Why It’s Important for Trump to Win

Election storms lie ahead, with an upsurge in street violence and the threat of civil war, but if Trump doesn’t win — it’s goodbye America.

By Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer
October 21, 2020



MacDonald — A vote for Trump is a vote for America.

Trump’s 2016 victory was seen as nothing less than a cataclysm by the American establishment—the greatest shock to the system in memory and perhaps in the entire history of the Republic. After all, Trump was vehemently opposed by the entire establishment  from far left to the neoconservative and Chamber of Commerce right. It was, one might say, a hostile takeover.

The left was on the cusp of going into end-game mode, so losing was incredibly frustrating, especially since Hillary Clinton was expected to win easily. But Trump won. Whatever you think of Trump’s actual performance, the fact is that throughout the campaign and since taking office the media and pretty much the entire left has been labeling him a Nazi and White supremacist (I wrote 5 articles for Vdare on this). And it’s continued, even into the recent presidential debate and the town hall hosted by Savannah Guthrie.

When Trump won, they were apoplectic — on the verge of complete victory with a “sure thing” Hillary victory, to having “White supremacists” in the White House. The tears that flowed after Trump won were replaced by anger and sheer hatred. The practical result was that Trump’s victory has had the effect of mobilizing the left.

And because this was framed from the beginning as a contest between the forces of good (our glorious multicultural future) versus evil (the “White supremacist” American past being promoted by the Orange Nazi in the White House), anything was justified. The media ought to throw out normal standards of journalism and do everything they can to destroy Trump’s image. Violence against Trump supporters and certainly against the dissident Right is entirely justified.

The result is a level of political polarization not seen in this country probably since the Civil War. But the polarization is what had to happen for any possible movement in the direction of the dissident right. The absolute worst thing would have been another Hillary-vs.-Jeb-type election where America keeps sleep-walking to Armageddon. The mobilization of the left has made clear the fault lines. This is about removing the traditional culture of America, and it is about removing Whites from the center of the American story. It is about replacement — first the monuments and the culture, then the people.

Solid majorities of Americans oppose removing the statues, and ratings for the now-politicized NFL, NBA, and MLB are way down, even though former sports fans are trapped in their homes with nothing much to do because of the pandemic. This means the traditional American majority is moving down the road toward being explicitly aware of what the game is. Reasonable White people watching this unfold cannot possibly believe that the glorious multicultural future will be anything but a disaster for White America. The hatred for White America that has been so obviously directed against activists on the dissident right is inevitably seeping through to “just plain White folks.” The hatred will only intensify when Whites have less power. And this means that the racialization of politics that we have emphasized so much here will accelerate. The ~60% of White America that votes Republican (not including Jews and other people grouped as Caucasians deriving from the Middle East and North Africa) will increase.

If the left wins they will go into end-game mode. They will establish a more-or-less permanent hegemony (via massive surge in legal and illegal immigration, amnesty to illegals and Dreamers, adding Puerto Rico and D.C. as states, and packing the Supreme Court). A Democrat victory would mark the end of the First and Second Amendments and likely lead to eventually locking up dissidents, as is already the case in Europe.

There is now a rich body of academic literature by leftist academics (but I repeat myself) on reining in speech related to diversity. Their mantra is something like, “We won the intellectual war on issues related to race and gender. It’s all over, so anyone disagreeing with our pronouncements on race and gender can and should be shut down — your words do violence to muh feelings.” And liberals like Elena Kagan would love to use these ideas in majority opinions — indeed, she has already written on this.

With enough of a mandate, the Biden-Harris administration would also get rid of the Electoral College and two senators per state, resulting in the complete domination of the left-leaning urban centers. This is already the case in many states, such as California, where rural areas are effectively disenfranchised and all the statewide offices are held by Democrats, including around 75% of the State Legislature. The only Republican who could possibly win would be one who can fit into this new context, but even such a person could likely only win by taking advantage of some major Democrat screw up, like an economic depression or rampant corruption. In other words, once this happens, there’s no turning back. It’s over.

A Democrat victory would speed up the transformation of the educational system. Already, Critical Race Theory, which is basically anti-White hatred and guilt-tripping, has a strong foothold in the public schools and corporations. Trump outlawed teaching it to government workers, but that would change and there would likely be federal money for such programs at all levels of the educational system and for corporations.

Could the fact that Trump is attempting to appeal to Hispanics and Blacks undermine the GOP as the party of White people? It’s common for politicians to try to expand their base, and the fact is that these groups would benefit from many of the same policies that would benefit White America—opposing the defunding of police, curtailing immigration, and ensuring a robust economy (which Trump delivered on until the virus-induced lockdowns). Latinos in particular may be more open to Trump because of the national obsession with Blacks in the Summer of George.

No one is saying Trump is the savior, but the reality is that a great many White people are hopelessly caught up in the liberal/left mindset. This is especially true of educated Whites—the White working class has been solidly pro-Trump.

The latest opinion polls give Biden an 8-point lead over Trump, with Biden on 51% and Trump on 43%, but these figures are widely perceived as unreliable — if not manipulated for propaganda purposes. 

[LD]  The white working classes are solidly behind Trump, intuitively feeling that Trump is their last hope for a better life based on fairness and decency. It’s only the white elite, MacDonald argues, who have fallen under the spell of dubious  liberal-left values that will leave America a dystopian hellhole for most ordinary white families.  I have a gut feeling that MacDonald’s predictions of a doomed America will prove correct if the Democrats win. [LD]  

These educated urban and suburban Whites are not going to vote Republican in the face of the constant stream of propaganda from the elite media and universities which has resulted in the left dominating the moral high ground, and in massive virtue-signaling and mindless conformity by great masses of liberal Whites whose hatred toward Trump has been fanned into a fever pitch by the elite media.

No one on the dissident right saw Trump as the solution, but only as a stepping stone to a more explicitly White candidate. That is still possible, but only if Trump wins. In the meantime, trying to get non-Whites to vote for Trump makes a lot of sense.

In retrospect, it’s clear that the Trump victory in 2016 energized the left. There were riots in the immediate aftermath of the election and off-and-on throughout his term, crescendoing in the Summer of George—~130 straight days in Portland, with no serious effort to rein it in. The leftist media became nonstop Trump hate, and university professors routinely expressed their hatred in classrooms and in op-eds. Could one argue that a Biden victory would result in the civic peace and tranquility so eagerly desired by all those urban and suburban liberal Whites? I suppose it could, although in Portland the BLM-antifa have made leftist mayor Ted Wheeler a consistent target of their attacks, and they also turned on the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey; riots have continued to occur in cities dominated by very liberal-left mayors, such as New York and Atlanta.

But the question is, would a Biden victory be good for the dissident right, and the answer is no. The worst possible outcome would be to return to elections between Hillary types and Jeb types. Flip a coin, it really wouldn’t matter. We don’t really want peace and harmony. Polarization is good because the bipartisan center-left—center-right consensus is suicide but would just take a little longer than if Trump hadn’t come on the scene. But now that he attained the presidency, a victory by the energized, radicalized left would result in hegemonic, authoritarian control by the left and a complete eradication of expressions of White identity politics, opposition to immigration, public discussion of the genetics of race, likely the eventual shutting down of sites like The Occidental Observer, and even putting dissenters in prison. When I hung out with radicals in the 1960s, it was common to hear opinions like “worse will be better”—if the present system gets worse, it will ultimately result in a revolution of the left. But when a revolution of the left gains power, as would happen if Biden-Harris win, they will arrogate all power to themselves and ensure that it won’t be possible to give it up. Revenge and punishment will the the order of the day. Just recently Robert Reich, former Obama administration Secretary of Labor, suggested Truth and Reconciliation commissions should be set up in the wake of a Biden victory on the model of South Africa after 1994—although what he really has in mind may more resemble Nuremberg and denazification that occurred after World War II.

A victory by Biden would be a green light for a return to power of neoconservatives like Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Jennifer Rubin (who have more or less defected to the Democrats, but they would be happy to return to the GOP so that fanatically pro-Israel policies  like war with Iran would be bipartisan). Another group eager to seize power in the wake of a Biden victory would be political operatives like those associated with the Lincoln Project, such as Rick Wilson and George Conway. Forget about a populist GOP. The GOP would once again be the party of Big Business (and hence liberal policies on legal and illegal immigration), wars for Israel, and tacit, if not overt, support for Critical Race Theory indoctrination. I realize that Trump has been gung-ho about doing things Israel wants, but he has stopped short of war and, in my opinion he has done all he can to extricate U.S. troops from the Middle East in the face of powerful opposition from the military (Trump accused them of gunning for post-career sinecures with defense contractors), the Israel Lobby, the media (where the left is dominated by liberal interventionists), and many politicians on both sides of the aisle. Just today Trump renewed pressure on the Pentagon to lower troop levels even further in order to fulfill his election promise, but the Pentagon is resisting the move.

On the other hand, another Trump victory would cement the populist wing of the party, where opposition to immigration is a major issue. Trump’s victories on immigration have been largely ignored by all sides, but as the LA Times notes,

He has targeted the Silicon-Valley based tech industry by squeezing high-skilled foreign labor, and has restricted immigration based on family reunification even as he’s separated thousands of migrant families at the border.

He has attempted to repeal federal protections for young immigrants who entered the country illegally as children and sidestepped the Supreme Court’s rejection of his plans. California has more residents covered by those protections, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, than any other state. He has also ended Temporary Protected Status for refugees from El Salvador and other Central American countries, a disproportionate number of whom live in the state.

And his administration has discouraged thousands of other students, refugees [refugee admissions dropped precipitously], asylum seekers, workers, and entrepreneurs — many headed to California — from coming to the United States at all, most recently by using the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification for largely shutting the nation’s borders.

Even more importantly, legal immigration has dropped by an astonishing 92 per cent in Fiscal Year 2020. Moreover, the fall in immigration workforce population predates Covid—apparently due to regulatory tightening. “Thanks, in part, to Trump’s (relatively) hard line on immigration, expressed basically via administrative measures, the Trump years saw a labor market where native-born Americans lost relatively fewer jobs than immigrants. This is not quite what Trump supporters had in mind in November 2016. But it’s something.”

Yes, and a Biden victory would end up being a radical reversal of these trends.

A Trump victory would exacerbate the social unrest and polarization that has already reached levels not seen at least since the 1960s, but another Trump victory would unleash far greater violence than in the wake of his 2016 win.

We have already seen the huge BLM-antifa crowds in urban areas and seen what they can do. It would be much worse as the left, anticipating another victory, would be plunged into despair and become further radicalized. Rioting in all the major cities is to be expected; indeed, the NYPD has already issued a memo saying “We should anticipate and prepare for protests growing in size, frequency, and intensity leading up to the election.”

Riots are sure to exceed the violence that occurred after the 2016 election and the riots of this past summer, and continue for long thereafter. Attempts to shut them down, especially by the feds would likely look a lot like civil war—a civil war that I think the right would win at this point. But the longer this thing festers, the less likely that becomes.

As noted at the outset, the 2016 election was a huge defeat for our hostile elite, including the media. Another defeat would be an even greater catastrophe for them and a great victory for everyone else.

Not only are the liberal-left media going all out to defeat Trump, now we have social media companies actively censoring information on covid from high administration officials and medical experts. Recently the social media companies and left-leaning newspapers and television (i.e., virtually all of them) have buried the New York Post series on the Hunter Biden-to-Joe Biden kickback scandal. The Trump administration is finally fighting back, suing Google under antitrust laws and reviewing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. “If Trump wins, Big Tech will know it’s screwed. The tech giants want to rig the election. Trump won’t forget that, and he will have the power and political capital to pay them back.” If Trump loses, this iron grip on information would be further empowered, even without going after the First Amendment. In effect, it would be a Ministry of Truth run by the private-sector and decidedly on the left.

Finally, the #1 reason to want a Trump victory would be simply to see massive crowds of Trump haters weeping on TV, a repeat of 2016, but much worse. I would just love to see the likes of Nicole Wallace, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Lawrence O’Donnell, their faces grim, lashing out at Trump voters as racists, misogynists, haters, etc. Get out the popcorn!


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  1. I welcome the publication of this excellent pro-Trump article on the Darkmoon site, if only as a counterbalance to some of the anti-Trump articles that have been published here previously. The mere publication of this article here proves the strict neutrality of the Darkmoon site which, like Truthseeker, follows a similar policy of PRO vs. CON, i.e., publishing a diversity of articles presenting different viewpoints on Trump — some for and some against.

    Having said this in praise of the article — possibly the best I have read so far from a Trump supporter — I hope I will not be offending Kevin MacDonald if I point out that many lovers of Palestine will be deeply disappointed at MacDonald’s cursory and dismissive approach to the Israel/Palestine problem.

    As far as I can see, this has been MaxDonald’s Achilles heel all along. His love for the oppressed Palestinian people appears to be singularly lukewarm, if I can put it mildly. He appears to have very little empathy for the sufferings of the Palestinians, reserving all his compassion for his white co-ethnics in America.

    For me to accept Trump as the New Messiah, as MacDonald is prone to do, Trump really does need to stand up to the Jews in Israel a bit more. He needs to ditch his ultra-Zionist stance. He needs to be more hostile, and less grovelingly servile, to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Why did Trump recently hand Netanyahu the golden key to the White House? Why doesn’t MacDonald mention Trump’s almost total subservience to Netanyahu? Why is Trump bullying and harassing Iran and assassinating Hezbollah’s leaders? Does MacDonald want Iran to be bombed? If not, why is he so tongue-tied about Trump’s disgracefully aggressive behavior in regard to the Iranian people?

    Does MacDonald approve of Trump handing over the Golan Heights as a free gift to Israel? If he feels any moral indignation over this disgusting act of international lawbreaking, MacDonald fails to show it. Trump’s attitude to Palestine is, quite simply, morally disgusting. And MacDonald does wrong to condone and connive at such morally disgusting behavior.

    Yes, this is a fine article and MacDonald deserves all our plaudits. But our plaudits would have been much louder if he had included in his article all the dodgy things about Trump he decided, discreetly, to leave out! 🙂

    1. Excellently put as usual, dear Saki. I couldn’t have put it better myself! 🙂

      I agree with you absolutely that of all the pro-Trump articles published on this site, this article by Kevin MacDonald is easily the most outstanding. This is partly because it is written by a man we have all come to respect and admire. It carries the prestige of his name.

      Having said that, however, the article clearly has its flaws. It presents a sanitized portrait of Trump, sans warts. It’s the “warts” that MacDonald either fails to notice, or refuses to mention, that leave me feeling a bit let down and disappointed.

      I am not prepared to worship a man with so many character defects.

      MacDonald tells us nothing new in informing us that Trump is a great improvement on Biden. We already know that. Whether Trump is “America’s last hope”, however, is a debatable point. We’ll have to wait and see. The proof will be in the pudding.

      1. The Jewish Overlords have already chosen Trump or Biden to be the next puppet Prez. The vote of the goyim isn’t even counted. The ‘votes’ are just Orwell numbers they fabricate on the TV/compuer screen; similar to Covid case/death statistics. These are Orwell democracies you’re living in (Europe/America/Australia/New Zealand) where all the prominent Parties are controlled by the Judeo-Communist State.

        Any rioting or ‘civil unrest’ after the ‘election’ is all planned & produced by CIAntifa. You’re nothing but spectators in a staged & scripted Jewtopia. But hey, you handed the world over to these deranged Jewish mongrels in WWII, so this is the world you get.

    2. Well, fellow Darkmooners.
      Where should Donaldo begin? Was taking a few notes between tequila shots.
      1. The Zios are up to their typical mischief which, among them, is rewriting American history. Google “1619 project” as you’re putting the bag of popcorn 🍿 in the microwave. Enjoy the read.
      2. Kamala Harris, child-loving, senile Bidens running mate has about as much African blood as Colonel Sanders (founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken 🐔 fast food chain.) Her father was a light-skinned Jamaican who abandoned her Tamil Indian mother when she was a child which might explain her intense hatred toward EVERYONE.
      3. Trump seems to have gained ground with Latinos. Donaldo was driving his rig down Interstate 81 in western Virginia today. A car 🚗 passed him with large, colorful stickers proclaiming “Latinos for Trump!”
      Anyway. For Donaldo, it appears that 2020 will present the American people with a colorful display of swamp creatures. No saviors at all….. just swamp creatures. But may Donaldo suggest another dynamic-duo to run the USSA? TROJ for POTUS and Madam Butterfly 🦋 as Vice. While having imperfections, they both would present a better alternative. TROJ would just need to agree to his daily hose- downs and medications. And Madame to cut-down on the drinking and weekly visits to a SHRINK. Americans! Donaldo wishes you a bright future. Salud! 🍷🌮😉😘

    3. @Saki

      Personally, I am very suspicious of Trump and I do not believe that he is aligned with my views. But, for the sake of argument, if Trump were indeed a dedicated White nationalist (or just a patriotic American), how else could he have ever come to power without some strategy to avoid being crushed by Jewish power? What strategy would have worked better for him to overcome Jewish power than the one he actually pursued?

      He showers the hard line Zionist faction with all manner of “gifts”, but holds back on those policies that would be ruinous to the USA. If you notice, the policy in Washington previous to Trump was the exact opposite. The US denied the Israelis a lot of symbolic, but materially insignificant, things such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem or recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, but instead waged ruinous wars across the Middle East for the Israelis.

      As for the Palestinians? I agree that they are the most oppressed people on the planet, but we have no time for altruism here. If sacrificing the Palestinians would save my America (I’m not saying it would), I would do it without hesitation. Anyone who would be unwilling to sacrifice the interests of a foreign nation to save our own is no patriot!

      1. He showers the hard line Zionist faction with all manner of “gifts”, but holds back on those policies that would be ruinous to the USA.

        On the contrary, Trump’s escalating hybrid wars against Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela threaten the U.S. with economic ruin and nuclear war.

        Trump has fully weaponized the U.S. economy and the dollar – which he uses as a “blunt instrument” to try to beat the independent world into submission – and his nuclear brinkmanship has spurred the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to move the hands of the “doomsday clock” closer to “midnight” than ever before.

        The apparent jewish supremacist plan to use U.S. military, economic and political power to achieve complete world domination and control (or bust) – an agenda which Trump apparently fully supports – will ineluctably destroy what’s left of the U.S., IMO.

  2. The truth of the matter, is that Trump is a Masquerade, and so is Old Boy Joe. But what kind of a Masquerade are they? They are like “Capote De Brega”, the piece of cloth used in Spanish Bull Fights. What we have here, is a Game.

    The Game, is by The Deep State. The Deep State is The Matador. The Capote De Brega, is the Politicians. The Masses, is The Bull. Trump may be a Red “Capote De Brega”, and Old Boy Joe, may be a Green one. Whatever the case maybe, the main aim, is to subdue the Bull. But in order to keep the Game interesting, every now and then, the Deep State Matadors provoke the Bull, deliberately, in order to distract it, for a purpose. If you have ever watched a Pride of Lions hunting, you would understand the Game plan.

    So, with this in mind, what does a “Trump Win” mean to the Americans? It depends largely on the Game Plan of the Matadors. It has nothing to do with The Bull. If the Bull has grown restless, or wild, or difficult to tame, a Trump Win, may pacify the Bull. But if the Matadors are super confident, a Joe Win will be their sign that they rule the roost and if you do not like it, go jump in the Niagara! Trump Masquerade as a “White Supremacist” apologetic, just as Obama Masquerades as “ Man On The Street” apologists and evidence of “American Diversity”

    Now, the problem with Joe, is that he is a VERY HARD SELL. He appeals to no one! He has both personal political baggage, which Trump used during their debate I believe to a devastating effect. He is a Wimp. No Kahunas, like Trump. He is not a Change Agent, but rather a continuation of Obama legacy, without Obama. On his toe, is Kamala Devi Harris, another HARD SELL.

    So, I think, Trump will win, not because he is better, but rather, he will buy the Deep State, a very important tool. The illusion of continued “White Supremacism rule” The Whites will be pacified, and the Deep State can continue to direct Trump wherever they want. So, like some forks have stated, “Old Joe is there to guarantee a Trump win”, This is just as McCain was recruited to guarantee an Obama win. You can bet on that, and enjoy your winnings!

    1. I agree with you and if I may, add to your comment,thusly:

      For those of you who believe TRUMP will Save the Day for Americans and the Common People of this Planet, just WHO is the REAL TRUMP ? https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/09/08/neo-black-deaths-are-about-white-fear/ I don’t agree with her statement implying that COVID 19 is a REAL Pandemic. It is NOT. I DO, however, AGREE with her very last sentence, which in effect,warns that the REAL DANGER for America is from Trump and WITHIN America, not from OUTSIDE America .

