Will Joe Biden Make America Great Again?

“What would Biden’s foreign policy look  like?” John Kiriakou asks.
His answer: “Just look at his supporters!”

By John Kiriakou,
October 7, 2020
“Information Clearing House” 

Could this be America’s New Messiah?

Many of us are counting down the days until we can throw President Donald Trump out of office, out of Washington, out of our lives, and out of the daily news cycle.  With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there’s even more immediacy to replacing Trump.  But what would we get with Joe Biden as our new President? What would a Biden foreign policy look like?

Earlier this month, a group of Republican former senators and congressmen endorsed Biden for president, saying that he was better equipped than Trump to run the country.

At around the same time, a large group of intelligence and foreign policy professionals, most of whom had worked for Republican presidents, also endorsed the former vice president.

That sounds pretty impressive.

But let’s look at what it really means.  It means that they believe Biden will continue an interventionist, neoliberal, pro-war foreign policy.

John Negroponte

Former Ambassador John Negroponte is one of those intelligence professionals who endorsed Biden. Negroponte is the Darth Vader of American foreign policy of the past half-century.

Negroponte was ambassador to Honduras during the Iran-Contra affair, through which covert funds from the CIA made their way to the contra rebels; ambassador to Mexico as the drug cartels consolidated their power against a corrupt government there; ambassador to the United Nations as the U.S. sought to go to war with a knowingly false narrative of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction; ambassador to Iraq during the U.S. occupation of that country; and director of national intelligence during President George W. Bush’s torture program.

Nobody has ever accused Negroponte of being a progressive in any sense of the word.  He loves war and has proven happy to jump into it with both feet.  And he happily and publicly endorsed Biden.

Negroponte recently told the Daily Beast what was behind his endorsement.  The interview says as much about Biden as it does about Negroponte.  At the outset, Negroponte said, “All roads lead to Trump, and I’m just not sure the country can withstand another four years with a man who has shown such disregard for the office.”

I agree. Just about every Democrat does.  Donald Trump is a bad guy.  But it’s not as simple as that.

—   §   —

Warrantless Wiretapping

Negroponte made a point in the interview of saying that he had disagreed with Biden on important (unspecified) issues over the years, but that Biden was “an experienced politician,” “a middle of the road kind of person,” and “a wise gentleman.”  He said, for example, that he supported warrantless wiretapping of American citizens after the 9/11 attacks.

The statement was incomplete, however. Biden also supported warrantless wiretapping, voting for the Patriot Act while a senator in 2001, voting repeatedly for its subsequent reauthorizations and then opposing weakening the measure while he was vice president in the Obama administration.

There are other reasons that Negroponte and a bevy of Republican former intelligence and foreign policy big-shots have moved to Biden.

The former VP opposes a troop drawdown in Europe, saying that such a move would embolden the Russians, for example.  He supports a more engaged military policy against China in the South China Sea.  He supports an extension of President Barack Obama’s policy of maintaining military bases in more than 100 countries, including Forward Operating Bases across Africa.

Literally the last thing I would do is to urge anybody to vote for Donald Trump.  The president has been a disaster in every sense of the word and in both foreign and domestic policy.  The country can’t take four more years of a Trump presidency.  But Biden is no panacea. He’s a center-right placeholder.  Negroponte confirmed that.

If you think things will change in foreign policy under a President Biden, think again. 

It’ll be the same old expansionist, militarist policy that we had under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  So go into the voting booth with your eyes open.

LD: We are back where we started. The purport of this article is that both candidates for the presidency are equally dangerous. If you hate Trump, you’re not going to improve life for most Americans  by voting for Biden. So why bother to vote at all?


John Kiriakou is a former CIA counterterrorism officer and a former senior investigator with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. John became the sixth whistleblower indicted by the Obama administration under the Espionage Act—a law designed to punish spies. He served 23 months in prison as a result of his attempts to oppose the Bush administration’s torture program.

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  1. After reading the article and the author’s bio, I concluded that only someone like John Kiriakou will make America great again. Unlike the two current presidential candidates, Mr. Kiriakou puts America first, second, and third and not the interests of other foreign nations.

  2. Too bad the author John Kiriakou is not running for President of the United States. I would have voted for him. Unlike the other two candidates, at least, he does not lie and heputs America first and not the shit hole in the Middle East.

