What To Do? Replace Biden? Kill Trump?

By Vid Rebel
September 1, 2020

What To Do? Replace Biden? Kill Trump?

David Rothkopf was the CEO of Kissinger Associates. He wrote Superclass, in which he said the world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. Imagine their thoughts of disgust at 2020.

Biden stopped that crazy man Bernie Sanders but Biden is clearly not up to the task. Joe can no longer read from a teleprompter for even just a minute without his mind wandering. His campaign days are over.

So what’s next for Mr Globalist?

Let me emphasize that the decisions to be made will be made by the 30 Families and not by you and me until the Dollar Dies and we survive long enough to take over whatever remains of their government.

I want to present moves and counter moves by the Democrats and by Trump supporters available for the next 60 days. The Democrats at this point represent the Deep State, Big Pharma, the Banks, Antifa, BLM and professional politicians. I almost named Republicans as their opponents but the Trump campaign is still being sabotaged by the more corrupt Deep State war mongering elements of his party.

Make no mistake, whoever wins in November will be a Zionist. The Jewish Lobby has again guaranteed that; your only choice is between which of the two hard core Zionists you prefer—Trump or Biden.

Joe Biden is sinking fast in the polls.

For the first time in American history the candidate receiving his party’s nomination went down in the polls while his nominating convention was still on the air. Maybe the Viewers did not like the riots on their local TV news and what they saw at the DNC convention.

I would like to point out one major difference between the Kennedy-Nixon 1960 campaign and today. In 1960 JFK went to Detroit on Labor Day to start his campaign with a rousing speech to fire up the unionized auto workers. Not today. The Democrats shipped all those jobs overseas giving General Motors a generous subsidy to make American jobs disappear.

Kamala Harris is the obvious first choice despite the fact that she was extremely unpopular in the primaries. The Democrats could issue a statement saying Joe Biden was injured in a fall and then whisk him away to a secluded recovery hospital that caters to the Uber Rich. But explaining the demise of Ms Harris’s candidacy would be a problem.

Kamala Harris is a great choice for Republicans. Let her campaign for 2 weeks or so and then release what they have obviously been researching but not yet publicizing. I saw the following on a FOX News clip. Tucker Carlson had a guest, author Peter Schweizer, who accused Kamala Harris of covering up hundreds of cases of child sexual abuse of young boys by 40 priests in return for campaign contributions from friends of the Catholic church while she was District Attorney in San Francisco.

That will not go over outside of a North American Man Boy Love Association meeting. Nambla wants to lower the age of consent to 7 years. Their motto is “Eight is too late.”

Not a winning campaign strategy anywhere.

This information is in Peter Schweizer’s new  book Profiles in Corruption and was written up in Breitbart. He is an editor over there so the RNC is aware of him and his polemic.

The Democrats need an excuse to pass by Kamala to an already known person like John Kerry,  Andrew Cuomo or Hillary. Ditching Biden will be embarrassing but dropping Kamala will be mortifying and finding a well known Black woman to replace her will be difficult.

In the case of Hillary replacing Biden, the Republicans should do nothing but count their blessings as she is toxic.

Andrew Cuomo for some reason is popular with rank and file Democrats. What the Republicans should do is to prepare a class action wrongful death lawsuit against Governor Cuomo for sending infected patients into nursing homes. I am sure their operatives could gather video taped testimonies of very cute children of all races and creeds who can cry on camera saying what a bad man the governor was for killing their grandmother. She was ever so kind. The lawsuit might not fly but those videos will go viral. Trump supporters could explain that only 6% of all covid deaths were from the coronavirus alone, meaning that the most vulnerable were those in nursing homes. And conversely, the rest of us who do not have an average of 2.6 other conditions should never have gone into lockdown. That is assuming the Democrats, Big Pharma and the Deep State did not restrict access to Hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

The next best known candidate would be John Kerry who was mentioned by Catherine Austin Fitts as part of a Kerry-Romney replacement dream ticket for Biden. John Kerry aided and abetted Al Qaeda and Isis immediately prior to their invasion of Iraq in June of 2014 which is treason because Al Qaeda is blamed for 911. John Kerry was Secretary of State in June of 2014 when he gave hundreds of vehicles built to Green Beret specifications to Al Nusra which originated as Al Qaeda of Syria and has since changed its name to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (“Front for the Conquest of the Levant”).

