When the Shooting Starts

As race riots convulse America in 140 cities, Trump threatens the rioters with “vicious dogs and ominous weapons”.   

By Lasha Darkmoon
June 3, 2020


As race riots hit 140 American cities, President Trump decided to take control and talk tough. Addressing the governors of all the states where violence had escalated, the president urged them to get their acts together and taunted them for being “weak”. Unless they started cracking down hard on the rioters—if necessary shooting some of them for good measure—“you’ll end up looking like jerks.”

One is tempted to ask: is this America in June 2020?  or is this a replay of June 1989 before the Tiananmen Square massacre?

Because if the police  really got tough with American rioters they would have to do a bit more than make threatening motions with their guns—they would have to pull the triggers too. Tear gas and water canons are not going to do the trick. They didn’t work in China against peaceful protesters. So how on earth can they work in America against violent ones?

The People’s Liberation Army in China, which had modelled itself on the ruthless regime of Joseph Stalin, had no hesitation in crushing Chinese rioters in a way that President Trump, for all we know, may secretly admire.

Here’s what they did in China to quell riots in June 1989, just over 30 years ago. The way things are going this could happen in America any day now. Secret cable from British Ambassador, Sir Alan Donald, to the  British government, reporting the events at Tiananmen Square as they unfolded:

“Army APCs [armoured personnel carriers] opened fire on the crowd before running over them. APCs ran over civilians at 65kph. Students linked arms but were mown down. APCs then ran over bodies time and time again to make”pie” and remains collected by bulldozer…. Remains incinerated and hosed down drains.” 

Sir Alan’s cable continues: “Wounded girl students begged for their lives but were bayoneted … 1000 survivors were told they could escape but were then mown down by specially prepared MG [machine gun] positions.” The cable reaches a climax with its dry concluding sentence: “Minimum estimate of civilian dead 10,000.”

I guess Trump’s rallying call to America’s governors to crush rioters—”or you’ll look like jerks”—is making some of them them wonder if the time is ripe for a Tiananmen Square incident in Minneapolis, New York, or Los Angeles.

After all, surely their president has given them the green light with his rousing battle cry—”When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”

Trump began to talk tough after his former press secretary Anthony Scaramucci mocked him openly as “Coward in Chief.” This came about after Trump and family were forced to vacate the White House and take refuge for their own safety in the bunker normally used in case of a nuclear attack. So there we had Trump and First Lady Melania sitting in their subterranean hidey-hole a bit like Hitler and Eva Braun in their 1945 bunker at the end of World War Two. Things had come to this. The cops were worried that the White House was about to be torched and the Trumps become toast.

But no, it didn’t happen. Maybe this is only the dress rehearsal for the play. One day, in the not too distant future, maybe the real-life drama will be enacted as the White House goes up in flames and the main actors are barbecued to death.

Believe me, there won’t be any shortage of extras.

—   §   —

How America has changed! It’s almost unrecognizable. A new country, a new wasteland. Good Americans know in their bones that the best days are over. That dystopia loom. Grrr, something wicked this way comes…

Entire neighbourhoods of looted shops tell their own story. Rows of burnt-out police cars. Obscene graffiti scrawled over urine-splashed walls. Manhattan’s trendiest shopping district, SoHo, now resembles a rubbish dump. In the words of British reporter Tom Leonard, writing from New York: “Luxury store after luxury store, including Apple, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, has been picked clean and covered in broken glass.”

This is the worst civil unrest since the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968.

Tom Leonard continues:

“And where is the US President? Doing what he does best—throwing petrol on the flames. Donald Trump has been tweeting out violent defiance, though his toughened image was dented  by the revelation that his Secret Service bodyguards were so alarmed when a 1,000-strong demonstration gathered outside the White House, they bundled him down to a fortified underground bunker for his own protection.” 

Trump’s soaring popularity of a few weeks ago has seen a spectacular nosedive in recent days. It was common knowledge that his Democrat opponent  Joe Biden, seen as a senile halfwit by many Americans, didn’t stand a chance against the Orange Emperor seated on his throne in the White House. This situation has now been reversed. Unbelievably, the feeble-minded Biden, without even uttering a word to make himself more attractive, has suddenly forged ahead in the opinion polls and has a 10-point lead over Trump.

Meanwhile, the black community is hopping mad. The long lockdown has made them edgier and more volatile, like caged animals or wild dogs kept on a leash for too long.

Covid-19 has hit then hard, much harder than it has hit White Americans. The pandemic has wiped out 100,000 Americans but has devastated the black population disproportionately for several reasons too tedious to explain—partly genetic, partly because their relative poverty and worse health care and nutrition make them susceptible to obesity, diabetes and other such debilitating afflictions. Their visceral outrage over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd has left them baying for blood.

The looting of shops and the burning of cars are simply acts of retaliatory vandalism against a society they perceive as fundamentally unfair.

They want justice, and this is one thing Donald Trump is certainly not giving them. He is simply whipping them into  a further fever pitch of hysteria. His incendiary mantra, ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts!” is as inflammatory as Marie Antoinette’s alleged jibe at the starving masses during the French Revolution, “If they have no bread, let them eat cake!”

Last Saturday, the perma-tanned president of the most powerful country on earth poured more gasoline over the raging flames  sweeping America by warning protesters outside the White House: “You face vicious dogs and ominous weapons!”


“You face vicious dogs and ominous weapons!
When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”

—   §   —

On Sunday, in a further escalation of fine rhetoric, President Trump issued yet more warnings replete with fire and brimstone. One is almost tempted to think that here is a man who is doing his best to ignite further violence, whip the black masses up into a blind fury, and manufacture a Tiananmen Square massacre in America.

Maybe Trump needs a good civil war in order to get re-elected.

After his latest address to the public,  in which he recommended every governor to deploy the National Guard to “dominate the streets” with their “overwhelming presence”, Trump picked up his Bible and walked out of the White House on a staged propaganda walk to St John’s Church. Here he doubtless  intended to have a big powwow with God and solicit the Deity’s guidance on the dark days ahead.

VIDEO  :  7.15 mins

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      1. I’ll take ‘small mercies’ wherever I happen to find them, Sr Monica, but I must say:

        I AM shocked I didn’t get a rap on the knuckles – with the sharp end of a ruler – for impertinence!

        1. So you expected a rap on the knuckles, did you?

          Dear boy, it all depends what mood you catch me in. And the fate of your comments also depends on which of the three part-time moderators is on duty.

      2. Since this is, at least as far I’m aware, a ‘First Offence’ and – more especially- since The Defendant is so obviously contrite (an exceptionally rare condition these days) consider it not only “Case Dimissed!” but a Commedation for Ms LDs “Grace Under Fire”… particularly that “fire” from the “Rabble Rouser In The Peanut Gallery”.

  1. If this was back then during the Cold War times, I would be tempted to call this a communist uprising inside America. I distinctly remember the People’s War (the title of a book by dr. Anthea Jeffery) in South Africa. Mr. John Kaminski might have a point there that we older guys have way too much experience and thus have become a threat.

    Readers comment:

    “They did say we want South Africa ungovernable. And that is the truth South Africa is today ungovernable.”

    You might as well replace “South Africa” by the “USA”, by the looks of it.


    Even if we South Africans are not happy about the USA having dropped us in Angola, we recognise its the deep state, not the Americans that were acting there. The Americans are nice people, just like you and me, have the same European roots, thus consist of people of all colours: from the leftwing spectrum right through the right. America is the last white country with enough firepower between the citizens to make a difference, also as a potential ally for white South Africa. What can I say more? It is like it is.

    @mod.: I post irregularly, thus sometimes I forget whether it should be “ex South African” with or without a dash inbetween. I want to remain with the simplest version (no dash).

    1. Oh come on! Be flamboyant, use a dash! Live it up! Be dash-ing! 🍾

  2. This accusation against Trump’s rhetoric offers nothing but a seeming, leftist plea to let the looters and rioters go unpunished for their rude behavior. An anarchist’s dream. Imagine yourself a business owner or home owner having to watch, without recourse, the destruction of your livelihood or abode – and be expected NOT to defend or retaliate… Pitiful circumstance! Being concerned with being prosecuted for defending one’s own property has undoubtedly already spared some of these mob scum from righteous retribution by the armed citizenry – a sad commentary for the state of our “republic”.
    After being unjustly targeted by a hostile mob, I seriously doubt the victims thereof would mind a brutal display of force in retaliation – or, at least, being encouraged to lethally defend
    their own for themselves.
    This article smacks of high-minded hypocrisy.

