White Owned Furniture Store in Wisconsin Burned to Ground by Black Rioters

This happened a few days ago . . . Report by New York Post, 26 August 2020.
Followed by emotive 5-minute video


A business owner sobbed uncontrollably after seeing her furniture store reduced to ashes during the fiery protests sparked by Jacob Blake’s police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“It’s all gone … we didn’t do nothing to nobody,” Linda Carpenter said while comforted by her son, Scott, as they surveyed their completely destroyed family-owned office furniture store, which had been in business for 40 years and was “still burning,” she said.

“I don’t think it’s justifiable for anyone to destroy anybody else’s property,” she told Town Hall reporter Julio Rosas Tuesday.

Her son said that although they were covered by insurance, it “isn’t there so somebody can destroy your things It’s basically theft. Whoever did this stole from us,”

Protesters started torching cars and businesses hours after video first emerged of local dad Blake, 29, getting shot several times in the back by a local officer Sunday. Stores were also looted — forcing a local gaming business to announce it was having to close up for good because of it.

The Gravity Gaming Lounge announced on Facebook:

“Everything in the store was taken and the place was destroyed.

For a business that was struggling to get back to normal after lockdown, and pushing through these hard times,  we will not be able to come back from this.

The damage to our building, and the cost to replace the exterior damage and to replace everything stolen, is going to be catastrophic.

We will be closing down completely.”

NY Post

VIDEO   :   5.22 mins

14 thoughts to “White Owned Furniture Store in Wisconsin Burned to Ground by Black Rioters”

  1. Commie lives and militant black lives SPLATTER when American riflemen act as they should. The only hope for survival of this country is an outpouring of vigilantism. The Second Amendment was enacted for good reasons.

    1. There will be more blood in the streets.
      You can be sure of that.
      I see rivers of blood floating with corpses,

      1. Thankfully, I have a 690 John Deere excavator, and plenty of lime in the fertilizer house. Dead bodies are just an unpleasant chore. Of course, there’s always “Sky burial”. Buzzards and possums gotta eat, too! 😏

  2. Things are trending now…
    The young man who shot the 2 antifa thugs in Kenosha stepped in to do the police’ job when they didn’t…. he’s a hero, Trump should call him on the phone and thank him for his courage and vigilance…. hopefully he’s set an example to be followed by good citizens all over the country… you have every right to protect your property from arsonists and looters….

    1. Armies use young boys between 16 to 25 years old because they are courageous (or reckless), impulsive and full of energy. They act before they think. Ideologically, easy preys for phony narratives like defending freedom or democracy, or the Hollywood hero crap. Even videogames are designed to prepare teens to be soldiers. They can’t see the bigger picture.

      Now the Injustice System will make a hell of his life.

      One has two options when the pyromaniacs of BLM/Antifa show up: property destroyed or jail time. It’s a lose-lose situation. I hope I’m wrong but there is a chance he will be crucified by the system in order to set the example (jurisprudence).

  3. Please look at what ethnic group is funding the BLM & anti-fa movement. Until this year, I protested against i$rahell and the jew in Portland, OREGON. It is George Soros at the head of the N(j)ew World Order. Politicians in the USA are in the pay of Soros, i$rahell but we keep electing these politician liars. Trump or Biden, you still get a jew lover. NO 6 million jews ever died in the lies of the holocaust. Throughout history the jew has lied, getting sympathy until they go over the edge, which is what they did in Europe about 1930. Hitler wanted jews OUT of Germany. The jew has always been the world terrorist, just as they are today. Terrorist, liars and trying to control the world.

  4. Sad and shameful. That is not the way how BLM can win hearts and minds. You do not combat racism and police brutality by burning white people businesses to the ground. My heart goes to this couple.

    1. A masterpiece of banal half-truths (at best!) and self-serving cliches if ever I’ve head one!

  5. The Demons of Dostoyevsky are on the loose…
    and “coming to a theatre near you” soon… real soon… sooner, in fact, than you can possibly imagine.

    1. And the BLM minions are already here, there and everywhere. I had one walk up to me a couple of days ago as I was walked down the street in this small town of 15K. I didn’t know him but he had “just out of prison” stamped on his forehead.

      Drunk, arrogant and glaring he shouted BLM! in my face. I said “your breath stinks.” After a bit of unfocused staring, either reason, his subconscious or his guardian angel won out and he staggered off as I walked on.

      There were three or four other black folks sitting on a porch 15 feet or so away. They know me and as I walked away I could hear them laughing, lol..

      Such is life..

  6. So, the Soros commies instigate these riots every time there’s a police v black person incident, but the local police, for whatever reason, do nothing to stop the riots…
    The word is – they’re ordered to stand-down by the mayors and governors…
    I’m wondering – at what point do orders from those sources no longer qualify as lawful?
    Even in the military orders are subject to law…
    In any case everybody agrees – cops now pretty much worthless, what are we paying them for?
    Calls come for de-funding the police, supposedly from the dangerous antifa riffraff crowd, but really that bit of lunacy originates with the globalists funding the riots and the democrat party…
    Supposedly they’ll be replaced with some kind of social-worker-gurus… Like that’s gonna work, never happen…
    Now you hear the same dems calling for UN troops to patrol their cities…
    So getting rid of our police and replacing them with UN ‘Peacekeepers’ has been the Soros funded dems plan all along, just like H Kissinger said…
    jones has been saying gov newsom has thousands of chinese troops on hold waiting for the order, and for him to announce Ca’s secession…
    Those will be Chinese UN troops, trained in China…

    1. UN troops in America = Northern Ireland on steroids. The idea reminds me of a Cheech and Chong parody of a Japanese pilot prepping for a kamikaze mission. After receiving a pep talk from the commander the commander asks – “are there any questions?”
      The pilot replies “honorable commander sir, are you out of your effing mind!”

      Fast forward to 2021 – “Attention UN troops! We’re heading for the mean streets of Philly, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, NY, LA, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., to keep those Yankees in line! Any questions?” “Honorable commander sir, are you out of your effing mind!”

      Not too hard to envision that scenario..

  7. These incidents remind me of the State of Emergencies in South Africa way back then, except then it was mainly restricted to the black townships. I had been trained by the army to back up the police. When is it ever going to end? Some time it has to fizzle out, or?



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