rapidly.

        Enjoy the Christmas while you still can, bastard.

      5. MB

        “Not equal as such, Gilbert, but surely poor Africans have an equal right to exist as better-off Americans?

        Who says otherwise? Not me. Not Hitler.

        If people like me were in charge there wouldn’t have been an ((( Atlantic slave trade ))) for example. Those savages would have absolutely nothing to fear from us. But they wouldn’t be wearing watches either.

        I suppose it is not us, the evil nadzees but instead the ‘good people’, you know, the ones who desperately want to drag them into our, and for them completely alien, civilisation, that don’t want them to live according to their own abillities and leave them be to remain themselves.


        “And Circassian: None of us gives a damn what you puke-gutted Russkies think about us. We’ll fight it out, anytime; anywhere. If we’d just have let Hitler slaughter your asses back when, the whole world would be better off.”

        Damn straight! Not a word of French in there.

        And if it weren’t for the combined efforts of the ((( Allies ))) and the treason from within the Third Reich at the highest level ( from even before the war ) that is precisely what would have happened, in a blitz. The Russians and other forced Sovjets, of whom many of them BTW fought WITH Hitler against this wonderful humanitarian do-gooder and hero of Circassian, would have been Germanised, and we, the Russians and all the Warsaw Pact countries wouldn’t have to suffer the Cold War and its proxy wars around the globe, AND the outlawing of historical reality, like for instance in present day Russia which is keeping up the phony narrative of the poor jews in the evil Nazi Holohoax death camps who were liberated by the heroic Rec Army.

        No, alas, the natural order would have been restored and we would be living in Paradise.

        Never mind this little resentful Caucus Circusclown. He’s not even Russian 🙂

      7. Never mind this little resentful Caucus Circusclown. He’s not even Russian

        Listen you, a faceless and feckless number, I have advised you to pick a decent name a few years back. But you wouldn’t listen – you seem unable of doing that much.

        Now I am advising you to study the subject, you intend to babble about, before you open your mouth. Since you seem unable of doing that either on your own, have at least the good sense to listen to a wise and decent man, and learn a few things from him.

        “Russian” is not an indication, or a word, for ethnicity – just like “American” is not. If you are a citizen of the USA you are an American, if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation you are a Russian. Can you understand that much, blockhead?

        But there is a difference of paramount importance here. Americans are not equal; that is to say, America is a racist country, and that is exactly what makes America weak in the final calculus sealing thereby its fate as the future South Africa, which – as I have stated earlier – is a good thing for the humankind in general. On the other hand, Russians are equal, which is the most important factor of all others that unites us and makes us a powerful nation, thereby sealing our fate as the future benevolent leader of the world.

        Knowing the Truth, i.e. knowing reality the way it is (and not the way it is reflected in some stupid heads, like yours) and acting in accord and in harmony with that Truth, is the most powerful thing and the most powerful possession a man, a country, or a civilization can have.

        Is that clear enough, brother?

      8. Circ –

        You make too many mistakes to ARROGANTLY bark out all of your orders and curse others the way you do all the time. Your brain problem is showing again, STILL.

        Here’s your most recent brain fart:
        “The idiocy of this statement speaks volumes: America “entered” the war in 1944, idiot,”

        “IDIOT”!!?? You call HIM the “IDIOT!!?? You have called dozens of commenters that name which actually more fits you.

        This lets me know your history still sucks! You must have never heard of the ‘attack’ on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941 🙂

      9. Pat, why are embarrassing yourself with your “knowledge” of history, old fart? I honestly think that it would be better for your reputation if you could just restrict your mental and physical activities from now on to cutting bushtops.

        Have you even bothered to look at the context in which I was responding to the idle chatterer, wide-mouth, and old fart Gilbert Huntly? When did America enter the European theater of war, blockhead, to save “puke-gutted Russkies” from Hitler?

      10. CIRCASSIAN

        “we, the Russians, could and should have stretched our helping hands to our Black brothers”

        Then why didn’t the Russians, huh? Well, because Russians couldn’t care less because they are not by any stretch of imagination brothers of blacks. You however qualify for that. Hence your resentment towards us. You are so transparant. All you are motivated by is not WHAT the USA or the West is doing to the world.

        Because the USA and the West are doing nothing other than what every other empire/civilisation did during the whole of known history. No! It is just the SCALE and succes and might with which the West is able to do this. I am NOT saying that that is right. But that is the real reason behind your resentment.

        “All the Blacks need right now is a few hundred good military instructors from us”

        Yeah, like the ones ‘you’ sent to Afghanistan. We all know what a tremendous succes that was for the ‘most humanitarian society ever’, well, besides from being bankrupted by it and falling apart, that is 😉

        “……. it reassures me that I am correct in my assumption that the racial divide in America is unbridgeable.”

        Oh, really? There it is again, that utter brilliance of Circassian, figuring that out all by himself. Well, newsflash! most Americans already knew, and KNOW that. That’s why there used to be segregation, remember? That was, besides remigration of blacks to the Muddaland, indeed the best possible option. It worked quite well, even for the blacks themselves. Just as it did in South Africa before the ((( meddling ))) started. But ((( some ))) weren’t happy about that situation. And things are so much better now both in the US and SA then they were then, right? I’ll bet you’re sitting wringing your hands and smiling about that. But that has absolutely nothing to do with your supposed love for blacks. Anything that is bad for the white man makes you happy. Sounds ((( familiar ))).

        “The idiocy of this statement speaks volumes: America “entered” the war in 1944,”

        Idiocy indeed. Because America, well the ((( US government ))) to be more precise entered that planned war even long before the actual shooting started. The ((( US government ))) didn’t want to prevent Communism to spread, on the contrary. Germany however did, that’s why it already fought Stalin in Spain, for example.

        ” “Russian” is not an indication, or a word, for ethnicity …..”

        Well, it is, actually. Hence the ‘Russian’ language. The language of Russians. The meaning you ascribe it is ((( globalist newspeak ))) There are all kinds of ethnicities in Asia that used to be occupied by the Russian empire – and later by the ((( Sovjet empire ))) and becuase of that many of them even now speak Russian.

        There is however no American, or Australian language, except for the accent, but English. But ‘English’ is an ethnicity, just like Germany and France are named after ethnicities, hence German and French language. Capisce, brilliant Circassian?

        Well, I could go on, but perhaps later. Your welcome 🙂

      11. Circ –

        I see I struck a nerve… by embarrassing you… and in true Communist form, you have tried to turn the tables here!! NO LUCK!! 🙂

        Your lack of knowledge in your own area of the world is pathetic.

        The OSS had officers and operatives in Germany even before it was officially formed in 1942…. to prepare for entering the European Front. FDR had to have the US in a war in Germany, for his buddy Stalin, which is one of the reasons he was complicit in the Pearl Harbor attack to garner public support.

        One of the greatest accomplishments of the OSS during World War II was its penetration of Nazi Germany by OSS operatives. The OSS was responsible for training German and Austrian individuals for missions inside Germany. Their agents even included exiled communists and Socialist party members, labor activists, anti-Nazi prisoners-of-war, and German and asshole jew refugees. The OSS also recruited and ran some of the war’s most important spies to help start wars globally.

        1. @ Pat

          His heart is in the right place.
          Though I do not agree with Pat on many things,
          I like him personally and am delighted
          that he has returned to this website after hurricane storms.
          He has the mature wisdom that only age can bring.

      12. Madame
        At this point, “meek” is the best way to be. Having endurance, patience, and the strength that comes from knowing Truth will always win out….come what come may.😃

        1. Big Chief, you’re OK.
          Don’t let these rats diss you.
          Hold your head high and keep your tomahawk ready! 🙂

      13. No 1138, you, indeed, do not come across as excessively bright person.

        Let me illustrate it by way of utilizing your incoherent babbling.

