What’s the worst that could happen?

Will Trump dispute the election results, as the corporate media suggests? Or are they preparing the U.S. public subliminally to question the validity of a Trump victory?

The Truthseeker
September 5, 2020

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This cartoon accompanied the ‘Washington Post’ article quoted below. 

According to the Washington Post the worst thing that could happen in the upcoming presidential election is that Trump refuses to accept defeat. This he might do, writes Rosa Brooks a professor at Georgetown University, by claiming that the result were rigged.

“…Trump refuses to concede, alleging on Twitter that “MILLIONS of illegal ALIENS and DEAD PEOPLE” have voted in large numbers and that the uncounted ballots are all “FAKE VOTES!!!” Social media fills with posts from Trump supporters alleging that the election has been “stolen” in a “Deep State coup,” and Trump-friendly pundits on Fox News and OAN echo the message.”

If Biden posed a real challenge Brook’s proposal might be plausible. However, Brooks proposal completely ignores a recent reputable poll that shows Trump with a comfortable lead over Biden.

This is hardly surprising given that 77-year-old Biden has repeatedly exhibited alarming signs of dementia: forgetting where he is and what he was saying. For a man who will ultimately control the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal that’s a serious cause for concern.

More to the point, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.

Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove.….

Barack Obama had a 47% approval rating at the same point in his presidency.


Nor should we forget that right up until the results were announced in 2016, the U.S. media had widely trumpeted an election walkover for Clinton. Despite widespread media reports that heralded a Clinton win quite the reverse happened.

More importantly, it should be noted that this website DOES NOT support President Trump or particularly trust him either. So I’m not writing this as a “Trump supporter”, but because there seems to be a concerted campaign to remove him from office, using whatever means possible.

To this end various elements are at work using a double-pronged approach. On the streets the ongoing BLM/antifa protests seem to be part of a loosely co-ordinated effort to wreak chaos, clearing the way for a new order: as in the Masonic dictum, order out of chaos.

While in the media it seems that some are intent on sowing the seeds pf disruption and doubt in the event of a Trump win. Like the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland who, like Prof. Rosa Brooks above, suggests that barring a “Democratic landslide” Trump will use whatever means possible, legal or not, to stay in office.

Freedland and Brooks are not alone in doing this. The New York Times and Facebook have also raised the possibility that Trump will dispute the election results. Is it a coincidence that all these liberal-leaning outlets are proposing that Trump could dispute the election result to stay in office?

In effect they are sowing the seeds of insurrection in the event of a Trump win. Preparing the ground, psychologically, for BLM and antifa activists to take to the streets to stage violent protests when the results are announced.

I would suggest that this all needs to be seen in the light Pastor Dana Coverstone’s “visions” of what’s ahead in the aftermath of the November election. I’m not going to try to interpret what his dreams mean; readers should draw their own conclusions but dark times could be in store.


APOCALYPTIC  VIDEO  :  10.40 mins  

49 thoughts to “What’s the worst that could happen?”

  1. This is an exceptionally fair and balanced article from the editor of Truthseeker which will win praise from both Trump supporters and Trump critics. It will please the Trump supporters in that it will alert them to the fact that Trump’s enemies are clearly out to get him by planning to disregard the election results if Trump wins:

    “In effect they [the Democrats] are sowing the seeds of insurrection in the event of a Trump win. Preparing the ground, psychologically, for BLM and antifa activists to take to the streets to stage violent protests when the results are announced.

    I don’t think anyone who is following the situation would disagree with that comment. It is spot on. Trump’s enemies are moving in for the kill, more or less planning a coup d’etat in the event of a Trump victory. Could anything slimier or more sinister be imagined?

    I personally suspect Soros and the Jews who think Trump hasn’t gone far enough in abasing himself before Israel. Trump, they feel strongly, needs to start a nice new war for Israel in the Middle East by bombing the hell out of Iran on their behalf! Not to mention Syria and Lebanon. Sabre-rattling in the Middle East ain’t good enough, Donald! You gotta prove your mettle by shedding some real rich Muslim blood on behalf of the Chosen People! 🙂

    On the other hand, Rixon makes it clear that he is not exactly a fan of Donald Trump’s, which makes his comment all the more objective and fair:

    More importantly, it should be noted that this website [Truthseeker] DOES NOT support President Trump or particularly trust him either. So I’m not writing this as a ‘Trump supporter’, but because there seems to be a concerted campaign to remove him from office, using whatever means possible.”

    1. Top Haaretz headline today: Wisconsin’s Small Jewish Community Could Be Just Enough to Send Biden to the White House.
      In ongoing adjustments to my navigational bearings, Jew sentiment is my trusted compass, if they want something, I want the opposite—if they hate or fear something, that is what I strive towards.

