World reacts with shock at “worst presidential debate in history” as Trump and Biden trade insults in frenzied showdown.

AP News Report
October 1, 2020
Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with brief commentary


Includes an added  6-minute video featuring the most explosive highlights of the debate,  described by one political pundit as “the worst presidential debate in history” and  “a disgrace to America.” 


Many across the world looked on largely aghast as the first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden devolved into a verbal slugfest short on substance but heavy with implications for America’s international image.

Emotions and adjectives ran the gamut but few observers appeared to come away thinking that the last remaining superpower could rise above its bitter partisan rancor as the election looms barely a month away.

“If last night’s presidential debate was supposed to inform and educate, all it did was merely confirm the credibility deficit in U.S. politics, as President Trump, and Democrat nominee Joe Biden, engaged in what can only be described as a fact-free, name-calling contest,” wrote Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets UK.

While many in Europe fondly recalled the more even-keeled America of yesteryear, others in Asia were monitoring the markets — which were little changed mostly. Share prices slipped further in Japan and the dollar weakened against the Japanese yen and the euro. European bourses showed few initial tremors.

One major worry to emerge from the debate was whether the election results might be challenged or delayed, in part because Trump raised concerns about ballots and possible vote-rigging that his critics say are a ploy to tamp down turnout or scare people away from the polls.

“A highly polarized and possibly legally contested U.S. election is just around the corner,” said Stephen Innes of AxiCorp, a foreign exchange trading services provider. “With mail-in votes likely to be too high (and potentially questioned), there is a chance that we still will not know the result by Inauguration Day, with constitutional chaos ensuing.”

Europe and Africa woke up to reports about the cacophonous showdown overnight.

“The comments I’ve seen from various European press outlets is basically: ‘I’m happy I’m not an American voter this year.’ It’s just a mess,” said Jussi Hanhimaki, a Finnish-Swiss professor of International History at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Kenyan commentator Patrick Gathara quipped on Twitter: “This debate would be sheer comedy if it wasn’t such a pitiful and tragic advertisement for U.S. dysfunction.”

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen wrote on Facebook: “An election debate in the States last night, where interruptions and quarrels were allowed to fill up way too much. Fortunately, this is not the case in Denmark. And I never hope it will be like that. The harsh words polarize and split.”

Amanda Wishworth, a lawmaker in Australia’s center-left Labor Party, said: “A lot of people would be scratching their heads, especially here from Australia, where, believe it or not, our politics is a little bit more gentle than the U.S. of A.”

Other government leaders tuned in — but kept their distance.

Steffen Seibert, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, said she was “informed about what took place last night,” but he declined to comment.

“We don’t want to comment on this, don’t want to provide an assessment, because it will be immediately perceived as an attempt to interfere,” said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The Russian Federation has never interfered in the internal affairs of the United States and never will.”

Walter Veltroni, a columnist for Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and a former center-left mayor of Rome, said he had seen all the U.S. TV debates since Kennedy vs. Nixon in 1960, but “I have never witnessed a spectacle similar to the one last night.”

He said the debate showed how there are two Americas that appear irreconcilable.

“The impression is that of a country in stalemate, paralyzed by politics and tones that are foreign to its tradition,” Veltroni said.

Hu Xijin, editor of China’s nationalistic Communist Party tabloid Global Times, wrote in the paper’s microblog that the “chaos, interruptions, personal attacks and insults” on display were a reflection of America’s “overarching division, anxiety and the accelerating erosion of the system’s original advantages.”

“I used to admire this kind of televised debate in American politics, but I have much more mixed feelings when I watch it again now,” wrote Hu, who personally and through his paper routinely attacks American policies.

The editor-at-large of The Australian newspaper, Paul Kelly, described the debate as a “spiteful, chaotic, abusive, often out-of-control brawling encounter with both candidates revealing their contempt for each other.” “America faces a dangerous several weeks,” he said.

Leslie Vinjamuri, director of the U.S. and the Americas program at the London think tank Chatham House, said many European observers already had “very low” expectations of Trump, but even so the debate was jarring.

“There’s still just a level of disbelief, just shock, frankly,” that the president and former vice president “were talking over each other, talking over the moderator, in President Trump’s case, telling each other off, going off-topic, off-script,” Vinjamuri said. “So I think it was something extraordinarily upsetting because people want to be able to look to America to lead and to guide and to role model.”

Foreign policy issues were largely absent from the debate, although Trump slung accusations that China had paid Biden’s son Hunter for consulting work and Biden attacked Trump’s trade deals with China for failing to deliver benefits.

Trump also repeatedly blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 1 million people globally and ravaged economies around the world.

An Emirati political scientist, Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, wrote on Twitter that he saw the debate as a “tumultuous verbal battle.”

“How did America reach this level of political decline?” he wrote.



LD: In spite of  the fact that Trump is trailing Biden by 10 points, I predict a victory for Trump. Both candidates, in my humble opinion, are equally unfit to rule. Whoever wins, America can expect to enter the valley of the shadow of death: a dystopian future from which there is now no escape. This is America’s karma, brought on its people by their own iniquities over a long period. The innocent must suffer with the guilty, for that’s the way it always is: the children are always punished for the crimes of their ancestors.

For their crimes and misdemeanors, this most degenerate society on earth is now about to pay the price—a society infinitely worse than imperial Rome was to produce in its heyday of decadence under the emperors Nero, Caligula and Heliogabalus. It is indeed regrettable that “the greatest democracy on earth” cannot come up with two better candidates than these two brawling schoolboys engaged in an undignified bunfight before the cameras. But then, America was never a “democracy” in any true sense, was it? It was always playing at democracy.

The sheeple, as they are led to the slaughterhouse, are being assured they really matter, and most will believe it — even as the axe falls on their necks. [LD]           

VIDEO   :   6.22 mins.