      Did you know that TRUMP symbolically gave the KEY to the WHITE HOUSE to NETANYAHU? It means SUBMISSION to ISRAEL,completely but so many of you TRUST HIM??? http://www.renegadetribune.com/trump-presents-netanyahu-with-key-to-the-white-house-in-sickening-ceremony/

      ROBERT DAVID STEELE’S site and from”DEF DOG” : https://phibetaiota.net/2020/09/defdog-second-american-revolution-qanon-testimonial/ What further bothers me is TRUMP still never uses the WORD , “REPUBLIC”. He continually only refers to the “UNITED STATES” ( all caps), which, of course is simply a Corporation, controlled by Jacob Rothschild, nor does he refer to the ORIGINAL Constitution, only to the UNLAWFULLY altered CORPORATION (UNITED STATES) Constitution/CHARTER.

      One Day TRUMP SAYS this : https://dailystormer.su/trump-denounces-military-industrial-complex-says-pentagon-in-the-pocket-of-arms-manufacturers/ Then another day he DOES this-Please take note of TRUMP’S in-your-face FREEMASON HAND SIGN- “666” : https://theduran.com/former-jag-officer-warns-of-military-coup-against-trump-video/

      Here is TRUMP making another of his FREEMASON Symbols – Right hand on the HEART side of ones chest. : https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/09/17/634327/Iran-United-States-Israel-Trump-votes-presidential-elections The other SYMBOL he commonly makes, especially whenever he is sitting, is the Pyramid symbol with his 2 thumbs and 2 Forefingers : https://illuminatisymbols.info/donald-trump/ and similar SYMBOLS by MANY others

      FINANCIALLY and WHO TRUMP is beholden to: https://youtu.be/qJA3hx2OkRw

      Yeh, Kevin and other AMERICANS, just keep dreaming he is on your side. Well, of course, if you are FREEMASONS and/or ZIONISTS, you’re in luck . You would need to be WILLINGLY Deaf, Dumb and Blind to BELIEVE that TRUMP is NOT a willing participant in the EVIL which is happening in America.

      I sense he is playing his supporters, by keeping them CONFUSED between his WORDS and ACTIONS. His UNLAWFUL OCCUPATION of SYRIA, IRAQ, UNLAWFUL Economic SANCTIONS on so many countries, like IRAN,Venezuela, North Korea, China and Russia and still maintaining over 800 bases around the world, which are responsible for MORE WARS : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55693.htm especially surrounding RUSSIA and CHINA, tells a lot about him and not what one can call GOOD NEIGHBORLY behavior .

      He is a TRUE Psychopathic Supremacist IMPERIALIST with charming personality, who believes he has a RIGHT to RULE this Planet, for Israel , of course and is planning to DESTROY IRAN, murdering hundreds of thousands! HE, like the ISRAELIS he works for, IS a “sick”(Psychopathic) man. The HONEST – INTENTIONED, in life and in TRUE REPUBLICS don’t do things like that. The IRONY is that Americans have an Original REPUBLICAN CONSTITUTION which FORBIDS that kind of behavior, so what does that tell us about AMERICANS themselves, who allow Trump , and former Presidents, to get away with it ? “Birds of a Feather, FLOCK together” !

      WHY doesn’t TRUMP Withdraw all 800 BASES, around this planet and STOP SUPPORTING the SUPREMACIST GANGSTER, RACIST Invading entity called ISRAEL?, If he would do all that I could change my mind about him. The problem is TRUMP, as I seehim, is a “TROJAN HORSE”, for Israel, is OWNED, by Israeli OLIGARCHS.

      Do I think BIDEN is any better? Of COURSE NOT.

      My recommendation is DON’T VOTE. A VOTE for a LESSER EVIL is still EVIL but MOST IMPORTANTLY , Voting is TRULY only LITERALLY and LAWFULLY, GIVING CONSENT to be CONTROLLED by the Supremacist PSYCHOPATHS who also control TRUMP, and “HAUNT” America and this Planet. They would NEVER tell you that TRUTH because it would mean their END. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/10/john-w-whitehead/dont-vote-for-a-psychopath-tyranny-at-the-hands-of-a-psychopathic-government/

      The REAL TRUMP and ALL POLITICIANS: https://youtu.be/NVu0uz6_3bY

  3. the best article I’ve read so far on trump. and just in time for the elections!

    bravo, professor mac! you’ve scored an ace here.

    i really do believe a new golden age waits us once Trump gets reelected. i hate all these trump bashers, we’ll deal with them soon, just give us time…

    1. Trump is OWNED by the Jews hence the shifting of the capital to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights stuff.

      While the media reports that his daughter convoited to Judaism INFACT she was already Jewish.She has had some strategic “work” on her nose to de-jewishify her appearance.

      Imagine what the debates would have been like with two European in their forties behind the podiums….instead it’s two semi senile crypto Jewish fossils arguing the toss with an octoroon adjudication.(it would not be the least bit surprising to find she is a black jew like Drake the hip hop star)

  4. I want rabbi trump to lose so the white hating communists come after me and others like me. tired of watching the GOP collude with the democrats for 50 years. the fake right has lost every battle to the left since the mid 60’s starting with forced busing. I blame the coward right for the fall of the US being they lied for 50 years and faked opposition. I want the left to try to hunt me down.

    I have about 10 guys with me and we will take a horrible toll on them. there is only one way to prevent the US from first turning into venezuela then south afreaka and it aint voting.

    a war will get rid of the coward whites who worship blacks they will be the first killed by them and get rid of the white hating communists. every week some one calls me and says I thought you were insane years ago predicting what would happen in the US but you were and are right. I wish I was wrong.

    a couple of days ago a Chinese diplomat said the drop in the whites birthrate in the US was caused by govt policy. they know a war on whites is in full swing in the US. this country would be better off ruled by the Chinese than the demonic jews from hell with their gollum trump

    1. SPQR70AD

      I for one can understand your patriotic anger and rage and wish to commend you for your heroic defiance. I would be more than willing to stand beside you and fight these evil vermin to the death, but alas, I have never owned a gun in my life! 🙂

      God bless you, mister, and keep your fighting spirit up! We women and children who love the Old America and see it vanishing before our eyes like a toxic mist, we need strong men like you to fight for us. For our children’s sake, we need brave men like you — heroic exemplars who love the Good and the Beautiful and are willing to die in pursuit of their ideals.

      Words come cheap, dear friend, and articles are easy to write by the well-fed intelligentsia. But in the last analysis, it is the Iron Fist that rules. And a bullet between the eyes wins every argument.

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        Words come cheap, dear friend, and articles are easy to write by the well-fed intelligentsia. But in the last analysis, it is the Iron Fist that rules. And a bullet between the eyes wins every argument.

        I think you’ve got the gist of the principle which Chairman Mao has identified as the basic principle to guide him: “The importance of correct thinking” 🙂

        He didn’t bother much with the Confucians, the Chinese brand of intelligentsia, and (as a correct application of his guiding principle, we might say) coined the famous “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

      2. Hey chō-chō san,

        All you have to do is flutter back to Japan then you wouldn’t have to get yourself all worked up over American politics.

      3. @MB re “..but alas, I have never owned a gun in my life! ”

        Presumably you’ve owned a handbag, at least before you went full “Rucksack/Birkenstock/Doc Martens” ?

        So dig it outta the trunk and hit ’em with THAT! You might even find that ice-pick you’ve threatened me with – on more than ONE occasion – buried in there somewhere!

    2. Good for you.

      YOU sound like a TRUE WARRIOR, which, EVERYWHERE in the West, is sadly lacking

      WARRIORS MADE America and now the lack of them is allowing it to be DESTROYED. Men today are making excuses for not FIGHTING for THEIR own. their Children’s and, the Mother’s RIGHTS

      They KNOW only FORCE can STOP FORCE, so are EXCUSING their COWARDICE by pretending there are other means to win, like voting for a “LESSER EVIL”

      SHAME on them.

      It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so PATHETIC and DANGEROUS

      Keep up the Fight, “SPQR70AD”

      1. @FS re “YOU sound like a TRUE WARRIOR…”

        “YOU sound like a TRUE KEYBOARD WARRIOR” -FIXED!

  5. God bless the America we all thought we once knew that was hijacked by the Jewish termites 100 years ago.
    Anyone who imagines that an American President is of any significance is obviously watching the televised Jewish orchestrated dog and pony show and is being played the fool.

    Examine Henry Ford’s exposure of the Jewish termites (his book titled, THE INTERNATIONAL JEW-THE WORLD’S FOREMOST PROBLEM) here : http://user1252122.sites.myregisteredsite.com/id61.html
    Or examine Col. John Beaty’s book titled IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA (1952) here: http://user1252122.sites.myregisteredsite.com/id194.html

    It is impossible to “vote” your way out of America’s free fall decline. First you must fully realize that basically Judaism is Communism.

    1. Chuck, I agree totally with your input.

      But let me add. If you read The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, you would realize, that the so-called “Democracy” with its “Democratic Elections” is a farce. It is meaningless! And if you have followed elections for the last 100 years, you would recognize, that participating in Elections, is submitting to a system of deception! Listen to what The Elders of Zion state, about “Constitution” and the so-called “Leaders”

      “Liberalism produced Constitutional States, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the GOYIM, namely, Despotism; and A CONSTITUTION, AS YOU WELL KNOW, IS NOTHING ELSE BUT A SCHOOL OF DISCORDS, misunderstandings, quarrels, disagreements, fruitless party agitations, party whims – in a word, a school of everything that serves to destroy the personality of State activity. THE TRIBUNE OF THE “TALKERICS” HAS, NO LESS EFFECTIVELY THAN THE PRESS, CONDEMNED THE RULERS TO INACTIVITY AND IMPOTENCE, and thereby rendered them useless and superfluous, for which reason indeed they have been in many countries deposed. THEN IT WAS THAT THE ERA OF REPUBLICS BECOME POSSIBLE OF REALIZATION; AND THEN IT WAS THAT WE REPLACED THE RULER BY A CARICATURE OF A GOVERNMENT – BY A PRESIDENT, TAKEN FROM THE MOB, ( You guys, are “The Mob” and your leader is a “Caricature! )FROM THE MIDST OF OUR PUPPET CREATURES, OR SLAVES. This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the GOY people, I should rather say, under the GOY peoples” (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion PROTOCOL No. 9 (10))

      So, go ahead, and vote. Its your “RIGHT” No? “Only a fool thinks he’s wise; the wise man knows that he is, in fact, a fool.” (William Shakespeare: As You Like)

      1. Good excerpt from the Protocols, Bigfoot, especially this:

        “Liberalism produced Constitutional States, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the goyim, namely, DESPOTISM”

        The Jew is saying here the only system that threatens his power is a despotic government. Took some time for me to understand but now I understand it perfectly. We had more rights under king’s rule. All these “freedom” revolutions from previous centuries to depose kings were actually Jewish/Masons revolutions, and the people are in a gradual down road path to slavery. Hollywood, the Jewish myth factory, has nothing good to say about kings. The people had tangible money in their hands, 90% silver coins were the case. What do we have today in our hands? Pieces of paper and even those they want to make them – poof! – disappear.

        Kings have expelled baby killers, tortures, criminals, satanic Jews. What the “Republic” can do about them, nothing! The judicial system doesn’t touch these monsters because it’s “raciss” to expose them. The judicial branch is filled up with brother Masons. The Supreme Court is the ultimate power in a “Republic.” Every time the PTB are threatened the Supreme Court settle things straight, it was designed this way in almost every country. Unelected Supreme Judges can do whatever the hell they want, wait and see, and there is nothing “democracy” can do about it.

  6. To be clear, what I’m conveying has to do with the Force BEHIND the individuals in the office of POTUS. (((They))) are complete amoral psychopaths. Love of power and control is their primary motivation. Whoever is POTUS at any given time is largely incidental, although this time around the side backing Trump needed a candidate like him who wasn’t an entrenched career Republican politician that would have proven ineffectual in making the playing field more even. “Whatever it takes” is their common motto, but amorality is a character flaw much more attributable to pathological liars like the Clintons, Obama, and Biden than with Trump.
    Important elections are rigged only if they’re seen to be close enough to tip the balance. (Like this one. Stay tuned.) If they’re projected to be one-sided there are too many areas of subterfuge to deal with to rig an election successfully.
    Without Trump as POTUS Israel may very well have been swallowed up by now. And then what? Be careful what you wish for. Israel is, and always has been a geopolitical double-edged sword. And the irony is that in its present position it is contributing to a slow-down of the “NWO”

    Cat ‘n mouse 🐀🐈

    1. B-Hawk –

      You wrote:

      “…… there are too many areas of subterfuge to deal with to rig an election successfully.”

      That is NOT SO today with remote monitoring and controls!!

      It takes as few as two! A paid-off supervisor to claim bogus problems with voting machines… and a paid-off tech rep to fake the repairs and insert pre-filled chips. Physical ballot ‘stuffing’ not needed anymore…..

      This happened in Maryland in 2002!! …… way before smart-phones and today’s capabilities:

      Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out on The 2002 Election In Maryland And More!!

      Main points:
      1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.
      2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.
      3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.
      4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.
      5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.

      Diebold was sold to ES&S in 2009:
      (SOURCE: Diebold, Incorporated Press Release)
      Diebold Sells U.S. Elections Systems Business to ES&S
      03 September 2009:

      NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) announced today that it has sold its U.S. election systems business, primarily consisting of its Allen, Texas-based subsidiary, Premier Election Solutions, Inc., to Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), an ESTABLISHED leading company in the election systems industry…. which sold more election software and machines then any other company in the US & globally!!

      1. In the short video above, Chris Hood of Diebold told that the 2004 Primary & General Elections were rigged!!!

      2. Pat
        Granted. But doesn’t it stand to reason that there would be a numbers problem in some election years? Look at both of Reagan’s victories, for example. Or Nixon in ’72 when he took 49 States and their electoral votes. If those landslide scenarios were replicated in 2020, what changes?

        Word is though that there’ll be be no such scenario, and that the Dems are desperate, which is why they’re trying to steal the election in key places like Western Pennsylvania

      3. Pat, 16 years is a whole lotta years in A.I. years. Fast forward 16 A.I. years . .

        I’m Google A.I. and I can Flip and Flop 10 million votes in one week with half my Qubits tied behind my back or 5 million in one day just idling..

      4. Pat and hp
        OK. I get it with this crap A.I. reality. But I’m still stickin’ to my story about there being two factions vying for supremacy on this wayward planet and competing to be the successful riggers of these big elections. If there WERE no such rivalry, then why haven’t human beings been knee-deep in some serious shit by now? Exacted by just the ONE side? It’s almost as if a rivalry such as I’m theorizing is some kind of twisted blessing in disguise.

      5. Bhawk –
        Your question offers ZERO proof for your claim! There are many answers. One is that competition at low levels creates cohesion and respect…. and a control mechanism.

      6. @ Brownhawk

        I’m still stickin’ to my story about there being two factions vying for supremacy on this wayward planet and competing to be the successful riggers of these big elections. If there WERE no such rivalry, then why haven’t human beings been knee-deep in some serious shit by now?

        Rivalry is real, you are quite correct about that: this is not just the usual “Democrats vs. Republicans” kabuki theatre as almost everyone here (except Lobro and few others) seem to believe.

        The fundamental question is: What is the nature of this rivalry?

        (What is this rivalry all about? Who are exactly the two warring entities? What development in the world has triggered this rivalry? What are the stakes? Why now? Why we have never seen such a rivalry in the U.S. before? Why is it so fierce?)

        Lobro cannot answer these questions correctly for the simple reason that his world view is firmly fixed inside the Jewish ass; therefore, it is restricted by what can be seen from that vantage point.

        Chief’s view seems wider, but not too much. From what I can tell, he seems to think that all this is about America, so it has little to do with what is happening outside the U.S. Hopelessly naïve!

        Just think of his ridiculous pronunciations: “the meek shall inherit the earth”, “Stalin was a 33 degree mason”, etc.

        Even TROJ with his “round earth is a hoax” and Pat with his “nuclear bomb is a hoax” do not seem that naïve.

      7. Pat
        Huh? I think we’re talking about disparate things here. Maybe hp can arbitrate. He’s very skilled at discerning misunderstandings. But I don’t want to press him on it. Just a thought.

      8. Circ
        Your hitchin’ yer wagon to Statist politicians is more hopelessly naive than I could ever be. If you think Putin is an exception to the rule, than I rest my case, your honor

      9. @Brownhawk

        Your hitchin’ yer wagon to Statist politicians is more hopelessly naive than I could ever be. If you think Putin is an exception to the rule, than I rest my case, your honor

        Chief, I’ll try to reason with you in terms you can comprehend.

        Let’s take your notion “Statist politicians”. If there are Statist politicians then, presumably, there are non-Statist politicians as well. Indeed, if there is no such thing as non-Statist politician then what “Statist politician” mean? Why not just say “politician” without using any qualifying and narrowing word “Statist” in front of it?

        Now I am asking you to name at least one non-Statist politician.

        Putin is not a politician, brother. Neither is he a dictator. He is a leader of a great nation. The notion of “leader of a nation” is entirely foreign to the political culture of the West. If you have hard time digesting it, think in terms that you can comprehend: “chief of a nation”.

        And, thank God, Putin is not an exception in this regard – he is rather a rule in the political culture of our nation.

  7. Trump is not a racist. What you see is what you get. He is a nationalist and he works for all Americans–white, black, Amerindian, Hispanic, whatever. His resort in Florida (can’t think of where it is) was the first to open its doors to Jews, Blacks, whomever. It’s true he is not great for Palestine but I can’t think of a president in the last thirty years that has been. It’s true some people think he is a boor but his wife makes up for it. The Orthodox Jews ARE into Trump which I realize makes some people crazy, but that is because the Left is so anti-religion that those who practice religion have been shut out for going on six months, while casinos are in full swing… go figure. The Left has ruined California, and they would ruin the entire country if given half a chance.

  8. I normally vote third party. I voted for Trump. In the past I voted against the Bush, Clinton and Obama crime families. Trump is a Zionist. I am not. I wrote this: https://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/israel-killed-jfk-and-has-ruled-america-ever-since/
    But there is a difference between Trump and the other politicians some cannot see. I have long argued that America is headed to Civil War. We will be driven by cosmic forces. We just entered a Grand Solar Minimum just like the Maunder Minimum of 1645 to 1715. The reduced magnetism of the sun will allow more cosmic rays (nuclear particles from distant stars) to strike the earth. These increased cosmic rays will cause more cloud cover, more rain, floods and crop destroying hailstorms. And they will energize volcanic magma chambers and earthquake fault zones. These latter require a little time to build up so don’t expect earth changes for a few years. What you can expect immediately (as soon as 2021) is sharply higher food prices. I expect Nationwide Food Riots by 2021 or 2022 which will be aided and organized by either George Soros or a close friend. If there is so little food that a few billion people must die, you will want to make sure as a white person that it is not whites who are to be sacrificed.
    In 1709 3 volcanoes in Europe erupted causing the Big Freeze. The top one meter (nearly 40 inches) of the ground in France froze spiking food prices 650% higher. But we have nearly 7 billion more people today. We will literally be lifeboat earth. You will have a Civil War. Your only choice is whether you want Trump in DC or you want Kamala Harris there with 60 million new American citizens from overseas.
    Your need to think about 2020 as a decision about whether whites should be allowed to survive.

    1. @ DANIEL,

      Thanks for sharing the link about ISISrael killed JFK, and has ruled America ever since. Excellent piece and I learned about all those traitors and Israeli lovers.

      I was a teenager living in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon when JFK was murdered. I still remember feeling sad and shocked. Actually, he is my favorite US President.

      BTW, ISISrael is only foreign nation who can spy on the US and kill US citizen in cold blod without a question ask.

      1. I was in college then and still have disgust for JFK… the first US president to sell military weapons to Israel.

  9. Trump and Biden are both controlled by and are puppets of the zionists and both are pushing the covid-19 scam and psyop, please go to henrymakow.com and see the Rockefeller Foundation which is one of the globalists behind this covid-19 scam and also UN Agenda 2030.

    1. Harry
      To be fair, and for what it’s worth, it could be worded that Trump is being pushed BY the scam. It’s the old ” top-to-botton need to know only” dynamic.

  10. Trump’s 2016 victory was seen as nothing less than a cataclysm by the American establishment—the greatest shock to the system in memory and perhaps in the entire history of the Republic.

    In the author’s highly subjective opinion, that is.

    After all, Trump was vehemently opposed by the entire establishment from far left to the neoconservative and Chamber of Commerce right. It was, one might say, a hostile takeover.

