Whizkid Jewish Professor Forecasts Victory for Biden in U.S. Election

Jewish professor Allan Lichtman has forecast the outcome of every U.S. election for the last 40 years, using 12 “keys” as objective criteria. He has never been proved wrong. Not once. In 2016, for example, when all the polls were predicting an easy victory for Hillary Clinton, the Professor forecast  a victory for Trump. And he was proved right.

This time, again using his famous 12-keys method, the Professor forecasts a victory for Joe Biden.

Will he be proved wrong for the first time?

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  1. * Biden Dementia Update*

    At a Biden rally in Philadelphia today, Joe Biden introduced his granddaughter to the small gathering as his son Beau — but his son Beau died 5 years ago.

    He confuses his living granddaughter with his dead son! LMFAO!!!!!

    If Biden wins I surely do hope with all of my might that it is Pat who has The Correct View when he tells us “nukes don’t exist”, because the thought of Biden having his finger on the button is S-C-A-R-Y. If biden wins Oh God Please may Pat be right.

    1. If you’re putting your hope on some DM Blowhard that you won’t be reduced to a thimble full as ashes when All Hell Breaks Loose, then I’ve got news – BAD news – for you…

    2. @TROJ

      If Biden wins I surely do hope with all of my might that it is Pat who has The Correct View when he tells us “nukes don’t exist”, because the thought of Biden having his finger on the button is S-C-A-R-Y. If Biden wins Oh God Please may Pat be right.

      My brother Pat is undoubtedly a good man whose assumption that atomic bomb is non-existent was definitely correct at his time.

      However, the old man is a bit behind the curve: for better or worse, the atomic bomb has being a reality for the last 75 years.

      Yet, you don’t have to worry too much about it: your safety in this regard is a matter of Putin’s sanity rather than Biden’s insanity. So you might want to mention Vladimir Putin in your prayers, brother.

      1. Circassian –

        I, too, was very skeptical UNTIL I understood the very limited “shelf life” of nuclear detonators. It means that no stockpile of old ICBMs exist for launch. The bombs which HAVE been exploded were stationary on the Atolls, and quickly armed for immediate detonation.
        Certainly, I don’t have any Russian/Soviet contacts, but I’d bet their technology is no better.

  2. Like many other Muslims living in America, before I voted, I asked myself how fair Republicans have been toward American Muslims? Do they respect our dignity and humanity when they either speak or encourage bigotry and racism against us – which have led to hate crimes? They don’t. They see us as a fifth pillar, as outsiders to be excluded. That is exactly what happened recently in Kansas. This incident highlights what Muslims in America face every day. Please God, not 4 more years of Trump!

    I just learned about the story of a man reportedly armed with a handgun was arrested after allegedly yelling Islamophobic comments at a Muslim man outside the Masjid An Noor mosque. According to police: “Through the investigation, officers learned that the same male had previously posted concerning posters around the Islamic Society of Wichita.”

    Dustin Arterburn was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct after he allegedly yelled anti-Muslim comments at a 53-year-old Muslim man. Police say Arteburn was “making racial comments and discriminating against (the victim’s) religion.”

    The Wichita Eagle reports that “Arterburn was carrying anti-Muslim Charlie Hebdo posters and. . .had been distributing them at the Islamic Society of Wichita.”

    Does anyone know if TROJ lives in that neck of the wood!

    1. When it comes to Russia, Iran, China, Palestine, and Venezuela, Trump has proven to be unreliable, moody, short-sighted, and dangerous. For that reason, I voted for a better and safer America – I voted for Joe Biden.

    2. “Like many other CHRISTIANS that tried living in SAUDI ARABIA – Guardian of ISLAM’S Shrines – I WASNT ALLOWED TO VOTE and threatened with BEHEADING if I complained…. I was considered a low-life INFIDEL… on the level of a feral dog….”

    3. But Trump hadn’t started any major wars on Muslims (not saying he won’t if re-elected) and has promised to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria (again trust a politician?) unlike the admin Biden was part of. So I guess you don’t care much about your Muslim brothers back in their home countries and what is driving them away from their bombed out homes once you become an American.

      1. AND Clinton bombed the hell out of the musselmen with thousands of sorties all through the 90s! 😳


        But Trump hadn’t started any major wars on Muslims (not saying he won’t if re-elected) and has promised to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria (again trust a politician?) unlike the admin Biden was part of.