    1. For those of you who believe TRUMP will Save the Day for Americans and the Common People of this Planet, just WHO is the REAL TRUMP ? https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/09/08/neo-black-deaths-are-about-white-fear/ I don’t agree with her statement implying that COVID 19 is a REAL Pandemic. It is NOT. I DO, however, AGREE with her very last sentence, which in effect,warns that the REAL DANGER for America is from Trump and WITHIN America, not from OUTSIDE America . Did you know that TRUMP symbolically gave the KEY to the WHITE HOUSE to NETANYAHU? It means SUBMISSION to ISRAEL,completely but so many of you TRUST HIM??? http://www.renegadetribune.com/trump-presents-netanyahu-with-key-to-the-white-house-in-sickening-ceremony/ ROBERT DAVID STEELE’S site and from”DEF DOG” : https://phibetaiota.net/2020/09/defdog-second-american-revolution-qanon-testimonial/ What further bothers me is TRUMP still never uses the WORD , “REPUBLIC”. He continually only refers to the “UNITED STATES” ( all caps), which ,of course is simply a Corporation, controlled by Jacob Rothschild, nor does he refer to the ORIGINAL Constitution, only to the UNLAWFULLY altered CORPORATION (UNITED STATES) Constitution/CHARTER. One Day TRUMP SAYS this : https://dailystormer.su/trump-denounces-military-industrial-complex-says-pentagon-in-the-pocket-of-arms-manufacturers/ Then another day he DOES this-Please take note of TRUMP’S in-your-face FREEMASON HAND SIGN- “666” : https://theduran.com/former-jag-officer-warns-of-military-coup-against-trump-video/ Here is TRUMP making another of his FREEMASON Symbols – Right hand on the HEART side of ones chest. : https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/09/17/634327/Iran-United-States-Israel-Trump-votes-presidential-elections The other SYMBOL he commonly makes, especially whenever he is sitting, is the Pyramid symbol with his 2 thumbs and 2 Forefingers. Yeh, AMERICANS, just keep dreaming he is on your side.Well, of course if you are FREEMASONS and/or ZIONISTS, you’re in luck . You would need to be WILLINGLY Deaf, Dumb and Blind to BELIEVE that TRUMP is NOT a willing participant of the EVIL which is happening in America. I sense he is playing his supporters, by keeping them CONFUSED between his WORDS and ACTIONS. His UNLAWFUL OCCUPATION of SYRIA, IRAQ, UNLAWFUL Economic SANCTIONS on so many countries, like IRAN,Venezuela, North Korea, China and Russia and still maintaining over 800 bases around the world, which are responsible for MORE WARS : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55693.htm especially surrounding RUSSIA and CHINA, tells a lot about him and not what one can call GOOD NEIGHBORLY behavior . He is a TRUE Psychopathic Supremacist IMPERIALIST who believes he has a RIGHT to RULE this Planet, for Israel, of course and is planning to DESTROY IRAN, murdering hundreds of thousands! HE, like the ISRAELIS he works for, IS a sick man. The HONEST – INTENTIONED, in TRUE REPUBLICS don’t do things like that. The IRONY is that Americans have an Original REPUBLICAN CONSTITUTION which FORBIDS that kind of behavior, so what does that tell us about AMERICANS themselves, who allow Trump , and former Presidents, to get away with it ? “Birds of a Feather, FLOCK together” !

      Do I think BIDEN is any better? Of COURSE NOT.

      My recommendation is DON’T VOTE. A VOTE for a LESSER EVIL is still EVIL but MOST IMPORTANTLY , Voting is TRULY only LITERALLY GIVING CONSENT to be CONTROLLED by the Psychopaths who also control TRUMP, and “HAUNT” America and this Planet. They would NEVER tell you that TRUTH because it would mean their END.

  3. MEY
    If you were joking that would be one thing. But seeing that you’re not….GTFOOH!


      Another racist Darkmooner rears his ugly face because he cannot tolerate a Muslim-American’s viewpoint. No wonder hawks are symbols of cruelty, aggression, and mercilessness.

      I consider your abusive comment as harassment and an effort to silence me on this site. You should be ashamed of yourself and whoever agrees with you.

      1. MEY
        Get a grip, brother. My reply to you was a mere criticism, not a racist remark. For you to see it that way is perplexing. Are you really that thin-skinned?

        The hawk is a symbol of strength, fierce protection, and spiritual power, yet you speak of only the negative traits which is reflected in ALL Beings in this devolved state of Existence. This positive outlook is where the emphasis should lie.

      2. BROWNHAWK

        I did apologize for lashing out at you after H.P. explained to me what you meant by GTFOOH. So please put a lid on it and quit dwelling on it.

        With all honesty, I heard this phrase told to immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Latinos, and you name it. (If you don’t like America, get the F*#! out of here!) That’s how I interpreted your remark to be as racist.

