Where Life is Still Normal: How Sweden Has Survived its Covid Crisis

Mike Whitney
The Unz Review via Truthseeker
July 26, 2020

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues to drag on in the United States, it’s largely over in Sweden where fatalities have dropped to no more than 2 deaths per day for the last week. Sweden has been harshly criticized in the media for not imposing draconian lockdowns like the United States and the other European countries. Instead, Sweden implemented a policy that was both conventional and sensible.

Gothenberg, Sweden’s second largest city (pop. 1 million). 
No masks seen in streets, shops, or on public transportation.
(See 10-minute video below for more details)

They recommended that people maintain a safe distance between each other and they banned gatherings of 50 people or more. They also asked their elderly citizens to isolate themselves and to avoid interacting with other people as much as possible. Other than that, Swedes were encouraged to work, exercise and get on with their lives as they would normally even though the world was still in the throes of a global pandemic.

The secret of Sweden’s success is that its experts settled on a strategy that was realistic, sustainable and science-based.

The intention was never to “fight” the virus which is among the most contagious infections in the last century, but to protect the old and vulnerable while allowing the young, low-risk people to circulate, contract the virus, and develop the antibodies they’d need to fight similar pathogens in the future. It’s clear now that that was the best approach.

And while Sweden could still experience sporadic outbreaks that might kill another 2 to 300 people, any recurrence of the infection in the Fall or Winter will not be a dreaded “Second Wave”, but a much weaker flu-like event that will not overwhelm the public health system or kill thousands of people.

“Sweden was on the right track from the very beginning and is now rapidly returning to normal while the US sinks deeper into a crisis of its own making. Bravo, Sweden!” — Mike Whitney

—   §   —

As we’ve noted before, the media has been particularly vicious in their criticism of Sweden’s approach which they’ve characterized as overly “relaxed.” Check out this sampling of recent headlines:

  • Sweden becomes an example of how not to handle COVID-19, CBS News
  • Lack of Lockdown Increased COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden, U of V Newsroom
  • Sweden Has Become the World’s Cautionary Tale, New York Times
  • Sweden Stayed Open And More People Died Of Covid-19, But The Real Reason May Be Something Darker, Forbes
  • Sweden hoped herd immunity would curb COVID-19. Don’t do what we did. It’s not working. USA Today
  • Sweden’s coronavirus death toll is now approaching zero, but experts are warning others not to hail it as a success, Business Insider
  • Lack of COVID-19 Lockdown Increased Deaths in Sweden, Analysis Conclude, Virginia edu
  • Sweden COVID-19 Deaths Linked to Failure to Lockdown as Country Prepares for Second Wave, Newsweek
  • Sweden Tries Out a New Status: Pariah State, New York Times

As you can see, the media has taken a very hardline with Sweden. But, why? What has Sweden done that has provoked such a hostile response?

Nothing, really, they’ve just shrugged off the repressive stay-at-home orders and pursued their own independent policy. The Swedish approach stands in stark contrast to the lockdowns [elsewhere] which are costly, ineffective and socially damaging.

Here’s an excerpt from an article at The Evening Standard that underscores these very points:

Lockdowns made little difference to the number of people who have died from coronavirus, a study has claimedResearchers from the University of Toronto and University of Texas found that whether a country was locked down or not was “not associated” with the Covid-19 death rate.

Experts compared mortality rates and cases in 50 badly-hit countries up until May 1 and calculated that only 33 out of every million people had died from the virus…The study found that imposing lockdown measures succeeded in stopping hospitals becoming overwhelmed, but it did not translate into a significant reduction in deaths.

“Government actions such as border closures, full lockdowns, and a high rate of Covid-19 testing were not associated with statistically significant reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality,” the study, published in the Lancet online journal EClinicalMedicine, said.”

(“Coronavirus lockdown ‘made no difference to number of deaths but stopped hospitals being overwhelmed”Evening Standard)

Bottom line: Lockdowns don’t work, but the media continues to support them. Why?

Because the media is owned by elites who see lockdowns as an effective way to exert greater control over the population. The real issue is power, not efficacy or saving lives. The Swedish model undermines this effort by providing a viable alternative that challenges lockdowns and leads countries out of crisis. That’s why Sweden has been treated with such open hostility, because elites see crisis management as a useful tool for making the structural changes they want to impose on the political and economic systems. Billionaire oligarchs do not see crises as ‘periods of intense disorder or distress’, but golden opportunities that can be exploited to their advantage.

Sweden is also criticized for its fatality rate which is higher than some but lower than others. As of today, the number Coronavirus deaths in Sweden is 5,667 which is considerably higher than its neighbors in Norway and Denmark but lower than Belgium, Italy, France, the UK and Spain. In other words, Sweden is somewhere in the middle of the pack. Interestingly, Sweden compares quite well to poorly-governed states in the US with similar-sized populations. Take a look:

  • Sweden: No Lockdown
    Population of 10.2 million
    Coronavirus deaths –5,667
  • Lockdown State#1: New York City (Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo)
    Population– 8.3 million
    Coronavirus deaths– 32,133 (5 and a half time more than Sweden with 2 million less people)
  • Lockdown State#2: New Jersey (another Democrat governor, Phil Murphy)
    Population– 9.2 million (1 million less than Sweden)
    Coronavirus deaths– 15,684 (nearly 3 times as many as Sweden with a smaller population.)
  • Lockdown State#3: Massachusetts(another Democrat Governor, Charlie Baker)
    Population– 6.9 million #.3 million less than Sweden)
    Coronavirus deaths– 8,380 (1 and a half times Sweden’s total with 3 million less people.)