        I have a few hypothetical questions for you. Suppose “Bill” has a job that he’s not very happy with and a boss that he can’t stand, and as part of his way of dealing with his frustration at his workplace, he stops at a bar on the way home almost every day and gets “plastered” (i.e. seriously drunk) and then he drives home from the bar in that condition. He’s been doing this for a few years now and hasn’t yet had an accident (although he’s come close a few times, but luckily the other drivers involved were able to swerve out of his way).

        (1) Would you be willing to ride home from the bar with Bill on a regular basis?
        (2) Suppose Bill applied for a new job with another company as a delivery driver. Should he note on his application – as an example of his safe driving skills – that he’s been driving home from the bar drunk almost every day for two years and hasn’t yet been involved in an accident?

        (BTW rather than withdraw from Afghanistan and Syria, Trump did escalate U.S. involvement there and he did take chances that risked starting major wars).

    4. Oh ha ha ha …. you missed your true calling, Mahmoud, you should have been a stand up comedian. Who knows, you’re such a Democrat maybe Ellen DeGeneres will discover you and feature you on her show and showcase you you’re such a comedian Oh ha ha ha , 😊

      1. TROJ

        When it comes to queers and dikes, I share the Republican values.

        Speaking of stand comedian, did you hear about the blonde lesbian?
        She kept having affairs with men.

  3. The dems know nobody will be stood up and shot for screwing with the votes…
    here’s an example of the arrogance…
    after all, if you can’t be arrested and prosecuted for setting fire to buildings and police cars and clobbering people over the head with boards, who’s going to bother about a few little mix-ups on keeping track of 100,000,000 mail-in votes? i mean, can anybody really be expected to get that right anyway?
    and if they really can’t, then it becomes a matter of people in positions of power doing ‘what has to be done’…
    they’ll be holding the mail-in ballots in reserve in pennsylvania until after all the republican votes have been added up… then they they’ll know how many they need to win…. and they’ll see to it they do…
    you heard joe stalin – he doesn’t care too much who votes, he cares a lot who counts the votes…
    you’re now living in the world of the corona virus hoax… and EVERYBODY in medicine knows it’s a hoax, but it still continues…
    how unreal have things become?

  4. Presidential Election: Live updates


    At this point very close to 50/50 – America is deeply divided. The best result I had hoped for.

    Nothing personal, my American brothers and sisters, strictly business: When the internal strife begins in earnest in the USA, it is high time for Russia to bail out of this totally f*cked up Anglo-American system (called by some misguided buttheads Zionism) and go free.

    Ironically today, i.e. Nov 4, is a holiday in Russia: The National Unity Day.

    Death to America = freedom for Russia (and the rest of the world… including American people).

    1. “Death to America”, Circassian? Go blow it out your sorry ass you fraud, you phony. BE GONE!

      1. I have respect for Injuns as people of dignity and integrity; in a sense, I see them as Circassians of North America. But you don’t behave like one.

        Brother, are you sure you are justified in seeing yourself as a descendent of Native Americans in spirit?

        I am sorry to say this, but you come across as an insolent half-breed.

      2. @ Brownhawk

        Okay maybe he could’ve worded it a little differently, e.g. “Death to the USraeli empire (by way of internal strife) = freedom for Russia (and the rest of the world… including American people” or something like that.

        But I think you know what he’s getting at and you’re overreacting. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Trump’s politically unopposed nuclear brinkmanship by itself – which threatens all life on this planet – exposes the madness of the ruling class and supports his statement.

      3. American Indians are AMERICANS, Circassian. Bottom line. In SPITE of the tragedy of the past 500 years. This baffles you, and I don’t think you’ll ever get it.

      4. Harold
        Did you read my post at the bottom of the “Plot against the President” thread? This is my take on Trump regarding as I wrote, his “Achilles Heel” which is Israel. I dont’ share your view that he is DIRECTLY responsible for potentially bringing the World to the brink of war. He may be duped into it, as I’ve written of possible scenarios down the road. And world leaders being duped into such actions is as old as the hills.

      5. No, chief, I think I get it: The Injuns had dignity and honor while you – along with all Americans of today with some minor exceptions, perhaps, here and there – don’t. Bottom line.