    In the author’s highly subjective opinion, that is.

    The left was on the cusp of going into end-game mode, so losing was incredibly frustrating, especially since Hillary Clinton was expected to win easily.

    Whoa! The bare assertions are coming hot and heavy. Is there not the slightest possibility that the political process in the U.S. has been subverted and our elections are mere political theater? Was the “deep state” really going to take a chance in the 2016 election of letting someone with good intentions occupy the most powerful and unaccountable political office the world has ever seen? Someone who might do something – even unintentionally – that could wreck their plans? It seems this author has completely bought into the fake left/right paradigm.

    So if Clinton was supposed to win why did Obama attack the Syrian army at Deir Ezzor in Sept. 2016 and create a war-with-Russia scare just as the election was coming into the home stretch? And why was Comey (apparently in violation of DOJ rules) trying to undermine Clinton’s electoral prospects with a fake investigation into her alleged email improprieties?

    And why didn’t the democrats include among the impeachment charges against Trump his war crimes in Syria and his apparent violations of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations? (Had they done this it apparently would’ve been much more difficult for the senate to acquit him on the abuse of power charge).

    And why has there been no meaningful political opposition to any of Trump’s controversial actions, e.g. abandonment of JCPOA agreement with Iran, trade war, exit of INF treaty, etc.?

    This author states his ill-considered opinions as if they were generally accepted facts. With equal validity I could say that 9/11 couldn’t possibly have been an “inside job” because the “establishment” was so shocked and saddened by it.

    How lucky for lucky Larry Silverstein that he just happened to have an appointment with a dermatologist on the morning of 09/11/2001, and how lucky for Trump that in the fall of 2016 Obama decided to give the antiwar bloc of Sanders supporters a little taste of what a belligerent Clinton foreign policy would look like.

    And where do I stop, because by this “reasoning” I can refute every conspiracy theory that’s ever arisen; e.g. LBJ was shocked and saddened by the JFK assassination and the attack on the USS Liberty; FDR was shocked and saddened by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, etc.?

    No one on the dissident right saw Trump as the solution, but only as a stepping stone to a more explicitly White candidate.

    Or so the author claims, but what I want to know is this: Is there no one on the “dissident right” that is even the slightest bit curious (by now at least) as to why at the age of 70, non-career politician Trump wanted to be president in the first place? And why does he surround himself with scumbags? And why does he so desperately seek reelection despite being “unable” to deliver on his promises to end the wars and the interventionism?

    That is still possible, but only if Trump wins.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if Trump keeps pushing Russia and China, it may not be possible, because once he starts a war with Russia and/or China, it’s probably all over for what’s left of America.

    “I realize that Trump has been gung-ho about doing things Israel wants, but he has stopped short of war…”

    Sheesh; I guess there’s a place for this insulting platitude in every pro-Trump opinion piece found on the internet. So how did Trump know that Israel wouldn’t spoof a retaliatory attack on some U.S. asset in the Mideast in response to Trump’s cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria? And how did Trump know that his assassination of Iranian General Soleimani wouldn’t escalate into WW3?

    …and, in my opinion he has done all he can to extricate U.S. troops from the Middle East in the face of powerful opposition from the military (Trump accused them of gunning for post-career sinecures with defense contractors), the Israel Lobby, the media (where the left is dominated by liberal interventionists), and many politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    Seriously? So why didn’t Trump withdraw from Afghanistan? And why didn’t Trump withdraw from the illegal deployment in Syria as he said he would? And why did he seize Syrian oilfields? And why are U.S. proxy forces burning Syrian crops? And why did Trump veto a congressional resolution to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen?

    The fact is that upon being inaugurated, Trump immediately increased troop levels everywhere; and in 2017 he apparently ordered the DOD to stop directly reporting how many troops were deployed overseas.


    The author has a right to his own opinion no matter how absurd, but he has no right to be taken seriously, and he’s not – at least not by me.

      1. Ad hominem comments like this don’t help, Gilbert. It’s up to you to disprove Harold’s fact-based contentions by providing an equal number of facts showing how wrong he is. You have always been unable to do this, resorting to cheap and vulgar abuse as your only weapon.

        How does spewing abuse advance your cause?

        If all White Nationalists are like you, raging bull rednecks, there’s no hope for White Nationalism. I’d hate to live in an America under thugs and bullies who resemble Hitler’s S.S. brownshirts.

        1. @ Gilby
          @ Lobro

          Looks like Gilby won’t be composing any love poetry to his Muse ISIS in the next 4 years, NOT after the kwans vote en-masse for “orange man bad” and Trump WINS in a LANDSLIDE which will be HISTORICAL.

          Even the nigroahs [as lobro would call them] are going to be voting for “orange man bad” in large numbers. LMFAO!!!! The Democrats you all LERV so much are so f*cked up they managed to alienate their most ardent supporters, the nigroahs, LMFAO!!!!!

          1. ADMIN TOBY: Trojo, please try and make your comments a bit shorter and clearer. Thanks.

            Darkmoon loves to remind the readers about Trump’s deep connections to the jews and to jew israel but Darkmoon never had any articles about the deep connections between the major Democrat politicians and CHINA. NEVER any articles about how much the Democrats LERV China and the Chinese and all the money the Democrats take from the COMMUNIST CHINESE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF CHINA. NEVER any articles about that and NEVER any mention of that from any of the commentators, the “commentariat” as lobro would put it. “commentariat”, sounds like a COMMIE word to me.

            Something is fishy when ALL the focus is always on Trump’s connections to the jews but NEVER any mention of the deep connections between the Democrats and the COMMUNIST CHINESE. And also, the deep connections between the Democrats and the Ukranians, the Ukranians the Democrats are deeply connected to and take bribe money from are JEWS. One would think Darkmoon would have articles about that, as the Ukranians the Democrats LERV so much are JEWS — and Darkmoon lervs to go on and on about JEW perfidy. But no, I guess when it comes to Ukranian JEW perfidy & the corrupt mercenary Democrats and when it comes to CHINESE perfidy and the corrupt mercenary Democrats,

            If Trump was taking money from the JEWS in the Ukraine and if Trump was also taking money from the COMMUNIST CHINESE Darkmoon would have a million articles about it and the “commentariat” would always be talking about it. But it’s the Democrats who are kooked-up-the-kazoo with the Ukranian JEWS and with the COMMUNIST CHINESE so let’s NEVER talk about that, it wouldn’t be good for the Democrats. Let’s just focus on orange man bad.

            WE are Buddhists, WE LERV Buddhism. Buddhism teaches Us the importance of Balance, so that’s why WE’RE TOTALLY UNBalanced and TOTALLY BIASED when it comes to covering political issues concerning the United States. WE tell ’em Our reporting is disinterested and objective and balanced and fair and Balanced and the readers never notice how truly UNBalanced and how Subjective and how Biased and how UNfair WE are in Our reporting.

            WE were pissed off BIG TIME when pooteen intervened in Syria and WE were pissed off BIG TIME when Hellary lost in 2016 and WE started saying all kinds of negative things about orange man bad like two seconds after he took The Oath of Office. 2 seconds after he took The Oath of Office WE knew he would be the worst most corrupt president ever. WE have ESP, WE can see The Future, WE are Omniscient! We got blue plastic shower curtains on Our heads and WE got One Eye like Horus & Cyclops! That’s why WE’RE smarta’ than anyone else, especially those kwans, those damn deplorables! pooteen stomped on Gilby’s Muse and then the deplorables voted for orange man bad further stomping on Gilby’s Muse now poor Gilby don’t got no mo’ Muse Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. HELLARY wanted to RE-vive Gilby’s Muse but the deplorables voted for orange man bad so now Gilby has NO desire to compose any poetry oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. and Mahmoud is angry, angry angry angry!, because not as many Muslims are pouring into the USA with “orange man bad” at the helm and like HELLARY was drooling for f*ckin’ tens of millions of Muslim Islamic Jihadists pouring into the USA every year forever with NO end go f*ck yourselves and your Democrats you all secretly LOVE so much. “orange man bad” is going to WIN in a TOTAL LANDSLIDE. Shove that up you arse, Oh mother moaner, why don’t you twerk for us defrocked nun, b*tch, that’s all you’re good for.

            Videre Licet on this Christ The King 21st Sunday after Pentecost.

            OMG!!! OMG!!!! did you hear what he said, he’s mixing Religion with twerking which is porno-ish and lascivious and not within the Sacred Bond of The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony that’s a SIN oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo WE got a sinner in Our midst oh boo hoo hoo what the f*ck are WE going tu du….. he doesn’t like the Democrats, send him to Spamblinka, Siberia gulag prison camp for “thought criminals”!!!!

            Looks like Gilby won’t be composing any love poetry to his Muse ISIS in the next 4 years, NOT after the kwans vote en-masse for “orange man bad” and Trump WINS in a LANDSLIDE which will be HISTORICAL. Even the nigroahs
            [ as lobro would call them ] are going to be voting for “orange man bad” in large numbers. LMFAO!!!! The Democrats you all LERV so much are so f*cked up they managed to alienate their most ardent supporters, the nigroahs, LMFAO!!!!!

      2. I HATE THEM BOTH –

        I agree, ad hominem attacks don’t help, but I find it frustrating to try and “re-invent the wheel” by defending this well-written, most reasonable article from Kevin MacDonald. Pre-conceived notions being incessantly parroted by Harold Smith, et.al.,
        are tiresome to read, and counter-productive to the well-being of my country (which is mainly all that concerns me, anyway, these days). Moreover, many on this site do no justice to Palestine, either, by seeming more concerned with it than with their own. While I certainly have no ill will regarding Palestine, I am very immediately concerned with the USA. We’re in a fix, and Biden ain’t the one to “fix” it! 💪

      3. @Gilbert Huntly

        Pre-conceived notions being incessantly parroted by Harold Smith, et.al.,
        are tiresome to read, and counter-productive to the well-being of my country (which is mainly all that concerns me, anyway, these days). Moreover, many on this site do no justice to Palestine, either, by seeming more concerned with it than with their own.

        Sympathy to the plight of the Palestinian people and their struggle to end the Israeli occupation of their land does not preclude me from expressing my full respect for Gilbert’s position.

        Sincerity is always preferable to hypocrisy.

      4. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Coming from a jew scumbag like you, that’s a nice compliment. Thanks.

  11. Reality Check! The bestest of friends with “a really great guy.”

    Then there is this. So boys and girls how many leading politicians can you name that are allowed access to the Jews’ sacred Kotel all by their lonesome? “Hey Moshe! Look at this will ya, they trust this goy to go to the wall by himself? I guess they’re pretty confident he won’t piss on it while we’re not looking.”

    Let’s see now, first Trump gave Jews Jerusalem by acknowledging Israel’s “right” to that city. Now he’s given a certified, Israeli terrorist the key to the White House. Trump’s family and administration is packed with Jewish advisors, his daughter converted to Judaism and married the Jew Kushner, now a close advisor. So tell me boys and girls, what has good old Joe Biden done for Jews lately? Anything? Does the term “track record” mean anything to you?

    Remember after the last election I wrote this would be is the so-called “liberal left’s” swan song? This election will provide the coup de grâce. The Antifa/BLM chimp out is already over the top and as soon as Trump “wins” they will go ballistic, enabling Trump to call out the one million troops he has at the ready, thanks to his executive order in preparation for this very event. And just to make sure all goes according to plan, Jews are leading the Antifa charge just like they led gullible, white fools in their sixties “revolution.”

    Remember before the last election I wrote how Trump was being put in office to start WWIII? Ready – set – go! Trump will “win” alright and America will be the sorry loser for it.

    There are three possible outcomes to the “election”

    (1) Trump wins. In this scenario the Antifa/BLM crowd goes completely insane and will have to be put away for their own protection, exempting their Jewish leadership of course. If you haven’t been paying attention, the Antifa/BLM faction is already armed and prepared to start the war. This of course will lead to a declaration of martial law. Say, has anyone out there read how the Judeocommunist revolution played out in Russia?

    (2) Biden claims a win and Trump refuses to concede the election. This potential outcome is already set up with the media’s highlighting of all those Republican ballots being dumped and shredded. This scenario will triple the effects of the above outcome, resulting in a high probability of military troops seeking out and destroying “left-wing” factions to protect America. End result? A Nahzeefied America, just like the horrific one Jews made up about Germany – complete with real death camps. This time however, white goyim will be real victims. Let’s just hope they don’t resort to hiding out in camp toilets.

    Send in the Drones

    Don’t you love farce?
    My fault, I fear.
    I thought that you’d want what I want…
    Sorry, my dear!
    But where are the drones?
    Send in the drones
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

    Isn’t it rich?
    Isn’t it queer?
    Losing my timing so late in my career.
    But where are the drones?
    There ought to be drones…
    Well, maybe next year.

    (3) The most unlikely of all scenarios. Biden “wins” and Trump concedes his victory. Then Biden forgets he is president and Trump has to step back in and assume the presidency.

    Jews play the American goy chumpen like Itzhak Perlman plays a whining violin solo. What I can’t understand is why a psychologist cannot see the reverse psychology being played out here.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Your sincerity cannot be doubted. It comes across with every word you deploy to convey your anguish at the “rat trap” into which America has been drawn by these fiends from hell. God only knows where all this will end. I expect new gulags in America which will make Stalin’s gulags look like holiday camps.


      I can’t agree with you more when you said: I hate them both.

      Secondly, your honest assessment that many people on this site do no justice to Palestine when they are more concerned with it than America is spot on. Charity begins at home.

      That said, Palestine will not be free before America is free from Jewish control. And without US financial, military, and political support, the Israelis will be turned into Jewish kabab,

      Yes, Palestine is occupied by the Israelis but America is practically under Jewish occupation and dances to Israeli music. That is a dilemma! One day Palestine will be free from the river to the sea.

      1. @Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        I can’t agree with you more when you said: I hate them both.

        I am afraid my Muslim brother Mahmoud is under the wrong impression that Gilbert Huntly hates Donald Trump: Gilbert was simply responding to a commenter with a fleeting name I HATE THEM BOTH (pay attention to the hyphen after the name).

        Generally speaking, feeling hate is not a healthy state of human mind. Hate is an emotion that a helpless little man feels towards something that is bigger and stronger than he is and – rightly or wrongly – perceived by him as evil power.

    1. @ ADMIN


      Your publication of this article with its title, “Why It’s Important for Trump to Win”, would seem to indicate that you have suddenly jumped into bed with the Trump supporters and have ditched your previous “neutrality”. Does this mean that anti-Trump posters are no longer welcome here?


      1. @ Saki

        No, Saki. It doesn’t mean that at all. Our attitude remains unchanged.

        This happens to be an exceptionally good pro-Trump article by a distinguished man whose word counts. NOT publishing it would therefore have been dereliction of our duty, a sure sign that we were resolutely biased against Trump and only wished to hear bad things about the President. We are here to present BOTH sides of the picture and will consequently go on doing exactly what we have done before: i.e. interspersing good pro-Trump articles (which are hard to find) with good anti-Trump articles (which are far more common and easier to find).

        We do not intend to censor either Trump haters or Trump lovers. They are free to express their views here without any interference from Admin. All we ask is that our commenters write high-quality, fact-based comments and avoid chat room trivia and ad hominem scurrility.

        Personally, I dislike BOTH candidates and would advise people NOT TO VOTE AT ALL if they feel the same way I do. The democratic process become a charade if the only choice you are given is between two scoundrels who are equally unelectable. Stay at home and DON’T VOTE if you feel like that.

        Above all, if you love the Palestinians, DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP. He has sold the Palestinians down the river and any attempt to prettify this or exonerate him on this score simply won’t wash. He must be PUNISHED for handing Netanyahu the Golden Key to the White House.


        Congratulation Joe for setting a new record.
        Your nine words comment addressed to Saki is by far the shorted comment by you I have read here. Usually, you have a tendency to write comments that are longer than the Amazon river.
        Keep it up, Jewy Joe!
        Make America Free Again! (MAFA)

        1. MAHMOUD

          Mahmoud went around to various voting places in his town and voted 24 times for Biden using various names and various fake ID’s — on the ORDERS of the JEW and MUSLIM Democrat Party CAPOS in his town, though his ORDERS were putrid and rancid and despicable and detestable and desert habiru ORDERS, he’s very proud of himself and he’s as pleased as punch with himself for following with complete SUBMISSION* to the detestable disgusting jew and the muslim and the chinese and the COMMUNIST Democrat Party agenda of STEALING the election.

          * Islam means ‘SUBMISSION’.

  12. We elected criminals and perverts, handpicked by the bankers because they can be controlled. Clinton. Biden. Obama. Trump.TRUMP FAMILY HAS 50-YEAR HISTORY OF DONATING TO JEWISH, ISRAELI CAUSES.What’s really pathetic is that most supporters of the evil Trumpkin don’t seem to give the slightest damn about the evil that the orange monster is doing to people in far away places. Nor do they appreciate the risks that the orange monster is taking which puts them and their families in great danger.

    When the evil Trumpkin launched a cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria and when he assassinated Iranian General Soleimani, for example, he took risks that could’ve started WW3. And he continues to take such risks with his endless provocations of Russia, China and Iran in their own back yards.The evil orange clown, the psychotic, psychopathic, militant zionist extremist, that he is, is worse than the average career politician in the U.S. He will gladly take risks (or can be manipulated into taking risks) that no political opportunist like Clinton or Biden will generally take. And therein lies the value of the evil orange clown to his deep state handlers and enablers: they need a deranged suicide bomber in the white house, not a self-serving political opportunist.Trump Has Killed More Civilians with Illegal Drone Strikes in 9 Months Than Obama Did in 8 Years,), Trump’s insane bellicose actions against Venezuela, Nicaraqua, Bolivia, etc. Trump’s name in Epstein’s black book (new documentary), his insane mob and Roy Cohn biography, the crazy hipocricy ( Democrats’ bewildering decision to hand President Trump more surveillance powers ), No Doubt About It: The Deep State Is Real and Trump Is Its Latest Tool, 23. juli 2018, and other Facts That Trump Supporters Just Can’t Face 26 sep. 2018 , the support for Saudi massmurder and famine of 20 MILLION people in Yemen – a de facto GENOCIDE, etc, etc…. The list is CRAZY long….
    The longer the list grows, the more Comical Ali, the more irrational the Trumpist cult gets as his actions – NO MATTER HOW INSANE – can never never never never never ever be Trump’s own doing since he is a ‘victim’ of the Deep State that he is ‘fighting’ against, but he can never ever the mouth of Sauron. A very very convenient alibi for destructive continuing actions while spewing WORDS in the opposite direction….
    To the Trump cultists, it does NOT matter if Trump’s actions are in complete alignment with the Deep State and the Neocons! It can ONLY be rationalized, It can never be HIS destructive actions cause they live by Q’s and Trump’s WORDS and other Trumpists’ HOPE PORN and confirmation bias, wishful thinking. ‘ Trump will soon arrest the Deep State’, soon, have faith, tomorrow, the storm, trust the plan, etc. Wait…wait just a bit more…wait…tomorrow they will be arrested – and time flew by with more war and police state, media circus, divide and conquer while the Trumpists cheered and thus protected him because of the ‘Deep State in-fight’.


      Hey old man, If they put your brain in a bird, the bird would fly backward. You may ask, Why?

      1-I complimented you, and in return, you hurled insults at me.
      2- I praise your new style of commenting, you told malicious lies about me.
      3- I showed you respect, then you slander me with Trump’s style attacks
      4- You said Islam means submission. I say not quite true. Islam means peace and SUBMISSION TO WILL OF GOD (ALLAH IN ARABIC.)
      5- May Allah guide you to the right path, my friend!

  13. Elect a ruler = encourage evil purveyed by the psycho that wins.
    This is a rule of the universe.
    There is no logic in choosing lesser evil because campaign promises are routinely ignored.
    There is no way of knowing who will commit more evil over a 4 year term.

    The only logical and moral response is not to vote or vote blank/non-of-the-above, provided blank votes are counted.

    Despite ubiquitous brainwashing about “who will build the roads and make the laws?”, “democracy” is the worst of all worlds. Roads are built by the same people, with or without “democracy”. “laws” consist to 80% a codification of your status as tax slave.


      Americans do not get to elect their President; the electoral college does. It gets to elect two pre-selected obedient people who are willing to follow orders and plans that benefit Israel and not the American people.

      Nevertheless, I followed your advice and I have voted by mail already. But I did not vote for the Orange Clown for the obvious reasons you mentioned.