These are the real Coronavirus losers, the three states that are run by liberal governors who imposed counterproductive lockdowns that collapsed their economies, killed tens of thousands of people, and did nothing to staunch the spread of the infection. In contrast, Sweden has weathered the storm nicely, built up the public’s innate immunity and put the economy back on the road to recovery. Take a look:

“Unlike most European countries, Sweden didn’t impose strict lockdown measures. Now it’s reaping the rewards — economically speaking, at least. A report from Capital Economics published on Tuesday found that the Swedish economy was the least harmed in Europe, describing it as the “best of a bad bunch.”

Though Sweden was not immune to the pandemic’s economic impact, it was the only major economy to grow in the first quarter of the year, the report noted….

“The Swedish economy has weathered Covid well, thanks in part to the government’s light-touch lockdown, and our forecast of a 1.5% drop in GDP this year is well above consensus,” the economists Andrew Kenningham, David Oxley, and Melanie Debono wrote.” (“Sweden weathers 2020’s economic storm better than anywhere else”Business Insider)

Readers might want to compare the facts about Sweden’s economy with the spurious claims made by the New York Times. Here’s an excerpt from a piece titled “Sweden Has Become the World’s Cautionary Tale”:

“Not only have thousands more people died (in Sweden) than in neighboring countries that imposed lockdowns, but Sweden’s economy has fared little better.

“They literally gained nothing,” said Jacob F. Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “It’s a self-inflicted wound, and they have no economic gains.”…

The elevated death toll resulting from Sweden’s approach has been clear for many weeks. What is only now emerging is how Sweden, despite letting its economy run unimpeded, has still suffered business-destroying, prosperity-diminishing damage, and at nearly the same magnitude of its neighbors.”…In short, Sweden suffered a vastly higher death rate while failing to collect on the expected economic gains.” (“Sweden Has Become the World’s Cautionary Tale”New York Times)

Huh? So, Sweden “gained nothing”, says the Times? Really??

As the report from Business Insider confirms, the Swedish economy “was the least harmed in Europe”, the “best of the bunch” (and) “the only major economy to grow in the first quarter of the year.” Sweden is progressively ramping up its activity while the United States is still stuck in the mud. The Times is deliberately misleading its readers to continue its war on Sweden. That’s not journalism, it’s agenda-driven propaganda.

Did you know that the Swedish infectious disease expert Johan Giesecke warned leaders in the lockdown countries that cases and deaths would rise sharply when the lockdowns were lifted?

One would assume that our leaders would be smart enough to figure that out before hand and tweak the policy accordingly, but that didn’t happen. So, now, when Fall rolls around and the deaths begin to mount, then what??

Then the state governors will re-impose the same onerous restrictions that were in place before which will increase unemployment and intensify the deepening economic slump. Meanwhile, Sweden will be in the process of rebooting its economy, putting people back to work, and enjoying the benefits that accrue from independent thinking and strong leadership. This is from an article at Reuters:

Sweden’s top epidemiologist said on Tuesday a rapid decline in new critical COVID-19 cases alongside slowing death rates indicated that Sweden’s strategy for slowing the epidemic… was working. Chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell of the public health agency said a rapid slowdown in the spread of the virus indicated very strongly that Sweden had reached relatively widespread immunity…

“It really is yet another sign that the Swedish strategy is working,” Tegnell said. It is possible to slow contagion fast with the measures we are taking in Sweden.”(“Swedish epidemiology boss says questioned COVID-19 strategy seems to be working”Reuters)

Of course “it’s working”. Why wouldn’t it work?

Our species has survived thousands of years thanks to our complex and adaptive immunity system that develops protective antibodies and killer T-cells that fight off flues, viruses and all-manner of harmful infectious diseases with or without vaccines.

This is the brilliance of Sweden’s strategy, to allow the infection to spread among the country’s healthier, low-risk members until the virus petered-out from lack of any new hosts.

—   §   —

And now the strategy has worked. Common sense has prevailed.

This is from Bloomberg News:

“Sweden’s top health authority says people who have had the novel coronavirus are likely to be immune for at least six months after being infected, whether they’ve developed antibodies or not….A recent study from King’s College London showed that the level of antibodies may drop to a degree that makes them undetectable as soon as three months after infection. However, the body also mounts other forms of immunity responses, including from so-called T-cells, which appear to play an important role in protecting against reinfection with Covid-19.

Research from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has indicated that about twice as many people infected by Covid-19 have developed a T-cell mediated immunity response as those who have a detectable level of antibodies.

“The risk of being reinfected and of transmitting the disease to other people is probably very close to zero,” Tegnell said. ..” Sweden “probably” has achieved a fairly high rate of immunity, which he predicts will protect his country from new outbreaks.

“The upshot is that the epidemic is now slowing down very drastically, in a way that I think few of us would have thought a few weeks ago,” he said. ”(“Sweden Says Covid Immunity Can Last 6 Months After Infection”Bloomberg)

What does it all mean?