        And it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever get it. It looks like you are a half-breed of the worst possible kind – you inherited the brain power of Injuns and the Anglo-Saxons’ brand of bravery.

        No offence, just reporting truthfully the impression I get from your behavior.

      6. Circassian
        How the hell am I supposed to regard you, or interpret your wording, except as someone who is duped by your ridiculous defense of Stalin? A man who was a major factor in the wicked actions of this so-called “Anglo-American Empire” and equally complicit to Churchill and FDR.

        You are apparently in a deep state of denial over this, and it makes an otherwise intelligent man look stupid

      7. Circ
        Here’s how I should have replied to you:

        This is at the heart of it – STATISM. Started in earnest over 350 years ago when Rothschild took over the Babk of England.

        “Give me control of a nations wealth and I care not who makes its laws”

      8. Did you read my post at the bottom of the “Plot against the President” thread?

        Not that I recall.

        This is my take on Trump regarding as I wrote, his “Achilles Heel” which is Israel.

        Poor Ted Bundy and the Green River killer; their “Achilles heel” was rough sex. BTW what does “Israel” have to do with Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan government? And what does “Israel” have to do with his exiting of nuclear treaties and his apparent intent to deploy intermediate range nuclear missiles near the border of Russia and China?

        Trump’s “Achilles heel” is the fact that he’s an idolator who worships the jewish collective and seeks to implement the jewish supremacist agenda of world domination and control at any cost.

        I dont’ share your view that he is DIRECTLY responsible for potentially bringing the World to the brink of war.

        LOL! He’s escalated tensions everywhere. He’s gone out of his way to provoke Russia. He’s gone out of his way to provoke China. He’s gone out of his way to provoke Syria. He’s gone out of his way to provoke Iran. He’s gone out of his way to provoke Venezuela. He’s making threats. He’s trashed the framework of nuclear arms control. Yet according to you if any of his tripwires were to start a war, it’s somehow not his fault? How can you possibly say such a thing?

        He may be duped into it, as I’ve written of possible scenarios down the road. And world leaders being duped into such actions is as old as the hills.

        Seriously? So according to you the Manson family was wrongly imprisoned, for example? And could somebody somehow “dupe” you into murdering your neighbors? I don’t think I’m going to waste any more time arguing absurdities with you.

      9. You’re comparing Trump with Manson in the area of being duped? hahaha. Now THAT’S absurd!

      10. Harold
        All you’re doing is reacting to things as they appear on the surface without using a depth of imagination to discern what MAY be going on. We can’t draw conclusions.

        In my view everything you perceive to be threats by Trump is just muscle flexing. He won’t go to war against Iran at Israel’s behest, but only in reaction to a false-flag attack against them and BLAMED on Iran making them a patsy.

        Fair or not, you give the impression that if Trump is no longer the POTUS then this will enable the world to breathe a big sigh of relief. But what you fail to realize is that what replaces him is worse. Don’t think for a second that those who would benefit most from his demise (China and Russia) are these “angels of benevolence” that will save America from itself, as Circassian would have you believe. This is folly. They are champing at the bit to see the demented traitor Biden inaugurated as the next POTUS. This guy is for all intents and purposes OWNED by China, as is the ultra-left Democrat party operatives that would spring from their Trojan Horse and deliver the death knell to even a REDEEMABLE America. It’d be like cutting out a cancer but the patient dies anyway. I’ll even suggest that this is how clandestine factions within Chinese Intel would USE Israel and Iran to foment war if it were deemed necessary in attempting to bring down the U.S. With Biden in power it WOULDN’T be necessary.

        If Trump wasn’t blinded by this damnable blight on the land that is the State of Israel…..But he is.

        It boils down to a matter of picking your poison. Trump’s brand MAY kill you IF he’s goaded into war upon staying in power. The other will “kill” you without firing a shot

        Be careful what you wish for.

    2. Circassian:
      The best result you have hoped for, and then:
      “Nothing personal, my American brothers and sisters, strictly business: ”
      Hehe, you really are a pitiful lier.

      1. @BJornThorsonn

        Hehe, you really are a pitiful lier [sic].

        You are mistaken, my sonn: you simply failed to grasp the gist of what I was saying.

        Harold Smith grasped it, but you didn’t. So, calling me a liar is not something that I would expect from an intelligent person.