        “we, the Russians, could and should have stretched our helping hands to our Black brothers”
        Then why didn’t the Russians, huh? Well, because Russians couldn’t care less because they are not by any stretch of imagination brothers of blacks.

        Wrong! Here is the proof: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-55412720

        As you see, we are helping our black brothers just like the way I have suggested. And why we are helping our black brothers? Because we want to kick our white American brothers ass everywhere in the world where they mess up with our other human brothers. All our black American brothers need to do to get the same kind of help is just ask us politely for that, and we’ll come and kick our white American brothers ass in Texas, in Alabama, in Louisiana and everywhere else. And we’ll do it in due time.

        You however qualify for that. Hence your resentment towards us. You are so transparant. All you are motivated by is not WHAT the USA or the West is doing to the world.

        Wrong! You seem have failed to notice that I have called even you, butthead, a brother. All I am motivated by is PRECISELY WHAT the USA and the West are doing to the world – especially to my nation, to my country, to my people. Nothing else.

        Because the USA and the West are doing nothing other than what every other empire/civilisation did during the whole of known history. No! It is just the SCALE and succes and might with which the West is able to do this. I am NOT saying that that is right. But that is the real reason behind your resentment.

        Wrong again! The USA and the West are doing to the world something that no other empire/civilization has ever done during the whole of known history – they are dehumanizing humans and doing it in the most disgusting way possible. No one has ever done that to humankind. That is the real reason behind my resentment.

        I do not resent the Russians who killed us, the Circassians, for centuries – we killed them too; that’s what people do in a war – they kill each other. I don’t resent the Germans who killed us, the Russians, in millions – we killed them in millions too; that’s what people do in a war – they kill each other. But I resent you, bastards, because you don’t even fight for yourselves – you have others fight for you. And you do it in the most disgusting and most indecent way possible.

        Yeah, like the ones ‘you’ sent to Afghanistan. We all know what a tremendous succes that was for the ‘most humanitarian society ever’, well, besides from being bankrupted by it and falling apart, that is 😉

        You are a total idiot if you think that USSR was “bankrupted” and “fall apart” because we sent troops to Afghanistan. Now here is my prediction, brother: Russia will get back every square inch that belonged to the USSR at the end of the WWII in 1945 as the outcome of that war. And if we don’t get back what rightfully belongs to us by relatively peaceful means in the next 5 to 10 years, the WWIII will commence in earnest with the destruction of the USA while Russia emerging as the new, better, and more humane leader of the world. You can bet your ass on that. Pick your choice, brother.

        That should be enough. I won’t bother with the rest of your childish talk.

  10. Merry christmas from a muslim Palestinian to all and happy new year.While christians gather around dinner table , praying and celebrating the praises of God in heaven , Jews sit down in their living room smiling and counting money and singing what a friend we have in Jesus .Watch out chinese restaurants , here they come.

  11. What is the purpose of this essay but to moan that things are much worse than they were 2,000 years ago? What will no one conclude reading this essay? That Jesus failed in saving the world. After all that time, the grand wish of the Christians to live in a peaceful world was not achieved. All those prayers went unanswered, all those hymns in vain, all those cathedrals and centuries of worship a hopeless waste of time, energy, and resources.

    What does a logical rational mind say about this Jesus belief? It is a fantasy, god is our delusion. What does no man say about our situation? Humans are hopelessly enslaved on some kind of hell planet. What does no man realize? Earth must be hell if we spend so much time trying to get out of here. No other animal is trying to escape earth like us, we want to be with the Lord in Heaven, or we want to get out of our minds mind with drugs, or we want to go to another planet. We just don’t want to be here?

    No person has ever thought that something is terribly wrong with our specie, and only our specie, if we are spending so much of our lives focused on god and the afterlife. What other animal behaves this way? None! So why do we do it if we are just another evolved creature on this planet? Ah hah! you should say. We must be not a natural creature, we must be some kind of alien experiment, which is why we are so out of whack with the natural.

    What no man has concluded that all these afterlife beliefs stem from feelings of great discontent of living in this life. We can not see that we are a domesticated specie that went feral, we suffer from cosmic abandonment syndrome, and that the Abrahamic religions are really outer space cargo cults, and why we love our abusive gods like a cosmic Stockholm Syndrome.

    What no one but a very few now understand that worship originated from alien contact, that god is really a more advanced specie that so bedazzled our senses we built monuments to commemorate their visit. Only during and after WW2 when cargo cults formed after the Army Air Corp landed in Melansians Islands do we now see that the same thing happened thousands of years ago that formed the Abrahamic religion.

    The author hasn’t even scratched the surface how horribly evil the modern world is now compared to Jesus’s time. No one had to get building permits or business licenses back then. No one got blown up by landmines or blown to bits by Hellfire Missiles shot from Predator Drones back then. Rome did not monitor every phone call, nor did the State arrest you for being naked or smoking weed.

    Yes, things are far worse now than back then, and no god “saved” us, we are now more enslaved then ever, and by the looks of it, things will be getting far worse than we can imagine, and when they do, beliefs in a savior (like Jesus or Trump) will continue to flourish BECAUSE HOPE IS THE COPE DOPE WHILE YOU DO TIME IN HELL.

    I have to say for myself, I would of never chose in coming to earth or having my experience. Really, I want none of what has been served up thus far, so I too, feel as you do, but I don’t waste my time praying to the evil gods that put me here or give money to the evil institutions that enslave us, that means I pay the least tax to the evil state and do not tithe to any church. But most of you do, and I ask why? Why do you vote and legitimize evil?

    My only goal in life is to get as far away from most people as I can, and seeing so many proudly wearing a face diaper confirms my suspicions that most people are not worth a sh-t. But I can see why Jesus has so much appeal, because he said the opposite, he wanted to be with you all.

    I’ve also stated on this forum that the last place I would ever wish to be is in heaven is with my relatives, when I can’t stand them now! LOL. And I have also come to the firm conclusion that if I was created as a soul and stuck in a body on a hell planet, then why would I love God if he did it? That is sick to love the being that tortures you in hell. So I have also concluded the only real heaven is nonexistence, that way I don’t spend any time with my relatives or god or do any time on hell planets.

  12. When Jesus Came to Birmingham

    When Jesus came to Golgotha, they hanged Him on a tree,
    They drove great nails through hands and feet, and made a Calvary;
    They crowned Him with a crown of thorns, red were His wounds and deep,
    For those were crude and cruel days, and human flesh was cheap.

    When Jesus came to Birmingham, they simply passed Him by.
    They would not hurt a hair of Him, they only let Him die;
    For men had grown more tender, and they would not give Him pain,
    They only just passed down the street, and left Him in the rain.

    Still Jesus cried, ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do, ‘
    And still it rained the winter rain that drenched Him through and through;
    The crowds went home and left the streets without a soul to see,
    And Jesus crouched against a wall, and cried for Calvary.

    G. A. Studdert-Kennedy

    1. Beautiful indeed Darrell!
      “When Jesus came to Birmingham, they simply passed Him by.
      They would not hurt a hair of Him, they only let Him die;”
      When Jesus came to Birmingham these days (or any other city anywhere in this forsaken world) he would be fined for not wearing a mask while speaking to his flock and breaking distancing rules. Jesus would be dragged from his sermon into quarantine/detention, forcefully tested for Covid and fined and arrested for breaking “health emergency laws”. Blue & pink haired masked feminists in the crowd would spit Jesus in the face for promoting hate crimes as to love ones enemy – a critical and opposing normal neighbor – is a transgression, while blacks and other races of color scream “Jesus was not white”. Religious clergy is forced to have Jesus arrested for fraudulent practices and heresy while Jews are crying foul, hate speech and antisemitism. Before American Evangelicals will condemn Jesus as the real Antichrist they will ask him: Are you red or blue? While the pope will hide in holy quarantine and pray to God in silence : Why have you forsaken me? “And all while Jesus crouched against a wall, and cried for Calvary.”
      Poor Jesus! Poor humanity! Poor earthly world where Christmas (das Fest der Liebe) died alone and unloved in isolation! Those who have sown love will harvest hatred. Those who teach hatred and deceit will have their mortal riches, power and an evil godless kingdom on Earth. Those who willingly not participate at all will die in their own nightmarish dream.