  4. i haven’t read the article yet, but i don’t need to be talked out of voting for biden…
    i know the voting thing is dubious but i think it would be a lot harder for the deepstate to phoney the results in case it’s a huge landslide… notice the elections are always real close… that means cheating, not just the deepstate but a lot of that going on at the precinct level… and it will continue until somebody starts prosecuting it… trouble is, nobody in office is interested in that once they get there… they’re all pretty much pre-occupied with the payoff at that point, getting those kick-backs…
    anyway, if biden gets in office, you will get the full slam on the global marxist gates fauchi transhumanist hive society… and you can expect the rioting to get much worse… biden has said they’ll get worse if he’s not elected, but if he is, rioters will have a free hand… the usa will become one big saint louis or baltimore… cops will be totally out of the picture, they already are in the dem cities… crime will be even more rampant, gangs of thugs moving into the suburbs… we’re talking home invasion, george floyd style, rape and murder…

    1. yeah but … Jerusalem embassy.

      that is the one and only ball to keep your eye on, look at how high it bounces, this is the thing that counts, the one and only, not even the wellbeing of Palestinians counts because under Trump it was exactly as before Trump and under Biden it will be exactly as it was under Trump and before Trump—the single difference—Jerusalem embassy (not that it is about to go anywhere, it will go into history books that “American embassy was ever in Jerusalem since kings David and Solomon, since the time immemorial” and whoever gainsays it is obviously a Holocaust Denier.

      so what if new wars (Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Algeria, Belarus, China) start and the old, dead wars (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan) are restarted while the ongoing (Yemen, Donbas) go on.
      So what if the annual Moozlum and non-Protestant Christian body count increases by millions, do stiffs bounce? No, so much for having to keep an eye on them, “dead equals zero” and stays zero, so knock it out of the counting sequence.

      And if the Dome of the Rock is caterpillared (old fashioned—DEWs are much more efficient since 9/11, hey we could blame some jihadis for that too, “don’t blame us dancing Jews, we are NOT your problem, Palestinians are your problem”, most Ayrab countries would agree, Saudi, UAE, Egypt) to make way for the 3rd temple because they are much more efficient in processing sacrifices, human if beef is too expensive, so what?
      Jews are good at monetizing spirituality™, so that Jews in America will be able to sacrifice remotely online using specially blessed rabbinical joysticks shaped like shofar horns.
      Yes, Shek-inah in Die-asporah.

      And those who don’t like it can always blame Trump, coz he Bad Man Orange (Trump-Orange, Biden-Lemon, lemons are better, no?), at least you didn’t vote for him for all the above reasons.
      They are not real balls, they don’t bounce, don’t count.

      (my thoughts on this blessed Shabbat, dictated to the cat typing on the porch)

  5. I don’t know about Biden making “America Great Again”…

    but he’ll definitely make HAIR-PLUGS “Great Again”

  6. My three biggest priorities — ending the Muslim Ban and reversing Trump’s reckless abandonment of the Iran deal and stopping Trump’s blind support to ISISrael. If you disagree with me, that is your provocative, but don’t you dare to tell GTFOOH! Darkmoon is not your own site. The only people who can ask to leave and not come bark, are John, Lasha, and the two moderators. Otherwise, you have to live with it.

    I did not see your filthy mouth over the last few months when I praised, defended President Trump, and expressed my genuine sympathy to the first family in a letter to the editor which was sent to over 200 news publications here and abroad.

    Your shame has no borders, BH!


    1. Quote — “ reversing Trump’s reckless abandonment of the Iran deal and stopping Trump’s blind support to ISISrael.“

      I can tell you with 100% certainty that Nothing would change between the U.S. and Israel with a Biden administration. If you want proof of this just go to YouTube and run a search for — Biden I am a Zionist.

      1. RAA STEIN,

        Sadly that is true! Agreed with you 110 percent.

        Where you by the way stationed @ Ram Stein in Frankfurt, Germany?

      2. RAMM STEIN:

        I agree with you 110 percent about Joe Biden. Yes, like many other high-ranking US official candidates, shamefully, he too took a loyalty oath to ISISrael.

        Where you by any chance stationed at Ram Stein Air Force Base in Frankfurt Germany? Your name rings a bell!

    2. MEY
      You’re taking yourself way too seriously. “GTFOOH” was simply an expression intended to convey how much I reject all political systems save that of the Great Iroquois League. If that makes me a walking, talking anachronism I couldn’t care less.

      I’m a stranger in a strange land…..as are we all

  7. MEY,
    Donaldo welcomes your views as a Muslim/American. But your attack on hawks…..birds of prey……is illogical. These majestic creatures hunt out of necessity and take only what is needed to survive for themselves and their offspring. Quite different from the👹👺-infested “elites” which govern the World stage. This group of people enthusiastically engage in the rape, torture and murder of innocent lives. Donaldo has been aware of their evil deeds for 20+years. Biden is a good example. Donaldo has witnessed this despicable creature fondle young girls in front of live 📷. It’s quite alarming to Donaldo how this man could even be running for POTUS. But wait! Perhaps not so alarming. Donaldo, as a trucker, has learned to expect the unexpected over the years. And……the 2020 (S)elections won’t surprise Donaldo too much. More surprising would be to finally “score” Madame Butterfly 🦋 or receiving a love-letter from his nemesis TROJ. Anyway, folks, things are getting interesting. 🌮🍷🙏


      Your point about the hawks is well taken. I guess we are all like the hawks in away trying to survive and provide for our families. I stand corrected about the hawks. I was emotionally upset and felt insulted after reading BH “GTFOUH.” uncalled remark.

