Why are so many more Jews dying of Coronavirus — especially in synagogues?

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Oops! — One-quarter of Coronavirus infections come from synagogues, Israel’s Health Ministry admits…. Did you know that the Jewish community is just 0.3% of the UK population, yet nearly 5% of the UK’s Coronavirus victims are Jewish? How do you account for this statistical oddity?

Older people are particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus because their immune systems are weaker. However, there have been many young people who have succumbed to the disease, including teenagers and even a newborn baby. (See video below featuring a young victim in Israel with no previous health problems).        

Israel’s A quarter of coronavirus infections from synagogues, Health Ministry says. Calls have been made to chief rabbis to ban prayer in synagogues. “Closing synagogues is a real obligation for protecting public health.”

Jeremy Sharon writes in The Jerusalem Post (March 24) :

One quarter of Israelis who have contracted the coronavirus in Israel have been infected through contact with another infected individual in a synagogue, figures released by an advisory group to the Health Ministry on Tuesday revealed. According to the newly released data, the most common place to contract COVID-19 in Israel is synagogues, where 24% of all infections to date have occurred, with another 5% contracted in yeshivas. 

Another 15% of infections were contracted in hotels, 12% in restaurants, 7% in supermarkets, 7% in other shops, 5% in medical clinics, 3% in educational institutions, 3% in old age homes, 3% in day care for children, 2% each in youth groups, events halls, clubs and shopping malls, and 1% each in gyms, mikvehs, election ballot stations and personal meetings, with the remaining 2% contracted elsewhere.

The new figures prompted several groups to call on the chief rabbis to ban prayer in synagogues due to the clear evidence that communal prayer helps spread coronavirus.

Chief rabbis Yitzhak Yosef and David Lau have so far refrained from calling on the public to cease attending prayer services in synagogues, but have insisted that such services include no more than 10 men, with a distance of two meters between worshipers, and that the synagogues be well ventilated.

“Following the release of the new figures, the chief rabbis said it was “forbidden” to hold prayer services in synagogues and other locations where those conditions could not be met.”

Lau and Yosef have also called for a half-day fast and day of prayer on Wednesday because of the pandemic.

The religious-Zionist Tzohar Rabbinical Organization said it welcomed this initiative, but said that the chief rabbis should tell people not to go to synagogue, saying that such gatherings are “completely against the regulations of the Ministry of Health.”

“I applaud the Chief Rabbinate on their goal to increase prayers and fasting in response to this crisis, but urge them to also instruct people not to gather in synagogues where people can potentially infect others,” said Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, co-chairman of Tzohar.

Director of the Itim religious services advisory group Rabbi Seth Farber said that the new Health Ministry figures demonstrated that “closing synagogues is a real obligation for protecting public health.”

Farber added that rabbis Lau and Yosef “should be stringent on saving lives,” referencing the precept in Jewish law putting saving a life above other commandments.

“We call on everyone to pray at home, despite how painful this is,” said Farber. “Incorrect behavior could bring us God forbid to a point of no return regarding the spread of the disease.”

The Yachad liberal Orthodox synagogue in Tel Aviv has begun holding virtual prayer services over the Zoom online video conferencing service, and other similar initiatives have also been set up to allow communal religious life to continue as best as possible despite the restrictions on public gatherings.

The Jerusalem Post

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Meanwhile, The Times of Israel reports that in the United Kingdom nearly 5% of all coronavirus-related deaths are of Jewish people. This is disproportionately large, given that only 0.3% of the UK’s population s Jewish. How does one account for this anomaly?

According to the paper’s report Thursday, at least 22 Jewish families have lost loved ones to the disease, which has killed 465 people in the United Kingdom. The UK has about 66 million residents and 250,000 Jews.

 Jewish community leaders in Antwerp, Belgium, last week predicted a significantly higher infection rate of 85% in their congregation than the 50-70% rate that scientists expect to find in the general population. The leaders cited the large social circles and interaction of the Jewish community.

— See here

Among the hardest-hit congregations in the United Kingdom has been the Spanish and Portuguese Sephardi Community, which is based in northern London. It has lost four members in recent days, one of its rabbis told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Wednesday.

A man in his 70s who died was connected to the Edgware and Hendon Reform synagogue through his funeral, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

At least two rabbis have died of the disease: Yehuda Yaakov Refson, a senior rabbi in Leeds, was 73 when he died on Sunday, and Zeev Willy Stern, a Holocaust survivor, was 86 when he died over the weekend.

Frieda Feldman, 97, died in London on Friday, the same day that she was diagnosed as having the virus, according to the Bhol news site.

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  1. So, the principal point of the above article is that approx one-quarter of Jews who have contracted coved-19, most likely got infected in their walk-to, local synagogue.
    As Rabbi Farber said, this is most likely due to “incorrect behaviour,” Not sure what he would mean by this, but it is just the normal social interaction. .
    Also Sephardic Jews, or the minority of Jews who possibly possess Semitic cells in their genomic structures, as opposed to Caucasian-Turkic Jews, seem to be more prone to catching the virus. Who knows why? Little is known about viruses.
    Also, Jews are disproportionally catching the virus in terms of the upper scales of infection per ethnic groupings. I.e. 5%. … As the article says, “ Jewish Law puts saving a life above all other commandments.” This sounds like a very sound, caring and humane philosophy and I admire Jews for it, so I cannot be an anti-Semite. Let us hope Israel gets their vaccine ready ASAP and we can all be vaccinated in order to stifle this horrible virus. God Bless.

    1. Hi Max, are you an Aussie? The reason being is that I came across a letter written to John Kaminiski dated 2017 written by a Max Henry. If you are the one & only then I am pleased that you didn’t walk into the forest & die. Plus have you finished your memoirs?

      1. Hi Dennis,
        I keep in contact with the great John Kaminski, as he is a man full of courage and self sacrifice, who is prepared to tell the TRUTH. I read his articles on Darkmoon and have only just discovered a couple of my offerings on John’s site, under Letters.
        Yes, I am an Aussie. I presume you are.
        I know there are a couple of Aussies who post into Darkmoon,one of them being this Max Bilney character. Bilney, at times, makes a lot of sense but has a problem with his sexual discourse which can be fairly vulgar, but typical of a lot of Australian males; especially the ribald pub culture.
        I have finished my memoirs and have produced a book. Cheers.

    2. ‘“ Jewish Law puts saving a life above all other commandments.” This sounds like a very sound, caring and humane philosophy and I admire Jews for it, so I cannot be an anti-Semite.’

      Max, you do understand that to the jews, only they are human – at best the rest of us are dumb animals.