84 thoughts to “World reacts with shock at “worst presidential debate in history” as Trump and Biden trade insults in frenzied showdown.”

  1. can you imagine stone age afreakans saying they were shocked at the debate? if 2 boot lipped black pols in africa were debating one would kill the other with a machete eat his heart raw then cook him for diner. as far as the Europeans the leaders are satanic pedophiles who sacrifice babies. US leaders same thing. then you got degenerate camel humping arabs weighing in. all leaders are satanic degenerates or they would not get to be a leader

    1. SPQ….
      Not all Arabs are 🐪-humpers as not all Jews are wall-humpers. Colonel Qaddafi actually was a patriot and noble man who tried to be fair and just to his citizens. And his worse crime was trying to create a gold-backed currency independent of Rothschild control. For this he had to be shown the exit ramp. Yes, folks. Noble leaders last about as long as a cold mug of 🍻 placed in front of Donaldo at the truckstop resting after driving all day. All we have left are losers like Trump and Biden to choose from. Anyway. Another shot of tequila to deaden the pain. 🌮🍷🤔

  2. @ LD

    The sheeple, as they are led to the slaughterhouse, are being assured they really matter, and most will believe it — even as the axe falls on their necks. [LD]

    A grim prognosis.

    Fortunately, I have never been under he paranoid delusion that I matter.
    I have always known from the start that I am a leaf blowing in the wind.
    Here today, gone tomorrow.

    And yet, how much worse can it get?

    Do the passengers on the Titanic really need to spend their final moments rearranging the deck chairs on the deck?

    That’s what they’re doing by voting in this charade.

    1. With each voting form they should offer the voter an additional option: a cyanide capsule.

      1. If there were bartenders at every polling place handing out free martinis 🍸 to voters Madame Butterfly would be an avid voter. Vote Early! Vote Often! 😊

        1. I don’t drink, Joe. Can’t stand martinis anyway.
          My only vice is the odd cigar.
          A cigar at twilight in rose garden, ah what rapture!

    2. “I have always known from the start that I am a leaf blowing in the wind.”

      Well, Saki et al, I’ve always known that I was “Born Invincible”…
      and, fortunately for you, I am on your side… unless, that is, you keep on whining and pi**ing me off!!!

    3. Few Americans know, that FDR with his New Deal, World War 1, and Executive Order number: 6102 doomed America into slavery of International Bankers Socialism (Communism) War monger Churchill destroyed “The British Empire” for International Bankers. And Hitler helped to destroy Germany for the International Bankers. Illuminati Bankers always, always use the leaders to accomplish their devious schemes. So, it is rather pathetic for the Masses to fall in love with ANY leader. If Trump/Biden debate was “un-presidential”, what do they really know of “Presidents”? The “pool” from when the “Candidates” will be picked, will always be populated by “their own” moulded “for a purpose” The purpose now, is to make “presidency” ridiculous by having clownish characters as “Candidates” “presidents” Have you not noticed that it’s the same thing they have doe with The Catholic Church with that Clown Bergoglio as “Pope”?

  3. Trump and Biden are both under zionist control, as is the ZUS and this control comes from the zionist privately owned central bank the FED. Elections for POTUS are a show to make us think that we have a choice which we have not had since they had JFK and RFK assassinated.

    Zionist rule the ZUS with an iron hand which is becoming apparent with the zionist covid-19 hoax, lie and psyop that they have rolled out around the world via UN Agenda 2030 and their central banks, the hell that the zionists are planning for us has just begun.

  4. The saddest part of this dog & pony show is that the overwhelming majority of Americans STILL believe that either Trump or Biden is the best choice, which of course, is a pathetic reflection of abject stupidity.

    Both Trump and Biden are completely manipulated JEWED-UP ass-kissing puppets and should be hanged together in public, not installed in the White House… the White House that Trump recently presented Netanyahu the golden key to.

  5. “When a nation is attacked by its enemies, the wholesale slaughter of the citizens should be taken as a reaction to their own sinful activities.”
    ŚB 4.11.7

    1. Say what you will about Trump, but there’s never been a more incompetent and corrupt candidate for POTUS than this senile boob Joe Biden. And you couldn’t find a more Democrat-biased so-called “moderator” than that little twerp Chris Wallace. I never liked his father either, but compared to his son, Mike Wallace was a paragon of journalistic integrity.

      1. Has anyone ever seen Chris Wallace and Golda Meir in the same room?……I didn’t think so 🤪

  6. @ LD

    : In spite of the fact that Trump is trailing Biden by 10 points, I predict a victory for Trump. Both candidates, in my humble opinion, are equally unfit to rule. Whoever wins, America can expect to enter the valley of the shadow of death: a dystopian future from which there is now no escape…

    Wow, we’re on exactly the same wavelength.

    The main difference between Trump and Biden, IMO, is that Trump is more impulsive and more willing to take dangerous risks (or can be manipulated into taking such risks) that Biden (or any other typical career politician for that matter) generally wouldn’t. And anyone paying attention in Russia, China and Iran can likely see that Trump is the more dangerous threat accordingly.

    So If Biden is elected we might be spared a quick catastrophic plunge in favor of a more gradual (yet still ineluctable) decline.

    For those that believe in God, it makes sense that Trump wasn’t allowed to start WW3 or bring about total economic destruction in the U.S. in his first term, IMO, because many people that voted for him did so in good faith giving him the benefit of the doubt and hoping that he really would be an improvement.

    But being that he has since been revealed as a murderous con man – a deep state agent willing to do any evil for his handlers and enablers – the moral and spiritual dynamic at work here now is completely different than the first time around, IMO.

    If Trump wins reelection China may waste no time in hitting back hard, economically, and Trump may then escalate again, leading to a shooting war. I also think it’s possible that Russia and China which are both victims of Trump’s escalating hybrid wars, may enter a formal military alliance (possibly including Iran) which may light the fuse for WW3.