      I do value your input. For that, I say thank you for caring.

      1. Mahmoud, Brownhawk’s GTFOOH is a typical American colloquialism. An expression not to be taken literally, rather as tongue in cheek hyperbole, an expression of exasperation or disbelief. It’s been a part of the American vernacular for a long time.

        Brownhawk isn’t the type of person who spews hatred over a misunderstanding or conversational disagreement. If he was my ears would still be burning. They’re not.

      2. MEY,
        Thanks. Donaldo has a restless mind and reflects a lot. But humans are indeed a strange species. GREED among other things separated humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Donaldo has never really understood the motivation of “elites.” Despite being wealthy, they endlessly pursue even MORE wealth. I dunno. Perhaps Buddhist philosophy has touched Donaldo. All a man really needs, physically, is shelter, food and clothing as well as enough money 💰 to cover other expenses such as medical, wine/beer 🍻 and cigars among other things. But some people seem to have insatiable appetites. Men like Biden, Trump, Bibi, Soros etc. already (in their 70’s and 80’s) have 1 foot 👣 in the grave. So why all the ambition? Good question. Donaldo, next year at age 53, will retire. Got enough shekels to live comfortably until his demise. Maybe can’t buy an island off the coast of Italy, but can live comfortably. Men like Trump and Biden should have retired long ago. They serve no purpose in the World especially since they have no real POWER and only exist as “marionetas” ….puppets. Donaldo, himself, could never be POTUS. He hates “marching orders.” Too rebellious and independent. Donaldo considers rebelliousness and independence very important aspects of the Jewish mind. That’s why he doesn’t understand many of his Jewish brethren who allow themselves to be controlled by strange doctrines, superstitions and practices. Just about every aspect of their lives is CONTROLLED. They are instructed what to eat (kosher), how to dress, when to pray and even who to marry. Donaldo respects the severe discipline of a devout Jew, but the lifestyle just ain’t for him. If Donaldo wants to drink on the Sabbath, he will. If he desires the pleasure of sex with a beautiful, young Mexican princesa he will indulge. Yes folks. Donaldo doesn’t like “marching orders” neither does he like giving them. His Mexican grandchildren used to ask, “Abuelo”……grandad…. what advice do you have for us?” Donaldo always replied, “Nothing really. Just live your lives. Treat other people as you would like to be treated. Just remember, we are all just 🐟 living in shark 🦈-infested waters.” Donaldo believes that fellow Darkmooners and especially his Jewish brothers and sisters can agree. 🍷🌮😉🙏

    2. @ HO,

      Thanks for taking to explain what BH meant wit the phrase, “GTFOOH”. For some reason, I thought he meant to say gtfoohere, meaning America. Sorry for lashing out at him. He seems like intelligent guy!

      1. Thanks for the support, hp. Like I’ve said before, you’re a better man than me, Gunga Din! 👳‍♀️


        Very well said, my friend! No one likes to take marching orders. let alone who to marry. If you hold a public office, taking marching orders from lobbyists and special interest groups is the norm.


      “These majestic creatures hunt out of necessity and take only what is needed to survive for themselves and their offspring.”

      Good comment, which needed to be said. And there’s more;

      “…… Quite different from the👹👺-infested “elites” which govern the World stage. ”

      Quite different indeed, and equally different from some folks who consider the mass slaughter of innocent conscious beings as a sacrifice to some Moloch a time of celebration, happiness and joy. Why, it’s even part of their religion.

      Oh but of course, that is in no way a sign of cruelty, aggression, and mercilessness or anything, because, you see, without that archaic, but nonetheless absolutely necessary sacrifice, they, apparantly, could not survive.

      1. 1138,
        You should know the difference between Satanists and Jews. Many Jews have no understanding of Moloch or what he/she represents. Many goy do indeed understand this entity. Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of Hillary, Bill, Joe or Cheney and witnessed the soullessness? Anyway, research as you will.


        I can assure you I this time I didn’t meant Jews. Think about it.

        With ‘some Moloch’ I didn’t necessarily meant THE Moloch but what appears to be a similar evil being, hence the word ‘some’. The ‘folks’ I was referring to annually celebrate their ‘feast of sacrifice’ during which millions of innocent animals are being murdered. And for what, one might ask. Well, apparantly whatever it is they are worshipping demands the blood and suffering of conscious living beings to be satisfied. That should tell you enough about those ‘folks’ and their idol. And they are, like the ones you mentioned, indeed also quite different from a noble Hawk.


  8. It’s not a surprise this site hates white people so much they’re auto banned… whilst their pious chums get free speech to the max.

    Lasha… go fuck yourself, you race scab puke.