      It puzzles me to no end that most of the others completely disregard this simple dictum and are as likely to set sail parallel to Jew as not.
      Sure, I am as revolted by Trump’s self-abasement before Jew and Israel in particular, almost comical like those monster-clowns in the movies that terrorize communities with chain saws.
      But in overacting I see a possible method in the madness, let me seek an analogy or two.

      First, he usually thumps his chest like a gorilla, claiming diabolical credit—AFTER some outrage perpetrated by either Jew or insurrectionist factions within his own administration or army, i.e., events and actions beyond his control, however he must at ALL times seem as if in full control even when floundering in helpless confusion—the minute he admits weakness is like running away from a pack of wild dogs—they will pounce in triumph and he is done. Case in point, assassination of Soleimani—brief timeline: instantly upon the outrage, he claims sole credit while Netanyahu denies any involvement—2 days later, it turns out that ONLY Netanyahu and Pompeo had advance knowledge and kept it very tight precisely in order to prevent Trump from warning Russians (like the Rus precision strike on ISIS Politburo meeting whose location was divulged to Trump by Israelis, they never forgot or forgave that betrayal) who would then pass it on as usually to Iranians.
      This should be an elementary rule to perceive.
      Second, in order to play tough and keep neocons at bay, which is practically ALL of the media, academe, think tank networks and politicians with sale tags sticking out of them, he will talk wildly and then pull off some utterly empty noise or ineffectual gesture, such as rolling a bunch of missiles overboard off Syrian coast.
      This TOO, should be elementary to perceive.

      But maybe it is like spotting strings that jerk puppets around the stage in a theater, maybe one ought to sit closer to the front row … I cannot speak for others, only wonder.

      Gilbert, you know Pat personally—what news of him, can you phone his house and inquire? Thanks.

      1. Pat – part of my generation, the Cold War generation. We are getting less and less, and with it less and less people that still understand our world. It brings along a certain loneliness, with every person of our generation that had a military connection that leaves for hopefully a better world. My young neighbours don’t even know the Cold War anymore, it is something you read in history books, let alone our Bush War which did not even reach history books. What must I say? Wish him and his family well, hope they are fine. But we say it in another way, usually by growing silent. Perhaps because in these moments we get in touch with our own vulnerability.

      2. Thanks Gilbert,
        He ain’t dead, that was actually very helpful and hopeful.
        What’s a bit of storm surge for Ancient Submariner.

          1. Whodunit? Any ideas?

            In addition to the vandalism, note the theft of the consecrated hosts. The article ends with the words:

            “Anti-Catholic violence is also on the rise in the United States. In June, vandals pulled down and desecrated statues of Catholic missionary St.Junípero Serra in San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

      3. Sister,
        I regard this as GOOD news.
        Because, material loss aside, that the Infernal still fears and loathes Catholic grass roots, still sees the existential threat in Catholicism—bravo.
        All this despite the usurpation of the hierarchical top, meaning that the revolutionary ploy failed, just like it failed in Russia.
        Would you agree with this assessment?

        The true kingdom is the one of spirit, not material glitter and Lucifer knows it perfectly, the thought robs him of his undeserved sleep, even as we, weak of faith as we are, think he is winning.

    2. November is going to be a very bad month.
      Both for the USA and the UK
      Eonomic/political chaos plus an increase in covid deaths

      Covid is not a scam
      Look at what happened in Wuhan-China in January/February

      1. Dear John Kirby
        I agree with your prediction of chaos awaiting us in the coming months. However I must point you in a direction of facts about the Covid-19 pandemic:-
        1) The virus has never been isolated and therefore never been refined.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGGd7-vvd9Y&feature=emb_logo)
        2) Never trust anything coming out of communist China.
        3) According to WITS website covid-19 test kits were delivered to numerous countries in 2018 long before the “discovery” of the


        These sneaky SOB’s changed the website one day after it was discovered to read”medical test kits”
        4) The PCR test was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool by its inventor( https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/07/was-the-covid-19-test-meant-to-detect-a-virus/)
        5) The so called cover deaths all 100% all had underlying medical conditions.
        6) The CDC revised their death statistics downwards by 94%! If that alone doesn’t shout “Conspiracy” nothing will.
        Just a few minutes spent researching the science will prove to you it’s a bolshevik power grab and not a medical emergency.
        All the best to you.

      2. Pat resides at Lake Charles, Louisiana, which was recently devastated by Hurricane “Lara”. His phones are out-of-service, and there is, still, no electricity. Chances are that his house has been destroyed (along with his computer). He might even be dead…

        1. Oh dear, I fear the worst. Lasha emailed Pat twice — with 2-3 days between each email — and there was no response. However, the emails didn’t come bouncing back as “undeliverable”, they went through all right — because they are still in Lasha’s “SENT” folder. It seems Pat’s computer is intact, but there is no one sitting at the computer. Maybe the computer lies in the rubble.