    1. @Gilbert Huntly re “This article smacks of high-minded hypocrisy”

      A “hypocrisy”, moreover, born of that terrifying fear of looking into The Abyss… lest one should see Stark Reality staring back

      1. @ The Realist

        “Hypocrisy” is the wrong word. LD is not a hypocrite. She may have over-egged the pudding and be guilty of a failure of perception or empathy, but I can assure you she is not a “left-wing hypocrite”. She certainly does not approve of Antifa or of unruly thugs, whether black or white, taking advantage of the death of one black man to go berserk and indulge in a binge fest of arson and shop looting.

        Not only this. She was aware, while watching the Trump video, that Trump seemed to be genuinely moved and wondering what he could do to put an end to this irrational violence. So her sympathies lie partly with Trump, who finds himself caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. This balanced attitude is hardly compatible with the charge of “hypocrisy”.

        1. ”When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”

          The Fed just stole 6 Trillion dollars or so (that we know of) on top of the trillions they stole before. Therefore….

          Let the shooting start!!

          Just following orders… {{{smiles}}}

          1. Trump: What a phony baloney creep! What a bloated disingenuous punk! He oozes ignorance, stupidity and phoniness. Just like Fony Blare, David Cameron, George Wonderful Bush, Barry O’Bumma, and thousands more of these disgusting sacks of talking garbage.

            May they rot!!!!

            Grave New World – 1972

    2. When the shooting starts, Gilbert, let’s go out and start shooting us some of them thar helio critters and turn those gosh darn helios into mince meat! 😏

      1. @ Voltman, speaking of looting, I have to admit, Looting Target store by few protestors is unamerican. The real American thing to do is to look Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Syria to name few.

        1. I bet the Democrats roll out a black woman for their presidential nominee and I bet the Democratic Party vice president running mate will also be black or some kind of NON-White. Now I no longer think Trump’s going to win in November. And if he does win, it will be an extremely narrow margin.

          The Democrats are not going to go with Biden, they’re going to put him out to pasture [ where he belongs ] they’re going to nominate a NON-White to run against Trump. What do you think, Pat?

          And If Trump does win in November, he will be the last White president [ though he’s really a jew. He’ll be the last ostensibly White president. ] After Trump it’s going to be all NON-White presidents. whiddlejoew predicts! Pat, what are your predictions about the upcoming presidential elections?

        2. Mahmoud :

          Why did you volunteer to join Uncle Sam’s military, the U.S. Air Force, if you’re so deeply opposed to Uncle Sam’s ZOG Washington illegal and immoral wars against the Muslim world? And you volunteered for Uncle Sam’s military at a time Uncle Sam was actively waging illegal and immoral wars against the Muslim world. WTF? And you’re crying about the injustices Uncle Sam inflicts on the Muslim world after you yourself volunteered to fight for Uncle Sam in Uncle Sam’s illegal and immoral wars against the Muslim world. So there’s TWO Mahmouds, really, one volunteers to fight in Uncle Sam’s illegal and immoral wars against the Muslim world and the other one is deeply opposed to Uncle Sam’s illegal and immoral wars against the Muslim world. A little bit schzoid are WE?

    3. @ LD

      An excellent article. Keep up the good work, Ms Darkmoon. And pay no attention to the retards who attack you for “hypocrisy”. Your only crime, it seems to me, is your reluctance to join the queue to lick Trump’s dick.

      1. Well said, Silent Reader! There is something about these retards that makes me wonder at the extent of their moronic stupidity. If they honestly believe Lasha Darmooon is a “hypocrite”, why post on this site at all? Why not just push off and migrate go to some other site? I guess it just doesn’t occur to them, because they are retards.

        1. @ Sardonicus

          I think the word “hypocrisy” is too strong a word to apply to this article. The word is needlessly aggressive, bordering on calumny and abuse. In short, an ad hominem attack on Lasha Darkmoon and applied by a rude, ill-mannered old man lacking in self-control. He could have used more moderate language, e.g. referring to it as an “unhelpful” article, or a “confused” article sending out “mixed messages”. I would have gone with that.

          @ Sister Monica

          I accept your assurance that LD is NOT a “hypocrite”. If I thought that, I would never have been be a regular reader of this site for the last 7 years, nor would I be posting this comment here now. Hypocrisy is the very last quality I would associate with Lasha Darkmoon. Her poems bear witness to her passionate sincerity and kindness of heart. Anyone who accuses her of “hypocrisy” has to be emotionally retarded. Emotionally stunted.

          Just my two cents.

          1. thank for your comment. your english is hard for me but i understand with finnish-english dictionary. i read ld poem which I like and are much recomended by my teacher in helsinki. ld not “hypocrite”. much loved in finland. one day i learn english more then i translate her poem. thank you!

            hilja koskinen

      2. Sardonicus, the cuck who fled to a monestary because his wife was unfaithful, lauds the likes of Silent Reader and the strumpets who screech like harpies on this site. I have to call it as I see it, and there should be no guarantees that I’d always agree with Lasha, as these fawning cowards seem to seek her approval in all matters. In fact, she is a big girl who does NOT expect such boot-licking praise (otherwise, she’d have no satisfaction writing these articles or poetry).
        My, how disdainful she must be of you! 🤔

      3. I doubt that Lasha expects fawning agreement with everything she writes, like that given by such as the old cuckold, Sardonicus, and the compliant strumpets who are quick to lick her boots.
        As is obvious by her articles, she invites truthful commentary, and is likely disdainful of fawning attention-seekers.

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Oh dear, our Japanese monk is not going to be too pleased with your *sardonic* comment about him! But that’s tough. He’ll have to learn to roll with the punches. Zen Buddhism and green tea are likely to be of great assistance to him in his hour of need!! 🙂 🙂

          1. Gilbert,

            In regard to your observation that Lasha, in this particular article, appears to be guilty of “left-wing hypocrisy.”

            This is not really a fair comment for two reasons, dear Gilbert. And it springs, as you know, from sheer pique. Because you are angry with anyone who doesn’t share your blind devotion for Donald Trump. The fact is, most Americans no longer think highly of Trump, if the latest opinion polls are anything to go on. (Biden is 10 points ahead). And roughly 90% of the rest of the world think Trump is a dead loss. Sorry, but that’s a fact. All the British media, and throughout Europe, Trump is held in very low esteem.

            Do you really think 90% of the world are “hypocrites”, Gilbert? And more than 50% of Americans now? You are basically saying that anyone who doesn’t admire Trump is a “hypocrite”. Does that apply to your friend Pat? Is Pat a hypocrite? And Harold Smith? Is he a hypocrite too? Are most people on this site, who don’t share your admiration for Trump, are they all “hypocrites”?

            I think you need to choose another word.

            1. As for Lasha being “left-wing”, that charge can be dismissed at once as bordering on lunacy. Isn’t the Occidental Observer an AltRight site, an extreme right-wing site? So tell me, how could Lasha have had 35 artices published on the Occidental Observer in the last 10 years if she’d been a leftie? Most of Lasha’s views are right-wing conservative values or she would never have got on to the Occidental Observer otherwise.

          2. @ Gilbert Huntly,

            Damn you Gilbert, I challenge you to a Japanese sword fight!
            If I lose, I commit hara-kiri. 🙂

      4. Sister –

        I believe Lasha KNOWS I hold her in high regard, and I believe she’d be disappointed to perceive any fawning insincerity from me. As for Pat and Harold, they voice valid opinions of which I take note – NOT senseless animosity of everything white American.
        I have learned much from all three – especially Lasha – and they know it. Trump is NOT my idol, btw, but I defend him because I believe he has America’s interests at heart, despite his blasted affinity to Israhell.
        Yes, I am 61 years of age and somewhat debilitated by renal failure, which I am determined to overcome. I am not what I used to be, but I’m still tough enough to endure a lot of hard work, though I’m rich enough to slack off whenever I want. No apologies for being “privileged” white, either! 😉

        1. Gilbert, I liked your comment. It left a good impression on me. Yes, life is tough and we can’t all be prefect. Anyway, God bless you and give you many happy days on this earth.

          What is your favorite book, Gilbert? Say you had only 6 weeks to live? What would you be reading most?

          I put this same question to anyone else who wishes to answer.

  3. Anyone who had read Dostoyevsky’s “Demons” will recognise, in its evil mastermind protagonist, the same malicious mindset orchestrating current events in the USA.