    If Russia and China realize that war with the U.S. is inevitable (especially with a psychotic psychopath like Trump in the white house) they may want it to happen before the U.S. can field any hypersonic weapons or deploy weapons in space, so they may start pushing back hard in Syria or the South China Sea or somewhere to force the U.S. to either back down or start shooting.

  7. Trump has COVID-19 and has to stay home like Joe…. after ridiculing him in the debate! 🙂 🙂

    1. Pat,
      How does the nation know that President Trump and first lady are not false-positive C-19 test like thousands of other false positives used to gin up the numbers to keep the people in fear in order to extend the lockdowns and the wearing of the worthless and useless masks.
      Creepy Joe, want-ta-be pedophile, Biden who is losing it, stays in the basement and is only allowed out in public as a wired up automaton. Public is this case is less than 10 adoring fans. Ukrainians need not apply.
      President Trump, like the “Energizer Bunny” who doesn’t seen to ever run down, will be bursting at the seams both physically and mentally if forced to stay home for two weeks as a result of a most likely false-positive C-19 test.

      1. TJ,
        Hasn’t anyone seen the butt-ugly obvious truth and wondered why such HUGELY important people like national leaders haven’t ALREADY received vaccinations against COVID 19? We know that World-class sinister creep Gates is working feverishly to develop a vaccine which will line his pockets with further riches. A toxic (((vaccine))) poison cocktail 🍹 to be forced apon all citizens of USSA. But don’t vaccines against COVID19 already exist? And if so, why haven’t the wonderful group of kool aid-drinkers and baby-roasters known as World LEADERS already taken them? Watching 🍊 🤡 wear a face mask (face diaper) looks like a mere show for public consumption. Anyway. Donaldo just contemplating as usual. 🤨🧐🤔

    2. Looks like he was told “Either you get Covid 19, or say bye bye to Second Term” And the pragmatic Donny had to do, what Donny had to do.

  8. I just watched the first minute or two of the debate. I’m sick and tired of listening to politicians lying, and you all know how you can tell when they’re lying.

  9. I suppose if the United States republic ended it would be good for Palestine and then all of you could celebrate. But on the other hand, if Joe Biden/Harris is just a trojan horse for Zionist bankers and military contractors then there will be another war in the Middle East. All the neo-cons have moved over to Biden support and they definitely want a new war in Syria, at least that is what they are saying. I only hope Trump does better in the next debate…fingers crossed. I saw on the internet that Joe might have had these special contact lenses that have teleprompters or something like that. He did seem particularly lucid for someone who talks about his hairy legs and thinks 200 million people have died of covid.

  10. Both candidates did a wonderful job at making everyone, who saw the shameful spectacle last night, disgusted with the US as they basically should. I am grateful to both for that.

    I can’t thank enough my wife who insisted back in 2012 that we leave the US and go back to Russia for the sake of our children’s future.

    How many Americans are willing to sacrifice their lives to save their country? Not too many. And that is the single most important factor that will seal the fate of this artificial and short-lived construct of history.

    1. @ Circassian

      As a matter of interest, do you think an actual war between America and Russia is likely?

      If the answer is “Yes” or even “Maybe”, do you think Russia is really strong enough to defeat America? Because I don’t think Putin is ready for war. What do you think?

      1. Saki,

        The short answer to your question is: An actual war between the US and Russia is not only likely but unavoidable. As a matter of fact, the war of the West against Russia has been waging for the last few hundred years. The standoff goes back at least as far as the Time of Smuta 1598–1613:

        Napoleon invasion, Bolshevik revolution (the first color revolution of our time), Hitler invasion, Great Patriotic war, Cold war – are but the last few stages in this standoff.

        And, at last, in January of 1992 George Bush senior declares – with great playful excitement – that “the undisputed leader of the age” has prevailed:

        But make no mistake: the Cold war was not against communism, it was against Russia… not to mention that communism itself was foisted upon Russia one hundred years ago as way of defeating the eternal and deadly enemy of the West.

        But not so fast, Georgy Boy, – you might have defeated communism, but not Russia, which has risen as phoenix from the ashes.

        As for your assumption that Putin is not ready for war: All that Putin was doing for the last 20 years is nothing but preparing the country for the final showdown which he firmly believes – and I am sure that he does – is, one way or another, unavoidable .

        The stakes are simply too high: if Russia goes free, the rest of the world goes the same way, and “the undisputed leader of the age” simply cannot allow that to happen without becoming the undisputed loser of the age.

        And what will be the outcome of the final showdown? I have absolutely no doubt that – as Joseph Stalin put it – “our cause is just, the enemy will be destroyed, the victory will be ours”.

        1. Thanks for your detailed response, Circassian. But Putin had better be right when he decides the time has come for the final showdown. Remember Hitler. He was absolutely convinced he could not lose. He miscalculated. He need more time to build up Germany and went to war prematurely. The secret of winning wars, I guess, is never to attack an enemy more powerful than yourself. In short, you can only win wars by trampling on a weaker foe. It’s how nature works. The lamb is never going to get the better of the wolf.

      2. Saki,

        The biggest mistake that Putin could ever make is to attack the USA, or set the time for the final showdown. In fact, he is doing everything in his power to avoid it: time is on Russia’s side while it is running out for the US, so there is no need to be hasty or rush the time!

        The attack will come from the West, as it always did, – not from Russia. And the outcome of any direct and open attack on Russia will be same as it always was – defeat and humiliation for the attacker.

        Now, the US is a wolf all right, but Russia is no lamb – think bear, if you have to think in those terms.