Al Nusra then traded its trucks to ISIS which originated as Al Qaeda of Iraq. On June 4, 2014 ISIS invaded Anbar province of Iraq taking the city of Mosul. The Obama administration refused to deliver jets to Iraq that they had already paid for. The Obama administration also refused to use air power to attack that long and exposed convoy of trucks driving along an open road in broad daylight. This could be considered treason on several levels.

AL Nusra and ISIS are both Al Qaeda fronts. Al Qaeda is blamed officially for the killing of 3,000 Americans on 911. I don’t think Osama did 911. But the courts would follow the administration and say he was guilty so why would aiding and abetting AL Qaeda not be considered a betrayal? If I were a Trump operative, I would get a list of every serviceman who died in Anbar province sine June of 2014. Then put his name and hometown on a video to be released 48 hours after Kerry receives the nomination.

The Democrats are not the only players. The Democrat mayors and governors have given free reign to thugs from BLM and Antifa to destroy cities. The Kenosha riots are on local TV in Wisconsin. Kamala Harris and Biden staffers helped to raise $35 million to bail out rioters in Minnesota but unfortunately for the Democrats they used that money to bail out murderers and rapists as well as arsonists. The Democrats can write off Wisconsin and maybe even Minnesota and Michigan.

Trump has shot forward in the polls since the rioting and arson began. Antifa and BLM are being paid to riot by Globalist Bankers. Their goal is to launch a Civil War 2.0 in America. Probably because they know an economic collapse is coming in 2021 though I should hedge my bets and say in 2021 or 2022 and maybe as late as 2024. But given long range weather forecasting that I trust, we will likely have catastrophic worldwide food shortages by winter 2024. We are talking about Nationwide Food Riots in the US and, as I have said elsewhere, a 60% decline in the value of wages and pensions within 24 months.

That $20 an hour after taxes job could soon be paying less than $8 an hour.

A Trump assassination could not possibly advance the position of the 30 Families. At this point, the Globalists are dedicated to asset stripping your pensions and stealing tens of trillions from the taxpayers. Dr Mark Skidmore repeated his claim that the Globalists are selling trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds and pocketing that money in their very Deep Pockets. They are likely buying up food with money they stole from you. And will gladly sell that food back to you next year at 3 times the price.

The Globalists (meaning the 30 Families who support a One World Dictatorship run by them) have invested in all those riots. Starting September 17 they will allow Ad-Busters to start a 50 day siege of the White House. On election day the Democrats will have an army of lawyers challenge the election results. This is a push to Civil War. The Bankers know we are entering the Greatest Depression in world history at a time when Global Cooling will produce a famine. Not good.

The Globalists would be better off letting Trump win and allowing him to deal with mass starvation.

What is the alternative? Kill Trump and ignite pure rage at them at a time when millions of Americans will soon literally be starving to death. ATF recently said there are 423 million guns in America including 17 million AR-15s. The Guardian said there are more than 7 million gun owners in the US who have 40 or more guns each. Millions more guns are being sold because people fear violence due to police funding cuts and BLM/Antifa rioters being let out of jail by local Democrats.

Getting Americans angry just before you cut their wages and pension 60% might not be a good move.

Back in the early years of the Bush II administration, an article ran in the Huffington Post which was subsequently discussed on the syndicated Leftist radio program Democracy Now. It described a Continuity of Government plan to round up 8 million Americans and to hold them without trial. Plans like that by Globalists, Bankers and the 30 Families are the reason why Americans will never surrender their guns.

At this point I think the 30 Families and their Minions would be better off just preparing to go under ground and emerging after a few billion poor people die of famine, violence and the yet to be released vaccines and plagues.