    Whereas in “Demons” only the town and its people were destroyed, the USA and its heritage are now targeted.

    And, just like in “Demons”, The Perpetrator will skate off scot-free & smirking – looking for another host – while leaving behind a pile of smoldering rubble and shattered lives.

    1. @ The Realist

      Excellent comment. Dostoevsky is LD’s favourite Russian writer. Mine too. Haven’t read “The Demons” for many years now . . . I read it in my teens in the Constance Garnett translation, entitled “The Possessed”. Its main character, Stavrogin, left a lasting impression on my mind. The book is a brilliant attack on nihilism.

      1. …and “Bolshevism”, which FD had a premonition of – albeit ‘writ small’ –
        in that book

      2. I recommend the Michael Katz translation, it has the original deleted chapter inserted just where it went when Dostoevsky originally wrote it. The publishers cut it out and D. believed it would never be published. Too shocking.

        1. @ Carlos Porter

          Your revelation about this deleted chapter from “The Demons” comes as a big surprise to me. I had no idea any such chapter even existed! Can you please tell me briefly what it was about that made it so shocking?

          I know Dostoevsky was a pronounced anti-Semite who referred openly to Jews as “kikes” and “yids” is his “Diary of a Writer” and I am wondering if the chapter was deleted because of its outspoken anti-Semitism? Or was it deleted because of its sexual content?

          If the deleted chapter can be found on the internet, that would be of great interest to me and Lasha, both of us avid Dostoevsky fans.

  4. ‘America’ was lost when its public credit, via the Federal Reserve beginning in 1913, was made available to the Rothschild crime syndicate, which had already garnered overwhelming control of the world’s private wealth throughout the 19th century.
    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Netanyahu

  5. I have always thought that the ordinary American people on their own had enough firepower to repel the Chinese army if it tried to attack the USA. Now it could be the people against the the US army and polisce..
    God Forbid, and let’s just hope that Mr Trump is opposed by the decent members of both sides of Congress; and that members of the armed forces and police will refuse to fire on citizens, even the militant citizens.

  6. President Trump is a media master and the people will be begging for martial law.

  7. @ Lasha Darkmoon, Good as always! I am proud of you. This article is feather in your cap.

    On May 1st, Trump supported the armed protesters who had stormed the Michigan Capitol demanding the state lift Coronavirus restrictions. He tweeted that “these are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely!”

    On May 31st, Trump called people protesting the injustice in America as,” looters, thugs, radical left, lowlife and scums” and he threatened rioter with ” vicious dogs and ominous weapons.”

    45 must be full of chickenshit. I wonder what would it take of Trump’s “worshippers” to wise up to this con man. Horns growing out of his head?

  8. Martin Luther King was a great man; George Floyd was a porn actor, convicted of a home invasion robbery, and a drug addict. No… this was not an organic uprising but an orchestrated one of George Soros. Trump did not use the U.S. military but encouraged the states to manage it on their own… But it all does portend the future of the U.S. We are in a dystopia, we are in deep, and fragmenting. I don’t think New York will rise from those riot ashes. L.A. is so spread out that it isn’t really one city or even one county, it will fragment further and neighborhoods will hire private police forces made up of those Israeli X army guys. We have a generation of kids that grew up with brain inflammation and have no executive function….And as you, Darkmoon, predicted some time back, robots will police the worst neighborhoods–and drones. Less human to human contact.

    1. Thanks for your input, Kapoore. Brilliant comment.
      As usual you come up trumps! (No pun imtended) 🙂

      1. MLK was a Communist stooge too. No different to every other subordinate, jewish lackey in this farcical, charade the public still call government.

        Guys, there are no exceptions, so stop looking for them. I know everybody likes a hero but c’mon…

        Plentiful rumours abound were that he was a degenerate, serial adulterer amongst other things. I don’t know. I can’t be sure of the veracity of such claims.

        What we do know is MLK in Communist school: https://youtu.be/M4VTRE2fKPw

      2. Jay –

        Thanks. I handed out hundreds of flyers in the early 60s with MLK pictured seated in the classroom with other known Communists getting trained. The photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King and others seated in a classroom at the Highlander Folk School, Monteagle, Tenn.; caption reads: “Martin Luther King at Communist Training School.”

  9. Trump and “Antifa” are both controlled opposition. Our elites will put on a show and if they feel the time is ripe will install a new regime. History would call such kabuki “The Great Grand Yankee Revolution of 2020” but the same elites would be in charge; the people of the US would be further enslaved, indoctrinated with the same SOPHISTicated nonsense as were the Russians in 1917.

    The only way to survive such an assault on your consciousness is to assume that every reported, hyped-up event is either spun on its axis or a complete hoax. To drop into the vernacular — it is all a load of bollocks because behind the heat, smoke and death is a sneering oligarch rubbing his Family Tree.

  10. One thing most everyone can cipher and agree upon is if the Chinese communists were in charge of handling these big city riots, tens of thousands would have been slaughtered, matter of fact. Survivors sent to re-education camps same as Muslims or anyone else saying they hold God before the CPC.

    Yet the deluded Left, which includes most academics, most M$M fifth column columnists and presstituites, most of Hollywood, most of Silicon Valley and who knows how many of the U.S. carny Congress, will still defend the CPC over Trump. Over you and me as well?

    They’re not called the Leftist neurotic-psychotic collective for no reason..

  11. Tiananmen Square redux in the U.S.A.? Sounds like lasha as her devilish “master of hyperbole”.

    When Trump made his “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” comment, my instinct tells me he was referring to business owners who are taking no shit from these punk motherbleepers. Like those guys in some gym in NYC, I believe, armed to the teeth and letting it be known in no uncertain terms what will happen to any idiot foolish enough to hurl bricks at their building, taken from those pallets dropped off from probably one of Soros’ henchmen.

    After the tragedy at Kent St. in 1970, I’d be hard-pressed to believe the Govt. would use live bullets, even on rioters. Now, if this was Mayor Daley’s Chicago in the late 60’s, we’d be talking a whole different ballgame😬

  12. On Monday, David McAtee, a beloved Black community member in Louisville, KY, was shot by a group of National Guard and Louisville Metro Police. They left his body in the street for 12 hours.

    Across the country, streets are filled with Black protesters and allies rising up to demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and the countless Black lives stolen by white supremacist policing and centuries of oppression. Protestors marching against injustice and police brutality in Black communities have been met with batons, tear gas, drones, stun grenades, rubber bullets, armored vehicles, and live ammunition.

    The last time the Mayor of Kent, Ohio declared a state of emergency, the state governor send the National Guard to Kent State University. Then Kent Massacre Happened: 4 white students dead and 13 other injured.

    It would hep immensely if each and everyone here would call or write their respective governor to end the War on Black people and pull the national Guard off our streets.

    For those here who bitch and complain about what protestors are doing than why they are protesting, then you’re part of the problem.

      1. This is a COMMENT forum. Not a LINK DISPENSER! Who has time to read EIGHT articles sent in by a weirdo called “felsasepp”? Get a life!

      2. Thank you very much for your gratuitous ad hominem reply, Mr. Silent Reader.
        This website is so good and informative, but in the comment section there are too much useless, personal fights between commenters. That is sad and helps no one on earth.

        Most of the links above show a single picture with statistics – no need to read articles. The last two links are just “indication of source”, no need to read them. I know a lot of people these days are unable to read – so they need catchy pictures or “videos” (OMG, the end is really near). And I know also, that a lot of americans can`t speak or read a single foreign language – too bad, how poor. In my country, most of the people can read and speak german, french, english and italian. We start to learn this all in primary school. So who exactly is a weirdo?

        Felsasepp is a german word and has a meaning – felsa means rock (in alemannic dialect) and sepp is a male name (in swiss short for Joseph). It is used as nickname for the Prince of Liechtenstein, but I doubt you ever heard of this nice little country.

      3. Well said FELSASEPP…
        Sometimes one wonders what is more important – freedom, truth, unity and peace on earth or projected superior intelligence of a bloated theoretical mind with the need for conflict/war with anybody who dares to differ in any form or thought.

    1. Staged … my baloney detection kit has started beeping. Would like to see confirmation from other sources that staging is indeed the case. Would it make a significant difference?

      But that the unrests are staged on a much higher level (press hysteria) stands out like daylight.

  13. @Sister Monica

    No, ‘the chapter in question’ was not omitted for reasons you suggest – anti–semitism and that “other thing” – but rather… well, I wouldn’t want to spoil the story so here’s a hint: There’s a rope involved… with someone dangling from the end of it. Certainly not for the squeamish.