    ADMIN: No one is “auto banned” from this website. Technically speaking, we wouldn’t know to do this. Nor would we have a reason to ban “white people” from our site since 95% of our commenters and readers are white.

    After reading obnoxious comments like the above, I can see why there’s no hope for White Nationalism if foul-mouthed loonies like the above poster are typical specimens of White America.

    Sr. Monica

    1. 1138,
      Donaldo can’t deny the fact of a multi-dimensional Universe. There do indeed exist ENTETIES that feed off the suffering of mortals. This raises the question of human sacrifice which has existed for many thousands of years across many cultures. Mexico is no exeption. The ancient Aztec and Maya practiced routine sacrifice of mostly infant males and females. In Peru mummies of young girls have been discovered with crushed skulls. And, guess what? No Jews involved. Even today, witchcraft (brujeria) is practiced in Mexico. Also USSA. Donaldo, as a trucker, often parks his rig in truckstops. On the walls of the entrance are the many photos of children who have simply vanished over the years. Young boys and girls aged 3-15 mostly. Where did they go? Perhaps not hiking or on vacation. They were simply abducted and later sacrificed at some point. Yep Folks. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. But the evil persists. Jews ain’t got a monopoly on it. Anyway. Donaldo just reflecting. 🌮🍷🙏

  9. Let me get this straight; somebody wanted to kidnap and then kill the governor of Michigan! It gets crazier and crazier by the minute. God have mercy!

    As a long time poster, I can testify that Darkmoon is and will remain a beacon for freedom of speech.

    The whole world is sold out. Every nation on this God forsaken planet, “democratic” or otherwise and is ruled by foreign powers and the international law of Mammon. Either Nations of this planet are with “US” or will be rendered dead applies since Babylon. What might make USA great will be the invasion, occupation and forceful rule through a foreign power and the following rebellion of true American Patriots fighting for one cause: Freedom and independence from slavery. Maybe then and/or only then there will be a fair chance for becoming what the country dreamed of since its “Independence” from the same “undercover” agents that have run the world through piracy ever since. Politicians are the demise of this world as we know it and there are NO EXEMPTIONS!

  11. It’s not so amusing when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?

    Guessing and curse Dr. Lasha and falsely accusing this site of hating white people is a sad sick joke. That is no different than being invited to someone’s house for dinner, then you spit into the plate from which you ate.

    That is sad!

    1. Correction: I meant to say cussing n cursiing. I may add that Lasha does not need me to defend her!

      My brother from another mother . Don’t pay attention to a troll who is marinated in filth ,whoredom, and hatred. For nothing is more inimical to a whore than virtue and decency.I have read the comment of that sperm-drop above and I dismissed as garbage from someone who flunked Trolling school . Have an easy day , brother .

      1. Thanks for the compliment, Al. Nobody ever called me “a brother from another mother”! Not even my old buddy Lasha.

        The closest I get to your compliment was when I was in the service. My commander and member of my unit told me, if we get deployed to the Middle East, I want to hang around with you. That was before and after the Desert Shield Desert Storm. Luckily, our unit did not get deployed.

  12. Bro Kapner’s latest, “Too Much Democracy”, as usual, exposes the truth. (@ realjewnews.com) As one great man said, “I know most people are dumb, but my experiences now show me they are dumber than dumb.” I note the Bros’ reference to universal suffrage and giving women the vote. Yes, most women, as a great man once said, exist “in a mental vacuum somewhere between the status of a child and an adult male.” Most women are narcissistic and self serving and pay little or no attention to world events. Thus, as the Jew, Adam Weishaupt, knew, it is very easy to use the narcissistic, selfish foibles of women against the male species. Hence retributional feminism. Marx, the Jew, also referred to the fake state of emancipation his Marxist credo would give women. Women are inherently left wing and prepared, for eg, to believe in the lies of a charlatan such as the rampant, feminist lesbian, Ellen Degenerate, or the $billionaire Ms Winfrey. NB: Weishaupt’s Illuminati teaches that their movement will recruit educated women with “disordered imaginations” (eg. Ms Greer) and women who provide “relief” to their male members via their easy layability. My experiences with Germaine at Melbourne University, proved this to be true.


      Brother Nathanael is the best. He tells it straight, and in an entertaining way as well.

      He is truly salt of the earth.