  13. The cross is the symbol of death. It is okay as an emblem of the grave, but it is dangerous to accept it as a symbol of life. But many so-called religious people have treated human life and body as no more than a grave, and it is going to result in a disaster.

    A man bearing a crucifix on his breast declares that life is not acceptable to him; he is worshipping death really. For him life is a curse, not a blessing. Christianity – I don’t mean Jesus – believes that man is born in sin, that life is the original sin. According to them, what we think of as life is not God’s gift, but a form of punishment inflicted on man.

    This kind of thinking is essentially masochistic, pessimistic, morbid. Standing near a rosebush a pessimist takes note of every thorn, but he ignores the flowers altogether. Looking at day and night, a pessimist sees two dark nights sandwiching a short day instead of seeing two bright days enclosing a brief dark night. Such a mind gathers together all the hurt and pain of life and completely forgets its delights and pleasures.

    In fact, paying too much attention to the miseries of life is the sign of a diseased mind, a neurotic and deranged mind. Of course a philosophy of life that affirms and emphasizes sorrow and suffering is bound to be negative and nihilistic. And this is what the cross represents.

    Had he not been crucified, Jesus would have never made such a powerful impact on the world. In all probability the world would have forgotten him. His crucifixion became the foundation of Christianity.

    Today nearly a billion people all over the world are within the fold of Christianity. I don’t take this to be the triumph of Christ, it is undoubtedly the victory of the cross. Jesus hanging on the cross became a great attraction for our miserable and diseased minds. Our lives are virtually on the cross; we are ridden with anxiety, sorrow and suffering. We are a people who collect only hurt and pain, as some people collect used stamps. We all have our stockpiles of miseries; we don’t have any remembrance of having any happy moments in life.

    Krishna is absolutely the opposite type of individual, and his flute as a symbol is just the opposite of the cross. There is no sense in putting a flute on a grave; it needs throbbing lips and supple fingers to play it. It needs a singing and dancing heart, a soul brimming with joy and bliss to hold it. And I think it is time man makes a clear choice between the cross of Jesus and the flute of Krishna.

    It is not that life is without its hurts and pains; it cannot be. But if a person brings his focus only to the hurt and pain and goes on accumulating them, he will soon cease to meet with any happy moments in life. It is not that there is no happiness in life; it has its fair share of happiness too. And if someone trains his attention on happiness alone and goes on gathering it, he will eventually cease to come across painful moments in life.

    Life consists of both pleasure and pain, happiness and misery. And it depends on us what we choose to see and take. My own understanding is that if someone sees rightly and loves rose flowers, then soon the thorns on the rosebush will disappear from his sight. Eyes attuned to the beauty and fragrance of the flower don’t take notice of the thorns. Not that the thorns disappear from the bush; they become part and parcel of the grandeur of the roses, and one sees them as something protecting the roses. They are really to protect the flowers, not to hurt anyone.

    But if someone sees only thorns he will miss the flowers. He will say, “How can there be any flowers in the midst of so many piercing thorns and thistles?” He cannot even think of flowers where thorns abound. For him thorns become the truth and flowers disappear like dreams. But for a lover of flowers, thorns become illusory and flowers the truth.

    It depends on man, what he chooses; he is free to choose. There is a saying of Sartre’s which is strange but close to truth. He says, “Man is condemned to be free.” It seems freedom is an imposition on us, inflicted on us. It seems we can choose every thing except freedom – because we are free to choose or not to choose it. Never had anyone described freedom as something inflicted on man.

    Man is free, and this freedom affirms his being God. But he can choose anything – even not being God. Similarly, he is free to choose pain and misery. Life will be pure suffering for one who makes suffering his choice. We become that which we choose to become. In fact, we see what we want to see; we find what we want to find; we receive what we ask for. So if you seek suffering you are going to have it, without fail.

    The irony is that if someone opts for suffering he does not suffer alone, he makes many others suffer with him. And this is where immorality comes into being. Unhappiness is a contagious disease: a single unhappy person can be the cause of the unhappiness of thousands. It is impossible that an unhappy man can make another happy. How can he give happiness to another when he refuses to take it for himself. Remember, we can share with others only that which we have, not what we don’t have.

    One who has turned his life into a bundle of hurts and wounds is going to be the cause of much suffering in the lives of many people around him. Since suffering has become his life’s breath, wherever he goes he will carry the germs of suffering with him. So an unhappy man does not suffer alone, he shares his sorrow with everybody he comes in contact with. Walking or sitting, speaking or silent, active or inactive, he emits and transmits the vibes of unhappiness like nuclear fallout all around him. An unhappy person really adds to the unhappiness of the whole world.

    Remember, when you choose unhappiness, you are not choosing it for yourself alone, but for the whole world as such.

    As I said, it is man’s preference for pain and suffering which the cross symbolizes. And that has led him to the doorstep of war – a war that is going to be a total war. For the first time, mankind is on the brink of committing global suicide. But he has asked for it by opting for misery.

    We know very well that sometimes individuals driven up the wall commit suicide in despair. But for the first time a situation for collective suicide has arisen, when the whole of mankind has become so miserable that it is going to commit global hara-kiri.

    It seems war has become our way of life, and the mounting number of wars are nothing but our mounting steps to collective death and destruction. And this destruction is the cumulative effect of mankind’s choice of suffering. Really, war is of our own choosing, it does not descend out of the blue.

    And when we court suffering religiously, when we accept it as something religious, then no thing remains to be chosen irreligiously. When we turn sorrow into a religion, then there is nothing like irreligion on the earth. Sorrow is really enshrined when it is made part of religion.

    A whole milieu of unhappiness and misery was created around the cross. I don’t say it was created around Jesus, because Jesus is not necessarily connected with the cross; he could very well do without the cross. The fact is, that Christianity was created not by Jesus, but by the people who crucified him.

    I always say Christianity was not founded by Jesus; its real founders were those Jewish theologians and priests who crucified him. Christianity comes from the cross, not Christ. Poor Jesus was simply hanged on the cross – so he is secondary. First comes the cross in relation to the religion founded after his name. In fact, it should be called “crossianity,” not Christianity. It is the cross that occupies the place of honor in the hearts and minds of people whose life is every day on the cross.

    Man as he is, is in suffering; he is perpetually on the cross. It is not much different whether it is the cross of the family or of relationships, of friendships or of enmities, of religions or of nationalities. For man, life is a cross that he has to carry on his shoulders from the cradle to the grave. For him, life is really a curse, a sin, not a blessing. And the cross became increasingly important to him, and he clung to it. In fact, Christianity is a worldwide conglomeration of all such pessimistic and miserable people.
    If the Third World War happens, it will spell the destruction of mankind; it will be a case of collective crucifixion of the human race. So what began with the crucifixion of a single individual is going to end in the collective crucifixion – the crucifixion of the entire race of homo sapiens. I don’t say that Jesus is responsible for it; the responsibility belongs to those who hanged him on the cross.

    I also don’t say that people rallied round the cross because they were influenced by Jesus; the contrary is the truth. They came to Jesus because they were influenced by the cross. But it is undeniably true that a civilization based on crossianism, on sado-masochism, was destined to lead mankind to self-destruction. Actually there is no sense in accepting the cross and worshipping it.

    Even if life bears a cross, it is in our hands to replace the cross with a flower.

    In my view, Krishna’s flute is exactly the opposite of the cross. And it is important to know that while it is others who hang Jesus on the cross, they really impose it on him; Krishna chooses the flute for himself. It is necessary to bear in mind that while the flute is intrinsic to Krishna and his life – it symbolizes him – the cross is extrinsic to Christ; it does not represent him. It is others, the Jewish priests and the Roman governor, who force the cross on Christ.