      “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts,” (BABA MEDA, 11, 6).
      “To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly,” (LIBBRE DAVID, 37).
      “Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human [and that] all Gentile children are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a).
      Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews. When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep. ( Sanhedrin 57a).
      “The Jew is to say on Purim Day: … cursed be all non-Jews, blessed be all Jews.” (Orach Chaim, 660, 16).
      “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” (Aboda Zara 4b).

      Get the idea?

      1. If you understand genetics you understand the sacrifice made by jews with regards to health to have such big brains. I only wish they had shared with gentiles also rh negative what foods and toxins to avoid . I finally decided to look deeper and understand these people. Truth is there is no way in America we can complain about our life here. I didn’t like attacks on white men and have a fear for my son so hope we are all ok in the end.

  2. A kind of extra-ordinary ‘story’ I find myself thinking I am reading/watching “The Onion”!!. All these ‘statistics’ and so precise, you are patient ~66 and there are 666 cases and this ‘plague’ will not cease until another 6 million die! That way Yahweh will be chilled for a while until he get’s mad again. This from the article

    “Another 15% of infections were contracted in hotels, 12% in restaurants, 7% in supermarkets, 7% in other shops, 5% in medical clinics, 3% in educational institutions, 3% in old age homes, 3% in day care for children, 2% each in youth groups, events halls, clubs and shopping malls, and 1% each in gyms, mikvehs, election ballot stations and personal meetings, with the remaining 2% contracted elsewhere.”

    Like really? Where do these numbers come from?? They sound so precise but must be bullshit. Cognitive dissonance for the goyim trying to make sense out of the senseless. This article is maybe a joke , maybe Darkmoon has been taken over by some unit of Mossad and is used to catch flies like me who wander in and show a bad attitude. The possibilities are infinite like Einstein the ‘genius’ explained. Bow down to Einstein and the race he represents.

    Also the ‘interviewer’ in this clip looked awfully cheerful like a ‘duping delight’ kind of guy whose meds have not worn completely off. Again a very “Onion” like feel to the interview. I don’t think it is such a good idea for Darkmoon to put on nonsense like this we are distracted enough without having to read calculated nonsense

    1. Patrick,
      “maybe Darkmoon has been taken over by some unit of Mossad and is used to catch flies like me who wander in and show a bad attitude.”

      Lots of Hasbara intel operatives in the comment section, and I’m not talking about Max. Congrats LD and team, you are calling their attention!

      They can be Mossad and they can be US ZOG too. The article didn’t survive the scrutiny of Darkmooners; Frankling Ryckaert debunked the article in less than a day, with a short comment.

      This is what Intel operatives do, they try to get your sympathy with personal sad stories and others things, they give you jumbos of copy and paste information in order for you to trust him, they work in tandem one another using fake dialogs and fake clashes, they try to have a central position so they can dominate the narrative and, most important of all, in key issues they know where their loyalties lie.

    2. @ Patrick

      This article is maybe a joke, maybe Darkmoon has been taken over by some unit of Mossad and is used to catch flies like me who wander in and show a bad attitude.

      Please think twice before you make such malicious and defamatory statements about our website again. If this website had been taken over by Mossad, I would have known about it and been complicit in that takeover. After all, I own the website and edit it. It couldn’t have happened without my knowledge.

      In any case, no blame can be attached to my cousin Lasha Darkmoon for uploading these two Jewish articles on our site, since it was I who sent her the links to the two articles. You will find both articles at the top of the page on the David Irving website. This is where I found them myself.

      If you think David Irving is a Mossad agent for drawing his readers’ attention to these two articles on his site, then of course there is no arguing with you. We are all equally guilty then of being Mossad agents: David Irving, myself, and Lasha. 🙂

      Check out the Irving website and you will find both articles featured at the top of the page:

      [1] Oops. One-quarter of coronavirus infections come from synagogues, [Israeli] Health Ministry admits – Jerusalem Post

      [2] Statistical oddity. Jewish community is just 0.3% of UK population, yet nearly 5% of UK virus dead are Jewish. — Times of Israel


      — John Scott Montecristo,

      1. Montecristo: That was a ‘joke’ by me about Darkmoon being taken over by Mossad but OK I concede it could be taken the wrong way. I am sorry.
        I guess I was kind of mirroring the article itself and writing in an “Onion” style or trying to.. But at the same time I dunno the article was weird at least the way it stuck me

      2. Dear esteemed Editor-in-Chief

        Just to clarify for innocent readers who have not read Edward Snowden memoirs … ANY WEBSITE especially one hosted with a mainstream hosting provider and one using the most popular web content management software (CMS) WordPress, is almost certainly funneling everything to the 14 eyes, which would include Mossad.


        The only counter measures are (perhaps) “free speech” hosting in Iceland and using a non-mainstream CMS.

        1. Flan,

          It’s all a storm in a teacup. We are all overreacting and extremely touchy during these exceptional times. Our nerves are in shreds because many of us are forced into isolation in this country from which I write. Anyway, rest assured that you remain one of our best posters and we listen carefully to what you have to say.

        2. @ Flan O’Brien

          Toby speaks for me when he writes this — I couldn’t have put it better:

          It’s all a storm in a teacup. We are all overreacting and extremely touchy during these exceptional times. Our nerves are in shreds because many of us are forced into isolation in this country from which I write. Anyway, rest assured that you remain one of our best posters and we listen carefully to what you have to say.

          Go in peace and accept my apologies for overreacting to your high spirits.

  3. I don’t want to be ungracious to Darkmoon. This web site is very good and tolerant. And maybe we need a bit of the “Onion” because all this earnest talk get’s us nowhere either. I feel like I am fighting a tarantula with more arms than I can deal with. The bottom line for me is the ‘story’ that is being maintained and pushed all the time is totally false, namely that a ‘virus’ is responsible for anything that’s lie number one and of course lie number two is that virus is being passed on/transmitted to others. Once that is realized the bottom falls out of the ‘story’ completely but since when did the bottom falling out of a story stop it? Think holohoax to start with and go on from there, we went to the Moon, 9/11 was caused by Arab terrorists flying planes, JFK was shot by a lone nutter big big can constant lies. But now the lies impacts us directly here in Ireland today I can only travel 2 km in my car and I better have a good reason to be doing it. I was planning on visiting a friend buy now think maybe not. They have got us where they want us with this ‘story’ (hoax) I imagine this piece of nonsense succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. It corporate jargon “it exceeded their expectations”

    1. No body ever apologizes to me. Not even during Passiontide do I get an apology. I guess apologizing to me would take up TOO much bandwidth space as so many wrongs, a countless number of wrongs, have been committed against me, and that would be expensive and WE have to watch Our pennies, now that the world’s economic system is about to collapse and looks like WE’RE going to have a YUGE BIGGLY Depression, like they had in the 1930s BUT much worse. WE can’t waste any money apologizing to whiddlejoew. Bandwidth space is EXPENSIVE! As it is, WE can barely manage to afford to keep Darkmoon up and working, by the skin of Our teeth! WE can’t risk spending any money apologizing to whiddlejoew, that might push Us over the edge, financially speaking, and throw Us into bankruptcy and WE would have close down operations and nobody would want that, right? RIGHT!!!!