No point in going out of your way to offend men who already despise you, especially if they own 50 caliber Barrett rifles.

Google says this:

“A  .50 BMG bullet fired into you can rip off your arms, legs, head, etc. … 50 BMGs creates a temporary wound cavity LARGER than the average adult male human’s torso, meaning if you were shot in the chest, anywhere within 1 mile from the gun, you’d likely be ripped in half.”

Not wise to anger these people whilst you are stealing their food and their pensions, cutting their wages 60%, and robbing their government by the tens of trillions of dollars.

Sourced from VidRebel

This shocking video has just been released. This shows you America eight weeks before the election. The cops are going berserk, shooting suspects at random. Meanwhile Antifa and BLM  rampage through the streets, unchecked. Why isn’t Trump doing anything to stop this? And will Biden do any better?

VIDEO   :  1.17 mins 

37 thoughts to “What To Do? Replace Biden? Kill Trump?”

  1. A theory is missing from the article :

    A widespread engineered Civil War 2.0 will lead to The UN sending in ‘peace keepers’, effectively ending the US as an entity – trumpeting the ‘benefit’ of Global Government.

    The ‘hiding underground’ theory for top globalists is fraught with danger – one would have to trust absolutely that modern Dr Frankenstein’s in their employ really and truly had the antidote and/or that the bunker was hermetically sealed, allowing longer for development of the Frankenstein antidote.

    Too risky.

    The world is large. Nice tropical hidey-holes abound. One only has to refer to the James Bond franchise.

    The game plan of globalist elites is :

    1. Lockdown of humanity with 100% 24/7 surveillance (5G, digital ‘money’).

    2. Packing and staking of humanity into dystopian cities.

    3. Clearing off pockets of independence persisting to live on the land ( Agenda 2030), creating humanity no go zones outside of cities.

    4. A global inventory of all resources, buildings and people down to the square inch (satellites+5G).

    When and only when these restrictions are in place, an Earth shattering announcement of unlimited energy will be made. However it will actually be taken off the shelf, existing as it has for 70 years (look up Alvin M. Weinberg). A relatively amateur unlimited energy technology that is ready to go, signed off for Indonesia, may perused here: http://thorconpower.com
    Private developments are certainly way in advance of this.

    Mini ice ages lead to ~ 1 degree C drop in temperature only – well within current technology to solve. However with unlimited energy, hydroponics could allow the worlds population to multiply by thousands. In any case the only place where population increase is out of control is Africa, where belts and zippers are of such poor quality the male member is too often exposed. Elsewhere, population decline is dramatic.

    The long term plan is trans-humanism, aka the human ant-hill. I’m afraid the elite families have been living cloistered lives and have been watching too many sci-fi films and listening to fools like Elon Musk and Ray Kurweil.

    1. Clearing out pockets of resistance in those places you mention may be part of the plan, Flan. If it comes to that, then I say BRING IT ON and be prepared for a rude awakening. Those would-be enforcers foolish enough to obey their superiors will think twice before risking getting a bullet through the throat. Unless of course by then the enforcers are of the non-human A.I. variety🤖

      T’would be a most painful way to die😡💀

      1. BH, 99% of the angry ants have never gone one single solitary day in their life without eating. By day two of any considerable chaos they’ll forget all about what it was they were up to and redirect the entirety of their limited faculties towards that very goal. Is it soup yet? Period.

        Organizing, preaching and pep talks to folks with growling stomachs is a fool’s errand..

  2. With four years worth of “they said it couldn’t be done” precedents preceding him, all the while aided and abetted by his rival’s (victim’s) very own exponentially expanding apoplexy, why should anyone consider for more than two seconds more faulty forecasts from lousy weathermen (aka) political pundits (poorly) disguised as pandits, and their willing groupies.

    Being a black sheep among black sheep, a fan club of one and a natural born au contraire, I’m going to go ahead and predict the same thing I predicted four years ago and every day since (aka) Fill in the blank fought the Trump, and the Trump won.