It means that probably only 1 in every 7 people will contract the virus regardless of their exposure. It means that a greater portion of the population have natural immunity than we thought. It means that antibody testing does not tell the whole story but that T-cells and cross-immunity also prevent transmission to otherwise healthy people. It means that Covid-19 is not the Black Plague that’s going to live up to the manipulative hype that has been used to precipitate the biggest social, economic and political crisis of the last century. It means that the idiot lockdowns did not prevent new cases and deaths but merely postponed them to a later date.

It means that Sweden was on the right track from the very beginning and is rapidly returning to normal while the US sinks deeper into a crisis of its own making.

Bravo, Sweden!

The Unz Review via Truthseeker

LD:  I have added this superbly presented video to the article. Don’t miss it! Sweden is indeed a beautiful country and I’d love to take a trip to gorgeous Gothenberg where the video is filmed. Gothenberg is Sweden’s second largest city, spacious, relatively underpopulated, and so sparklingly clean you could eat off the sidewalks  No litter anywhere and not a mask in sight. In contrast, our American and European cities are hideously dystopian wastelands. If only we’d had the sense to do things the Swedish way! 

VIDEO   :   10.36 mins

45 thoughts to “Where Life is Still Normal: How Sweden Has Survived its Covid Crisis”

  1. JANUARY 27, 2017
    Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

    In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions over the past few decades.


    Of course Sweden would fair better. The cosmic Tribal hoax is based on seasonal flu and the infection death rate is completely normal 0.02% – old and sick elderly.

    Suggest throwing out “smart phone” and TV.

    Readers may also be interested to know that this hoax was not well founded at all by Tribal leaders. In the past 5 years there has been a Copernican revolution in biology, clearly of which these sleazy individuals were unaware.

    It is mainstream: National Institute of Health:

    “The mammalian virome in genetic analysis of health and disease pathogenesis”

    The presentation is quite scientific but you may appreciate an erudite man explaining his lifetimes work.


    – Each human carries through out all tissues of his body ~ 38 trillion bacteria, fungi,archaea, virises-exosomes.
    – These entities have evolved with us for 20 million years.
    – They are in symbiosis or are harmless, a few parasitic.
    – They are CRUCIAL to the immune system. endocrine system and homeostasis (metabolic balance)
    – They represent 99% of the genetic information which keeps us alive, our own genome represents only 1%.

    So the Tribe has caused 99% of the global population to be afraid of their shadow, to be afraid of 1 harmless visitor (1) in 38 trillion.

    (1)Except for sick, elderly or gluttons)
    For everybody else, including the elderly ” a supplement of vitamin C, D and zinc should be take for two weeks prior to a flu season” Any sniffle, slip a hydroxychloroquine, good for 2 weeks. ” -Dr Delores Cahil – about 1000 times more qualified than slimeball Fauchi. She also said, only the elderly need quarantining, but after two weeks they MUST return to society – non-contact with the trillions of friends will cause LOWERING of immunity and thus a health risk.

    1. Flan:
      Love the German Supreme Court decision in 2017, unfortunately even though ‘the Emperor has no clothes’ the Pied Piper continues to play on, only now there are thousands of pipers with large following.

      Some time ago someone here on DM recommended to the book Virus Mania, I recently completed it. It was good to see doctors outing Pasteur. Thank you to that commenter and also to Bill Davies who recommended The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life. I had recently Faraday caged my bedroom, that was before getting the book.

      For about 20 years now I could not stay in the sun for more than 10 minutes without my skin swelling and me feeling like I am being microwaved. Since my bedroom experiment, I’ve been able to mow the lawn staying outside for 6 hrs. I am still sensitive to UV radiation and also wireless routers etc. I cried at least 5 times reading the Invisible Rainbow, it gave me a much deeper understanding of this important subject, especially in this era of mm pulsed waves. I highly recommend both books.

      1. @Seeb,
        One assumes your research on radiation led you to Mr Barrie Trower, who’s self confessed credentials are of the highest order (I did not check). He says in effect that bathing the global ecosystem in EMF will lead in subsequent generations to an apocalypse for life on Earth due to accumulated effects. That is so shocking I have not yet recovered enough to research further. At this stage I have no conviction he is right, but certainly, judging by the revelations in biology that recently have come to light (the biome and grounding listed above ), he could be right.

      2. Flan –

        Good info on ‘grounding’ to stay connected to earth for health. Nudists have a point.

  2. This Covid thing is a mess, the alt-media isn’t immune to lies. My advice to readers is this: just choose what to believe and choose wisely. This is what I chose NOT to believe:

    (a) “The virus doesn’t exist, but if it exists he is just the flu” – fakenews straight from the biggest news agency in the planet, the CIA. It’s designed to wipeout the truth that the Covid operation is, basically, State sponsored terrorism. If the genetically modified virus is a hoax there is no crime against humanity, right? The flu doesn’t lead to permanent lung damage or blood clots, etc. There is no need to isolate a pathogen to observe symptoms in a patient – new symptoms necessarily mean a new disease.

    (b) “The virus is natural, but if it’s manmade it is made-in-China” – more fakenews. I’m quite worried with the next virus’ “natural” mutation. Covid related lies have layers, when we pass thru a layer we face a deeper one. The US is clearly in an unstoppable war path against China and its allies. Who is going to stop Washington’s destructive plans?

    (c) “Any flu is electromagnetic-related and caused by 5G” – ridiculous theory, no offense. People are dying in places where there are no operational 5G antennas, explain that. Anything can pass as “scientific” these days.