  14. In my alternative universe, a universe in reverse, a very smart man (unnamed) against the odds, was elected (selected?) President of the dystopian States of America circa 2016. Being very cleaver, he knew that if he did not play patty cake with the entity that he would not, could not, be elected-selected President of the Dystopian States. He knew he would most likely receive treatment similar in kind to the man (s)elected President circa 1960 if he did not play pick-up sticks with the entity. He also knew that to receive (s)election for another 4 dystopian years he would have to continue to play spin the bottle with the said entity, that dares not speak it’s name.
    Upon entering the White House for another 4 years he orders the locks changed on said House. He then fires all deep state operatives in the executive branch of the Dystopian State, including all relatives.
    While this is going on, Jabba the Hutt Soreass turns loose the full fury of his well funded rent a mobs onto the streets of the dystopian cities.
    After a quick weeding out of dystopian military officers (a polite way of saying shit-canned) he moves to take control of the cities and arrests the leftest/Marxist governors and mayors and other Soreass operatives for sedition and treason to be tried via military tribunal who allowed all the mayhem in the 4th year during his first term.
    While he is cleaning up the major cities, he encourages the forming and/or the reforming of citizens militias to clean out the local leaders that gave aid and comfort to those arrested to be tried for sedition and treason.
    With legislative action by congress, will they have any choice?, he then goes after the high tech social media billionaires, clawing back their billions used to rebuild the destroyed cities and breaking up their monopolies to be sold off in pieces into the market place. The host can only take so much from the parasite who will be left with just enough assets to live out their remaining lives in comfort.
    The prime parasite on the Dystopian States will find it must deal with it’s neighbors all by it’s lonesome. This will cause much gnashing of teeth and rendering of cloth both here and abroad to no avail.
    And next, but not last, he will drag the Dystopian Senate kicking and screaming to disband the Federal Reserve Act and set into motion the Constitutional amendments cancelling the 16th and 17th Amendments.
    One can dream can’t one.

    1. TOEJAMICUS. You say,

      ” Upon entering the White House for another 4 years he orders the locks changed on said House. He then fires all deep state operatives in the executive branch of the Dystopian State, including all relatives.”

      I agree. It has to be, an alternative universe. Can’t happen………won’t happen.

  15. I’m afraid that in spite of all the effusive plaudits offered here by the DM Commentariat of Lasha’s Luminaries – wafting like incense around the Shrine to St Kev, Patron Saint Of Keyboard Kvetchers, this latest missive “misses” the main malefactors: The Presidential & Political Puppeteers…

    … those peripatetic proselytisers of perversity, those promulgators of perdition, those instigators of insurrection, those assassins & arsonists… without whose mention – and a full reckoning – The Goyim will be herded, sooner (Biden) or later (Trump) down the gangplank… not to Disneyland, but to Golgatha

    1. Loved your alliteration, but you must learn to spell “Golgotha” correctly. I doubt if this was a typo since “a” and “o” are widely separated on the keyboard. 🙂

      You should also try to be a bit more well-balanced and moderate in judging the work of your intellectual superiors. This article by Kevin MacDonald, though it is not entirely convincing to hardened critics of Trump, is among the best pro-Trump articles ever written. Despite its shortcomings, it is well written and well argued — a creditable attempt at Trump promotion.

      Never forget MacDonald’s main point: Trump is infinitely preferable to Biden and the Democrats who would unleash all hell on earth. So if you’re going to vote at all, vote for Trump. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Take the risk. He may actually come to surprise you.

      MacDonald is 100% sincere in what he says, and this is what matters above all things in a writer: his passionate sincerity is the hallmark of his intellectual integrity.

      1. re “MacDonald is 100% sincere in what he says, and this is what matters above all things in a writer: his passionate sincerity is the hallmark of his intellectual integrity.”

        I’d imagine that the Marquis De Sade was also full of “passionate sincerity” in what he wrote. Would you therefore, Madame Butterfly, also stamp HIM with your imprimatur of “intellectual integrity”?

        I rest my case Your Honour.

        1. You have no case whatsoever, Mr Realist. Because your case is built on the false assumption that the Marquis de Sade was 100% “sincere” in what he wrote. Pretentious crap, yes. Dirty novels for degenerates, yes. But works of consummate genius anyone would be willing to die for? No! Absolutely not! Sincerity, as I see it, is not compatible with filthy-mindedness.

          The Marquis de Sade, after all, was nothing but a compulsive wanker. His books were written as aids to masturbation.

          If you wish to argue that wanking can be a very “sincere” pastime, I won’t argue with you. Because this is is obviously a subject you know far more about than I do, based on your specialist knowledge and practical experience of this bad habit. 🙂

      2. Do you, Madame Butterfly, happen to have any other ‘nomme de plumes’ to further bemuse, befuddle and – YES! – bewitch the benighted denizens of Darkmoon?

        It is The Prosecution’s intent, Your Honour, to demonstrate that The Defendant, apart from, apparently, being able to “channel” the intent & “sincerity” of the dear-departed – oops… LONG DEAD! – Marquis De Sade, is a chameleon-like charlatan preying upon the peccadilloes of the polloi posting at Pasha Parkmoon… going so far as to even impute – in public! – her own “imperfections” (cough! cough!) onto innocents!

        The Prosecution does however, due to the unfortunate nature of this psychotic condition, respectfully request a more lenient sentence… provided the Defendant’s “Shattered Personality” Disorder is treated by a strict regimen of psychotropic medication over the course of NOT LESS than 5 years!

        The Prosecution rests it’s case Your Honour

        (“BANG! BANG! ORDER… ORDER!!”)

        1. @ The Realist

          Thanks, sirrah! Like they say below stairs, “My, you really are a caution, m’dear, and no mistake!”

          ‘Tis always a pleasure to peruse the recondite ravings that reel from your prodigious pen, but I sometimes wish you could state more clearly what was on your mind. I’ve never seriously tried to read the Marquis de Sade. He was a product of the French Revolution which introduced pornography to all the booksellers on the Continent, which suited the Jews just fine. The Jews, as Lobro here will tell you, correctly, were the hidden hand behind the French Revolution. France was the first country to give the Jews their emancipation.

          Anyway, sirrah, I don’t think the word “sincerity” can be applied to a man whose main hobby was masturbation. That’s the point I was making. And I hope you will be sensible enough to accept my common sense dictum that respect and admiration should be reserved for noble minds and not for ignoble ones.

          My two cents…

    “But let me add. If you read The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, you would realize, that the so-called “Democracy” with its “Democratic Elections” is a farce. It is meaningless!”
    It doesn’t have to meaningless my friend…
    It’s only meaningless because we don’t take the time to fix the problem…
    “Never forget MacDonald’s main point: Trump is infinitely preferable to Biden and the Democrats who would unleash all hell on earth. So if you’re going to vote at all, vote for Trump. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Take the risk. He may actually come to surprise you.”
    You got that right…
    However, we’re at the point now where the election process itself is dystopian beyond belief, more than just the normal voting machine rigging PAT speaks rightly of… The Soros adl gangster dems already have their strategy figured out, to flood the country with mail-in ballots… Those are unreliable to say the least, and they know it… While they’re destroying the geographic distinction, capitalism, the family, the schools, football, racial harmony etc., they’re after the whole election process, a big target… after all, once you’ve killed that, where’s the nation?
    It’ll be here –
    There won’t be any Election Day… The big fight over that is baked in now…
    I expect Trump to retain the office in the end, because that’s the King David plan, he’s the Big Shabbos… But it is the intention of the Sorosites to instigate civil war… noting ruins a country quite like that, though if and when those gloves come off it will provide the big opportunity for, not just white nationalists and patriotic militiamen, but real republican constitutionalist americans of every racial distinction, to wipe out, with prejudice, all the enemies of the USA, definitely including the whole fiat money-fractional lending digital currency super-surveillance and control rothen central banker crowd, all the big-pharma gene gun vaxx pushers, border busting hard dope and human traffickers, every gd globalist nwo agenda agent, geo-engineers, spirit cooking pedophiles and child murdering blood drinkers…
    TOEJAM has the right idea, he should be writing Trump’s speaches…
    Lot of Trumpsters still think he will actually do everything right after this next ‘election’… Maybe so…. It’s ok with me if he does… First thing – put the army on the southern border… Doing it right would mean quelling the promised riots immediately and with no doubt, actually making american cities safe again… that’s going to take a huge force, an army big enough to patrol every rotten dem city in the country… he should have that lined up already… no way trump can stand by and watch any more of this antifa blm rioting… it’s got to be put down hard this time with deadly force used against arsonists, looters, assaults and destroyers of property… That’s all terrorism, they’re terrorists… And he needs to go after the traitors in office, people claiming sanctuary cities and states all over the country… Let that maggot Newsom go out on the first sweep…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      [MB writes] “Never forget MacDonald’s main point: Trump is infinitely preferable to Biden and the Democrats who would unleash all hell on earth. So if you’re going to vote at all, vote for Trump. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Take the risk. He may actually come to surprise you.”

      You got that right…

      I’m glad you agree, because I think this is an exceptionally well-argued article by MacDonald who openly and honesty admits that Trump is not exactly Mr Perfect. But he’s the best we’ve got. The lesser of two evils, if you will. With the distinct possibility that a second term in the White House will be like an incubus removed from his back and give him the chance to smash the Democrats into a thousand smithereens.

      Above all, we don’t want a Communist state in the US. We don’t want a Sovietized America. Even a benign plutocracy would be preferable.

      By a “benign plutocracy” (which at first sight may seem like a contradiction in terms), I mean a well-intentioned and compassionate oligarchy that is sensible enough to realize that ordinary working class Americans simply cannot be treated like disposable trash.They MUST have jobs, and they MUST have the dignity of labor with sufficient remuneration to care for their families properly. In other words, an America like the America of the 1950s.

    2. BARKINGDEER, you say of Democracy;
      “It’s only meaningless because we don’t take the time to fix the problem”
      The issue if not even in “fixing the problem” but rather, in “understanding the problem” The quandary that our politics through us in is because our so-called “Intellectuals” have always played the lieutenants of the System. Economists refuse to use logic. Historians tell lied. Doctors kill, teachers brain wash. And the leaders wring their hands in the air feigning helplessness.

      The problem, has to be defined first, before it can be solved. But most people even very learned, do not appear to understand this! That is why, I feel betrayed by the likes of McDonald who play he Apologetics for these Muppets of Illuminati Sesame Street. The problem is this “THE MONOPOLY OF GLOBAL CREDIT SYSTEM, WHICH MASQUERADES AS MONEY SYSTEM, WHICH IS UNDER THE HANDS OF PRIVATE AND MOSTLY JEWISH CETRAL BANKERS.” We can at least, be content, if these intellectuals never cease to harp on this!!

  17. Excellent article. “Finally, the #1 reason to want a Trump victory would be simply to see massive crowds of Trump haters weeping on TV, a repeat of 2016, but much worse.” I have had the same thought for a while.

  18. It’s a choice between a communist and a narcissistic clown,,,,,

  19. @Mahmoud Al-Yousseph, (comparative anthropology 201)
    sorry to break this to you but you are a minority-within-minority, most Muslims disagree with your political preferences, see here: ‘Trump does what he says’: Muslims abandon Biden, back president

    In a shocking turnaround, 61.48% of the 109 Muslim leaders who “represent two million voters” plan to vote for Trump. That is a slight edge over their 2012 vote for Barack Obama. [but … but … me no understand, Obama is Muslim, no? And Trump is Yehudi, according to so many amazingly smart and knowledgeable persons]

    Aksam’s Washington correspondent Yavuz Atalay shared his results with Secrets and said,

    “It’s about the trustworthy. Obama, Clinton said good words, but they did not do what they said. Biden is doing same things. Good words but no action. Trump does what he says.”

    Maybe they like the embassy move—he said, he done, sky fell (bounced back up).
    Another thing: Muslims are men who don’t go for hormone replacement therapy when they stop menstruating like the plucked-eyebrow western men and therefore retain man’s way of thinking, man’s outlook on the world,Trump does not cause hot flashes (TDS is the proper medical terminology for this reality-imploding phenomenon).

    And this, incidental: Under Trump, black prison rate lowest in 31 years, Hispanics down 24%
    Consider the embedded stats table, the top row (2009—Obama, Great Black Hope, I remember people weeping tears of joy on his election night, few days later at Nairobi airport, everybody reading his book, what a wonderful breeze of liberty and elation just around the corner … yowsa, just around the corner, or maybe the one after)
    rate of incarceration per 100,000 (partial breakdown)
    if someone wanted to run some categorical stats, e.g., Fisher’s exact test on this contingency table under the null hypothesis of row equality, I am sure it would be rejected at solid significance p<0.05.
    But what is it to those know better, to wit, no difference—translated into English: might as well stay in jail😴, don't let voting interfere with fun and excitement of solitary confinement—same as Kamala's promise of lifetime lockdown.

    Off to the Carnegie music hall to hear worldwide premiere of ✡️✡️✡️Schönberg's✡️✡️✡️ ‘Les Dissonances Cognitees’ in J-major (performed by Dachau Degenerate Orchestra in signature striped pajamas)

    1. @ LOBRO,

      First of all, my last name is El-Yousseph and not Al-Youosseph.

      Secondly, I totally disagree with you that more Muslims support Trump. The latest figures I read was 2/3 of Muslim Americans support Biden. In fact a number of Muslim American officials, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., signed a letter organized by Emgage Action endorsing Biden

      The letter says in part, “Our number one goal is to remove Donald Trump from office and to replace him with someone who can begin to heal our nation,”

      I will not vote for Trump even if you put a gun to my head! That said, I already voted for the lesser of two evils by mail.

    1. No comment received from you, BD. Post it again and it will be published if it gets through. We have nothing against your comments, I assure you, and welcome your viewpoint.

  20. I watched the unedited 60 minutes interview with Mr Trump . The main subject was masks and the “millions of lives” saved from a fictitious “novel” virus : see Dr Cowan’s latest clear and categorical review of the scientific papers on this subject – “The inconsistencies of the Corona Virus Story”

    The CDC conceded, ** non-proven ** “novel” virus scam has led to world economy collapse, 30 times more lock-down deaths than “lives saved” (based on unreliable paid-for death statistics), starvation, misery and depression across the world … and Trump appears to be going along with this shackling and destruction of humanity … until after the election???

    In this first term Trump selected virulent Tribe members and supporters, when he could have chosen more middle of the road staff. Why? Is that going to change after election?

    As I said above, working out the lesser of two evils is impossible.

    Perhaps an early civil war sparked by a Biden election would be better than a drawn out path under Trump.

    Under the drawn out path before the conflict begins, 5G will be fully up and running as the dissident kill weapon that it is, millions, perhaps the whole population will be agreeing to communism under universal basic income, all financial transactions will be tracked with the abandonment of cash, ….. etcetera … the vice will close upon the Godly section of society, forever. Once the vice closes, a fightback of any sort will be doomed.

    1. @ FLAN O’BRIEN

      A scary comment, Flan.

      If your fears are correct, we are heading for more than mere dystopia. We are heading for mass depopulation caused by a pandemic manufactured by the deep state and made worse by 5G. And Trump, you appear to believe, is part of this worldwide plot to cause this end-of-the-world situation.

      “Trump appears to be going along with this shackling and destruction of humanity,” you write, adding, “In this first term Trump selected virulent Tribe members and supporters, when he could have chosen more middle of the road staff. Why?”

      You then arrive at the startling conclusion:

      Perhaps an early civil war sparked by a Biden election [victory] would be better than a drawn out path under Trump […] Under the drawn out path before the conflict begins, 5G will be fully up and running as the dissident kill weapon that it is, millions, perhaps the whole population will be agreeing to communism under universal basic income, all financial transactions will be tracked with the abandonment of cash, ….. etcetera … the vice will close upon the Godly section of society, forever. Once the vice closes, a fightback of any sort will be doomed.

      I don’t think the situation is as bad as this, Flan, and I think it’s possible you are working yourself up into a needless state of panic. You are having an anxiety attack. Let’s wait and see what happens.

      1. Meanwhile, I think Kevin MacDonald is absolutely on the ball in his prediction that we can expect BIG TROUBLE in the aftermath of the election, with riots and violence leading perhaps to civil war, and that this will be caused by a contested election.

        Trump is not going to accept defeat. If he loses, he knows he is for the high jump. Already there are several rumors circulating that Trump will definitely be impeached and put behind bars if the Democrats win.

        The fact that he grovelingly offered Netanyahu the Golden Key to the White House is a sure sign, many are saying, that he is deeply implicated in all sorts of shady activities and that Mossad knows about all his skeletons in the cupboard.

        I am referring to the Epstein scandal and all that could yet emerge from the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

        1. If Biden wins then the globalist UN Agenda Resets will go into hyperdrive, and the FEMA camps will be filled with Covid Reset and anti-vax dissenters, which will erupt into riots and revolution with some states on the national sovereignty and independence side, likely with coups in the military command and most of the military on the sovereignty side. If Trump wins, the Covid Reset dissenters will ban together with the anti-vax and anti-5G people. There will be court challenges and civil disobedience but no actual revolution. In the meantime the Dems will regroup and come out with some star for the 2024 election.

      2. Hello Saki, no panic here. Through God’s grace I am already well positioned to ride out whatever is to come.

        I suppose it is the vice allusion that is scary to you.

        Mrs Thatcher destroyed the all powerful mining unions in the UK merely using phone tapping and of course careful stocking up of energy reserves.

        The covid hoax and Great Reset have been planned for decades and the phone tapping has be replaced by AI that knows the move, motivations, thoughts, associates of everyone on the planet that possess an internet connected device. That only excludes a handful of natives in Papua New Guinea.

        The vice is closing. Mrs Thatcher’s Great Reset was done with phone tapping alone.

  21. this by itself should be reason enough to cheer for a Trump victory:
    Trump To ‘Immediately Fire’ FBI, CIA Directors If Reelected
    since over 99% of cabinet candidates are beltway hyenas dragging the reek of the swamp behind them and thus bound to shaft the POTUS at every turn, how does one make a lucky strike and find an honest dealer among them?

    I would say, go by faces, I mean just look at them, e.g., Wray and Haspel, they radiate deceit and malice, faces that beg for a tomahawk swipe to cleave them down the middle. Ditto for Esper who looks like he tortured his pets as a kid and Pompeo, the rutting boar. Don’t need “Minority Report” to figure them out, faces mirror hearts and guts, result of lifetime thoughts just like the gut biome reflects the collective nature of the trillions of microorganisms forming a democratic syndicate to determine one’s health, immunity, longevity and everyday quality of life—face is the executive summary of all that.

    Haspel should be executed in Abu Ghraib prison yard where she first made a name for herself, leisurely garroted by that silk scarf she wears all the time—let the surviving inmates take care of her.
    And tell me, why do all these desiccated bitches three-quarter decomposed into fertilizer, Haspel, Clinton, Stahl, Feinstein, Pelosi, Yovanovitch wear scarves (Melania never does), is it some vampire club like the little tickle that freemasons give each other while shaking hands (at least that’s what we were told as kids)—i guess to hide the puncture holes of Satan’s fangs.

    Evil is kind of interesting, isn’t it.

    1. Evil is kind of interesting, isn’t it.

      Yeah, it sure is, Lobrovitchkin!
      And you’re the world’s expert on evil, ain’t ya? 🙂
      Hey, only kidding. I liked your comment.
      You are a fund of very useful information.

        1. @ LOBRO

          Glad to see you in a good mood today, Lobrovitchkin! But seriously, how is one to judge the “usefulness” of information if the information you provide is flatly contradicted by somebody else who claims to know more? I’m not knocking you here.

          Let me explain.

          Yesterday you said that Muslims were now rallying behind Trump and voting for him in increasing numbers. And I think you provided a link to back up this claim. Well, I didn’t know this. It surprised me. So I complimented you for giving us this snippet of “useful information”. It is certainly useful information to have if it is accurate information and you didn’t know it before.

          But today I log into the site and find, to my astonishment, that Mahmoud el-Yousseph contradicts your claim and states the opposite: that Muslms have abandoned Trump in huge numbers and are now voting for Biden. And Mahmoud, being a Muslim voter living in America, is surely more to be believed than you, who are a Canadian citizen living, so I hear, in some Asian country and far from the scene of action.

          I’m not saying you are lying, Lobrovitchkin. Or even that you are mistaken. I’m just pointing out that your statement has been flatly rejected as inaccurate by a Muslim voter in America.

          Peace and good will! 🙂

    2. Lobro,
      Scarves cover their necks/throats which are excellent indicators of a woman’s ACTUAL age. Face-lifts and plastic surgery can’t remedy the neck/throat. Yep. These b*tches should have retired decades ago ending their political terror campaigns. 🧣

  22. I read two days ago that White House Barbie and husband Jared Jewy Kushy threaten to sue The Lincoln Project over Times Square billboards. Gut luck to them!