    I’ll even offer a smidgen of comedy relief to help appease the angst, if only a little bit.
    “The next best known candidate would be John Kerry”
    LOL, Obama’s Igor. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    There really are bigger things in this world than those slobbered over by those 30 families, their miscreant minions and M$M fifth column hand wringing presstitutes.

    When starting off on the wrong premise, all that follows (by default) are just more cockeyed convolutions. Tossing a thousand theories into the air and believing (hoping) one of them will land on it’s edge is about as reliable and convincing as Joe Biden’s misfiring synapses.
    This guy though, kind of gets it.

    P.S. Just my un-educated opinion, please don’t shoot the opinionator.

  3. How MANY TIMES do I have tell you numbskulsl that THE USA will NOT EXIST as a “governable entity” by the end of 2020..
    before that FACT sinks IN???
    Thank you!

    1. How MANY TIMEs do I have tell you numbskulls that every time the “Realist” opens his big mouth to shout at you and proclaim the “TRUTH” — without producing the slightest evidence for his “belief” except SHOUTING LOUDLY! — you must tremble in your boots and regard this rowdy ignoramus as MR OMNISCIENT!!!

      When will this FACT sink IN???

      Thank you! 🙂

      1. Well said, Madame! I don’t think this character has ever made a sensible comment on this site. Or has had a kind word for anyone. All he does is froth at the mouth and tell everyone what goddamn idiots they are! A factory for foul abuse and hysteria.

      2. Mdm Butt.

        Carp on all you want – you caterwauling cornucopia of concupiscence – but unless admonished by Sister Monica (something you know only too well!), I shall consider my commentary well within the “bounds of probity”.

        Thank you🙄

        1. Bah! Sister Monica is too tolerant with malevolent malefactors manufacturing mischief and mayhem.

          I resent your cretinous comment describing me as a “caterwauling cornucopia of concupiscence”. And I am not here to compete with misogynistic morons and sibilant sexist serpents in an alliteration contest!

          Thank YOU!!! 🙂

  4. “The Democrats at this point represent the Deep State, Big Pharma, the Banks, Antifa, BLM and professional politicians. I almost named Republicans as their opponents but the Trump campaign is still being sabotaged by the more corrupt Deep State war mongering elements of his party.”

    I must disagree. Both parties are controlled by the same jewish collective. Thus any apparent disagreement between them is generally a scam which promotes a fake left vs right paradigm (e.g. the fraudulent impeachment proceedings against Trump), the facade behind which they all work together toward the same ultimate goal.

    The Trump campaign is not being “sabotaged” by warmongers; rather, Trump’s belligerent and ever more dangerous “foreign policy” is the whole point of his presidency. It’s why he’s president and not Clinton, and why he likely will remain president. It’s why there is no meaningful political opposition to Trump’s reckless acts.

    The psychotic, psychopathic ideologue Trump is serving the jews’ ultimata on Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, apparently by way of a series of escalating threats and provocations. It seems the strategy is based on the Rand study (apparently authored by jewish “intellectuals”) entitled “Extending Russia.”

    “This report examines a range of possible means to extend Russia. As the 2018 National Defense Strategy recognized, the United States is currently locked in a great-power competition with Russia. This report seeks to define areas where the United States can compete to its own advantage. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data from Western and Russian sources, this report examines Russia’s economic, political, and military vulnerabilities and anxieties. It then analyzes potential policy options to exploit them — ideologically, economically, geopolitically, and militarily (including air and space, maritime, land, and multidomain options).”


    Although Russia is mentioned by name, the method is apparently being used to try to wear down the other “enemies” standing in the way of the agenda of complete world domination and control by the USraeli empire.

    “Trump has shot forward in the polls since the rioting and arson began. Antifa and BLM are being paid to riot by Globalist Bankers. Their goal is to launch a Civil War 2.0 in America.”