  2. As it was with Killary, Trump supporters will vote for him just because we hate the communist alternative. It will be easy to identify the enemies of America. It is a grim outlook, either way.

    1. Darkmooners,
      Believe Donaldo. Pat ain’t dead. Too sly and too cunning. In all of Donaldos years as a trucker, he’s never seen a 🦊 lying dead on the side of the highway. They’re just too smart. Only coyotes, deer, opossums, racoons and stray 🐕 s meet that fate. Pat will reemerge stronger than ever and ready to intellectually destroy his inferior combatants. TROJ, on the other ✋, just vanished. He is probably lying, cough….cough….somewhere on the side of Interstate 10 in southern Louisiana flatter than a pancake after been run-over by so many rigs. May TROJ (death certificate reading cause of death COVID 19…….not road-kill) RIP. As for Pat……hope to hear from you soon Amigo. 🍷🌮😉

  3. Failing a coup d’etat if Trump wins, you can bet your bottom dollar that SOME faction of Jewry desperate enough will be greasing the skids for a false-flag attack on Israel to try and draw Trump in as the one who would sanction the go-ahead, as I’ve been opining for awhile now. Those with no compunction whatsoever in their sick “ends justify the means” mindset 👿

  4. the whole voting process has been corrupt for years…
    now the mail-in ballot is part of the virus plot…
    it’s another one of those things, there’s not enough officers to enforce lawful voting, there would have to be serious repercussions, and nobody in power has ever wanted to make an issue of it – time was, politicians were willing to play along with each other, for the profits… the corporate state media has told you for years there’s no problem with voting, because nobody’s been prosecuted…
    now it’s come to this…
    hillary’s 5,000,000 more popular votes were all illegal aliens from dem states, like california… no doubt…
    i’ve seen illelgal mexicans at the dmv being helped with their state identification, so they could vote…
    the state of california is completely crooked on the election process…
    she has already stated the dems should contest the election, no matter what, if trump wins…
    pelosi says they’ll be in the white house regardless… toxic bitches, need put in their place…
    the health ranger just might be right about the civil war breaking out with this next election…
    it will be up to trump… if he loses and he refuses to leave, which he should, that might set it off…
    if he wins the dems will unleash their antifa agents and stupid college kid commie thugs… maybe more…
    here’s what any defenseless white people can expect, more or less…

  5. As far as the “apocalyptic” dreamer is concerned, it’s no more than embellished common sense. It doesn’t take a prophet to figure it out. If you’re not prepared by now, chances are you won’t be – mentally or physically.

    1. Organized Jewry believes non-Jews
      are squatters in a world made exclusively for Jews.
      The goyim have been anointed as wait staff.

      This might be the essence of the New World Order.
      They have empowered a leadership class of goy traitors
      by promising them a seat at the table.
      This is why politics and media are at odds with Reality.

  6. Once the Zio-commie-demonrats realized back at the beginning of 2019 that their coup to remove President Trump from office was failing they went to plan Z; Try to steal the election that the Demonrats could not possibly win with an above board honest vote count.
    How will the Demons do this?
    1. Cook up a plan to lockdown 90% of the country because of a cold virus.
    2. With the never ending lockdowns float the idea of mail-in ballots so that the the dumb-shit American voter won’t catch the covid-1984 cold virus.
    3. Close the public schools as an additional irritant.
    4. Make sure that lots of dead people and illegals will be able to vote with the paper ballot scam.
    5. As frosting on this pile of horse-shit, release onto the mean streets of America the BLM and Antifa Zio-storm troopers because of a Black criminal who died of a heart attack while under arrest hoping to get President Trump to take the bait and go smashing a bashing onto the mean streets to stop the Marxist-commie version of “urban renewal”. Well the President didn’t take the bait. He asked politely the demon governors if they needed come help. Of course he was turned down flat so far except for Kenosha. The Demonrats want the urban renewal project to continue until the election Nov 4 in the year of our Lord 2020.
    6. TJ too has a vision. Trump will get 60% plus of the vote even with all the cheating. Then the Marxist-commie BLM Antifa are going to up the ante in their Urban Renewal project. Within weeks the reelected Trump will then send in the troops. Because of this the Demonrat psychopaths in the US Congress will again begin impeachment hearings because of Trump’s use of troops for civilian law enforcement in violation of US law which is exactly what they want.
    7. After the dust settles much of the West (left) coast, East coast and some heartland inner cities will be burned out hulks. The properties in these inner cities will be snapped for a penny of the dollar of their former worth by guess who?
    8. After the BLM, Antifa and other gangs have been dispatched in their fancy vans to the FEMA gulag for “processing” (how could the regime ever again trust such “peaceful” mindless disrupters) by 2025 the 100 million (Deagel) of the dumb-shit American boobs remaining can settle down to living in the Totalitarian police state guarded over by Chinese-UN troops all for their safety of course. A real nice Zio project.