    (d) “The lockdown is our main problem” – really? I might find the lockdowns as mere symptoms of another issue, the Covid GMO virus, but the alt-media gave a pass to the latter. The root cause of lockdowns is a parasitical virus that starts with the letter “J”.

    (e) “To use a face-mask is the biggest humiliation, ever” – do you bet your life masks doesn’t work? Do you want to risk being a PROUD isolated, doped, unconscious patience in a Covid hospital? Now we have “scientific” treatises to “prove” face-masks do not filter air-dust, give me a break.

    Second wave? It reminds me the cry-wolf story – is there a hungry wolf out there?

    1. NBTT –

      The mandatory masks test-runs on the whole of any country can easily lead to acceptance of uniformed – conforming – tattle-tale society programming.

      Hello, Winston Smith…. it’s for your own good.

    2. Perhaps you are frightened witless and have been left with no mathematical sense. I cannot explain how such an erudite writer can not understand the following:

      What is it you do not understand about “infection death rate is completely normal 0.02%”?, reported by scores of sources. This was reported back in February by Italian officials and the deceased were ~ 80 years old with prior conditions, also reported by NYT reporters in the Whitehouse.

      What is it about what Dr Delores Cahil is telling you that you do not understand? A more qualified and credentialed statement on CV you will not find.

      Individual stories about lungs imploding – there are many reasons to explain this – see Jon Rappoport’s articles. Nonetheless, they remain statistically irrelevant.

      About the “virus” origin. That is irrelevant too. An effective 0% death rate for under 45’s means society should never have locked down anything. However, the nature of the “vaccine ” is a different story, and extremely concerning, but not for this thread.

      1. Thank you for your polite, ad hominem free, reply, Flan. 🙂

        Am I confused with the Covid thing? Yes, who isn’t? Your reasoning is coming from one path and my reasoning in coming from another, if we do it correctly we’ll find identical results, like solving a math problem using distinct methods.

        For example, the herpes virus, what is it? We can speculate about it, but these are facts: it will always be there after the first infection, when the immunological system is temporally hit (stress, too much drinking, too much exposition to the sun) the virus strikes, some wounds pops up in the lips, eyes and in some cases in the genitals.
        How this can be connected to electromagnetism? How the experimental observation of herpes symptoms fits the “Invisible Rainbow” approach?

        What about level 4 bio labs? What is the military doing there, pretending? Anthrax is a known bacterial bioweapon, right? Manipulation of genes is 30 years old now, corn GMO isn’t a hoax, soybean GMO isn’t a hoax. My doubt here is whether these labs are technically capable of creating a devastating bioweapon or not.

        This article is a limited hangout. The idea promoted here is this: “Oh, the Covid showed to idiotic terrorists something nobody never, ever thought, the effectiveness of bioterrorism” and more, it promotes the lone wolf terrorist narrative, “Oh, it’s so easy to make a bioweapon, anyone can do it in grandma’s basement”.


        I like ZeroHedge because it is “conservative” and it doesn’t suppress stories, one has to choose which story to believe, the way a free media supposed to be. However, there are some reports from commenters that we cannot say the J word in the comment section anymore; the censor is an “AI” entity that smart commenters know how to dodge.

        This is WWIII propaganda designed to prepare the public. They won’t be completely taken by surprise when war breaks out. Who is going to stop the J-Team? I’m tending to believe the only way to stop the J-Team is if good Jews join in the fight, en mass. Impossible? Not at all, we just have to hit their cold harts with the universal spirit of Christ.


  3. There’s a George Floyd memorial ralley planned this weekend at Lee’s (former) monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Perhaps the huge, anticipated gathering will infect the attendees. 🤗😛😋👹💀

  4. the reason sweden’s strategy is working is because the virus is fake to begin with…
    the appropriate strategy was to do nothing much about it, let it run its course…
    the virus exists but it is generally not a threat to healthy people…
    sweden didn’t deliberately spread the virus to old people in care homes and then kill them on ventilators to get the big payoffs., saying the virus was spreading, deadly..
    for all its other faults, sweden apparently did get this one right… ponder that…
    does a program exit in sweden to pay off hospitals for deaths claimed by covid?
    any journalist should address that question…
    if not, the article is promotional… it doesn’t question the validity of the virus to begin with, nor does it examine the corporate motive, shed any light on corporate/political/media predation… covid is the new 9-11… those 3 are fascized, using their power together to extort capital and increase surveillance and control over the public…
    here’s more –
    How serious an illness is covid? – Not serious at all, certainly not deadly…
    Is the flu more deadly? – Yes, much more…
    Then why is there no big panic over the flu? – Because the flu has been around for 100 years… They needed a new disease to run the plot with…
    What’s the plot? – To eliminate paper money, destroy constitutional freedoms and make everyone a slave to the state – globalism/communism/transhumanism…
    Does the WHO have a plan to force everybody to have a covid vaccine? – Yes, everybody, the world, 7,000,000,000 to 8,000,000,000 people..
    What will happen to those who refuse the vaccine? – Speculation is they will be denied travel, refused all benefits, fined, jailed, killed…
    Is the state of California putting together a special covid tag-and-track police force? – Yes, the special police personnel are provided by Google…
    Do hospitals get money from the state for corona deaths? – Yes, and doctors have been taking kick-backs (moral rot) from Big Pharma for vaccines for years… Covid will mean huge vaxx kick-back payoffs for hospitals, doctors… Always look for the money angle…
    Are deaths from other causes being attributed to covid on death certificates? – Yes, a lot…
    Do hospitals have to know for sure people have died OF the virus before they put it on the death certificate? – No… And many times media will say a famous person’s death was ‘covid related’…
    How strict are the rules on what goes on death certificates as causes of death?
    Not at all, doctors or ambulance drivers can fill them out, nobody checks unless there is a complaint of some kind…
    Can somebody put covid on the death certificate if they didn’t actually find the virus in the person’s body? – Yes …
    Do they always check for the virus before writing it on the death certificate? – No, very rarely now, supposedly they look for symptoms…
    Are hospitals doing that so they can collect the money? – Yes…
    How much money do hospitals get for covid death certificates?
    I’ve heard roughly $10,000 to $15,000…
    Do hospitals get more money from the state for deaths on ventilators?
    Yes, I’ve heard ventilator deaths are worth $100,000 to $300,000 each…
    If that’s true, wouldn’t it constitute motive to kill the old people? – Yes.. Old people in care homes are among the most abused segment of society, especially the poorer ones… look up the videos, hideous…
    Has there been any investigation or talk of investigation into the deaths of thousands of old people in homes? Not that i know of…
    As more testing is being done, and more cases of covid are discovered, are overall death rates going up too? – No, overall death rates are not increasing…
    Do people found to have covid get money from the state?
    I don’t know but i suspect, if you have it, it means you can’t work, so you can sign up for benefits then… That would motivate people to get tested – positive…