    Yes, the “madness” in the streets is obviously being orchestrated, but I don’t believe that “Civil War 2.0” per se is the goal.

    Apparently the purpose is: (1) to distract attention away from the madness of U.S. “foreign policy” which, under Trump (and without any meaningful political opposition), is leading the world to war; (2) to get Trump reelected by creating a situation where he can be portrayed as the lesser of the evils (i.e. the “law and order” president vs communist sympathizer Biden); and (3) to create a pretext for martial law which may be needed to keep Trump
    in power, and which will eventually be needed anyway to suppress public anger/unrest as the self-destructive quest for world domination and control requires.

    1. Harold
      You can’t rule out my scenario of war coming only if Israel is the victim of a false flag attack. Even if readers find my Annunaki aspect of this occurrence to be far-fetched, it’s possible for it to be the ultimate reason for Trump’s (s)election of being IN and probable STAYING in office. This begs the question, given the acceptance of the premise that a POTUS is SELECTED and not ELECTED, why Trump? Aren’t ALL politicians on the same page when it comes to American troops coming to Israel’s aid if it were to be attacked? With both major parties seen as comprising the “Deep State”, the pertinent question would HAVE to be why Trump?

  5. “What the Republicans should do is to prepare a class action wrongful death lawsuit against Governor Cuomo for sending infected patients into nursing homes.”
    Yes, and a lot more.. Cuomo should be investigated and prosecuted on mass ventilator murder charges, him and a lot of medical people…
    What corporate court will do that?
    Since we’re seeing all this impact, you would think somebody in government would have set off a congressional inquiry into the whole subject, starting with the real story on the virus itself… There are plenty of doctors all over the net saying the virus is not deadly enough for all this trouble, what the VA nurses all told me months ago…
    The republicans, or whomever wants to be truthful, should be outing the whole virus scam for the boondoggle that it is… Tucker Carlson is at the the point where he is connecting the covid dot to the democrat plot, not just to to screw the election with their crooked mail-in ballot scheme, but wreck the whole county for the globalists…. He’s catching up up the curve, but he hasn’t hit the ball yet…
    and it’s interesting, last weekend trump told laura ingram he thinks the antifa movement is being funded by some kind of dark forces (soros)… duuuuhhhhh…
    so TC and DJT are now both at the point of investigation, saying it out loud now, where the average blogger here was a few months ago… when are the feds gonna start grabbing these people? they’re arresting the antifa creeps now finally, sweat it out of them, arrest Soros, freeze his asssets, arrest Gates and Fauchi too…
    we can see clearly by watching the commercial news media, that none of those teleprompter plants are about to interfere to much with the basic corporate predator plot to push the trillion dollar vaxx… that’s what’s holding TC and the rest of the fox crew back from questioning the veracity of the whole virus postulation, speaking of polemics, is it really real (it’s not) from the gitgo… you get the feeling the real usa donald would like to question it, but he’s captured by the zion, the hoff juden palace mayors, the 30 families and their 6,000 bilderberger operatives..
    and it’s pretty amazing, nowhere on the scape do we see one political figure, not above some small town councils maybe, questioning the covid virus as any real threat at all, something that adds up to the steps taken, the combination of which, the economic damage and the rioting, might be enough to crash the country into the most terrible economic depression ever, and civil war…
    obviously, the poor befuddled joe biden was never intended to be president, not the instant loser kamala either… but he’s as much as promised much more rioting, if he loses the election… which might be the plan all along… the guys deagel must have something like that figured…
    In view of the major riots upcoming after the next election, when Trump ‘wins’, will those guys at last decide on deadly force to stop riots in their tracks, the same way every other american would logically take preventative action, if he observed somebody bashing his neighbor’s head in while setting fire to his building?
    the video?
    i guess the technicality is – cops are no longer allowed to shoot persons out of hand fleeing the scene of a crime… but who knows what was happening in this case? if it’s a running gunfight, it is better to shoot the guy before he gets inside a house with other people in it, backstop or not… they flew a lot of bullets around on this one, too many… that’s why they make shotguns…

    assuming the guy they shot was


      Bark –

      I carry a Model 12 Winchester riot gun just for that purpose. 😈
      It seems we’re headed for massive internal conflict, anyway, so it IS likely the Chicoms will take advantage, as they’re supposedly already amassing soldiers along the Kanadian border.
      Antifa and BLM are rendering chaos in preparation. For anyone to accuse Trump of needlessly taunting China is a mistake. We need to focus our aggression where it counts.