        1. @ Circassian

          Thanks for these useful thoughts of yours. America is certainly in no position to attack Russia at this time. So Putin can afford to wait and meanwhile build up his resources. I noticed that no nation thought it wise to go to war with Russia after Putin moved into the Crimea and reclaimed it for Russia. They kicked up an awful about that, calling it an “invasion” and an “annexation”, but they knew better than to start a war with Russia to get Crimea back into the Western axis.(I personally agree that Crimea is Russian territory and ought to remain in Russia’s hands).

          It seems there are certain red lines Putin has drawn, saying to the West: “Don’t cross these lines or you are asking for trouble.” Crimea was one such line. So tell me: would an outright attack by the US or Israel on Iran be a red line for Putin? Would he have to respond to that?

          A second question: Does Putin have any aces up his sleeve? Or “trump cards”? By which I mean things he could do to really hurt the West? Like, for example, stop supplying Western Europe with natural gas so that the European people freeze in winter?

  11. You know who is laughing at all this. You know the Orchestrator.
    Ah, but the audience still wants the show. Even if the spectacle involves their chaining and fettering. Worse than this debate is the audience watching it and critiquing it as if they are better. Every soul watching the debate, every soul opining on it, is a facilitator of the crimes being committed by the Orchestrator – and of those on the horizon. Stupid fools, if you only knew the horrors that are planned for the country…

    1. Hitler didn’t have much choice about invading the Soviet Union as Stalin was on the verge of ordering his JEW COMMUNIST RED army to invade Germany, so Hitler had to go war against the Soviet Union in order to protect Germany from a JEW COMMUNIST RED ARMY invasion of Germany, because the REDS were on the verge of invading Germany.

      It would have been nice if the United States and England had either sided with Germany or had remained neutral, but NO, the Allies had to side with the JEW COMMUNISTS of the JEW COMMUNIST Soviet Union.

      That the Germans lost the war with Russia does not mean Hitler was not justified to invade Russia. He was justified in invading Russia as Russia was just about to invade Germany.

      The reason the USA and the UK are now in a deteriorated state and the 2 countries are now sh*t countries it’s because the Allies sided with the JEWS in WW2 and didn’t side with the Germans.

      Stalin attacked Germany as if he was an Old Testament jew attacking the “amalek”. Stalin definitely worked for world jewry, the JEW organization B’nai B’rith claims Stalin as ((( one of their own))), and that says A LOT about Stalin’s blood/DNA heritage.

  12. Both American 2020 presidential candidates should retire to a nursing home, a mental asylum of their choice or an hospice behind bars. Neither are fit, neither physically nor mentally stable to occupy the White House of American deceit but the election will be held either way no matter if citizens vote or not. One deserves what one desires! What – as always in the human realm – is missing out completely is TRUTH. Truth that will hurt and offend ones consummate pride. As neither the populace, their “carers” or the noble Oligarchs that run the circus humanity submit to be offended by TRUTH, milestones of deception such as 911 stay untouched in the superior patriotic dream. Exploitation of “democratic values” into mockery and the utilization of all that lives to render profits to the noble elite will be exactly as it used to be since human time began in a feverish dream. Only one personal vote will count forever and is not who will become or should be USA’s next oligarchic president. Vote for truth and nothing but the truth and cope the personal offense that might follow in inescapable humbleness, while ones once solid opinions shatter into fragments of illusion without any guilt, remorse or pain. Retiring from acting to be oneself might prove a great start to a mighty journey that will leave personal opinions speechless for all eternity.

  13. In 1990, after returning to Israel and after being Israel’s UN ambassador in New York, and before the First Gulf War, Bibi Netanyahu was in Jerusalem at Fink’s Bar – dining and drinking with high level U.S. Embassy staff and others.

    Bibi and his loyalist group at a Fink’s Bar private table in Jerusalem had just stolen five (5) NSA-developed KG-84A cryptographic devices in Golan Heights (with help from Canadians serving with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization), giving Bibi, his loyalists and others real-time access to all U.S. State Department, U.S. Navy and NATO communications.

    This is what Bibi Netanyahu said while sitting at the head of that private table in Fink’s Bar, transcribed from a secretly recorded audio of Netanyahu at that meeting – words that few Americans, Israelis or others have seen or heard:


    1. DARRELL:

      Wow! That is earth-shattering news. Thanks for sharing this. I am aware of Satanyahu and American scientist Richard Kelly Smyth in the 1980s unlawfully smuggled 15 shipments containing 810 nuclear weapons triggers out of the United States to Israel through a network of Milchan companies. Only Smyth was ever indicted and prosecuted.

      Later on, Satanyahu became the PM of ISISrael, and ever since every U.S. president rolled out the red carpet for him at the White House.

      Sadly this bastard gets 26 standing ovations when addressed a joint session of Congress five years ago. That day was the saddest day for me in America!

    2. I can imagine the Judeo-Masonic elite getting their devilish giggles watching the two undignified and mentally incompetent men go at it in their verbal mud wrestling match, just as they did when they got almost everyone to believe that Michael Obama was a woman and any other time they exercise their power over and humiliate the goyim.

      “You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.” — Marclis Eli Ravage, Century Magazine, February, 1926.

      “Gentiles exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world. Only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They are only here to work. They will work, they will plow. They will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created,” — Rabbi Yosef, Sha Party, Jerusalem Post, 2011

  14. In 1990, after returning to Israel and after being Israel’s UN ambassador in New York, and before the First Gulf War, Bibi Netanyahu was in Jerusalem at Fink’s Bar – dining and drinking with high level U.S. Embassy staff and others.

    Bibi and his loyalist group at a Fink’s Bar private table in Jerusalem had just stolen five (5) NSA-developed KG-84A cryptographic devices in Golan Heights (with help from Canadians serving with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization), giving Bibi, his loyalists and others real-time access to all U.S. State Department, U.S. Navy and NATO communications.