      2. @Circassian
        “You are mistaken, my sonn: you simply failed to grasp the gist of what I was saying.”


  5. Whizkid Jew eats shitzz with a side of hate speech, looks like PA going Trump-ways, just now (3:45 PM UTC+7, Thai time, 3:45 AM UTC-5, Eastern).
    But let that not distract from the rock solid fact that, all together now, one voice:
    “Every Jew a Whizkid, Every Jewess Beautiful”, wretched refuse of 109 shores.

    1. @ Lobro
      @ The Realist
      @ Gilbert Huntly
      @ TROJ
      @ Other Trump supporters

      Just to let you know that Lasha didn’t choose the epithet “whizkid”.
      It was used by someone else to describe the Jewish professor ironically. He has been widely praised as a “whizkid” by thousands of his supporters for his uncanny forecasting abilities. For the last FORTY YEARS Lichtman has predicted the winner correctly, never once being proved wrong. That alone has given him the reputation for infallibility. Hence the title “whizkid”.

      Hence also Lasha’s final question: “Will he [the “whizkid”] be proved wrong for the first time?”

      At no point has Lasha praised Biden. If fact, she has advised her readers to vote for Trump as “the lesser of two evils”. Which happens to be, more or less, what Kevin MacDonald has been advising his White Nationalist readers to do if they aren’t sure which way to jump.

      1. Talking of “which way to jump”,
        what’s the LATEST nail-biting news from America?

        @ Pat

        Any idea which horse appears to be winning?

        1. Yes, I agree. Chapeau to Lobro! An excellent comment.
          He has covered most of the angles.

      2. Dear Sister Monica,
        are you aware than Paul the Octopus – yes, one of those slimey suckers with 8 tentacles – correctly “predicted” the outcome of a myriad of matches in the 2010 World Cup?
        More significantly – at least for me – was. predicting the winners in a number of horse races today with odds ranging from 7/1 to 33/1.
        Needless to say, my Turf Accountant’s phone is OFF the hook.

      3. Almost forgot to add:
        I’m toying with the idea of changing my moniker to The REAL Whizkid!

        1. Thanks, Pat!

          Maybe things have moved on since you wrote a few hours ago.

          According to the Guardian update (posted 1 hour ago), Biden is in the lead. Here’s what it says:

          JOE BIDEN: 264 electoral college votes.
          (270 needed to win… needs 6 more and he wins).

          TRUMP: 214 electoral college votes.
          (270 needed to win . . . needs 56 more to win).

          Seems Trump has a lot of catching up to do.
          (Looks like the whizkid prof ain’t doing too badly).

          BTW, I’m not backing Biden. No way!
          I’m just reporting the latest figures
          and it doesn’t look too good for Trump.


      4. Trump’s lawyers will prevail in the Supreme Court. These mail-in ballots represent a blatant attempt of thievery. 100,000 ballots suddenly discovered in Michigan, all with Biden’s name on them! They’re too stupid to even make it LOOK plausible! Pathetic.

  6. Jewish Whizkid my ASS!!!

    Just goes to show how desperate THEY are if they’ve gotta drag out some doofus dressed in clown-suit! 😂😂😂

  7. We knew this was coming.

    Under a global pandemic and under this administration, verifying the winners and losers in this year’s election was always going to be a nightmare.

    We also know that—in a democracy—it’s the people who decide election results, never the politicians.

    This isn’t over until every vote is counted. Over the next few days, we will witness President Trump and his worshippers pull all the stops to ensure that this election is rigged in their favor. Trump already declared himself as the winner — before vote counts are definitive.

  8. Georgia. Wisconsin. Michigan. These are the “battleground states” in play to decide the winner. The issue at hand is the status of their mail-in ballots. A reality of voting rife with fraud, as Biden stated in a podcast, and prompted by the Covid hoax. A scam whose political purpose was to bring down Trump. It’s going to the SCOTUS (as Pat predicted), and now it’s in the hands of the lawyers

    This makes Florida’s hanging chad fiasco in the 2000 election look like child’s play

    We ain’t seen nuthin yet, folks

  9. ADMIN: This is not the kind of potty-mouthed language we expect to hear on this website. However, I am making an exception for you this time in view of your medical condition and the extreme volatility of the situation. I suggest you drink some green tea and calm down.