    They both forget that this nation is based on free speech that is not meant only for the Trump family. Besides, they both sold the foreign policy for debt relief?

  23. G’day Pilgrims,

    TOEJAMICUS’ dream is very close to the mark.

    The sheer volume and intensity of the hatred and opposition to Trump tells the story.
    Trump et al had several major problems.
    Getting compromised Senators to approve his Cabinet appointments meant he often had to accept Deep State appointees. It takes time to weed them out as the fact that Wray and Haspel are still there attests.

    The Judiciary was totally compromised and it’s taken four years to rectify that with new appointments to SCOTUS and other Federal courts.

    Deep State swamp creatures swarm all over the bloated Federal bureaucracy and the Pentagon. Many are still there. They slow walk and/or block Trump administration investigations, reforms, policy initiatives and troop withdrawals. Most cultural Marxist minions cannot be converted and therefore need to be demoted or removed.

    Total opposition and bias by the MSM, the Tech companies, most major transnational corporations, Hollywood and most major cultural and sporting organizations, has meant Trump has to constantly confront that opposition directly and brazenly in order to get anything done and any message through. Even then, Trump’s message is often distorted by being truncated, misstated or misrepresented. That’s why his rallies are so popular – there’s no ‘middle man’ distortion. There he cannot be libelled or misinterpreted by the MSM et al. His rallies evidence the fact that Trump is very popular with mainstream USans and that his message resonates with them. If there was genuinely equal (or any?) popular support for Democrat Liberal ideas (as distinct from bought and paid for rent a crowd riots) Biden et al would be packing stadiums too.

    However, perhaps Trump’s biggest task has been to almost single handedly convey the sordid and almost unbelievable truth about US and global governance and society (including paedophilia, child trafficking and torture) to average USans who have been dumbed down by Talmudic education and cultural systems for decades.

    THAT problem is the main reason why Trump has not yet dropped the hammer on Deep State plotters, rioters and scamdemic perpetrators.

    USans (and people generally) cannot be told the truth, YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM! Riots and the Democrat police state tactics enforcing the COVID scamdemic against Trump’s advice, have shown USans the truth.

    Unfortunately many USans (and others) have been so thoroughly mind controlled that they’ll never GET IT, but many other have started to wake up to the global matrix and have begun to ‘see the Light’.

    Trump will win the election and he will drain the swamp AND eliminate The Fed and usurious JOO bankster ‘money’ creation and distribution. The result will be the abolition of poverty, scarcity and want, ie abundance for all.

    Peace and Blessings,

    1. it seems that for all my almost incessant harangues hammering at these exact points (sentence continues after quotes)

      The sheer volume and intensity of the hatred and opposition to Trump

      Getting compromised Senators to approve his Cabinet appointments meant he often had to accept Deep State appointees.

      Deep State swamp creatures swarm all over the bloated Federal bureaucracy and the Pentagon. Many are still there. They slow walk and/or block Trump administration investigations, reforms, policy initiatives and troop withdrawals.

      […] average USans (who) have been dumbed down by Talmudic education and cultural systems for decades.
      THAT problem is the main reason why Trump has not yet dropped the hammer on Deep State plotters, rioters and scamdemic perpetrators.

      (cont’d from before quoted text) … it takes an Aussie import to finally state it independently to the ‘both are Zio-puppets, long live noble apathy’ junkies of inaction—sorry for sounding stridently arrogant and it is not my intention but it is a truth that must be told and retold until people either catch on or start arguing coherently.

      1. Lobro –
        Your “incessant harangues” are guesses… as are my political comments… as well as Ron’s. Lotta fun! 👍
        You have written that “proof is no good…. because it defaults to the physical” every time. Remember?

  24. the fact of life in a democracy is hat no candidate will ever be perfect… if he’s perfect for you, he will sooner or later be imperfect for somebody else… if everybody who sees an imperfection or even a glaring fault refuses to vote on that basis, you will get no votes, there will be no democracy… the real reason some people don’t vote or otherwise get involved is because they have it pretty good, therefore they’re not motivated… it’s a bit hard to take, the aloof, voluntary effete really… i heard pence saying today they were going to go after the sanctuary cities, put a stop to that… ok… good…
    trump will have the opportunity to straighten this country out after this election, really MAGA… but it’s not going to happen unless he goes for it all… and it will mean serious trouble… but it has to be done…
    he will have no excuse to not restore the county to law and order…
    if he doesn’t – he’s the fake news…
    they say the tree of liberty has to be watered with the blood of patriots…
    maybe so, but we want the blood of traitors more…

  25. ADMIN
    it came through after about 12 hours…
    the edit function didn’t work on that one…
    it did work on the one i just posted, which showed up immediately, like this one…
    go figure…

    1. BD,

      Maybe you shouldn’t edit ONLINE.
      I advised you before to edit the whole comment AT HOME,
      and post it only when it is word perfect.
      Why don’t you try doing that?

  26. this should be of interest to Godophiles, who may or may not be outnumbered by Godophobes here:
    Archbishop Viganò hints he believes God will deliver the election to President Trump
    Unfortunately God is not an American, contrary to popular belief, not only does He not have papers, doesn’t even qualify as an illegal alien because the kabbalah filters are designed to keep Him out, churches under corona lockdown unlike Antifa marches (“hurrah, hurrah, when we wuz marchin tru Georgia”, BLM anthem bringing Jewbilee to hopeful masses).
    so let me just isolate a claim or two by Msgr Viganò where he also exposes the coup against God in Vatican by the Deep Hell and antipope Bergoglio-Biden conspiracy once Hellary, the Rothschild chief-of-goy-staff persecuted Benedict 16th into oblivion:

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise if the priorities of Bergoglio’s political program coincide with Joe Biden’s priorities. Migration, environmentalism, Malthusian ecologism, gender ideology, the dissolution of the family and globalism are common to the deep state and deep church agenda. Bergoglio’s formal opposition to abortion and the LGBT indoctrination of children is disavowed in practice, both by the Bishops’ support for those who promote it politically, and for those who theorize about the use of birth control and the recognition of the rights of sodomites.

    The mark that unites these movements is lying and deception, division and destruction, hatred for Tradition and Christian civilization. And ultimately, the theological aversion to Christ, typical of Lucifer and his followers.

    yet another high churchman came out swinging the anointed bat, didn’t he, not all of them sold out.

    the anti-gospel of the Synagogue of Satan is spreading because of the preaching of the children of darkness, the testimony of public figures, celebrities and entertainers, and self-styled philanthropists [LOL, good term for a typical Good Jew].

    Allow me to recall the words of President Trump at the end of the recent Republican National Convention:
    «Our opponents say that redemption for you can only come from giving power to them.»
    This “redemption” consists in denying God’s sovereign rights over individuals, societies, nations, and replacing the gentle yoke of Christ with the odious tyranny of Satan.

    So let us not be fooled by the mellifluous words of those who usurp the biblical metaphor of the children of light and the children of darkness to establish the kingdom of Lucifer: the darkness and chaos we see in American cities are the fruit of the same ideology that approves of postnatal abortion and homosexual marriage, just as the backers of the BLM and Antifa movements are precisely the Democrats and the “philanthropic” foundations that furiously oppose Trump’s re-election.

    There is that word, “philanthropic” again, by the time enough people catch on, it will become censored as hate speech, like so many others that Jews themselves brought to the fore, e.g., k–e (circle in Yiddish).
    Of course, there will be those who don’t see any difference between God and Lucifer either—be sure to understand that I AM NOT POINTING FINGER AT ANYONE, just saying what seems a reasonable extension of the present trajectories.

    PS “Post-natal abortion” … is there a statutory limit, e.g., a fetus cannot be aborted after age 30

    1. G’day again LOBRO,

      Thanks for the reference to Archbishop Viganò’s views.
      He’s certainly right about Bergoglio and Co.
      His Trump quotes are excellent.
      My take on the Vigano’s spiritual views is at: Archbishop Viganò hints he believes God will deliver the election to President Trump – http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Archbishop-Vigan-hints-he-believes-God-will-deliver-the-election-to-President-Trump.shtml
      I’ve used your excellent question on: “Post-natal abortion” … is there a statutory limit, e.g., a fetus cannot be aborted after age 30?”
      Peace and Blessings,

  27. Pat
    What’s going on in this 2020 election doesn’t necessarily support the contention that there is only one source “counting” the votes in a fraudulent action of selecting a POTUS.

    In a recent podcast Biden was recorded saying to Democrat operatives that “we” have implemented the most extensive voter fraud scheme in history. Said in a PODCAST! This trojan horse of a candidate is goin off the rails in his dementia, and in the last week before the election his handlers are stopping the campaigning to keep him from putting BOTH feet in his mouth. The Dems are desperate to “steal” the election, or put another way, to circumvent the selection process.

    Two factions. One behind China, Russia, and their Allies backing Biden and the Dems. The other behind the U.S., Israel and their Allies backing TRUMP ALONE, virtually, with few exceptions like Rand Paul. This is because in effect the Republican party is no different than the Dems (R.I.N.O.s- Republican In Name Only).

    Playin on the same stage
    But not on the same page

    Bottom line: It doesn’t matter which (((side))) wins, “we the people” get it up the arse either way, i.e.; we lose in the end 😬

    1. Over 75% of registered voters live in regions that use computer generated tallies in several forms. That’s enough to get control.

      1. Pat,

        What are you predicting for next week? Who are the BIG💰MONEY High Rollers in Vegas betting on to !WIN IT! ? Who have the pharisees chosen to win next week ? How will the losing side react to losing? How will the winning side react to the way to the losing side reacts to losing? We would like to knows these things in advance and you’re THE MAN to tell us in advance all the things we want to know In Advance! 😊

      2. Pat
        It’s not a question of GETTING control, but exactly WHO gets it. It’s not a simple matter of saying it’s “da joos” that have it, but WHICH joos?

        TROJ: Trump will “win”

      3. My frame of reference suggests 2 primary Annunaki factions who’ve controlled government actions since time immemorial. So for me the question isn’t so much WHICH Jews, but WHOSE Jews?

  28. Lasha,

    You live in the U.K. but you were born and raised in the United States, you were born to AMERICAN parents In the United States of America [ though you never told us where you’re from in the United States and I for one am curious, I don’t know why it has to be such a big secret, wtf ] — so you’re a citizen of The United States so you can legally vote in American presidential elections so who are you voting for, Trump or Biden? Who are you voting for and why are you voting for that candidate. We’re dying to know! We don’t know where you live in the U.K. either and we would like to know that also. I understand for safety reasons you can’t be specific, just give us the general area of the U.K. where you reside — when you tell us where in the USA you were raised, you don’t have to be specific about that either, just give us a general area in the USA where you were a young intellectual precocious girl with a wealthy daddy who spoiled you so much you actually think you’re a Moon Goddess, daddy’s girl LERVED to ride HORSES and daddy LERVED to indulge his girl’s PASSION for Those MAGNIFICENT CREATURES, right, daddy’s little girl would grow up to be an “accomplished” HORSE woman, right? You know what I mean, right? How can you not know, lol.

    1. @ TROJ

      The little information you have managed to piece together about Lasha is inaccurate and false.

      Let’s just say that Lasha has close links with Canada and Florida. She spent many happy years living and working in Toronto, and she has also spent a lot of time in sunny Florida, especially in the winter season when most people flock to Florida for the sun.

      The happiest days of Lasha’s life were spent in Florida. But that was a long, long time ago. Florida, like Toronto, is no longer what it was. It has become dangerous, seedy and polluted. Lasha spent a lot of her time in the Palm Beach area of Florida, where the fabulously rich live, many of them Jewish multimillionaires.

      Lasha did not personally mingle with any Jews in Florida but had one Jewish friend who worked in an exclusive boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. This attractive young lady was a surrealist artist and yoga practitioner, converted to a cultish fringe Christianity. And from her Lasha learned a lot about art, dolphins, tantric yoga, and Jews in the art world. Lasha also learned, from personal experience, that Jews could be charming and delightful people, highly intelligent, witty, and open to friendship with non-Jews. Provided you treated them properly and didn’t wind them up by calling them evil! 🙂

      For this reason, if no other, Lasha totally rejects the label of “antisemite”. Her close friendship with this one Jewish visionary artist makes it impossible for her to be labeled a “Jew hater”. A harsh critic of organized Jewry, yes, and in this loose sense, “antisemitic”.

      I hope I have satisfied your curiosity.

      1. Sister –

        Lasha might have encountered TROJ during some of her benevolent volunteer social work assisting the inmates at Chatahoochee. TROJ just required/longed-for more attention from a sweet, beautiful woman. 🤓 (There’s no telling what injury occurred to his mind, as a result.)

      2. Evidently, Gilbert could make an excellent psychoanalyst 🙂

        He reminded me of a joke which I heard in the old days when I was still a young woodpecker.

        One TROJ visits a female doctor. To the inquiry of the doctor “What do you complain about, dear?” TROJ confusedly replies: This is a little awkward for me, doctor, but I seem to have three cojones in place of the normal two.

        Doctor: That is interesting, let me check – and she starts groping TROJ. After the short procedure she, perplexed, reports: Strange, I can feel only two! To which TROJ replies with a big and happy smile: Yes, doctor, but I longed-for women’s caress so much for so long!


        I have no idea why TROJ wants to know where Lasha lived in the US or where is living in the UK.
        He annoyed me, even more when he said we’re are dying to know,… Who are we? I did not give him the mandate to speak on my behalf? For some reason, TROJ thinks he is on E-Harmony.com instead of Darkmoon.

        I know Lasha since 2008 and I never knew where she lives or where she went to college.

        I am glad TROJ did not ask Lasha about her age, weight, here real hair color, or how much she earns?
        You would think someone his age would know better. Sadly not!

  29. “Jews for Trump” Car Parade Stirs Protests, Fights in New York:


    I was wondering how does this “Jews for Trump” motor rally fit in Lobro’s grand scheme of things, which – if I understand it correctly – is pivoted on the notion that the Jews are a cohesive bunch of absolutely evil geniuses that control everything from the times of Egyptian pharaohs on to our days … except the stealthy Donald, that is, who is out there to trump these bastards intellectually and kill them all after his inauguration.

    I am sure he can come up with a perfectly reasonable explanation.

    1. Indeed, how’s the following for “perfectly reasonable”.

      There are faint cracks in the Jew monolith, one is Ashkenazis against the Sephardi and the other one is Hofjuden highly trained manipulators and planners (Frankists?) versus the hardcore Talmudists (Haredi-Lubavitcher-Hassidis-ultra orthodox Jews).
      Trump has put his hammer and chisel to this latter crack not so much to cause a serious rift which if not impossible is highly improbable because in the end they are all Talmudists, equally goy hating, equally earnest in “tob shebbe goyyim harog” daily curse.
      But if you watch his moves, consistently wooing the Chabad troglodytes whether in New York or Israel with these ***MINDLESSLY SYMBOLIC*** stunts, e.g., pardon for psycho animal killer Rubashkin, embassy move, 8 inch key-cum-dildo present (anyone who takes it seriously should insist on checking which doors to the White House does it unlock, can any Jew use it at will, is there a legal contract whereby Trump cannot change locks LOL) and for these asinine cheap antics what does he get in return?
      Lots: because it shuts up the MSM, they are frothing impotently while he can thumps his chest about heroic defense of IsraHELL even as Hofjuden see through the ruse perfectly but are unable to point at the king with no clothes without likewise shooting themselves in the foot because he would of course instantly go on counter-offensive and call them, are you ready LOL—ANTISEMITES!!!👹

      Do you see the genius?

      This what Kevin MacDonald clearly caught onto and for this reason my respect for his strategic ability has jumped hundredfold, because so preciously few can see it—Maestro Putin for sure.

      Since we are at this point, let me just add that both Putin and Xi pulled a masterstroke when they paid multimillion dollar bribes to Biden crime family and Clinton prior to that (uranium deal)—because of the hedge against Trump losing, in which case they got those plague rats on a tight leash, not only does Ghislaine Maxwell and her Mossad office have files on them but Voivode Putin as well (he also has ironclad proof of Holohoax bullshit, can make it open-and-shutcase which is why again, Israelis are super nice to him while the Hofjuden MSM are grumbling but not too loudly)
      And now Trump can scream that Russia favored Biden and Democrats all along and turn the tables on (((Democrats))), the same game rules as with aforementioned Jew-jitsu, Jew’s eternal gamesmanship ran into a legitimate opponent at the long last.
      While all along, the true partnership is between Trump, Putin and Xi.
      The cruel beauty of it is that Jew has been speaking the hated TRUTH all along with “Russia collusion” claim, yes, it was a true collusion in plain sight (as I kept insisting, even suspected that Merkel may be a deep mole—we shall see yet, here I am 50-50, not betting, just suspecting) and there is NOTHING Jew can do about it, the Devil’s children of Lie and darkness forced to speak the truth and no one believes them—LOL².

      makes sense?
      Picture this to get an instant image: grab the serpents forked tongue, each hand a different end and yank them apart—this is how these masters deal with It.
      It hurts, hear them screaming.

      1. @Lobro

        Indeed, how’s the following for “perfectly reasonable”.

        This is a very nice theory, that much is certain.

        Q: Does it have anything to do with reality?
        A: I wouldn’t bet on that. But, hey, it’s just me.

        Speaking of betting, if any of you is playing markets, I would suggest you get out of all your long and short positions now and stay on the sidelines for the next couple of weeks.

      2. “makes sense?” Only within a fictitious realm… fiction. It’s a start of a good novel to use for deep sleep.

      3. if Trump loses election, watch the wild celebrations in Tel Aviv.
        That should tell you the truth about the phony love affair between Trump and IsraHELL.

        But my point is that unless Trump implements the martial law under the full military force, plugs all ports of entry, curfews, shooting looters on sight, mass arrests of military, FBI and CIA traitors (this should be the very first act by the Marines and Nat Guard), shuts down think tanks, grabs media and social network psychos by the throat, boots up the grand juries, takes over monetary policy—it is all futile, election this or election that, just whistling dixie past the graveyard.
        He must act quickly and decisively, be as brutal as necessary or face the firestorm out of control, the longer he dawdles the more intractable the plague gets.

        Dictatorship or bust, he may as well pack his bags and go hide in some place of refuge (only Russia and China are strong enough to protect him from the Talmudic wrath), otherwise he should blow his brains out in the bunker beneath the White House, just like AH because Jew hates him every bit as much, NEWrenbug show trial already planned (a Protocols footnote), Alec Baldwin gets the Orange Clown role, already familiarizing with script for the upcoming production.

        This definitely begs for a Stalin type firefighter.

        Thinking that election victory will solve anything is pissing upwind.

        1. @ Lobro

          So why don’t you send Trump an email and advise him to invoke martial law? All problems solved then, right?

          Trump would have to be remarkably dimwitted if the idea of invoking martial law had not occurred to him already, since it has occurred to you. It follows that he will either invoke martial law or he will not.

          My bet is that he will NOT invoke martial law for the simple reason that the Army will refuse to obey him — especially if he has just lost the election.

          Your farcical assumption that all he as to do is bark out his commands — “Do this! Do that!” — and the Armed forces and the police will jump to implement his diktats, is a sign of your complete ignorance of the limitations of power that fence in the President of America. Trump does NOT have the same dictatorial powers enjoyed by Stalin and Hitler. This is America, not the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

          Compared to Stalin and Hitler, Trump is a cipher, a paradigm of impotence.

          1. @ Manfred

            Bravo, Manfred! You have spoken the truth.
            And in doing so you have made yourself unpopular.
            Stick around and don’t be intimidated.

            1. To invoke martial law is one thing. To have your orders obeyed by the armed forces is another. It doesn’t follow that issuing dictatorial commands must always lead to the implementation of those commands. For martial law to be implemented, the leader who declares martial law must be held in high respect throughout the nation and his diktats must receive the approval of a majority in his own party and even by huge numbers of the Opposition. Above all, he must have the backing of of well over 50% of the population. Trump just doesn’t have such backing. He doesn’t even have the media on his side, let alone popular support.