    This is what Bibi Netanyahu said while sitting at the head of that private table in Fink’s Bar, transcribed from a secretly recorded audio of Netanyahu at that meeting – words that few Americans, Israelis or others have seen or heard:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

  15. It is mind-boggling to me that Trump’s campaign ignored the Cleveland Clinic order that rule that they have to wear a mask. All Biden staff did comply. No common sense whatsoever!

  16. MB
    “With each voting form they should offer the voter an additional option: a cyanide capsule.”
    You’re getting the idea lady…. now pick whatever option you want.. it’s your choice…
    the trumps have the virus, plus other famous dignitaries…
    it’s a huge development, high stakes…
    this could be the wind-up for the second wave…
    it could be the plan to get trump into the ventilator and kill him off, that would sell it…
    i’d watch my step…
    or, trump, a 74 year-old fat guy, could shake it off in a few days, which would show it’s not serious at all… like everybody thinks he thinks…
    how could gates and fauchi have that?
    makes you wonder…
    it’s reminding me of the things that happened when he was running for president… things just came his way…


    1. Bark –
      All events are scripted for Trump.

      For in depth exposure of CIA CONTROL of the scripts….. search “THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME” by Douglas Valentine on YouTube. He spent many hours with Bill Colby and Dan Ellsberg in his 30 year study of the CIA.

  17. The reason Jew loves democracy is that the masses are invariably wrong, like 3-card Monte suckers always looking at the wrong card.
    So, an absolutely meaningless screaming match, textbook case of slapstick entertainment for the mouth breathers has gotten the overwhelming numerical majority spellbound—and guess which card they are all staring at—not this one.

    And the mob looks longingly backward to the good old days of Obama (so slick and polished, Arab Spring, Kiev Maidan, Libya, South Sudan, Syria, 2008 banking crisis—Nobel Peace Prize, Wow! Just … Wow!), GW Bush (9/11, Afhganistan, Iraq, DHS, FEMA, …), what would we give to have those stalwarts back instead of these shouting buffoons, I do so hate shouting, Trump is the WORST president in history … because he shouts and is a buffoon, so unseemly, unpresidential.

    Let’s have a real American war-monger presidential president again, we are sick of this charade, maybe Kamala ‘Ataturk’ Harris will get us back on the dignified, respectful track, she and Hillary and Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer. Who knows, maybe they will even move the embassy back to Petah Tikva or some other non-Jew place, we want RESULTS THAT MATTER!

    (Our Patriarch YHWH who art in heaven, please kill Trump with Covid-19, in the name of divine retribution so Amerika can be (((Amerika))) again, back into Middle East, Send the huddled migrants yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost ISIS to me, the loving Mutti JEWESS Emma Lazarus! … but first let’s remake the Statue of Liberty BLM way, give it George Floyd’s head or at least Adam Schiff’s)

  18. Gosh, I haven’t seen it, but now I wish I did.

    Must of been bellyache-laughing hilarious to watch. Even better than when I first saw South Park long ago when I still watched TV. They’re great comedians. They should make a spin-off off it and sell it world wide.

  19. Very bad for many white South Africans who were putting all their hope on president Trump and the USA. I know there is a gap between wishes and the reality, but I do not want to see the innocent, the cannon fodder, being led to the slaughterhouse. They remain my people after all. Give them a good leader, and they perform wonders. Both women and men. We have seen this in history before. Write them off, and half of the white race has gone and what is then left of us? New and tougher leaders will have to emerge during hard times and take us forward, but that will not happen within my lifespan, that I have accepted.

  20. Whoever wins this Jew, puppet show, the Jewnited States of Scumerica is toast. Like Lasha, I believe Orange Head will win. If a so-called liberal Democrat is selected for the Oval Orifice, the con-artist-servatives, who are mostly white and Republican, will fiercely resist the coming mass poisonings (vaccinations). However, because these idiots think that Trump is the savior of the white race, (nothing could be further from the truth), and is looking out for their best interests (another pathetic joke), on his say so they will go along with the genocidal program and hold out their arms for the shot. They are beyond pathetic.

    1. “How did America reach this level of political decline?” Abdulkhaleq Abdulla wrote.The answer to that is simple; the stranglehold of the corporate “news” media and mainstream narrative by Jews, the stranglehold of the systems of credit and currency by the Jew criminal cartel, the infestation of Jews in the legal system (most significantly the jewdiciary), the toxic corrupting influence of the Jew/Zionist lobbies in the political system and corrupted Christian faiths (particularly the Baptists, as “Christian Zionists” may be the most hopelessly misguided imbeciles on the planet). The common denominator in “this level of political decline” is the Jews and the absurd amount of over-representation they slither their way into.

      The other obvious moving force in turning American politics into an unmitigated dumpster fire, no, make that an explosion at a sewage collection point, is unrestrained corporate lobbying. But, though corporate lobbying has had an enormous corrupting influence, the biggest problem, by far, has been the stinking rotten Jews and their absolute control of the narrative and the system of credit/money.

  21. That is a point well taken, Pat. However, bear in mind that these people have yet to be put under the gun with threat, duress, and coercion, not to mention cajoling from their fearless leader.

    1. HD –
      A close friend In Georgia – big Trump supporter – threatened the hospitals with charges of kidnapping when they refused to release his newborn children before vaccinating them. He always won. Others have done the same, calling their bluffs. They are the silent ones you don’t want to have as enemies, but you would be proud to have as friends.

      No “one size fits all” in politics.

  22. Sometimes Circassian talks as if he lives in the United States, sometimes he talks as if he lives in Russia. Maybe him and his wife have homes in BOTH the United States and Russia and they fly back-and-forth forth-and-back back-and-forth. Who knows, who the hell knows.

    1. It is very simple, Joe. In 1992, after the collapse of the USSR, I have immigrated to the US where, in just a few years, I have got my green card and then my American citizenship (while keeping the Russian one: the agreement between the US and Russia allows holding dual citizenship).