    Krishna plays the flute for the love of it. Nobody has forced it on him; he has chosen it for himself.

    I see Krishna’s flute symbolizing life’s benediction and man’s gratefulness to life for this blessing.

    Krishna has made his choice for happiness, for bliss. In fact, when life is so good and great, Krishna cannot but choose to be happy, and he says it with the flute.

    And just as an unhappy person does not suffer alone, he makes many others unhappy, similarly a happy person becomes the source of happiness for countless numbers of people. So when Krishna plays his flute, its melody, its bliss, does not remain con fined to him, it gladdens all those whose hearts come to hear it. And it is as it should be.

    If you happen to pass by a cross with Jesus hanging on it, you will immediately be depressed and sad. On the other hand, seeing Krishna dancing in ecstasy on the banks of the river Yamuna will fill your heart with delight and joy. Pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness are contagious; they are communicable from one to another; they spread and escalate like wildfire.

    So the one who decides to be unhappy is condemning the whole world to be unhappy; he might as well say he has decided to punish the whole earth by choosing to be unhappy. And the person who decides to be happy is going to bless the whole to be happy, he is going to add to the song and music of life all over this planet. Therefore a happy person is a religious person; and an unhappy person is utterly irreligious.

    I call the man religious who brings happiness to himself and to others. For me, nothing except happiness, blissfulness, is a religious quality. In this sense Krishna is truly a religious person, whose whole being exudes nothing but happiness and bliss. And such a person can bless the whole of mankind, he is a living blessing to the world.

    But you ask why did the war of the Mahabharat happen in a civilization that had accepted the flute as its symbol? I say, this happened in spite of Krishna’s flute. Krishna is not the cause of the Mahabharat. There is no relationship whatsoever between the flute and war. But there exists a logical relationship between the cross and war.

    The Mahabharat took place in spite of Krishna and his flute. It simply means we are so attached to sorrow, so steeped in misery that even Krishna’s flute fails to bring a ray of hope and joy to our hearts. The flute continued to play, and we plunged into the vortex of war. The flute could not change our sado-masochistic minds; Krishna’s flute could not become our flute too.

    It is interesting to know how difficult it is for someone to share in another’s happiness. It is so easy to share in another’s sorrow. You can easily cry with someone crying, but it is so hard to laugh with some one laughing. You can easily sympathize with one whose house has been burned down, but it is arduous to participate in the joys of one who has built himself a beautiful new house. And it is not without some fundamental reasons.

    It is easy to come close to Jesus’ cross, because it strikes a note of empathy in our hearts, which are already filled with pain and misery. On the other hand Krishna’s flute will fill our hearts with envy and we will escape from him. Krishna’s bliss will bring up envy in us; it will not find an empathic response from our hearts.

    Conversely, the cross will not make us jealous; it will certainly bring up our empathy. The happiness of another creates jealousy, and jealousy turns into misery. So to participate in another’s happiness is really arduous.

    It needs extraordinary intelligence to participate in another’s happiness. To share in the joys of another, to make them one’s own is a rare quality; it is of the highest. But to share in another’s sorrow is not that difficult. It is so because we are ourselves burdened with sorrow and suffering; we are already in misery. So we have no difficulty in identifying ourselves with the suffering of others.

    But if someone is happy we fail to connect with him for the simple reason that we don’t know what happiness is, we are only unhappy in ourselves.

    I repeat, the Mahabharat happens in spite of the flute. It is interesting to note that after the advent of the cross it takes two thousand years for war to grow to its present dimensions of a massive war enveloping the whole earth, but the Mahabharat takes place even when Krishna is playing his flute.

    The truth is that the flute and its message is not rightly understood and appreciated. It fails to make an impression on the sado-masochistic minds of the people.

    Another thing worth considering in this context is that Krishna participates personally in the war. You cannot think of Jesus joining a war of any kind. If someone suggests to him to do so, he will say, “Have you gone mad? Don’t you know what I teach?” Jesus has said, “The prophets of the past have said that if someone gouges out your one eye you should take out his both, but I tell you if someone slaps you on the tight cheek, turn to him the other one too. And I tell you if someone takes your shirt, let him have your coat as well. And if someone asks you to carry his bag one mile, go with him two miles – maybe out of shyness he does not ask for more than a mile.” Now this person cannot be goaded into fighting a war.

    It looks somewhat paradoxical and complex that while Jesus refuses even to resist evil, Krishna feels no compunction in leading a destructive war like the Mahabharat. But the reason is obvious.

    For Jesus, life is so miserable and meaningless that it is not worth fighting for. For Krishna, on the other hand, life is so blissful that even a war can be risked for it.

    I would like to go into this matter rather deeply, because it is significant for us and our times.

    For Jesus, life as it is is so utterly miserable and meaningless that a slap or two on the cheek will not add to its pile of miseries. It can be said that his cup of suffering is so full that any more suffering will not make a difference. So he turns his other cheek to you so you don’t have to take the trouble of turning it yourself. He is already so miserable that you cannot make him any more miserable.

    For this reason, Jesus cannot be persuaded to take part in war. He alone can agree to fight who declares that life is a blessing and not a curse, that life is bliss and not suffering. He will stake everything to defend the joy and bliss of life. He will do anything for the sake of life.

    Not only Jesus, even Mahavira and Buddha will not say yes to war. Only Krishna is capable of doing it. If there is any other person in the world of spiritualism and religion who can come near Krishna in this respect, it is Mohammed. At some level, at some depth Mohammed is closer to Krishna than others, although he cannot be fully with Krishna.

    Whosoever feels that there is something precious and worthwhile in life which needs to be preserved, to be fought for – he will join hands with Krishna. For those who think otherwise, who see nothing in life worth preserving, the question simply does not arise.

    But remember, Krishna is not a warmonger. He is not a hawk, as some pacifists would like to call him. He is a supporter of life, he stands by life, and he will fight for it if need be. If the great values of life – without which life would cease to be life – are in peril, Krishna will not hesitate to defend them with missiles. Not that he relishes violence or war, but if it becomes unavoidable he will not shirk the responsibility.

    That is why, from the beginning, he does everything to avoid the Mahabharat. He leaves no stone unturned to avert war and save life and peace. But when all his efforts for peace fail, he realizes that the recalcitrant forces of death and destruction – forces that are against righteousness and religion – are not amenable to an honorable peace. He readies himself to fight on behalf of life and religion.

    As I see it, life and religion are not two different things for Krishna. And therefore he can fight as naturally as he can dance. It is remarkable that a man like Krishna, even when he goes to the battlefield, is happy and joyful; he never loses his bliss. And men like Jesus are sad even as they keep a distance from the battlefield. Krishna can be blissful even on the battlefield, because war comes to him as part of life; it cannot be segregated from life.

    As I said earlier, Krishna does not divide life into black and white, good and evil, as the moralists and monks do. He does not subscribe to the view that war is purely evil. He says that nothing is good or evil under all circumstances. There are occasions when poison can work like nectar and nectar can work like poison. There are moments when blessings turn into curses and curses into blessings.

    Nothing is certain for all time and space, under all circumstances. The same thing can be good in one time and bad in another; it is really determined by the moment at hand. Nothing can be predetermined and prejudged. If someone does so. he is in for troubles in life, because life is a flux where everything changes from moment to moment. So Krishna lives in the moment; nothing is predetermined for him.

    For long, Krishna does his best to avert war, but when he finds that it is inescapable he accepts it without hesitation. He does not want that one should go to war with a heavy heart, he does not believe in doing anything reluctantly in fact. If war becomes inescapable he will go to it with all his heart and mind.

    With all his heart he tries to avert it, and when he fails, he goes to war whole-heartedly. In the beginning of war, as you know, he has no mind to take any active part in it. He tells Arjuna that he will not use his particular weapon – sudarshan – on the battlefield, he will only work as Arjuna’s charioteer. But then a moment comes when he takes the sudarshan in his hand and becomes an active participant in the war.