  13. Why does Joe Biden keep sniffing at the back of women and girls’ necks? What is his problem? And why has he been photographed sucking his wife’s fingers? And why does Princess Fergie like sucking men’s toes? One person suggested this is a sign of satanism. Do any correspondents have this problem? H

  14. what’s a SAB?
    I think i know what GTFOOH means…
    but what was that other one somebody used to use, TROJ maybe – LMTF something?
    I know what LSMFT used to mean…
    I don’t know what more people want from trump’s foreign policy…
    he killed the TPP, and that was a good thing…
    He confronts the CHICOMS on trade, at least he did something…
    He tightened up the border and got the wall started…
    he hasn’t bombed any countries to bitts, as The Cackler surely would have and biden definitely will…
    he even let some poor black convict woman off the hook…
    and look at the trump haters jacking the biden polls, biden’s lead grows every day…
    just like in the last election, he’ll be miles ahead by election day, according to the polls, and the dems like shumer and pelosi will quote the polls as good reason for riots, since trump must have cheated…
    however, there isn’t going to be any real traditional election anyway, not any election day…
    the election is going to be contested…. how far downhill it all goes from there we shall see…

  15. We all know Biden is practically on life support before he’s declared senile..
    But he’s only a vehicle to bring in that demon possessed hateful rabid dog Kamala Harriss to step in his shoes who recently declared with conviction that BLM riots “are never stopping”
    and at some much earlier point was heard saying “we’re coming after Trump supporters” (..meaning white people) ..
    So the scenario that Barking Deer described is certainly going to happen regardless -because Trump if he gets in won’t last, and everything is already rigged anyway..

  16. 😃 If Biden does manage to make America great again I don’t think anyone will be around to see his MAGA accomplishment ; at RumorMillNews,

    “No One Shows Up To Biden’s Las Vegas CRINGE Rally”


    1. @ TROJ

      I regret to say this is the only comment of yours I’ve been able to approve recently. This is your own fault entirely for writing long and interminable off-topic comments, many of them sexually explicit comments involving sex between human females and horses. Why do you bother to send in this never-ending mishmash of off-topic UNPUBLISHABLE comments?

      Tell me, have you been diagnosed with some specific mental disease? If so, what is it called? And what medical treatment are you receiving? This is not a hostile comment, Joe. I am genuinely interested in abnormal psychology. So is Lasha. Which is the only reason you are allowed to post occasional comments here.

      1. It’s clear that Admin is allowed to peep into TROJ’s mind in a way no one else is allowed to do here. We see and read only TROJ’s most lucid comments that manage to pass muster. It seems that over 90% of TROJ’s output is too hot to handle, too crazy, too pornographic and perverted for publication.

        How weird. What makes this guy tick? Why does he haunt the Spamblinka universe, churning out an endless stream of unpublishable gabage?

        This question taxes my mind, I confess, and of course I don’t have a clue what motivates this guy to spend hours every day pounding his keyboard writing unpublishable comments. Is he trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the person with the GREATEST NUMBER OF UNPUBLISHED COMMENTS EVER WRITTEN?

        I hear there are writers who have written over 50-60 unpublished novels, some of them as long as “War and Peace”, and have collected THOUSANDS of rejection slips! They still keep on, proudly stacking up their rejection letters and filing them away in ring binders so that their relatives and friends can admire them for their heroic perseverance. Not for a moment do they doubt their own genius. I happen to know several of these paranoid self-crowned geniuses from my work in psychiatric medicine. I believe they belong in the same category as idiot savants. Rare genetic defects or brain damage of some kind produces human wrecks like this — potential geniuses who have been shipwrecked on the shores of idiocy.

        The world is full of such human monsters. God help you if you marry one! 🙂

  17. Biden and Trump are both under zionist control and both are making America a zionist plantation with we as the slaves, by the way, we have been under zionist control since 1913, when the zionists fastened their privately owned money creation , debt creation machine on us via their FED and IRS.

    Proof of this control, is the Israeli and traitors in the ZUS governments attack on the WTC and they got away with it and every thinking American knows they did it.

    1. Amen to that, DESERT FOX! The 9-11 terrorist attack was an inside job. Sooner or later, Americans will find the truth. Remember the testimonies of the five dancing Shlomos were held as top secret and then later was destroyed.

      1. To see how Israel and traitors in the ZUS government did the 911 WTC attack, go to drjudywood.com and wheredidthetowersgo.com.

  18. TROJ
    “LMFAO” ? What’s it mean, so we’ll know…
    Also, your comments are great…
    you have your ow style and it contributes to the entertainment factor…
    you’ve got ADMIN (they know that) taking a personal interest in your well being and you’ve even managed to elicit, in trend, an A+ comment from MB, cogent, lucid and generous…

  19. TROJ
    “LMFAO” ? What’s it mean, so we’ll know…
    Also, your comments are great…
    you have your ow style and it contributes to the entertainment factor on this most interesting blog…
    you’ve got ADMIN (they know that) taking a personal interest in your well being and you’ve even managed to elicit, in trend, an A+ comment from MAD BUT, cogent, lucid and generous…
    here’s an interesting development…
    false flag, fbi fostered publicity plot? that’s certainly been done before…
    I kinda doubt it must be, though the said rogues do look like they’re all sent straight from Central (CIA) Casting…
    i’m not sure what might have been the strategy in kidnapping the michigan governor… what, were they gong to hold her hostage until after the election? they recruit people on facebook – how well would they expect to keep her hidden as they made their demands?
    the militia army is there though… It might save america…
    one thing – blm antifa are teaching it how to force things…
    maybe there go the 5G towers…
    you.re right… Debt Slavery, it will get worse with crypto block chain…

    1. Recommend these sites for the truth about the covid-19 scam and psyop and UN Agenda 2030, henrymakow.com, thetruthseeker.co.uk, globalresearch.ca , davidicke.com.