      4. Saki,
        valid points.
        On the other hand, a few points of binary nature that are either true or not, nothing in-between.
        If Trump loses, and either does not call martial or the army chiefs give him finger (because they forgot what it means to be an American) the Antichrist train rolls into station—for good, say goodbye to memory of former life.
        Biden, Kamala, BLMala, the entire Congress are all camouflage for the real thing, which is that you become a slave such as the world hasn’t seen since day one, a slave’s slave.
        First these lockdown become cradle to grave, no more socializing of any sort, it is you and the System, one-on-one, deal symbolized in mask wearing in perpetuity, even at home, permit sought and obtained for lifting it in order to brush teeth. It is already 75% true in Melborne, the spearpoint of things to come.
        Mandatory 24-hour submission to AI spying devices, Alexa and all the rest, reminding you that your porno-viewing time is short of required. Children become just another product expelled by bodily functions, assumed by the state as soon as breached, for whatever purposes, work, fun or meat.
        I mean, JUST LOOK! at what the anti-Trump (even if fake, i.e., Trump part of the game) faction entails, hear their words, read their lips, observe what they do, what they write, what trends and tendencies they insert into people’s brains—everything I said above is just rephrasing of what they are about—and when they get power, ot will be FULL power, no halfassed negotiations for the sake of nice democracy, take the Bolsheviks and transplant them to here and now, a hundred Trotskys and Zinovievs and Yezhovs are waiting to process you—have you any doubt? They were always here, your neighbors, the Nice Jews.
        In the words of great Leyba Davidovich Bronstein, aka Trotsky:

        We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian American intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence… At the moment, our young men in their leather jackets [i.e., the mark of the Good Jew back then, now antiracist Antifa rally organizer, cos Black Lives Matter], who are the sons of watchmakers stockbrokers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, know how to hate everything Russian American! What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian American intelligentsia — officers, academics and writers!…”

        So yeah, welcome to outrage against crazy lobro advocating the ONLY WORKABLE SOLUTION.
        What recourse is left to the cattle herded into boxcars for that last mile trip?
        A mass breakout … or maybe worry about the Golden Key, its magical powers sprinkled with fairy dust as it is.
        One more post coming that ties into this by way of educational message.

      5. In this hour of Sesame Street let’s talk our favorite subject, The Protocols—YEAH!
        The Jewish Chronicle, of London, said in 1919:

        “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the IDEALS OF BOLSHEVISM AT MANY POINTS ARE CONSONANT WITH THE FINEST IDEALS OF JUDAISM.”

        In the same paper, of 1920, is a report of an address made by Israel Zangwill, a noted Jewish writer, in which he pronounced glowing praise on
        the race which has produced a Beaconsfield, a Reading, a Montagu, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotsky.
        Mr. Zangwill, in his swelling Semitic enthusiasm, EMBRACED THE JEWS IN THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT IN THE SAME CATEGORY WITH THE JEWS OF THE HUNGARIAN AND RUSSIAN BOLSHEVIK GOVERNMENTS. What is the difference? They are all Jewish, and all of equal honor and usefulness to “the race.”

        Bernard Lazare, a Jewish writer who has published a work on anti-Semitism, says:
        “The Jew, therefore, does take a part in revolutions, and he participates in them in so far as he is a Jew, or more correctly, in so far as he remains a Jew.”
        [i.e., EVERY Jew, including Good ones]
        He says also — “The Jewish spirit is essentially a revolutionary spirit, and consciously or otherwise, the Jew is a revolutionist.”

        Does any of the foregoing conflict with what I said in my posts about the urgency of Martial Law? Because this is what is breathing hot down your necks and yet all you care about are these political rattles, Trump’s hijinks of zero practical consequence—even the Astounding-OMG™ $75 MM that Adelson gave him for reelection, as if $75 million can buy Trump’s full service. No, Adelson knows the business of hedging and risk assessment and reinsurance, meaning that in case of Trump victory he takes it easy on certain targets, including Adelson, his casinos and Chabad, which is why Derschowitz has so visibly staked his position with Trump’s. Business of survival, that’s all.
        Now in the epilogue to the 1920 British edition, the editor says this:

        What are the theses of the “Protocols” with which, in the absence of public criticism, British readers have to grapple alone and unaided? They are, roughly:

        (1) There is, and has been for centuries, a secret international political organization of the Jews. [presumably we all know this]

        (2) The spirit of this organization appears to be an undying traditional hatred of the Christian world, and a titanic ambition for world domination. [presumably most also know why]

        (3) The goal relentlessly pursued through centuries is the destruction of the Christian national States, and the substitution for them of an international Jewish dominion. [as seen in daily MSM sludge]

        (4) The method adopted for first weakening and then destroying existing bodies politic is the INFUSION OF DISINTEGRATING POLITICAL IDEAS OF CAREFULLY MEASURED PROGRESSIVE DISRUPTIVE FORCE, from liberalism to radicalism, and socialism to communism, culminating in anarchy as a reductio ad absurdum of egalitarian principles. Meanwhile Jewry remains immune from these corrosive doctrines. “WE PREACH LIBERALISM TO THE GENTILES, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND WE KEEP OUR OWN NATION IN ENTIRE SUBJECTION” (page 55). Out of the welter of world anarchy, in response to the desperate clamour of distraught humanity, the stern, logical, wise, pitiless rule of “the King of the Seed of David” is to arise.
        [Here we are: the choice is squarely between a gentile dictator or the “pitiless rule of “the King of the Seed of David” and by voting against Trump, you would assuredly select the latter, even if Trump-vote is only lobro’s pie-in-the-sky hypothesis, ride the bus off the Grand Canyon cliff or take your chances jumping out at speed]

        (5) Political dogmas evolved by Christian Europe, democratic statesmanship and politics, are all equally contemptible to the Elders of Zion [and quite rightly so, because democracy is nothing but bovine stampede to a hole of Jew’s choosing—Come to Kamala🧜]. To them statesmanship is an exalted secret art, acquired only by traditional training, and imparted to a select few in the secrecy of some occult sanctuary. “POLITICAL PROBLEMS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD BY ORDINARY PEOPLE; they can only be comprehended, as I have said before, by rulers who have been directing affairs for many centuries.” (Protocol 13.2.)

        (6) To this conception of statesmanship the masses are contemptible cattle, and the political leaders of the Gentiles, “upstarts from its midst as rulers, are likewise blind in politics.” They are puppets, pulled by the hidden hand of the “Elders,” puppets mostly corrupt, always inefficient, easily coaxed, or bullied, or blackmailed into submission, unconsciously furthering the advent of Jewish dominion.

        (7) The Press, the theatre, stock exchange speculations, science, law itself, are, in the hands that hold all the gold, so many means of procuring a deliberate confusion and bewilderment of public opinion, demoralization of the young, and encouragement of the vices of the adult, eventually substituting, in the minds of the Gentiles, for the idealistic aspiration of Christian culture the “cash basis” and a neutrality of materialistic scepticism, or cynical lust for pleasure.

        So yeah, tell me about the “due process” or how I am a raving, frothing Nazi or something. But when done with ad hominem hyperventilating, reread and think.

      6. @Lobro

        But my point is that unless Trump implements the martial law under the full military force, plugs all ports of entry, curfews, shooting looters on sight, mass arrests of military, FBI and CIA traitors (this should be the very first act by the Marines and Nat Guard), shuts down think tanks, grabs media and social network psychos by the throat, boots up the grand juries, takes over monetary policy—it is all futile, election this or election that, just whistling dixie past the graveyard.

        This is a strong statement, brother.

        Now, having made your point the way you made it, if Trump wins the election (which, I believe, is all but certain) plus he doesn’t do anything of the like, would it be reasonable to assume that something is terribly wrong with: either (1) your take on Trump or (2) your world view in general of how things are and how they work in real world?

        I imagine that you would probably want to ask a different question: Circ, if Trump wins the election plus he does pretty much as I would have him, would it be reasonable to assume that something is terribly wrong with: either (1) your take on Trump or (2) your world view in general of how things are and how they work in real world?

        My answer to that would be: Yes, it would be; what is more, I would have to agree that I was ‘guilty’ on both counts.

      7. “crazy lobro” – PARANOIA RUNS DEEP…. You should have that checked. Not all are shooting at you! 👅😎
        It’s easy to cure.
        As a nuclear trained engineer in US Navy…. I left nuke paranoia in the 80s.

      8. give us more non-sequiturs, Pat, we’re running low.
        some examples: naval engineers during the Napoleonic wars who likewise didn’t believe in nukes, or
        naval engineers in the 1917 Imperial Baltic fleet, say aboard cruiser Aurora who thought the Bolshoi unrests were just an exercise in paranoia.
        We all have theories, some pan out and some don’t, e.g., Adelson+Trump getting humongously rich (Trump Organization Selling Iconic Helicopter As Pandemic Hammers Business) through chain of newly built casinos in Syria, Iraq, Libya … 🤨—roll the dice!

        I tossed mine, let’s see where they land starting next Tuesday.
        I will not bet the farm on long stretches of worldwide boredom, that’s for sure.

      9. Lobro –
        No boredom worldwide as musselman beheads women in church in Nice, France this morning! 😡

        1. It’s important for Trump to win — because he’s doing his best to keep Islamic Jihadists OUT OF THE UNITED STATES. In France yesterday a Muslim killed 3 Catholics in a Catholic church in Nice, France. Yes, you read that correctly. 3 Catholics were killed in a Catholic church — as a Catholic Mass was just starting — 3 Catholics KILLED in a Catholic church during a Catholic Mass by a Muslim.

          If biden-KAMALA win they will make sure to flood the United States with Muslims, INCLUDING LOTS OF ISLAMIC JIHADISTS, just like they have Islamic Jihadists all over Europe now. Obama wanted to flood the USA with Muslims including LOTS OF Islamic Jihadists, Hellary want to do the same, biden-KAMALA are full-on-board on flooding the USA with Muslims including LOTS of Ilsmaic Jihadists. The agenda of Muslim immigration into the USA is an agenda they use in order to bring JIHADISTS into the country in order to foment a WAR in the United States. Their agenda is not about respecting or appreciating Islam or liking Muslims or wanting the best for Muslims, the Muslim immigration agenda is ALL about bringing in as many Islamic Jihadists into the USA as possible — in order to foment a WAR in the United States.

          If they, those who push the Muslim immigration agenda, if they really respected Islam and really liked and respected Muslims and really wanted the best for Muslims they would NOT wage WAR against Muslim countries. They same ilk pushing for massive Muslim immigration into the USA are the same ones who are constantly pushing to wage WAR against Muslim countries.

          Obama and Hillary made such a big stink about how much they love Muslims and that’s why they wanted massive Muslim immigration into the USA, while they were waging WAR against Muslim Syria and Muslim Libya. It has nothing to do with respecting Muslims or wanting the best for Muslims, the Muslim immigration agenda is about fomenting WAR in the USA [ and other Western countries ].

          Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kamala, they don’t want peaceful Muslims immigrating to the USA, they actually actively seek out the most violent Muslims in the Muslim world and encourage those violent Jihadist type Muslims to immigrate to the United States. Well, not Obama, Hillary, Biden, or Kamala themselves, but the ones behind the scenes who pull their strings are the omes who go around the Muslim world seeking out the most Jihadist type Muslims to come to the USA.

          THANK GOD for Trump who is trying hard to protect the United States from Islamic Jihad. So far he’s been doing pretty good. biden-KAMALA are NOT going to protect the United States from Islamic Jihad, if they win they will bring in LOTS of Islamic Jihadists into the United States and they will greatly encourage the new “Americans” to go on all kinds of Islamic Jihads. LOTS of Americans will get killed in cold blood if biden-KAMALA win. Both biden and KAMALA greatly encourage the BLM/ANTIFA rioters in the streets, and run-of-the-mill street criminals, they both encourage and cheer-on and celebrate the looting and killing thge violence the arson, A LOT of ARSON. War is at the foundation all about ARSON. biden and KAMALA are actually happy about all THE ARSON being committed in the United States right now. How disgusting. If celebrating criminals committing A LOT OF ARSON in the USA and encouraging even more killing and more violence and more blood shed and more ARSON and more Americans getting BURNED ALIVE IN ARSON FIRES is not TREASON I don’t know what is.

          3 Catholics were killed in a Catholic church during a Catholic Mass by a Muslim Jihadist in Nice, France. If biden-KAMALA win Islamic terrorism will be coming to the USA BIG TIME. And between the Muslims who really are Muslims and really are fanatic Islamic Jihadists and the jews who are jew terrorists and want WAR in the streets of America but pretend to be “Muslim” terrorists and commit violnce while appearing to the world as being “Muslims”, great violence will coming to the United States if biden-KAMALA win.

          NOTE : To those who don’t like Catholics, violence will take place in synagogues, mosques, temples, everywhere, religious places and secular places. NOT only Catholics will be victims of violence if biden-KAMALA win.

          The puppet masters of biden-KAMALA, the ones who pull the strings attached to biden-KAMALA, their puppetmasters are deeply deeply evil. And biden-KAMALA are also evil in their own right, as they allow themselves to be controlled by deeply evil masters. KAMALA just oozes MURDER, she has the spirit of murder about her, and not just the spirit of one or two murders but the spirit of LOTS and LOTS of murder. And she will be THE ONE to be the president if biden-KAMALA win. biden will not be the president, KAMALA will be the president — and she has the spirit of MASS MURDER about her, the spirit of murder just oozes out of all of her pores. [ also : KAMALA cackles the way HELLARY cackles ]

          Trump has faults but his faults don’t include wanting to see WAR come to the United States, biden-KAMALA want WAR and want WAR right here in the United States. It’s IMPORTANT for Trump to win.

          1. Gee, I can’t wait for biden-KAMALA to win so they can give THE SIGNAL to all of the Islamic Jihadists in the United States to start beheading us White Americans in our churches and everywhere else and get away with it and actually be rewarded for it, be coddled and be praised and be celebrated for it, and have the government actually pay them for it thru FREE EVERYTHING FOR THEM FOR LIFE, nice work if you can get it. Just what The Founding Fathers envisioned! White Americans getting beheaded by hordes of crazed black and brown mohammedans going on Islamic Jihad against White Americans on the orders of the jews and the chinese and the white traitors and sell-outs, the mercenary bastards.

      10. HP
        I wonder which one of Hercules’ labors is the one where Trump overhauls the monetary policy? Accomplish that, and Hercules becomes the greatest superhero of all-time. But to do so, even HE would need a bodyguard contingent with an arsenal of antikryptonite 😳

      11. @HP & Brownhawk

        Your “Hercules’ labors” jab is not entirely out of place, but it appears that you both have missed Lobro’s main premise:

        Trump is not your lone fairytale Hercules – he is rather one of the Three Bogatyrs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogatyr Trump, presumably, being Ilya Muromets – the guy in the middle – while Putin and Xi Jinping are the other two guys) who, in concert, fight Kashchey the Immortal (the Jew) to free the beautiful princess (gentiles).

        There is only one tiny problem with this premise: it has absolutely nothing to do with reality – it exists in Lobro’s head only.

        It’s too fanciful to be adopted even as a plot for a political theatre.

  30. Can any Darkmooner explain why Donald Trump released his full ’60 Minutes’ interview with Lesley Stohl before it was broadcasted by CBS News? What could possibly his motive be? I am lost on this one!


      Maybe you are right! I have long suspected that TROJ had a soft spot for Lasha

    2. MAHMOUD
      The Network will probably edit the presentation to serve its own purposes… this way trump has the proof otherwise .. he might have waited until after they aired it, then showed his version to prove they lie, in the event they did alter it…. in any case the media animosity continues to increase sentiment for him, most people understand the commercial media for the toxic fraud that it is now…


        I do agree with you only if he had shown after it was aired to refute. Besides, Lesley Stohl is a very highly respected journalist. For some reason, I did notice he was scared and nervous. Plus, he answered questions she never asked. That is my two cents.

      1. Hey blabbermouth, Macron can not throw a snaked into a cradle and then act surprised if the baby gets bit.”
        As my dear LD eloquently put it here 4 years ago, ” The French are pushing their luck. They should back off and stop behaving like cheap bullies. Have they learned nothing from their cruel war crimes in Algeria? ”

        Lasha added in her comment, “thanks to the Jews from whom you take your orders!”

        Right now I am in the middle of finishing a lengthy article about the French assault on Muslims.

        Just stay tuned, Jewy Joe!

    3. I’ll say first that I am not voting. I won’t vote for Trump because he had an Iranian General murdered which I consider disgusting. He released the tape because he says Stahl is extremely biased and dishonest. I agree with him on that and like most of the US mainstream media, she is repulsive and very dishonest.

      She took at least one statement, and I think there were several things where he was joking (as he often does with the crowd) and she questioned him on it as if he was serious to make him look bad. She probably got him a few more votes for her dishonesty. His is an unedited version of their conversation so 60 Minutes could not edit the interview as liars might do to falsify the conversation. Many people don’t like dishonesty or liars and our media is full of them (3 years spent on the Russia hoax in an attempt to carry out a coup) . For their hatred of him I look forward to seeing their ugly, lying faces when he destroys Biden in the voting. I hope and think he will win.


    If I know your real name, I would sue you in court for slander and for smearing my name by fabricating outlandish lies against me on this site.

    You remind of the man who gets a call from the school, to tell him that, your son has been telling lies; to which the man said: “Well, tell him he’s bloody good. I ain’t got any kids.”

  32. ADMIN
    I get your advice on the editing… i do that as a precautionary measure, when i can remember to…
    Just Saying, when the site does not give me the normal 5 minute opportunity to edit my comment immediately upon posting, the comment gets lost for a while, sometimes never to be found again…. i wonder what’s wrong… why does it not always give the normal opportunity to edit?

    1. I don’t know. None of us have any technical knowledge.
      The technical genius who set up our site has done a bunk.

  33. Last time around trump talking big about Lock Her Up… 6 months later he gave the gangster’s daughter a standing ovation….
    I heard him say also last time he would see to it that nobody making under 400,000 would pay any income tax…. i just heard biden say that too a week or so ago… now trump and pence both say they’ll cure the sanctuary city program nationwide… we all want that…
    Yes he has tightened up the border a little, built some walls, but he has yet to use the force we have on hand to take control of the border…
    How much of it is just talk for the campaign trail?

  34. Pat,

    Your NON-White brown Muslim buddy-buddy Mahmoud voted for Biden so in effect he voted to disenfranchise you and your family and your progeny — as you and your family are White Americans — and your NON-White brown Muslim buddy-buddy voted for Biden in effect he voted to DEfund NASA and end NASA and pretty much end whatever technoligical lead the USA has and your NON-White brown Muslim buddy-buddy voted to turn the USA into a country diametrically opposite to the laws of The Constitution of these United States and turn the USA into a JEW-CHINESE COMMUNIST vehemently virulently ANTI-White American third world sewer sh*thole, so can you tell us, please, why exactly do you like your NON-White brown Muslim buddy-buddy who hates your White face and wants you and your whole White family and progeny to be disenfranchised so much? Do you always make friends with foreigners who want to takeover the United States? And what is it about them NON-White foreigners you’re so attracted to that you actually want to be their buddy-buddies?

    Your NON-White brown Muslim buddy-buddy just voted to DEfund NASA you love so much so the money now going to NASA will be diverted to the NON-White foreigners in the United States so the NON-White foreigners can get even more freebies from Whitey and you’re actually friendly towards this and you like this, LMFAO!!!!! Am I being TOO racist for you and that makes you uncomfortable LMFAO!!!!!

    1. TROJ –

      It seems you are starving for attention there in the asylum….. Tell the attendants to have the musselmen doctors and nurses visit you more often. I know you really like them BOTH!! *GRIN* 🙂

    2. TROJ

      “Your NON-White brown Muslim buddy-buddy Mahmoud voted for Biden” ???
      I have to admit that is the most insulting comment directed at me on this site.
      Jewy Joe, you represent the ugly face of America. Unless you’re a Zionist troll living in an illegal Jewish settlement in the West Bank pretending to be an America. Given your screen name, I have no way of knowing.

      Your message is full of hate and fearmongering. It reminds me of the time when Sarah Palin made a bigoted remark on Fox News during an interview with Sean Hannity. Mrs. Palin said she’s “all for” profiling Muslims if it saves “innocent American lives.” Wouldn’t those Muslims she’s in favor of profiling be innocent Americans as well? What she really meant – “I’m all for profiling Muslim – American people – if it saves non- Muslim-American lives.” Wouldn’t those Muslims she’s in favor of profiling be innocent Americans as well?

      She does remind me of you when she later said, “patriotic American vote for John McCain.” So, you try to put me down for not voting for your favorite candidate? All of a sudden I am non-white! worse, I am a brown Muslim? Would I be better if I were white or black Muslims? So, to you I am an outsider and a foreigner. That is pathetic!

      I would say your comment represents the ugly face of America! Danke schön, ashloch!