  7. An exceptionally fine article that sums up in a few words a complex situation that does not bode well for the future. Civil unrest and armed conflict can almost certainly be expected. To all American patriots, I suggest: keep your guns ready and loaded — you’ll be needing them soon.

  8. “More importantly, it should be noted that this website DOES NOT support President Trump or particularly trust him either. So I’m not writing this as a ‘Trump supporter’, but because there seems to be a concerted campaign to remove him from office, using whatever means possible.”

    But is there REALLY a “concerted campaign to remove him from office, using whatever means possible” or is it all just political theater?

    One reason I ask is because I have yet to see any meaningful political opposition to what I consider Trump’s most reckless and dangerous policies. For example, why isn’t Biden attacking Trump for single-handedly trashing the concept of “mutually assured destruction” and replacing it with an implied “nuclear war is winnable” concept – which threatens all life on this planet (even by accident)? Why don’t we see CNN interviewing someone from the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”; someone who could explain in plain language the serious risks Trump is subjecting the whole world to?

    And why did the democrats not include some of Trump’s other high crimes among the impeachment charges against him, e.g., his war crimes in Syria or his blatant serial violations of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?

    And why did the republicans acquit him without even calling any witnesses to testify regarding any facts in dispute?

    As I see it, the basis of the ostensible anti-Trump campaign seems to boil down to: he mishandled the pandemic and he’s just not a nice person. The subject of foreign policy is simply not open to discussion.

    So I could be wrong but for now I have to stick with my theory that: (1) Trump was brought to power specifically to do high risk dirty work which involves serving ultimata on “deep state” “enemies” (e.g. Russia, China and Iran) in the form of escalating serial provocations that will eventually result in their political destabilization and overthrow, surrender or war; and (2) although he has made good progress on imposing pain and building enmity, he’s not done yet, so they need him for at least another term.

    Thus I predict that Trump will remain ruler of the empire – one way or another – and disaster will follow shortly thereafter.

  9. Don’t look for this on mass media; Mixed Reactions as Trump Slams Pentagon Chiefs For Reluctance to Pull Out of ‘Endless Wars’
    Of course he will be blamed by one faction for violence and false flags caused by his Deep State enemies on one hand, and by the opposing faction for the wars he refused to start on the other hand, thereby jeopardizing Judeo-national security (sort of like inciting second holocaust by doubting the existence of the first)—and to make it worse, the first faction will claim that when he opposes violence he is only playing a game directed by the Mighty-30 ruling families, so yes, opposing violence equals inciting violence.

    I no longer bother asserting that Trump is a pacifist because as per above mechanism, that would be condemned by Popper as unfalsifiable—or Catch-22 in common parlance.

    Such are the times we live in that every truth progressively slips from people’s ability to grasp rationally, regressing back to amphibians breathing deceit through specially grown gills—if it makes sense, discard it—dangerous, Jews are not our problem, Palestinians are, just because we are not sure that covid is ordinary flu virus it doesn’t mean that it won’t kill tens of millions (much worse than Spanish flu which only killed between 25 and 39 million) and if you quote actual dead (0.9 million per WHO) you are a Denier.
    Believe 100% of what you hear and none of what you see, in 1-2 generations people in possession of functioning eyes will be arrested as anti-social deviants (possession of dangerous weapons?).
    Etc, et cetera, magna est mendacium et prevalebit.

    1. @ Lobro

      “Don’t look for this on mass media; Mixed Reactions as Trump Slams Pentagon Chiefs For Reluctance to Pull Out of ‘Endless Wars’ Of course he will be blamed by one faction for violence and false flags caused by his Deep State enemies on one hand, and by the opposing faction for the wars he refused to start…”

      The thing is, con men like Trump speak out of both sides of their mouths. That’s how they fool people that need or want to be fooled. Trump has done nothing but posture and lie for the last 3.5 years. The man is completely unprincipled.

      From the comments to that piece, it looks like at least some people have caught on; e.g.:

      11:54 GMT 08.09.2020 | 2
      These are the words you should expect to hear from thug Trump. Have you ever been conned by Trump? Look again at his POTUS record, he is a coward and a traitor. He accusses everybody around him of being responsible for his never ending list of failures. He has achieved zilch positive after 4 years in office. A con”

      17:14 GMT 08.09.2020 | 1
      If trump is such a peace president then ask yourself why did he approve an additional 71 billion Pentagon ‘overseas war budget’?”

      Back in late 2018/early 2019 the shameless liar Trump made a big scene claiming that he fired Mattis – supposedly because Mattis opposed his alleged intent to withdraw from Syria – yet here we are 20 months later and the troops are still there presiding over the looting of Syrian oil and creating a tripwire for war with Russia and/or Iran.