    As I said, Krishna lives in the moment; he lives moment to moment. In fact, every blissful person lives in the moment; that is, he lives in a timeless space.

    But those who choose unhappiness and are pessimistic and miserable cannot afford to live in the moment; they live in time, they have a time-continuum. They have a long span of time – not chronological but psychological – which extends both to the past and the future. And it is this time- continuum that makes for their abiding misery and anguish. They carry with them the heavy load of all the miseries of the dead past – which is no more, and all the imagi-nable miseries of the endless future – which is yet to come. So of course they feel crushed under the dead weight of their psychological pain and agony.

    On the other hand, a man of bliss does not accept the existence of any other time except the present, the living moment. He has no past and no future; for him the whole of existence is squeezed into the moment, in the now. For him the moment is eternity itself, and he journeys from one moment through another. He dies totally to the past – which is not. And he does not take into account the future – which is yet to come. For him both past and future are non-existential. Such a person is fully responsible to this moment. To be open to the living moment is his way of life, his joy, his bliss.

    A masochist, a seeker of pain and misery, is utterly blind to the present, to the moment. He is closed in himself, like a cocoon; he is not responsive to that which is. If you take him to a rosebush and say to him, “Hey, man! Look at these blossoms, how enchanting they are!” he will say, “What worth is this beauty which is going to wither away by the evening?” Speak to him about the splendor of youth and his reaction will be, “It is nothing; soon it will pass into old age and to the grave.” About happiness he will say, “It is nothing more than a mirage, an illusion; the more you chase it, the more distant it becomes. I am not going to be deceived by it.” His mind is always set on time, the future; he never lives in the moment.

    A hedonist, on the other hand, lives totally in the moment. He is finished with his past, and so he does not think of the future either, which is psychologically nothing but a projection of the past.

    Coming to a garden in bloom, the blissful person will be totally with the riot of colors, he will dance and sing with the dancing flowers. And he will tell the pessimist, “Why should I worry about the evening which is not yet here, when even these flowers which are going to wither away are not the least concerned about it? Look at them, how festive they are!”

    And the wonder of wonders is that when the evening comes, the man of bliss celebrates the withering of the flowers with the same enthusiasm with which he had celebrated their blossoming in the morning. Who says that only blooming flowers are enchanting? The withering ones are as beautiful to look at! They are as beautiful as they were in the morning, but our sorrow-filled eyes fail to perceive that beauty.

    Who says only sunrise is beautiful? Sunset is not a whit less beautiful. Who says only children are beautiful and not the old people? Old age has its own beauty, its own grace. When a person like Ravindranath or Walt Whitman, really grows into old age, his beauty is immeasurable.

    Looking at Walt Whitman in his old age, one feels to have come across a beauty that cannot be surpassed. In fact, if childhood has a beauty of its own, youth and old age each have some distinctive beauty which is no less fascinating. When one’s hair becomes snow-white, when one is about to complete his life’s journey, when one is loose and relaxed, he radiates a beauty and grace that you find in the sunset. But a pessimist cannot know it.

    I repeat: a Krishna lives in the moment. The journey of bliss is the journey of the moment. It is really wrong to call it a journey, because you cannot travel in the moment; you can only drown in it. You can travel in time, but in the moment you can only sink deeper and deeper.

    The way of the moment is vertical, it is not horizontal. The moment has only depth, and no length at all; whereas time has only length, and no depth at all. Therefore one who sinks into the moment transcends time, he goes beyond time. One who reaches the timeless, achieves the eternal. So Krishna is in the moment and eternity together. The moment is eternity itself.

    But one who lives in time can never know the eternal, because time is a series, a continuity; it stretches from the dead past to an unborn and unknown future. Time is tension, time is anxiety and misery. One who lives in time does not live really, because all the time he is either brooding over his past, which is gone forever, or he is worrying about a future which is yet to be born. When it is morning he is thinking of the evening; when he is alive he is worrying about death. The moment he meets a loved one, he begins to grieve over the separation that is going to happen in some future.

    Krishna is accused of breaking promises he makes from time to time. A moment comes in the battle of Mahabharat when he takes up arms, his sudarshan chakra, although he had given his word that he would not take an active part in the fighting, he would only act as Arjuna’s charioteer.

    In answer to the charge, Krishna would say, “The one who made the promise is no more, nor is the moment which had brought forth the promise.” He will ask, “Where is the Ganges that was there at the time my promise was being made? Where are the flowers that had bloomed at that moment?

    Where are those clouds that had glided through the sky when I had given the assurance in question?

    Everything has changed, everything has moved away since then. How can you bind me with that moment which too is gone? I am now existing in the moment that is before me, and I am responding to it totally.”

    Krishna does not apologize for the so-called breach of promise, nor does he regret it. He never repents; he never recants. He is true to the moment.

    What do I mean when I say he is true to the moment? He is so utterly true to the existing moment that even if it confronts him with an unthought-of eventuality he goes into it without flinching and as totally as ever.

    Of course, he will seem, at times, to be some what unfaithful to us, to the conventional society, because he does not keep his promises. That is the difficulty with a person like Krishna who is true to existence. Such a person cannot be as true to the society he lives in – because while the society lives in time, he lives in the timeless, in eternity. The society has a past and a future to care for, while Krishna has none. He is free, absolutely free, A young man came to Rinzai, a celebrated Zen sage who lived in the mountains. The young man said to Rinzai, “I am in search of truth, and it is this search that has brought me to you from a long distance.”

    Rinzai said to him, “Leave aside this matte of truth for the present. I want to know something else from you since you are coming from Peking. Can you say what is the price of rice in Peking?”

    The youth was flabbergasted to hear such a question from a great Master like Rinzai, who supposedly had nothing to do with such mundane matters as the price of rice in Peking. He had made a long and arduous journey in search of the highest. He had never imagined that a great sage like Rinzai would talk about such a petty thing in place of truth.

    So the young man said to Rinzai, “Excuse me, sir, for my impertinence. But I say it so you don’t ask any more questions like the one before me. I don’t carry any past with me, I leave behind me the paths that I travel, burn the bridges that I cross, pull down the stairs that I climb. I die to the past totally, even to the minutes just gone by.”

    “Then sit down.” said Rinzai patting the youth’s back. “Now we will talk about truth. I brought up the question of the price of rice only to know if you yet carry your past with you. Had you remembered the price of rice in Peking when you left it, I would have flatly refused to talk about truth. One who clings to his past cannot come to truth, because truth is always now and here, it is in the moment.

    Truth has nothing to do with the past nor with the future. Truth is really timeless, and one who lives in the past can never be in the present. Truth and time don’t walk together.”

    The Mahabharat happens in spite of Krishna. And yet Krishna becomes a participant in the war, because a partisan of bliss can become a partisan of war too. And Krishna believes that war is as much part of life as peace is. One cannot be without the other. And war will be with us as long as life exists on this earth. Maybe, the character of war will change, its structure and shape will vary, its plane, strategy, and style will be different, but war will continue.

    It is impossible that war will ever disappear from the earth. It can only disappear from the earth if man himself disappears from here. Or it can disappear if man becomes perfect. Unless the human race as a whole reaches its perfection, or becomes extinct as a species, there is no way to abolish war. Man as he is cannot do without war. War has always been with us; it is with us now, and it is going to be with us in the future. Then what is the problem in regard to war.

    Krishna’s answer to this question is, war should be righteous, it should be waged for the highest values of life like freedom and truth.

    In the same way, peace needs to be righteous. Remember, some kinds of peace can be unrighteous, irreligious, and war can be made to uphold religion and truth.

    The pacifist thinks that peace is always righteous, and the warmonger thinks that war is right in every case. Krishna is neither a partisan of peace nor of war; he really has no “isms.” He is not bound to any ideology, he is liquid like water. He is never stagnant, he is always moving with life. He is not solid and immobile like a rock; he is fluid like air. So he says, “Peace can be evil too.”