    The Democratic Party is comprised of the nastiest goddamned filthy f*ckin’ dirty lying scheming cunts imaginable, I hate them with a perfect hatred, to put it biblically. Everyone with some good will in his or her heart for the United States should pray that the Democrats don’t succeed in stealing the election which the Democrats are currently trying to do, the filthy f*ckin’ dirty lying scheming cunts. Mahmoud is a card carrying Democrat.

    1. POST Of The YEAR!!! If ever there was one!
      My only quibbleTROJ being, If you must sink to level of employing 4-letter expletives, you might want to consider using “Aunt” as an alternative in the future.

    2. uncle :

      Well then, what kind of potty-mouthed language do you expect to hear on this website? 😊

  10. Drudge is really showing his true colors. Biden is projected to get more votes than any candidate in American history!

    The candidate projected to get the most votes of any presidential candidate in American history could hardly get 10 supporters to attend any one of his rallies. Same with his running mate Kamala, hardly anyone went to her rallies.

    Trump had more citizens at any one of his rallies than Joe and Kamala put together at all of their rallies put together. But Biden got the most votes of any presidential candidate in American history. The mendacity never ends.

  11. Hmm…
    I did not see a sudden late infuse of 138.000 ballots in Michigan, which by magic where all Joe Biden, as one of his 12 keys.

  12. To mildly iterate, here’s my current political theory/guess . Hey, it’s as good as Pat’s! (lol) And yes I agree better people than me can resist that. But it’s Pat, C’mon man!

    Anyhow, since everyone knows no one gets all 10 guesses correct (except you know Who) and since 7 or 8 out of 10 is pretty much the pinnacle of ciphering that might be realistically expected and hoped for from the higher caste brainiacs (A.I. excepted) and with the upper class wee folk falling in at 5 or 6 out of 10 (on their best day) and the ever predictable ever devolving boobousie hoi polloi hordes weighing in at 2 or 3 out of 10 which even the average Indian elephant can do, lol, and since it doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, I’ll even take one more flying guess that Allan’s supra-natural gambling streak is winding down dramatically and I have a funny feeling Allan knows it too..

  13. Wise comrade sez: “It doesn’t matter who votes as long as whizkid counts the votes”.
    And the events are proving him right.
    I got a call this morning (SE Asia) from friends in Chicago to tell me Trump’s out and how pleased they were.
    I agreed, told them Murrika is about to get what they richly deserve (a U235 overdose courtesy of Antichrist after he is done counting the mail-in ballots).
    Bravo Mahmoud, you da whizkid too—Palestinians will shower brothers across the wall with cookies and rose petals, both sides equally happy to get rid of Orange Clown Bad.

    Expect 100 color revolutions blossoming in spring 2021, China Spring, Crimea Spring, Syria Spring, Uighur Spring, Thai Spring, Malaysia Spring … Mosiach Spring, yess, that last one is the one that counts, and with each colorful spring we will be treated to


    (she complained that Trump has no sense of humor, never laughs)

    1. the link was correct, Uncle, I got a copy with me.
      Sadly, the site’s software needs some maintenance but I understand the previous webmaster jumped ship and the regular HTML coding no longer works for links.
      Maybe you could ask the domain host to help you straighten it out, i don’t think it is a major deal.
      Here is the link anyway

      ADMIN: Sorry, that link was defective too.It skewed the page entirely, so I had to delete your link again. Maybe it’s the site’s fault, maybe it isn’t. But it’s a problem we’ve had for many years now, as Pat will tell you. Fortunately, MOST LINKS WORK. It’s only a very small percentage that don’t.

      1. I’m not very good at technical matters, but I’ll say this. I’ve seldom had a problem posting links on this site. Once in a blue moon maybe. I don’t know how to post embedded links. I always post the http. link and that seems to work for me every time. Like the one I’ve just posted in a previous comment.


      2. Remedy.. remove the www and it will not skew the site. It will appear as just another sentence/paragraph…… when too long.

  14. i also have a question to some resident whizkids of slightly varying stripes but all in full agreement that Trump is either a Jew but certainly their shabbo chattel fully subservient to their wishes, namely,
    both candidates owned by Jew, doing as they are told“,
    “election engineered to make Trump win the second term by inserting a living cadaver in the Democratic ticket”.