      1. Maybe you’re not an outsider and a foreigner but if Biden wins, you voted for Biden, if Biden wins you will be surrounded by outsiders and foreigners and hardly any of them will consider you as a fellow countryman — whatever your race is whatever their race is, whatever their races are. You voted for Biden who wants to flood the USA with never ending streams of millions and millions of third world immigrants every year with no end to it , he doesn’t want any industry in the USA, all industry should be in China, he wants race riots in every city, he actually has a long history of being very racist against blacks, he’s the racist, NOT Trump, I know you don’t like racism against NON-Whites. Biden is totally beholden to the Communist government of China in addition to being beholden to the jew mobsters of the Ukraine. He’s been in government for almost 50 years and has done nothing beneficial for Americans.

        When he was vice president to Obama, Obama and Hillary were using ZOG’S ISIS to destroy Muslim Syria and Muslim Libya, and Biden was totally fine and dandy with that. And Obama and Hillary wanted to bring in A LOT Of ISIS terrorists into the United States, the purpose, to start massive violence in the United States.

        Biden wants the same as Obama and Hillary, he wants ALOT OF ISIS terrorists, A LOT of BLM rioters, A LOT of ANTIFA rioters, in the United States.

        I am NOT going to apologize to you. You sound angry, go take out your anger on your fellow Biden supporters who are VERY VIOLENT and ATTACK Americans all the time VERY VIOLENTLY and have been rioting all over the country since the end of May, 5 months of rioting by Biden supporters, destroying small mom-and-pop businesses, many of the businesses your fellow Biden supporters have destroyed are/were owned by NON-Whites, including Muslim mom-and-pop store owners, go take out some of your anger with your Biden supporters destroying the businesses of NON-Whites and destroying NON-White neighborhoods Oh Mr. Muslim “All-American” “Patriot”.

  35. Barkingdeer,

    Obviously it never occurred to you, but you can edit your comments BEFORE hitting the “POST COMMENT” icon or the “REPLY” icon. Type the comment, then after you finish typing your comment, READ the comment, go over the comment for grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc. etc., correct the mistakes. READ the comment to make sure you said what you wanted to say and said it in way everyone will understand what you’re saying. READ the comment to make sure there’s no mistakes and that it makes sense, It’s called “PROOF READING”.

    PROOF READ your comments BEFORE sending your comments to Darkmoon. Change whatever it is in your comment(s) you want to change, when you’re satisfied that you got everything right just the way you want it, then hit the “POST COMMENT” or the “REPLY” icon but NOT before PROOF READING your comments. It’s NOT rocket science to PROOF READ comments for mistakes and to make sure you’re expressing your thoughts accurately.

    It is NOT ADMIN’S responsibilty to provide you with the time & the opportunity so you can change your comments after you send them in. How old are you, 4 years old?

    They say Indians have it hard on the reservation but you sound like one very spoiled red skin if you ask me.


    I do agree with you only if he had shown after it was aired to refute. Besides, Lesley Stohl is a very highly respected journalist. For some reason, I did notice he was scared and nervous. Plus, he answered questions she never asked. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. That is my two cents.

  37. [ *POEM* ]

    “Know What I Mean?”

    by : NAZI drumpf supporter

    Something weird with the weather patterns
    every 4 years, in the Fall, there’s a SNOWSTORM
    a blustery blizzard of Snow-White Snow
    of Biblical scope and proportions
    the snowflakes fall, fall fall fall
    onto the ground
    still somewhat warm from the Summer’s Hot Summer Sun
    where, on the ground, where the snowflakes land,
    the snowflakes start to immediately Melt Melt Melt!
    I’m afraid this Autumnal time of the year
    We just might,
    Yes, I think we will
    very very soon
    be seeing alot of pretty delicate ❄️snowflakes❄️ land on the ground and Melt Melt Melt! 💦 😀

  38. TROJ
    “They say Indians have it hard on the reservation but you sound like one very spoiled red skin if you ask me.”
    I didn’t ask, and you should know it’s bad form to volunteer insults…
    sometimes I do think I might be in the first grade though…
    yes I know how to proof read the comment before i post it, and I do that too…
    but i always miss stuff that i don’t miss when i read it in it’s posted form, something about the type maybe…
    putting comments together on my phone is a difficult task…
    it’s not the point anyways…
    the point is that for some reason the site does not always give me the opportunity to do the edit normally…
    who’s screwing with it?
    i’m not an indian either, except i want the natural world back in one piece, assuming they do too…
    i think they know me on the plane…
    for what it’s worth – i dreamed there were a bunch of them in front of my house… a lot of young guys in indian gitup all speaking to me in earnest… but i can’t remember what they were saying…
    then came a real nice looking car, like about a brand new 60 chevy painted a kind of pinkish orange and white… a beautiful car…
    it was floating rather precariously, at a cocked angle above my driveway, attempting to touch down… there was a big indian driving it and the rest of the car was full of squaws… he was a little older and heavy, maybe a cross between the guy on the nickle and mel brooks in that movie blazing saddles…… they all wanted to see me, acted like they had found me…
    Smoke another one, the poem was pretty good…
    Lots of creeps are highly respected jew-ish globalist agents posing as journalists all over the msm…
    they’re all keeping the real truth of jewish sabotage of the culture and corporate ownership of the country from the masses…
    everything they tell you has been put through the zion filter…
    they have to make sure the middle class never gets it back together like it was in the fifties… they’re quite certain that if the middle class is large and solid enough, the family unit intact and forming the base of society, lots of good paying jobs, the workers will eventually gain control over the state, the banking/money system and the means of production, and eventually evolutionize the entire society beyond the the typical top-down pyramid security state surveillance and greedy and exploitative control power structure we suffer under now…

  39. Amy Coney Barrett confirmed—what is there to say.
    Maybe some of the following lines of reason, pick and choose whichever one suits.
    ACB is staunchly Catholic, Trump’s first choice—whatever that means.
    It really bothers the likes of Dianne Feinstein, who never had any reservations about her predecessor Ruth Ginsburg

    “Why is it that so many of us ON THIS SIDE [‽] have this very uncomfortable feeling that dogma and law are two different things, and I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different,”

    Barrett has faced renewed attacks on her faith ever since it became known that Trump was considering her for the vacancy, such as comedian Bill Maher saying she is a “fuckin’ nut,” and “really, really Catholic — like speaking in tongues.”

    What would Feinstein consider LAW, which fork of the tongue to follow here? Surely Maher knows.
    Not everybody is on the Talmudic bandwagon—e.g., Rep senator Ben Sasse: ‘Disgusting Attacks On Her Faith’: Sasse Condemns ‘Anti-Catholic Bigotry’ Against Amy Coney Barrett

    … Sen. Kamala Harris suggested that those who adhere to Catholic doctrine may be unfit for office. [only Catholic though, otherwise freedom of religion rules]

    So, what do we have here [Trump—ACB—Catholicism—PUPPETMASTER] matrix, let’s fill in some of the rows with 1=good, -1=evil, 0=neither, Ø=N/A symbols:
    • (1) [-1, -1, -1, -1] evil Trump selects equally evil ACB, follower of evil cult of Catholicism, as commanded by his evil masters in Schloss Rothschild in order to speed up arrival of Antichrist Mosiach and put finishing touches on subjugation of the entire humanity, or
    • (2) [1, 1, 0, Ø] Trump, ACB, both good people, Catholicism has good and bad elements, there is NO Master, hence not applicable (Ø),
    • (3) [-1, 1, 0, -1] either evil Trump makes a mistake or evil Master has some nefarious plan whereby having a righteous person in SCOTUS lineup serves his diabolic purposes,
    … and so on, fill in the rest as you please, for me those 3 rows are enough.

    I choose (2) and it holds water as far as I can tell.

    I suspect that there are people who will argue that both Trump and ACB are evil—count Feinstein, Harris, Maher, Biden, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Clinton in as well as anyone voting Biden/Harris ticket, the proponents of (1) theory.

    The possibility of (-1, 1) would mean that Trump made a catastrophic mistake or the Grand Master has a plan which begs explanation—WHY AND HOW DOES SELECTION OF ACB ADVANCE SATANIC INTERESTS??? This is (3).
    Who can possibly explain scenario (3) in feasible terms?
    I say that as soon as you claim that Trump is evil, you MUST by following the principles of likelihood assume that ACB is also evil, the Catholic believer is evil—SISTER MONICA, a word of explanation please? (Mahmoud followed your ideological leaning and voted Biden/Harris from what I understand)

    Of course, feel free that presenting a gold painted plastic Made in China key to the White House laundry room to Netanyahu is infinitely more important act of everlasting evil (Dante Alighieri would instantly agree) than placing ACB on SCOTUS for the conceivable future, maybe 30 years or so to keep the ziotards plans in check, therefore greater evil outweighs lesser good.

    Once again, I stick with script (2).

  40. I observe a pattern of voting for Trump will buy time, voting for Biden will accelerate the decline.

    Then I ask myself, buy time in order to do what with this time? Regaining the initiative is the only way that makes sense to me.

    In South Africa the whites are continually buying time because they lost the intitiative since 1994, when the blacks took over. Then they had a strong and battle proven defense force and world class police force and a nuclear deterrent. It was then that they had the most control but this window of opportunity slipped through their finger.

    Buying time only makes sense if all efforts are directed on winning back the intiative. Otherwise all actions just act as a pressure valve – moan and groan, letting off steam and carry on with the status quo, suffer in silence, back to the drawing board while the enemy laughs at your weakness. Petitions fall under this heading. You can post petitions until the cows come home, it won’t change anything but it freezes people up, instead of following up with more concrete actions.

    1. @ex South African

      I observe a pattern of voting for Trump will buy time, voting for Biden will accelerate the decline.

      Then I ask myself, buy time in order to do what with this time?

      This is an interesting line of reasoning which appears to me as a good starting point of an attempt to answer the fundamental question that I have posed earlier: “What is the nature of the rivalry that we observe in the U.S. today and the likes of which we have never seen before?”

      1. Circassian
        The basic answer is reflected by one of my posts from earlier today. It’s a matter of WHOSE Jews will prevail after the election.

      2. Circ –
        “What is the nature of the rivalry that we observe in the U.S. today and the likes of which we have never seen before?”
        Same old money fight which existed waaaay WORSE THAN TODAY at the end of the 19th century in US. Back then it was Monetarists vs Inflationists, and President McKinley, a monetarist, was assassinated over it.

      3. In simple terms, when Trump wins it means you and Putin will have to wait for the “Anglo-American” decline. And when the “Western Empire” collapses it will prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the “East”.

      4. In simple terms, when Trump wins it means you and Putin will have to wait for the “Anglo-American” decline. And when the “Western Empire” collapses it will prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the “East”.

        With all due respect to chief’s insights, I would say that a pyrrhic victory is the last thing that any reasonable side would want. Therefore, I strongly believe that a pyrrhic victory is not an option – I do not subscribe to Armageddon scenarios.

        The decline of the West is not something that started yesterday – it was in the making for a long long time which was understood clearly by an obscure gymnasium teacher by the name of Oswald Spengler some 100 years ago.

        More to the point: This decline is in the terminal phase and it cannot be reversed, so forget about MAGA: The U.S. Inc is bankrupt – ideologically, financially, economically, and militarily – and it is not coming back.

        As I see it, the existential problem we all face today is figuring out how to proceed with the bankruptcy procedure in orderly fashion. While the world undergoes this tectonic shift, there must be an authority powerful enough to maintain law and order on the global scale.

        Do you see any entity in the world with enough intellectual, organizational and military power to take that responsibility?

        I do see it, and it is in plain sight.

  41. And this means that the racialization of politics that we have emphasized so much here will accelerate. The ~60% of White America that votes Republican (not including Jews and other people grouped as Caucasians deriving from the Middle East and North Africa) will increase.

    Kevin MacDonald

    The fixation of the so-called white nationalists on race in matters of politics borders with fanaticism. And yet, 99% of them – or, perhaps, even more – have no freaking idea why white people are called ‘Caucasian?’

    Here is what a commenter by the name HBB writes in response to a video titled “Was Laurence of Arabia a Circassian?”
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f6pDVVq26A :

    Circassians, who were white, primeval, and supposedly close to God’s image for humankind, were cast as the most beautiful racial type. Yet Circassians were so decimated during the Caucasian War (1817-1864) — Russia’s battle to obtain access to the Black Sea — that few people today have even heard of them.

    What the hell is he talking about? Find out:


  42. People that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors and even write articles about them, trying to figure out who is more competent are not victims… but accomplices.“The typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he enters the political field. He argues and analyzes in a way which he would readily recognize as infantile within the sphere of his real interests. He becomes primitive again.You want to know about voting. I’m here to tell you about voting. Imagine you’re locked in a huge underground nightclub filled with sinners, whores, freaks, and unnameable things that rape pit bulls for fun. And you ain’t allowed out until you all vote on what you’re going to do tonight. YOU like to put your feet up and watch television. THEY like to have sex with normal people using knives, guns, and brand-new sexual organs that you did not know existed. So you vote for television, and everyone else, as far as the eye can see, votes to fuck you with switchblades. That’s voting. You’re welcome.

  43. Up beat Trump article by Les Visible:

    In particular there is a Trump-Covid “defer to after the election” explanation.

    I know that the president can’t say certain things about COVID, which he must know was manufactured to remove him. He has to parse his words. He has to be canny and clever and cunning. He has no choice..

    Trump sure has a lot on his plate after the election.

  44. Trump needs to win to become a lame-duck so he will be at liberty to tell us why NASA has regressed and has to resort to their ‘astro-NOTS’ PARACHUTING into the ocean like they did in the early 1960s!!! He needs to give ‘Put-On’ more money to build some shuttles!! 💥

    The international crew touched down in Kazahkstan by PARACHUTE after returning from the ISS.

    The crew returned to Earth exactly 50 years after the Apollo 13 astronauts splashed down in the Pacific after an oxygen tank explosion aborted the moon-landing mission – as shown in the Tom Hanks film of the same name.
    Astronauts who have spent the past 200 days on the International Space Station have returned to Earth in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
    NASA astronauts Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir were joined in the Soyuz capsule by Russian space agency Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka.
    The Russian-made capsule landed under a striped orange-and-white parachute about 93 miles south-east of Dzhezkazgan in central Kazakhstan. 

    BUT, WAIT…… They parachuted directly TO LAND just last week!!!

    Someday…. I’m sure they will parachute from the moon!! 💥 😜

    DZHEZKAZGAN, Kazakhstan — And just like that, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy is back on Earth for the first time in six months!
    The Soyuz MS-16 capsule carrying Cassidy and Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner safely touched down at 10:54 p.m. EDT in Kazakhstan, Russia.
    After splitting into three modules a parachute deployment aided in the trios’ smooth return. Helicopters for recovery moved in shortly after to assist with retrieving the crew and the capsule.

  45. @ TROJ

    Why are being such a DIckHead because I chose to vote for Biden?
    Did expect me to vote for Kenya West? You do know a vote for West is a vote for Trump.
    I would rather be dead than voting for 45.

    You claim by me voting for Biden, I would allow him to flood the USA with never-ending streams of millions and millions of third world immigrants every year with no end to it. This is bologna, false, and fearmongering.
    You did not provide any reference or provide any source for your outrageous claim.

    FYI, For FY 2020, the Trump administration established an annual ceiling for refugees 84% lower than the final year of the Obama administration (from 110,000 down to 18,000). As of July 17, 2020, only 7,848 refugees have arrived in the United States in FY 2020. That was during the time when Biden was the VP. America was not flooded by millions of refugees. (if you want to lie, come up with a better one.

    The U.S. granted refugee status last year to 311 Salvadorans, 118 Guatemalans, and 74 Hondurans — just 503 people in total.

    The Trump administration would devote 5,000 spaces to people with a fear of religious persecution, 4,000 spaces to Iraqis who aided U.S. forces in that country. The U.S. admitted 9,880 Iraqi refugees in the fiscal year 2016, but let in only 140 Iraqi refugees in the fiscal year 2018 and 465 last year.

    Ukrainian evangelical Christians. In the fiscal year 2019, the U.S. admitted 4,451Ukrainian evangelical Christians, the second-largest nationality behind Congo.

    Reducing legal immigration mostly harms refugees, employers, and Americans who want to live with their spouses, parents, or children, but it also affects the country’s future labor force and economic growth.

    Today, even the most highly skilled individuals in the world cannot enter America under the Trump administration’s immigration policy. Reports from attorneys and a statement from the State Department confirm that U.S. consular officers in Europe are denying O-1 visas for individuals with ‘extraordinary ability’ based on a health pretext.”

    Finally, it is not your beeswax who I vote for. Why should I vote for a man who:

    1-Issued a travel ban on Muslims to enter the US.(that does affect me and 3.45 million Muslims, not you).
    2- He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.
    3- shut the Palestinian mission in the US
    4- Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal, bringing the US closer to war with Iran for the love of ISISrael.
    5- Cut all the US aid to UNRWA, a UN agency that provides service for 5 million Palestinians living in 53 refugee camps.
    6- Sanctioned the International Court of Justice to appease ISISrael.
    7- Supported the shit hole in the ME to annex the Syrian Golan Heights.
    8- Gave israHELL the green light to annex what is left of Palestine.
    9- He bullied 3 Arab countries to sign a peace deal with the Jewish state or he would put them on his shit list.
    10- Recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Apartheid state of ISISrael
    11- considering a policy that equates the criticism of ISISral with antisemitism, thereby flushing the First Amendment down the drain.

    I could go on and on all night long. Now you know why I picked Biden over Trump.
    Finally, I find it ludicrous, impolite, and arrogant that you attack and mock my choice for president.
    So, if you do not like my pick for president, you can call 1-800-EAT- SHIT.

  46. Good News:

    Anika Chebrolu, a 14-year-old “non-white brown” ( Joe’s term, not mine) Indian-American girl, wins $25,000 for her work on a potential drug to treat COVID-19. Her family is an Indian immigrant. Congratulation to our 2020 Top Young Scientist!

    For Jewy Joe reading pleasure, I include links to my claim.



  47. Putin pours cold water on Trump’s Hunter Biden hopes:


    I have seen the whole interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi9n99IR31s) and can assure you that this is nothing but a free interpretation of the meaning of what Putin have said.

    At the end of the interview, to the question:
    “Trump also claimed that Russia is paying money to Biden till today. How would you comment that?”
    Putin replied: “No comment”.

    In effect, Putin simply said: I wouldn’t give rat’s ass “what who says what” in this debate and I do not wish to be associated with this shit on either side in any way whatsoever.

    1. Putin did offer a back-handed compliment to Biden and the Democrats when Putin said “Democratic Party leaders in the United States have a bank of “common values” with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.”

      Hardly a neutral statement. Ya think..
      Then again, the words Communist Party don’t have quite the same effect they once had, not so long ago..

      1. No, it’s not a neutral statement. You’re right.

        It means Putin knows that a Biden victory is now inevitable and so he is cuddling up to the new Boss in the White House.

        Please understand that this is the last thing I personally want to see: a Biden victory. But Putin sees it coming. And so do I, most reluctantly.

      2. @HP and Saki

        No, it’s not a neutral statement. You’re right.

        It means Putin knows that a Biden victory is now inevitable and so he is cuddling up to the new Boss in the White House.

        You should have seen Putin’s face when he offered that “back-handed compliment to Biden and the Democrats”: he was just trolling Biden and having a little fun in the process.

        Let me repeat it slowly for you, guys: Putin does not care who occupies the White House, period. Chief could have stated the same more eloquently in his fancy Native-American English: “Putin does not hitch his wagon to Statist politicians”… if he wasn’t so blindminded and blanksighted, that is 🙂

        1. You fail to understand what I am actually saying, Circassian, but this is entirely my own fault in expressing myself badly.

          By saying “Putin knows that a Biden victory is now inevitable and so he is cuddling up to the new Boss in the White House” I gave you offense by using the derogatory words “cuddling up”. I shouldn’t have used that pejorative terminology. Because no disrespect to Putin was intended. I actually have a higher opinion of Putin as a statesman than I do of Trump. Putin has dignity, charisma, and no one could possibly accuse him of being a “clown”. All the characteristics associated with Trump.

          The Russian media would not dare to treat Putin in the same cavalier fashion as the American and British media have treated Trump. With unremitting disrespect.

          Cancel the words “cuddling up”. Wrong words!

          What I am trying to suggest, Circassian, is this: Putin lives in the real world of realpolitik and knows that he will have to be dealing with the new American administration. As such, he must be diplomatic and not go out of his way to antagonize the new Democratic regime by saying “I back Trump!” He has to show a willingness to cooperate with the new regime in the White House. His comment, so aptly quoted by the wise Homer, therefore shows that Putin <>knows how to play the game of realpolitik with consummate skill.

          Putin also knows that he will not be dealing with Biden for long. He will be dealing Kamala Harris and Biden’s wife. Biden will simply be there in the background as a figurehead and sockpuppet. Mark my words. The dementia-stricken Biden will soon have to retire on health grounds — and Kamala Harris will step into his shoes.