      BTW depending on how you define “wars,” Trump has escalated the wars (political, economic and propaganda wars) against Russia, China, Syria, Iran and Venezuela. And he’s apparently tried to start a shooting war with Iran several times but so far Iran hasn’t take the bait by drawing blood in response to Trump’s provocations.

      And finally you can see that he’s pushing China hard. I believe that China has so far held back on serious retaliation (e.g. dumping treasuries, stopping the export of pharmaceutical and nutritional raw materials, etc.) in the hope that Trump will lose the upcoming election. But if Trump wins, they will likely retaliate in a dramatic and damaging way, and if Trump escalates further the consequences would be catastrophic, IMO.

      1. Excellent comment, Harold, beautifully lucid and logical in its presentation of the facts. Why indeed is Trump still up to mischief in Syria when he said he was determined to pull out and actually fired Mattis for opposing him? It makes no sense at all. Any attempt to find excuses for such behavior is predictably lame and unconvincing. For my part, I find Trump’s ultra-Zionist support for Israel in its ongoing oppression of Occupied Palestine absolutely inexcusable. He doesn’t deserve to be reelected President but will probably be shoehorned int the White House by hook or by crook, with the help of his Jewish paymasters Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban.

        1. Trump, Kushner, Adelson, Pence, and the rest of Team Trump are in on the jew coup. The overthrow of America. Trump is just a front man, a puppet. Like Obama, Biden, Clinton, and practically all top level politicians in modern politics.

          The Jews Media and the puppet masters portray dems and pubs as opposed to each other but they are united in overthrowing America and whatever else their puppet masters direct.

          Tump, Pelosi, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Leiberman, Schiff, Blumenthal, Pompeo, Pence, et al are all puppets controlled by the same bankster jews. Banksters would not have given Trump the publican nomination in 2016 unless he was their puppet.

          Trump could have sent the National Guard to shut down the riots but he didn’t. Trump could have ended US wars on mid-east nations but he didn’t, instead his first act after taking office was to bomb Syria. Trump could have called BS on the Covid Scam but he didn’t.

          With their Jews Media, the banksters have almost all right wingers believing lies, deception, false flag events, swallowing the kool-aid and believing falsely that Trump is the real deal.

          Those who drink the blue kool-aid and watch CNN are led into the left wing. They see the illusion that Demonrats are good and Publicans are bad.

          Those who drink the red kool-aid and watch Foxnews are led into the right wing. They see the illusion that Publicans are good and Demonrats are bad.

          Only the very rare jew-wise person sees through these illusions and realizes that the world is run by very different people than what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

          Banksters and their puppets are running this Jew Coup in ways so that if things go horribly wrong they can blame it all on covid, China, Russia, Iran, Christianity, Muslims, or another of their perceived enemies.

          The great majority of people have no hint that covid is just a pretext for closing businesses, shutting down food production operations, harvests, dairies, meat packing plants, causing food shortages, and economic collapse. Add George Soros riot teams and its the recipe for a coup.

  10. Good to see you, Lobro. Always interesting to read what is on your mind.

    We are in unprecedented times to say the least. My advice is to keep as busy as possible and work on individual pursuits. For me it is about pushing myself on my bicycle and in my running. And then the occasional article to add perspective to my thinking.

    I haven’t been to Mass since the Pandemic. If those flaming priests don’t think Lent, Passiontide, Resurrection Sunday, Eastertide, and Pentecost are essential than why should I?

    Great education in understanding the philosophical system behind Catholicism. But, in the end, I suppose it really all is academic.

    We only win by knocking someone’s block off. Praying isn’t going to solve that particular problem.

    1. And likewise here Rich, glad you are dragging your particular cross along Calvary road, stiff upper lip in place—indicating good breeding.
      As for the letdown of traditional Catholic protection, every priest was consecrated and the voltage of Christ is ever-present however much they may have individually fallen His presence cannot be eradicated, so go ahead confess and accept the holy sacrament.
      What kind of faith is it shrink wrapped and kept smooth and shiny in safe storage?
      The weight of test is equal to the strength of faith, so take pride and comfort in your troubles, they are sign of divine confidence in you.

      Hmm, rethink that point about “winning” I am sure you will arrive at a more satisfactory answer.
      Not to get too preachy though, sorry if gone overboard, I never proselytized, hated when someone tried to pull it on me—each to his own but if I can suggest some useful tools and techniques, why not.

      There are no flies on me as far as I can see because it seems the older I get the more thoroughly I evolve, making me look forward to each new day.

      1. Thank you, Lobro. Good advice indeed. Like Don Draper says we have to keep going “Forward”. No time for looking behind or trying to clean up yesterday’s mess.