    2. @ Patrick:

      I agree with the first 5 sentences going to your bottom line. After that not so much! This Coronavirus crisis is like a False Flag attack: there is Reality, Hype and Hoax all at the same time. Thus like an “Onion” it makes it hard to get at the full truth, too many layers per chance! The whole point is that you put together a hypothesis that is logical, reasonable and connects enough dots for you! Thus if your speculation fits the facts etc., with the least assumptions you have followed Occam’s Razor principle and philosophy. That is what you want to achieve for your sanity. If you are happy with that, great!

  4. I don’t mean to monopolize things here but I was wondering does anyone know of a good book about pandemics, plagues etc. I am sure they are many books out there but I am looking for one with the kind of modern understanding that viruses are rarely if ever responsible for disease. And if true where does that leave smallpox for example. What was THAT all about really? Also how about the ‘story’ that Whites wiped out Indians with smallpox blankets etc. Maybe they did but was it ‘smallpox’?. How about the Black Death? I sort of know the conventional answers but I am looking for a different kind of book. Does it exists? Maybe not (yet) maybe I will have to do more work and write it myself. But I am not ‘qualified’ and I am tired. Someone put it on a plate for me please!

    1. Hi Patrick,
      In the March 28th copy of the Spectator is an article on the coronavirus by Dr John Lee, who is a recenlty retired professor of pathology. He makes clear that the figures we have been given are flawed.

    2. It was smallpox, Patrick. There are stories of blankets and other cloth articles being deliberately laden with the virus to use as a form of germ warfare, but it’s hard to say how many Indian deaths occurred in this manner. The bottom line is that the Europeans are responsible for spreading the contagion, in one way or another

  5. I confess I remain baffled by the whole pandemic thing.
    I’m pretty sure that, despite insistent official claims to the contrary, the virus IS the product of a BSL-4 lab – man-made in other words; what I am not so sure about is whether its release was accidental – as implied in this report – or deliberate. Either way, the mechanisms of population control and our ability to tolerate them are being tested whilst vast wealth furthers its designs

    1. Indeed it is a man-made virus. This article as well as its sister hogwash publications of the sewerstream media were probably edited a long time ago, just as the price movements of the stock market was planned a long time ago. All the beats come from the same orchestra.
      Like the blindfolded apprentice freemason going through initiation is programmed to wholeheartedly accept what he or she is told, the virus is the explanatory solution to global events souped up in a a different time, meticulously rehearsed for synchronization, and then fed to an unsuspecting public lulled into psychological anaesthesia, ready to accept anything and everything drummed into its senses.

    2. I tend to think the release was deliberate.

      Alternative 1. The spooks knew Wuhan was working on coronavirus death research, purchasing know-how from at least 3 labs based in the West. A spook release in Wuhan would be blamed on Wuhan.

      Alternative 2. There is no “cold war”. It was agreed at cabal levels for the Chinese to do this, instantly silencing the “alarming and destabilizing” Chinese air quality protests from past years, as well as fulfilling about 12 globalist goals.

  6. Patrick,
    Have a look at this website about German new medicine it has a very different take on disease and viruses. The lady’s name is Isadora and the website is gnmonlineseminars.com. Also Richard D Hall has done some videos on YouTube about GNM called sacred medicine.

    1. Thanks Mary, I am a big fan of Richard D Hall he has some great conversations with Andrew Johnson about fake Mars rovers and with Nick Kollerstrom about the Protocols of Zion. I will check out that website. Thanks again

  7. Is anyone surprised that the professional victim class, of which Jews reign supreme, would rush to point out how their victim group is being disproportionately affected by this anti-semitic virus?

    On a side note, apparently the good folks at FOX news (or whomever controls the scheduling of commercials around their shows) is using any unsold spots to run these endless adds about “starving and suffering Jews” that insist that God wants Christians to send their money to these Jews (who put on the commercials). In many versions of these commercials they proclaim the dire situation of holocaust survivors who are starving…

    The fact that WWII ended 80 years ago aside, World Jewry are the wealthiest group of people on the planet. More importantly, almost all of that wealth was gathered without producing much of anything of real value. I see these commercials as the ultimate signal that the fleecing of the goyim is in hyper-drive today. World Jewry has indeed reached the apex of power…they have transformed much of the planet into a Jewish utopia (at least for the wealthy Jews, poor Jews on the other hand don’t seem to be of any more consequence to the wealthy Jews than are goyische poor). Surely another great anti-Jewish revolt is close at hand. Let us pray that we are more successful this time and that it doesn’t end up in another fratricidal global war where Gentiles pitted against Gentiles slaughter each other.

    1. Maybe these reports of a greater number of victims among Jews are simply false. Keep in mind that it is the Jews who control the media in the western world. They can spread any form of “news” they want. Probably they are aware of rumors of a Jewish plot behind the Corona virus and now they try to depict themselves as its major victims in order to neutralize such conspiracy thinking. It is very unlikely that Jews would die in greater number than Gentiles from an epidemy. These people cling tenaciously to life. They would take any precaution to avoid that. As always, with this piece of “news” , ask yourself cui bono ?

      1. Franklin, BINGO! Right on I would say this story to me stinks of deception especially the bit about all the different places they ‘caught’ the virus. Like I said it reads like the “Onion”
        Also you make an excellent point about how if they start to be suspected of creating and pushing this hoax in typical style they play the victim. Excellent points Franklin

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert
        @ Patrick

        Yes Franklin, Lasha agrees with your assessment that “Maybe these reports of a greater number of victims among Jews are simply false.” She was aware of that likelihood when she published these two articles linked from two different Jewish sites.

        I really do despair when uncharitable newcomers to this site start accusing us of being “hasbara agents working for Mossad” when we publish articles like this. Do we really need to add our current disclaimer to every article we publish:

        “DISCLAIMER. All articles, videos and comments published on this website reflect the views of their original authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone associated with this website.”

        If Patrick thinks we are working for Mossad, would we let him say so? Would we not delete his comment and ban him from embarrassing us any further by exposing us as evil agents for organized Jewry?