    If it was all scripted in advance, both Trump and Biden instantly responding to the crack of the same whip, why then the need for the last second charade, so patently obvious, hundreds of thousands mail-in ballots suddenly discovered in synagogue basements every one in favor of Hillary Biden?

    Let’s see some amazing, logic-defying contortionist poses.

  15. It’s going to the Supreme Court… and well it should…
    They have 2 considerations….
    1 did each state adhere go its rules? and
    2 were those rules usefully logical and reasonable in the first place?
    From what Giuliani presents so far – the rules were not adhered in Pennsylvania, where electioneering was practiced blatantly by the personnel running the polling places, certainly provable, and actual observation of the counting by reps from both sides was not allowed…
    This is certainly what you would expect from one of the rottenest civic centers in the country….
    If it were me, I would rule that those states that did not conduct the count in strict adherence or that did not make good rules to begin with (not requiring postmarks or proper ID or signatures) would not be able to include the mail-in ballots in the Tally….
    As well, were the court (or somebody) doing their job, there would be a major report on all that’s really wrong with the whole election process and a series of directive mandates to set it straight once and for all….
    Everybody who votes should have to ID himself with the official document…..
    Of course the Supreme Court should rule out absolutely drivers licenses and state IDs for any and all non-citizens..
    All voters should have the option of volunteering their choices, copies of their ballots, to be made public on a state list, put up on a running screen outside, Which could then be compared to the official number of voters who showed up to vote as a way of checking up, a bigger and better exit poll…
    In which case you would probably find discrepancies, as we see already in the differences (Wisconsin) between the number of registered voters (less) and the number of votes cast (more, by 100,000)….
    Where the cheating is so obvious and the fixes not too difficult, why not then?
    I’ll tell you why not…
    BECAUSE all kinds of filthy rich and utterly corrupt and unconscionable entities locked into positions of state and corporate power do not want real elections nor real democracy… that’s a threat….
    They prefer that it be just another public relations dumb dog and phony pony show, that shall not even ever come too close to actually putting political power in the hands of the people…
    Best case scenario, Trump prevails at SCOTUS , AND somebody enacts reforms on the whole process….
    If not, look – Trump should have took his dick all the way out as soon as he got in office… he should have placed tha army on the border and the guard in the cities, declared active martial law and arrested about 1000 traitorous globalist fiat bankster hacks and commie apparatchiks… he still could really….

    1. @ BD

      It’s going to the Supreme Court… and well it should…

      In that case, Trump has a darn good chance of winning, since the Supreme Court is loaded in his favor. Especially with his recent appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as head of the Supreme Court on September 26, 2020. Trump has appointed three Supreme Court judges, more than any other president.They’re going to pull strings to help him stay in the White House.

  16. From Mike Adams:
    Trump WINS election; Democrats now working overtime to STEAL it by fabricating hundreds of thousands of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin
    If interested, look it up on your own, I don’t dare use links anymore lest the site tanks.

    Trump won the election last night, taking Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina, among anchor states like Florida and Texas.

    As TGP reports:

    In Pennsylvania Trump was ahead by nearly 700,000 votes.
    In Michigan Trump was ahead by over 300,000 votes.
    In Wisconsin Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.

    But in the middle of the night Democrats went to work stealing the election by fabricating fake voting numbers in Michigan and Wisconsin.

    To carry out the fraud, the Dems shut down vote reporting until 3:30 am, and then magically out of nowhere, Biden jumped up 200,000 votes without a single vote for Trump. [Stalin, the sage of inscrutable East said it best—he knew the beast, now entirely gone over to America to Russia’s great relief, it works like Covid you pass it on to someone else and meanwhile grow antibodies]

    ++Wonder if the ancient writers and early historians like Tacitus referred to them as Democrats.++

    If 2020 was interesting, the coming one will a banner year for Xanax and other sedatives manufacturers.
    The offshore developments should be watched, how the Axis positions itself like threatened buffalos forming a circle with horns facing out: Iran, Russia, Syria, China—what are the Yishroelis saying, as always, pay close attention to Jews, they read the enemy very carefully making sure they don’t fall behind in plotting their own moves.

    1. Sure, Trump won the election because some Mike Adams says so! 🙂

      I guess Mike Adams is the ultimate authority on world affairs!

      You’re the only person I know who cites the “New York Times” AND the “Anti-New York Times” as your trusted authority on the same day day. And thinks nothing of it! You win the booby prize for logical inconsistency and wishful thinking, Lobro.