      2. @ Lobro
        @ Rich

        LOBRO: There are no flies on me as far as I can see
        because it seems the older I get the more thoroughly I evolve…

        RICH: Thank you, Lobro. Good advice indeed.
        Like Don Draper says we have to keep going “Forward”.

        Two Catholics bragging about the spiritual progress they are making, especially Lobro who boasts: “The older I get the more thoroughly I evolve.”

        These good Christians seem to be unaware of the old adage: “Pride goes before a fall.” They abound in all the Christian virtues, it seems, but are conspicuously lacking in the one Christian virtue that really matters: humility.

        What saint ever bragged about the spiritual progress he was making? None that I know of. None would be so presumptuous as to draw attention to their steady “evolution” in wisdom and sanctity!

        The words, “The older I get the more thoroughly I evolve”
        would be laughable if they were to appear on a T-shirt. 🙂

        1. @ Skeptical Observer

          An amusing observation from a first-time commenter. Made me chuckle, especially the bit about the T-shirt. 🙂

          However, going on past form, I must warn you that your highly pertinent comment will be misinterpreted as a sly ad hominem attack by the two gentlemen concerned. Never make the mistake of disagreeing with a Christian who is convinced he is on the path to perfection. Big mistake! 🙂

      3. @Skeptical Observer,
        Thank you for intrusion, how did you know it was welcome.
        My observation, insufficiently skeptical for you, is personal and subjective, but part of my freedoms and rights package.
        You are likewise free to make the opposite observation about yourself, namely brag about your spiritual regression and I will be polite enough not to rubbish you for it.
        And those too high minded to pay any attention to the topic but instead focus on trying to start online fights and emotional upsets will have a field day if we are to further engage in conversation—hyenas always lurking in hope of free lunch.
        Ever heard hyenas laugh? Theirs is a special sense of humor, quite suitable for these times, so keep them entertained by all means.
        Skeptically yours, etc, etc.

        1. Correct me if I’m wrong. But is it customary for good Christians to brag about their spiritual prowess? If you’re on this site to win respect, you need to earn it. Get some humility.

              1. @ Lobro

                Before I depart, let me say that I find you prickly, bad-tempered, and out of control. My initial comment to you was on-topic, mildly expressed, and perfectly valid. Which is why Admin would have done wrong to delete it just to protect you from criticism. Why should you receive protected status on this site?

                I wasn’t picking a quarrel with you, Lobro. I was just pointing out the incontrovertible truth that good Christians — and you profess to be one of the most spiritually advanced — don’t usually brag about their spiritual prowess. This is incompatibility with Christian humility.

                If you’d been a genuine Christian, you would have admitted that good Christians do their best to avoid spiritual pride and to practice humility. Did you do that? No, you didn’t. You had a hissy fit and responded with anger to be told the truth: that good Christians don’t blow their own trumpets like you do. They are meek, self-effacing, modest, humble. Not like you. You’re just a big show-off.

                Here, read your disgraceful comment again and tell me: can you, as a professed Christian, take pride in this hysterical diatribe with its silly talk of laughing hyenas and free lunches?

                @Skeptical Observer,Thank you for intrusion, how did you know it was welcome.(SNEER)

                My observation, insufficiently skeptical for you, is personal and subjective, but part of my freedoms and rights package. (POMPOUS)

                You are likewise free to make the opposite observation about yourself, namely brag about your spiritual regression and I will be polite enough not to rubbish you for it. (MINDLESS … who would brag about spiritual regression?)

                And those too high minded to pay any attention to the topic but instead focus on trying to start online fights and emotional upsets will have a field day if we are to further engage in conversation—hyenas always lurking in hope of free lunch. (It’s YOU who are the braying hyena here, starting an online fight, not me.)

                Ever heard hyenas laugh? Theirs is a special sense of humor, quite suitable for these times, so keep them entertained by all means.

                Skeptically yours, etc, etc.

                Is this the best you can do, Lobro? If so, I feel very sorry for you.

                Anyway, I’m out of here now. I leave the field to you. You are enough to put anyone off Christianity. You bring Christianity into disrepute and give it a bad name.

        I owe you a word of explanation for my exchange and the radioactive feelings simmering under surface—see if it makes sense.