        Patrick, let me give you some kindly advice. If you really think we are evil agents for Satan, wouldn’t it be wise to seek the truth on some other website you trust more? Why linger here and be corrupted by the malevolent Mossad agent Lasha Darkmoon? 🙂


      3. The ADL is very much aware of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in connection with the Corona virus. It has published a long article on this phenomenon, demonstrating that it thoroughly searches the social media for such content. You can find it if you search :

        Coronavirus Crisis Elevates Antisemitic, Racist tropes http://www.adl.org, March 17, 2020.

        The anti-Semitic cartoons published in this article to “shock” us are on the contrary funny and accurate.

      4. Good assessment. From what the experts say, covid-19 originated at Fort Detrick just like its ancestors HIV and Ebola.

        The PCR test is inconclusive and just because someone died who tested positive for covid-19 does not imply that the virus was the actual cause of death.

  8. If these incredibly complete and detailed statistics for such a short sampling period are true, perhaps it reflects the results of Jewish behavior manifested in a exaggerated fear (neurosis) at being alone at home, locked down with each other or (gulp) only themselves. Being confined and restricted to associating with a minimum of people (immediate family or self) ibeing enough to kick start that infamous apoplexy of persecution. They don’t do social distancing well at all. Ohhhhh the humility! (not)

    If anyone can turn the benefits and blessings of even temporary sweet solitude (a minor penance) into a neurosis-psychosis of masochistic loneliness and persecution, it would be a natural born bullshitter and habitual attention seeker deprived of the spotlight and its adulation. Ergo they don’t, they won’t, they can’t do it so they once again reap their own whirlwind.
    Hardly an anomaly,

    As for my solitude loving self, I was social distancing before social distancing was cool..

  9. Do you guys know anything about colloidal silver? It seems promising to me, it can be putted in a nebulizer to coat the infected lungs. It cannot de patented anymore, no big $$$ for pharmaceutical corporations. It’s quite effective against a large spectrum of virus, including old corona virus. Must be fresh colloidal silver (active), after months in a shelf the silver goes to the bottom and more electrical current is needed to activate it again. I don’t know how many ppm (parts per million) is the optimal value.


    Evangelist Jim Bakker is being sued in Missouri for committing the crime of trying to help. Exactly as expected if we were dealing with a sound cure!


    1. NBTT –

      Coloidal silver works wonders…. and will not upset beneficial intestinal flora.
      A silver spoon dropped into a milk jar kept the milk from spoiling years back.
      My grandfather got rid of warts on folks by rubbing the warts with a silver spoon. They thought he had secret powers. 🙂
      People in US have more communicable diseases today because the silver was removed from coins in 1964-65. The silver rubbed off onto skin when handled.
      Even ‘silverware’ is stainless steel these days. *No silver spoons touch tongues anymore!! 🙁

  10. FWIW – David Icke reveals just how phoney this epidemic is. For one thing they are not using a test for specific covid19. They are using a general viral test and, if it proves positive, they arbitrarily label it as covid19, clearly demonstrating what a psyop this thing is.



    Because of the dangers of Covid-19, A PANDEMIC!!! Prisons across the country are RELEASING prisoners. IT’S TIME FOR UNCLE TO RELEASE ME FROM SPAMBLINKA PRISON!!!!!

  12. Is this Saddam Hussein’s revenge from the grave? Rihab Rashid Taha al-Azawi, nicknamed Dr Germ, was an Iraqi virologist, who worked on Saddam’s biological weapons program. Is coronavirus hers?

    “Little is known about viruses.”
    That’s for sure… If the Real Truth were ever know about Viruses, it would be one more thing to upset the whole Western Moneymaking Medicine Scam… Because it’s all about Corporate Profits…
    “ Jewish Law puts saving a life above all other commandments.”
    That is commendable, and it may even be the case with Real Jews, but it’s got nothing to do with the Rotten Pricks stealing Palestine…
    You don’t have to be an anti-Semite, but you do have to be an anti-Zionist…
    Zionism has Nothing to do with Judaism…
    “Let us hope Israel gets their vaccine ready ASAP and we can all be vaccinated in order to stifle this horrible virus.”
    I would bet NOBODY on this blog would take any vaccine in the first place, never mind one made in Israel…
    Here’s Jon Rappoport… Listen Carefully…
    1763, Fort Pitt.. The Ottawa Chief Pontiac had organized the Skins from the Great Lakes area and was in the process of driving the invaders back to the Atlantic Ocean… He had already conquered 8 of their 10 Major Forts on the Frontier… And I don’t think you would have wanted to be there for that… In the Pittsburgh deal he sent 2 braves into the Fort to offer Terms of Surrender… That was a Mistake… The CO was respectful, said he would take the matter under consideration, gave them some Sincerity Gifts.. The Gifts were 2 blankets and 1 handkerchief, know to have The POX on them…
    Well Said BOB…
    But I’m afraid the Big Awakening on the Jew Thing is pretty far-fetched for now, not as long as the Yahudi still control the media, and the average person still believes what his television tells him…. I’m afraid most do…
    last Night I was listening to that radio program, Coast to Coast I think it was… The Host had that charlatan spoon-bender Yuri Geller on as some sort of Expert Advisor on the psychic angle on the virus… Que the Spoonbending Trickster on the Virus BS… I saw him on the Johnny (no stienie) Carson show decades ago.. Carson’s stagehands made it a point to not give him access to the spoons before he made his appearance, and Carson said so too… … When he did come on, then they gave him “their own” spoons.. Of course he couldn’t make the spoons bend with his intense psychic powers… He just looked up and said “i can’t do it” and walked off… He’s still out there though, and the average Jew knows exactly what Yuri Geller is….
    Have a look at the Hypester…
    I heard them saying now 8 people in my County have the virus, but there was no question or comment follow-up on exactly how sick those 8 were, were they in intensive care, or even in the hospital? Too much info, not good for the scam…
    Yes the Jews will portray themselves as the biggest victims in this… They always do that, and probably because there’s a compensation angle coming up… Maybe they’ll get more ‘Faith Based Initiative’ type money for their synagogues (the place where the demon is kept), like the dough they got from the creeps Bush and Cheney…

    1. Ah the fake spoon bending magician…caused the amazing Randy to go bankrupt. Now that’s real magic manufactured by the courts.