  20. With Trump in office life will be lot better for babies born alive in failed abortions. The country needs whatever help it may invite from on high.

    1. I don’t follow your reasoning.

      How does it benefit the country if more babies are born from failed abortions?

      This just means an increase in the number of unwanted babies, both black and white. How does the country benefit from having a surplus of unwanted children?

  21. But let’s look at what it really means. It means that they believe Biden will continue an interventionist, neoliberal, pro-war foreign policy.

    But here’s the question I have: Is Biden evil enough to risk starting WW3? Does he have the “personality” for it?
    I ask this because as I see it, the days of easy pickings are over, meaning that any significant imperial gains will come only at great risk.

    In vigorous pursuit of world domination and control for his handlers and enablers, Trump is waging aggressive and increasingly risky hybrid wars against Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, apparently as per the template set forth in the paper “Extending Russia,” published by the Rand corp.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that Russia and China understand the situation, and I believe that at some point they are going to realize that the only course of action they have is to start pushing back hard. (It seems that China’s patience is wearing very thin from Trump’s endless provocations, and the only reason they haven’t done anything drastic yet is because they’re waiting to see if he will be replaced by a potentially less aggressive Biden).

  22. As a connoisseur of political and military intrigue and how geography ties into it, I find this discussion by Christoforou and Mercouris riveting.
    Like the Spielberg “Jaws” megashark rising out of dark depths to grab an unsuspecting swimmer, so does the Deep State (coordinated by Gina Haspel, Mark Esper and Mike Pompeo, all foisted upon hapless Trump, no matter how many he fires for betrayal, the next model is just as nauseatingly malignant—restricted range of choice that can be approved by enslaved parliamentarians) encircle Russia python-like, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, now Kirghistan in order to damage the Trump-Putin-Xi axis of resistance to Rothschild Luciferian global power grab.
    If you look up Kirghistan on the map, you will see that its longest border is with China’s Uighur territory.

    This is just the peek at the Biden administration future, just a rehearsal of what to expect as the Jew empire goes on full frontal attack because they cannot afford to wait while Russia and China’s power waxes and America’s rapidly ebbs, consumed as it is by occult-driven mass hysteria and collapse of ability to work logically and unemotionally through a single, simple notion, armed forces stacked with transgendered menstruating ex-males and other defunct chimeras.

    Of course if Biden wins, the coast is clear for universally enforced conversion of heretofore humans into transhumans entirely subject to genetic redesign in accordance with master’s wishes, starting with microchip implants that under the guise of vaccine record keeping use messenger RNA to morph DNA into previously unheard of arrangements using 5G narrow beam ability to deliver specific instructions to each target individually.
    And this is only the beginning as the science from hell evolves, mutants dicover that enforced immortality is the true eternity of inferno, their greatest wish is their most horrible punishment for having turned backs on Logos for the sake of what, mortal comfort and “security”? Being part of the virtue signalling herd?

    Sure, Biden is equal to Trump, don’t vote, stay ennobled in your rebellious delusion—pay later.
    What do I care, I am relatively safe 12 time zones away from that unholy cauldron, rabbis stirring boiling excrement.

    1. Another one worth a critical look from Strategic Culture: A False Flag Is Biden’s Only Chance to Win (note: they are no fans of Trump either)

      Pick a color under which to unite them, in this case black and blame the leader for every single bad thing that happens, which is usually the work of agent provocateurs who amplify the organic frustration into targeted attacks which are then amped up by the media into a news story.

      If the leader is stupid he acts like any garden-variety paranoid dictator by clamping down on the violence making him easy prey for the media to brand him a dictator.

      … [cont’d into the following paragraph]
      Looking at the way the Democrats have positioned themselves for this election it is clear that they are preparing the field for this outcome after election day.

      They used the lockdowns to create an army of ready-made protestors with nothing else to do and little hope for the future.

      They structured all aid to the middle class the run out during the height of the election campaign while blocking any further assistance even though the Treasury Dept. raised nearly $2 trillion to deploy as support and stimulus.

      The media endlessly stoked fear over COVID-19 to push as many voters to consider mailing their votes in (or create the illusion that is what will happen) to delay certification of the election on election night.

      But to his credit, President Trump hasn’t acted the way he was supposed to. He has governed this chaos exactly the way a majority of Americans want him to, as a Federalist. Even though he has the authority to do so, he’s refrained from sending Federal troops into rioting cities, laying bare just how much local authorities are aiding the violence.