      I can live and work wherever I want and whenever I want, but I do not own a home in the US. Since 2012 I live in Russia. I have no desire or obligation to visit the US but I may exercise all my rights as an American citizen (cast my vote for one or the other candidate in the coming POTUS elections, for example).

      1. As usual, people believe what they want to believe, and the debate was definitely no different. So, did the prez insult Joe, or did the ex-VP call the sitting prez a liar and a clown on live TV? Was it Trump doing all the interrupting, or did Biden six times, and the “moderator” three times first?

        1. “Was it Trump doing all the interrupting, or did Biden six times, and the “moderator” three times first?”

          Good question. Trump was doing most of the interrupting. Which was the only reason for the moderator to cut in so many times to ask him to stop and let Joe Biden get a word in edgewise.

          A report in yesterday’s Daily Mail, quoting a Washington Post analyst, states there were 71 interruptions by Trump and only 19 by Biden. And one of Biden’s interruptions was: “Will you shut up, man!” (See picture above).

          Conclusion: Trump did most of the interrupting.

          1. @Lucy Skipping

            Yes, no illusions here about Trump’s imperfections, or his disagreeable style, and He’s also the president too, even with faults!

            As I recall, he stalked Hillary all around the debate stage, way back when , and after all the expert prognostications, all the polls that had her as the next president, was inaugurated.

            He also did more for this country (and the world) in that first term than Biden did in his 47 yrs as a career politico. I agree with your sis, he will be re-elected. Given the choices, he should be.

      2. Circ,
        What about income taxes? Holding dual-citizenship can be complicated. As a US citizen even income earned abroad is taxed by the IRS. Many Americans living in Mexico actually relinquish their US citizenship to avoid being “double-taxed.” Anyway. Donaldo believes only fools would want to acquire US citizenship. What rational person would want to adopt a country in dept up to its 👂 s to international bankers which openly promotes sodomy and lacks the stability of a homogeneous people? Anyway. To each his own. And, Circ, where exactly do your loyalties lie? A man can’t serve two masters. Just thinking. 🍷🌮🤔

      3. Circassian :

        It’s very nice everything worked out so convenient for you. I bet you’re a citizen of izzysmells also.

      4. Donald J. Trump did more for America than President Kennedy, who was not smart enough to understand that you can not go rogue if you belong to the same criminal Cabal, Kennedy was a low life entity himself. Donald J. Trump is not and never was part of it. He is a Christian. And he is the sort of guy that can deal with these criminals. I think this a very smart President.

      5. Don,

        The dual-citizenship provision was NOT enacted by the US to make the ordinary Russians like me happy, but rather to accommodate the oligarchs – more than half of which are your Jewish brothers, btw – it has installed in Russia as useful idiots to loot the country to the bone and then dump them as used toilet paper.

        Income taxes is no problem for me, brother: I am retired at age 55, and the corporate and SS retirement benefits I collect is enough to support my modest needs.

        My loyalties lie where I was born and raised, and I serve no masters. You don’t call your mother your master, do you? Just think, man.


        Hedge your bets, little man, and don’t push your luck with me.

      6. I met a Russian Mig pilot (he was a conscript, today a civil engineer) some years ago during a course. Told him where I came from, the Angolan bush war and if he was there (no, but it was big news back then). Today the Russian Angola veterans are big friends with us South African veterans. He told me how the common people experienced the collapse of the Soviet Union – suicides, alcohol abuse, the people were left with nothing. I was shocked. That is a story that perhaps still has to reach the West.

  23. In a true democracy, there has to be a line between deliberative debate and mob rule. Trump has crossed the line, and much of the media has exacerbated the problem by treating his remarks as entertainment, effectively encouraging his competition to do the same.Offendedness is just about the last shared moral currency in the US,and we don’t discuss ideas or debate arguments, we try to figure out who is most offended.A debate has one purpose, one purpose only, and that is to facilitate the exchange of ideas directly between two candidates, and that’s it.

    1. Circ,
      Ok. You lived in USSA 1992-2012. Twenty years. You worked a while gaining you rights to SS benefits. Not much, BTW, but you can at least afford groceries, vodka and cigarettes in Russia now. May you in your retirement enjoy the benefits. But you, in the same breath, accuse Jews of abusing the system. Donaldo finds people like you repulsive. Us Jews are very prosperous simply because we work hard and are ACHIEVERS. Understand?

      1. Well, Don, what is left for me is to congratulate you on your great personal achievements.

        Keep driving, brother, and make sure you don’t fall asleep while delivering your much needed service to humanity.

  24. I live in a democracy and I used to debate very fairly — I even included solid source references to back-up my opinions. I was always polite. I always debated in a gentlemanly fashion. I always debated in good faith. I always adhered to the Rules of True and Real Debate, but none of that fairness I showed was ever returned or appreciated and I was always treated VERY UNFAIRLY. So now I no longer debate in a gentlemanly manner, now when I debate I attack my philosophical opponents with barrages of ad-hominem slurs. The funny thing is, now that I use ad-hominem slurs against my debating opponents I still am telling the truth, I’m still right , and I still win all the debates all the time, and I don’t have to be gentleman and I still win all the debates and I’M LERVIN’ IT! 😊

    1. It doesn’t make any sense to debate with a fool. Fools should never be seen. If seen, don’t associate with them.If you have to associate with them, don’t talk to them.If you have to talk to them, speak like a fool.