    1. The source of the article is given at the end of the article. All you have to do is click on the link and it will take you to Vid Rebel’s site. You can then draw you own conclusions.

      In my opinion, this is an AltRight, anti-Zionist political site.

      It has nothing to do with merchandising anything, any more than this site does.

  6. For all the reasons Mooners know full well, the US will fall apart like a house of cards. NZ and Australia are being prepared by totalitarian means as the hidey holes for the so-called 30 families (mostly Jews) and 100’s of their technocratic engineers. As the real civil (racial) war breaks out in earnest on the North American land mass, coupled with electric grid down and famine, many refurbished Boeing 747s full of the 30 families and their minions will be landing at the airports in disarmed NZ and Australia. Depending on who is POTUSA at the time, Airforce One may or may not be bringing up the rear to down under.
    As the Romans would exclaim, “let the games begin”.

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    ADMIN: And which post could you be referring to out of the countless posts cluttering up every corner of Spam? Do you have a vague idea how the comment begins and what it’s about, assuming your comment is actually about something specific and is of general interest to the reader?

  8. uncle :

    Actually, I know exactly how the comment begins. It begins with a question : “Uncle, why don’t you take a vacation?”. — “A very long vacation, you’re so tired”, is the 2nd second sentence of the comment…..

    (ETC . . . ETC . . . ETC . . . )

    1. Well, I’d certainly publish your comment if I could find it.
      If there’s one thing I need, it’s a long vacation!
      Unfortunately, Coronavirus restrictions now make that impossible.

  9. TWO concepts were created approx. 2000 + years ago – Organized, RELIGION and GOVERNMENTS of sorts. BOTH got more powerful as the years passed.

    RELIGION taught the masses to BELIEVE and GOVERNMENT taught the masses to OBEY

    Neither taught the people to THINK

    BOTH are CONTROLLED, in the main, today, if not always, by , the House of Rothschild, who have more Wealth and POWER than ALL Oligarchs added together

    I’ll leave it to YOU to figure what SHOULD BE DONE.

    I’ll give you a HINT – There is only ONE CHOICE

      1. I was fortunate enough to receive your actual comment, in my email from “Lasha Darkmoon” and I am guessing you had a hidden solution somewhere in your diatribe. Would I be correct but just not intelligent enough to figure out what it was

        Thanking you in advance, for your “coming” reply.

      2. I’m sorry, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe you could try making an on-topic comment in plain English, instead of scratching your sores in public. We are here to discuss Donald Trump and Biden, not your intelligence.

        @ ADMIN

        I apologize for my rudeness to this redneck.

        1. @ Madame Butterfly

          This won’t do. Freespirit made a perfectly valid comment to which you fired off a needlessly hostile response, without explaining why you objected to his comment. You need to explain what you found his comment so offensive and why you now refer to him as a “redneck”.

          @ Freespirit

          Let MB explain and then you can respond to her comment if you wish, but hold your horses for the time being. No point in further abuse until she explains why she attacked you. You can then have your say.

          1. OK, I will explain. But first I need to have a coffee break and a fortifying snack, as it’s well past my lunchtime and I haven’t eaten since yesterday. I will try to explain my position as politely as possible because I would rather have Freespirit as a friend than as an enemy. Meanwhile, I apologize to him (or her) most sincerely for my inexcusable rudeness.