      1. Pay no attention to Mike Adams. Still less to Lobro. These fanatical cheerleaders for Trump move in small incestuous circles, thinking they’ve proved their point by quoting each other. I’m told Make Adams is probably on Adelson’s payroll and is therefore working indirectly as a propagandist for Trump.

        Fuck Trump. And fuck Mike Adams. We’ve had enough of these has-beens. They can’t even lose elections gracefully. Bad losers.
        I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Trump even cheats at golf. He’s certainly cheated the taxman and now they’re coming to get him. He’ll face 15 years behind bars once they get him in handcuffs.

  17. here is a possible conspiracy theory:
    Deep State organizes a blatantly obvious election theft that puts Trump in the forced mate position as follows:
    • he chickens out and concedes to Kamala paramilitaries, or
    • pulls out all stops, declares martial law which the US military, under Deep State management ignores and in fact moves forcefully to boot Trump out immediately, Jew takes over under emergency powers, Constitution and 3 branches dissolved, Antichrist on the final march to global rule
    (or bust—In Armageddon We Trust).
    Obviously, the horde of Lucifer prefers the 2nd option, otherwise things are slowed down, “absent some Pearl Harbor type event” (PNAC), i.e., act quickly and decisively before the enemy has a chance to set up countermeasures.

  18. Tongue in cheek – is this whizkid professor part of the team that rigged the election results? Then no wonder the forecast will be spot on.

    1. You conveniently forget, sir, that the Whizkid’s record as a forecaster is unblemished. He has predicted the right outcome of all the last NINE ELECTIONS, going back FORTY YEARS!

      I am glad your comment is “tongue in cheek”. 🙂

      If the whizkid is wrong, he’s wrong for the first time in 40 years.

      1. @ PAT

        If it turns out the Supreme Court has to decide on the election and decide the winner, what is your guess as to how the Supreme Court would rule? What are your thoughts about this?

        Personally, I don’t trust the Supreme Court judges to be disinterested, as the Supreme Court has been politicized for along time now. I think the Supreme Court would be biased in Biden’s favor. I suspect the conservative or so-called conservative judges would cuck, conservatives almost always do. I also suspect Barrett is really a closet liberal. I don’t think she’s a true conservative. What passes for conservative now would have been considered very radical Leftist 50 years ago.

        The Democrats are obviously committing massive voter fraud [ they’re very brazen and very in-your-face as they commit massive vote fraud ] but I don’t trust the Supreme Court judges to judge the election results fairly. I think the conservative or so-called conservative Supreme Court will cuck to the Democratic Party Left and vote in favor of Biden — in spite of the massive illegal vote fraud on the part of the Democrats.

        What are your thoughts about this, if the election goes to the Supreme Court to be decided? Thank you, TROJ.

        1. COMMENT OF THE DAY:

          I live in Florida. I support Trump but I am not gagaga over Trump. If he loses to the Democrats because of their massive vote fraud I will be upset but I won’t lose any sleep over it. I support Trump because he’s the only one around who can slow down America’s decline. He can’t stop the decline and he can’t make the country great again. Trump as president can only slow down the decline of the United States. After Trump the country will go into free-fall BIG TIME free fall. I want Trump to serve a second term in order to postpone the massive free-fall that’s going to happen after he leaves Washington.

          I voted for Trump hoping he would win in order to postpone the massive free fall collapse of the country and maybe I won’t be around in 4 years from now. I’d rather not be around when the massive collapse happens.

          If he loses to the Democrats now, I will be upset but I can handle it, it’s not inspiring to experience a massive decline and collapse of your country so i’m hoping Trump does serve a 2nd term.

          I mentioned I live in Florida only because : Where I live here in Florida, at least 80% of the population deserves a dishonest and corrupt government and deserve what they’re going to get when the country collapses, for they themselves are dishonest and corrupt. A population of dishonest and corrupt people are NOT going to have an honest ethical government of fellow Americans who won’t put up with corruption and insist on honesty and fair play. A population of dishonest and corrupt don’t deserve a good government. Sorry but it’s true.