    2. BD
      You ARE aware that I dispensed that info about Chief Pontiac a couple of weeks ago, right?

  14. I have identified lots of that “pathological anti-semitism” in nearly all the above posts.
    Are Jewish persons really as villainous as you are all inferring, or are they right and proper in claiming this well-earned “victims” status you all talk about?
    Do they, because they appear more prone to catching the virus, deserve more money to assist them, as a people, in coping with the trauma?
    An interesting point is made by a rabbi, that Jews place “the saving of a human life above all other commandments.” I assume this refers to the Ten Great Commandments and could be referenced against “Thou shalt no kill.” It also brings up the ideals of love, respect and caring among the tribe of Israelites.
    Many commentators have remarked that much of Jewish Law is about “love of tribe” and that all the altruistic offerings of the Jewish faith are centred upon protecting Jews, who are seen,by themselves, as God’s “chosen” and therefore special people.
    My problem with this concentrated loyalty to tribe is that it treats the non-chosen as animals of the field, whose lives can be dispensed with at the chosen ones’ will. Hence, the tens of thousands of Palestinian Semites whose lives have been extinguished since the Jewish occupation of Palestine commenced in the 1920’s. And then, there are the well documented cases of the Jewish Bolsheviks’ leaderships’ paramount role in the murder, torture and rape of tens of millions of White, Christian Goyim during the first decades following the 1917 Revolution. The Times of 1920 included harrowing reports of Jewish driven lorries taking scores of young Russian women down to the port buildings in Odessa, where they were raped and abused mercilessly until they were driven insane, or bludgeoned to death.
    Would I be “anti-Semitic” in stating that there appears to be one code of conduct for Jews and another for Gentiles?

  15. @ Y’all:
    Good comments!

    The article and story is sad news to be sure and I sympathize with the plight of any persons/people going through this, like my family is to a minor extent, but I object to the JEW-centric point of the article. It smells like another International Jewry Victimhood scheme to me like the 6 million Jew deaths Holohoax (Star Wars C3PO = 6 million forms of communication, BS) and swastikas on Jewish property that were most likely put there by Jews themselves. Just another scheme to attract sympathy for Jews specifically and at the same time to deflect from the fact, which probably is becoming apparent, that America’s and Israel’s enemies (China and Iran mainly have been hit very hard by Covid-19 and Israel not so much. Must wait and see, by end of April at least to be sure! These types of schemes were revealed by none other than Brother Nathanael and Norman Finkelstein. Norman Finkelstein, a Jew with Holocaust victim and survivor family members, has been ostracized and demonized for his truth-telling. And yes, the story is like a psyop, no doubt about it!

    The next issue in the article, though not stated, is that the International Jewry TPTB hate religion and even their own supposed religion of Judaism. However, the Globalists, since mostly Jewish, are actually secularists/atheists, but more correctly Satanists/Occultists Illuminati types. Thus they want to destroy all Religion (conventional worldly belief systems) and replace them with their religion of Mother Earth/Gaiia/ Helio-disk worship, which is actually the Devil/Satan. So, in a religious sense this article applies to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., because you are now prevented from practicing your Faith correctly. Everything will now be live-streamed, video rebroadcast or Jutubed. Thus people will be prevented from forming groups to practice Faith and discuss issues of Masters, slaves, Societal control and Revolution and Rebellion. Everyone is now in their own little Cage/Prison. But ironically, real Prisoners are being set free!

    Lastly, the real irony of ironies! TPTB, International Jewry as one group, hate their own people so much that they kill their own. But that’s not really true, since most International Jewry are really NOT JEWS at all, but Turkic Mongols known as Khazarians and Khazaria was a region in Central Asia between the Black and Caspian Seas, north of the Caucasus Mountains. This is modern day Georgia, former Soviet Union and Ukraine, territory-wise. These Khazarians only converted to Judaism out of convenience in the 8th Century AD, by order of Sultan Bhutan. These people practiced Babylonian Black Magick (Mysticism) and Money tricks. The Pharisees (Talmud volumes) of old Hebrew/Palestine practiced this as well and got it from the Babylonians when the Hebrews were under the Babylonian Captivity. The prophet Daniel was the only one who resisted and that is why his story is in the Bible! Daniel reveals the global powers of the world in the future from the dreams of the king Nebuchadnezzar.
    So, all the religions of the world and their followers, revolt and rebel against TPTB! And yes, now that Jews have been shown to be affected by Covid-19 (jobs, lockdown), they too will want their share of Government money!

    PS: I understand Lasha’s dilemma concerning the posting of this article, but she can be left off the hook since it references David Irving, a true scholar that seeks truth by going for real documents, records and archives for evidence of WW2 history. David Irving does NOT rely on Experts and Scholars, referencing each other to re-affirm their theories amongst each other like a Robin William’s “Mutual Admiration Society”. It makes me sick, but most people would rather be with the “IN” crowd than by themselves or be of the “OUT” crowd! So thank you Lasha, despite the backlash! See, you guys did it again!

    1. @ Stormin’ Norman

      I understand Lasha’s dilemma concerning the posting of this article, but she can be left off the hook since it references David Irving, a true scholar that seeks truth by going for real documents, records and archives for evidence of WW2 history…. So thank you Lasha, despite the backlash!

      You are very sharp to have noticed the David Irving link. Read Montecristo’s comment. He has explained all. Lasha does not need to apologize for publishing these two articles which were found on the David Irving site.


      If Lasha is a Mossad agent, so is David Irving.

      Patrick needs to apologize for his malicious defamation of Lasha. Will he do this? I doubt it. People who enjoy being cruel never apologize.

        1. The site is swarming with Jewish trolls and hasbara agents. I don’t think Patrick is one of them. He is too nice and polite for that, though admittedly he has a cruel streak in his nature. If you’re looking for dangerous trolls, look no further than Max Bilney. This cowardy custard with the 10-inch penis is now posting, I suspect, as Max Henry. The style is identical and the name “Max” is a giveaway.

      1. @ Madame Butterfly:

        Gracious lady, thank you for your response and now I finally know the ownership structure of the website. To that, I would only say, that’s fine, and will continue to read the articles and make hopefully insightful comments! Right, everyone! The usual claptrap and kidding aside, except for some posters, identified as the usual suspects! As the Moloch owl says, WHO – Who?

      2. Madame Butterfly , your mind is obviously occupied with thoughts of my supposed “ten inch penis.” That is 3 times you have quoted this fraudulent measurement. Women are delighted with my hugeness, but, in actual fact, I have never measured my member and have never used Imperial measurement to supposedly “boast” about myself. I do not know what an inch is. Is it like a thumbnail? Taking a guess, I would be perhaps 25 cms,but that is by the way.
        I sincerely want to get away from all this sexual innuendo and clean up my act. I have just commenced a regime of self isolation, due to the virus, and will remain celibate until the virus is over.
        The use of “MAX” in all my various aliases across the internet, as well as the oft used nomenclature “RODGER” will be confined to the words “Max Bilney”, as this is French for Maximilian Billineux, my gggrandfather, who was a brave freedom fighter and great lover. I should delete the latter, as it is falling back into my male lines’ human weakness, which is women, the naughtier and sluttier the better. So sorry. Won’t happen again.