    they don’t just wish for them to die- they’ve killed seniors by the thousands on ventilators… cuomo mixed them in with people who had something so they would get it, then put them to death on the ventilators, collected the big money… that’s why he was screaming for more ventilators, while that chump trump said ‘yes sir, more ventilators coming right up’… people in care homes are the most abused in the country… the reason the ‘virus’ doesn’t affect children so much is because it’s a lot harder for doctors to kill them, not as easy to get away with.. doctors are effectively ‘death merchants’, that’s what becomes of that… they’ve been taking the big-pharma payoff money on vaccines for decades, which is the root of the corruption, moral decline… now it’s come to this, bigger and better covid payoff, with an endless supply of additional ‘viruses’ in the pipeline… and now you are no longer living in a free country… fk that…
    watch this video…
    looks like a campaign message for trump… i wonder if he approved of it…
    that would be good news if it were true, but I doubt it…

    1. Barkingdeer,
      You are certainly barking up the right tree here, Bark. Good job. The actual payoff to the hospital from uncle sap for anyone who dies on a ventilator is a measly $38 grand. Some honest doctors on the ground have admitted that many of those ventilated, have died from ventilator lung damage.
      Early on a few nurses in some of the NY Hospitals made tearful videos telling about the medical malpractice taking place. How much of that is going on around the US is unknown.
      That reminds TJ of an old saw, if one wants to live a happy and healthy life, as much as possible, avoid Lawyers, Doctors, (most) Clergy and add to that government workers and hospitals.

    2. Great post BARKINGDEER,

      About Sweden declining to lockdown –

      1. They are not in the inner club of anglo-zionist countries.

      2. They are wealthy enough to resist IMF and World Bank banksters who toured corrupt governments (=almost all) around the globe promising billions and billions in return for the treasonous acts of killing the economy and killing tens of thousand of compatriots (stress, no access to health care, etc.)

      I think that explains Swedish government behaviour.

    3. Bark –

      Good comments.
      The exaggerated CV19 condition will scare everyone in the US enough to submit to having their DNA taken…. by testing for CV19.

  5. What struck TJ about the excellent video is that only a very small handful of those caught on the video were overweight and then not grossly so. What a contrast to a street scene in any of the cities, towns and villages of the US.
    The girl friend of the American expat who makes the videos about life in Sweden is a stunner: A prime example of female Nordic pulchritude. Makes one wonder about the real reason the third and forth world “rapefugees” are crowding into Western Europe, much to the delight of the J Tribe.

  6. Agree with most of the above. Scientists have yet to isolate or identify the fake “virus” and the “test” was created by a man who had not tested it and had not invented it for identifying covid19. Tests have proved to be positive one day and negative a few days later. The antibodies they supposedly find in a positive diagnosis could actually be from the common cold or another virus strain. …. We have entered the world of sorcerers , wizards and witches…….. superstition, incantations and phantasmagoria, ….. a bit like some of the posters on this site. For eg, Pat who thinks George Soros might be a descendant of the ancient Shem and that it might be more appropriate to call him a Shemite rather than a fake Semite. What utter garbage.

    1. Maximum Biloney –

      You wrote:
      “For eg, Pat who thinks George Soros might be a descendant of the ancient Shem and that it might be more appropriate to call him a Shemite rather than a fake Semite. What utter garbage.”

      I’m glad my opinion matters so much to you that you KEEP PROTESTING my comments too much.