      1. Quite true. Christ said something surprisingly similar: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine.”

    2. Circ,
      Thanks. Donaldo apologizes for his outburst. As far as “delivering much needed services to humanity,” Donaldo is in his final year. 2021 will spell retirement. Yes hermano (brother), we’re both in our 50’s and have gray chest hairs. But life ain’t over yet. We got some good years left. Recently Donaldo started doing rigorous exercise. Got some surprising results. Can do 100+push-ups non-stop among other things. Circ, take care of your body man. Donaldo personally wishes you many more years of prosperity and happiness. 🏋️😉🙏

  25. Now that mark Glenn chose to save his breath, worn down by frustration plus care for large family, one writer who to a large extent shares my views is Mike King of the Anti-New York Times (I also like the Greeks at Duran, Christoforou+Mercouris, about the only videos that I have patience to sit through).
    But rather than directly quoting King, as much as he deserves, I will quote his quote, the hard-left-but-miraculously-not-stupid Michael Moore:

    “Democrats, liberals, the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat him as a buffoon and a dummy and a jackass. Yes, he is all those things. But he’s also canny. He’s clever.
    He outfoxed Comey. He outfoxed Mueller. He outfoxed 20 Republicans in the GOP primary and then did the same to the Democrats, winning the White House despite receiving fewer votes than his opponent. He’s an evil genius👺 and I raise the possibility of him lying about having Covid-19 to prepare us and counteract his game. He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He’s not above weaponizing this.”

    (what could he possibly mean by “evil“, I wonder, he never, ever called Hillary evil, nor is Ghislaine Maxwell evil, unlike Trump: TWO Ghislaine Maxwell Nephews Worked For Obama-Biden And Clinton … to think that at one time I liked Michael Moore and his movies … and then I became evil)

    1. As TDS goes, Michael Moore is an outlier in terms of intelligence, here is a more typical sample, as seen on Quora, question:
      Why are so many people happy Trump got the virus?
      Answer: (this is so amazing that I reprint it in full)

      Most Americans like presidents who don’t get Covid-19.
      Trump is a SUCKER and a LOSER to his own stupidity.
      Hundreds of millions of people around the world welcomed Trump’s coronavirus infection with open glee. Trump is the most hated man in the US. He has a black [sure sounds like rayciss stereotyping to me🤔] heart and an ugly and twisted spirit.
      Trump is a monster. He is a great fool and liar.
      He sadistically torments and let’s innocent children die on the southern border. 200k+ Americans have died needlessly.
      Trump is the most negative man that has ever lived. He never offers hope – only despair. Now he has no hope.
      Trump has committed felonies from inside the White House. He has divided and vulgarized civil society, glorified racism and violence, and set America ablaze.
      The President of the United States is the laughingstock of the entire world.
      Should he survive Covid he will face unbearable humiliation on Nov. 3. Then he will face criminal prosecution.
      Trump is doomed to live in Hell on Earth from this day forward. Trump is a weak and unloved man. He will soon greet the end to his suffering with open arms.

      What I find most fascinating and a mystery that demands investigation is that never in history has there been a figure
      ***equally hated, loathed and despised by TWO OPPOSING CAMPS for precisely the opposite reasons***.

      My first query would be to decide who or what process yields such a singularity, is it the man Trump or the current epoch (New Normal—how the gods are ROFLAO).
      Maybe the following Twitter bit by Prof Sunny Singh, what passes for an academic (diversified, i.e., woman of color) these days provides a clue, get a load of this:

      Because debate is an IMPERIALIST CAPITALIST WHITE SUPREMACIST CIS HETEROPATRIARCHAL technique that transforms a potential exchange of knowledge into a tool of exclusion & oppression. [translation: insecure retards feel excluded/threatened in any debate limited to evidence and logic]

      Followed by gushing adoration by her innumerable horde of fans.

      Why not naming the opposing camps TDS and cis-TDS.
      Either way, proof that he is doing something right.

  26. I agree, Pat. Problem is, there ain’t nearly enough of them. Most people will submit to the Cryptocracy and its sycophants and surrogates.

  27. Watch the debate. And then watch the media afterwards. Then ask:

    Cui Bono?

    The media is almost unanimous in their description of the debate as chaotic. And most of them bash Trump for this. So, ‘Cui Bono’ if this is the impression everybody is programmed to take away from this debate, and to what purpose?

    And funny is it not – that if you go and look at a transcript of the debate, you’ll notice that the first interruptions in the first minutes where done by Biden and Wallace.

    So the whole mess and the deplorable behaviors started when Trump started to fight back with the same methods. How dare he?!

    1. Well, you could be correct. The media could be out to get Trump. But now that he he gone down with Covid-19 the whole ball game changes and the elections could be put on hold. Or Trump could conveniently “die” in hospital, with a little help from his friendly doctors, allowing Pence to take his place.

      Would you prefer Pence to Trump?

      I think the deep state would love that.

      1. Trump may have been deliberately infected. Not hard to do.
        Remember that removing Epstein was a piece of cake.

      2. Saki, you are right and if you see my earlier post, not only was lobro pleased, but mentioned that Mike King is one of the bloggers who very much sees the world through the same set of lenses.

        My hunch is that Trump needs time without interruption for some contingency planning (examples: Assange immunity, gold audit + move to standard) and moreover, this is a highly sensitive period during which the desperate enemy may bet the farm on physically eliminating him from the game, especially if they feel that Biden’s chances are minimal at best.
        He may have received warning from friendly agencies (NSA).
        As for corona, who knows, personally I doubt it but we may never know the truth of it.

        1. Thanks, Lobro. I congratulate you on managing to keep your cool when under attack and apologize for my loss of good manners under the stress of debate. I can see you are 100% sincere and sincerity counts for a lot.

          Well, you mentioned Mike King with enthusiasm and LD has been kind enough to publish the article you brought to our attention in a link. So she is trying her best to be fair and neutral, despite her natural caution and scepticism. I more or less share her attitude, which is:

          “it’s too early to put Trump on a pedestal. Let’s wait and see if he actually does something to deserve his pedestal. Let’s make sure he merits his halo before we rush to canonize him!” 🙂

          If Trump succeeds in getting a second term, that will provide the litmus test. He must either keep his promises or go down in history as a Zionist stooge. We shall soon know. That is, IF he wins. But even if he wins, Pence could take over.