      3. Madame Butterfly: I have already apologized above before I even read this. To repeat it was intended as a ‘;joke’ and I guess OK I get up in the morning feeling grumpy and I read this article which I have said a few times reads like the “Onion” and I made a bad ‘joke’ So I apologize again. I can assure you I am not any kind of Mossad agent

        1. @ Patrick,

          You gave no offence, darling. I was just being neurotic and silly. I deserve a good thrashing. So sorry for hurting your feelings.

          @ Max Bilney, aka Max Henry

          I extend this same apology to the Indomitable Max Bilney. Max, you’re OK! I’ll say this for you. You are never a bore, no matter how abominable you are! 🙂

          But where the heck do I get hold of these ‘Memoirs’ of yours? I’m dying to read them. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, I need something sensational to read on the train. The only trouble is, there are no trains to catch. 🙂

  16. HAWK
    No, sorry I missed it, or forgot… I just read about it in a history book…
    We’re the Indians now? Yes, as afar as some people are concerned…
    They’ve reached 10,000 deaths in Italy… Sounds Bad doesn’t it…
    Trouble is, everybody who dies of something and can been found to have the corona virus too is said to have died with the corona virus…. It is a true enough statement, but somewhat misleading…
    They’ll probably never have a real news conference about it, nobody will be allowed to ask the wrong questions…

  17. You guys might be interested in listening to this interview of a Jewish MD in New York that has been treating CV19 patients for the past week with hydroxychloroquin. He has treated 450+ patients with it and none of these patients have expired. I have seen other reports like this coming in. My opinion — The War is over. People will get sick from CV19 but few will die once this treatment protocol gets in gear.
    Rudy Giuliani does the interview —


    Side Note — SARS and MERS were also coronaviruses. They used hydroxychloroquin on those patients with success. It’s not a giant leap to suspect it might work for CV19.


    1. @ Ramm Stein:

      Yes, that is true and good news about Chloroquine, but will the drug companies (Big Pharma) want to make chump-change profits on patent-expired drugs OR would they rather make BIG $$$$ Profits from new Patent-able drugs that they did R&D on, Clinical trials (Stage 1 – 3), bribed FDA and gave false results for (doctored studies and clinical trials) and in the case of Coronavirus/Covid-19, probably developed the sickness/disease at the same time they developed the cure! The Israeli Galilee Institute, with its claim that they have a vaccine ready in less than a month, certainly fits that pattern! If you doubt it, checkout Pepe Escobar link concerning France and Chloroquine theatrics: https://www.unz.com/pescobar/why-france-is-hiding-a-cheap-and-tested-virus-cure/

      If you can understand that link/article, you know what I mean and what tricks Government’s and BIG PHARMA play to MAXimize Profits! Just sayin’. These are also the points that Frenchman Didier Raoult, Microbiologist, also raises:
      http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=204633 Same article as above with Raoult comments added! There you have it!

      1. Right on track, Stormin’ Norman and Ramm Stein! The cure is the key, it can end this global nightmare overnight so mankind can buy some time to address the REAL problem effectively, in the age of internet, once and for all. There is no point to deny the dangerous disease.

        However, the malaria medicine is being used for weeks and people are still perishing, according to the table below provided by Commentator Mike, he comments on The Saker website too.


        As we can see a warm whether cannot stop Covid-19. All this “conspiracy theories” surrounding hydroxychloroquin has a purpose, to give credibility for this fake cure and to create a black market to this cheap chemical which invariably, under the current situation, increases its price.

        Simple questions for those still denying the disease: how this global NWO revolution will succeed if things are going to normalize in 4 weeks? Did know any important Jewish revolution without piles of dead bodies? Also, is it possible a Covid-20 is locked and loaded right now?

        This isn’t even the end of the beginning. I beg you, folks, can we use this forum’s collective intelligence to discuss colloidal silver nebulization?

  18. Here is an insightful comment on this same article at The Truthseeker (bold by me) :

    Carl Jones March 28, 2020 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    “…I’ve seen this story and I don’t believe this story. I think it’s deliberate double backflip, punch front to follow. Are Jews trying to compete with Iran? Has Boris really got corona? I doubt it, same with Prince Charles. Fingering key elite players as Covid victims is really a control mechanism. I would have thought silence until seriously ill would be the way to go. Why tell us that Boris and Charles have light symptoms..??

    Indeed, if members of the elite themselves get infected, then that elite cannot be behind this virus, no? IF this virus is a bio-weapon created and unleashed by “the usual suspects” then they need to be above suspicion. The “usual suspects” is always a combination of Jews and their Gentile lackeys at the top. Of course they suffer “only mild symptoms”, because dying for the cause is not their thing.

    1. @ What the F.. :

      Perhaps, the Elites that have Covid-19 are either Character actors like those used in the Sandy Hook False Flag or actually just have a Cold/ minor Flu and were told by their co-TPTB to play along, since the Cold/Flu has the same INITIAL SYMPTOMS. Either explanation works, but I prefer the later. Thus it is a PSYOP to convince you even more that the crisis is real and that these Elites made a mistake (large crowds, shaking hands, no Social Distancing, etc.). Thus Tom Hanks and wife Wilson and Prince Charles (wants to re-incarnate as a virus to destroy useless idiots) and US Senators, etc. come into play to convince sheeple of the reality and that they are human just like you! NOT, they have tooo much money comparede to me, being almost broke. An Economic and Financial Collapse/Reset will guarantee that not just for me but all middle class and poor folks!

  19. If this were a SpookaSite, what would be its purpose?
    It’s purpose would be to find out what people are thinking, see if anybody out there, or how many, are onto the REAL Deal with the Big Lies, the Bolsheviks, the ZOG, Trumpstein, the Central Swindle Bank, Jewish Hollywood/Media, Vaccines and Virus Hoaxes, etc…
    The thing is – they wouldn’t have to create their own site, all they have to do is simply tune into this one, and the others like it….
    Yes Maybe, if they did put some trolls on here and there, I would suspect their purpose would be to raise as much hatred for Jews in general as might be found… Because if there’s one thing the PTB at ZOG HQ really want, it is for all Jews to think everybody in the world has a pathological problem with them, just because they’re Jews… Not because of the Talmudic shit they do, like with the ZION from their Protocols Power-Playbook, you understand, but just because people are bigots, anti-semites…
    And certainly every decent person in the world should reject and denounce everything Talmudic, but maybe not so much the original Torah Impression.. It went bad with the Talmud, which was written 2 or 3 millennium ago by the guys with one eyebrow, ‘philosophical’ progenitors of those who penned the Protocols… Now, admittedly, it was a terribly dog-eat-dog world in those days, even before Atilla and the Vikings…. You needed your Gang… Those books are about organizing the survival of the most ruthless, then conquest and rule… But as the West developed its Constitutional Republican Government and utilized Free Enterprise to establish this higher standard of living all-round, and now with the alternative means of free communication, we have come to the very brink of the next official level of personal enlightenment and political security, people living without fear and in peace… We here need to hear Positives on the Vision…
    Archaic Religious references about all Jews being the Spawn of Satan, I’m not sure that helps… Not unless your goal is to exterminate them every one, which if it is, you are in an ineffectual minority practically but very valuable as a psychological psy-op warfare propaganda tool for those on the Rothenskield level… The Big Jews want all the Little Jews to think Everybody Hates Them All…
    I’m telling you all these Abrahamic Religions, not because of their benign precepts but because of the places where their fanaticism goes beyond the bounds of decency, are an archaic drag on humanity’s progress toward the next paradigm….
    So, of course all the Spooks are listening in… Whereas otherwise you will never be invited to their meetings, consider this your best shot at explaining things to to them…