    For example, a pacifist who is religiously committed to peace is passing a street where someone is being robbed. He can say that he has nothing to do with others’ feuds and strifes, and he refuses to interfere in the matter, going peacefully on his way. This peace is irreligious, because it is indirectly helping someone rob another person who may be innocent and helpless. It is not necessary that peace is right in every case. Men like Bertrand Russell think that peace is always right, it is inviolable.

    But he is only being dogmatic about peace.

    Sometimes cowardice and impotence can take shelter behind the facade of peace. Krishna tells Arjuna again and again, “Give up faint-heartedness, O Arjuna. I had never thought that you could be as unmanly and impotent as your words reveal you to be. When war faces you, war that forces of unrighteousness have unleashed, it does not become you to talk like a coward. Where is your manliness, your skill?”

    Peace is not necessarily righteous, nor is war unrighteous. It depends on the conditions that bring the forces of peace and war into play. But then you can say that warmongers are right in claiming that war is righteous. They can claim so, and nobody can prevent them. Life is very complex. But they will find it increasingly difficult to make such a claim if understanding grows among the people of what religion is.

    Let me explain to you what religion and irreligion are according to Krishna. That which helps life grow, flower and dance ecstatically is religion. And that which impedes life’s growth, which distorts and stifles life’s flowering, which smothers life’s joy and festivity is irreligion. Irreligion is what blocks and suffocates life; religion is what helps it to come to its fulfillment.

    1. Premanidhi,
      Agreed. In Donald’s humble opinion, the cross is a gruesome symbol of death. Wearing a cross around ones neck isn’t any different from wearing a small 14-carat gold replica of an AK-47. Anyway. Donaldo, not religious, doesn’t burden himself with lofty ideals or the hope of living in some eternal paradise after physical death. A good philosophy is KISS. (keep it simple stupid) If us humans would just KISS the human condition would improve by 99%. KISS means that people should practice the two simple Zoroastrian principles of:
      1. Think good thoughts.
      2. Perform Good deeds.
      It’s that simple folks. And the time to enjoy life is NOW. Not when a person is so old that he’s wearing diapers. Anyway, folks. Whenever you have a chance, randomly say something kind to a stranger. Lend a helping ✋ to someone in need without desiring any earthly or celestial reward. When you do good, you become good. The World becomes a better place. No need to wear a 14-carat gold AK-47 (cross) on a chain. 🤔🤠

    2. I agree – “For the first time, mankind is on the brink of committing global suicide.” ….. which will be accomplished without firearms or militaries per se, on selected societies, but at the hands of Big Pharmas and their mandated faux remedies.

      AND – “Peace is not necessarily righteous…” …. because, for instance, “PEACE” to a COMMUNIST is when ALL OPPOSITION is WIPED OUT! DEAD!

  14. Jesus is psychoanalyzed and used as a political prop more often than even Hitler. Everyone has their very own use for him, and they are almost always wrong. As Gilbert said, Jesus was put on this Earth on God’s time, and therefore speculating as to what it’d be like if he was here now is just silly.

    The ironic part of it all, is that we are in our current predicament, and under the oppressive regime of Jewish supremacy, specifically because we ignored Christ’s words. Rather than heed His warnings, we have allowed the enemy of mankind to subjugate almost the entire world. Insult to injury when all these idiots cite Him in their mindless attempts to justify mass immigration and white genocide; or when they belittle Him by portraying Him as nothing more than a political revolutionary or “spiritual guru” (whatever the hell that actually means).

    Of course for those who HAVE listened, we knew this would come. We knew the synagogue of Satan would capture this world and use all their power to destroy the true Israelites of the Bible, the bride of Christ, the white European race.

    But just to clarify… just because we knew it was coming doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight, and it doesn’t mean God’s time lines up with what we perceive based on the current state of the world. Christ was defiant towards the synagogue of Satan til his final breath, and we must do the same.

  15. Yesterday or the day before I happened to be reading this essay on the rutherford website


    and when I got to this part I stopped reading:

    “Dietrich Bonhoeffer asked himself what Jesus would have done about the horrors perpetrated by Hitler and his assassins. The answer: Bonhoeffer was executed by Hitler for attempting to undermine the tyranny at the heart of Nazi Germany.”

    I always know Jewish propaganda as soon as Hitler is dragged into any discussion. So this essay bemoans the horrible world we live in, yet doesn’t once mention Jewish control? I knew this essay is utter rubbish but would be popular because people love victimhood and Christianity is the world’s most popular religion ever because it caters to that mindset. It was a no-brainer that this essay was going to be a top essay this Christmas and one reason it would go viral it doesn’t mention the real reason the world sucks, Jews.

    So I searched with bing and google with the title, seeing who picked up the essay for republishing and was not surprised to see Darkmoon right at the top of the first page, the search engine said 23 minutes ago but I had been to Darkmoon’s site and didn’t see it, so I clicked into and it wasn’t there, then I said, oh yeah she took it down for editing after reading that Nazi stuff. Maybe not, I don’t know but that was the first thought in my mind.

    You see bashing Nazis is a hallmark telltale clue of Jewish subversion, as Hitler has outed the Jews and made them the enemy of the state, so Jews pound their anti-Hitler propaganda nonstop so the Goyim never support another dictator that rounds up Jews and deports them, and says Jews are the enemy of our nation. This I have discussed on many websites including this one. And it bears repeating again and again Jews hate Hitler like no other because he outed them, and then built and economic miracle outside their banking system which keeps everyone in a constant state of deprivation and shortages.

    BTW today I was reviewing the Turner Diaries because I was thinking of writing and essay that book by William Pierce is prophecy for our nations under Jewish control. I searched for Turner Diaries as Prophecy to first see if any other writer had approached that book from that angle. Nope. I was thinking it was because the Jewish run media is bashing white people non-stop and other Jews are funding antifa and BLM as a way to attack white people. So even though the ADL and SPLC bash that book as hate literature, is is prophecy or a revelation of how Jewish subversion in Amerika would eventually ignite a revolution as Jews organize radical leftist to go attack white people which they have leading up to the election.

    And that book may be coming of age since Trump could resign any day putting Biden and his gun confiscation agenda on the front burner, just as the Turner Diaries predicts with the Cohen Act. LOL Yes is will a Jewish law makers who write the anti-gun laws as they already do. Jews are behind gun control, and I am sure the ADL doesn’t like any popular book pointing that out and telling the world what their agenda is, which is to disarm white people then genocide them just as they are doing to the Palestinians, but don’t say or think that because we are only to cry bloody tears for the poor wittle jews holocausted by that evil hitler.

    So today is Christmas and sorry for the lack of cheer as we are in dire straights, with Trump’s resignation all but certain, Amerika will for sure be going down in flames as the Covid hoax is pumped, the economy shuttered, and amerikans attacked for owning guns. Hell is coming and celebrating a fictional Jewish savior seems so childish and foolish, as human beings just can’t deal with the reality of their situation. So how did we get here, why are white people so gullible and easily manipulated? It goes back 2,000 years when a new myth was created and the European tribes forcibly converted soon afterwards. That is when we lost and now we are in the final extinction event. And those of us who can still think, realize that Hitler was our last chance to defeat world Jewry, and now that we lost we are doomed. Sorry, but that is the truth.


    1. @ Yukon Jack

      You are hopelessly confused, yet your comments have all the hallmarks of a highly intelligent and talented man. In this you have something in common with Lobro. I read once, in an old essay by Lasha Darkmoon, this Latin quote which made a deep impression on me:

      Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.

      I think to myself now: how easily this could apply to both you and Lobro. Good minds God gave you originally, you were gifted above the average, but at some stage you both sustained extensive brain damage. Probably brought on by extensive drug taken in youth, accompanied by sexual debauchery and exposure to toxic literature which you swallowed uncritically, hook, line, and sinker.