    1. Thank you, Pat, and May the Heavens open up and bless you by pouring down YUGE amounts of De Profundis Clamavi Clamato Tomato-Clam Juice on your head! Clamato juice poured on scungilli is especially delicioso! If you don’t know what scungilli us, ask your Sicilian wife. I’m sure she knows. I bet your Sicilian wife is a real 🍅, nah mean? 😎

      1. Gladly, TROJ –

        Ya got dat rat!

        I seen ya been hangin’ wid da boyz in da hood… all up in Chata…. noam talkin’ bout!! 💥 😉

  14. All responsible for setting the smoke screen of riots, and the fraud of the Corona Virus should be imprisoned and those that are sponsors at the top of each industry, MSM in all of it’s forms, academia and especially those in medicine/virology and those of false statistics and predictions, policy makers, military, police, mayors, councilmen and all of the all nation’s congress, senate, presidential cabinet as well as the president and VP, or what ever parliamentary of dictatorship they use, financial extortionists of banking cabal and all vulture capitalists such as blackrock, blackstone, cerebus, freemont… there are 100s, need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

    Freemasonry, the fraud of Brahman/Abram false religions that are nothing but money loving businesses for profit, power, access and control need to be exposed, their buildings and laws revised for the law of the land and not the admiralty law of the sea that they are, all UCC codes, International Chamber of Commerce and it’s organizations, NGOs that are subversives for governments they represent, and the UN and all affiliates must be destroyed without remorse just as these organizations came about while wiping out well over a billion innocents for the love of “resources”, and putting all nations into debt while doing little or nothing for those that have worked. Most poor countries have payed in interest many times over the amount of the original load (so much for USAID).

    All lies of the last 400 years of war belong to the psychopaths and their banking elite and the assets of the banking elite, (Rothschild & Associates own most and Israel is their creation as it NEVER EXISTED and the history of Egypt and Indus Valley are more than proof as they are the Hyksos) are to be liquidated and the families of these families which have been responsible for all wars for 300 + years of significance and the acts of perversion by the troops which cannot be overlooked especially torward the indigenous of India, Australia, Americas, the Far East (Red China and the USSR are creations of Jewish and Freemasons of the US and UK), and all relationships thereof for the last several hundred years need to have done to them as they did to the unsuspecting populations. The Diaspora which worked with the Jews, Van Rosenvelt, Stalin and death cult fellow member of secret societies, Winston Churchill need to be hunted down (Bush, Baruch, Schiff, Eisenhower, Truman, Lincoln, Hamilton, Balfour, Monsanto, Lilly and the rest) and receive the same.

    No person that kills in the name of god and destroys the web of life which is down to it’s last 5-30% in the last 50 years, deserves to exist. Transgenetic, Transhumanism, any form of genetic manipualtion and especially by all of the military of atomic, chemical, biological and resonance (weather warfare) should be allowed and leaders to be treated as not just as the others as criminals against humanity (of which all talmudic beliefs are as there is no regard for any life but their own at the expense of all others for their amusement and use) but crimes against creation.

    We know that it was the Israelis, Freemasons and dual citizens of the US that took down the towers. These are a cancer from within that has shown 0 mercy to all life for a considerable amount of time and there is no justification of their acts, nor their lies of their religions to destroy others as they are not of the creator but have decided for themselves to be destroyers of what used to be a thriving world, no putrified by plunder of not just the living but all things.

  15. For certain elements within revolutionary/progressive America, there can be no doubt that George Floyd, the newly minted Black Messiah with a rap sheet a mile long, is the perfect role model and hero. Who knows. He may soon be resurrected and star, for that was to be his new career, in a Jew produced pron flick. Think of the excitement that will cause.
    Rap sheet of the Black Messiah

    Yes Floyd, role model, pushed the envelope to far one last time, (That was no excuse for his “former” friend to cause him a heart attack however) He had a rap sheet spread over 10 years. He even broke into a single women’s home, held her at gun point, and robbed her house. He had cooled his heals in prison 5 times…who’s demise seems all tailor made for Jabba the Hutt Sores to release his commie revolutionary shock troops onto the mean streets of America’s cities and soon the Burbs under the banner, where’s George? Where’s George? Repeated again and again, which is meant of course Jabba the Hutt George Sores and not George Floyd. The strategically placed pallets of bricks, that have to be loaded and unloaded via lift truck in the dead of night, is a really nice touch, don’t you think? So handy for the creative destruction of America’s cities.
    In any case, when Soreass sends his latter day Bolsheviks into the Burbs and small town America, they may be met with a reception a little different of well armed American men and women, willing to defend their homes and families. Not like the spineless big city cops and their Marxist mayors,

    President Trump has to be the most unlucky President in American history. First it was and still is the Marxist-Commie Democrats in Congress nipping at his heals with all sorts of made up lies. Then it was and is the Corona-19 plandemic thorn in his side. And now the Marxist-Bolshevik-Jew-billionaire financed revolutionaries, who couldn’t build an outhouse, are destroying much of America’s down town cities. The President is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. What’s next?

    1. TJ –

      “…most unlucky”??!! I’m not letting him off that easily! 💥 🤢

      1. Anyone who even BECOMES the POTUS is by definition “unlucky”. They really have no idea the extent of what they’ve gotten themselves into. They may THINK they do, but you can bet that if he didn’t dye his hair, Trump would be totally gray by now…..goes with the territory….and maybe even bald 👴

  16. Sometimes I ask people around me if they think this world they live in is real..Most cannot understand when I tell them that it is not.
    Everything that we have been taught is a lie..The Bible has been rewritten for the jews the fallen dna.
    Everyone I meet is like another clone of the one I just met.
    There is truth in the Bible if you can find discernment.

    1. @ shellymable

      A confusing comment. Make up your mind if you wish to sneer at the Bible for being a tissue of lies (“rewritten for the Jews”) or a source of sublime inspiration (“There is truth in the Bible if you can find discernment”).

      You can’t have it both ways: the Bible is ether worth reading or it is NOT worth reading. If it’s not worth reading, why have you wasted your time reading it? If you haven’t read it, how can you sneer at it?

      1. The Bible has been rewritten for the Jew occupiers..
        Christ is real and there is truth in his words.
        The term jew is new..It has been rewritten for them.
        The jews are not Israel..
        They are of the fallen dna..

      2. Sneer at the bible? Which version AT?
        Your comment confuses more than the words of Shellymable

  17. There is a police problem in the US but it has NOTHING to do with racism. Cops beat, taze and kill white people all the time. That being said, this is not what they are telling you. You need to know three things to understand the “Floyd” case.

    1. Floyd died from a heart attack subsequent to a fentanyl overdose, not from asphyxiation or the cutting off of blood flow, at least according to autopsy report.

    2. The Minneapolis police were trained by the Israelis in this “knee on the neck” technique, so all of the claims that this was some kind of unauthorized thing is nonsense. It should be outlawed, but it is in fact being taught to US cops across the nation.

    3. The officer kneeling on his neck and Floyd knew each other and had worked together according to a local club owner.

    Now, knowing these three things watch the video again. What appears to happen is that Floyd, who is not resisting at all, is helped up and walked around the police car to be loaded for transport. When they get to the other side of the vehicle Floyd collapses from a heart attack. If you see the photos from the other side of the vehicle you can see that there are three officers kneeling next to Floyd. One is holding his ankle, another has a hand on the small of his back, and the other a knee on the back of his kneck. The officers are not struggling with Floyd at all, and Floyd is not really struggling with them either. What you see is Floyd squirming and saying he cannot breath because of the heart attack.