          My policy in three words: WAIT AND SEE.

  28. My son Adam has recently taken the COVID-19 test and thank God the test result came back negative. Sadly, that was not the same for the President and the First Lady. I am praying for the First Family of the United States, and every American who is battling COVID-19 a full and speedy recovery. Amen!

  29. Canada: lose some (Lobro), win some (Ahead of November election, growing numbers of Jews consider leaving US). I guess they are scared of Biden.

    “In my life, I have never seen what I’m seeing,” said Segal, who is herself Jewish. She said she hears the same fears from one Jewish American after another.

    “What they echo to me: ‘We’ve seen this before,’” Segal said. “‘I’m not going to get stuck. I’m not going to get caught. We know how this goes. There’s going to be a civil war. It’s going to be the end of democracy. I’m very concerned for our future. I don’t want to wait and see what happens. My grandparents left Poland in World War II.’”

    Just don’t call them dual loyalists b/c not true, they are very, very single loyalists, always have been.
    Neither call them rootless cosmopolitans, not nice, libel by Bad Man of Steel, they are all like Mennonites in Ontario, will till the soil, plant cabbages and stuff, already reading farming instructions manual on how to raise goyim cows, milk chickens, what’s that new word … manure (mə-no͞o′ər), must be Canadian slang.
    What do you know, Andrew Anglin caught on too, very despondent about it.
    Well I am sure if Trump wins they will all pile back in, though Canada is well used to Foetor Iudaicus.

  30. I would like to share with Darkmooners the results of the Council on American–Islamic Relations’ nationwide survey of Muslim voters on the upcoming presidential election indicating 89 percent of registered Muslim voters intend to vote in the November 3rd General Election – and that 71 percent of Muslim voters say they would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden as President of the United States.

    Eighteen percent say they would vote to re-elect President Donald Trump.

    [NOTE: The independent live telephone survey of 846 Muslim voters was conducted the night after the first presidential debate (September 30). CAIR’s survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percent.]

  31. Cleveland Clinic is also to blame for allowing members of the Trump family and entourage to defy the Clinic’s mask protocol when the walked around maskless inside the debate hall on October 3. All Biden’s campaign staff were wearing masks. When people in charge (President Trump included ) are guilty of dereliction of duty, other Americans pay the price by suffering.

  32. (Don’t know where to park this, not germane to any nearby thread but if I don’t I will assuredly forget later)

    At long last starting to read some Shahak and to me, though much belatedly, he is quite a discovery.
    Jumping back and forth (my method is not to read line by line but go dozens of pages backwards or forwards and hopefully return, or even switch to another book altogether …), I see this and am instantly reminded of something Donaldo said about “Achievers”.
    (capitalization and other highlights, mine)

    CLASSICAL JEWISH SOCIETY HAS NO PEASANTS, … . It is difficult for us in modern times to understand what this means. We have to make an effort to imagine what serfdom was like; the enormous difference in literacy, let alone education, between village and town throughout this period; the incomparably greater freedom enjoyed by all the small minority who were not peasants – in order to realize that during the whole of the classical period the JEWS, … , FORMED AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE PRIVILEGED CLASSES. Jewish historiography, especially in English, is misleading on this point inasmuch as it tends to focus on Jewish poverty and anti-Jewish discrimination.
    Everywhere, classical JUDAISM DEVELOPED HATRED AND CONTEMPT FOR AGRICULTURE AS AN OCCUPATION AND FOR PEASANTS AS A CLASS, even more than for other Gentiles – a hatred of which I know no parallel in other societies. This is immediately apparent to anyone who is familiar with the Yiddish or Hebrew literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.ꝰ
    [skipping over to reference 9]
    Nobel Prize winners Agnon and Bashevis Singer are examples of this, but many others can be given, particularly Bialik, the national Hebrew poet. In his famous poem My Father he describes
    This very popular poem, taught in all Israeli schools, is one of the vehicles through which the anti-peasant attitude is reproduced.

    Well, I wanted to see THIS VERY POPULAR POEM, TAUGHT IN ALL ISRAELI SCHOOLS, so I searched.
    And searched. And searched, trying different engines, Duckduckgo, Google, Yandex—no luck, though dozens of Him Bialik poems are on offer, all of them oppressively self-pitying, here’s the flavor:

    As father prepared as a pauper his Shabbos;
    The table lacked challah and wine for the kiddush;
    The lamps had been pawned, in their places were smoking
    A few skinny candles mashed down into mortar
    That set the walls dancing; and then seven children
    Each one of them hungry and some of them sleeping,
    Encircled the table; our mother, dejected
    To hear them sing peace to the ministr’ing angels;
    Ashamed of his sin, it seemed, poor and despondent,
    Our father takes up the decrepit knife, slicing
    A chunk of black bread and a tail of herring —
    While we were yet chewing, and ere the brief taste of
    That slice dipped in salt from our poor mouths was wiped out
    That slice, black and sour, so bland, almost spoiled
    We broke out in tears as if robbed, wholly wretched,
    And sang out zemiros along with our father
    With rumbling bellies, with hearts wholly hollow

    But of the THIS (Avi or Abba, My Father) VERY POPULAR POEM, TAUGHT IN ALL ISRAELI SCHOOLS, not a trace. Quod licet Iudaeorum non licet Goyim, I guess, wonder why.
    Interesting? Or not … hm, the unseen and unheard reality is the REAL reality.

    (Bialik ended lionized and enriched in the shabbo west, his granddaughter an entitled tv+Hollywood actress yet endlessly grief-stricken how poor-poor-poor her grandparents were and how good-good-good Jews are, the forever iterating loop of self-pity and shaming the accursed Akum who only made them multimillionaires instead of billionaires—not that that would shut them up either)

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