          This is what I see in my horoscope, Circassian. But please take note, I wouldn’t make these predictions unless they were also confirmed by a close study of political science. I am not a kookie clairvoyant psychic who earns a living by reading palms and looking at tea leaves. I am a political scientist who also happens to have certain psychic abilities which I make use of in a supplementary way.

          You are intelligent enough to understand what I am saying, Circassian. Unlike the others here who think I am secretly backing Biden. No, that is not true! How could I possibly back a man suffering from advanced dementia?

      3. Circassian, what better campaign strategy might there be than to have a (former) Soviet communist KGB Colonel and current President of the Boogie-man state of Russia throw his arms around your opponent and give him a big thumbs up.

        Putin should have just gone ahead and slapped a “kick me” sign on the old DEMO-saur’s back..

      4. Circ –
        Saki –
        HP –

        Circ wrote:
        “Let me repeat it slowly for you, guys: Putin does not care who occupies the White House, period…”

        I believe that also.

        ‘Put-On’ is enjoying the $$$Millions from providing secure and secret areas, out of the eyes of media, to allow the CIA’s NASA to continue the fraud of space travel… especially to the Moon again soon, and Mars in a few years. Such a deal!! No lousy US reporters to screw things up in Kazakhstan… yet. AND… they cannot report on the ‘weightless-chambers’ used to fake the ‘astro-NOTS’ floating in orbit. 💥 😎

        BTW – Homer is right on!! 👍

      5. Compared to Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden Donald Trump looks like a Saint. And for Putin to simply play the pathetic and all too predictable political game of endorsing a fellow lefty speaks volumes about his own fraudulence.

        Russian collusion? You bet. 4 years of colluding with the Democrat moonbats and their flunkies in the prostate-challenged media 🦇🦇🦇🦇

      6. Pat, Kazakhstan also has cellphones by the tons. Drones too.
        No first amendment audits yet, lol, but it’s gonna be really hard to keep a lid on anything anywhere at any time. Interesting times..

  48. Saki,

    You know you’re very annoying and it’s about time you go back to Japan — and take Madame Butterfly back with you to your land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵. Do us a double favor, GOOH and take Madame with you and get her OOH.

  49. Saki :

    When you say you see a “Biden victory” what exactly do you see? Do you see Biden winning the popular vote and the Electoral College vote? Biden losing the popular vote but winning in the Electoral College? Or, do you see Trump winning the popular vote and also winning in the Electoral College and the Democrats thru all kinds of real dirty tricks stealing the election and calling it a “Biden victory”? When you say you “…see : a Biden victory” what the hell exactly do you see? You see the victory, do you see how he came to win this victory you somehow are able to see?

    And how is it that Biden is going to win when there was NO enthusiasm whatsoever at any of his rallies and same for Kamala’s rallies, NO enthusiasm at all. More Americans showed up in any one of Trump’s rallies than Americans who showed up at ALL of Biden’s rallies and ALL of Kamala’s rallies put together. Neither one of them could attract more than 10 people at any one of their rallies, and if they got 10 they were lucky that day. Surely Putin knows this. How he sees a “Biden victory” is beyond me, unless he knows how the Democrats are going to steal the election and he knows somehow they will succeed. Can you elaborate on that and if not why not? You know so much about this presidential campaign and you know so much about Putin and you know so much about who the winner is going to be .

  50. there is this video on the truthseeker, URGENT! THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! (SHARE).
    its appearance, form and delivery is annoying to a non-american: a bearded ex-biker plugging survivalist gear and supplies with dire warnings in between, you know the typical format.
    But, what the greaseball is saying is essentially on the ball, showing clips of shabbo government vampires in england, new zealand and so forth telling you that lifetime prison is coming to YOU, yes, you and the family.
    Because it is for your good, your protection, the said shabbos and their owners LERV you so much, they cannot bear the thought of you suffering the travails of freedom and rest assured that any depopulation plans strictly exclude YOU (just you, you are the lucky one safe, sound and comfortable, snug as a bug in the rug was the saying in 50s).
    Ask Kamala, not Biden, maybe his personal embalmer knows more, if this is coming to your shores, courtesy of NOT voting Trump, because what is lifetime imprisonment compared to handing a Golden™, yes golden, bite it for verification, key to jewboys of Petah Tikva—the latter matters, the former irrelevant.

    Another thing, if it makes you think, hallelujah-Fallujah.
    Why are all these end-of-man programs being rolled out exclusively in anglostan world?
    My guess: Protestant decrepitude, a hereditary neurological condition that has infected them since 16th century, progressively claiming ever greater portions of headspace, immune system shot to ratshit and therefore easy prey to further abominations cooked up in the Abu Kabir Kabbalah shop of horrors.
    If it works in Anglostan, with a bit of tweaking it will sell like hotcakes to the rest of the Aryan invertebrates, now that alphas are 97% gone (just look at their militaries, their defense ministers, hear their mincing talk just like Eliot’s immortal description

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    How he nailed the terrifying truth!
    except they are no longer recognizable as men

    Update (1325 ET): Senator Tammy Duckworth asks the CEOs of all three tech companies (Twitter, Facebook, and Google) for a personal commitment that their respective companies “will counter domestic disinformation that spreads the dangerous lies such as “masks don’t work … all three tech CEOs overwhelmingly said “Yes.” ”


  51. Jewy Joe is half right, France is under attack. Again.

    This is not the first time France suffers from Jihadist terrorism on its streets.

    Yet the French regime continues to unconditionally support and fund the same Jihadist terrorism in Syria who beheaded Syrian civilians.

    As the saying goes, ” what goes around, comes around!”

    1. A mainstream Muslim American organization issued this week a travel advisory warning American Muslims against traveling to France amid the French government’s “hypocritical and dangerous” campaign of Islamophobic bigotry targeting French Muslims, mosques, and Islamic organizations.

      The travel advisory also cited a racist stabbing attack on two Muslim women in Paris and legal prohibitions on religious attire as examples of the danger and discrimination American Muslims may face in France.

      Unlike the 5 million French Muslims, Muslims living in America have more rights than those living in any other Western nation. For example, women in America are free to wear “hijab” and “niqab” at school and public universities, however, that is not the case in France and several other European countries.

      When Denmark closed “halal” or “koshered” slaughterhouses, America refused to follow suit and uphold the Muslim right to practice their religion. That is called respect!

  52. Gee, I can’t wait for biden-KAMALA to win

    Me neither, TROJ, if Trump loses all the Trump-haters will get 100% what they richly deserve.
    Because Orwell’s prophecy will come through full force
    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.
    I’ve been warning seemingly forever, lost in the black magic woods where mushrooms resembling human ears grow in deaf profusion.
    No, no, no, lobro you panic monger, can’t you see what REALLY matters? Embassy addresses matter, 8-inch keys available at your local Walmart matter, really, truly, every evil thing under the sun is to be blamed only on Trump, because that solves the problem of hard thinking, because it is all a giant kabuki, Trump and everybody else owned by Jews, all planned in advance to make us think exactly what we presently think.

    But there are others who don’t quite think that way—yet they do think, however much you may disagree
    The ‘Adults in the Room’ With Trump Weren’t Adults at All

    When President Donald Trump took office, his aides promised there would always be adults in the room.

    Except the adults turned out to be idiots. [disagree with the term “idiots”, no they served Jew, which is precisely why Trump-must-go, standing in their way]
    They insisted that Washington remain allied to the worst of the worst, supporting the vile Saudi regime in its aggressive and murderous war against Yemen. They urged policies that treated Russia as a permanent enemy.

    McMaster has been on a book tour promoting his latest tome with its utterly conventional demand for a harder line against, well, everyone.

    Anyway McMaster was asked about President Donald Trump’s negotiation with Afghanistan. Is it America’s “Munich agreement” and “a policy of appeasement with Taliban”?
    Yes, replied McMaster. [basically calling Trump a traitor, just like Neville Chamberlain is to this day called a traitor—and he was promptly replaced by Churchill, just like Trump will be replaced by modern day’s Churchill—with the same and probably much worse ultimate results, thanks also to your voting policies]

    Nevertheless, McMaster declared that “We will pay the price, and WE’LL BE BACK. WE’LL HAVE TO GO BACK, and at a much higher cost.

    And indeed, they will and not just McMaster and his team of “adults” who to the man backstabbed Trump until he fired them, Kelly, Bolton, Mattis, etc.
    Even better quality adults will pour into Kamala administration: Hillary, Wolfowitz, Feith, Wurmser, Ledeen, Kristol, Zakheim, Zelikow, not to mention Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg, and you can watch the real fun start.

    And then of course, Trump will again get the blame, “He lost the election on purpose, tricked us into voting for Kamala because he is owned by Jews, give us our Walmart key back”.
    Just as he is blamed for Soleimani assassination when it is clearly the product of the “adults in the room”, in this case exclusively Netanyahu and Pompeo, Trump was purposely left out lest he leak to Russians like the previous time when Mossad told him of a big ISIS powow that Russians promptly obliterated with precision strike.
    But blame Trump, always blame the Orange Clown—digestion trouble? You know who to blame, if it makes you feel better, why not.

    But at least the Palestinians lot will be much improved when the full cohort of adults in the room is running the show—Mahmoud, you will be able to claim credit for that when you talk to your relatives back there.

    (Universal suffrage was one of the great tragedies and great triumphs for Jew—as confirmed by the Protocols quoted in an earlier post)

  53. It will not matter who wins… private companies will gladly help the government tyranny. Today Walmart has removed ALL GUNS AND AMMUNITION nationwide due to Philly rioting!

  54. Admin: I am happy to see that IDF Unit 8200 shmone matayim sprung into action, the highest accolade a truth seeker can get, much better than flattery. Hitting their raw nerve sure feels satisfying.

    Aside, this quote is worth a ponder:

    “The cult leader’s nonsensical gibberish is not as nonsensical as it may seem at first. Most of us, upon encountering such gibberish, assume that the cult leader is trying to communicate, and that something is very wrong with his brain.
    The cult leader isn’t trying to communicate. He is trying to disorient and control the listener’s mind.
    Listen to Charlie Manson “rapping.” Not just to what he says, but how he says it. Note how he sprinkles bits of truth into his stream of free-associated nonsense, and his repetitive use of thought-terminating clichés, described by Robert J. Lifton as follows:
    The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly selective, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. They become the start and finish of any ideological analysis.” — Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: : A Study of “Brainwashing” in China, 1961

    Charlie Manson was a twisted genius no education of any sort, born and bred on the street yet intuitively acquired some of the most spellbinding oratorical skill ever—had he been a Jew and given all the support and extra refinement they would lavish on him, the rule of Antichrist would have been upon us 40 years ago.

    But the “thought-terminating cliché” tactic is running rampant, especially among those unwilling or unable to consider diverging opinions and theories and to either respond factually or work them into their own narrative.
    Ad hominem is the tactic of the first and last resort with them, cheap, easy to implement and often quite effective especially if the direction of argumentation is diverted and ultimately forgotten like ignored—rodent droppings in the vintage.
    It is Jewish science at its purest—“the line grows thick”.

  55. @ Circassian,
    That’s a very fair statement, finally someone who grabs the bull by the horns.
    I posited what according to the facts in my possession the most probable and best fitting set of jigsaw puzzle pieces show—not saying it is impossible to realign them into an even more plausible scenario, only that it is to the best of my analytical ability.

    And yes, I am (as always) perfectly willing to face the consequences whatever they may be—once the cookie crumbles.
    If I erred, allow me the honor of saying it first and falling on my sword—if I am right, I will not gloat because it is ignoble, however I would want all the shark-jumping acrobats, namely, who in order to vindicate their theory rode roughshod over indisputable facts by shuffling them on the priority list to trail behind trite or insignificant ones, to seriously consider their conduct and intellectual integrity, ask themselves how could they have been so blind.

    Because the answer will hopefully be of cautionary impact going forward, a fine chance to improve oneself through past mistakes, rather than wasting the opportunity.

    1. @Lobro

      I posited what according to the facts in my possession the most probable and best fitting set of jigsaw puzzle pieces show—not saying it is impossible to realign them into an even more plausible scenario, only that it is to the best of my analytical ability.

      I submit, Chairman Mao – with his guiding principle (“the importance of correct thinking”) – would fully indorse this statement.

      God bless you, brother, for your integrity:


  56. Here is an interesting discussion by Duran’s Christoforou and Mercouris, linking dots in the Bobulinski-the Biden Brand™-mystery Chinese billionaire Ye as front for the Chinese gov’t-Russian Rosneft …
    AND Glencore the giant “Swiss” (yeah right, know what I mean) conglomerate.
    What the Greeks did not bring out yet I am sure they are aware of, being both smart and informed is the following:
    Glencore was founded by Marc Rich, a proper Mossad agent and personal friend of the Clintons, who was indicted on federal tax evasion charges, holed up in Switzerland and presidentially pardoned by Bill Clinton on the last day in office.

    Mahmoud, this is for you, let’s see what you think of it, from Israel-Palestine News:
    Oil for Israel: The Truth about the Iraq War, 15 Years Later

    Oil insider Gary Vogler writes of the Iraq war: “The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel.” The players were the neocons in the Bush Administration… Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Lewis Libby, Marc Zell, and others

    in particular read the paragraph headlined “Scooter Libby, Marc Rich, & Mossad”

    The pipeline carried oil from the Red Sea Israeli port of Eilat to the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon. This secret pipeline was constructed in 1970 and Marc Rich transported Iranian oil through this pipeline for over 20 years, until the mid 1990s. He moved the oil through Israel to his customers in the Mediterranean and Israel received what oil it needed – at a discounted price.

    So start connecting:
    Marc Rich-Glencore-Israel/Mossad-the Clintons-neocons (Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Lewis Libby, Marc Zell, and others—pretty much the same I mentioned were coming down the Kamala_Biden pipeline to you Mahmoud)-secretive Chinese Ye-Rosneft-BIDEN
    For one thing, regardless of how much you may or may not care about Marc Rich, Mossad and Netanyahu, think about the massive leverage the Chinese (and Russians no doubt have the full dossier on this, not to mention the Jew Inc.) would have on Joe Biden, the POTUS—he would be an absolute slave to everything they’d ask him to do, SLAVE TO ALL OF THEM, they would gangbang him uninterruptedly for at least 4 years, maybe 8—how’s that for your MAGA patriotism, to have helped put such a man office—coz he is better than Orange Clown.

    But not important, I m sure Biden will make a much better POTUS than Trump, especially given the able support of Hillary and all those neocons swarming back in, a joyous moment in Palestine, huh Mahmoud?
    Why would you want to pay any attention to your friend lobro’s warnings when everything will be hunky dory.

    What matters is the magical Walmart key that opens both the doors to the White House laundry room and the Jerusalem embassy laundry room, what we gonna do about it, eh?
    President Joe will wash Netanyahu’s dirty, pickled carp stinking yarmulke by hand, in between BJ’s.

    Hope this converts at least one current Trump-hater, a spontaneous remission from nation-killing TDS.

  57. Strike that last comment as being an inappropriate response to Circassian. Let’s just say that I’m a fool for even reading his posts. For that matter, unless Lobro comes to his senses about his take on Stalin,(which I know Circassian is incapable of), that sadly goes for him too 😪

    1. @ BH

      I am letting your comment stand because it is sincerely meant. And I don’t think either Circassian or Lobro would object to you expressing your feelings in a robust way. I think your comment is fine, so don’t worry about it! 🙂

    2. @ Brownhawk

      Let’s just say that I’m a fool for even reading his posts.

      You can’t help it, chief. Hence here is what I would advise you: after reading “his posts”, which apparently brings you to an agitated and poor state of mind, abstain from making comments for at least couple of hours.

      Otherwise you are bound to make a total ass of yourself. Haste, which is good while catching fleas, can be disastrous if employed in response to Circassian 🙂

  58. Well Sister, I only meant “inappropriate” in the sense that it was a comment that was out of context with what Circassian was intending. I made it without even looking at the video he linked. All I heard was a man who praises Stalin. A man, who with Mao understood perfectly the Orwellian version of “correct thinking”. So how can I hear Circassian or Lobro any other way if their thinking is so skewed?

  59. Circassian, Brownhawk,

    Circassian, thanks, priceless (repeat Circ’s link)
    EVERYBODY IS WELL ADVISED TO WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO (totally un-woke, un-American, Turkish (?)-Muslim, i.e., barely one in twenty will have a clue what it is about).

    Brownhawk, thanks, because you just confirmed the video’s message in spades

    • For this guiding principle you cite Mao? You’re a sick puppy, Circassian
    • I made it [comment] WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE VIDEO he linked.
    • So how can I hear Circassian or Lobro any other way if THEIR THINKING IS SO SKEWED?

    Do i really need to walk anyone through this after watching the brief video (7 minutes of your precious time, although it poses an existential risk to anybody prostrate face down in the temple of ignorance and intolerance)
    • Circassian posts a link to some video, promises it to be of educational value
    • Brownhawk immediately calls him a “sick puppy”—why? Is it on account of the video?
    • Which he HASN’T SEEN but this is sufficient evidence to call him a sick puppy
    • Moreover, blasts away at both Circassian and myself, partially based on that UNSEEN video because OUR “THINKING IS SO SKEWED”—what does this phrase mean? It means that we are heretics, deviating from approved dogma which brooks no counter-argument or contradicting facts—he is definitely not saying that either Circassian’s or my arguments are factually wrong or logically inconsistent in which case he would either marshal HIS facts as more creditworthy and better sourced or point out errors in reasoning within our arguments (separately, because Circassian and I did not coordinate our arguments and theories, each stands on its own regardless of subject).

    And this funny-sad little video depicts this diseased attitude rather poignantly.

    So thanks, Brownhawk for promotional input, like I said, everybody watch the video to see the mechanics of it.
    The patient wisdom of the Red Man has been bleached out rather successfully, I must say, replaced by the way of Antifa—note that with Antifa, as opposed to traditional gentile, it is not what you say but how you say it that “wins” the argument through sheer aggression and intimidation—yes, watch the video to witness the spirit of demonic possession gripping Amerikka in neural logjam where only sloganeering works smoothly and without a glitch.

    ***Vote Anti-Trump, vote Great Leap Forward into Cultural Revolution!***

    1. Keep up the good work, Brownhawk! You’re doing a great job.
      Don’t be bullied into silence by these so-called “heretics”.

  60. Lobro
    For Chrissakes, get a grip, man! Stop with the wild tangents, will ya? I already explained how I in effect, spoke without thinking. And for you to say the wisdom of the Red Man has been “bleached out” into the arms of BLM and Antifa would be hysterical if it wasn’t so subject to a kind of strange and totally unexpected perception you have of me based on some ridiculous racial grounds. Frankly, its insulting. Have you even clearly read ANYTHING I’ve said in the past 5 plus years? Furthermore, “skewed” is in reference to you and Circassian’s take on Stalin, for which you seem to have gone into a giant defensive mode. This in turn, is SKEWING your reading prowess, apparently.

    Here’s a piece of unsolicited advice – Just stick to the Hitler-Trump parallel and leave the name Stalin out of the discussion altogether. I assure you readers will appreciate it. I know I will.

    OK, so now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’ll go on to what I wrote BEFORE reading your reply to me that was drenched in misunderstanding…..

    In general I agree with all of your points on what Trump SHOULD do if he were to remain in office. Although I would be selective with what would be his emulating Lincoln when using the military in this new Civil War. 2020 America ain’t 1934 Germany.

    But I don’t think Trump is inclined to overhaul the monetary policy because it represents the very system he cut his teeth on. A NYC boy who grew up around Jewish moneymen that made his fortune possible
    in building his way to realizing the “American dream” EMBRACES it. As Potus, he sees it as affording him the opportunity to EXPAND on it, not abolish it. This is the area where the parallel to Hitler stops cold. And without the rails running together all the way down the line, the train is bound to jump the tracks.

    Now here’s ANOTHER thing I wrote before reading your reply. This to Circassian:

    Apologies for my rashness. Suffice to say, the video you presented represents all anyone needs to know about the Orwellian Groupthink whose malaise is spreading like wildfire throughout the World. Especially as it concerns this Covid-19 horror movie starring Doomsday Joe Bided and his co-star Dr. Big Pharma Fauci. The former being the head of the Biden crime family who’s already raked in millions paid by those who own his sorry ass – Communist China. The latter who STANDS to make millions if things were to fall right with his Covid-19 vaccine pharma connection.

    In a game of poker, a pair of slimy snakes that beats a full house. Why? Because they SAY so. You know……2&2=5

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