  18. 10,000 sounds like a good number to me for openers…
    here’s what trump’s talking about…
    and i would bet there wasn’t even one White Supremacist’ in on the whole hijack…

    “Trump’s soaring popularity of a few weeks ago has seen a spectacular nosedive in recent days. It was common knowledge that his Democrat opponent Joe Biden, seen as a senile halfwit by many Americans, didn’t stand a chance against the Orange Emperor seated on his throne in the White House. This situation has now been reversed. Unbelievably, the feeble-minded Biden, without even uttering a word to make himself more attractive, has suddenly forged ahead in the opinion polls and has a 10-point lead over Trump.”
    or so the msm would have you believe… remember how far hillary was ahead of the donald 3 years ago.. they were all dead certain trump was toast… some network pundits said he had only a 6% chance… i can’t believe anybody quotes polls anymore…

    “Covid-19 has hit then hard, much harder than it has hit White Americans. The pandemic has wiped out 100,000 Americans but has devastated the black population disproportionately for several reasons too tedious to explain—partly genetic, partly because their relative poverty and worse health care and nutrition make them susceptible to obesity, diabetes and other such debilitating afflictions.”
    no… in the first place there are no reliable stats… we should know that much by now…
    and, the dems could not have the (fake) virus striking everyone equally, as was first trumpeted… they fixed that story pretty quick…
    that would mean blacks and whites were equally represented, albeit in a weird way…. that’s something the party of slavery will never recognize… blacks must always be the victims… it’s all part of the big ‘hostage politics’ game, where blacks are always poor and always angry and always have their hands out and are always hooked up with reps who keep the grants in the pipeline…

    June 3, 2020 at 3:17 pm
    @ Carlos Porter

    It describes how Stavrogin rapes a young girl and then listens outside the door while she hangs herself. It’s about 2/3 of the way through the book, where it originally appeared.

    It’s sometimes reproduced as an annex, at the end. Katz inserts where it was originally.

    I forget whether the Katz translation is called THE DEVILS or THE POSSESSED, or what but he attracted a lot of attention with his translation so I think it’s easy to find. It’s sometimes called THE DEMONS. I’ve several different versions of it.

    1. @ Carlos Porter

      Thank you for this invaluable information. I had no idea. I read the book in my late teens — in the classic Constance Garnett translation — and most of it has now leached away from my memory.

      Since you seem to be quite an expert on Dostoevsky, I’d like to ask you a question about Dostoevsky which has bothered me for many years. Maybe you’ll know the answer.

      QUESTION: I read somewhere that Dostoevsky had once been accused of raping (or sexually molesting) a 9-year-old girl in a public lavatory. Is there any truth in this story or is it a vicious calumny? The story apparently comes from his fellow novelist Turgenev who related it after Dostoevsky’s death. He revealed that Dostoevsky, racked with guilt, had disclosed the sordid details to him in a moment of confessional candour.

      Have you heard this story . . . and, if so, what do you think of it?

      1. (Contd….)

        It suddenly occurs to me that this story about Dostoevsky raping a little girl bears a striking resemblance to the account of Stavrogin raping a woman in Dostoevsky’s novel “The Demons”. Turgenev may have been aware of the deleted chapter involving the Stavrogin rape and was perhaps trying to suggest that the Stavrogin rape scene was based on a real-life incident in Dostoevsky’s own life.

        In any case, there is the suggestion here that anyone who is driven to these bizarre acts of extreme evil is demonically possessed — hence the title of he book, ‘The Demons’ or ‘The Possessed’.

        As a Christian saturated with the New Testament, Dostoevsky would have had no problem believing implicitly in demonic possession. Many thought Rasputin was demonically possessed.

        June 4, 2020 at 2:40 pm

        @ Carlos Porter
        “I read somewhere that Dostoevsky had once been accused of raping (or sexually molesting) a 9-year-old girl in a public lavatory. Is there any truth in this story or is it a vicious calumny? The story apparently comes from his fellow novelist Turgenev who related it after Dostoevsky’s death. He revealed that Dostoevsky, racked with guilt, had disclosed the sordid details to him in a moment of confessional candour..”

        Wikipedia says:

        “When a nine-year-old girl had been raped by a drunk, he was asked to fetch his father to attend to her. The incident haunted him, and the theme of the desire of a mature man for a young girl appears in The Devils, The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, and other writings.[19] An incident involving a family servant, or serf, in the estate in Darovoye, is described in “The Peasant Marey”: when the young Dostoevsky imagines hearing a wolf in the forest, Marey, who is working nearby, comforts him.[20]”

        Note the age of the girl, 9. So this is the probable source of T’s information.

        In any case, I don’t believe a word of it. Who is supposed to be telling us, what Turgenev supposedly said, that Doestoevky supposedly said, years later, without proof and without witnesses? This is the worst kind of hearsay.

        Of course, Wikipedia cannot always be believed either, but in this case, at least they refrain from any wild accusations relayed through God knows how many different people.

        Did you ever play “Telephone”? It’s a party game where you get a load of people to whisper something, from one person to the next, and by the time you get to the end, it’s all garbled.

        I don’t recall any such incident in Karamazov, unless you are referring to the old man having supposedly interfered with “The Stinking One”, who gave birth to Sverdiakov (“Son of the Stinking One”) in the bathouse. Quite a different sort of incident. I don’t find this theme in D, except for Stavrogin.

        1. Thanks for your input on this. Carlos. I absolutely agree with you that this sex-abuse story should be treated with circumspection if not contempt. I have no recollection where I first read it, but it was many years ago before I had access to a computer. So it came from a book or newspaper. Turgenev’s name was definitely mentioned as the prime source of the rumour. He said Dostoevsky had confessed it to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d read this in one of Colin Wilson’s books, though I can’t be sure.

          Strange, however, Dostoevsky’s obsessive interest in bathhouses and little 9-year-old girls being sexually abused. It appears to be a recurrent motif that keep cropping up in his work.

  20. Gustave LeBon, in his PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION, points out that the point of no return during the French Revolution was when King Louis allowed his palace guards to fraternize with the revolutionary mobs.
    We seem to have reached that point in the past 2 days, if not 24 hours.
    As usual, Trump does NOTHING. The world’s most useless, worthless human being, with the IQ of a mollusk. A complete waste of space and oxygen.

      June 7, 2020 at 3:38 pm

      “…Dostoevsky’s obsessive interest in bathhouses and little 9-year-old girls being sexually abused…”

      I see no evidence that he had any such obsession and I don’t believe a word of it. It’s natural that he would be traumatized by having to fetch the victim’s father at age 12.

  21. Mahmoud El-Yousseph said:

    “For those here who bitch and complain about what protestors are doing than why they are protesting, then you’re part of the problem.”

    French Farmers who represent 1% of the population manage to regularly paralyze France, inconvenience the public and force the ear of government regarding their issues.

    Rioting and theft have absolutely no justification whatsoever and are the first resort of the stupid and immoral.

    The Main article said:

    “devastated the black population disproportionately for several reasons … partly genetic, partly because their relative poverty and worse health care and nutrition”

    I don’t buy that for a second. I knew a rock climbing friend from medical school who used to eat rabbit food, on cost and health grounds – a fitter and stronger disposition you could not imagine. Heavy horses were fed on oats.

    1. FLAN O’BRIEN said:
      “Rioting and theft have absolutely no justification whatsoever and are the first resort of the stupid and immoral.”

      I agree 110 percent. Looting Target store and other businesses then setting them on fire is unamerican, criminal and stupid. The real American thing to do is loot Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria to name few.

  22. There seems to be a real dis-connect between how tough these Democratic governors and mayors were on for example people who did not not want to wear masks and how lenient they were towards the looters. Garcetti the mayor of Los Angeles talked about ‘hunting down’ any violators of the fake virus scare but then where is he when real trouble starts? It is I am afraid symptomatic of a society that has lost it’s mind in so many ways. Where every priority is wrong and all values are inverted.
    I found these ‘tough guys’ Garcetti and Newsom to be so disgustingly authoritarian in regard to the fake virus and yet where are they now…………….Nowhere! which is where they need to send in the next election or whatever.

  23. I’m still waiting for ” The most armed citizenship in the world” to start doing some defensive shooting? Still waiting “until you see the whites of their eyes?” What a shower……..
    P.S. EX-South African do you remember receiving mortar tubes from the Yanks outside Luanda with the firing pins removed? I remember it well !

    1. What a surprise – another SADF. I extend my hand of friendship to you, wherever you are. Long time ago it was. Even more a surprise for one to land on this blog. We are getting less and less, and the grim reaper is hacking away at our leadership elements. No, I wasnt’n in Angola. My troop commander however was pulled in for Angola more than his liking during civilian life. He wrote me years later he pretended even not to be able to understand Afrikaans, but to no avail, he had to go. He hated it, because he saw the country being sold out, thus a waste of time to put his life on the line. I was a conscript (1 SSB gunner), 1980 in the battle group charlie (only found out that name years later) show of force against Mugabe, how had just taken over, and then a stint in Katima and then some training camps as a camper. Vicious training, saw some some training casualties (own stupidity), but I saw little action. I saw just enough to realise what war was and how great our country was. All forgotten today. Including the Portuguese and Rhodesians.