  10. Trump is Lincoln II. I explained that already more than one year ago. Like Trump Lincoln was allegedly primitive and mentally ill. Trump has been ridiculed for his hairdo as Lincoln was ridiculed by his contemporaines for his hat and the shape of his head.
    Trump faces now a new Civil War. Again the Democratic party creates mayhem by exacerbating and exploiting the fact the USA are the mutual home country of different so-called “races”. Back then the Democrats insisted to keep black people as slaves and today they keep them as street fighters. They always find a way to use Afro-Americans somehow as leverage to the same outcome, which is Civil War. If there were no black people they might agitate again the Native Americans as Grandmaster Pike already did in his time. (His monument should have been erased a long time ago already.)
    Unfortunately there is no solution for you. After all the horrible things the USA have done to other countries such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam, the Americans are now themselves the victims of their own violence. Thus works KARMA.

    1. Very observant, you spotted the same Serpent of Eden slithering through time and space, sloughing off skin but retaining basic identity.
      Rothschild cabal has always backed the same faction, unchanged since day one.

      Your grandfather should be proud.
      To find out more about the likes of Weishaupt, Pike and Mazzini grab this pdf download, SATAN, Prince of This World by inestimable English-Canadian patriot and naval commander, William Guy Carr.

      1. “Europa — The Last Battle”

        A series of videos about Russia/Communist Soviet Union, Germany, the Two World Wars. Very informative.


        There’s 10 videos in total. Lots of information about that time period. Lots of information one will never learn from mainstream sources. There’s lots of truthful information in the series that the jews don’t want to be widely known. The jews don’t want all the truthful information in this series of videos to be public knowledge. The truth revealed in this series of history videos doesn’t make the jews look good, not at all. The Truth is Anti-Semitic. I link to the first video in the series.

        If the link doesn’t work, at Bitchute use Search Term :

        “Europa – The Last Battle”

        An excellent source for truthful information about the time period.

      2. The Truth is Anti-Semitic.

        Absolutely true Joe, and therefore my confirmation is likewise antisemitic.
        On a fundamental level, because as pointed by John 8:44,

        “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

        Might paraphrase it thus: “You are either with Devil or you are antisemitic”
        I don’t begrudge mortality, far from it but I resent every minute not spent scooping up this very important information such as you linked to (EUROPA – The Last Battle), THANKS and numerous other jigsaw pieces and dots to connect, e.g., just now listening to this: HUMAN RITUAL SACRIFICE (JEWISH RITUAL MURDER AND BLOOD SACRIFICE), much of it already known to me but not all, e.g., these 2 items got my inner bloodhound on alert status (Youshchinsky murder):
        • V. V. Rozanov, “The Relation of Jews to Blood”, Stockholm, 1932

        It tells how Hasidic Jews use blood in occult rites and describes the Kabbalistic Nature of Andrei Youshchinsky’s wounds. In the Qabala/Kabbala/Kabbalah/Kabala/Cabala/Cabbala there is a sephirothic tree made up of four worlds of ten spheres each and connected by twenty-two channels that correspond to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

        [there seems to be an added occult significance in that the Sepiroth symbols carved into the child were a preparatory phase in the planned murder of the Tsar—so much for the “Communists and bankers” in charge of Red Oktoberfest]

        For example, the letter “Schin” can be used for the placement of stab wounds in ritual murder, in honour of the Jewish deity and to help attain its kingdom over the world. Rozanov illustrated the placement of wounds on Youshchinsky that seem to correspond to the symbol Schin, which is used to signify the three sephiroths. Schin also takes a central place in “Jehoshuah” (Jesus) in Hebrew, reducing to “Man” without it.

        It is believed that Hasidic Jews also do “Ekhad” [occult ritual murder] to prevent the second coming of Christ, which would stop the occurrence of their earthly kingdom.

        • G. G. Zamyslovsky, “THE MURDER OF ANDREI YOUSHCHINSKY”
        He was the public prosecutor at the Beiliss trial (Globo-Jude apparently established something like $150 million defense fund and hired a team of the world’s most high powered lawyers to defend this medium level Jew, well-off but by no means an important figure on the big stage)
        Aside: Beiliss is buried at the same Jew boneyard as Leo Frank with whom he shares a number of curious parallels.