      Your own admiration, Yukon Jack, for the half-baked writings of the neo-Nazi Christ hater Dr William Pierce, is a witness to how low and vulgar your tastes have become. You actually admire the violent bloodlust fantasies of “The Turner Diaries”, mistaking Pierce’s masturbatory and sociopathic ravings as “great literature”. Tut, tut, what bad taste! 🙂

      Has anyone here tried reading “The Turner Diaries”?

      Don’t bother. Yawn, yawn! The Christ-hating Pierce is even more tiresomely boring in his sadomasochistic Jew-killing fantasies than the Marquis de Sade at his most pornographic.

      1. MB –

        I read Turner Diaries in the 70s, maybe before you were born, and you cannot re-live the overwhelming anti-Communist spirit needed to stoke the Nam conflict back then. There was “a Communist hiding under every bed” in the US… we were told. It depicted what many WWII, Korean Conflict and Nam veterans readily accepted. I did. WWII patriotism was still very much alive. Everyone was practicing Civil Defense and used CB radios. Paranoia ruled the times. Everyone was scared of NUKES(sic)!! Ya jus hadda be there… to really KNOW the times!! 🙁
        As I remember…. Turner played a large part in activities in the Washington, D.C. area in 2099. When the President of the United States delivered a speech denouncing racists and demanding that all members of the outcast ‘Organization’ – “White Supremacists” – be brought to justice, the crap came to a head.

        NOW…. connecting dots, many see that Trump has started it, laid the groundwork, almost 80 years sooner than depicted in the Turner Diaries.

        THIS YEAR – Trump Now Says He Condemns ‘All White Supremacists,’ After Declining To At The Debate!
        Days after President Trump declined to denounce white supremacists during a nationally televised debate, sparking outrage from Democrats and many Republicans, he sought to lay the controversy to rest, telling Fox News Thursday that he condemns right-wing hate groups such as the KKK and the Proud Boys.

      2. Dear Madam Butterfly,

        I dare say I am hopelessly enlightened living in an age of brainwashed bipedal apes praying to space aliens for redemption. You ought to read my many hundred essays which scathingly criticize all normal thinking patterns of our age, I leave no stone unturned, and all are exposed by my words and graphic memes. The tagline of my latest blog is Where Sacred Truths and False Narratives are Shredded.

        My first comment I turned into an essay, see Yukon Jack’s Dreadful Christmas Message, and I do apologize for lack of Christmas cheer, but since I have a razor sharp mind, I do think we are in for a hellish 2021 if Biden or Trump are installed, and I say neither is worth a sh-t as both are slavish whores of Israel. I also say Trump is the greatest psyop ever, beating Obama foolery by an order of magnitude. Patriots knew Obama was a fraud, but they still are fooled by Trump who just pardoned Blackwater Mercs for murder of children in Iraq and Charles Kushner of his many real estate felonies, but take note Assange and Snowden and have not been pardoned. So how are the Q-tards going to explain that away? LOLROFL

        Most people’s sacred viewpoints are outright Jewish propaganda, for example the Holocaust is considered a “sacred” narrative when it is total bs. Likewise with so many other beliefs based on that Bible everyone loves so much. Furthermore, you imply that being a neo-Nazi is a bad thing, well maybe it is a good thing and our only hope, let me explain why.

        I never read the Turner Diaries nor would I care to, but they have a prophetic quality as what he said is coming true – just as Pat brilliantly outlined. Whites are being targeted by Jews, and these Jews in control of the media are demonizing White people non-stop now, and they are pitting the Blacks against us – which is exactly what the Turner Diaries, a fictional novel, says. So Pierce is a kind of a prophet.

        So I said I was going to write an essay pointing out the predictive ability of that book, which is based on a racial perspective, which I do not subscribe. So maybe if Pierce got our future right, then maybe I am wrong for not viewing the war against us as a race war. Perhaps the race argument put forth by Kyle Hunt is correct and I was wrong for criticizing it.

        1. @ Yukon

          That was a beautifully written comment. Polite and well argued. I wrote you a long and exceptionally civilized response. It took me over 40 minutes. And guess what? I lost it all!!!

          I blame the darn computer. It does that sometimes. One false move on the keyboard and WHOOOOOSH! ….. your comment disappears down the rabbit hole into Valhalla.

          So damn frustrating!

        2. @ Yukon Jack

          “Perhaps the race argument put forth by Kyle Hunt is correct and I was wrong for criticizing it.”

          No, I don’t think you were wrong to criticize Kyle Hunt’s race argument.

          Why? Because Kyle Hunt is logically inconsistent here.

          Kyle is a fanatical Hitler supporter who gets his world view entirely from Hitler, including Hitler’s Jew hatred and his contempt for Christianity. And yet Kyle, in rejecting Christianity, advocates neo-paganism as a substitute for Christianity. You know… the romantic cult of the the Vikings! In short: worship of Wotan.

          Herein lies Kyle’s inconsistency.

          Hitler had no time for neo-pagannism. He dismissed the cult of Wotan as worthless. In other words, Yukon, you can’t be a Hitler fan and ALSO a fan of Wotan. You’ve got to choose. If you choose Hitler, you reject Wotan. And vice versa. It’s as simple as that.

          Hitler says in ‘Table Talk’:

          “Nothing would be more foolish than to reestablish the worship of Wotan. Our old mythology had ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself…. I wouldn’t want our movement to acquire a religious character and institute a form of worship. It would be appalling for me…”

          — Hitler’s Table Talk, 14 October 1941.

          Kyle seems to be unaware of Hitler’s disapproval of neo-paganism.

      3. Hitler read the Bhagavad-Gita religiously and nowadays everyone knows this, or could if they want to. Can never have too much pertinent data if you want to talk about Adolph Hitler. Though I don’t agree with the authors and their obvious bias; they can’t help it they were born (and raised and educated) that way, I do agree with the in depth research and the implications from it.

        “The Bhagavad Gita was read like a catechism for the SS. Consequently many of the above-mentioned Nazi ideologues referred continually to this Indian war manual”
        Glean away!

        1. I am sorry to disappoint you, Homer, but your source is utterly tainted and NOT TO BE BELIEVED! 🙂

          Hitler did NOT read the Bhagavad-Gita regularly and with devoted attention. Whoever said that is quite simply lying. Making it up. Hitler himself had no time whatever for ANY religion and regarded all religions with contempt, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

          Here is Hitler himself from an impeccable source, Hitler’s Table Talk, a source recognized not only by all mainstream historians but also by Hitler admirers who quote from this book repeatedly on their Hitler websites:

          “Nothing would be more foolish than to reestablish the worship of Wotan. Our old mythology had ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself…. I wouldn’t want our movement to acquire a religious character and institute a form of worship. It would be appalling for me, if I were to end up iin the skin of a Buddha.”

          — Hitler’s Table Talk, 14 October 1941.

          Would someone who speaks so contemptuously of Buddha be likely to have a fanatical devotion for Krishna? Not likely! Hitler regarded all the Oriental religions with a scathing contempt and had no spare time for reading the Gita. This is pure pro-Hitler propaganda from suspect Hindu sources. Hitler was a Darwinian materialist. He believed in the Survival of the Fittest and in a crude Social Darwinism. Yes, he believed vaguely in the “transmigration of souls” but that doesn’t make him a Krishna lover.

          Anyone who speaks so disrespectfully of Buddha is most unlikely to respect Krishna, let alone love him.

          1. Saki,

            What you say is correct. But you are wasting your breath trying to convince Homer about the total unreliability of his source material.

            This link he gives is pure conspiracy their stuff from a Hitler propaganda site that no mainstream historian would touch with a barge pole. This link Hp gives is unreliable:


            All these people were Hitler supporters, like Savitri Devi. There is NO DUCUMENTARY EVIDENCE ANYWHERE that Hitler read and admired the Gita. These people may say so, but they provide no evidence in the form of an authentic quote in which Hitler actually says: “I am a great fan of the Gita”. (Or words to that effect).