    2. Maximum Biloney –

      You have a been railing against me for years….. A fixation!!
      It looks very much like jealousy to me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Max Bilney
      April 23, 2015 at 9:15 am
      Pat-sy, my gal, so you are saying you weren’t criticizing John Kaminksi, but rather you were having a go at Harbinger for Ingrid’s sake.
      My, wot a chivalrous, old lecher and grumpy, dumbed-down, senile troll you are!
      Try, in future, to attempt to make every one of your posts an independent piece.
      Lo, I do not want to read such an old fart as you in serial format. Heaven forbid!
      Another poster said you are one of the ones he/she does not read! I’ve said it as well, but made and exception in this one instance and took your crap at face value.
      Be more explicit and more relevant in future, for the sake of any newby that wants to read utter rubbish and be waylaid into useless footnotes. After all, you are “only guessing” Pat-sy! …. And “there are NO nuclear warheads and the tests were faked” says Pat-sy! …. So Israel cannot have a nuclear arsenal, can they Pat-sy? … Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “fire-bombed” according to Pat-sy! The Japanese fabricated those “after” pictures didn’t they Pat-sy? …. Pat-sy has always said how great his Yankees are, which is a sure sign of a troll!


      1. Patsy, gee I admire what I said in 2015. ….. Yes, I still think you might be a Zio-Communist troll. You might even be a lousy Shemite who might be related to George Soros, the man you think might be a Shemite rather than a fake Semite. I repeat, the word ANTISEMITISM is an insidious Jewish swear word or word-construct, that has no relevance to our planet’s 16 million lousy Jews (the vile progeny of the devil), most of whom are non -Semitic. And as far as their plaintive cries of RACISM go, most Jews are a highly mixed race people, so the word RACE is irrelevant to any educated person when discussing Jews. We won’t escape Jewry’s hold on us until we stop using these false words in application to Jews. The Shemitic ethnic group died out thousands of year’s ago and that’s only if you believe Jonah was swallowed by a whale and Noah and his mixed race wife were the only human beings to survive the great flood. It is believed that the colour connotations of Noah and his family’s names suggest they were brown skinned people, with the family lineage, including Abraham, later becoming Hebrews. The Hebrew language was a Semitic or Arab language. Soros is a mixed race Hungarian Jew and is believed to possess nought in the way of Hebrew ancestry, and therefore no Arab-Semitic blood. Pat, are you a Semite or a Shemite, or are you a mixed race redneck Yank?

      2. Maximum Biloney –

        You wrote:
        “Patsy, gee I admire what I said in 2015. ….. Yes, I still think you might be a Zio-Communist troll.”
        That is NO surprise….
        ….. because – I think “you might be a Zio-Communist troll”…. who hates white people. So, WHAT??


    1. @’tOEJAMICUS
      it’s fake Im afraid.
      .the guy doing all the kicking and punching owns a Karate school apparently
      and made this as a PR video to attract punters
      had it been real?
      the female companion would have been the first one knocked spark out for sure……

  7. In a half decent society, Bill Gates and George Soros would be immediately arrested, tortured and put in a mincemeat machine. Meat pies could be fed to the starving multitudes. . A compilation of sentences taken from their public addresses illustrates that these people are a toxic cancer upon the human race. So Gates has publicly admitted that his vaccine will include DNA changing elements. It has been said that the DNA ribbons of monkeys will be included, along with goats’, sheep, jackasses’ and hyenas’ DNA. Won’t make much difference to the dumbed down, White trash out there, who believe in everything Jewspeak tells them.

  8. I went into my daughter’s lab at a prestigious Australian University last Sunday and she showed me how far the lab rats had got in identifying this so-called, pandemic virus. And there it was, under microscope, a mass of tiny protein neurons with crown-like spurs or “crowns” sticking off. But then she showed me a dozen or so so-called “other viruses”, including the “common cold micro-virus” and there were no appreciable differences. As Flan says, there are millions/billions of so called “viruses” in the human body and most are simply part of ours functioning as human beings. Many have an identical crown and neuronal shape. These are not living things and scientists take a rough guess that each serves a purpose. The truth is the virus is a total hoax, as is the test. More likely people are swallowing medicational poisons and putting on life threatening medicated masks, as well as being fatally oxidised by respirators. The human culling has commenced in earnest. The European doctor who has offered big money to anyone that can identify and describe the so-called covid19 virus knows his money is very safe. Sorcery survives!

  9. The surface of your epidermis or outer layer of skin discards thousands of used and dead cells every minute. Over one million collect in your bed at night and every stair-rail you touch is covered in other people’s cells. It is like a huge porridge of mixed cells. These discarded cells contain millions of viruses that bodies have discarded. So, inadvertently, you place other people’s cells and viruses into your body, every time you eat with unwashed hands. Same for bodily bacterias. Masks do not stop the interchange of cells,so our bodies thrive on cannibalising cells from everywhere, including the animals’ bodies you eat. Viruses are 100% safe and non -affecting to human beings, especially since scientists have no idea what they really are. There has been no identification of the so-called HIV Virus. The real problems are germs and man-made pharmaceutical poisons, of the type Gates produces. Sweden has remained safe because they did not swallow all the system’s lies. Again: covid19 is an insidious hoax being used to bring about Jewish totalitarianism or Bolshevism.

    1. Always enjoy your posts MAX BILNEY

      Please tell each masked idiot you walk past they forgot to mask their eye balls.

      The deeper insidious factor is trans-humanism. The Tribe (my term) /Jews (your term) are leading the charge on this, starting with Google VP of engineering who wrote “The Singularity”

      … and it all begins with … masks

      Masks lead to injections which creates Microsoft Humans V 2.0, complete with Blue Screen of Death for about 5 billion.

      Once MS Humans V 2.0 is released, brain implants, genetic sub-species, mind control, elimination of natural human reproduction, families …. will be cheered on by the zombies who survived the injection.