        When I spoke to Rich it was regarding a personal matter of some weight and therefore I expressed it in terms of Way of the Cross, because his is a burden to carry and I wanted to assure him that I was in fully supportive mode, were I in any position to help him beyond mere well-wishing I certainly would.
        I suggest that you contact Rich directly since you have his email, moreover it should be either Lasha or Sister Monica because they will have requisite sensitivity to deal with it.
        I also urge Rich to ignore the jeering Pharisees on the sidelines, ever licking their chops in anticipation of baiting some victim—they are a unique fixture in these trying times, I for one am unable to bear them resignedly.
        My ready anger also stems from the fact that this individual who has borne me malice for the longest time also professes to be a medical professional, a board certified psychotherapist who curiously delights in causing pain and trouble simply in order to satisfy her predatory cravings—and whom I hold largely responsible for creating the irreparable toxic rift between Lasha and me on June 18, 2017 (“Long, rambling comments that even in one case made a cowardly personal attack on Lasha Darkmoon, suggesting she was a crypto-Jew for daring to author an anti-Trump article.”), destroying the cross-linked trust and friendship from over a decade ago.
        In this way she repaid Lasha’s saving her life (by her own telling) when she was at the brink of suicide.
        Am I supposed to forget?
        There is much here that I would advise Skeptic to leave alone and mind his own business.

        The other point ought to be obvious but I guess it isn’t.
        I was also referring to the Noonday Demon in a nearby thread, which is a term for fear and loathing and depression unto aging process (mis-phrasing Kirkegaard), a crisis of identity that many face at some point.
        It was my wish to lift their spirits by pointing out how my own struggle has turned a corner in that now I not only don’t dread the old age but welcome it as part of the overall progress.
        It was my hope that those afflicted might realize the fleeting nature of material entropy and resulting decomposition while affirming the eternal indestructibility of spirit which with due investment can be enriched and elevated above the mortal sphere.

        Along comes Skeptic to take a giant dump on it, totally unbidden and ignorant of anything but his own righteous superiority, ably fortified by the resident agent of strife and calumny.

        Meanwhile those who reject my geopolitical views are more than welcome, I will never hold it against them.
        For all I know I could be devastatingly wrong although at this point, I strongly disagree—perfectly fine, such is the nature of any legitimate debate.

        But cheap, nasty ad hominem is squarely in the domain of infernal, everything that we collectively profess to despise—Jews, Kabbalah, Talmud, Pharisees, Kol Nidre, Baal and Baphomet, look at their sordid history,
        what did they ever do but pursue ad hominem against the entire humanity?
        Tell me.
        I hate sheer nastiness, wickedness for its own sake, irredeemable sadism and unprovoked bullying and will ALWAYS, ALWAYS RESPOND—count on that.

      5. It’s pretty sad that a person can’t just acknowledge someone with a kind word and let him know there are no hard feelings between them. You see, I too was once an asshole to Lobro and decided to pile on him one day. He might not even remember, but I do and recently I have decided to be a little less knowing and a little more understanding of our myriad and seemingly ever changing views on the nature of the problem.

        Lobro puts himself out there and is not afraid to show his thinking. This is admirable. Who gives a shit about the answer? The man shows his work. So he is a mathematician even though I do recall him being asked to prove that one day. Get off this guy’s back already!

        I’m pretty sure Lobro and me are on the same side. That’s good enough for me. I am also not afraid to get lost in the woods on the way to Grandma’s house. How can one find himself if he doesn’t allow himself the pleasure, and sometimes gift, of getting lost?

        Lobro is a fighter. I can survive with a fellow fighter.

        All Lobro did was mention that priests have an indelible mark and provide the Sacraments to those who take them seriously no matter the personal disaster the priest may actually be in real life. To partake of the Sacraments with these flakes is the very definition of humility.

        Translation? Lobro said nothing wrong. Except to take a second or two and have a little fellowship while we opine as if we were Masters of the Universe over here.

        Hope you are having a good day, Lobro. And don’t make yourself a stranger. I won’t always agree, but you are always a breath of fresh air, my friend!

        I once saw a movie, made in the Orient, with a great line. The nail that sticks up from the floor gets pounded down. In other words, the person with ideas who is not afraid to share them.

        This ‘skeptic’ doesn’t even understand your compliment in regards to his ‘spiritual regression’ being a sure harbinger of a virtuous life and one exhibiting the maximum in the ways of humility.

        Hey Lobro, lets let the dead bury the dead!


    2. Maybe Pat died in the hurricane and then RE-incarnated into Jim Crowstein so he can say the same sort of things about politics and political parties, etc. etc. as he used to say when he was Pat. No reason to miss Pat as long as Jim Crowstein stays at Darkmoon. Having Jim Crowstein with us is like Pat is here with us again. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Though the new name is awful, simply awful, try to overlook the ridiculous name and pretend the name is “Pat”. That’s what I’m trying to do. TOO bad Pat didn’t simply name himself “Jim” for his new RE-incarnation. The “Crowstein” part of the name, it really should be scuttled.

  11. One of the worst things that could happen is massive fires, which is what’s happening on the West Coast of the United States. ALL the massive fires up and down the West Coast are due to ARSONISTS. Massive ARSON on the West Coast. The BLM/ANTFA terrorists and all the other enemies of the USA are having a field day setting massive fires up and down the West Coast.