            It’s so sad when super-intelligent people like Homer believe implicitly in this online tosh material. Where are their critical faculties? No respected Hitler biographer would make use of this dodgy material.

      4. Dammit! There is no such thing as a vimana. Or a dozen other oddities, anomalies, absurdities in this quasi-historical area. The official stamped histories whether well intentioned or opportunistic are not the end of history. I only wonder at what point one or two of them simply stop being anomalies.

      5. @ Madame Butterfly

        Yes, it is very frustrating that when computers took over, we stopped with the pen, and now lose much good writing because we touched the wrong key. It happens to all of us, and to me more times than I can remember, and when you are in the energized mood you might write up some awesome reply only to loose it in a nanosecond.

        So first try Undo under Edit. Or backup your writing in your browser by highlighting the text and saving it. If you loose what you wrote, you can always paste your latest save. Another thing I do is use word to write the reply, or even better, wordpress, as it constantly updates and saves what ever you type automatically.

        I think Kyle does a great job over at renegade tribune and broadcasting, and I remember emailing Charlie Giuliani to move to renegade for his show truth hertz way back when. Since he got there he has shredded Yahweh to my great delight.

        You know you ought to studied how Atwill decoded Christianity, you can start with this famous Red Ice interview: Red Ice Radio Joseph Atwill Hour 1 Caesar’s Messiah, The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus


        Here is my latest shred of Bible fiction and why Jesus never got baptized:


      6. @MB, SAKI, HP
        Walter Wuest a member of the SS became president of the AHNENERBE in 1937. Wuest had studied Indology and was a specialist of the Vedas. Himmler, the head of the SS believed that the investigations of Ahnenerbe’s research teams might reveal ancient secrets about agriculture, medicine, and warfare which would benefit Nazi Germany.
        “In 1937, Himmler decided that he could increase the Ahnenerbe’s visibility by investigating Hans F. K. Günther’s claims that early Aryans had conquered much of Asia, including attacks against China and Japan in approximately 2000 BC, and that Gautama Buddha was himself an Aryan offshoot of the Nordic race. Walther Wüst later expanded on this theory, stating in a public speech that Adolf Hitler’s ideology corresponded with that of the Buddha, since the two shared a common heritage. However, according to contemporary research Hitler himself was not interested in Buddhism or Tibet.[45] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahnenerbe

    1. Yep!
      Kissinger(CIA code name Boar) said Americans will beg for troops in the streets:

      “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful!

      Governor Gavin Newsom is helping that along today.

      1. Pat, I’m sure the UN foreign troops will be thrilled to patrol (and fight) on the streets of by far the largest armed populace in human history (it isn’t even close). Streets they’ve all heard so much about their whole lives. Door to door, city to city, eh? LOL, that’s a hot one. They’d better pack a lunch..

      2. Homer, they’ll just need to pack gas masks and the appropriate ‘anti-aerosol agent’ injection serum….. while collecting the bodies of resistors piled up like blown down trees.

  16. I second that comment by Gil, Sister. And perhaps Christ has ALREADY returned. Certainly not subjecting himself to the same thing that happened to him 2,000 years ago, but just biding his time before setting things right.

  17. I bet Premanidhi’s posts cost ADMIN a fortune in bandwidth space, but Hey!, money grows on trees so might as well write tome-length posts! Another 2 or 3 sentences and Premanidhi’s post would be as long as the Bhagavad Gita AND the Bible put together. 🤓

    1. TROJ –

      At least YOUR posts are entertaining and interesting, without the incessant rhetoric droned on before their last seentence sums-up the volume which precedes it… 👌🙂

      1. Thank you for the compliment, Gilbert. I do try to be informative without being overly didactic. Informative, interesting and a little bit entertaining, is much more productive than sharing information in a doctrinaire manner. I don’t pontificate. I don’t get overwrought about anything. Never that! 😎.

  18. Now that Christmas is over, and we must return to reality concerning our dire situation may I recommend this video Votlman posted over at Mamis sh-t website:


    May I suggest that Hitler was real and Christ was fiction, and thus we ought to ask What Would Hitler Do in our situation and stop worshipping a Jewish savior who binds you to the Jews, our very destroyers.

    At no time in history is Hitler is needed now more than ever. And shouldn’t start considering that Jews must be rounded up and isolated from our white populations? I think the answer is yes, Jews have proved, once again, they are destroyers and disrupters of everything that is good. It was Jews who subverted the western world, it was Jews who did 911 and launched a war of terror on the world, it is Jews who own the media and pump the Covid hoax and all the other false flags. It is the Jews who run the central banks – which are now in the process of destroying all these fiat currencies they force us to use.

    Jews have unleashed hell on us, and so the truth is we ought to emulate the greatest of men, Adolf Hitler, and stop being weak minded slaves repeating the lies of the Jews who hate Hitler.

  19. The most fervent NSDAP adherent to Indian Hindu traditions was Heinrich Himmler not Adolf Hitler.Heinrich Himmler was fascinated by Hinduism and ancient Indian culture and had read the Bhagavad Gita, among other classic Indian texts.Himmler was deeply influenced by the Indologist, yoga scholar and SS Capt. Jakob Wilhelm Hauer of the University of Tübingen in Germany and the Italian philosopher Baron Julius Evola.

    Himmler had a keen interest in the Rigveda and the Bhagavad Gita. According to his personal massage therapist, Felix Kersten, Himmler carried a copy of the Bhagavad Gita in his pocket from 1941 until his death four years later. The book was a translation by the German theosophist, Dr. Franz Hartmann.

    In 1844, the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling highlighted in his lectures the same passage from the fourth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, which 100 years later would fascinate Himmler – so much so that he dictated this passage to his massage therapist. This passage emphasizes that a person’s identity does not have to be defined by one’s actions — that is, even if they commit violent acts, they can still remain untainted and unaffected by ones’ own actions.

    Moreover, in 1851, the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer raved about the enthusiastic spirit of the Vedas and the Upanishads, citing that his spirit is washed clean of all his early inoculated Jewish superstitions.

  20. YJ
    “I always know Jewish propaganda as soon as Hitler is dragged into any discussion.”
    So true.. Let that sink all the way in… They’re the ones who dragged him into the conversation in Germany in the first place… He’s always been their boy and they’re still playing him like a violin…
    “So this essay bemoans the horrible world we live in, yet doesn’t once mention Jewish control?”
    They have been controlling the West since the fiat banks and more-so since the World Wars and the modern media… And, compared to what really happened, and with how much has been left out, almost everything you’ve been taught about history is false… Including the official Hitler lie…
    Everybody fall back and regroup, on the understanding that enlightenment can not manifest in a crooked head, a head knocked crooked… My humble advice – stop repeating the lies to yourselves and others…
    We live in a world of Big Lie Media Mythery…
    And there are so many Big Lies, and your heart knows it, if your media head does not…
    The power structure pyramid simply can not remain intact if everybody has the right information…
    The first job of the commercial media, in partnership with the corporate state, is to maintain the power structure, which they do by constantly feeding the proles the wrong information….
    We’ve all got the wrong information about Who was Who and What was What..
    “And yet Kyle, in rejecting Christianity, advocates neo-paganism as a substitute for Christianity.”
    I think you could argue that Christianity, at least before the Romans got to it, was Neo-Paganism, the progressive substitute for the existing…
    Big difference between UN troops and the US Army, National Guard, State Militias..
    Who but a jewish zio-nazi globalist bolshevik would even suggest the USA somehow shouldn’t have the wherewithal to maintain law and order in its own territory, would need UN troops to handle its difficulties?
    Kay Griggs said he was referred to as Heinz around the White House…

    1. Bark –

      “Big difference between UN troops and the US Army, National Guard, State Militias..”

      To be clear, please list the differences that concern you, and why.

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