      The Tribe will have trashed God and reduced mankind to an ant hill.

      … and it all begins with masks.

      1. Flan –

        Your reference to “masked idiots” is spot-on! I agree, wholeheartedly! It even pisses me off to be greeted by some zombie wearing a diaper on his face. I even see idiots driving their cars with masks on, and my blood pressure rises. 🙃😒😡
        If it were not politically-inspired, it wouldn’t bother me so much.

    You said:

    (I am quoting from the expert documentary link I gave above)

    “For example, the herpes virus, what is it?”

    It is in symbiosis with you and a damned important one – it creates defences against bacteria.

    “We can speculate about it, but these are facts: it will always be there after the first infection, when the immunological system is temporally hit (stress, too much drinking, too much exposition to the sun) the virus strikes, some wounds pops up in the lips, eyes and in some cases in the genitals.”

    The biome biology says we are in symbiosis with these “germs”, our life depends on it. We are seeded with this biome from our mothers at birth, which is why Caesarian birth should be avoided.

    Humans have evolved 20 million years with these friends. The collective system called the “human body”, and especially tracing genetic causes (99% within the friends), is so damned complicated now that attributing a cause to herpes wounds appearing would be a blind potshot. However, it is a sign of imbalance. Perhaps it is a relatively modern affliction suggesting that stepping out of that 20 million year old path onto the path of modernity is the problem – the food, our sessile state, the 100 000 man-made chemicals in our environment, the EMF, the non-grounding …

    I am not anti-technology but I do recognise that we are like children with lego bricks concerning Life, yes, the domain of God; yet religious leaders are silent!

    Our ignorance has been proven two times over in the past 20 years – epigenetics and now the biome – both Copernican revolutions in biology. Yet scientific idiots prod and poke Life like a sadistic boy pulls legs off flies to see the effect. More reverence and care is due!

    “How this can be connected to electromagnetism? How the experimental observation of herpes symptoms fits the “Invisible Rainbow” approach?”

    I don’t know the specifics of herpes but our bodies are electromagnetic systems. Clearly, anything can happen when energetic waves disrupt the molecules of life. Of course this has be proven ad-nauseum by independent scientists.

    “What about level 4 bio labs? What is the military doing there, pretending? Anthrax is a known bacterial bioweapon, right? Manipulation of genes is 30 years old now, corn GMO isn’t a hoax, soybean GMO isn’t a hoax. My doubt here is whether these labs are technically capable of creating a devastating bioweapon or not.

    Sure they can, but :

    1. Nature (God’s Rules) attenuates such monstrosities as they pass person to person. So it will start devastating then fade out.
    2. Frankly I don’t care. My love for God is fearless. More fear = more enslavement. What is happening right now is for the purposes of demonstration. Let us pray that more people wake up with this demonstration, but have no fear.

    1. Thanks a lot, Flan, encouraging words! It seems you are more a believer than me. 🙂 (no sarc this time)

      It’s worth mentioning that, strictly on the perspective of an oven, the microwave is evidence enough to prove the interaction of electromagnetic waves and bio-organisms, when I say bio I mean carbon based. The microwave is calibrated to resonate water molecules; so I was told. It has to have water in the target for the microwave to heat.

      Obviously water is unique, its molecule has a characteristic angle, its solid phase floats on its liquid phase, etc. More special than hydrogen peroxide is something called “heavy” water (deuterium oxide). There are 6420 (Wikipedia) regular hydrogen atoms for each special deuterium (hydrogen isotope) in the Earth’s oceans. The heavier molecule of “heavy” water is perfectly stable and non-radioactive, it is special.

      1. Water is far more than unique NBTT. It is to nature what blood is to the human body – the carrier of LIFE and bearer of an eternal and perfectly stable “DNA of life” that is deeply embedded within water, its form and beyond its molecules.

        $cience only exists in a 3 dimensional world but the world of water is multidimensional. Water is a LIVING ELEMENT and even with mankind trying their best to abuse it with all imaginable selfish means, toxic supplements, processing machinery and a devastated environment the memory of water can never be changed nor killed by man – just like the soul of man that can not be killed by darkness.
        Water in its purest form is the “soul of life in universal law itself”. The healer of ALL disease, suffering and even death itself.
        The human body containing more than 70% water which generally has been modified through the environment and life style into a toxic sludge that harbours disease and encourages a slow death of man instead of giving and promoting life while $cience itself maintains to prosper from prolonged human suffering as its first and only goal.


        Perfection does not need healing. Mankind being far from perfect cries out for it constantly!