  24. Doesn’t anyone remember that in Minneapolis, March 2018, a black cop, Mohamed Noor, murdered a white woman from Australia, Justine Damond? There was no outrage or protests. We should wear shirts that say, “White Lives Don’t Matter” as the Jews and their Goyim sycophants have us targeted for extermination. The Floyd so-called killing has the earmarks of a hoax. (1) The “cop” and Floyd knew each other as fellow bouncers in the same bar. (2) The “cop’s” neighbors did not know he was a cop, they thought he was a real estate agent. Believe me, if your neighbor was a cop you’d know it. (3) The ambulance that came for Floyd was manned by men wearing bullet proof vests and were “strapped”. Further, they did no life resuscitation procedures on Floyd and that is mandatory, standard operating procedure. They just put his body on a gurney, shoved it into the ambulance, and drove away. These guys were not EMTs. They were cops themselves. (4) The “cop” while pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck knew it was being recorded and kept doing it anyway, as if acting in a movie. No one is that stupid to believe no consequences would ensue for such actions. (5) The well planned and organized “protests” (riots) came immediately and on cue, enhanced by the scripted blatherings of the major media whore mouthpieces. in actuality this is a Bolshevik uprising. Everything is right in our faces in plain sight. No wonder the Jew Cryptocracy has such contempt for the Goyim serfs they intend to wipe off the face of the earth. The Talmud in its glory. We are all Palestinians now.

  25. Before “the shooting starts”…. in Yucaipa, California:
    A group of Antifa ‘protesters’ were met with instant justice at the hands of angry residents in the suburban town of Yucaipa, California, located approximately 10 miles East of San Bernardino.

    “They’re Getting The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Them”: Antifa Attempt To Riot In California Suburb Goes Awry

    In a video posted to Twitter Tuesday afternoon, a large scuffle can be seen breaking out at an ARCO gas station while a man narrates:
    “It ain’t goin’ good at all. They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys, and it’s goin’ again. …damn, the antifa guys are not doing well here – they’re all getting the shit kicked out of them.”

  26. “Meanwhile, the black community is hopping mad. The long lockdown has made them edgier and more volatile, like caged animals or wild dogs kept on a leash for too long.“

    This is a poor choice of words by a person like Lasha. I have great respect for her but it’s unfortunate to read comparing humans to wild dogs, etc. even metaphorically.

    “………devastated the black population disproportionately….. to explain—partly genetic, partly because their relative poverty and worse health care and nutrition make them susceptible to obesity, diabetes and other such debilitating afflictions. Their visceral outrage over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd has left them baying for blood”

    I am not black but but here we Go again:
    “Blacks are genetically inferior, usually their obesity and debilitating affiliations are the result of their laziness, living on government’s handouts and their savage nature, etc.”

    So blacks are more responsible for their plight than the entrenched system that makes them what they are today. I expect more compassion, understanding and humility from LD.

    1. @ Hoshu Luqman

      “Blacks are genetically inferior, usually their obesity and debilitating affiliations are the result of their laziness, living on government’s handouts and their savage nature, etc.”

      Lasha didn’t say this. Or even suggest it. YOU SAID IT!

      You are deliberately TWISTING Lasha’s words and misrepresenting her meaning.

      Only today I read in a mainstream newspaper that blacks and Indians/Pakistanis are TWICE as likely to contract Coronavirus than white people because they are more genetically prone. There was no suggestion in the paper of racial inferiority, just of a genetic propensity. Nowhere did Lasha mention the word “laziness” in regard to blacks or go on about them “living on government handouts”. Nor did she mention blacks having a “savage nature”.

      These are ALL YOUR OWN WORDS, Mr Luqman! They are NOT Lasha Darkmoon’s words!

      If you intend to go on maliciously misrepresenting Lasha’s meaning and putting a distorted spin on her words, please let us know. Maybe Admin will then take steps to monitor your irresponsible comments more carefully.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        Well said, Sardonicus! What can you expect from a man who calls himself (((Hoshu Luqman)))? Character assassination begins with this sort of sly misrepresentation and fabrication of quotes.

        1. @ Madame Butterfly
          @ Sardonicus

          You are too harsh in your condemnation of Hoshu Luqman. I am sure Hoshu means well. Maybe he’s just in a bad mood because of all of the stress and strain of the last few months under lockdown.

          I can assure Hoshu that Lasha did not say any of the things he has attributed to her. Thus Lasha never said (or even implied) that all blacks were “savages” and “living on government handouts”. He has made all this up out of his own fertile imagination! 🙂

  27. TROJ asked me a $1,000 question:

    * Why did I join the USAF if I oppose the immoral wars against Muslim?
    Very valid question. There was no war when I enlisted in 1984. I was not asked if I will maintain loyalty to ISISrael or any other shitty foreign country. I was also not asked if I am willing to kill a Muslim when I took my oath. Believe it or not, prior to the first Iraq War, I did tell my unit commander that I will not go to the ME if our unit gets activated. He said I have to get a letter from my mosque that it would be illegal for me to go to fight against Muslims or I would be fired. Neither happened because my unit commander knew I was a great asset to the unit.

    * How do I change my government-misguided policy in the Middle East? At first, I exercised my right to vote and secondly to expose unfair policies by calling my public officials and speaking out publicly against it.

    * You accuse me of suffering of schizoid? Are you fucking kidding me?
    The one and only one on this site that suffers of personality disorder is TROJ.
    How do I know? You have been kicked out of every site, even the wacko one.
    You should be lucky and grateful for the owner/moderator of Darkmoon for letting you hang around here for that long.

    Hope that answers your question and satisfies your curiosity.

    “Reach out for those who ignored you, give to the one who deprived, and forgive those who oppressed you.” ~ Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him)

    1. Mahmoud :

      Thank you for answering my valid question. Yes, you have satisfied my curiosity. I won’t hassle you anymore for serving in the U.S.military.

      I always reach out to Monte the owner of Darkmoon who always ignores me, I always give/share truthful information to uncle so he won’t ever be deprived of the truth [ especially The Truth of Flat Earth Geocentrism which is in THE QURAN, Mohammad and ALLAH are Flat Earth Geocentrics as we all know ], I always forgive Monte, uncle, and everyone else in ADMIN, for always oppressing me. [ Forgiveness is an ongoing process when the oppression is ongoing. ] I’m actually very easy-going and mellow, even when I’m being greatly harassed and always oppressed — always oppressed one way or another, so Allah has no reason to be disappointed with me on that score. [ Peace Be Unto Allah ]

      I got another question for you, about the riots and the looting, you’re a Muslim : How influenced is Antifa by the Muslim Brotherhood? How many Antifa rioters/arsonists are also Muslim Brotherhood “brothers”? Is Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood pretty much they same thing, two ways of saying the same thing? Go to RumorMillNews, go to :

      “FKTV : Antifa In Name Only : Same MB, New DNC Branding”

      Thank you, TROJ.

      1. TROJ,

        I stumbled into this news article below from 17 years ago. I meant to share it with you when asked me why did I enlist in the USAF. The article sheds more light on the subject. I should add that I already have had a college degree and my US citizenship before I joined. And in fairness to the US army, it was not the branch of service that I contacted to inquire about an aircraft mechanic job in the summer of 1984. Actually it was the US Navy. I will not be answering any more of your questions if I believe they are ludicrous and bias in nature, because it would be a waste of my precious time.


    1. Mahmoud :

      I’m surprised your big shot U.S. Navy Man buddy-buddy Pat didn’t use his Biggly influence in the U.S. Navy to get you that aircraft mechanic position you wanted in the U.S. Navy.

      1. TROJ,

        I just saw this comment by you from way back.

        Sadly, I did not know “big shot U.S. Navy Mann buddy-buddy Pat” then. I am sure he would have vouched for me. Pat and I may not always see things eye to eye but we are both love America.