    1. @ Barkingdeer:

      Good points in general, but have to stop you at minor Christian-bashing! Christians do NOT need a building to practice their Faith. As Jesus said, where 2 or 3 gather in my name, that is my Church and that is where I am. Besides, Christianity is NOT about a BUILDING like a Cathedral, Mosque or Synagogue, it is about FAITH (Belief in the Unseen) despite the glory or wonder of Nature, which proclaims God’s glory and about a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ/God and having the Power of the Holy Spirit dwell in you! From that Faith, Relationship and Power, you then behave like a REAL Christ Follower and are Christ-like. From this behaviour, the fruits, people will KNOW you are a Christian. Good fruit trees bring forth good fruit, (offspring that are like their parents, productive citizens, show compassion, kindness and are caring, concerned for others, more than for themselves sometimes(Cheek and other cheek business). Bad fruit trees (evil people) produce nothing and should wither and die and be burned for firewood. However, because God allows evil, from MAN’s free will and you can Not know Evil if there is NOT Good (compare/contrast), and the fact that Evil/Satan/the Devil is the Ruler of this World and evil appears to be winning, does NOT mean that GOOD and God has lost. Au Contraire, the last 4 chapters of The Bible, the Book of Revelation tells a different story, Chapters 19-22. God and certain parts of humanity WIN and win over SIN! Hooray! Otherwise, point well taken dear Redskin! Drum-roll please! Nah!

      PS: Facebook and all the other Social Media sites already do this too! China is the prime example and Amerika is No different!

      1. I beg to differ, Storm. Evil is not allowed by God. Evil represents a disconnection from God BECAUSE of the endowment of free will. Its existence reflects a misapprehension of the Divine Intent. I’ve been expressing this for several years on this site.

        Good stands on it’s own. It doesn’t need Evil for IT to exist.

  20. Brother Nathanael Kapner’s videos are the ultimate visual presentation of the “Jewish Question”, to utilise the great Henry Ford’s words. He is easy to understand and names the villainous Jews involved in the sacking of the USA. See his latest 2 video regarding the Coronavirus situation.
    Like Henry Makow, he has renounced the idea of being a Jew, as he knows cabalist Judaism, combined with Masonry, is the grand evil blighting our planet. I guess the unthinking among us would call the good Brother an “anti-Semite.”
    Sister Monica, I would love to read your summation of the character of Bro Kapner.
    Madame Butterfly calls me a “dangerous troll” and a “cowardly custard”, etc, which is pure insult on a grand scale. Dear Lasha, you admitted she was “foolish” and thoughtless and agreed with Fran that much of my work is top class, yet she is still insulting me. Finally, I think poor Whiddlejoe should be taken out of the prison of his hell, spamblinka. I like his writing and some of his summations on the subject of TRUTH are top class.

  21. Madame Butterfly is partly correct when she states above, that the Darkmoon site is “swarming with Jewish trolls and Hasbara agents.” I have extensive notes on Hasbara subversive strategies and I can identify their duplicitous language.
    I have made a list of at least 5 obvious trolls, 2 of whom are clearly Hasbara agents. I challenge posters to name some of them. Melvin is too obvious and is probably a fake Jew, just as Quasimodo was a fake, but very touchy, hunchback, who insisted he has “ a straight back.” I have a photographic memory that forever remembers every word I have read.
    Or perhaps the Madame could show courage and start naming them, as she is totally wrong in calling me a troll.
    Josh you are wrong in suggesting Patrick is a Mossad agent, but I have my thoughts about you. Watch out for those using the tactic of suggestibility.
    The covid19 virus is promoting many negative reactions and confusion among people and trolls are using this to their advantage, especially in their use of the Hegelian Dialectic; remembering that Talmudic discussion papers make much use of dialectical conundrums in order to provide a typically Talmudically inspired solution. In fact, Bro Kapner inadvertently explains this in all his videos, and admits he was brought up a jew; but rejected the grand evil he saw.

  22. I was about to jump on the “Pummel Patrick” bandwagon but – much to my consternation -found Madam B had already taken up the choicest seats from which to fling rotten fruit

    Besides, it occurred to me, “Lasha” does have a “curious” phonetic resemblance to “Sasha” doesn’t it ?

    And “Yes!” Sr. Monica, I humbly accept in advance – especially during this Lenten Season of self-flagellation – any admonishment that you deem fit for such impertinence…should you consider my remarks as such.

    1. My apologies to all to whom I have given offence. Make allowances for me as well as for the commenters I have castigated with needless harshness. We are all under extraordinary stress in these troublesome times and cannot expect to behave with conventional decorum. I have myself lost a very dear friend to this dreadful contagion. She succumbed to the virus three days ago.

      1. Sister Monica, I hope you are feeling well in these troubled times. Being an empathetic person, I can only imagine the trials and tribulations of belonging to a Roman Catholic order in these days. If you are confined to the strict regimens of a nunnery, then I can understand your frustration, which, as I explained, can lead to deprivation-induced hysteria. I once dated a former nun and the stories she told me about life in the order would curl your toes. In Ballarat, Australia the Christian Brothers had dug a tunnel from their monastery into the basement of the nunnery. Oh, the stories of drunkenness, orgies and unwanted parish babies were numerous. As the great Rabbi Chaim Potok wrote in his book, The Gates of November, “beneath the superficial outward show of civility and gentility, there is the real world of vice and corruption.”

      2. You and I always appear to disagree Sister Monica. You infer that during “troubled times” we cannot expect to “behave with conventional decorum.” …
        I would say it can be the opposite and this virus scare has turned me into the epitome of decorum, civility and goodness. I reach out to help my fellow man in distress, have become celibate and dropped all carnal crudités. I feel a better person and I am handing out toilet rolls, rather than nastily accumulating them at the supermarket, like the many animalistic yahoos around me. The latter have become literal barbarians with no decorum. Even our parish priest was observed greedily snatching toilet rolls and emptying the shelves of pastas and long life milk.