          I feel sorry for the minority of citizens here where I live in Florida who are honest and who are decent, but they are in the minority and they are overwhelmed and out-numbered BIG TIME by walking talking piles of sh*t mislabeled as “human beings”, sh*t of all races, all ethnicities, creeds. And even many of the honest decent citizens [ mostly white with a few blacks and a few hispanics , but few not alot ] don’t want to talk about anything serious and many of them put on an air of bubbly optimism and it’s so fake their bubbly optimism — and they won’t allow anyone to burst their bubbles of optimism by talking about anything serious in a grown-up serious manner. It’s pathethic. The bubbly optimism thing is a White thing, the honest and decent blacks and hispanics aren’t bubbly optimistic like the honest decent whites. It’s true.

          Where I live here in Florida it does NOT feel as if I’m in the United States, so if Trump loses to the Democrats I’ll be upset but I won’t fall apart, for the decline of the country is so obvious where I live, to think Trump could turn the situation around and actually makes this place great again, if it ever was great, is a joke.

          It was either die-hard intense Communism with the Democrats and the complete collapse of the country or clown world with Trump. I went with clown world Trump because having Trump as president can put off THE COLLAPSE another 4 years and I thought maybe I won’t be here 4 years from now so I’ll vote for Trump so I won’t experience THE COLLAPSE. Is basically why I voted for Trump. If he loses I can handle it, it just won’t be pretty what’s going to happen to the country when he’s gone. It’s very sad, what’s going on.

          There are many friends and relatives from my younger years who have died and are no longer here — and I’m glad they’re not here to see what’s happening to the country. Where I live in Florida it’s like living in a foreign country, and not even a fun or interesting foreign country, I wouldn’t mind it if it was a fun foreign country, it’s a dull second-world country on the verge of becoming an even duller third world country. It’s not like being in a foreign country with a long history, a heritage, a culture, a people, a folk. There is NOTHING interesting or the least bit inspiring or fun about this foreign country where I live , Florida.

          If Trump loses I’ll be upset but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. He can’t make the country great again, a catchy slogan but he bit off more than he could chew with that campaign slogan, he can only put off THE COLLAPSE another 4 years. Yes, I’m White, but I’m not totally naive.

      2. TROJ
        Pat’s right, buddy. There’s so much blatantly obvious thievery going on that the SCOTUS would look even worse than it already is if they didn’t deliver the victory to Trump. Their credibility would be completely trashed, and then……say hello to the newest banana republic on the block. 😝

      3. Feel free and call me ExSA like all the others, “Sir” sounds so formal and it makes feel very old (I have not yet reaced my pensionable age). I still look super good for my age (good genetics) and am an easy guy to be with, although also someone who thinks too much (as a psychologist told me some time ago, but I told him intelligent people are like that, thoughts just keep on coming, how does one stop it).

        I wonder how he would do when working for the weather forecast service. Don’t know how he manages to forecast so correctly, because precognition just exists in science fiction (the same counts for South Africa’s mythical seer, Siener van Rensburg). But I have experienced a sharp observer with some inside knowledge can make quite accurate predictions.

        Also tongue in cheek.

        For the reality of the USA is something to cry about. Remove white America from history, then what will happen to the rest of the white world? We will be halved. We whites are already so few in proportion to the rest of the worlds races. The USA has the largest amount of whites inside one country in the world, and with the right leaders, would be a powerful ally for us all. We would be invincible. I care the most for our children. That is the world they have to live in. They will pay for our errors. I, and so have my generation Americans and I suppose the UK and all the other white countries, except those caught in the world war calamities, still have experienced what is was to live in a normal society. I dread the world our children will inherit one day. Sigh …

  19. TROJ

    You said in a recent comment titled, “COMMENT OF THE DAY,” that you speak ‘for all’ on this site.

    I am hereby saying that I never gave you written permission or otherwise to speak on my behalf.

    1. Mahmoud :

      I understand what you’re saying and I understand why you’re upset. But I’m NOT the one who said “I speak for all on this site”, uncle said it. uncle said it, I didn’t. uncle put words in my mouth. Go complain to uncle about it. I suspect you know uncle said it, not me. End of discussion. As I’m not going to put myself in any postion to be cluster f*cked by you and uncle working in tandem with one another END OF DISCUSSION. Nice try but F-A-I-L.

      1. TROJ

        Sorry, Murry! I give you that one. I was half asleep when I read your post. I read the comment again today and it does not really spell it out.

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