    Thanks for the info on who george really was, a full-time thug, who should have been executed by the courts for the home invasion with the gun… btw, i wonder if the female victim was white or black?
    the truth is, cities are full of criminals like george floyd, because of so-called liberal judges and lax sentencing… cops get rougher with repeat offenders, who are always in and out of prison… if they didn’t, it would be much worse out there…
    Right On… plenty of questions to ask.. but the msm never will…. maybe candace owens’ video will make it to tucker carlson…
    you probably hit it right, floyd died of a heart attack, was already out of it when they had him down .. whatever really happened, Floyd is either full of tranquilizer or dead when the cops loaded him in the wagon… good riddance…
    now, and wouldn’t you know it – george floyd had the corona virus too… well suuuuuuuuuuuure he did… that ties the virus crisis to the riots…
    so now we see the whole floyd episode will soften the affect of the federal troops roll-out, in case this was all designed to get them in place for the big forced vaxx program… god forbid we see that…
    meanwhile. here’s just a small fraction of the violent crimes lately committed against innocent people by the antifa thugs and the rest of the rioters…
    much more of this and the armed homeowners should open fire as soon as the rioters show up…. you saw the thugs beating the business owner and his wife half to death with boards, see how they beat that woman… animals, rabid dogs… the guy should have had a large gun and used it as soon as they attacked his business.. at this point you have every right to open fire as soon as they start ganging up in your neighborhood… more than that though – all that guy’s neighbors should have been organized with radios and armed and ready with a plan to protect themselves… the public are not going to gang up and invade someone else’s neighborhood… that’s the difference between who needs to be shot and who doesn’t… if it gets to the point where the gangs are showing up armed and attacking businesses, then there’s no way in hell these globalist mayors and governors can allow it… as it is now the rioters are still operating under the guise of ‘demonstrations’, just out ‘protesting’, with a few extremists showing up, essentially with the msm blessing….. there are legitimate protestors, but antifa is an organized riot gang taking advantage of the situation, jacking the violence… then there are also just your everyday gangs of thieves… as it is now none of these dem politicians in charge of cities and states are gong to do anything to stop the violence… now the public has it before them to get rid of them all and let the police do their jobs, move the guard in everywhere in force, the army if necessary, or wait and see how much worse it’s going to get… trump talks big but wtf is he really going to do about it? so far the normal people aren’t responding in kind, like going out and attacking politicians property and beating them to death in the streets… but how much more of this are they going to take before they do? like charlie manson said in the tv movie ‘helter skelter’ – “because that’s what you deserve, that’s what you deserve”…

    1. Barkingdeer: Candace Owens says in that video that the woman threatened by Floyd was black. Beyond that I don’t have any other details

    2. (ADMIN : Comment delayed. Because typo in your name. Please correct.)


      This is the first time that I read a post that is longer than article. Very well put.
      1- You make man valid point and I disagree with you on some.

      “a person with a higher IQ would probably not take part in the looting of a car lot stealing 70 or 80 cars… He would probably refrain from attacking innocent people’s businesses and beating the owners to death,..)

      2- Thanks for making the contrast with what ISISraeli army do to the Palestinians in term of the home demolition and looting in the occupied territories..

      “if they dare try to stop him… And he would not move to Palestine and bulldoze some poor working class peasant’s home and steal his property just because he can.”

      I disagree without about you description of George Flyod and how should he have been punished for past crime. You can not justify his murder bc of past crime/s he committed. That is called an overkill and it not even practiced in Saudia Arabia.

      1. ADMIN,
        Thanks for bringing this up. I wondered about the same thing too. When I attempt to post a comment my name pops up twice: 1) Mahmoud El-Yousseph and 2) mahmoud el-yousseph.
        Sometime I used the first time and sometimes I use the second one. For some reason I did not think it matters. So which one I should be using. I do prefer # 1 though. I am glad you took time inform me.
        On second thought, I just saw that I did mistype d my name on my last comment bc I did it in a hurry.

  29. What a stupid website is this. posing as antisemitic as the jews do, full of jews and crypto jews. Disgusting.

    1. @ Mason

      Quite right! Disgusting website.How appalling!
      Makes you want to puke, init?
      So what brings you here, Master Mason?
      Can’t resist all the free vomit, eh?

  30. Sardonicus
    Madam Butterfly
    I am not indulging in character assassination and I am not twisting any words of Lasha as suggested by you.

    I highly respect and admire Lasha. I have never seen her, spoken with her or in communication with her but because of her poetry, philosophy of her thoughts and choice of her paintings and ballad’s, I feel very much attracted to her. May be I am secretly in love with her!! Who knows!

    Coming back to subject, for too long I have lived and worked with whites as well as blacks that I know how people talk in open/close words. Rarely I have heard white people saying blacks are genetically inferior. They will say: ‘Oh, they may have some genetic problem’, sickle cell problem also attributed to genetics…’you see blacks can be good in basketball and football but never in ice hockey and figure skating because it’s not in their genes’….more often than not you’ll observe the picture of black criminals will be with the angle showing them as a savage and worst human being. This is the subtle racism that I am talking about and you can see it everywhere and all around you. You need to have observing eyes and mind. LD may not meant that but choice of her words imply that. Therefore I am not angry but saddened to see her use these kind of words.

    First of all no race or people is genetically superior to any other race or people. Some families may have genetic problem but it’s blasphemy to say that God made a race or people genetically superior to others

    You said that you read in a newspaper that blacks, Pakistanis and Indians are more prone genetically to catch Corona virus. It’s a sheer nonsense. On TV every doctor, scientist or virologist ends his talk that “we still don’t know many things about this virus” but they suddenly know that blacks/Pakistanis/Indians are genetically prone to catch this virus. What a hogwash!

    And Madam Butterfly what you mean by “what can you expect from a man who calls himself “Hoshu Luqman”. So what’s wrong with Hoshu Luqman? Is it genetically inferior than Madam Butterfly?!

    1. Hoshu –

      You wrote:

      “Rarely I have heard white people saying blacks are genetically inferior.”

      This shows you were not in the USA in the 40s thru the 60s. I heard it every day of my life back then. They were called ‘mud-people’ on a regular basis.

      You also wrote:

      “….‘Oh, they may have some genetic problem’, sickle cell problem also attributed to genetics…’you see blacks can be good in basketball and football but never in ice hockey and figure skating because it’s not in their genes’…
      “First of all no race or people is genetically superior to any other race or people. Some families may have genetic problem but it’s blasphemy to say that God made a race or people genetically superior to others”

      I spent over two years in med school in Memphis, Tennessee before my stint in the US Navy came about in 1966. (I quit with good grades because I did not have the patience for the patients. My ‘roomies’ begged me to stay, since we studied as a group.) AND…. I mention this because in 1964 it was acceptable to be as racist as I wanted to be In Memphis, for sure. So, I was. Everyone was. The school was also. It was before the Civil Rights Act and racial balance….. as there were no ‘Negroes’ in any of my classes. THAT allowed the professors to speak freely and openly about the PHYSICAL differences between ‘Negroes’ and ‘Caucasians’…. Which had to be noted in order to do a proper ‘case history’ work-up on the patients, to show abnormalities and/or deficiencies.

      We were not taught all that much about genetics back then, BUT were taught some differences there, AND a lot about the physical, chemical and physiological difference between the races…. (at a time being way before ‘political correctness’ consumed the rewriting of most history and even SOME pathetic medical journals)…. which are too many for me to remember now. That is where I learned about “Amaurotic familial idiocy: An outdated term for Tay-Sachs disease (TSD)… prevalent mainly in Ashkenazi jews. It is one of several genetic diseases found more often in persons of Jewish origin. **(Other Jewish GENETIC diseases include Gaucher disease, Niemann-Pick disease, Bloom syndrome, and factor XI deficiency). The frequency of TSD is much higher in Ashkenazi Jews (of European origin) than in other groups of Jews. (In the U.S., 95% of Jews are Ashkenazi and are at risk for TSD). TSD occurs more RARELY (inserted for PC), in non-Jews.”

      As far as different athletic capabilities were concerned….. we we taught that the differences were in numerous bone structures, **MUSCLE NUMBER differences and very minute tendon attachment placements which greatly change the LEVERAGE(fulcrum) increases, ESPECIALLY dramatically noticeable in the length of heel bones and the associated Achilles Tendons….. allowing increased running and jumping – and many MORE – feats by the ‘Negro’ athletes over ‘Caucasian’ athletes. AND we were taught that would be determined by GENETICS within the ‘Negro’ race. Validation of that is hard to find through simple searches today. It IS, however, available for professionals who have a need to know. Google is SO PC…. Don’cha knowz!!

      Here is one which escaped the ‘Google Gremlins’:
      “The anatomy of the psoas major muscle (PMA) in young black and white men was studied during routine autopsies. The forensic autopsies included 44 fresh male cadavers (21 black, 23 white) with an age span of 14 to 25 y. The range for weight was 66–76 kg and for height 169–182 cm. The PMA was initially measured in its entire length before measuring the diameter and circumference at each segmental level (L1–S1). At each segmental level, the calculated anatomical cross-sectional area (ACSA) was more than 3 times greater in the black group compared with the white (P<0.001). **The psoas minor muscle (PMI) was absent in 91% of the black subjects, but only in 13% of the white subjects.