  23. @ Barkingdeer:

    Your point is well taken, so let us Not split hairs when generally we are often on the same page/wavelength and wish to enjoy Bison, roaming antelope and our squaws.

    And Sister Monica, there is NO need to apologize to some of us, but will humbly accept it anyway. And just like you, our hearts are in the right place/thought! Also let us focus on seeking the Truth for the Good, which will stand on its own despite that the Globalists/International Jewry try to erase/ ignore it! That will be part of their undoing eventually! So PRAY to your Divine entity, whoever that Spirit is! We need it for help and inspiration in these trying times!

  24. NORMAN
    I bash nobody… I only express my opinions… I really couldn’t follow the last half of your reply to me.. The religious dogma stuff all starts to sound the same to me after a bit, blather, senseless, confusing… You’re preaching to the wall… I will say the aboriginals may have had the same idea, that they were temples of the holy spirit too, but I believe they we’re more spiritually aware on account of their connection to the Planet… The idea that – “Evil/Satan/the Devil is the Ruler of this World” helped give the invaders their license to kill the Red Devils, and waste the Planet…. And every time the Indians tortured another captive it made them more convinced than ever…. All this Devil business sounds like a lot of hogwash to me… There is no Devil, and I hear he’s not mentioned in any old testament scriptures, but there is one hell of a lot of indoctrinational mind-theft and superstitious ignorance out there…
    But to get back to the topic, all ye trolls amongst us will be glad to know you’ve go nothing to fear from the virus, so sayeth these 2 mazaltavy jokers…. It’s only for the Goyim…

  25. During the Coronavirus crisis, ISISrael confiscates tents designated for clinic in the Northern West Bank (Source: B’Tselem)
    The International Middle East Media center reported yesterday that Palestinian Shed and Water Well Destroyed by IOF in West Bank

    During the Coronavirus crisis, Israel confiscates tents designated for clinic in the Northern West Bank – occupied Palestinian territory

    What will ISISrael do next?

  26. As the whole world is preoccupied by the Coronavirus pandemic, the IDF and Jewish settlers show their true color.

    On March 28,2020, illegal Jewish settlers took full advantage of the lockdown imposed in the West Bank to stop the spread by cutting 300 Palestinian-owned olive tees near Bethlehem

    Israeli terrorist settlers cut down the 300 olive trees on Palestinian owned land in the southern occupied West Bank. Hasan Breijieh, a member of the Anti-Wall, Anti-Settlements Commission, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that the illegal colonial settlers cut the trees in an area close to an illegal settlement, between the Palestinian cities of Bethlehem and Hebron.
    Palestinians who rely on olive harvests for their livelihood have been terrorized by Israeli settlers since the beginning of the occupation in 1967. Settlers – often guarded or assisted by Israeli military – destroy trees and equipment, steal large quantities of olives, kill livestock, and attack Palestinian farmers.
    According to the Times of Israel Jan. 2018 article, “Some 50 masked Israelis from the northern West Bank settlement of Yitzhar destroyed over 100 olive trees Saturday outside the nearby Palestinian village of Hawara, a rights group said. As the settlers snap branches off the trees, footage documented by a field worker for the Yesh Din group pans to IDF soldiers appearing to be standing by and not reacting. However, an army spokeswoman said that the soldiers dispersed the Israelis shortly after arriving at the scene. It was the eighth such attack by settlers against neighboring Palestinians in the last few days.”,

    In related news, illegal Israeli settlers damaged 40 grapevines and 10 olive trees belonging to Hisham Mohammad Sbeih, on Wednesday, in al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem city.

    ISISrael Is A terrorist State!

  27. Mahmoud, the Israelis continue their violent land grabbing and dispossession in Gaza and the West Bank, and the West does not give a hoot. So stealing tents is just par for the course. The Jews have not been brought before the International Criminal Court, due to American interference. This represents a 70 year ongoing crime, that no one cares about. Disgusting!

    1. Hi Max,
      People do care. The behavious of the US government with respect to Israel, its neighbours and the Palestinians has damaged the reputation of the USA throughout the world, and even within the USA itself.

  28. John Kirby, very, very naive of you, re Yankee population and its caring for the Palestinian-Semitic people. You obviously know nothing about the subject.
    Think about what you say in relation to Jewmerica’s huge financing of Israel, supply of WMD’s, use of the veto in the UN, American and Israeli constant attacks upon sovereign nations in the ME, israel’s tHeft of the Syrian Gaza Heights and the US’s and Israel’s constant theft off oil. An estimated 3 million Arab Semites murdered by the USA and Israel in the last 20 years!
    Americans are too dumbed down and arrogant to accept that your Jewocracy is doing anything wrong, as you willingly participate in the mass genocide of ME Semites and steal their lands and oil Your vile nation of the people, by the people has reduced a string of nations to the Stone Age in the last 15 years. You Yanks live in denial and, basically, are morons that most Aussies dislike with a vengeance. Loud mouthed bores! Ie “Some” of you caring is not enough! You live in The Great Satan and as John Kaminski explains over and over again, the USA is a vile, totally corrupt nation.

  29. It’s not that people don’t care about the plight of the Palestinians…
    The problem is the Zion control the media in the USA…
    Americans are not really made aware or reminded of the problem…
    MAHMOUD’S story will never be published anywhere on the American MSM…
    People will not see it on their TV sets in their living rooms…
    Whatever reports do come from that area are always skewed in favor of the Israelis, they are always made to look as if they are only defending themselves, against “crazy arabs”…
    Americans have never heard of Jewish terrorist organizations like Irgun and Haganah…
    They don’t know that the Israelis drove tens of thousands of Palestinians from their homes at gunpoint , when President Truman recognized Israel in 1948…
    They’ve never heard of the massacres that occurred at that time, like the one at Deir Yassin…
    They don’t know about the attack on the Listening Ship USS Liberty in the 6 Day War…
    They don’t know Russian Communism is a Jew thing, brought to Russia from New York City and the City of London… Americans still think the Russians are their enemies…
    Most of them would care, if they knew…

  30. more like they are dying of their inbred ‘jewish’ diseases and from not vaccinating so measels and polio made a comeback and herpes they give to babies, corona is all cover for ‘jews’ since they could be kicked out of 109 countries for the final time for spreading pandemics over the world! lol 2 more years israel wont exist ! the big ‘jews’ always have to cull the welfare ‘jews’ as they are bankrupting all states and nations they are in.

  31. plus israel no doubt benefits when they false flag america soon and blame iran and or china and off the goyim go to die again.

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