        If anyone can help me locate these two books (English—all extant copies evade compromised search engines, they are available in Russian which I unfortunately cannot follow), I would greatly appreciate it.

        All to say Joe, that these issues (destruction of Europe on societal scale and martyrdom of innocents on individual) are intimately connected and underwrite Devil’s plan for the world—the bottom line for existence of Jew, why he was excreted upon the tormented world.

        Ok, hound dog back to the bloody tracks.

        1. Ok, hound dog back to the bloody tracks.

          An exceptionally erudite comment, Lobro, which will unfortunately place you in the front rank of the Jews’ enemies. Watch out! The hounds have picked up your scent and are probably after you right now — your name is on their list!

          I direct you to the comment just sent in by “Attila”. Here is a perfect summation of the situation with which, I think, you will be in full agreement:

          September 7, 2020 at 5:28 am

          Much is written about the evil machinations of the Jews, as you and Attila have done, and everyone is in agreement that something needs to be done about the Jews to curtail their power. But there have been no pragmatic results, no progress, no active solutions so far. There has just been talk. Lots of hand-wringing. But the Jew remains untouched by all this rhetorical froth, secure at the top of his totem pole. He smiles in lordly fashion. He smirks. He gloats. He knows that words break no bones.

          Facebook has just appointed an Israeli Jewess to monitor their site for “anti-Semitic comment”. She has decided that ANY CRITICISM OF ISRAEL is out of bounds. Beyond the pale. The slightest criticism of Jews is regarded as “hate speech”.

          This is where we are right now.

  11. MB
    “Small hope of that. Guess I’m just a dumb blonde with an IQ of 60.”
    Believe me, any man will tell you – it doesn’t make you any less lovable or desirable…
    “TWO concepts were created approx. 2000 + years ago – Organized, RELIGION and GOVERNMENTS of sorts. BOTH got more powerful as the years passed.”
    Because they served the people’s needs… It was reciprocal, the people appreciated them…
    “RELIGION taught the masses to BELIEVE and GOVERNMENT taught the masses to OBEY”
    And V the V.. Not sure there ever was too much difference between them… Humans didn’t really get government until they separated it from religion, to the extent that was possible all three were improved upon… However, since religion, which is man-made, generally becomes more fake as it attempts to embellish itself, which it needed to do when it lost its legal authority, its fraud became more obvious…
    Yet, on a certain level it was a force for good in the world, and still is…
    “Neither taught the people to THINK”
    My opinion, actually religion, where it was functioning properly, did attempt to do just that, its followers applying their best intentions to the world around them (planet too – but establishment religion missed that) and reaping the benefits of altruism… btw – since Jews don’t think about Heaven much, maybe they’re the ones to show the way on environmentalism… Good Luck on that…
    If everybody did more of that, we’d be in much better shape… The government however, teaches people to fear the outside world, the Russians, the Chinese, which, as it does, it continuously points out its own failure of leadership… But that does not make things more secure domestically…
    “BOTH are CONTROLLED, in the main, today, if not always, by , the House of Rothschild, who have more Wealth and POWER than ALL Oligarchs added together”
    Mire wealth maybe, but only more power as long as the public keeps its eyes and mouth wide shut…
    “I’ll leave it to YOU to figure what SHOULD BE DONE
    I’ll give you a HINT – There is only ONE CHOICE”
    Everybody only does One and the Same Thing?

    1. @ BD

      Thank you for your kind comment.
      You are one of my favorite posters,
      since I believe your heart is in the right place,
      even if I disagree sometimes with your ideas.

      1. uncle :

        Are you going to feature my “Europa – The Last Battle” post?

        (ADMIN: Have just done so.)

    2. My POINT, which you may have missed, is that TRUMP and BIDEN are not the problem to deal with.THEY are BOTH, symptoms of the problem.

      That is – We continue to allow people to RULE us

      Take care now

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