      He didn’t institute national lockdowns and draconian restrictions due to COVID-19, instead offering aid and allowing the data to eventually vindicate him to the point where even the CDC is now backtracking on how dangerous the virus actually is.

      Meanwhile, “dictator” of Belarus, Lukashenko delivered a shocking uppercut via honesty in plain sight:
      Belarusian President Lukashenko Says IMF Offered A Billion USD Bribe to Impose Covid-19 Lockdown

      World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

      • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
      • force them to wear face masks
      • impose very strict curfews
      • impose a police state
      • crash the economy

      Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko refused the offer and stated that he could not accept such an offer and would put his people above the needs of the IMF and World Bank.

      Honesty and integrity is a kryptonite bullet against bloodsucking parasite elites because it is so remote to their sphere of existence, no idea how to deal with absence of greed and self-interest.
      Not to mention that the Russian school of chess theory (patient, gradual buildup of strategic position instead of instant reaction to provocative gambits—Trump is a star student) is also beyond their competence, used as they are to Israeli game theoretic frameworks.

      1. LOBRO,

        Lukashenko is a good man. He is an authoritarian ruler, he says so himself. His motto is; “better to be a dictator than a faggot”, he once said that in an interview as an answer to what according to the woman interviewer the international image of him being a dictator was. Great comment 🙂 God, I wish my open sewer of a country had such a man at the wheel. He is genuinely working for the good of Belarus. I wouldn’t step down either and see all my work of a quarter of a century destroyed by some imbecile woman who can’t wait to sell out to jew. Yes, there are some genuine, but misguided demonstrators, mongered up by foreign intelligence, who apparently want change. You know, democracy, and 36 political parties so that they can have a choice. Complete idiots they don’t know lucky they are with a man like Lukashenko.

  23. Transhumans will have full-mind-cognitive access to Wikipedia, CNN, Facebook, etc, via suitabably inserted micro-nano technology. In effect, the Big Brother “televiewer” that Orwell described, will remain permanently in your head, barking out its orders. Really dumb people will suddenly appear super intelligent in solving mathematical equations and general knowledge questions. In other words, the scenario is being set for total brainwashing. You will do what the implanted televiewer tells you to do. Of course, we have this now, as over 95% of the population is completely brainwashed by the Jewish mass media monopoly. The prototypes are well beyond the testing stage and it is possible to have Wikipedia chipped into your brain. The one or two percent of genuinely intelligent, free thinking individuals on our planet must try to resist these implants. Imagine if the great John Kaminski was held down and forcibly implanted? Of course no Jews will be implanted as this will be reserved for the beast like Goyim. The Masters believe themselves God perfect and the pinnacle of his creation, even though they will accept the implantation of a continuous Viagra-like stimulant in order to plaeasure themselves with MK Ultra slaves like Miley, Stormy and Britney. Of course the mask wearing Goyim will eagerly line up for their implants and do what they are told. People in clinics are already receiving implants, which makes me wonder about TROJ, who can be brilliant one minute and the next talking about horses having sex with human females.

  24. Donaldo,

    I think most of the Darmooners knew about my background. But to answer your question, I am a Palestinian born in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. Both of my parents are Palestinians who were among the 1000s of Palestinians who were kicked out of their home at gunpoint in 1948 by Jewish terrors groups. Since our village in Palestine is not far from Lebanon, my parent and my oldest brother ended living in a refugee camp in Lebanon where I was born a few years later.

    America has been now my adopted country for the last 43 years.

  25. Ron Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve. He ran for President, he was pushed aside and marginalized, kept from the debates, etc. Then socialist Bernie Sanders ran and same thing, squeezed out of the race like a zit. The Demonrats put pedophile, yet well known Biden on the ticket with Kumaloho. They seem radical, but they are not. Trump seems like a nationalist, but he is not, he is crypto Jew zionist hack of the first order. He just gave the Prime MInister of Israel the key to the white house.

    The owners of the “system” do not want Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders, the owners want either Trump or Biden. They do not want communists, socialists, libertarians or any other stripe. All this talk of Russia, and this and that is all distraction, the system is going to continue right down the center Jewish subversion lane. Usury. Blackmail. Lies. Bailouts for the synagogues.

    The system will continue gig government, crony capitalism, banker bailouts, direct deposits to your checking account by Jerome Powell helicopter money, propping up the debt structure like none have every seen before. The bankers have us exactly where they want us, strapped to the debt table while they bleed us with every pay check. They are not going to do a debt Jubilee, as they are greedy assholes who want us in debt.

    We will have more false flags, deceptions, inflation, deflation, riots, crackdowns, TV shows, entertainment, college by internet. The system will continue exploiting us with faster 5G, chips in the brain, nano vaccines. The horror will continue, things will continue to get worse, every decade will seem worse than the previous.

    Will the owners risk a civil war or do anything to get us to rise to our feet and fight back? I doubt it. They want us pacified, bitching and complaining, but doing nothing to take out shackles off.

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