      These data show that the PMA is markedly larger in black than white subjects.

      The marked race specific difference in the size of the PMA may have implications for hip flexor strength, spine function and race specific incidence in low back pathology, and warrants further investigation.”

      There are many, many, many others, which I enjoy revealing, but I don’t write easily anymore.

      BTW – did ya ever wonder why that long & lanky, skinny & wiry person is, surprisingly, so damned strong!!?? Answer = leverage advantage…. due to tendon attachment placement points on the bones.


      1. I have learned a lot from the comment, one of the best you have written so far. Packed with useful information, and all the result of personal experience over a long period. Brilliant! 🙂

      2. Pat –

        “Eugenics” used to be a subject taught at Annapolis Naval Academy, from which I have old textbooks from relatives who attended there. One repeated observation is the average SIZE of the groid brain is significantly smaller than the white man’s – decided after weighing many brains during autopsy. It seems this was taught so that future officers could be assisted in determining elements of command, NOT from a perspective of idyl observation.
        We’re expected to ignore these things, nowadays – to our detriment.

    2. @ Hoshu Luqman

      I was impressed by your sincere response to my comment. However, I have my sincere opinion too and it is this. Lasha is not a crypto-racist and nothing she said in her article suggests that she thinks herself intrinsically “superior” to black people or people of colour.

      If she felt that way about blacks, she would not have published so many articles by Jonas Alexis on this site. Jonas is a well-known American black writer, author of several books, and a star columnist on Veterans Today. In short, possibly its best writer.


      It was Jonas who introduced Lasha to the editorial board of Veterans Today (VT) who then, on Jonas’s recommendation, made her a columnist on VT. She remained there as a writer for about two years, then she left voluntarily as the site did not suit her.

      You need to understand these things before you start accusing Lasha of calling black people “savages”. Did she think Jonas Alexis a “savage” when she published his articles on this site? Of course not!

      Go in peace, Hoshu, and try not to use Lasha as your punching bag just because you have personal problems or happen to be in a bad mood.

      1. @ Hoshu Luqman

        I think your problem is exaggeration and lack of balance. If you like Lasha so much, the first thing you should do is to stop attacking her for faults she does not possess.

        UNRELATED QUESTION: You speak of all races being equal, but this is not true when it comes to IQ. Surely you don’t think that blacks are as intelligent as whites? The average IQ among whites is 100, whereas the average IQ in Africa is 70-75. Are you not aware of this?

        AVERAGE IQ of JEWS = 110-115
        AVERAGE IQ of Chinese = 105-107
        AVERAGE IQ of Europeans = 100
        AVERAGE IQ of African Africans = 70-75
        AVERAGE IQ of African Americans = 80-85

        Do you accept or reject these widely accepted figures?


        FYI : God did not make IQs and hand them out disproportionately to different races. Each race’s IQ is determined by two factors: genetics and environment, i.e., nature and nurture.

        Some people are born very stupid, others are born very intelligent. That’s the way it is and always has been. God has never gone out of his way to make every person on earth equally clever! 🙂

      2. @ MB
        “Some people are born very stupid, others are born very intelligent.”
        and some people that are born stupid die intelligent while others that are born intelligent die stupid. God has hardly anything to do with that.
        According to Max Bilney, Australian aboriginals have an IQ of 69 while Max claims IQ 160+ something for his own as a white Australian. When looking at the health of the Australian continent since the occupation of the superior white race from Europe, Australia’s natural ecosystem has greatly suffered and has deteriorated thanks to the plunder of resources, destruction of nature through a global industry and the licensing of natures treasures through the “COME ON WEALTH for European oligarchs”. In the meantime those who once lived in unique unity with nature and survived the culling of the “NOT SO intelligent savages” through colonialism in their homeland are still incarcerated by the laws of the same superior intelligence, while on a daily basis Australia’s native home soil is plundered, raped and poisoned on behalf of global intelligentsia, technology and profit.
        The once true shepherds of the continent are locked away and are silenced in “reservations” (as in ALL OTHER British colonies) and the rebellious youths is without a chance or is locked up – like yesterday in colonial times. “One in six of the living descendants of the First Peoples has been to prison” for offending the white and intelligent LAW?

        With all respect Madame, I do not understand the advantage of being intelligent. Can you explain “intelligence” to me as I was born stupid, don’t read books and have read very little of Holy Scriptures that explain Christ, God and life but I rather feel that “intelligence” is a human disablilty that stops mankind from evolving into what they really are or from reaching internal peace within which is a desired home to all. How can “intelligence” in man be of any advantage at all when all my humble eyes see disaster, treason and deceit?

  31. yes the mud people are generally stupider, based on the white man’s IQ test, and are often stronger in some ways on account of the racial characteristics… it shouldn’t matter though, when it comes to everybody trying to get the most out of life in a good way… trouble is, it’s very difficult to think black people can be trusted with political power; they’ll use whatever office they have to enrich themselves and oppress others, which is just the way it is in africa, where none of them even want to go back to, btw… and if they hadn’t come here to live in the country the white people built, they’d all still be living in the third world, which all these mud people are in fact turning the usa into… the general loss of morality accelerates it… however, seeing the candace owens video reminded me of why i don’t use the word ‘nigger’…
    At any rate, a person with a higher IQ would probably not take part in the looting of a car lot stealing 70 or 80 cars… He would probably refrain from attacking innocent people’s businesses and beating the owners to death, if they dare try to stop him… And he would not move to Palestine and bulldoze some poor working class peasant’s home and steal his property just because he can, much less run over and kill some idealistic young woman in the process… How would you feel about living in that house afterwards? I don’t know if IQ tests show much about real intelligence, which I’m thinking has to be based in a Heart-Mind connection, rather than just the speed of the person’s central processor… It’s always been clear to me that the individual regresses if and when he joins a gang of any kind… where i grew up gang-fighting was considered cowardly, not something a real man or young aspirant would do…. morality was about courage, the lone sheriff or the lone injun… but that essentially is what happens when you join the military and military organizations are gangs as well… i always though that was understood basically though and there was a certain amount of moral redemption there on account of the strict adherence to discipline, uniforms, etc., and careful conduct… in fact when you go through basic training you see how individuals, as men, are attacked and threatened with the weight of the organization, the brig, in case they think they’re going to respond in kind to the abuse and violence meted out to them by the elders on the scene… it can work with 18 year old kids, and most war casualties are guys under 25…. if it were not for the exploitation of youth in that, there might not be any organized war… but i would not be slapped across the face now… anyways, it used to be about the fair fight, square off like men, if you think that’s what you have to do, and fight clean, fists only, no grabbing, no wrestling, nothing below the belt… May the best man win and there shouldn’t be any hard feelings when it’s over… then came television and the promotion, glorification of Martial Arts, which is not about fighting fair… it is about the street-fight, killing your opponent before he kills you… so, no more fighting chance, gangs now, and the coward wouldn’t dream of getting into a fair fight… antifa, no problem.. the honorable side of it got lost and isn’t even on the device generation’s radar now, which is why the young guy runs up full speed and kicks the other guy in the face while he’s already out cold in the street, having been blasted in the head by someone he didn’t even see…

  32. Good comments about intelligence from JO and BARKINGDEER.

    Today the world is run by Neo-Neanderthals – high IQ atheistic psycho’s with zero intelligence of the heart.

    Here is a man with awe inspiring courage and intelligence of the heart:

    “I got barred for not believing”


    June 4, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    Reading between the lines a bit on Wikipedia, for what that is worth, Dostoevsky would have been 12 or 13 years old at the time that the girl was raped “by a drunk”…

    June 4, 2020 at 2:40 pm
    @ Carlos Porter

    The “Devils” or the “Possessed”, aka “The Demons” fits what’s going on today. For example, there’s some student who returns to Russia from Switzerland with an engineering degree. He wants the Russian government to hire him to build a bridge.

    At the same time, in social conversation, he admits to being an anarchist, and says that he believes in “universal destruction”, just as if that were completely normal!

    So somebody says, “If you believe in universal destruction, what makes you think anybody is going to trust you with the task of building a bridge?”

    We’re at that point as a society now, today. Any kind of lunacy is considered perfectly normal.

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you’re saying. LD is always saying it: “The asylum is now being run by the patients.”

      We’ve gone down the rabbit hole with Alice and Wonderland.

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