  11. so on the one hand we info saying there’s no such thing as a contagious virus, that viruses are only bits of dna blown from cells blown up by radiation., exosomes.. there were no viruses before radio and general electrification… therefore there will never be any vaccine to beat any virus… vaccines do work against biotic diseases… but those are not around too much anymore, so the gates vaxx people need something to push their trillion dollar boondoggle… and that their covid vaxx will not be just another dirty immunization… this will be laced with some dna of its own and will include advanced technological stuff on the nano level that will subject us in ways we haven;t even thought of… we’re not ‘waiting for the vaccine to be developed’, they’re waiting for the mases to become sufficiently compliant…
    the entire corporate structure, including the state and the media, are basically all for anything like that, $$$$$…
    on the other hand we are being told that, not only do viruses exist but there are trillions of them in our bodies, all different.. really? that there are more viruses in our bodies than there are stars in the universe… i’ve heard the same thing about bacteria, that we are like 80% bacteria…
    i don’t believe the second theory at all….
    in any case, it is becoming clear that the mask issue is set to drive a wedge between the wearers, who are all they way down with the marxists, idiots who thing communism is some kind of free ride, and the free thinkers, who will not wear the mask and who see through it all…
    the mask issue will augment the racial problem in the old divide and destroy strategy, where both sides will be ‘consumed’ in marx’ ‘revolutionary holocaust’……
    This footage should disturb you. If you’re not disturbed, then you’re probably a Marxist idiot.
    DEVASTATION IN LOS ANGELES – You’ll never see this on CNN! Recorded and uploaded by a citizen-journalist.
    this episode may well have been staged…
    but maybe not…
    covid is the new global warming, designed to cohese and drive, glue and screw this soros plot to kill the constitutional republic and establish the rothen banksters total commie control over the masses, what will be left of them after deagel, only this time there will be transhumanist implications……
    but he’s not the only one… i’m sure the whole crowd from the treaties of verona, all the monarchs, still hate us…
    and for all you blm democrat party agitator agents tearing down statues –
    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) introduced a bill Thursday on the floor of the House of Representatives that would ban the Democratic Party due to the party’s history of having supported slavery and the Confederacy, saying “that is the standard to which they are holding everyone else….”
    “The biome biology says we are in symbiosis with these “germs”, our life depends on it. We are seeded with this biome from our mothers at birth, which is why Caesarian birth should be avoided.”
    There are about 13 pumping systems that don’t get started like they’re designed to unless the infant is squeezed through the birth canal… childbirth itself, as some kind of subjugation, has been exploited in the jews media (murphy brown) appeal to (exploit) the female in general…


      About “viruses” versus exosomes …

      Exosomes are secreted by all cells and have exactly the same characteristics/contents as viruses.
      They act as messengers between cells.
      The above I believe is generally accepted amongst even science high priests.

      The founder of https://www.greenmedinfo.com/ has some video out there (I believe already posted on DM), where he goes further. He says there are scientific papers reporting that exosomes transferred from a deliberately poisoned dog (using a common US pain relief product) to another dog cause the same symptoms of sickness. Thus the exosome messages are a warning for the metabolism of the receiver to prepare for attack.

      He goes on to speculate that exosomes are used between species for messaging. Example fig tree detects a drought coming on … the metabolisms of monkeys eating the fruit are “informed”.

      In summary exosomes certainly are very strong candidates to explain our biological observations inside the body. Whether they are also in some guise “pathogenic viruses ” external to the body I am not sure. From the evidence I have read, pathogenic viruses have never been purified. The German supreme court declared the measles virus does not exist.

      If one wanted to theorise that shed exosomes are in fact viruses one only has to consider the dog case (if true) above.

      “There are about 13 pumping systems that don’t get started like they’re designed to unless the infant is squeezed …”

      Do you have more info handy?

  12. @ Seeb
    “earthing” is truly a wonderful thing, and of great benefit to both body and soul,
    a word of caution though,
    be very aware of the danger that ticks present to the barefoot walker,
    it was whilst earthing that I got bitten, and didn’t notice the bite untill it was too late
    antibiotics will deal with it in the early stages,for late stage there is no cure,
    ignorance of the danger cost me dear,
    I now have lyme disease.
    the quality of life that I had is gone forever……… you really don’t want to be afflicted with it!
    please take care.

    1. I believe some theorise that lyme disease is a US military production.
      Sorry to hear about this affliction affecting you.
      Did you try alternatives to mainstream doctors?
      Sauna and herbs – 70% effective according to that site.

      I believe grounding is simply a matter of electrons so one of these sheets is all that is needed:

      or create a DIY sheet.


        @FlAN OBRIEN
        thanks for the links i seek always the “alternatives”
        mainly because orthodoxy offers no help at all ,in fact they are more likely to tell you its in your head and dismiss you with a wave
        as for the bioweapon theory this is quite interesting

  13. Reluctantly, I had to fly back to the USA from the eastern Europe 2 months ago. When I left, the city and country I was living in was almost back to normal. Now it is back to normal and the impression I have is most of Europe is that way. I think the evidence is very strong the mainstream media and the US establishment is ratcheting up the dangers of Covid 19 to make people miserable, ruin the US economy and point the blame on Trump so he will lose the election. Of course, no one can say this publicly without being yelled at or abused in some way. I would say the same thing here if this was done to Biden or anyone else.

    This is [lying] Yahoo’s article today on why the lock down must continue in the USA. A child that had Covid 19 died. Of course, unlike having a cold, to Yahoo he died from Covid 19 and for this reason tens of millions of people have to have their lives ruined..


  14. Off topic, but interesting for Pat: Shem’s wife was Parsia. They had eighteen children who then married the offspring of Shem’s two brothers. All had journeyed on the Ark and these ark travellers were the last human beings God had left alive on the planet. All of the offspring carried of-family genetic defects and various forms of mental illness, all of which characterise the human condition today. Incest is bad, but God made us that way. Jews are especially prone to many mental illnesses, because they are bad bastards. God has made them small and shrivelled in size, given them huge noses, squeaky voices and the love of money. They also love deviant sex and eating babies’ blood.

    1. BILNEY … How did you head get filled with this esoteric stuff? Enforced Sunday school? A beautiful but talkative girlfriend?

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