    I know Trump has faults and plenty of faults but he’s not on the side of these ARSONISTS, Biden and Kamala are on the side of the ARSONISTS starting massive fires up and down the West Coast.

    It’s amazing to me that the Democratic Party [ and lots of Republican “Never Trumper” types ] actually prefer massive terrorism and massive arson in the United States over Donald Trump. He has some loyalty in his heart for the country and he has some common sense — and for that the Democrats and the Republican Never-Trumpers rather see the West Coast of the USA go up in flames and be destroyed by massive ARSON.

    War is ARSON, ARSON writ-large, that’s what WAR is, massive ARSON. The Democrats and the Republican Never-Trumpers rather have WAR in the USA than Donald Trump be the president. Again, Trump is not perfect. But his imperfections and his failings aren’t so bad that massive ARSON is preferable to him. Trump is not so horrible that massive ARSON is better than Trump.

    I hate Hillary, I hate Biden and Kamala, I hate Pelosi, I hate Obama, I hate the Democrats, I hate the Republican Never-Trumpers, I hate BLM/ANTIFA, I hate them all with a PERFECT HATRED, to put it biblically.

    1. Right on, TROJ. I hate the bastards, too. I really want to hang them all and watch them shit themselves! 😈

    2. Wear your Normality badge with pride TROJ, we are on the same team even though normality is the rarest of all human traits nowadays—need a new word, a “neologism”—tragiparadox!
      If Trump loses, the normals will be locked up as subversives and dissenters.

      What happens in Trumpless (s–thole) countries:
      Quebec City says it will Isolate Uncooperative citizens in Secret Corona Facility
      The big question of the day—why secret, what does that actually mean?

      1. @ Lobro
        @ Gilbert Huntly

        LOBRO: “Wear your Normality badge with pride TROJ, we are on the same team…”

        You wouldn’t say that, dear Lobro, if you had read his other comments about you! 🙂

        We have suppressed these comments to spare your feelings. There are at least SIX extremely anti-Lobro comments in Spam: dissing you, deriding you, and viciously accusing you of “trying to take over this website” after your recent return.

        However, I commend you for your kindness toward this loonie who deserves your compassion rather than your kindness. Gilbert Huntly and Pat receive similar contempt from TROJ in numerous unpublished comments, but they too are unaware of the extent of TROJ’s malevolence toward them. If only they knew! 🙂

        Needless to say, TROJ’s malevolence toward me and Lasha is even more pathologically extreme. What he says about me and Lasha in obscene unpublished comments I would blush to relate.

      2. thanks Sister Monica, yes you told me so before but my stupidly quick to forget and forgive trait at the first blush of normality lures me into such sappy comments.
        I know he is not quite right in the head and that lowers my regular guard so that I am ready to forget what he said about me and will do so again I guess.
        But grotesque vilification of you and Lasha—which I don’t see in its magnitude is something that I have neither right nor wish to absolve—the other thing that gets me derailed is his frequent references to Catholicism where he regularly makes the right noises—TROJ, ever think about how you will explain yourself to your Maker when the moment arrives?

        If you cannot, at least don’t completely alienate your potential advocates.

      3. Lobro,

        Sister, et.al., are dealing with TROJ just as anyone should deal with a disturbed mind. In my own, “warped” sense-of-humor, I find TROJ comical. He’s a study in Disturbia. 🤓

  12. On this day of September 11th 19 years ago I figured out :

    A : That the jews did it

    B : That is was small nukes/tactical nukes that brought down the Twin Towers

    C : That it was a missile of some kind that hit The Pentagon, NOT a Boeing 757

    I figured it ALL out way before the “smart and savvy” “Jew-Wise” “Anti-Jew” media figured it out. I figured it all out on this date 19 years ago. You all can study that as you study my “Disturbia”. And for figuring it all out before anyone else did I got BANNED FOR LIFE from a million so-called “alternative” media websites looking into what really happened on 9/11 and who did it and why did they do it and how did they do it.

    ~ And ~

    If the Lord and Giver of Life The Maker of Heaven and Earth thinks I need to be punished, I will be the one punished for my sins, no one else will be punished for my sins, just me, so don’t anybody worry about it.
    They BAN me, they imprison me, they treat me very unfairly, then they worry I might not make it to Heaven, LMFAO!!!

    In the meantime I suffer from such severe “Disturbia” I have a long track record of figuring things out way before everyone else does, including way before the so-called “experts” in the “alternative” media. I’m right up there with Dimitri Khalezov in figuring out 9/11 [ Dimitri Khalezov is not welcome in the Noosphere’s “alternative” media, gee, I wonder why ]. Khalezov and I, We BOTH knew the jews did it and that it was nukes on the very same day of 9/11. Study that as you all study my “Disturbia”. 🤔

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